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Corpsman Up!
by Joshua (poeta_jd@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: War Movies   User Review:

The story follows three friends as they become Navy Hospital Corpsmen working with the Marine Corps. The journey takes us through training, friendship, and the chaos of war.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Two men one in Navy Blue uniform with a jacket and dixie cup
on and the other in a khaki uniform with gold anchors on his
shoulders and a khaki garrison cap on his head walk out to
the bus.
Young men and women pile out of the bus quickly, scared, as
the two men yell at them to move and get off the bus. The
two men are wearing bright red woven ropes though their left
arms around their shoulder. These men are RDCs (Recruit
Division Commanders), and have them line up in front of the
The same young men and women speed through a line collecting
sweats, t-shirts and shorts that all say Navy. The men
passing out the clothes from behind the tables have shaved
heads and a blank stares.
Men and Women sit in barber chairs getting their hair cut.
Men, getting shaved, women getting hair cut to slightly
above shoulders.
Large companies of about 80 men and women march 3 abreast
together in dungaree uniforms down the streets. Cadence is
being called and the men and women move forward almost like
zombies from lack of sleep.
One instructor stands in front of the class teaching about
aspects of ship board life and ship defensive and offensive
weapons. As the camera pans over the students you see some
falling asleep with heads bobbing.


RDC walks down the aisles yelling out commands for more
exercise movements. Recruits covered in sweat and out of
breath try to keep up. After panning through a male berthing
the scene switches to a female berthing and shows the same
thing with the women.
Recruits quickly scurry about a makeshift ship inside one of
the many hanger bays on RTC. We see them throwing lines,
securing knots, and yelling commands at each other. An RDC
stands by with a stop watch with a scowl on his face.
RDC speaking to his company about ship board life. RDC is
talking with reminiscence and a smile on his face. Recruits
are excitedly asking him questions.
For the first time we see the recruits in their dress blue
uniforms. Six 80 person companies are present each with
colorful flags in front of them. A ceremonial guard company
stands in front of them and the RTC commanding officer, a
Navy Captain, stands in front of them and addresses them in
a short speech in which we only hear a part of.
A soft spoken chief stands in front of a small class of
about 30 students. The class is about half men and half
women. They are all young, between the ages of 18 and 21.
The men's hair has grown back but is still short. Some of
the women have their hair up in a bun behind their head or
cropped to go no longer than their shoulders. Everyone is
sitting up strait and at attention. JESSI, JASON, and JOSE
are in the class.
Welcome to Navy Hospital Corps
School. For the next three and a
half months you will be students
here. We will be going fast so it
is imperative that you keep up. If
you cannot pass the curriculum
then you will be rolled back or
you will be dropped and sent out


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
to the fleet most likely to chip
paint and swab decks for the next
couple of years. For those of you
that graduate, a lot of you will
never spend time on a ship. Most
of the Navy's Corpsmen work at
hospitals or serve with the Marine
Corps. Make sure that you learn
your lessons well because some of
you in this room will one day be
called upon to save one of your
shipmates lives. Make sure you are
Students sit in class with an instructor in front teaching
human anatomy and physiology. The instructor is an HM2
(Hospital Corpsman Second Class). The students are busy
taking notes.
The chief is busy teaching about vital signs. The students
are not taking notes as much. You can tell by their posture
that they are starting to relax.
Chief walks into the class room with two instructors. One is
the HM2 from earlier. He has a stack of papers in his hand.
His demeanor is still calm. The students are excited and
give him all of their attention.
      (Looks at the
       tests and then
       lays them on the
       front desk)
The good news is that half of you
did really well. The bad news is
half of you did not. We had five
test failures and 4 just barely
passing. SA Bowden and SR Young
please stand up.
      (Jessica and Jason
       stands up not
       knowing what to
SA Bowden and SR Young had the two


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
highest scores in the class and so
I am appointing them as the class
educations petty officers. They
will act as the class tutors. The
two of you will hold study hall
every week night. I want you to
assist our students who might need
some extra time.
      (Turning to
       address the rest
       of the class)
If you failed this test I expect
you to be at every one of the
study groups. The rest of you have
the option of going or not but I
will caution you on continuing to
study the material.
      (Jessica and Jason
       sit back down.
       Jesse has a smile
       on her face.
       Jason has a
       nervous look on
After class JESSI approaches JASON. Jessi is a very
attractive young woman that carries herself confidently but
seems to have a little chip on her shoulder. Jason is a
handsom young black man who is about 6 feet, well grommed
with a nice smile. He seems a less sure of himself.
      (Seeming a little
So, how do you want to do this?
Do what?
The study groups. What days do you
want to do?
I thought Chief said we had to do
it every night?


Are you kidding? I'm not going to
be here every night. Tell me which
nights you are going to do and
I'll do the opposite ones.
      (A little shy)
I thought we might do them
      (Now clearly
What, so I can do the work for
you? Look, just because you got
lucky on one test doesn't mean
that you are better than me.
      (Backing down)
I never said that.
You don't have to say it.
Jessi turns around and walks away. As she leaves JOSE comes
up and stands beside Jason. Jose is above average looking
Mexican with an obvious Spanish accent.
Man, she's kind of fiesty.
Yeah, no kidding.
What did you say to her?
Nothing. I just said that maybe we
could work together.
I guess she had other ideas.
Man, I guess so.
Hey, I'm Jose by the way.


      (Shaking Jose's
So, you're going to be running the
study group?
Yeah, I guess so.
Good, I'mk going to need some
help. I barely passed that last
test. You think you can help me?
Yeah, I guess so.
Jessi stands up in front of the class.
Can I have everyone's attention?
Study group will be every night
from 6 to 8. If you think you need
help make sure you come and see
Jessi walks back over to Jason.
      (With kind of a
       mocking look.)
Still want to work together?
Jason walks in and Jessi is already going over stuff on the
board for a few students. Jason sits down. Jesse gives him
an acknowledging look. A couple of girls from the group
break off and go and ask Jason for help. He starts talking
to them in a low voice.
                                         AFTER STUDY GROUP
Jesse walks up to Jason.
What did those girls want?


They just had some questions about
some stuff.
They couldn't ask me?
I guess they could.
Listen, in the future, do me a
favor. Don't teach when I'm
I was just tring to help them out.
I wasn't tring to upset you.
You're not upsetting me. It's
just,... It's just rude OK?
Jose is standing by the door.
Are you ready to go?
Yeah, I'm ready.
      (Looking to Jessi)
Look, I'll see you tomorrow. Next
time I promise I won't talk when
you are talking.
Jessi looks up and smiles sarcasticly.
Damn, that girl likes you.
What are you talking about?
I'm saying she likes you.


Man, you don't know what you're
talkin about. That girl hates me.
No, look at me. I know women. This
girl likes you.
Oh, you know women? Look I don't
know what planet you're from but
that's the second time she's
yelled at me today. Where I come
I'm lucky I didn't catch a beat
Want me to hook you up?
Man, didn't you hear me? What did
I just say?
So you don't like her?
Now hold up. I didn't say all
Aw so you do like her.
That girl is cute and all. It's
Just what?
Nothing. Why aren't you going out
with her?
I have a fiance. She'd cut off my
nuts if I ever went out with
another woman.
Yeah, that's a good reason.


Jessica stands at the front of the class at the board
explaining the lesson for the test that the class had just
taken. Jason is standing in the back of the classroom
watching her. Jessi glances back at him every now and then.
      (To the class)
Ok, so rather than have me up here
going over the same things that we
just went over today let's break
up and SR Young and I will go
around and help you guys.
                                         AFTER STUDY GROUP
All the students have left. Jessi and Jason are picking up.
Jessi walks up to Jason.
Sorry I was such a pain yesterday.
I was just so upset you beat me on
that test.
Because I wanted to be the best
and I wasn't.
Don't worry, it's a long class.
I'm sure you'll kick my butt in
the end.
You don't understand. Being a
woman means I'm always going to
have to work harder to be the
Who said that?
It's the truth.
So you think guys have it easier?


You do.
I studied all night for that test.
So did I and look where it got me.
You got the second highest grade
in the class.
Yeah, second best. It's not good
enough. Look, all I'm saying is
women have to be the best if they
want to get anywhere in this
Ok, ok. I just think you need to
chill a little bit. You did good.
      (Smiling almost
And let you win? Not a chance.
Jessi is talking to two other girls from the class. They
walk away and Jose walks up.
Hey, Jessica, we were going out to
get something to eat tonight. Do
you want to come with us?
      (Smiling back)
Us? Who else is going?
I was going to ask Jason to come
along. I think he needs to relax a
little bit. All he does is study.
Yeah I know. I don't think he has
missed a study session since we


                       JESSI (cont'd)
started. I figured he'd want to
take some time off at least. The
funny thing is that I don't think
he really needs it. He's pretty
      (Still smiling)
Yeah, he's a really smart guy,
just shy.
      (Running up to
Hey Jason, your coming to dinner
with us tonight.
      (Turning to face
What? Where are you going?
Well, Jessica and I are going out
to dinner and we want you to join
      (Shaking his head)
Naw man, thanks but that would
just be to weird. I don't want to
be no third wheel.
      (Laughing a little
No, you've got it all wrong.
Besides, I'm engaged. I've got a
girl. You know, I don't think she
was going to go until I told her
that you were going.
      (Covering his
       mouth and smiling)
You serious? All right, I'll go.


Inside the restaurant Jason, Jose, and Jessi sit down. Jose
and Jason on one side, Jessi on the other. The waitress
brings them some water and leaves. Jose and Jessi sitting
across from each other lean in a little bit to talk. Jason
seems like he wants to lean in too but he is still a little
shy. He listens though.
      (With a smile)
So what do I owe the honor of
dinner tonight?
Honor? No honor, just dinner.
Don't get any funny ideas. Look if
you being hear is just about
trying to get in my pants then we
are going to have to end this
right now.
      (Looking amused
       and stunned she
       says jokingly)
Into your pants? You invited me
      (With a serious
       look but a gleam
       in his eyes)
Oh yeah.
      (Looking over at
So what's your story? Were you
trying to get into Jose's pants
      (Looking a little
       surprised but
       kind of amused)
What? Naw, I was just hungry. Then
I heard you were going to be here
and then I thought, well I can't
let you out do me. Besides, I
wouldn't pass up having dinner
with a beautiful woman, even if it
means sitting beside his ugly mug.


                       JASON (cont'd)
      (Jason nudges Jose)
Jessi looks at Jason in silence for a moment her smile
growing on her face. Jason breaks a smile then looks away.
Jose noticing the awkward silence chimes in.
      (More serious)
So Jessica, what are you doing
here? Why did you come in? Why did
you join the Navy?
      (Still smiling but
       now looking at
Why did you come in?
Alright, I'll tell you then you
have to tell me. Deal?
      (Looking between
       Jason and Jose)
Ok but only if Jason goes too.
      (Looking a little
       more comfortable)
Yeah, alright, but I go last.
Ok, the reason why I joined was I
wanted to have a better life. My
fiance, Lupe, is in Mexico and we
want get married and have a
family. I want to bring her here
but I'm not a citizen. I have a
green card but it's not enough for
me to get her a fiance's visa. I
thought of bringing her over here
anyway but I don't want our life
to start out like that. I have
seen too many people come over
illegally and struggle for the
rest of their lives. I don't want
that for Lupe or my children.
You have kids?


No, not yet but we are going to
have two boys and two girls and
they will grow up to be proud of
who they are, not ashamed.
When I was a senior in high school
I spoke with a Navy recruiter. He
told me that I could get free
medical for my family and that
they would help me get my
citizenship. For two and a half
years I didn't join. I kept trying
to do it on my own. I started a
restaurant but it failed. I worked
with my dad in the orchards but it
didn't take long from there before
I was back in that recruiter's
office signing those papers. I
didn't want to leave my parents
but I knew that if I didn't then I
might never be able to start my
Do you have any brothers and
No, it's just me. That's one of
the reasons that I didn't want to
leave them. So I'm going to get my
citizenship and bring Lupe here
with me. I'm going to work in the
military and then when my time is
up, I'll probably get out.
So, you know for sure that you are
getting out?
Probably, we'll see. I want to be
with my family and know that I
probably won't see them too much
if I stay in.
Did you have a picture of Lupe?
No, I keep asking her to send me
one but I think she is
embarrassed. I don't know why, she


                       JOSE (cont'd)
is a lovely woman.
      (Saying sweetly)
Auuhh. She sounds so cute.
      (Turns to look at
Your turn.
Uh uh, it's your turn. That was
the deal remember? I'm going last.
      (With a small
Ok, ok. I'll go. I joined the Navy
because of my dad.
What did he tell you to join or
No actually. He didn't want me to
join. He says that it's too
dangerous and that I should go to
school instead. My dad was in
Vietnam. I don't know too much
about it. It was years before I
was born. He doesn't really talk
about it too much except for one
thing that he mentioned to me
many, many times. My dad got shot
in the chest. He still has the
scar. He would probably be dead
right now but there was this
corpsman that came and saved his
life. He said that his name was
Doc James. He always says, "If it
weren't for Doc James, then
neither one of us would be here."
That's cool. Did your dad and him
stay friends? Have you ever met
No, Dad said that he died a couple
of days after saving his life. He
doesn't say how he died. I don't


                       JESSI (cont'd)
know if he knows, or if he wants
to know. All I know is that he
holds corpsmen in very high
regard. I love my dad and I just
want him to be proud of me. He is
mad at me for joining the Navy but
I can't think of any greater
tribute to the man that saved my
dad's life than becoming a
corpsman myself.
      (Very intent)
What does your mom think about you
      (With a little bit
       of sadness but a
       strong jaw)
My mom died in a car accident
about a year and a half ago. I was
a foreign exchange student down in
Spain at the time. When I found
out, I came right home. I don't
have any brothers or sisters
either so it was up to me to take
care of my dad. He was a mess. I
think that's one of the reasons
that he is so mad at me leaving.
He doesn't want anything bad to
happen to me. I had to get out of
there though. There is too much
sadness. I needed a change and
I've wanted to be a corpsman for
as long as I can remember. My dad
doesn't understand but I think one
day, he will.
      (With an empty
Wow, I'm sorry to hear about that.
Yeah, I'm sorry.


      (Her eyes glassy
       she puts on a
       forced smile)
So, Jason, it's your turn.
Man, I don't even feel right
saying anything after that. You
all are so deep.
      (Grabbing him by
       the shoulder)
Ahh, come on. We told you our
      (Eyes clear now)
Yeah, we told you ours.
I ain't really got that much to
say. My mom and dad are still
alive. They're split up but they
are still around. I've got two
older brothers. One, Jamal, he's
in jail for some stuff and the
other, Lawrence, works at a
grocery store. He's got a little
baby girl names Sherice. She's 2.
She's real cute and smart. I've
got a younger sister named
Veronica who is living with her
boyfriend. She is actually doing
pretty good though. She is still
going to school and has really
good grades. I don't think that
she is going to be able to afford
to go to college though. I've been
sending her money to help her save
up so maybe she can at least take
a couple of classes. Her
boyfriends a good guy. His name is
Darren. He's a mechanic. He is 6
years older than her but he treats
her good and she promised me that
she's not going to get pregnant
until after she is done with
school and they get married. She
can't get married right now
anyway. She's only 16 and my mom
would never let her. Of course she
don't say anything about the two


                       JASON (cont'd)
of them living together though so,
who knows. I came in because there
is really nothing for me back
there. I never got great grades. I
didn't have any money for college.
I started working in the grocery
store with my brother but I want
more than that. I mean I love my
family and all but they're all
kind of messed up in their own
way. One of my best friends joined
the Navy and he brought the
recruiter to talk to me. I don't
know, I mean, I just looked at it
like, what other options do I
have. So here I am. I did want to
be a corpsman though. I want to be
a personal trainer one day and
this is the closest thing I could
find to doing that. Besides, it's
kind of cool. I like the body.
      (Laughing and
       slapping Jason on
       the shoulder)
Yeah, I bet you do. Who's body did
you like?
      (With a smile)
I said THE body, not A body.
All three are laughing. The waitress comes up to take the
order. Jose starts talking to her while Jason starts quickly
looking through the menu. We see Jessi steal a glance at
Jason when he is not looking.
We see the class performing CPR on practice dummies. There
are five stations and the instructors are going from station
to station watching and grading. Jason, Jose, and Jessica
are among the students.
You see Jason, Jessica, and Jose walking out of a movie
theater together. The two guys are on either side of her.
They are talking about the movie that they just saw. Jessi


reaches up and grabs both of them around the shoulders and
gets a big smile on her face. She is playful but innocent.
They are just three friends hanging out.
      (With a smile on
       her face)
So what did you guys think?
      (A little bit
Man, that movie was stupid. I mean
it was so fake.
Both Jessi and Jose look at him with a surprised look on
their faces.
      (Still angry)
I mean those sailors in the
beginning, they didn't even wear
their uniform right. Plus they
were say everything wrong. I mean
if you're going to put stuff like
that in your movie, you should try
to get it right. You know?
Jason looks to Jose and Jessi for approval. They look at
each other and start to laugh.
      (With a smile)
Man, who's brain washed. You mean
to tell me you've been upset the
whole movie over the first 5
minutes? Man, you are going a
little overboard don't ya think
there shipmate?
      (A little more
What did you think about the rest
of the movie?
      (Now a little
       quieter, more
       embarrassed now)
I don't know, it was ok, I guess.
It just made me mad that they
didn't get things right. I mean,
they're supposed to be


                       JASON (cont'd)
representing us. How are they
going to represent us if they
don't even know what they are
      (A little teasing)
Auh, it's just a movie honey.
Jason looks down at her, obviously taken with the fact that
she called him honey.
       hesitation he
       slaps Jason on
       the back)
Yeah, HONEY, it's just a movie.
      (A little
       embarrassed again)
Man, shut up.
Jessi squeezes Jason a little bit closer as they all three
walk away.
One of the instructors, HM1 Smalls is teaching. He notices
one of the students in the class has fallen asleep. He puts
his finger up to his lips to show to be quiet and motions
the whole class to get up and go to the back corner of the
class. They all smile and move to the back without making a
sound. HM1 Smalls walks up to the student, SR Martin and
lays a test down in front of him.
OK, Martin, your time is up.
Please make sure your name is on
your test and bring it forward.
      (Popping his head
Wha, wha, what test.
      (Looking down at
       the test in front
       of him)
Oh shit.


      (Still loudly with
       a strait face)
Come on, every one else is already
You see SR Martin quickly writing his name on the test and
start to fill in the dots on the scan sheet as quickly as
possible. In the back the students can't hold it any more
and start to laugh. Martin turns around and sees them.
      (Shaking his head
       and dropping it
      (Saying loudly but
       with a smile on
       his face)
That's right. Next time, don't
fall asleep in my class.
There are ten students packed into a small hotel room. There
are bottles of beer and liquor laying around. Everyone has a
drink in their hands. The TV is on and playing music. People
are standing in small groups talking. Jose is bouncing
around and is obviously drunk. The camera finds Jason and
Jessica sitting on a dresser side by side talking.
      (Smiling and
       flirty/ a little
So come on, tell me her name.
      (Still shy but
       enjoying the
Why'd you want to know her name
for. We never even went out. I
mean, we talked and you know, that
was it.
      (still smiling)
No I don't know. What does "you
know" mean?


      (laughing a little
I mean, you know, I don't know.
Why're you asking me this?
      (trying to act
       offended but
       obviously joking)
Oh, I'm sorry. I just was trying
to find out about your last
girlfriend so I could tell what
kind of girls you like.
      (Still serious)
Look, I told you, she wasn't my
girlfriend. I mean I liked her. I
even asked her out one time but,
you know, it just wasn't meant to
      (With a twinkle in
       her eye)
Maybe you are saving yourself for
the right girl.
      (With a huff)
Yeah, maybe.
      (With the same
       twinkle and a
       growing smile)
Maybe I know someone who likes
Jason turns to look at her. She is looking up at him
smiling. Jason seems to be lost in her eyes, neither one
move. Their heads move towards each other,

Just as it appears that they will kiss, Jose pops down right
in between them. He is visibly very drunk and did not even
notice the moment that Jason and Jessi were having together.
      (slurring his
       speech a little)
I love you guys.
      (Kissing Jessi on


                       JOSE (cont'd)
       the cheek then
You guys are like brothers to me.
I love you. So, what'cha guys
talking about? You know I never
had any brothers.
      (With patience)
Naw, nothing man. We're just
At that moment there is a knock at the door. SN Williams
answers the door. She is not drunk but has been drinking
with everyone else. When she opens the door she sees the
hotel manager standing there.
      (Smiling but
Yes sir, how can we help you?
                       MR. SMITH
      (In a serious tone)
We have had a complaint about the
noise coming from this room. I'll
have to ask you to keep down the
noise or you will be asked to
      (Sneaking a peak
       behind Williams)
I hope that there is no one in
here that is not 21.
Most of the students move the bottles and cups in their
hands behind their backs.
      (Very drunk)
Oh shit, it's the police!
Jose standing up falls right over onto his face. You hear
him grown a little bit.
                       MR. SMITH
      (Looking back at
Look, this is your warning. I'd
suggest you go ahead and end this
party and go to bead before one of
your friends gets themselves into


      (Looking back up
       and sounding
Thank you sir, we will.
Williams closes the door and turns to face everyone. Jose is
still face down.
Ok you guys. You heard him. We
have to end this. I'm not going to
be the one explaining to Chief
what happened on Monday so you
guys need to leave. Sorry.
Jason and Jessi go to help Jose up. They start to lift him
by the arms.
      (Very drunk and
       now groggy)
Uuhh, I'm going to be sick.
They both drop him at the same time. Just as he hits the
ground you hear him vomit. Everybody around him gasps.
Williams gets mad and slaps her thighs.
Damn it! I'm not cleaning that up.
He needs to do it.
      (Looking at
Sarah, he is passed out. How is he
going to do it?
      (Mad and defiant)
I don't know, but I know that I
ain't cleaning it up.
I'll clean it up. He's my best
friend so I'll do it.
Jason walks to the bathroom to go and get some towels.


Jason, Jose, and Jessi are sitting in the back seat. Jose
sits between them. Both Jason and Jessi are staring forward
into space. Jose is passed out with his head on Jessi's
      (Without opening
       his eyes or
       moving his head)
Jason, you mean what you said back
      (Sounding a little
What's that?
      (still not moving)
Bout me being your best friend?
      (Looking over at
I thought you was passed out?
Yeah, I was...so did you mean it?
      (Looking away)
Yeah,... but next time you
cleaning it up your damn self.
      (still not moving)
Thanks man.
The cab pulls up and you see the three of them get out. Jose
needs help and is supported on Jason's shoulder. Jason and
Jessi look at one another.
Did you need any help with him.


No, that's ok. I've got him.
How are you going to get him past
the watch?
Oh, well, he's 21 so they can't
really say nothing to him.
Ok, well I'll see you later then.
      (Walking over and
       kissing Jason on
       the cheek)
Good night.
      (Looking at Jose)
Good night, Jose.
Jose mumbles something indiscernible.
Alright, good night then.
Jessi walks away and Jason pauses for a second to watch her
go. He then helps Jose into their barracks.

You see Jason helping Jose down the hall to Jose's door. He
unlocks the door and helps him in. Jason then helps him to
his bed and lays him down very carefully. You can start to
see a soft, caring side to Jason that might not have been
apparent before. Once Jose is laying down Jason covers him
up and goes to leave. He notices as he is walking out a
bunch of letters on Jose's desk. He looks down at them. They
are all in Spanish so he can't read them but he can tell
that they are from his fiance Lupe. Most of them are covered
in hearts and lipstick. There are some others and they look
to be from his parents. There is a picture of him standing
in front of a house with his parents on either side of him
taped to the wall. They all look so happy together. He
glances back at Jose.
      (Speaking under
       his breath)
Good night Jose.


Jason is carrying his tray. He is in his civilian clothes
because it's Sunday. He sees Jessi sitting and eating by
herself so he goes over and sits across from her. Jessi
looks up and her face brightens up.
      (Speaking sweetly)
Hey J, how are you feeling?
I'm ok, I didn't drink that much.
How are you feeling?
      (With a smile)
I'm ok. I've got a little bit of a
headache but I'm ok.
Hey so listen, about last night.
Yeah, I was wanting to talk to you
about last night. You see the
thing is...
Before Jessi can continue, Jose sits down beside of them.
Rather loud and quickly.
      (Speaking a little
       too loud and
What's up guys. Man that was crazy
last night. I'm not even sure how
I got home. I know that we were
together in a cab,... I think.
Anyway I woke up this morning with
a spitting headache and a really
dry mouth. I didn't want to get up
but I thought if I don't then I'd
probably end up sleeping the whole
Jose starts to eat his toast and then looks at Jessi who is
staring back at him not saying a word. Then he looks over at
Jason who is giving him the same look. He looks back at
Jessi then over her shoulder across the room.


Hey, there's Sarah.
      (Looking back at
       the two of them
       while he is
       standing up)
Hey guys, I've got to talk to
Sarah about a few things so don't
wait up. Sorry guys.
Jose gets up as quickly as he sat down and walks over to
Sarah who pulls away still discussed with him from the night
      (Smiling with a
       small laugh)
He's so funny.
Yeah, he's a riot.
      (Now serious and
       quiet she reaches
       for Jason's hands
       across the table)
Listen, about last night. The
thing is I like you, I really do.
I think you're cute, smart, and I
like hanging out with you. The
thing is,... I can't do this. I
really like you but being a
corpsman means everything to me. I
know myself and if I get involved
with you then I won't be able to
concentrate on anything else. I
have to pass this class. Please
don't be mad.
      (Trying to hide
Naw, that's ok. That's what I was
going to say too. I mean I can't
be having no girl hanging off of


      (A little bit sad)
Look, I'm sorry it's just not a
good time right now. We'll still
be friends though, right?
Yeah, we're still friends. Hey
listen I got to go. I've got some
studying to do and I still need to
make a couple of phone calls.
Jason gets up to leave. He's got his tray in his hands. He
hasn't even touched any of the food on his tray. He walks
out. You can see that Jessi is sad sitting all by herself.
Jessi is sitting at a pay phone making a call. You hear a
ring 4 times and then the answering machine picks up. You
see tears coming down Jessi's face as she starts to leave a
      (Holding back
Dad, hey, I keep trying to call.
Maybe if you get email then I
could write you. I just wanted to
say that I love you and I miss
you. I really need to talk to you
about some stuff. I really wish
you wouldn't be mad at me
      (The message cuts
       her off.)
Jessi sits there in the phone center all by herself. She
quietly cries as she hangs up the phone.
Jason's lying in his bed with his cell phone. He tries to
dial the number for his mom's house. The phone rings once
but then he gets the message that says that the phone has
been disconnected.
      (Shaking his head)
Man, not again.


This time he dials the number for his sister's house.The
phone rings and a guy picks up.
Darren, this Jason. Is my sister
      (Speaking from the
Well do you know what time she'll
be back?
Well can you tell her I called and
ask her to call me?
      (Speaking coldly)
      (With a little
       frustration in
       his voice)
      (You hear him hang
      (Speaking to
       himself as he
       puts down the
She ain't going to call.
Just then there is a knock at the door.
Who is it.


      (Through the door)
Come on in. It's unlocked.
Jose comes in a little less hyper than before. He walks over
to Jason who is still laying on the bed. Jose sits down in
the chair beside the desk.
What's up man?
Nothing, I was just talking to
Sarah earlier and she told me
everything that happened last
night. Dude, I'm sorry about that.
I owe you, big time.
That's alright. It's not the first
time I've had to clean up puke and
I'm sure it won't be the last
I'm a little embarrassed. I never
drink that much. I guess I was
just trying to blow off some
steam, you know?
Yeah I know. I think you blew off
a little more than steam though.
Steam would have been easier to
clean up.
Ohh, my head hurts...
Hey so what's up with you and
      (Getting serious
       all of a sudden)
Nothing, we're just friends.


      (Now more serious
Really, I really thought she liked
you, and don't lie to me, I know
you like her.
Naw, were just friends.
Hey, what's up with your girl?
Lupe? She is getting excited. She
talks to my parents every weekend.
You should hear my mom. You would
think that she already had
grandkids. I get letters from her
about every week. She is doing
good. She even tries to write me
in English. She has been taking
English classes so she'll be able
to find work easier when she comes
over here. I'm so proud of her. I
can't wait till you meet her.
Yeah, she sounds like a great
Don't worry, you'll find a girl.
Hey and if you don't, I'm sure
there are plenty of guys out there
who would take you out.
      (Blows a kiss to
      (Throughing his
       pillow at Jose)
Man, shut up.
HM1 Smalls stands before the class. All the desks are pushed
back and the students are standing around him. He is
speaking to the class in a serious tone.


So after you have established that
your patient is breathing and has
a pulse you are going to want to
check the rest of the body. Now
you are going to want to sweep the
body, especially underneath
looking for blood. This is called
a blood sweep. Now in men, when
you get down to the groin area you
need to sweep for a prioprism.
      (Raising her hand)
What's a prioprism.
      (He says with a
       serious tone)
When evaluating a male patient one
of the strong tell tale signs of a
lower back injury to the spine is
the presents of a prioprism. It's
an unintentional and
uncontrollable erection of the
penis. It is important to note
because if gives you valuable
information about your patient.
The whole class starts to snicker to themselves.
      (Still serious)
This is not a joke. You will be
expected to perform this test as
part of your assessment of your
      (With a twisted
That's gross. I'm not doing that.
      (Getting a little
       smile on his face)
It's not gross. But I am serious.
You need to make as thorough of an
evaluation as possible.


The class has broken up into groups. Everyone is kneeling
down or sitting on the ground. One student from every group
is laying down playing the patient. HM1 is walking around
around accessing how everyone is doing. Suddenly Martin
jumps up quickly and runs out of the room. You hear a couple
of snickers from that group and everyone else looks
surprised including HM1.
      (Looking back at
       the student)
What just happened. What's wrong.
      (Almost naively)
I don't know. I was just checking
him and I think he got a back
The whole class exploded with laughter and Acostas face went
a little red.
Jose and Jessi walk side by side talking. You see Jason
walking ahead of them. He doesn't notice them but they both
look up at him. The both smile and run up to him one on
either side.
      (With a smile)
Hey, we're going to the mall this
weekend. You're coming with us.
      (Not looking at
Naw, that's ok. I don't feel like
Come on man. I was going to get a
new shirt and I need your advice.
      (A little bit
Since when did you need my advice?
I try to give you advice but you
always end up dressing like a


                       JASON (cont'd)
Come on Jason lets go. I don't
want things to get wierd.
      (Still a little
What are talking about. I just
said that I don't want to go. Why
is that a problem?
      (Now getting a
       little bit
Oh, I see. Because things don't go
your way then you don't want to
hang out with anybody now. Look
we're your friends. We'll always
be your friends and besides, if
you don't go I'm going to stand
outside your door all day knocking
until you come out.
      (Stopping and
       looking at Jose)
Are you serious?
Jose looks at him with a serious look and nods his head.
      (Looking at Jessi
       with a little
He's serious?
Jessi looks at Jason with a smile and nods her head.
      (Looking up to the
Aaahhh!!! Ok, fine I'll go. Are
you happy?
      (Looking at Jessi)
See I told you I could get him to


      (With a smile)
Yeah, you were write, you win.
      (Turning his head
       to look at one
       then the other)
What, you had a bet on it?
Jose and Jessi both look up holding back smiles.
Oh, I see. So what'd you guys bet?
      (Pausing waiting
       for an answer
       that doesn't come)
Come on, what did you bet?
Jose, Jessi, and Jason are walking down the halls of the
mall. Jason seems more relaxed now. Jose is talking and both
of them seem intently listening.
Oh, hey I'm going to go check out
this store.
      (Sounding tired
       and sitting down)
You go ahead. I'm just going to
hang out here for a minute.
      (Looking up at
Yeah, me too.
      (Shrugging his
Ok, I'll let you know if I buy
      (Yelling at Jose
       as he walks away)
BEFORE you buy something this


      (Saying as he
       walks away)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jessi sits down beside of Jason, not quite so close as
normal but not so far away that it seems she is trying to
avoid him. She waits to speak.
      (Looking down at
       her feet)
Look Jason, I didn't mean to hurt
you. I just need to make sure that
I know what I'm doing. I really
like you. I just think that this
would be a mistake right now.
      (Looking down at
       his feet too)
Yeah, I know. Maybe I got carried
away and I'm sorry. You're right
      (Looking up at
Don't be sorry. Besides, I was the
one pursuing you. If anyone should
be sorry it's me.
      (Looking into the
       store with a big
       smile on his face)
Oh, really? Oh so that's how it
was? Ok, ok.
      (Looking at Jessi)
Then I accept your appoligy.
      (Still smiling)
So are we still friends then?
      (Smiling back)
Yeah, we're still friends.
Jessi is smiling at Jason and then looks into the store and
sees Jose with a hideous shirt that he is taking to the
check out counter.


      (Quietly with a
Oh my God, what is that?
      (Looking up into
       the store)
      (Seeing Jose with
       the shirt he
       races into the
Jose, Jose, wait, stop!!!
Chief stands in front of the class holding a syringe and
neddle. Behind him is a sectioned off part of the class that
is covered by privacy blinds.
      (Addressing the
       whole class)
Today we will be learning how to
give shots. The most common shot
is called an intramuscular shot or
IM for short. With this shot the
needle will be inserted into the
gluteus maximus. That's the butt
for those of you that didn't do so
well in your Anatomy portion.
      (Holding up the
Now when you have inserted the
needle you need to pull back on
the plunger. The reason for this
is to make sure that you are not
in a blood vessel because you do
not want to inject this stuff into
the blood stream. So,... if you
get blood when you pull back then
you stop because you are in a
blood vessel. Now, I'm going to
break you up into pairs.
Chief starts calling off names. When he gets to Jason's name
he calls off Jessi's name too. Jason all of a sudden gets
Everyone's standing in line with their partners. Behind the
curtain you can hear the slight giggles of laughter and then


the grimaces of pain. One couple comes out and then the next
one goes in and the line moves forward.
      (Looking at Jessi)
You ever done this before?
      (Looking back at
No, have you?
      (Looking at the
No. I promise not to hurt you
Jason, your going to stick a
needle in my ass. How are you not
going to hurt me?
      (Looking back down
       at Jessi)
Oh, ok then. Well, I promise not
to miss.
      (Standing right
       behind him he
       leans in between
It'll be hard to miss.
      (Laughing he
       covers his mouth)
Jessica puts her hand on Jose's face and pushes him back
playfully. She has a smile on her face like she's trying not
to laugh.
It's now Jason and Jessi's turn. They slowly walk in. Chief
is standing there and looks at both of them.
      (Holding up a
Ok, are you guys ready. Remember
before you inject, pull back. If
you see blood don't inject. Now


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
who wants to go first?
      (Raising his hand)
I'll go first.
      (Looking at Jessi)
Ok Miss Bowden. I'll need you to
go over and lean on the bead. You
will need to drop your pants
enough to expose your left cheek.
Now before he gives you the shot
you will need to take all pressure
off of your left leg so that you
are not flexing that muscle when
the needle goes in.
Jessi walks slowly over to the bed and begins to undo her
pants. Chief motions for Jason to turn around and then they
both turn their backs to her.
Are you ready?
      (Sounding a little
       bit nervous)
Jason turns around and the camera pans slowly up Jessi's
legs until you can see her beautiful ass. Both cheeks are
exposed. We hear slow music play. Then the camera goes to
Jason who has a stunned look on his face.
      (Saying under his
Man, this being friends thing is
going to be harder than I thought.
We see Jessi's face full of nervousness as Jason approaches
her with the needle. He is a little slow and nervous. He
performs the shot and you see a relieved look on Jessi's
face. She pulls up her pants and looks at Jason.
      (Looking up at
Wow, that hardly hurt at all.


      (Looking at Jason)
Ok Mr. Young, it's your turn.
Jason smiles and walks over to the bed. We hear the same
music playing when he pulls down his pants. He's moving
really slow. He bends down being all smooth.
      (Saying in a
       smooth tone)
Ok, I'm ready.
We see a close up of Jason's face with a big smile on it.
Instantly his smile turns to pure pain as Jessi's needle
goes in.

Outside the curtain we hear Jason scream. Everybody jumps
and stops talking.
      (Voice coming from
       behind the
      (Also from behind
       the curtain)
Very good Miss Bowden.

Jason walks out holding his butt on the left side. He is
followed by Jessi who is smiling. Jason goes and sits down
at his desk tenderly. Jessi sits down right beside of him.
That was so great. Thank you so
much. That was my first time.
Chief even said I did a good job.
Wasn't that cool?
      (Still grimacing)
Yeah, really cool.
      (In the background
       sounding very


Jason and Jessi just look at each other after they hear that
shaking their heads and smiling.
The class room is sitting at there desks talking excitedly.
Suddenly the door opens and Chief walks in quickly with a
small stack of papers in his hands. The rooms quiets when he
walks in. Everybody gives him there undivided attention.
Quietly thumbing through the papers he stands in front of
the class.
      (Still looking
       down at the
I have in my hand your orders.
These are the orders you will
carry out upon completing Hospital
Corps School. For some of you, you
will be attending follow on
schools after you have completed
this one before reporting to your
duty station.
The students are on the edge of their seats as Chief starts
to read off the names of the students and the new duty
station to which they will be assigned. For most of the
males before stating the duty station would be preceded by a
school with the acronym FMSS.
Jose is informed that he will be assigned to 1st Marine
Division in 29 Palms, CA after completing FMSS. Jason is
informed that he is to report to 1st FSSG after completing
FMSS. Jessi is informed that she will report strait to
Bethesda, MD to be stationed to the Naval Medical Center.
      (Raising his hand)
Chief, what is FMSS?
      (Looking up at the
FMSS stands for Field Medical
Service School. Now for those of
you who have been assigned to FMSS
prior to reporting you will be
attending a school that will teach
you the specifics of being a
Marine Corps Corpsman. By the time
you leave there you will be ready
to serve with the Fleet Marine


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
Force. This is intense training,
but so is working with the Marine
Corps. You will have the respect
of every Marine that you work with
if you are a good "Doc". I can
promise you this though. If you
let your Marines down by not
giving them everything you've got
your time with the Marines will be
a living Hell. I have the highest
expectations for all of you and I
know you will not let me down. Are
there any questions?
Jessi raises her hand with an almost desperate look on her
Chief, can the orders be changed?
I really want to serve with the
Marine Corps.
      (Addressing the
       whole class)
No. Everyone's orders have been
selected and are currently being
processed. The orders that you
received are the orders that you
will carry out. Are there any
other questions.
In the back ground someone else asks a question but the
camera stays focused on Jessi. She has a sad look on her
face and her eyes are filled with tears although none fall.
We begin to realize how much working with the Marines means
to her.
Jessi stands at Chiefs open door and knocks. She appears
scared but yet determined. Chief acknowledges her and waves
her in.
      (Motioning for her
       to sit down)
What can I do for you SA Bowden?


      (With a determined
       sound in her
Chief, being with the Marines
means everything to me. My father
served in the Marine Corps. It's
what I've wanted to do my entire
      (Looking at her
       with a strait
Well Miss Bowden, you should have
joined the Marine Corps then. As
it is you joined the U.S. Navy and
that being the case you have been
assigned to one of the finest
military hospitals in the world. I
would say that should make you a
little greatful.
      (A little more
       desperate now.)
I'm sorry Chief. I don't mean any
disrespect but I've wanted to be a
Marine Corps Corpsman all my life.
You see a corpsman saved my dad's
life and hearing him tell the
story I decided at a young age
that that was what I was going to
      (His face and
       voice softening a
       little bit)
Look, the truth is that there just
aren't that many billets open for
women with the Marine Corps. The
Marines prefer men because women
are still not allowed in the
combat and the majority of what
the Marines do is combat related.
I'm not saying that you can never
serve with them. I'm just saying
that your orders are to the Naval
Medical Center in Maryland and
that's where you will spend your
next 3 years. You will get another
chance in 3 years. In the mean
time, do your best and learn all


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
that you can. You never know,
maybe you will even enjoy
Now tears are coming down Jessi's eyes as she realizes that
she will not be working with the Marines.
There is nothing you can do?
      (A little more
       cold now)
No, there is nothing I can do. You
are a good student and no doubt be
a good corpsman but corpsmen are
needed in many different ways. The
Marine Corps is just one of those
ways. I know you will meet my
expectations of you.
Jessi stands drying her tears. She squares her jaw up and
find a new determination and strength.
      (With strength)
No Chief, I will exceed your
expectations of me. Thank you for
your time.
Jessi turns and walks out while Chief watches her leave. He
has a look of respect on his face for her. As she walks out
of the room he slowly reaches for his office phone.
Jose, Jason, and Jessi are sitting together at the same
table as they sat the first time they went out together.
They are talking with smiles on their faces.
      (Looking at his
       friends excitedly)
Yeah, so 29 Palms. That's great.
It's in California. I can get a
car and drive up to see my family
on the weekends.


      (Looking at Jose)
Yo I don't know man. I was looking
on a map and 29 Palms is in the
middle of the desert. It looks
like a really long drive to get to
      (With a smile)
Look you must have never had my
mother's gorditas. I would drive
all night for those.
      (With a disgusted
       look on his face)
Your mother's WHAT?
Jessi and Jose are laughing loudly.
      (Still laughing)
It's food.
      (Leaning back with
       a smile)
Look, what ever. I ain't even
eating anything that I can't
pronounce, especially no
Who said he was going to invite
you anyway Jason?
Oh, that's messed up.
      (Looking at Jose)
You weren't going to invite me to
eat your mom's gordoes?
      (In between laughs)
GORDITAS,...and yes you are
invited. You will have to learn
Spanish though, my parents don't
speak english.


      (Waving Jose off)
Man, I speak Spanish. Yo quiero
Taco Bell.
Man, Taco Bell is not Mexican. I'm
going to teach you what real
Mexican food is.
Through all the laughing you see Jessi start to sink back
into her chair and stop laughing.
      (Noticing Jessi
       pulling away)
What's wrong Jessi?
      (Looking down)
You guys. You guys will both be in
California and still be able to
see each other. I'm going to be in
Maryland. In a few days we
probably will never see each other
      (Putting his arm
       around Jessi)
Come on, you're our little sister.
Nuestra hermanita. We are not
going to forget about you. We are
going to fly out and see you every
chance we get so you can show us
      (Putting his hand
       on top of Jessi's)
Yeah, we aren't going to leave you
      (Leaning forward)
You guys are sweet, really, but
there are two of you and only one
of me. It makes so much more sense
for me to come and visit you.
Besides, I've always wanted to see


      (With a smile
       looking at both
       of them)
It's settled then. You will come
to visit us and we will all go to
my parents house and eat gorditas.
      (Looking at Jason)
And Jason, if you really want,
we'll stop and get you some Taco
They all laugh.
It is graduation day. Everyone is in there dress white
uniforms. You see the students seated in the front rows. The
room is filled with others in uniform. There are also people
in civilian clothes. These are the parents of the students.
Chief stands on stage beside of HM1 Smalls and reads off he
names of the students in the class as they cross the stage.
He hands them a certificate and shakes there hands. When
Jessi walks across the stage Chief leans in to whisper
something to her in her ear.
I need to see you after
      (A bit surprised)
Before she leaves the stage she turns and scans the audience
for her dad. Not seeing him she turns and walks off the
The graduation has ended and now they are all offically
corpsmen. They are all displaying their caduces proudly to
each other. Jason and Jose stand together alone. Jessi is
standing over by Chief talking. Suddenly she screams with
excitement and hugs him and then runs over to Jason and Jose
jumping up and down and starting to hug them both at the
same time. You see Chief smile and turn and walk away.


      (Trying to stand
       with Jessi
       pulling at him)
What's up girl. Why you choking
I'm going with you guys! I'm going
with you guys! Chief just told me.
      (With a
       questioning look
       on his face.)
You're going with us?
      (Settling down)
Well sort of. I still have to go
to Maryland but Chief talked to
some people and he got me into
FMSS with you guys. I'm going to
learn how to be a Marine Corps
Corpsman. Can you believe it!
      (With a big smile
       on his face)
Wow, how did he do that?
      (Still jumping up
       and down a little
I don't know but he did it. I told
him that I was going to exceed his
expectations so when he told me he
said "Go and exceed my
expectations." Oh I plan to. I'm
going to be the best corpsman in
the class.
      (With a semi
       serious look on
       his face)
Now hold on. Just because you
graduated first in this class
don't mean that you are going to
beat us in FMSS. FMSS is going to
be a whole lot more physical. Are


                       JASON (cont'd)
you sure you're up to it?
      (Looking him back
       right in the eye)
I'm up to it. Are you sure you're
up to it?
      (Covering his
       mouth and smiling)
They all share a quick laugh.
      (More serious now)
Hey so did your dad make it?
      (Shaking her head)
No, I called and left him messages
but I never got through.
Why don't you get a cell phone so
he can call you back.
I'm not going to buy a cell phone
on the off chance that maybe he'll
call me.
What about the rest of your
family? Wouldn't they call you.
No, both of my parents were only
children and all my grandparents
have died. When my mom died it was
just the two of us so no body
really calls me.
You don't have any friends?
Yes you do.


Jason and Jose both looked down at Jessi. As she looked up
her eyes become watery.
      (Trying to change
       the subject)
So did either one of your families
      (Shaking his head)
No, my parents wanted to but when
they saw the price for the plane
tickets they told me they couldn't
afford it. They don't make a lot
of money. I understand.
Yeah, I called my sister but she's
always so busy. She's been working
trying to put money away for
college. Usually when I call I
don't even talk to her.
As Jason is talking someone taps him on the shoulder. He
turns around to see his sister Veronica and her boyfriend
Darren standing behind him. She has a big smile on her face
While Darren is a bit stone faced and protective looking.
      (Laughing and
       picking Veronica
OHHH SNAP! What are you doing
      (Speaking while
       Jason still
       carried her
What are talking about J, you
envited me, remember?
      (Putting Veronica
I told Darren.
      (Stopping to shake
       Darren's hand.)
Wasup Darren?


      (Shaking Jason's
      (Turning his
       attention back to
I told Darren but I didn't think
you would be able to make it. Why
didn't you tell me you were
I wanted to tell you but Darren
said that he thought we should
surprise you. He thought you'd
like that.
Jason looks up at Darren who is a couple inches taller than
him. Darren's expression doesn't change.
Really, he said all that?
      (Looking back at
Hey, well aren't you supposed to
be in school?
J, it's summer time. Schools out.
Besides I wanted to come up and
see you. You look great in that
      (Looking down at
       his uniform)
Yeah, it's pretty tight huh?
      (Turning around.)
Oh hey, these are my best friends.
They just graduated too. This is
Jessica and this is Jose.
      (Looking at Jose
       and Jessi)
Guys this is my sister Veronica
and her boyfriend Darren.
They all shook hands, Darren only giving the one word
"Wasup?" response.


      (Looking at all of
So what are you guys doing right
We gotta be at the airport
tonight. We're flying out to start
another school called FMSS. It's a
school to teach us to be Marines
or something.
      (With a
       questioning look
       on her face)
Marines, I thought you all were in
the Navy?
Oh, you see the Marine Corps
doesn't have any medical
department so they use Navy
Corpsmen. We are going to train to
work with them.
      (Looking back at
Oh, OK, so you going to be in the
Marine Corps then J?
No Ver, I'm still going to be in
the Navy. I'll just be working
with the Marines.
      (Changing the
       subject seemingly
       a little
Ok, well you guys got some time?
Darren said that he really wants
to take you guys out for dinner.
You guys want to go?
The camera shows Darren's face. He is still expressionless.


      (Looking at both
       of his friends.)
Yeah, we can go. We just gotta go
change and finish packing our
Ok, we'll be waiting out in the
car. Don't be too long ok?
Veronica and Darren turn and walk back outside. Jose, Jason,
and Jessi turn to walk back to there rooms.
      (Looking at Jason)
What's up with your sister's
Man, I don't know. I don't think
I've ever heard him say more than
one word at a time. He takes good
care of my sister though and she
loves him so I'm cool with it.
View of a smaller jet landing at the tiny airport.
A platoon of 65 people stand in formation. The group is made
up mostly of men with 7 women. Everyone stands in Cammies
with their sleeves rolled up. A Marine Corps Sergeant stands
in front of the formation speaking loudly. Beside him stands
a tall HM1 named HM1 Littlefoot. The camera pans over the
faces of the corpsmen. In the crowd we see the familiar
faces of Jason, Jose, and Jessi.
      (Speaking loudly
       to the crowd)
Good morning ladies and gentlemen
and welcome to Field Medical
Service School. I am Sergeant
Catching. I will be one of your
instructors during this course of
instruction. I will do everything
in my power to insure that when
you leave here you are well
prepared to work for my Marine


                       SERGEANT (cont'd)
Corps. That's my promise to you.
Now for you all, I expect you to
give me everything you have while
here. One day you will hold the
life of one of my Marines in your
hands and on that day you will
succeed or fail based on the
effort that you have given to that
point. I will not accept less than
110%. Urah?
The formation responds as one with a resounding "URAH!"
The formation is marching down the road with the Sergeant
calling cadence. There are actually 5 Units of 65 corpsmen
marching each with their own Marine marching them.
The class room is an older building. The building is a
single story and 5 classes are broken up inside. Sergeant
Catching stands in front of the class teaching Marine Corps
Sgt Catching stands in front of the class teaching about
explosives. The shot pans over the students taking notes.
Sgt Catching stands before a crowd of corpsmen. Everyone is
in green t-shirts and green shorts. Everyone is standing
behind a big yellow line painted on the street.
      (To the group)
To work with the Marine Corps you
have to be in top physical shape.
The Marines Physical Fitness
Assessment tests your strength as
well as your endurance. You will
be expected to run the same 3 mile
course that my Marines do. You
will be timed.


Motioning for the crowd to move back behind the line the Sgt
turns around.
The whole crowd surges forward and instantly begins to thin
out as people start to pick up their own pace.
The camera shows Jason. He has been running for a while. He
is covered in sweat and breathing hard but is still running
fast. As we see him from the side we see Jose pass him. Jose
is running a little faster. The camera angle changes to show
both of their faces. Jose has a big smile on his face even
with breathing heavy. All of a sudden Jessi passes both of
them running really fast. We can see both of their faces
turn to shock and frowns as Jessi moves further and further
At the finish line Jose finishes just ahead of Jason. Jose
collapses on the side of the road while Jason is bent over
trying to catch his breath. Jessi comes over to them. She
has already caught her breath and stands there smiling at
both of them.
      (With a smile)
Nice run boys.
      (Looking up at her
       from the ground)
Man, is there anything you aren't
good at?
      (Still reveling in
       beating her
I made it to states every year in
high school for cross country.
Jose's head falls back to the ground as Jason takes a seat
beside him still trying to catch his breath.
HM1 Littlefoot stands in front of the class teaching about
poisonous animals. At this moment he is speaking
specifically about poisonous spiders. He shows a slide of
the Brown Recluse spider. As he is talking you see Jason


look out the window and start to daydream a little bit. Then
his gaze moves down to the corner of the window and he sees
a Brown Recluse there building a web. Instantly he jumps up
and screams.
HM1 Littlefoot stands in front of the class talking about
how to administer an IV. The class is broken up into small
groups. Jason, Jessi, and Jose are all in separate groups.
We see Jessi struggling to hit a vein. She misses on three
different people and finally gives up. Feeling frustrated
she gets up and walks over to Jason and Jose who are now
standing off to the side talking.
Yeah, I got three. I only missed
once but that girl had some small
      (A little excited)
Dude, I hit five. I didn't miss at
all. It was just like, POP, and it
was in. It was pretty easy.
      (Turning his
       attention to
Hey so Jessi, how did you do?
How many did you get?
      (Seemingly a
Well, I only tried three so...
Right at that moment another corpsman comes over to talk to
them all excited about how many IV's he got. We see Jessi
face fill a little with relief of not having to tell her
friends of her failure and a lot of frustration of having
failed to get one.
We see corpsmen walking quickly down the length of the field
carrying fellow corpsmen on their backs in a fireman's


carry. The camera goes to Jessi who stands ready to go. The
corpsman in front of her, HM3 Yarbaro, out weighs her by
about 80 lbs. You can kind of tell that Jessi is still upset
over the IV class.
      (Looking at the
Sgt, I don't think she can lift
me. Maybe you should get someone a
little bit stronger.
We see Jessi's jaw tighten and the look of outrage just
barely masked behind her face.
      (Looking back at
       the Sgt)
Sgt, I can do it.
      (Looking at Jessi)
Come on, I'm like twice your size.
You won't even be able to lift me.
Jessi walks over to Yarbaro slowly with a determined look on
her face. Quickly she drops her shoulder down to pick him
up. She purposefully drops a little lower than is necessary
and runs her shoulder into his groin before hoisting him up
on her shoulders. He lets out a groan as she begins to carry
him across the field.
We see the corpsmen running through the obstacle course
getting all muddy.
We see the corpsmen caring an army litter through a litter
course. At one point the corpsmen are in water up to their
neck and must continue to carry the weighted litter over
their heads to keep it from getting wet.
The corpsmen are firing 9mm pistols at stationary targets.
Jose is doing well. Jessi is happy but Jason seems


Jason and Jessi sit side by side on the bus. Jose sits right
in front of them and he is turned around talking to them.
      (Looking at Jason)
So how did you do?
      (Shaking his head)
Terrible. I think the only way for
someone to be safe with me
shooting at them is to stand
still. You know I ain't going to
hit you then.
      (With a smile on
       his face)
What's up? I thought you was from
the hood?
Man, shut up. Believe it or not
not everybody in my neighborhood
carried a gun.
      (Looking at Jessi)
Well how did you do chica?
Good. Remember I'm from Kentucky
so of course I can shoot.
      (Mocking her)
"Of course I can shoot". That's so
stupid. That's like me saying,
"I'm latin, of course I can
      (Looking at him
       not taking
Well, can you dance?


      (With an honest
Of course.
Jason and Jessi laugh together while Jose looks at them
seemingly confused.
The corpsmen gather around the tent as HM1 Littlefoot
prepares to talk to them.
                       HM1 LITTLEFOOT
      (Speaking to the
What you see before you is what is
known as an STP, Shock Trauma
Platoon. It's a bit like a
traveling ER. The job of the STP
is to travel forward assisting the
other units with life saving
interventions before patients are
sent back to a higher echelon of
care. The STP is made up of two
tents. One for casualty receiving
and one for the personnel. STP's
include a couple of vehicles for
moving troops and supplies as well
as a couple of ambulances to move
in and pick up casualties.
HM1 steps aside and lets the corpsmen file in. Inside is a
simple set up with a couple of litters, supply tables and
oxygen tanks.
                       HM1 LITTLEFOOT
      (Speaking to the
       students as they
       wonder through)
It doesn't seem like much but
remember, STP's are highly mobile
so they bring only the bare
essentials so that they can move
in a hurry.
The hum of a generator can be heard in the background. The
lighting is all 60 watt bulbs. The student file through and
exit the other side of the tent.


All the students in the hall sit facing the stage. Family
and guests are seated at the back of the room. The base
commander is in front giving a graduation speech.
                       BASE COMMANDER
      (Addressing the
       students and
In France in the summer of 1918 in
a place called Belleau Wood the
German army was attempting to
repel attacks from the United
States Marine Corps. German
survivors would later say that the
Marines fought like "Hounds from
Hell" or Devil Dogs. Today the
term devil dog is used
affectionately by all Marines as a
nick name. The Marines have always
been linked to the Navy and
especially in terms of treating
our wounded Marines on the
battlefield. For as long as there
have been Marines there have been
Navy Hospital Corpsmen behind
them, picking them up when they
fall, watching over them when they
are sick and sometimes even
holding their hand when they take
their last breaths in this world.
Corpsmen stand beside our Marines
at the tip of the spear always
ready to assist.
      (Now looking
       directly down at
       the students)
Because of this dedication and
loyalty shown by those that have
come before you the term Devil Dog
has carried over onto the Corpsmen
that serve with us and they are
known as Devil Docs or just Doc.
And even though you are not
doctors, there may come a day that
you will be the string of life
that a Marine holds on to to carry
them out of the abyss and back to
the fight. You will be the life
saving force, and in my eyes that
makes you worthy of carrying the
title of Doc. This is a heavy
burden that you will be asked to


                       BASE COMMANDER (cont'd)
carry but I certify to you, today
that you are ready to carry that
burden. Today you become our
brothers and sisters. Today I am
proud to call you all Devil Docs.
There is a large applause from the audience.
Jessi is announced as the Honor Graduate for having the
highest score in the class. After that then the corpsmen all
stand up and sing the Marine Corps Hymn followed by the Navy
Hymn. The graduation concludes and everyone stands to great
guests. Jose grabs Jason and Jessi by the hand and pulls
them to the back. Upon approaching a short, older couple
stands in the back. They are well groomed although cheaply
dressed but they have huge smiles on their faces.
I want you to meet my parents.
They just flew in last night.
Oh my God! Why didn't you tell us
that they were going to be here?
I wanted to suprise you guys.
Jose lets go of his friends and goes over and kisses his mom
on the cheek then turns and hugs his dad.
      (Turning to face
       his friends)
Mama, Papa, ellos son mis mejores
amigos Jason y Jessi. Los
recuerdan, si.
      (Smiling and
       reaching out to
       shake hands)
Senior, Seniora mucho gusto para
conocerlos. Su hijo es un gran
hombre y un gran amigo.
Jose's father reaches up and kisses her on the cheek as does
Jose's mother. Both seem very happy. Jason shakes Jose's
father's hand and allows his mother to kiss his cheek. He is


smiling too but clearly doesn't know what they are talking
      (Looking at Jason)
I'm sorry but my parents don't
speak English. They said that they
are very happy to meet you though.
I talk to them about you and Jessi
all the time. They have already
invited you to our home. My mom
told me that she would make
tamales. You should feel lucky,
she hardly ever makes me tamales.
      (Smiling at Jose's
Oh, ok.
Everyone is all smiles and hugs. The crowd starts to thin
They all head for the door and walk outside.
      (Walking with his
       friends a little
       ahead of his
Jason, I've decided that I'm not
going to take the plane with you.
I've got over a week to report and
I haven't seen my parents in over
6 months. We decided to drive
across the country so we get to
see the sites. My dad is really
excited about the trip.
      (Looking back at
Naw, that's cool man. Do your
thing. I was going to go ahead and
report right away. I was going to
take some college courses so I
want to get there in time to sign
      (Looking at Jessi)
So what about you? What are you
going to do right now?


      (Looking forward)
I don't know. I haven't really
thought that far ahead I guess. I
guess I was thinking that this day
would never come.
      (Looking at Jessi)
I know what you mean. It's going
to be weird not having you two
around all the time.
      (Looking at both
       Jason and Jose)
When you get there you guys both
have to stay in touch. I'm still
going to come out and see you, you
      (Glancing back at
Yeah, that'll be nice. I look
forward to seeing you again.
      (Hitting Jason in
       the chest)
Listen to this guy. "I look
forward to seeing you again."
Man, shut up.
Jessi, ignoring Jose's razing, sneaks a looks over at Jason
but Jason don't notice. You kind of get the feeling like she
is still attracted to Jason but doesn't want to admit it.
No for real. It's going to be
great when you come out and visit.
      (Putting her arms
       around both of
I don't know how you two are going
to get along without me.


      (Looking at Jessi)
I don't think you'll need to worry
about me. I will be needing a
babysitter pretty soon though.
      (Looking over at
Sorry Jason but I'm not going to
be able to watch you all the time.
      (Looking over at
Seriously, so you are going to
start having babies right away?
You don't want to enjoy yourself a
little bit first?
      (With a sly grin)
Of course I'm going to enjoy
myself first. That's why we're
going to have so many babies.
All three laugh. Jessi slaps Jose on the shoulder.
      (Smiling and
       speaking softly)
So what about you J, are you going
to have babies right away?
      (Smiling back at
Yeah well, you know. Someday when
the time is right, I'll let you
know, ok?
      (Smiling, nodding
       her head and
       looking away.)
You do that.
Reaching up she kissed Jose on the cheek. Then she turned
around and kisses Jason on the cheek as well.
I've got to go finish packing my
things but don't forget to say
good bye before you guys leave,


Jessi walks off leaving Jason and Jose together.
      (Looking at
       Jessi's back)
You think she'll be ok?
      (Looking at Jason)
Of course. She's the toughest
woman I know. Well, besides my mom
of course.
Jason walks into building with a thick yellow envelope in
his hand. He is in his dress whites and has his seabag on
his shoulder. He knocks on a door labeled S-1 and is told to
come in.
                       HM2 BENNET
      (Looking him up
       and down)
Are you a new check in?
      (Sounding nervous)
Oh, yes HM2. My name is HA Young.
I was told to come and check in
                       HM2 BENNET
      (Looking at his
       computer screen)
Ok, have a seat. I'll be with you
in a moment.
HM2 started typing away on his computer. Jason took off his
sea bag and sat down, very strait. His eyes wondered around
the office. He sees two guys walking down the hall in front
of the door joking and laughing about something.
      (Speaking under
       his breath)
This place ain't so bad.
                       HM2 BENNET
      (Motioning him to
       come to the desk)
Ok Doc, here is what you need to
do. First you need to check in
with Alpha Co. and talk to the


                       HM2 BENNET (cont'd)
OIC. Around here we call him the
CC. He's a good guy. Then you need
to go and find Your NCOIC, I
believe it's Senior Chief Diaz,
unless he's TAD. You will need to
check in the S-2 and S-3. They
will get you set up. Then you will
need to talk with the CO, the XO,
and the CMC. Try to get this done
ASAP because Alpha Company has an
LTI to do before the end of the
month. OK?
      (With a black look)
Um, Ok. Where was the first place
                       HM2 BENNET
      (With a frustrated
Never mind. Just come with me.
HM2 stands up. He is so overweight that his cammies are
tight across his stomach. He walks out the door quickly
barely giving Jason a chance to grab his sea bag. He follows
down the hall trying to keep up and then HM2 ducks into a
doorway on the opposite side of the hall. When Jason comes
to the door he sees HM2 talking to an HM1 Saddler.
      (Holding out his
You're the new guy?
      (Shaking HM1's
Yes HM1. HA Young. I just got here
from FMSS.
That's good, that good. Welcome
      (Turning to the
I've got it from here. Thanks.
      (Back to Jason)
So have you got a place to stay
yet. No, ok well first of all


                       SADDLER (cont'd)
let's get you a room. You can put
your stuff down and change into
your cammies if you want to then
come back and we'll help you get
checked in. If you ever need
anything I'm HM1 Saddler, I'm your
LPO. Just let me know.
      (Turning to look
HM3 Morris.
      (Looking up from
       his computer)
Yes HM1?
I need you to take HA Young here
over to the barracks to get a
room. Let him get changed and
bring him back here so we can get
him checked in. You're going to
help take him around and get him
to all the right places.
      (Standing up)
Ok, cool.
      (Walking out the
       door motioning
       for Jason to
Come on.
Jason walks beside Morris across a large parade deck towards
the barracks.
So what's your name man?
      (A little shy)
HA Young, HM3.
You must have JUST gotten out of
school. No man, what's your first


      (A little
Oh, uh it's Jason.
That's cool. I'm Alonzo. Everybody
just calls me Zo. So where are you
The camera shows there backs as they walk away having a
The barracks room door opens and in walks Jason with his
seabag on his shoulders and his hands full of linen. He
takes a look around. The room is set up personalized to the
other person staying there who is not there at the time. We
see Jason sit down and start unpacking.
Jessi shows up on the ward in working whites. She is greeted
by two nurses a LT Marsh and an EN Ortiz. We see them
shaking hands and EN Ortiz start to show her around.
      (While showing
       Jessi around)
So how what is your name?
      (Looking at her
HA Bowden.
      (With a smile)
No, I mean what is your first
name. Mine's Pilar. Most people
have a hard time pronouncing it
but it's not so hard once you've
heard it a few times.
       disappointed for
       the lack of
       military bearing)
Oh, I'm Jessica.


      (Not noticing
So how old are you?
I'm 19. Why?
Oh, well I was going to ask if you
wanted to go out with us tonight.
A few of us are going out to this
club but you aren't old enough to
get in anyway. You gotta be 21.
I'm 22. I just got here a couple
of months ago. I love it. I grew
up just about an hour from here.
I'm always getting together with
my friends and going out. In fact
we are going to have a cook out
this weekend. Do you want to come?
I'll pick you up. It'll be a lot
of fun and I'll even introduce you
to some hot guys. You'll love it.
Do want to come? PLEEEEAASSSE!!!
LT Marsh walks by and smiling at both of them.
      (Staring at both
       of them)
How are you girls doing? Is she
treating you good?
      (Her face curling
Brandon, go away. Stop sniffing
around and go and bother someone
Brandon puts his hands up and then walks past them. After he
has passed them he turns around and starts staring at there
      (Going in close to
       Jessi as if
       trying to tell
       her a secret)
That guy is such a looser. Don't
talk to him. He's a dog. He tries
to get into everyone's pants. The


                       PILAR (cont'd)
bad thing is he is married and has
2 kids. I mean he never wears his
ring of course. He doesn't want
anybody to know but you can so
totally tell. If you look at his
finger he has a tan line on it.
What a looser.
      (Starting to walk
So anyway I've got a lot of cute
guys that are going to be at the
party this weekend. There all
people from college and some guys
at work. My roommates and I have
the best parties so you have to
come. So what do you think?
      (Kind of hesitant)
Um, well I kind of just got here
so I really want to concentrate
just on my work for now. I want to
learn as much as I can and going
out right now might be a little
too distracting.
      (More insistent)
Come on, you'll have fun. You
might even meet somebody. I have
this one friend named Chad. He
would be perfect for you. Come on,
just relax a little bit.
Right then Jessi sees Acosta from her Corps School class.
She is working going in and out of the rooms.
Hey, that's my friend from school,
      (Looking over at
       Acosta with
Who, you mean Maria? She's a
little girl. She's kind a looser.
She never goes out or does
anything. If I were you I wouldn't
hang out with her.


      (Turning to look
       at Pilar)
She is my friend. I'm going to go
say hi.
As Jessi walks over to Acosta Pilar gets a surprised look on
her face and then walks away.
      (Coming up to
Hey Maria, what's going on?
      (Getting excited
       and coming over
       to hug Jessi)
Jessi, what are you doing here?
Are you going to work here too?
      (Still excited)
Yeah, I just got here. I just
finished FMSS a few days ago.
Yeah, how was it? Was it as hard
as they say?
Well, you know some parts are but
then it was all a lot of fun. You
should go.
      (Changing the
Hey so how long have you been
About a month and a half.
How is it working here? I just got
here so I don't know anyone. I met
ENS Ortiz. She's nice.
      (Kind of curling
       her face)
Oh, you mean Pilar?
      (Smiling and
       mocking Pilar)


                       ACOSTA (cont'd)
She's a "looser!"
Yeah, I kind of noticed that too.
What about LT Marsh? He's kind of
      (With a serious
Jessi, watch out for him. He is
always coming around and flirting
with everyone. He keeps coming up
and grabbing me around the waist
and putting his arm around me and
      (Sounding a little
He can't do that can he? That's
not allowed.
I don't know. He keeps saying that
he is just a friendly guy and that
he doesn't mean anything by it.
Listen Maria. If he does that
again you have to tell somebody.
That's not right.
Who could I tell? He is in charge
so if I say anything then he will
find out.
      (Looking away from
Everyone here is crazy.
      (Looking back at
Have you met LTJG Lang?


      (Looking back at
No, who is that?
      (Starting to smile)
Oh, she is really nice. She's my
favorite nurse to work with.
She'll teach you a lot of stuff.
Those other two? I don't know.
There just weird.
They both start to laugh a little bit.
Hey, so where is LTJG Lang? I
didn't see her.
      (Starting to walk)
She's off today but she'll be back
tomorrow. I'll introduce you to
her. You'll like her.
You see the two of them walk off.
We see Jose entering into an office with a Chief sitting
there. He gets up and shakes Jose's hand. He looks genuinely
happy to see Jose.
Montage of Jason working and speaking as he writes an
email.We start by seeing him typing an email. While he is
talking we see him performing menial tasks like taking out
the garbage, cutting the grass and inventorying AMAL cans.
      (We only hear his
Hey guys what's going on. I just
got here a little while ago. It's
ok I guess. It's not really what I
expected. I haven't been doing
much medical. Most of what we do
here is just cleaning and going to
classes. We are supposed to be
going out to the field pretty soon
but I hear that it's not all that


                       JASON (cont'd)
great either. I gotta say that I
miss you guys. We had a good time
together and I'm looking forward
to seeing you guys again. I'll try
to keep you posted. Take care and
I'll talk to later... Jason.
Montage of Jessi working on the ward and we hear her
speaking while writing an email.
      (We just hear her
Hey boys. Everything's good hear I
guess. I've been pretty busy. I'm
working on the ward and I've been
learning a lot. I still suck at
IV's but that's ok. Remember
Acosta? She is here with me. She
said to tell you guys hello. I
miss hanging out with you guys.
The nurses here are weird.
Everybody goes by their first
names. There is one nurse though
that is very helpful. I've learned
a lot from her. All in all though
I'd rather be with you guys
working with the Marines. Oh well.
I've only got three years and then
I can get orders to go with them.
I can't wait. Anyway take care. I
love you guys and I miss you...
Montage of Jose working. We hear him talking while writing
an email.
      (We hear his voice)
Hey guys, what's up. I'm out here
in the desert. It's hot. I thought
in got hot in Fresno. Wow. Anyway
they got me working nonstop. I've
already helped give the Marines
some classes and we have been on a
couple of humps. They are no joke.
It's not like when we were in


                       JOSE (cont'd)
Field Med. They have to carry all
their weapons and packs and
everything. We try to get it done
early in the morning before it
gets too hot out. The nice thing
is that we've been getting a lot
of time off. I'm putting in for my
citizenship so I'll be a citizen
pretty soon. I can't wait. I want
you guys to come and see when I
have the ceremony. Hey I miss you
guys too and we should try to get
together some time soon. I was
told that we are going on a
Deployment here before too long
and that we'll be gone for 6
months. It'll be cool. Some of the
guys that I work with have been to
Australia, Thailand, and Korea. I
want to go to Hong Kong. You know
that is where they use to make all
those kung fu movies at. Anyway
I'll try to stay in touch. I'll
talk to you all soon. Cuidate
We see Jason sitting in his car going on to the base on Camp
Pendleton. There is a line to get in. He is listening to his
music. He seems a little upset because the line to get into
the base is a little longer than usual. As Jason approaches
the gate he holds out his I.D. for the gate guard. The gate
guard leans in to talk to him.
                       GATE GUARD
      (With a southern
Hey, did you hear what happened?
      (Looking up at the
What're you talking about?
                       GATE GUARD
There was a plane that crashed
into the World Trade Center in New
York. They are saying that it's
kind of bad. Can you believe that.


      (Shaking his head)
Naw man, that's crazy. I guess
some poor fool wasn't watching
were he was going.
                       GATE GUARD
Tell me about it. It's all over
the news though. They said it was
one of those big jet planes.
      (With a surprised
Wow, for real? One of the big ones
that has passengers on it? Damn,
I'm going to have to turn on the
news. Thanks man.
As Jason drives away he turns off his music and turns on the
radio. The radio is full of talk about the plane that hit
the building. He continues to listen in horror as he drives
to work. The reports get worse and worse.
Jason walks into his company office to find most of his
company watching the TV. Someone tells him that a second
plane has just hit the other tower. They all sit in
                                         SWITCH TO 29 PALMS
Jose sits in his BAS watching TV shocked.
                                         SWITCH TO BETHESDA
Jessi stands in front of the TV. She is shocked. Then finds
out that Pentagon was attacked too. Male nurse puts his hand
around Jessi. She pulls back.
Jose is standing in formation while the Marine Company
Commander is addressing them. He is told that they will be
deploying and that they are not expected to make in port
calls. They are told that they are to be ready to engage the


CO is addressing Jason's unit. Tells everyone that they are
on 48 hours notice. No leave. No leaving the area. Everybody
is happy and cheering at the thought of payback.
Jessi walks back on to the ward after seeing her chief. She
sees Acosta sitting at the nurses station and goes to sit
beside of her.
      (Looking at Jessi,
       in a quiet voice)
So what did Chief say?
You know, the sames stuff. My
place of duty is here. If
something comes up he will let me
know but until then I need to
concentrate on my work.
      (With a sound of
Well don't worry. I'm sure that
something will come up. You know
Jessi, you are pretty brave to be
wanting to go. I would be scared
to death if they told me that I
had to go.
I don't know if you can call it
bravery. I just know that I am
supposed to be out there helping,
not here just sitting around.
We're not just sitting around.
I know. You know what I mean. I
just want to be out there.


Jessi going into work talking to another corpsman that she
works with. They are walking beside each other down the
      (In full gossip
Hey did you hear about what
happened to LT Marsh?
      (With a small
       laugh and smile)
No, what?
      (A little quieter
He got caught with one of the
corpsmen from Cardiology. Can you
believe that? What a dog!
That guy is an asshole. I'm glad
he finally got caught. Do you know
who it was with?
I don't know. Some new girl.
Poor girl. They should make guys
like that have to wear signs
saying "Caution, married pervert.
Enter at your own risk."
I know right? Problem is it still
wouldn't stop some of these girls.
      (Changing the
       subject with an
       excited voice)
Hey, did you hear that they are
looking for volunteers to deploy?
A bunch of people are getting
pulled to go with to Marines.
Didn't you want to go?


Yeah, where did you hear that? I
haven't heard anything. Chief
promised to let me know if there
were openings.
I don't know. All I know is HM3
Hayes told me that they were
looking for bodies and that he is
thinking about going. You should
go talk to Chief and see what he
      (Lost in thought)
Yeah, I think I will.
Jessi stands at Chief's door and knocks. Chief looks up to
see her standing there. He waves her in.
                       CHIEF SHARPE
      (Setting aside a
       stack of papers)
What can I do for you Ms. Bowden?
Chief, I just heard from a friend
that they were looking for people
to deploy.
                       CHIEF SHARPE
      (He speaks
That's correct.
      (Growing a little
I would like to volunteer. I would
love to go. What do I need to do?
                       CHIEF SHARPE
      (Trying to calm
       her down)
Now hold on. You wanted to go with
the Marine Corps right?


      (Now a little
                       CHIEF SHARPE
Well, we are looking for bodies
for a lot of things right now. You
know what the Comfort is?
It's the hospital ship here on the
east coast. Now if you want I can
put you down to go work there but
it won't be the Marine Corps.
No thanks. I'm really only
interested in the Marines. Aren't
there any spots with them?
                       CHIEF SHARPE
There are a few but they are only
asking for guys right now. That
might change in the future or it
might not. What is your obsession
with going with the Marines
That's just were I want to be.
                       CHIEF SHARPE
Ok, fair enough. I promise I will
let you know if I hear something,
      (Standing up to go)
Thanks Chief. Sorry I keep bugging
you but this is important to me.
                       CHIEF SHARPE
Don't worry about it. At least you
want to go. Most of these
knuckleheads I can't get to leave
even if I payed them.


Jason's CO tells everyone to continue to be ready. Will
approve leave but may get called back. Everybody is tired of
hearing same old stuff. People blow him off.
Jason get a phone call from Jose as he's leaving the parade
      (Answering his
      (Cheerful voice on
       the phone)
Hey what's up man? It's Jose!
      (Excited to hear
       from his friend)
Hey wassup? Haven't heard from you
for a while man. What's going on?
      (With that
       familiar Mexican
Nothing dude. Hey, I wanted to
find out if you can get away for a
little bit. I've got something I
wanted to tell you.
You mean in person?
Yeah, I'm coming in to San Diego.
And guess who I'm picking up when
I get there?
Jessi. She's going to fly in for a
couple of days. So, you know what
that mean. You better hook us
up.Unless you want us sleeping on
the street.
Jason's heart leaps at the thought of seeing Jessi again.


Naw, I got you. Don't worry bout
it. When you and Jessi getting
Camera stays still as we see Jason walking away talking on
the phone making plans.
Jose and Jason are standing in the airport waiting to greet
greet Jessi as she comes into the main terminal. When she
sees them she runs grabbing them both and giving them a
giant hug.
      (Voice filled with
Hey guys. It's been so long. How
are you?
I'm good Jessi. It's good to see
you. We missed you.
      (With a calm voice
       trying to hide
       his excitement)
Wassup girl? How you doing?
      (Starting to feel
       shy, he had
       forgotten how
       beautiful she is)
You look good.
      (Looking up at
       Jason with a big
       smile on her face)
Thanks, so do you.
So do you have any bags?
      (Turning to look
       at Jose)
Yeah, just one. I'm only going to
be here a couple of days so I
packed light. So, Jose... what's


                       JESSI (cont'd)
the suprise?
      (With a coy smile)
I ain't going to tell you yet
chica. You gotta wait.
They all start walking to the baggage claim.
      (Looking at Jason)
Did he tell you?
Naw, he ain't said a thing. He
just said that he won't say
nothing until we are all back
      (Smiling back at
Hmmm, mysterious.
Jose, Jessi, and Jason are sitting in a restaurant
overlooking San Diego Bay. The sun is setting casting a
golden glow over the water. You can see the city skyline and
an aircraft carrier in the background though the window.
Jose is sitting on one side of the table and Jason and Jessi
are side by side on the other side.
      (Leaning in)
I have an apology to make to both
of you.
Oh my God, what happened.
I told you guys that I wanted you
to be there with me when I got my
citizenship. Well I decided that I
didn't think that was such a good


      (Still concerned)
Why, what happened.
      (Starting to crack
       a smile as he
I just decided that I want you
both at my wedding instead.
      (Now overcome with
I just got my citizenship. Lupe
will be coming up as soon as the
visa is approved and I want you to
be my best man.
      (Looking over at
       Jason and then
       back at Jessi)
And Lupe has asked me to ask you
if you will be one of her bride's
maids Jessi.
      (Putting out his
       hand to shake
You know I'll be there for you
man. Just say the word.
      (getting a little
Of course Jose, I would love to be
Jessi places her hands on the table taking Jose's hand with
one and Jason's hand with the other.
I love you guys. I've missed you
so much.
We see the three friends walking through downtown San Diego
through all the night life.


      (Turning around to
       face them)
Hey, have you guys ever been to a
Salsa Club?
You mean like chips and salsa?
No, a Salsa Dance Club.
No, you mean like in the movie
"Dance with Me"?
Yeah, yeah. You want to check one
Yeah, I'm down. Let's check it
Sounds like fun.
They all go into a club. There is a live band playing and
people are crowded on the dance floor. Everyone out there is
moving so smooth and fluidly. Jason and Jessi are watching
intently. Jose leaves to go get some drinks.
Jose returns with three drinks in his hand. One for each of
Hey, there's a free table over
there. You guys want to go grab
They all go over to the table and sit down.
      (Leaning in and
       speaking loudly)
So that's crazy what happened back
in New York and Washington.
Yeah, tell me about it. I can't
believe that. Jose, you know we
going out there. I heard there's


                       JASON (cont'd)
already units over in Afganastan.
We got some of the guy from the
Pentagon. It was scary. They were
burned pretty bad. I've never seen
anything like it before. I felt so
bad for them.
Oh, yeah that's right. You were
right there. Why didn't you ever
talk about it?
I didn't want to scare you guys. I
know that you guys might go out
there some day and some of your
guys might get hurt like that. I
didn't want to think about it
Well, we'll be ok. Don't worry.
Jason reaches and grabs Jessi's hand under the table. She
squeezes back and doesn't let go but doesn't look at him.
Jason suddenly gets butterflies in his stomach. Jose doesn't
notice any of this.
      (Turning to Jose)
So, do you think that they will
acutally send us somewhere?
Oh, I'm sure. It's just a matter
of when and where.
Well I wish they would do
something. I'm getting tired of
just sitting around.
Don't worry. You'll get your
chance. Don't be in such a hurry
though. You know people die in war
Jessi lets go of Jason's hand and places both of her hands
back on the table.


There were a bunch of people that
came onto my ward that died. It's
the ones that didn't die though,
they are the ones that I feel most
sorry for. They have to live with
those scares for the rest of their
      (Pausing for a
Can we talk about something else?
We are supposed to be having a
good time.
Jessi stands up and takes Jose by the hand.
Come on Jose, show me how to do
Jessi pulls Jose out onto the dance floor. She gives a look
back to Jason which seems to calm him.
Jason and Jessi are sitting talking to each other in the
kitchen. Jose is asleep on the couch in the living room.
      (Looking at Jessi
       in the eyes, the
       shyness seemingly
So, you ain't got a boyfriend yet?
Why not? A beautiful girl like
      (Smiling and
       looking down a
       little shy)
I don't know. I've just been busy.
I haven't really met anyone that
interests me.
No one?
      (Looking up at
Well, not there.


Their eyes meet and hold. There is electricity in the air.
They move in closing in for a kiss and then right before
their lips meet Jose starts to snore really loud. Jessi
starts to laugh and Jason's head starts to turn away.
      (A little annoyed)
God Dammit Jose.
Jessi takes Jason's head in both of her hands and pulls him
in to her lips. They share a long, beautiful kiss.
      (Pulling back)
I thought you just wanted to be
friends? That's what you said in
Corps School.
      (With a big smile)
We're not in Corps School anymore.
Jessi pulls him back and they begin to kiss again. Scene
fades out.
Jessi sits in the airplane with a smile on her face. She is
in deep thought.
Jason walks back into Med Bn and the whole place is buzzing.
Morris walks up to Jason.
Hey did you hear?
Hear what?
We're going. Everyone's talking
about it. We're getting deployed.
This is it.
Oh damn, for real? Where did you
hear that?


Man, everyone's talking about it.
We have a Battalion muster at 0900
and I guess we'll find out more
      (Starting to get a
       little excited)
Finally! Bout time! Where are we
I don't know but I heard Iraq.
Damn are you serious? What the
Hell is in Iraq?
      (Still excited)
Sand, bad guys, I don't know but
we're going!
Jason is sitting in his kitchen in the same seat that he was
in when he kissed Jessi. He is calling on his cell phone.
      (Over the phone)
Hello handsom.
What's up girl?
I miss you. I can't stop thinking
about you.
      (Trying to act
Yeah, I miss you too. I've got to
tell you something though.
What's that?


We just got our orders today.
We're going to Kuwait. I'm not
sure what we're going to do there
exactly but we're going to be
leaving in a couple of weeks.
      (A little
Well then let me come back out to
see you. Let me be there with you.
I can't. They canceled all leave
and have us on a 24 hour notice.
After tonight I won't even be
allowed to leave the base. This is
for real?
      (Starting to cry)
Well, do you know how long you're
going to be gone?
      (Starting to sound
       sad from hearing
       Jessi cry)
Naw, they didn't say. I'll try to
call you when I get there or send
you an email or something.
      (Still crying)
Can you at least call me
everynight until you leave?
Yeah, I can do that. You gonna
wait for me right?
Jason, I've waited my whole life
for you. I can wait a little bit
longer. Just please promise me
that you will be careful over
      (Trying to lighten
       the mood)
Oh course. Besides, we won't be
fighting. We're back in the rear


                       JASON (cont'd)
with the gear baby.
      (Scolding Jason)
That's not funny. I'm serious.
Please be careful.
      (More serious)
Yeah alright. You know I'm just
playing. I'll be careful. You just
be careful you don't meet any hot
guys when I'm over there.
Ok, I'll be careful to. I've got
to go. It's getting late. I'll
talk to you tomorrow though right?
Of course don't worry.
      (In a quiet voice)
Oh, and Jason?
I love you.
Jessi hangs up the phone without waiting for a response.
Jason sits there in silence. Staring at the cell phone.
Jessi is on the ward working. We see her with a patient
trying to start an IV. She misses. She's seems disappointed
but starts preparing to try again.
Hey Jessi, Chief's on the phone
for you.
      (Seeing Jessi
       struggling again)
Want me to get that?


No, if I don't do it I'll never
get better at it. Just leave it.
      (Turning to face
       her patient)
Mr. Johnson, I'll be back in a
minute to get that IV for you.
The patient nodes as Jessi gets up to go take the phone
call. She walks over to the nurses station and picks up the
This is HN Bowden how may I help
you sir or maam?
                       CHIEF SHARPE
HN Bowden I need you to come to my
office right away.
Yes Chief, I'll be right there.
Jessi hangs up the phone and asks Acosta if she can do the
IV sense she has to go talk to Chief.
Jessi knocks on the door and Chief motions for her to enter.
He's on the phone. Jessi takes a seat across from him and he
finishes his conversation and hangs up the phone.
                       CHIEF SHARPE
      (Looking at Jessi)
Do you still want to deploy with
the Marines?
      (Starting to get
                       CHIEF SHARPE
HM3 Dillard broke his leg last
night and I have to find someone
to replace him. I called to find
out if we can put a girl in his
spot and they said yes. So my
question to you is, are you sure
you want to do this?


      (Now very excited)
Yes, of corse. When do I leave?
                       CHIEF SHARPE
Now, hold up. It's not that easy.
There's a lot of things we've got
to do first. From what I'm told
you will be going to First Med Bn.
They've already left for Kuwait so
you and a couple others will be
meeting them there. I need you to
go and get your will and power of
attorney taken care of. I'll let
you know what else I need as we
go. You are not going to have time
to take leave so if there is
anything you need to do, do it
soon. Do you have any questions?
Yeah, when are we supposed to
                       CHIEF SHARPE
I don't know the exact dates yet
but it will most likely be within
the next couple of weeks. Make
sure you are ready, ok?
Yes Chief.
Jessi gets up out of the chair very happy and leaves the
Jessi's on her cell phone and you hear it ringing.
                       JESSI'S DAD
      (Over the phone
       with a southern
      (Very Surprised)
DAD!!! Is that you? DAD!! Please
don't hang up.


                       JESSI'S DAD
      (Sounding Tired)
Jessica, is that you?
      (Bursting into
Dad, why haven't you called me?
Why don't you answer the phone
when I call. I haven't heard from
you in over a year. Why are you
ignoring me?
                       JESSI'S DAD
      (Voice is cracking
       almost crying)
Jessica, please stop crying
darling. Please stop. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Dad, how could you do this to me?
You are all that I have. Why have
you been ignoring me?
                       JESSI'S DAD
Honey, I'm sorry. I've been so
lost lately. Jessi when your
mother died I felt like half of me
died too. Then when you left I
felt like the rest of me died.
I've made a huge mistake. I'm so
Daddy, I love you. Please don't do
that again. Please don't ignore
me. Promise me.
                       JESSI'S DAD
I promise. Honey I love you too. I
miss you so much. You and your
mother. I can't hardly stand it.
When can I see you sweetie. Can
you come home for a little while?
Daddy, I'm getting deployed. I'm
leaving here very soon. I'm going
with the Marines.
There is a long pause on the other line.


      (Sounding a little
Daddy!!! Dad!!!, Daddy, are you
                       JESSI'S DAD
      (In a very calm,
       almost serene
I'm here honey. My little baby's
going to war. Jessica, why do you
have to do this? I thought you
were working at a hospital.
Daddy, I told you why. I'm a
corpsman. That's why I came in. I
want you to be proud of me, just
like you were of Doc James.
                       JESSI'S DAD
      (You can hear him
       starting to cry)
Is that what this is about? Jessi
Doc James is dead. I will never
forget him but he's dead. Jessi, I
don't want you to die chasing
after my love. Jessi, you have it.
You have always had it. I have
been proud of you from the day you
were born. Don't do this for me.
I.. I just want to be that hero. I
want to be someone's hero. I've
been working towards this my whole
                       JESSI'S DAD
      (In a soothing
Jessi, being a hero is not
something you plan for. It's not
something you look for. It's
something that lives inside of you
and at the proper moment it shows
itself. Most heroes never wanted
to be heroes. They just wanted to
be normal men and women. When a
great need arises though it is
these same men and women that rise
up to meet it no matter the cost.


                       JESSI'S DAD (cont'd)
Jessi, just be the woman that you
are because you will always be my
I miss you Dad... I can't leave. I
can't go on leave right now. They
won't let me. We're going to be
leaving soon. Can you come here?
Can you come and see me here?
                       JESSI'S DAD
Yes honey. I will. Jessi I've
missed you so much. Please forgive
me baby. I love you and I am proud
of you. I love you Jessica, my
dear daughter.
I love you too Daddy.
Jessi curls up on the bed as she catches up with her dad and
the scene fades out.
The Kuwaiti sun is hot and dust is everywhere. Vehicles are
everywhere lined up. The scene is one of organized chaos.
Jose walks down a dirt road with another corpsman and a
                       LCPL HILL
Listen, all I'm asking is if one
of them ragheads start shooting at
you, would you shoot back?
I told you, it's not that easy. We
aren't supposed to shoot unless we
have to. Q, what would you do?
                       HM3 Q
      (With a smile.)
Blast em!


                       LCPL HILL
      (Giving Q a high
See that's what I'm talking about.
Doc Q ain't no pussy.
I mean if someone were shooting at
me then I guess I would shoot back
but I can't imagine trying to kill
someone. I'd have to live with
that for the rest of my life. I'm
going to have to tell my kids
                       LCPL HILL
Well shit, I'd be proud to tell my
kids that I killed some commie
raghead bastards.
                       HM3 Q
      (Smacking Hill in
       the back of the
They're not commies you retard.
                       LCPL HILL
      (Looking a little
I'm just sayin...
Both of you guys are retarded. All
I want is to get through this
thing without using my 9mil one
                       LCPL HILL
      (Turning to face
Yeah, but if you had to
Jose cuts him off as he looks over at a group of corpsmen
just standing around. He notices that Jason is one of them.
Hey, hold on guys, I'll be right
Jose runs over to the group. Everyone looks up at him eyeing
him strangely... except Jason. Jason walks over to meet him.


Hey Jason, what's going on? I knew
you were over here but I didn't
think I was going to see you.
      (With a big smile)
Yeah, I'm over here. What are you
Oh we had to come back here to get
some Humvees worked on.
Humvee? I thought grunts walked
Are you kidding? If we walked we'd
never get anywhere. I think they
just make us do those humps for
when the Humvees break down.
      (They both repeat
Which is always.
Damn, it's good to see you. I was
telling some of my boys about you.
Oh hey, I've got to tell you
something. I heard about this
special program for guys in the
military that were deploying that
let you rush a visa if you were
getting married.
      (Hesitating for a
I got married.
Jose holds up his left hand to show his ring.
      (Covering his
Oh snap! Hey, what happened to
being the best man and everything?


      (A little
I know. I'm sorry. Everything
happened so fast. They told me
that they would give Lupe a visa
right away if I could bring her
up. My mom and dad had to help me
buy the ticket but we flew her up
and got married the same day.
Don't worry. We're still going to
have a wedding and everything. We
just got married at the court.
When we get back I'll let you know
the dates so we can do it right.
You and Jessi,... Hey have you
been talking to Jessi. I got so
busy with Lupe that I haven't been
talking to anybody.
Yeah, I was talking to her before
I left. I called her a couple
times when we got here but they
haven't been letting us use the
phones or email lately. They said
they don't want to accidentally
give stuff out that terrorists can
use I guess. Anyway I haven't
talked to her in almost a week
now. They said that we can still
write letters but I haven't sent
one yet.
      (Looking at him
       sideways with a
I didn't realize you were talking
to her that much.
Did you guys hook up?
Jason doesn't say anything but the look on his face says it
      (Patting him on
       the shoulder)
That's cool. I knew something was
up. You guys were kind of acting
weird together back in San Diego
after that first night.


You noticed that?
Well yeah. You guys make a cute
couple. Next time she comes out
we'll all have to go out dancing
Yeah, alright.
Jose reaches in his pocket and pulls out his wallet. He
pulls out two pictures.
Check these out.
Jason takes the pictures. One is a beautiful young Mexican
woman. The other is of Jose and with the woman holding each
other. The woman here is in a beautiful white dress and Jose
is in his Navy dress blue uniform.
Is that Lupe? Wow, she's
beautiful. Man you did good.
You're going to have some good
looking kids.
Yeah, I told her that she didn't
have to wear the dress cause we
were still going to have the
wedding later but she told me she
wouldn't marry me unless she could
wear it.
Women. You know?
Yeah, not yet. Not like that at
least. I'm happy for you though. I
can't wait to meet her.
Oh, and she's speaking English
too. I was practicing with her
before I left and you would be
suprised how much she knows. I
sent her up to stay with my
parents until I get back. They
love her. They're going to..


Doc Q and Lcpl Hill walk over to Jose.
                       LCPL HILL
Hey Doc, we're going to have to go
here pretty soon.
Ok, Ok, hey I want you to meet my
friend. Guys this is HN Young.
We've known each other sense corps
      (Turning back to
This is HM3 Quinn and Lcpl Hill.
Lcpl Hill is the smartest guy in
our company.
                       LCPL HILL
Man, shut up. Dumb Mexican.
They all laugh.
      (Poking Jason in
       the ribs but
       looking at Hill)
I'm just kidding... You're not the
They all laugh again.
Alright, I've got to go. I'll see
you around. Be careful ok?
You too man. Be careful.
Jose, Lcpl Hill, and HM3 Q walk a way. Scene fades.
Jessi arrives with 5 other corpsman. They have seabags and
are in brand new desert cammies. One of the corpsmen has
forgotten to take a tag off of his cammies so Jessi reaches
up and pulls it off.
When they enter the processing area they are told that they
are reporting to 1st Medical Battalion and are directed to a
vehicle that will take them there. Jessi is excited because
she knows that this is Jason's unit and she hopes to
surprise him.


Jessi and the 5 other corpsmen arrive at a tent with a
simple wooden sign out front that reads "1st Med. Bn. H&S
Company" They get out of the vehicle and step into the tent.
They are looking pretty ragged from the long flight and lack
of sleep.
                       HM2 BENNET
      (Looking at the 6
Are you guys checking in?
      (Without waiting
       for a response)
Did you guys just get here?
      (Waiting for a
       second for
       someone else to
Yes HM2. We just got in a couple
of hours ago.
                       HM2 BENNET
Ok, well have a seat. I don't have
enough seats for everybody but you
can sit on the floor.
      (Pulling out a
       green log book)
Can I see you ID cards?
They all pull out their ID cards and hand them over. After
writing down their names Bennet looks at a binder with more
information in it. He starts reading off the names of the
corpsmen that are checking in and assigning them to
companies. When he mentions Jessi's name he tells her that
she will be with H&S company. Jessi looks disappointed
because she knows that Jason is in Alpha company.
                       HM2 BENNET
      (Standing up)
Ok, you guys that are staying here
with H&S come with me and I'll
take you to your tents to put your
stuff up. The rest of you stay
here and I'll find someone to give
you guys a ride to your companies.
Jessi stands up to go along with 1 other corpsman. They all
follow HM2 Bennet out of the tent.


In the back of the tent we see the CO telling his Company
Commanders and Company Chiefs.
                       CAPT THOMAS
       everyone in the
So this is what we know. We know
that we are on full alert right
now. Make sure all of your
vehicles are loaded up and ready
to go. When the word comes down we
will be moving quickly. I'm going
to keep all the letter companies
forward with the main body. Alpha,
you will take the lead, followed
by Bravo and then Charlie Company.
Don't get bunched up. I don't want
to loose two companies if we run
into trouble. We'll be following
in the rear party. Now I want you
to make sure you keep in constant
contact with us. I want to know
your positions at all times. I
can't direct if I don't know where
all my people are.
      (Looking down at a
       piece of paper)
Now I want Alpha Company ready to
deploy STP's as soon as we start
to move. I don't want to get
caught taking on casualties with a
half put together surgical
company. Bravo, you back them up.
Make sure you can put together
some STP's if we need them. Now I
know we're short Doctors so I want
you to use IDC's in the STP's.
      (Softening his
Now, I know you are all nervous.
Hell, I'm nervous too. I just want
you guys to relax and do your
jobs. Nobody do anything stupid.
We don't want any heroes out
there. We just want to all make it
home in one piece....Someone once
told me, along time ago, and I
want you all to remember this. You
do everything you can but,...in
war, people die. There is nothing
you can do about it. I don't care
how much training or how great we
are, there will be people that we


                       CAPT THOMAS (cont'd)
cannot save. People will die in
your care. I want you guys to
remember this because there are
going to be young doctors and
corpsmen that are going to take
that really hard. It's going to be
up to you guys to look out for
them. Remember, we can't save
everybody,... but we sure as hell
can try.
The invasion begins. Montage of Tanks, armored vehicles,
trucks and Humvees crossing the Iraq Kuwait border. Drivers
are using Night Vision Goggles. None of the vehicles are
using their headlights. We see a stream of young faces. Some
look determined, some look scared, some are asleep. The last
face that we stop on is Jason. He has a very focused look.
In Jason's Vehicle they get a call on the radio from the LT
                       LT BYLER
      (Over the radio)
Alpha company to STP, come in
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Talking into the
Yeah this is STP, send it, over.
                       LT BYLER
      (On the radio, a
       little staticy)
HM1 Smith, we're having a little
trouble keeping up with the front.
      (Through more
... call that there is a unit
clearing the town up ahead. I want
      (more static)
... zone g.... over.


                       HM1 SMITH
      (Speaking louder)
Say again Alpha company, we're
getting a lot of static. You want
us to go to zone g? Over.
                       LT BYLER
      (More static)
Negative... I say again...
       clears up for a
..expect casualties. HM1, I need
you to take your STP and
      (More static)
.... zone g..... Over.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Sounding a little
Say again Alpha company. Your
transmition is breaking up.
                       LT BYLER
      (Sounding very
       annoyed, still a
       lot of static)
.... casualties....... get your
ass to zone g...
HM1 looks at the driver and then back at Jason and the other
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Obviously a
       little nervous)
Did you guys understand that?
All I heard was casualties and
zone g HM1.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Pulling out a
Where the hell is zone g?
      (Finding it on the
OH, here it is.
      (Looking at the
Cpl Martinez, we're going to have
to make the next right off this


                       HM1 SMITH (cont'd)
road. It's just a little ways up
from here.
Cpl Martinez nodes and makes the next right away from the
convoy. Two trucks follow him.
Jose's unit is patrolling in the street.They take fire and
two Marines are hurt. The Marines subdue the attackers. Jose
jumps into action. He seems to have a knack for his job. He
quickly bandages and starts IVs on one of the Marines while
HM3 Q works on the other Marine.
                       HM3 Q
      (Yelling out)
Hey Gunny? Hey Hill, go get Gunny.
GySgt Taylor walks over to Jose and Q.
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
      (With a rough
       voice from
       yelling too much)
How they doing Doc?
                       HM3 Q
      (In a calmer voice
       then he should
They're alive gunny but we need to
get them out of here. Can we get a
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
      (Softening a bit
       out of respect)
I'll check... Don't you let them
boys die.
Jose looks up at Q as the GySgt walks back to the Humvee.
Jose is still holding pressure on the gunshot wound. The
Marines are crying but Q starts talking to them to keep them
A few minutes later the GySgt returns.
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
I can't get you a chopper but I
they said that there's medical set
up over in Zone Charlie. That's
pretty close. We can throw them in


                       GYSGT TAYLOR (cont'd)
the back and of the Humvee and run
them over there really quick.
We'll stay put until you get back.
Q looks at Jose and then at his other 2 corpsmen.
                       HM3 Q
Perales. you stay here. I'll take
Waters and Aful with me. We'll try
and pick up some supplies while
we're there.
Q and the other corpsmen load the patients in the back of
the Humvee. The 3 corpsmen jump into the Humvee with the
driver and take off. The GySgt goes over to the other Humvee
and gets on the radio to announce that casualties are on
their way.
STP is set up.
                       LT BYLER
      (Over the radio)
STP, this is Alpha Company. You
have casualties in route to your
pos, over.
                       HM1 SMITH
Roger that Alpha Company. We are
standing by, over.
The Humvee with the injured Marines get to zone c. The
corpsmen get out and starts looking around. No one is there.
                       HM3 Q
      (Looking at the
       vehicle and then
       onto the horizon.)
No one's here.
      (Looking at the
       two other
Do you guys see any...


Suddenly a hail of small arms fire rains down on them. All
three corpsmen go down instantly. The Humvee is pierced with
rounds. The driver starts to back up the Humvee while at the
same time calling on the radio.
                       LCPL WADE
Gunny! Gunny! We're being
attacked. We're being attacked.
Scene switches to GySgt in the other Humvee. Lcpl Wade's
plee's for help can be heard
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
      (Very mad)
Three Marines jump into the Humvee and it speeds off. The
rest of the Marines and Jose just look at it going, kind of
confused. They didn't hear the radio call.
Corpsmen for the STP are just sitting around. They can make
out gunshot's in the distance.
      (Sounding excited
       listening to the
Eeewww someone's gettin lit up.
HM1 Smith smiles and looks down shaking his head.
      (A little angry)
Man, that's a fucked up thing to
What the fuck is your problem?
Don't you realize, people are
getting shot?
Suddenly the radio cracks to life. HM1 quiets everyone down.


                       LT BYLER
      (Over the radio)
STP, the casualties are taking
fire. Can you see them? They are
in your pos, over.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (A little confused)
Um, sir, that's a negative. There
is nothing going on here, over.
                       LT BYLER
What do you mean? I just got a
call. Zone C is under hostile
fire. Can you confirm this, over.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Still confused)
Umm, no sir... wait... zone what?
What did you say about zones?
                       LT BYLER
      (Now a little agry)
What the hell. Dammit HM1, What
zone are you in?
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Now getting
We're in zone g like you said.
                       LT BYLER
      (Very angry)
Zone c like in Charlie?
                       HM1 SMITH
       realizing the
No, zone g as in gulf. You want us
in zone c, I mean zone Charlie?
                       LT BYLER
Hell yes I want you in Charlie.
That's where I told you to go to
begin with. Get your asses over
there. They need help.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Face completely
Guys, we've got to go right now.


                       HM1 SMITH (cont'd)
We're in the wrong area. We've got
to go to Zone C,.. Charlie. Grab
the shit and let's go.
At a frantic pace the everybody jumps up and and starts
tearing down the tents and loading them back up in the
The Marines have secured the area. Two Humvees sit side by
side. One is riddled with bullets. Gunny is holding the
chest of Lcpl Wade. His chest is covered in blood and blood
pours out of his mouth. He looks desperate as he tries to
take a breath but quickly succumbs to his injuries.
The STP pulls up and the corpsmen jump out and start setting
up the tents. Gunny walks over to them. He is very mad.
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Bouncing over to
       the Gunny)
I'm in charge...
      (Looking at the
Gunnery Sergeant... Sorry, there
was a mix up.
The GySgt grabs him by the collar with his blood soaked
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
      (Yelling 2 inches
       from HM1's face)
A mix up? A fucking mix up? MY
      (Pulling HM1 over
       to the fallen
Look at this! This is your fucking
mistake. Your mix up. You just
killed 4 people Doc because of
your mix up. What the fuck am I
supposed to do now?


                       HM1 SMITH
Gunny, I'm sorry.
The GySgt throws him to the ground.
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
I'll tell you what you're going to
do Doc, you're going to replace my
corpsmen that you got killed.
The GySgt walks over to the tents that are only half way
built. half of the corpsmen are just standing there
watching. The GySgt grabs three of them and tells them to go
get into the Humvee. HM3 Morris is one of them. No one dares
to argue with the GySgt over this.
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
      (Yelling at his
Alright Devil Dogs, we're heading
back. Grab your gear.
They all pile into the Humvee with the 3 new corpsmen and
take off. HM1 climbs up off the ground and looks over at the
rest of his STP. As soon as he looks there way they all kind
of shake their heads in disappointment and turn around to
finish the tents.
LT Byler is sitting near the radio when a call comes in.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Over the radio)
STP to Alpha company, over.
                       LT BYLER
Go ahead STP, over.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Sounding very
We have 6 casualties, all KIA. We
have nobody to treat. They had two
wounded that looked like they got
hit in the fighting. They're all
dead. All of them........... over.
                       LT BYLER
      (A little
Ok, bring the bodies back to us.


                       LT BYLER (cont'd)
I'll figure out what we can do
with them, over
                       HM1 SMITH
      (A little hesitant)
Umm sir, there's another problem.
                       LT BYLER
      (sounding annoyed)
Dammit, what now?... over.
                       HM1 SMITH
      (Still hesitant)
They took 3 of our
                       LT BYLER
                       HM1 SMITH
The Gunny took 3 of our
                       LT BYLER
He can't do that.
      (looking up at his
He can't do that can he? Can he do
                       HM1 SMITH
      (over the radio)
I don't know sir, but he did.over.
Gunny returns with the three corpsmen and brings them to
                       GYSGT TAYLOR
      (Sounding a little
Here Doc, I got some new corpsmen
for you.
      (Sounding confused)
New corpsmen? What do you mean?
Where's Q?


Gunny ignores Jose and turns around and walks away. Jose's
stands there in front of the 3 new corpsmen. Suddenly his
face goes white as he realizes what this probably means.
      (A little scared
       to ask)
Guys, what happened? Were there
other corpsmen with you guys? Did
someone get hurt? What happened.
      (Very little
Dude, your friends got waisted.
What do you mean? They're dead?
All of em.They're all dead.
      (Almost not
       believing what
       he's hearing)
And what? You guys are replacing
them or something?
      (A little angery)
We ain't replacing shit. We need
to get back to our company. I
don't know what your gunny's
problem is.
Jose goes to sit down and almost falls under the wait of his
      (A little
I've got to think for a second.
Give me a second.
      (Getting angrier
       at the second)
Give you a second? Give you a
second? What about us? We ain't
got none of our shit and that
gunny just grabbed us like it was


                       MORRIS (cont'd)
our fault or something.
      (Looking up at
Well, you're here. Until we can
get you back I could really use
your help. I'm the only corpsman
left for this company. Do you guys
mind helping me for a while?
The other corpsmen nod and start to step forward, but not
      (Stopping the two
       other corpsmen)
Hold up, just hold the fuck up. We
ain't helping nobody. We ain't
even supposed to be here. You need
to send us back to our company,
right the fuck now. We ain't even
trained for this. I ain't helping
shit. You can kiss my ass. And
that gunny can kiss my ass. In
fact all you all can kiss my ass.
In fact...
Jose looks up at Morris and anger starts to well up.
Shut up! Shut up... I don't know
what just happened. All I know is
I just lost 3 good friends. I
don't know exactly why you are
here and right now I don't care.
What I do know is I've got a
company full of Marines who are
scared to death. The only thing
that keeps them going forward is
that they know if they get hit
that I'll be right there to fix
them up. I'm going to give these
guys everything I've got. They
deserve that much and more...
      (Looking up at the
       three corpsmen)
I can't do it alone though. Guys,
I need your help. I can't be there
for everybody. I've bled sweat and
cried with these guys. They know
me. They trust me. They'll trust
you too. Give them everything you


                       JOSE (cont'd)
have and they'll give you
everything they have. These guys
will die for you, but you can't
let that happen.These guys look up
to you. Don't let them down.
      (Sounding a little
       more scared now
       than angry)
I ain't never done nothing like
this before.
      (Saying under his
This is bullshit.
      (Sounding more
       confident with
       each word)
Well then you learn. You already
know everything you need. I need
your help.They need your help.
Like it or not, you're here. If
you want to leave then there's the
road. Good luck not getting shot.
If you stay, I can help you.Nobody
expects miracles from you. Just
give it everything you got.
      (Now sounding
And what if that's not good
      (With passion now)
Then you move on. There is always
someone else that needs help. If
we spend too much time feeling bad
for this one then we can't get to
the next one who we might still be
able to help. I promise you, none
of these Marines want you to feel
sorry for them.
      (Standing up)
Look, I can't give you a reason.
You have to find that within
yourselves. All I can give you is
a direction. Right now those
Marines need you, I need you. I
would suggest that you come with


                       JOSE (cont'd)
Jose turns and walks away. After a second the two corpsmen
run after him. After another second Morris turns to go with
them shaking his head.
1st Med Bn. CO is sitting in his desk in a tent.
                       CAPT THOMAS
      (Looking down at
       some paperwork)
Come in.
                       HM2 BENNET
Sir, I just got a call from Alpha
Company. They said that some
Marine unit stole 3 of their
corpsmen. They want to know how we
should approach it.
                       CAPT THOMAS
Stole? What do you mean stole?
They just took them?
                       HM2 BENNET
      (Shrugging his
I guess. It doesn't make any sense
to me.
                       CAPT THOMAS
Ok, let me call Byler and see what
he's talking about. That don't
make a bit of sense.
The CO gets up and walks over to the radio.
                       CAPT THOMAS
Battalion Command to Alpha
Company, come in, over.
                       LT BYLER
      (Over the radio)
This is Alpha Co. send it, over.


                       CAPT THOMAS
LT Byler? This is CAPT Thomas. Do
you mind telling me what you are
talking about? Somebody stole your
corpsmen? over.
                       LT BYLER
Yes sir, a Marine unit that we
were picking up casualties for
took 3 of our corpsmen because
they lost 3 of theirs. over.
CO thinks for a second.
                       CAPT THOMAS
OK, well find out which unit it
was. I'll file a complaint with
their commander. I don't know if I
can get them back for you right
now though. There's too many
moving parts. We'll have to handle
it when everything slows down. For
now, I'll send you 3 of our
corpsmen. Oh, and Byler, try not
to loose these ones, ok? over and
                       LT BYLER
Thank you sir, over and out.
CO walks into the admin tent and approaches HM2 Bennet.
                       CAPT THOMAS
HM2 I need three corpsmen to send
up to Alpha Company. Get three
volunteers and find them a ride.
Let me know before they go so I
can send them off.
Jessi sitting at one of the other desks hears this and
stands up.
      (Addressing the CO)
Sir, I'd like to volunteer.
                       CAPT THOMAS
Very well.
      (Turning to face
There's one. Find me two more and
that ride. Have them ready to by


The CO turns and walks out of the tent. Bennet turns around
to look at Jessi.
                       HM2 BENNET
      (To Jessi)
Well, go grab your stuff. You
won't be coming back here.
Jessi and the other corpsmen are part of a convoy to
resupply troops up front. There is about twenty vehicles
including a fuel tanker truck. There is an IED daisy chain
attack on the convoy. Fighting follows. The Marines get out
to secure the perimeter. They are fighting while Jessi and
the two other corpsmen gather the injured and drag them to
the opposite side of the vehicles from the fighting. We see
other corpsmen scrambling around in the background trying to
get all the wounded to one location. While Jessi is dragging
a wounded Marine back something knocks her back. After a
second she gets back up and starts working. One corpsmen is
yelling instructions at location of all the injured. When
Jessi arrives he points at her and tells her to start IVs.
She opens her mouth to protest but sees that there is no one
else to do it. She rips away the sleeve of the first Marine
and she has a flashback. She sees HM1 Littlefoot telling the
FMSS addressing the FMSS class.
                       HM1 LITTLEFOOT
      (Addressing the
One of the most important things
you can do for a bleeding patient
after stopping the bleeding is
getting an IV in them. They need
fluid because they've lost so
much. An IV can save their life.
      (Pacing back and
Now, it's important that you get
that IV as soon as possible. The
longer you wait the lower the
blood pressure is going to get and
the lower the blood pressure gets,
the harder it is to hit and IV.
      (Taking a very
       serious tone)
What you learn here can help save
someones life. Everybody ready?
Let's begin.


Jessi takes a long breath. She's nervous because of her lack
of success in IVs in the past. She places the first needle
in, we see a flash of blood, and she's in. She moves to the
next does another one. Her adrenaline is pumping and she's
moving down the line quickly but she starts to notice that
her shoulder is hurting.
The STP arrives to help out. Jason is with them. They get
out to load patients and Jason sees Jessi. They go to
      (Very excited)
Oh my God, Jessi, what are you
doing here?
      (Just as excited)
I got deployed. They sent me here.
Can you believe it. I'm here.
After hugging for a second Jason looks at his hand and sees
that it is covered in blood. He looks at Jessi and then back
at his hand.
      (Looking scared)
Oh my God.
Jessi turns around and we see a large patch of blood on her
      (Now very scared)
Oh my God, Jessi, you're hit.
She becomes scared and starts breathing really heavy. He
takes her to the ambulance and they look at the wound. It
takes a minute to find the hole but they find a gunshot
would that has gone through.
      (A little relieved)
Jessi, you're going to be ok. It's
not that bad. We're going to take
you back to the surgical company
where they can take a look at it
but I think you're going to be
      (Still a little
Jason, I'm sorry. I just got here.


                       JESSI (cont'd)
I wanted to be with you. I wanted
to be here. I just got here and
already I got shot. It's not fare.
Jason bends down and hugs her on the stretcher.
      (Comforting her)
Don't worry, you're going to be
all right.
Surgical company is still setting up when the ambulances
arrive. The radioman is requesting air medivacs because the
roads are too dangerous. Patients are being loaded into the
tents as doctors, nurses and corpsmen all scramble around
triaging and treating fallen Marines. Jessi is brought off
to the side.
Jessi is now sitting up on the bed with a paper gown on. She
has a sling on her arm but otherwise looks healthy.
I feel fine, just a little sore.
                       DR. NUGUYEN
That's good. You're lucky that it
wasn't worse. You're lucky that
you didn't loose more blood too.
We still need to get you out of
here. That hole in your shoulder
will get infected if we don't get
you out of this environment.
      (Sounding a little
There's no way I can stay?
                       DR. NUGUYEN
Well, we can't get you out of here
right now. There are too many
really hurt guys that we need to
Medivac and you are a low priority
at the momemt.


      (Sounding a little
Well, then can I help.
                       DR. NUGUYEN
I'll tell you what, if you promise
to take it easy and don't try to
do too much then you can help
until we can get you a flight out
of here. No lifting though. OK?
You got it. Thanks Doc.
Jose's unit is relaxing. Everybody is sitting around not
really talking. They all seem a little stunned. They've
obviously been in more fighting. Jose is sitting eating an
MRE alone. He seems sad. Lcpl Hill walks up to him still in
a good mood.
                       LCPL HILL
      (Tossing a letter
       to Jose)
Gunny just gave me this to give to
you. Haven't yall figured out how
to use email?
Jose picks up the letter and sees it's from his wife.
Yeah, I know how to use email but
my wife doesn't have a computer.
                       LCPL HILL
      (A little excited)
That's from your wife? Did she
send you any naked pictures? Can I
see em?