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by David Chase (davidchase@rogers.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
Trapped in an elevator following an earthquake, a blind holocaust survivor recounts his experiences in the camp, and his encounter with a menace he never would have expected. Note: This is a feature length version of a short that was published on this site under the same title.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The darkness is broken by the flickering of a dim overhead
light that struggles before coming on. It is a sick,
yellowish light, barely illuminating the inside of the
There's the emergency lights.
DOCTOR BARNES is dressed in white Operating Room scrubs. His
once dark hair is salted with streaks of white, but there is
still a youthfulness about him.
What happened?
SAUL WEITZ, elderly and wearing dark glasses, lies on the
floor. He attempts to sit up.
It was an earthquake.
JAMES is a handsome, 30ish Asian American in a nice suit.
You okay, Sandy?
SANDY, also dressed in O.R. scrubs, is likely late 30's.
I think so.
She carefully gets up from the floor.
How is he, Doctor Barnes?
Barnes is examining a man lying on a gurney, which has
collapsed to the floor, the legs broken. The man lies
unconscious, covered by a sheet, an IV in his arm.
He'll hold, but not for long.
Barnes turns toward Saul.
How about you, Mr...?


Everyone waits silently for Saul to reply.
I think he's talking to you.
Saul turns his head in surprise.
Sorry. It's Weitz, Saul Weitz. I'm
afraid I don't see too well.
He removes his glasses, revealing sightless eyes.
My apologies, sir. Sandy, can you
check on Mr. Weitz?
Please, I'm fine. Don't make a
fuss. Your patient needs you.
Fair enough. And how about you?
James stands and stretches.
I'm James, and no, I'm fine, too.
Thank you.
Barnes nods and turns his attention back to his patient.
James begins examining the confines of the elevator. The
grating covering the overhead light lies on the floor, and
there is a small amount of debris scattered about.
Is there a contingency, Doctor?
For what?
For getting us out of here.
I assume the emergency responders
would have one. Don't ask me what
it is, though.
James opens his cell phone and attempts to dial.


I can't get a signal.
I'd think not. We must have fell a
good ten feet. It's a good thing
we were almost to the ground floor
when the quake hit.
James looks around for a moment. Standing in front of the
doors, he attempts to open them, but they don't budge.
We may be stuck here a bit. Why
don't you sit tight.
Yes, come sit with an old man.
We'll talk. It'll be fine.
James takes one more look around before sitting down.
Have you always been blind?
No, not always, but long enough
that it seems like forever.
Barnes and Sandy continue examining their patient.
Would you like to hear about it?
Why not? We're not going anywhere.
It starts back during the war.
Did you fight in World War II?
Saul lets out a good natured chuckle.
No, not quite.
Saul slowly rolls up one of his sleeves, revealing a tattoo
on his forearm. It is a series on numbers.
I see.


That's all we were, a number.
Something to be loaded into
boxcars like livestock. I was
thirteen that winter...
A train hauling a number of cars slowly comes to a stop,
smoke billowing from the engine.
A man wearing an overcoat swings down from a passenger car.
He has a rifle slung over his shoulder, and sewn on his coat
is a Swastika. A thin layer of snow crunches under his feet
as he approaches the engine.
                       TRAIN GUARD #1
What's going on?
Another man, presumably the ENGINEER, is climbing out of the
engine, carrying a tool box.
It's overheated. I'll have to take
a look to see what's wrong.
                       TRAIN GUARD #1
How long will we be stopped?
The Engineer is climbing up the front of the engine.
Do I look psychic? How the hell
should I know?
The guard bites his tongue before turning and heading back
toward the boxcars.
A low MURMUR is coming from inside the first boxcar. As he
passes it, the guard BANGS on it with his rifle.
                       TRAIN GUARD #1
Keep it down in there!
The noise instantly dies down. The guard continues on.
                       TRAIN GUARD #1
Goddamn jews.


With only minimal light sneaking in through the odd crack,
the inside of the boxcar is almost completely dark.
A large number of men, women and children are packed in so
tightly there is almost no room to move. They hunch down,
silently, making their best attempt to sleep.
The guard, having reached the caboose, turns and slowly
begins trudging back up the tracks.
Above him, the moon gives off a cold illumination. He is
oblivious, however, to the SHADOWY FIGURE that seems to
SWOOP across the top of the train.
On top of the
is a locked hatch. A hand reaches across and effortlessly
pulls on it, breaking the lock. The hatch swings open.
The shadowy figure drops down into the boxcar, silently
disappearing into the sea of sleeping figures.
The Engineer is climbing down off the engine.
That should do it.
The guard nods and heads back toward the passenger car.
Inside the boxcar, a WOMAN slowly wakes up. Blinking through
blurry eyes, she looks around.
A noise draws her attention. A faint SUCKING noise.
Straining her eyes, she peers through the darkness.


                       BOXCAR WOMAN
She nudges another woman who is leaned up against her. The
woman slowly wakes.
                       BOXCAR WOMAN
Hilda, look.
They both look into the darkness. The shadowy figure slowly
rises from it's crouched position. The women's eyes grow
large as they watch it.
Suddenly, the figure launches itself in their direction.
They attempt to scream, but it is drowned out by the BELLOW
of the train whistle.
The whistle BLOWS one more time as the train begins to move.
No other sounds can be heard.
The train speeds along the tracks, passing through snowy
countryside. Day is beginning to break.
A sign is passed. It reads "GDANSK - 20 KM".
The train blows it's whistle one last time as it rolls to a
stop. Soldiers quickly disembark the train, their breath
visible in the cold, overcast morning.
                       SAUL (V.O.)
Every day they'd arrive, coming in
on trains from all over Europe. It
was hardly a first class trip.
The soldiers begin sliding open boxcar doors, revealing
people of various ages, genders, and nationalities. Packed
in like sardines, they struggle to exit the rolling prison.
High fencing surrounds the place as far as the eye can see.
Even the train's entry way has been sealed off. Guards
walking German Shepherds patrol the grounds.


Row upon row of long, nondescript buildings dominate the
landscape. Guard towers are placed at intervals along the
fences. Only the odd building here or there stands out.
                       SAUL (V.O.)
It was sad, you know. The train
ride was only the beginning. They
had no idea how much worse things
were going to get.
Frightened and trembling, the masses of prisoners slowly
begin their march toward the interior of the camp. Soldiers
continue to bark orders at them.
Watching all of this is YOUNG SAUL (13), crouched underneath
the veranda of a nearby building. Beside him is JAN (13),
who's dark complexion is in stark contrast to that of Saul.
As the prisoners file past the front boxcar, a guard slides
the door of that car open. A woman in line glances toward
it. Her eyes open wide, a look of horror suddenly appearing
on her face.
                       TRAIN GUARD #1
What the hell...
Inside the boxcar is a nightmare. Bodies lie in a heap,
covering the floor and piled two and three high. Blood is
sprayed on the walls, the bodies, and the floor.
The woman drops to her knees and begins to scream
uncontrollably. A guard rushes to her, attempting to wrestle
her to her feet.
Goddammit...get up...you have to
keep moving...
The woman continues to scream, the guard still struggling to
get her to her feet. The lines stop moving as everyone
within sight begins to take notice.
Get up, you stupid bitch!
Saul and Jan watch as a man approaches the train, walking at
a deliberate pace. From their vantage point, they can only
see that he is wearing an officer's uniform.
The man reaches the site of the commotion and, without
hesitation, removes his sidearm and SHOOTS the screaming
woman in the head. She falls to the ground, lifeless.


The man is COMMANDANT EISENREICH, mid-40's, with a hawk like
nose and dark, burning eyes. He turns quickly to the guard,
who stands in stunned silence.
Is this your idea of maintaining
Eisenreich turns his attention to the stunned crowds.
There will be no more outbursts! I
will not tolerate disobedience!
Slowly, the lines begin to move again.
Saul and Jan continue to watch, their eyes wide.
He just shot her.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Eisenreich calls out to the guards at the train.
Close that damn door! And dispose
of the bodies!
A booming voice suddenly calls out.
DR. FREDERICK MANHEIM, early 40's with striking good looks,
makes his way to the train. His white medical smock is
visible under his open coat.
Bring the bodies to me.
Eisenreich, an annoyed look on his face, turns to face him.
They are all dead, Doctor. There's
nothing you can do for them now.
Then you should have no further
use for them, Commandant.


Eisenreich leans in close, speaking low.
I would appreciate it, Doctor
Manheim, if you would not
supersede my orders in front of...
He motions toward the prisoners.
The last word is uttered as venomously as possible.
Manheim appears to be on the verge of rebutting, but backs
off slightly as he looks around.
Of course, Commandant Eisenreich.
My apologies. May I have the
bodies moved to my facility?
Eisenreich allows a small smile of satisfaction to form.
Of course.
He calls out to the train guards.
Deliver the bodies to the Doctor!
Eisenreich looks back at Manheim once more, before turning
sharply and heading off back toward the camp.
Still under the veranda, Saul and Jan continue to watch.
Did you see that?
                       YOUNG SAUL
Doctor Manheim challenged him.
Right in front of everyone.
The boys fail to notice someone approaching. They look out
in time to see a pair of boots directly in front of them.
The figure kneels down, peering into their hiding place. It
is Doctor Manheim, looking none too pleased.


Inside. Now.
The boys quickly climb out from under the veranda.
Yes, Herr Manheim.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Sorry, Doctor.
They rush back inside the building. Manheim takes another
look at where they were hiding before following them inside.
Saul and Jan stand silently while Manheim paces the length
of the room. They are in a laboratory/autopsy room, which is
furnished with all of the standard equipment.
Manheim stops and turns to face them.
Why would you try my patience?
No reply.
Do you want to go back to the
labor barracks? Would you enjoy
sleeping there more? Hmm?
They shake their heads "no" in unison.
                       SAUL (V.O.)
He was a scientist, very brilliant
as far as I could tell.
Manheim looks to Saul, and then to Jan.
                       SAUL (V.O.)
There were plenty of boys to chose
from, but Jan and I, we were the
lucky ones. Jan was a Roma, a
Gypsy. Like me, he was also
thirteen. And like me, his only
crime was being born.
Do you want to work here for me?


They shake their heads "yes" in unison.
                       SAUL (V.O.)
Manheim wanted a couple of fit
boys to do the heavy work for him.
One day, they gathered about
twenty of us outside, and we
raced. Jan and I won, so we got to
work inside with the doctor. The
rest faced a firing squad.
Manheim eyes them closely before turning away.
Then go out back and help unload
the bodies.
The boys make a bee line for a door at the opposite end of
the room. Manheim calls out behind them.
And don't let me catch you
sneaking outside again!
The rear of the building houses a small loading area to
receive supplies. A pair of guards are wheeling trolleys
full of bodies up the ramp.
The boys watch silently as the lead guard, a hard looking
man somewhere in his 40's, lights up a cigarette. After
puffing on it for a moment, he turns his attention to them.
What do you think of this mess?
They don't answer. The guard takes another puff as he
glances at his partner, a younger looking man who smirks
slightly, as if mildly amused.
Nothing to say? Ahh, can't say I
blame you. Not the sort of thing
you want to talk about.
He motions to the bodies.
I can't even imagine what sort of
creature could have done this.


He makes a show of mock sympathy.
Such a waste of life.
Saul and Jan look timidly at one another. The guard drops
his cigarette, stamping it out before leaning in close.
Do you know what I think?
They shake their heads "no".
I think whatever did this will be
back, and it will be hungry.
The boys listen intently, their eyes widening. The younger
guard continues to watch, clearly enjoying it.
And I'll bet it has a taste for
younger morsels. A couple of boys
like you would make a very tasty
treat, hmm?
He leans is even closer, speaking almost in a whisper.
Better be careful, boys. Even the
good doctor in there may not be
able to protect you anymore.
Pausing just a moment for effect, he finally backs off,
heading back down the ramp with his partner.
Sleep tight, boys.
They laugh out loud as they make their exit, leaving Saul
and Jan still looking spooked.
An overhead light comes on as the door swings open into the
large cold room. Saul enters, followed by Jan, both of them
pushing trolleys.
Do you think he was telling the


                       YOUNG SAUL
He was just trying to scare you,
Jan. You spook too easy.
As if in response, Jan looks around the room. Bodies are
everywhere, some on shelves, others piled on the floor. Men,
women, children, some clothed, some naked. Jan shivers
slightly, his breath visible in the cold.
I don't know. I used to hear
stories back home. I thought they
were only meant to scare the young
ones, but now...
                       YOUNG SAUL
Fairy tales. That's all they are.
Let's get to work.
Together they begin lifting bodies from the trolley and
placing them wherever there is room.
You don't talk about your family.
Do you think about them?
                       YOUNG SAUL
I try not to. I don't know where
they are, and if I start thinking
about where they might be...
Saul cuts himself off before allowing emotion to well up.
Yeah, me too.
They stand silently for a moment before resuming their work.
Jan takes another look around at the silent audience.
God I hate it in here.
Manheim is leaning over a table, examining a body. As he
works, he mumbles quietly to himself.
Obvious signs of trauma around the
torso and head...


As he makes notes on a pad, Saul enters. Manheim continues
to work, oblivious to his presence.
...likely extreme blood loss...
A guard, walking a pair of German Shepherds on leashes,
patrols the perimeter outside the fence. The moon is high in
the sky, and his breath is visible in the night air.
Nearing the furthest reach of the perimeter fence, he
approaches the edge of the surrounding forest. Very little
sound can be heard coming from the camp.
The dogs suddenly change direction, sniffing the ground and
pulling him toward the trees.
What is it, girls?
Manheim makes another note, while Saul, edging closer,
continues to watch in silence.
...from the position of the limbs
and subsequent wounds, the victim
may have tried to defend
himself...but he was caught by
surprise...had he just woke up?
The guard edges closer to the trees, the dogs still sniffing
and pulling him forward.
What? What is it?
He peers into the trees, squinting in an effort to see, but
the only thing visible is the darkness of the forest.
Shaking his head, he turns, just in time to catch movement
behind him. Suddenly alert, he looks around in all
directions, but sees nothing.


Saul is almost beside Manheim now.
...the attack was fast...little
chance for defense...it was
probably over before it started...
Breathing heavily, the guard continues looking around in all
directions. The only sounds are his own breathing and the
whimpering of the dogs.
      (to dogs)
Easy now.
A flash of movement again, near the trees. He turns quickly,
still too slow to see anything.
He looks around once more, to no avail.
To hell with this.
Clutching the leashes, he takes a step to leave.
A dark shape suddenly DROPS on top of him, enveloping him in
one large shadow. He is barely able to emit a slight grunt
before being silenced.
Still cowering and whimpering a few feet away, the dogs
watch as a spray of blood turns the snow to crimson.
                       MANHEIM (V.O.)
Death would have been quick.
Manheim stands up straight, as if finished with his
examination. He stretches his neck and back.
Turning his head, Manheim finally notices Saul standing
almost beside him, causing him to jump slightly.
Goddammit, boy! You nearly scared
the devil out of me.


Saul flinches slightly.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Sorry, Doctor.
Manheim regards him for a moment.
Are you finished in the cold room?
Saul shakes his head yes.
Then get in here. If you're
curious, you might as well get a
good look.
Saul steps in beside Manheim, getting a good look at the man
lying there. Possibly somewhere in his mid-20's, the body is
a blueish color, with dark purple splotches scattered about.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Are the purple spots bruises?
Yes. There was a struggle. This
fellow lost.
Manheim points to the man's throat.
What do you think of this?
Saul looks closely. The throat is wide open, as if having
been torn at viciously.
                       YOUNG SAUL
It wasn't a knife, the wound is
too jagged. And there are more
purple spots around it.
You're smart, aren't you?
Saul shrugs.
                       YOUNG SAUL
My father was a doctor. I would
read his medical books.


Manheim eyes him closely for a moment.
So, what do you think did this?
Maybe an animal of some sort?
                       YOUNG SAUL
No. It wasn't an animal.
You seem certain.
                       YOUNG SAUL
The train was locked, I saw them
open it. There's no way an animal
could have gotten in.
Manheim raises an eyebrow, as if surprised by the response.
Then, what about what the guards
said earlier? When you were
unloading the bodies?
                       YOUNG SAUL
You heard that?
I hear everything.
Saul hesitates a moment.
                       YOUNG SAUL
They said it was a monster.
Do you believe that?
Saul lowers his head, looking at the floor, as if ashamed to
answer the question.
Manheim considers him for another moment.
All right, enough of this. Off you
go. Tomorrow's busy, I'll need a
hard day's work out of you.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Yes, Doctor.


Saul turns and heads toward the door, head still bowed.
Manheim watches him as he disappears from sight.
Alone again, Manheim withdraws a book that had been
partially hidden under a stack of papers. He opens it and
begins leafing through the pages.
Monsters. We'll see.
Saul lies on the floor in a small storage area, covered by a
thin, ratty blanket. Jan lies close by, sleeping soundly.
As he looks up at the ceiling, eyes still open, a small
SCRATCHING noise begins to emanate from somewhere outside.
Saul cocks his head in an attempt to pinpoint the source of
the noise. Slowly, he looks back up toward the ceiling. The
noise gradually becomes a low THUMPING, sounding like
footfalls across the roof. Saul turns his head, following
the sound across the ceiling, until it abruptly stops.
Dead silence returns. Saul strains his neck, listening for
more, but no noise comes. Shivering, he covers himself in
the blanket, closing his eyes tight.
Eisenreich stands outside the perimeter fence, looking off
into the surrounding forest. A group of guards combs the
surrounding area, their dogs sniffing for a scent.
Are you sure this is the spot?
Beside him is a slightly older and plumper man, also dressed
in an SS uniform. KARL puffs on a cigarette.
Almost certain.
Don't be almost certain, Karl.
Either you know or you don't.


This is where we found the dogs.
Looked like they hadn't moved
since last night.
Eisenreich looks around again with a look of concern.
Karl leans in, speaking quietly.
There's been rumbling among the
men. Rumors that the Russians are
getting closer, maybe only a few
weeks away.
I know. But I won't tolerate
deserters. Not in my camp.
Eisenreich calls out to the search party.
I want the body found! And if he's
running or hiding, bring him to
me! Either way, he'd better come
back dead!
He turns back to Karl.
Something's going on around here.
Any idea what?
Not yet.
He looks back toward the camp, scowling as he sees Manheim's
facility in the distance.
But I know where to start.
The inside of the shop is crammed full of various machines
and conveyors. Prisoners work on assembly lines under the
watchful eyes of armed guards.


ISAAC HOFFMAN is a sturdy, 40ish blue collar type. His hands
and face have spots of grease on them. He coaches a slightly
older man, GRUNFELD, on a piece of machinery.
See, it should look like this.
Hoffman holds out a small gear for the man to see. As
Grunfeld examines it, Hoffman discreetly watches a guard
pass by. As soon as the guard is out of earshot, Hoffman
leans in closer and speaks slightly lower.
Every fifth or sixth one, cut one
of the edges short.
Won't they notice?
Not if you space it apart like I
said. No reason why we can't do
out part to help cripple their
goddamn war machine.
The sentiment puts a sly grin on Hoffman's face. It fades as
he notices Saul approaching.
If it isn't the little prince.
Saul attempts to pass without incident, but Hoffman isn't
having any of it. He steps into Saul's path, partially
blocking his way.
What? Too good to stop and speak
to common workers?
Saul looks around timidly.
I hear it's cozy working with the
doctor. I bet you have a nice, big
fluffy bed to go back to.
Grunfeld attempts to intervene.
Isaac, he's just a boy...


He's old enough to see what's
going on around him. He sleeps
where it's warm and dry, while the
rest of us...
Isaac stops short as he notices another guard approaching.
Just watch yourself, boy. You may
think you have it good now, but
that can all change.
He turns back to his work as the guard nears.
What are you doing in here?
Saul hands a sheet of paper to the guard.
                       YOUNG SAUL
For the doctor.
The guard scans it quickly before handing it back.
Then don't stand here talking. The
doctor's waiting.
Saul scurries off. The guard turns toward Isaac.
And you get back to work.
Isaac nods, smiling. The guard continues on his way.
Why are you so hard on the kid?
You even have to ask? You sleep in
the same cramped bunks I sleep in.
Why should he have it so easy?
Take it easy. He's doing what he
has to do to survive, just like
the rest of us.


I'm sick of hearing that. You
should try to survive without
forgetting who you are
Here we go.
Laugh if you want. It's like those
goddamn Kapos, ratting on other
Jews. You don't think they'd get a
bullet in the head just as quick?
I wonder if that kid even
remembers that he's Jewish.
That's a bit dramatic.
Yeah, well...
With nothing more to add, Isaac goes back to work. After a
moment, Grunfeld speaks quietly to him.
You hear the rumors? The Russians
are getting close.
Yeah, well let's just hope
Eisenreich doesn't hear it.
Maybe he should. With the Nazis on
the run, Eisenreich and the rest
will clear out of here so fast, we
won't even see them leave.
Tell me you're not that naiive.
You really think they'll leave us
here to tell anyone the truth
about what's been going on?
Grunfeld considers it, a look of concern on his face.
Just get back to work.


Saul steps up to a counter at the rear of the shop. He hands
the note to the prisoner working behind the counter.
Another part for the doctor?
Saul nods. The Clerk smiles at him.
Won't be more than a minute.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Thank you.
The clerk disappears into the back. Saul looks around the
shop, watching as the workers go about their labors.
Saul hurries back through the main yard toward the Doctor's
facility. Again, he glances around at workers going about
their labors. They shiver as they work, their breath visible
in the cold. The odd worker watches him go by. He takes
notice, but avoids making eye contact.
Alone in the cold room, Saul drags a trolley to the end of
the room. He begins to unload a body, struggling with it.
From behind, there is a barely noticeable movement.
Saul turns around quickly. Nothing.
                       YOUNG SAUL
He waits a moment, but no reply comes. Shaking his head, he
goes back to his work.
Another movement, this one slow. He barely sees it out of
the corner of his eye. Slowly, he turns around again.
All of the bodies in the room are sitting upright.


Saul is frozen in place. His eyes dart around the room, his
expression one of pure terror. He opens his mouth, but his
words come out as a whisper.
                       YOUNG SAUL
A noise begins to grow from behind him, a scratching noise.
Turning his head, he looks toward the back wall. On the
floor, the body of a deceased woman begins to slowly move.
The woman's skin is a grey/blue color, he hair long and
stringy. Her arms and legs, no bigger around than
broomsticks, begin to writhe on the floor.
Saul watches in horror as the woman begins a feeble attempt
at dragging herself across the floor, her fingernails making
a sickening scratching noise.
                       DEAD WOMAN
You like it here, don't you?
When she speaks, it is in a wheezy, half whisper of a voice.
Saul trembles uncontrollably as he watches her crawling
toward him. Tears stream down his face.
                       DEAD WOMAN
You wish you weren't a Jew
anymore. Is that what you want?
The scratching noise continues as she gets closer. Saul
looks around quickly. The bodies are still sitting upright,
and their eyes are all open now, looking directly at him.
                       YOUNG SAUL
No...no, it's not true...
He looks around quickly, as if pleading for the dead
audience to believe him.
                       DEAD WOMAN
What would your mama think?
Within reach of Saul, she stretches her arm out, grabbing
hold of his pant leg. He shrieks, and spins away quickly.


Saul jumps with a start, running straight into Jan.
Whoa! Easy!
                       YOUNG SAUL
What...I just...
Saul looks around, confused. The room is back to normal, all
of the bodies arranged as he had left them.
You fell asleep, I didn't want to
wake you.
Saul looks around again, still trying to comprehend. He
looks back at Jan.
I didn't think anyone could sleep
in this cold, but you...
Saul rushes out before Jan can finish, leaving him with a
befuddled look on his face.
Saul lies awake under his thin blanket, looking up at the
small window. Through the wire meshing on the outside, he
can see that it is raining.
He continues to hear the voice of the woman from his dream.
                       DEAD WOMAN (V.O.)
You wish you weren't a Jew
anymore...you like it here...what
would your mama think?
Saul rolls over on his side, shutting his eyes.
Saul's eyes snap open. The rain continues to fall against
the window. Jan sleeps soundly beside him.
A faint noise is coming from somewhere inside the facility.
Saul sits up slightly, listening intently.


Quietly, he walks to the door, opening it carefully.
Everything is in darkness, save for a sliver of light
escaping from under the door leading into the lab. The
noise, a low murmur of voices, comes from that direction.
Saul steps out into the
and begins to creep toward the lab. The voices slowly become
more audible. Manheim's is easily recognizable.
Just make sure you're cautious. I
don't want you getting careless
and exposing everything I've
worked so hard for.
The door to the lab is open just a crack. Saul, in front of
it now, can just barely see into the room. A small light
illuminates Manheim. In the corner stands a FIGURE, bathed
in shadows that hide its features.
                       SHADOWY FIGURE
It's not me you need to be
worrying about.
The voice is smooth, refined sounding. The accent is
possibly Spanish, or Italian.
What's that supposed to mean?
                       SHADOWY FIGURE
You know exactly what it means.
Time is running out. The Russians
are only days away, and the
chances of you completing your
work before they get here...
I'll finish.
                       SHADOWY FIGURE
Will you?
Manheim is about to retort, but the figure raises his hand,
cutting him off.


A noise comes from the shadows, a sniffing noise, as if the
figure is smelling for something.
Manheim turns, looking around the room. As he looks toward
the door, Saul ducks from sight.
What is it?
Manheim turns back to face the figure, but he is gone.
Saul peeks through the crack once more, this time seeing
only Manheim standing alone in the room.
Saul creeps back into the storage room, quietly closing the
door behind him. He looks around the darkened room, then
turns his attention back to the door, opening it a crack.
Manheim is at the other end of the darkened hall. Saul
watches as he unlocks the last door and enters the room,
closing the door tight behind him.
Saul closes the door once again before returning to his spot
on the floor. He lies down, eyes still wide open.
Is he in that room again?
Saul does not appear surprised to hear Jan's voice. He
continues to look up at the ceiling.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Jan rolls over to face him.
Why do you think he keeps it
locked all the time?
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't know.
What's he hiding?
                       YOUNG SAUL
Why don't you go ask him?


Jan looks closely at Saul a moment for a moment, seeing the
blank expression on his face.
No, it's okay.
They both lie for a moment, looking up at the ceiling.
Why does God hate us?
Saul shows no surprise at the question.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't think he hates us.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I just don't think he's there
anymore. It's the only thing that
makes sense.
Jan rolls over again to face Saul.
What do you mean, he's...
Jan stops short, seeing the tear running down Saul's face.
We should get some sleep.
He lies back down, closing his eyes. Saul continues to stare
blankly, looking at the moon hanging high in the night sky
through the small window.
The moon casts a small amount of illumination onto the camp
below. Standing in stark contrast to the rows of prisoner
barracks is a two level house. To the rear of the house, a
large trench is being dug.
Prisoners on the night shift work away, digging the trench
with little more than shovels and buckets. Temporary
lighting provides little more illumination than what is
being given off by the moon.
A skeleton crew of guards patrols the area, paying little
attention to the workers entering and exiting the trench.


Inside the trench, 2 MALE WORKERS dig away.
                       TRENCH WORKER 1
Miserable shit. Digging sewer
tunnels in the middle of the night
so the Commandant doesn't have to
go outside to shit.
                       TRENCH WORKER 2
Keep it down, would you. At least
you're still able to dig.
The first worker scowls but continues to dig.
a GUARD casually passes by, looking at nothing in
particular. A FEMALE WORKER carrying buckets walks down into
the trench, disappearing from sight.
The guard stands at the end of the trench and lights a
cigarette. He takes a puff, exhaling into the cold air.
From out of the shadows, a dark figure SWOOPS in, enveloping
the guard and carrying him over the edge of the trench.
the woman waits as Worker 2 shovels dirt into her buckets.
His back is turned to Worker 1, who continues to dig.
The darkened figure drops into sight directly in front of
Worker 1, who jumps back, startled.
The woman's eyes become large as she watches what is
transpiring behing Worker 2's back. The figure is upon
Worker 1 before he can react, hauling him into the darkness.
Worker 2 realizes something is happening behind him.
                       TRENCH WORKER 2
What the...
He turns just in time to see the figure pounce once more,
enveloping him in darkness.
The woman opens her mouth to scream, but is caught face
first by a spray of blood.
another GUARD approaches, looking for the first guard.


Fritz? Hey, Fritz?
the woman trembles, watching as the figure slowly rises in
front of her. She barely has time to let loose a SCREAM,
before the figure is upon her.
The guard
hears the scream, and looks down, seeing the bodies.
Mein Gott...
He catches sight of the figure, seeming to almost glide up
the side of the trench. He fumbles with his rifle for a
moment, before FIRING several shots at the figure.
The figure disappears between the barracks and out of sight.
The guard stands looking into the darkness as several other
guards arrive on the scene, accompanied by the sounds of the
camp being awakened.
A light rain falls from the grey sky.
Commandant Eisenreich paces back and forth along the length
of the trench, passing seven prisoners. The prisoners, five
men and two women, kneel at the edge of the trench.
Eisenreich stops directly behind the first prisoner, a
balding man possibly in his early 40's. When he speaks,
Eisenreich's breath is clear in the cold air.
I'll ask again. Who is responsible
for this?
The man whimpers, barely able to speak.
                       BALD PRISONER
I don't know. I swear to God, I
wasn't in the hole.


Eisenreich sneers and looks out at the crowd. The entire
camp is assembled at gunpoint, watching the interrogation.
You would swear to your God, even
as you are clearly lying.
                       BALD PRISONER
Please, I beg of you...
Eisenreich seems to consider the man's pleas. He stands
silently for a moment, as if weighing his next move.
Looking back at the crowd once more, Eisenreich removes his
sidearm and SHOOTS the man in the back of the head. The
man's body tumbles into the trench.
Watching from the crowd, Saul flinches as the shot rings
out. Jan stands beside him, looking at the ground.
I am going to ask again, and I
will continue to ask until I am
satisfied with the answer.
He moves on to the next prisoner, a GIRL in her late teens.
She shudders violently, unable to hold back the tears.
You look like a sharp girl. I'll
bet you don't miss a thing. What
happened here last night?
The girl continues to cry, but is unable to speak.
Eisenreich leans in close, speaking quietly in her ear.
There's no need to cry. Just tell
me what you know. I can tell
you're a good girl. You want to do
the right thing, don't you?
He runs the barrel of his gun along the side of her head, as
if stroking her hair with it.
Everything's going to be all
right, I promise. Just tell me
what you know.
The girl manages to compose herself to the point of being
able to speak, but it is still barely a whisper.


                       TEENAGE GIRL
I was...over by the house. I came
when I heard the shooting...
Eisenreich nods, as is satisfied.
There, that wasn't so hard.
He turns as if done with her, but stops suddenly, turning
back and SHOOTING her in the back of the head. She topples
into the trench, joining her fellow worker.
Eisenreich turns his attention to the crowd.
None of this should be necessary!
I provide all of you with the
opportunity to do honest labor,
and this is how you repay me.
Should I send you all to another
camp, where you may not be given
the option to work? Would you like
to take your chances there?
The only reply is the sound of the rain falling.
Eisenreich waits a moment before turning his attention back
to the remaining prisoners.
I will take you on your word that
none of you saw who did this. I'm
convinced that by now one of you
would have spoken.
As Eisenreich begins to walk away, the prisoners breathe a
collective sigh of relief.
Eisenreich stops just long enough to speak to an officer.
Shoot them.
He walks off, the sound of GUNFIRE following him.
The door to Eisenreich's office opens, revealing a young
woman wearing a conservative skirt and blouse.


                       YOUNG WOMAN
The Doctor is here to see you.
Eisenreich, behind his desk, does not look up from his work.
Send him in.
The woman nods and leaves the room.
A moment later, Manheim enters. Eisenreich stands
immediately, raising his hand in a salute.
Heil Hitler.
Manheim puts his hand up in a flimsy reply, but doesn't
recite the salute.
What can I do for you, Commandant?
Eisenreich comes out from behind his desk. He makes a show
of offering Manheim a seat.
Frederick, please, have a seat.
Manheim sits.
Can I get you anything? Coffee?
Some brandy?
Eisenreich allows a devilish grin at the suggestion of a
drink. Manheim's expression doesn't change.
I'm fine, thank you.
The smile fades from Eisenreich's face.
Very well.
He goes back behind his desk, where he stands for a moment,
looking out the window at the camp, his back to Manheim.
Such a shame, what happened last
night. Senseless violence.
Manheim smirks slightly, unseen to Eisenreich.


Yes, terrible business, that.
Eisenreich turns back to face him.
Can we speak frankly?
Of course, Commandant.
It's about your work.
Karl, assisted by another soldier, pokes around Manheim's
lab, looking for nothing in particular.
Remember, keep everything in
order. We don't want him to know
we've been here.
Saul and Jan are in the
looking out through the slightly ajar door. The door leading
to the lab is closed, blocking their view inside.
What do you think they want?
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't know.
They duck back quickly, pulling the door closed, as the door
to the lab opens. Saul puts his finger to his lips, calling
for silence.
After a moment, Saul carefully allows the door to open just
a crack. He can see Karl and the other soldier at the end of
the hall, attempting to open the last door.


It's the only one that's locked.
He tries the nob once more before giving up.
He should be back soon. Let's go.
They make their way out the exit, seemingly unaware that
they have been watched.
Eisenreich is pacing, hovering, as Manheim continues to sit.
Of course I was excited at the
prospect of having your facility
in my camp. A scientist of your
renown, doing important work.
He paces some more.
Why, the Furher himself endorsed
your work. And your family's
prestige has afforded you
certain...luxuries within the
party. Hmm?
Eisenreich waits, as if hoping to provoke a response.
My work has been approved by the
Reich. And I'm sure you didn't
invite me here to discuss family.
Ah, but that's where you're wrong.
I am very much interested in
talking about family.
Manheim watches him, a curious look on his face.
Do you know what my father did?
No. Why would I?
Eisenreich ignores the slight.


He was a soldier. A captain during
the first war. He survived several
encounters, and was decorated by
the Kaiser himself.
Eisenreich seems to beaming with pride.
With all due respect...
Do you know why he was able to
survive like he did?
Manheim shows little interest.
I'm sure I don't.
Because he never allowed a lapse
in discipline. Not from his men,
and not from himself. When ranks
are broke, people die, and he
would never allow that to happen.
Eisenreich goes to the window again, looking out.
It is because of his example that
I am Commandant of this camp. The
discipline he expected of his
soldiers in the field was no more
than what he expected of his
family. We held ranks, or there
were consequences.
Eisenreich goes silent for a moment, still looking out the
window. Manheim sits watching him, appearing uncomfortable
in the moment.
Manheim is about to stand, when Eisenreich finally turns
back around to face him.
I will not tolerate lapses in
discipline in my camp, no more so
than an officer in the field. We
will hold ranks.


So what does any of this have to
do with my work?
Eisenreich is in his face again, eyes blazing.
You know god damn well what I'm
talking about. People in this
camp, they look at you like you're
above everything.
You know that's not...
No one is above the order! Not in
my camp!
Saul and Jan quietly exit the storage room into the hall.
They must be long gone by now.
Jan begins to walk toward the end of the hall. Saul goes in
the opposite direction toward the lab.
We should check everything before
the doctor gets back.
Saul continues on, entering the
and letting the door close behind him.
Stopping, he takes a look around, taking stock of the room.
Slowly, he approaches the examination table.
A pile of papers and books lies on the table. Cautiously, he
pulls a book out from under the pile. Opening the cover, he
begins to leaf through the pages.
                       JAN (O.S)
What's that?
Startled, Saul quickly closes the book. He turns to see Jan
standing behind him.


                       YOUNG SAUL
Nothing. Let's get to work.
Saul leaves the book on the table and heads for the door.
Jan notices the book, but decides to follow Saul instead.
Manheim holds his ground, not showing any sign of emotion.
If you have some personal issue
with me...
Please, don't flatter yourself.
This is about the camp, and the
men under my command.
Eisenreich relents some.
We're at war, Doctor. I don't
expect things to be perfectly
normal. But what's been happening
here...the train, guards going
missing, last night's events.
Something's not right, and I'm
going to find out what.
I assure you, it has nothing to do
with my research.
We'll see about that.
And just what is that supposed to
Eisenreich eyes him closely for a moment, before producing
an envelope which he lies on the desk in front of him.
I've been in contact with Berlin.
Go ahead, open it.
Manheim opens the envelope, withdrawing a letter.


From now on, you will report
directly to me.
Manheim puts the letter down. His calm exterior is beginning
to show signs of anger building.
I was assured that I would have
complete control of my research.
You will, but you will report your
findings to me on a weekly basis,
and I will report to Berlin.
You're not a scientist,
Commandant. This is not how
scientific research works. I can't
force things to happen.
That's your problem, Doctor. My
job is to ensure that it doesn't
become a problem for the men
entrusted to me. Or have you
forgotten your priorities?
Are you questioning my loyalty? My
research has one goal, to develop
vaccines that will help the
soldiers you care so much about.
That's the only way we'll win this
war. That's my priority.
Your priority is to do whatever
the Fuhrer asks of you.
Manheim's anger seems to be bubbling to the surface.
There won't be a Fuhrer if we
don't win this war!
Eisenreich stares a hole in him, looking as if he has taken
the comment as a personal attack. Manheim glares back.


Manheim walks at a brisk pace through the camp, oblivious to
the prisoners and guards around him.
                       EISENREICH (V.O)
You will report your findings to
me, Doctor. Or you will find your
research suddenly cut short.
He continues on toward his facility.
Karl stands in front of Eisenreich's desk.
And you were able to search
everywhere else?
Everywhere but that one room.
Eisenreich thinks for a moment.
Do you want me to go back and have
him open it?
No, not yet. When the time comes,
we'll open it ourselves.
Saul and Jan stand before Manheim.
How many were there?
                       YOUNG SAUL
Two of them.
Karl, and another guard, I didn't
recognize him.
Manheim paces for a moment.


Did they see you?
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't think so.
Manheim looks toward the hallway.
And they didn't get into that room
at the end of the hall?
                       YOUNG SAUL
They tried.
I checked it, it's still locked.
Manheim nods.
Very well. Now, if they return,
stay out of sight. Understood?
They nod in agreement.
Then back to work with you.
Manheim watches as they scurry off. Turning, he focuses on
the examination table. As he approaches it, he notices the
book that Saul was looking at. He flips it open, looks
through it for a moment, and then closes it. He looks back
in the boys' direction, a curious look on his face.
Eisenreich, sitting in a lavishly decorated study, listens
to an operatic piece playing on a turntable. He takes a
drink from a glass and sits it down beside him.
The young woman from his office approaches, standing before
him. She still wears the conservative suit, but her hair is
down now. She smiles, before kneeling down in front of him.
Eisenreich closes his eyes, still listening to the music.


Manheim examines a body in his lab. He listens to the same
operatic piece as he works.
Row upon row of bunks cram the inside of a barracks
building. The operatic music sounds faintly in the
background. A SLAMMING door causes prisoners to stir.
A male prisoner on one of the top bunks swings his legs over
the side. He immediately notices something on the floor. Gas
vapors are pouring from a glass container on the floor,
rapidly filling the room.
                       MALE PRISONER
Mother of God...
A guard strolls away nonchalantly, the door to the barracks
locked up behind him. The sound of fists POUNDING on the
door falls on deaf ears.
Pandemonium as the prisoners continue to pound on the door.
The place quickly fills with gas, looking like a fog has
settled in. From behind, a darkened figure slowly rises
behind the crowd. The young man from the top bunk turns to
see him, his eyes growing wide with terror.
The sound of fists pounding changes to screams.
The guard from the barracks continues on, walking into the
shadows between a pair of buildings. The opera music still
sounds faintly in the background.
The guard stops to light a cigarette. He inhales deeply,
obviously enjoying the smoke.
He is suddenly flung onto his back, his feet taken out from
under him. Something begins dragging him further into the
shadows. He claws at the ground vainly, letting out a scream
as he disappears from sight.


The song comes to an end. Eisenreich, still in his chair,
slowly opens his eyes. A small smile forms on his face.
Eisenreich stands looking out the window at the camp.
Did he speak to anyone else after
you briefed him?
Karl stands behind him.
No, I instructed him to carry out
his assignment and then report
back to me straight away.
Eisenreich turns to face him.
And there's been no sign of him?
Not a trace. He left to set off
the gas in the barracks, and then
just...disappeared. Fritz is a
good soldier, he wouldn't disobey
a direct order.
Then we need to consider the
possibility that whatever attacked
the prisoners, is also responsible
for Fritz's disappearance.
Karl nods in agreement.
Will we know if the gas would have
worked, had they not been
The doctor is examining the
bodies, we'll know for sure when
he's finished.
Eisenreich eyes him closely for a moment.


You're still convinced that
this...contingency is necessary?
Yes, I do. Every day the reports
are more and more grim. What do
you want the allies to find if
they show up at our gates?
This is a labor camp, Karl. We
build airplane parts.
Yes, of course we do.
Eisenreich realizes he is being humored.
What are you implying?
With all due respect, sir, you
authorized the testing of the gas.
Why would you do that in a labor
camp? It's a waste of workers.
Eisenreich considers the comment for a moment, before
leaning in close and locking eyes with Karl.
I'm not an idiot, Karl. I know
what goes on at other camps. We'll
have to deal with them once and
for all.
Eisenreich points toward the window and the prisoners who
are visible working in the camp.
So I'll keep my options open. But
I'd prefer to do it after we win
the war. On our own terms.
As Eisenreich finishes, something draws his attention. He
turns toward the door, seeing a Jewish CLEANING LADY looking
in from the outside office. She quickly looks away.
Eisenreich's eyes blaze as he makes a bee line for her. He
goes through the door into the


where he grabs her by the arm.
What are you doing!
She shrieks and recoils in fear.
                       CLEANING LADY
Nothing! I'm doing what I was told
to do!
Does that include spying on me!
Eisenreich roughly drags her back into his
and slams the door closed behind him. He flings the cleaning
lady to the floor.
Why were you looking at me?
                       CLEANING LADY
I wasn't, I swear.
Eisenreich seems to calm somewhat.
I see. I must have been mistaken.
The calm breaks as he strikes her across the face.
Do you take me for a fool!
                       CLEANING LADY
Tell me why you were spying on me.
                       CLEANING LADY
I wasn't...
Yes, you were.


                       CLEANING LADY
You're a spy, just like the rest
of your filthy lot.
                       CLEANING LADY
I'm just a housekeeper.
Eisenreich watches her for a moment, a confused look on his
face. It changes to a look of determination.
You won't spy on anyone else.
He grabs her by the throat and begins to choke her.
Karl turns toward the window, no longer able to see what is
happening. He casually looks outside, as the sounds of
struggling gradually subside behind him.
After a moment, the room is silent. Karl turns back around,
where he seem Eisenreich fixing his hair and straightening
his uniform. The cleaning lady lies of the floor.
Was there anything else, Karl?
Karl glances at the body, then looks back at Eisenreich.
No, Commandant.
Very well. Dismissed.
Karl nods before turning and heading toward the door.
Eisenreich steps back behind his desk.
Oh, and Karl...
Karl stops in his tracks.
Yes, mein herr.
Eisenreich points at the body.
Get rid of that.


An impromptu meeting is being held in the barracks.
Prisoners are speaking over one another, drowning each other
out. Isaac stands in the center, calling for order.
Everyone, just quiet down. I can't
even hear myself think.
The noise dies down to a few murmurs.
I know you're all scared, but we
have to do something.
The prisoners begin shouting over one another again.
                       MALE PRISONER
They'll just kill us...
                       ELDERLY MAN
The allies will be here soon...
Isaac listens for another moment before restoring order.
Goddammit! Listen to me!
The room falls quiet again.
Anyone who thinks they're walking
out of here is mistaken. I'm sorry
if that's hard to hear, but you
might as well face reality.
He looks around the room. Every eye is on him.
If the allies are coming, then the
Nazis know it, too. They'll cover
up every bit of evidence they can,
starting with us.
A young man speaks up.
                       YOUNG MAN
You don't know that for sure.
Isaac approaches the young man.


You're right, I don't. But I do
know one thing.
He looks around again, seeing prisoners in various states of
hunger, dehydration, and sickness.
We're dropping like flies. Every
day it seems, more and more of us
disappear. And every day like
clockwork, a new trainload arrives
to take our place.
Murmurs of agreement come from the crowd. Isaac looks back
at the young man.
I hear the guards talking, and you
do too. They'd just as soon wipe
us all out. The only reason we're
kept alive is to work in the
factory. If the Nazis win the war,
will be still be useful?
The young man looks around for a moment, seeing the faces
confirming what he already knows. He nods in agreement.
                       YOUNG MAN
Okay. What do we do?
I heard a guard talking earlier.
There's a storm coming in a couple
of days, a bad one...
Isaac stands alone behind the barracks building. He appears
on the verge of tears, his hands shaking.
Finally, he composes himself and heads off to follow a group
of workers walking toward the machine shop.
Manheim examines a body on the table, the only illumination
a small overhead light.
Saul absently wipes down shelves across the room.


Pausing, Saul cocks his head slightly, his nostrils flaring.
He makes a sniffing sound.
Manheim catches the slight movement and turns to face him.
He watches as Saul walks to the door leading out of the lab.
Saul sniffs again, before slowly pushing the door open.
The hall is in partial darkness. As the faint light hits it,
Saul spots something. His eyes widen.
Jan lies on the floor, covered partially by a darkened
figure. The figure emits a faint sucking sound.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Saul bursts through the door, Manheim hot on his heels.
The figure is still bathed in darkness as it springs up,
seemingly surprised. It HISSES before disappearing into the
darkness. The BANGING of the door at the other end of the
hall signals the figure's exit.
What happened?
Manheim rushes to the end of the hall, swinging the door
open. The figure has disappeared from sight.
Saul kneels by Jan as Manheim returns.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't know! Something was there,
on top of him...
Manheim immediately begins checking vitals.
He's breathing. We need to get him
into the lab.
Picking him up, Manheim carries Jan back into the lab, where
he lies him on the examination table.
Saul, on the verge of tears, pleads with Jan.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Wake up, Jan. Please.
Manheim begins to examine Jan, who lies prone on the table.


Ahh, yes, there it is...
Leaning in, Manheim examines two small puncture wounds in
Jan's neck. A trickle of blood seeps out from both.
Thought you could hide, didn't
you? I've got you now...
Manheim speaks with an almost giddy excitement. Glancing at
Saul, he sees him looking back suspiciously, accusingly.
Manheim immediately looks away.
We have to act fast.
Reaching under the lip of the table, Manheim produces a pair
of straps attached to the table and uses them to secure
Jan's arms. He follows up by taking a sample of Jan's blood.
This will have to be examined.
Taking the blood with him, Manheim heads for the door. He
stops for a moment, turning back toward Saul.
Don't worry, I'll do everything I
can. Just stay with him.
Manheim appears as if there is more he wants to say. He
pauses briefly, then continues on his way out of the lab.
Saul watches him leave, a look of despair on his face.
Manheim unlocks the door at the end of the hall. Opening it,
he enters the room, closing the door behind him.
Saul, now sitting on a small wooden chair beside the
examination table, continues his vigil. As he does so, he
flips through Manheim's book.


A picture catches his interest. It depicts a woman,
recoiling in terror. Her attacker is a demonic looking
creature, half-man, half-bat, with large leathery wings and
long fangs.
Saul flips the page.
More images on the next page. A gaunt figure, pale and wiry,
leans in over a sleeping woman, fangs protruding.
He flips another page.
Another gaunt figure, this one lying in an upright casket, a
defiant look on it's face. A man stands over it, hammering a
wooden stake into it's chest.
He flips another page.
A word stands out on the page: NOSFERATU.
Saul studies the page intently, a serious look on his face.
Finally, he closes the book and looks up at the table.
The straps are broken. Jan is nowhere to be seen.
                       YOUNG SAUL
With only the small overhead light for illumination, most of
the room is in darkness. Saul stands, his eyes darting
quickly around the room.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Jan, where are you?
Cautiously, Saul crouches down to look under the table.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Don't do this, Jan. Please.
The area under the table is empty.
Saul stands back up, bewildered.
                       YOUNG SAUL
You'd better come out. The doctor
will be back any minute now.
As he speaks, Saul is oblivious to Jan suspended directly
above him, hanging onto a ceiling beam.


Saul takes a step, barely moving out of the way as Jan drops
from the ceiling, landing on top of the wooden chair. It
CRASHES apart, sending pieces of wood flying everywhere.
Saul SHRIEKS and dives out of the way.
From a crouched position, Jan slowly stands upright. His now
blueish pale skin seems to glow in the dark.
Don't be afraid of me, Saul.
There is just enough room to walk between the examination
table and the wall it runs along. Saul stands at the head of
the table, looking uncertain.
                       YOUNG SAUL
You broke those straps. How did
you do that?
Jan speaks in a soothing tone.
You don't have anything to worry
about. We're friends, you know I
would never hurt you.
A smile forms on Jan's face, but only lasts for a moment.
Jan makes a sudden move in Saul's direction. Saul darts
behind the table, his back to the wall.
Jan's smile gone, he looks intensely at Saul.
Don't make this difficult.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Something's wrong with you, Jan.
An almost pleading look comes over Jan's face.
I don't want to do this, Saul. But
you don't know what it's like. I
can't fight it.
                       YOUNG SAUL
The doctor, he can help you.
It's too late for that.


They stare at one another, almost expecting each other to
flinch. Jan suddenly propels himself over the table.
Saul drops to the floor, rolling through the empty space
underneath to the other side.
Jan hits the wall with a CRASH, but is up again in a flash.
He now stands in the space behind the table.
I can help you, Saul. Trust me. We
can both get out of here.
Saul, still on the floor on the opposite side of the table,
begins to slowly inch away.
                       YOUNG SAUL
No, not like this.
Don't be stupid. Do you want to
die in here?
Slowly, Jan climbs up on top of the table. He seems to tower
over Saul.
We can be free.
As Jan opens his mouth, a pair of elongated, sharp teeth
becomes visible.
A look of determination comes over Saul.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I'm sorry.
Jan explodes off the table, diving toward Saul.
Scurrying backward, Saul instinctively reaches behind him.
Grabbing a busted piece of chair leg, he swings it around to
protect himself.
There is a sick CRUNCHING sound as Jan lands on top of Saul.
His mouth is an inch from Saul's neck, his fangs protruding.
His expression of fury quickly changes to anguish.


Like an animal in distress, Jan lets out a high pitched
SCREECH. He stumbles backward, the piece of wood jutting
from his chest.
Saul recoils in horror.
Making a feeble attempt to stand, Jan collapses to the
floor. He tries vainly to pull the improvised stake out, but
it is to no avail. His hands fall limply to his side.
His breathing becoming loud and raspy, Jan looks toward Saul
with a forlorn expression.
You're my friend, Saul. Why would
you do this?
A single tear runs down Jan's cheek. It is in stark contrast
to Saul, who sobs uncontrollably.
Emitting a loud SIGHING noise, Jan slumps over and is still.
Still sobbing, Saul reaches out to him.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Manheim enters the lab to find Saul kneeling on the floor
next to Jan. Saul is silent, no longer crying.
Alone in the storage area, Saul absently sweeps the floor.
He pauses a moment, looking at Jan's blanket, still lying
where he had left it.
It was the scent, wasn't it?
Caught by surprise, Saul turns to see Manheim.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Manheim approaches.


You knew someone else was in here
last night.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I...could smell him.
You've been around death too long.
You know the scent now.
Saul looks at him curiously.
Moving to a spot beside Saul, Manheim avoids eye contact,
choosing instead to stare straight ahead.
It was almost a year and a half
ago, I was in Gdansk...
The port of Gdansk is a bustle of activity. Civilians and
Nazi soldiers crowd on the dock, looking out through the fog
into the harbor.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
It had floated into the harbor on
it's own.
A German patrol boat slowly becomes visible. Manheim, in the
crowd, watches as a pair of tug boats begin to haul it in.
The darkness is broken by the opening of the outer door.
Light floods into the interior.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
The smell was awful. Sour and
musty. And that wasn't all...
A group of soldiers enters, followed by Manheim. They look
around the empty room.
                       GDANSK SOLDIER
What's that noise?


The group listens in unison. What begins as a barely
discernible noise begins to grow, becoming a clearly audible
squeaking sound.
Hundreds of rats suddenly storm in from an adjacent room,
heading toward the light.
The soldiers practically fall over one another in an attempt
to get out of the way. Manheim calmly steps to the side,
watching as the rats stream out onto the deck, spilling over
the side of the boat.
Flashlights play over the walls as the group descends a set
of stairs into the boat's hold.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
Nothing could have prepared us for
what we found next.
The group makes it to the bottom of the stairs, the beams of
light criss-crossing throughout the room.
A young soldier, swinging his light around, stops suddenly
as he focuses on something. His eyes grow wide in horror.
                       YOUNG SOLDIER
      (in disbelief)
Mother of God...
The bodies of what appear to have once been humans are piled
up in a heap on the floor. Withered and decaying, their
uniforms sag morbidly from their limbs. Flies buzz around
the heap.
The young soldier tuns away, vomiting onto the floor.
Manheim steps in front of the shocked soldiers, playing his
light over what looks to be a dozen bodies.
Manheim examines one of the decomposed bodies in his lab.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
I began noticing similarities in
the bodies. They had all died from
similar causes.
Manheim flips through same book Saul had been looking at.


                       MANHEIM (V.O)
It wasn't long before my
suspicions were proven.
-- A lone guard patrols the area between a row of barracks.
Something comes out of the shadows, dragging him back into
the darkness with it.

-- Two guards stop to take a cigarette break. As the first
guard turns to light his smoke, the other is whisked away in
a cloud of darkness. The first guard is left standing alone,
looking confused.

-- Terrified, a guard races around the corner toward the
back of a barracks. He looks up in time to see a darkened
figure descending upon him. He opens his mouth to scream,
but is enveloped in darkness before it comes out.
Manheim examines another body, this one a camp guard.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
Sometimes we'd find the bodies,
but not often. I was getting
closer, though. I just needed to
collect more samples.
Manheim, kneeling beside a chair, appears to be tying
something to the leg. He stands, looking down at the bound
and gagged prison guard seated there. The man appears to be
drowsy, as if sedated.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
His name was Krieger. He was
brought to me already dying of a
kidney infection. No one would
miss him.
Manheim looks around to make sure no one is watching. They
are alone, in an area far from the camp proper, near the
back fence.


Withdrawing a scalpel from his coat, Manheim slowly makes an
incision along the man's arm. Blood begins to seep out onto
the ground.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
All I had to do now was wait.
Still tied to the chair, Krieger sits alone in the clearing,
the blood from his wound staining the ground beside him.
The sound of a light FOOTSTEP approaches from behind.
Clearly still sedated, Krieger tries to open his eyes, but
it is to no avail. His head slumps forward as he gives in.
A hand comes to rest on his shoulder. Krieger's eyes
suddenly open wide in time with a sickening CRUNCHING sound.
They remain open for a moment, before becoming drowsy again.
His head slumps forward once more.
A darkened figure stands over Krieger, it's face buried in
his neck, making a low SUCKING sound.
A CLICKING sound from behind.
The figure, still shrouded in darkness, turns slightly.
Manheim steps forward, brandishing a shotgun.
Easy, now.
The figure turns all the way around.
Manheim fires, his shotgun making a POOF sound as a
tranquilizer dart is ejected.
The dart hits, but there is no effect. Before Manheim can
fire again, the figure is on him, knocking the gun away. It
strikes out at Manheim, throwing him back several feet.
Manheim slowly lifts himself off the ground, groaning in
pain. He looks around cautiously. The figure is gone.
                       MANHEIM (V.O)
I'd accomplished on thing. I'd
gotten it's attention.


Manheim, alone in the lab, looks through the lense of a
microscope. The only light is a small overhead lamp.
With pen in hand, he turns to take notes.
He stops suddenly, frozen in place.
Across the room, the figure stands in the shadows, only the
outline of it's body visible.
Neither says a word as they continue to watch one another.
Saul listens as Manheim finishes his story.
I don't know why he didn't kill
me. Maybe he knew I meant him no
harm. Whatever his reason, he
started showing up when I'd least
expect it. Always at night. My
research was at a standstill
before I met him. And now...
Manheim turns to face Saul.
Jan was already dead when you got
to him. Nothing you did would have
made any difference.
He watches Saul for a moment, before exiting the room
without another word.
Saul lies awake, staring at the window. He can just barely
see the moon through the small window.
He looks beside him to where Jan's blanket still lies on the
floor. Sighing, he rolls over to face the opposite wall.
A darkened figure crouches beside him, bathed in shadow.


Terrified, Saul lets out a small yelp. He scurries backward
until he hits the wall, holding his blanket up to his chin
in a feeble attempt to protect himself.
The figure holds a finger up to it's mouth and makes a SSHHH
sound, motioning toward the door.
Saul continues to cower against the wall, but the figure
stays put, allowing him to get a better look.
The figure is CHRISTIANO, and as Saul is able to gradually
make out more of his physical details, it is clear that he
is not nearly as menacing as expected.
Even in the darkness, it's clear that Christiano has a
darker complexion than that of Saul. His tight, curly dark
hair is in perfect symmetry with his full beard. His build
is stocky and strong, but there is a fluid grace to his
movements. When he speaks, it is with a Latin accent.
You never sleep.
                       YOUNG SAUL
You've been...
Saul stops himself, turning away.
                       YOUNG SAUL
No, how could I?
Of course.
Christiano looks toward Jan's spot on the floor.
You'll be lonely now.
Saul looks defiantly at Christiano.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I was already lonely.
I know. I'm sorry.
Saul lets the blanket down some and begins to stand.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Jan was my only friend. You took
him away from me.


Is that how you see it?
Saul is standing tall, moving toward Christiano.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Am I next, Nosferatu?
This gets Christiano's attention.
What did you call me?
                       YOUNG SAUL
Nosferatu. That's what you are,
isn't it?
Hold your tongue, boy.
Growing more defiant, Saul ignores him.
                       YOUNG SAUL
What, you don't like to be called
that, Nosferatu?
I'm warning you...
                       YOUNG SAUL
Nosferatu! Nosferatu!
Christiano snaps, leaping forward and grabbing Saul by the
throat. He forces him up against the wall.
Saul watches in terror as Christiano hisses at him, his
teeth growing longer and sharper right in front of him.
Saul shuts his eyes tight, as if expecting the worse. After
a moment, Christiano releases him.
Coughing, Saul slumps to the floor. Christiano walks to the
other side of the room, as if blowing off steam. Composed
again, he turns back to face Saul.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
reacted like that.
Saul is less defiant now.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't understand...


You're Jewish. Correct?
                       YOUNG SAUL
So why don't I just call you Jew?
Would you like that?
A look of realization comes over Saul.
                       YOUNG SAUL
No, I wouldn't.
Christiano stands up straight, adjusting his posture.
My name is Christiano.
Saul takes in the display of civility.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I'm Saul.
There. Was that so hard?
Christiano slowly lowers himself to a cross legged position
on the floor. He is purposefully non-threatening.
Saul watches him suspiciously. After a moment, Christiano
motions for him to sit. Saul complies.
You're one of the lucky ones.
                       YOUNG SAUL
How am I lucky?
You're in here, with the doctor.
It could be worse.
                       YOUNG SAUL
What do you know of it?
I know. I've seen other camps.
                       YOUNG SAUL
So what do you care?


So angry. Do you think you're the
only one who's suffered?
                       YOUNG SAUL
Of course not, but don't I have a
reason to be angry?
Christiano considers it a moment, before letting out a
half-hearted laugh.
Shakespeare got it right.
This elicits a confused look from Saul.
Hath not a Jew eyes? Fed with the
same food, hurt by the same
weapons? If you prick us, do we
not bleed? If you poison us, do we
not die? And if you wrong us,
shall we not revenge?
Saul scowls at him.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Now you mock me.
I was being ironic. You and I are
the same.
                       YOUNG SAUL
We're not the same. I'm nothing
like you.
Oh? Haven't you tasted loss, more
than you could have imagined?
No reply.
You've been wronged. Tell me you
don't thirst for revenge.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't see what any of that has
to do with you.


That's because you've already made
your mind up about me. Just
consider for one moment that
perhaps I have experienced the
same kind of loss as you.
They watch one another silently for a moment. Just as Saul
appears about to speak, Christiano continues.
Her name was Claudia...
A young woman, CLAUDIA (20's), stands alone in a stable,
brushing a horse's mane. She is strikingly beautiful, with
long dark hair and eyes to match.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
She was the most beautiful thing I
had ever seen in this world.
Claudia stops what she is doing and looks around the stable.
Everything is still.
Satisfied, she goes back to her grooming.
Something comes quickly from out of the shadows, carrying
her to the opposite stall, where they fall out of view onto
a pile of hay. She lets out a scream that is cut short.
The horse whinnies and stomps it's hooves.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
I'd only planned on finding prey
that night. What I found
Through raspy breaths, Claudia moans lightly, trapped under
Christiano, who has his face buried in her neck.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
I could have drained her, but even
as I fed on her, I knew I had to
have her.


Slowly raising to a kneeling position, Christiano looks down
at Claudia. Her eyes are shut, but her breathing becomes
more consistent. She grimaces and murmurs quietly, as if in
the middle of a bad dream.
Christiano stands outside the stable, bathed in moonlight.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
I can't describe the anticipation
I felt as I waited for her.
Looking even more radiant in the moonlight, Claudia
approaches, a mischievous smile forming on her face.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
I knew right then I'd made the
right decision.
A large crowd, spilling into the streets, celebrates a
holiday. Everyone is dressed in traditional Spanish garb,
placing them somewhere in the 18th or 19th century.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
We'd move around, drawn to places
where others like us would gather.
A crowd of locals dances in tune to the beat of a group of
musicians. Amid the crowd, Claudia spins round, grinning
cheerfully, her hair whipping side to side.
Seated at a table nearby, Christiano watches her, obviously
pleased. He is joined by two other couples.
Looking around, he takes stock of the sheer number of locals
gathered. Catching the eye of another of the males at his
table, they share a knowing smile.
The group sneaks around the rear of a Gothic looking
cathedral. Christiano cautiously looks around, ensuring they
are alone, before leading them in the back door.


                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
When this war started, we knew it
was time to move again. We'd have
to hide better than before.
A pair of Nazi soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint on a
nearly deserted street.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
But we still had to hunt.
The pair are oblivious to Christiano, watching them from the
shadows of an alley.
One of the soldiers turns, just in time to see something
coming at him full speed. He barely has time to open his
mouth before Christiano is upon him.
Kneeling over the bodies of the soldiers lying in the alley,
Christiano wipes his mouth and stands.
The sun begins to crest on the horizon.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
I'd gotten greedy that night.
There was no way I'd be able to
make it back in time. I was forced
to find another hiding place.
Fingers appear in the holes of a manhole cover on an empty
street. Slowly, the cover slides open.
Emerging from the hole, Christiano looks around quickly,
before heading off at a jog.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
It wasn't the first time we'd been
separated for a night, but I
worried the same every time.
Christiano slows his run, coming to an abrupt stop.


                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
Unfortunately, this time, I was
right to be worried.
Where the cathedral once stood is nothing but a hole in the
ground. It, and the buildings surrounding it, have been
levelled, leaving nothing but smoldering craters.
                       CHRISTIANO (V.O)
The Nazis suspected a group of
freedom fighters were holed up in
the cathedral. They decided to
make an example of them.
As he nears the ruins of the cathedral, his eyes fall upon a
gruesome sight. Inside the crater is the remains of what
appears to be several wooden boxes. They are busted to
pieces, the boards severely burned.
Several charred bodies lie in and around the destroyed
boxes. Their features are burned beyond recognition.
Christiano drops to his knees, a look of pure anguish
sweeping across his face.
Christiano falls silent as he finishes his story. Saul
watches quietly, seeing him wipe a tear from his cheek.
A moment passes before he speaks again.
We'd always been able to hide
safely before. But this kind of
destruction...Without the church
to shield them from the sun, they
didn't stand a chance.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Are you the last one?
No, there are others. But it's
rare for us to travel in packs. We
don't always trust one another.
We're like humans that way.


Manheim stands in a semi-dark room that is no larger than a
closet. A grate in the wall is slid open. Through it, he
listens as Christiano and Saul speak.
Christiano looks directly at Saul.
What would you do to them? If you
could do anything?
                       YOUNG SAUL
I...don't know.
After everything they've taken
from you? Your mama, your papa?
You don't know?
Saul bows his head, as if in shame.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I'm afraid to say it.
What are you afraid of? No one can
claim the right to judge you now,
not even God.
                       YOUNG SAUL
That's what I'm afraid of.
What do you...
Saul looks back up quickly, cutting him off.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't believe in God anymore.
Christiano gets a knowing look on his face, but stays
silent, allowing Saul to continue.
                       YOUNG SAUL
You want to know what I would do?
I'd kill them. All of them. And do
you know the worst part?


No. Tell me.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I don't care what God thinks about
it. If he's up there, why isn't he
doing anything? If we're his
chosen people, how can he let this
happen to us?
I don't know, but he does.
Saul takes a turn at wiping a tear away.
                       YOUNG SAUL
It's not fair.
Christiano gives him a moment to compose himself.
So you see my point.
                       YOUNG SAUL
What point?
That you and I are the same. We
want the same thing.
                       YOUNG SAUL
No, you're wrong. I only want to
kill them, for what they've done
to me. You, you kill whoever you
want, guilty or innocent.
That's not true.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Really? I think Jan would disagree
with you.
Christiano smirks at the remark.
Like I said, you've already made
your mind up about me.
Christiano stands.


                       YOUNG SAUL
Why are you here?
To warn you.
                       YOUNG SAUL
About what?
There's a storm coming.
                       YOUNG SAUL
I know, in a day or so...
I'm not talking about the weather.
Things are going to happen here.
It's going to get worse.
                       YOUNG SAUL
What things?
Christiano is about to reply, but stops suddenly. His
nostrils flare, and he makes a sniffing motion.
I have to go.
He goes to the door.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Christiano stops, already partway out the door. He looks
back at Saul.
                       YOUNG SAUL
What should I do?
He thinks for a moment.
If you can find it in you, pray.
Before Saul can say any more, Christiano is gone, leaving
him alone with a concerned look on his face.


Eisenreich and a guard stand before the locked door at the
end of the hall. Manheim is nowhere to be seen.
You want me to open it?
Do it.
The guard goes about picking the lock on the door.
Eisenreich looks around nervously.
Come on, hurry up.
A CLICK sound, and the door swings open.
Eisenreich and the guard step into the
where they are stopped dead in their tracks.
A look of surprise on their faces, they take in the sight
before them. The room has been transformed into a makeshift
intensive care unit, complete with an assortment of life
support systems and mechanisms.
In stark contrast to the rest of the facility, this room is
painted a bright, cheery color.
What the hell...
Against the opposite wall is a hospital bed, around which a
light curtain has been drawn.
Eisenreich walks to the side of the bed and pauses just a
split second before pulling back the curtain.
Lying on the bed is a woman in a sedated state. Despite the
fact that her body is in a deteriorated state, and her face
is partially covered by an oxygen mask, it is clear that she
was a once beautiful woman. Her long blond hair has been
well kept, and flows over her pillow.
Who do you think she is?
                       MANHEIM (O.S)
Her name is Helen.


Eisenreich and the guard turn to see Manheim standing in the
doorway. Manheim enters the room, looking not the least bit
surprised at the intrusion.
She's my wife.
They watch as Manheim goes to her side to check on her.
What's wrong with her?
Manheim doesn't look up as he checks her pulse.
It's a disease in her blood. I've
almost got it identified.
You mean you don't know what it
is? Is it contagious?
Manheim turns to face him.
Relax, Commandant. It's in the
blood, it's not airborn.
Eisenreich looks at the woman once more.
Shouldn't she be in a hospital?
They wouldn't even know what to
look for. Her best chance is here,
with me.
This is a research facility,
doctor, not an intensive care
unit. You've greatly overstepped
your bounds.
That's where you're wrong. By
having her as a test subject, I've
made strides I never would have
thought possible.


No, I can't allow this to go on.
She'll have to be moved, and
Berlin will be notified of this.
Out of the question.
Saul peeks through the slightly open door of the storage
room. He listens to what is going on down the hall.
Eisenreich is taken back by the display of disobedience. He
glances at the guard, who watches uncomfortably.
You're forgetting who is in charge
of this facility, doctor. I am
putting a stop to this now.
He motions to the guard.
Escort the doctor to my office.
Manheim looks toward Eisenreich and sees the determination
in his eyes. His shoulders slump, as if accepting his fate.
The guard places a hand on Manheim's shoulder.
Eisenreich turns back to look at Helen.
Unseen by the guard, a small blade appears from Manheim's
sleeve into his palm. He shoves the guard violently against
the wall, covering his mouth with one hand, and driving the
blade into his throat with the other. The man struggles
vainly as blood sprays from the wound.
Frozen in shock, Eisenreich watches as the guard's body
slumps to the floor. Realization of what is happening sets
in, and he reaches for his sidearm.
Manheim is too quick for him. He grabs a small lamp from a
side table and SMASHES it across Eisenreich's head, dropping
him hard to the floor.
Like an animal stalking its prey, Manheim stands over
Eisenreich, watching as he tries to get to his feet.


Striking, he kicks him hard in the stomach, forcing him back
down to the floor.
Eisenreich slowly drags himself across the floor in an
effort to escape.
Taking hold of the side rail on the hospital bed, Manehim is
able to remove one of the metal bars. Brandishing it like a
club, he resumes stalking Eisenreich.
Making it almost to the door, Eisenreich finds his way
blocked. He looks up, only to see Manheim standing over him,
the metal bar raised over his head.
There is a sickening CRUNCH as Manheim brings the bar down
full force. He raises it and brings it down again, over and
over, each time covered in more blood.
Breathing heavily, Manheim stands alone in the silence of
the room. He surveys the gruesome scene before dropping the
metal bar to the floor.
Saul enters the room to find Manheim rolling the bodies onto
a large tarp on the floor.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Still working away at wrapping the bodies, Manheim speaks in
rapid, broken fragments. He appears jittery and confused.
...gotta get these out of the way
quick, we're running out of time.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Doctor, are you okay?
Grab that end!
Saul follows Manheim's lead, taking an end of the tarp and
folding it over the bodies lying in the middle.
We have to hide these...not much
time left. Maybe a day...


Manheim begins to haul the gruesome package toward the door.
As he does so, Saul takes a look around the room. He slowly
approaches the bed where Helen lies.
As Saul takes in the sight of Helen lying in her bed,
Manheim continues to mumble in the background. Saul turns at
the sound of wheels rolling into the room.
Help me with this.
Manheim has rolled a cart into the room and is attempting to
lift the bodies onto it.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Is she your wife?
Saul bends down to take an end of the tarp.
Yes. Now lift on
They struggle, but manage to get the bodies onto the cart.
I'm going to clean up in here, and
then I have to get to work.
Manheim begins to roll the cart out the door, then turns
back toward Saul, speaking as if it is an afterthought.
You have to go now.
Saul is dumbfounded.
                       YOUNG SAUL
For an instant, coherence seems to return to Manheim. He
approaches Saul, speaking directly to him.
Listen to me very carefully.
There's a storage shed across the
way, over by the office building.
You know the one?
Saul shakes his head yes.


There's a hidden door in the
floor, it leads to a tunnel. I
want you to take it. It will take
you into the woods.
Manheim looks at the bodies on the cart.
The fool had no idea how close the
Russians are. He still thought we
were going to win.
He looks back at Saul.
Things are about to get very
dangerous here, much more than
before. I have to finish my work,
and I won't be able to protect
you. This is your only chance to
leave here alive.
They look at one another, both with pleading expressions.
I knew you were a smart boy,
that's why I picked you. Now prove
me right, and save yourself.
Saul looks tentatively toward the door.
You can do it, I know you can.
Saul gives him one last look before bolting for the door.
Manheim waits a moment, and then goes to the door, where he
can see Saul making his way toward the office building.
Outside, the sky is grey and snow is already falling.
Isaac is back in the shop, talking again with Grunfeld. He
speaks low, making sure there are no guards close by.
It's going to be dark soon. That's
when we hit the lights. Pass the
word to wait for the signal.


Grunfeld nods nonchalantly and goes back to work.
The lab is in partial darkness once again, illuminated by a
few small lights. Manheim races around, preparing various
medical instruments and equipment.
I'm telling you, it's ready.
Christiano stands against one wall, hidden in shadow.
Are you willing to stake your life
on it? And her?
I know what I'm doing, god damn
it. I'm a scientist.
Then think like one. You're not
being at all rational.
We're running out of time. If I
don't do anything, she's dead. I'd
rather have a small chance than
none at all.
Please listen to me. You have no
idea what could happen to her if
you've got it wrong. Are you
willing to take that chance?
I'll take whatever chance I have
to. Now either help me, or get out
of the way.
Standing in front of a workspace, Manheim picks up a test
tube from a holder. He examines it for a moment. The liquid
inside is a dark crimson, slightly thinner than blood.
This is the one, I'm sure of it.
Using a syringe, he begins drawing the fluid from the tube.


Satisfied, Manheim walks toward the door leading to the
hall. Christiano steps in to block his way.
What are you doing?
I can't let you do this.
You think you can stop me?
You know I can.
Manheim stands his ground, locking eyes with Christiano.
After a few tense moments, he relents.
You're right, of course. Will you
still help me? However long it
takes to get it right?
Whatever you need.
Very well.
You're doing the right thing,
doctor. You'll see.
Manheim walks back to his workspace.
Can I show you something, then?
Christiano approaches.
There's a slight discoloration.
Here, take a look.
Christiano leans close, looking at the test tube.
With Christiano's attention diverted, Manheim slowly reaches
out and flicks a switch on the wall.
A huge overhead light flashes to life, emitting a brilliant,
blue tinged light that illuminates the entire room.


Christiano lets loose with an agonizing SCREAM. His skin
begins to smoke under the light's rays.
I'm sorry it has to come to this,
but you leave me no choice.
Christiano stumbles to the wall, HOWLING in pain as his skin
bubbles under the onslaught.
I fashioned this light to
duplicate the effects of the sun's
rays. I was hoping I wouldn't have
to use it.
In desperation, Christiano grabs the leg of a nearby table.
Throwing himself into a corner, he flips the table over,
providing himself the slightest bit of cover.
Seeing Christiano cowering under the table, Manheim grabs
hold of one of the legs. As he prepares to move the table,
he pauses for an instant. Hearing Christiano's whimpers, he
slowly lets go of the table leg.
Taking one last look, he grabs the syringe from the
workspace and heads for the hallway.
With only the beam of a small flashlight to guide him, Saul
slowly makes his way through the tight confines of the
underground tunnel
Stopping for a break, he sits back, leaning against the dirt
wall and closing his eyes.
A large group has gathered in celebration. Music plays,
people dance and sing.
A very traditional looking Rabbi reads to a group of
children, who hang on his every animated word.
A young boy, a much younger version of Saul, sits in his
mother's lap. As she strokes his hair, he looks up at her.
She is a plain looking woman, but has a gentle, pleasant
look about her. She points toward the Rabbi.


Pay attention, Saul. This is the
story of who you are.
Saul slowly opens his eyes.
A finger taps the end of a syringe, followed by the
expulsion of a small amount of red liquid from the tip.
Manheim places the end of the needle into an opening in his
wife's I.V. He pauses, stroking her hair.
We're going to be together again,
I promise you.
Squeezing the plunger on the syringe, the red liquid slowly
snakes it's way through the I.V.
Isaac, making repairs on a piece of machinery, casually
glances toward Grunfeld. He is met with a barely noticeable
nod in reply, and watches as Grunfeld looks toward another
worker, who passes the signal on down the line.
Trying to remain casual, Isaac slowly walks toward a group
of guards who stand talking among themselves. He carries a
large pipe wrench at his side.
A look of anticipation on his face, Manheim watches as the
liquid slowly makes it's way into Helen's arm.
For a moment, nothing happens. Then, slowly, her breathing
becomes louder and raspier. She begins to squirm, struggling
against unconsciousness.
A guard looks up as Isaac approaches.


What do you want?
Ignoring him, Isaac looks back toward Grunfeld.
C'mon, out with it.
Isaac grins at the man, just as the lights go out.
Helen's breathing continues to become more and more rapid.
She starts to shudder, shake, and finally buck wildly.
Manheim attempts to hold her down.
Helen! Listen to me!
She swings her arm viciously, hitting him and sending him
crashing into a bank of monitoring equipment.
With only the light coming in through the windows high up
the shop walls, the place is in near total darkness.
Isaac swings his wrench, hitting the closest guard square in
the head. The man drops instantly.
Sounds of commotion and confusion rise up in the darkness.
The whirring sound of a machine springing to life rings out,
followed by a SCREAM that is cut short.
Metal hitting metal and flesh can be heard, followed by more
screams and angry yells. GUNSHOTS ring out.
Struggling to regain his footing, Manheim watches the
transformation taking place in his wife.
Her breathing finally slowing, she stands up tall in her
bed. No longer frail looking, her pale skin seems to glow
under the light. The sleeveless gown she wears shows off
newly formed muscles in her arms, taught and sinewy.


Turning quickly, she looks toward Manheim, who slumps back
down on the floor.
Jumping down onto the floor, Helen's bare legs also show the
same regained musculature. She pauses for a moment, looking
around the room as if it is all new to her.
Manheim slowly gets to his feet.
Helen, it's me. Frederick.
She slowly turns toward him, tilting her head slightly as if
taking in the sight of him.
A small smile begins to form on Manheim.
You see, I told you...
She HISSES loudly at him, cutting him off. Her snarl reveals
an elongated set of sharp teeth.
Manheim scrambles backward into the corner.
Slowly advancing on him, Helen stops abruptly. He nostrils
flare, and she looks toward the door.
Turning quickly, she bounds out of the room, followed by the
sound of the outer door swinging open.
Manheim tries to pursue, but when he reaches the outer door,
she is nowhere in sight.
The snow and freezing rain continues to fall.
A group of prisoners crowds near the front door of their
barracks, trying to hear the ruckus outside.
At the front of the crowd are an elderly man, and a young
man with his ear to the door.
                       ELDERLY MAN
Can you hear anything?
                       YOUNG MAN


He goes back to listening, when the door is suddenly pulled
open from the outside. The group jumps back as a whole.
A guard stands in the doorway, rifle in hand.
What's going on in here?
The prisoners stand silently, unsure what to do.
As the guard eyes them suspiciously, something catches his
attention. He begins to look up. His expression turns to
terror, and he opens his mouth to scream, but it is cut
short. Something grabs him by the head and yanks him upward.
As the prisoners watch in disbelief, the door SLAMS shut.
This is followed by a SCREAM from up above.
The young man jumps into action.
                       YOUNG MAN
Everyone, get to the back!
The group turns and rushes toward the door at the back of
the barracks. A man at the front pushes against the door but
finds it locked tight.
Something slams against the door from the outside making a
loud BANG which causes the group to recoil.
                       ELDERLY MAN
There's no way out!
A hush falls over the group as a sound begins to resonate
withing the barracks. A THUMPING sound, like footsteps,
coming from up on the roof. Everyone looks up.
Saul, standing in the doorway to the lab, surveys the scene.
The UV light is still on, and he can see someone huddled
under an overturned table in the corner.
He turns and goes back down the hall to the
where he finds Manheim, sitting at the edge of the bed.
                       YOUNG SAUL


Manheim looks up, then back down at the floor.
You shouldn't be here.
Saul approaches slowly.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Where is your wife?
Manheim doesn't reply. Saul takes a quick look around,
noticing the smashed equipment in the room.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Doctor, are you okay?
Manheim, rubbing his temples, ignores him.
We met in Salzburg.
Saul gives him a puzzled look.
Twenty years ago, it seems like a
lifetime to me now. I was there
for a medical conference.
He looks up at Saul.
God, she was beautiful.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Something's going on out there.
Saul points toward the door, but again Manheim ignores him.
Instead, he stands and runs his fingers along the bed.
I was quite a catch in those days.
Handsome young doctor. I had my
choice of women.
He turns and looks at Saul, a small smile on his face.
Of course I had to pick the one
girl who wasn't interested. Her
friends, they all tried to
persuade her to give me a chance,
but she was more interested in her
work with the orphanage.


                       YOUNG SAUL
We have to do something.
Manheim walks to the doorway.
I was shrewd, though. The children
at the orphanage needed medical
care, and I was more than happy to
provide it. It may have been a
ruse, but it felt good to do it.
That's when she agreed to give me
a chance.
He bows his head.
She loved children so much, and it
just killed me that I couldn't
give her one.
Saul steps directly in front of him. He is becoming visibly
frustrated by Manheim's inactivity.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Doctor, please, whatever you said
is going to happen...it's
happening right now.
Manheim looks at him, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
She's coming back to me.
                       YOUNG SAUL
You'll see. I gave her new life,
so we could be together again.
She'll come back.
Saul is speechless. He watches Manheim for another moment,
waiting for some change but none comes. Finally, he bolts
from the room, leaving Manheim with his dazed expression.
Saul stands in front of the overturned table. He can still
hear a low WHIMPERING coming from underneath.


                       YOUNG SAUL
Please...help me.
Crouching down, Saul sees Christiano, under the table,
curled up in a ball with his arms shielding his face.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Will you promise me something?
Christiano nods his head "yes".
                       YOUNG SAUL
We'll help the prisoners get out
of here. You won't hurt any of
them. Do you promise?
Christiano moves his arm, revealing a face covered in pain.
His eyes glow blue under the light.
I never harmed any of them. You
have to believe me.
For a moment, Saul appears unsure what to do. Finally, he
goes to the wall and begins trying various light switches.
The overhead light turns off.
Flipping the table over, Saul is able to help a recovering
Christiano to his feet.
Where is the doctor?
Saul points down the hall.
Did he give her the blood?
                       YOUNG SAUL
I think so. She's gone.
Christiano goes to the hallway, stopping at the door.
Stay here.


                       YOUNG SAUL
No, I can help.
Listen to me. I don't know what
effect the blood will have on her,
but if you're smart, you'll find
somewhere to hide.
Christiano appears as if he has more to say, but he turns
and bolts down the hall, leaving Saul alone.
Manheim sits on the edge of the bed, looking at a framed
picture. It is of a much healthier looking Helen.
Saul appears in the doorway, looks inside for a moment, and
then disappears, followed by the sound of a door closing.
Oblivious to the intrusion, Manheim looks at the picture for
another moment.
I'm sorry, Helen.
He places the picture on the bed, face down, and stands up.
More determined now, he leaves the room.
The snow and freezing rain has finally let up, leaving
everything white and glistening in the moonlight.
Saul cautiously trudges toward the barracks. As he passes
the machine shop, a SHOT echoes from inside, causing him to
flinch. The sound of more YELLS ring out.
The extent of what has been happening becomes more apparent
the closer he gets to the barracks. Bodies, both guards and
prisoners, are scattered about the grounds, their blood
leaving crimson stains in the snow.
Saul approaches the nearest barracks, the snow crunching
under his feet. He stops to look around, his breath visible
in the cold. Everything has fallen deathly silent.
The stillness is broken by a guard who races out the door of
the barracks, panicked and breathing heavily.


The guard collides with Saul, knocking them both over.
Move, god damn it!
The guard gets up and begins looking around frantically. He
looks up in time to see something falling toward him from
the roof of the barracks.
Jumping out of the way, he narrowly avoids being hit by the
body of another guard.
A figure begins to materialize from the shadows on the roof.
The guard pulls Saul in front of him like a shield.
Helen becomes visible in the moonlight, looking out over the
camp from her perch on the roof. After a moment, she looks
down at the guard.
To hell with this.
After shoving Saul down, the guard turns and starts to run.
Saul looks up in time to see Helen launch herself from the
roof, seeming to hang in mid-air, before landing on top of
the fleeing guard with a CRUNCH. His cry is cut short as she
envelopes him in her own shadow.
Frozen in place, Saul can only watch as Helen finishes
feeding. Finally, she stands, ignoring him, and begins
walking back toward Manheim's complex.
A GUNSHOT echoes from somewhere in one of the buildings,
appearing to hit Helen. She shows no effect as she continues
on her way.
Shivering and breathing heavily, Saul stands. Everything
falls silent again.
A WHIMPERING sound coming from inside the barracks catches
his attention. Cautiously, he approaches the door.
Pushing gently on the door, it swings open.
Inside, a young male prisoner lies prone on the floor. A
male figure, his back to Saul, kneels over him, feeding.
Saul GASPS, then places a hand over his mouth.
The figure stops, cocks his head, and stands.


As the figure turns to face him, Saul's eyes widen with
realization. The man's skin is pale, his thin body covered
by an ill fitting SS uniform.
                       YOUNG SAUL
Krieger grins, revealing a mouth full of bloody teeth.
I thought I smelled a young one.
Saul notices that Krieger's eyes are a murky yellow.
There's something about the taste
of the young ones. It makes me
feel...more alive.
Krieger begins to move slowly toward Saul.
I was enjoying your friend very
much, until you interrupted.
They lock eyes for a split second, before Saul turns and
bolts across the prison yard.
Krieger bursts from the barracks in hot pursuit.
The ice and snow crunching underfoot, Saul runs as fast as
possible, breathing in heavy bursts.
Krieger comes up fast, lunging at him.
Sensing the approach, Saul dives, sending Krieger past him.
Hitting the icy ground, Krieger slides several feet past.
Saul is up quick, finding himself just outside the machine
shop. He races through the nearest door, slamming it shut
behind him.
A young woman, lying in one of the prisoner barracks, stirs,
waking from her sleep.
She opens her eyes, seeing Christiano kneeling beside her.
He places his finger to his lips.


She recoils slightly, but remains silent.
Get everyone up. We're getting out
of here, now.
She gets up, nodding in agreement.
Manheim stands leaning against his workspace in the darkened
lab, his back to the door.
Someone approaches from behind.
                       HELEN (O.S)
I knew you'd wait for me.
Her voice is sultry. Manheim doesn't turn.
I'd wait as long as it takes.
She stands behind him now, her dress torn in places and
stained with blood. Even so, she is radiant.
You brought me back, just like you
said you would.
Manheim turns to face her.
I've loved you since that first
day in Salzburg. My life isn't
worth living without you.
She slowly moves closer, putting her arms around him.
Shh. You don't have to talk like
that. We can be together now.
She moves closer, leaning in as if to kiss his neck.
Isn't that what you want?
Manheim's hand stealthily slides toward the wall.


Yes, more than anything.
Do you love me, darling?
Her mouth opens, revealing sharp, elongated teeth.
Manheim flicks the switch on the wall.
Helen SCREAMS as the UV light shines down on her.
Which is why I have to do this.
Saul, breathing heavy, crouches behind a piece of equipment
in the darkened shop.
The exit door opens. Krieger stands in the doorway, bathed
from behind in moonlight, making him look like a shadow.
Krieger steps inside, the door closing behind him. The shop
falls into darkness again.
You're making this a challenge,
little one. I enjoy the sport.