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Hitching a Ride
by Matthew (uberhulk84@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
The standard tale of caution on the open road...or is it? A short film.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It's a dark and rainy night. A lone car makes it's way down
the road. We see that it's driven by a man with a woman in
the passenger seat. They are typical 20 something kids. JIM
a skinny brown haired guy. And LAURA his pretty girlfriend.
The man looks longingly over at the woman.
You are so beatiful.
Oh, shut up.
No, it's true. Come on. Give me
some sugar.
Sugar? I think not. Where did you
get your sweet talking from? A bad
70's movie?
Oh, come on. Just one little kiss.
No. Besides you need to watch the
Oh it will be fine for a few
minutes. Now...please. Just one
Laura thinks about it for a second.
Okay just one kiss. But that's it.
Don't ask again till we are safe
and sound at home.


Oh I promise. But there's gonna be
a lot more than kissing when we
get home.
You wish! Now shut up and let me
kiss you.
Oh all right. If you insist.
They kiss passionately for a few seconds.
Now that wasn't to bad now was it?
Sure thing baby. Now put your eyes
back on the road
Hey do you see that?
Someone standing on the side of
the road. You think we should stop
and see if he needs any help?
What? Are you crazy? And get
butchered? I think not!
But aren't you the one always
spouting off about all the karma
crap? Do unto others what you want
for yourself or whatever. If you
were stranded in a rainstorm, you
would want to get picked up hmm?
I guess.
Alrighty then.
Jim then turns the car around and stops it. He roles down
his window revealing the STRANGER. His face is covered up by
his raincoat.


Hey buddy. You need any help?
That's mighty kind of you. My car
broke down and I really need a
lift downtown.
Well we are headed that way. Hop
in man.
Really? God bless you sir.
                       LAURA (whispering)
He creeps me out!
                       JIM (whispering)
Oh don't worry. Everything will be
The stranger opens up the backseat door and climbs in. Then
Jim starts the car and they drive off.
So, why you headed downtown for?
My own reasons.
You know it's awful descent of you
to pick me up.
Oh it's okay. If i was in your
position I would hope someone
would do the same for me.
My position? You don't know
nothing about me boy.
Jim and Laura give each other strange glances.
Umm, i'm sorry?


Don't be sorry.
There are an awkward few moments of silence in the car as
you can tell the young couple are regretting picking up this
Look, I should be the one
apologizing. Here you are doing me
this kindness and I am being all
Don't worry about it.
It's just all that messed up stuff
in the papers lately.
What stuff in the paper?
Oh you know. About the murders.
There's some wacko out there
stealing peoples cars. But not
before brutally killing the
drivers. And raping them if they
are women.
That's some crazy stuff right
Crazy stuff is right. That's why I
bring this with me at all times.
Makes me feel safe.
The stranger pulls out a very big knife.
Why don't you put that thing away
I'm not your buddy. I mean I
barely know you. To be someone
friend. There true friend. You
have to know to know them for what
they are in the inside. Past there
flesh and cut inside untill you
find there guts. So you really


                       STRANGER (cont'd)
know what makes them tick.
Come on man. Put it away. Your
scaring my girlfriend.
You're girlfriend?...and what a
lovely creature she is. How long
have you two been together?
2 years.
Two years eh? Don't you ever grow
tired of this little piss ant.
Don't you want a real man like me?
You son of a..
Jim reaches back to kill the stranger. The car swerves out
of control as Laura grabs the steering wheel. Jim almost
grabs the strange when the stranger puts his knife right up
to Jim's neck.
Nu uh uh. Now why don't you be a
good boy and get to driving before
you get us all killed.
Jim slowly turns around and takes control of the wheel
What do you want?
What I want? What I want is to go
downtown like I have all
along...friend. And maybe some
alone time with your pretty girl
The Stranger moves his hand onto Laura's leg. Laura slaps
his hand away.
Don't you touch her!


You got spunk kids. I will give
you that. But me? I got the answer
to spunk right here.
The stranger twirls his knife around. Just then police
sirens can be seen from the back window.
Crap! What the hell does that pig
Oh I don't know. It might have
been a little suspicious when I
lost control of the car cause a
psycho was coming on to my girl!
Shut up! Pull over. But if you say
one word to him, I promise I will
kill at least one of you before
the pig can take me down.
Jim pulls the car over to the side of the road. After a few
seconds the cop walks up to the car and taps on Jim's
window. Jim roles down his window.
Evening officer.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Evening. You know you were going a
little fast there. Plus you were
swerving in and out of lanes. Been
partying a little to much tonight?
Maybe a little drinking and
The officer makes a drinking motion with his hands.
No sir. We value our lives to much
for that. We wouldn't wanna do
anything that would kill us.
Jim slightly moves his head and eyes back to the stranger
when mentioning death. In a not so subtle way to alert the


                       POLICE OFFICER
Uh uh...Look I am going to have to
ask all of you to step out of the
They all slowly step out of the car. The police officer
walks past each one of them. Shining a light into there eyes
as he does.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Okay each one of you put your
hands on the car.
The officer 1st frisks Jim.
      (while sneezing)
Help us
                       POLICE OFFICER
God bless you.
Jim roles his eyes.
      (under his breath)
Then the police officer moves on to Laura. He takes a lot
longer on Laura. Especially on her more "private" areas.
This visually annoys her.
Ummm...find anything officer?
                       POLICE OFFICER
No mam.
He tips his hat and grins at Laura. Finally he moves on to
the stranger. He starts to frisk him when he feels something
in his pocket.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Now what do we have hear? Now is
that a weapon in your pocket or
are you just glad to see me boy?


What? I don't have anything in my
                       POLICE OFFICER
Uh hu.
The police officer spits to the side of the road.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Just hand it over you damn punk.
                       STRANGER (sighs)
Then quick as the blink of an eye the Stranger whips out his
knife and cuts at the police man. He only manages to swipe
the officer's cheek though. The desperate man then grabs
Laura and Holds her hostage with the knife firmly pressed up
against her neck. The police officer draws his gun and
points it at them.
I will do it! Don't mess with me
man! Put the gun away!
The cop puts his gun away. A tense few seconds goes by. Then
the police officer cracks a smile.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Yeah right. You won't do it. You
don't have the balls.
What?! What the hell are you
                       POLICE OFFICER
Don't worry man. This peace of
crap aint doing nothing. I bet he
still wets his bed every night
like a good little baby.
Shut up! I"ll do it. Don't make me
do it!
                       POLICE OFFICER
Oooh. Look at the big man with the
knife. Your just a chicken and we
both know it. Right?
The police officer starts to make chicken noises.


Damnit! I"ll show you a chicken!
The Stranger throws Laura to the side and lunges at the
police man. Before he can get to close though the police
officer whips out his gun and shoots him. He stumbles back a
few steps and then falls to the ground. Laura runs crying
into Jim's arms. The two of them embrace for a few moments.
Then they walk over to the strangers body. Where the police
man is looking over it already.
                       LAURA (sobbing)
Is he dead?
                       POLICE OFFICER
I don't know. Let's ask him.
The police officer starts to nudge the strangers body with
his foot.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Hey man. Are you dead?
The body just lies there motionless.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Looks dead to me. Now look kids,
it looks like you have gone
through hell tonight. Why don't
you get in the back of my car and
I can take you to the station. So
you can wind down and answer a few
questions. I'm gonna drag this
thing's body into my trunk and
then we can be on our merry way.
As he is saying this we see the stranger slowly start to get
up. Knife in hand. Before he can do anything though the
policeman turns around and blasts him right in the head.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Of course you can't be sure
somebod's dead till brain matter
is all over the pavement. Now go
on kids. Get in the car.
They do as there told. The police officer slowly starts to
drag the strangers corpse to the back of his car.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Heavy bastard. You had one to many
donuts didn't ya?


He finally gets his body right next to his trunk. Then he
opens it revealing the body of a black man already in the
trunk. This revelation heads right into a flashback.
We see a pulled over car on the side of the road. A police
officer had stopped it. He slowly walks over to the car. We
recognize the police officer as the black man from the
trunk. The officer taps on the car window. The window comes
down and it reveal the officer from earlier. But now he is
dressed in civilin clothing.
                       STRANGER 2
What seems to be the problem sir?
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
You know how fast you were going
back there?
                       STRANGER 2
No, but i'm sure you are about to
tell me.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2 (sighs)
Just give me your license and
                       STRANGER 2
Why sure thing. My momma always
said. The police are our friends.
He hands it over to the police man. Slowly he starts to walk
back to his car when he hears something. He's not quite sure
what it is. He starts to walk back over to the strangers car
to hear it better. He realizes it's coming from the trunk.
It's muffled cries of help! He pulls out his gun and starts
to head back to stranger.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Slowly come out of your car with
your hands where I can see them!
He slowly get's closer with his gun aimed. He then is
suprised to see that no ones there!
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Where the hell?...
The camera then pans down to see that the man is hiding uner
the car. Knife drawn. He slashes at the officers leg
bringing him down to his knees. After screaming out in agony


for a few seconds he looks under the car for the killer.
Nothing. He has already vanished. Then we see the killer
aboive him standing on the car. He leeps onto the officer
taking them both to the ground and knocking the officer's
gun out of his hand. He punches the cop several times before
pulling out his knife. He starts to stab the cop repeatedly.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
You're killing me! You're killing
After a few stabs he stops moving. The killer get's to his
feet. A great big smile over his face. Then he takes a look
over at the cop car.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Hmmm. Me think me have a good
We then cut back to the present.
We see the false cop close his trunk. He then slowly back to
the front of the car. Whistling while he walks. He opens the
door in gets in the driver seat.
We see the Laura and Jim holding each other tight in the
Thank you sir. Thank you.
                       POLICE OFFICER
No problem mam. Just doing my
duty. Sworn to server and protect.
And all that jazz.
The car pulls out into the night. The screen fades to black.
A big THE END? goes across the screen. Followed by a woman's


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From Luis Date 2/17/2009 **1/2
It really reminds me of the movie,The Hitcher..i was a little confused at the flashback thing and also the dialogue are too cheesy,seems forced,you should fit the dialog in the scene or on the characters.Not that bad,just needs a lot of work.

From Bobby Date 2/15/2009 **1/2
This could have been much much better. It was still good, but it could have been more clever. The officer was predictable when you said he took his time frisking the girl. Then I knew he was the killer. The flashback scene was a nice touch but it should have been a little shorter. The dialouge seemed a little forced and unatural at certain points. Not bad though.

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