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Aurora Silverwolf
by Emma Pence (Rainwolf@sailormoon.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Allison's life seemed normal, until she was out late one night and ended up almost dying, but in that event she finds herself launched into a battle she doesn't understand under the guidance of the mysterious Aurora.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

ALLISON is sitting on her bed, she has thick brown hair down
to her shoulders and looks to be about fifteen, maybe
sixteen, she is reading a book.

There is a small flash, barely visible due to the lights
being on.
Allison glances up when she hears a loud crash, at first she
glances towards her bedroom door before realizing that it's
raining outside.
Allison rolls her eyes at her nervousness before shrieking
as the lights go out, plunging her into darkness.
Allison fumbles around in the dark for a minute before
finding a flashlight and turning it on
It dimly lights the room and Michelle sighs before walking
out of the room and starting down the hallway.
Michelle grumbles non-understandable words darkly to herself
as she goes down two flights of stairs to the basement.

She shines her flashlight over the walls before coming to a
She tries flipping several switches before letting out a
frustrated huff of breath and banging her head lightly
against the wall.
Ju-ust great. The circuit goes out
the day I'm left home alone,
why-oh-why didn't I see this
At the last word she turns around and angrily flings her
flashlight deep into the basement, there is a loud crash
followed by the dim light turning into complete darkness.
Well, that was a brilliant
thing to do. When would you like
to accept your nobel prize,


Allison grumbles to herself and starts stumbling around,
crashing into several things, before finding the stairs.
Allison walks up the stairs and pushes the door open,
walking into the living room, every few seconds there is a
flash of lightning, allowing her to find some candles and
set them up.
While she is doing this, a creature is outside the house,
prowling the street and snarling, it is roughly the size of
a car and walking on all fours, not much else can be seen
because the rain has made its fur stick down to it, not even
its eyes are visible.
It growls and lets out a roar that sounds a lot like thunder
before it falls to the ground, a sword sticking out of its
A shadowed figure walks up to the creature, which is still
breathing in heavy pants, and yanks out the sword, a flash
of lightning causing a shadow of the person to go over the
creature, a few more flashes of lightning show the person
bringing the sword down.
Blood splatters the street only to be washed away by the
rain, the figure kneels by the creature's dead body for a
few moments before the creature disintegrates.
The figure stands there for a few moments before looking up
when it hears the sounds of a car approaching, it disappears
in a blur just as there is a flash of lightning.
Inside of the car ALLISON'S MOM looks at where the figure
just was with wide eyes.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
What was that?
A man driving the car, ALLISON'S DAD, looks where she's
looking, he didn't see the blur.
                       ALLISON'S DAD
I don't see anything.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
But I- oh, never mind.
She sits back in her seat as the car pulls into the driveway
The car doors open up and the couple steps out to hurry to
the house, where Allison's dad pushes open the door.


                       ALLISON'S MOM
Why is everything so dark?
In the living room, Allison is reading a book by
candlelight, without looking up she calls out to them.
Circuits out.
Allison's parents come into the living room.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
Well, you seem to be doing fine.
Only been out for five minutes.
Allison turns the page in her book.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
      (Walking over to
       the couch)
So did anything exciting happen
while we were gone?
If it did it was happening
somewhere else.
Allison's mom laughs and sits down just before the power
comes back on.
Allison looks up from her book with a curious/suspicious
look on her face.
That happened faster than it
should have.
                       ALLISON'S DAD
Who cares? I'm making popcorn.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
      (Getting up)
I'll go find a movie.
Allison looks around.
I guess I'll... Blow out the


Allison sets her book down and stands up, walking around and
blowing out the candles.
Later that night Allison is getting ready for bed when she
walks by her window, it has stopped raining and a little bit
of moonlight can be seen through the sparse clouds.

Allison glances out her window to look at the moon and
movement catches her eye, she looks towards it and sees
nothing, she turns back and jumps backwards in surprise when
she sees snakelike eyes staring back at her, she closes her
eyes and when she opens them again there is nothing there,
she sighs in relief.
      (With an nervous
       air to her voice)
Your eyes are playing tricks on
you, Alli, go to sleep.
Allison walks over to her door and turns off the light
before walking back over to her bed and laying down, pulling
the covers up over her.

She is unaware of a figure hunched on a tree branch outside
of her window, watching her before it wraps itself around a
tree, looking quite inhuman as it does, and slides down,
walking down the street once it hits the ground.
Allison wakes up to the blaring of her alarm, she groans and
reaches over, smacking the off button before slowly pushing
herself into a sitting position.
Allison walks over to her closet an walks in, she comes back
out wearing a striped tank top, hoodie, and shorts.

She walks over to her bedroom door and opens it, stepping
out into the hallway.

She walks down the hallway and down a flight of stairs to
the front hall, she walks into the kitchen and grabs a
banana, pealing it before she gets a good look at the clock.

Seeing the time, her eyes widen in panic and she hurriedly
rushes into the front hall, half-eaten banana in her hand,
grabs her shoes with her free hand, sticks the banana in her
mouth and puts the shoes on.


She opens the door and rushes out, hopping on her bike with
the banana still in her mouth, and starts pedaling very hard
as she tries to get to school on time.
Allison rushes down the hallway and pauses for a minute just
outside her homeroom door, she takes several deep breaths
before opening the door slowly.
The class goes silent and looks at her, she bites her lip
nervously and glances at the teacher, the teacher only
motions to a desk and raises their eyebrows.
Allison walks over to the desk and sits down, ignoring the
slight sniggering coming from some students.

After she is sitting down at her desk the teacher looks
around the room, silently commanding the students to shut up
and sit still before turning back to the board.

Allison sighs quietly to herself.
Over the rest of school Allison's day isn't much better, she
gets barely passing grades back on her homework, earning her
some stern looks from her teachers, is the victim of some
mashed potatoes at lunch, gets thrown out of the school
library, and she slips on a puddle in the hallway before
pulling herself up and opening her locker.
Allison is taking some books from her locker when a TEACHER
walks up to her.
Allison glances at the teacher before putting the last of
her books into her bag and closing her locker.
The teacher at first looks stern before smiling.
I just wanted to be the first to
congratulate you.
Allison slings her backpack over her shoulder.
On what?


You don't know?
Allison rolls her eyes.
You know I don't. So what are you
congratulating me on?
      (Hands her a test)
You not failing my class.
Allison looks at the test and smiles before the teacher's
smile fades.
I don't like it when you have
close calls like this, Allison,
you're a bright girl, but you keep
barely getting by, if it weren't
for this I would have had to hold
you back this year.
Allison sighs and folds the test, sticking it in her
I know, I know, I've heard it all
And that's what worries me.
Allison smiles and pushes off from her locker.
Tell you what, by this time next
year I'll be an honor student. You
can hold me to that.
I will.
Allison and the teacher smile slightly and shake hands.
Allison walks away, heading to the front entrance to the


Allison walks out the front door of the school building and
and takes the long route to the entrance, she signs some
peoples'yearbooks as she passes before walking out of the
Allison walks down the sidewalk with a large smile on her
face, passing several things including a flower shop and a
newsstand, she pauses at the newsstand to read the headline
"Monster sightings still being phoned in, no proof yet to
confirm." She shakes her head slightly, rolling her eyes
before moving on.

She walks by a fruit stand just in time for her to help
steady the heavyset owner when he trips slightly, nearly
spilling a crate of oranges he's carrying.
Allison continues down the sidewalk, pressing a button on a
streetlight and pausing as she waits for the signal to
change to saying she can walk, she hums to herself as she
bounces on the heels of her feet.
The light changes and she walks across the street, stopping
at a cafe on the other side to get a cup of coffee, she
hands the barista the money she owes along with a five
dollar tip in the tip jar before continuing on her way.
She sips the coffee as she walks down the sidewalk,
finishing it by the time she's at the next intersection.

She glances up and down the street to make sure that there
isn't any traffic before walking across quickly, smiling in
triumph when she gets across the street.
Allison passes a garbage can, dropping the coffee cup in as
she does, before coming to a library.
The towns library is different than most in the sense that
it was open pretty much 24/7, although they did occasionally
have to close down for things like renovations or holidays.

Allison walks up to the library, humming a tune, and opens
the door.
Allison enters through the library doors and looks around,
after a few moments she heads towards an aisle in the
middle, the books in the aisle are listed as "Evolution"
"Mechanics" "Psychology" and "Martial arts"


She looks through the shelves a bit, bypassing a few books
on "theories about what we will evolve into" "Psychological
mindsets and mental breakdowns" and "several different
fighting styles" before coming to a stop at some mechanics

She pulls a large book off of the shelf and starts to flip
through it, walking out of the aisle and over to a table by
an open window patio.

She pulls out a chair and sits down, starting to read.
After turning a few pages over she hears a buzzing sound,
she looks up to see a brown dragonfly following a yellow
dragonfly, she smiles slightly as she turns away from the
table and watches them. After a bit she turns away from the
dragonflies and back to the table only to find her book
She looks under the table to see if she can find it before
popping back up.

She bites her lower lip slightly and looks around, she
finally pushes her chair back and starts to walk around.
She checks various aisles before stopping once she realizes
that the book has disappeared.
She walks over to a completely random shelf and pulls off a
book, it is titled: "The rise and fall of humanity."
She starts to read it as she walks around the library, as
she's walking she bumps into a man with longish dark brown
hair and glasses, knocking them both to the ground.
Allison quickly jumps to her feet, extending a hand to the
      (Helping the man
Sorry! I should have been paying
attention to where I was going.
The man readjusts his glasses and smiles gently.
It's all right. It's as much my
fault as it is yours.
He bends down and grabs Allison's book, eyebrows raising in


Interesting title for someone...
I'm assuming you're in highschool.
Allison takes the book, smiling at the man but her body
I read what I find interesting.
Allison is trying to find a way to escape talking to the man
when he starts speaking again.
I know someone who's a big fan of
that title, can quote it
practically word for word.
Allison watches him carefully, unsure of what to do about
So tell me, what do you think of
the issues presented in chapter
I... I've barely even started the
book, sir.
      (Nodding to
Ah... Of course, of course. But a
bright young girl like you won't
take long to grasp what their
speaking of.
Allison is now incredibly disturbed, watching the man with
thinly veiled apprehension that he is oblivious of.
I-I wouldn't say that, I'm not
that smart.
Nonsense! I'm sure you're the
perfect example of an honor role
Allison shifts her weight around nervously, her eyes looking
anywhere but the man.


Well, I'm sure you don't want to
waste your time talking to me,
feeding your mind and all that.
Allison watches him, relief evident on her face, the man
apparently doesn't notice.
Enjoy the book, it will give you
some precious insights to the
The man reaches a hand across and brushes some hair off of
Allison's face, his fingers making more contact with
Allison's face than they should.

The man pulls back and smiles warmly.
You had some loose hairs...
The man walks off, leaving Allison frozen in place, not
moving until he has walked out of the library, at which
point she lets out a shakey breath before looking at the
book in her hands.
No longer wanting to read the book, Allison turns to the
nearest shelf and sets it on top, grabbing a completely
random book off of the same shelf.

She walks over to a corner of the wall and sits down,
opening the book to the first page.
                                         FADE TO
Allison walks through the streets quietly, there aren't many
people around due to the late hour, she comes to a stop at
an intersection and glances at her watch, still in disbelief
at how late she stayed out.
The signal changes, saying it's fine for her to walk, she
starts to walk across the street while running excuses
through her head as to why she was out so late when a
rumbling in the ground causes her to stumble and look


The few other people out that night also look around in
confusion, trying to pinpoint where the rumbling originated
from when something bursts from the ground, right next to
The large creature is horrific, disfigured with long claws,
over-sized fangs, and tendrils coming out of random places
in its body.

People start screaming and running away, Allison stares at
it for a few moments in shock before turning to run, before
she can get to far the creature swipes a paw out and knocks
her over.
Allison flips over onto her back and starts to push herself
away from it, fear written plainly across her face as her
heart beats wildly as she attempts to escape the creature.

She has very little luck as the creature makes another swipe
at her, it barely missing as she dodges to the side and
stands up, running away from the creature only to be pinned
against a wall.

The creature leans down towards her, saliva oozing out of
its mouth into a pool forming around her feet, and its
breath hot against her face.
About a block or two down the road a sleek dark blue car
pulls up, a woman, who we can't see the face of, steps out
and walks to the back of the car.

She lifts open the trunk, revealing several large guns
packed in it tightly, she pulls out a semi-automatic and
pulls the strap over her shoulder, she also grabs several
Back with Allison the creature is preparing to devour her
and Allison is squeezing her eyes closed in anticipation of
this when the creature is stopped by a bullet piercing its

The creature howls and turns to face the source of the
bullet while Allison opens her eyes.
We see the woman's feet again, but the camera pans up to
reveal her face, she is AURORA RICHARDS, she has short cut
thick hair and angry eyes.


How many of you do I have to kill
before Xal gets the hint, here,
I'll spell it out for him: "Not.
Working! Give. It. Up!"
The creature snarls before pushing away from Allison and
charging towards Aurora.
Allison slumps to the ground and watches as the creature
lunges at Aurora only to be shot back by some unseen force,
Aurora doesn't even move as this before taking out the
larger gun, pumping it, pointing it at the form of the
creature and waiting for it to stand.
There is a long pause, Neither Aurora nor the creature move
and Allison starts to stand up before the creature shoots up
and runs towards her, forgetting about Aurora.
Aurora's eyes widen, she hadn't been expecting the creature
to suddenly attack Allison, before she empties her gun into
the creature.
It has very little effect as the creature continues to get
closer to Allison, she is paralyzed with fear and can only
watch as it gets closer, it nearly gets her before it's
knocked aside by a blast of electricity.
Allison looks over to see the creature fall and slide for a
while before looking over to see Aurora running over to
where the creature is.
Aurora jumps up, flipping out a sword she'd kept strapped to
her hip, before coming down, the metal of the sword glowing
red from being superheated.
The creature dodges most of the attack but still gains a
rather large cut down its midsection.
The creature lets out a terrifying screech before lunging at
Aurora, completely ignoring the blood gushing out of its
Aurora remains calm, jumping back out of the way, a
distinctly not human look to her as she does so, before
raising her sword once again and charging forward, bringing
it down and slicing the thing's head open.
The creature screaming and blindly swipes its front claws
around, trying to get her, Aurora has stepped back our of
reach and watches for a minute before lifting up a handgun
that she pulls off of a holder attached to her thigh, she


shoots the exposed brain, the creature trashes wildly for
another moment before falling limply to the ground.
Aurora flips her sword around, the blood burning off
completely before the sword cools down, and puts it back in
the sheath before bending down by the creature and taking
out a vial for collecting blood, she will preform
experiments on it later to find out what Xal's been
experimenting with.
After gather the blood sample she corks the vial before
raising her hand to the creature, it smokes for a minute
before disintegrating.
Aurora walks over to the hole left by the creature from when
it emerged and crouches down next to it, she taps a finger
to her ear, activating a radio she has.
ECA, I need a quick stitch up of
some road down here.
A slightly mechanical voice crackles over the headset.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
On it
There is a pause in which a whirring slowly starts up, after
a few seconds Aurora takes out a small orb and tosses it
into the hole, there is a bright flash and the street is
Aurora smirks before slipping the vial of blood into a
pocket in her shirt, she turns around and freezes when she
sees Allison, she had forgotten the girl was present.
Allison watches Aurora carefully, slowly stepping away from
the wall, she stands at the street corner and simply stares
at the older woman.
Aurora looks at her for a moment before turning away,
walking towards her car.

At this Allison snaps out of her daze.
      (Running over)
Aurora looks at her, frozen momentarily, before looking away
and disappearing in a blur, reappearing next to her guns,
only to pick them up, and then next to her car, where she
opens the door and gets in just as Allison reaches where she


used to be, staring after her.

Aurora starts the car and drives off, not even glancing at
Allison stares after the car as it disappears before taking
in a deep breath and sighing.
Allison pushes open the door as quietly as she can and walks
in, slowly closing it behind her, she slips her shoes off
and starts to go up the stairs when a throat being cleared
causes her to turn.

She sees her mother leaning against the doorway leading to
the living room, her arms crossed as she stares expectantly
at Allison.
Allison stares at her and shifts her weight slightly before
I have a good explanation for
                       ALLISON'S MOM
You better.
There is a long silence in which the two women just stare at
each other.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
... I'm waiting...
Allison bites her lip and thinks, trying to figure out how
to explain it to her mother when something crosses her mind.

She stands frozen for several seconds as she remembers the
way the woman who saved her seemed to not want to be
approached, she bites her lower lip slightly as she thinks
about it.

Finally, Allison sighs and smiles sheepishly.
I fell asleep at the library.


Allison's mother stares at her, her eyes piercing, before
walking over to her.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
      (She brushes some
       of Allison's hair
Two weeks.
Allison is about to protest when her mother walks up the
stairs without another word.
      (Quietly, to
What is it with people and
brushing my hair back?
Allison sighs and starts walking up the stairs.
The room is dark, lit only by the moonlight filtering in
from the window.

Allison walks into her room and closes the door behind her,
she takes off her hoodie and walks over to the bed, sitting
down and staring out the window, she thinks back to what
happened, trying to make sense of it all, before she glances
at her computer.

She thinks for a minute, then thinks back to the newspapers
she'd seen that day.

She gets an idea and starts to get off the bed before
She pauses and looks over towards her bedroom door, she
sighs and shakes her head.
      (Quietly, to
Allison pulls her covers down and gets under them, pulling
them back up and closing her eyes, she breaths slowly and
                                         FADE TO


Allison is sitting on her bed reading a book when there is a
knock on her door, she looks up to see her mother wearing a
tee-shirt and jeans.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
You're father and I are going
downtown for a while, something
about the museum, will you be fine
on your own?
Allison holds up the book, revealing that it's math
I'll be fine, I might be passed
out from boredom by the time you
get back, but I'll be fine.
Allison's mom chuckles before turning and walking out of the
room, Allison continues to read the book until she hears a
car start up.

She pushes the book forward and get off of her bed, she
walks to the window and gently parts the blind to watch the
car pull out of the driveway.
After the car is out of sight she rushes over to her
computer and turns it on, after it has started up she turns
to a local site that keeps records of all the newspapers and

She clicks through some of the more recent, occasionally
printing an article off, before going to the search feature.

She searches for articles containing the word 'monster' and
the search comes up with many more articles than she
She searches through them, the earliest she can find is from
nine years prior, telling of how people had seen a 'monster'
late at night when it was raining, about how they would see
the monster drop before disappearing, some accounts say they
thought they saw a shadowy figure by the monster but can't
confirm it.
Allison continues looking through the articles, noting that
at first they were treated as minor articles put there to
fill up space but slowly progressed to being the headlines
she'd seen earlier that day.


Eventually Allison has to leave for a bit to get paper, as
she's getting paper she thinks of something.

Clutching the paper tightly, she rushes back up to her room
and opens a new window, it brings up that day's headline,
which is about the monster attack the night before.
Allison quickly scans it while muttering what she's reading
under her breath until she comes to a part that interests
Several people who were fleeing
the scene claim to have seen a
dark blue car speeding towards the
scene, they could barely see into
the windows in the brief glimpses
they got but many say they saw a
woman with short hair wearing some
type of leather outfit.
Allison reaches over and puts the paper in the printer and
hits print before taking what she already has printed out.
She flips the page back to the monster sightings of the past
and is about to continue reading when she hears her parents
car pull up.

She looks to the printer to see it is just finishing
printing the article about the night before and as soon as
it's done she shuts her computer down, grabs the article,
and runs over to her bed, sliding the papers into a drawer
on her nightstand before turning a couple chapters ahead in
the math book.
The front door can be heard being opened and Allison's
parents come in laughing.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
Alli! We're home!
Aurora is sitting on the bed typing at a laptop, she is
working on several complicated looking equations centered
around what appears to be a crystal.
She sighs and gets off of bed, walking over to the motel's
mini kitchen, pulling an apple from the fridge, without
opening the door, and biting into it.


Her radio crackles to life.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
You do know that you have
to wash those first, right?
Aurora tosses the apple up and catches it in her hand a few
times, her face is impassive.
      (Takes bite of
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
You're despicable.
Aurora looks at the apple for a moment before it starts
steaming, she takes a bite.
      (Mouth slightly
No, Xal's despicable, do I
need to re-update your
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Ha, ha.
Where did you get that tone? I
didn't program you with it.
Aurora takes another bite of the apple as she listens to
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
I picked it up, you of all people
should have been able to figure
that out.
Aurora chews the apple a bit before swallowing.
This is the price I'm paying for
telling Xal about the project,
isn't it? Stuck to eternally fight
him for the lives of people I
could care less about with a
sarcastic A.I. as my only


                       AURORA (cont'd)
She leans against the counter and bites into her apple.
I really am in hell, aren't I?
Aurora swallows her apple bit.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Why is only limiting himself to
attacking the immediate area,
Aurora tosses apple core into garbage.
If I were him I'd get as far away
as possible and keep moving, throw
me off his trail.
Aurora walks back over to the bed and sits down.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Are you all right, Aurora? You
don't normally spending this much
time brooding about Xal, and
you know that the reason
he's staying so close to one place
is to avoid mass detection until
his work is complete.
My work, E.C.A., You know
that, if it hadn't been for me Xal
never would have gotten the
research and he wouldn't have gone
Aurora types a few commands onto her laptop.
It's more my fault than his, or
anyones' for that matter, that
things are like this.


                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Xal was crazy before you showed
him the research and you know it.
Now what's all this about? You're
not acting normal.
Aurora chuckles bitterly.
Normal? I haven't been normal for
ten years.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Oh, not this again...
You know what I mean Aurora, now
stop dodging the question and tell
me, what's bothering you?
Aurora rolls her eyes as she types several more things into
the computer.
You mean besides the
busybody A.I. yammering in my ear?
I guess... It was that girl, the
one I saved, the way she looked at
me, like I was some kind of hero.
Aurora sits back and looks at the laptop.
I am not a hero, I don't
know how she could think that I
Aurora stands up and walks over to the window, looking out.

There is a silence before E.C.A. speaks.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
You do know that Xal's going to go
after her now, right?
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
I'm surprised you didn't figure it
out before, Xal monitors all of
his creatures' when he sends them
out, you obviously know that from


                       E.C.A. (cont'd)
your comment to him yesterday, and
he doesn't want word to get out
beyond the rumors that appear in
the newspaper about the monsters,
because, as you know, if word got
out while he would be able to
start working more publicly so
would you, so he's going to want
to get rid of the girl, possibly
turn her into one of his
While E.C.A. has been saying this Aurora walks back over to
her laptop and starts typing.

Aurora's eyes widen at the last line.
How long do we have until he goes
after her?
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Why do you care?
Aurora tosses a small object in the air and hits it with a
bolt of energy, disintegrating it
Because I figure that if we can
manage to get to her before Xal
it's one less humanoid to worry
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
If you save her it's just going to
mean you'll have to train her.
Aurora sighs and looks down at her computer screen.
I know.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Then why are you doing it? No
offense but it doesn't seem like
the thing you'd do, Aurora.
Aurora sighs.


Don't ask me to explain, E.C.A.
It's just... It's just too
complicated to explain.
Aurora starts walking up and down the length of her motel
We'll need to get in contact with
her, figure out a place to meet.
                                         FADE TO
A few days later, Allison is sitting on her bed going
through the articles, she's composed a small book of them
and is adding more, she hears a knock and quick stuffs the
book under her covers.
Come in.
Allison's mom opens the door and walks in, she is holding
that days mail in her hand.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
Letter for you.
She hands Allison an envelope.
Allison takes the envelope and nods.

There is a long pause.
                       ALLISON'S MOM
Aren't you going to open it?
Allison sets the envelope down on her nightstand and starts
reading a book she had with her.
The clock seems to tick louder than normal as both woman
stay where they are, after a while Allison's mother turns
                       ALLISON'S MOM
Dinner's in five minutes.


Allison waits for her mother to leave the room, close the
door, and for her footsteps to fade down the stairs before
turning and grabbing the envelope.
She opens it and pulls a piece of paper out, at first
reading slowly but picking up speed when she sees what's
                       ALLISON (V.O.)
Meet me at the following address
at midnight tonight so that we may
discuss your witnessing of what
happened four nights ago.
She lets out several heavy breaths in excitement before
getting off of her bed and going to her closet.
She pulls out a black tank top, a black hoodie, and black
pants along with a black hat.
She walks over to her bed and lays them out, except for the
hoodie, which she takes with her when she goes over to her
dresser and pulls out a box, out of the box she takes a
wallet and several other items unseen.
She slips them into the hoodie pocket before walking back to
the bed and setting the hoodie back down, she turns to the
door when she hears her mother calling her for dinner.
                                         FADE TO
Later that night, Allison is in the kitchen decked out in
her black outfit and holding a small bag, she is filling the
bag with non-spoiling food.

She fills the bag and closes it before walking to the front
door, she glances around and listens carefully, making sure
her parents are still asleep, before slipping on her shoes
and unlocking the door, freezing when it makes an audible
click before pulling it open and leaving the house, pulling
up her hoodie's hood as she does.
She walks over to the garage to find it closed and her bike
not sitting out in front of it, she quietly swears to
herself before checking the time on her digital watch,

She walks down to the end of the driveway and pulls out the
note along with another piece of paper, presumably from
mapquest, and turning right.
She walks for a while longer, turning down several streets
and making sure to duck out of the way for an occasional car


headlights, before coming to an empty parking lot in front
of an abandoned building.
A shadowy figure is waiting under a lamppost, Allison steps
onto the parking lot and it turns to look at her.

Allison and the figure walk towards each other, meeting just
outside of the light.
I, ah, I got your... Note?
The figure nods and Allison smiles in relief.
That's good, for a second I
thought I had the wrong person.
She looks around.
So what did you want me for?
There is a silence in which Allison fidgets slightly as she
begins to get a bad feeling before there is a sound behind
What's going on here?
The figure suddenly launches forward and grabs Allison,
flipping her around, pulling her hood back ever-so-slightly,
and pressing a claw against her temple.

The shadows seem to melt from the figure, revealing a
half-human half-lizard CREATURE.
Aurora runs at the creature who is holding Allison hostage.
The Creature presses his claws against Allison's head,
drawing just the faintest amount of blood.
Don't come any closer, unless you
want this poor beauty to meet her
end at the hands of the beast.
Aurora skids to a stop about five feet away, but glares
darkly at the creature.


You seem rather smart for one of
Xal's creations, tell me, why are
you playing puppet?
Creature smirks, keeping a tight grip on Allison, who is
torn between terror and anger.
Now now, wouldn't want to give
away my story, would I?
Aurora shifts slightly and we can see a can of aerosol
hairspray drop into her fingers.

Aurora rolls her eyes, unaware that he is holding Allison
and thinking that it's just some random girl he found.
What does Xal want so desperately
that he resorts to taking hostages
to get it this time?
The creature shifts slightly and Allison drops a hand into
her hoodie pocket.
What else does he want? Your
      (Interrupts with a
       bored voice)
Or my death", sing me another
song, do you really expect me to
believe that Xal really went to
these lengths for that? What does
he really want?
The creature presses his claw harder against Allison's
temple and a small trickle of blood escapes. Allison
whimpers but slips her hand out of her pocket, something
clutched in it.
Always were a smart one, well,
maybe I'll put it in terms you can
understand: Either you come with
me, or this kid dies.
Allison glares at the ground before flipping open a pocket
knife (Which is what she'd pulled from her pocket) and
jamming it into him, twisting it a full 360 degrees.


The creature lets out a completely inhuman scream and
releases Allison, who immediately grabs her knife and runs.
Aurora smirks before flipping out the aerosol and a lighter
and letting out a jet flame at the creature.
The creature screams in pain, sounding over a hundred times
as frightening as before, before the stream of fire stops.
      (Glances at the
Damn, thought this was a full can.
Tosses the can into a garbage at the other end of the
parking lot before walking over to the horribly burnt
The creature growls at her as she approaches until she is
right above him.
Shame, you're probably the most
advanced of us, yet you chose to
forsake you gifts for
Parlor tricks
Aurora places a boot on it.
I am not one of you!
The creature weakly grabs her boot.
Deny it all you want, but no
matter how you put it, you're like
us, and you'll eventually see that
and come to our master.
Xal is nothing more than the scum
on my shoes, you wouldn't exist if
he hadn't stolen my research.
The creature laughs as Aurora's face contorts into a scowl
before she lifts her foot up and slams it down, the laughing
stops abruptly.
There is the sound off screen and Aurora turns to find
Allison staring at her in shock.


Allison's hood has fallen back and she is sitting in the
light, revealing who she is to Aurora.
There is a few seconds as Aurora slowly realizes that she
almost lost Allison before she curse quietly, but violently,
to herself.
      (Looks up,
       speaking slightly
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
Why what?
      (Rolls eyes)
I'll tell you later E.C.A., right
Aurora trails off and walks over to Allison, who backs up a
few steps before pausing when Aurora steps into the light.
I-It's you, the woman from the
other night.
Aurora pauses before nodding, tentatively stepping closer to

When Allison doesn't step back she walks slightly faster,
normal pace actually, and is soon in front of her.
W-what the h-hell is going o-on?
Allison pauses before taking a deep breath to calm her
nerves before speaking again.
What the hell was that thing? And
who are you?
Aurora sighs before glancing around.
I can't really explain the first
two here, we should really get
somewhere else for those, as for
the last one...
      (Takes a deep


                       AURORA (cont'd)
       breath and lets
       it out)
My name is Aurora Richards.
Aurora grabs Allison's upper arm.
Come on.
Aurora takes Allison across the parking lot to her car and
has her sit in the passenger's seat before getting in the
driver's seat and starting the car.
They drive for a while, taking several more turns than
necessary, before eventually coming to the motel that Aurora
is staying at.

Aurora gets out of the car and stares at Allison's side,
when Allison doesn't move she rolls her eyes and opens the
door, pulling her out.
She pulls Allison roughly to the motel door, ignoring the
look the person behind the desk shoots her, and walking up
to her room.
She opens the door and ushers the teenager in, having her
sit down on the bed.
Aurora starts pacing the length of the room, she starts
talking to herself.
Of course he went after
her, How could I not have seen him
tricking her out into the open?
Dammit, what has Xal been doing to
get me so oblivious?
Allison watches her pace, a stunned look on her face as she
tries to process all of what just happened.

Aurora turns to Allison.
How did he trick you into meeting
one of his creatures anyway?
Allison stares at her blankly.


Aurora rolls her eyes and walks over, she waves her hand in
front of Allison's face, scowling.
Hel-lo? Anyone there? I'm running
out of patience.
Allison snaps out of her reverie and looks at Aurora.
I'm s-sorry, what did you say?
Aurora lets out a frustrated breath before taking a deep
breath and speaking.
I asked you how Xal managed to
trick you into meeting one of his
Allison looks up at Aurora, confusion clear on her face.
Aurora pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a groan.
The man behind sending that
creature after you.
      (Gives a sounds
       similar to a
If he can even be called a man
anymore, I haven't seen him in
person for years.
Allison remembers the creature and shudders.
What do you mean 'trick me into
meeting one of his creatures'? The
only reason I was there was
because I got a note from
Aurora looks at her for a few seconds before shaking her
The note wasn't from me, Xal
probably used me as bait, however
indirectly he might have done it.


Allison looks at her, her eyebrows scrunched together as she
You're just lucky that I was
patrolling the area for Xal's
creatures when it happened, the
bastard managed to keep me from
finding out about his plan.
Aurora lets out a growl before her headset buzzes to life.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
What's got you so pissy now?
If you could see, you'd know.
Allison looks at Aurora nervously, unaware that she is
talking to E.C.A. and is beginning to think that she is
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
I'm sure I would, but let's say
for a minute that I can't.
Aurora rolls her eyes.
      (Cuts herself off
       when she sees
       Allison staring
       at her like she's
       crazy, to E.C.A.)
Hold on.
      (To Allison)
She places her hands on her hips, Allison chuckles
... Who are you talking to?
Aurora stares at her for a few moments before rolling her
eyes when she realizes what's happening.


      (To Allison)
Just wait.
      (To E.C.A)
I'm transferring you to my laptop.
                       E.C.A. (Through headset)
      (Irritated, While
       typing some
       things on her
Because the person who's life I've
saved - twice now actually, is
staring at me like I'm crazy.
      (Laptop dings)
Okay, speak.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
I fail to see the connection.
Allison gasps.
What the-
Aurora makes a 'zip it' motion, Allison quickly closes her
mouth and stops talking.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
Who was that?
Aurora sits down on a chair and glances in between the
laptop and Allison.

Aurora rolls her eyes.
E.C.A. meet Allison, Kid, this is
Electronic Computerized Assistant,
E.C.A. for short. Okay, now that
we're all done with introductions,
      (Stands up)
I still want answers about why you
could be so stupid as to let Xal
lure you into the open.
Allison stares at Aurora and opens and closes her mouth
several times, much resembling a fish, unsure of what to


                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
Go easy on her, Aurora, she
doesn't know any better, it's not
like she's had any experience with
Xal before this.
Aurora points to the laptop without even looking at it.
You stay out of this.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
      (To Allison,
       slightly smug.)
She's bitter because she knows I'm
Aurora rolls her eyes and walks over to the computer, she
starts hitting some buttons.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
What are you doing? Aurora! You
can't avoid talki-
E.C.A. is cut off as the laptop shuts down. Aurora turns
around and walks over towards Allison, sitting down on a
chair across from her.

There is a long silence in which the two stare at each
other, Allison fidgets nervously, before Aurora finally
While I do concede, barely, with
E.C.A. about your ignorance, the
fact remains that you have now
escaped Xal twice, so he will
either be more determined to get
you, which would make him start
making his attacks against society
more open.
Allison's eyes widen as she thinks of the articles she'd
read about the monster attacks.
      (raises finger)
He'll draw even more into recluse,
which would mean he stops his
attacks for a while, he'll wait
for the opportune moment and
then he'll unleash hell on


                       AURORA (cont'd)
the world.
Aurora sighs and racks her fingers through her hair.
He'll know every possible route
for each option to take, and he'll
make sure that whatever he decides
will have the best results for
      (Sighs in
Xal's crazy, not stupid, he knows
that eventually people will become
less aware of the world around
them if he stops his attacks, and
that will just make it easier for
Bangs fist against her arm rest, startling Allison.
The only way he'd ever attack the
world with no reservations would
be if I'm out of the way.
Aurora looks at Allison, who is still fidgeting nervously.
You can go back to your old life
at any time, but you're never
going to view the world the same
way again.
Allison sits up straighter, her eyes widening very slightly.
I'm not saying that I need your
help, I'm not even going to say
that I want your help, I don't
even really want your company,
because the last thing I need
right now is some teenager to
train hanging around while I have
to stop Xal on my own. But...
      (Takes a deep
       breath and slowly
       lets it out)


                       AURORA (cont'd)
I can't really explain it to you,
no one I told it to would
understand if I tried to explain
Aurora sighs and looks at Allison evenly, her face devoid of
any emotion.
I'm not saying that it will be
now, I'm not even saying that it
will be soon. But there will come
a time in your life when you have
to make a choice that will affect
not only your life but the lives
of everyone, and when that time
comes all you can do is pray that
you make the right decision.
Allison watches Aurora as she says this, her brow furrowing
after Aurora finishes as she thinks about what to do.

Allison takes a deep breath, and another, and then a few
more before finally speaking.
After seeing what I saw tonight, I
don't think that there's any way I
can go back to my old life.
Aurora looks at her and raises her eyebrows, not saying
anything but silently prompting Allison to continue.
So, I guess... I guess that I'm
staying here, or, wherever we end
up having to go.
There is a short pause before Aurora nods wordlessly.
Allison looks around the room, there is only one bed, she
glances at Aurora, who also notices this and walks over to
the windowsill.
You can take the bed, I hardly
ever sleep on it anyway.
Aurora sits down on the windowsill, Allison remains still
for a few moments before slipping out of her shoes and
climbing under the covers.


Aurora subtly waves her hand and the lights turn off.
                                         FADE TO
Allison is rolling around in bed, after a minute she groans
and sits up.

Rubbing her head, Allison looks around in confusion before
remembering the previous night.

She looks around and sees that the room is empty except for
her, making her confused again.

She gets out of bed and walks over to the kitchen, pulling
open the fridge.
She pulls out an apple and some milk, she goes to the
cupboard and grabs a glass.

While she's pouring the milk the computer whirs to life.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
... Allison?
This startles Allison and she jumps up, splashing milk over
the counter.

She stares at the puddle before glancing at the computer.
E.C.A. chuckles.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
Sorry, I didn't mean to startle
Allison grabs a towel and begins to mop up the milk.
It's okay, I needed to wake up
      (Pause, something
       occurs to her)
By the way, why can you see me now
when you couldn't see me last


                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
It's simple actually, my viewing
technology was down for routine
maintenance last night, so
basically I was blind.
Allison drapes the soggy towel over the sink and grabs a new
That actually makes sense.
Allison glances around the motel room.
Although I really don't see any
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
They're microscopic, one of
Aurora's inventions actually,
they're video taping you from just
about every angle right now.
There is a long pause, Allison looks around nervously.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told
you that, now you'll just think
that I'm watching you all the
time, I'm not, most of the time I
have to keep an eye out for Xal's
forces at work and keep Aurora
Allison smiles nervously as she looks around the room.
Speaking of Aurora... Where is
she? And what did you call the
motel room for anyway? Doesn't she
have an earpiece?
      (Pause, thinks)
Or whatever that thing she was
using to talk to you before
transferring you to the laptop
last night was?
E.C.A. chuckles.
                       E.C.A. (through laptop)
Yes, she has one of those, but it
isn't letting me speak to her, so
either she forgot to charge it -


                       E.C.A. (cont'd)
again, or she has it turned off.
Allison takes the apple and rinses it off, biting into it
before sipping her milk.
      (Swallows her bite
       of apple)
I have no idea where Aurora is,
but when I see her I'll let her
know you called, can I take a
Pause, Allison takes a large bite of her apple and chews it
for a minute.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
You're... Enjoying this, aren't
Allison chews her apple up a bit more before swallowing and
More than you can even imagine.
If you can imagine.
                       E.C.A. (Through laptop)
Yes I can imagine, and, if you
really want to take a message-
      (Is cut off by
Which I do.
Then the message I'll leave is: I
have an update for you on project
Allison quietly mouths the words to herself while looking
upwards before nodding.
Got it, I'll pass it on once I see


                       AURORA (O.S.)
See who?
Aurora walks in through the motel door, carrying a vial of
You. Where were you, anyway?
Aurora takes a high-tech cooler out from under her bed and
opens it, placing the vial in.
                       AURORA (CONT'D)
Had to take out one of Xal's
creatures, nasty bugger, a wasp
that was about twice as big as my
head, you said you'd pass on a
message to me for E.C.A.?
She's still here if you want to
talk to her, wasn't even that much
of a message, something about an
update on project Silverwolf.
Aurora stiffly nods before walking over to the desk and
picking up her laptop, typing some commands in as she brings
it back over to the bed.

Allison watches her type for a while, after a while it
becomes apparent that she's talking to E.C.A.
You're not going to tell me about
this, are you?
Get used to it.
Aurora glares at her before finishing eating her apple and
tossing it in the garbage, she puts her empty glass in the

She turns and just watches Aurora as she types, Aurora is
pointedly ignoring her.
After a while Aurora closes the laptop and sets it down on
the desk once again.

Aurora turns to face Allison.

They stare at each other for a minute before Aurora walks


towards the motel room door, she grabs a large metal case
hidden behind it when she reaches it before opening the door
and walking out.
Come with me.
Allison starts to follow before pausing when she realizes

She quickly runs back to by the bed and grabs her shoes,
slipping them on before running after Aurora.
Aurora has reached the lobby by the time Allison catches up
to her, she says nothing but raises her eyebrows as she
glances at the teenager.
      (Out of breath)
      (She points to her
       feet before
       vaguely gesturing
       back towards the
Had to grab.
Aurora turns forward and rolls her eyes, Allison doesn't

They walk out of the building and towards Aurora's car.

Aurora presses a button on her keys and the car unlocks, she
walks around to the driver's seat while Allison gets in the
passenger's side.
Aurora puts her keys in and starts the car, Allison watches
her curiously.

They pull out of the parking lot and start to drive.

After a minute Allison starts fidgeting before speaking
So... Uh, where are we going?
Aurora continues to stare straight ahead, after about three
seconds she answers Allison.


We're going to a secluded area
where I can train you so that you
might be able to survive
should you ever have to go up
against one of Xal's creatures
one-on-one, and trust me, the odds
are slim either way, you don't
want to go up against one of those
guys alone.
There is a pause, Allison glances out the window before
turning back to Aurora.
Uh, you go up against them alone
all the time... I think, I've only
just met you.
Aurora doesn't say anything but her eyebrows twitch together
for a moment.
I said that you don't want
to go up against them alone, I can
hold my own, you're a
normal human. They'll tear
you to shreds.
Allison rolls her eyes slightly and stays silent for a
minute before turning to Aurora again.
So how'd you get your powers?
Aurora's knuckles whiten on the steering wheel.
Why does it matter?
Allison shrugs, going back to looking out the window.
It doesn't, I guess, I was just
Aurora grits her teeth.


Ever hear the phrase 'Curiosity
killed the cat'?
Allison nods.
Who hasn't?
Aurora turns the car onto a dirt path.
I'd watch what you ask because you
were 'just curious'
Allison looks at her for a minute before turning to look out
the window again.

A long silence.
Will you tell me someday?
Aurora sighs as she parks the car, she turns to Allison.
When there's no other choice.
She unbuckles herself and gets out of the car.

Allison stays for a few more seconds, staring at where
Aurora just was before jolting back to the present and
getting out.
Aurora and Allison walk out into the field, Allison looks
around curiously.
So, uh, we're not going to be seen
here? It seems pretty open and
obvious for people to spot us here
to me, but that may be just me,
I'm assuming there's something
you're not telling me?
Aurora turns around to face Allison, raising both eyebrows.


You're catching on.
Aurora takes out a remote and presses a button, the ground
shifts and four rods raise out of the ground around them.
Distorters, anyone outside of them
will just see an empty field, and
no one will wander in on us
because no one will be walking so
far out in the field.
Allison watches as she sets the case she brought down and
starts to open it.
Okay, why are you
comfortable telling me some things
but act like I asked you to tell
me what your deepest fear is with
      (Opening the case)
Because there are some things that
you're better off not knowing, not
Aurora turns around and throws a large metal bat at Allison,
she shrieks and jumps out of the way.
      (With a hint of
       exasperation in
       her voice)
... You were supposed to catch it.
Allison walks over and picks the bat up, she turns to Aurora
with a dark glare in place.
A warning would have been nice.
You won't get a warning when
you're dealing with Xal's
      (Turns back to the
       case and starts
       fiddling around)
Which is why today's lesson is in


                       AURORA (cont'd)
Aurora suddenly turns around, throwing something at Allison.

Allison shrieks and jumps out of the way but the object
continues to follow her, jumping in front of her every time
she turns.

Aurora remains standing in the center, casually inspecting
her nails.
      (Her voice getting
       louder and softer
       as she passes
       Aurora while
       trying to outrun
       the object)
How, do, I, kill, this, thing?
Aurora continues to inspect her nails.
Okay, if you can't figure it out
then you have some really big
Allison pauses for a moment.
You're trying to kill me?
      (Sees the object
       still chasing her)
      (Starts running
       once again.)
Aurora watches Allison for a minute before sighing.
Think about this kid, what the
hell are you holding in your
Allison pauses and looks at Aurora before looking at the bat
in her hands, you can practically see the lightbulb
go off above her head.


Allison turns around to face the thing, holding the bat as
if it's her lifeline.

She takes a deep breath while watching the object
approaching, she pulls the bat back and after a few seconds
swings it, knocking the brown blur down.

The brown blur is revealed to be a strange small creature,
it gets to its feet immediately after hitting the ground and
jumps at Allison again.

Allison once again swings the bat and knocks it away,
farther this time, at first she is grinning, thinking that
she knocked it out permanently this time.

Her grin fades when she sees the creature once again begin
to run at her.

Allison gives a small, terrified 'squeak' before turning and
running behind Aurora.
      (Terrified, very
Kill it, kill it, kill it!
Aurora rolls her eyes before holding out a hand and letting
out a shrill whistle, the creature stops in its tracks.
How...? Isn't that...?
Aurora walks over and picks it up, walking back and putting
it into the metal container.
Okay, do you actually think that
this little guy was one of Xal's?
Xal would never make something so
      (Stands up and
       faces Allison)
It's one of my creations, I use my
own blood to experiment with
different ways to enhance the
powers I already have.
Allison places her hands on her hips and looks over at the
What the hell was that one?
      (Pause, Aurora
       raises her


                       ALLISON (cont'd)
       eyebrows. She
       quickly adds)
If you don't mind me asking.
Aurora takes the bat out of Allison's hands.
My speed, the blood is from a few
years back so I'm a bit faster
now, but I figured it would be a
good way for you to start.
How so?
Xal's creatures are typically very
slow, if you can get used to fast
creatures then the slow ones will
be easier to keep up with.
That... Kind of makes sense, I
don't completely understand it,
but I'll go with it.
So what were you saying about
super speed?
Aurora rolls her eyes before disappearing in a blur.
      (Her eyes are
       basically bugging
       out of her head
       as she looks
       around quickly.)
Um... Aurora? Where'd you go?
      (Pause, she places
       her hands on her
       hips. Shouting)
Don't tell me that you have
invisibility too!
      (Looks around,
       suddenly quite a
       bit more
Aurora...? This isn't funny!
Allison continues to look around, admittedly a bit
frantically, for about a minute before Aurora reappears in
the exact place she was before.


      (Looks around for
       a few more
       seconds before
       seeing Aurora,
       she freezes in
       place for a few
       moments before
       speaking, placing
       her hands on her
Where the hell did you go?
Aurora takes out a cheese burger and tosses it at Allison,
who barely manages to catch it.
      (Voice devoid of
       any emotion)
I would have been back sooner, but
the person behind the counter
seemed to think that I cared about
their life's problems.
Allison looks at Aurora before looking at the cheeseburger
in her hands, Aurora rolls her eyes.
It's food... More or less. You
eat it.
Allison gives her a dark look before slowly opening the
wrapper and taking out the cheeseburger, giving it one last
suspicious look before taking a small bite.
Aurora waves her hand and leans back against an invisible
wall, watching Allison as she starts to hungrily scarf down
the burger.
There's a beeping on Aurora's watch, she looks down at it
and after about ten seconds her eyes widen.

She blurs over to Allison, who has just finished her burger,
and grabs her shoulder.
Don't ask questions. We need to
get back to the motel room. Head
for the car.


Aurora blurs over to the metal case and picks it up, Allison
stands still for a moment longer before running towards the
Aurora brings down the distorters and makes sure she has
everything before blurring over to the car, reaching it just
a few seconds before Allison does.

Aurora opens her door and Allison, panting and a bit out of
breath, opens hers, they get in and Aurora starts the car,
tossing the metal case gently into the back seat.
Aurora drives the car out of the area, Allison looks around
They drive through the town in silence, though Aurora is
tense and Allison is nervous, before pulling into the motel
parking lot.
Aurora grabs the case and opens her door, Allison quickly
opens her own as well, they step out and start walking
quickly to the front door to the motel.
Aurora pushes open the door and she rushes past the front
desk, which isn't being watched for some reason, while
Allison pauses and walks over to it. Aurora continues up the
stairs to her room room
Aurora pushes open the door to reveal the motel room in
disarray, everything smashed and broken nearly beyond

Allison rushes up behind Aurora.
The woman behind the counter,
she's dead.
Aurora lets out a growl and walks into the room. Allison
notices the state of the room.
What happened in here?
Aurora punches the wall in anger, leaving a circular scorch


I'll tell you what happened, Xal
found out where I am, he sent some
creatures after me, he must have
thought that they were strong
enough to beat me, which is bad.
Maybe he's just getting
      (Shakes head,
       almost violently)
Xal's crazy - not stupid, if he
believes that some of his
creatures could have taken me out
I'm pretty sure that they could
have taken me out.
Aurora takes out the metal case.
I'm just lucky that my back-up
laptop is in here, otherwise we'd
be flying blind.
She opens the case, revealing that it is part computer. She
types in a few commands and a small drone quickly flies out,
scanning the room.
After about ten seconds the drone finishes and returns to
the case, a readout starts.
      (Reading aloud)
Trace amounts of organic material
found, material origin traced
Aurora trails off and turns to Allison.
Well, kid, looks like your first
mission is gonna be a big one.
She motions to the screen.
The organic material has a
chemical signature from a cave in
the woods about fifty miles west
of here, that's where Xal's set up
his latest lab, we have to take it


                       AURORA (cont'd)
Aurora closes the case and picks it up.
I keep all of the stuff that can
be useful on all missions in the
car, come on.
Aurora walks out of the motel room, Allison stays in place
for a minute, looking around at the destruction, until
Aurora is completely out of the room, she snaps out of it
and hurries to catch up.
                                         CUT TO
Aurora pulls the car up and stops, the two get out, Aurora
sighs and turns to Allison over the top of the car.
If you want out, now's the time to
say so.
Why do you assume that I want out?
I want to help you take this guy
It's just going to be a minor
blow, even if it wasn't, Xal
wouldn't be stupid enough to wait
for me to show up.
Aurora walks to the back of the car and opens the trunk,
pulling out two backpacks, she tosses one to Allison, who
was heading back to the back of the car, but stops in place
when she catches the backpack.
Fill it up.
With what?
Aurora rolls her eyes and motions for Allison to come to the
back of the car, she does and her eyes widen in shock when
she sees what's in the trunk.


With this.
Inside the trunk is dozens of explosives, the lettering
shining off of the moonlight as Allison stares with her jaw
dropped open.
I made them myself, five of these
bad boys can take out a city
block, we're going to cram as many
of these as we can handle down
Xal's throat with this one.
Allison takes a deep breath before carefully beginning to
put them in the backpack.
Relax, they won't go off unless
the detonator is activated, and
I've made sure that it isn't.
Allison starts to pick up speed in putting the explosives in
her backpack.
Aurora puts plenty of explosives in her backpack as well
before taking out blue sticks of some sort, slipping them in
another bag, and putting the bag they're in in her backpack.
What are...?
Markers, to be given a simpler
name, I can't explain the function
to you quite clearly, you'll
understand after we blow Xal's lab
sky high, we have to set them up
around the side of the cave we'll
be when it goes off.
Allison finishes putting the explosives in her bag and
Aurora reaches farther into the trunk, pulling out another
bag. Seeing Allison's curious look she rolls her eyes.
Guns, even if there's a good
chance they won't be of any use I
feel safer having them.


Which brings to mind this
question: If you have superpowers,
why do you need weapons?
Aurora glances at Allison before slinging her backpack over
her shoulder and holding the bag.
Because there may be a day that I
won't be able to use my powers,
and when that day comes, I'd like
to have something to fall back on.
Allison takes a step away from the trunk as Aurora pulls it
closed, they start for the edge of the forest.
Allison glances back at the car as they start walking into
the trees.
So, we're just leaving the car out
Once again, nearly impossible to
explain on the fly, you'll
understand soon.
Allison goes silent and they continue walking.
                                         FADE TO
Aurora enters the clearing shortly thereafter followed by
Allison, who falls down to the ground in a heap.
Aurora turns around and glares at Allison, about to say
something when Allison holds her hand up to indicate she
wants to say something.
Before. You say any. Anything. I'm
not going to be any use when we
get there if I'mů (Swallows) If
I'm dead on my feat.
Aurora gives her one last glare before rolling her eyes and
walking to the other end of the clearing while sliding her
backpack off.


      (Quietly to
This, this is why I work alone.
She sits down against a tree and watches Allison as she
takes a water bottle out of her backpack and takes a large
gulp. She looks around after a minute and sees something
that causes her to stand up and walk off screen.
Cuts to Allison, who finishes drinking and puts her water
bottle in her backpack before a large stick lands in her
lap, she looks up and sees Aurora holding a similar stick.
      (Raises eyebrow)
I take the break's over?
Aurora motions for her to stand up and she slowly does,
holding onto the stick Aurora gave her.
      (Quickly and
       sharply while
       circling Allison)
Move your right hand further
towards the end, tighter with your
left hand and twist it forward,
your legs should be slightly past
shoulder length and your knees
bent. Bend your elbows, not that
much, keep your head straight,
don't lean forward, and keep your
mouth closed as much as possible.
She moves in front of her (Facing her) and easily slides
into the same position.
Fighting lesson?
Didn't I say to keep your mouth
Aurora swings her stick at Allison, who barely blocks it,
and gives her no time to retaliate before striking again.
Miraculously, Allison manages to block each attack, albeit
As the fight continues a difference in their styles becomes
apparent, while Allison is keeping her hands firmly in place
Aurora is sliding them all over her stick to get into better


positions. Eventually Allison notices this and starts to
integrate the style into her own.
Allison takes the offense and starts to attack Aurora, she,
at face value, doesn't seemed surprised by this but her
footing falters for a moment.
They continue fighting for a while until Aurora knocks
Allison over onto her back and holds her stick to her throat
while kneeling over her stomach. There appears to be an
animalistic quality to her face. Both girls are breathing
So... How'd I do?
Aurora seems to snap back to the present and pulls her stick
back before getting off.
That was a training session, if
you'd been up against one of Xal's
latest creations - you'd be dead.
Allison props herself up on her elbows and looks at Aurora
as she walks over to the other end of the clearing and grabs
her bag.
So, what, B minus?
Aurora turns around a bit and glances at her out of the
corner of her eyes.
C plus.
Allison stands up and smiles.
yes! Passable.
Aurora gives a small smile/smirk before seeming to realize
what she's doing and snaps her head back to look in front of
      (Sharply, while
       sliding her
       backpack on)
We should get moving, we need to


                       AURORA (cont'd)
take out Xal's lab by Monday.
Allison gives a salute while picking up her own backpack.
They leave the clearing while Allison practices her hand
motions with her stick.
                                         FADE TO
Aurora and Allison are sitting by a fire, Allison is
shivering slightly.
How are you not cold?
As with most of your previous
questions about myself, the answer
is 'biological enhancement'.
Allison pauses before sighing and nodding.
They sit in silence for a bit. Allison fidgets as it becomes
apparent that she is trying to ask something, Aurora sees
this but says nothing.

Finally, Allison takes a deep breath and lets it out
partially before speaking.
Why haven't you ever helped anyone
who wasn't about to be hurt by one
of Xal's creatures?
Aurora freezes and looks at Allison in shock.
You heard me...
      (Takes another
       deep breath)
Look, I've been thinking about it
ever since you first started


                       ALLISON (cont'd)
training me, and now it's just
driving me crazy. I want to know
why you don't help anyone who
isn't being attacked by Xal.
Aurora looks Allison in the eyes, her face devoid of
emotion, though her body is stiff.
It's none of my concern what
happens to them.
Allison's mouth drops open in shock before she glares at

Allison stands up and looks down at Aurora with shock and
anger clear on her face.
'None of your concern'? It's none
of your concern if good people die
because you wouldn't help them?
Aurora stands up and blurs over the fire to stand in front
of Allison.
      (Suddenly angry)
There are no good people! There
are only people who think that
they're right and will do
everything in their power to force
their opinions on everyone else!
Allison takes a step back in shock, staring at Aurora with a
hint of fear clear on her face.

Allison breathes heavily for a minute before regaining her
ability to speak and stepping back forward.
That's a pretty generalizing
statement, there are good
people in the world but you're
just too wrapped up in your own
screwed up ideas of life to
realize that!
Aurora grabs Allison by her neck and pushes her against a
tree, putting on just enough pressure to keep her there and
keep her from speaking.


Allison stares with wide eyes as Aurora growls at her with
her lips pulled back in a silent snarl.
Do you want to know why I
only help those being attacked by
Xal's creatures?
Breathing heavily, Allison nods.
It's because...
      (Sighs, visibly
It's because it's my fault they're
in harms way.
Aurora releases her grip on Allison's neck and turns to face
the fire.

Allison stares at Aurora for a moment before sighing and
It-it's not your fault. You're not
the psycho who released those
Aurora whips around to face Allison, her eyes glistening,
startling Allison.
You don't get it, do you? He found
out about the experiment because
of me, Xal decided to try
and find his own way to evolve
because of me. The world is
in danger because I. Messed.
Aurora sighs and bites her lip, not meeting Allison's eyes.
I was the one stupid enough
to let Xal see the research, I was
the one stupid enough to
trust him. If you want to know why
I don't help those who aren't in
danger because of Xal I've already
told you, it's because it's not my
fault they're in danger.


Allison stares at Aurora for a few more seconds with pity
and surprise clear across her face before shaking her head,
the pity and surprise replaced with shock and anger.
That's it? You expect me to just
step back because of some 'I won't
help people who aren't in danger
as a direct result of me' shtick?
If that's your attitude then I
don't see how you can be
any better than what you think of
everyone else in the world!
Aurora looks up at her, surprised to see that Allison is
truly angry.

Aurora grits her teeth before speaking.
Look, do you know how hard it is
just being able to protect the
people Xal's going to hurt? I
barely have time to protect
them, much less save
other people.
I'm just saying you can be doing a
lot more to help everyone with
your powers than hiding in the
shadows and cleaning up your
Aurora sighs and falls back on to the ground, staring into
the distance.
Xal's forces are getting stronger,
smarter, and larger in numbers.
That's why we need to take
this lab out by monday, if we
don't then it could mean that Xal
Aurora looks up at Allison.
I can do this by myself, but if
you want to help, The cave is ten
minutes West of here.


Aurora stands up and walks to her side of the fire, picking
up her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder.

Allison stands in place, thinking, as Aurora walks past her,
picks up the backpack Allison had been carrying, and
starting to walk into the forest.

Allison stays in the same place she was for a few more
seconds before turning and running after Aurora.

Aurora looks at her and raises her eyebrows, Allison holds
out her hand and Aurora sets the backpack in it.
C'mon kid, we've got a lab to blow
They start walking a bit faster.
                                         FADE TO
Allison and Aurora reach the top of a hill surrounding the
cave, Aurora sees something and pushes Allison down.
Okay, ow.
Aurora puts a finger to her lips.
Aurora takes out a set of binoculars and hands them to
Allison, pointing to the mouth of the cave, through the
binoculars Allison can see two guards walking back and
Decoys, not too bright, they're
like humanoids but are made for
less important tasks, they can
usually only be taken out by up
close stealth attacks.
      (Hands Allison the
       bag full of blue
       ground markers)
Think you can set these up?
Allison nods.


Good, I'll take care of
Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.
Aurora blurs away.

Allison stays put for a moment before slowly standing up
below the hill, sticking a blue marker into the ground, and
running off.
Two guards are walking back and forth, while they're at
opposite ends of the cave entrance one falls, the other
turns and runs over only to fall down too.

Aurora steps out from the shadows and Allison runs up.
      (Lightly panting)
I, finished, putting up, the
markers. What are they for anyway?
Aurora hands her a black rectangular box.
I'll explain later, do you know
what this is?
Allison looks down at it, she looks as if she's about to say
something before closing her mouth and shaking her head.
Not a clue.
Aurora opens a panel on the top of the box to reveal a blue
button and a red button.
It's the detonator, I have one
Allison looks at the detonator before looking back at Aurora
and raising her eyebrows.
Aurora closes the panel on the detonator and moves Allison's
hands to slip it into her pocket.


Look, worst case scenario, one of
us goes down with this place, and
I don't know which so I want us
both to have a detonator.
Aurora hands Allison a gun and a bag.
Always the pessimist, aren't you?
I like to make sure that I have
myself prepared for every possible
Aurora and Allison walk into the cave, they come to a split
      (Looks down each
       for a moment)
I'll take the right.
She starts to move down when Aurora places a hand on her
upper arm.

Allison glances back to see Aurora holding her hand out, a
crumpled piece of paper clenched in it.

Seeing Allison's confused look Aurora sighs and pushes the
paper deep into an empty pocket on her vest, making sure to
button it closed.
Just in case I'm the one
who doesn't make it out.
Before Allison can say anything Aurora turns her towards the
entrance of the right tunnel.
One explosive every twenty feet,
when you run out just run past the
blue markers, and try not to get
in a fight unless
absolutely necessary. Keep
your ears and eyes open if you
don't want to accidentally walk
into some of Xal's creations.
Aurora pushes Allison slightly before turning and hurrying
down the left tunnel.


Allison stands in place for only a moment before hurrying
down the right tunnel.
Allison sneaks along the wall of the tunnel, she places an
explosive every now and again for a couple minutes before
freezing when she sees two creatures walking down the

While she is doing this Aurora is sneaking down the left
tunnel, planting explosives every twenty feet, she comes
across a large open room, inside of it is laboratory
equipment and several of Xal's humanoids working at it.

She freezes and looks down at her bag, ten explosives left,
she looks around, the end of the tunnel, it now just
connects with the one Allison took, she seems to think of
something, she closes her eyes, listening, she hears

In a blurry camera motion she sees the creatures getting
closer to where Allison is hiding, one stops and sniffs the
air, turning towards where the girl is crouched in the

Aurora's eyes snap open and she looks down at her bag,
winding it up and tossing it deep into the room before
taking out a large gun and firing several times into the
Back with Allison, the creature has nearly discovered her
when an alarm starts blaring, it and its companion turn,
pausing only for a second, and run deeper into the caves.
After a few seconds Allison steps out and her radio crackles
to life.
                       AURORA (Through radio)
Kid? I don't know if you can hear
me but, get out.
Allison's eyes widen and she slides her bag off of her
shoulder and winds it up before tossing it in the cave, as
soon as she hears it hit the ground, she turns around and
Allison runs out of the cave, jumping over rocks and other
obstacles before running past the blue markers and
collapsing to the ground and turning around to face the


She pants heavily for a few seconds before swallowing and
taking a few deep breaths.
      (Takes out walkie
Aurora! What the hell is taking
you so long?
In the cave Aurora is planting another explosive while the
creatures are attacking her, she looks in her bag, that was
the last explosive, she looks up to see the creatures
blocking all ways for her to exit.
      (Taps radio to
Alli? Remember that 'worst case
scenario' I gave you?
She shoots several rounds of bullets into the fray in front
of her.
                       ALLISON (Through radio)
Aurora shoots a few more creatures down, but for every one
she shoots down it's like two more take its place.
Well, 'worst case' has become
Outside of the cave, Allison sits up straight, shocked and
Please tell me that you're joking.
                       AURORA (Through radio)
Alli! Listen, are you past the
blue markers?
Allison looks around, she is several feet beyond the blue
markers separating her from the cave.
In the cave, Aurora is now down to two hand guns, quickly
running out of ammo.


Take out the detonator. Blue
button activates the shield, that
will protect you from the blast,
after that hit the red button,
that activates the explosives.
After that you want to get out of
here, once this place Mushroom
clouds Xal's going to send people
down to investigate, and I
wouldn't be surprised if the local
authorities popped up at some
point either.
      (Aurora runs out
       of bullets and
       starts to fight
Listen, one last thing?
Outside of the cave Allison is holding the detonator and
looking at her radio as Aurora's voice crackles through it.
                       AURORA (Through radio)
Prove me wrong, Alli, do the right
Allison pauses, looking to her pocket where the crumpled
piece of paper rests before looking at the detonator, she
presses the blue button and hesitates for only a moment
before saying something.
Goodbye Aurora...
She clenches her eyes shut and presses down on the button.
In the cave, Aurora is still fighting, she punches several
of the creatures before stopping when she hears a beeping.
She glances to her left and sees one of the explosives
activate. She smiles her first full sincere smile in the
Good job Allison.
The beeping picks up speed before Aurora is consumed by a
blinding light.
On the outside of the cave Allison looks up as she hears an
explosion and watches as the fires rush towards her only to
be stopped at the blue markers. A few tears make their way
down her face before she reaches into her pocket and pulls
out the piece of paper Aurora gave her.


She opens it and a chain quickly falls out, she reaches down
and picks it up, it's a crystal necklace.
She looks at the piece of paper, it's a photo of an old
house with Aurora and two boys standing in front of it. She
flips the picture over to find an address written on the
                                         FADE TO
A taxi pulls up to the bottom of the driveway and slowly
stops, the driver's window rolls down and he pokes his head
out before talking back to the person in the back seat.
                       TAXI DRIVER
You sure this is the place?
Cuts to the back window where Allison rolls down her window
to look at the house and glances down at a piece of paper in
her hands before nodding.
      (Getting out of
       the cab)
Yes, this is the place.
Allison hands the driver a large wad of dollars.
I hope this is enough.
The cab driver looks at the money before pulling some off
and handing it back to her.
                       TAXI DRIVER
Way more than enough.
Taxi driver glances up at the house.
                       TAXI DRIVER
You, ah, want me to wait for you?
Allison smiles but shakes her head.
No thanks, I can make my own.
                       TAXI DRIVER
Suit yourself, kid. But just call
if you need a ride back to your


                       TAXI DRIVER (cont'd)
house or something.
Taxi drives off and Allison stands staring after it until
she can't hear or see it anymore before walking up the
As Allison reaches the top of the driveway she's sees the
car, she pauses and stares at it for a minute before shaking
her head to clear her thoughts and continuing up.
Allison walks up to the door and tries to open it, the door
nob won't turn. She tries several more times before giving
up and taking a step back to look it over.
She starts twisting the necklace that Aurora gave her around
in her fingers before she sees the hole where it looks a
doorbell used to be.
She bends down and looks into it for a few seconds before a
spark jumps across it.
She jumps backwards and places a hand to her chest in shock,
when she does so her hand clutches the crystal
Allison sits and stares at the hole while breathing heavily
for a few seconds before she glances down at her crystal and
back up at the hole.
Allison stands up and slowly takes the necklace off and
walks forward before slowly (and with her hand shaking
slightly) pushing the crystal into the hole.
Several things happen at once, the crystal starts glowing,
Allison gasps and a high security lock unlocks before
E.C.A.'s voice comes out of a speaker.
Welcome Allison.
Allison looks at the speaker in surprise for a second before
pulling the crystal out and trying the door, this time, it
It is dark. Dark enough that you can barely make out the
silhouettes of a chair and some other things, such as a coat
rack, against the light coming from the door, Allison pushes
the door open and as she steps in the lights flicker on.
Allison looks around in shock, despite the run down look it
has on the outside the house the inside is state-of-the-art.


Allison take off her jacket and hangs it on the back of a
chair before walking farther into the house.
She walks around for a bit before coming to a set of stairs
that lead down, she pauses to think for a moment before
walking down.
Dark, Allison walks down the stairs and the lights turn on,
the lab is even more impressive than the rest of what she'd
seen of the house.
Allison walks around the lab, careful not to touch anything,
before coming to stop at a computer terminal.
She sits down and types something in.
Error. Not found.
She types in something, a frustrated look comes across her
face as E.C.A. says:
Error, not found.
She thinks for a minute before biting her lip and hesitantly
typing in one last option.
One match found.
Allison clicks on it and is surprised to find large amounts
of information on her in the file, from DNA to blood type to
her favorite food.
Allison sorts through it and discovers several other things
like a list of different enhancements before falling
backwards on the chair, shaking her head in disbelief.
She stares at the screen as a million thoughts run through
her head before a determined look comes across her face.
Allison sticks the crystal into another slot before she
presses a few buttons and the imprinting chamber opens and
several other machines start whirring to life.
Allison stands up and starts walking over to the imprinting
chamber, looking around at the machines as she goes.
                       ALLISON (V.O. CONT'D)
There will come a time in your
life when you will have to make a
choice. This choice will affect
not only your life but the lives


                       ALLISON (cont'd)
of everyone.
Allison steps into the imprinting machine.
Imprinting will begin in 10. 9. 8.
7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. activate.
                       ALLISON (V.O. CONT'D)
      (As ECA's speaking)
And when that time comes. All you
can do.
Machine activates, Allison arches her back for a few seconds
as everything tears through her before falling to the floor
when it's done.
                       ALLISON (V.O. CONT'D)
Is what you think is right...
Allison lays on the ground for a minute, her breathing is
slow and steady, sparks jump lightly between her fingers.


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