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Jasmine Flower a short
by Barrett DeLong (barrettdelong@aol.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This Screenplay is registered by the WGA East under ref #VTHA3BD3ADBA. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Open Montage during dialog: We see a busy intersection, A
stick of incense being lit next to a Jasmine Flower. Blake
walking down the street in a suit.Julie sleeping. A dirty
neighborhood. Melinda holding a picture of both of her sons.
Eviction notice with Julie's name on it next to a paper for
the glycoma foundation of America. The Jasmine Flower being
picked up. A door closing showing the tail of a Sari. Julie
wakes in a hurry after seeing her clock. Julie rushes to get
ready and runs out.
                       BLAKE (VO)
Have you ever woken up knowing
something extraordinary,
and,magical was about to change
your life forever? I can honestly
say that for all us , not a single
one one of us felt that way that
morning. Its funny how we all came
to together, and all from one
person who had a power she didn't
even know she had. A person who
coincidentally needed the power
she obtained more than any of us.
A power that had the ability to
control the world had she known
how to use it.
Door Slams. Julie is seen rushing down the street out of her
Julie! I hope you moved your stuff
out because what I find in there
is going to be sold off.
Please Ethel you know how hard
pressed for money I have been
since Jered passed.
You have until the end of the day
to get me the money. If I let you
get by with a free pass then I
have to let everyone pay late.
You're not the only one with


                       ETHEL (cont'd)
problems you know.
Please I will have the money
Ethel grabs her chest in pain as Julie rushes off. As julie
goes around a corner her eyes hurt and she runs into Sari
droping the Jasmine Flower
Oh my god I am so sorry.
      (Indian Accent)
You need need this more than I
How do you know my name?
That is not important. What
important is that you use this
very wisely and keep it on you at
at all times no matter what
happens to it, Ms. Julie.
      (Looking at the
I don't understand?
Looking up Sari is gone. Julie places the flower in her
hair. Julie continues on to work.
Julie rushes into a coffee shop she works at Julie grabs her
eyes in pain and a flashback of Jared Styles happens. As she
rushes through Julie trips and a spills coffee all over
Blake and herself and drops all food on the floor.
Good god whats wrong with watch
where your...
I am so sorry sir.


Julie grabs a napkin and touches Blake. A petal of the
Jasmine flower falls to the ground. Blake is instantly calm
      (Oddly calm)
Its really okay a spill or two
never hurts us.
I really am sorry sir.
What is your name?
The manager sees the commotion and runs over.
Whats going on over here? Julie
are you resonsible for this?
Yes sir but...
I don't want to hear it, your
But sir I need this job.
Tell someone who cares. Now get
Julie begins to cry and heads toward the door of the room.
Sir are you alright? We will
replace everything on the house.
There's something extraordinary
about that girl.
Extraordinarily clumsy. Again I am
so sorry let me start by cleaning
up the broken dishes.


Manager bends down to clean but finds everything in perfect
That's funny I thought I heard the
dishes break.
As the manager picks up the dishes and walks away Sari picks
up the petal. Blake sees nothing as he gazes out the window.
Julie walking to the bank sobs pulling the flower out of her
hair and holding it. Flowers dead in front of her are seen
alive behind her.
Antwan and Markie are in a car in front of a convenience
Man you sure we gotta do this?
Yeah man how many times do I gotta
tell you we ain't doin nothin bad.
We like Robin Hood man, stealin
from the rich givin to the poor. I
know you're a broke ass so we
givin to the poor. See it all work
What if we get caught?
Don't you worry I got this shit
all planed out. Now lets do this.
Both grab ski masks and exit the car.
Both Markie and Antwan exit the car. As Antwan steps out he
brushes into Julie. A petal drops. He instantly stops and
looks at Julie.


Antwan what wrong wit you? Lets
go. You know you can't chicken out
you got nowhere to go. That's why
we need this.
I blamed her for everthing.
Blamed who? You be out your mind.
Markie smacks Antwan in the back of the head and instantly
On second thought maybe this ain't
such a good idea after all.
Turns and sees Antwan walking away.
Antwan, where you goin?
I got someone I gotta see.
Antwan walks toward camera and smiles slightly. Sari's hands
are seen picking up the petal
Blake walks through office and stops at Melinda the
secretaries desk.
Good morning Mr. Blake Kington
what can I do for you today?
Is my dad in yet Malinda?
He sure is but he said he doesn't
want to be interrupted by anyone
this morning.


Like that will stop me. Anything
new with you?
No sir just same old lonely that I
been havin for the past year.
Something about today seems like
things will change for you.
I can wish.
Blake walks into the office room.
James Kington is busy working as Blake enters unannounced.
Dad something amazing has happened
to me today. I have something that
I have needed to tell you for
Can this wait. I am busy and need
to finish what I am doing.
No this can not wait. Can't you
take a break? Your flowers are
dead for Christs sake. I need to
tell you I am quiting.
James stops what he is is doing and looks up.
You can't quit. James don't you
understand that this company our
family has had for years? Just
what do you plan to do instead?
I am going to open my own company
and do my passion of being an


Only faggots do that artsy stuff.
I know my sons no faggot cause he
would have no father who claimed
him if he was.
Dad I do it cause it is my passion
in life. But you were right to
some degree. I am gay and that is
what I have been needing to tell
you for years.
Get out of my office and I never
want to see you again! You are a
degenerate of a human being you
I want you to always remember that
no matter how greedy and mean man
you have been I will and always
have loved you as my dad.
Blake walks up to the stern man to give a hug.
Don't touch me you...
Blake forcefully hugs James and James in an instant is calm.
Blake walks toward the door.
                                         CUT TO
Julie stops in her track as though she were getting hugged.
Another petal drops.
                                         CUT BACK
Blake walks toward the door.
Blake wait. I love you and will
always support you no matter who
you are or what you do in life. I
don't know what just happened but
I feel like I have a lot of making
up to do.


You owe me nothing. But there are
people in your life that need your
help. Follow your heart and you
will know who to help.
Blake walks out as James stands still. James picks up the
phone and calls.
Martha its James and I just talked
to our son and realized that I've
neglected you for all these years.
I know you haven't seen me since
the divorce but would you like to
go to dinner with me tonight?
(beat) Great I will pick you up.
Julie sits on a bench and looks at the flower that is
falling apart. We see a person in a car drop something on
the floor and tries to pick it up. Maria is crossing the
street. As the car nears and doesn't slow Julie covers her
eyes and sticks out her hand to block view of the incident.
A petal drops.As her eyes open the car is stopped and maria
is unharmed the driver looks up finally. Julie walks up to
What is wrong with you cow you
almost killed me.
Are you okay?
Julie reaches out and touches Maria. She calms instantly.
The Lady exits the car.
Are you alright?
Honey a miracle just saved your
life. I didn't hit the breaks.
Should I take you to the hospital?
Can I give you some money or


I think I just got something that
I don't think can be given. A
reason to live.
Are you sure your okay I can take
you to the hospital.
No, I have someone who needs me
right now.
Well if you insist. I am so sorry
but god bless your soul you're
      (To Julie)
Can you walk with me?
Both begin walking
Are you my angel?
No, I don't think so.
I saw you. You stopped that car
you changed me when you touched
It was just coincidence people
don't have the ability to do
things like that.
Can I buy you lunch then for at
least walking with me.
I guess I can except that.


Blake exits the office smiling. Antwan is standing on the
side of the building and approaches Blake.
Sir, hey sir, do you work here?
I did about an hour ago.
You wouldn't happen to know a
Melinda Mills would you?
Actually I know her pretty well.
Here do you want to talk to her?
Blake dials Malinda on his cell and hands it to Antwan.
Antwan stairs at the phone scared.
Its ringing.
Antwan takes the phone and places it on his ear.
                                         CUT TO
Melinda answers the phone
Blake you couldn't leave five
minutes before you started missin
us could you? You'll never guess
what your daddy did, he gave use
all ten percent raises.
This ain't Blake.
Well then who is this and why do
you have Mr. Kingtons phone?
Ma its me.
Extended silence


I'm outside your office and this
guy let me use his phone to call
My baby, how have you been.
Its a long story. I want to say
I'm sorry for leaving and I am
ready to change.
You should me ashamed to think
that you aren't welcome back home.
You don't know how long I have
waited for this. Come on up I am
tking the rest of the day off.
Antwan hangs up and hands the phone back to Blake.
Thank you sir.
Antwan enters the building Blake walks on
I know there is something magical
about you I can feel it.
The only magical thing about me is
that I will be officially evicted
from my apartment today and I will
be blind in the next month. I
would say I'm a failure for a
No that is not what I meant, I
have this feeling. nevermind
Trust me nothing is special about
me. You are twice as special,
didn't you say you are a hospice


Its just a thought.
Magic doesn't exist no matter how
you look at it.
A waitress approaches the table with food
I sorry to bother you but I had a
table leave before their food came
and I wondered if you would be
interested? Its a Cesar wrap and a
Fuji apple salad with bacon on the
How odd that's just what I was
going to order. How bout you
Yeah that sounds good.
What did I tell you.
Again just another coencidence.
Blake walks past the two sitting and stops once he
recolonizes Julie.
Oh, you.(beat) The guy from the
coffee shop.
I don't know what you did but you
changed my life this morning. I
had the courage to quit my family
business and become honest with
who I truely am.
You see Julie you have the control
of the world around you.


You mean she changed you too?
She saved me from death.
I just don't see how I could, why
could I not do these things before
Did you have anything different
happen to you today?
No not that I can think of. I got
this flower that keeps
deblossoming from this Indian
girl. It only has one petal left.
Maybe that flower is what has all
the power. I have heard of things
that do that. (beat) You should
use the last petal on yourself.
Give yourself the life you have
always wanted.
Its just a plant for one and...
Maria's phone rings and she answers.
      (on phone)
Yes. Oh my god, Ethel Short? No it
can't be.
Maria begins to cry.
She was doing fine. She was like a
mother to me. Try to sustain her
i'm on my way now.
Ethel Short is the name of my
landlord who's evicting me. Whats
Maria starts to leave.


She had cancer she kept secret for
years and right now as we stand
here her heart is giving out. I've
got to go.
Wait can I come along. I know her
and well...
I want to come too.
Its fine but we have to hurry as
fast we can.
All three walk briskly off down the sidewalk.
Maria, Julie, and Blake run in in the doors one following
the other.
Maria runs to the nearest nurse.
Where is the patient Ethel Short?
Nurse points
She is over there. But who are
Nurse points at both Julie and Blake
They're with me.
All three rush to a bed area. A doctor steps out with a grim
look on his face.
Maria I am sorry we didn't call
you sooner. We called her death
shortly after we contacted you.
I'm so sorry I know how close you
were with her.


Can I still see her?
Only for a minute, we need to move
her out of here.
All three enter curtained area. A dead Ethel lays in the bed
with a sheet on her.
My brother and I took care of her
for years, she was a friend of our
mothers. Once my brother was
deployed to Iraq she basically
became the only family I had left.
My brothers been gone for five
years and probably won't be back
for another five. Now I really
have nobody.
What if...
Julie reaches out toward the dead Ethel.
Julie no. Its no use it was cancer
that killed her it was her time to
go ether way you need it to help
I get it! Everytime a life path is
changed forever the flower lost a
petal.(beat) I would rather
sacrifice my own well being to
save another.
Julie reaches out and touches Ethel. All wait in
anticipation to the result.
Julie, It didn't work. We need to
go before they kick us out.
Julie stiffens. The last petal drops to the ground outside
the curtained room. Ethel begins to stir.
Maria is that you?


Oh my god, it worked. How are you
I feel better than I have in
Maria we need you to go... Oh my
god am I seeing what I'm seeing?
What honey ain't you ever seen an
old woman before.
Nurse I need a full biopsy done on
Ms. Ethel short here stat.
Julie amidst the commotion slips out of the hospital smiling
hold the bare stem of the flower. Behind her Sari picks up
the last petal.
Julie walks by the river twirling the stem in her hand
smiling. Julie walks by a diner and goes in.
Julie walks over to the bar and sits on the corner Melinda
and Antwan are on the other side. James and his ex wife walk
in next sitting in a booth. Blake and the doctor from the
hospital come in next laughing.
Julie where did you go you should
see Ethel.
Maria walks in next happy and runs up to Julie.
Julie it is a miracle you saved
Ethel. They found no cancer in her
at all. They have to keep her over
night but they say she will be
able to go home tomorrow.


That's great.
Jose walks in a military outfit.
Ai dios, can it be? Jose! How are
you back?
I decided to come home when I
heard about Ethel. The hospital
said you may have come here.
Maria hugs Jose and brings him over to the counter.
Julie I want you to meet my
brother Jose.
Sari walks in, grinds the petals and blows them. The dust
hits everyone in the room. Happiness is the effect of the
dust. the dust hits Julie and she instantly realizes she can
see without her glasses. She see Jose clearly and as amazed
that she may have just fallen for Jose.
Hi I"m Julie.


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