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Cheerfull, Bliss
by Jon Gill (jackbeback23@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
Cheerfull, Bliss is your typical American family comedy that you just don't see on t.v. anymore. The show follows Pauly Rhodes a father of two with a lovely wife Lucy who tries her best to please Pauly by all means. Pauly's eldest son is John Rhodes a freshman in High School who is the future quarterback for his High School Football team. Jake Rhodes is Pauly's youngest son hes not a genious but he is also not an idiot. So go ahead and read what Cheerfull, Bliss is all about to Pauly Rhodes.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It shows the door swing open and Pauly Rhodes comes running
through with a huge grin on his face.
Lucy! Lucy! Where are you?
Pauly take off his jacket and throws it on the ground then
kicks off his shoes and throughs his briefcase on the sofa
and runs past Jake who is sitting on the sofa without even
noticing him. Pauly run's into the kitchen.
Lucy! Where the hell are you?
He runs to the Kitchen door and swings it open and screams
Lucy! Are you out there?
Pauly turns back around and runs back into the living room
towards the upstairs. Jake stands up in front of the couch
trying to get his dad's attention.
Dad, moms at the
Pauly puts his hand in front Jake's face and pushes him back
down on the sofa as he runs by him. He run's to the upstairs
steps and screams up them.
Lucy! where are you the suspense
is killing me?
Pauly has an idea and runs over to a wire phone while still
ignoring Jake.
Dad! mom's at the
Be quiet, I'm trying to think of
your mothers number.


You don't know moms number?
Of course I do let me just think!
Jake waits for the tension between them to build up.
Okay I don't know what's your
mother's number?
eight six seven five three O nine
      (Says the numbers
       while dialing)
eight six seven five three O nine
As the phone rings Pauly get's a confused face and thinks
about the numbers he just dialed.
      (mutters slowly)
eight six seven five three O nine
The phone rings again then a operator picks up with a sexy
You have just entered into your
wildest fantasy's if your calling
for a good time press one.
Pauly looks up to Jake with confusion and anger in his eyes.
come here you little pip squeak.
Pauly chases him to the stairs but get's stopped by the
wired phone and slams to the ground as Jake heads up stairs.
Oh my neck, yeah you better run!
Oh yes scream at me baby
Ugh I'm married


It's okay I wont tell as long as
you don't you bad bad boy
Pauly looks disgusted and hangs the phone up. Then it shows
Lucy walk in through the kitchen with a couple bags of
grocery. Pauly jumps up with excitment and run's into the
kitchen like a little child greeting there mother after not
seeing her all day.
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy! I got some great
Pauly looks at all the bags of grocerys and get's
How much did this cost?
It doesn't matter, just a few
dollars but, whats the great news?
Are you sitting down?
Lucy is standing by the sink putting the food away in the
counters. She looks behind herself and has a confused look
on her face.
Pauly you can literally see I'm
Lucy laughs a little. Then Pauly grabs a chair from the
kitchen table and slides it over to Lucy.
Well sit down
Lucy sit's down cautisuly and has a confused look on her
Oh no did something bad happen?
No at all something wonderful


Pauly pulls out two envelopes and holds them in front of his
face with a big smile.
We got the kid's report cards
Lucy jumps up in excitment and hugs Pauly big. And grabs the
report cards.
I think i'm going to cry?
I know sweetie which one should we
punish first.
Jake always get's A's so I guess
the big one again.
I was thinking the big one also.
Alright i'll go call them down.
He turns around and begins to go to the stairwell to scream
up it.
Pauly wait
Pauly turns around to see what Lucy want's.
Yeah Lucy
I think we should wait.
What why this is the only time of
the year we get to torture the
I mean wait till dinner and then
we can confront them then.
Oh i see make there stomach's get
tied into knots where they won't
eat and there will be more food


                       PAULY (cont'd)
for you and me.
Exactly, sweetheart.
You are so smart and beautiful,
your my two in one wife.
As weird as that sounds, thank
Lucy and Pauly lean in and kiss while their oldest son John
Rhodes walks in.
Come on you two, there's kids in
the house.
John walks to the fridge and pulls out a sports drink.
Oh hey John how was football
Pretty good coach said i'll be a
starter next season for sure.
Alright that's my son, pound it!
John looks at him with a confused look while his dad is
holding his fist out.
Are you trying to be cool or are
you just trying to look young in
front of mom.
Pauly looks back at his wife and then back at his son.
Can it be both?
John laughs then walks away and back up the steps.
      (looks dramatic at
       his wife)
Oh the big one is going to pay?


The camera focuses on Jake and John heading down stairs
pushing on each other.
Stop it or i'm going to tell mom?
      (like a four year
Stop it or i'm going to tell mom
How old are you?
sixteen, errrrr
John walks into the kitchen then immediately walks back into
the living room with a shocked face.
John what's wrong, what did you
Dad is, Dad is
Dad is what?
Dad is helping mom with dinner
Or Dad
yeah or Dad
Our Father
Yes, or father, or Dad then man
who sits on the couch while mom
cooks the dinner.
I don't believe you
Then go look for yourself short


Jake turns and begins to head to the kitchen and turns and
looks back at John like it's going to be there last time
seeing each other.
Love you John
Love you too short stack
Jake walks into the kitchen then immediately comes back
through the door with a shocked face.
He really is helping
I told you so
This isn't normal, somethings
going on, but what could be going
on, what did we do, tell me, tell
me John.
I don't know Jake I just don't
What's today
I don't know
Jake runs over to the calendar and covers his mouth when he
Today's the third
Tell me what that means
Or report cards were sent in the
mail today.
John's mouth opens wide with a shocked expression.


      (screams from the
Dinners ready!
Sucks to be you
What do you mean?
My gpas always higher
Your what
Let me put it like this good
student(points to himself) Bad
student(points to John)
Jake runs inside the kitchen with a big smile.
So what's for dinner tonight?
We made your favorite fried
chicken and mac and cheese.
Now wash your hands before you sit
down to eat sweetie.
John Rhodes time for dinner!
John walks in looking sick like his stomach tied into knots.
I'm not feeling good i think i'm
going to skip dinner tonight?
Pauly makes a buzzer sound.


Wrong sit down and eat with us as
a family would.
John pulls the chair from the end out and sits down then
Jake pulls the chair next to him and sits down and then Lucy
sits next to Jake and Pauly sits at the other end.
Why aren't you hungry Jake?
I don't know, it just feels like
my stomachs in knots.
Well that doesn't sound good maybe
we should go to the hospital.
No, honey I'm sure he'll be
feeling find at the end of dinner.
                                         IT GOES TO THE END
Well i'm finished can i got to my
room now.
No short stack me and your mother
got you a surprise and i think
you'll really like it.
Pauly stands up and moves over to the counter where the
report cards lye.
They came in the mail today and i
think you will really like them.
We know you have or report cards
so you can stop acting like we
don't and just ground me.
Pauly grabs the report cards and give Jakes to Lucy and
Pauly keeps Johns.


Well Jake lets see what you got,
In science Jake got an A in
English Jake got an A and in
Social Studies Jake got another A
Jake also got an A in P.E. an A in
Art and an A in music and the
final class Jake got an A minus in
math. Very good sweetie.
Jake looks horribly shocked he stands up and snatches the
report card.
What an A minus this is
poposterous this is inzane how
could i be such a failure.
Hey Jake what did i say about
using big boy words in front of
Sorry Dad but this is a mistake a
very huge one i'm calling Mrs.
Gabber this very instance.
Jake runs upstairs with his report card in hand. Pauly
stands up to read off John's report card.
And know the moment we have been
waiting for John Alexanders Rhodes
report card can i get a drum roll.
Lucy begins to do a drum roll with her fingers against the
Thank you sweetie, In Algerbra one
John received a C- in English John
received a C+ and in History John
recieved a D+ and in Metals Tech
he received a A minus.
Pauly looks in shock and so does Lucy. John looks up
surprised and Jumps up and downs and runs over and grabs the
report card and hugs Pauly who doesn't believed what he just
read. Pauly sit down in Amazement.


      (Hovering around
       the kitchen
       putting food on
       his plate)
There is a God mom and Dad i swear
i know so because i have proof
know. The gates of heaven are
opening up and I'm about to walk
through, I got to go call the
John runs upstairs with exictement and joy running through
What the hell just happened?
I guess he just passed every class
John never passes every class, we
have to ground him.
Ground him for actually succedding
in school, are you crazy?
Yes I am crazy
Listen Pauly your just going to
have to face it John is actually
doing well in school, I know it's
shocking but we should be happy
for him.
You don't understand though when I
ground him I make him do my chores
and now I still have to do my
chores, life just isn't fair.
The camera shows Pauly walk through the High School corridor
with John's report card in hand he goes up to the metal shop
Class. He knocks on the door then enters through the doors.


Where it shows the typical metal teacher doing some metal
Hey Mr. Farrot
Mr. Farrot swings around from wielding holding the welding
stick with a huge flame from it he lifts up his welding
Thats a pretty big flame
                       MR. FARROT
Don't look directly at it or it
might blind you.
Mr. Farrot chuckles and hits Pauly on his side really hard.
Can you put the flame out?
                       MR. FARROT
Oh yes certainly.
Mr. Farrot distingushes the flame and puts the wielder down
then reaches his hand out to greet Pauly.
                       MR. FARROT
I never got your name I'm Mr.
Farrot and this is my metal class.
Hi i'm Pauly Rhodes,just call me
                       MR. FARROT
I'll call you whatever i fell like
slick, are you a new student?
No i'm a little to old to be a new
student, I'm John Rhodes father.
                       MR. FARROT
Oh so your jerk off's father?
Jerk off?
                       MR. FARROT
Yeah it's a nick name i gave him
because he doesn't try hard enough
in class to reach his full


                       MR. FARROT (cont'd)
But you gave him an A minus
                       MR. FARROT
I gave him an A minus?
Yes it says it right here.
Pauly shows him John's report card and Mr. Farrot looks at
it confused and walks over to his grade book and brings it
back over to Pauly. And shows it to him.
                       MR. FARROT
See I gave your son an F. He
didn't work hard enough to get an
A minus.
Pauly's face turns to confusion.
But why does it say an A minus
                       MR. FARROT
It could be a computer malfunction
or it could be somebody's changing
them for him.
Changing them for him?
                       MR. FARROT
Yeah you could be shocked what
kid's can do on the internet know
in days, stealing peoples credit
cards number hacking on websites
it's some sick stuff.
Well thank you for showing me
this, i'm going to talk with his
other teachers.
                       MR. FARROT
No promblem Pauly come back any


I would put this place doesn't
seem to safe.
                       MR. FARROT
There hasn't been an accident in
more then thirty days in this
Guess again
                       MR. FARROT
What do you mean?
Turn around
Mr.Farrot turns around and it shows a kid running around on
fire in the background Mr.Farrot grabs the fire extingushier
and puts him out.
                       MR. FARROT
You dumb ass remeber your safety
rules if your on fire scream for
help don't run around silently.
                                         TO A DIFFERENT PART
It shows Pauly knocking on another door where it shows the
female teacher cleaning the chalk board.
Excuse me, Mrs. Lemon?
                       MISS. LEMON
It's Miss Lemon child and make it
quick. It's my lunch hour.
      (Walking towards
Sorry about that, I'm John Rhodes
father of Pauly Rhodes I have a
quick question to ask?
                       MISS. LEMON
      (says it cruel)
So your the father of that


Yeah, and Me and my wife was just
wondering about my son's grade.
                       MISS. LEMON
My wife and I
                       MISS. LEMON
My wife and I is the correct way
to speak not me and my wife.
Sorry about that
                       MISS. LEMON
Just please make sure it never
happens again, okay?
Okay, but about my son's grade?
                       MISS. LEMON
Yes I also thought it was weird
that he passed but he did for the
first time since birth?
Okay so he did get a C minus.
                       MISS. LEMON
God no the day that boy get's a C
minus the gates of heaven will be
opening up, I gave him a D minus.
      (Shows her the
       report card)
It says a C minus on his report
                       MISS. LEMON
      (snatches the
       report card)
I have to show this to the
addminastration as soon as
      (snatches the
       report card back)
I can show it to them myself Mrs.


                       PAULY (cont'd)
Control freak.
Pauly turns around and walks out the door and Miss. Lemon
                       MISS. LEMON
It's Miss. Control freak, no i
mean Miss. Lemon you adolescent
                                         ANOTHER PART OF THE
The camera shows Pauly walking up to the math's teacher
door. He knocks then enters.
Hello Mr. Flagstone
Mr.Flagstone is facing the chalkboard with his back turned
to Pauly. He nervously says.
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
      (facing the
Whatever you want take it, I won't
tell on you just take what you
want and nobody will get hurt.
Pauly looks at him confused then reaches his hand in Mr.
Flagstones candy tray and takes the piece of candy out and
puts it in his pocket.
No, Mr. Flagstone I'm Pauly Rhodes
I'm John
Mr.Flagstone turns around dramatically, then walks over to
his seat to sit down.
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
I know who you are your John
Rhodes dad the future star of this
team, number one in your and soon
to be number one in mine but just
because i flunged your son doesn't
mean you can come in here and beg
to have his grade changed.
No, i came in here to see what
grade you gave him because on his
report card it says you gave him a


                       PAULY (cont'd)
D plus.
Pauly begins to walk over to show him the report card but
Mr. Flagstone freaks out.
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
What the hell do you have in your
Calm down it's just the report
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
Just the report card do you know
how many freaking times i have
heard that it's always just the
report card or just a paper or
just a pencil. But guess what i've
been shot at three times hit ounce
staped at four times and hit every
single time. So do not bring that
report card up to me. Put your
hands up right now!
But how else are you going to look
at it?
Mr. Flagstone rolls over to him cautiosly and snatches the
report as quickly as possible then rolls back as fast as
ever and sits at his desk.
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
As i look at this do not take
another step, because i have
protection and i'm not afraid to
use it.
I'm sorry I'm married....to a
woman i don't swing that way.
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
Shut up this instance or i'll send
you to the principals office.
sorry Mr. Flagstone
Mr. Flagstone looks at the report then looks up confused.


                       MR. FLAGSTONE
How did he get a D plus if
anything i would've gave him a F
or a Z if i possibly could but a D
plus thats not possible.
Thats what i thou
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
Don't speak unless I'm talking to
well who were you just talking to
                       MR. FLAGSTONE
Mr. Flagstone hands the paper back to Pauly dramatically
from a distance then stands up and begins working on the
chalkboard. Then Pauly begins to leave but he stops at the
door and knocks a book off the counter causing a big bang.
Mr. Flagstone dives to the ground dramatically throwing a
desk down in front of him for protection.
                                         ANOTHER PART OF THE
Pauly begins walking down the hall going to John's History
teacher he knocks on the door and enters through. The
teacher of the class is the coach of John's football team.
Hey Coach Williams I didn't know
you were also a teacher.
Coach Williams stands up from his desk to greet pauly
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Pauly Rhodes how is my future star
quarterback doing?
Well coach i would be honored but
i think i'm a little to old.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
I was talking about your son


I know I was joking with you.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Well anyways what makes you stop
Well it's actually about John
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Well what's going on with him?
Well it's his grades
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Isn't it great that he passed
every class.
Thats the problem though he didn't
pass every class beside english
and i guess yours?
Coach Williams stands up and shuts the door quietly and
closes the blinds and shuts the windows
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Did you show the teachers the
grade on there report card.
Yeah of course
Coach Williams grabs it and puts the report card in the
sherder. Then looks at Pauly.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
This is what's going to happen
Pauly you never came to this high
school today you never brought
this report card in Its hanging on
your fridge. Do you understand.
Whats going on?
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Let me put it this way as long as
your son continues playing
football for us.... he will not
have to do any homework any test


                       COACH WILLIAMS (cont'd)
or any projects. He will have a
free ride in this high school then
a free ride in college as long as
he continues to play sports with
this high school. Do you
understand now?
But how is suppose to learn then?
                       COACH WILLIAMS
The only thing John needs to learn
about is how to become a better
football player by learing the
playbook and reading defenses.
Do you do this to every football
                       COACH WILLIAMS
No usually only starting seniors
and people who show potential but
never for freshman. But when i see
John practice i see the best
potential for any quarter back in
high school.
But what would happen if he gets
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Well if it's a serious injury i
hope you can hire one hell of a
What if i want John to earn his
education like i did.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Its up to you Pauly, but being a
student athlete is a very
difficult thing it comes with a
lot of stress and my way helps the
football player begin able to
relax and only worry about his


A man isn't nothing without his
education, Coach Williams.
Pauly stands up and begins to head towards the door but he
gets stopped by the coach.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
Hey Pauly you won't tell the
administration about this will
This is your warning but if i find
you messing with my son's
education ounce again. I will make
sure myself that you get escorted
out of this school.
                       COACH WILLIAMS
You know Pauly usually parents
don't complain as long as there
child is passing.
Well there gutters aren't as dirty
as mine.
Pauly exits the class room in shock and anger of what he
just heard.
The camera shows John Rhodes on the computer then it shows
Lucy walk past with a load of laundry.
What are you looking up sweetie?
My scouting information, get this
i'm a three out of five star
quarterback and i'm not even
starting, isn't that great.
Lucy is clueless about what John just said.
Uh- huh it sounds amazing John,
I'm sure your father will like to
hear about it.


I'm the best freshman player in
this state actually in this
Ounce again i'm sure that's
something your father will be more
exicited about.
Walks into the kitchen and looks at his mom who is busy
doing some kitchen work.
You don't understand mom ounce i
go pro i'll be a millionare.
Oh now your speaking my language
and of course your going to help
me in my old age.
Heck no it's my money and I'm the
one earning it.
After me paying for your car
insurance, your car, your monthly
cell phone bill, your cell phone
and the xbox 360 with all of your
little accerioes to go with it. I
don't get to be rich with you.
Your the one who wanted to have a
No, sweetie you don't understand
we didn't want to have you, you
were...well let me just say an
John looks at her mother in shock.
So Jake was an acceident also?


No me and your father wanted
another child after we though we
screwed up with you.
I can't believe what i'm hearing?
I was an acciedent to and your
father had to be the biggest
acciedent in the world, But that
doesn't mean we don't love you any
less sweetie, your the best
acciedent ever.
Of course, I don't know what my
life would be like without you.
Thanks mom, opps i'm getting a
Jake stands up and answers the phone while walking away from
his mom. Lucy gives a face expression saying wow and she
wipes her forehead because she just pulled that one out of
no where. John turns back around.
hey mom
      (turns her head
       around fast
       removing her
       facial expression)
I love you
      (smiles big)
Love you to pumpkin.
John turns around with the phone back up to his ear. He
begins walking up the steps Lucy stands up and begins
putting the dishes in the dishwasher.


      (Says to herself)
I guess we raised that one right
after all.
Pauly comes bursting through the door angry.
Where the hell is that punk
John Alexander Rhodes
Lucy stops doing the dishes and walks over to Pauly.
Pauly what's going on?
You'll find out in a mintue, John
Alexander Rhodes!
John comes running down the steps still on the phone.
Dad i'm on the phone.
Well get off it and come have a
seat this very instance.
John follows his fathers order then goes into the kitchen
and sits down the chair in the middle of the dinning table.
Son look at these forms here and
tell me what they say!
Slaps the new report on his son's desk.
      (looks at them all
       in shock)
No way! I'm failing, how did this
happen i thought i was passing?
Well your not and I found out
Interupts Pauly


Coach Williams is going to kill me
i don't have a high enough GPA to
even practice now.
You didn't know what Coach
Williams was doing?
What was he doing?
Nothing. But your grade needs to
improve. So i'm going to hire you
a tutor to help out with your
John looks up in excitement.
Thank you so much Dad i really
need to play football it's my
dream to be a pro quarterback.
I know son and now i'm going to
have weekly grade reports emailed
to me so i can make sure your
doing your part.
Don't worry Dad i won't let you
John stands up and begins to walk away but then Pauly stops
Hold on, John.
      (turns around)
Yeah Dad.
You know the rules, No cell
phones, No house phone and no
video games until you have a
passing grade for every class.


But Dad
No buts hand over your cell phone
and i'll be up in awhile to get
your 360, And also hang up my
Pauly gives John his jacket and John goes puts it on the
coat rack as Pauly holds his son's cell phone and put's it
on the counter.
Pauly what's going on I thought
John was passing every grade.
Nope Coach Williams was changing
his grades to help him pass by
with a low GPA.
Your kidding me, why didn't you
tell John that?
It sounds stupid but a football
player can not learn from a coach
he can't trust.
Is that what happened to you.
kind of my Dad was the coach and
you have to be on stupid man to
trust him.
I love you Pauly.
Love you also, Lucy
Pauly and Lucy share a PG rated kiss while standing in the
                                         PAULY WALKING UP THE


Pauly knocks on John's door and then enters and it shows
John talking on a cell phone.
I said no phones how the hell did
you get that.
Pauly walks over to John then grabs the cell phone out of
his hands and screams into the phone to the other caller.
He'll talk to you tomorrow, Good
Pauly then hangs the phone up and throws it out John's open
window in his room. Then John begins to laugh a little about
the situation.
What is so funny?
That was your phone not mine....I
took it from your jacket.
Pauly runs over to the window and looks outside in shock
then turns around in anger and John who is still laughing
see's how mad his father is and he stops laughing.
So after you gave me your word
about this situation, you stabed
me in the back by breaking the
rules that I enforced.
      (dissapointed in
I'm sorry, Dad.
Sorry doesn't cut it this time
Pauly grabs Johns 360 then walks out of his room and begins
to head downstairs with it, Then John follows him. It shows
Pauly walking down the steps then he puts the 360 on the
table behind the couch.


Dad, Listen to me?
No son you listen to me you want
to be this big shot nfl
quarterback but guess what without
dicisipline you won't be in the
nfl. That's all i'm trying to give
you son is dicisipline to help you
make better choices then i did at
your age.
Well it seems your doing pretty
I didn't have a father that loved
me my father didn't give a damn
about me son. I turned out the way
i did because of your mother. I
was a wreck before i meet her and
she saved me from possibly dying.
John walks over to the chair stressed out and he sits down
and puts his hands in his hands.
You just don't understand Dad, I'm
under to much stress with
football, school and just having a
social life so when i found out I
passed every class that was a
relieve lifted off of me. I was at
peace in my mind but when you came
home tonight and showed me those
report card's all that stress was
just thrown upon me ounce again.
Pauly walks over to John and rests his hand upon him.
John I know high school is
stressful but i'm here for you
John, I'm hiring you a tutor first
thing tomorrow who will meet you
here after practice and help you
with your studys.


A tutor can't help me it will take
me months until i can get a
passing great.
Well at least it won't take years
Dad your not helping.
Listen son what i'm trying to say
is that there is always a light at
the end of the tunnel no matter
how dark you think it is there
will always be a light to save you
from the dangers of this world.
There was for me so there will be
one for you.
While Pauly was saying those final lines he was looking at
Lucy with sincere eyes. Smiling big, then he turns back to
Thanks Dad.
No promblem son, now go to bed
tomorrow you actually have to
learn something in school
John begins to Laugh
Goodnight Dad love you
Love you to son
John begins to head up the steps but stops and turns around
and looks at Pauly.
Hey Dad


why do parents expect so much from
there children.
Pauly walks over to John quietly and ask likes he's telling
him a secret.
Parents have Children for one
reason only.
What's that
A child is suppose to live the
dreams the parent was suppose to,
like i always wanted to be a pro
But then you got hurt
No I threw like a girl and had no
accuracy and zero awarness, the
coach actually stared the waterboy
over me one night. I was terrible.
Well is there any other dreams
that you need me to complete.
No you will think it's stupid.
Come on, what is it?
Well....I always wanted to be a
proffesional actor....you know
starting in big budget hollywood
John begins laughing hysterically
Like you could ever become a


John begins to head up the stairs as Lucy walks out of the
      (looking up the
What, i could've done it.
Could have done what Pauly?
      (Turns around
       shocked to see
I could have done acting.....like
in movies.
you acting in movies...you
couldn't even be an extra in a
Jake heads down stairs.
I could have been?
Could have been what?
      (turns to see Jake)
An actor
I could have a better chance being
the first kid president.
Pauly begins to chase Jake up the stairs as the camera zooms
back. And the show comes to an end.
It shows Pauly in the kitchen looking for a snack then he
hears the 360 in the living room turn on. Pauly walks out in
the living room to see who's playing it. It shows John on
the couch playing madden.


I thought i told you, you couldn't
play video games what are you
I thought you meant I couldn't
play video games in my room.
No smart alec i meant period.
come on Dad, video games is a part
of life you can't take that out of
Fine how bout a friendly wager.
What kind of wager?
We will play overtime rules the
first to score wins.
Okay, but i hope you know i'm
undefeated.at this game.
I hope you know i don't care
Pauly walks over to the couch and grabs a controller and is
about to sit down on the couch.
Hey Dad you might just want to
stand it's not going to take me
that long to score on you.
okay whatever tough guy. I will
recieve so hurry up lets get this
game going.
It's John kick the ball off then it shows pauly recieve it
and he runs it back in the endzone.


Boom baby.
How did you do that.
It doesn't matter how I did all
that matters is that you need to
get your butt upstairs because i
just won and wave goodbye to your
360 because your not going to be
playing it any longer. I'm on top
of the world!
That's not fair re match.
I'm sorry son that's not in the
rule book. Time for bed time.
That's not fair how come I have to
go to bed and you don't
Because I'm the adult and the
adults make the rules and the
children have to follow them. By
the way did i tell you I won.
Pauly goes on ranting so John finally went up stairs to go
to bed. Lucy walks by from the kitchen. While Pauly is
jumping up and down on the couch like a little child.
Go to bed Pauly you have to work
Pauly jumps down from the couch frightfully because Lucy
just walked past him. Then Lucy heads up the stairs tired
and Pauly looks up towards the steps.
Yes, sweetie i'll be right up
                                         FADE OUT


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From cipri Date 9/7/2010 ****
Oh my god this is so damn funny:x...

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