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The Diary of Jared Tyler
by Jason John Venden (jvenden@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Jared Tyler experiences the worst loss anyone can. The loss of his children to a child molester. When the killer is let free on a technicallity Jared takes justice into his own hands going after the Agent he holds responsible and anyone else he sees as guilty. A story where everyone is a victim.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Jared sit in a dimly lit log cabin writing in a spiral
notebook. Table cluttered with notebooks and news paper
clippings. Head lines boast of several child molesters going
missing or found dead. One headline reads "Judge found
butchered in his own court room" Some of the news paper
clippings are yellowed with age.
                       JARED (V.O)
If I could've been given some kind
of justice or closure none of this
would have had to happen. But when
a man, a normal everyday guy, has
his life torn from him. Well. This
broken system has failed me, my
family. I feel no remorse for what
I've done. What I'm about to
finish. I don't want forgiveness
nor do I hope you understand. Hell
i don't understand why all this
had to happen I just know it needs
to be done. The time for
understanding is over and the time
for forgiveness gone.
Jared is short but very muscular. Sweat runs down his bare
muscled chest as he rummages about the cabin. His face isn't
seen but his long black hair drips sweat across his
shoulders. He closes notebook and slides it and the others
into a large package addressed to Agent Phil Avent FBI
Nobody escapes the truth. Not you.
Not me.
Agent Phil Avent, a man in is early fifties yet in great
shape. He's well dressed in a gray suit and red tie. He
walks through the lobby of the FBI building in Milwaukee and
waits for elevator with other agents. He enters the elevator
with a small group of Agents. Agent Kent Jameson enters
last. He is in his late twenties also in a suit with bleach
blonde hair and a cocky attitude well written on his
smirking face. After the doors close Jameson farts.


Do you wait to get in here to shit
yourself every fuckin day?
Jameson doesn't acknowledge so Avent leans forward through
the crowded elevator even though he knew Jameson could hear
Hey asshole!
Jameson shoots a smile over his shoulder
I know the rest of you smell that.
You little prick.
Jameson exits on his floor. The doors close again. Avent
turns to a latino janitor beside him. A young man of around
ninteen twenty years old.
It's every fuckin morning right?
      (in broken english)
Shoot him. shoot that big asshole.
Avent exits elevator laughing. He steps out into a large
cubical filled room surrounded by glass walled offices.
Monarch meets him at the elevator. She is beautiful with
blue eyes and blonde hair yet her body language says she's
tough from being raised with brothers. She wears a sport
coat but less formal with her jeans and Nike shoes. She
cheerfully greets Avent as he exits the elevator.
Not often someone shows up here
laughing on a Monday
      (still snickering)
Hey Monarch. That fuckin janitor.
He says I should shoot Jameson
next time he farts in the
The two began to walk around the sea of cubicals dodging
oncoming Agents who hurry about their day.


Go ahead. maybe than the little
prick will stop asking me out.
Just tell him you have a
Like that stops that asshole
Is it still illegal to shoot
arrogant little assholes
They arrive at Avents well kept office. A metal desk
outfitted with fake wood veneer sits in the center with
hardly anything on it. A phone and a picture of Avent with
his late wife. A large leather chair sits behind it with two
office chairs oppisite of it. The rest of the office is bear
except some steel file cabinets and two plastic plants.
Avent walks to the desk as Monarch leans against the door.
Gotta check my mailbox. Want me to
pick yours up?
Yeah noway am I going near the
office gossip center today.
      (with a snicker)
Why afraid you'll learn something
about yourself
Avent slips out of his sport coat and hangs it on his
leather chair then sits down.
yeah yeah. Like those chin drips
know anything
Monarch leaves. Avent looks about the cubicals than spins
around to look out the window veiw of down town milwaukee
than turns back. With a bored sigh he buries his face in his
hands and falls into a cat nap until Monarch returns.


Done with your nap?
      (Still with his
       head buried)
No. Go away.
Wake up we've got something fun
No.It's monday. No fun just easy
Monarch walks over and sits in one of the office chairs
opposite of Avent at his desk. He still sits with his face
in his hands pretending to sleep.
What about a guy claiming to have
committed about a hundred of our
cold cases.
Avent lifts his head and looks through tired eyes. His hair
sticks straight up making Monarch giggle.
Do I look like I have that kind of
His name is Jared Tyler. He
addressed this to you.
Avent rubs the sleep from his eyes with growing concern. He
recognizes the name Jared Tyler.
What? What did you say?
Jared Tyler. Why what about it?
Monarch drops the opened package on his desk with Jared's
notebooks pouring out. She sits down with a pile of files in
her lap. He pulls a volume close stares at it for a moment
confused than picks it up. He again tries to rub the sleep
out from his eyes.


When did this come in?
Monarch thinks rolling her eyes and leaning back in her
                       AVENT (con't)
When! When!
It was dropped in you box friday.
You left early and told me to go
through what was left. I opened it
when I came in saturday.
Monarch leans forward with a puzzled look on her face. She
looks up at Avents hair and smiles slightly.
                       MONARCH (con't)
Could you fix your hair? You look
like Cameron Diaz in Something
About Mary.
Avent brushes the hair down with his hand as he reads the
notebook in his hand to himself. After a minute he looks up
at Monarch very serious looking.
Why didn't you call me with this?
I recall the last thing you said
friday was "If anyone in this
office calls my phone they will be
the next homicide in this office."
Besides it's probably some
crackpot. I mean who can kill over
a hundred people and never be a
suspect for anything? Than he
writes it all down and sends it to
you admitting everything and gives
his name. C'mon
Avent leans forward not making eye contact focused on the
Can you get me the files on some
of thesse victims?
Avent flips back and forth through the notepad and adds


God I can't believe he gave their
names. Any patterens to all this?
I only got half way through that
first notebook. But there seems to
be one.
Avent finally looks up from the notebook. A stern look on
his face.
Yeah. Well. What is it?
All the victims are child
molesters or have been convicted
for child abduction or murders.
Some even reported being tormented
by Jared before their deaths.
All these files for this?
Avent point to the stack of files on Monarchs lap.
Top half. Bottom ones are the
Buchannan case.
Dump that off on Winestead. He can
finish that up.
Avent paused and leaned back into his chair.
He addresses all this to me?
Yep. Care of Agent Phil Avent. It
had this little note inside
Monarch digs a folded peice of paper out of her small stack
of files and hands it to Avent
      (Reading the note)
This will give you more to do than
work in your garden Phil. Jared.


Avent sighs. He takes a moment to glance at the note books
and files on his desk shuffling them about mostly.
                       AVENT (con't)
How many of these cases do we have
here already?
I made a list of about twenty or
so but I only got about halfway
through that first notebook. I
haven't even looked at those two
Give me what you got. Take these
two and start going through them.
Get all the files we have and make
a list of what we don't. Find out
whose got those. And do it quick.
If he sent this shit he's planning
something we need to know what.
Not only do we need to catch up
with him we need to get ahead of
him so read fast.
Monarch gathers up two notebooks and files than quickly
leaves. Avent stares out over the city from his office
window for a moment than returns to his desk and begins
pouring over what Monarch left behind.
      (talking to nobody)
Son of a bitch is tormenting them
first. Is that what your doing
Avent waits patiently for the elevator alone. Monarch
      (All smiles)
Where you headed?
Avent rocks back an forth facing the elevator.
To find you. Figured you'd be down
in moth balls. What do you got for
me kiddo?


Monarch heaves up a stack of stuffed file folders.
Fifteen more.
Anything else other than more?
Haven't had time to read them yet.
Starving though.
Yeah me to. Let's hit sam's quick.
They enter waiting elevator
Avent enters as Monarch stands outside holding the arm full
of files.
You buying?
I don't know you really haven't
brought me anything yet.
No but I'm still the best thing to
ever happen to you.
Avent laughs and as he rolls his eyes.
k got me there kiddo. But look at
the competion.
Good than that's a yes.
Ah shit. Take those files back to
my office meet me in the lobby.
You know I still smell that
assholes fart in here.
Monarch laughs outloud as the elevator door closes with
Avent gagging inside.


You seem a little lost today.
What's up?
Avent and Monarch weave in and out of the crowds of people
walking down the crowded sidewalk.
Something about this guy makes me
That's not good.
Avent doesn't look at Monarch and concentrates on not
running into anyone.He appears lost in thought, thinking
outloud. Monarch listens intensely running into people left
and right trying to keep up and register everything at once.
He's even named as a person of
interest in several of the cases,
three in the same jurist
diction.Yet never once does anyone
question him. And he's only listed
as a person of interest in the
harassment cases not in the
murders that happen only weeks
apart. Some of those homicide
detectives are dam good ones. It's
not like them to over look
something like this.
Monarch begins walking shoulder to shoulder with Avent.
Maybe some people think he's doing
the world a favor.
Avent finally looks over at Monarch and chuckles. He also
runs into a short well dressed man walking torward him on
the busy street. The man shoots him a nasty look. Avent
still laughing shrugs the man off and turns back to Monarch.
Ha. Well we better at least find
out why he sent this to me. You
know just in case. If anything
well have like a hundred cold
cases closed out in a week. Not
bad. I'll even say you helped with


                       AVENT (cont'd)
a couple.
The deli has a long high glass deli case the length of one
end. It is long and narrow with small round tables parallel
to the counter. A few business type people sit at a table in
the center of the room while a lone punk kid sits at a
corner table. It is bright and clean. Monarch and Avent make
their way to end of the counter under a large "Order Here"
sign carved into a wooden plague of Wisconsin.
After as few seconds of looking around an old leathery
looking women wearing a hair net walks out of the back and
down the length of the counter to them. She is skinny with a
tired worn out look about her. Life has really run her down
sort of attitude about her.
      (raspy, impatient)
What sounds good.
What's the special?
The waitress points to a black chalk board behind her on the
wall with a snotty disappointing look.
French dip.
Monarch tries to decide while Avent answers his ringing cell
phone. The waitress becoming more impatient rolling her eyes
and lettign out a bored sigh.
I'll do the hard salami and
american on wheat.
Avent quickly hangs up his phone and impatiently jumps in.
And a special to go.
Waitress stomps away to get their order
She's a real ray of sunshine


      (motioning to
What was that all about?
Avent straightens his sport coat and adjust his gun to lean
on the counter as they wait for their orders.
A package just arrived at the
office. I'm hoping it's my
grandson's birthday present.I
ordered it off the internet.
Impressed. And than had it sent to
the office?
Monarch crosses her arms and leans back on the glass deli
Don't give me shit. It was bad
enough I had to have the ten year
old girl next door do it for me.
Katie! you had to have Katie do
Looking behind him at the people crossing in front of the
Hey he got what he wanted, it
shouldn't matter how.
Avent takes a deep breath than stands up straight and fixes
his coat again. He smirks at Monarch who is still giggling
at him.
Ha ha. How's Wil doin?
Good. He'll be back from Pheonix
I gotta get that fuckin job.


Monarch, still leaning against the deli case with her arms
crossed, stops laughing and rolls her eyes playfully.
Does every guy want to be a sports
Avent is pacing now constantly looking for the waitress to
bring their food out. Relaxed and happy yet a little figidy
to get back to the office.
Hell no! Guys want to be rock
stars and athletes. More pussy in
Avent wlaks over and leans into Monarch a bit and with a
cocky grin.
Oh come on. You know dam well with
a little bit of fame and a ton of
cash a guy doesn't hurt for sex.
Christ those guys get more ass in
a week than I've had in my life.
He turns and begins to pace again with his smile so broad
his teeth show. He giggles a bit as if to hold back his
You'd have to ask Wil. He's the
one around all the athletes.
You know I haven't had a man date
with Wil in a while. You think
he'll want to do eighteen holes
this weekend?
I'll ask. But he's my fiance so
you only get to borrow him.
Monarch leans forward giving Avent a scoulding finger as she
turns to the returning waitress.


Twelve bucks.
Avent fishes for money
Here keep the rest.
The waitress snatches money from Avent with a blank
depressing stare.
      (still smiling)
You to.
The waitress turns and walks away while Avent and Monarch
make their way to the door.
She's wonderful. So full of spirit
and hope. Like her whole life is
ahead of her.
oh yeah, wonderful.
The deli has a large window taking up most of the front of
the brick face. A large twenties style sign with fresh paint
reads "Sam's Deli and Fine Wine"
Shit I forgot a soda.
They have a machine in the break
room on two. C'mon it'll be
cheaper anyway.You bought lunch
I'll pick up the soda's.
Monarch grabs Avents arm and they begin to walk. Avent is
looking in his white sam's deli bag to make sure his order
is right. Monarch walks briskly letting go of his arm once
he's moving.
God when did it get so fuckin hot?


Monarch stops and looks behind to Avent who finishes
inspecting his lunch than shuffles forward quickly to catch
up with his partner.
Fuckin Wisconsin. From one extreme
to the next. Last week it was
Thought you'd be use to it. Didn't
you grow up here?
Avent looks up to the sun as the sweat starts down his for
head. He pulls his dress coat off and loosens his tie.
You never get use to it. It just
pisses you off more as you get
The elevator doors open on the break room floor. Monarch
jumps out as Avent holds the door.
Root beer right?
You know it
Avent watches Monarch stroll down to the break room a few
doors to the right. As he watches for her Jameson enters the
elevator from the left undetected by Avent. Monarch returns
with two soda's and her and Avent back up into the elevator
as she hands him his root beer. As the doors close Avent
notices Jameson.
Oh come on you gotta be fuckin
shittin me!
The elevator doors shut.
Avent and Monarch exit the elevator trying to escape the
smell left by Jameson. Avent holds his Deli bag lunch in
one hand and his soda in the other. The agents in the
cubicles all turn and look as Avent begans to shout.


      (Shouting at
Every fuckin time! It's every time
that asshole gets in the elevator
he shits himself. Every time, It's
god dam ridiculous. Maybe someone
should shoot him in the ass! Is it
just when I'm in there? How the
fuck am I suppose to eat after
that shit.
Monarch waves off the smell as Avent shouts. She begins to
laugh but the smell gets to her and she coughs it out.
Ok.Ok. He's just a little
Avent holds the door for Monarch as she enters the office
once again laughing. Avent is noticeably angry.
That mother fucker.
Avent storms to his desk as Monarch takes a seat opposite of
him in an office chair. He spins a white package with a
lightning bolt on it. He fishes through the center drawer of
his desk for a letter opener. He grumbles about Jameson
farting in the elevator all the time as he cuts the packing
tape open on the box. An air powered explosive launches
brains, blood, and entrails all over the office.
Now I'm really not hungry.
Avent sits squishing in his chair. Noticing something in the
box yet he leans forward and reads the laminated note taped
tot he bottom.
Do I have your attention yet?
Monarch looks shocked as blood and goo drips from her pale


      (holding up a note
       from the box)
Do I have your attention yet
Avent, still covered in crap,leans way back in his chair
folding his hands behind his head. Monarch wipes crap from
her face in a little shock.
      (smiling, calm)
He's original. Can't say I saw
that one coming. Ha son of a bitch
Monarch unlock the door to her condo and walks into the
living room. The condo is huge and more suiting Wil's income
level than her own. Wil is in the kitchen. Tile floors and
modern cabinets with a large island in the middle of the
Baby. Wil honey you home?
Kirsten. Yeah in the kitchen.
Monarch bounds into the kitchen and kisses Wil who cooks at
a stainless steel stove. She passes by and opens the
stainless steel fridge door and retrieves a bottle of beer.
Smells good baby.
Monarch slips up behind Wil who presents her with a shrimp
on the wooden spoon he is cooking with.
Just sauteed the shrimp. What's
got you glowing?
Monarch eats the shrimp than skips around to sit on a
leather bar stool on the opposite side of the island.
Finally started a case that isn't
cold today.
So this is the last night together
for at least a week. Right. Or is


                       WIL (cont'd)
it a month? So do I need to think
about gettin a mistress.
Wil turns around and walks to the island holding the pan of
sauteed shrimp. He smiles as he fishes a pot holder out of
from a drawer and lofts it onto the island before setting
the pan down between them. He than begins searching the
drawer for forks never breaking eye contact with the smiling
You can have a puppy. No mistress.
No other women would put with your
oh so charismatic sense of humor.
Presenting her with one of the forks he'd found.
What I'm funny.
Monarch nods her head as she rolls her eyes and stuffs her
mouth with shrimp.
Avent wants to golfing this
weekend, be funny with him.
Wil also eating shrimp suddenly drops his fork to the island
top and begins to jump and clap like a child making Monarch
Cool man date. Man date.
They both return eating their shrimp as they giggle. Monarch
begins to shake her head.
You two get so excited over each
Wil sets his fork down in the pan with a piece of shrimp
still on it and begins to walk around the island toward
Monarch neither breaking eye contact.
      (walking around
       the island)
Oh yeah.
Wil picks up Monarch and carries her to the couch in the
living room with the both of them laughing like teenagers.


We'll see who gets excited.
Avent sits alone at a desk in a cubical looking into his
office. He watches as six janitors try to clean blood and
guts out of his office. He returns to Jared's journal and
his list of victims now thirty deep. Banging in the office
distracts him.
Fuck this
Avent drives along a a deserted interstate through the
darkness. A love song plays quietly on the radio as he rubs
the stress from his neck. His ninety nine CAR has it's air
conditioning broken so he drives with the window down. Avent
loosens his tie and slips it off over his head and throws it
onto his sport coat laying on the passenger seat. Jared's
diary also rests on the dash on the drivers side. Avent
reaches forward and grabs the diary holding the spiral
notebook up.
What a fuckin day.
He discards the diary on top of his tie and coat.
Outside Avents house (A small simple ranch). Avent walks out
the front door locking it behind him. Dressed in jeans and
brewers jersey. He hurries down the street to the lit up
bar. He stops in front of a neighbors and looks at the well
kept home than looks back to his in need of repair and
      (throwing his
       hands up.)
Shit. Ah Fuck you old man.


The bar is long wide and dark. Peanut shells cover the floor
under the bar stools and tables.It's not really busy, a few
guys play pool in the back. Avent walks the length of the
bar. Behind the bar Jack walks step for step with Avent.The
two look the same in build and height. Jack is noticeably
younger but still in his late forties.
Hey Phil. What brings you out,
miss me?
Yeah, been busy Jack.
Avent steps up to a bar stool at the end of the bar next to
a mega touch game. He rests his elbows on the bar.
Sure. Oh boy I know that look.
Vodka and lemonade Phil?
Jack turns to get the bottle off the rail and begins making
the drink.
      (serving the drink)
You sure you want to go back on
the hunt?
Avent looks up with a cocky smirk and pulls the drink up to
his chest.
You wanna get a job other than
pushing the last legal drug?
That hurt. You hurt my feeling
Phil. I'm telling mom.
Jack grabs a busing tub and slides it on top of a cooler in
front of Avent. He opens a dishwasher next to the cooler
tucked under the bar and begins to take glasses from the tub
and loading the dishwasher.
      (taking a drink)
I thought I was the baby of the


No, what we said is you act like
the baby in the family.
Jack takes the empty tub and slides it up onto the back bar.
He then turns back to Avent wiping his hands with the bar
rag hanging from his belt. Avent still leans onto the bar
with his elbows propping him up.
Nice. Slow night?
Jack leans forward and opens the cooler in front of Avent
under the bar and gets himself a beer. He opens it takes a
drink then flicks the bottle top at Avent.
Was full. Someone said they saw
you walkin this way. Place cleared
right out.
      (finishing his
Yeah I've got a talent.
Avent leans back on his stool holding onto the bar so he
doesn't fall off the backless stool.
That's what we're here for.
Time passes by as Avent gets drunker the bar empties out
until he and Jack are the only two left. Jack turns out the
front lights and switches the sign on the door to closed
then heads to the far end of the bar where Avent sits
drinking alone.
      (cracking a beer)
Well if I'm not gonna make any
real money I might as well just
sit here and have a drink with


      (slamming down his
       empty glass)
Let's fuckin do it.
Fuck I aint catchin up though
that's for sure. Damn Phil.
The two sit and get drunk. They watch sport center on the
big screen above the bar. Most of the talk revolving around
how the Brewers were doing and who the Packers picked up in
the draft. Jack leans heavily on the bar tipping a long neck
while Avent still works on his vodka and lemonades.
      (slurring heavily)
So why this guy? Thought you
wanted to give this shit up. Ya
know ride cold cases til that
early retirment.
      (hardly able to
       talk and balance)
Why? I don't know he asked for me.
Don't know why. He seems to know
me knows things about me.
Avent sits up and chokes back the urge to vomit. Jack leans
on his right arm and points at Avent as he tries to blink
the drunkenness out of his bloodshot eyes.
I no no. I don't know. Gotta bad
feeling bout this guy Phil.
Jack belches several times while talking. Avent leans back
thinking Jack is gonna puke on him.
That's called vomit.
Fuck you I aint pukin fucker.
You worry to much Jack.
The bar Phone begins to ring. Jack uses the bar to gain his
balance and makes his way to the middle of the bar were the
cordless phone sits ringing on the bar next to a ash tray
filled with cigarette buts.


Yeah yeah what ever. Busted Nuts.
Yeah he here hold on a second.
Phil phone.
Jack makes his way back down to Avent holding the phone out
in front of him. He hands it off to Avent and grabs his beer
off the bar in front of Avent.
Who's it?
Jack tips his beer up and turns his attention back to sport
center shrugging his shoulders.
How the fuck should I know.
Avent puts the phone to his ear.
Yeah dis, (burp) dis,this is
After a second or two a calm collected voice of a man comes
across the phone.
Drinking on a school night? Shame
shame Agent Avent. You must not
have anything important on your
plate. Or maybe nothing more
important as getting drunk with
your brother.
Not knowing the voice Avent pulls the phone away from his
ear and looks at it. He looks at Jack wondering how the man
knew they were brothers. Returning the the phone to his ear
he asks.
Who is this?
The line stays silent for a minute than just as Avent goes
to ask again the voice continues and answers.
      (boldly, calm)
This is Jared Tyler.


Everything goes silent as Avent stare ahead. His alcohol
soaked brain focuses on the words the voice just uttered so
      (matter of
You'll never catch me like this.
Sitting there on that tattered bar
stool at the far end of your
brothers bar. Yeah the seat next
to that obnoxious fuckin touch
screen all the ladies play. You
know if you want to waste your
time wasting it fuckin someone.
Our darling Kirsten knows how to
waste time. She's fuckin like a
rabbit! Tomorrow's another day
Phil, better get a jump on shit.
Oh and Phil, quit wasting my
fucking time!
The phone goes dead. Avent slowly sets the phone down.
Who was it?
Avent still staring at the wall behind the bar.
Jared Tyler.
Avent shakes the stare off as Jack giggles like a little
girl. He picks up his vodka and takes a sip and looks up at
his snickering brother with a serious look on his sagging
drink face.
The killer who sent me the
exploding brains.
      (sobering off
Oh shit.


Avent and Jack share a concerned stare. Avent than picks up
his drink and slams the half a glass left in it then slams
it on the bar.
Yeah shit, lots and lots of shit.
The doors open and Jameson exits. Avent is in a clean neat
suit but is noticeably hung over. He leans forward as the
doors begin to shut.
Keep laughing asshole!
Avent steps back next to the Hispanic janitor. He shakes his
head as the janitor looks straight ahead with no emotion on
his face.
      (broken English)
Shoot him. Shoot that asshole.
he rocks on his heels as the janitor turns and looks at him
still with a blank look on his face.
      (half serious)
Really think I should?
In meheeco I stab that bastard
Avent laughs at the janitor who never shows any change in
      (exiting elevator)
Do it I won't tell. If I don't
shoot the fucker first.
The janitor shouts at him as the doors close.
Shoot him, shoot the fucker!


Monarch is beside Avent as soon as he exits the elevator.
The two walk side by side around toward Avents office.
The cell number from Jack's caller
ID is to a prepaid cell. The best
we can do is get the tower the
call originated which does us
absolutely no good. The tower is a
city tower so all we know is he's
in town. And we know he bought the
cell at the mall yesterday. We got
the surveillance recordings of the
stand he bought it at but all we
got was the back of his head.
Monarch waits for a response but doesn't get one. Avent rubs
his head noticeably hung over and irritable.
How could he know what both of us
were doing at the same time.
Avent stops at the door to his office. He grabs the nob and
turns to Monarch and snaps.
He couldn't and how the fuck would
I know anyway? He's a bold
arrogant little shit. I'm not
liking it at all.
He opens the door and stomps in getting his brief case
caught on the door pissing him off more. He struggles to get
it free than kicks the door open. The door slams open than
whips back and hits Avent as he tries to walk in. He cusses
as he bulldozes through the door. Monarch waits a minute
trying no to laugh at Avents self induced misery. She
composes herself and follows him in.
Avent makes his way around his thoroughly cleaned desk.
Monarch stays leaning on the door she holds back her
laughter and tries not to smile. Avent opens drawers and
shuffles around anxiously. Finally he slams his brief case
on the desk opens it and sits down pulling out a bottle of


So what's the plan?
He cracks the bottle of aspirin and dumps some straight out
of the bottle down his throat. Only then does he realize he
has nothing to drink grabs his trash can from beside the
desk and spits out the aspirin.
      (half shouting)
Get everything. I mean everything
and meet me in conference room b.
It still fuckin stinks in here.
Monarch looks at the floor as she still leans in the
Can't CPR training.
The agitated Avent spits aspirin debris out into the can
than tosses it back to it's place next to the desk only to
have it fall over and onto it's side.
Fuckin christ. Bring the shit here
than. They teach us to shoot the
fuckers then breath them back to
life, that makes a fuck load of
Monarch leaves meeting the chief a few steps away. The chief
is tall and thin, the same age as Avent early to mid
fifties. He also dresses quite neatly in a dark blue suit,
white shirt and a lavender silk tie.
I'd stay outa there chief. He's
testy today probably bite your
head off too.
Chief smiles. He towers above the short Monarch standing
well over six foot. Letting out a small chuckle he turns
into Avents office. Avent avoids eye contact digging
paperwork from his brief case trying to appear busy.
Shit, this'll be good.


The chief stands in the doorway watching and smiling at
Avents feeble attempt to seem busy and his apparent
What? What do you want Jim?
His snappy response causes the chief to start laughing at
the clearly suffering agent who still does not make eye
contact. Pulling files from his bottom desk drawer Avent
tries to keep up the illusion of being to busy to talk.
      (still smiling)
Settle down Phil. So when were you
gonna tell me about all this Jared
Was waiting to run into you at the
country club.
Nice Phil.
The chief walks over and sits opposite of Avent who is still
looking down pretending to be hard at work. The chief smiles
ear to ear watching the horrible act Avent is giving him. He
shakes his head trying not to laugh.
Well what exactly do you want to
know Jim? That I got nothin.
The chief moves and ducks his head around trying to catch
the pretending Avents attention. Still very much amused at
the hungover overachiever.
Why this guy Phil?
Gonna take it away from me Jim?
Avent snaps back quickly but still refuses to look up from
his make believe work.
Should I? Look Phil I'm just
curious as to why. Almost up for
early retirement riding out cold
cases. This isn't like you to just


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
want to jump back into the deep
Well he picked me. It's personal
to him.
The chief still ducking and weaving to get some eye contact
is getting noticeably frustrated with the lack of respect.
Avent flips through the pages of a file pretending to read
Stop acting busy Phil. Answer my
question. Why him? Why now? You've
got nothin to prove. You could've
turned it over and walked away you
know that. So why Phil? Why fuck
up a clear easy ride to outa here?
Avent rocks back in his chair and finally makes eye contact.
His eyes are blood shot and he sports an angry tired look on
his face. Frustrated he leans onto his desk not breaking the
newly found eye contact.
Well do you think I don't know
that Jim? Look he sent all this to
me, he seems to have personal
information about me. About
Monarch too. Look just let me
figure out why me than you can
have the fuckin thing. Fuckin let
me do my job, been at this almost
thirty five years. I think I'm
      (backing off)
Calm down Phil. Hey you want some
Well that damn shield in your
pocket says I'll get it anyway.
As a friend Phil. You haven't
fucked up enough for me to pull
rank. Yet.


      (growing more
Well what?
Leaning way back in his seat the chief studies the face of
his old friend. The two men sit in silence for a few minutes
before the chief breaks eye contact looking around the
office then raises to his feet. He slides his hands back
onto his hips holding his coat back. He takes a breath and
looks back at Avent.
Nothin Phil. Do what you do. Oh
and next time you and Jack decide
to get all fucked up. Make a phone
call haven't seen Jack in awhile.
Avent looks up and they smile at one another than start to
Oh and Jared sent these over says
there's a band playing at the rave
he wants you to see. Left you a
nice note in there too.
The chief drops an envelope on Avents desk than strolls
slowly out looking over his shoulder a few times. Avent
scoops up the letter bearing the words "c/o Agent Phil
Avent." He retrieves a letter opener from his desk and
swipes the letter open. He folds it out and begins to read.
                       JARED (V.O)
Dear Phil. Or is it Agent Avent?
I'm unclear where our relationship
stands right now. Than again
neither are you. Well since the
journal was such a bore for you
maybe a night on the town will do
you some good. If your not to hung
over. Jared.
P.S. Micheal Jacobsen?
Avent sets the note to the side. He notices two concert
tickets still in the bottom of the envelope. He flips it
over and dumps them onto the desk along with he letter and
mess of pretend paperwork. He rubs his eyes then drops his
head to the desk and tries to sleep away some more alcohol.


The door flies open as monarch rushes in with a file and
slaps it onto Avents desk next to his sleeping head. He
jumps up with the shit scared out of him.
He's on probation.
Avent leans way back in his chair with a yawn and a stretch.
Looking up to the ceiling he rubs the sleep from his eyes.
Monarch sits across from him beaming with a satisfaction at
the news.
      (half awake)
Jacobsen. I saw the letter on your
desk and didn't want to wake you
so I checked out the name.
She smiles feeling they might be onto something. Avent
however just tries to wipe sleep from his face.
For what?
Monarch leans forward across the desk and flips a couple
pages of the file over then points out the charge sheet.
Sexual assualt of a minor.
Avent leans forward in his chair and reads the single page.
He than picks it up and rubs his forehead while he finishes
reading and let's out a sigh.
Well that's not much of a fuckin
surprise. Do we have time to find
this asshole?
I sent a couple uniforms to his
house and work. He had off today
and his roommate said he left
early this afternoon. Doesn't
think he'll be back til late. He's
got tickets for the same show we
do tonight.


Rising to his feet Avent begins to walk toward the huge
windows of his office. Just before reaching them he turns
looking much more serious.
Ok call Jim get me six plain
clothed agents. No goddamn
investigators just field opts. And
call the club we need to know what
security is like.
I'm on it. I'll get you some
aspirin to.
Getting up from her seat Monarch begins to gather up the
file and heads for the door. Avent shouts after her as she
walks out the office door.
Thanks my fuckin head is pounding.
She waves back through the door in acknowledgement and keeps
walking. Avent opens Jareds Journal up to a random page and
notices a passage.He reads it flipping through the pages as
Jared describes the brutal torture and murder of a man
suspected of murdering a child.
Jesus christ this guys mean as
Monarch throws a bottle of aspirin to Avent.
Oh nice.
Monarch motions to Avents hair as she rounds his desk. He
tries to flatten it out as she grabs his sport coat off the
back of his chair.
Time to go boss.


Avent slips his arms into his coat as Monarch holds it up
for him.
Really what time is it?
Eight. Show starts in an hour.
Avent routes around in his desk for his I.D. and holsters
his gun. Monarch grabs two files from his desk and the
journal sitting on it.
c'mon hurry up. I've got eight
agents meeting us there.
Storing his I.D. into his inside pocket and his clip on
holster to his belt Avent rounds his desk behind Monarch and
once again tries to flatten his hair down.
Ok ok. I'm moving as fast as I
fuckin can. Can't believe I'm
still hungover.
They rush out of the office.
If that asshole is in the elevator
shitting his pants I'm fuckin
shootin him.
Monarch navigates her 4 door dark green Sable through the
lit city streets of down town Milwaukee. As they near the
club they notice a line of kids along the sidewalk waiting
for the doors to open. Mohawks, piercing, and odd colored
hair set off their baggy dark uniforms and skater shoes.
I hate these fuckin places.
Avent scowls as he leans against the glass looking out over
the crowd of kids hanging out along the street waiting
patiently for the concert.
Maybe that's why he picked it. You


Who the hell knows what he's
thinking. Or doing.
He snaps back noticeably still hungover. He lack any
enthusiasm as he leans his head on the passenger side window
looking out at the freak parade on the sidewalk.
Management said to park around
back by the band busses.
Avent looks over at Monarch with a little surprise on his
By the band buses? Hell we could
make it a drug bust while we're at
Monarch turns her blinker on as they approach the alley way.
The concert goers blocking the way politely move out of the
way with one kid even waving her through.
What? I can smell the fuckin pot
Avent leans his head back on the window as they enter the
alley way.
Several men stand in a circle around Monarch. Avent leans on
her car still fending off his hangover and mumbling about
the music already blasting from inside the club.
      (Loud, in control)
Here! These are pictures of Mr.
Mike Jacobsen. Avent knock it off.
Avent holds his ears as he leans with his elbows on Monarchs
car. He rolls his eyes and shuffles back and forth not
really paying attention.


Well it's like hearing the gun
shots that are gonna kill you.
Listen to that shit.
Monarch hits the hood of her car in front of Avent. She
scowls at him annoyed by his behavior.
She shoots him one last disapproving glance and turns back
to the other agents who patiently await her instruction.
Mr. Jacobsen is probably breaking
his probation by being here and
he's more than likely drinking. We
don't care. Until Avent or I give
the. Phil pay attention.
With a loud sigh Avent stands straight up and turns to face
the ring of Agents. He rubs his neck as he looks at the
ground acting more like a bored teenager than a FBI agent.
I am!
Monarch once again gives him the the unsatisfied glare then
turns her attention back to the men who are still listening
for their instructions.
Fine. Not until Avent or I give
the go ahead to grab him just let
him be. Watch to see who
approaches him. Any attempt to
start any kinda violence grab him
and who ever else may be involved.
We have no description of Jared
Tyler yet so we want Jacobsen to
mingle and see if Tyler makes a
move. Questions?
Agent Adams is a young blond man in his late twenties. He
stands around six foot four and is well built. He's wearing
a dark suit that was no doubt well maintained but by this
time of night it showed the wear and tear of his days work.
Probation for what?


Sexual assualt of a minor.
A short Latino officer off in the back says loudly.
                       OFFICER #2
Should let the fucker get killed.
The agents snicker at their little joke. Monarch is not
amused by it and the laughter quickly comes to a halt.
Good we all agree. Let's call it a
night and go home.
Look I think he's got it coming to
but Tyler has proved to be very
dangerous. Phil! A little help!
Avent finally looks up at the group, half hearted he begins
to address the situation.
Break up into pairs. One watches
Jacobsen, the other watch your
Monarch turns to walk to the back door to the club. As she
does she hits Avent in the stomach with the back of her
K. Good let's go. Your
unbeleivable Phil.
Rubbing his belly Avent dutifully follows.
Sorry mom.
The club is packed as a metal band blares out a loud
slamming set. A mosh pit consumes the center of the floor in
front of the stage. The stage is separated by a wall of
bouncers. It's extremely loud.


      (Shouting over the
Stay close!
      (also shouting)
Why? Don't you think I can handle
No. These people scare the shit
out of me!
As Avent fights the urge to puke still nursing his pounding
head, Monarch fight her way up to a bartender showing her
badge. Avent right behind her.
      (holding up the
Seen him?
By the stage I think.
By the stage!
I hate this fuckin place.
This way.
Who's gay?
Monarch shoots him a bad look than leads him to the stage.
Still not seeing him she asks a huge muscular bouncer who
points him out than picks Monarch up over the crowd to help
her spot him. They manage to get within watching distance of
Jacobsen. A fat man walks into their view for what seems
like forever. When he move out of the way Jacobsen is
holding his guts blood streaming through his hands and from
his neck. His head almost falls off as he falls to the floor
dead. They race to the body looking around for any one


suspect. Avent pulls out his gun Monarch discovers hers
missing.The crowd and band quickly catch on the band exits
stage the crowd tries to pile out the exits.
      (over the panicked
My gun. My gun is gone.
      (straining to hear)
      (slowly. loud.)
My gun is gone!
      (throwing her his
       backup weapon)
They circle the body scanning the crowd as the people try to
file out.Everyone moving away from them quickly. Monarch
hears her cell ringing and for some reason answers it.
Agent Monarch here.
This is Jared Tyler.
Monarch is quiet not responding just looking around to see
if she can spot her caller.
Your not impressing me Kirsten.
You two have me walk right past
you. I took care of micheal right
in front of you then walked right
back past you. By the way nice
pistol. To Krissy? Is daddy a gun
enthusiast? Buying your little
girl a side arm is quite touching.
a voice comes across the phone talking to Jared.
Gimme your fuckin wallet asshole.


Excuse me one moment Kirsten. What
did you say to me.
Give me that goddamn wallet bitch.
just one more moment Kirsten.
POP! POP! POP!POP! The shot echo through Monarchs phone.
      (still calm)
I can't be charged for killing
muggers can I? Nevermind you'll be
to busy explaining how they got
shot with your gun. One's mexican.
Can't I shoot the illegal ones?
Either way they got what they had
coming just like Micheal there.
Jared adds a few more shots to the three already dead
muggers than drops the gun on one of their chests and begins
to walk.
Well Kirsten this conversation has
become a monologue.Anyway I see
you two have quite the mess to
clean up. I have called at a bad
time.I apologize. We will keep in
touch right Kirsten. I'll be
Phone goes dead.
      (Checking on
Who was that? Monarch who the fuck
you talkin to.
He called me. Jared called my
fuckin cell.


How did he get my number? He's got
my gun. He shot some people with
my gun. He's got my goddamn gun!
He shot who?
      (getting angry)
I don't know muggers. How'd he get
my number?
Ok settle down. He's just fuckin
with us. Now did it sound like he
was in the building yet?
The shots echoed, like he was in
an alley or something.
K. He's gotta be out back let's
go. You sure your alright kiddo?
Yeah. Damn it.
three bodies lay between Monarch's car and the tour buses.
Monarch's gun lay on one of their chests. Two bullet holes
pierced Monarch's car from Jared's shooting of the muggers.
The alley way has a stream of blood running down the center.
Monarch reaches for her gun but Avent stops her.
Don't fingerprints. Not that
they'll do us much good. Shit what
a fuckin mess.
Now what?
Avent let's out a lung full of air and throws his hands up,
with his pistol still in his hand. he spins around a few
times examining the scene.


Security camera's. Do they have
any security camera's?
Yeah they said something about
recordings in the upstairs office
I think.
The other agents join them in the alley.
      (barking orders)
Shit. Hey you two start processing
this. You blond guy take care of
the mess inside.
Avent leave the others to deal with the scene as they run
back inside.
Monarch and Avent are accompanied by the large bouncer who
had lifted Monarch up earlier. The three enter a small
office with a cluttered desk and some metal file cabinets.
Old card board liquor promotions are stuffed behind the file
cabinets and outdated bikini posters are still stuck to the
wall. In the center of desk is a newer flat screen computer.
The bouncer quickly leans over the chair and accesses the
Whatever you need should be in
The large bouncer backs up once the security displays are on
the computer. Monarch jumps into the seat in front of the
      (clicking away at
       the computer)
Thanks. What's the password to
access your system?
The bouncer leans in on the back of the chair to read the
Groupie. What it's the most
abundant thing we've got.


Avent stand behind and off to one side of the bouncer
looking the large man over. He pays little attention to the
computer and keeps his eye on the big man. The bouncer
straightens up and notices Avent checking him out. The
bouncer takes a step away and gives Avent a strange look.
      (smarting off)
Have you ever considered the
ballet? I mean a man of your size.
The bouncer cracks a small grin mildly amused at the
comment. he takes another look at Avent and replies.
Have you ever considered gay porn.
I mean a guy with that build.
Monarch giggles alittle but stops suddenly when she finds
the footage they are after. She quickly clicks on the point
of view she wants and sends the little image to full screen.
Here. Here. I got it. Ready watch
this here.
A man with a black knee length leather coat and jeans with
his long black hair down to his shoulders walks into the
scene with his back to the camera. He walks past Monarch and
in one fluid movement he lifts Monarchs gun as he passes. He
walks up to Jacobsen who towers over him and stabs him in
the stomach to get him to bend over than slashes his throat
with one swipe than turns back, walks around the fat man and
right past Avent. Just as the man gets to the camera he
stops and looks directly into it with dark cold eyes and a
calm look he glares into the camera than gives a wicked
smile than leaves. Jared Tyler now has a face to Avent who
finds him familiar.
That. When he looks up at the
camera freeze that.
Avent shouts as he points wildly. Monarch taps the keyboard
muttering "Ok, ok" as she rewinds the footage to Jared
approaching the camera.
Holy shit.


      (matter of
Got that right.
Avent steps back and runs his fingers threw his hair. He
takes a quick glance at the stunned bouncer than returns his
eyes to the penetrating stare of Jared on the computer
      (taking control)
Get a tape. We can have a copy
The bouncer backs away from Monarch and Avent. He doesn't
answer at first he just looks at the computer screen. He
wipes his face down with his hands and shakes his bald head.
Yeah. Just burn it to one of those
blank dvd's. Management said to
give you whatever you wanted take
The bouncer takes a breath as he rubs his hairless head with
both hands.
Holy shit.
Thanks tiny.
Avent turns his attention back to Monarch still sitting at
the computer. The bouncer gets himself together then turns
to Avent.
Do you nickname everyone after
your penis?
Avent and Monarch exit the rear of the building into a
chaotic back alley. Cops are everywhere, red and blue lights
paint the walls as ambulances and squad cars sit at an idle
throughout the cramped alley. Photographers surround the
bodies as Agents instruct what to get shots of.


                       OFFICER #2
Avent! Avent. This was under the
wipers of your guy's car.
An officer runs up and hands an envelope to Avent as he and
Monarch exit the rear of the club.
Page 180. Read the fuckin journal,
I told you not to waste my Fuckin
time. Jared.
Avent walks up next to Monarch both arriving early.
Your here early boss.
They stand shoulder to shoulder looking at the elevator
waiting patiently. Avent sips on a large styrofoam cup of
Yeah, didn't sleep worth a shit
last night. I didn't want you
facing off against Jim alone about
your gun issue from last night.
He's gonna be pissed.
Hiding her face in her hand. She rubs her temples with her
fingers then looks up.
Thanks, I think.
They elevator opens up and they both walk in. Avent leans
over and pushes the button for their floor. He turns to
Monarch and offers her his coffee.
Want some?
Monarch takes the coffee and sips it in.
Oh your a god sent.


That's what all the ladies tell
Just before the doors close Jameson catches the door and
jumps in. He shoots a cocky look at Avent as the doors close
with all three inside.
Oh you gotta be fuckin kidding me.
Son of a bitch!
Avent smells a familiar smell and reaches for his gun.
Monarch restrains him while Jameson shoots him a cocky
glance as he exits the elevator.
c'mon just a flesh wound or at
least a kick in the ass.
Avent wrestles free leaving his gun in the holster. He leans
forward as the doors close.
A few seconds goes by. Monarch holding back her laughter,
reaches around Avents waist and gives him a little one
handed hug.
I know I know. But if I let you do
it now what are we gonna do for
your birthday?
The elevator doors open and Avent stomps out of the hug and
the elevator leaving Monarch snickering at him.
The stink just sticks to the walls
in here. It's a sick ritual to
that little prick!
Monarch laughs at him as she exits the elevator. Monarch
turns and walks away heading toward her office as Avent
spits the fart taste out of his mouth.


Adams the young officer from the club the night before runs
up. Adams is in his mid twenties and very military like in
attitude. He hands a File to Avent who looks confused by the
youngsters approach.
Agent Avent, sir. Sir my name is
Adams, Ryan Adams. Chief Pederson
said to report to you.
Avent pays little attention as he looks over the file he'd
been handed.
New here aren't you?
Adams stands straight as if to be at attention. Avent quits
looking at his file and hands it back than looks up to make
eye contact with the much taller Adams.
Yes. I was in the rangers for six
years graduated top of my class at
West Point sir.
Avent starts to walk with Adams slowly following not sure if
he should follow or not.
Boy you sure look young for all
that. How do you accomplish all
that and end up here?
Keeping up but staying behind Avent, Adams leans forward as
he answers.
Yes sir, I am young sir. The army
turned out not to be what I was
looking for sir.
Avent stops and turns to Adams who almost runs into him.
Avent takes a step back and sighs with a little disgust at
being crowded.
Don't do that. Don't call me sir,
don't hang on my every word. Your
gonna need to think for yourself
or your no good to me. We need
fresh eyes and ears not a yes man.
I'm sure Jim sent you down for a


                       AVENT (cont'd)
good reason. Not sure what that is
yet. But none the less be yourself
or go bother someone who needs the
ego boost.
Avent turns to walk away. Adams looks around to see nobody
was listening then hurries to catch up.
      (stumbling over
       his words)
yes si- I mean Agent Avent I uh.
Monarch stands outside Avents office holding her brief case.
She smiles at what she's overhearing. She steps back out of
Avents way and let's him by into his office. She turns to
follow but stops in the door and turns to Adams.
He prefers asshole,jerk, and
occasionally perkerhead.
Avent yells out from inside the office.
Avent rounds his desk. Monarch falls relaxed in to a chair.
Avent looks up to notice Adams standing at attention across
from him.
What are you doing?
What si- Avent.
Sit down.
Adams sits at attention. Avent and Monarch fight back
Adams. A teenage girl asks her
mom. Mom is it true babies come
out where boys stick their
penis's. The mother replies yes


                       AVENT (cont'd)
they do. The teenager asks well
won't that break my jaw?
Avent waits for a response, Monarch laughs into her arm,
Adams looks around bewildered.
We call that a joke. If you find
it funny permission to laugh
Monarch loses it and laughs out loud.
Ok then. Monarch you have the
recording from the club?
Giggling Monarch begins to dig into a black brief case on
the floor next to her.
Yeah I'll get it up on my laptop.
Avent watches as Adams starts to relax.
Adams leaps to his feet startled. Monarch almost drops her
laptop. Avent smiles as he walks around behind Monarch. She
laughs as she struggles to set the laptop up on Avents desk.
Oh I'm gonna have fun with you.
Monarch, with a tear squeezed out of her eye, brings up the
club footage as she snickers to herself. Wipes tears away.
Seriously, Adams you seen this?
Adams shakes his head not sure how or if to respond.
Man you were alot easier going
last night.
Hitting Adams on the shoulder.


Sorry sir.
Avent throws his arms in the air and rolls his eyes.
Again with the sir.
Here it is. Got it. You two ready?
Leaning on the back of Monarch's chair. He gives Adams a
confused look while Adams smiles back uncomfortably.
They re-watch the footage of Jared killing Jacobsen. Jared
swiftly moves through the crowd and past the agents. With
one seemingly fluid movement he slashes Jacobsen's belly and
throat. Monarch gets a little red with embarrassment as
Jared lifts her gun and disappears from camera one. He
quickly shows up at camera two stops and smiles into the
      (pointing to the
Stop that! Back it up! What is
that, what's he using there?
They watch the screen of the laptop as Monarch rewinds the
footage to the murder. She let's it play again. Avent points
to what appears to be Jared dropping something shiny next to
the stage as he turns away from the corpse.
I can't tell and I can't enhance
on this thing.
Avent takes a quick sigh and begins to pace behind the
seated agents as Monarch messes with the laptop.
ah shit.
Adams jumps forward in his seat.


What? Go back. Go back.
Monarch waves off her excited counterparts as she quickly
moves the cursor around the screen.
K, settle, settle.
Adams point to Jared as he approaches Jacobsen. Monarch
slows the frame down to slow motion. Jared produces a long
knife from his jacket just as he reaches Jacobsen. After
dispatching him Jared drops it next to the stage and kicks
it under the curtain hanging from the front of it.
Look there it's a fillet knife.
Look how long it is. How easy it
Hey look right there by the stage.
      (looking at Adams)
Go down there and get it. Good job
kid welcome aboard.
Adams gets quickly to his feet.
I'm on my way.
Adams hurries out of the office. Monarch stops the recording
on Jared staring into the camera.
Feels like he's staring right
through me.
I know, creepy as shit isn't it.
Gimme that journal of his.
Avent walks back around to his side of the desk and sits
down in his chair.
Don't have it.


Monarch gets up to her feet and straightens her clothes. She
looks across at a panics faced Avent and smiles.
Relax it's down in my office. I'll
run and get it. Want anything?
No. Thanks.
Monarch leaves the office. Avent spins the laptop toward him
and stares back at Jareds smiling face.
Monarch washes her hands after using the facility. The
bathroom is long with stalls and sinks along one wall.
Monarch turns and goes to the door to leave. She opens the
door looks up to see Jared standing there. He's wearing a
white t-shirt and jeans. He picks her up under her arms and
tosses her across the bathroom effortlessly. Jared's face
cold emotionless walks quickly across the room. Monarch goes
for her gun only t have Jared bat it out of her hands. He
slams her back into the wall almost knocking her out.
Grabbing a handful of hair he picks her head off the floor
getting a wif of her hair.
The smell evokes the image of two young girls playing in a
fenced in back yard. Jared trying to stay calm, fights back
tears. Composing himself quickly he stares into Monarchs
groggy eyes.
      (calm, collected)
Consider yourself lucky Kirsten.
If it weren't for my girls you'd
be dead.
slams her head down knocking her out.
Avent leaves his office to see Monarch sliding down the wall
from the bathroom appearing drunk. He runs over to her.
He was here. In the ladies room.
Monarch points and waves toward the stairs across from the


Jesus christ Monarch you alright?
Avent helps her to the floor and uses his sport coat to stop
her head from bleeding.
He's here. Jared.
Monarch pushes him away and points to the stairs again. She
turns Avent toward the hallway waving for him to go after
You alright?
Yeah yeah. Go hurry, see if he's
still here.
Other agents have gathered by now. A female Agent helps to
comfort Monarch and cleans her forehead. Avent rushes to the
stairwell gun drawn.
He spots Jared a few floors down descending patiently as if
nothing had happened. No clear shot he starts to run down
the steps not losing his visual. Jared reaches the bottom.
He stops in the center of the winding stairwell giving Avent
a clear shot. Calmly he looks up at Avent who has stopped
and has his gun drawn over the railing pointed right at
Jared. Jared smiles up at the Agent. After what seems like
forever Avent with Jared in his gun sights and Jared smiling
wickedly back Jared simply walks into the lobby and out of
Avents view. Avent cusses at his lack of action and once
again begins to run down the stairs.
Avent exits building and scans the crowd. He catches a
glimpse of Jared turning into the alleyway. He turns and
tries to run through the crowd. The amount of people outside
cause him to loose ground a few times until people notice
he's waving a gun.
FBI goddamn it! Get outa the
fuckin way.


Jared gets to the end of the alley as Avent rounds the
corner. Avent fires a shot that appears to hit Jared and
spins him as he rounds the corner.
I got him.
Avent runs to the end of the alley. A couple agents have
caught up with him and follow. He looks around the corner to
see nothing. Jared's gone.
Shit! shit! shit!
Avent kicks a dumpster sitting against the building. He
looks around scratching his head with the barrel of his
      (looking at the
What the fuck. I'm gonna blow my
own head off.
Monarch sit with a wet blood soaked rag on her head. Avent
rushes in.
You ok kiddo?
Monarch checks the rag to see if she is still bleeding. She
is and pushes it back against the wound.
      (half awake)
Yeah a bit banged up. I'll be ok.
Avent walks over and kneels beside Monarchs chair. He pulls
the rag back and looks at the wound.
Well just relax. Maybe you better
call it a day.


No I'll be fine boss.
Monarch waves him off. Avent not wanting to crowd her backs
off. He stand up and walks around to his chair. He sits down
and pick up him phone.
Ok, it's up to you kiddo. This is
Agent Avent I need someone to run
down to Agent Monarch's office and
retrieves a couple notebooks off
her desk.
Monarch leans on her arm rest supporting her head with her
hand and rag.
They're the only ones on my desk
should be easy to find.
Avent looks across the desk concerned and relays the message
to the person on the other end of the phone.
She says they are the only ones on
her desk. Yeah well blow me. Just
have someone run them up here ok.
Avent hangs up the phone and watches Monarch dazes in and
Monarch hey, go home. Me and
what's his face got this for the
rest of the day. If anything
exciting happens we'll give you a
call. You sure you don't need a
doctor or something.
Monarch fights to get her head up but gives it up and lays
it back down on her arm.
Awe fuck it. You know Phil I'm
taking you up on that.
You want me to give you a ride?


      (checking her
       bloody bandage)
No Janice said she would give me
one earlier. What did he mean by
they spared me? Like the voices in
his head or something? He said to
thank his girls, what do you
suppose that ment?
Monarch slurred the words out trying to make them make
I don't know but we'll look into
it. We'll get it all figured out.
You just get some rest kiddo.
Janice comes in and collects Monarch. They all say their
good byes and the two women leave Avent alone in his office.
                       JARED (V.O)
Today I watched something that
made me absolutely sick to my
stomach. I stood there on this
beautiful sunny day and watched as
Agent Avent walked out of the
county jail. Right behind him
walked that piece of shit. Some
justice. Not only did Avent do
nothing to get that cocksucker
convicted he walks the fucker
right out of the fucking jail. All
I could think while I watched all
this was, what a waste of life.
But I'll take care of that soon
Avent leans back in his chair and looks up from the journal
in bewilderment. He thinks for a few seconds.
      (thinking out loud)
Son of a bitch, who the hell did I
walk out of a county lock up.
Thanks for not dating any of this
shit Jared! Fuck.
Avent goes back to reading until Adams returns.


      (sticking his head
Avent appeared to be asleep so Adams approached quietly.
Agent Avent sir.
Avent springs up shouting gibberish. Adams falls backwards
between two chairs. Avent laughs out loud.
Sorry kid. Couldn't help myself.
Adams half terrified produces a plastic evidence bag
containing a blood stained fillet knife.
Oh dam. Shit. Here's the knife.
Good work.
Adams makes his way back around the desk and takes a seat
opposite of Avent.
Heard on the scanner Monarch had
some trouble how is she?
Avent turns the plastic bag inspecting the knife for any
unusual markings. Her finds none and sets it down on the
She'll be ok.
She's not hurt to bad than. Good.
Avent looks across the desk at Adams with a look of concern
on his tired face.
Lucky she's not dead.


The small hotel room is dark with all the curtains pulled
shut. One full sized bed is in the center of the room. It is
made as if it hasn't been slept in. A small tv sits on a
dresser at the foot of the bed. The entire room is tidy, the
only thing out of the ordinary is an open duffel bag next to
the tv on the dresser with some clothes pouring out.
The door suddenly bursts open and as daylight pours in Jared
spills into the room out of breath. He quickly slams the
door and locks it. Trying to catch his breath he slides
along the door and pulls the curtain back to see if he'd
been followed. After a few minutes of watching out the
window he let's out a one last deep breath closes the
curtain and walks way from the window.

His right arm has blood running down it. Jared turns his
shoulder to examine the bleeding wound. Just a scratch where
Avents bullet nicked him. He curses as he walks through a
door next to the dresser into a small bathroom. He quickly
begins to clean his arm at the sink. He takes soap and a rag
and goes to clean his shoulder wound out.
Fuck! Oh you misserable fucker!
He puts the rag down and rinses the wound out then looks at
himself in the mirror. After a minute or two he looks down
at the bloody sink. He walks out to the duffel bag and
retrieves a first aid kit and patches the wound up. He takes
a look around the empty room then collapses onto the bed.
Jared stares at the curtains as he falls into a deep sleep.
The fenced back yard is well maintained. Toys are sprawled
from one end to the other. Jared (with short hair and a
clean shaven face) sits in a folding lawn chair holding a
drink. He's smiling as if he is happy and relaxed.
Two small children play on a playground set. Jared watches
smiling. The dream has no sound like a camcorder on mute.
the littlest girl takes a spill off the slide. Not enough to
hurt her just scare her. The silence is broken.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Jareds dream turns black with the scream blasting back again
and again "daddy daddy" as the sound trails off.


Jared shoot up in the bed. The sound of daddy ringing in the
room. He is covered in sweat. The bandage on his arm is
soaked through with blood. He wipes sweat from his scruffy
face and pulls his long hair from his face.
His terrified look quickly melts away into a demonic and
determined stone face. He rocks back and forth a few times
then shoots off the bed to his feet. He quickly stuffs his
belongings into his duffel bag and exits the room leaving
the door wide open. His bloody rags still hanging on the
blood stained sink.
The bar is packed. All except Avent stool at the end of the
bar. Jack works the bar alone.
      (yelling over the
Jack. Hey Jack.
      (frustrated, busy)
Be right there Phil
Someone sitting here?
The drunk at the bar has long blond hair and doesn't look at
Is now.
      (yelling down the
Jack what the fuck!
Jack unhappy, opens a beer and makes his way to Avent. He
slams the beer down in front of Avent.
Fuck Phil! I'm busy goddamn it.
You know where there at get it


                       JACK (cont'd)
yourself next time. Get some sleep
you look like shit.
Jack returns to bar tending.
      (ignoring Jack)
Whatever. Just keep them coming
and get me a cherry bomb.
      (from down the bar)
Fuck you.
      (thinking out loud)
Christ. What a fuckin mess.
You say something?
What? Me no. Just thinking out
loud sorry.
Avent sits getting drunk until the drunk next to him, a fat
man is passed out next to the drunk are all that's left in
the bar. Jack is attempting to clean the mess of bottles,
cans, and shot glasses up. Avent, drunk tries to get up to
go to the bathroom.
Hey Phil.
      (slurring heavily)
Got it. Got it. Just going to
Avent runs into a pole and the pool table before getting to
the bathroom. Jack shakes his head tending to his last
      (to the Jack)
Hey buddy, can I get a couple more
      (watching Avent)
Yeah sure. Last round than wake up
your buddy. Closing up soon.


He's not with me. I don't know
Either way, closing time wake is
fat ass up.
Jack returns to cleaning. Avent returns from the bathroom.
      (drunken and
Jack that fucker reeks! You need
to clean that shit up.
You didn't fuckin throw up in
there did you?
      (falling onto the
Not yet. Hey where dis beer come
That guy who was sitting next to
you bought it.
      (looking around)
I don't know that blond guy you
were talking to. Hey fat ass wake
up time to go.
      (examining the
       beer with one eye)
Jesus christ. Well can't waste
that'd be alcohol abuse.
Yeah you need to finish that. Wake
the fuck up!
Jack gives the fat sleeping man a push. The fat man falls
off the stool his guts spilling onto the floor.


      (freaking out)
Jesus fuckin christ what the fuck!
      (matter of fact)
awe shit not again. Been seein
dis. Been seein dis alot. Shit.
Jack pukes behind the bar.
And. And you worried bout me
Avent notices a note written on a bar napkin next to a blond
                       JARED (V.O)
I sit here next to you for three
hours and you don't even say hi.
Som bitch.
Avent passes out.
Phil. Phil. He's not dead chief,
just drunk.
Ok thanks Sam. Sam your sure he's
just drunk.
Possitive cheif
The loud smack of the chief slapping Avent awake. Still in
the busted nuts. Dead body still on the floor. Bar is full
of police and FBI agents. Jim kneels over Avent, still
stinking drunk.
      (waking up)
Son of a bitch. That hurt.
Good! Do you know your passed out
next to a dead man you idiot?


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
Phil! Hey Phil! I got five dead
bodies in less then twenty four
hours. Hey, hey. And Monarch was
attacked at the office. When in
god's blue fuck where you going to
come to me Phil. Did you forget
how this fuckin works dammit? Hey
your ass better be in my office
tomorrow at nine a.m. Don't you
make another fuckin move until
then. Be there and sober the fuck
Avent opens an eye goes to talk and pukes all over the
chiefs shoes.
Oh for fuck sake. Make it ten.
Someone take him home clean him
The chief joins Jack sitting in a booth at the far end of
the bar.
How you doin Jack?
Jesus what do you think Jim?
Sorry Jack. We're use to all this.
Don't mean to be heartless. How
long has Phil been at this again?
Last couple nights. This the first
time he's been this bad in I bet
over five years. Man he was really
pounding em tonight. You knew this
would happen Jim. Why did you let
him take this?
An agent moves and Jack gets a look at the body again.
Forgive me I don't do this shit
for a living I may have to puke.


Go ahead. Aim for my shoes I think
your brother missed a spot. And
for your information I had nothing
to do with this. He had it stuck
in his head before I even knew he
had it Jack. You know how he gets
when he get's stuck on something.
Oh trust me I know. Just do your
best to get this behind him, get
him back behind a desk again. That
alone should slow the drinking
down. That's why he moved to cold
I'll do what I can Jack. In the
meantime can you curb the drinkin
a little for me?
Do my best. Can I get out of here
Jim? This really isn't my thing.
Oh yeah. Need a ride home?
No. Staying upstairs. Ex wife got
the house.
Sorry Jack. Try to get some sleep.
I'll get this cleaned up. Your
gonna need to keep it closed down
a couple of days.
Might take that long to get some
Monarch wakes up in her bed.It's dark. She hears the faint
sound of sport center from the living room. She get's up and
stumbles down the wide dark hall to the dimly lit living


      (excited at first)
Hey baby. Man alive what happened
to you?
Work. I'll be fine babe, I just
want to take a bath. Relax.
      (a little shocked)
Ok hon. Want me to get you a glass
of wine or something?
Wil helps her to the bathroom. He runs the water and helps
her get undressed. He lights some candles than helps her
into the bath. Wil leaves for a while then returns with a
tall glass of red wine.
Anything else Kirst?
      (half awake)
No baby. It's not really all that
bad. I'm just really sleepy.
Thanks though.
Are you hungry? I could make you
something light. Got chicken
breast could grill them out.
That would be great babe. Hey
let's eat outside too.
Fine but all this is going on your
bill young lady.
That's ok i know how to work it
Wil leaves her alone in the tub. She can hear him rattling
around making diner. She hears the phone ring but can't
understand what Wil is saying. Wil walks back into the room
holding the phone, he stands at the door looking worried.


Yeah come in. What's up Wil? Who
was that on the phone.
      (worried a little
Jared says you two better hurry up
and quit screwing around before he
kills us all. You wanna tell me
what's goin on, cause that guy
just called me by name.
Just let me get out Wil. Shit.
Avent(hungover again) and Monarch sit at the chiefs desk as
he paces about the office.
I let you take this because you
wanted it.I let you tag along
thinking it would be good
experience for you. Watching a pro
at work. So. At what point were
you two gonna ask for some help? I
sent Adams down hoping he could
speed things along.
Had I know you were in far over
your goddamn heads in this shit I
would've sent an entire fucking
task force down there! Son of a
bitch Phil your in cold cases
because you wanted out of the
field. You had had enough. Now
this fuckin guy? Your drinkin your
ass off again? Your right back
where you were five fuckin years
ago dam it. Someone better start
filling me the fuck in.
      (Looking at the
       onlookers in the


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
Get back to fuckin work, this is
none of your fuckin business. If
you fuckers aren't busy enough
I'll bury up to your ears in shit.
Nobody will leave this office
before midnight for the next
Jim slams his office door and heads back to his desk.
      (unafraid of the
It's been moving really fast Jim.
      (still angry)
Fast! Fast? I've got agents
getting the shit kicked out of
them in the office. Two people
gutted right in front of you. Dead
muggers. And you passed out at a
fuckin crime scene.You wanna see
fast? See how fast your ass would
be suspended if I hadn't learn to
ride a bike with you.
      (trying to calm
Phil we've been friends forever
but I just can't let this shit go
on. I also don't have time to have
investigators investigating your
investigation while this lunatic
roams free killing people. I'm
gonna be up to my ass in paperwork
for six months trying to explain
this shit already Phil. What would
you have me do? You've put me in a
hell of a position here old
friend. Get me out of it.
Just let me do my job Jim. Gimme
everyone you can spare and let me
tie this off. You know I always
tie em off Jim.
      (finally calming
I want a report of where your at


                       CHIEF (cont'd)
by the end of today, on this desk.
You have everyone you need. From
now on forensics will respond to
all your crime scenes immediately,
I have a bad feeling we'll have
more of them yet to come. You can
also have Jackson and Ryan.
They're worthless in the field but
dam good at paper trails. Drop
everything you have off with them
as soon as you leave here. Now go
get Adams and get the fuck out to
Jacks. I want you personally to go
over that crime scene. I'm sure
you don't remember what it looks
like. Now tie this shit off before
it really bites me in the ass.
Avent and Monarch get up to leave.
One more thing. You no more
drinking. Monarch I realize this
is a little more intense than
you've gotten into in the past so
if this gets to be to much you let
me know. Do you both understand?
Get the fuck outa here.
Avent and Monarch enter the office.
I sent two plain clothed agents
over to your place. They are gonna
shadow Wil until this is over.
They are shackin up with the two
of you for a while so get use to
em.Let's round up Adams and get
outta here before Jim decides to
have round two.
The two agent quickly gather paper work off Avents desk.
Monarch feverishly packs files into her briefcase as Avent
hands them to her.
Do you want everything sent down
to Jackson and Ryan? Or do you
want to keep the diary?


      (stopping to think)
um yeah. Just keep the reports
from last night. My memory isn't
gonna be worth a shit. A new set
of eyes on that journal might
help. I'm going blind reading it.
Is it ok if we take your car?
Why scared you'll get a D.U.I?
      (holding his head)
I wouldn't doubt it.
They exit after gathering their files.
Dust flys up as Monarch brings the car to a stop in the rear
of the bar. The gravel parking lot vanishes into a dust
cloud. Avent, Monarch, and Adams get out of the car.
You have keys to the bar?
Avent looks around pale faced as he fumbles with the lock.
      (unlocks the door)
My brother owns it. God I feel
like puking.
Avent rush back to some dumpsters and begins puking.
      (walking into the
C'mon, he'll be fine after he
He do this alot?
      (from inside)


Avent is still throwing up.
No lights are on. The bar is dark with light pouring into
the back door as Monarch and Adams enter. Some light shines
in the small widows. There is still a chalk line and dried
blood on the floor. It stinks of stale booze and dried
blood. Bottles and glasses still sit on the tables and bar.
      (holding her nose)
Guess we're suppose to clean up.
      (looking around)
Or just catch hepetitis.
Monarch walks the length of the bar looking around. Adams
kneels down by the chalk outline on the floor where the fat
man had fallen.
Well our boy seems to find these
child molesters everywhere huh.
Adams still kneeling looks around.
Yeah as long as no pedophiles ever
go out in public they are pretty
Avent walks in wiping his mouth on his sleeve.
He wasn't. According to the file
this guy is a crane operator who
had a couple speeding tickets in
eighty one. He's hardly ever made
a mistake in his life.
Except for sitting next to you?
Adams stand up and walks toward Avent.
Maybe that's the real pattern with
this guy. You said you recognized
him from some where right? He did


                       ADAMS (cont'd)
send all his journals to you.
Maybe he wants you dead? He's just
messing with you first.
Monarch stops pacing around the bar. She stand across the
pool table from Adams as they both face Avent.
What did you do?
Adams and monarch walk the length of the pool table and
stand several feet from Avent avoiding the smell of vomit.
      (looking guilty)
Nothin. Nothin I remember anyway.
Blond boy does have a point
though. I do recognize him from
somewhere, I don't know where but
I do. It was before your time.
Maybe that's why he let you go in
the bathroom the other day.
      (still smarting
Do me a favor. Don't introduce me
to anymore of your old friends k.
Thank you.
Adams and Monarch go back to circling the bar scanning for
clues as Avent leans against a wall fighting back more
When did he start that journal
Something like ten years ago. He
didn't date anything but he had a
couple news clipping taped in
there about some judge dated about
ten years back. Avent what were
you working on about that time?
      (being a smart ass)
I can't remember last night much
less ten years ago.


The three are startled by a loud thud from a closet by the
back door. All three draw their guns and ran to the door.
Adams being the fastest leads. Avent signals him to open the
door. Adams pushes Avent back and waves the puke smell out
of his face. Avent frowns and motions to the door. Adams
throws the door open quickly, body falls out at their feet
with a fillet knife sticking out of his chest.
Found the murder weapon.
On the corpse's shirt blood spells out the words "Times up."
Times up? What does he mean by
It means he's fed up. It means the
real killing is gonna start now.
He just didn't have enough room to
right it all.
Avent turns and walks back up the hall into the bar.
      (examining the
He's still warm. Jared couldn't
have gone far.
      (holstering his
Far enough. The words on his
shirt, The blood is dry. Besides
it's hot as hell outside. Air's
not on he could've been in there
for hours.
      (pacing the short
Adams call this in. And get
Jackson and Ryan out here with
everything we've got. Tell them to
pull all the files on all the
victims I want those to. I'll pull
an all nighter but I'm doin it at
Adams acknowledges and leaves out the back door quickly as
if he can't wait to leave.


      (shouting as he
I'm on it.
      (still checking
       over the body)
I'll stay, give you a hand
tonight. He's keeping us off him
by keeping us up to our necks in
dead bodies.
Monarch stand up and walks down the short hall toward Avent
who is now using the pool table to hold his ailing ass up.
He's moving just ahead of us
keeping everyone off balance.
Maybe he's moving to fast.
Hopefully that alone will trip him
up. He's gotta make a mistake
sooner or later right? Why wasn't
there an officer here securing the
Monarch gets her phone out of her pocket as she returns to
the dead body by the closet.
I'll find out.
Avent looks about the bar as Monarch, with her phone propped
to her ear, rifles through the dead man's wallet.
      (reading the
       drivers license)
David Dawes. No.no. Fuckers put me
on hold. Wonder if this ones a
child molester?
Still using the pool table as a crutch Avent turns around to
face Monarch who is still knelt next tot he body.
He's a sex offender. Statutory.
He's my neighbor. He was eighteen
dating a seventeen year old. She
turned him in when he broke it
off. This isn't right. He's going
to far. This guy wasn't a rapist
just broke up with the wrong girl.


                       AVENT (cont'd)
Maybe Jared's coming unglued.
      (still on hold)
What do you mean?
      (becoming excited)
All the other victims had gone
after small children. I think the
oldest was like eleven or
something. These two guys here
don't make sense. Dawes here got
screwed for being born six months
to late and the other guy never
hurt anyone. All the others were
stalkers, rapists, murders. Real
sick violent guys. He was killing
a specific type of offender. Now
he changed it up, before he could
justify it by calling it revenge.
But this makes no sense it's just
killing. He's either really
starting to enjoy this or he's
losing control of it.
Monarch stand up and heads back toward Avent again. She is
still holding her phone to her ear and still on hold.
Maybe. But maybe Adams is right.
Maybe he's just after you, these
two could be colateral damage.
      (smarting back)
Well thank you miss ray of
Monarch laughs than turns her attention to her phone and
walks away from Avent. Adams returns from outside.
      (wiping sweat from
       his forehead)
On their way. I've got forensics
and the chief said he'd send some
field agents to take care of this.
He said to get what you need and
move on. The field guys will do
the official report.


Avent walks over to Adams who has stopped by the body.
Good less paperwork for us. Well
he's been stabbed in both eyes and
then stabbed in the chest. Well
guess we got what we need.
Want me to call the chief back and
let him know?
Jesus christ fuck no you got a
death wish. Let the field guys
call and let him know they have it
under control.
Monarch walks back down the bar and into the hallway to
Avent and Adams throwing her hands in the air.
They say you pulled the officer at
around ten thirty.
We both know that isn't the case I
was getting my ass chewed at ten
thirty. Find out who took the
call, other then that the damage
has already been done.
The kitchen is small, a wide hallway with cabinets. It has a
late seventies decor. Avent paces in the kitchen while Adams
and Monarch sit at a large round table cluttered up with
files. The table sits in a small open dining area at the far
end of the kitchen. Avent reaches into a cabinet and
retrieves a bottle of vodka.
Anybody want a drink?
Coffee. Phil coffee.
Avent reluctantly puts the bottle back.
Yeah yeah. Adams coffee?


      (not looking up
       from the
       paperwork in
       front of him)
Yes please. Is there anything in
here we don't already know?
Avent walks over to the sink and grabs the coffee pot next
to it and begins filling it with water.
It should we obviously don't know
shit. Hey I think I saw a name in
that one journal i recognized a
Avent walks into the dining area and starts digging fo the
      (handing the
       journal to him)
Here. I saw it too. Judge Toffler
I think it was.
Avent flips the pages as he walks back to the sink to finish
making coffee but is side tracked by his reading.
      (flipping pages)
Yeah Toffler that was it. Judge
judge. Here it is. dah ta dah ta.
Here listen to this.
      (Holding the
       journal out he
       reads from it)
"The hand that saw no justice for
my children got little mercy from
me. Toffler was killed ten years
ago shortly after hearing a case I
had worked on. It was a rape and
killing of two little girls. Son
of a bitch got off on some fuck up
with the DNA evidence. Fucker
ended up in prison two months
later for rape anyway.
Jared's girls?


The room goes quiet as Avent face turns white. He lowers his
arms and turns to look out the black kitchen window at
Kaylee and Madelynn Tyler. I
remember Jared from the trail. He
had short hair than but I remember
that stare. He never stopped
staring right through this guy the
entire trial.
      (looking at Adams)
Your right kid, It's about me.
Monarch walks over and takes the journal from Avent who
turns and looks out the window over the sink. Monarch begins
to read from the journal.
The judge was sitting there
looking at pictures of my
daughters. I knew he was getting
close to death. It's the smell.
The judge should consider himself
lucky. I had thought about hanging
his body on the courthouse lawn
but that would be cliche with him
being a black judge. People would
turn this thing all racial. That's
not the point of all this. Instead
I gutted him and threw his
entrails onto his disgrace of a
bench. The rest they'll never
Monarch was shocked as she walked back to the table and sat
down. Adams quietly bowed his head. Avent stared out the
window at the dark night.
      (matter of fact)
That's what he did too. Never did
find the rest of Toffler either.
      (with another
       volume of the
Listen to this. Agent Avent gave a
rather insightful lecture today at
the U.W. It was worth the drive to
Madison. He's pretty worthless as
an investigator but he sure has a
nice line or two for those


                       ADAMS (cont'd)
students. If he were any good at
investigation Cader Sutter would
be in prison. Maybe he should
listen to his own lectures. I
should've taped it. I could've
played it back to him just before
I split his worthless head.
The room is quiet. Nobody makes eye contact. All three are
lost in thought until Avents cell begins to ring.
Holy shit. Scared the shit outa
me. Hello Avent.
      (from a payphone)
In the middle of a good book?
Phil. Phil you still there.
Avent waves to the other two agents as he switches his cell
to speaker phone.
I'm here.
      (very calm)
It's amazing how much attention
your giving to a couple of dead
perverts. Funny my little girls
didn't get this level of
      (his voice
       becoming colder
       more haunting)
I bet you wish you could make it
alright now? But it's just a
little late for that now isn't it?
Avent looks up at his team as he searches for the words.
      (trying to reason)
Look Jared I can't go back. I
would if I could man but you know.
You know I can't just let this
keep going?
Jared turns around at the pay phone to see if any one is
looking on then replies with an outburst of anger.


You? You? You will let this go on
as long as I want it to. I think
I've proved your not in control
here Phil. See your entire life
has been about catching these sick
fucks. But not this time. See I'm
not sick Phil. I'm driven.
Avent looks around at the others in the room as he chooses
his words.
Your not? What do you call
torturing people to death? I'd
call that sick.
Mashing the receiver of the phone into the side of the
      (raising his voice)
People! Those motherfuckers aren't
Avent grits his teeth knowing he's just made a mistake.
      (knowing he made a
Ok. Ok Jared. Look you sent me
this journal here for a reason. Do
you want help? How can I help you?
      (blowing his top)
Help me? You arrogant motherfuckin
son of a bitch You've had ten
years nine months twenty six days
nine hours to fuckin help me you
fuck. Help, you cocksucker. I'm
gonna cut your fuckin head off.
Your just as guilty as Cader you
you prick. That little fuck is
next. I'll give that fucker the
mercy he gave my babies. You wanna
let these fuckin perverts walk the
streets Phil goddam it!
The sound of Jared beating the phone receiver on the phone


      (Still yelling)
Last but not least you Phil and if
your two little friends there get
in my way I'll gut them too.
The phone goes dead to sound of Jared beating the receiver
against the phone booth and cursing a blue streak. All three
agents stand in a circle in Avents kitchen surrounding his
cell phone. They look at one another worriedly.
I think I might have made him a
little more angry.
You think?
The three stand silently looking at the phone.
Still got that Vodka?
Jared all at once explodes wrecking the phone booth. He even
rips the side off the small booth and uses it like a steel
chair on a car parked beside the phone booth. Yelling "You
wanna help me motherfucker" over and over. At the end of his
tirade he throws the booth panel through the windshield of
the demolished car and disappears into the darkness
Rain pours down as Avent, Monarch, and Adams walk up to the
Avent leads his crew in. The mexican janitor also follows.
At the last second Jameson slides in. As soon as the doors
close Avent and the rest of the occupants smell another
fart. Jameson stands smirking. Avent pulls out his weapon
and fires a shot grazing Jameson's ass leaving him howling
on the floor as the doors open to Jameson's floor. Everyone
but Avent ducks as the bullet bounces around the elevator.
The doors open on Jameson's floor.


There now you got two assholes to
shit outa you little prick.
      (kicking Jameson
Anyone else wanna shit in the
The crowd of agents on Jameson's floor, who gathered after
hearing the shot, begin to clap and laugh as the doors
The elevator door opens. The Janitor laughing hard hugs
Avent. The three agents exit the elevator.
I love that fuckin janitor
Monarch just shakes her head.
The three agents bust in with Avent in the lead. The Cheif
scrambles for his gun and badge. Thunder rumbles outside as
rain pelts the large windows of his office.
      (in a hurry)
Not now Phil. I've got shots fired
on four.
      (calmly, matter of
Oh yeah, I shot Jameson in the
Avent sits down as if nothing is wrong. The chief stops what
he's doing and sits down covering his face.
Christ almighty Phil.
      (Still acting as
       if not much had


                       AVENT (cont'd)
It's ok. I didn't kill him.
Should've. Would anyone miss him?
Monarch? Adams? Would you? No?
      (holding his head)
Do you know how much paperwork,
hearings, and hours of phone calls
I'm gonna go through to keep you
from getting fired?
Avent pretends to do the math in his head.
      (being a smartass)
Four. Four hours. That's my bet
yeah four hours. Maybe five.
      (dropping a file
       on the desk)
You want paperwork?
What the fuck's this?
Monarch backs up and sits down next to Avent while Adams
hangs quietly back by the door.
      (sitting next to
It's a file on Cader Sutter,
Jared's next victim. Plus a
profile on Jared. It seems he's
doing all this in retaliation to
the murders of his daughters.
Cader was charged but got off on a
technicality. Jared lost it. The
police have been looking for him
all night but we should head out
to West Allis and give em a hand.
Get him in as soon as we can.
The cheif throws his arms up and leans way back in his
Ok go. Phil.


The chief's phone begins to ring as the agents get up out of
their chairs.
      (standing up
It's in the right side, just a
flesh wound.
Waving the agents out of the office shaking his head with
the phone to his ear.
Surprised it took this long.
      (answering his
       ringing phone)
Yeah. Mike. No I just talked to
Phil. He says his fire arm went
off on accident.Well I'm sure
he'll just stick to his story.
Yeah I wish I woulda shot the
little prick to
As the chief talks on the phone the three agents exit his
Monarch speeds down the freeway. Her car slides a little as
rain pours down making the air around them look gray as mist
flies off the tires of the cars she passed.
Parole has Sutters address in West
Allis let's hope it's not a fake.
Wasn't Dahmer from West Allis?
      (rolling her eyes.)
Nice. Sure they're all really
proud of that out there.
      (flipping through
       a file)
Ok here we go. He's living with
his mom. Been out of county for
six months. He got thrown in on a
probation violation, drinking. As
of right now he's unemployed after
being fired from a fast food joint
for making advances toward a high


                       AVENT (cont'd)
school coworker.
Avent sways as he reads while Monarch weaves the car in and
out of traffic. Adams sits in back holding on for dear life
as the car slides from lane to lane.
      (in a serious tone)
Maybe we should let Jared kill
this one last guy, he sounds like
a real piece of shit. Hitting on a
poor girl just trying to make some
money after school.
The coworker was a boy. Hey put
your siren out before you hit
      (motioning to the
Adams hand me that please. It
sounds like this ass deserves it.
      (Still looking at
       the files)
Maybe. But at this rate I'll be
dead about twelve hours after
Cader so I'd kinda like to stop it
if I can.
Adams passes the light forward and Monarch throws it up on
the roof of her car as she speeds along.
Still. I'd rather see Jared
succeed than to have this guy
walking the streets.
Monarch shrugs her shoulders as she grips the steering wheel
Avent's cell phone starts to ring. he grabs it out of his


      (answering his
She's got a point there Phil.
After all they are just trash.
It's a sick cycle really. Jail
them let them go, jail let them
go. It's really much sicker than
what I'm doing if you think about
it. This is less expensive too.
Ok enough. How the hell do you
know what we are talking about
All three agents began to look around as the car speeds
      (ignoring the
She might as well slow down. Cader
and I have already left West
Allis. Here I think he wants to
talk to you Agent Avent.
Avent can hear the rustling as Jared moves the phone around.
The voice coming on the phone sounded high pitched and
Help me. Please this sicko already
butchered my mom. Help me, please
god help me.
The screaming continues in the back ground as Jared returns
to the line.
We didn't call God Cader. We
called Agent Phil Avent. He saved
your sorry ass once already. Let's
see if he can do it again.


      (a little panicked)
Jared this isn't justice it's
murder and you know it.
      (still calm and
Your right Phil. This isn't
justice. This isn't gonna bring my
babies back. But it's ten years in
the making. He's gotta pay for it.
Jared if you know that how can you
justify what your about to do.
By telling myself it's worth it.
Jared hangs up the phone.
      (losing his cool)
Fuck.Fuck. Fuck. How does he keep
doing this. He's got Sutter, son
of a bitch.
Avent throws his phone onto the floor knocking the battery
      (slowing down)
What now?
Avent fumbles around on the floor trying to put his phone
back together.
      (still angry)
Go. Adams call West Allis PD. Let
them know they have a homicide at
Sutters house. Jared butchered the
He'll be after you next.
      (snapping back)
Well no shit.


      (barking back)
Hey Phil, what the hell!
      (still shouting)
Sorry. I'm just- fuckin christ.
      (pausing anxiously)
They always make a mistake.
Always. Why doesn't this guy fuck
Ah sir.
Avent shouts spinning around to see what Adams wanted in the
back seat.
      (snapping back)
      (still a little
West Allis says they have half
their force there already. They
have two officers dead, two more
are critical and a mess they
assume was a woman.
Avent turns back around. He fumbles his words and shakes his
heads as he tries to make sense of everything.Finally
throwing his arms up frustrated.
      (thinking out loud)
Christ killing cops now to Jared.
For christ sakes alive.
The rain stops for the moment, water splashes as Monarch
pulls through a sea of reporters and squad cars and gets as
close as she can before parking. The three agents exit the
car and approach a portly fellow, who is clearly in charge,
standing with a group of men behind a large panel truck.
You Avent? Detective John
Diedrich. You can call me John.


Avent quickly puts his hand out to shake with Diedrich who
also does the same. The introduction is quick as the two
walk toward a large panel van parked in the driveway.
      (shaking hands)
John. This is Agents Monarch and
Adams. Don't bend over in front of
Adams we're not sure about that
guy yet.
      (not amused)
Diedrich acknowledges the other agents politely but doesn't
shake hands. He hurries into bringing them up to speed.
I've got my forensic team in there
right now. I'll let you in when
they are finished. Here's what
we've got so far. Monarch here
called in last night to have
Sutter picked up so I sent two
officers over here. When they
failed to radio back we sent two
more out to check on them. They
radioed in that they could hear
heavy metal music coming from
inside. When nobody answered the
door we gave them the go ahead to
enter by force.That was the last
we heard from them.When I got here
with six other cars the front door
was open, Music still blasting
loud as hell. We found the second
two officers unconscious right
inside the door. Their both at the
hospital, not sure if they'll make
it yet. The first two officers we
sent were found in the kitchen.
One had his throat cut, the other
his femoral artery. Both dead.
Sutters mother was found hanging
from the garage track by her
ankles. She's cut in half and
missing her head. Now I've picked
Cader up several times myself.
He's a real piece of shit. But I
don't see him doin all this here.


Diedrich pulled a pack of Camels from his pocket and lights
one up. He hacks a bit with his first hit off from it.
      (quietly, somewhat
He didn't. You got your best in
there right?
Yep. That team has been together
over fifteen years.
Good. Look I'm not gonna pull rank
or any other bullshit here John.
You and your men take care of all
this. Just send a copy of your
report to an Agent Jackson over to
our office ok. John I really need
to have a look in there as soon as
possible. We know who did this, we
just need anything to tell us
where they are headed. We need to
get in there.
Diedrich smiles as he smokes his cigarette. He looks to the
house then scratches head.
I understand. Just let me radio in
and make sure they aren't in the
middle of something important and
let them know your coming in.
Diedrich turns and heads to the van putting his but out
along the way.
Thanks John.
Diedrich disappears into the panel truck. Avent and his team
walk around to the side exposed to the house.
Ok kids. When we get in there just
let them do there thing. All we
are looking for is a clue where
they are going.
As Avent finishes his phone beeps with a tex message. He
quickly retrieves it and reads it out loud.


      (also confused)
Yeah. Duck like the bird. Duck.
Sutters home explodes into a fireball. All three agents are
thrown against the side of the panel truck. The explosion
throws the Sutters television into the street.
Rain pours down. Lightning and thunder crash. The wind is
slowly picking up. The roof is a large flat stage of rubber
roofing. A tall pole sticks out of the roof. Cader (mid to
late thirties, chubby and homely) is stripped naked and has
his hands individually hand cuffed above his head.He jumps
every time it lightnings.
      (calmly and in
You better start praying for a
lightning strike. It's the only
way your getting out of this.
Jared stands ten yards away with a black duffel bag at his
feet. He's dressed in his Black leather coat that reaches
his knees, black pants and boots, white t-shirt. His long
wavy hair soaked hanging over his shoulders. Cader is gagged
and can't scream. He drops to his knees paralyzed with fear.
Get up.
Cader stays down shivering. Jared walks around behind him
and hooks a cable to Caders handcuffs and hoists him back to
his feet. he ties the other end of the cable to Caders feet
so he can't sit.
      (a darker tone)
I have no Patience Cader. None.
Look at me. The last thing my
girls ever saw was your face. The
last thing your gonna see is mine.
I'm not gonna lie, this is gonna


                       JARED (cont'd)
hurt. Alot.
Caders sobbing is muffled by the gag and the cracks of
thunder. Jared walks slowly back to his black bag, then
turns and faces Cader.
      (still holding his
       temper back)
It rained like this the night you
took em, remember? Yeah raped that
poor babysitter dam near to death.
She killed herself a few years
later. Did you know that? Smart
girl, nice kid.
Jared retrieves a small utility knife from his black bag and
walks over to Cader. He makes a long shallow cut from
Cader's navel to his chest. Cader screams and tries to
squirm out of his shackles.
      (Becoming slightly
       more angry but
       appears to enjoy
And after all that you took my
      (Now shouting)
Kaylee was six, Mady only four you
sick son of a bitch.
For the first time Jared loses his temper slashing at Cader
with the utility knife. He follows the tantrum up by
punching his victim in the face several times and slamming
his head into the pole. Jared Turns and walks back to his
black bag wiping tears away. Jared turns throwing table salt
into Caders wounds.
      (trying to regain
       some composure
       while digging in
       his bag)
That's it scream you piece of
shit. Scream all you want but we
are nowhere close to done.
Jared stands up holding a pliers. He walks up to Cader
clamps the tool on Caders penis and begins to turn it back
and forth.


      (becoming angry
How's that fucker? Feel like
fuckin little girls now you fuckin
peice of shit?
Jared returns once again to the bag. Throws salt at Caders
genitals. This time he gets a large fillet knife from the
      (calm again)
Remember when I told you this was
gonna hurt?
Avent and his team walk out of the ER all beaten up from the
      (rolling his neck)
Fuck what kinda work did this guy
do before he decided to start
killing people, demolition?
Adams leads the way with a noticeable limp. Avent follows
with Monarch in the rear checking her phone messages.
If not he sure is good at it. Phil
your suppose to call the chief as
soon as possible.
He sound pissed?
Avent reaches a waiting squad car with a uniformed officer
behind the wheel.
No. Maybe a little worried but
doesn't sound mad.
I'll call him once we get back to
your car, get on our way back to
the office.
All three groan as the slide into a squad car.


The squad car creeps slowly up to a group of officers
standing together by another panel van. This one is parked
in the street. The van from the day before is in the
driveway charred from the fire. The windows are broken out
of it. All the officers turn around as the squad car comes
to a stop.
      (exiting squad car)
John around?
An older officer tells the younger ones to get back to work
as he approaches Avent.
                       OFFICER #1
No. He's still at the hospital.
His partner was leaving the house
when it exploded, he's burnt
pretty bad. John said he'll be
back we just don't know when.
Avent offers a business card to the officer with a groan as
his body cracks from stiffness.
Here's my card have him give me a
call when he can. Tell him I hope
his partner is ok.
Avent and his team head for Monarch's car.
                       OFFICER #1
Hey this guy has taken out about
eleven of our guys. You federal
boys need anything from us just
let us know.
      (getting in the
Thanks we will.
Monarch navigates though the midday traffic on the
interstate. Adams reads files in the back as Avent dials his
phone as he looks out the windows.


I want to get to the office as
soon as possible so step on it.
      (turning his
       attention to his
Jim it's Phil. You gotta be fuckin
kidding me! We're on our way. Hit
the lights kiddo.
Avent hangs up the phone and sighs deeply rubbing the bridge
of his nose.
      (stressed out)
Now what?
      (taking a deep
Last night the office power went
down because of a lightning
strike, the backup generators
never kicked on. When maintenance
finally got them up and going
security found Cader Sutter
hanging upside down in my office.
Still alive, Jim said probably not
for much longer though.
Adams takes a deep breath as Monarch and Avent stare out the
front windows of the now speeding car with it's sirens
This is nuts.
Avent presses his forehead against the glass of the
passenger side window.
Got that shit right.
The three agents exit the elevator. Avent instructs them to
go to his office to check out the scene there while he goes
to see the Chief. They quickly split up and hurry away to
their destinations.


Avent raps on the glass of chief's door and sticks his head
into the office.
The chief sits up taking his attention off his paperwork. He
waves Avent in and removes the reading glasses from his
Come on in Phil. How you feeling,
are the other two ok?
Walking in Avent rubs his still sore neck from the explosion
the day before. He takes a seat opposite the Chief at the
large desk.
We're good. A little banged up but
you know, nothin broken.
Leaning forward the chief takes a file and tosses it over to
Avent and quickly leans back into his seat again. He's a
little pale and carries a concerned look on his aged face.
Cader died about thirty minutes
ago. D.O.A at the hospital. Jared
made sure he'd stay alive just
long enough but made dam sure he'd
die. Tortured the poor bastard to
death. I've got forensics on the
roof, looks like that's where he
did it. We have no idea how they
got up there. All we have on the
security camera is Jared leaving.
He walked right up the camera and
just smiled. Cold. A really cold
smile Phil. He didn't hurry or
anything. He wasn't worried at
all. You want to see it?
Chief tosses Avent a DVD case. Avent just sets it back on
the desk.
No. Sounds like the same thing he
did at the night club.


Taking a moment to think the chief let's out a deep breath
and frowns a bit searching for words. After rolling his eyes
he leans forward resting his elbows on the desk.
I've got everyone I can spare and
a couple I can't on this now Phil.
I want you and your team to go
home, get some rest. You look like
shit when was the last time you
      (rubbing the
       bridge of his
Twenty seven years ago.
Shifting nervously in his chair Avent fidgets with his face.
Don't argue with me on this Phil.
You guys are no good to me this
No Jim I wasn't gonna argue. I'm
so far beyond tired. The last
thing I want is to fight with you.
Avent rests his head in his hands. The chief shifts back in
his chair leaning way back crossing his hands over his
Good. I understand he's threatened
you and your team so I'm putting
surveillance on your houses
tonight. So try to get some sleep.
Where are the other two?
My office.
Ok, well collect your kids and go
home. We'll take care of this for
today and tomorrow you can take
this over and brief everyone. Take
care of yourself Phil.


Avent gets up and starts to leave. He stops just before the
door but doesn't turn around.
Yeah. Hey Jim sorry about all
The chief still leaning back looking at Avents back.
Don't be. We'll get it tied off.
Your the best I've got Phil. Try
to get some rest.
Exhausted Avents leans one arm against the door jamb. He
still doesn't look back at the chief.
Hey Jim. Did I fuck this up?
Phil you've had more experience
with this kinda thing then anybody
I've got here. You know how it
goes sometimes. Do you really need
to hear me say it.
Yeah. I need to hear it out loud
The chief sighs as he wrestles himself to his feet. He walks
around the desk putting his hands in his pants pockets.
Avent still stands in the door with his back to him.
You fucked up Phil. You should've
asked for help a lot sooner. You
should've come to me right away.
Feel better?
Actually no. But thanks for the
ego boost. Thanks if anything
comes up.
Knocking a few times on the door jamb Avent walks away
leaving the chief in the office alone. The chief takes a
hand from his pocket and massages his face. After a few
seconds he returns to his chair and paperwork.


Monarch pulls up and drops off Avent. Avent waves to a
couple agents sitting in a car across the street. His baby
sitters for the night. He walks up to his house waving to
neighbors who aren't use to seeing him home so early. He
carries his sport coat in one hand and his brief case in the
other. Fumbling with his keys for a few moments he manages
to get in his front door. Once the door shuts Monarch pulls
away leaving the agents across the street watching the
Avent sits alone outside his glass patio door in a lawn
chair under a porch light. He finishes his drink and walks
back into the kitchen. He grabs the empty Vodka bottle off
the counter. Examines it then looks out his window to see if
the Busted nuts is open down the street. He sees the neon
lights. He puts down the bottle and leaves.
Avent returns from the bathroom. The chief is sitting next
to his stool. As he approaches he notices a captain and coke
in front of the Chief.
      (watching tv)
Only alcoholics drink alone Phil.
Avent rolls his eyes and slowly makes his way over to his
empty seat.
Oh yeah.
      (taking a drink)
Don't worry I'll keep you company.
Avent takes his seat and motion's to the two agents in the
car outside.
They nark me out.


      (still watching tv)
They? Oh no. I thought I'd stop
out, check in on you. Saw you
walkin in.
Avent picks his glass up and gives the chief an accusing
      (watching the
What happened to no more drinking?
      (looking into his
Both officers watching Monarch are
dead. Same with the guys on Adams.
Both of them are ok, they are at
my house with Alice. She isn't
really happy about the swat team
camped out outside in the
Chief finishes his drink and yells to Jack for another
Phil I have to take the three of
you in. Turn you over to witness
protection. Just until we can
catch this guy. It's the only way
I know to keep you all alive.
Avent finishes his drink and slams it down on the bar
turning his attention from the chief to the tv. The chief
has yet to take his eyes off the tv.
Jesus Jim when.
      (staring into his
       new drink)
Sooner the better don't you think?


You know even if this guy kills me
he isn't gonna stop. He's starting
to enjoy it Jim, you need me for
The two finish their drinks in silence. Chief orders another
      (starting to slur)
You remember that string of gang
shootings I had about six eight
years ago?
      (also showing
       signs of the
Both men continue to pretend to watch tv, neither looking at
the other.
      (trying not to
Member that kid shot at me like
six different times. Once right
outside the office. And that guy
that was killing those old ladies.
The one that sent those letters to
my house, just scared the shit
outa Lucy.
The chief holds his hand up getting the bartenders attention
then points to his almost empty glass.
Yeah what are you gettin at Phil?
      (slamming another
       drink as another
       showed up)
I've never been afraid before Jim.
This guy is after me and we don't
know how he's pulling any of this
shit, but I do know. I do know if
we leave he'll find us. In the
meantime a lot more people will
die. I don't know how but he will
find me. How many more people do


                       AVENT (cont'd)
you want to see die Jim?
Finally taking their attention away from the tv and facing
one another.
      (drunk and still
What would you have me do? Hang my
oldest friend out as bait?
      (also drunk)
I don't know Jim. But one way or
another I'm gonna have to finish
this. Jared won't settle for less.
The two sit in silence drinking and watching tv. After
they're drinks are gone Jim turns to Avent.
We could have another drink.
They both turn looking down the bar for Jack. They raise
their right hands.
      (both drunk)
Avent exits the elevator, late for work, The chief
approaches from the bathroom.
      (looking pale)
Boy I know how to set an example
for my men.
The two walk side by side around the cubicles toward Avents
Tell them you have the flu.
They'll think your hero.


I took three showers and still
smell like Ted Kennedy.
      (cocky, covering
       up his hang over)
See your one step closer to a
senate seat. Start fuckin your
secretary and your a shoe in.
The chief pats Avent on the shoulder as he veers off toward
his own office.
If that was the case you'd be
      (yelling over his
Check your ballot in two years I
might run. My first act will be to
increase your funding.
The chief stops a few offices away turn around and yells
In that case I'm voting for you
even if you don't run.
Monarch sits behind Avents desk with Adams sitting across
from her reading part of the journal shaking his head.
Monarch looks up from her laptop as Avent strolls in.
I've had this office cleaned more
this week than all the years I've
been here.
Monarch returns her attention to the computer screen.
Rough night dad?


Avent circles his desk and looks over Monarchs shoulder to
see what she is working on. She shoots him a "do you mind
look." He backs off and rounds the desk back over by Adams
still carrying his briefcase.
No rough morning. And if you were
my daughter I woulda slapped the
smart outa your mouth by now.
You'd need help.
No doubt.
Monarch looks up from the laptop at the still standing
So I take it you talked the chief
outa witness protection.
Avent sets his briefcase down beside his desk and takes a
seat next to Adams. He leans back and flattens his tie
against chest. He looks around as if he had never been in
the office before.
Made him drink til he changed his
       something on his
What's this?
Avent glances over a piece of paper than hands it to Monarch
who leans forward to except it.
      (reaching across)
I don't know let me see it. It's
the file on Jared's ex-wife. Not
much there. She moved to Portland
shortly after the girls died.
Other than that not much.
She hands the paper back to Avent and returns back to the
computer screen.


      (studying the file)
Portland. Ninty eight.
Monarch doesn't take her attention away from her computer.
Adams is still flips through Jareds journal stopping every
so many pages to read inserts.
      (looking tired and
Yeah. So.
Avent picks up the file the paper was sitting on. He flips
through it with a confused look on his face. He studies a
few things then flips back. The other two agents are lost in
their own work and don't notice Avents curiosity.
There's a copy of a deed in here.
It's to some property in southern
Wisconsin. What the hell does a
single women in Portland Oregon
want with a hunting cabin in bum
fuck Wisconsin?
Neither Monarch or Adams seem to be paying attention to
Avents question and after a short silence Monarch chimes in.
A lot of women are into the
outdoors now. Catch up with the
      (holding up the
Did you see this?
Monarch looks at the document and shakes her head no. Adams
sets the journal on the desk and turns his attention to
Adams, hey you had a list of phone
calls made by Jared right?
Adams he fumbles around and comes up with the list and hands
it over to Avent almost dropping it.


Whoa big fella. To much coffee?
Avent circles the office holing an arm full of files open
whil he tries to read.
      (getting up)
Sit down before you drop all that
shit would you.
Monarch offers Avent his usual chair. Avent walks by as
though she isn't there. Suddenly Avent turns and slams file
and the log sheet with the numbers on it down on the desk
making the other two jump. His eyes are jumping out of his
head and he's talking a mile a minute with excitement.
Here. This phone number it's six
oh eight. He's there I know it. I
fuckin know it. See they always
make a mistake. I'm betting this
is a gas station pay phone not far
from this cabin. The rest of the
calls were made from Milwaukee
numbers. He's fuckin there.
Monarch get Jackson and Ryan to
take a ride with us. Oh and see if
anyone has a portable GPS so we
can find this fuckin place. I know
your there.
Monarch goes to leave Adams gets up to follow. Avent grabs
Adams by the arm.
Hey Adams wait. I read in your
file you were a sniper in the
military. That right?
Sir, yes sir.
Got a rifle?


The five Agents are piled into Monarch's car. Adams sits
directly behind Avent. He's dressed in swat clothes with a
large sniper rifle standing between his legs. Everyone else
is still in their office clothes.
Floor it kid. Jim called ahead,
he's got swat coming from Madison.
We're gonna meet them at the gas
station that call came from.
      (turning to Adams)
You got my back bud?
Adams smiles and leans forward.
Can I shoot you in the ass if
Everyone laughs as Avent smiling turns and looks at Adams.
If I fart in the middle of all
this. Yeah go ahead.
I can't believe you almost got
suspended just to make a janitor
Avent turns his attention to Monarch.
I'm not suspended and anyway that
was as much for me as it was for
the janitor. That fucker should've
gotten shot anyway.


Southern Wisconsin forest in mid July. Monarch's car winds
down a gravel road. A black cargo van follows in a dust
cloud. The drive is long with scattered long narrow
driveways off it.
What side of bum fuck and ass
fucked is this goddam place.
      (watching the
       winding road)
How the hell would I know? Thought
you liked the woods? Hunting and
fishing and shit.
      (looking around)
Call me hypocritical but I like to
hunt shit that's not hunting me
They arrive at a culdasac with one driveway coming off it. A
broken wooden gate stand open next to it against an old
mailbox full of weeds. Monarch's back door opens and Adams
and his firearm exit and disappear into the woods next to
the drive. The small caravan creeps into the long gravel
drive. It's very hot and dusty. After about a mile and a
half it opens up into a marsh with a small cabin facing the
marsh by a little pond.
Everyone ready?
      (also nervous)
      (pointing the
Pull up behind that truck.
An old red rusty truck sits off the end of the cabin which
has a covered porch along one whole side. Jared rises from a


folding lawn chair at the opposite end of the covered porch.
Dressed in jeans and a white tank top. He walks to the end
of the porch leans on a pole and pulls his pony tail out. He
is smiling and very relaxed his face is clean shaven and he
looks well rested. Avent gets on the radio and tells the
swat team to stay put in the van then orders his own agents
out of the car.
Jared Tyler. FBI we have some
questions you'll need to come with
Jared looks at the ground with his hands in his pockets.
Still seemingly happy and relaxed he looks up at Avent.
Well I mailed you all your answers
last week. You did read it right
Avent stands behind the open car door. He squints the
sunlight out of his eyes not taking them off Jared.
Jared, no matter how right you
think you were you know your gonna
have to come back with us. I know
your smart enough to know you
weren't just gonna walk away from
Yeah I know. And we both know we
are past all the me coming quietly
crap to.
      (taking in a long
       fresh breath)
Well you better get them swat boys
out the van Phil. Your gonna need
Jared looks to the sky and smiles, almost child like, then
he turns and slowly strolls into the front door of the
cabin. Avent leans on the car door and looks over at
Monarch. He shakes his head and takes a breath.
Send them in.


Monarch pulls out her radio and gives the order for the swat
to move in. The swat piles out and runs to the door in
single file with their weapons held high. After several
warnings for Jared to open the door they break it in. A few
seconds after the last man is in the cabin explodes into a
fireball. The explosion sends Avent and his team flying in
all directions. Avent and Monarch land in a shallow puddle
next to one another. They pull their weapons as they get to
their feet.
      (struggling to her
       feet in the mud)
You woulda thought we'd a seen
that comin.
Yeah, he's getting real good at
making us look real stupid.
All of Avents team are alive and getting to their feet.
Adams has not made it to the cabin quite yet. An explosion
behind them topples two trees across the driveway blocking
an escape by car. Speakers in the woods blast out Disturbs
"Inside the Fire" Avent looks up to the cabin to see Jared
standing in the flames and smoke seemingly untouched by the
explosion. He's still smiling only it's the stern wicked
stare from the night club tapes. After a few seconds Jared
leaps away from Avent and disappears into the woods.
      (afraid and
Can you see him? Phil you see him.
      (also becoming
No I don't fuckin see him.
All agents have their guns drawn on the woods scanning.
Jackson spots Jared at an opening for a moment than runs
toward it after Jared. He slows down as he reaches the tree
line gun raised. As he enters he hears a sound than two
massive logs smash into the sides of his head leaving him
pretty much headless. Ryan follows hoping to help. He sees
Jackson is gone and with his pistol raised disappears into
the woods.
      (still scanning
       and afraid)
Where the fuck is Adams?


      (scared, yelling
       over the music
I don't know he didn't take a
      (motioning wildly)
Car, head for the dam car we need
to radio for some fuckin help.
As they reach the car Jared appears from behind the truck
and knocks out Monarch with a broken axe handle. As Avent
turns Jared takes out his right knee. Jared retrieves both
agents pistols than hits Avent in the temple with his own
gun knocking him out. Hearing a noise he once again
disappears into the dense woods.
Moments later Adams appears out of the woods. He checks
quickly to make sure everyone's alive. He hears something
brings the rifle to his shoulder and makes his way past the
old Chevy. As he passes the outhouse Jared steps out and
knocks the rifle loose with the axe handle, disarming them
both. They began to fight hand to hand. Adams being a
trained in hand to hand combat knocks Jared to the ground
several times. Jared gets bloodied up from the repeated
blows to the head. He also sustains broken ribs on the last
exchange. Jared knowing he's beat pulls out Monarch's gun
and fires shots into either of Adams eyes blowing the back
of his head off. Jared limps off to recoup a bit.
Avent begins to wake up.He grabs his knee in agony. Jared
slowly approaches holding his ribs. Jared drags behind him
an axe this time. He hoists it above his head in pain and
drops the blunt end onto Avents left knee breaking it. Avent
screams in pain. There is a loud boom and Ryan leaps from
the woods onto the deck of the smoldering cabin and runs
toward Jared and Avent. Jared raises Avents gun up and
shoots Ryan as he jumps off the deck killing him. Jared
loses his air and falls to the ground. He uses the axe to
get back to his feet.


I think we've all lost out on this
one Jared. Let's just all leave
alive, whata you say?
      (fighting for air)
What would be the fucking point?
Jared raises the axe above his head. Bang! Bang! Bang!
Monarch fires shot from a back up revolver. Jared spins
around and falls dropping the axe. Monarch slides across the
hood of the car and falls down and crawls up to Avent half
dazed out of her mind. They look at one another with some
relief before Monarch suddenly slides backwards. She spins
firing a shot hitting Jared in the leg before he bats the
gun out of her hand while he screams in pain. Jared strikes
her with the axe handle knocking her out. He than makes his
way to his feet standing above Avent. Jared is doused in
blood from the shots and pounding from Adams.
      (searching for
Wait Jared. I can help you. Let me
help we'll get you some help.
Jared raises the axe using everything he's got split Avents
head in half down to his shoulders.
      (cold, calm,
       fighting for air)
You had ten years to help me.
Jared notices Monarch starting to stir. He pulls the the axe
above his head.
      (tears in his eyes)
God help me.
The axe drops.
The chief enters holding a stack of files. He drops them on
the desk.


Here it is, all of it. I hope you
know what your doing. The man who
had this office before you was a
good friend of mine. A good Agent
too. Anyway it's all yours. Tie it
off. You need anything you know
where my office is.
Monarch looks up from some paperwork with her hair cut
short. She has a long scar on the side of her neck.
      (looking intensely)
You know I will.
Why do you think Jared never
killed you? He had the chance
They wouldn't let him.
      (A little confused)
      (pulling Jareds
       file close)
His girls.
      (satisfied by the
Think he'll stop? We haven't heard
anything outa him in months.
Everyone he seemed to be after is
      (scanning the
He might. But that doesn't mean he
can't be pushed over the edge
again. We still need to bring him
in right?