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The Legend of Zelda: Lost in Time
by Matthew (uberhulk84@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: **
Link travels in time....really a joke script done for some friends of mine. Don't take it to seriously. And yes it is a short script as well.

Nintendo owns all this stuff....



A lone person rides a horse in the middle of a long field.
He is the legendary hero of time, LINK. An elf with pointy
ears all dressed in green. He has with him a deadly looking
sword and a shield that looks like it could defend the owner
from anything. Also on him is an ocarina. But it is no
ordinary musical instrument. Oh no. After a few seconds of
riding, Link reaches his destination. He quickly stops his
horse, Epona, in front of a menacing looking man. He is
Gannon, the terrible wizard. Next to him is a beautiful tied
up woman with golden hair. Like Link, she is also an elf
with pointy ears. She is the Princess ZELDA. Link leaps off
his horse and runs up to Gannon, sword drawn.
So you finally made it huh?
Collected the missing pieces of
the Triforce? Battle my almost
endless supply of minions and
solved tortures puzzles to get
this far huh? Well this is where
your quest ends, HERO!
Gannon draws his own sword.
Funny. It's like we have done this
before. Not once...but many, many
times before. Huh...oh well.
Link and Gannon get in an epic battle. Swords clashing at
each near hit. This goes on for a while until it seems like
Link has the upper hand. Gannon makes a desperate lunge at
Link. He misses Link but hits the ocarina at his side. A
small crack appears on it. Then bright light poors out of
it. The world around them begins to shake.
What's happening!
As if almost to reply to Gannon shouting a black hole
appears above him, Zelda, and Link. It then zaps them out of


Link then suddenly zaps back into the world. It is not the
same place he left though. He is now in a dark building.
Crates filled with unknown items sit every were. His
clothing has changed as well. He has a fancy black suit and
a top hat on. He still holds his sword and shield in his
hands though. Link starts to hear some voices in the
distance. He starts to investigate in this strange place. As
he gets closer he can see his nemesis Gannon. He is also
dressed in strange clothes. Several other men are with him
as well. Tommy guns in there hands. Finally to Link's
surprise he sees Zelda gagged and bound to a chair in the
room as well. Link brandishes his sword and starts to
approach them.
So I just hold this trigger here
and death and destruction pores
out of this barrel?
Gannon starts shooting his gun. Not at anything in
particular just maniacally shooting at the world. He starts
to laugh.
I think I am going to like this
                       GOON 1
What's wrong with the boss? I mean
"this world"? Acting like he never
fired a gun before?
                       GOON 2
I don't know and as long as he
keeps paying me I don't care.
Gannon's smile from his face fades away as he notices Link
walking into the room.
Ah. I was wondering when you were
gonna show up. How do you like
this world hero? I love it. So
many new ways to kill and destroy.
And look at you. Still with that
old sword. Let me show you what a
real weapon can do. Boys! Feed him
to the fishes.
Everyone starts shooting at Link. Link dashes for cover
behind a wall.


On top of the world mah!
Link then leaps out from undercover and starts to run
towards Gannon's men. His shield deflecting the bullets
aimed at him. Finally he gets close enough to them to use
his sword. With several quick slashes all of the men are
down. Gannon continues to shoot at him until his gun runs
out of ammo.
Oh well. You can't beat a classic.
Gannon pulls out his sword and runs towards Link.
I don't care what world it is! I
will kill you!
Link and Gannon start to clash swords again. But before they
can finish anything they are blinked out of existence again.
Link is now falling through a black hole into nothingness.
He then sees a phone booth with 2 punk kids that look like
there from the 80's in it next to him.
Dude! Looks it's a pointy eared
chick over there.
Whoa. You think she related to
They both say that at the same time as the play air guitar.
Link then zaps out again.
Link walks into a deserted town. He is now wearing a cowboy
outfit complete with boots and a cowboy hat. Link then sees
that Gannon is standing off in the distance. Link starts to


walk closer to him. Old time western music playing in the
back round. A tumbleweed goes on by.
Well well well. Here we are again
Link. Once again in our eternal
stand off. You know what if our
battle might have damaged your
fancy music player there. Maybe
that's why were being flung around
time. Either way it doesn't
matter. I'm giving you to the
count of three to draw, you no
good son of a dog.
They stand there for a few moments in an old fashioned stand
off. Gannon's hand hovering over his gun. Link's over his
sword. The western music gets louder and louder.
Gannon whips out his weapon and begins to fire. With
lighting speed Link responds by pulling out his sword. He
deflects every bullet with the sword. Getting closer to
Gannon every time. Until he finally knocks the gun out of
his hand with his sword. He raises the blade for a killing
Wait! Don't you wanna know where
Zelda is first? Ah yes I bet you
do. She's over there. In that
Link doesn't trust Gannon but he starts to leave anyways. As
Link's back is turned to him Gannon takes the opportunity to
pull a gun out of his boots and take a shot at Link. Link
trys to avoid the bullet but he is to late. It hits him
right in the arm.
Ha ha! Now I shall finally kill
you, hero!
But then the same time warp starts to begin again.
NOOO! I'm so close!


Gannon shoots at Link. In slow motion the bullet travels
towards him. But right before it can hit him, he is blinked
out of time with Gannon. The bullet travels past where Link
once stood and hits a bottle behind him. Shattering it.
Link and Gannon are now surprised to see themselves on a
floating disk. High up in the sky. They are dressed in robes
and there swords have been replaced by tiny staffs. Gannon
paces back and forth angrily. Link is still holding his
shoulder where he got shot.
I don't care what time it is. What
world it is. I will kill you!
Gannon presses a button on his staff. A light beam comes out
of it like a sword.
Ahh I like it. No matter where we
go they always have new ways to
Gannon laughs. Link presses the button on his staff. Another
light sword comes out of it.
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads
to your suffering!
The two of them get in an epic battle. Swinging there light
swords at each other. Gannon is winning though. Link's
injured arm is taking a tole on him. Until Gannon finally
knocks Link's sword out of his hand.
Now, you die!
Before he can give his killing blow a laser beam blasts
Gannon's light sword out of his hand.
What? Who dares?
I dare! I am no longer a damsel in
Zelda stands a few feet away on another platform. She has a
smoking laser gun in her hand. She is wearing a gold bikini


and her hair is made up into two buns. Link picks up his
light sword and walks over to Gannon. Who is still holding
his hand in pain.
Link! Finish him!
Link takes a swipe at Gannon's head. It takes it clean off.
Gannon's head then rolls around on the ground. Link and
Zelda now look at each other. The teleportation then begins
They are now back where it all started. Back in there normal
Were home!
Zelda runs into Link's arms for a big embrace. Then she
suddenly breaks it and hits Link in the chest.
Took you long enough! And I had to
save your but at the end.
Well excccuuuussseee me princess!


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From Jason David Cook Date 4/21/2009 0 stars
I guess a serious breakdown would just be an annoyance, since it's not to be taken too seriously and meant more as in-joke between you and your friends. Hence my rating.

From John Thompson Date 4/18/2009 ****
Not bad.I like how you put bill and ted in there.That was cool.You get 4 stars without a doubt

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