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The Journey Birth of an American Family
by Thomas Gajan (tgajan1@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
true family story,Seminole Indians over four generations.Some murdered,one sold into indentureship in 1901

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


tropical vegetation,and a variety of birds,and flowering
vegetation.The vast remoteness is stunning.But there are
predators there also.And some walk on two legs.
Indians are being treated savagely by American soldiers.
This true story is dedicated to
the four generations that lived
and are living it.
                                         INDIAN CAMP
A young teenage girl is watching as her parents are being
brutalized by soldiers.
I said SIT, stay down and you wont
be shot..savy?
A woman has been thrown in with the others. she is clutching
her child tightly.Afterwards she checks the baby then speaks
I thought we peacefully
surrendered..They are treating us
like animals.
Makes you wonder who,s
civilized,doesn't it?


      (looking around)
get use to it,and the long walk to
With this kinda treatment there
won,t be many of us left when we
get there.
Have you seen our daughter?
I think she made it to the edge of
the camp.They haven,t made it
there yet..Maybe she got away.
John is concerned,unknown to him cavalrymen will soon arrive
to help the soldiers who have already taken many tribal
members captive.John is hiding at one end of a wagon,and
sarah the other.
this doesn,t make sense
as Sarah looks towards where the soldiers are,she is
dumbfounded at how they are treating her people.
Why? why?
John walks up beside her.
      (looks at Sarah)
We must leave now.
Margaret appears from behind one of the army wagons,She is
really scared.she has just witnessed her parents capture,and
it wasn't pretty.


      (totally freaked)
HELP,we have to help them.
John and Sarah see her.
Calm down Margaret..Where,s your
mom and dad?
trying to catch her breath she speaks
They were caught.We gotta get away
from here.
      (calmly to john)
Look around,she,s right,anywhere
would be better than here.
There,s nothing we can do for
them.We must leave now.
I,am ready,lets go
John holds his index finger up to lips signaling them to be
The soldiers are getting
closer..It,s now or never.
These men aren't happy.having fought for years against the
Seminoles.And these ones are still giving them
trouble.Suddenly Indians start dashing off.Including the
Maze family.
on horseback


      (sees them
Get those damn Indians,Before we
loose them.
soldier fires at but misses fleeing Indians.colonel
dismounts,a soldier takes his horse.
a Sargent approaches and salutes,the colonel returns the
Sargent,what in the world is going
on here?
Sir,They all took off in a panic
when you arrived.
upset about all the confusion he starts shouting orders to
every man in sight,starting with the sargent.
Well get em back..You men get over
here and help..Hey soldier, get
A soldier reports to the Sargent,then he informs the colonel
We got most of them sir,but
several got away.
still pissed
      (to the Sargent)
So,get some trackers and find
As the Sargent leaves he shouts to other soldiers


Find someone to track these damn
      (to wagon drivers)
Bring those wagons up here so we
can get these Indians loaded.
we see indians being loaded into caged wagons.Others are
being shackeled with leg irons.This is not the peaceful
surrender the Indians thought they had negotiated.
You hear them panting.They stop in knee high grass,then
kneel down to hide.If they are caught, death will be their
Sarah stares at John and is hung on his every word,
      (looking around)
Some men are following us..Thank
God It,s going to be dark soon.
                                         INDIAN TRACKERS
following close behind checking for sign
                                         AT THE RIVER
they are all huddled together,the women are scared to
death,but Margaret shows some backbone.
      (looks towards
We can loose them if we cross the
river..Are you two ready?
Been ready.


Lets go before they find us...Stay
close and be quiet
women can be quiet.
      (annoyed at them)
you two gonna talk all day?
John ignores them.
Sarah give me your hand.
no lets walk along the shorline
Why not cross now?
      (looks at Sarah)
There has to be someone tracking
us.If they see us we,re done.
they walk along the river in the brush stopping several
times so john can look and listen for the men following
them.Finally, when he,s sure it,s safe to cross,they enter
and cross the river.Unlike Margaret Sarah needs help,she,s
not a good swimmer.
They are hiding in heavy cover.John is looking towards the
river,Sarah is shivering,and Margaret is sitting with her
head between her legs completely wore out,dazed and wet.John
believes they have finally lost the men that were tracking
The river did its job.Now it,s our


      (raises head)
Boy.. what a day so far.
Sarah just shakes her head and laughs at Margaret's
You have a talent for
I think.. I,m gonna die.
It,s a long way to my cousins,and
a very hard trip.You can die
Free..We,ll never be free again?
I know one thing. I,ll be free or
I,am wet can we build a fire?
John and Sarah just look at each other,they can,t believe
what Margaret said.John shouts at her.
      (to Margaret)
You should know better.
What..I,am wet..and cold.
John is really getting feed up with Margaret's idiotic
mistakes.With each word he moves closer to her face.


Do you want to be wet..cold... and
dead? A fire can be seen for
I,am so cold I just didn,t think.
I,am tired of this running..and
hiding..and always being scared.
      (to Sarah)
Freedom comes with a price.
The women are extremely tired,both drop to the ground
I gotta rest.
I,am tired... beyond tired,beyond
exhausted.I tell you I feel like
I,am gonna drop dead.
If your so ready to die,do it..If
not, then shut up and go to sleep.
You women ,All you do is talk and
complain.its getting dark.so lets
get some rest now while we can.
night begins to fall.John keeps watch until he feels
safe,then he to sleeps.
John and Sarah wake,Margaret is gone and they both get up
and move to a fallen tree.They sit quietly thinking about
what to do next.Sarah looks around for Margaret.


Indians north of here will help
us.We just need to get there.
some different clothing would help
us blend in.
John senses something is wrong..
So,whats wrong.
Where is that girl?
who knows
I hope she,s not their latest
Margaret finally returns with berries.Then acts and talks as
though they have all just been out for a walk.
So what have you two been talking
John grabs her shoulders,then speaks
Where have you been?you should not
walk off like that.Don't you
realize how dangerous that is?
shows berries
I found these berries for us to
eat....you do eat.


sees john is getting even more angry,she changes the
subject.she moves towards her and take some berries from
Oh yea I eat.
then john walks away feed up with her.He waves his hand at
her while walking away.
I can barely muster the desire to
move another inch.Especially with
his attitude.
      (as she sits down)
Your wrong,this is a very
dangerous situation,you need to
treat it like one.
he heard what Margaret said and returns.
      (to Margaret)
I don't have an attitude.Maybe we
should give up,before you get us
right in johns face
I don't know about you ,But I,am
not ready to give up,or die.
john looks to Sarah for help with her.
      (to John)
Remember,she is young.
yea,she,s gonna get us all killed.
Margaret ignores john and decides it,s time to leave,as she
helps Sarah stand.


Come on girl,Get up and start
moving.It,s time to start our new
life...And its hard to start it on
your backside.
Really...feet first?
Margaret,your just so help full
as she helps pull Sarah to her feet she speaks to john
Oh yea..that,s me,always helpful,
They begin walking away from the river,Margaret starts to
complain again.
And wet,and cold,and tired,an
john interrupts her
And quiet.
That means shut up.
different scenes of their journey,Meeting with
Indians,Getting clothing,and the Indians give them each a
horse. Crossing the mountains of Tennessee,and
Kentucky.Foraging on the way,But always away from any people
they see,Or hear.Trying to restrict daylight movement when
near any populated areas.The mountains are beautiful,showing
their fall colors.


Modest cabin set in the country.Soon they will learn how to
hide ,and disguise themselves to blend in.They talk and make
plans.It won,t be easy.Being born in Florida,they have never
seen or experienced winter,
Michael, and are John outside sitting in chairs under a
large tree.
Well John, Are you finally tired
of fighting the white man?
I sure am....And running,and
pauses as he thinks,then leans forward in his chair.
I tried to tell you years
ago.There,s just to many of them.
Well I had to learn my lesson the
hard way.
Mary approaches.
      (asks john)
How is your wife and Margaret?
They,re fine..I think..getting
here was very hard and
dangerous.Guess I never really
she is upset.In her opinion he either doesn't realize how
hard,and or doesn't care that the journey was really
difficult for the women.


I,ll go and check on them.You guys
talk about the weather,or other
important things.
John is stunned.to him Mary being upset about what she
perceives as his lack of concern about his wife,and Margaret
after such a long trip is trivial,and childish
      (to Michael)
I,d say they,re probably wore
out,just like me.What,s her
problem?I,d like to relax for
You can relax later.Now we gotta
make plans.Winter will be here
Winter.. snow.I have heard of it
but never seen any.
In this area we see it by the
feet.When it,s that deep you can,t
get anywhere.
Mary returns.John doesn't like her attitude,or what she
What is your problem?
I don't have a problem.But yours
are just begining.
Mary,Please,John doesn't need your
attitude right now.


Mary stares then leaves,
Man that was worse than the trip.
Yea,I gotta live with those
They both laugh.
Boy That felt good.Laughing I
mean,Not that stare.
What are you talking about?
A lot of things,including that
winter is not far away
John remarks about the fall foliage.
Boy the color of the trees is so
Mary passes by on her way to the kitchen
Did you tell him about the cold
snowy winters here?
Yep,but he,ll have to see it to
                                         WINTER STORM
Winter has arrived with plenty of snow. and A blizzard snow
bounds them.John and Michael have just returned from feeding
the stock which they have brought into the barn because of


the storm.After they enter John fights against the wind and
snow blowing in the doorway,he can barely get the door shut.
My God,how can you live with this?
as he is pealing off his outer garments.
This is called a blizzard.
they spend a few moments by the fireplace warming
themselves.Michael his hands and face ,John his backside.
John looks towards the window.
You cant see a thing.Nice trick
with that rope.
John moves closer to the window,and Michael sits in a chair.
Mary comes in to help her husband, and brings them something
warm to drink
Thank you dear.
      (he sips his
when it snows this hard you can
get lost just a few feet from the
John is so concerned,he paces several times the length of
the window peering out when he stops at each end.Mary finds
it a little funny
as she hands him his coffee
Are you afraid of a few
John turns his head and responds


Thank you
      (sips his coffee)
that,s more than a few.
      (to michael)
wow...he can count
John looks at Michael for help,He just shakes his head and
I,am going to bed.
silence for a few seconds until she is gone.
Boy you two...It,s gonna be an
unforgettably long winter...I
wonder if I,ll survive?
she never stops.
ignore her.
      (another sip)
I do it all the time.
looks out window again.
It will stop.
      (he pauses looks
       at Michael)
Yea,It will stop.I,am going to
      (as he walks away)
all the chit chat has awakened Sarah


Are you done?
      (as she approaches
How about some sleep?
      (pointing at
Did you see this?
      (takes his hand)
come on,we,ll look in the morning.
they all retire. by morning the storm has ended.several
other storms occur ,but none with the force of this
one.Spring is slow to arrive,but it does.
The whole valley can be seen from the site of the new
cabin.Sarah picked this site for her home.
Along with Michael,and several other cousins work has begun
on John and Sarah's cabin.Clearing land and fitting logs
together for the cabin is hard work.
You see several men cutting down trees,still others are
wrapping chains around fallen ones,and harnessing horses to
them to pull them closer to the cabin.As they approach the
foundation of house they stop.its John and Michael job to
hone down the logs and fit then for the frame.
tired and sweaty
      (somewhat amazed)
It,s nothing like our thatched
homes in Florida.


      (with humor)
No..It,s better...And much safer.
Man It,s a lot of work.
You need to build a cabin that
blends in with the other homes
around here.
I know that.
That's enough talking,lets get
back to work,or we,ll never get
      (feels down)
I,am just so tired.
John questions his decisions so far.
Maybe it would have been better
and easier to let them take us to
John..stop second guessing
Riding up in a buck board,Sarah is thrilled.
As the women arrive John and Michael approach the wagon.
It,s really taking shape..Starting
to look like a home..Are you guys


turns towards other workers.
Hey guys you hungry?There,s a
larger basket in here for you.
men are always hungry.
And women are always talking.
me too.I could eat a horse.
As the women spread a blanket under a tree nearby the men
cleanup in the stream,then join them.
What are we having?
Sit down,we,ll get it ready then
you can eat.
      (looking in lunch
chicken,pork and beans,potatoes,
salad,and bread.
John has been taking longer at the stream.He finally joins
them.they are seated together on the ground.Then as usual
John and Mary get into it.
What are we having?
MEN. your as bad as Michael,sit
down and then you,ll see.
John thinks about saying something to Mary but Michael
interrupts him.


hey,you better be careful John.
      (looking at John)
No he,s safe.I left my arsenic at
home today
Could the two of you try getting
along..It,s such a nice day.
They finish lunch ,and say goodbye to the men.The men
continue too work until it,s nearly dark,then return home
tired and hungry.This is repeated daily until finally the
work is done.
years go by,Life has been good,and they have two sons.The
year is 1862
In their log home John is pacing back and forth between
several friends.He is really nervous.He hears a baby cry
out,then rushes upstairs towards the bedroom.A cousin has
birthed his child.
Oh my Sarah---this girl is
      (proudly speaks)
Yes, All my children are.
But why Sarahilda You know people
are just gonna call her Sarah.
as John arrives Sarah sees him


      (points at john)
John named her. And you know he is
no good with names.
No good with names,maybe,but I
know how to pick a wife.
      (looks at john)
And exactly what are you up to?
Not a thing dear...Do I need
permission to flatter my wife now
and then?
No,It just seldom happens,And
startles me when it does.
John walks away,he has heard someone come in the house.And
Sarahs comments have upset him so he goes away to calm
down,and see who has arrived.
Sarah,You need to go easy on him.
Easy on him.I guess I,am just. I
don,t know...in a..confused.
In a bad mood? Don,t take it out
on him.
      (realizes shes
I guess your right.
john yells up that it,s Michael and Mary.


      (as she peeks at
       the baby)
Hello Sarah,hello there little
girl.What,s wrong with your
I hurt his feelings.
Gotta go. My husband is expecting
me home.Bye.
Mary sits on the bed beside Sarah
You look tired.Lots of work,having
Where,s Michael? doesn't he want
to see the baby?
      (as she peeks
He,s with john.Let them be.Lets
you and I and this adorable,little
girl visit alone for awhile.
Are you done having babies.
      (tired and sore)
I think so.This one was hard.Maybe
I,am getting old.
thirty seven isn,t old...is it?
Sarah laughs
well maybe it is.


Maybe john will give up the
process for making them.
HA,are you kidding.You once told
me you knew all about men.
they both laugh,then Michael appears.
where you been?
Down stairs talking with John.He
had to leave and take your cousin
home,along with his friends.Her
husband never showed up.How,s the
She,s great. want to take a
look?Go around to the other side.
My.. They are all wrinkled looking
the first few days.She looks good
though..wrinkled but good.
Mary gets that,my stupid husband has spoken again attitude
WRINKLED..We cant stay long.I just
wanted to make sure you and the
baby were fine.
Where are the kids?
they,re over at cousin mikes
they hear someone come in


      (yells up)
Its me dear.I,ll be right up
      (rushes out)
Hey great looking girl.See you
later,gotta talk to John.
      (speaking as he
Ask him if he,s here to stay.
You guys can go.Hes in for the
looks at the baby
      (speaks to her)
He,s ours for the rest of the
      (loving then stern)
Then I,ll go.Take care,and make
sure you stay put for a few days.
Mary leans over kisses Sarah,then the baby.
Goodbye.Be back in a few days.
What were you and John talking
Statehood,and this war between the
north and south.We,re concerned
about what,s gonna happen after it
ends,and who the winner


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
is.Everything,s so uncertain.
Seems like we have more and more
to worry about every year.
Yea,This war is really serious for
all of us.
john returns to his wife and new baby girl
What were you guys talking about?
We have a new baby.Possibly a new
state.. They have a new
president.. And we have a new war
going on around us..so many new
IT,ll be fine.I,am sorry for
That,s alright.with everything
that,s going on everyone,s moody.
Worrying won,t change a thing.
three years go by.Sarah was right her predictions have come
true.The men have worried,but nothing has happened to any
family member.
john and his family,along with Michael,and Mary are near the
town of Parkersburg.They see many union soldiers along the
way.John and Michael are on horseback,and the women and


children are in a large carriage.The men are in front
john sees some soldiers camped along the river
      (to Michael)
My,so many soldiers.Thank God this
war keeps their attention away
from us.
That,s true,but they stop people
constantly at check points all
over the area.I think there,s one
on this main road.We can go around
them if you turn here.
Mary. Are we gonna be alright.Or
should we turn around and go back
If we turn around and someone sees
us that could be worse.
john overhears them and turns back to speak to his wife
It,s not much farther.I think
we,ll be fine.If we,re stopped
just try not to be nervous.
The kids are acting up and Mary quiets them down.they
finally get to town and get some supplies.Their visit is
short because there are many soldiers there ,and as little
interaction as needed is what,s called for.The soldiers seem
to be celebrating it confuses them.They return home and talk
about what,s going on.
      (to Sarah)
I,ll take the kids inside,and get
them something to eat,then join


                       MARY (cont'd)
Lets go around back.There,s plenty
of chairs,and tables there. Seems
I,am always having some sort of
family meeting.
Sarah laughs
Meetings,you mean complaining
The thing that upsets me is
Lincoln freed the blacks,but has
done nothing for us.
And what should he do? They don,t
consider us civilized,to them
we,re savages.That and their to
busy killing each other to be
Sarah,s right.The thing is this
war won,t last forever.It,s what
happens when it does end ,and who
the winner is that,s important..
From what I have seen so far
there won,t be a winner..Look at
Gettysburg.Thousands upon
thousands killed..Maybe there
won,t be enough whites left to be
worried about?
Yea, a lot have died,But there,s
plenty left to fight.


The south has lost the war..They
just don,t know it yet.
cousin mike shows up
Have you heard the news,the war is
jumps to his feet
Really..We wondered what was going
on..We were in town this morning.
I saw you there.But that,s not the
big news..Lincoln has been killed
..A man named Booth shot him.
Sarah covers her mouth with her hand,Michael falls back into
his seat,and john is just shaking his head.They all try to
talk at the same time,but john wins out.
He was the man that kept
everything together.Now what will
      (leans forward in
       his chair)
They,ll be too busy punishing the
south to worry about us.
      (saddened watery
He was a good man.A just man.I,am
sure he will be missed.


I gotta go,bye.
Mary comes out with the children. she is bringing drinks for
Did you hear what happened?
Yes.Mike came in the house and
told me.Boy what,s next?
What ever happens we,ll deal with
it.We have to.
Since they stopped fighting each
other,will they start with us
We can,t say what will happen.And
I will not needlessly worry about
what might happen,It,s just a
waste of my time.
John,s ready too leave,its been a long day
Lets go home,there,s nothing more
to discuss.Besides it,s getting
late,the kids need to settle down
for awhile after today,Getting
them to sleep will be a chore.
as Sarah gets out of her chair
Yea, me too.Goodbye all.
Everyone returns to their homes.


Many years have gone by Sarahilda is a grown woman.She and
her mother are visiting Mary.Inside cousin Marys home in her
large kitchen.Mary is baking as they talk,Sarah is helping
her.The year is 1882
Mary has been telling her about a white man named Thaddeus
from Pennsylvania.And that it is time for her to be married.
after Mary and Sarah put bread in for baking.
I know a good man from
Pennsylvania.good husband
Husband..Why do I need one?
the women all laugh
I know you want children,and you
will need a man for that.
Sarah enlightens Mary after she seats herself at the table.
White men have taken everything
from us,forced us from our
land,beaten and shot us,and you
want her to possibly marry
one...are you crazy?
How long have you know this man?
Long enough to know he won,t care
that you,re an Indian.


      (Bursts Thur door)
Hello Sarah..I heard there was a
meeting today about a man for your
      (waves her in)
Hi Margaret,come on in,just leave
the door open,the whole family
hasn,t arrived yet.
      (looks at Sarah)
Whats wrong? You look really
Mary and I were talking about
men.Mom,as usual,is bashing
them.Especially if their white.
Sarah thinks that is funny.Especially knowing Mary as she
No no,that's Marys job,and she is
good at it.
Mary has been at one end of the table cutting dough into
loaf sized pieces,she checks the oven then speaks.
men don,t need help from
anyone,even me.They do fine all by
Well its about time.20 years old
and still single.
What is it about me being
twenty?Is there some kinda line
you pass at that age that makes
you unfit to be a wife?


No,but how many prospects could
you have being a Seminole?
Sarahilda offended.
As many as you dear cousin,
they inform Margaret that he is a white man
Your Considering a white man who
knows you,re an Indian?
      (has an attitude)
Yea,I guess he is not as prejudice
as you are.
Yes,But Thaddeus is not your
normal man.Sarah,give me a hand
with this oven.
what,s he like then?
she and Sarah remove the bread,and put more in.Sarah returns
to her seat.
He openly speaks,and socializes
with Indians from any tribe.Many
people don't like him for it,But
he says it doesn't bother him.
WOW,you don't meet that kinda man
often do you?
Do you want to meet him? I can set
you up.


Mary,you are as bad as these
youngins,and twice as dumb.
Whats so bad about helping her
find a man?You need to settle down
No,but a white man.It,s just to
much for me to comprehend.Maybe
I,am prejudice,but they made me
that way.
      (to Sarah)
Shes related to almost every
Indian near here.So what is she to
Mom.It,s my choice.So let me make
So it,s a go then?Give me several
weeks. I,ll setup a meeting.
Sarahilda is intrigued by a white man who apparently has no
prejudice towards any Indians.They are at Marys home when
they meet.Many family members are reserved in their feelings
about this arrangement.But she is excited.
Thaddeus has been invited by Mary to meet Sarahilda.The
women await him in the sitting room.They hear a buckboard
outside. Mary opens the door and Thaddeus with his arm
raised was about to knock.
Hello Thaddeus.


      (as he enters)
Hi...Been waiting for me?
patiently I hope.
I know you,re a patient man.
I hope people see that in
me...Patience is a virtue.
Everyone this is Thaddeus.That
young lady over there is
Michael comes in,John stands in the doorway
      (to Thaddeus)
John,the father.
HE is not a priest,he,s her
father.And this is Sarah her
       himself first)
So Thaddeus,tell me .How does it
feel being third degreed by all
these women?
It hasn,t started yet.
without looking at Michael
Go away dear...Now please
Come on Michael,lets leave, before
you get in real trouble like him


Goodbye both of you.
      (as he turns to
Good luck young man,Your gonna
need it.
Hey,lets go fishing,like the women
are.Except we,ll use poles,and
different bait.
Maybe we should have had a priest
here,to give them two their last
Is this a bad time?
No...Now that the two comedians
have left,you and sarahilda can
John pokes head in the doorway
If you survive this get
together,we,ll talk.
Go away dad.I hear Indians don't
bother you,Is that true?
      (confused by all
       the talk)
Well really don't know that
many..But I guess...Yes thats true


No.Peoples attitudes,and
prejudices is what bothers me.
Wow.your such a big,and tall man.
My family is from Sweden,They grow
big there.Hardy,and hard working.
So why do you come down this
way?What business have you here?
today I wanted to meet you.
she doesn't,t respond.then timidly speaks
We need to spend some time getting
to know each other.Dont you agree?
Sarah hears the men in the kitchen laughing and joking about
what they perceive as THE TRAP.
I,am gonna check on your
father,maybe he needs some help
finding the river.
      (to Thaddeus)
Just kidding.
Yea,maybe Michael needs a bath
too. He probably can,t find the
door..I,am not kidding.


By the time Mary gets to the kitchen she is nearly lucid.
Whats wrong with you two?
Never did like traps,how bout you
      (looks at Mary)
I,am in survival mode right now
thank you.
Go away both of you.Neither of you
are helping.
We,re not trying to help you.
Mary has spent weeks setting up this meeting.That remark
sets her off.She starts shoving them out the kitchen door.
Go fishing,Go do something,Go
How about our poles?
Mary sees them on the table.opens the window and throws them
And the tackle box.
This time she opens the door,and hands him the tackle box.
here,now leave.
she slams the door in his face.


      (standing in the
Are you finished with them?
Boy... you dont know..men
I heard that.Thank you.
Can we get back to what we are
here for?..Men.
After spending several months enjoying each others
company,and getting to know one another they decide to get
married.Thad purchases some property near her family,and
builds a home for them.They have a big wedding outdoors in
June with many family members and friends present.And an
even bigger and better reception.Then settle in and begin
their life together afterwards.
Thaddeus is waiting for his bride.As the wedding march is
played she appears with her father.
They slowly walk towards him,every eye is on the bride.She
arrives and the preacher delivers the usual sobering speech
of how marriage is a partnership.
He proceeds with the ceromony,And after They kiss he
introduces them to the people in attendence.
as they turn to face the people.
Ladies and gentlemen,family and
friends,may I introduce mr,and mrs
Thaddeus Dood Anderson.
the guests cheer and throw rice as usual.


I love you.
And I love you to dear.
oh dear you look so lovely.
congratulations son,welcome to the
Thad,Sarah,over here to your
table.John,Sarah your on her side.
Michael and Mary sit on Thads side replacing his
parents,they are both deceased.
Today my wife and I have the honor
of sitting in for Thads parents.
So a toast, as I know he would,too
Thad and Sarahilda.May they know
love always,and may she bare many
Michael,behave yourself.You,ll
embarass her.
Lets eat.
no no,do we cut the cake first?
I,am not sure.
      (to the bride and
Sit down.I don,t know either. I do
know I,am hungry.


many family members and friends congratulate them.There are
children playing,and many people enjoying themselves.
Hey boy.I really want to be a
John,behave.You and Michael are
two of a kind.
Their men,that's all they think
about.That and their stomachs.
I bet I know what Thad is thinking
about.And it ain,t food.
A toast.To my new son in law,and
his beautiful bride.May the love
you feel today never die,but
blossoms as the years go by.
A toast To my beautiful wife....
wow..I,am married.
everyone laughs
You sure are dear.For good.
they all sit,food is shuffling around.
Where,s the bread and butter?
Calm down,you won,t starve.
      (to sarahilda)
Dear we need to talk later.


Mom,if it,s what I think we need
not.I know what my duties are.
Congragulations guys.
Thank you.Who was that?
I,am not sure.There are so many
people here,and so many I don,t
even know.
I never realized you had so many
relatives here.
Nearly thirty different cousins,a
dozen uncles.It,s gotten totally
outa control.
Sarah and Mary talk privately
Do you think they,ll make it?
What do you mean?
You know. An Indian and a white
Do you think maybe that thought
should have crossed your mind
,before you introduced them?
as they walk back towards the wedding party
Yea...Right..I see your point.


as they approach john asks
What are you two up to.
without stopping they continue on,but Mary turns and walks
backwards ,then answers him then turns back around
We were talking about fishing.
I know what that means.
      (doesn't have a
he follows them
John,sometimes you are just so
      (asks Sarah)
So what does she mean?
John come here. It means none of
your business.Go sit down,and stay
out of trouble, if you can.
Why is that woman always on my
Sarah and Mary giggle,
yea,real funny ha ha ha


Mary,can you be a bit nicer to my
father,it,s my wedding
      (tries to be
I,ll try. It,s just every time he
opens his mouth he puts his foot
in it.
Dear,just chill,will you?
      (believes what she
Tell him to quit talking,then
everything will be fine.
Mother,do something with
Alright Mary,this is her
wedding,time to be nice.
They do their wedding dance together,sarahilda dances with
her father,Thad with her mom,and nearly everyone with the
bride.It,s been a great day.
years have gone by four daughters have been born.There's
been a lot of Indian wars out west with many different
tribes.The past ten years have been tense and happy at the
same time for sarahilda.The Sioux,Apache,Comanche,and many
others have captured the attention of the entire family,and
nation, causing many worry filled days and nights.
Sarahilda,and Margaret are at Sarahildas home sitting in
separate rocking chairs on the porch.


Boy I never knew raising a family
would be so much work.
Did you really think it would be
easy...Or is there something else
Nothings wrong ,well maybe
Thaddeus is gone to long,and to
often..And all this trouble out
west with so many different
with four daughters.where do you
find the time to miss him..Or
I love him and I,am pregnant.
Yes,pregnant.. And missing him and
he must have been home at least
once..Ten years and still a
bride.Thats funny.
No..Its not.He,s easy to love,and
even easier to miss.
I guess your a lucky woman then..
Or unlucky,depending on your point
of view.


I believe I,am really lucky.
That's great.. Does that mean I
can go back home?
Yep.iam fine.Thanks for coming by.
Your welcome,Guess we all at times
need reminded just how lucky we
are..See you later.
What or who are you girls talking
Luck and men...Or men and
luck,I,am not sure which.I gotta
go ,see you later ,bye.
Was that an answer,I'm a bit
No,that not it.she,s just a bit
strange today.Well maybe not just
so, how was your day,your not
confused ,are you?
No I'm fine.I have something to
tell you.. Come over here and sit
down beside me.
Whats wrong?


Nothing,today I just really missed
you,and want you close..Whats
wrong with that?
Not a thing dear,not a thing.
she just blurts it out
Dear. I,am pregnant.
      (sighs then speaks)
Thats great.Maybe its a boy.
It,s getting late. They sit on the porch and talk and
eventually watch the sunset.Then go inside.
Supper is about ready are you?
Supper is nearly ready,Go find the
kids please.
Where are they?
      (looking out
Right there in the back yard.
he calls them in.
Hi daddy.
Hello honey.Wash up supper is


he goes into another room where the two year old Beth is.
hello there little one.
baby Beth reaches up for her father.he picks her up and
carries her out to kitchen where sarahilda is.
dear this child is a mess.
I know. gonna clean her up before
,no after she eats.
put her in the high chair.Joyce
get in here supper is ready.
In bedroom after Charles is born.
My goodness a son,After four
Now we have five..
he looks good?
He cried really loud,strong lungs
I think.
A son who looks like his


Oh no my dear,This is your first,
and last, and only son.
How are the girls?
Fine.Their at my cousins,Mary will
take good care of them.
They were asking about you.
Thaddeus..There has been so much
trouble of late between the whites
and Indians out west..Are we safe
Safe...Who knows what safe is
well I sure dont.
we are fine.and have a beautiful
new son.
Yes he is beautiful.Charles,A good
name don,t you think?
Takes babies hand.
Yes,and such a strong grip.A
strong healthy son,


someone is here,Put Charles in the
bassinet first,then go see who it
as he finishes Sarah appears
      (to her daughter)
Hi dear.We were held up by some
trouble with the horses.And your
mom,easy on grand dad,ok?
I,ll see if he needs any help.
See your newest grandchild? it,s a
He looks good,a lot like you
What does that mean?
The more we look like Indians to
people ,the more we get blamed for
all the trouble out west these
I know.Blaming us is easy for
some,but not all.
Hello dear.


Hi dad. want to see your
grandson?He,s in the bassinet.
He looks good,good color.Why are
they always so tiny and fragile
Cause their babies, small and
How are you?
I,am great.Thads great,the baby
great,were all great.
Wow,thats great.
all laugh
Man the two of you get to talking
and the intelligence is
mom,your so cynical at times,just
chill will you.
I don,t want to be,I,am afraid of
what might happen.
We cant live by what people
think,or say.It,s out of our
control.Being scared of what may
happen would drive me crazy.


I,ve Been scared most of my life.
That's sad,and worse yet you don,t
realize how cynical it,a made you.
before an argument starts john steps in.
Alright let,s just enjoy the
baby,and this visit.
So dad,what are you up to?
Not much. Getting old,and
tired,and slow.
That,s normal for a grandfather.
they spend some time together talking,then depart.
It was nice seeing mom and dad.
Yea,are they getting old to you?
I hope so.Kinda normal getting old
I mean.
That,s not what I meant.
They both are on pins and needles
about the Indian trouble in the
west.But that's been going on for


Oh...Don't they see or understand
it,s out of their hands.
Dear we are Indians,we get blamed
for what all other Indians do.
Not by everyone.
I don't know everyone.But I do
know human nature.People are
always looking for someone to
There has been another Indian uprising in the
Dakotas.Wounded Knee.Sarahilda is concerned that the whites
will make trouble for Thaddeus,And her children.A number of
years have gone by and Charles is now seven years old.
Sarah and Thaddeus are seated alone together in their
cabin.The children are in one of the other rooms.She is
really concerned about trouble from white men.That very
night her worst fears will come true.
The trouble in the Dakotas.Will
the people here cause trouble for
if there is I can handle it.
There been such bad feelings since
Wounded Knee.
that was years ago.


people don,t forget,And sometimes
I wonder if they really ever
forgive.All that trouble out west
makes me nervous.
That,s nearly two thousand miles
away.We couldn't be anymore
isolated than we are right here.
Doesn't matter.It seems to me this
fear I have for our families
safety will never end.
Fear for our children is shared by
us.But we cant let it wear us
I understand that. My parents told
me about how their land was taken
from them.And how many were
savagely killed when they
That was fifty years ago,and they
were at war.
This country has never been at
peace with any tribe.Not until
they have beaten them then put
them on reservations.
                                         MOB ARRIVES
A dozen men approaching.Most are carrying torches.
she is frightened


      (looks out window)
Someone,s coming.
I,ll see what they want.Stay here
with the children.
Thaddeus goes outside..
What the hell do you people
want?maybe you just need to get
off my property.
one man speaks.
We came to see if what we heard
was true.
he steps down off the porch,his wife comes outside.
And what might that be?You guys
looking for trouble?
she follows him
A shout from the mob is heard,well she is Indian and you are
white.Another shouts out.Lynch him.Several men move forward
and take him knocking Sarahilda down in the process.
she looses it
Please don,t,please don,t let him
go..What has he done to you?
Get the rope around his neck.Lets
show him some justice for Indian
The mob moves him to the barn by the hayloft window.he
attempts to fight,but there are to many of them.


What are you doing.. are you
Your gonna die tonight
mister,whites and Indians don't
mix well.And those that try ,we
God no,this cant be happening.
      (in raged)
Get that rope tight around his
The mob pulls him up on the rope ,Until he is dead,Then
leaves as though justice has been done.Sarahilda rushes too
he husband.She releases the rope and Thaddeus falls to the
she is sobbing
Mother.. What have they done?
He,s dead.They killed him..It
happened so fast,and I couldn't
stop it.
      (a tear)
Come..We have to bury him.
Sarahilda her four daughters and Charles have finished
burying Thaddeus.It has taken them most of the night.


Sarahilda hitches a team to the buckboard and heads straight
for Michael's.
as she approaches their home night slowly turns into day.Its
early morning when she arrives.
Michael and Mary come outside.He can see something is
wrong,and that Thad is not with her and the children.
Whats going on?Wheres your
Mary takes the children inside.Michael and Sarahilda are
outside on the porch.
A bunch of men hung him just after
dark last night.
You,ve got to be kidding.
I wish I were. Thad is dead.
Come inside and rest.I,ll get all
the men together and find out what
and why this happened.
after Thaddeus,s murder ,Michael has decided the family must
meet to discuss and plan how to avoid any action that the
government may take.The meeting is outside by his home, with
the men making the decisions.The women are serving food and
refreshments,and watching the children.Since it was her
husband that was hung sarahilda is allowed to join the men.
      (to Sarah)
Let me say how very sorry I,am
about yours, and the children's


thoughts of that night enter her mind,then she responds.
Thank you. I was just thinking
about that night.I cant do a thing
about the past,or what those men
did..Right now I,am worried about
my children.
Come sit here by me..Hey men,Come
over here to the tables.
the men all move to the tables,there are twenty of them.
We need to decide on a plan.We
have managed to stay overlooked
for a long time,that might change.
Their gonna march us all to
Oaklahoma.Like they wanted too.
the men mutter to each other.one speaks up.
All they need is one report of the
reason thad was killed.
Michael ignores him
we may not be able to hide who we
are much longer.
How much longer should we hide and
lie about who we are?
Ny concern is for my children
responds to being ignored moves forward to make sure he is
heard this time.


I,am sorry about Thad,We gotta
think about the whole family now.
It might be better,and safer to
just tell the government who we
all say no.
You can,t believe a thing the
government says.The paper they
live by says all men are created
equal.... are you treated
Then what do we do?
I don't know. That's what this
meeting is for.
We have all worked hard to make a
new life here.But it may all be
lost...and soon.
someone yells out, maybe we can hide.
Hide where?To many people around
here know us..All of us.
The people here had nothing to do
with thads hanging.
I was told they were men traveling
through that stopped and overheard
a conversation about thad.And


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
where he lived.
No wonder I didn't recognize
We may be safe.Maybe it,s best if
we just wait and see what happens.
pausing to think first
Ok,do we agree?.. to wait.
men are discussing johns proposal
      (stands up)
I,am taking my children away from
here.Moving to Pennsylvania,closer
to thads family.I don't feel safe
here anymore....never did.
A woman alone with five children.
who could blame you?
they all agree there is nothing to do but wait and see.The
meeting is over so the woman start bringing out the food.The
family spends the day together as best they can considering
the reason they are all gathered together.
So what did the men decide?
Wait and see.
WAIT..wait until all of us are
hung..shot..who knows what.


I,am leaving...That cabin.. I just
can,t stay there.
sarahilda begins sobbing
      (arms around her)
I know,Iknow
I gotta go.All the good times
there with him...erased in one
Erased now,but one day there will
be good memories again.
Thanks for everything.I need to
get the kids home..home.
Sarahilda says her goodbyes.The family feels so deeply for
her loss.
The move has been made to Pennsylvania.she is hanging
clothes on the line as Margaret approaches her for a visit.
I came too see how you are?I know
with Charles its hard to do your
washing and cleaning jobs away
from home.
      (feels helpless)
Margaret..Its impossible.but what
can I do?


I don,t know
      (wiping tears away)
I'm thinking about giving him
up..There,s a orphanage in
I wonder what will happen when
they find out he,s half Indian.
He could have a better life
there..I just can,t take care of
turns to hang more clothes
Ever since they killed his father
we,re a broken family.
how about your mom?
mom volunteered to take him,but
she,s just too old care for a
young boy.
I wish I could,but my health
isn't,t all that great.
You want some coffee?
That would be great.
Margaret helps her hang the wash ,and they go into the


have a seat while I make it.
where,s your son?
he,s out in the woods
somewhere.just loves it out there.
Joyce comes in she is twelve years old.
hello young lady.
have you seen your brother?
no,I,ll bet he,s either climbing
trees,or fishing..he is a boy.
I told him we needed some wood
split.do you know if he did it?
he woke early and headed out
towards the river with his pole in
here,s your coffee.
sarahilda sits at table with Margaret and Joyce leaves.
bye gotta go.


      (sips her coffee)
what are you gonna do?
I don't know...no one else in the
family will take him.and these all
day ventures of his are driving me
maybe it would be best,and safer
to give him up.
if I do he,ll hate me the rest of
my life..and his.
well thats out of your control.
I know it is,but I just hate the
thought of strangers taking care
of him.
whats best for him is
important,but so are you and the
this juggling act is driving me
out of my mind.
you need peace..the girls need
their mom..he needs a father..but
Thaddeus is gone.I say let him
go.It,s the best thing for all of
Easy for you to say.


look at your life..more
importantly think of his
future,and your girls..then
thanks for the advice.
eventually she makes her choice.Charles is taken to the
Ralph and Kate Jones need help on their farm.They dont have
any children and are looking for a young hard working boy to
help them,and that they can show some love to.They arrive at
the orphanage.
Whats wrong dear?
Nothing..just a little nervous.If
we find a child,I just want him to
like us.
Everything will be fine dear. Lets
go in and see the director.
they approach the door,and are greeted as they enter.
Hello my name is Brenda Dean.How
are you folks today?
Just fine thank you.
how can I help you?
we would like to adopt a boy.


there is a new arrival.. His name
is Charles..Lets get some
information from you then see
where we stand.
she takes them into her office.she gives john some papers to
fill out.
We were born and raised near
Brownsville, and have a large farm
there..Over a thousand acres.
Just fill these out and drop them
off to me before you leave.
Kate is nervous.
      (to Brenda)
What if he doesn't like us?You
know this may be the most
important decision of our lives...
and his.
Come on dear. It is a boy not
Teddy Roosevelt.
can we see him?
I,am gonna stay here and fill this
the women go towards his room
His room is right here..Oh my he
must be outside somewhere.The boy
just loves being outdoors.


they go outside to the play area.Brenda sees him and calls
to him
Charles,come here please.
He approaches them.
Kate,This is Charles.
Hello,have you come to take me
Possibly.. But first I thought we
might get to know each other.
She and Charles go off together alone.
Get to know each other.Is that
Yes I believe it is.Honesty,and
talking about how you truly feel
is a very good start.
Her warmth allows him to open up.He tells her the story .
Wow.That's amazing.Let me speak to
Charles goes away.She returns to Brenda.
Did you know that this boys mother
is full blooded Indian?


No ..He just arrived a few days
ago.He was just dropped off..Many
Ralph has finished and has joined the women outside
      (looking at Ralph)
I think we want to take him. Is
there a problem with him being
I,am not sure let me check into it
and get back to you.
I don't care what the issues are
we want this boy.. Whatever it
When she makes her mind up,it,s a
done deal.
We get a variety of children here,
      (Reaffirms Brenda)
We absolutely want to adopt him.
I know. As I said.I will have to
seek counsel first.
I should know something in a week
or so.I,ll get back to you as soon
as I know.
They depart.


Everything will be fine.
Everything is already fine.I like
him..I believe we can help him.
Charles has been in the orphans home for a short time. A
family from Brownsville Pennsylvania wants to adopt him,But
he is half Indian. So his case is remanded to the courts.
Ok whats next?
                       COURT REPORTER
The case of Charles Edward
Indian..Mr Blaine what are we
doing here?
Your honor,There,s family that
wishes to adopt Charles,but he,s a
Seminole Indian.And by law exempt
from juvenile law or jurisdiction.
he asks to approach the bench.the judge allows it
Mr Jones wanted to adopt Charles
,But at the time was not aware
that he was an Indian.
Judge is not happy.
well,lets see what I can do.


Your honor I
he interrupts.
Sit down.
      (attorney attempts
       to speak)
Not another word...SIT.
      (looks around)
Mr Jones.
Yes sir thats me.
Are you Ralph Jones..Of
Brownsville Pennsylvania?.
      (still standing)
Yes sir i,am
Let the record show that mr Jones
has appeared..Are you aware of
this boys ancestry?
No sir,I found out from... Well my
wife was told by the boy.
Ok...Would you still like to care
for this boy?
Yes sir,But, what can we do?
Indians aren't,t protected or
bound by law,But I do have the
power to indenture his service to


                       JUDGE (cont'd)
you until he is twenty five years
of age.
So the judge stares right at the states attorney then
renders his decision.
      (shuffling papers)
OK..Let the record show that
Charles Edward Anderson is hereby
remanded by order of this court
into the custody of Ralph Jones,by
order of indenture ship until the
age of twenty five.To be fairly treated, with room
and board.And at the age of twenty
five receive twenty five
dollars,and a sound horse.
strikes his gavel
It,s so ordered. next
So Ralph takes custody of Charles.They ride back to his farm
and the boy says nothing.They go into the house and he
begins to talk with him.Ralph is really concerned,
Charles,Ralph,and his wife are in the living room
talking.Charles is upset,And Ralph wants too find out all he
can about the facts so he can help him cope.
do you want to talk?
When I was only seven years old,I
watched my father die.Hung for
just being married to my mother..I
helped bury him.
very touched


Go on boy get it out.
Always hiding who we were from
everyone...But in the end what did
it matter
I feel like a stranger in my
We are more or less strangers.But
with time,patience and
understanding we can be friends.
That would be great.I could use
some friends.
We all need some.
I,am so tired of hiding,lying,and
wishing I weren,t Indian.
It,s been rough for you. And for
your mom..
Kate takes Charles by the hand and speaks softly to him.
Remember ,when you lost your
father, Your mother lost a
Yes,But do you give up your child
because things are rough?


No you dont.
I believe your mother loves you.
Charles is getting very upset.Ralph wants to end this
session and give him a break.
It,s time for supper.
So they sit down to supper,Fried chicken,potatoes,and some
green beans,And some fresh baked bread.Then after the
kitchen and dishes are cleaned up it,s time for bed.Both
Ralph,and Kate escort Charles to his room.
Goodnight boy,Tomorrow we,ll start
clearing the lower 40 for a new
Yes sir.
Sleep well,Our room is at the end
of the hall if you need anything.
Morning comes and Ralph wakes Charles up.A big breakfast and
then off to work,Charles is curious why Ralph doesn't seem
to care what he is.And why he took him into his home.
they are having breakfast before starting to work.
Boy, are you hungry today?
Yes sir,I,am starving.Its a bright
sunny day.isn,t it?


Yep,A new day,A new life. And with
Ralph alot of work. So eat well.
They finish breakfast and head for the barn to get the tools
and hitch up the horses.
How long will it take us to clear
the land?
Not long ,Most of the trees are
already gone,Just a few stumps.We
need to start plowing and getting
ready for the new season.
Never been a real farmer.Don,t
know much about growing things.
I,ll teach you.Do you want to
That would be great.I have spent
so much time alone , Feeling like
I had no family,No friends,This
might be nice.
after work today,You just might
not think it,s so nice.
Tell me why you want me?why would
you take me in?
Well...we like you,and you need
us..and we need you.


I,ll explain later.
Getting ready for workday.
Just how hard is this work?
You probably wont work as hard as
the horses.
I hope not.
bye guys.see you at noon.
Kate will bring us some lunch,we
have to take some water,get the
where are they?
just inside the barn hanging on
the wall to the left.get em and
fillem up.
he takes them to the well and fills them.Ralph has
everything ready.
lets get to work.
So Charles works the farm for several years.he learns
farming and all the things that come with it.


The year is 1906.Charles has been with the Jones family for
five years.His grandmother Sarah Maze has died,And along
with his sisters and other family members will attend her
wake. His mother will be there also,and his sisters are
worried about his attitude towards her.
he gets off horse in front of his grandmas home.As he walks
up there are several people on the porch.He opens the door
and enters.Joyce greets him.
      (as he hugs her)
Hello sis,How are ya?
Great.Been awhile since we
talked,or even seen each other.
      (looks towards
To bad it took her death to bring
us together.
Weddings and wakes,that's what
usually does..OH yes sometimes
looks around
Where is Beth?Is she coming?
as they walk slowly thru the room they converse.
She,s here,So is mom.
You mean your mom.


Be civil.She has lost her
mother,and she is upset.
Upset..Like i,am not.She was my
they stop momentarily as she thinks,she moves closer to
speak softly to him.
      (quietly speaks)
Charles.I know you are bitter
about what mom did.Just keep it
Beth sees them talking and approaches her siblings.She leans
towards Charles and kisses him on the cheek.Beth was always
his favorite,They were near the same age and spent a lot of
time together as young children.Joyce sees someone she wants
to talk too.
Dear brother,How are you?
they kiss.
I,ll be right back
I,am fine.Learning how to farm.
holds his hands and steps slightly back looking at him.
My brother the farmer.Growing more
like a weed though.Most of the
family is here
they sit together on a couch
A family..I haven,t seen you for
nearly six years.


Your still my brother.I,am still
your sister.That will never
change..Mom is here somewhere.
Dont expect me to talk to her.
Could we talk for more than a
second before you start in on mom?
Joyce returns and suggests that the three of them go
together to their grandma.The three of them approach their
grandmas casket
Wow,It,s been so long,she looks
Yes,She grew old fighting with mom
about you.
I,am not sure whether all the
worrying over you the last six
years isn't,what killed her...She
fought with mom right up till the
day she died.
Oh grandma..I should have known.
Their mom sees them and walks over to them
Hello son.
Lady,You have no son...Remember?
Charles walks away.


I guess he,ll never forgive me.
Mom,this isn,t the time or place.
      (a tear)
Maybe so..But mom put plenty of
guilt on me over him.
Mom,gram is dead.
Isn't, it funny..How some choices
we make can never be made right..I
guess I have burnt a lot of
He is happy..and doing well.So
maybe you need to stop persecuting
Charles goes outside,his Sisters follow him.
Charles are you leaving?
Yes,I,am gonna head back home
,busy day tommorrow.
See you brother,Take care.
I will.Sorry if I upset you guys
I'm fine,don't be a stranger.I,ll
come see you soon. It,s not easy
your nearly forty miles away.A two
day ride.


Maybe if you write me I,ll meet
you halfway,We can camp out
together like we use to when we
were kids.
hugs him
Oh Charles,I love you so very
much,and really missed you.
Me too sis.We gotta keep in touch
hugs him
Goodbye brother.I,ll write.
Hey. I could throw a mattress in
the back of a wagon,and meet you
both halfway.
No Charles,I really don't like
wheels on my bed.
OK Goodnight..Wow that's a spooky
What Charley
saying goodnight to my sisters
after nearly six years is spooky
enough, don,t start that Charley
Goodnight brother.


Bye bye Charley.
Charles mounts his horse It,s nearly two days back to
Brownsville.But he has done his duty to his grandma.His
return trip is uneventful.He arrives home Ralph ,and Kate
await him.Kate has worried about him the whole time he has
been gone.
There he is.Maybe now you can calm
Look who's talking.Do you think I
haven't seen the worried look in
your face since he left? he,s Just
in time for supper.
Hey boy,Get the horse cooled
off,Then in the barn,Supper is
nearly ready.
after taking care of the horse he comes into the house.Kate
and Ralph are waiting for him in the kitchen.they sit down
give thanks then start the meal.
So,how are your sisters,and the
rest of the family?
Their fine,and my sisters have
promised to visit.
That,s nice.
Hopefully they will show.Every six
years,that ain,t bad?


Charles,behave yourself.It,s
several days ride ,And they are
If you want them to visit then go
get them.
Was everyone there?
If you mean mom,yes.
What about your two other sisters?
I dont know ,Didn,t see them,
Did you talk to your mom?
you know darn well I would never
speak to her..I don't want to talk
about her.
Ralph defends Kate
She meant no harm.Just worried
about you as usual.
Its been nearly six years,When are
you gonna forgive her?
Someday you may.If you alienate
her she may never forgive you.


Who cares?
You might one day..You need a
better attitude.
Ok..Attitude..Got it.
I wish it were that simple son.
      (teary eyed)
Boy, You gotta know we love you.
Kate rises from her seat and throws her arms around
Charles,and then Ralph. It is a very emotional moment.
Finally Charles really feels,and best knows someone loves
him besides his sisters.The mothers love that he needs,that
has been missing for so long,will now be given by Kate.Ralph
helps him to become the man his father would have been proud
The meal is over he excuses himself then enters his room and
opens a small box,inside are several pictures.He looks at
them. The first is of his grandma,A tear comes to his
eyes.Then his father,and memories of the night he was
hung.He leans back in the chair.sighs.Life has been a
chore.He ponders his life so far and falls off to sleep.
Beth has written Charles she wants to come to get better
acquainted with Ralph,and Kate,And to see her
brother.Charles is excited as though it was Christmas
morning on the day she is expected.


      (Runs to hug her)
Beth,Beth,How wonderful to see you
Well hello to you.
they walk back towards the house
Nice too see you again young lady.
Hi,Lets go into the house,Charles
take the wagon and horses into the
they enter the house and Kate takes her garments.
Let me have those.
Thank you
she and Ralph walk into the sitting room
So how has my brother been
Beth sits in a chair,Ralph on the couch.
He is a good boy,Soon to be man
Yes, He is fifteen now ,Nearly
Kate comes in the room


Beth,Would you like something to
Yes,Some water if you don't
mind.I,am abit thirsty.
Kate leaves to get her a drink.
So how long will you be staying?
Just a few days,If you dont mind.
No,But we thought it could be
longer.We believe Charles needs to
see you for awhile. It would be
good for him.
Maybe,But we will see.
kisses her cheek
Hi dear,How have you been?
Great. And even better since now
i,am here with you.I have missed
Charles anxious.
iam,iam iam,.
Kate hears him stutter as she returns
confused,heres your water dear.


Everyone laughs,including Charles.
      (calms down)
I,am so glad to see you.How was
the trip?
Ralph maybe they want to talk
Kate and Ralph exit leaving them alone.
Charles and Beth move to the couch
so how long can you stay?
For a few days. mom needs my help.
Say its warm in here,would you
rather go outside ?
That would be Great. On a swing
under a shady tree.
      (tilts head)
No... but we have a porch, with a
Charles And Beth move out onto the porch.They sit on the
same glider at first but soon realize they are at odds with
each others motion,they crackup laughing,then move to the
more stable stationary chairs.
Beth,how is Joyce?
Fine,Your other two sisters are
well also.


well... maybe they shouldn't have
sided with mom.Maybe then I might
be interested.
Charles,there are no sides.
he slides forward in the chair
Beth,They weren't given away by
their mother.and
Beth interrupts.
Charles..Charles..they are your
sisters,Even if they,re wrong.
he slides back in the chair
you are so soft hearted.So
she grasps his hands to get his attention.
Soft hearted,thats good right?
she continues on
there was no joy for her in
deciding to give you up.
      (pulls hands away)
Can we just enjoy each others
company without discussing her?
Yes we can.


True to his word Charles never again sees or speaks to his
mother.Through the years he has contact with Joyce,and
Beth,but not often.The Jones family has always been there
for him,And the memories of his fathers murder,and his
mothers desertion of him,have faded.No longer are they daily
thoughts that torture him,as they did for many years.In 1917
his indenture ship is full field,and Ralph gives him the
deed for the forty acres he first farmed when they took him
in sixteen years earlier.He meets a young woman named Ann.
Soon they fall in love and marry,but both her and the baby
she carries die in childbirth.Charles is crushed.It seems to
him either he is rejected for being Indian,or those he loves
ignore him,or die,The year is 1920
Ralph and Kate are with Charles.they are watchful,he,s
taking Ann's,and the babies death extremely hard.
there are a number of friends and family present.Charles
standing staring at Ann's body as Ralph and Kate approach
are you alright?
Sorry..did you...say something?
pull yourself together.
You know,most all my life has been
a constant battle.
sit down in this chair.


Great idea..I,am done
standing..Seems like something is
always knocking me down.
Kate looks at Charles then whispers to Ralph
hes loosing it.What are we gonna
Beth arrives just in time.
Kate, where is he?
Over there in the chair.Ralph is
with him.He,s a wreck.
Beth goes to her brother,there,s an empty chair beside
him,she sits down beside him.
Beth..Here to say goodbye to my
No..Iam here for my brother.
Charles breaks down.Beth wraps her arms around him .speaks
gently into his ear.
Charles,I know this is
terrible..But do you really
believe that she would want this
for you?


      (to Beth)
I know life can be unfair.But this
is more than unfair.What am I
doing wrong?
Nothing,you didn't do anything
wrong.. I'm here for you..No
matter what.
Thank you for coming.I really need
some help right now.This is the
worst day of my life..well maybe
dads hanging was..There have been
some bad ones?
      (takes his arm)
Get up,Lets go outside and get you
some air.
Beth has to help him up.He is so distraught he can barely
stand let alone walk.She gets some assistance from Ralph.
They find several empty chairs and seat themselves.
Both are silent. It seems Charles is gathering his
thoughts.After he sighs then leans back he speaks.
Beth,I,ll never get married
You might meet someone one day.
My life is cursed...And anyone in
It may seem that way at times.


I,am serious
What...You serious.This is your
sister you,re talking too.
small chuckle
sorta like unbelievable isn,t it?
That's better.Now lets work on a
takes hold of her hand
Oh what would I do without you?
I,am not sure.
I love you.
Kate comes out to see if she can help
How is he?
We are just fine...How are you?
      (to Kate)
A lot better.Not yet the optimist
that Beth is,but she,s working on
      (to Charles)
I,am gonna stay with you
tonight,and spend a few days.


everyone has left.Ann is buried the next day,and Charles and
Beth spend a few days together.she leaves and he returns to
Machinist for the railroad.they are in the locker room
getting aprons,and other outer ware needed for work when Tom
the shop foreman comes in.
Hey Charles sorry about your
wife.I can only imagine how it,s
been for you.
as he closes his locker.
Thank you ,it,s been rough.
tom is concerned
Are you alright?Is there anything
I can do?
No,but it,s nice that you offered.
several of his fellow workers are standing around ,and they
offer help if needed.
That's really nice of you guys.I
appreciate the concern. work is
the best thing for me right
now..But thanks again.
Men go to their stations.large machine shop.
If you need anything,just ask.We
all are here for you.


Just let me get to work.And I,ll
be fine.
Rick Rutherford has been standing in background he slowly
Hey guy,Whats up?Listen I know
it,s to soon.But I have this
sister.You remember her,Phemy
Yes,a bit to soon.Where is your
compassion Rick? I just buried her
a few days ago...
Hey, if your gonna get personal
,then forget it.
Just give it some time.That's what
I need right now. Time and lots of
OK . I have too get back to work
before Tom goes nuts.See you
Tom returns.
Whats Rick up to?
He wants me to meet his sister.But
she is abit off I hear.
Off. I hear she is more than a bit
I told him to give me some time.


Yes. Those Rutherfords. They put
them in the ground,and next day
they look for a replacement.
You know she died in
childbirth.Thank God I have my
sisters,and some good friends here
at work.
Yes I knew.
Thanks again Tom.It,s nice that
the boss understands.
Your welcome.
your a nice guy. Its hard to be
nice and the boss.
We can talk later.lets get some
work done before we all get fired.
Charles goes to his lathe,He begins to setup some railroad
car wheels that need machined back to proper diameter.He
finishes the day and runs into Rick leaving work.
Hey. You want to stop up at the
tavern and drink a few beers?
Yea,couldn't hurt.Lets go..your
Man, are you lucky I got paid


Lucky,that would be nice for a
rick puts his arm around his neck
Well starting tonight that's gonna
change my friend.Lets go make some
for you starting now.
Man am I ready.I,ve been ready.
I know just the place.Where luck
flows.It comes in a glass,a cold
Come on then. Lets get started.
the Brownsville inn is only a few miles away.Charles is on
horseback,rick rides with him.
man you need a car,this is
no much of a horseman are you?
Maybe twice.Cars are better.you
don't have to feed them,or clean
up after them.
This is terrible.let me down I,ll
Charles laughs


Never saw a man that actually
likes walking.Are you afraid or
Everything on that animal moves as
it walks. It,s like being on a
ship at sea during a storm.
Tell me,how would you know
that,seeing as you have never been
to sea.
My uncle told me when I was
younger.he was in the Navy.
they arrive at the tavern.
The tavern is crowded with coal miners,and mill
workers.smoke is in the air.several people know Rick,they
acknowledge him as he and Charles enter the bar.At first
Charles is apprehensive,he hasn't spent much time in a bar.
Hey Rob,give us some drafts here.I
got a man here who is gonna drown
his misery tonight.
rick tells Charles that rob is his cousin,and a great
      (scans bar with
Well,that will certainly help.So
once I start crying into my beer I
know just who to talk with.


Hey, he said listener,not that I
actually hear what you say.Or even
care most of the time.
Ricks leans over,whispers to Rob the bartender
Hey.This is the guy I was telling
you about.
Here you go on me.
They sit down at the bar.
Phemy arrives
Who,s your friend Rick?
rick whisper to Charles that the crackpot has arrived.
This is Charles.He,s drowning his
sorrows tonight.
Well ,remember the river is only a
short distance away..And
cheaper.Why don't you go first and
show him how it,s done?
maybe this wasnt such a good idea.
      (to Charles)
its fine ,just chill.we always
goat each other.it,s meaningless.
      (overheard Charles)
am I interupting?


No Sit down.Rob bring her a
draft.Is that ok?
she suggests they move to table.her and Rick find a table
,while Charles waits for Phemys draft.then he joins them.
So. How was your workday, ricks
says his was way to long.
Yea,long days and short nights.
      (looking at rick)
Yep.long but not as long as this
night is gonna be.
He raises his glass.
Too a long night,and many more to
      (raising glass)
And to those days ahead,with new
friends.And to hell with the
Oh yes,new friends.Hey I have
known him for years.I need some
new friends?
from the bar
You dont need anymore.
Quiet back there cousin.I,am
looking for a new friend.


Seems you are pretty friendly with
that glass of beer. It may be all
you need tonight...friend.
      (snaps right back)
I can always use another one.
That may be the smartest thing I
have ever heard you say.
My sister,praising me..boy there's
a surprise.
You two be civil.Stop acting like
They all laugh,phemy sings
He aint heavy,hes my brother.
Again from the bar.
Please,you sound like the cats out
back when their in heat.
Phemy stares at Rob.
Hey you may be family.But don't
ridicule my singing.
Hey I came here for a good time .
So what say we start.So young
lady. .how did you get so good
looking.. considering what he
looks like.


Well..I take after our mother, And
Rick,we aren't sure yet.It,s a
Mystery,Mystery, WHO me?Hey
Charles.the family believes she is
      (leans slightly
       towards rick)
Hey brother,Want to see my demons?
Rick makes a cross using his arms.
Rick gets another beer.he begins to mingle.
I know Rick is strange. So whats
the story about the two of you?
The entire family thinks I,am
crazy. And that Rick is half
crazy..But who cares?
Crazy.who knows what crazy really
I know about your wife and
child,Iam so sorry.
Thank you..Lets talk about you.
Well I have several brothers and
sisters,and a couple of half


Half brothers?
Yep, moms been married several
They continue talking.then its closing time.
last call
I guess we gotta go.
                                         OUTSIDE BAR
They say their good nights and Rick escorts his sister
home,and Charles says goodnight and returns home by horse.
You need to get a car.
No... they are noisy smokey,and
hard to start.All that cranking.
No they have them with self
starters now.
But, do they know the way home
while you sleep?
Rick and Beth aren't,t horseback riders. Charles informs
them of the advantages of a horse.
Sleep. sleep.
My horse knows the way home. I can
fall asleep and wake up right in
front of the barn door.


Phemy laughs
Its a wonder you dont fall off.
Well, honestly I have a few times.
You want me to tie you on?I,ll
secure the rope around your neck.
Phemy punches Rick in the arm.
OUCH ,hey just trying to help a
Oh Rick,sometimes you are just to
Charles finds their conversation funny and laughs.
You two crack me up.Its like
watching laurel and hardy.Or
better yet the keystone cops,where
are your hats and night sticks?
OH,a comedian, you like the
He is pretty dense sis,you may
have to say that several times.
And then possibly, well,actually
splain it to him.
NO.. I get the message very
clearly.Can I get A rain check?


Of course.
      (looks at phemy)
Hey lets get going its getting
late?... early? which is it?
Both I think,or...neither.
Goodnight. see you soon.
Rick and Phemy say their good nights
Charles,with the love and support of his sister Beth soon
begins to enjoy life again.A home on the forty acres is
started and finished.Charles has meet Ricks sister.One who
many in Brownsville refer to as THE WILD WOMAN OF
BROWNSVILLE.Apparently she is just what he needs to really
begin enjoying life.The year is 1924.Charles is thirty
three,Euphemia is twenty three.He is smitten,It,seems she is
unable to keep her mouth shut while awake.Charles prays she
doesn't talk in her sleep.
Euphemia has come to visit.Charles is sitting outside under
the big tree in back of his home.
Hey were are you?
Back here,follow the noise.
What in the world are you doing
alone back here under that
tree?.Do you like the shade?
Charles takes her by the arm and sets her in a chair.


Sit,quiet,shoosh.I like trees.
OK, so you want me to be quiet.
You know. Before you came I could
hear those bees.
      (he points up)
The ones flying around their hive
right over your head.
Euphemia leaps from her chair.
Charles Edward Anderson. You put
that thing up there on purpose.
Charles explodes into laughter.
Yea,right,me and the bees, we,re
out to get you.
Oh you are sooooooo funny.
attempts to leave but he stops her.
I,ll beehave,stay awhile.
No lets go inside, It is
beeeecoming dangerous out here.
they both sit down at the table.
SO what are you up to?


Not much now.took me days to get
those bees trained.
Drop it.
OK OK just give me a
second,because that was funny.
      (snaps at him)
Thats enough.
Ok sorry I,am done.
How is Beth? she been around
You know I heard she has meet
Really.I didn't know that.where,s
he from?
Hey..When are we getting married?
She sits back in her chair.Then leans forward.Maybe for the
first time in her life she is speechless.She sits there with
her mouth hung open.Charles slowly reaches up ,and pushes
her jaw shut.
Now,just slowly move your lips up
and down and say yes,or no or
something..Try hard I know you can
do it.


I know I can..Give me a second.
long pause.
wow,are you speechless?
Beth arrives
as she pulls a chair out at the table she speaks.
Hey,Charles,Phemy.Whats up?
We are getting married.And your
brothers trained bees out back
talked me into it.
Beth looks towards Charles who has begun laughing again.And
Euphemia joins him in laughing.
really confused
Trained What?
Have you two lost your minds?
      (looking stumped)
Charles, what is going on?
I couldn,t do it alone.