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Pimpin' Ain't Dead
by Roderick Smith (duanerodrick@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

Marvin MacDonald, a live-at-home-with-his-mother-loser, becomes possed with the spirit of a infamous pimp from the seventies. Soon he is on top of the world but love comes knocking when he meets a special woman. Pimpin ain't dead... or is it?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We come from the sky looking out over the rich green
landscape. The huge driveway is laced with phat SUVís and
tricked out sports cars. There are dozens of beautiful
women, dressed in maidís uniforms, pushing breakfast carts
and carrying baskets of neatly folded laundry. We follow one
of the women as she pushes a breakfast cart into the house.
The inside of the mansion is just as fabulous as the
outside. There are more beautiful maids vacuuming, dusting
and tidying up the already immaculate house. We follow the
woman pushing the breakfast cart as she makes her way to a
closed door at the end of a long hallway. She opens it and
goes in.
The bedroom is all white; from the white walls, to the white
carpet, to the big white bed in the middle of the room. Two
beautiful women are sitting up in the bed. The sexy maid
pushes the cart over to the bed.
                       SEXY MAID
Wait a minute. I only count two
people. Is someone shy?
The two ladies in bed peek under the covers and then nod
ďyesĒ to the maid.
                       SEXY MAID (cont'd)
Donít worry baby I wonít bite you.
You wonít.
                       SEXY MAID
Suddenly the covers fly back and a young black man, Marvin,
is lying between the two girls.


Well why the hell not girl, you
know I like that freaky shit.
Marvin grabs the maid and playfully snatches her into the
bed with him and the other two girls. They all three
position themselves around Marvin.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
This is the life ainít it ladies.
Money, power, respectÖ and all the
freaky sex you can handle.
                       SEXY MAID
You live the life most men can
only dream about. A beautiful
home, beautiful carsÖ
A different girl every nightÖ
And on top of all thatÖ
All three girls take a look under the covers and respond in
                       ALL THREE GIRLS
Youíre incredibly blessed.
Marvin just lies there with a huge grin on his face as all
three girls slide down Marvinís body and under the covers.
Oh ladies, donít stop, it feels so
good. Whoís the man huh? Yeah
right there girl.
Marvin is lying in bed with the same grin on his face but
the bedroom doesnít look the same. These walls arenít white,
they are covered with posters of half naked women and
todayís most popular rap stars.
A young girl, around twelve or so is standing over Marvin
with a look of disgust on her face.
                       LIL GIRL
Marvin. Marvin.


Yeah girl ,say my name; say it.
The Lil girl smacks Marvin hard in the face and he wakes up.
                       LIL GIRL
Mamma said you need to wake your
black ass up cause you already
late for work. Ugh whatís that?
The Lil girl notices a lotion bottle sticking out from under
the covers. Marvin sees it and quickly pulls the covers to
hide it.
Nothing, now get the hell out of
                       LIL GIRL
It donít make no sense how nasty
you keep this room. And oh yeah
Iím a tell mamma you in here
touching yourself again.
The little girl closes the door as she leaves the room and
just as the door shuts the lotion bottle comes flying into
                       MARVIN (o.s.)
And stay out.
It's a busy day at the airport where Marvin works as a
baggage handler along side his fellow-baggier; a handsome
beau named CHRIS. They are unloading some bags from the back
of a taxi; we join them in mid-conversation.
I'm telling you Chris I had three
of my finest bitches in the bed
wit me, all over a player, kissing
hugging the whole nine.
Chris keeps working.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Iím talking bout everything was
going smooth then guess what


Your sister busted in your room
and caught you whacking off in
your sleep again.
Chris walks around the cab.
Chris where you at my house last
Marvin joins Chris around the side of the cab where they
help an OLD LADY on a cane out of the rear seat. The ol' gal
gets her self together while Marvin and Chris stand by,
Marvin with his hand out.
                       OLD LADY
Oh I wish I had some way to repay
you boys.
      (sotto voice)
Cash will do just fine.
Chris shushes him.
                       OLD LADY
Oh, wait a minute. I think I have
something two strong bucks like
you could use.
She digs around in her purse for a while and comes up with
two big oatmeal cookies. She extends them out to Chris and
                       OLD LADY (cont'd)
There. What do you say to that?
Chris smiles and Marvin looks at the cookie like he has
never seen one before.
A cookie? Lady you must have lost
your damn-
Damage claim-form; is this it
Chris grabs a form paper off the back seat of the cab and
hands it to the Old Lady.


                       OLD LADY
Oh I swear, Iíd lose my teeth if
they werenít glued to my gums. And
you hot-stuff, if you were a
little older Iíd give you more
baggage than you could handle.
She pinches Chris on the cheek, he smiles. Marvin looks sick
to his stomach. The Old lady stares Marvin down as she
passes by him she even smacks the cookie out of his hand.
                       OLD LADY
Marvin and Chris are having lunch at a table. Some girls
standing in a nearby line are giving Chris googly eyes.
Marvin, just about to bite his sandwich, slams it to the
plate in mid-bite.
I donít know how you do it man.
How do you get women to react to
you like that? I mean all the time
Chris just continues eating his salad.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
I gotta do something man, I canít
take this shit no more. Look at
all these women man and ainít none
of Ďem giving me no play.
Chris dabs at his mouth with a napkin, takes a sip of water
and then he focuses in on Marvin.
What do you think about women?
At first Marvin looks like he doesnít understand the
question. He thinks a moment then speaks.
What do I think about women? I
think what I gotta do to get one.
Get one?


Yeah get one.
Marvin you canít be serious. How
do you ever expect to meet a good
woman if you donít even know why
you should meet one. And notice I
said meet one, not get one.
What the fuck are you talking
about-I donít know why I wanna get
one? So I can start fucking nigga.
See thatís my point right there.
You are only interested in sex
from a woman, when the real thrill
is in the chase.
Yeah whatever nigga- look at that
bitch right there.
A fine looking sista walks by the table. Marvin goes to
approach her but Chris grabs him by the arm; Marvin yanks
away and catches up with the fine sista a few tables down.
I donít mean no harm miss lady but
damn you got it going on. Didnít
you used to have a talk show back
in the day?
                       FINE SISTA
Nigga what?
Iím just saying, judging by the
size of that ass it look like they
used to call you Thickie Lake
FINE SISTA shows a change in attitude she smiles a big smile
towards Marvin and moves a little closer to him. Marvin
canít believe it, he looks to Chris in amazement. Chris
waves him on.
                       FINE SISTA
Thatís cute. So you think Iím hot


Uh huh.
                       FINE SISTA
Well I think you are hot too.
You do?
                       FINE SISTA
Fine sista grabs a big drink off a nearby table and pours it
slowly over Marvinís head.
                       FINE SISTA (cont'd)
But this should help you cool off,
Fine sista drops the empty cup to the floor and walks off.
Marvin stands soak and wet in the middle of the food court,
he looks to Chris; Chris turns the other way.
A spotless facility hosting a long wall lined with urinals
and sinks opposite an equally long wall of stalls. Marvin is
at a sink cleaning himself off; he talks to the mirror.
Way to go Marvin, there really can
be no bigger loser on the planet.
Wait a minute hereís a guy
Worse off than you, so you even
lose at being the biggest
loser-you suck.
Marvin still dabs a way at his shirt when something catches
his attention in the mirror. Marvin leans in to get a closer
look and he sees two pairs of legs in one stall. One pair is
a finely tanned set sporting polished red pumps. The other
pair lets a pair of gray slacks drop down to the ankles.
Polished red fingers grip the top of the stall and the red
pumps slide up and out of sight. Marvin looks shocked, he
turns around almost in terror as he backs further up on the
sink with every bump and moan that comes from the stall.
The action in the stall is heating up. The bumping and
moaning has picked up a steady pace and we feel the climax
building with each succeeding moan.

Marvin has the devilish grin of a ten year old boy watching


his first porno. He tip toes closer to the stall door, even
putting his ear next to it.
                       FEMALE VOICE (O.S.)
Oh yes Rupert yes.
Oh shit.
                       RUPERT (O.S.)
Now whoís is it? Huh, whoís is it
                       FEMALE VOICE (O.S.)
Itís Brittney. Oh itís yours baby
itís- shit right there.
Marvin is listening outside the stall holding his jock and
enjoying this way too much. His head is even nodding back
and forth to the rhythm of the bumping and moaning.
Damn he killing her ass.
                       RUPERT (O.S.)
You like that donít you Tiffany?
Iím tearing your ass up girl.
Whoís the real player?
                       BRITTNEY (O.S.)
You are baby, you the real player
but my name is BrittÖ my name is
BrittÖ oh fuck it Iím coming, Iím
Marvin is caught up in the moment way too deep and he lets
out a moan of his own as Brittney climaxes.
Yeah baby. Oh shit.
Everything falls dead. The action in the stall stops and
Marvin quickly rushes back to the sink. The stall door opens
and BRITTNEY, a sexy blond in red blows past Marvin to the
exit. Next RUPERT WASHINGTON, a well dressed young black
man, strolls out of the stall and begins washing up at the
sink next to Marvin. They both stare straight into the
mirrors. Marvin seems very nervous as Rupert looks him up
and down.
What do you say there slick?


Marvin says nothing.
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
Yo! Hello, you got a name pal?
Still nothingÖ
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
A bad dresser and a mute, you got
it rough kid.
Rupert pats Marvin on the shoulder and heads for the exit.
Marvin watches.
Say, that little episode you just
witnessed, thatís between me and
you right; playa to playa.
Marvin nods ďyes,Ē Rupert opens the door.
                       A CHORUS OF FEMALE VOICES (O.S.))
There he isÖ We love you Rupert.
Rupert! Rupert! Rupert! Marry me
Damn itís hard being me but
somebodyís gotta-
A female hand reaches in and pulls Rupert out by the tie.
Marvin looks in the stall.
A city transit bus sails down the avenue.
Marvin sits in a window seat near the front of the crowded
bus. He stares out of the window.
The bus stops at a street corner. A gold-toothed pimp is
collecting money from one of his prostitutes. An OLD LADY
boards the bus then the bus drives off.


As the bus pulls off, Marvin is breaking his neck to see the
pimp in action. Having lost sight of the pimp, Marvin faces
forward and finds the old lady who just boarded without a
place to sit.
Ma'am you can take my seat.
Marvin gets up and the old lady passes him in route to the
seat. She stops short.
                       OLD LADY
Thank you so much young man you
are a real gentleman. I'll bet you
have to beat the ladies back with
a stick.
Marvin barley smiles as the old lady takes her seat. Marvin
holds on to the rail as the rough bus ride jostles him
around. The old lady still smiles at him.
The city bus pulls up outside of Wade's barbershop and
stops. Marvin exits the bus.
Marvin approaches a couple of homies who are smoking a blunt
outside of the barbershop. One is LIL SAMMY; snitch for hire
the other is RICO; local heart throb. Lil Sammy passes the
blunt to Rico.
I'm telling you man I ain't never
seen no shit like this in my life.
He was tearing her ass up in that
stall. And then when he left, nah
the chick left first, fine as hell
too, but anyway when the nigga
opened the door, bout a thousand
mo women screaming this fool name
Rupert! Rupert! Rupert!
Rico seems a step further away.
                       LIL SAMMY
You say Rupert? RupertÖ Rupert


I donít know his last name.
                       LIL SAMMY
Is he a real slim brother, nose
like Scottie Pippen?
Yeah, howíd you know that?
                       LIL SAMMY
Nigga thatís Rupert Washington,
ďPlaya to PlayaĒ he got a book out
on the art of lovemaking son.
Nah this must be a different cat,
I know all them women weren't
going crazy over no got-damn book.
                       LIL SAMMY
You crazy, they say Rupert
Washington done fucked mo hoes
than Wilt Chamberlain and Magic
Johnson put together.
Yeah right.
                       LIL SAMMY
Letís go ask Wade then.
They start inside the barbershop. Marvin stops short.
Wait. Where did Rico go with that
Forget it man, the boy is a
Two Barbers are working, one a young hip-hop cat; the other
is WADE, an old hip-hop cat complete with an Adidas jogging
suit, Kangol hat and gold chain. The rear of the barbershop
houses a beauty parlor where one lone beautician is
shampooing a ladies hair. Lil Sammy and Marvin come storming


                       LIL SAMMY
Hey Wade!
Boy what the hell you want, you
hang around here all damn day,
when you gone sit your ass down
and get a hair cut.
                       LIL SAMMY
Whatever, whatever, whatever. Just
tell this fool how large Rupert
Washington is.
A swift hush comes over the shop. Both Wade and the other
barber stop cutting. A couple of waiting patrons stop
reading their papers. Marvin looks concerned. Slowly, with
her hair still dripping wet, LADY J, the woman in the back,
comes up out of the sink, her beautician at a safe distance.
She takes a slow stroll to the front of the barbershop where
she comes to a stop and stands in a puddle of her own
dripping shampoo. The big bruiser of a woman looks crowded
in the tiny shop.
                       LADY J
Who out here said that?
Everyone in the shop is frozen with fear.
                       LADY J
I said which one of you fools in
here talking bout some Rupert
Wade stares furiously at Lil Sammy. Lil Sammy shrugs his
Look Lady J, now I just got that
window fixed and I canít have you
tearing up my shop every time you
get mad.
                       LADY J
I mean these two were out here
talking about Rupe- well you
knowÖolí boy.
Lady J grabs both of Ďem around the neck and is about to
lift Ďem when Lil Sammy sucker punches her hard in the


stomach. Lady J doubles over in pain and Lil Sammy bolts out
of the door. Marvin stalls then tries to run but is snatched
again by Lady J.
Look Lady J now I ainít do
nothing. Lil Sammy was the one
punched you in the stomach and he
the one talking about Rupe- I mean
olí boy. So if you could just
release me-
                       LADY J
Shut up punk Ďfore I kick yo ass.
Tell your boy when I see him itís
on. And you lucky I gotta finish
getting my hair done otherwise Iíd
kick your ass too. Now get yo punk
ass outta here.

She throws Marvin hard to the ground with one hand. He bangs
his head on a nearby barberís chair. Lady J returns to the
rear of the shop. Marvin picks himself up and exits through
a sea of pointing and laughing onlookers. Wade looks
It is a very homey environment. Marvin and his mother are at
the kitchen table where she is putting ointment on Marvinís
head wound.

Hold still Marvin.

It hurts.
Iím almost done. You always did
cry like a baby whenever something
happened to you.
Marvin moves her hand away from him.


What? What do you mean I cried
like a baby?
I remember Iíd be at home cooking
or cleaning and such then youíd
come in crying with snot flying
every which or way cause some kid
outside wouldnít give you your
bike back.
Ma are you serious?
Oh yeah you did that all the time.
You just never been the type to do
well with overbearing women.
What do women have to do with me
getting my ass kic- I mean getting
beat up all the time.
Well baby I donít recall you
getting into any fights with boys.
For some reason you just couldnít
get along with girls. But youíre
older now and Iím sure all of that
has changed. There, all patched
Marvin looks as if his ego were a balloon and his mother
just popped it. Marvin closes himself off and goes outside.
Marvin sits in an old-timey front porch swing, he appears to
be lost in thought. Across the street there is a WOMAN
struggling to get some boxes out of the back of a pick-up
truck. Marvin goes over to her.
The woman is trying to steady a box and open the door
                       MARVIN (O.S)
Need some help?


She tries again to open the door but gives up.
Actually I could use a hand.
Iím Marvin. I live across the
He extends his hand out for a shake.
Hi, Iím Karen.
Marvin quickly realizes Karen canít shake his hand; sheís
holding the box. He takes it from her.
New to the neighborhood huh?
Temporarily, Iím moving here from
Atlanta to help my grandmother out
around the house, you know.
Ok the dirty south, so you one of
them Georgia peaches I here so
much about.
ďGPĒ thatís me. See.
She points to the license plate on the truck it reads ďGA
You know ďGPĒ could stand for good
personality, cause thatís what I
think you have.
Oh really?
Well it could also stand for grab
a plate cause Iím starving.


Oh well do you like Chinese, cause
this spot around the way got the
bomb egg-rolls.
Do I? Just let me get my purse.
See there it is again, ďGPĒ get -
purse. Anyway, Iíll be right back.
Karen bounces into the house. Marvin is a changed man; he
looks happy.
We look down on the city traffic, then we follow a clean
black Escalade on dubs.
A big muscle bound bald man, BIG BABY, is driving and
another steroid mistake, WHITE MIKE, sits shotgun. LADY J is
in the back seat talking on the phone.

                       LADY J
Look, donít worry about it. I told
you I could take care of all your
entertainment needs. Just meet me
at the club tomorrow night. (in
Japanese) Goodbye
She hangs the phone up.
                       BIG BABY
So whatís up, is it on and
                       LADY J
Big baby whatís my name? White
Mike tell this fool my name.
                       WHITE MIKE
Fool you better recognize thatís
Lady J, the number one She-Mac in
the business.
                       LADY J
She-Mac, naw this game is an
art-form to me. I consider myself
to be more of a Pimptress, you


                       LADY J (cont'd)
know what Iím sayiní. And all this
pimping can work up a bitchís
appetite, pull over right here
letís get something to eat.
Marvin and Karen are sitting at a booth near the window.
They are finished eating and just chit chat over their
So Marvin you never told me what
it is you do for a living.
Marvin shies away.
                       KAREN (CONTD)
Itís embarrassing.
Itís honest work right, thereís
nothing embarrassing about honest
Iím a skycap at the airport.
Whatís so embarrassing about that?
Youíre kidding right? Carrying
those uppity peopleís bags,
opening cab doors and they expect
you kiss up for a tip and do it
all with a smile on your face. Not
exactly the plan I had for my
Well what was your plan.
Marvin takes a long straw of soda.
You really wanna know?


Nah you gonna laugh at me.
I promise I wonít, Iím a very
sensitive person and I wouldnít
take advantage of your openess.
All right, here goesÖI wanted to
be a rapper.
A rapper.
Yeah a rapper.
Karen cracks a slight smile.
                       MARVIN (contd)
See I knew you were going to think
it was stupid.
I do not think itís stupid I think
itísÖinteresting. So why didnít
you go for it.
I canít rap.
I guess that would present a small
problem but I canít understand why
you would want to be a rapper if
you canít rap.
I donít know I guess I just really
wanted the lifestyle, the money,
the cars, the houses and theÖ
Half naked women dancing around in
your videos. You might as well say


Dang girl we just met, how you
know me so well.
Because I know men and in certain
areas youíre all the same.
Is that right?
Exactly right. I know youíre only
after two things.
Two things, I thought we only
wanted one.
Yeah but you usually want it more
than once.
They laugh over the joke and wonder around in the otherís
eyes. Through the window at their booth we can see the black
Escalade pull up in the parking lot. The tag reads ďPMPMOHZĒ
Marvin watches as LADY J and crew get out of the truck.
Excuse me I gotta go to the
bathroom real quick.
MARVIN b-lines towards the rest room and makes it in just as
LADY J and crew enters. LADY J and KAREN exchange a quick
look; WHITE MIKE blows a kiss at KAREN.
                       MARVIN (O.S.)
Shit, shit, damn, shit.
MARVIN talks to the mirror.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Ok Marvin think. You canít let
Karen see you get your ass kicked.
If she try something just be like
ďlook now I ainít in the mood for
this bullshit.Ē Man she gone slap
the shit out of me. Hold up, buck
up now. I ainít going out like
that, Iím a man got dammit I ainít
running from nobody. And if that


                       MARVIN (cont'd)
big bitch come fuckiní with me
again, Iím a knock her big ass the
fuck out thatís it. Thatís
KAREN glances at her watch and looks toward the bathroom.
LADY J, BIG BABY and WHITE MIKE are ordering at the counter.
WHITE MIKE is still blowing kisses and trying to flirt with
KAREN. She ignores most of his come-ons but is growing
increasingly impatient.
Do you have a problem?
                       WHITE MIKE
Yeah I got a problem, I canít find
the booty I need to break in my
new waterbed.
Thatís how you talk to a lady.
Come in here all in my grill
blowing kisses and what not, then
when you speak you come out your
mouth with some ignorant shit like
that. You probably got a little
dick anyway , you punk ass white
LADY J is watching the whole scene unfold then she steps to
the front of the action, directing her anger towards KAREN.
                       LADY J
What is there a problem over here
or something? White Mike, you do
something to her?
                       WHITE MIKE
Well I was just being my usual
charming self and-
                       BIG BABY
Yeah then Angela Basset over here
starts exhaling on the brother.


                       LADY J
Why you acting so stuck up Miss
Thang? My boy was just trying to
make a little friendly
Well let me tell you this then you
can relay it to your boy. First of
all I'm here with somebody and
secondly even if I were here by
myself- ugh not interested.
                       LADY J
Oh you getting smart black Barbie.
Now what if I whooped your ass up
in here?
You know what I donít even have
time for you, so you better get
out of my face.
Marvin comes out of the bathroom and walks into this heated
situation. Karen notices him coming so she grabs her purse
and slides out of the booth
                       KAREN (cont'd)
Come on Marvin, you ready to go?
                       LADY J
This who you here with?
LADY J, WHITE MIKE and BIG BABY all bust out laughing. KAREN
looks confused.
Marvin you know these people?
Yeah I-
                       LADY J
Hell yeah he know me, as a matter
of fact he owe me. I should kick
your ass for that shit you and
your boy pulled earlier.
Look Lady J I ainít come here for
all that bull-


SMACK! LADY JíS hand whips across MARVINíS face lightening
                       LADY J
Shut up punk Ďfore I whoop yo ass.
Marvin just stands there holding his face, then he takes a
quick step towards LADY J but just as quickly BIG BABY and
WHITE MIKE snap to attention.
                       BIG BABY
Now I know youíre not considering
putting your hands on the Lady.
If looks could kill then Marvin would burn a hole through
LADY Jís retina then he scans the faces of BIG BABY and
WHITE MIKE; realizing he is outnumbered, he backs down.
                       BIG BABY (cont'd)
Now that's more like it.
                       LADY J
Nah donít worry about it Baby,
Marshmallow Marvin put his hands
on me and Iím a beat that ass like
I been doing since fifth grade.
Ainít that right punkÖIím talking
to you bitch.
LADY J jumps at MARVIN but he is a statue. She smiles a
devilish smile then heads for the door. BIG BABY grabs a
soda from KAREN and MARVINíS table.
                       BIG BABY
You guyís donít mind do you?
BIG BABY sips on the soda on his way out of the door. WHITE
MIKE, laughing right behind him, blows a final kiss at
KAREN; she gives him the finger. KAREN turns to MARVIN but
all she sees is the bathroom door swinging shut.
Itís a beautiful morning at the busy airport.
The locker room is fairly empty. Only a few people are
showering and changing clothes. MARVIN and CHRIS get dressed
for work sitting on a bench between a long row of metal


You gotta meet this girl Chris,
she is all that, beautiful,
intelligent, caring.
Oh yeah, well it sounds like you
really like this girl.
I do. Itís just that after last
night I donít think sheíll want to
see me again.
What happened?
I donít want to talk about it.
Chris pulls his professionally pressed uniform out of the
locker and slides the plastic bag cover off. A book falls
out of his locker; MARVIN picks it up. The cover reads
ďPlaya 2 Playa, written by Rupert Washington.
Rupert Washington? Man whatís up
with this cat?
Heís suppose to be some sort of
relationship expert. I never heard
of him before this book.
You read it yet?
Canít find the time. Everytime I
try to read it my phone starts
ringing. Itís either Stacey
wanting me to help her practice
her nude photo shoot or Kimberly
trying to get me in her hot tub,
you know what Iím saying?
Not really. But hey do you mind if
I hold on to this for a while?
Knock yourself out. But I have to
warn you Marvin, these
relationship cats can make the


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
whole process more technical than
it really is. I know youíve heard
it a million times but no matter
what that book tells you, the best
advice is to just be yourself.
Right. Hey thanks for the book
Chris, gotta go.
Marvin leaves the room. Chris turns his attention to a
microscopic spot on his otherwise perfect uniform.
Marvin is engulfed in the book. The bus pulls up and the
door opens; Marvinís eyes never leave the page. The bus
driver shrugs it off slams the door shut and drives off.
Marvin snaps out of it and chases the bus down.
Marvinís mother is cooking and Marvin is helping his sister
with homework at the kitchen table. With Rupertís book in
one hand, Marvin works a protractor with the other.
Lil Sammy and Rico are playing one on one. Marvin sits under
a tree still reading the book. Lil Sammy swishes a jump
                       LIL SAMMY
Game. Get off the court punk. Hey
Marvin you want some of this?
Nah yaíll go Ďhead.
Across the park Marvin spots a FINE SISTA pushing a baby
stroller. He takes a final glance at the book closes the
cover and heads towards her. Lil Sammy and Rico look on.


                       LIL SAMMY
What that fool gone do?
Marvin, full of confidence, pimps across the court and makes
his way to the SISTA.
How are you doing, Iím Marvin.
Fine. Iím Loraine.
You got a cute lil baby, she look
just like you.

Oh sheís not mine Iím just
watching her for a friend.
Lil Sammy and Rico are still watching. Marvin flashes a
player's smile towards them.
Ok well since youíre not tied down
with kids of your own maybe we can
go out sometime.
Oh I have kids. Those are my boys
right there.
She points to the jungle gym where three thugged-out black
boys are beating up a nerdy looking white kid.
But that don't stop me from going
out shit, I'm in the club every
Thursday through Wednesday please
Well you gotta do what you gotta
do. But look um, I gotta run. It
was nice meeting you and


Mavin looks over to the jungle gym where the WHITE KID is
laying on the ground and THE THREE THUG BOYS are counting
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Good luck with your life.
Wait a minute now, you promised me
a date. How are we gonna keep in
touch? Why donít you give me your
phone number.
You ainít gone believe thisÖI
forgot my phone number. Forgot my
own number ainít that something.
But you can give me yours and Iíll
call you.
I canít they cut my phone off, and
my lights and my gas. Look you
donít think you can help a sista
out with a few ends do you.
On that note Marvin turns and b-lines towards Lil Sammy and
Rico. He's walking so fast he's damn near running.
Hey what about those digits
Lil Sammy and Rico look confused.
                       LIL SAMMY
Man what you doing over here. That
girl was giving you some rhythm
man, look like it could have been
a spark.
She canít spark nothing without
electricity. Man that girl broke
as a joke and begging and on top
of all that she got three bad ass
She did have a phat ass though.


                       LIL SAMMY
Yeah that ass was right boy but
did you see the titties-
Marvin snatches the b-ball from Lil Sammy.
That's not the point. Ya'll fools
don't know nothing. A woman is
meant to be treated like a queen
not just something to hit when
your dick gets hard. And I don't
know what I'm doing out here
anyway chasing these chicken
heads, I know where a real woman
is and I'm going to go make her
day. So if you will excuse me
fellasÖ this is peace.
Marvin tosses the ball to LIL SAMMY and walks off with two
fingers in the air.
MARVIN crosses the street to the sidewalk. Small shops and
stores line the street. MARVIN walks by the barbershop but
doesnít bother to stop. WADE sticks his head out of the
Hey Marvin you got a second.
Yeah whatís up Wade.
Well I just havenít seen you
around sinceÖ well you know that
little altercation with Lady J,
you been all right?
That? Man I forgot all about that.
I'm cool.
Marvin rubs the back of his head.
What you reading there?
WADE takes the book from MARVIN.


Playa to Playa. Is this Rupertís

Marvin reacts on the word ďRupert.Ē
Yeah. What up with that cat.
Címon weíll talk inside.
Oh I see, you wanna keep it on the
down low huh Wade?
No, but you could you an edge up.
You look like shit son.
The shop is empty. MARVIN sits in the barberís chair as WADE
fades him up.
You know I like you Marvin.
MARVIN looks strangely at WADE. WADE turns MARVINíS head
back around.
                       WADE (cont'd)
Not like that idiot. I mean you
remind me a lot of myself growing
Oh yeah.
Yeah I couldnít get laid either.
But then I met somebody who
changed all that. I met somebody
who would show me the true art of
macking a woman.
MARVIN tries to hold it in but then he just bursts out


What you know about macking Wade
you ainít got no game.
See that's where you wrong young
buck. I don't play no games
because I'm happily married and I
stay happily married because I got
game o' plenty. And if you weren't
so damn naÔve then maybe some of
what I got to tell you would sink
through that thick and might I add
nappy head of yours. Should I
MARVIN nods a humbled ďyes.Ē Wade makes himself a drink as
he talks.
Back in my day this city played
host to one of the smoothest
ladies man to ever trick a hoe.
His name was Pimpin' Percy
Washington. This man taught me
everything there is to know about
women, their likes their dislikes,
what turns them on you know, what
makes them tick.
So what happened. How come you
ainít got women lined up and down
the street to see you like that
fool Rupert Wash-
Rupert Washington ain't shit. Look
the only reason you don't see a
hundred honies trying to get a
ride on the Wade-mobile is because
I did the one thing a real playa
can never do and that's'fall in
love. But that's my problem and
your problem is you have no game,
but I'm'gonna show you how to get
it. C'mon to the back.
Walking through the door of the back room is like being
transported back to a 70's disco. The walls are painted in


funkadelic colors, a disco ball is spinning flashing lights
around the mini-dance floor and pictures of the 70's stars
hang proudly. Wade sits at a desk and MARVIN sits square in
front of him. Wade slides the desk drawer out.
I know you smoke weed cause I can
smell the bullshit ya'll be
smoking on in front of my shop.
Here step up to a manís pleasure.
WADE pulls out a long Bob Marley joint. He lights it and
passes it to MARVIN.
Ooh wee thatís what Iím talking
I see you been reading Rupertís
book huh, any good?
Well itís-
It's all bullshit. Everything
Rupert talkin' 'bout is play stuff
compared to what real pimpin is
What you mean?
I mean Rupert washington ainít got
half the skills his father had and
he running round promoting himself
like the ghetto Don Juan. His
daddy probably rolling over in his
His daddy whoís his daddy?
Pimpiní Percy Washington son
havenít you been listening. Percy
had all the game and before he
died he wrote it in a book.
Playa to Playa.


Hell naw. That weak shit. See the
book never actually got written
and only two people even knew
about the notes for it and that
was me and his punk ass boy
So where are the notes now?
Well when Percy first got sick I
took Rupert in. But it was obvious
we weren't going to see eye to eye
and one day just after Percy past,
I came home and Rupert was gone
and so were half the notes.
The only half he knew about. The
rest I kept down here to try to
finish the book.
So let me seeíem.
I said I kept them here, I didnít
say they were still here.
Well spit it out, where are they?
On the corner of Brunswick and
Brunswick and Third but thatís the
cemetery. You buried the notes?
I had to it was the only way I
could pay my respects to Percy.
After all I was suppose to raise
his boy up but I failed. So I
buried Percy, the notesÖ and my
head with one shovel.


WADE finishes his drink with a hard swig.
Well if the notes are buried why
are you telling me about it?
Because I was wrong. Iím not a
failure. Rupert just wasnít
pimpiní material. But you Marvin
you remind me of myself youíve got
Marvin sits back in his chair Ė what a waste of time. He
ashes the joint out.
I appreciate what you trying to do
Wade. I just think you smoking a
lil' too much of this shit. So if
you don't mind I gotta run.
Marvin grabs his book from the desk and makes for the door.
A dead pimp with cliff notes, good
one Wade. What was the title gon
be though, ďBig Pimpin for
Dummies?Ē Man you must be crazy.
The door slams shut and WADE is left alone. He smiles a
simple smile and re-lights the joint.
You'll be back. You'll be back
cause pimpin ain't dead, you young
punks just scared.
Wade adjusts a picture of Pam Grier as Foxy Brown, on the
wall behind him.
The driver is a husky black man dressed in full limo driver
attire. He picks up the car-phone.
RUPERT WASHINGTON sits square in the middle of the back seat
with a look of absolute pleasure on his face. The phone


Yeah what is it?
Thereís a roadblock up ahead sir.
Do you want me to detour?
Naw donít stopÖ donít stop
Are you sure sir? Weíll crash.
Go ahead and take aÖright there,
oh shit girl. I mean make a leftÖ
don't stopÖ right there.
We can see the limo swerving violently back and forth at
Rupertís command.
The driver is sweating as he handles the limo and carphone
I canít understand your request
sir. Do you want me to make a
detour or not.
Make the damn turn man.
Rupert hangs the phone up then two SEXY BLONDES climb up his
legs and into frame.
Ooh was that some more big
business you were handling?
Yeah girl you know I got to stay
on top of my game.
I know what you mean cause weíve
got some more big business of our
own to handle.


And weíll definitely stay on top
of it.
RUPERT smiles as the TWO GIRLS tongue fight and slide back
down out of frame.
MARVIN approaches Karenís front door still reading ďplaya 2
Playa.Ē He rings the doorbell then sticks the book in his
back pocket. KAREN opens the door.
Well, well, well. You know for a
guy who lives right across the
street, I sure havenít seen much
of you lately
Iíve been around.
Just not around here.

Thereís an awkward pause, then MARVIN gets it.
Ok I guess I was a little
embarrassed about what happened
the last time we went out. So
you're right I was avoiding you.
But that's because I think you're
so beautiful and if a playa step
to you Ė I mean if a gentleman
approaches you I think he ought to
come correct.
KAREN flashes a warm smile of acceptance.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Does that mean Iím forgiven?
Temporarily. That is if you dance
as well as you apologize.


The outside of the club is hype. A long line of women wait
their turn to get in. A neon sign above the door reads "Club
FreakNasty." Rupert's black limo passes by.
The driver is on the car phone.
      (into phone)
Yes sir.
The big black limo hooks a U-turn in the middle of the
street then parks in front of the club
The club is packed with wall to wall ladies. SEXY LADIES and
BIG BUFF WAITERS wearing spandex shorts and bow ties serve
drinks throughout the club.
The second level of the club host the DJ booth and control
room. LADY J stands in the center of the control room
looking out over the entire club. She is talking with her
business associates, a fifty year old Japonese man in an
Adidas jogging suit, SUN KICITUME and his gorgeous
twenty-five-year-old fiance, YEUNG HO.
                       LADY J
Ya'll gone have a seat and make
yourselves at home. Can I offer
you something to drink?
                       MR. KICITUME
No thank you. Please meet my
fiance, she will be hosting our
new dance show here should you and
I come to agreement. Yeung Ho


                       LADY J
Hey man you ain't gotta call her
                       YEUNG HO
No this is my name. Yeung... Ho.
                       MR. KICITUME
Oh you thought...ha,ha...no,no,no.
Yeung Ho is still a virgin. No one
ever tapped that, I'll be first
and last right Yeung Ho.
                       LADY J
Oh ok well let's get down to
business cause I'm definitely
looking to sell this place.
The line to get in the club stretches on forever. MARVIN and
KAREN are at the door. TWO BIG BOUNCERS collect the money.
How are you doing Miss Darling?
Fine. Iím paying for two.
Oh no Karen let me. Two please.
Marvin pays.
Youíre with her?
Get the fuck out of here.
Look he paid you already can we go
BOUNCER#2 opens the door for them.
Go ahead baby I apologize and you
too Lucky Charm.


MARVIN and KAREN go into the club
Now you know he donít know what to
do with that.
Can you say Party Central! The club is jumping hard as
HIP-HOP MUSIC booms from the speakers. KAREN and MARVIN make
their way to a table in the back. LADY J follows them with
her eyes.
MARVIN and KAREN are drinking and having a good time
laughing and flirting with each other. R&B singer USHERíS
ďYEAHĒ blast from the clubís woofers and KAREN slams her
glass to the table in mid-swallow. She pulls MARVIN to the
dance floor.
Come on Boo this is my song.

Wait I canít dance.
Boy stop playing and come on.
Excuse me.
KAREN pulls MARVIN by one arm through the crowd to a spot on
the dance floor. KAREN is like a different person on the
dance floor. She is sexier and really erotic, plus she is
backing that thang up like sheís got junk in her trunk.
Lady J looks down on the dance floor and zeroes in on the
dancing MARVIN and KAREN. She calls WHITE MIKE over,
whispers in his ear, he nods and leaves the room. LADY J
grins a devilish grin.
A small circle has formed around MARVIN and KAREN who now
have a chemistry on the dance floor like theyíve been
dancing together for years.


RUPERT is at a table in the back being catered to by the two
SEXY LADIES he arrived with. He's drinking liquor out of the
bottle and snacking on a plate of hot wings.
Say baby whatís that they got
going on over there, a lil dance
contest. Let me check that out
cause you know I got the moves
that prove.
RUPERT gets up and does a quick two-step.
See what I mean. Ladies make a
hole please.
The LADIES clear a path to the action.
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
Thank you.
The circle around MARVIN and KAREN closes again with RUPERT
on the inside. WHITE MIKE squeezes his way through the crowd
and goes out into the middle of the dance floor. He taps
MARVIN on the shoulder.
                       WHITE MIKE
You donít mind if I cut in do you?
WHITE MIKE steps right in between MARVIN and KAREN and
starts dancing. KAREN just stands there. She looks at
MARVIN. After some hesitation MARVIN taps WHITE MIKE on the
Hey man whatís your problem? Why
you always starting shit
everywhere I go.
WHITE MIKE takes a slow burn towards MARVIN.
                       WHITE MIKE
You still standing here man. I
thought I told you I had this
dance. Why donít you go get a
WHITE MIKE pushes MARVIN hard and he crashes into a table
full of drinks before falling to the ground. A hush comes
over the crowd and the MUSIC STOPS. MARVIN scrambles to his
feet. WHITE MIKE turns his attention back to KAREN.


                       WHITE MIKE
What do ya say baby, wanna finish
this dance in a more horizontal
position. Your place or mine.
WHITE MIKE tries to grab KAREN but she knocks his hand down
and smacks him hard in the face. WHITE MIKE receives the
painful blow then raises his hand to hit KAREN when out of
nowhere a hand grabs WHITE MIKEíS arm and holds him back.
                       LADY J
Who the hell is that?
LADY J pounds her fist on the mixing board accidentally
cutting the microphone on. The Mr. Kicitume and Yeung Ho
stand at a safe distance.
RUPERT slowly releases WHITE MIKEíS arm and fixes the cuffs
on his own suit.
Come on playa a woman this fine
canít be used as no punching bag.
I think youíre out of line and you
owe this lady an apology.
                       WHITE MIKE
What? Whatever muthafucker say
nite nite.
RUPERT closes his eyes and tenses up for the blow. WHITE
MIKE rears his fist thenÖ
                       LADY J
Rupert! Rupert Washington!
WHITE MIKE holds his punch, RUPERT opens one eye and the
whole crowd looks up at the control booth. While everyone is
looking up MARVIN grabs KAREN by the hand and snatches a
champagne bottle off of the floor. He slides behind WHITE


                       LADY J (cont'd)
      (into microphone)
I been looking for you muthafucker
itís payback time. Grab him.
LADY J runs out of the control room. MR. KICITUME and YEUNG
HO look on.
WHITE MIKE grabs RUPERT around the collar and is choking the
hell out of him. RUPERT scrambles to get loose.
I canít breath.
MARVIN rises up behind WHITE MIKE and comes crashing down on
his head with the bottle. WHITE MIKE falls to the floor.
MARVIN snatches KAREN and takes off through the crowd.
RUPERT stands over the fallen WHITE MIKE. He takes a swing
and connects with WHITE MIKE'S JAW and knocks him completely
Donít never put your damn hands on
LADY J bust through the crowd with BIG BABY, they rush over
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
Oh shit.
RUPERT takes off into the crowd. Lady J runs after him.
                       LADY J
Donít run Rupert itís on now.
BIG BABY helps WHITE MIKE to his feet and they both join the
chase. Itís a frantic scene as MARVIN and KAREN dash through
the crowded club. RUPERT is right behind them with LADY J,
BIG BABY and WHITE MIKE in full chase.
The chase continues frantically towards the rear of the club
down a long hallway. MARVIN finds an unlocked closet and
pulls KAREN in with him. Just as the door closes RUPERT
comes running around the corner on his cell phone.


Bring the limo around back Hurry
up nigga.
Itís a tight space. MARVIN and KAREN stand face to face.
Marvin pulls a string and the lights come on. MARVIN is
breathing hard.
Why are we running?
Cause we donít want our asses
MARVIN cracks the door to peek out. He closes it quickly
when he sees LADY J, BIG BABY AND WHITE MIKE running past.
Ainít nobody gonna kick my-
Shh! Girl. They still out there.
Youíre scared arenít you?
What? Girl you trippin I ainít
never scared.
Itís ok if youíre scared Marvin.
If I wanted a macho man I would be
with one.
Look like I said I ainít scared of
nothing. I just donít like
violence ok. Now could you just
drop it.
Ok. God.
Come on letís get up out of here.


The back door to the club comes flying open and RUPERT damn
near falls down busting out of it. He takes a quick glance
left and right as both ends of the alley look identical.
With no time to spare he starts trotting to the left
adjusting his suit. He still holds his cell phone.
      (INTO PHONE)
Where you at fool. What you mean
youíre around back, Iím around
RUPERT turns around to see the limo parked at the other end
of the alley. He closes his cell phone and starts in that
direction. Just as he gets to the door he just came out of,
it flies open again and this time LADY j fills the frame.
                       LADY J
Well, well, well if it ainít Mr.
Heart break himself. Grabíem.
WHITE MIKE and BIG BABY grab RUPERT. LADY J steps out of
the building after them.
                       LADY J
Where you been Rupert. Iíve been
needing to talk to you for the
past ohÖseven years. Whatís up?
Nothing. How you been?
                       LADY J
How have I been? Well letís see I
tried a new energy drink
yesterday. Oh last year I changed
my long distance provider- Nigga
shut up.
LADY J punches RUPERT hard in the stomach. He goes limp but
WHITE MIKE and BIG BABY hold him up.
                       LADY J (cont'd)
We were going to be so perfect
together. So perfect until you
started thinking you were a
player. You played me Rupert,
seven years ago on prom night. I
canít believe you played with my
emotions like that.


Jasmine, look at me. You know I
never meant to hurt you.
                       LADY J
Shut up. Rupert baby you were my
first and I thought we were going
to be together forever. But when I
woke up that morning you were
gone, left me in an empty hotel
room to walk all the way home in
my prom dress. I think you dumped
me the next day right? Yeah dumped
me and moved away. I thought Iíd
never see Rupert Washington again
and just like that here you are.
Oh now you know I wouldnít do you
like that, stay gone forever Iíd
never do that. So if you could
just have them release me.
LADY J circles RUPERT as she speaks.
                       LADY J
Oh I knew youíd come back. Thatís
why I waited for you.
What you talkiní Ďbout?
                       LADY J
When I said you were my first I
meant you were my only. And when
weíre happily married Iíll be your
Married? Iím gonna marry you?
                       LADY J
Oh yes Rupert I accept.
RUPERT passes out. BIG BABY wipes a tear from his eye.
                       BIG BABY
This is beautiful.


MARVIN is running up the hallway pulling KAREN behind him.
They make it to the entrance back to the dance floor when
KAREN stops short.
Wait Marvin I canít let you do
You canít solve anything by
running. You have to stand up to
your problems.
Girl you stand up to Lady J and
she gone lay your ass down. Now
come on before they circle back.
MARVIN starts to pull KAREN and again she snatches away.
Iím going back.
Well Iím not. Look you wanna play
Wonder Woman then go right ahead.
Iíll be at home with some
Band-Aids and first aid ointment.
Give me a call after you get your
ass beat.
KAREN regards him intently then heads off down the hallway.
MARVIN shrugs it off and heads back into the club.
BIG BABY and WHITE MIKE are picking RUPERT up from his
                       LADY J
On your feet husband, weíve got
some wedding planning to do.
RUPERT goes limp again.


KAREN is barreling down the hallway towards the exit. Sheís
like a raging bull.
Donít nobody put they hands on my
KAREN reaches the door and karateí kicks it open.
                       KAREN (cont'd)
Iím tired of you messing with my
The door to the club comes flying open for a third time and
SMACKS LADY J in the face. Her nose starts bleeding and she
falls backwards. BIG BABY and WHITE MIKE drop the sleeping
RUPERT and catch LADY J.
                       KAREN (cont'd)
I am so sorry. I had no idea she
was standing there. Is she all
The limo horn blows and RUPERT scrambles to his feet. He
grabs KAREN by the arm and runs with her to the limo.
Marvin squeezes his way through the dance floor and is about
to leave the club. He spots the two bouncers at the door
then takes a final glance back towards the hallway where he
and Karen were.
BIG BABY and WHITE MIKE are bending over to help Lady J. The
door burst violently open and it knocks BIG BABY into WHITE
MIKE and they both fall on LADY J. MARVIN comes running out.
All right got dammit quit hitting
my girl in the face.
MARVIN sees the three lying on the ground.


What theÖ Whereís Karen?
MARVIN looks down the alley and sees the limo.
RUPERT and KAREN are catching their breath in the back seat.
That was scary back there huh?
Not really. Who are you and why
did you drag me all the way to
your car. I mean I appreciate you
standing up for me inside and
everything but-
You said all the way to my car but
this is a limo.
Whatever. Look thanks butÖugh no
thanks. How do you open this?
Look baby I was just trying to
protect you. Besides youíre the
one who came running out screaming
get your hands off my man I
thought I knew you.
Well you donít. Now let me out of
KAREN starts wildly pressing the buttons on the door panel;
the window slides down.
Hold on now before you break


RUPERT grabs KARENíS arms and gets her under control. They
stare into each other face to face.
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
Thatís more like it now baby,
settle down and relax.
Out of nowhere RUPERT plants a kiss right on KAREN'S lips.
With the windows down, MARVIN looks right into the limo and
sees RUPERT and KAREN kissing. The limo pulls off.
Karen? Oh hell naw.
                       LADY J (o.s.)
Oh hell naw.
MARVIN turns around to see LADY J and thugs coming to. He
takes off in the other direction.
With her eyes wide open, KAREN pushes RUPERT off of her lips
and slaps him in the face.
Boy whatís wrong with you? You
better let me out of this car
right now. I mean it.
RUPERT seems reluctant at first then he picks up the car
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
      (into car phone)
Pull over right here. Gone let the
trick out.
The limo pulls over. KAREN gets out and runs back towards
the alley. The limo drives off.
MARVIN is walking down the street looking like he's lost his
best friend. The street is empty as MARVIN crosses at a
crosswalk. Suddenly LADY J'S big black ESCALADE comes
barreling down on MARVIN from out of nowhere.


Oh shit.
MARVIN takes off running with the ESCALADE hot on his tail.
MARVIN gets out of the street and runs up on the side walk.
BIG BABY is driving; Lady J is in the back with a bag of ice
on her nose. WHITE MIKE leans out of the window with a
baseball bat.
                       LADY J
You drive like a bitch Big Baby.
Put some speed on this
The ESCALADE creeps up on MARVIN. WHITE MIKE takes a couple
of swings at MARVIN but misses. On his final swing the bat
slips from his hands and goes crashing through a store
window. An ALARM SOUNDS. MARVIN stops and lets the ESCALADE
blow past then he runs across the street.
                       BIG BABY
You want us to go in there and
bring him out?
                       LADY J
Naw weíll catch that fool another
time. My momma told me never go in
a graveyard if you donít know
nobody there. Let that fool get
jacked by the poltergeist.
RICO and LIL SAMMY are walking down the street.
Yo. I think that was Marvin?
                       LIL SAMMY
Marvin. Where?
Right there. That Escalade just
chased him into the graveyard.


                       LIL SAMMY
Man I didnít see no damn Marvin.
That was him. Iím going man.
Rico takes off running, reluctantly Lil Sammy follows.
MARVIN hides behind by a tombstone and peeks out into the
street. The ESCALADE drives off. MARVIN leans back on the
tombstone catching his breath. He gets up to leave and steps
on a rake. The handle comes roaring up and SMACKS him in the
face. The force of the impact sends him stumbling back and
he falls down banging his head against another tombstone.
MARVIN rubs his head.
MARVIN turns around to look at the tombstone. He reads the
inscription. It reads, ďHere lies Percy Washington, the Pimp
that grew from concrete.Ē MARVIN thinks about it.
MARVIN is standing about four feet down int the grave and is
using a shovel to hurl huge clumps of dirt over his
Marshmallow MarvinÖ muthafuckers
always fucking with meÖ change the
RICO and LIL SAMMY walk up in the distance. They see the
dirt flying out of the grave and headed in that direction.
MARVIN is deep into the grave digging at a madmanís pace. A
pair of timberlands and some beat up Addidas walk into
                       LIL SAMMY (o.s.)
Yo! Nigga what up-
Quickly MARVIN swings the shovel over his head like a
helicopter. The shoes leap over it like a jump rope.
                       LIL SAMMY AND RICO
Hey nigga.


MARVIN opens his eyes and sees RICO and LIL SAMMY. His face
shows relief.
Damn yíall scared the hell out of
me. But Iím glad youíre here cause
Iím gonna need some help pulling
this casket out.
RICO and LIL SAMMY exchange looks.
RICO and LIL SAMMY both pull on the casket as MARVIN pushes
it out of the grave. They get the casket out and MARVIN
climbs out. They all three exchange some worried looks.
All right. Iím gonna open it.
                       LIL SAMMY
Man this some sick ass shit
Marvin, Iím scared.
Quit your bitchiní nigga. Gone see
whatís in it Marvin.
MARVIN undoes the latch. He gives another glance to RICO and
LIL SAMMY. They give him the go ahead. MARVIN cracks the
coffin door open and a bright pink lights emits from inside.
They are taken aback. MARVIN opens it all the way.
Inside the casket lies Pimpin' Percy Washington dressed in a
pink suit and hat and shoes. He's wearing dark glasses and
has a joint hanging out of his mouth. There is also a glass
of cognac in his hand.
They all just hover over the casket looking inside, and then
RICO reaches in and takes the joint from Percy's mouth and
the cognac from his hand. MARVIN and LIL SAMMY watch RICO
light the joint and sip the yak. MARVIN starts searching
through the coffin.
Man it ainít here.
                       LIL SAMMY
What ainít here?
The notes. I donít seeíem.


                       LIL SAMMY
Notes. What are you talking about
Never mind just help getíem out so
I can check the bottom.
MARVIN and LIL SAMMY grab PERCY by his shoulders. RICO is
off to himself with the yak and the smoke.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Rico come on man get the feet.
RICO sets the yak down, sticks the smoke in his mouth and
grabs Percyís feet with both hands.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
All right, look itís bad enough
weíre doing this so letís at least
have some respect. Now what we
gonna do is just pick him up and
lay him down on the ground while I
check the bottom. Ok.
LIL SAMMY and RICO nod ďyes.Ē MARVIN and LIL SAMMY get
PERCYíS upper body halfway out of the casket and RICO, with
the smoke still in his mouth, grabs the feet.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Ok Rico bring the legs out.
RICO begins to bring the feet out and one of PERCY'S pink
gators knock the joint out of RICO's mouth and into the
coffin; it bursts into flames.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
The notes.
Quickly Rico tosses the legs aside and starts beating the
fire out. Tossing PERCY'S legs causes his whole body to turn
and knocks LIL SAMMY down. PERCY'S body is still spinning
out of control and one of his arms become extended and as it
swings around, it SLAPS MARVIN across the face with a 1972
pimp slap that emits a pink light on contact. MARVIN SCREAMS
like a female.
The slap knocks MARVIN DOWN. He shakes it off and sees RICO
coming up from behind the coffin with the smoke. LIL SAMMY
sits up and finishes off the yak. MARVIN lifts up the coffin
bottom and sees the notes spread all around in there.


                       MARVIN (cont'd)
LIL SAMMY and RICO are playing NBA LIVE on the T.V. MARVIN
has the notes spread all over his bed going through them.
Look at all this stuff man.
Mannerisms of a Mack, speech,
fashion, how to get rich white
women oh it's on now.
Rico has been reading a page.
Says here that Pimpin Percy
maintained his game by keeping a
strong pimp hand and that he can
transfer that power through a slap
to the face.
                       LIL SAMMY
You think that shit really gone
I don't know. Sammy you be Percy
and hold all of these notes in
your hand, that'll represent the
They gather all of the pages and hand them to LIL SAMMY.
                       LIL SAMMY
Now what?
Transfer the power.
MARVIN holds his face steady; eyes closed. RICO and LIL
SAMMY shoulder shrug then.... SLAP! LIL SAMMY hauls off and
smacks MARVIN in the face with a handful of papers. MARVIN
goes flying over the bed and the papers go everywhere.
Slowly Marvin emerges from the otherside of the bed holding
his face.
The room goes silent.


                       LIL SAMMY
Well did it work? Do you feel like
a pimp? What you gonna do now?
Take it on a test run. Rico, your
daddy still got that pimp hat.
Hip-Hop group Outkast ďso fresh so cleanĒ plays. IN SLOW
MOTION MARVIN, LIL SAMMY and RICO step off the city bus and
walk up to the mallís entrance. They look like they just
time traveled in from the seventies.
MARVIN, RICO and LIL SAMMY all stroll in the mall only to
find some peculiar looking faces staring at them. They look
less cool. Marvin walks in front and his slow pimp strut has
turned into a damn near jog as they pass by more pointing
and laughing onlookers. They duck quickly into a nearby
The arcade room is dark and MARVIN, RICO and LIL SAMMY all
hudle in the back.
                       LIL SAMMY
Did you see that we just got
clowned man Iím outtie.
Hold on a minute now, we just have
to rethink our strategy thatís
all. Boom. I got it. We need to
split up.
                       LIL SAMMY
Man whatís that gonna prove.
Think about it. We come up in here
looking all pimpalicious and
macknifiecent of course they gone
hate, itís too much to handle. So
we gotta split up you know, give
the world a small dose at a time.


They all three bump fist and exit the arcade.
LIL SAMMY is looking at a shirt through a store window as he
turns to leave; TWO FINE LADIES are headed right for him.
LIL SAMMY prepares himself for the feast and starts to greet
them, but the two smiling beauties breeze right by Sammy and
drool over a pair of pumps in the window behind him. LIL
SAMMY pouts off.
RICO is sitting at a table eating when a FINE SISTA carrying
some bags walks by his table. She smiles at RICO and
unknowingly drops a shoe from her bag. Rico grabs the shoe
and chases after the lady; he spots her near the top of the
up escalator. Rico pushes past a crowd of people as he goes
up on the down escalator. HE meets FINE SISTA on bended knee
as she arrives on the second floor. Rico offers her the shoe
and she smiles gently as she goes to take it from his hand.
Suddenly a rough looking sista with corn rows shows up and
snatches the shoe out of RICOíS hand. She throws her arm
around FINE SISTA and they walk off. RICO walks back down on
the up escalator.
MARVIN is walking through the mall and he sees KAREN in a
store hugging some guy.
      (sotto voce)
Damn girl you out there.
MARVIN hides behind some tall potted plants and a big
curtain in the middle of the mall. He watches as KAREN and
the guy chit chat while KAREN is spinning and showing him
her figure.
                       MALE VOICE (o.s.)
Hey buddy what are you doing back
here, youíre suppose to be over
there with the other performers.
MARVIN tries to explain but this guy wearing headphones and
holding a clipboard rushes MARVIN further behind the
curtain. When MARVIN is out of sight we can see that the guy


in the store is a salesman and that KAREN is just shopping
with her grandmother.
The curtain MARVIN sneaked behind is the backstage area for
a live talent competition taking place in the mall. MARVIN
is still back stage but he is up next. He looks worried as
he talks to HEADSET GUY.
Hey look man I gotta tell you
something. You called me a
performer and to be honest with
you I ainít no performer.
                       HEADSET GUY
Right, right youíre and artist sue
me I forgot. Now go getíem pal.
Headset Guy gives MARVIN a big shove and just like that
MARVIN is on stage in front of the crowded mall. MARVINíS
eyes are wide open as he stares into the crowd. Quickly he
breaks the trance and turns his back to the crowd.
Ok Marvin think.
                       MALE VOICE (v.o)
Relax baby.
MARVIN jumps. The band plays a quick riff to compliment.
Who said that?
                       MALE VOICE (v.o.)
This is Pimpin baby.
MARVIN reacts again and again the band plays a riff. The
crowd is anticipating; it looks rehearsed. LIL SAMMY and
RICO join the crowd.
                       MALE VOICE (v.o.)(cont'd)
You just ride the groove baby and
pimpin gone handle everything
CopastheÖ cool.
A bright pink light blast from Marvin. He spins around and
the band starts playing; all of a sudden it's a real
performance. The crowd is excited and MARVIN looks like a
superstar on stage. He waves Rico and Lil Sammy on stage and


they join the routine. KAREN and her GRANDMOTHER walk up
near the back of the crowd. Mr. Kicitume in an Addidas
jogging suit stands next to KAREN.
                       MR. KICITUME
That was phat. He's got mad
skills. I could use a guy like
that. I am Sun Kicitume. Do you
know who he is?
He hands KAREN a business card.
The performance is over and MARVIN is leaving the stage. A
crowd of young girls rush the stairs where MARVIN is. MARVIN
can see KAREN waving through the crowd.
Marvin, over here.
MARVIN tries to go to KAREN but the crowd of girls have him
trapped. One girl gives MARVIN an ink pen to autograph her
breast. KAREN stops waving and grabs her grandmother by the
arm to leave. She passes Mr. Kicitume on her way out.
                       MR. KICITUME
Hey you said you know that guy
Karen looks back at MARVIN and sees him hugging and kissing
on the young girls. KAREN makes eye contact with him but
then MARVIN gets kissed again.
Iím sorry, I thought he was
somebody else.
KAREN leaves with her GRANDMOTHER. MARVIN watches KAREN
leave as the young girls still crowd around him.
The mall isnít packed anymore. The stage is being dismantled
and MARVIN, LIL SAMMY and RICO are sitting on the steps to
the stage.
What did I tell you boy our lives
are about to change.


                       LIL SAMMY
Maybe your life, but didnít
nothing change for me how Ďbout
you Rico.
Come on man yíall my boys so you
know if I blow up yíall gone blow
up too. I wouldnít ever front on
yaíll man you know that.
Mr. Kicitume walks up.
                       MR. KICITUME
Yo playboy that was mad phat kid.
You know the stupid fresh dope.
He extends his hands out for a shake; Marvin shakes.
                       MR. KICITUME (cont'd)
Sun Kicitume. I'm looking for a
host for my new show, can we talk
for a moment.
They all three get up to go.
                       MR. KICITUME (cont'd)
Hey yíall wanna get up and shoot
some ball or something later.
                       LIL SAMMY
Come on Rico I think I see where
this is headed.
LIL SAMMY and RICO walk off.
RicoÖ Lil SammyÖ Yo man we gone
play or what?
                       LIL SAMMY
Why wait till later Marvin didnít
you just play us. Címon Rico.
LIL SAMMY and RICO walk off. Mr. Kicitume, talking on his
cell phone, throws an arm around MARVIN and they walk off in
the other direction; MARVIN is looking back.


YEUNG HO and LADY J have lunch at a table. YEUNG HO talks on
her cell phone.
                       YEUNG HO
      (into phone)
You don't have to scream at me. I
said I could handle this and I
can. Just give me a chance.
YEUNG HO flips her cell closed and slides some paperwork to
                       YEUNG HO
Sorry you had to hear that. These
are the updated proposals I'm sure
you will find everything to your
LADY J rifles quickly through the papers then pushes them
                       LADY J
I don't like it.
                       YEUNG HO
But we met your every demand?
                       LADY J
The deal looks great; I accept. I
mean I don't like the way you let
him boss you around.
                       YEUNG HO
He is just stressed right now, Sun
is a good man and we love each
other very much.
                       LADY J
What's love got to do with it
Yeung Ho. It's about respect.
                       YEUNG HO
In my country wives are-
                       LADY J
You're not in your country. You
are an American woman now and
sisters over here, we don't play
that nonsense.


Yeung Ho sits thinking as she looks around at all of the
INDEPENDENT WOMEN in the area. Then she explodes.
                       LADY J
You're right. I am an American
woman now. What the hell have I
been thinking. From now on this
girl likes to party all the time,
get crunked up, buckwild style you
LADY J smiles at YEUNG HO'S change in attitude.
                       LADY J
That's what I'm talkin' bout. Well
what you doin' tonight? We should
kick it.
MARVIN wakes up. He picks up a business card off the
dresser; it reads:


"Kicitume Entertainment / Sun Kicitume - CEO

MARVIN pinches himself; it hurts; he smiles.
MARVIN is taking out the trash and he sees KAREN across the
street getting the newspaper. He quickly goes over to her.
Hey look about last night.
No worries, you looked like you
were living your dream, I'm happy
for you. Now if you'll excuse me.
Karen wait, look I really would
like to just start over and show
you the real me. I mean don't get
me wrong being on stage last night
was incredible but it still can't
compare to the way I feel when I'm
with you.


                       MARVIN (cont'd)
Karen blushes.
And how do you feel when you're
with me?
They look into each other eyes and become connected with a
Rupert's limo is parked outside of the restaurant. The
driver comes out carrying some bags and drives off in the
limo. On the side of the building at the drive-thru is Lady
J's black Escalade.
White Mike is in the driver's seat and Big Baby is riding
shotgun. White Mike is getting some bags from the cashier.
                       BIG BABY
Yo. Ain't that the car from the
club the other night?
The limo drives past them.
                       WHITE MIKE
What that limo? Why, I think it
Big Baby and White Mike just grin at each other. The cashier
is standing at the window looking. Big Baby looks quickly
through the bag then he pulls his gun out and aims it at the
                       BIG BABY
Where the fuck are my fries bitch?


Marvin and Karen walk in and Sun Kicitume is sitting behind
a big oak desk; it is a beautiful office.
Sun hops up from his seat.
                       MR. KICITUME
Marvin, Marvin, Marvin my main
man. How you doing buddy? Great.
Listen, I was just on the horn
with some of my people andÖoh I'm
sorry, hi.
Mr. Kicitume this is Karen, my

Karen smiles.
                       MR. KICITUME
I thought you said that you
Long story.
Marvin looks at Karen, Karen looks at Sun and Sun looks at
                       MR. KICITUME
Ok then let's talk business.
The limo is parked out front and the black escalade drives
into the parking lot.
The limo driver is in the elevator and the doors are about
to close.
                       WHITE MIKE (o.s.)
Hold that elevator!
The driver sticks his hands out and stops the door from
closing. Big Baby and White Mike rush on.


They all three stand face forward on the elevator. Big Baby
is eating from a carton of French fries. The driver sticks
his hand out to press the button.
What floor?
Big Baby takes a quick glance at the numbers panel where the
number five is already lit.
                       BIG BABY
Six please.
The driver presses the button and the elevator door closes.
The numbered lights above the elevator door light up as they
count up to five. The doors slide open and the driver steps
off and heads down the hallway. The doors start to close but
Big Baby sticks his hands out and pushes the doors back. He
and White Mike stick their heads out of the elevator and
watch as the driver stops at a room. The driver knocks on
the door and very quickly the door flies open and a hand
grabs him by the arm and snatches him in the room. Big Baby
and White Mike look puzzled, then Rupert peeks his head out
of the room and looks suspiciously around, he finds nothing
and then slams the door shut. Big Baby and White Mike give
each other a fist bump and a smile as the elevator doors
Rupert sits watching Jerry Springer and eating his food. He
pushes his plat aside and whips out his cell phone. He dials
some numbers.
      (into phone)
Sun Kicitume please. Yeah I'll
Rupert picks some food from his teeth and grooms himself in
the mirror as he waits.
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
      (into phone)
Sun, this is Rupert Washington. We
had an interview scheduled for
today. Change of plans? Oh you're


                       RUPERT (cont'd)
damn straight I will.
Rupert hangs up the phone and grabs his coat and keys as he
makes for the door.
The elevator doors slide open and this time Lady J is riding
with White Mike and Big Baby. They step off.
                       LADY J
Now which room ya'll say that fool
Big Baby starts to point out the room when suddenly Rupert
casually walks out of the door adjusting his tie. Rupert
looks up to see Lady J and company starring right at him.
Oh shit.
Rupert runs quickly back into the room and he slams the door
shut as Lady J, Big Baby and White Mike run to it.
Rupert is leaning with his back to the door and he is
breathing hard. There is a loud bang on the door and Rupert
is startled. There is another bang on the door and Rupert
gets paranoid. All the while Lady J can be heard O.S.
screaming at Rupert.
Lady J and thugs are standing in front of the door and Lady
J bangs on the door with her fist.
                       LADY J
It's no use in running husband;
we've got a lot of wedding
planning to do. I'm tired of
fucking around with him, Big Baby,
do work.
                       BIG BABY
Yes ma'am.

Big Baby takes a couple of steps back and then he charges


into the door with his shoulder and it falls down. Lady J
walks into the room.
Lady J walks in the room and takes a survey; her eyes light
up when she sees that the balcony door is open, she rushes
to it.
Lady J notices a sheet tied to the rail of the balcony so
she goes to it and looks over the rail. She sees Rupert
climbing down the end of the sheet and jumping to the
ground. Rupert looks back up to the balcony and waves a
sarcastic wave.
                       LADY J
That's all right husband you can
run but you can't hide forever.
C'mon y'all let's go.
Marvin, Karen and Mr. Kicitume are sitting around watching a
small television. The door burst violently open and Rupert
storms in.
Well, well, well, you sure didn't
waste no time did you Sun. Now
who's this, he suppose to be my
replacement or something?
                       MR. KICITUME
What are you talking replacement?
I never told you that you had the
Liar. You did everything but stick
me in wardrobe and makeup man.
Flew me out here, I told my mamma
I was gonna be hosting my own TV
show man.
                       MR. KICITUME
Look no one has the job yet. Smart
business says that I audition more
than one candidate. But not to
worry fellows, I am completely


                       MR. KICITUME (cont'd)
impartial and the best man will
Then it's no problem cause I'm
definitely the best man.
I know that's right baby.
Karen and Marvin kiss each other.
Naw boy, you ain't the best man,
hell you ain't even the best
Marvin stops kissing Karen and looks at Rupert.
Yo what you yapping 'bout man?
Marvin and Rupert now stand face to face like they're
squaring up for a heavy weight fight.
Oh she didn't tell you how she was
all in my limo the other night
letting me suck on them soft
country lips.
Marvin looks at Karen.
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
You a young boy Marvin, I still
smell the prom and homeroom on
your breath boy. Now you may think
you gaining a lil fame about
yourself, but I been playing this
game for a long time son and I can
tell you, a fine bitch like that
need a real playa in her life. Not
a bitch-ass nigga like you, look
at you, you probably still eat it
with your eyes close don't you?
A pink glow starts to build up around Marvin as Rupert
speaks and then out of nowhere Marvin hits Rupert with a
pink pimp-slap that sends him flying over Mr. Kicitume's
desk. He lands on his back. Marvin hovers over him.


Now you listen to me bitch and you
listen good. Mac Marv is the name
tell it all over the hood. Why if
you ever fuck with me again, I'll
punish yo ass like God on sin. I'm
a pimp by nature like the birds
and the fishes, since pussy is my
blessing I'll tithe ten percent of
my bitches. The days of punkin' me
are over my friend, and if you
start some more shit I'll whoop yo
bitch ass again. Now I'm standing
here little Asian, you gonna show
me where I sign or what, or do I
have to come over there and put my
foot up yo butt.
Mr.Kicitume scrambles to his desk and finds the contract and
hands it to Marvin. Marvin snaps his fingers and Karen comes
rushing to his side with an ink pen. Mr.Kicitume hovers over
                       MR. KICITUME
Listen, thanks for showing up but
I think I'm gonna go with the guy
who can kick my ass. You might
wanna get some ice on that.
Rupert takes a final look around and passes out.
Montage (Blowin' up Marvin)
Marvin's face is shown on all the hot magazine covers, he's
seen in a park kissing babies like a politician, people in
bars and homes around the city are watching his show on
television. He even settled a street fight between two
whores using King Solomon-type wisdom. Marvin is at a car
lot buying a new ride, all the real pimps on the street give
Marvin the utmost respect when he rides through. Marvin is
with his realtor buying a fabulous new home; Nelly's "come
go with me" plays in the B.G.
End Montage
Marvin, Karen, Lil Sammy and Rico are in the front room
smoking, drinking and watch a movie on the giant flat
screen. Marvin and Karen are cuddled together on the


Ya'll pause that for a minute
'cause a player like me gots to go
and drain the weasel. Excuse me
Karen unwraps herself from around Marvin and he gets up and
heads toward the bathroom.
Hurry up boo the best part is
about to come up.
Rico is smoking a blunt as Lil Sammy is counting money in
stacks on the coffe table.
Marvin stands at the toilet letting out a long 40oz piss. He
flushes, washes his hands and looks himself over in the
mirror. Satisfied with his look Marvin turns to leave the
                       PERCY (o.s.)
Marvin turns back to the mirror as soon as he heard the
voice but he doesn't see himself in the mirror instead it's
Percy sporting his pink suit and brim.
Don't be scared. I just want to
make sure that everything is going
all right? Well is it?
Marvin is scared shitless he can only nod his head "yes."
That's good, I'm glad I could be
of service to you. In fact we both
should be of service to each
other. I see you getting real
close to Karen and that's cool,
every pimp needs to have a bottom
bitch. But you let her get to
close to you and your ass is gonna
get soft. Yeah I used to be a
sucker ass nigga just like you
till a bitch broke my heart and I
woke the fuck up.


The entire bathroom seems to be filled with fog as Percy
speaks, Marvin just listens.
Yeah I must have been ten years
old the first time I fell in
A young Percy is sweating hard as he pulls a lawn mower up
near the porch of the house. The doors open and a beautiful
teenage girl comes out with a glass of lemonade; she gives
it to Young Percy.
                       TEENAGE GIRL
Here you go Percy.
Young Percy drinks the lemonade down in one gulp. The girl
digs in her tight jean pockets and comes up with some money
which she gives to Young Percy.
                       TEENAGE GIRL (cont'd)
My mother's gone to work but she
told me to give this to you when
you were done.
Young Percy gets choked up when the girl's hand accidentally
brushes his as she passed him the money.
                       YOUNG PERCY
Thank you.
                       TEENAGE GIRL
You're welcome.
The girl smiles at Young Percy then goes inside the house.
Young Percy smiles back then pushes his lawn mower down the
Young Percy steps on the porch and rings the doorbell. This
time he doesn't have a lawnmower but is dressed in a suit
and tie carrying a box of chocolates and flowers. No one
answers the door so Young Percy rings the bell again.
SCREAMS can be heard coming from the side of the house.
Percy goes to investigate.


the SCREAMS have turned to MOANS and they are coming from a
bedroom window. Percy sets his gifts down and grabs a nearby
milkcrate. He moves the crate to the window and stands up on

Young Percy watches from the window as his dream girl is
getting screwed hard by the local pimp.

Dejected, Young Percy plops down on the milk crate and
starts to sob, then in a violent rage starts rip the flowers
and candy to shreds.

Marvin stands looking in the mirror as if he had been
watching Percy's story on the glass.
So you see there ain't no room in
a pimp's life for the kind of love
most people are looking for. Karen
is bad for business Marvin. Get
rid of her.
And poof! The smoke clears and Marvin is seeing himself in
the mirror.
Marvin returns to the living room obviously dealing with
what he just expierienced.
Yo you took too long so we started
the movie, we can run it back if
you want to.
Nah ya'll go ahead.
Damn what happened in there, you
look like you just saw a ghost.
Nothing. Look I gotta get out of
here for a second. I'll be back.


Marvin grabs his keys off the table and is gone in a flash.
Karen, Rico and Lil Sammy all look at each other bewildered.
Lil' Sammy and Rico are on the court shooting ball. Rupert's
limo pulls up. The rear window slides down and Rupert
watches the game from the car. Rico makes a move and dunks
the ball to end the game. They walk over to the bench for a
Hey little man, let me holla at
you for a second.
Lil Sammy points to himself and Rupert waves him over. Lil
Sammy talks to Rupert from the window.
                       LIL SAMMY
What's up. Oh shit, you Rupert
Washington. Yo man I read your
book. You on some real shit.
Well you know what can a player do
but keep it player true. You know
what I'm sayin'.
                       LIL SAMMY
Right, right. So what you doin'
out here.
I'm lookin' for somebody who lives
around here. You know a dude name
Marvin Macdonald?
                       LIL SAMMY
Marvin? Yeah that's my man.
Rico walks up to the limo.
Yo what's up man you want a
rematch or what?
                       LIL SAMMY
Man this is Rupert Washington,
Player to player. Yo Rupe this my
boy Rico he know Marvin too.


Your boy Marvin blowing up ain't
he. Got a fine ass bitch with him,
shit I saw that fool coming out
the mall the other day nigga both
arms full, nothing but packages.
He a real balla.
Yeah I'm proud of Marvin he's
doing pretty good for himself.
'Sup Sam you ballin' or what?
Rico walks off.
Anyway, any friend of Marvin's is
a friend of mine. So if you wanna
get up sometime and philosophize
about life, money and bitches then
reach out and touch a player.
Rupert hands Lil Sammy a business card.
                       LIL SAMMY
The window slides up and the limo pulls off. Lil Sammy just
stands there looking at the card.
A limo drops MARVIN off in front of the shop. WADE unlocks
the door and lets MARVIN in. Just as WADE goes to lock the
door, an extremley HAIRY MAN grabs the handle.
                       HAIRY MAN
Yo I need a cut man.
Sorry sir the shop is closed.
Wade goes to lock the door but the man grabs it again.
                       HAIRY MAN
Come on man you just let him in.
It's me right...say it, say it!
Everywhere I go nobody will
service me. Come on man look at my
damn hair!
Wade slams the door shut and locks it.


                       HAIRY MAN
Oh, oh you're just gonna ignore me
huh? That's all right I've got
something for your ass.
The HAIRY MAN walks away; WADE and MARVIN relax and greet
one another. CRASH! A loud glass breakage can be heard from
outside. WADE and MARVIN rush back to the window.
The HAIRY MAN is back with a 2x4 and he's wailing on a red
porsche convertible, the only car parked near the shop.
                       HAIRY MAN
Yeah how you like me now partner,
think you can deny me service and
get away with it; take that and
The HAIRY MAN is now standing on the hood of the car and he
smashes the window with a blow so powerful that the 2x4
becomes lodged in the windshield. MARVIN and WADE look on in
                       HAIRY MAN (cont'd)
Now come do something about it.
Next to the barbershop a BIG MUSCLE BOUND BALD MAN exits a
tiny shop. The sign above the door reads "Gangster Gym and
Workout". The muscle man locks up the tiny shop and turns
around to see the hairy man standing on the hood and peeing
into the open convertible.
                       MUSCLE MAN
Hey what the hell are you doing?
The Hairy Man looks at the Muscle Man and then to Wade and
Marvin who are grinning from ear to ear. Slowly the Hairy
Man dismounts the vehicle and pulls the 2x4 out of the
windshield; it caves in. The Muscle Man lets out a shreik of
horror then charges the Hairy Man who takes off running.
Marvin and Wade look at each other then break out into
hysterical laughter. It's so funny they can't stop.


Wait, wait my stomach hurts.
Wade is laughing so hard he is out of control; he turns and
knocks several items off the counter and begins coughing and
gagging. Marvin is regaining his composure.
Damn that was funny. You all right
Wade - Wade!
Marvin rushes over to Wade who falls back in a barber's
chair gripping his chest. Marvin is helpless; before he can
do anything Wade stops coughing and dies of a heart attack.
A few patrons enter the club.
Lady J and Yeung Ho sit drinking at a table in the back.
Music pumps from the speakers.
                       LADY J
What'd I tell you, you're having a
good time right?
                       YEUNG HO
Yeah this place is all that.
Lady J flags a waiter down and orders some more drinks. Just
as the waiter leaves she spies Rupert at the bar surronded
by three sexy ladies.
                       LADY J
You know what your problem is
Yeung Ho; you're too reserved. You
gotta know how to let it all hang
                       YEUNG HO
Let it all hang out?
                       LADY J
Yeah. Look down at the end of the
bar. You see the way those ladies
are dressed don't you?
                       YEUNG HO


                       LADY J
And you can bet that brother is
buying drinks for all of 'em.
Yeung Ho watches as Rupert pays for another round.
                       LADY J (cont'd)
Come on to the ladies room; let me
show you how to flip the script.
Lady J and Yeung Ho slide off to the ladies room.
Lady J and Yeung Ho return with Yeung Ho's outfit torn and
pinned up in away that reveals more thigh and cleavage; her
hair is let down and she looks sexy but is still visibly
                       LADY J
Go on, just do exactly what I told
Yeung Ho struts her sexy stroll over to Rupert who is still
at the bar surronded by ladies. Yeung Ho's prescence can't
be avoided; Rupert takes the bait.
Oh my I don't think we've met
before. Please have a seat; I'm
Rupert Washington.
Rupert snaps his fingers and with a wave of his hands the
ladies who were surronding him give up their seats and pout
off. Yeung Ho takes a seat.
                       YEUNG HO
Hello Ms. Darling can I get you
something to drink?
                       YEUNG HO
I don't know. I lose control when
I drink.


The elevator doors open and Rupert and Yeung Ho fall out of
it kissing and groping each other in a most passionate
What room are you in?
They kiss and grope more.
                       YEUNG HO
      (still kissing)
Rupert spies the room and they move to the door still
kissing and groping all the way. Yeung Ho manages to find
her room key. She opens the door. They enter.
The room is dark.
Where's the light swith?
                       YEUNG HO
We don't need lights. You just
find a spot on the bed while I
slip into something a little more
Yeung Ho presses her backside into Rupert then darts off
into the bathroom. Rupert gets undressed in a hurry then
hops into the bed.
Yeung Ho... I'm ready.
                       YEUNG HO (o.s.)
Close your eyes first; I want this
to be a surprise.
Rupert, lying in bed and grinning ear to ear, obeys her
command and closes his eyes.
Oh yeah I love surprises.
We can see a shadowy figure move from the bathroom door and
climb into bed with Rupert.


                       FEMALE VOICE (o.s.)
Now open 'em.
Rupert opens his eyes and finds Lady J mounted on top of
him. Rupert screams like a girl as Lady J's tounge moves
Lady J wakes up in bed with a huge smile on her face. She
reaches over to the other side of the bed and finds it
empty; she pops up and finds Rupert in the kitchen area
putting the final touches on her breakfast platter.
Good morning sunshine; I hope you
like your eggs scrambled.
Lady J seems confused; she just looks around the room like
it's all new to her. Rupert brings her breakfast.
                       RUPERT (cont'd)
There you go. Now you enjoy that
I'm gonna go and get you some
orange juice to wash that down.
Rupert kisses her on the forehead then bounces out of the
room. Lady J inspects the wonderful breakfast platter then
she peeks under the covers.
                       LADY J
Oh you're a bad bitch.
She starts eating.
Marvin's luxury palace is packed with people of the pimp
persuasion. MARVIN is dressed like Hugh Heffner as he
strolls through the party drinking from his golden pimp cup.
Rico and Lil Sammy are macking two ladies on the couch.
MARVIN is posted on the wall when a FINE-LOOKING-WOMAN
approaches him.
You look so lonely over here I
thought maybe I could keep you
MARVIN nods his head "yes" as the fine woman strolls her
sexy stroll towards him. MARVIN straightens up in


anticipation as the feast grows nearer then...SLAP! A bright
pink light flashes. The woman backhands Marvin then grabs
him by the collar and pulls him near to her.
What the fuck-
Shut up bitch you know what this
Damn straight it's Percy. And look
at your bitch ass over here all
cuddled up in a corner. All these
women around and you're all alone.
I'll tell you who the real macks
are though, look over there on the
Over on the couch RICO and LIL SAMMY are rounding second
with two fine women.
                       FINE-LOOKING-WOMAN (cont'd)
This is your house and your party
on the greatest night of your life
and you're gonna let these two
do-boys get all the play. Fuck
that. Go over there and take them
two bitches from 'em.
The FINE-LOOKING-WOMAN walks off and MARVIN is left to watch
RICO and LIL SAMMY on the couch; he walks over.
Rico, Sammy get your asses up. You
can stay ladies.
RICO and LIL SAMMY exchange looks as they reluctantly
dismount the ladies and rise to their feet. MARVIN plops
down and immediately starts kissing on Lil Sammy's date.
                       LIL SAMMY
Hey Marv what the fuck man.
What you still standing there for?
What you need lessons? Want me to
show you how it's done.


MARVIN turns around and starts kissing on the woman again.
LIL SAMMY grabs MARVIN to pull him off of her when MARVIN
swings and punches LIL SAMMY in the face; his nose starts
bleeding. They start to fight then RICO pulls MARVIN off of
Hey Marvin that ain't right man.
Both Ladies get up off the couch to leave, MARVIN tries to
grab on of them by the arm but she snatches away.
That's all right get your ass out
of here then. As a matter of fact
everybody get the fuck out. Who
the fuck do you think I am. I'm
Mac Marvelous bitches and you will
never be that. Now get the hell
out all of you.
RICO just stands there shaking his head at MARVIN'S drunken
display. All the party goers are pouring out of the house
and LIL SAMMY is last to leave holding a bag of ice to his
bleeding nose; he looks scornfully at MARVIN before closing
the door behind him.
That wasn't right man Sammy's your
boy how you gonna play him like
Fuck dat tag-along nigga, I'll buy
another just like him and if you
don't like it...well you know what
you can do too.
The fucks wrong with you man, you
keep going the way you're going
and you're gonna drive everyone
away from you. Is that what you
MARVIN doesn't even look at RICO instead he grabs his pimp
cup from the table and takes a swig, he looks at Rico and
let's out a long disgusting belch.
You know what fuck you Marvin.
Rico exits and Marvin is left alone on the couch. He drinks.


MARVIN AND kAREN are enjoying a romantic dinner at a table
in the back of this upscale eatery. Karen sports a necklace
with more ice on it than an igloo.
I still can't believe you got me
such an expensive necklace. It's
beautiful but I feel weird knowing
it cost so much.
Well you deserve it. I've been
acting so crazy lately and I don't
want you to think I don't notice
the little things you do.
Karen likes that answer; they smile smiles at each other as
they enjoy the rest of their meal. At the entrance we can
see YEUNG HO and MR. KICITUME enter the dinning area. They
spot MARVIN and KAREN at the table and wave to them; they
head over.
                       MR. KICITUME
Well well Marvin, I see great
minds do think alike huh? Um Karen
right please meet my fiance Yeung
Please to meet you. Will you be
joining us there's plenty of room.
                       MR. KICITUME
We couldn't impose.
Please we insist.
With that said SUN and YEUNG HO pull out a couple of chairs
and take their seats. Immediately YEUNG HO begins playing
footsy under the table with MARVIN. MARVIN doesn't like it
but manages to keep his cool.
                       MR. KICITUME
You know Marvin I had my doubts
about you at first but Yeung Ho
has convinced me that you are the
man she wants.
UNDER THE TABLE YEUNG HO massages her foot into MARVIN'S


Is that right?
                       MR. KICITUME
Oh yeah. All she talks about are
the big things you and her will do
together. I think it's great.
YEUNG HO now has both feet in MARVIN'S LAP. MARVIN is
starting to sweat when THE WAITER approaches him.
I'm sorry to bother you sir but
there is a phone call for you.
Excuse me. I've got to take this.
Marvin leaves the table and heads off down the hallway near
the restrooms. Yeung Ho smiles devilishly.
MARVIN follows THE WAITER out of the dinning area and down a
long hallway. As soon as they are out of the other diner's
sights, THE WAITER stops short and turns around. He looks at
Marvin a second then...SMACK! THE WAITER slaps Marvin hard
in the face and a pink light emits. The smack knocks MARVIN
into the bathroom door. THE WAITER looks around then enters
behind him.
Damn man, there's gotta be a less
painful way for you to announce
you arrival.
Shut your bitch ass up. You think
I don't see the way that broad
begging you to hit it and what are
you doing...running from it.
Who Yeung Ho? She's my bosses
fiance man I ain't crossing that
line. And what about Karen?
What about her? Look you play the
player way or you don't play
another day. Money, power, respect
that was the dream wasn't it.
You're getting soft Marvin and


                       WAITER (cont'd)
that bitch Karen is the whole
reason. Get rid of her Marvin or
get a one-way ticket back to
loserville; coach.
THE WAITER leaves and Marvin is left alone. He looks in the
MARVIN returns to the table. Everything seems normal except
for YEUNG HO who is still flirting with him.
This is gonna sound crazy but I
just had a terrific idea for the
opening show. We should go live.
If you don't mind I'd like to
break this evening short and get
to work on it right away.
                       MR. KICITUME
I don't mind, you do whoever it
takes- I mean whatever it takes to
make the show a success.
I agree.
                       MR. KICITUME
Then it's settled. Yeung Ho you go
too maybe you can be of some help
to him. I'll get Karen home safe
and sound for you don't worry. Now
go,go,go time is money.
YEUNG HO springs to her feet and just like that her and
MARVIN leave the building.
                       MR. KICITUME
To the new show.
Mr. KICITUME hoists his glass for a toast; Karen taps it
with hers.
To the new show.
They drink.


A LIMO pulls up front and MARVIN opens the door for YEUNG
HO. She starts to get in then she stops, slams the door,
throws Marvin into it and plants a big sexy kiss on him.
Whoah! Chill Ho...Yeung... Yeung
                       YEUNG HO
Don't you think I'm sexy Marvin,
don't you want to make love to me.
Marvin says nothing; Yeung Ho starts kissing him again.
                       YEUNG HO (cont'd)
Say it. Say you want to do it to
me Marvin. Say you want to do it
all night long.
You're drunk Yeung, you don't mean
that. Let's just go and put this
show together ok?
YEUNG HO kisses MARVIN again then she gets in the limo.
MARVIN looking all around gets in behind her. The door
closes and they drive off. A shadowy figure emerges from
behind the tall potted plants near the restaurants entrance.
It's LIL SAMMY, he watches the limo leave then pulls out
Rupert's business card and dials the number on it.
                       LIL SAMMY
      (into cell phone)
What's up Rupert this is Sammy.
Yeah I've got some information you
might be interested in. Meet you
there in an hour.
The dancefloor is the set for MR. Kicitume's new show.
MARVIN and YEUNG HO sit next to each other having just
finished rehearsal.
                       YEUNG HO
So what do you think?
I think it went great, you have
some really good ideas. I knew you
were sexy but smarts too, that's a


                       MARVIN (cont'd)
dangerous combination.
YEUNG HO has a sparkle in her eye as she gazes lostly into
                       YEUNG HO
You really mean that?
Of course...mean what?
                       YEUNG HO
That I'm sexy.
YEUNG HO does a little spin and presses her backside into
MARVIN'S manhood.
Whoah! Are you trying to get me
killed, you-know-who will be here
any minute now.
                       YEUNG HO
Forget Sun! He never compliments
me, only complains and treats me
like a slave. You understand the
real me.
You don't mean that; you're his
fiance. Ya'll are going to get
married and have a house full of
little Sun's and Yeung Ho's
running around. So listen the
rehearsal went great and I'll see
you at the shoot- I gotta run.
MARVIN b-lines to the exit. Yeung Ho is left on set alone.
MR. KICITUME and his muscle, THE CHICAGO PIMPS are having
some drinks and smokes in the loft above. Down below, Yeung
Ho sits on the set alone. MR. KICITUME watches from the
window, THE CHICAGO PIMPS are at a table in the back.
                       MR. KICITUME
      (sotto voce)
I don't like that shit.


                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
What's that Sun?
                       MR. KICITUME
Him. Why he gotta be all over her
like that? And the way she looks
at him, I don't trust that hater.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
What you want us to do?
                       MR. KICITUME
Keep an eye on him. Follow him
around to his whereabouts and
such; if he's living foul I'll
take care of him and that Yeung
THE CHICAGO PIMPS have all joined MR. KICITUME at the window
and the four just look down on YEUNG HO.
The clank of the metal stairs can be heard as MR. KICITUME
makes his way down to the set where YEUNG HO is. He stands
square in front of her.
                       MR. KICITUME
So how are things working out
between you and Marvin?
YEUNG HO looks a little nervous as SUN talks to her.
                       YEUNG HO
Very well. I think he will make a
fine host for the show.
SUN says nothing but looks his fiance up and down.
                       MR. KICITUME
Well I'm sure we will find out.
Rupert's limo sails down the street.
Rupert looks cool as he sits back sipping a drink. Lil Sammy
has a drink but he doesn't look so laid back.


So you say your boy Marvin fronted
on you huh? I figured as much he
looked like a player-hater when I
first saw him.
                       LIL SAMMY
It's like we used to be real cool
but then he just started trippin'.
I knew it was gonna be trouble as
soon as he got that power.
Lil Sammy takes a drink; it's strong.
Rupert pulls a long Willie Nelson blunt from his coat
I don't know if I should be
talking to you about this, I mean
Marvin is still my boy.
You smoke?
Lil Sammy's eyes light up.
The limo is foggy with weed smoke. Rupert still looks cool
sitting back and sipping his drink. Lil Sammy looks high as
a kite.
                       LIL SAMMY
And anyway I told him straight up
if you don't get out of my face,
trying to kiss on my girlies I'm
gonna kick your ass. He's lucky I
don't like violence otherwise I
would have had to go off on him.
And what about this power you were
telling me about, how did a buster
like Marvin get power like that.
Lil Sammy takes a long pull off the blunt and slams a shot
of liqour down. He's drunk.


                       LIL SAMMY
The notes. Everybody knows that
Marvin McDonald wasn't shit before
we dug up that grave. Shit Pimpin'
Percy Washington should have gave
me that power. I would have shown
them busters how to mack a bitch
for sho'.
Let me get this straight you dug
up my daddy's grave and he gave
Marvin all of his power.
                       LIL SAMMY
That muthafucker.
Rupert whips his cell phone out and punches some numbers.
                       RUPERT (Cont'd)
      (into phone)
Mr.Kicitume this is Rupert
Washington the one you lied to
about hosting your show. Anyway I
have some information on your boy
Mac Marvelous that I thought you
might find interesting. Oh I'll
tell you all about it just give me
one second.
Sammy takes another pull of the blunt. He goes to drink from
his glass but it is empty.
                       LIL SAMMY
How about a refill Rupe Rupe,
that's some good shit you got
Rupert looks at Sammy.
The car door slams and the limo speeds off. Lil Sammy is
left standing on the sidewalk.


Karen's truck pulls into the driveway and Karen gets out of
it carrying a bag of groceries. She goes to the door and
finds a letter attached to it. She takes it down. It reads:


This property known as 1616 Greenleaf Circle will be sold by
public auction to the highest bidder on 02/02/2009 for the
payment of delinquent property taxes.
Property Tax? Oh Grandma.
Karen sets the groceries down and takes her cell phone out;
she dials some numbers and waits as the phone just rings and
                       KAREN (cont'd)
      (sotto voce)
C'mon Marvin pick up. I need you.
The phone rings a few more times then Karen hangs up. She
grabs her groceries and goes into the house.
The park is filled with fine women, pimps, players and
tricked out cars. A big sign reads "Players in the Park
Barbecue." Marvin is sharp as a tack and holding a mic on
I'd like to welcome all y'all to
the players at the park cookout
and barbecue. You know it 's only
right that I take the time and do
something good for those who have
been so good to me. I want
everybody to have a good time
today on my dime. We're gonna get
the music started y'all gone eat
drink and smoke as much as you
want to; hey Mac Marvelous has
spoken so let the shit be done.
A live band is on stage behind Marvin and they begin playing
as he leaves the stage. The Chicago Pimps were listening to
Marvin's speech and they disappear in the dancing crowd as
Marvin leaves the stage. Lady J approaches Marvin.


                       LADY J
Marvin is startled.
Lady J.
                       LADY J
Hey look I know we had our
problems in the past but I was
hoping we could squash all that
and let bygones be bygones.
Hell Yeah... I mean yeah that's
                       LADY J
Cool. I had you pegged wrong
Marvin I mean Mac Marvelous you
all right. Hey I want you to meet
somebody. Hey Too Sweet.
Marvin and Lady J walk over to greet a flaming gay pimp
named TOO SWEET. Too Sweet is in mid converation with one of
his gay-man whores.
                       TOO SWEET
So what are you saying Kenny? Are
you saying that you don't have Too
Sweet's money? Too Sweet don't
care; Too Sweet needs all his
paper shit. Too Sweet got problems
of his own. Now git and don't let
Too Sweet see you again without
Too Sweet's money.
Kenny pouts off like a little bitch.
                       LADY J
Too Sweet it's been a long time
how have you been?
                       TOO SWEET
Too Sweet's been cool but these
tricks playing with Too Sweet's
money makes Too Sweet wanna
scratch somebodies eyeballs out.
Who are you?


                       LADY J
This is my man Mac Marvelous, he's
the one responsible for this
little shing-ding.
'Sup Too Sweet.
Marvin extends his hand for a shake.
                       TOO SWEET
Uh uh honey, Too Sweet don't like
to be touched. Come on Too Sweet
needs something to eat. You have
any sausages.
Karen's truck pulls up and her Lil Sammy and Rico get out.
You know I know Marvin won't mind
but I feel horrible about asking
him for this amount of money but I
gotta do something right I can't
just let them take my
grandmother's house like that.
Stop trippin Karen if it's one
thing I know about my boy Marvin
it's that money won't change him.
The boy keeps it real.
As Karen, Lil Sammy and Rico are approaching the crowd they
pass by the Chicago Pimps.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
I don't know who Mac Marvelous
thinks he is but I'm damn sho'
gone find out.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#2
Yeah and if he's living foul, I've
got something that'll keep that
ass in line.
Chicago Pimp #2 takes his gun out of his waist, kisses it
and sticks it back. Karen, Lil Sammy and Rico stop dead in
their tracks with looks of terror on their faces.


Marvin, Lady J and Too Sweet are at a picnic table eating
with the other ballers and shot-callers.
                       BALLA #1
I'll tell you what though Marv,
this is one of the baddest throw
downs we done had in a while.
These bitches keep a pimp so
stressed out; I needed a break
like this.
Lil' Sammy, Rico and Karen are running up behind Marvin. He
doesn't see them.
Player bitching and complaining
comes along with the pussy that's
just a bitch's nature. All these
hoes the same.
Oh really. You mean all these hoes
are the same but not me right
Marvin turns around to see Karen standing behind him. He
looks again at the pimps at the table; they are waiting for
his response.
                       KAREN (cont'd)
Hello? Do you go around calling me
a hoe behind my back or what?
Marvin looks as if he is going to bitch-up again but he
closes his eyes and the pink glow hits his body.
That's what you are aren't you?
Karen just looks at Marvin like she's never seen him before.
                       MARVIN (cont'd)
I'll take that as a yes. For
instance, I know you're not a
virgin cause I hit it, we ain't
married so you not my wife. I damn
sho' didn't pay for the pussy so
you're not a prostitue, so what
category does that leave you in
other than a hoe?
Karen is crushed. Her eyes start to water. Rico and Lil'
Sammy look disappointed.


                       MARVIN (cont'd)
What you still standing there
looking stupid for, not only are
you a hoe but you a slow hoe at
that. Man somebody remove this
bitch before she blows my high.
Karen tries to attack Marvin but Rico and Lil' Sammy hold
her back, then they drag her away kicking and screaming.
Yeah you two mooching-ass niggas
make yourselves useful and take
her home. I'll tell you man,
home-cooking made the bitch thick
but they should have been
home-schooling her cause she still
dumb as a box of rocks. Pass me
those greens will you player.
                       BALLA #1
You a cold mutherfucker Marv.
It's a cold world shit.
Baller #1 passes the greens to Marvin and the players
continue eating and laughing.
Karen is packing her bags like a mad woman. Rico looks on.
Karen you don't have to do this.
He was drunk he didn't mean
anything by it.
Are you crazy. He thinks he can
talk to me like that and I'm gonna
stick around for more. I'm outta
Where are you going?


But I thought they were taking
your Grandmother's house.
They are Rico, we're both going
home. To Georgia.
Karen exits the door with her bags. Rico is left alone.
Only two cars are in the empty parking lot. The neon sign
above the door that reads "Fat Russell's" turns off.
All the tables have chairs flipped up on them except the one
in the back where MARVIN sits across from FAT RUSSELL, a
mean looking dude in a smock an apron.
Russell, I'll tell you man, I
ain't had fish and grits like that
since I left my mommas house.
                       FAT RUSSELL
Well you know I do what I do and I
do it well. The secret is the gun
There is a pause.
                       FAT RUSSELL (cont'd)
I'm just playing with you man.
What can I do for you?
Information, I need you to put a
ear to the street and find out
anything you can about these
niggas from Chicago running round
my muthafuckin towm tryin to find
out information about me.
                       FAT RUSSELL
You got it baby, anything for Mac
Marvelous. You want some more to


Yeah this ice tea is on point.
MARVIN takes the last swallow.
                       FAT RUSSELL
The secret is the sleeping pills.
There is a pause.
You crazy boy.
RUSSELL grins devilishly. Marvin looks dazed and confused
then he plops head first into his plate. RUSSELL stands over
MARVIN as the CHICAGO PIMPS emerge from the shadows along
with Lil Sammy. One of the CHICAGO PIMPS give LIL SAMMY a
stack of money and LIL SAMMY gives FAT RUSSELL a cut.
One of the CHICAGO PIMPS is driving, one rides shotgun and
the other is in the back seat with LIL SAMMY.
                       LIL SAMMY
Yo man what did y'all do to him. I
thought I was just setting up a
lil meeting not helping y'all
kidnap my homeboy.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
Relax your boy is just taking a
lil cat nap. You produce them
notes he dug up from Percy's grave
like you say you can and we'll
make sure it don't turn into a
dirt nap.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#2
And what you worried about it for.
Didn't seem to matter none when
you were diming him out just a
little while ago. Snitch.
LIL SAMMY sits back in his seat and looks out at the trunk
through the rear window.
MARVIN is sucking his thumb sleeping like a baby.


RICO mops his way through the kitchen and leaves with the
mop and bucket through the back door.
The phone rings.
MARVIN flips his cell phone closed.
The door opens and LIL SAMMY sticks his head in and peers
around; the three CHICAGO PIMPS shove him violently into the
room. LIL SAMMY relaxes as it appears the house is empty.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
Well let's make this snappy. Where
he keep them notes at?
                       LIL SAMMY
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
Well go get'em; we'll wait.
The three CHICAGO PIMPS plop down on the sofa. LIL SAMMY
grudgingly goes upstairs.
RICO is dumping the mop water when he hears a thumping noise
coming from the side of the house. RICO walks around the
front of the house and sees the LINCOLN CONTINENTAL shaking
from side to side with every thumping noise; he goes to it.
Yo who in there?
      (from trunk)
Yo man it's me.
      (from trunk)
Yeah it's me man. Why ain't nobody
answer the damn phone. You know


                       MARVIN (cont'd)
you don't pay no rent the least
you could do is- never mind just
get me out of here
All right hold on.

RICO runs around the side of the house
The three CHICAGO PIMPS check their watches, stand, stretch
and plop back down simultaneously.
RICO is searching through a toolbox and finally comes up
with a crowbar. He takes off running.
LIL SAMMY runs to MARVIN'S nightstand, shifts a picture of
Snoop Dogg, bangs the nihghtstand three times on both sides
and the bottom drawer pops out. There is a metal lockbox
inside. LIL SAMMY opens it and sees the notes, he closes the
top and takes the box.
                       LIL SAMMY
RICO is working on the trunk's lock with a crowbar. A couple
of hard pushes and the trunk pops open.
A crowbar? Man where you think you
at 1972 have you ever hear of a
trunk release button. Man come on.
MARVIN and RICO run around the side of the house.
Lil Sammy comes down the stairs with the notes in hand. The


                       LIL SAMMY
Here you go just like I promised.
Lil Sammy hands the notes over. They review them.
                       LIL SAMMY (cont'd)
Now can you let my boy out of the
The THREE CHICAGO PIMPS all nod "yes"; they and Lil Sammy
exit through the front door. Just as the front door closes,
Marvin and Rico creep in through the backdoor.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
Looks like your boy let himself
out. Now either you or him is
gonna pay for my broken latch.
I'll say three-hundred ought to
cover it.
                       LIL SAMMY
Three-hundred. That's all you gave
Lil Sammy reluctantly goes in his pocket and hand Chicago
Pimp #1 a wad of cash.
                       CHICAGO PIMP#1
Nice doing business with you.
The THREE CHICAGO PIMPS get into the Lincoln and drive off.
Upon hearing the car crank outside, Marvin and Rico rush to
the front door to find Lil Sammy laying on the ground. They
help him into the house and lay him on the couch.
Who did this to you?
                       LIL SAMMY
It was Rupert man he made me do
it. I told him how you dug up
Percy's grave and got this power.
The next thing I know them three
niggas from Chicago throwing you
in the trunk and making me give
them the notes. Look I'm sorry man
you just made me so mad the other


                       LIL SAMMY (cont'd)
night. I know I fucked up bad.
Never mind that man I was being an
asshole. That's why Karen is mad
at me and that's why I'm giving
this shit up. Yo we still boys
Marvin, Rico and Lil Sammy all fist bump and group hug.
I'll take care of Sammy, you need
to go find Karen.
Marvin nods in agreement then is out of the door.
Mother is cooking dinner in the kitchen, Marvin enters
through the front door.
It's about time you got here. Sit
down we need to talk.
I ain't got time for no lecture
Ma. I just came by to see if
Yes you do now sit your ass down.
Marvin does. Mother does too.
What's going on with you son? You
got something you wanna talk
                       MOTHER (cont'd)
You know the IRS is trying to take
Karen's grandmother's house from
her don't you?


Say she owe some insane amount of
money in back taxes, poor thang
came by the other day just looking
for a shoulder to cry on.
I didn't know. How come she didn't
come talk to me?
Who could? You been floatin'
around on your cloud one-thousand
feet above reality. Don't you see
baby, all that money and fame
don't mean nothing cause the
people who loved you before that
don't want a thing to do with you.
Where's Karen?
I don't know but you better find
her. Karen loves you Marvin. Do
you know how rare true love is?
Love Marvin.
Mother gets up and leaves the room. Marvin heads for the
door when his little sister enters the kitchen.
                       LIL GIRL
I know what love is.
What are you doing up?
                       LIL GIRL
Love is when you care about
somebody so much that you put
their happiness in front of your
own. Like the way Mamma makes sure
I have what I need even if she
can't get the things she wants.
That's love right?
Marvin just stands there looking at his little sister in
You know you sure are wise for a
ten year old. Where do you get
this stuff?


                       LIL GIRL
Dr. Phil.
Come on let me tuck you in. Dr.
Marvin scoops his sister up in his arms and carries her off
to the bedroom.
Musiq Souldchild's "Love" is playing as we follow Marvin's
car down an empty one lane highway.
The music is still playing. Marvin looks completely focused.
The night outside looks cold and lonely as Marvin drives on.
                       MALE VOICE (O.S.)
What's up Marvin?
Marvin looks over to see Wade sitting right there in his
passenger seat. Screaming like a girl, Marvin reacts
violently and loses control of the vehicle fighting the
steering wheel left and then right.
We can see the car swerving all over the highway. Another
car comes barreling down the opposite lane. At the last
second Marvin swerves to avoid it and goes crashing into a
Marvin is slumped over the steering wheel unconcious. Wade
shakes Marvin awake.
Wake up Marvin.
Marvin awakens to a very foggy and surreal atmosphere. He
now stands outside of the wrecked car. It is like a place
halfway between reality and a dream world. Wade's ghost is
outlined with bright lights.


What happened? Where am I?
That's what I was going to ask
you. I got assigned to be your
guardian angel. The Big Guy
figured it would be a good way for
me to earn my wings seeing how I
was sort of your mentor during my
stint on earth and all.
Sorry you died Wade.
I ain't trippin' heaven is all
that. But what happened to you
Marvin? You used to be a good kid
with a good heart now what are you
doing out here? You are lucky to
have a woman like Karen. I mean
when are you gonna get it. Life is
about choices Marvin and you
better make some good ones cause
second chances don't come too
often. The best choice you could
ever make; love...is starring you
right in the face and you are
still missing it. You don't need
all this fame and shit to be
happy. Happiness comes from a
place inside you, you've just got
to find that place again.
We can hear a series of slow-paced sarcastic hand claps as a
shady figure emerges from the fog.
                       MALE VOICE (O.S.)
Well spoken Wade but you always
did have a way with words didn't
Marvin and Wade look up to see Pimpin Percy Washington
strolling towards them.
What the hell are you doing here?


I'm here because Marvin wants me
here; he needs me here. Money,
power, respect that was your dream
wasn't it? I gave that to you and
you want to throw all that away
for what was it again... oh
yeah...love. Let me ask you this
though, where was love when women
were looking right past you huh,
where was love back when you were
beating your dick like it stole
something. I'll tell you where
love was out loving somebody else
cause love don't give a shit about
you. I'm all you got Marvin
McDonald. I made you and I'll
spare no expense in breaking your
ass either.You've got a choice to
make, it's either L.O.V.E or
Percy and Wade anxiously await Marvin's response. Marvin
looks up and speaks.
Pimpin'.... truth be told this
ain't me. I never wanted to hurt
anybody especially not Karen. I
was just unhappy with my life and
I needed a change. I don't want to
go back to the way things were but
I can't let them stay like they
are. Karen is a good womann and
I'll be lucky if I can get her
back; damn lucky. So you can take
your money and fame and find
yourself a new bitch because for
the first ever Marvin McDonald is
in love.
Wade smirks at Percy who just shakes his head. Percy
stretches his arms up towards the heavens and a whirlwind
begins. The foggy scene looks like a tornado has entered. A
pink spirit explodes out of Marvin's chest and returns to
A country couple are driving down the highway approaching
Marvin's car wreck. There are two kids in the backseat
throwing M&M's and popcorn at the driver. The wife rides in


the pssenger seat and has an obvious attitude with her
husband who is a weakling of a man who seems to cope by just
taking shit.
You two stop it or I swear to God
I'm gonna dive back there and rip
you heads off! And you mister
don't think I didn't see how you
were looking at that waitress. Who
orders that much fruitcake? And
why don't you speed up you're
driving like a little old lady. If
you arrived this slowly in bed
then maybe I could climax once in
a while.
The man just drives along taking more shit and M&M's.
The station wagon passes the wreck just as Percy's whirlwind
ends. Percy's pink spirit hovers in the air and then darts
into the station wagon. Marvin and Wade look on.
And look at your posture Harold,
why don't you sit up tall and
strong like a real man you all
slumped over and shit. I'll bet if
that waitress was here-
Shut up Bitch! Tired of all your
yippin and yappin Harlod do this
Harold do that. Yeah I looked at
that waitress cause she had big ol
titties look like two midgets in
her shirt.
You call me Daddy from now on ho.
Harold turns and faces the kids.


You throw one more popcorn up here
and I'm gonna pull Orville
Redenbocker out your asses.
The two boys snap back in their seats; Dad's gone crazy.
You did the right thing Marvin.
Love is the only thing that
matters in this world and don't
let anybody tell you different.
Now go find Karen and tell her how
you feel before it's too late. Go.
I'll have my eye on you.
And with the wink of an eye Wade dissolves into thin air.
Marvin is left all alone.
Marvin is slumped over the steering wheel unconcious. He
wakes up. His face shows a wheighing of options then he
quickly starts the ignition and shifts the car into reverse.
Dust kicks up as Marvin's car jerks backwards. Marvin gets
out of the car slams the hood down and gets back in. We
follow him as his car speeds through the night air.
YEUNG HO is on set being powdered by make up artist; MR.
KICITUME is pacing off stage. A CAMERA MAN approaches him.
                       CAMERA MAN
Mr. Kicitume we go live in fifteen
The CAMERA MAN walks off; SUN stops pacing.
                       MR. KICITUME
Dammit where is he?
                       YEUNG HO
What's the matter Sun?


                       MR. KICITUME
What's the matter? We go live in
fifteen minutes and that s.o.b.
hasn't shown up yet, that's what's
the matter. Somebody get him on
the phone. Now!
MARVIN'S eyes are glued to the road when his cell phone
rings. He answers it.

                       MR. KICITUME
Where the hell are you, you were
suppose to be here hours ago. You
know what never mind just get your
ass here now.