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The Legend Of Zelda: A Hero Reborn
by patrick Bushey (patches_0024@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
This story is based on the world famous video game series The Legend of Zelda, particularly A Link to the past. In this story our hero Link, must save the kingdom of Hyrule from the forces of darkness. Link must go through great measures and overcome great obstacles in order to defeat the evil emperor Ganon from ruling the world.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A battle can be seen taking place throughout the PRINCESS'
intro. We can see a tall dark figure leading his army of
demons against a noble king and his army of warriors.
                       ZELDA (VO)
A long time ago in the Kingdom of
Hyrule there was a great battle.
It was a battle between light and
dark. The ruler of the Dark world,
Ganon, had created an enormous
army to lay siege to hyrule castle
for they had a very valuable item
that this creature of darkness was
interested in. The Triforce. The
triforce is a sacred artifact that
the people of Hyrule have kept
hidden for thousands of years. For
it contains great power and if put
in the wrong hands could cause
great destruction. But Ganon
failed in his attempt to achieve
the triforce and was hence
banished back to the dark world
forever. The King, realizing how
dangerous the triforce was, hid
the triforce in a far away land
and kept a sacred guardian there
to protect it so that no one could
have it. Until one day...
                                         FADE ON
Three pieces of the triforce float in from three corners of
the screen until finally coming together forming the
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:


As the narration ends, we come to a stone cottage that is
Link's home. The walls show paintings of LINK and his UNCLE
hunting and sword fighting.

Link is sleeping in his bed, while his uncle sits at the
table. A large chest rests in front of him. The fireplace
reflects a concerning look as he reads a letter.
                                         CLOSE ON
                       ZELDA (VO)
Dear Garago, I am writing to you
for I have great peril. I fear
that the Kingdom of Hyrule is in
grave danger. I fear that Ganon
will once again tress pass into
our land and take away that which
we have been protecting for
thousands of years. I seek an
audience with thee in the morning
if thou would be so willing.
As Link slumbers in his bed he is awoken to his uncle
putting on his armor.
Uncle, where are you going?
      (With a calm voice)
Go back to bed, my nephew. I have
received a letter of great
importance from the princess and I
must see her at once. I'll see you
in the morning.
Garago finishes his armor. He grabs his sword and turns to
Uncle, may I come with you?
No, my nephew. This is something I
must do myself. I want you to stay
here and look after the house.
Garago turns and gives Link a kiss on the forehead, then


Link sits in his bed, puzzled and concerned. He lays in bed
for a moment obeying his uncle's instructions, but curiosity
forces him to get dressed and follow his uncle.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
Link makes his way through the forest, as the freezing rain
overwhelms him. He hurries to the castle, to find it in near
ruins. Bodies cover the ground, as if a battle had finished.
What happened here? What are these
creatures here? This must mean
that uncle is in danger!
Link quickly rushes past the fires and corpses of the
fallen. He notices the secret passage left open, behind some
bushes. He cautiously enters.
The walls are cold and damp from the moist air of the rain.
There are chains hanging from the walls. Some torches are
lit, but the light is very dim in the room.

Link grabs a torch and walks a few steps before seeing the
bodies of soldiers and goblins on the floor. Further ahead
he notices a figure brushed against the wall.
Who goes there?
As Link approaches the figure, he recognizes his uncle.
His uncle is badly wounded and bleeding. Links eyes fill
with tears as he reaches for his uncle's hand.
                                         CLOSE ON


Link... my nephew.
      (With panic and
Uncle don't speak! I'll find
something for your wound.
No, my boy.... it is already too
late for me.
Listen to me boy.
Garago grabs Link's hand and brings him closer.
I am the last of the Knights of
Hyrule, sacred guardians of the
triforce. But my legacy lives on
in you. It is now up to you to
keep the triforce and the king
Uncle, I....
Link is cut off by his uncle.
Ganon is a demon who wants the
Triforce for his own selfish
desires. He has sent his wizard
Agnahim to kidnap the princess.
You must stop him!
Uncle, I cant leave you!
Be strong, Link. This is your
destiny. Make me proud...


Garago dies. Link bows his head to his uncle and cries. A
few seconds pass as he whispers into his uncle's ear...
I'll make you proud, uncle!
Link grabs his uncle's sword and shield and continues down
the stone path to a stairway.
Link begins climbing the windy stairway with rage and tears
in his eyes. He hears fighting and screaming coming from all
areas of the castle. He slouches against the wall.
Make uncle proud. Make uncle
Passing along broken wooden doors, he rushes past goblins
and other dark creatures making his way to the top floor. As
Link nears the top, a scream is heard. The Princess!
The Princess!
Link enters the hallway, noticing the bodies and blood
soaked weapons on the floor. He notices a destroyed door at
the end and can hear a struggle within the room.
Link enters the room and notices guards dead at both sides
of the doorway. The light is dim, as one brazier is still
lit. Link walks closer to a dark corner of the room, and
finds the king.
      (With surprise and
Your Highness!!
                                         FOCUS ON
Link rushes to the King, who is buried under some debris.
Link notices he is badly hurt.


What happened your highness!?
The King struggles to regain consciousness. Link hears a
rustling on the balcony. As he gets up, a wizard walks in
with the princess unconscious.
      (Demanding voice)
Stop! Let her go!
AGNAHIM stands silent. Link holds up his sword and shield
and charges the wizard, but is bolted to the wall hard by an
electrifying force.
Hmm. I thought we killed all the
guards. Guess I have one left.
Link struggles to get up. Agnahim holds out his staff toward
Link. Link is suddenly stunned in his position.
HAHAHA! Foolish boy! This is the
end for you!
Agnahim raises his staff for the final blow, but quickly
turns to the door. He hears soldiers running up the
stairway. He turns back to Link.
I'll spare you this time boy! But
next time I wont be so kind.
Agnahim transforms into a demonic creature. The CAPTAIN
leads his men inside the room. Agnahim smiles at the guards
as he and Princess Zelda disappear into the night.
Princess! Nooo!!
                                         FOCUS ON
As Agnahim fly's away with the moon to his back and a windy
breeze flowing in the air, the captain getting smaller and
smaller in the distance, a strange smile begins to cover his


face as he triumphantly hurries on toward his next
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
With Agnahim gone, Link regains movement. He struggles to
his feet, as the captain and his guards kneel down to aid
there King.
Your highness!
                                         FADE ON
The king slowly regains consciousness and looks to see Link
and his soldiers crowding around him.
      (Shaky voice)
Who are you?
The soldiers turn and look toward Link. He takes a step
                                         FADE ON
My name is Link, your majesty. I
am the nephew of Garago.
                                         FADE ON
The king looks closer at Link.
Garago!? Then... you are the one
to save us all.
The guards look confused and start whispering to one
another, Link comes in closer to the king.
How your majesty? I'm just a farm


We can discuss all that later.
First we need to get the hell out
of here.
Link and a guard grab the King. They rush down to the main
floor. The Captain opens a curtain, showing a wall of stone.
He pushes on it and it opens to show a secret stairway.
where does this lead?
To the Cathedral. We mustered up
the armory to prevent an attack
from there.
Is it safe?
I had some guards stationed there.
That's the only way out of here
without running into the demon
warriors. We have to take a
Link nods in agreement. They head down the stairway. The
Captain pushes the wall back into place.
A stone wall opens. The Captain walks through. He signals
for the rest to follow. They enter the Cathedral, as the
Captain pushes the wall back into place.
The Cathedral has glass windows, revealing tales of the
Hyrule Kingdom. A bishop is standing by the altar, at the
head of the church.
Bishop Telany! We need your
Bishop Telany hurries to the King. They place him on a
pedestal and the king glares up at Link.
Since you are now the last of the
sacred knights, it is your destiny
to protect the Triforce from Ganon
and his minions, and to vanquish
all their darkness once and for


                       KING (cont'd)
But your majesty! How can this boy
defeat Ganon and the darkness?
The King reaches into his robe and pulls out a thick piece
of paper that had been folded many times. It was wrapped in
a red strap and had the stamp of the Triforce in the center.
In this envelope lies a map. take
this map to the east of Hyrule,
where you will find mt. Vascus. At
the base of the mountain you will
see a path, which leads straight
up into a cave which lies at the
center of the mountain.
The King begins to cough up blood violently. The Captain
leans in to help, but the King pushes him away. The King
peers back at Link.
When you reach the cave speak to
Sahasrahla. Show him the map and
he will tell you what to do.
The King then grabs the Captain by the collar.
Captain! Give this boy a horse and
bow and send him on his way.
This...is...my last order....as
your King...
The King loosens his grip on the Captain, slowly closing his
eyes and slumping into the Captain's arms. The Captain
gently lays down the King and peers back at Link.
Come, boy. I'll take you to the
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:


The armory was a very long and wide storage room. It
contained rows and rows of all different kinds of weapons.
As Link looks around the armory, he sees the captain walk to
a rack on the left side where bows and crossbows hang. After
passing a few with his finger, he picks a silver one with
strange engravings etched on it.
AHA! Here it is.
The Captain removes the bow from the rack and signals Link
Here is what?
Your new bow, boy!
                                         FADE ON
The Captain hands Link the bow carefully.
This is a very strong bow. It is
lite and easy to handle, and it's
precision is dead on. Do you know
how to use one of these?
Yes. My uncle and I have gone
hunting many times and I am fairly
good at it.
Good. Then let me get you some
arrows and I'll take you to the
                                         FADE ON
The Captain grabs a garment case off the rack and loads it
with arrows. Link continues to walk around, till he sees a
golden box.
Whats in here?


Link walks over to the box and opens it. Sitting in red
velvet was a wooden boomerang, with silver linings on it.
Link picks it up to look at it.
That used to be the King's. When
he was younger he used to be very
good at throwing it. But now it
just sits in here collecting dust
with the rest of these weapons.
As Link moves the boomerang back and forth, the captain can
see that Link is very fascinated with it.
Why don't you take it with you?
Take it with me? Are you sure?
Sure! why not? It might be useful
to you on your journey.
OK then. Thank you!
                                         CLOSE ON
Link tucks the boomerang in his belt.
Here! Put these on as well.
The Captain hands Link the bow and arrows. Link puts the
arrows over his right shoulder while clutching the bow in
his left hand. The Captain stands and looks at Link for a
Alright then! Lets get you a
The Captain takes Link by the shoulder and the two exit the
                                         FADE OUT:


                                         FADE IN:
As Link and the captain approach the stables, rain pours
down heavily like stones in the wind. In the pen there's a
stable boy struggling to get a white horse back in the
Come on boy. I'm not going to hurt
The boy tries again and again but each time the horse evades
his attack.
Malik come here!
MALIK turns to see the captain and Link smirking at him from
the gate. He suddenly loses interest in the stubborn horse
and goes to greet them.
Hey there captain! who is this?
Whats going on out there? I have
been hearing screams and
explosions all night.
The stable boy points his finger at Link.
This is Link, Malik. And we were
attacked. He's going on a journey
and will be needing a horse.
Attacked!? What!? Forget the
horse, lets get out of here!
The Captain walks over and slaps Malik in the face. He then
grabs him by the collar, almost choking him.
Get a hold of yourself, boy! Were
not dead. We just need a horse for
this boy. So what you got?


      (Calming down)
Sorry. I'm just a little spooked.
But anyway, I think I might have a
horse for you. Follow me.
Malik walks out of the pen and leads Link and the Captain to
the stables.
The stables consists of a dozen pens, with only half of them
in use.
As the three enter the stables, Link is distracted by the
jumping and dancing of the white horse. The stable boy walks
over to the third pen on the left.
How bout this one?
Link focuses more on the white horse.
That one looks a bit pudgy. We
need one that has some speed on
Malik moves over to the next pen.
This one?
Right, shrink him so he can fit on
that dinky thing.
Well, sorry all of the horses here
aren't exactly hero material.
Since when have we needed one
Just help us find a horse, Malik.
Suddenly, the white horse jumps out of its pen and races
towards Link. It stops just in front of him, inches from his


Whoa! Take it easy Thunder!
Malik and the captain take a few steps back. THUNDER moves
in closer and nudges Link with his head. Link puts up his
hand and pats the horse on the head.
How bout this one?
      (With amazement)
Wow! I'm impressed! Thunder
doesn't like anybody.
Thunder huh!? A strong name for a
strong horse.
Link begins to pet the horse more frequently.
Well I guess that settles it. If
he'll let you take him, then he's
As Link continues to pet the horse, Malik walks over to the
bench next to the pen and sitting on it was everything
needed to equip the horse. Malik begins equipping thunder.
Now remember Link once you get to
mt. Vascus take caution. For in
those lands there are dangerous
creatures everywhere. Dont let
your guard down for an instant.
Don't worry...I'll be ready.
Malik finishes up equipping thunder.
There you go Link, he's all yours!
Link grabs the reins and hops on thunder.


You take care now Link. And
remember, follow this path East.
The captain points at the road a little ways from the
Once you get to mt. Vascus, follow
the path leading up the mountain.
There you should find Sahasrahla.
Ok! Don't worry....I wont let you
all down!
Wait! Take these.
Malik hands Link two loaves of bread wrapped in a cloth that
he had stashed in his coat.
Thank you Malik!
Link puts up his hood and gallops out of the stables.
Good luck Link!
The Captain stands firm. Malik waves goodbye, as Link begins
to fade from sight further down the road.
As Link makes his way through the blistering forest. He
reaches into his coat and pulls out the letter from the
princess, clenching it tightly.
Princess....hold on.
He continues on his way.
                                         FADE IN:
As the wizard and the princess (still unconscious) approach
Ganon's castle, the rain had stopped but dark clouds still
remain. The stone castle stood high above a mountain with
sharp structures and Gargoyles sitting on the upper and


middle portions of the castle. As the wizard draws closer a
light can be seen from inside a room at one of the highest
structures of the castle. The wizard fly's in.
As the wizard makes his descent, two GOBLINS are already
waiting in the room, which was filled with chains and bones
scattering the floor.
      (Hissing voice)
Welcome back my Lord!
The wizard hands the princess over to the two goblins.
Take her to the dungeon.
The two goblins grab the princess and walk out. They carry
her down a windy path, where a gate is guarded. As the two
approach the gate, two goblins are already opening it for
Why do they need this girl anyway?
Shut your hole. That doesn't
concern us. The master will squash
you if you ask questions.
They enter a room with chains and bars. A dungeon. The
goblins rush her to the nearest cell, as her feet drag on
the floor. She begins to regain consciousness.
Where...am I?
They lay her on a stained bench, next to some hanging bones
still in the shackles. They walk out and slam the door.
Don't worry, my dear. Your
somewhere safe.
They walk away. The Princess can still hear them talk as
they walk.


She's somewhere safe alright. Safe
in a cage.
The two goblins begin to laugh. They continue to walk away,
leaving the Princess alone in the darkness.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
Agnahim walks into Ganon's chamber, and notices a long hall
with two rivers of fire on either side. In a chair made of
bone and stone, GANON sits proud. His red eyes glare, as
Agnahim kneels.
      (Raspy voice)
Have you returned with the
Yes my lord! she has been taken to
the dungeon until further orders.
A smile comes upon Ganon's face, as he massages his golden
nose ring.
Excellent Ruminak! Make
preparations. Tomorrow we head for
mt. Decur.
But master whats in Decur?
It's where me destiny awaits. Now
go get the troops ready. O and
take extra good care of the
princess. HAHAHAHA!
Yes my lord!
The wizard bows before Ganon, before leaving the chamber.
                                         FADE OUT:


                                         FADE IN:
Link reaches the base of the mountain. He feels the warmth
of the sun on his back. He walks Thunder to a path, where he
stops for a moment to examine it.
                                         CLOSE ON
Wow! This is gonna be a fun climb.
Link looks back at thunder who neighs in agreement. He grabs
Thunder by the reigns and begins walking up the new path.
As Link walks up the path, he looks up in the sky. He sees
flying birds that seem harmless at the moment. Link ignores
them and continues on his path.
Link gets further up the mountain and spots a huge boulder.
It supplies room for shade from the over passing sun. Link
looks at thunder and wipes the sweat from his face.
Lets take a break.
Link walks Thunder up to the boulder and they sit to rest. A
moment passes, as Link notices a shadow flying over. Link
looks up and notices the birds again.
Those are some big birds. They
look bigger than earlier. And
there's more of them this time. I
don't like the sharp talons they
have, Thunder. I think we should
Three scavenger hawks circle the mountain pass for food.
Their eyes fixate on Link, as the flock begin to close in
for the kill.
Link gets Thunder ready to move, when Thunder neighs in
terror. Link turns and ducks just in time to miss a pair of
talons that scrap against the rock.


The Hawk flies away only to turn around and attack again.
Thunder neighs at Link, who jumps on his back and Thunder
races off.
Thunder! Hurry up!
Within seconds, Thunder is dodging birds everywhere. Link
pulls his sword and begins swinging blindly. The birds pass
around to come back and swarm Link again.
I got an idea, boy. This might be
our only chance.
Link pulls his bow and a arrow. The flock swarms toward him,
with their talons stretched out front. He fires the arrow,
hitting the closest hawk. It falls dead, as they scatter
Now boy! This is our only shot.
Thunder races off again. The flock turns around and swarms
for another attack. Link in his desperation, notices a cave.
He points and Thunder races toward the cave.
Come on, boy. We can make it. We
can make it!
The cave is getting closer. The birds are getting closer.
Thunder leaps into the cave, just as the birds reach them.
The flock slams into the entrance, causing a cave in.
The cave is filled with pointy rocks hanging from the
ceiling. A light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.
Thunder starts to nudge Link. Link regains consciousness
from the cave in. Link struggles to his feet. He notices the
sharp rocks on the overhead and the light.
      (Petting Thunder)
Well, boy. Looks like we have no
choice, but to go this way.


Link walks Thunder down the tunnel. He moves slowly due to
his injuries. At the end of the tunnel, he notices a
waterfall. He walks through it and sees man-made structures.
Wow! there must have been a
civilization that lived here once,
After walking around for a little, Link notices a small hut
with smoke coming out of the chimney. A small moat surrounds
it with crystal clear water.
Be careful, Thunder. Who knows who
or what lives here? Let's just
hope it's the King's friend. Be
ready for anything, boy.
Cautiously, Link and Thunder approach the hut. Link can
smell strange aromas filling the air. As Link reaches the
door he can hear strange murmuring coming from inside the
                                         FOCUS ON
Link opens the door gently and See's an old man standing
over a huge black pot chanting to himself.
yugnum yugnum en chall ie o en
chai semur. mugar et usame oretego
                                         CLOSE ON
The wizard is preparing a potion and is putting certain
mysterious items in the black pot. A crackling sound can be
heard from the fireplace behind him.
Well. Are you going to come in or
just stand there?
Link stands surprised for a moment. He ties Thunder outside
and walks in, closing the door behind him.


How did you know that I was there
at the door?
Hmm. Maybe I'm psychic. Or maybe I
heard you coming.
That's impossible. I was too quiet
for you to hear me, old man.
Making noise isn't the only way I
can hear you. I heard your
thoughts walking in. I heard your
breathes. I heard the cave in
The wizard stands up and turns to gaze on Link.
Now. Who are you?
As link approaches the wizard he can see that this man-elf
is of very old age, with pointy ears and a third eye
directly in the center of his forehead.
My name is Link and I am looking
for someone by the name of
Sahasrahla hmm? What do you want
with him?
I am on a quest. I was sent here
by the King. He gave me this to
give to him.
Link opens the map given to him by the King. Link gives it
to Sahasrahla, who gazes on it with familiarity.
Do you recognize this?
He pauses.


Yes I do, young one. I recognize
this very much indeed.
Can you tell me where I can find
Yes I can.
He pauses.
He's right here in front of you.
Link again, stands in surprise.
I'm sorry. I was just expecting...
A powerful wizard who can end this
in a spell. Unfortunately, I'm not
as powerful as I used to be. A
couple thousand years will do
Well then, I'll need you to...
Link is cut off by the wizard.
I am already fully aware of the
situation at hand. You wish to go
to the Dark World and defeat Ganon
and his army. Yes?
Link sets down the map and turns to Sahasrahla.
I suppose. Will you help me?
Sahasrahla pauses for a moment.
Ganon has already made
preparations to take what he has
been longing for. The Triforce.
Time is already of the utmost


The wizard begins scanning the shelf for something.
In order to get there, you will
need three stone jewels that will
open the gate to the other side.
The wizard turns his gaze to Link fiercely.
But heed this.... They are all
protected by three sacred
guardians who will not give them
up easily.
The wizard finds the bag he his looking for and holds it out
to Link.
The first of these jewels lies to
the south of this mountain. Here,
Take this bag of powder. It will
help against the creatures of
Link accepts the powder and the wizard points down to the
As you go south you will come to a
watery swamp. Deep within the
swamp you will find the entrance
to the water castle. Inside you
will find the guardian of
water.... Kurrina.
                                         CLOSE ON
Link and the wizard make eye contact.
I'm not sure what sort of trickery
lies down there. But one things
for sure, once you defeat Kurrina
you should receive the first
jewel. Which will bring you closer
to your true destiny.
The wizard rolls up the map and hands it to Link.


Now go! And be extra careful when
dealing with those guardians for
they should not be taken lightly.
Link ties the pouch to his belt and begins to make for the
Don't worry...I'll return with the
Link exits the cave with thunder following.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FOCUS ON
Link rides through the dirt plains with a dusty wind
blowing. The sound of thunder's stomping hooves on the
ground can be heard as they make haste towards their next
Whoa, boy. I think this is it.
Thunder slows down, as Link notices the swamp. Clouds cover
the sky. Bursts of steam spring out of the watery surface of
the swampy plains.
This is the place, boy. Were going
                                         CLOSE ON
Thunder's hooves imprint themselves in the swamp mesh. In
the distance Link can see an opening through one of the
structures in the middle of the swamp.
Moss and debris line the entrance walls, as Link approaches.
Link stops for a moment and examines this watery tomb.
Stay here, Thunder. I'm going in.
Link cautiously enters the tomb.


                                         CLOSE ON
The room is wide and damp, with sounds of running water
echoing through the cold walls. Link approaches the center
of the room and discovers two gates.
Which one?
To the left Link can see an open gate leading to a pathway.
And to his right he can see where their used to be a path
but is now blocked due to fallen debris.
I guess I'll take the left one.
Link walks down the hallway and comes across a double door.
It's locked. It has a skeleton figure etched on it. Link
tries to open it, but can't. He continues further down the
Link enters the path and comes to a room with a wide set of
stairs leading to an altar. Some urns are set off to both
sides of the stairs. A gold chest with ruby outlining sits
on it.
What is a chest doing in a place
like this?
Surrounding the room are trails of water running all the way
around to the tile floor causing flooding. Link tramples
through the water towards the chest, but feels he is not
                                         CLOSE ON
Link approaches the chest. He opens it, slowly. Inside is a
golden key carved in the shape of a skull face. Link takes
the key.
Don't know what this is for, but
it might come in use later.


Link tucks the key inside his belt. Suddenly he hears water
growing louder behind him. Link turns around and spots pools
of water from all around the room coming together in rows of
water balls.
Uh oh! I knew this was too easy.
                                         CLOSE ON
As Link looks closer the balls begin to change and the water
begins to form creatures with sharp triangular heads and
long water swords in their hands.
                                         CLOSE IN
Great! This adventure keeps
getting better and better.
Link looks around frantically as the creatures block his
escape route. Suddenly, the creatures closest to him attack.
The first four demons rush Link, One of them swings his
sword at Link. Link quickly dives out of the way as the
sword hits where he was standing making a crashing sound.
Link draws his sword and cuts down all four of them.
Link stands in shock as four new demons re-spawn from the
water of the former demons. Link in dismay, begins slashing
and hammering his way through the army of demons. Link cuts
off heads and torsos of each demon.
I don't believe it! They should be
dying. I've killed each one of
them at least twice by now.
Suddenly, an archer from the back of the room fires an arrow
at Link's head. Link quickly turns his head at the last
moment, just dodging the arrow as it hits a demon behind him
in the head. The demon crumbles to ripples.
                                         CLOSE ON


As Link looks around for another possible exit, the demons
begin to surround him. Link suddenly notices some drips from
one of the urns.
The urns! They must be filled with
oil. If I can reach them, I can
get out of here.
Link leaps into the air and lands on top of one of the
demon's heads and begins hopping his way towards the urns,
as the others are mindlessly flailing their swords and
bodies at him destroying the remains of each other.
                                         CLOSE IN
Link leaps off the last one as both demons cut each other
down. Link tumbles forward and lands on a knee. Catching his
breathe, Link looks up in dismay. The water is combining to
make more creatures.
I have to move quickly. Maybe if I
dump the oil in the water...
He begins knocking off the tops of the urns and dumping the
oil into the water. When the creatures start to form up,
Link pulls his sword. He slams it against the ground causing
a spark.
It's a little cool in here. Let me
help heat things up!
                                         CLOSE ON
The spark ignites the oil, causing the entire room of water
to erupt into flames. The creatures wither in pain, as Link
hurries out. He makes his way back to the locked door.
Please work. Please work.
Link inserts the key and it unlocks the door. Link pushes
one side open and walks in, cautiously.
                                         CLOSE ON
Link slowly and cautiously enters KURRINA's domain.


The room is cold and damp. Link looks and notices a widely
spread pool covering most of the room. It's shallow. At the
end of the pool, lies the crystal waiting on a pedestal.
There's the crystal!
Link makes his way swishing and swashing through the clear
water. As he approaches the crystal, a shadowy figure begins
to slowly appear behind him in the shape of a woman.
                                         FOCUS ON
Kurrina finishes her mutation and focuses on Link.
      (Raspy voice)
I've been expecting you... Link.
Link whirls around in surprise, focusing his gaze on the
mysterious woman.
You must be Kurrina. The guardian
of this crystal!?
That is correct! And you are here
to try and take it from me, is
that also correct?
I do not wish to steal this
artifact from you. I need to
borrow it to cross into the dark
world. Sahasrahla sent me to get
The demon glares down at Link.
That old fool sent you here? Why
would a mere boy like you want to
cross over to the dark world?
I need to put an end to Ganon's
reign. He has kidnapped the


                       LINK (cont'd)
princess and is seeking the power
of the Triforce. I must stop him!
Suddenly roaring laughter can be heard echoing the room.
HAHAHA! Foolish boy you think a
brat like you can defeat the
forces of darkness? I'm sorry but
I do not trust such a quest in the
hands of a child.
                                         CLOSE IN
Suddenly water begins to rise all around the demon as she
prepares to battle Link. Link stands in horror, as Kurrina
transforms into a giant serpent.
If you think you can defeat Ganon
and his army, then you should have
no trouble defeating me.
Link raises his shield in defense, as Kurrina sends him
backwards with a water blast. Link struggles to his feet, as
Kurrina dives under him and comes right between his legs,
launching him across the room.
HAHA!! Come on, boy. Try and take
my crystal!
                                         FOCUS ON
Kurrina plunges towards him. Link suddenly jumps at the last
second to land on her back and slash her in the shoulder,
before he is thrown off.
How's that, you cowardly snake!?
Is that all you got?
His glory moment is shortened, as Link watches in amazement
as Kurrina's wound heals. With Link off guard, Kurrina sends
him backwards again with a water blast against the chamber


      (Raging laughter)
HAHAHA! gonna have to do better
than that!
Link quickly gets to his feet. He pulls his bow and readies
two arrows. He runs along side the chamber wall, firing two
successful shots to Kurrina's head.
HAHA! Foolish brat. I would think
you would have learned by now that
you can't kill me.
                                         FOCUS ON
Kurrina slowly pulls out the two arrows and once again
rejuvinates herself.
      (Deep voice)
Just give up now, and I will make
your death a quick one.
Kurrina summons a water tornado that crashes against the
pillar Link dives behind to evade the attack. The impact
causes the balcony above to come crashing down on him.
                                         FOCUS ON
Link slowly crawls out. Kurrina sits by the crystal,
admiring it.
You were brave, boy. But you stood
no chance to the powers of
Darkness. You have failed.
Link stops to think for a moment and suddenly remembers the
magic powder. Link grabs the powder, but knocks over some
rubble. Kurrina hears it, and spots him.
Hmph! Still alive, huh? Oh well.
More fun for me. HAHAHA!
Link gets to his feet, but is struck in the back and sent
flying across the room by Kurrina's tail. Kurrina rushes at
him. Link dives out of the way, flailing the bag in the air.


No! The bag!
The powder bag lands in the water, behind Kurrina. Some
remnants of the bag lands on her. She screams in pain as the
powder begins eating through her scales.
      (Angrily surprised)
AH! What's this? Blast that wizard
and his tricks!
                                         FOCUS ON
Link scurries to his feet. He dashes his way behind Kurrina
and retrieves the bag. Kurrina turns and water waves the
pillars in front of Link. The roof begins to collapse.
Where do you think your going,
little bug? I will squash you!
Link turns with his sword drawn, but is knocked against the
chamber wall. His sword flails across the room. Link holds
the bag closely. Kurrina suddenly rushes him.
This is the end of you boy!
Link suddenly throws the bag at Kurrina as he dives out of
the way. Kurrina slams against the wall. The powder covers
her. She screams in pain.
As she screams and slashes about in pain, Link notices her
chest scales slightly cracked open. He sees the heart. He
ties the remaining powder to the end of an arrow and fires.
                                         CLOSE IN
The arrow hits Kurrina directly in the heart. The powder
explodes. Her heart melts as she screams in agony.


                                         FOCUS ON
Kurrina slowly melts into the pool of water and evaporates
to nothing. Link slowly walks over and retrieves his sword.
He takes a deep breathe before approaching the altar.
He looks down on the crystal with astonishment. He slowly
grabs it.
No big deal. Easy as pie.
                                         CLOSE IN
Link crackles a quick smirk, before he sheathes his sword.
He places the crystal in his belt. He turns and exits the
chamber, walking out with victory.
Link exits the chamber. He makes his way back through the
halls and to the exit of the tomb. Thunder greets him with a
nudge on the chin.
hey boy... its OK. I told you I
would be right back didn't I?
Link pets thunder for a moment. Then he grabs his reigns and
mounts him. They make their way through the swamp and barren
land. Suddenly, white fog surrounds them.
What? What is this? Calm down
Thunder begins to jump up and down frantically. Link
prepares to pull his sword, when suddenly...Poof! They
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN:
As Link opens his eyes he looks to see Sarasrahla staring
back at him.


So my boy you made it back I see?
Link takes a moment to catch his bearings.
Huh!? Sahasrahla!? How did I get
Link begins to stand up suddenly with confusion surrounding
his face, only to fall back on his bottom.
Whoa there! Take it easy Link.
Sahasrahla hands Link a bowl of tea.
here drink this.. it will make you
feel better.
                                         FOCUS ON
Sahasrahla watches as Link drinks his tea, then turns his
gaze towards the fire.
      (Serious voice)
I got you here using
Link looks at Saharo dumbfounded.
It is an ancient spell that takes
a great deal of magic to do. But
if done correctly it can teleport
a person from anywhere on the
planet, even in the dark world.
Link looks at Sahasrahla with amazement.
Wow! But... if that's the case
then how come you cant just
teleport me to the dark world
instead of me wasting time
collecting these crystals?


The wizard frowns at Link.
      (Patient voice)
The reason Link is because long
ago when Ganon was banished, a
seal had been placed so that none
could enter his land, not even
through teleportation. How Agnahim
got through is beyond my
                                         FOCUS ON
Sahasrahla grabs the crystal from the counter and shows it
to Link.
All I know is that in order to
cross over you will need the three
crystals which put together
properly can cause a portal to the
Dark world.
Sahasrahla puts the crystal in Links hand.
Why don't you rest awhile before
you begin on your next voyage?
                                         CLOSE ON
Link gives an assuring nod and is left dazing at the
crystal, perfectly content.
                                         FADE OUT:
The princess is sitting quietly on the bench as she hears
the sound of approaching metal.
Agnahim enters the dungeon with a hand full of guards. They
head towards the gate, which is already opened and the
guards at attention.
Have there been any problems from
the girl?


None, sir.
The armor of the goblins clang and thump as they walk.
Agnahim approaches the Princess's cell. He signals for his
guards to stay. He signals for the cell to be opened.
Its time princess!
The cage door swings open.
come with me.
The princess hesitant at first, stands and slowly makes her
way toward the wizard.
      (Scared voice)
what do you want with me?
All the questions will be answered
in time. But for now, do as your
told and you won't be harmed. That
I promise you!
Never trust the word of a magician
with cheap tricks.
                                         CLOSE ON
Agnahim chuckles at the remark. He then grabs her arm and
leads her out of the dungeon. The guards right behind them.
Agnahim leads them up a stairway, when the Princess
Hold it right there, Missy.
The goblins grab her as she tries to run. Agnahim marches
right up to her face, almost kissing her.
Were being very patient with you
because of our master. But please,
try that again. Please...


Agnahim turns and begins walking back up the stairway. The
Princess follows, with the guards spears at her back. They
make their way towards Ganon's chamber.
The party approaches Ganon's chamber. The princess sees a
bold and stern figure sitting on a disoriented throne,
glaring silently at her. They stop at the base of the
stairs. The princess gasps.
                                         CLOSE ON
      (Shocked and
My Lord! Preparations are
complete. The troops are ready and
waiting your further instructions.
      (Deep voice)
Excellent Agnahim! you have done
well. Assemble the troops outside
the castle for our next
destination is mt. Decur.
Yes my Lord! But... what about the
guardians of that mountain?
Fear not Agnahim. For that
mountain may be on sacred land...
but as long as we have a child of
light at our disposal, nothing
will stand in our way.
The princess looks up with disdain and disbelief.
I will never help you!
A roaring laughter can be heard throughout the room.


      (Roaring laughter)
Ganon gets up from his throne. He takes a few steps closer
to the Princess, shaking the ground as he walks. He draws
his sword and points the tip at her throat.
                                         FOCUS ON
Ganon glares at the princess intently.
      (Deep raspy voice)
Oh my dear princess.... we have
ways of influencing your
decisions. HAHAHA!
The princess stands her ground.
You don't scare me Ganon! You
killed my father and I will never
forgive you for that! Do what you
want with me for there is nothing
I will do for you!
Ganon sheathes his sword and sits back down on his throne.
He makes a slight grunt. He turns his gaze to Agnahim who is
standing impatiently.
Agnahim you have your orders.
Prepare the troops outside my
kingdom and keep the princess
close by you. I don't want her out
of your sight! Soon we will leave
for Mt. Decur! Be ready.
Yes my Lord!
Agnahim grabs the Princess by the arm and exits the room,
followed by the guards.
They walk down the castle corridor. The Princess notices
different types of orcs and goblins preparing for battle.
Throwing on heavy sets of armor, while blacksmiths slave
away creating arrows and swords.


What in the name of light?
She sees archers playing a game with whats left of human
remains. As the princess looks on ahead she can see a bright
light coming from the next room.
After you, your highness. For this
is your destiny.
They approach the castle entrance. The Double doors swing
open. The Princess notices the glass on the cold floor from
the broken windows. Rubble lies on the ground at their feet.
They walk out.
                                         FADE OUT:
The princess can see the clouds covering the sky, while
looking on ahead to see a large group of goblins standing
around hissing at one another.
Auket et dumas enchante!

translation (Line up!)
The goblins scurry to form lines, as Agnahim looks on
Come, Princess. The master is
He grabs the princess once again by the arm and leads her to
the front of the army. She struggles with the wizards grip,
until her gaze turns to a bold figure standing in the
entrance to the castle.
                                         CLOSE ON
Ganon slowly walks towards the Princess causing the ground
to slightly tremble. The goblins kneel before his presence.
Ganon glares down at the princess who peers up at him,


      (Deep voice)
Walk lightly princess for we have
a long journey ahead of us.
Ganon and Agnahim exchange nods.

translation (move out!)
The army marches forward. The princess looks ahead to see a
mountain that sits high above the ground. Dark clouds and
lightning circling its location, as if to warn strangers of
oncoming danger...
                                         FADE OUT:
Link opens his eyes to Sahasrahla humming to himself. He
looks around the room for a moment. He slowly begins putting
on his gear. Sahasrahla without turning his head speaks to
Good morning, my young friend!
As Link finishes putting on his sword and shield, he looks
up to see a cloud of steam rising above Sahasrahla's head.
Mmm that smells good. What are you
Sahasrahla turns to Link with a steaming pan in his hand.
fresh wamlien eggs. with a slice
of changer meat on the side and
some froodelon bread that I had
left over.
Sahasrahla puts the plate in front of Link and brings him a
warm glass of tea.


Eat up my boy! Your going to need
your full strength for your next
Link begins shoveling the food in his mouth.
      (Mouth full)
Speaking of which, where is my
next destination?
Sahasrahla walks to the center of the room and opens the
map. He points to a location.
Your next destination lies south
of Hyrule castle in a land where
there is no water, only the
dryness of sand and the wind to
keep you company.
Link looks at Sahasrahla with fascination.
There in the center of the sand
storm you will find the entrance
to the sand kingdom.
Sahasrahla looks at Link more intently.
I'm not sure what kind of
treachery you will face there but
one thing I do know is that you
will need this.
                                         CLOSE IN
Sahasrahla pulls out a palm sized mirror out of the drawer
beside him and hands it over to Link.
I'm not exactly sure what this is
used for. But when the time comes
I'm sure you will.
Link accepts the item from the wizard with gratitude and
gently puts it in his pouch. He then finishes up his food
and hands the empty plate to Sahasrahla.


Thank you very much for your
kindness! I don't know how to
repay you.
The wizard turns toward Link with great intensity.
If you defeat Ganon then that will
be payment enough.
The two exchange smiles and Link begins to head out.
Remember my boy in the center of
the sand storm lies the entrance.
But don't allow yourself to be
swept away by the storm.
Sahasrahla gives Link a joking gesture. Link nods and exits
the room.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Link finishes walking down the rocky path with Thunder. Link
looks back at the cave which is barely visible. He pauses
for a moment, then jumps on Thunder and begins on his next
Back at Sahasrahla's hut, Sahasrahla is standing over a
table at the center of the room. He waves his hands over a
round cloudy figure that is hovering over it.
As Sahasrahla finishes his chant an image can be seen from
inside the cloudy figure. It reveals Link making his way for
the next task.
Yugnum...yugnum..... es


Suddenly a second image appears, this time showing princess
Zelda along with Ganon and his army as they get closer to
Mt. Decur.
                                         CLOSE IN
Sahasrahla looks at the image with great panic and despair.
Hurry Link... for we don't have
much time.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Thunder races at full speed through the desert. The sand
splashes under his hoofs. Link looks up to the sun realizing
that he doesn't have much time before the sun goes down. He
hurries on.
Almost dark soon, boy. Let's find
this place before night.
Thunder rushes onward, until moments later they reach the
sand castle. Link notices a sand graveyard with two baby
scorpions fighting over rotting meat. At the center is a
ruined structure, surrounded by a small sand storm.
That must be the entrance to the
sand castle.
Link looks down at thunder who gives him an assuring neigh.
Thunder wait here until I return.
Thunder makes a loud neigh and jumps high in front of Link
stomping on the ground.
                                         CLOSE ON
I'm sorry boy. This is too
dangerous. If we both go on ahead
we'll get swept away by that


                       LINK (cont'd)
sandstorm. Better let me go on
alone Thunder.
Thunder makes an assuring neigh as Link leads him into the
structure and ties him off to a stone on the sand floor.
This will keep you safe from the
sand storms. I'll be back soon
Link smiles at thunder. He turns and begins walking toward
the center of the sand. As link approaches the castle
entrance he can see the sand storm coming and going.
Link times his move just right and as the sand storm moves
away, Link quickly dashes for the entrance. Suddenly it hits
right in front of him and sends him backwards about twenty
What the...? I thought I had it.
Where did that blast come from?
He dusts himself off and tries again. Again he is sent back.
He gets up and dusts himself off again.
I don't get it. I time it right
every time. Then suddenly it just
hits me out of nowhere.
He watches the movement of the storm for a few seconds. Then
he hears voices in his head.
Link? Can you hear me?
Sahasrahla! I can't get by the
entrance. The sand storm is too


Use the mirror, Link. It captures
the reflections of the non
Are you saying I can, control the
light with this mirror?
You can do more than that. It
directs light. But can also slow
time for any enemy in its
Well. That's good to know.
Hurry Link. Time is important!
Good luck!
Link pulls out the mirror. He focuses it on the sand storm.
Suddenly a flash of light, and the sand storm stops. Grains
of sand float in the air, as Link slowly moves toward the
Thank you very much, Sahasrahla.
Link rushes to the entrance, and enters the sand castle. The
sand storm erupting again behind him.
Link dusts himself off and looks around the room. It's dark.
Hopefully this mirror will help
with the light.
Link focuses the mirror in front of him and it lights up the
area. Link examines the architecture and can see a flight of
stairs ahead which lead to a lower level that is overflowing
with sand.
Remember, time is important. So I
gotta hurry.


From above he can see waterfalls of sand pouring in from the
ceiling. He notices a staircase leading down to his left. He
begins walking down it, when he hears a snap.
What was that?
Suddenly a crackling sound. Link looks nervously around. He
keeps hearing the crackling sound, then it stops. Link
stands in silence.
I don't know what that was, but
I'm getting out of here!
Suddenly, the roof collapses down! Link dives out of the
way. He rises to his feet to see a giant boulder rushing
down a runway, straight at him.
I am definitely getting out of
Link takes off running. The boulder races behind him. He
jumps and ducks through ruins and debris, as the boulder
smashes right through it all. Gaining on him, Link notices a
small crack in the wall ahead.
I hope to God I can make that.
Link runs full speed at the crack. He times it right. He
dives just as the boulder reaches him. He barely fits
through the crack, as the boulder slams against the wall,
wedging it.
Let's not do that again, Link.
Link turns to notice he is in a corridor. Stone statues,
corroded and destroyed line the walls of the area. At the
end of the room he sees an open door, with a latch to the
side of it.
The door's already opened? I don't
like the looks of that.


Link notices the mouths are open on each statue. He walks
towards the door, when he hears a crunch. He looks around
nervous, but nothing.
Oh, thank God.
Suddenly an arrow brushes right past his face. Link notices
the statues are firing arrows. He races towards the open
door. The arrows engulf all around him. He dodges, ducks,
twirls to maneuver.
Ahh! There's too many!
He rushes forward. He balances himself to dodge more arrows.
When he finally stumbles on the ground in front of the door.
He covers in a final stance, when suddenly a flash of light.
Link, nervously uncovers himself.
What? What happened?
Lying next to him is the mirror. The mirror slowed time, so
the arrows float slowly in the air. Link turns to get the
mirror, and notices an arrow right in front of his face.
Wow! I'm lucky.
Link stares at the arrow that could have killed him for a
second, before getting up. He grabs the mirror and runs
towards the door. He enters the doorway, as the arrows
continue to rush around behind him.
Link cautiously enters the room, the door behind him
suddenly closes. Link looks around the room as the gates
lining the walls begin to open.
                                         CLOSE ON
Giant sized scorpions begin exiting their prison, raging and
hungry for flesh. In the distance they can see Link and
begin to advance in his direction.
                                         FOCUS ON


As Link looks around the room for possible escape routes he
notices in the center of the room a post standing high above
the sand with a strong beam of light resting on top of it.
                                         CLOSE ON
Link now realizes he must get to higher ground before
figuring out his next move. he then makes a dash for the
post, firing off a few arrows, making direct hits on the
scorpions, and slashing a couple more as he makes his way to
the center. He jumps off a scorpions back and leaps onto the
post, climbing to the top.
                                         FOCUS ON
The scorpions surround Link and begin waiving their stingers
at him, hitting the bottom of the post and barely missing
Links feet. Link impatiently looks around for another escape
and suddenly notices that on certain parts of the walls are
tiny mirrors embedded in the walls above the statues. Link
suddenly remembers the mirror that the wizard had given him.
                                         CLOSE IN
he then holds the mirror out into the light, then suddenly
beams of light begin leaving the mirror Link is holding and
projecting itself onto the mirrors surrounding the room.
Suddenly a huge flash of light covers the room and all the
scorpions begin hurrying scurrying about in a panic. As Link
holds the mirror, the scorpions retreat back to their cages.
With haste Link then runs to the end of the room where a
shrine lays in waiting. On top of the shrine Link see's a
square shaped button sitting up out of it's hole. he then
pushes it down.
                                         CLOSE OUT
The room begins to shake violently, then suddenly all the
doors to the scorpions cages close and the door at the end
of the hall lightly opens once again.
                                         FOCUS ON
As Link makes his way across the sandy room, he notices the
walkway leading to the room above him.
Link makes his way up the stairs, with the boulders sitting
quietly at the room below him. he approaches the room at the
top of the stairs and pulls the lever to the left of it. The
chamber doors slowly swing open.


Link slowly and cautiously enters the chamber. It's fairly
dark but Link can see streams of light flowing in from the
ceiling of the chamber. The room consists of mostly sand and
rock, with stone pillars lining the floor with chains
hanging off of them. Link could see bones of those that
failed to retrieve the crystal in the sand and hanging in
the chains. At the end of the room Link can see sitting on
yet another post, the crystal.
                                         FOCUS ON
As link approaches the room further, he is suddenly caught
off guard by an unusual voice.
                       SAND DEMON
      (Echoing voice)
Link quickly circles his gaze around the room, only to find
nothing there.
      (Shaky voice)
My name... is Link, and I have
been sent here to retrieve that
sacred crystal....Who are you?
There is a slight pause.
                       SAND DEMON2
We are the guardians of that
crystal. Only the one worthy
enough, may take that crystal from
this chamber.
Please! I do not wish to fight
you! I but merely need to borrow
this item and then I shall return
it once my quest is complete.
                                         FOCUS ON
Link looks around waiting for a reply. Suddenly, he is
caught off guard as three giant sand worms come exploding
out of the ground in front of him. The three tower over
Link, each possessing one eye as they intensely glare down
upon him.


                       SAND DEMON3
      (Enraged voice)
Sorry! But we have no intention of
giving you the crystal!
                       SAND DEMON
      (Deep voice)
In fact we cant wait to chew on
your bones!
                       SAND DEMON2
HAHAHA! It's too bad.... this boy
will barely satisfy our appetite!
The three laugh intensely.
Link waists no time and fires a couple arrows at the raging
sand worms hitting two of them in the body. The three
suddenly dive into the floor. Link stands by as he hears the
tumbling and rumbling from underneath the sand. He quickly
leaps up onto one of the pillars grabbing the chains that
hung to it, and climbs to the top.
                                         FOCUS ON
He is suddenly surprised when one of the sand worms comes
barging out of the ground. It hits the pillar, destroying it
and knocking Link onto the next one. As Link regains his
balance, suddenly a second one comes charging out of the
ground facing directly at Link. It then thrusts itself at
Link. But Link quickly jumps to the next pillar. The sand
worm crashes through the pillar, hitting the side of wall in
the process. The wall collapses on the creature, rendering
it unconscious.
                                         CLOSE ON
The other two sand worms spring up. They gaze upon their
fallen comrade. They turn towards Link and dive back
underground. As Link prepares for the next attack he sticks
his hand in his pouch and suddenly remembers the mirror that
Sahasrahla had given him. As Link pulls it out into the
light, the other two sand worms come springing out of the
sand and begin to slam into Link, when suddenly blinded by
the light that the mirror was reflecting, the two beasts
howl and scurry back into the sand. Link, now realizing the
worms' weakness begins to jump from pillar to pillar making
his way towards more of the light.
                                         CLOSE OUT


As he makes his way to the last pillar, closest to the
crystal, he is caught by surprise by one of the worms. Link
shielding himself, holds up the mirror as it blinds the
worm. Link, realizing this is his chance, pulls out his bow
and fires a successful shot in the creatures eye. Causing it
to make a horrendous howl and then crashing to the floor,
                                         CLOSE IN
As Link stands by in defense, the last of the sand worms
becomes more enraged. It throws it's whole body at full
speed towards Link, knocking over the set of pillars
surrounding him and dropping him to the floor. Link
scrambles to his feet, getting as far away from the sand
worm as possible. He turns around and finds the sand worm
peering down at him, getting ready for his next attack. As
the sand worm begins to slither forward towards Link, he
pulls out his mirror blinding it in the eye once again. But
that doesn't stop the worm and it dives underneath the sand
and charges full speed at Link.
                                         FOCUS ON
Link waits for the last possible moment, then leaps up into
the air and comes down hard striking the worm below the
head. The sand worm wails and cry's as it flings Link across
the room, landing him right next to the crystal. As the sand
worm flings itself in agony Link quickly grabs the crystal
and begins to conjure his next strategy when suddenly the
castle begins to shake tremendously. From the ceiling above,
huge pieces of debris begin to fall making a crashing sound.
                                         FOCUS IN
Link realizes as the sand begins to fill up the chamber,
that he has triggered another trap by taking the crystal. He
now makes a run for the exit as sand and boulders crash from
all around him. He quickly makes it out of the chamber but
is caught by surprise as the sand worm chases after him.
Link runs as fast as he can, as the entrance door begins to
close. With the sand worm right behind him, Link makes a
last minute leap through the door, releasing him to the
light and closing off the sand worm from inside.
Link kneels in the sand for a moment, catching his breath.
In the distance, he can see Thunder waiting impatiently for
him. Link stands up and begins to approach Thunder, when he
is suddenly caught off guard as a sand worm erupts out of
the ground.


                       SAND DEMON
      (Echoing voice)
I will not let you get away so
The sand worm dives in the ground towards Link. Link begins
to run but is still too tired. He trips over a rock. The
worm springs out of the sand for the kill.
                       SAND DEMON
Now I have you!
The worm goes in for the final strike, when suddenly a flash
of light. Then a sudden burst of light explodes in the
creatures face. Smoke and blood ooze out of it as it hits
the ground dead.
                                         FOCUS ON
Link looks over, his vision blurry and discovers a figure
wrapped in red clothing and holding a staff. He looks up for
a moment and then collapses unconscious...
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN
Ganon and his army march up the mountain path. The princess
spots circling vultures in the distance ahead. The princess
looks sick as she spots a pair of vultures along the path,
fighting over rotting bodies.
Such a dreadful place.
She peers her head up, to notice an old, ruined castle at
the top of the mountain. They march until they reach the
front gate. The Princess stops, as she scans the two stone
sentinels posted next to the entrance.
      (To herself)
I've seen this before.
She gets a slight push from the goblin and begins to enter
the castle.


As Ganon and a squad of goblins enter the castle, he
suddenly comes to a stop.
      (Demanding voice)
Agnahim! Send in some of your men
to search the place!
Agnahim turns and raises his staff.

Translation (search the place)
The first handful of goblins walk forward. As they reach the
middle, one goblin steps on a brick which sets off a trap of
flying arrows. Half the goblins dive to the ground, as the
rest are hit by arrows.


Translation (Watch your step
The rest get off the ground and continue forward. One goblin
steps on another brick. Rumbles and cracks are heard.
What is that!?
The noises scare the goblins into running back to the
entrance. As they are near the entrance, the ground suddenly
splits open dropping them to a pit of darkness.
Hmmm just as I thought.
Ganon turns to Agnahim and gleams at him.


Agnahim gives Ganon an assuring nod and approaches the
floor. He holds up his staff and begins murmuring to
                                         CLOSE OUT
Agnahim stands in his trance, as the torches begin to burn
out. Suddenly, a light appears from the tip of his staff in
an ultraviolet color revealing the whole room.
Petty traps. This won't even slow
us down.
Agnahim focuses his power on the floor. Shards of glass
appear from his wand like a spray. He covers the hole with
the glass. Ganon leads the Princess across the glass, with
Agnahim and the goblins behind them.
They reach a wide open room with only a small bridge leading
a long distance across an open black pit.
We must tread lightly for this
bridge looks terribly unstable.
Ganon peers down in the princess' direction.
      (Demanding voice)
You go first princess!
I'm not walking over that. Are you
Your of Wise Men descent. Their
blood is your blood. Their secrets
are your secrets. Now show us the
secret of this bridge.
Why should I?


If you don't, then I'll destroy
your kingdom. The triforce could
be used as a weapon, true. But I
can easily crush your world
without it's power.
Hesitant for a moment, the princess cautiously walks up to
the bridge. She breathes deep, when suddenly her eyes begin
to glow as she can see through the dark.
Stay behind me. And try not to
fall off.
She begins walking over the bridge. Ganon and Agnahim close
behind her, followed by the remaining goblins.
You will fail, Ganon. Even with
the Triforce. You will still fail.
We shall see, Princess. We shall
They reach the middle of the bridge, when Zelda looks to the
ground and sees another trap. She continues walking, without
warning anyone.
How much further?
Almost there.
Ganon steps on the loose stone. He pauses.
What was that? I just stepped on
something and it moved.
Suddenly there are crackling sounds. Agnahim points his
staff to the ceiling and shoots off two sparks that light up
the room. The room is empty, except for the dark pit below.
Maybe it was nothing. Keep moving!


Suddenly there is a rumbling sound. Then a crashing sound.
Agnahim turns and sees that the bridge behind them is
falling apart!
                                         FOCUS ON
      (Panicky voice)
The bridge is breaking! Run!
Aganhim transforms into a giant bat and flies off the
bridge. Ganon transforms into a giant demon moth and grabs
the Princess and flies off. The remaining goblins run to the
end of the bridge.
                                         CLOSE ON
Ganon and Agnahim fly to the platform at the end of the
bridge and transform back, safe. The leading goblins dive to
the platform, while the rest fall to their death.


Translation (Get up cowards! Form
The Princess straightens her hair and robes, when Ganon
suddenly approaches her. His nose near her nose. His mouth
near her mouth. She stands her ground, as Ganon grabs her
gently by the throat.
                                         CLOSE UP
I am being very patient with you
Princess. That was a clever ploy
to rid you of our company. But I
strongly urge you not to do that
again. Or the consequence will be
your life.
                                         CLOSE ON
When the goblins finish forming their lines, Ganon grabs the
Princess by the arm and leads them out of the chamber.


Ganon leads everyone into a large, room with walls made of
crystals. The Princess notices at the end of room, lies the
Triforce on a platform. A beam of light surrounds it.
Finally. After all the years and
and disappointments. I finally
found it!
                                         CLOSE IN
Ganon moves slowly towards the Triforce, followed by
Aganhim. The goblins cautiously scout the room, as the
Princess notices an exit across the room. She runs.
After her!!
The Princess almost reaches the door, when the goblins catch
her. She screams. Suddenly a giant crystal formed creature
comes out of the wall. It grabs one of the goblins.
Stand back, my lord. Temple
The Guardian drops the goblin on the floor, then steps on
him. The remaining goblins start throwing spears and
shooting arrows at it, but the crystal body is not


Translation (Bring the Princess to
me. Kill it!)
                                         FOCUS ON
Suddenly, a crystal mace forms from its hand and it smashes
it down on a handful of goblins. The goblins retreat with
the Princess, as the Guardian follows.


Agnahim! Don't just stand there.
Do something!
Agnahim points his staff at the creature and fires a fire
bolt. It barely phases the creature. The goblins retreat
back to Ganon but are cut off by the creatures massive feet.
Let go of me! Let go!!
The Princess escapes the goblin holding her and runs to the
Triforce. The creature then breaks into shards of glass and
the pieces fall onto the goblins.
It's made of pure crystal. And it
seems to have an impenetrable
Must I do everything myself!
                                         CLOSE IN
The creature recreates itself. It notices Zelda by the
Triforce. It rushes towards her. She turns and sees it
bringing down its mace. She shields her eyes. Then, silence.
What? I should be dead.
Zelda slowly lifts her head and sees the creature glaring at
her. Within a moment, it retracts it's weapon and kneels
before her.
      (Deep demanding
Agnahim points his staff at the creature. Ganon charges his
energy and they both combine their magic and fire a giant
metal shard at the creature. It strikes the creature in the


The creature stands in pain. It glares down at the shard
passed through its chest. It crumbles to pieces, then to
dust. The Princess falls to her knees.
Monsters! I curse you! I curse
Well done, Agnahim. Do it!
                                         CLOSE ON
Agnahim approaches the Princess. Slowly, she rises to her
feet. She turns and walks towards the Triforce. Agnahim
follows her with his staff.
Approach the Triforce, your
highness. Bring it to me.
                                         FOCUS ON
The princess approaches the altar. She picks up the
Triforce, causing the surrounding light to fade. She turns
to Agnahim. She walks towards him.
Here you are, master. The Triforce
is yours at last.
Ganon approaches the Princess. The Princess hands the
Triforce to Ganon.
                                         CLOSE IN
Ganon takes the Triforce with two hands and holds it high up
to the ceiling.
      (Menacingly laugh)
AHAHAHAHAHA! At last the triforce
is mine!


The wizard releases his grip and the princess falls to the
floor. Agnahim walks over and kneels at his master's feet.
The Princess begins to regain her consciousness.
      (Menacingly laugh)
HAHAHAHA! YESSS! The power its all
The princess looks up at the guardian ruins in front of her.
Ganon and Agnahim celebrating. She bows her head in sorrow.
Someone....please....help me.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Link sits up in bed. He looks around and notices a familiar
setting. Once again, he smells the familiar aroma filling
his nose as Sahasrahla cooks up a meal.
Oh your finally awake huh!?
Link takes a moment to regain his vision.
Sahasrahla what happened? The last
thing I remember is being attacked
by that sand worm.
Take it easy my boy. Here... eat
this while it's still warm.
Sahasrahla hands Link a plate with some food on it along
with a cup of tea.
Yes. You were being attacked by
the sand worm, when I came to your
Link looks up surprised.


You.... saved me?
Yes my boy. And now that you have
the second crystal....your task is
nearly complete.
The wizard peers down close to Link making eye contact.
But you must hurry Link. Ganon has
already got the Triforce and has
already begun preparing his army.
Link jumps up with a concerned look.
And what about the princess!? What
has Ganon done with her?
He has taken her back to the
dungeon. He will probably keep her
alive so when he rules his new
world he can have her as his
Never! I will never let Ganon and
his army take over this world!
Calm down! That's excellent to
hear that, my boy! But don't just
rush things. Here let me show you
The wizard opens the map and points to a new location.
Your next destination lies at the
East of Hyrule kingdom in a far up
mountain known as Mt. Galaria.
I now where that is. My uncle and
I used to go hunting in that area.


Good. Then you should not have any
trouble getting lost.
Sahasrahla walks to the corner of the room and pulls out a
sack from one of the drawers.
Here let me give you this.
Sahasrahla hands Link the sack. Link holds it up and looks
with amazement.
What is it?
What lies inside the pouch are
exploding bags that I have made.
These bags when tied to one of
your arrows will explode on
contact. You will need them for
your next enemy.
Link ties the pouch around his waist and ties a few bags
onto his arrows before he goes.
Thank you! I'm very grateful.
But use them sparingly, for that
is all I have left.
I will...thank you. I'll be back
Link turns and exits the room.
As Link exits the cave, he notices dark clouds hovering in
the sky.
I must hurry!
                                         FADE OUT:


                                         FADE IN
The Captain finishes sharpening his sword, when a soldier
bursts into the room. The Captain jumps up surprised.
Damn, man! You don't just barge in
here like that.
      (Shaky voice)
Sorry, Captain! But you better
come have a look at this!
The Captain follows the soldier out to the balcony,
sheathing his sword on the way. The soldier points to the
mountains, showing the dark clouds and lightning covering
      (Angrily surprised)
No! It cant be! Ganon must have
the triforce!
The soldier looks at the captain with great panic.
      (Panicky voice)
But captain how is that possible?
I don't know. But we must alert
the men.
The soldier salutes the captain.
What will you have me do, Captain?
Go to the dining quarters and
alert the men. I want everyone
ready and well equipped.
Yes, Captain!
The soldier salutes the Captain again, before leaving the


                                         FOCUS OUT
The mess hall is filled with soldiers eating, drinking, and
chatting away. Suddenly, they are surprised as the door to
the mess hall suddenly swings open by a raving soldier.
To arms! To arms! Captain's
The soldiers suddenly begin scattering throughout the mess
hall. Throwing on helmets and armor and equipping themselves
with swords and spears.
Move it, ya lazy dogs! We should
have been ready in a moments time!
The soldiers continue to equip themselves as others march
out of the room.
Faster men! Darkness is upon us!
More and more soldiers rush to the front of the armory. They
line up in rows of hundreds. The Captain walks out with full
armor. The soldiers stand at attention.
Ready at your command, sir! For
The soldiers all give an agreeing shout. The Captain smiles,
as he slowly walks out to meet the lines.
Gentlemen! We face our greatest
challenge ever in life. Ganon has
the Triforce and is coming for us.
Soldiers begin to bow their heads in defeat. Some soldiers
remain quiet. Others look around nervous and scared.


I know your all scared and
worried. So am I. But I find the
courage from my friends and my
King who sacrificed themselves to
give us this opportunity.
Soldiers begin to raise their heads. The army is starting to
look really alive and ready for battle.
So if this enemy comes for my
life, then I will take as many of
them out as I can before I go. How
about you!?
The army erupts into cheers and shouts. They are ready for
Ganon's forces. The Captain salutes his men and turns back
to the mountains.
      (Whispering to
Link....please hurry.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
As link climbs the sharp and edgy mountain he takes a moment
to look down only to see thunder as a mere dot on the
ground. Link looses his grip for a second.
Link grabs a hold of the mountain and climbs to the top. As
he reaches the top, he can now see the ruined castle that
lies before him. He notices monuments of the ruined castle
being swept away by the speeding wind, as he proceeds with
                                         CLOSE IN


Link enters the castle. He comes to a wide open room with a
shadowy figure at the end. Link approaches the figure with
curiosity. As Link gets closer, the figure suddenly stands
up. It's red eyes glaring at Link through it's iron mask.
      (Roaring voice)
I have been waiting for you elf
My name.... is Link. And I've come
here for the sacred crystal that
you possess.
      (Roaring laughter)
HAHAHAHA! You've done well to
collect the other jewels, but I
can assure you that your quest
ends here.
I don't think so!
      (Raging laughter)
HAHAHA! Foolish boy! Don't you
know who I am!? My name is
BOREGON... general of the ancient
world and your executioner. This
place shall be your tomb!
                                         CLOSE OUT
Boregon suddenly swings his tail, which barely misses Link
as he jumps out of range. Boregon then bows his head to the
ground revealing huge thorns on his back. He fires a set of
them at Link. Link quickly raises his shield in defense.
                                         FOCUS ON
Most of the thorns whistle by him, but one hits the shield.
Link opens his eyes and is stunned by seeing the tip of the
horn went right through his shield.


Link quickly gets to his feet. He throws down his shield. He
pulls out his bow and arrows. Link begins to run alongside
the wall and fires one of his exploding arrows, hitting the
monster in the face causing his mask to crack.
Aarghh! You'll pay for that!
Boregon falls back in pain, as Link readies his next shot.
Boregon mindlessly throws his tail against the ceiling,
causing debris to fall on Link.
Where are you, boy!? I will crush
                                         FOCUS ON
Boregon suddenly spots Link lying injured underneath the
debris and begins to charge him. Link quickly dives out of
the rubble and fires another shot cracking the mask more.
Aarghh! Curse you, runt!
Link fires another arrow, but Boregon quickly dodges it and
counter attacks with his thorn attack. Link quickly jumps
out of the way but is pierced in the shoulder and leg as the
thorns fly by him.
HAHAHA! I have you now!
                                         CLOSE ON
Boregon moves in for the kill. Link quickly reaches for his
belt and pulls out his boomerang.
HAHA! And what are you going to do
with that little toy?
Link suddenly throws his boomerang at Boregon. Boregon
dodges his attack again. Boregon slowly raises his tail to


crush Link. The boomerang suddenly hits the ceiling, causing
some loose debris to fall on Boregon's head.
Boregon continues to lie on the ground, stunned. Link
struggles to his feet. He races towards his bow. As he
reaches it, Boregon regains his consciousness. Link grabs
his shield and throws it at Boregon, but Boregon dodges it.
You'll have to do better than
Boregon turns back towards Link. Link fires his last arrow
right as Boregon faces him, hitting his mask and exploding
it to pieces. Boregon falls back stunned and in pain.
As Boregon begins to get back up, Link notices a green jewel
at the center of Boregon's forehead. Link grabs his sword
and begins to rush the monster. Boregon begins grabbing
random boulders and flailing them at Link.
Link barely dodges a boulder, as he begins to run around the
outer walls of the chamber. Boregon reveals his back again
and fires his spikes. Link rushes to the nearest pillar, as
the spikes slam against it.
The green gem. I have to destroy
that green gem on top of his head.
That should bring the beast down.
Boregon stomps the ground, causing a near cave in. Debris
falls everywhere. Link waits. Boregon comes down and reveals
his back again. Link suddenly rushes out from behind the
pillar, leaps off of stacking debris and slams his sword
down on Boregon's crystal.


Nooooo!! Aaahhhhhh!!
Boregon flails and cries in pain. He slowly slumps to the
ground, as his crystal shatters to pieces. Link struggles to
get up, as he watches Boregon draw in his last breathe.
                                         FOCUS IN
Well fought, tiny elf. My crystal
is yours. This marks the end of
the ancient world...
Boregon dies.
                                         CLOSE ON
Link takes a moment to catch his breath. He slowly makes his
way towards the altar. He puts the last piece of crystal in
his pouch and slowly limps out of the chamber.
I did it. I really...did it.
Link exits the castle. He enjoys a cool breeze, before he is
surrounded by light and teleported away.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Link takes a moment to catch his vision, only to see
Sahasrahla staring back at him with a big smile on his face.
You did it Link! You got all three
of the crystals! Congratulations!
Yeah. It was no problem, haha.
Link gets up, then stumbles to his feet.


Take it easy, my boy. Here let me
patch up those wounds.
Sahasrahla grabs two pieces of cloth from a drawer, puts
some powder on it, and gently wraps the cloth around Link's
arm and leg.
The powder I put in there will
heal you very rapidly. You should
be as good as new in no time.
Thank you! So... now that we have
all three crystals.. what do we do
Sahasrahla takes a seat in front of Link, peering into his
Link....in order for you to defeat
Ganon and his army, you wont be
able to use your regular weaponry.
Instead you'll need the power of
the sword of light. Or...the
Master sword as we wizards have
come to call it.
The Master sword!?
Yes, Link. The Master Sword lies
deep in a forest Northwest of
Hyrule castle in Ramano forest.
Ramano forest? I remember my uncle
saying something about that place.
Yes. It is the place where the
Master Sword sleeps. But now that
you have the three crystals, the
Master sword is ready for a new


Very well then. What must I do?
Repeat after me,

Excellent, Link! Those are the
sacred words needed to release the
Master Sword from it's sleep.
Speak them out loud and with the
power of the crystals draw the
sword from it's resting place!
Ok! I'm on my way!
Remember, time grows short! Once
you have the Master sword, make
your way back to Hyrule Castle. I
will meet you there to discuss our
next plan.
Ok then! Goodbye Sahasrahla. I'll
see you soon!
Link turns and hurries out of the room.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Link and Thunder race through a road leading to the entrance
of Ramano Forest. A slight rain begins to poor down as Link
nears the forbidden forest.
Hurry, boy! We have little time.


They reach the entrance of the forest. Link dismounts
Thunder and looks around, cautiously. The trees of the
forest tower high as the eye can see. The fresh scented
flowers and scenery made Link suspicious.
This place is a lot quieter than
usual. Better stay here, boy.
Link enters the forest. He can hear frogs and birds chirping
from all around him. In the distance, he can hear the sound
of a flute.
What is that...? A flute?
Link begins walking towards the direction of the sound.
                                         CLOSE IN
Further into the forest, the flute sound gets louder. He
suddenly pulls back some brush and notices a boy sitting on
a dead tree trunk, with various types of animals listening
intensely to his music.
A boy? What is he doing here
Link observes the surroundings suspiciously, before entering
the the peaceful setting. As Link approaches, the animals
begin to scurry off.
Excuse me? Can you help me?
The boy stops playing. He's silent. All the animals have
gone away.
Uhh...I'm sorry if I...
Well what are you waiting for?
Link stands surprised, as if given a command.


I assume your here for the Master
Sword. Yes...? Well, there it is
at the end of this field.
Link looks past the boy and notices the Master Sword at the
end of the field, on a platform covered with vines.
The Master Sword!
That's right. Gaze upon the weapon
of the Ancients. Try and pull it
out. Go ahead! Try. Just like all
the other morons that have.
Link stares for a slight moment at the boy, then turns to
the Master Sword. He runs up to the platform. He pulls off
the vines, and stands in amazement at the mystical weapon.
He kneels before it.
I have traveled and fought for
your strength, mighty blade of the
Ancients. I have the sacred
crystals that bind you to stone. I
beg you. Help me to guide our
people to freedom and justice in
our most desperate time of need.
Wow! I have seen quite a few fools
in my time. But I have never seen
one kneel to a sword.
Link stands. He places his hand upon the handle.
                                         CLOSE UP
Now...how did that spell go? Oh
yeah. That's right!
Nothing happens. The boy begins to laugh.


HAHA!! And what was that supposed
to do? Wow! Not only are you the
biggest fool I have ever seen, but
you dress like a woman.
                                         CLOSE UP
The boy continues to laugh, maniacally. Suddenly there is a
bright light, surrounding the Master Sword. The entire
forest erupts into light.
What's happening!?
The crystals from his pouch hover out. They surround the
sword, then each one flashes bright and disappears. The boy
stops laughing.
Impossible! This can't be! Unless,
your the...
                                         CLOSE UP
Link stares in excitement as his hand slowly pulls out the
Master Sword. He raises it as high as he can reach. The
light slowly absorbs itself from the forest all the way to
the tip of the blade and vanishes.
The power! I can feel it. The
knowledge and strength of the
Link lowers the blade down to his face. He finally has it
the sword of light. The boy gets up and stands on the tree
The chosen one!
Link turns and faces the boy.
                                         FOCUS IN


You are the warrior of legend,
Link! You have successfully
retrieved the Master Sword. With
it's power, darkness will retreat.
Ganon's worst fear has come at
last! Use the sword of light to
defeat Ganon and save our people.
Save us, champion!
Suddenly, the boy turns into a lifeless tree. Link hurries
to him. He stops before the trunk and examines where the boy
was standing. The boy has become part of the forest.
Hello!? What the...!?
Link looks around the forest for a moment. Then he grasps
the Master Sword once again, before placing it over his
shoulder. He takes one last look, then turns and runs out of
the forest.
As Link approaches the forest entrance, he can yet again
hear the flute song soaring through a traveling wind. As
Link turns back towards the entrance he suddenly spots
Sahasrahla standing in his path holding something.
Sahasrahla! What are you doing
Sahasrahla smiles and begins walking towards Link.
I knew you could do it, Link. You
are the hero we've been waiting
for. The one to save us from the
Sahasrahla holds out his hand which contains a brown leather
sheath, whose craftsmanship Link has never seen.


This is for you Link. I figure
with a new sword one will need a
new sheath don't you agree?
They smile. Link takes the sheath gratefully and slowly
slides the Master sword into it.
There now!
Link takes off his old sword and ties on his new one. He
hands the old one over to Sahasrahla.
Very good Link. Now lets head over
to the castle and check on the
Yea, lets go! Wait a minute. Cant
you just teleport us there?
Saharsrahla looks at Link and frowns.
Unfortunately, no. I used the rest
of my black powder to get me here.
From here on out, we travel by
Link nods in agreement. They both hop on Thunder and begin
heading towards Hyrule.
                                         FADE OUT:
Footsteps can be seen marching...Suddenly Agnahim slams open
the double doors to Ganon's chamber. A concerned look on his
Master! I must speak with you.
Ganon is sitting on his throne with a smug grin on his face.
To his left sitting on a pedestal lies the Triforce. Agnahim
approaches Ganon in a fast paced manor.


My Lord! We have a problem.
Ganon glares down at Agnahim with great intensity.
It appears that Sahasrahla has
found himself a new recruit....a
young boy. And is already planning
an attack on our kingdom!
      (Roaring laughter)
HAHAHAHA! Come now Agnahim, don't
tell me your afraid of a mere
But my Lord! He has already
defeated the three sacred
guardians and retrieved the
crystals. He has also
retrieved....the Master sword!
Ganon stops laughing and looks down at Agnahim with a much
more serious look.
The Master sword! Hmmm, then your
right. This boy could cause a
Ganon suddenly makes a sharp stare at Agnahim.
Agnahim...now that they have the
crystals they will make an attempt
to cross over to our world. I want
you to bury their attempts along
with their remains.
Agnahim peers up at Ganon.
Yes my Lord! It will be my
Good! Also...how are the
preparations going?


Everything is right on schedule,
my Lord! Your army will be ready
in a few days time.
      (Deep voice)
Excellent! Once my army is
complete I will conquer that which
is rightfully mine! HAHAHAHA!
Agnahim nods in agreement, then turns and marches out of the
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
The Princess is lying down in the corner of her cell, her
back to the sleeping goblins outside.
                                         CLOSE IN
She is writing a note on a piece of her dress that she tore
off. She finishes, then rolls it up quickly as one of the
goblins begins to toss and turn in his sleep.
There must be some way to get this
out of here.
A rat suddenly comes out of a hole in the corner, looking
for food. It approaches the Princess and their eyes meet. A
gentle glow emits from the princess's eyes, and suddenly the
rat is hypnotized.
Go my friend! Find help...
She ties the letter to the back of the rat using her hair
ribbon. The rat turns and scurries back into it's hole. The
princess sits back, quiet.
                                         FADE OUT:


                                         FADE IN:
As Link and Sahasrahla approach the castle, Sahasrahla
points out in front of Link.
As Link looks in the direction he is pointing, Link can see
the Captain outside the castle training soldiers. They ride
up to the gate.
The Captain stops training and turns toward Link.
Link! Is it really you!?
Link and Sahasrahla dismount. The Captain greets Link with a
warm hand shake.
Sahasrahla! It's been too long, my
old friend.
They shake hands.
It is good to see you again too,
Captain. I'm sorry about the King.
We all are, sir. But he will be
avenged. Mark my words.
Let's not get too excited
gentlemen. Now...how many men do
you have with you Captain?
I only have about five hundred.


That's a lot.
Not enough. We need more men than
that. The wizard's tower will be
fully fortified. We will need an
army to penetrate the defenses.
Will the wizard be at the tower,
you think?
He must know your a threat by now.
So I would say...yes.
The Captain turns to Link.
Oh, that reminds me. Did you
complete your quest Link?
Link looks at the captain with a huge grin on his face.
You tell me. HAHA!
Link draws the Master Sword from it's sheath. In the light
it shined so bright, that the Captain couldn't look at it
directly. Suddenly, all the soldiers stop their training and
begin to gawk at the sword of legend.
The Master sword! I thought it was
just a wives tale.
Link begins to wave the sword with delight.
Oh no, Captain...the sword is very
real as you can see.
Link gently puts the sword back in its sheath.
Captain, the reason we came here
was to make sure you and your men
are ready for battle.


Yes, that's right! Ganon now has
the Triforce and will use it's
power to try once again to take
over our lands. You must be ready!
Yes, I know! I could see it in the
They all take a moment to look at the sky. It hasn't changed
much since the last time they saw it.
But rest assured, my boys are
ready for them.
They all nod in agreement.
Well then. Let's prepare for
battle. We leave as soon as your
ready, Captain.
Link and Sahasrahla turn, when the Captain stops them.
Wait a minute!
Link and Sahasrahla turn around, surprised.
Before we go, Link I have
something I want to give you.
Follow me.
The Captain turns and walks towards the armory entrance.
Prepare for battle, boys! We march
for Gala Temple!
The men cheer, as they prepare for battle. The Captain
continues to walk towards the armory entrance. Link looks at
Sahasrahla, with a concerned look.
After you, dear boy. Hoho!
Link exchanges a quick giggle before walking after the
Captain, followed by Sahasrahla.


The Captain leads the three of them to the armory. Link and
Sahasrahla look around the room, as the Captain walks to the
Captain? what are we doing down
here? We have to go.
The Captain scrummages through some equipment. After a few
bangs and clanks, the Captain comes out with an object
wrapped in a red cloth.
This is for you Link. We can't
have you marching into battle
wearing that torn shield.
The Captain peels off the cloth revealing a well crafted
metal shield. It has gold exterior with a shiny metal
surface so clear one could see there reflection in it.
For me!?
Link takes the shield and notices with surprise that it is
actually light.
This shield belonged to the King.
It was passed down from his
fathers and theirs. It was used by
King Kurranus when he defeated
Ganon a thousand years ago.
Link looks at the shield with amazement.
Very interesting. The engravings
on that shield I've seen before.
Sahasrahla suddenly remembers that the Master Sword has the
same type of inscriptions on it as well. He turns to Link.


Link, quick.! Let me see the
Master Sword for a moment.
                                         CLOSE UP
Link pulls out the sword gently. Suddenly the shield and
sword emit a gentle glow. Link and the Captain are startled
by the glow.
Look, you see!? The inscriptions
on these two are identical. That
means whoever made the Master
Sword also made that shield as
So it would seem. I had heard that
the ancient elves of the dark ages
made many weapons including the
Master Sword.
Weren't they all wiped out in the
great war?
                                         CLOSE UP
Yes, they were. But I never heard
anything about a shield this
exquisite. It seems to me, that
the dark elves knew this
catastrophe would happen again.
Glad to see, they were on our
In any case...Link I want you to
take it with you. I know it will
help you in your journey.
That it will. That sword and even
that shield has seen their share
of war before. Their strength will
protect you.


Thank you, Captain! Together we
will avenge our friends. Our
families. Our people. An end this
monster, once and for all!
Sahasrahla holds up his staff. Link and the Captain raise
their swords to his staff in agreement. The three exchange
nods and sheath their weapons before exiting the room.
The three walk back outside. The stable boy comes with a
bold brown horse.
Here Sahasrahla. Take this horse
with you.
Thank you, Captain!
The Captain turns and mounts his horse.
So, to Gala Temple I presume?
So how do we plan to get inside
there? If it's guarded heavily,
then we stand no chance.
My men and I will distract them
for you.
That's suicide!


You have a better idea? You of
all, must survive. Me and my men
are expendable, but we are proud
to know that our death will be for
a cause.
What he says is true, Link. If we
lose you, then we all are lost.
Link looks at Sahasrahla with a look of disagreement.
Your asking me to sit back and
watch hundreds of men get
slaughtered. I can't do that!
If you don't kick that bloody
wizard's ass, then your
disappointing us boy.
Link looks at the Captain and gives him a grin. The Captain
returns the same grin.
My boys and I will charge the main
gate, forcing his men to come out.
When they do, get to the top of
the tower and do what you need to.
How do we reach the top of the
Leave that to me.
They all nod in agreement. Link pulls the Master Sword. He
points towards the mountains.
To Gala Temple!
To victory, boys!


The army cheers. They begin to march forward, led by Link
and the Captain. Sahasrahla sits back for a moment, after
catching a small bird. He whispers to it.
Find our friends, little one. Tell
them where to find us. May the
speed of the wind carry your
Sahsrahla lifts the bird into the sky and it flies off.
Sahasrahla begins to follow Link and the Captain along side
the army.
After two days on the road, they reach the temple. Link
peers at the captain.
Good luck, Captain.
You too, boy. Keep an eye on him
Goodbye, Captain.
Sahasrahla and Link ride their horses around the main gate.
They wait behind the rocks, that cover the grounds of the
temple. The Captain lines his men up.
                                         CLOSE UP
Good luck to you brave souls. For
today, we go down in history as
the army that helped the chosen
one defeat the darkness. So let's
crush those walls to the ground!
The army cheers. The Captain turns his horse and charges,
followed by the army.
The goblins notice the army and signal for archers. The main
gate opens and goblins and orcs begin to rush out in masses.
Link and Sahasrahla watch.


That's it. Their distracted. We
can get in now. Come, Link!
Link is hesitant for a moment, then follows Sahasrahla to
the side of the temple.
                                         FOCUS IN
The goblins begin firing arrows, hitting handfuls of
soldiers at a time. Then both armies clash together. Huge
numbers on both sides begin to fall.
Show them no mercy, boys! Gut
these motherless dogs!
Meanwhile, Link and Sahasrahla slip past the archers on the
outer walls and climb to the temple mass. Sahasrahla then
slams his staff to the ground, causing a slight shake.
Sahasrahla, what are you doing!?
We'll be spotted.
Too late. The archers turn to the sound of the quake and
notice Link and Sahasrahla. They begin firing arrows, but
none of them penetrate the force field around them.
Sahasrahla turns to the goblins.
Mindless cowards!
                                         FOCUS IN
A fireball shoots out from the tip of his staff and explodes
on the wall underneath the archers. The wall crumbles,
crushing all of them. Sahasrahla then focuses his power and
levitates himself and Link.
Just hang onto me and don't look
Link grabs Sahasrahla and holds on for dear life, as they
begin to levitate.


Meanwhile, the battle is going bad for the Captain and his
men. Many of his troops are dead.
Keep fighting, boys!
The Captain struggles to fight off a goblin. He is knocked
to the ground. The goblin comes to finish him, when he is
suddenly stabbed through the neck with a spear.
The Captain turns to see the general of the King's army
pulling back his spear. A grand army charges behind him into
the battle.
General! Glad you could make it!
Enough talk, Captain. We have a
battle to win!
The General charges forward, followed by the Captain and the
army. The goblins begin to retreat to the temple, but are
cut down by the knights. The battle has turned in favor of
the King's army.
Meanwhile, Link and Sahasrahla reach the top of the temple.
Link stands for a moment still nervous from the flight, when
Sahasrahla turns to him.
Quickly, Link! Use the crystals to
open the portal. That should call
his pet to us.
Link runs to the center of the morals. He kneels down. He
places the crystals on the ground around him. He holds the
Master Sword in his hands and points the tip to the ground.
Now what?
Make a wish. Ask the crystals to
open the portal to the dark world.


Link begins to wish. Sahasrahla looks around suspiciously.
After a brief moment, he turns to Link.
                                         CLOSE UP
Watch out, boy!!
Sahasrahla shifts himself towards Link, as Agnahim appears
and fires a bolt at him. The bolt explodes on Sahasrahla
staff, but expels Link unconscious to the edge of the tower.
Agnahim stands firm, as if in triumph.
HAHAHA! Pathetic weaklings!
Agnahim starts to approach towards Link. The smoke clears
from the blast and Sahasrahla stands firm. Agnahim stops in
Agnahim! I should have known. Once
a traitor, always a traitor.
Hmph! Your calling me the traitor?
Look at you, old fool. We are the
last of the magi.
Yes. A band of brothers, that you
condemned to death by signing your
greed of power to Ganon.
Why not? He has the Triforce. He
is the master of all now. Your too
late, old fool. And he has granted
his most loyal servant powers of
the dark forces.
Petty magic! Seems you like being
the dog to the master. Tell me
pet, does he beat you when you


                                         CLOSE UP
No. But he does reward me for
eliminating those in his way. I
have waited five hundred years for
my revenge on your disloyalty. Now
taste the power of the darkness!
Agnahim fires a wave of fire towards Sahasrahla who counters
with a wave of lightning. Both waves clash and a huge
explosion launches both wizards against the surrounding
Your powers have weakened, old
man. This should be fun.
                                         FOCUS IN
Agnahim slams his feet to the ground, sending Sahasrahla
into the air and then slamming him on the ground. He
counters with a tornado that engulfs Agnahim and lifts him
into the air.
                                         FOCUS IN
Sahasrahla begins slamming him one by one into pillars, then
slamming him into the ground hard causing a crater in the
stone floor.
I still have some fight left in
Agnahim struggles out of the crater.
Then let's put that strength to
the test.
Agnahim transforms into his demon form. Sahasrahla
transforms into a giant, white gryphon. They both sprout
their wings and charge each other. They slam together hard,
causing a shock wave in mid air.


                                         CLOSE IN
They begin to punch and kick each other. Claws tear skin, as
teeth pull on limbs. Both wizards are tearing each other
apart as they glide and dash by and through, pillar by
                                         FOCUS ON
Finally, Agnahim grabs Sahasrahla by the neck and charges
him to the ground. The crushing blow sends Sahasrahla into a
ruined pillar. His side is ripped by the jagged edges of the
                                         CLOSE IN
Link regains his consciousness. He notices Agnahim walking
towards Sahasrahla, who is badly wounded. Link grabs the
Master Sword and charges at Agnahim. Agnahim grabs
Sahasrahla by the neck.
                                         CLOSE UP
Fool! You thought you could defeat
the dark magic of Ganon? Pathetic
rodents! Now join your friends in
Agnahim raises his hand, stretching out his razor sharp
claws for the killing blow. Suddenly, Link leaps up and jams
the Master Sword into Agnahim's shoulder.
Aganhim turns and slaps Link backwards, launching him to the
other side of the roof. Sahasrahla charges Agnahim and
throws him against a pillar. Sahasrahla slowly transforms
Aganhim gets up and transforms back as well. He pulls the
Master Sword out of his shoulder.


Aarrghh! You worthless brat! I'll
fix you!
Link slowly begins to get up. Agnahim levitates some sharp
stones shaped like knives and hurls them at Link. Sahasrahla
notices and rushes to Link. One of the stones penetrates
through Sahasrahla's shield, stabbing him.
Sahasrahla!! Noooo!
Aganhim begins to walk up to Sahasrahla.
See, old man. You can't defeat
Ganon's power. Don't worry. This
boy will be joining you soon.
Agnahim begins to charge his power. Suddenly, Sahasrahla
blasts the top of one of the pillars. The broken stones fall
on top of Agnahim. Link rushes to Sahasrahla.
Aganhim struggles out of the debris. He is wounded badly
now. Blood continues to flow from his shoulder.
Fools! You stand no chance to
Ganon. My master will finish you!
Agnahim turns and summons the portal to the dark world. He
walks through.
                                         CLOSE IN
Link holds Sahasrahla. Sahasrahla opens his eyes. His
breathe is faint. His strength is failing. He doesn't have
long to live.
Link...listen to me. (Cough) You
must follow Agnahim and destroy
him and Ganon! (Cough)


Sahasrahla, don't speak. Save your
Sahasrahla grabs Link by the hand.
When you get to the other side,
seek out the one called Inpixia.
She will be able to help you on
your quest.
Inpixia!? But...how will I find
Sahasrahla looks up at Link and gives a slight smile.
      (Heavy breathing)
Don't worry....she will find you.
Sahasrahla turns his gaze toward the Master Sword.
Link, hold out your sword!
Just do it! (Cough) (Cough)
Link slowly draws his sword and holds it over Sahasrahla.
I will use the last of my energy
to strengthen your sword.
But Sahasrahla, how can....
Link is cut off.


You will need it for the other
side. The demons there are much
stronger... (Cough)
Sahasrahla starts to struggle taking in breathes. Suddenly,
his eyes roll to the back of his head and he slumps to the
floor. Link bows his head.
Suddenly a bright light engulfs around Sahasrahla and into
the Master Sword. The Master Sword flashes a bright light as
it absorbs the power. Suddenly, Sahasrahla's body
Link takes a moment to examine the sword, feeling the energy
flow through his fingers. Suddenly he hears a voice.
Link? Link...can you hear me?
Link looks around.
Who? Sahasrahla...!?
Yes, Link! I am speaking to you
Sahasrahla! It's good to hear your
Thank you, Link. Though I may not
be with you physically, I will do
what I can to help.
Link smiles, as a gentle breeze flows by. He peers at the
gate, sheathes his sword and slowly enters with a very
determined look.


                                         FOCUS ON
As Link exits the portal, he's caught off guard as a strong,
thick wind rushes through the air which makes it hard for
Link to breathe.
So this is the Dark World?
Link peers up at the dark red sky. He notices in the
distance, a castle on top of a mountain. Thunder and
lightning bolts engulf the skies. Link glares at the castle.
Don't worry princess. I'm


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From John Barker Date 4/28/2009 *
Thanks for posting this. I'm a huge Zelda geek since the original NES, so I thought I'd toss in my two rupees (har har, c wut i did thar). Unfortunately, I have to agree with Jason. Albeit harsh, he made fair points and I don't think one should claim he knows nothing about Zelda as an excuse (as Jordan asserted). It also seems like your other comments may be from family (Chris) or yourself (Patrick, unless you two have the same name and almost exactly the same email address). If you're just trying to boost your rating, that's not really fair to the other writers here who want legitimate criticism on their fairly rated scripts. Now, I did finish it, but I have to admit I found myself skimming as well. The biggest issue is that your dialogue sounds like a kid's cartoon, yet you've rated this PG-13. Although I'm more in favor of the darker tone in Twilight Princess, you chose a very simplistic style here, and I think this would appeal more to kids than to young adult audiences. You can either raise the bar on your script overall to meet that more mature audience, or you can tone down the PG-13 parts to make it a PG or even a G movie. Even so, by comparison, the Ninja Turtles movies have always been pretty good PG movies (with great dialogue), so I think Zelda could manage the same. I wish there was one or two things I could point to and suggest, "fix that and you're fine", but unfortunately I think it runs deeper than that. You've still got a lot of work to do here. Please, no offense, but I'm giving this 1 star because I like that you tried. It doesn't really excite me though, and I'm not saying that's an easy thing to accomplish, but a Zelda script deserves to be really, really good.

From jordan Date 4/24/2009 ****
Wow awesome script I don't know what the guy below me was talking about, obviously he has never played the game. Anyways great script, I cant wait for the next one!

From Jason David Cook Date 4/21/2009 0 stars
Needs some moderate proofreading. This isn't buried in the script, it's on the first page. (.5 star) The opening narrative is probably meant to be iconic, but it just feels cliché. Maybe you're hoping the implied visuals will make up for that. Even so, if you're relying on my imagination (as the reader) to envision your cool, opening cinematic, then you're relying on me (the reader) to imagine your script is better than it is. (1 star) Curious. How do they take photographs in Hyrule? Now if you say, "they could be paintings", you didn't say so in the script. That suggests you didn't consider it. What else didn't you consider? (.5 star) Fantasy-speak. Do they really, always have to talk that way? I'm not given any reason to think, "That's how they talk in Hyrule". They just happen to talk in the fashion of a thousand other derivative, uninspired fantasies, and I'm just supposed to accept that? I consider my point enforced when you turn around and toss in a line like, "Screw the horse". Did you change your mind? Or did you just not consider it? (1 star) As for the dialogue itself, it's simplistic (there's just no weight to what they're saying) and rough (your wording is unnatural). Also, if you're consistently putting a direction parenthetical over your lines, there comes a point when you're telling the actors how to act. You're trying to inject artificial emotion into your characters. The audience will see the syringe, and they're not going to buy it. The action and dialogue itself should create that emotion, and it won't need to be padded by an excess of parentheticals. (1 star) I started skimming after page 6. I stopped at page 12. I'm sorry, I just ran out of stars.

From John Thompson Date 4/18/2009 ****
Awesome script!! Please give us another one man! You've got great talent. I'm very impressed.

From patrick Date 4/2/2009 ****
Great script! This definitely needs to hit the box office!

From chris Date 3/29/2009 ****
Finally a good Zelda script. This one was awesome. Love the fight scenes. This one is the best one I have seen so far. Can't wait to see it on film.

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