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Windows Of Ice
by David James Neil (chimover@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
Bobby Jones was called to the Sanitarium by an elderly schizophrenic patient (Luke Mathews) who seemingly has no past. Bobby is shocked as he is told by Luke Mathews that he was with Bobby's father thirty years ago, the night he was murdered. Bobby listens to the rantings of a mad mans tale of murder, secret society and of an object they seek. Bobby's need to know why his father was murdered draws him into following the mad mans tale. What he discovers is an object that was not meant to be here in our time. It is valuable to someone and they want it back. How do you escape and hide from people who don't exist? Luke Mathews has done it for years, but now it is all coming to a head.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A MAN, WOMAN and a SMALL MALE CHILD are running through the
cornfield. They appear to be exhausted, desperate and in a

The man is carrying the child. He stops the woman who is
exhausted from running. They look up into the sky as they
try and catch their breath.

The child begins to cry and his father muffles the sound by
covering his mouth with his dirty hand.

A BRIGHT ORB OF LIGHT appears from above circling their
position with great speed. The man picks up the child and
begins to run. He stops as he notices the woman is not
following. She is too exhausted and can't get to her feet.

He puts the child down and runs back to help her. He tries
to pick her up but it is too late. The orb of light drops
mercilessly from the sky. The man uses his body to protect
her but the orb crushes them to dust and out of existence.

As the light rises into the sky there is nothing left of the
man or woman. The child looks on from a distance crying for
his loss.

A DARK FIGURE appears in the corn retrieving the small boy.
A SECOND FIGURE with his back to us gives an order. He will
later become known as DR. CLARK.
                       DR. CLARK
      (with back to
You know what to do with the
                       DARK FIGURE
Yes sir.
                       DR. CLARK
Any sign of the object?
                       DARK FIGURE
No sir, none at all.
                       DR. CLARK
I guess this isn't over yet.


                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A MANS HAT floats gently down a river. Leaves on half naked
trees make their escape on cold currents of wind, which
place them gently on the ground. The ground becomes a
collage of color as the trees prepare to sleep for another

Tall pines on the river's bank brave the cold as the hat
mounts the surf of the small rapids.

SEVERAL CHILDREN who are standing on the bridge above the
river see the hat hovering artfully on the water. The
children throw rocks at the hat with great enthusiasm..
Their PARENTS look on unconcerned about their childish
aggression toward the peaceful old hat.

The old hat is airborne as it takes a thirty foot plunge
into the broken white water beneath the WATER FALL.
                                         CUT TO:
BOBBY JONES, a tall, slender, well dressed man in his
thirties drives up to the security hut located next to two
large wrought iron gates. The GUARD is a large sloppy
robust man in his fifties. He exits the hut to offer
assistance to Bobby. He has a clipboard with a list of
visitors names and a small chewed up pencil to check them
off with.

Bobby lets his business be known to the guard who flips
through several pages before finding Bobby's name. After a
quick maneuver into the hut the guard produces a visitors
badge to pin onto Bobby's coat. The guard dictates a list
of directions to Bobby who does his best to submit them to
                                         CUT TO:


It is fall time and the grass is covered with a blanket of
red, yellow and orange leaves. We see Bobby walking down
the path to the front doors of the large building. He is
carrying a tape recorder and a brief case. He stops to get
a good look at the large stone structure that towers before
him. A shiver runs through his body as he pulls his collar
tightly around his neck. The cold wind swirls the leaves
into a mini tornado scattering them around the fenced off
                                         CUT TO:
The room is a large cold looking room with a polished floor.
The outer wall has three large windows that are covered
with screens to prevent suicide attempts. The room is
scarcely furnished with a couch, chair and a coffee table.

Bobby closes the door and places his luggage on the coffee
table. He pauses to measure the size of the room and then
walks over to examine the caged windows. From the window we
see the view of the fenced off grounds. The security hut
stands alone by the heavy gates.

A shiver goes through him causing him to walk over and
check for heat coming from the old radiator. He pulls his
fingers away quickly and blows on them to cool them down.
                                         CUT TO
LUKE MATHEWS is an elderly man with white hair, a tired face
and a worn out posture. He is wearing a white doctors smock
that appears too big for his frame. He stops at the door
and inspects Bobby through the window. Bobby is inside the
room preparing his tape recorder and looking for a pen in
his briefcase. Luke opens the door and enters the room.
                                         CUT TO
Bobby looks up from his task and watches Luke enter the
room. Luke gives a brief stare and proceeds to the window.


Excuse me. Doctor? I was waiting
for Luke Mathews. Can you tell me
if someone's bringing him to see
      (Staring out the
It's been a long time since I've
been in this room.
Okay. Do you know if they are
bringing Mr. Mathews to see me?
      (Looking out the
       window and
You look like your father.
      (Confused by the
My father died a long time ago,
you must be thinking of someone
Luke walks over to Bobby and leans across the table to
examine his face.
      (Touching Bobby's
       face with his
I'm an artist, I remember faces.
                                         CUT TO
The PATRONS are a rough looking bunch drowning their sorrows
in alcohol and friendly chatter. Luke Mathews is in his
early twenties. He is dressed below middle class as are the
rest of the patrons. Luke has a drawing pad and a pencil.
He TEARS a sheet from the pad and hands it to an older man
sitting across the table.
                                         ANGLE ON BILL


BILL FOLEY, an older man in his sixties and is the owner of
FOLEY'S BAR. Bill inspects the piece of paper Luke has
handed him.
                                         ANGLE ON THE PAPER
We see that it is a DRAWING of Bill and an older woman. They
are dressed in expensive evening wear and throwing money in
the air.
Well just like you wanted Bill,
rich and famous.
Who's the old woman with me?
MARY FOLEY is an older white haired lady who has just
entered the bar. She is Bills wife and is carrying a plate
of food. Mary heads to where Bill and Luke are sitting.
Luke notices Mary coming but says nothing to Bill.
Well if I'm so fucking rich why
would I be married to an old
Mary overhears what Bill has said about her and slaps him in
the back of the head while he's taking a drink of his beer.
The patrons see what happened to Bill and break out in a
loud fit of laughter. Mary throws the plate in front of
Bill who is wearing most of his glass of beer.
Jesus Christ woman. You could
have knocked my fucking teeth out.
      (walking out of
They're upstairs in a glass you
gummsie old fool.


      (chanting together)
      (to the crowd)
Oh fuck off.
The patrons break out into a fit of laughter as Bill shakes
his head in disbelief.
BALAC STONE a massive well dressed, well groomed man in his
early sixties, waves to Luke who is still enjoying Bills
misfortune. Luke notices Balac and proceeds to the back of
the bar.
Would you like a drawing of
I'm not too sure. That guy seemed
to get a bit more than he
bargained for.
Bill hasn't learned to keep his
mouth shut, especially when the
person he's talking about is
standing right behind him.
Luke proceeds in front of Balac to the empty back corner of
the bar. Balac removes his hand from his coat pocket and we
see a set of brass knuckles on his hand. He conceals his
hand behind his back as he leans into Luke's face.
Do you have it?
      (Looking up from
       his sketch pad)
Have what?
What I came for.
I don't.....


Balac grabs Luke by the shirt collar and punches him in the
stomach with the brass knuckles. Luke drops the pad and
folds over gasping for air. Balac straitens Luke up and
throws him out the rear exit door.
                                         CUT TO
Balac lifts Luke and places him forcefully against the
Why don't you make this easy on
both of us and just tell me where
it is.
      (gasping for air)
I swear to God, I don't know what
your talking about. I don't even
know who the fuck you are.
Unfortunately for you, I know who
you are. Now I'm going to do what
I should have done twenty years
Balac lifts his knee into Luke's groin. Luke winces in pain
as Balac begins to punch him repeatedly in the head. Luke
staggers around trying to fend off the blows. Blood is
streaming from Luke's face as Balac continues to
methodically beat the life out of him.

Even as Luke falls to the ground Balac continues to kick his
lifeless body.

The back door swings open and Bill Foley looks out. He sees
Balac but does not notice Luke beneath him.
      (Looking out the
Hey, what's going on here?
Balac quickly exits down the alley. Bill watches him walk
away before noticing Luke's runner sticking out from behind
some garbage. Bill walks into the alley and finds Luke's
beaten body. He runs back into the bar.


Good God, someone call an
                                         CUT TO
TANNER, Balac's partner is sitting in the drivers seat. He
is mid thirties, clean cut and is much smaller than Balac.
Balac appears from the alley and gets into the car.
Has the target been terminated?
What's with that?
      (Looking confused)
What's with what?
The way you talk. What's with
I don't know what you mean. What's
wrong with the way I talk?
What I mean is your vocabulary.
(Mimicking Tanner) Has the target
been terminated? Where did you
learn to speak like that?
What the fuck is wrong with asking
if the target has been terminated?
Let me put it this way, say you
were at a bar.
What the fuck does a bar have to
do with how I speak?


Hypothetically, you're at a bar,
Okay, I'm at a fucking bar.
No, you're not at a fuck bar, just
a nice bar with nice people who
talk normal.
      (Getting annoyed)
No, if I'm at a bar I want it to
be a fuck bar.
Okay, you're at a fuck bar. You
look over at the next table and
you see a nice looking woman
staring at you. You lean over to
her and say, "Excuse me Angel".
Excuse me Angel, what?
Exactly. Finish what you would
say to her.
What do you mean finish? It was
your fucking sentence, you finish
it. For starters, I wouldn't have
called her Angel because now she
thinks I'm desperate like you. And
because she thinks I'm desperate
she will expect free drinks and
then one of those fucking bar
roses that they soak all the old
drunk fucks ten dollars for. Then
she wants to come home to my place
and she'll want to wear one of my
shirts that will end up becoming a
cum rag. Next she'll wake up at
five in the morning and expect a
ride home. But it's not really her
home, it's her parents home
because she was too dumb to get a
good job and ended up working at
the Seven Eleven because beauty


                       TANNER (cont'd)
school was too hard. I don't need
that shit in my life.
      (very calm)
Do you have rubber boots and
Velcro gloves?
Because I think you fuck sheep.
Okay Flabbio, why don't you tell
me about the babes you've wooed
over the years?
       peacefully into
Not babes, just one babe. When I
looked into her eyes it was like I
could see her soul, and it was an
old, beautiful and powerful soul.
Her scent was so sweet that I can
still smell her when I close my
eyes. And the taste of her skin
was.... She was perhaps one of
Gods most perfect creations.
      (with contempt)
So what the fuck happened to this
When she looked into my eyes she
didn't see the same thing I did,
and she fell in love with someone
else. Lets get out of here.
                                         CUT TO


Bill and Mary are exiting a hospital room. Mary is crying
and Bill is doing his best to comfort her while holding back
his emotions.
It's been over a week and he still
ain't woken up yet. He's going to
die isn't he Bill?
Now listen to me. Don't be giving
up on him, not now, not ever. He's
a strong boy and he's going to
pull through. Do you hear me? I
said do you hear me?
Yes. I just don't understand why
anyone would want to hurt Luke.
He's had such a hard life already,
he doesn't deserve this.
DETECTIVE JONES is a handsome man in his mid thirties. He is
well groomed and wearing the typical detectives overcoat.
Jones approaches Mary and Bill who are still comforting each
other. He produces a Detectives Badge to identify himself.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (offering his hand)
Hello, I'm Detective Jones. I
believe you're Bill and Mary
      (Refusing to shake
Yes we are.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
I can see you're both upset but I
need to ask you a few questions
concerning the assault on Mr.
Well, it's good to know you rushed
right over to see what you could
do. You do realize that this
happened a week ago?


                       DETECTIVE JONES
I apologize for taking so long Mr.
Foley, but we're way under manned
      (cutting him off)
Over worked? Yeah we heard the
same story from the cops who
showed up the next day to take a
report. I mean if you guys moved
any slower I'm sure the son of a
bitch could probably walk to
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Again I'm sorry, but I still need
to ask you some questions so I can
start the investigation.
Do you mind if we sit down son?
I'm just not feeling well.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
I'd like that too ma'am, I've been
on my feet all day.
                                         CUT TO
We see Luke lying on a hospital bed. His head is wrapped
with a blood and puss covered bandage and is very swollen,
as he suffered severe damage. His eyes flutter beneath the
                                         FADE TO BLACK
                                         FADE IN
Saint Dominique's is a cold looking stone building attached
to the back of a Catholic Church. The grounds are well
treed and nicely lighted. We drift through the walls of the


The room is full of bunk beds in a long barracks style room.
There's a washroom area just off of the main room. FIVE
CHILDREN are washing their faces and brushing their teeth in
several sinks available. A small child waits his turn as the
older boys are hogging the sinks. The young child is LUKE

Willy, one of the older boys pauses at the sink to make sure
that all the bigger kids are finished before he gives the
signal for them all to leave at once. WILLY is a mean
spirited twelve year old boy who has spent his childhood in
the orphanage. The other three boys DAVID, JOHN and STEVEN
are scared of Willy.
      (To John who is
       taking too long.)
Let's go shithead, we aint got all
      (Trying to imitate
Yeah shithead, we aint got all
      (To David)
Shut up.
Willy turns to John who is just finishing up.
You know it aint going to make a
dam bit of difference to those
rich folks coming to check you out
tomorrow. Your teeth may as well
be green because you're too old
and stupid looking. I've been in
this dump all my life, believe me
it don't matter whether you got
clean teeth or not, they ain't
taking you.
The three other boys look at Willy in awe because of his
wisdom. As the older boys exit the washroom Willy
approaches Luke and bends down so they are eye to eye.


Remember Luke, don't look under
the bed. It lives under the bed
and it'll eat you alive.
Young Luke finishes brushing his teeth and leaves the
bathroom for the main bunk area. The room is very dark as
all the lights are off. The shadows change to shapes of
children s nightmares as Luke calls out to the other boys.
No one answers so Luke begins to walk to his bed at the far
end of the room. He hears a shuffle and stops to peek under
the beds looking for the monsters that the older boys had
mentioned earlier. He notices a LEG with a slipper
stretching out from under one of the beds. It looks
lifeless and twisted. Luke begins to back away from the
dismembered body when suddenly a WHITE GHOST appears from
      (As a ghost)
Run Luke, run or they'll get you
Luke runs screaming when John as a WOLF MAN jumps in front.
      (Dressed as a
I'm going to rip out your throat
and eat your flesh.
      (Looking like a
       walking corpse)
Kill him, Kill the child.
Luke faints as we see the boys are dressed in Halloween
Holy shit, we made him faint and
piss his pants.
                                         CUT TO
Luke wakes up screaming from his childhood nightmare. A
NURSE enters the room to prevent Luke from pulling out his
intravenous tubes.


                       NURSE #1
      (Holding him down)
Calm down before you hurt
yourself. I need some help in
                                         CUT TO
Luke is lying on an alter with tubes inserted into his skin.
His hands and feet are bound so that he can't move. SEVERAL
GHOULISH HUMANOID CREATURES walk from the shadows and
surround the alter. One of the larger ghouls holds Luke
down as he struggles to break free of his bonds. In a
muffled voice we hear the ghoul give orders to the others
around the table.
                       GHOUL #1
      (Muffled voice)
Don't struggle?
The creature pokes Luke's eyes from his head as he struggles
to break free of it's superior strength.
My eyes, I can't see. God, help
me, please help me.
                       GHOUL #1
      (To other ghouls
       around the alter)
Bind him down tighter.
Two ghouls hold Luke's arms as the other tightens the binds
that hold him to the alter. Luke continues to struggle.

We hear an ANGELIC VOICE that is calling out to Luke from
the darkness. The voice appears to calm him and forces the
ghouls back into the shadows.
                       MARY AS ANGEL
      (off screen)
Luke! It's Mary. I've come for
you baby. They won't hurt you
anymore. I will never let anyone
hurt you again. Calm down and
rest, just calm down and rest now
                                         ANGLE ON


AN ANGELIC FIGURE OF MARY floats down from the darkness. The
figure lands effortlessly beside Luke and surrounds him in a
serene warm glow of light.
                                         CUT TO
Mary is hugging Luke as the Nurse and two ORDERLY S look on.
Luke is now calm and feeling protected.
Mary? It's so dark. Why can't I
      (comforting Luke)
You have bandages over your eyes
baby. Don't worry everything is
going to be okay and they'll take
them off in a few days.
I had a bad dream. I died and
went to hell and they were doing
awful things to me. They poked my
eyes out.
      (starting too cry)
It's only a bad dream honey. Just
rest now.
      (Drifting off to
I know baby, you don't have to say
anything. Bill and I love you too.
I think about it all the time, why
you took me in and gave me a home.


      (to Detective
Poor kid, he didn't deserve this.
He's had a hard life and now this.
When does it end?
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Luke is sitting on his bed as a NURSE carefully removes the
bandages covering his eyes. We see that his face is swollen
and bruised.
                       NURSE #2
      (Removing the
You'll want to keep your eyes
closed for a while. It's going to
take time to adjust to the light.
I'm going to uncover them. Are
you ready?
I think so.
                       NURSE #2
I've been looking after you for
two weeks and I have no idea what
you look like. Aha, there you
are. You're still very swollen
and bruised. Why don't you try
and open your eyes slowly. It's
okay take your time.
The nurse waits as Luke attempts to open his eyes. Luke is
wincing from the pain and the brightness of the light.
      (feeling very
Ah shit. I'm going to throw up.
Is it okay if I lie down?
                       NURSE #2
Let me help you. Do you still
feel sick?


      (Breathing deeply)
I don't think so. This feels a
lot better.
                       NURSE #2
It's natural to feel like this
after a head injury, but it'll get
better in time. I'm still going to
ask the doctor to come just to
make sure everything is okay.
As the nurse walks away Detective Jones is standing at the
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (to nurse)
Is it okay if I talk to Mr.
Mathews for a couple of minutes?
                       DR. CLARK
Don't let him sit up and don't be
very long.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (holding his hand
       up like a scout)
I promise.
Jones walks towards Luke's bed and shows his BADGE for
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Hello Mr. Mathews, Detective
Jones. I need to ask you some
questions about the man that
attacked you. Did you get a good
look at him?
He asked me to draw him.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
You're an artist? Did you draw
Didn't get a chance. He just
through me out the door and beat
the piss out of me.


                       DETECTIVE JONES
Some of the guys at the bar
suggested he was a large well
dressed man. Have you ever seen
him before?
Too well dressed for my
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (Pulling out a
       note pad and a
I have to ask you these questions
to narrow down suspects and
motives, so please don't take
offense. Could this guy have been
a boyfriend of an old girlfriend?
I should be so lucky to have an
old girlfriend, besides this guy
was old enough to be a
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Do you owe any money for gambling,
loan sharks, drugs or anything
like that?
No. I either work at the bar or I
do art, I don't go out much.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Do you remember anything he may
have said that would give us an
idea who or why someone would want
to have you beaten up?
I don't remember anything. Do you
think someone sent this guy to
beat me up?
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Well to be honest with you, I
think this guy was a professional,
and I think you're damn lucky to
be alive. This guy meant to beat
you to death. Are you a good


I guess. Why?
                       DETECTIVE JONES
I'd like you to draw me a sketch
of the guy. We may get lucky and
find him in the mug books.
I'll get right on it. Do you
think it's possible this guy could
have mistaken me for someone else?
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Possible. I'll be back to pick
that up, in the mean while the
nurse said you should get some
Jones exits the room as Luke lies there wondering who could
have a grudge against him.
                                         DISOLVE TO
Luke sitting in bed working on the sketch of his assailant.
                                         DISOLVE TO
Luke sleeping. The sketch of Balac Stone is Resting on the
nightstand beside his bed. We travel into another of Luke's
                                         FADE TO BLACK
                                         FADE IN
JAMES who is a middle aged, tall priest with a slight
build.Father James is unloading film from a thirty-five
millimeter camera
                       FATHER JAMES
I don't know about you, but I'm
dying to find out how these
pictures turned out. Want to help


                       FATHER JAMES (cont'd)
me develop them? You know Luke,
sooner or later you're going to
have to overcome your fear of the
dark. All you have to do is
remember God is always with you.
      (in a shy voice)
If God is always with me, why
didn't he help me all the times I
was being beaten up?
                       FATHER JAMES
Let's not hear anymore of this
self pity. People have taken great
risk to ensure that you are well
taken care of.
What risks?
                       FATHER JAMES
      (in a whisper)
It's nothing, just living a good
                                         CUT TO
Luke wakes from his dream.
Risks? What risks?
Luke climbs out of bed in pain. He walks to the closet where
his clothes are hanging, takes them off the hanger, reaches
into the pants pocket and pulls out several dollar bills.
Thanks Mary.
Luke dresses and walks slowly to the door where he peaks
out. He sees the nurse walking the other way down the hall
and leaves his room quietly.
                                         CUT TO


Luke gets onto the bus with a lot of effort. He walks to the
nearest seat and sits down.

We see Balac and Tanner in the car watching. As the bus
pulls away the car follows narrowly missing another car that
is pulling into the hospital.

Detective Jones and Balac exchange looks as Jones beeps his
horn at Balac.
                                         CUT TO
Jones enters the room and sees Luke is absent from his bed.
He notices the drawing on his night stand but it is too dark
to see it. He exits the room and enters the hallway.
Jones walks into the hallway and glances at the sketch. He
stops while his brain processes what he is looking at.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (looking for the
Oh shit. Hello, excuse me. Do
you know where Mr. Mathews is?
                       NURSE #1
In his room. Down the hall second
door to the left. But visiting
hours were over at eight o'clock.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (showing his badge)
I was just down there and he
wasn't in his room.
                       NURSE #1
I was in there ten minutes ago, he
was sound asleep.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (unfolding the
I need to use your phone. Have
you seen this man here tonight?


                       NURSE #1
      (looking at the
I've never seen him before in my
                                         CUT TO
Luke enters the Orphanage through the back door.
Balac and Tanner are sitting in the car watching Luke enter
the building.
      (watching Luke)
Wait, wait, wait. Where's he
going? Think he spotted us?
      (a bit annoyed)
What's with the twenty fucking
questions? He grew up here and
he's taking a different door into
the building.
You don't like me very much, do
      (very serious)
Oh I like you Tanner, I like you a
lot. Matter of fact I've been
meaning to ask your opinion on
something, but you have to keep
this between the two of us.
      (a bit suspicious)
What is it?
      (still very
Just between the two of us?


Just tell me what the fuck it is?
I already said it would be between
the two of us.
No, you said sure and then asked
what it is. You never said it
would just remain between the two
of us.
What the fuck is it with you, you
have to argue about everything? I
already said I wouldn't tell
Okay. Lets say you and a friend
went out to a bar and got pissed
drunk. You allow this friend of
yours to stay at your place
because you're a good guy and you
didn't want him killing himself
getting home. When you get back to
your place the two of you slam
back a few more beers and you pass
out. The next day you wake up
naked, and your ass is really,
really sore. Would you tell
Fuck you. What the fuck is that?
Would you tell? Yes or no?
What do you mean yes or no? First
of all, I don't hang around with
fags, I'd put him out of his
Just answer the question. Would
you tell? Yes or no?


No I wouldn't tell, who the fuck
      (in a whisper and
Do you want to go for a beer
That's what I mean. You're a
fucking asshole. Out of everyone
I could have gotten as a partner,
I get some old fucking asshole
that thinks he's funny.
Shut the fuck up. Don't wake me
until he comes out.
      (smug tone)
Maybe you won't be waking up?
Balac is angered by this and grabs Tanner by the throat,
squeezing it tightly with his massive hands. Tanner reaches
into his coat for his gun but Balac grabs his hand and
begins to crush it. Tanner can do nothing but wince and
gasp for air.
Don't ever threaten me, do you
hear me? I'm sorry, was that a
yes or a no?
      (Gasping for air)
Yes... Yes.
Balac releases Tanner's throat and looks him directly in the
eyes with a deadly stare. Tanner is gasping for air.
I'm so glad we understand each
Balac rests his head against the backrest and closes his
eyes. Tanners hand reaches slowly into his jacket but comes
out empty.
                                         CUT TO


Luke walks down a corridor and knocks on a door.
                       FATHER JAMES
      (off screen)
Come in.
The room is a small dorm type room with a comfortable bed, a
bookshelf with neatly filed books and a chest of drawers
with a big mirror. Father James looks the same only his
hair is more grey.
                       FATHER JAMES
Luke? Good God boy, what are you
doing out of the hospital?
      (in a respectful
I have to talk to you about
                       FATHER JAMES
I cold have come to the hospital.
Here, sit down on the bed.
      (Leaning against
       the door)
I'm okay. I feel like standing.
                       FATHER JAMES
Are you sure I can't get you
Look cut the shit. Why was I
brought here as a child and who
were my parents? When I was a kid
you told me that risks were taken
for my safety but it really didn't
mean anything to me until now.
What risks and why? I'm not
leaving until I get some answers.
Some ape just about beat me to
death because he wanted to know
things I don't even know. Now
tell me what the hell is going on.
Have you been lying to me all my


                       LUKE (cont'd)
life? You know who I am and you
probably know who my parents were.
Are you going to deny that?
                       FATHER JAMES
Luke. Son, I think you had better
sit down so we can talk.
I don't need to sit down, I can
talk from here.
                       FATHER JAMES
I can't tell you what I don't
know. But even if I did know I
wouldn't tell you.
Why, why wouldn't you tell me?
                       FATHER JAMES
I don't know what it was all
about, all I know is your father
had information about something.
What happened to them?
                       FATHER JAMES
I don't know.
Why didn't you tell me this
                       FATHER JAMES
Because if you were to go asking
questions you could put yourself
in a lot of danger.
Do you think they're still alive?
                       FATHER JAMES
I honestly don't know.
Luke appears exhausted as he leans against the door.
Is Luke my real name or is that
just another lie?


                       FATHER JAMES
Please don't ask because I can't
tell you.
Father James walks to the door and puts his hand behind
Luke's head. He moves his face in slowly and directly in
front of Luke's like a lover.
                       FATHER JAMES
I still love you Luke. It hurts
to see you in such pain.
Father James moves his lips towards Luke's but at the last
minute Luke turns his head to escape the kiss. Father James
places his hand into Luke's crotch and attempts to undo his
zipper. He lowers the zipper and begins to put his hand in
Luke's pants.

Luke stands frozen for a brief moment as he remembers this
scene playing over and over throughout his childhood. Luke
pushes Father James away and pulls up his zipper.
If you ever do that again, I'll
kill you. I swear I will.
                       FATHER JAMES
You've never complained about my
affections before.
That's because I used to be afraid
of you.
Luke exits the room angry but proud.
                       FATHER JAMES
      (Softly to himself)
You were never afraid of me Luke.
(Now louder) It's those ghosts
haunting you that you're afraid
of, and so you should be.
Father James stops and looks to the crucifix hanging on the
wall and crosses himself.
                                         CUT TO
Balac sleeps while Tanner watches Luke exit the orphanage.
Tanner quietly exits the car so he does not wake Balac.


After quietly closing the door, Tanner heads into the
                                         CUT TO
Tanner walks down a hallway and enters through a door into
the main chapel. He walks between a row of pews that
separate the chapel. He walks past SISTER AGNES who is on
her hands and knees washing the floor in between the pews.
Tanner does not notice Sister Agnes as his attention is on
Father James who is at the front of the chapel.

Sister Agnes looks at Tanner as he walks past and then goes
about her cleaning. Sister Agnes is an elderly nun wearing
a traditional head dress and work clothes.

Father James is at the front of the chapel praying. In the
background we see Tanner watching him. Father James turns
to see Tanner motion him towards the confessional. Father
James finishes his prayer.
                       FATHER JAMES
Forgive me for the hardships I've
put him through. The needs of the
many I've helped are greater than
his pain. All I've done I've done
in your name.
Father James crosses himself and rises from his knees. He
walks to the confessional and enters.
Forgive me father, it's been to
long since my last confession.
                       FATHER JAMES
I think we both know you didn't
come here to confess. Where's
Balac and why was Luke worked
Tanner pulls out his gun and fixes a silencer onto the
Balac can't be seen in public for
a while, especially not here. And
it was your greed that forced us


                       TANNER (cont'd)
to work the kid over. Did you get
the message?
                       FATHER JAMES
You bastards, I'm the one that
asked for more money. Luke knows
nothing about our arrangement.
If you're not sharing the money
and he knows nothing, why's this
the first place he came when he
left the hospital?
                       FATHER JAMES
That was a personal matter. I
swear he knows nothing, now leave
the boy out of this. Did you
bring the money?
      (Placing his gun
       against the wall)
The boss decided this has become
too expensive.
                       FATHER JAMES
What do you mean too expensive, we
have a arrangement?
Tanner points his gun at the wall and fires the whole clip
striking Father James repeatedly. Tanner unscrews the
silencer and places his gun into it's holster.
Wrong, we had an arrangement.
                                         CUT TO
Luke enters his small bachelor apartment in an apparent
state of shock and pain. The dwelling is fairly small and
cluttered by an easel and several large paintings that are
not finished. The small kitchenette is spotless and the
dishes are put away. The place is very clean.

Luke enters the small bedroom area that is furnished with an
old twin bed and a mirrored dresser. His clothes are neatly
hung in the closet. Luke slowly pulls his clothes from his
body, which exposes the injuries he received from the


beating Balac gave him. He neatly places his clothes in a
hamper and walks slowly into the small bathroom. He stares
blankly at himself in the mirror.

He punches the mirror shattering it all over the sink area.
With out any thought he grabs his toothbrush and brushes his
teeth, not paying any attention to the blood dripping from
his knuckles. He begins to sob as he turns on the water in
the shower. He enters the shower and scrubs himself with a
large sponge that causes his skin to turn bright red.
Loosing the strength in his legs he falls to the shower
floor and begins to vomit.

He leans against the wall and stares into space until a
trickle of blood from his hand catches his attention. He
lifts his hand and notices a piece of glass from the mirror.
He picks up the glass and is hypnotized by the light
glistening from it.
                                         CUT TO
A YOUNGER BILL FOLEY is behind the bar arguing with his
wife MARY. While the two argue Bill is working on changing a
beer keg. Several rough looking MEN are sitting at the bar.
What do you mean you hired him to
help out?
Just what I said. I hired him to
help out.
Who the fuck is he?
Watch your foul mouth language,
he's a boy from the church. His
name is Luke, he's a smart boy, a
hard worker and he's hired.
Bullshit, right fellows? It's my
bar and what I say goes. I think
one bible thumper in this bar is
quite enough.


                       MAN AT BAR
That a boy Bill, show her who's
      (Picking up the
One's quite enough. Ahh my
fricken back.
Bill is kneeling on the floor holding his back.
Luke, can you start today?
                                         CUT TO
Detective Jones enters through the front doors. He notices
Sister Agnes cleaning the hallway floor. He walks over and
pulls his badge from his pocket.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Excuse me. I was wondering if you
have seen Luke Mathews here
                       SISTER AGNES
Luke? No I haven't seen him but
maybe Father James could help you.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
And where would I find Father
                       SISTER AGNES
Last time I saw him he was taking
Detective Jones pulls out the picture Luke sketched and
shows it to Sister Agnes.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Have you seen this man tonight?
                       SISTER AGNES
Not tonight. But I have seen him
here talking to Father James.


                       DETECTIVE JONES
You said Father James is in the
                       SISTER AGNES
Yes, it's just down the hall you
can't miss it.
Jones walks down the hall into the Chapel. He walks between
the pews in a direction that leads him to the front of the
Chapel. Seeing no one at the front he heads towards the
confessional and knocks on the door. No one answers so he
knocks a bit harder
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Father James? Is anyone in there?
Jones opens the confessional and glances in very quickly. He
sees that no one is there and shuts the door but it is
stopped by a chip of wood. He opens the door and looks
inside again. He sees the wall has several holes shot
through it.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Good God, no!
Jones exits from one side to the other and opens the door .
Father James is slumped over inside. Jones checks for a
pulse even though he has a bullet wound to his head.

Sister Agnes walks into the Chapel.
                       SISTER AGNES
Did you find Father James?
Jones stops Sister Agnes from coming any closer.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
I want you to call the police,
tell them there's been a murder.
Now go, and keep everyone out of
the Chapel.
                                         CUT TO
Luke is sitting behind an easel painting a landscape. There
is a knock at the door but he ignores it. We hear another
knock. Luke puts down his brush, walks to the door and
looks through the peep hole. He doesn't see anyone in the


Who's there?
                       TANNER (OS)
It's the police. I'm looking for
Luke Mathews.
What do you want?
                       TANNER (OS)
We think we found the man who
assaulted him. We want him to
look at a lineup.
      (Looking through
       the peephole)
Move in front of the door and show
me some identification.
We see Tanner move into view and hold up a Secret Service
      (opening the door)
What does the secret service have
to do with my case?
If you grab your coat I'll fill
you in on the way to the station.
                                         CUT TO
Luke and Tanner are walking out of the apartment building.
I guess you could've saved
yourself a trip.
What do you mean?
Don't you know Detective Jones?
He's working on my case too.


Detective Jones is across the street coming towards them.
Tanner reaches into his jacket, grabs his gun and conceals
      (Turning his back
       on Jones)
Don't say anything, we're old
buddies and I want to surprise
Jones notices Luke and walks towards him. He notices Tanner
with his back to him and becomes a bit suspicious. He
reaches into his jacket and pulls a gun from a holster in
the back of his waist. We hear the hammer being cocked.
                                         CUT TO
Balac is parked down the street from the impending stand
off. We can see the action through his windshield.
Christ almighty, now who the hell
is this?
Jones is closing in on Luke and Tanners position.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Hello Luke. Is everything all
I've got a surprise for you.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
      (Keeping his eye
       on Tanner)
Yeah, what's that?
From underneath Tanners coat we hear what sounds like a
silenced gun shot. Detective Jones grimaces in pain and
begins to fires his gun at Tanner.


Each man reacts as we hear the silencer and gun shots ring
out. Both men fall to their knees as blood pours through
their overcoats. Jones continues to pull the trigger of his
gun but he is out of bullets.

Tanner shakes as he pulls his gun from his jacket and points
it at Jones head. He pulls the trigger and Jones falls flat
on his face like a Raggedy Anne Doll.
                                         CUT TO
Balac starts his car and throws it into gear. He speeds up
to the front of Luke's building where Tanner and Jones have
had their fatal shootout.
Balac exits his vehicle with his handgun drawn. He chases
after Luke who has gotten to his feet and is trying to run
away. Balac fires a shot over Luke's shoulder and into the
wall of the building.
                                         ANGLE ON LUKE
Luke drops to his knees not knowing if he has been shot. He
looks at Balac in total despair.
      (Pleading for his
Please don't kill me. I don't
know what you want. I don't know
who you are. What did I do?
      (Pulling Luke to
       his feet as if he
       were a child)
Get on your feet or I'll kill you
right here.
Balac drags Luke to the back of his vehicle, opens the trunk
and forcefully pushes Luke into the compartment and slams it
closed. Balac walks back to the front of the car and
crouches before Tanner and Jones dead body.

He roles Jones over and shrugs with little regard to the
mess the bullet made when it crushed through his skull. He


looks at Tanner who is choking on the blood leaking into his
      (Gasping for air)
Help me.
Sure, what would you like me to
do? (police sirens in the
distance) Oh oh, to late my
friend, you should have made up
your mind quicker.
Balac reaches into his pocket and puts on a pair of leather
gloves. He picks up Tanners gun and points it at him. He
moves it around aiming it at different body parts.
Rot in hell you old piece of shit.
Don't forget to put on some
lotion, it's probably going to be
very hot where you're going.
Balac pulls the trigger and Tanner falls into a slump of
human flesh.
And say hello to Father James when
you get there.
Balac drops the gun beside Tanner and casually walks to his
car as the sirens close in the distance. He pulls away with
a screech of his tires.
                                         CUT TO
The trunk lid opens to bright sunshine and a silhouette of
Balac looking in.
Still alive are we?
Balac throws in a bag, a bottle of water and slams the
trunk. All remains black. We hear the sound of shoes
walking on pavement, car door slam and the engine starting.

The sound of the engine shut off, car door opens, shoes


walking on pavement and a key entering a lock. The trunk lid
opens and we see a silhouette of Balac looking into the
If you drink that make sure you
piss in the bottle and not in my
trunk, because if my trunk starts
to smell like piss, it may cause
me to get very upset and do nasty
things to you.
                                         ALL GOES BLACK BLACK
                                         CUT TO
Balac's car is driving down highways and dirt roads over a
period of a day. Time change is noticed by the scenes
getting darker.
Balac is driving when he hears a rumble from the trunk. WE
hear coughing and chocking noises. He pulls over to the
side of the road. We hear pounding from the trunk. Balac
drums his fingers on the steering wheel. Balac exits the
car and walks to the trunk.
The trunk opens and we see Balac.
                                         CUT TO
Balac looks in and we see Luke covered in dust and coughing.
He looks as if he had endured months of torture. Balac
pulls him from the trunk as if he were lifting a small
child. He places him on the road and starts to rip Luke's
clothes from his body.
No... NO.... Fuck you you old


      (Holding Luke by
       the hair)
Listen up. You have two choices,
but only one chance to make the
right one. Choice number one is,
you get rid of these clothes
because I am not breathing that
shit the rest of the trip. Choice
number two, I put you back in the
trunk and if you cough, yell or do
anything to annoy me, I'll make
some air holes in the trunk. But
while I'm making them, you might
get in the way. So which is it,
number one or number two?
What about if?
Balac doesn't miss a beat and steps on Luke's head with his
foot while he begins to open the trunk.
      (trying to get his
       clothes off)
Okay, I'll give you my clothes.
Don't throw me back in there.
      (like a scolding
Get the clothes off, get in the
back seat and don't even think
about making another noise. Am I
clear on that?
      (Taking his
       clothes off)
Yeah, crystal.
                                         CUT TO
Balac is driving slowly down a road, no one else is visible
in the car. The car pulls onto a dirt driveway and stops in
front of an old run down country house.


Luke is hogtied and laying flat on his stomach with a gag in
his mouth.
Balac opens the back door and pulls Luke out like a sack of
potatoes. He throws him over his shoulder and carries him
towards the house.
Balac carries Luke into a back bedroom and drops him on the
floor. He leaves him hogtied and walks out.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Balac enters the kitchen and stretches his back while
letting out a big yawn. He looks through the cupboards to
see what is in them. He opens the fridge and checks the
fruit and vegetables stocked inside. He grabs a carton of
milk and takes a big drink.
Thank you Amy. As usual, one step
ahead of the old man.
Balac walks from the kitchen to the back bedroom where he
left Luke. He smugly knocks on the door before he enters.
Good morning sunshine, and how did
you sleep last night? What the
Balac grabs his gun from the holster and runs outside.
                                         CUT TO
Balac runs out of the house with his gun in hand. He looks
around frantically but doesn't see anyone. Disgusted he
starts to walks back towards the house. As he nears the
porch he stops and looks across the yard.


What the fuck?
Balac walks across the yard where Luke is sitting cross
legged under a big oak tree.
      (Gun in hand)
What are you doing?
      (opens his eyes)
I can see that. What I want to
know is how you got untied, and
why you didn't run away?
      (looking around)
Where would I run?
Most people would have just run,
wouldn't they?
Isn't this where it all started?
What do you mean?
      (stands up)
Didn't you bring me here because
you think I know something? I
remember that my parents were
killed over there by something
bright that came out of the sky. I
remember my father planting this
tree on my birthday. But, I have
no idea what it is you think I
know about you. So if you're
going to kill me then I choose to
die here.
Careful what you wish for, it
might come true. You have no idea
what this is all about?


Nor do I want to.
      (Pushes Luke up
       against the tree
       and puts his gun
       in his mouth)
Most people that have lost what
you have would die to know what
this is about. But not you? Why
not you? See, that makes me
really suspicious. Why not little
Luke? The little boy who's
parents were murdered. The child
who grew up in an orphanage with a
perverted priest. The young man
who survived a beating of a
lifetime. But you don't want to
know what all this is about? Bull
shit. Either you know what this
is about and your waiting to cash
in on it, or you lack any sense of
curiosity. Why is it that I can't
picture you as someone who lacks
any sense of curiosity?
Balac and Luke remain locked in a battle of wills. Balac
stares into Luke's eyes but for the first time in his life
Luke refuses to come in second. Balac maintains his
forceful interrogation of Luke with his gun in Luke's mouth.

Balac finally realizes that Luke is not going to break. He
removes his gun from Luke's mouth and backs up slowly.

Luke is wiping the blood from his mouth as he spits blood on
the ground.
I can't give you what you want
because I don't know what it is.
But you're right, I'm not even
curious about what it is you're
after. What ever it is, could
never replace what I've lost. It
would only be another big


What if I told you that if you
give me what I'm looking for, I
would make you the happiest man on
What could you possibly give me
that would make me happy?
Money, power, freedom. What ever
you can dream of could be yours.
You live above the law. You could
be the person everyone else envies
instead of the nobody everyone
else pities.
Money? How much money? One
million? Two million? What if
that doesn't make me happy? What
if I need one hundred million to
make me happy?
Give me what I want and one
hundred million will be chicken
Isn't that the illusion of money?
You can never have enough, and in
order to get more you have to use
your power to get it. So in order
to have more money I have to take
from someone else share. Usually
from someone who has nothing to
start with. Then I have to live
like a prisoner in order to
protect what I have from those who
have nothing. So how am I free?
Happiness through materialism is
not true happiness. Once you get
A, you want B because A no longer
makes you happy. Then you get B,
you need C, because B doesn't make
you happy. It's not happiness,
it's unnecessary stress and
suffering because you sold your
soul and your humanity. Life
isn't about having, it's just
about being.


Well then, how about you work on
being, and I'll continue to work
on having. I never figured you
for a communist, but the more I
hear you talk the more painfully
obvious it becomes.
Balac grabs Luke and drags him back into the country house.
                                         CUT TO
Balac sits Luke in a chair and ties his hands and feet so he
can't escape.
You know your philosophy of life
is killing your spirit. I can't
give you what you want because I
don't know what it is, but I can
help you to reconnect a part of
yourself that you thought died.
Son, save your preaching for
someone worth saving. If you did
the shit that I've done... If you
could see the atrocities people
are capable of committing against
each other.. You're preaching to
the dammed boy. You have until
morning to tell me what I want to
A good book said, it is easier to
fit a camel through the eye of a
needle, than it is to get a rich
man into heaven. You aren't
damned, you're just lost.
By morning, or I am death.
Balac is passed out at the kitchen table with an empty
bottle of Rye whiskey and a quarter empty glass in front of
him. He wakes up looking hung over. Squinting because of


the sun shining through the window. He glances over at the
bedroom where Luke was tied up and notices that the door is
open. It takes a few seconds for it to sink into his hung
over mind before he clumsily jumps into action and heads to
the bedroom to check on Luke.
      (Looking into the
Son of a bitch. Son of a bitch.
Balac walks to the back door and exits into the morning air.
                                         CUT TO
Balac walks into the yard and looks over at the big oak
tree. Luke is sitting under the tree in his familiar yoga
position working on his breathing. Balac walks over as he
marvels at the warmth of the morning sun on his face.
      (Leaning against
       the oak tree)
How long did it take you to get
out this time?
It took me a while. You had them
pretty tight.
I'm not sure if I should take that
as a compliment or an insult.
Definitely a compliment.
How did you learn how to escape
like that?
Father James. I was his favorite,
so I got a lot more practice than
the others.


I told you I was going to kill you
if you didn't give me what I want.
Why didn't you run?
If I have to die, then I choose to
die here. Plus your friend said
she was going to cook us
What friend?
She said her name was Amy.
Amy was here? What did you say to
I told her my name. I said that
you were still sleeping and she
asked me if I wanted some
breakfast. She said she would be
back with something to eat.
      (Grabbing Luke by
       the face.)
Listen and listen well. Amy is a
local girl who looks after this
place. She has no idea who I am
or what I do. If you want her to
live, you will keep it that way.
Do you understand me?
Yes what?
Yes I understand, if she finds out
who you really are, you'll kill
Not just her. I'll kill you both.
Do you understand?


No. Does that mean you won't be
killing me after breakfast, or
you're still going to kill me but
you won't be killing her?
      (looking annoyed)
I haven't made my mind up yet.
Balac looks towards the road and sees a car approaching the
farm. He walks towards the driveway to meet their guest.
Remember, keep your mouth shut and
let me do all the talking.
AMY pulls into the driveway and steers the car skillfully
next to Balac. Balac walks to the drivers door and opens it
like a perfect gentleman. Amy steps out and gives him a big

Amy is a slim sandy blond haired woman in her early
thirties. She has exotic features and is very beautiful and
bubbly. Amy has small town openness with an attractive
sense of insecurity.
      (Hugging Balac)
Hello handsome, you finally rolled
out of bed.
      (Picking her up
       off the ground)
Hey beautiful, it's been too long.
Thank you for filling the fridge
and for getting the house ready.
I wasn't able to get the plumber
to flush the lines from the well
until next week, so make sure you
guys drink the bottled water. You
probably found the groceries in
the fridge, but I didn't realize
you were having company so I
didn't set up the spare bedroom.
But to make it up to you, I
brought out breakfast. While you
and Luke eat I can set up the bed
in the spare room, unless you did
it already?


Don't worry about the room, he
likes to sleep in the chair. Now
where is this breakfast you were
talking about?
      (Grabs some bags
       from the car)
I hope you're hungry Luke, there's
enough here to feed an army.
                                         CUT TO
Balac and Luke are at the kitchen table involved in small
      (enjoying his
That really hit the spot Amy.
Thank you for thinking about us.
      (looking over to
Well actually it was Luke's idea.
I was going to take him to town
but he said he should be here when
you got up. So, because I'm the
best, I went to town and picked up
a breakfast worthy of ridding the
hung over from a fate of self
inflicted misery.
Your deed of altruistic sacrifice
will not go unnoticed by this fool
who dared to delve into the devils
      (clearing the
What were the two of you
Balac and Luke glance at each other and all is understood.
Luke starts to rise from the table as Amy returns for more


plates. She trips into Luke resulting in an awkward embrace
beside the table.
Are you okay?
      (Brushing her hair
I'm fine. Us country girls are
tough, but still as sweet as
      (letting go of Amy)
Thank you for breakfast, and it
was nice to meet you.
      (watching Luke as
       he walks outside)
Perfect guy. Cute as a button,
nice ass and doesn't say much.
Amy looks back at Balac with a smile but notices he is
looking very pale. He grabs his stomach and winces in pain.
      (stopping him from
       falling on the
What's the matter? Balac, what's
the matter?
Balac looks at the bathroom and musters the energy to run to
the toilet.
      (stumbling to the
I'm going to be sick.
      (talking to the
       bathroom door)
Oh my God, are you okay?
                                         CUT TO


Luke is sitting in his yoga position under the big oak tree.
Amy walks over.
      (Squatting like a
Luke? Has Balac been ill?
      (Opens his eyes
       and looks up at
What do you mean?
Has he been ill?
Not that I know of. He seemed
healthy to me, but I don't really
know him that well. Why, isn't he
feeling well?
No, we were at the table and he
turned as white as a ghost, ran to
the bathroom and started throwing
up. And I mean he was throwing up
bad for about twenty minutes. He
finally stopped and I got him to
bed, but he's burning up.
Do you think we should get him to
a hospital? Maybe he ate
something bad and got food
Well the nearest hospital is hours
away, and he told me he didn't
want to see a doctor. Plus if he
got sick from the food, why aren't
we sick as well? We all ate the
same food. I feel okay, do you?
I feel great, but then again I
have a stomach like a seagull.


And I feel okay, but I grew up on
that food. Maybe I'm immune to
it. He didn't look any better
after he threw up. Maybe it was
just the booze he drank last night
not sitting well with him. But
then again, you guys have to be
missing an arm or a leg before you
go to the doctor. You're probably
the same way, aren't you?
No, I'm nothing like him. Matter
of fact I just got back from
seeing the doctor before we came
      (Touching his face)
I was going to ask about those
bruises, but Balac said you'd been
in an accident. So what really
Just like he said, I got into an
accident and got banged up. It
looks a lot better now.
Yeah, it looks great, but you're
pretty easy on the eyes.
Luke appears to get a bit nervous as his lack of experience
with women shows. He gets up creating a bit of an
uncomfortable situation.
      (Getting up)
I should go see if he's okay, he
might get sick again.
Yeah, I'm going to head back to
town and grab some clothes. I
should be here if he gets worse. I
mean you don't know where the
doctor lives or where the hospital
is. Okay then, I'll be back in a


There's an uncomfortable silence as they look at each other.
Luke doesn't know what to say and Amy is finding his
inexperience a bit erotic. Amy heads to the car with a big
grin on her face. Luke heads to the house shrouded in
                                         CUT TO
Luke is cooking some food. We see soup simmering and some
chopped meat and vegetables sitting on the counter top. Amy
enters and walks up silently behind Luke.

She reaches slowly around his waist and puts her hands on
his stomach. As he jerks back in fright, his head smashes
into Amy's face.

Amy falls to the ground holding her face. He realizes what
he has done and bends down to offer assistance for her
bleeding nose.
Oh god are you okay? Hold on your
nose is bleeding.
      (Putting a towel
       over her nose)
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm sorry, you scared me. Let me
Get away from me you asshole.
Luke falls back and leans against the cabinets. He puts his
face into his arms and knees. Amy gets up and walks
assertively to the bathroom.
I really am sorry. I didn't mean
to hurt you.
Luke gets up and walks out the kitchen door.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN


The porch door closes as Amy exit the house. Luke is
sleeping on the porch . Amy approaches slowly, stops and
crouches several feet away from where Luke is sleeping.
Luke? Luke, wake up.
Luke is awakened by Amy's voice as he slowly and groggily
sits up. He fixes his hair and wipes the drool from his
How's your nose?
      (Touching her nose)
Well, put it this way. I made dam
sure I gave you a lot of room
before I tried to wake you up.
That was probably a good idea. All
the other girls whose noses I
broke said the same thing.
I thought I was special, now I
find you do this to all the girls.
If you never feel the need to tell
anyone about this, it would be
quite alright with me.
      (reaching her hand
I'm sorry for what I said last
night. I was just upset and
freaked out by the blood. Friends?
      (shaking hands)
Good, because I didn't have anyone
else to feed this kick ass
breakfast to.


                                         CUT TO
Amy and Luke enter the kitchen. Amy grabs his hand and
seats him at the table. She places a napkin on his lap and
he appears nervous but is trying hard not to show it.
      (clearing his
How's he doing?
      (looking towards
       Balac's room)
I don't know. He ate some of the
soup you made, but he's still
really pale and can't get out of
bed. I'm worried about him but he
doesn't want to see a doctor.
Maybe we should just call the
doctor and not tell him. I mean
he was fine when we got here and
then all of a sudden he just gets
sick. Do you think something in
the house made him sick?
The only thing I can think of is
the water, but I warned him not to
drink it. I picked up some bleach
to shock the well. Maybe you
could help me with that after
breakfast and then I'll drive to
town and call the doctor.
Sure, what do I do tell it a scary
story or something?
No, I think we'll just do it the
old fashioned way of pouring
bleach into the well and running
the water until it looks clear.
But if you want to tell it a scary
story feel free. Probably can't
hurt. Matter of fact you might
want to tell it a story, throw in


                       AMY (cont'd)
a penny and make a wish.
      (Reaching into his
I've heard about that, but I've
never done it. Maybe I'll try the
wish thing, but I don't have a
penny all I have is a quarter. Do
I get twenty-five wishes?
You're on your own with that one.
Not to change the subject, but I
was just wondering about the chair
and the ropes in the spare room. I
wasn't snooping but when I went to
lay down last night I was a bit
shocked. Now I have it down to
several explanations. Either you
two had some kinky women and it
ended in some of that bondage
stuff, or you kidnapped someone
and killed them because I don't
see anyone else around here. Or
else one of you is the others gay
love slave that likes to be tied
up. Was I close on any of them?
The ropes on the chair in that
spare room?
That's the only spare room in the
house, and it better be the only
one with ropes.
You don't know about the cellar?
As caretaker, I've been through
every inch of this place and I've
yet to find a cellar. Now quit
avoiding my question and tell me
why the ropes were hanging over
the chair. Did someone drop a gay
bomb on this place?


No. Balac bet me he could tie a
knot I couldn't escape from.
Who won?
I'm winning two to nothing.
What did you win?
Nothing, it was just for fun. I'm
not a gambler.
      (whisper in Luke's
Maybe you and I should bet. I can
tie a knot no one could get out
of. The only thing is what could
we wager to make it more fun than
your last bet?
I could try and think of
      (Putting her lips
       in front of
If you have too much trouble come
and see me, I can think of a few
things I'd like to wager.
Amy begins to kiss Luke gently and then increases the level
of passion in the act. She ends up sitting on his lap with
her legs around him and the chair. Their kissing is
increasing in intensity when we hear a loud thump from
Balac's room. This draws Luke's attention from Amy.
      (Still passionate)
What's the matter?
I think I heard him get out of


      (Grabbing his face)
I don't hear anything.
We hear another thump from Balac's room that gets both of
their attention.
Did you hear that?
      (Getting off his
Yeah,I heard it.
Amy looks down at Luke's crotch and notices he has an
erection. Luke is embarrassed by her discovery.
I'm sorry, I a...
      (putting her
       finger over his
Trust me, you have nothing to be
sorry about. But, I think I
should go and check on him, if he
sees what's in your pants he'll
die of fright or jealousy.
Amy kisses Luke on the lips and walks towards Balac's room.
Luke glances down and puts his dinner napkin over his lap.
                                         CUT TO
Amy enters the room to find Balac lying on the floor. He is
delirious and covered in sweat. As Amy approaches he begins
to vomit on the floor.
      (Patting him on
       the back)
That's it, you're okay. Just let
it out. Are you all done?
I know what you're doing you
bitch. You don't think I know


                       BALAC (cont'd)
what you're up to? You want it
all for yourself and you're trying
to kill me.
Luke enters the room as Balac passes out.
What was that all about?
      (starts to cry)
I don't know. He started talking
all crazy that I was trying to
kill him. I've known him for a
long time and I've never heard him
talk like that. He called me a
bitch and accused me of wanting it
all for myself. Does he think I
want his house?
I don't know, maybe it's just the
fever. I think he's getting worse
instead of better. We should
think about getting him to the
hospital or get the doctor out
The hospitals too far, I'll go to
town and get the doctor. Do you
mind waiting here with him?
      (Trying to lift
Someones got to stay with him and
I don't drive. I'm going to need
your help, he's to heavy.
                                         CUT TO
Amy is digging in her purse for keys. She can't find them
and gets a bit frustrated.
God damn it. Why cant he be like
the rest of the country and get a
phone? Now I have to drive into
town, find the doctor and drive


                       AMY (cont'd)
all the way back out to this shit
She throws her purse on the table and begins digging deep
into it's contents.
Where are they?
Did you check your pockets, or
maybe the ignition of the car?
      (snapping at Luke)
I never leave keys in the ignition
and I don't put them in my
As she is snapping at Luke she feels the keys in her pocket.
Mary was the same way.
      (Repacking her
Is Mary your girlfriend?
No, Mary was like my stepmother.
She's married to Bill. They're the
nicest people I know.
Sounds like you miss them, you
should give them a call.
Yeah, I'll do that if I ever get
to town. They're probably worried
sick about me.
They don't know where you are?
No, we left town in hurry. I
didn't have time to pack any clean
clothes. If I have to wear these
any longer I won't be able to


                       LUKE (cont'd)
stand myself.
Know what? I'm not even going to
ask why you left town in a hurry
because I'm in a hurry. When I
get to town I'll stop by my place
and pick up some clothes a friend
of mine left behind when he moved.
I'll even bring you a toothbrush
and some deodorant, but later on
tonight you're going to come clean
with me, because I'm having a hell
of a time believing you and Balac
are old army buddies. You don't
seem the type to swap war stories
and get away from the hectic city
life. Deal?
I guess so, there's really not
much to tell. Would you be able to
pick up a pad of paper and a few
pencils? I only have a few dollars
on me so I might have to owe you
the money.
That might be the only comforting
statement I've heard all day. You
know why? Because at least I can
rule out bank robbery. The bad
thing is that I haven't been able
to rule out serial killers. I'm
out of here, but when I get back
you're going to tell me what the
hell is going on. If I believe
you, and that will require a big
leap of faith right about now, but
if I believe you, I might even
drive you to town so you can call
your mom and whats his name? Bob?
Bill. Bill and Mary. She's not
my mom, they kind of took me in
and gave me a place to stay.
Then when I get back, you can
start by telling me about Bill and


Amy kisses Luke on the mouth and then backs up to the door
with a smile on her face.
                                         CUT TO
Luke is sound asleep on top of the blankets with a towel
around his waist. Dirty clothes are piled on the floor. The
bedroom door opens and we see Amy walk into the room and
over towards the bed. Amy climbs gently onto the bed and
slowly snuggles up to Luke who is sleeping calmly. She
caresses his hair and face as she tries to wake him without
startling him.
      (Caressing Luke's
Luke? Are you awake? Luke? Wake
up baby. Shh. It's okay, don't
be afraid. It's me. I'm back
with the doctor. Go back to sleep
and I'll be back when he's done.
Are you okay with me sleeping with
you? The chair in the living room
isn't very comfortable and it's
still really cold at night. Will
you keep me warm?
      (still sleeping)
I'll keep you warm.
      (straddling Luke)
Before you go back to sleep, why
don't you climb under the blankets
and I'll hang this wet towel in
the bathroom.
Amy reaches down and starts to pull the towel from around
Luke's waist. Luke stops her in the act.
I have to go to the toilet, I'm
going to need that.
      (looking at his
I left you a toothbrush and some
deodorant in the bathroom. Maybe
you could fix yourself up a bit


                       AMY (cont'd)
while I see how the doctor's
Amy gets out of bed and walks to the door. Luke gets up and
makes sure that his towel is wrapped securely around his
waist. As he gets to the door he looks down the hall and
then moves quickly from the bedroom to the bathroom.
Luke relieves himself into the toilet and flushes. He looks
in the cabinet and finds the toothbrush and removes the
wrapper. He brushes his teeth and examines his face in the
mirror. He applies some deodorant and gives his pits a
smell to make sure they are okay. He prepares for a quick
escape back to the bedroom. As he leaves the bathroom and
enters the hall. Amy and the Doctor are talking quietly at
the hall entrance.
Amy and DOCTOR CLARK, an elderly gentleman in his sixties,
look up and see Luke trying to escape gracefully back to the
Luke. This is Dr. Clark. He came
all the way from town to check on
Hello, it's nice to meet you. I
didn't know that doctors made
house calls anymore.
                       DR. CLARK
We try not to, especially at this
I'm just going to go back to bed.
I'll see you in a bit.
It was nice to meet you Dr. Clark.


                       DR. CLARK
Like wise.
Luke is back in the bedroom when we hear Amy and the Doctor
talking in the kitchen. Luke opens the door a crack and
peeks out to see what is happening.
Amy is talking quietly with Dr. Clark. Luke continues to
monitor the two through a small opening between the door and
the jam. He cannot hear the conversation but it appears
that the doctor is being very stern with Amy who is
accepting his orders as a subordinate would from their boss.
The doctor walks out the door and Amy locks up for the

Luke runs towards the bed and jumps in like a child avoiding
the monster under the bed. As he leaps he looses his towel
and so he scrambles under the blankets.
Amy opens the door where she finds the towel and hangs it on
the headboard.

She removes her clothes in an erotic fashion even though
there is no one watching her perform. Keeping her panties
on she pulls the covers back from Luke's naked body and
slips into bed next to him. As she pulls the cover over
them she spoons into Luke's back.

She kisses his back and shoulders as he pretends to sleep.
She works herself into a sexual frenzy and we see her throw
her panties onto the floor. She straddles herself on top of
Luke and pins his arms above his head as she continues to
kiss his body and face.

She works her way under the covers where she performs oral
sex on him. Luke is now a willing participant who has lost
his inhibitions and has surrendered to the pleasure he is

Amy surfaces shortly after, mounts herself on top of Luke
and begins to fuck him like her personal boy toy. Both are
moaning from the passion as Luke takes the initiative and
roles on top of her. He thrusts into her hard and fast.
Yes. Don't move, keep it right
there. Right there. Harder,
deeper. Wait for me, don't cum
yet, wait for me. I'm cumming,


                       AMY (cont'd)
I'm cumming. Don't stop, don't
Luke and Amy climax together. Luke stays on top of her
kissing her gently on the face and lips. Amy is starting to
feel his weight on top of her.
Luke you have to get off me now,
you're to heavy and I can't
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry, you can do that to
me anytime.
Did you like that?
Did I like that? Of course I
liked that. Can I ask you
something personal? You don't
have to answer if you don't want
to. Are you a. I should rephrase
that, were you a virgin? Was I
your first? I was, wasn't I?
Don't say anything, I'm going to
take that as a yes. I always
wanted to be someones first, so we
are going to leave it at that. Now
hold me while I fall asleep, and
make sure my eggs are over easy
when you make me breakfast.
Only if you promise to take me to
                                         FADE TO BLACK
                                         FADE IN


Amy is driving as Luke watches the cornfields pass. He
rolls down his window and reaches for the corn as the wind
blows his hand backwards. Amy grabs Luke's other hand as if
she was touching the wind and the fields through him.
                                         CUT TO
Amy steers the car into a parking spot in front of a row of
small shops. The town is small and very old fashioned but
is impeccably maintained. All of the shop windows are
freshly painted, clean and are nicely displayed with
merchandise. Luke reaches into his pocket and checks to see
how much money he has.
      (to Amy)
Where's the store that sells art
supplies? I just want to grab a
few things.
      (looking around)
Art supplies? I'm pretty sure you
can get that stuff at the crafts
Which one's the crafts store?
Amy freezes as if the line of questioning is annoying her.
She appears confused as to where she should direct him.
You know what? I'm sick of doing
everything for you guys. How
about you find the craft store and
I'll take care of what I need to
do. I'm sick of this shit.
Amy walks away from Luke who has a look of shock on his
face. As she continues on her way, Luke glances in the
windows of to see if they have what he is looking for.
Several towns people walk past and smile. Luke finds a
store with a large picture of a landscape in the window. He
                                         CUT TO


Luke walks through the door as a bell sounds an alarm to let
the owner know that someone has come in. He looks up to see
what created the sound and laughs as the bell is an old lady
hitting her husband over the head with a hammer.
Bill and Mary.
      (OFF SCREEN)
Excuse me?
Luke turns to face a small elderly woman. Her name is
PATRICIA CLARK and she is the owner of the store. Patricia
is wearing a smock covered with a plethora of colors that
have gathered over the years of painting. She looks a lot
like Mary but is more refined and mannerly.
Can I help you with something?
      (looking like he's
       seen a ghost)
I'm looking for some charcoals and
a sketching pad.
Are you okay, you look like you
just saw a ghost.
Not a ghost, more like my guardian
Well I woke up breathing this
morning, so I'm pretty sure I
haven't been summoned to work for
the angels yet.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like
that. You're the identical twin of
the lady that raised me and I
always thought of her as my
guardian angel.
Well then, I'll take that as a
compliment. As far as art
supplies go, I don't really carry


                       PATRICIA (cont'd)
too much because people just go to
the big box stores to get those
things. I do have some extras in
the back. Lets go see what I have.
Patricia walks Luke into the back where an easel supports a
beautiful landscape of a mountain, a glacier lake and an
angry sky. Luke is deep in thought as he absorbs the
      (Looking at the
This is beautiful, but it can't be
from around here.
No. No it's not. It was a trip
my husband and I went on a few
years ago. I promised that I
would paint this for him, but I
never got around to it until
recently. Plus I lost the spool of
film with these shots on it so I
had to paint it from memory.
He'll love it even more; it's your
interpretation of what the trip
meant to you.
He'll never see it. He passed
away seven months ago last week. I
just didn't get around to it, and
after he passed I just couldn't
focus enough to paint anything. I
started on it last month but it's
taken me a while to get going. The
doctor had me on these pills for
depression and I think they made
things worse. Anything that stops
the pain of grieving can't be a
good thing. Grieving is a gift,
it's a process we all have to go
through to appreciate what we


I'm sure Dr. Clark meant well. It
seems that the scientist medicates
the body to heal the spirit,
rather than allowing the spirit to
heal the body.
Dr. Clark?
The town doctor. He's older,
white hair, tall, fairly well
built. He came to the farmhouse
yesterday night to check on a guy
that got sick.
You must be mistaken. My husband
was Dr. Clark and like I said he
passed away seven months ago. You
must be thinking of Dr. Hillis,
but he's a young man.
He said his name was Dr. Clark and
he sure looked like he was in his
sixties. Maybe he was from
another town.
Like I said, Dr. Clark was my
husband and he's gone. Dr. Hillis
is the only other doctor for a
hundred miles. I have no idea who
you might have been talking to.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset
you. I met someone who was a
doctor, I must have gotten his
name wrong.
I'm the one who should apologize
for being so rude. Lets put that
conversation behind us and I'll
get you some charcoal and a pad.
Luke waits as Patricia rummages around a large cabinet on
the other side of the room. As Luke is waiting he looks out
the front window of the store and sees Amy talking to the


mysterious Dr. Clark. Patricia make her way back to where
Luke is standing.
Do you see that older guy talking
to the lady with the light hair
and the blue jeans?
The pretty girl talking to the
elderly gentleman in the blue
Yeah, the guy talking with Amy?
Amy? Is that her name?
Yeah. She grew up here.
She never grew up around here.
Are you sure? She said she lived
here all her life.
Trust me, I taught school here for
thirty years, I know every kid in
town and on on every farm in this
area, and I've never seen her
around here. I'd remember someone
that pretty.
What about the man with her?
I've lived here all my life and
I've never seen either of them
That's the guy who said his name
was Dr. Clark.
      (Handing Luke
       supplies in a bag)
I'd have to say someone's playing
a bad joke on you. I had some


                       PATRICIA (cont'd)
spare charcoals and a pad you can
have. Maybe you can come back and
show me some of your work?
I'd like that. I'm sorry, I don't
know your name, I'm Luke.
      (shaking hands)
Patricia Clark.
Well Patricia, I'll see you next
time I'm in town. Have a nice
You too. Oh, and say hello to my
She always claimed she was one of
a kind. Before I leave can I ask
you for a favor?
                                         CUT TO
Luke crosses the street and walks over to where Amy and Dr.
Clark are standing. They see Luke coming and Dr. Clark
walks away in a hurry. Amy greets Luke with a big hug and a
kiss. Luke is a bit shocked as her mood has changed from
when they parted.
I'm sorry about earlier, I was
just in a really bad mood.
Don't worry about it, it's all
      (Peeking into
       Lukes bag)
What did you buy me? What's this


Just some charcoals and a sketch
Should we get out of here and go
check on Balac?
I was hoping to find a pay phone
to let Bill and Mary know I'm
okay. They must be worried sick
about me. Do you know where I can
find one? Or we could stop at
your place and I could use your
My place is out of the way and
it's a mess. I would be
embarrassed to bring anyone there
until I get a chance to clean it.
I'll stop at a phone on the
highway just out of town.
As Amy and Luke are walking towards the car, we see Patricia
exit her store and cross the street. Patricia looks over at
Luke and the two appear to make eye contact. Patricia stops
and calls to Amy.
Amy? Well hello, how are you
doing today?
      (Startled and
Great, how are you?
I'm doing well.. Any day I wake up
breathing is a good day. And if
I'm breathing and have a heart
beat I'm ecstatic.
      (extending his
Hello, I'm Luke.
      (shaking hands)
It's very nice to meet you Luke.
Amy you devil, where did you find


                       PATRICIA (cont'd)
such a handsome young man?
He just kind of fell into my lap.
You know I wish I could stay and
chat but we are in a big rush and
have to get going, but it was
great to see you again.
Amy grabs Luke by the arm and drags him towards the car.
Luke turns and waves goodbye to Patricia.
It was very nice to meet you.
The pleasure was all mine Luke.
                                         CUT TO
It's very quiet in the car.
So what did Mary and Bill have to
I couldn't get a hold of them so I
just left a message. Now I'm
worried. That bars never failed
to open in the twenty five years
they've owned it.
I'm sure they're okay.
So what's your friends name, she
seemed like a nice lady?
What friend?
The lady that stopped and talked
with us.


Oh, Jill. She's just some old
gossip queen I've known for years.
You know the type, say hello and
run before the town knows your
life story.
What does Jill do for a living,
besides being the town gossip
      (A bit annoyed)
A house wife. Of course her kids
are grown up so she just stays at
home and looks after her husband.
That's why when she gets to town
she has to gossip because she
doesn't have a life of her own.
I liked her, she seemed like an
old spitfire.
You liked her did you? Because
now I think about it, I happened
to notice her checking you out.
Maybe I should set the two of you
She's not old enough for me. I
want an eighty year old with lots
of money and a foot in the grave.
Besides, you said she had a
Then I guess you're stuck with
this old lady for now.
                                         CUT TO
Luke is in the kitchen boiling a kettle for tea. Amy walks
in from the living room.
How is he?


Still delusional, he claims I'm
poisoning him.
Wow, if your food is that bad,
maybe I should do the cooking.
      (hugging Luke)
Why don't you cook for me right
What are you hungry for?
How about we just skip to desert
and you can be the pudding?
Okay, I'll be right in. I just
want to check on Balac first, He
may need some help getting to the
Luke exits the kitchen and heads to Balac's room. Amy walks
towards the spare room and we hear the door close. Luke
sneaks back to the kitchen and grabs a bowl of soup and a
sandwich from one of the cupboards. He returns to Balac's
Luke enters the room carrying the soup and sandwich. He
puts them on the table next to the bed and uses a napkin to
wipe the sweat from Balac's forehead. Balac grabs Luke's
arm and squeezes it hard.
She's killing me, and when she's
done you're next.
I know.
You need to kill her. Take my gun
and kill her now.


I can't.
Luke breaks up some charcoal pencils that he bought at the
art store and puts it into Balac's mouth. Balac naturally
finds it revolting and tries to resist swallowing it.
      (choking on
What the hell was that?
      (spooning some
       soup into his
It's charcoal. I'm hoping it will
absorb whatever she has been
putting into your food. Did the
doctor give you any medication?
He's not a doctor, he's one of
I know, I met doctor Clark's wife
in town and he died seven months
ago. What am I supposed to do?
Take my gun, kill her and run.
And what about you? If I leave
you here they'll kill you.
      (realizing his
I'm already dead. Whatever she's
been giving me has already shut
down my liver. I'll be dead by
tomorrow. You need to listen
carefully because if you don't do
exactly what I tell you they'll
kill you.
I'm listening.
                                         CUT TO


Luke walks into the spare bedroom. We see the rooms dark
except for a candle illuminating the bed. Amy is sitting on
the bed dressed in a sexy teddy that highlights her slim,
seductive body.
      (sitting on the
I was getting worried you'd rather
play with him, instead of me.
      (standing in the
No, but I am getting worried, he
should be at the hospital.
Why the fuck would you worry about
a guy that tried to kill you?
Luke stands quietly and doesn't say a word. Amy realizes
what she's just done and starts to laugh.
      (Laughing at
Oops. You didn't tell me he tried
to kill you, did you? So now
you're wondering, how does she
know? Either he told me, in which
case I'm in on it, or else I'm
just in on it.
Amy walks towards Luke in a very seductive walk. She
caresses Luke working her hand down to his crotch.
You know it's really too bad, I
was looking forward to teaching
you how to use this thing. But
now I don't have time to play, I
have to become a busy little
beaver so I can find what I came
here to get. So, where is it?
Amy squeezes Luke's groin causing him severe discomfort.
Luke pushes Amy away as he stumbles back into the hallway.


      (Backing away)
I don't know, I already went
through this with him. I have no
fucking idea what you're looking
      (Loud and
Give it to me now you stupid
fucker. Do you think I'm kidding
Amy punches Luke in the face and kicks him in the ribs. This
knocks Luke backwards into the living room where he falls
through a glass covered coffee table.
Luke rolls over onto his stomach and begins to crawl off the
glass. Amy pauses before stepping on the glass with her
bare feet. Her feet begin to bleed. Amy falls onto Luke's
back allowing her knees to pin his shoulders to the ground.
She grabs his hair and pulls his head back.
Do you want to know what Balac
nicknamed you? Timex. Do you
want to know why? Because you
take a beating, and you never give
anyone a bad time. Are you going
to give me a bad time? Come on, I
know you want to fight back. I
won't be mad. I want you too
fight back.
Amy looses her cool and begins to punch Luke in the back of
the head.
Tell me where it is you gutless
piece of shit, or I'll kick you in
the head until your brain leaks
out your fucking ears.
As Amy continues to batter Luke, he musters up the energy to
stand up with her clinging to his back.
You fucking bitch, you fucking


      (Applying a rear
That's it mother fucker fight
back. Getting hard to breath? You
should have just stayed down you
dumb fucker. Say goodnight Dick,
it's all about to go black.
We see Luke's eyes close and he passes out and falls
                                         FADE TO BLACK
                                         FADE IN
From Luke's POV we see the ceiling of the living room.

A cheap light shade holds several flies that are buzzing
around the bulb.

Luke lifts his hand and notices that it is covered in blood.

He sits up.
We see Luke sitting in a puddle of blood. He feels his face
and his body to find out where he is bleeding from. As he
turns to look behind he gasps and spins around onto his
hands and knees.

As he rises we see Amy on the floor with a large piece of
glass sticking out of he body.

She is struggling to breath. As she reaches out to Luke
blood streams from her body.
      (like a little kid)
I don't want to die.
Luke tries to examine her wound.
I have to stop the bleeding.
Luke runs to the kitchen and grabs a towel off the counter.
As he runs back to her he slips in the blood pool and


crashes down beside her. She looks over to him and starts
to cry like a child.
I don't want to die. I'm scared
to die. I want my mom. I want my
Shut up, you're not going to die.
I just have to stop the bleeding.
I'm cold. Hold me please. I'm so
I have to stop the bleeding. I
think it's slowing down. I think
it stopped. We have to get you to
a doctor.
As he looks into her face we can see she is dead. His hands
and clothes are covered in her blood. He grabs the blood
soaked rag and throws it across the room towards the
                                         CUT TO
Luke is in the shower washing the blood from his body. He
sits down in the tub and begins to wash his clothes which
are also covered in blood. His body is bruised and full of
small cuts from the glass.
                                         CUT TO
Luke enters Balac's room and sits on the bed next to him. He
shakes him lightly.
She's dead. We should get you to
a hospital and I'll go to the
place you told me about. Hey, wake
Luke holds his hand in front of Balac's nose and feels
nothing. He then places his head onto Balac's chest and


listens for a heart beat. He opens Balac's eyelids and we
see that they're glazed over and lifeless. Luke closes
Balac's eyelids and pulls the blanket up over his face. He
sits for a moment and prays quietly.
Luke gets up from the bed and leaves the room.
                                         CUT TO
Luke places food items into his pack sack. He packs his art
supplies and some clothes before he ties it tightly shut.
Luke turns on the burners of the kitchen stove and blows out
the flames.
                                         CUT TO
We see Luke walk out of the house and around to an open
window. He pulls some matches from his pocket and lights
one. He reaches inside the window and lights a candle
sitting on a plate on the inside windowsill. The candle
flickers as Luke slowly closes the window and walks away.
                                         CUT TO
Luke walks down the road as we see the country house in the
near background.
Luke walks down the road as the country house gets farther
into the background.
Luke is still walking down the road but the country house
has disappeared into the distance. We see a Volkswagen van
pull up behind Luke. As he sticks out his thumb the van
pulls over and the window rolls down.
                                         CUT TO


Luke is getting comfortable in the back of the van which has
been made into a bed. Luke watches out the back window as
the country house is gone into the distance.

A female voice distracts Luke. She is SUMMER RAIN, a nice
looking hippie girl in her early twenties with long black
hair. She is traveling with a male friend named PONCHO.

PONCHO is a tall, skinny, long haired man in his early
thirties, he is also a hippie.
                       SUMMER RAIN (OC)
Where are you going?
                       SUMMER RAIN
Well you're in luck, were going
about as east as you can get.
As the Van drives away Luke watches the country house
explode in the distance.
                       SUMMER RAIN
Since were going to be traveling
together, we should probably
introduce ourselves. My name is
Summer Rain.
You have a beautiful name. I'm
Luke slides forward and shakes Summer Rain's hand. Poncho
turns from the wheel and shakes Luke's hand as well.
Hey fuck, I'm Poncho. It's nice
to meet you.
                       SUMMER RAIN
He calls everyone fuck, don't take
it personally.
It's nice to meet the both of you.
So fuck, are you a farmer?


A farmer?
Yeah, cornfields, farmhouses,
No, I was just visiting some
                       SUMMER RAIN
You look exhausted, why don't you
lie down and I'll wake you up when
we stop.
      (holding an eight
       track tape)
Hey fuck, who do you want to dream
to, Hendrix or the Stones?
I don't know, who are they?
Fuck my brother, are you sure
you're from earth?
                       SUMMER RAIN
Why don't you just put on Hendrix
and let Luke get some sleep?
      (lighting a joint)
Hendrix it is, goodnight fuck.
Luke lays down on the bed and closes his eyes as Castles
Made of Sand plays over the speakers.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
                                         FADE IN
We hear Summer Rain and Poncho talking somewhere outside the


Luke wakes from a sound sleep and looks around the van. He
sits on the edge of the mattress and fixes his bed head.
                                         CUT TO
The van is parked in a small clearing surrounded by a mix of
poplar, birch and pine trees. Poncho and Summer Rain are
sitting on small tree stumps next to the fire. Luke exits
the van and is noticed immediately by Poncho.
Fuck my man, it's about time you
got up. Summer Rain wouldn't let
me get high until you shit the
Knock yourself out Poncho, you can
get as high as you want, it won't
bother me a bit.
                       SUMMER RAIN
Well, it's not quite like that.
It's more like we all get high or
none of us get high.
I don't get high.
Fuck, with this shit everyone gets
                       SUMMER RAIN
Hey, you're with friends,
everything will be okay.
      (Like a child)
Fuck, I want to get high. I want
to get high. I want to get high.
Okay, what is this stuff?


Fuck, a doctor invented this shit
so you know it's safe. It's
called LSD.
What does that stand for?
Good question fuck. It stands
for, when you ain't on it Life's
So Dull.
What does it do to you?
      (high on LSD)
Holy shit, I feel like I'm going
the speed of light.
                       SUMMER RAIN
      (high on LSD)
Don't forget to use your
headlights, it's dark out.
Hey, if I was going the speed of
light, would my headlights work?
      (high on LSD)
And if you went the speed of light
backwards, would they go twice as
You know what? I've got to draw
you two right now. I've never
seen things so clear before.
Luke gets up and heads to the van.
                       SUMMER RAIN
You can draw? That's so cool man.


I used to know a fucker named
Frank that could really draw. He
would draw these big titted
warrior princesses and these huge
ax-wielding barbarians. I wonder
whatever happened to that fuck.
Luke riffles through his pack sack to retrieve his pad and
pencils. As he is doing so, Balac's gun falls onto the bed.
Luke picks it up and stuffs it into his coat pocket.
Luke walks back to the fire where Poncho and Summer Rain
are kissing. He startles them. We see from Luke's point of
view. They look like they're made of Play Doe.
      (a bit freaked out)
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm going to go and draw some
landscapes and maybe some other
                       PLAY DOE SUMMER RAIN
Luke, you don't have to go, you
didn't interrupt anything. Poncho
and I are just friends.
                       PLAY DOE PONCHO
Hey, if fuck wants to go and draw
some shit, let him go.
You two look like you're made of
play doe man.
                       PLAY DOE PONCHO
Play doe? Wow fuck, I wish I
could see what you're seeing right
                                         CUT TO


Luke begins to walk up a hill, through some trees and
settles at the top of a plateau that overlooks a large
cornfield. The wind swirls through the corn causing a
rustling sound that is very calming. Luke relaxes by laying
on his back and gazing up at the stars.
      (off camera)
All is quiet except for the wind swirling through the
cornfield. Luke lies back down and settles into star
                       VOICE (OC)
Luke jumps to his feet and begins to look around for the
person calling him.
Hello, who's there?
                       VOICE (OC)
See me.
Luke looks around but sees nothing.
Okay, you had me going Poncho. Now
quit fucking around.
                       VOICE (OC)
I am the corn.
Luke walks over to the edge of the plateau to look at the
What am I going to see Poncho, you
pissing on some corn?
Luke is gazing down at the cornfield when a gust of wind
almost knocks him off the edge of the hill. The wind rushes
down into the corn where it batters into the stocks, bending
and breaking some of them.


Mother fucker, this is even better
than the play doe.
      (in the field)
You seek my counsel?
Am I hallucinating? I must be
Where's your faith boy. The shape
I take does not affect the
knowledge you seek from the
Why me?
I placed in you the strength to
survive, the courage to continue
and the conviction to follow your
beliefs. Do you not embrace that
which you have become?
I don't know who I've become. I'm
lost, my faith is lost. And I'm
sorry but I'm really high and I
can't think right now.
What is your question?
      (searching his
My question? What is my question?
The question that has always lay
in the abyss of your consciousness
but you're afraid to ask, even
secretly to your own self?
Are you proud of me?


I have no need for pride or shame.
I stopped judging man when he
became aware.
Aware of what?
Aware of the truth.
How are we to know what's the
Any act you know in your being to
be unjust, will affect your
judgment of yourself when you come
before me.
Why are we here?
To will to be, or will not to be.
Nothing more. Life is about
willing your being.
The wind swirls from the field making the face disappear. As
it rushes up the hill it knocks Luke off his feet and places
him gently on the ground. Luke feels God in him and is
overcome with feelings of peace and contentment. He comes to
his senses and realizes God is gone. Luke yells to the sky.
      (with joy)
Wait don't go. No one is going to
believe me.
Luke sits and stares at the cornfield. He lifts his hand
and moves it back and forth in front of his face. He falls
backwards onto the ground and laughs.
Oh no. I could be the first
person to see and to ask him a
question, and what did I ask? Are
you proud of me? I'm so stupid.
And to add insult to injury, I'm
so stoned I don't even know if
what just happened was real.


Luke gets to his feet and begins to walk down the hill to
the camp. On his way back he is talking to himself.
Okay, next time I meet god I am
definitely going to have some
better questions.
Luke walks down the hill towards the campsite. As he
reaches the site he walks in on Poncho on top of Summer
Rain. His pants are down around his knees. Poncho turns and
sees Luke standing there.
Sorry man, I didn't know the two
of you were doing that.
Luke begins to walk away when Summer Rain screams out.
                       SUMMER RAIN
Luke, help me, please don't leave.
Poncho punches down towards Summer Rains face and we hear a
dull thud. Poncho gets off of Summer Rain and does his
pants up. He turns and faces Luke.
Fuck, you should have stayed up
the hill and played with your
little pencil crayons. Now you
gone and pissed me off.
Poncho bends over and picks up a hunting knife from the
But the good news is, you're going
to be my alibi on this one. It'll
look like you were the one raping
her and she gutted you during the
struggle. Oh yeah, and poor
Summer Rain happened to get her
throat cut by you. Something
funny fuck?
Yeah. Over the past two weeks
I've been shit kicked three times.
But they were professionals. The
last shit kicking I got was from a


                       LUKE (cont'd)
beautiful woman that couldn't have
weighed more than a hundred
pounds. But she would've shit
kicked you as well. I gotta say,
each time I was out matched. But
not today, not today.
That's just the drugs talking
tough guy.
Luke pulls Balac's gun from his pocket and points it at
Poncho who has a shocked look on his face.
      (holding the gun)
It's a bit more than the drugs.
Fuck, where did you get that?
Drop the knife and get on the
ground Fuck.
Poncho throws the knife away and gets on his knees as Luke
goes to see how Summer Rain is doing.
Summer Rain. Wake up.
Summer Rain begins to stir. Her face is bruised and
bleeding and her clothes are torn from her body.
                       SUMMER RAIN
What happened?
Poncho raped you.
                       SUMMER RAIN
My face hurts. Why am I bleeding?
Luke removes his jacket and covers her naked body.
Shh your okay now. Poncho raped
you and beat you up pretty bad.
That's it, sit up slow.
Summer Rain starts to cry as it sinks in. She looks over to


                       SUMMER RAIN
Why would you do this? I was your
Poncho just stares back with cold eyes. Luke hands Summer
Rain the gun.
I have to go to the van to get
something to clean you up with.
Point this at him and shoot him if
he moves. Can you do that?
Summer Rain points the gun at Poncho and nods a yes with her
Don't give her the gun Fuck.
I'll be right back.
As Luke runs past Poncho he knees him in the face and Poncho
drops lifeless to the ground.
Don't fucking move.
Luke rummages around his pack sack and pours the contents
onto the bed. He grabs some bandages and some cream that he
packed for himself.

He is startled by a gun shot. He drops everything and runs
back to the fire.
Summer Rain?
We hear another gun shot.
Summer Rain? Summer Rain?


Luke reaches the campsite where Poncho is lying face down on
the ground. Summer rain is standing over Poncho with the
gun pointed at him.
                       SUMMER RAIN
He moved. He moved.
Luke sees that Poncho is still lying in the same spot as
when he left. He starts to walk slowly towards Summer Rain.
Okay, lets just stay calm. Why
don't you give me the gun?
Summer rain turns to Luke and points the gun at him. Luke
stops and holds his hand out towards her.
                       SUMMER RAIN
He moved.
I know. It's going to be okay,
but I need you to give me the gun.
Summer Rain notices that she has the gun pointed at Luke.
She drops her gun hand to her side and begins to sob. Luke
walks towards her and comforts her with a big hug.
                       SUMMER RAIN
He laughed at me.
                       SUMMER RAIN
When you left, he laughed at me.
He laughed at me. Like I wasn't
human, a dog or something.
Luke calms her and walks her to the van.
Luke puts Summer Rain in the bed and covers her with a
                       SUMMER RAIN
He would've killed me if you
didn't come back. Maybe there is
a God.


I hope so.
Luke begins to get out of the van.
                       SUMMER RAIN
Don't leave me.
I have to get rid of the body.
                       SUMMER RAIN
Please don't go until I fall
                                         CUT TO
Luke's face morphs from a young man with Summer Rain to an
old man telling a story at the asylum. Bobby Jones pushes a
button on his tape recorder and it stops.
And then you ended up here?
Been here ever since.
You've never left here in all that
I go for the odd walk off the
grounds, but this is my home.
Have you got proof any of this
I don't need to prove anything. I
thought you should know the truth
about how your father died. That's
something no one ever did for me.


Would you have any objection to me
talking to your doctor?
Not at all. But I can save you
some time. I've been diagnosed as
a paranoid schizophrenic. He
believes I made it up.
And what should I believe?
                                         CUT TO
Bobby is waiting for a reply from his wife JESSICA. Jessica
is a warm, loving, attractive woman in her early thirties.
What ever you can live with. I
know that your dads death was hard
on you because you were so young,
but lets look at the facts. This
guy's a paranoid schizophrenic who
has been in the loony bin his
whole life. He admits to doing
LSD, to seeing and talking to God
as well as to killing several
people. Bobby, your dad was
murdered. Anyone with the
INTERNET could find that out. And
you're a reporter who's on T.V,
all the time, who better to try
and manipulate to get his fifteen
minutes of fame?
Well when you put it that way.
Jesus, how could I have been such
an idiot?
Baby, you're not an idiot, he
found where you're vulnerable and
he exploited it. Schizophrenics
aren't dumb, they can actually be
very creative people.


I just wanted to believe that
someone could explain why my dad
Why don't you go tuck Ward into
Yeah, that's right. I'm out of
town tomorrow for tornado season
in Hicks ville. I think they
actually believe I like covering
that crap.
I like when you cover tornado
All those big phallic symbol
things make my man horny when he
gets home.
After I tuck Ward in, I'm going to
give you a real life phallic
                                         CUT TO
Bobby enters his sons bedroom. WARD is lying in bed with
the lights on. Ward is four and is cute as a button.
Hey chimp, are you ready for
lights out?
You mean champ.
No, I mean chimp. You're mother
and I were trying to have a


A monkey? What would you do with
a monkey?
I'd get him to climb trees and get
me things.
Like what?
Like coconuts, kites, oh and I'd
get him to clean the chimney. Can
you do that?
So, what can you do for me?
I could give you the worlds
biggest hug and kiss.
The worlds biggest hug and kiss?
Well shoot the monkey and bring it
Bobby and Ward roll around on the bed hugging and kissing.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
                                         FADE IN
Bobby and Jessica are standing on the steps kissing goodbye.
Don't forget to save your energy
for when you get home.
I'm going to find you some big,
big, big tornadoes baby.
A van pulls into the driveway. On the side of the van we
see WJBN NEWS. It is equipped with a satellite dish and all


the necessities to complete a remote broadcast.

The driver of the van is CHUCK, a large black man in his
fifties. Chuck is Bobby's cameraman/technician.

Chuck and Jessica exchange pleasant waves as Bobby enters
the van.
                                         CUT TO
Morning Chuck.
Chuck stares at Bobby who is throwing his travel bag into
the back area of the van. The luggage almost lands on a
piece of equipment sticking out.
Hey, watch the equipment.
      (looking straight
That wasn't equipment. That
looked more like a metal detector.
Well Bobby, a metal detector can
be considered a vital piece of
Your wife still has you carrying
that thing so you can find a
wedding ring you lost how many
years ago?
Five years.
So when are you going to tell her
you left it at your very bitter
ex-girlfriends house? And there
aint been a metal detector
invented that's going to be able
to find that thing there.


Now why would I tell her that?
Bobby looks back to where the metal detector is stored.
Have you ever turned that thing
Couldn't even tell you how to use
it. So what the hell is this?
I thought we'd grab one at the
coffee shop.
Coffee shop? Did you get a little
something something this morning?
I got a little something something
all night long.
I got a little something something
this morning too.
Both men bang fist together like a high five
                                         CUT TO
The van pulls into a parking spot and both men get out
carrying their bags.
                                         CUT TO
Bobby is lying in bed wide awake. We can hear very loud
snoring coming from the bed next to him.
Bobby is lying in bed with his pillow over his face. We
still hear very loud snoring coming from Chucks bed.
                                         CUT TO


Bobby is sitting on the edge of his bed looking out the
window. We still hear very loud snoring coming from Chuck.
The alarm on the clock goes off and Chuck wakes up promptly
and shuts it off. Chuck sits up in bed and stretches. He
looks over at Bobby and shakes his head.
Good morning sunshine. Don't hurt
yourself, I'll shut that alarm off
for you.
I thought you said you got the
snoring operation done?
And I haven't snored since.
Chuck, you need to sue that
bastard. No, never mind, I need
to sue that bastard.
What for? I'm sleeping better
than ever.
Chuck, your snoring is twice as
loud as it ever was.
You must have been dreaming that I
was snoring.
Wait a minute. You never got the
operation done. You bought the
stereo instead. You said you won
the stereo in a draw. You lying
sack of shit, you never got the
operation done at all.
Now, that all sounds like an
unsubstantiated allegation to me.
Do you have any proof?
Oh, I had about a thousand
decibels of proof all night long.


                                         CUT TO
Bobby and Chuck are driving down a country road. We can see
crops in the background.
How are we supposed to find a
tornado when there isn't a cloud
in the sky?
Are there any towns around here,
I'm starving?
Chuck looks on a map that he has between the seats.
There should be one about ten
miles that way.
                                         DISOLVE TO
Chuck and Bobby drive past a sign that has the town name
wiped out and HELL written over top.
What does that sign say?
It says, welcome to HELL,
population one-hundred and twenty.
I wonder who the one-hundred and
twenty most evil people would be?
Lets go to HELL and find out.
                                         CUT TO
Chuck and Bobby enter the diner and look for a place to sit.
MANY of the PATRONS turn and look at the two strangers.


      (Quietly to Bobby)
It looks like all one -hundred and
twenty of the most evil people are
Lets just find a place to sit.
Bobby walks towards an empty booth and Chuck follows. Both
men pick up a menu. Chuck puts his down after a quick

Bobby notices how quick Chuck put it down and looks over the
top of his menu.
Don't tell me. A cheeseburger
platter, with gravy on the fries?
Actually Bobby, I'm ordering
healthy these days. I have to
watch what I'm putting into the
Only healthy bounty shall enter
this temple.
WAITRESS approaches.
What can I get for you guys today?
I'm going to have a BLT toasted on
whole wheat, light on the mayo,
and what's the soup of the day?
It's minestrone.
I'll have a bowl of the soup and a
coffee please.
And for you?


I'll have a salad with a low fat
dressing and a coffee please.
Great, I'll be right back with
your coffee.
Oh yeah, and can I get a
cheeseburger platter with gravy on
the fries as well?
Sure, anything else?
Anything else Buddha?
Just remember the low fat
The temple is going to be a ruin
People are fascinated by ruins.
They travel all over the world to
see them.
Instead of doing stories about
tornadoes we should be doing
stories about the death of the
small town. I mean, how do these
businesses survive?
Another one over there going out
of business. Clark's Art Gallery.
What did you say?
I said there's another store over
No, the name, what did you say the
name was?


Clark's Art Gallery. Why?
The crazy guy talked about that
store. He said the lady that
owned it was something Clark.
Patricia Clark.
Bobby gets up from his seat and looks over at the store.
Bobby, there could be a lot of art
galleries owned by someone with
the last name of Clark.
In a small farm town, I highly
doubt it. Can you get my food to
go, I'm going over to talk to
Don't do this Bobby. You're going
to drive yourself nuts.
No, I would drive you nuts if I
didn't go over there.
                                         CUT TO
The door to the gallery opens and Bobby walks in. He looks
up but doesn't see the doorbell that Luke had described in
his story. As he stands there looking he is addressed by
      (Off Camera)
Can I help you?
No, I think I have the wrong
The STORE CLERK enters into view. She is a petite, well
groomed and well spoken lady in her early fifties. She
looks a lot like Patricia Clark.


Everything is on sale.
I wasn't looking to buy anything,
I was just looking for a certain
store someone told me about.
And what store might that be?
It had something special above the
Let me guess. An old lady hitting
her husband over the head and the
bell rings?
How did you know?
It's not for sale.
So this is the right store?
It's not for sale.
I'm not here to buy the bell, I'm
here to see Patricia Clark.
You knew my mother?
I knew of her, is she alive?
She died over ten years ago.
I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I
was hoping she would have some
information about a man that lived
here a long time ago.


My mom had Alzheimer for the last
five years of her life. She
talked about lots of people we
didn't know. Old lovers, kids she
taught, places my father and her
had visited. For her it was like
it just happened yesterday.
I was hoping she might have known
about Luke Mathews.
Luke and Amy?
Yes, did she talk about them?
Everyone talked about the
accident, it was tragic. My
mother always seemed to have a
dislike for that Amy. She felt
she was dishonest with the young
man and she was having an affair
with an older man using my fathers
What accident? What happened?
They figured there was a gas leak
in the stove and the house blew
up. They found both their bodies
incinerated inside the house but
no family could be found, so the
town buried them. The funny thing
was, my mother was the only person
who could ever say she met them.
It's like the town paid to bury
two strangers.
Can you give me directions to the
Sure, but there's nothing left out
                                         CUT TO


Chuck is sitting in the van and Bobby gets in the passenger