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TORNADO FACERS - We Face The Tornados That The Others Will Not
by Ashley and Leena (leenstach@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: *1/2
A script for a short film we are currently creating in science class. It's a spoof of the TV show "Supernatural" (BEST show in the entire world!) and also educates the audience about global warming and Kyoto.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Camera PANS over DEANNA (eating a BURGER) to the door, where
SAMANTHA opens it and walks in.
Come on Deanna, let's go. Robbie
called, says there's a tornado set
to hit Lawrence, Kansas in a few
But, but... I'm busy. I was
planning on doing... something.
Eating a burger doesn't count as
doing something! Now come on,
hurry up or we'll miss it. We're
supposed to be tornado chasers,
not Jughead wanna-be's!
Deanna crinkles up her BURGER WRAPPER and tosses it in the
Fine, Samantha, but I'm driving!
                                         FADE OUT
Words scroll across the screen. They read: IN LAWRENCE.
Samantha and Deanna walk towards the camera as they talk.
Robbie also mentioned that there's
been a lot of electrical storms
here within the last week... and
snowstorms... and heat waves.
That's pretty screwy weather, even
for Kansas. I think something
weird's going on here.
The WIND suddenly picks up (via fan)


What the hell...? This isn't how a
tornado goes down!
Camera circles around Deanna and Samantha once. When it
comes back around, LILLIAN appears behind them in the middle
of the road. Lillian stares at them creepily. Samantha and
Deanna turn around and jump when they see her. An awkward
silence ensues while Lillian continues to stare creepily.
      (Leans in and
       whispers to
Uh... can we help you?
Hello Samantha and Deanna.
Samantha and Deanna exchange a look of shock and confusion.
How do--
Yes, I know who you are. I am
Lillian and I am plotting to
destroy the world!
... O-kay then.
Care to enlighten us?
      (suddenly perky,
       then evil)
Sure!! I am planning on unleashing
global warming upon the
unsuspecting citizens of the
world. By doing this, I will
convince others to increase their
carbon dioxide emissions which
will eventually rupture the ozone
layer and turn the world into a
raging ball of hellfire!
Lillian throws her head back and laughs maniacally.


Yeah you could do that. Or you
could save yourself the time and
effort and just grab a nuke and
set it off in the Whitehouse or
Silence! I like my way better.
Well, to each their own.
I have to go and destroy the world
now. See ya!
Lillian skips out of the scene while Samantha and Deanna
exchange a puzzled look.
Well that's something you don't
see everyday.
What kind of idiotic villian
reveals their evil schemes to a
couple of random people standing
on the road? But I think that
she's serious about this
destroying the world plan of hers.
She's just a psycho crazy nutjob.
She's not actually gonna take over
the world.
I think she's dead serious. Yeah,
she's an idiot, but an evil idiot
all the same.
You're right. We should find a way
to stop her. But first, I'm
hungry. I'm gonna go get some pie
while you figure out how to stop
Deanna walks off while Samantha looks perplexed.


CUTS TO: Samantha researching on her laptop while Deanna is
in the background eating pie.
      (reading off
Here's something. In 1987, 182
nations signed the Montreal
Protocol to stop the use of CFC's,
which is a chemical that was used
in aerosol cans, fire
extinguishers, and air
conditioners. Chemists discovered
that it dissolved the ozone layer,
so this organization was set up to
stop CFC use.
Mmmm. Have you ever tried
strawberry rhubarb pie? It's
officially the food of the Gods.
Did you say something about
Montreal? Isn't that the french
place in Canada? You know, where
the moose live?
Could you focus for like, 2
seconds? We're trying to stop an
evil psycho from destroying the
world here!
Geez. SOMEBODY forgot to take
their happy pills this morning.
And this other organization here
called the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate
Change was an agreement that
acknowledged that human activity
was partially responsible for
climate change.
But these 2 organizations didn't
change the carbon dioxide
emissions that much, right? They
helped, but not enough. We need


                       DEANNA (cont'd)
something huge. Something that'll
make a statement. We need... some
more pie.
Deanna starts to walk out of the room, but Samantha stops
Deanna! Stop it with the pie! We
get it, okay? But you were on the
right track, until the pie part.
Our world DOES need something
huge. We should create an
organization that all countries in
the world will agree upon.
We should create an agreement that
all countries will sign to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions by 5% by
That's the smartest thing I've
ever heard you say. Wow, I'm
officially uncomfortable now.
Thank you for that.
CUT TO: Lillian is just outside the door, eavesdropping on
Samantha and Deanna's conversation. Talking continues
offscreen while the camera is focused on Lillian and her
reactions to the information she hears.
We should call it Kyoto.
Why Kyoto?
Because Japan is awesome. Speaking
of Japan, I could really go for
some sushi now before we save the
Fine. Let's go.


Samantha and Deanna open the door and walk out offscreen
while Lillian hides until they are gone.
So they've plotted to thwart my
evil plan? I won't let them get
away with it.
Lillian pulls out her CELL PHONE to call GEORGE BUSH, her
secret accomplice in her evil schemes.
Hello, President Bush? It's
Lillian. Listen, we've got a
      (offscreen over
Oh, is my drycleaning ready to
pick up? Because I have an
important conference tonight and I
desperately need my favorite good
luck suit.
No you fool! I'm the other
Lillian! You know, the one who's
plotting to destroy-- I mean...
*clears throat* the head of your
enviromental cabinet, remember?
Oh. Right. Of course.
There's these two evil girls who
plan on destroying the world
through global warming. They plan
to create an organization called
Kyoto which will reduce-- I
mean... INCREASE greenhouse gas
emissions around the world by 5%
by 2012.
... uh huh.
So to stop them the United States
cannot sign this agreement. If
America isn't involved, then the
impact will be less. Call China
and India and convince them not to


                       LILLIAN (cont'd)
sign. Also, call any other country
and pursuade them to go against
Kyoto. If only a few countries
sign this agreement, it will not
be very successful.
Okey dokey. I'll get right on it.
As long as you're sure this will
save the enviroment.
Oh yes! Of course it will! Trust
Lillian hangs up PHONE abruptly and does evil schemy
      (on phone)
Listen Mr. Prime Minister: there's
this evil girl plotting to destroy
the world through global warming.
Signing this Kyoto thingy is the
only way to stop her.
Deanna pauses for a moment, listening to the person on the
other line.
      (on phone)
No, I'm NOT on drugs!! I'm
serious! So whaddya say? Will
Canada sign? ... Yes. Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Deanna hangs up the PHONE and turns to Samantha.
Good news. Canada's also signing
the Kyoto agreement.
Great, so with Japan that makes a
grand total of two countries. Come
on! This is never gonna work


                       SAMANTHA (cont'd)
unless all countries cooperate!
Well EXCUSE me! Don't shoot the
messenger! I can't force America
and India and China and other
countries to fully participate.
Some developed countries refuse to
sign until less developed
countries sign...
Yeah, and other developing
countries refuse to sign until the
developed countries reduce their
greenhouse gas emissions...
And round and round it goes.
So now what? It seems unlikely
that this Kyoto agreement will
work out the way we hoped to.
Hmmm... Let's look at it this way:
global warming isn't a problem
that can be fixed in one day,
right? It takes time and
cooperation from everyone.
I guess all we can do for now is
convince others to take personal
steps to reduce their carbon
dioxide emissions.
Or we could just gank that Lillian
chick. That'd solve all our
No. That'd be called MUR-DER. Come
on, let's go to the pie shop. I'm
Yes! At last you're finally
starting to understand my ways!


Don't ruin the moment.
Samantha and Deanna walk offscreen. Lillian appears from
behind the telephone booth where she was hiding.
So that's your plan now eh? Well,
we'll see who wins this fight for
the enviroment.
CU on Lillian laughs evilly as the movie ends.


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From Robert Date 9/15/2009 **1/2
I think you ladies had a good idea to begin with but got a little side tracked along the way. You could turn this script into a good low budjet production with a little more work on it. I'd go for around thirty minutes screen time. Tell me a little bite more about Lillian and George, a bite more interaction between the characters and keep the humor going. Best of luck. Would like to see more of your work on this site.

From Justin Date 4/15/2009 *
Easy shootable script, but as a viewer i don't know how interesting it would be. I'm with tyler the title is only involved in the very beggining of the script.

From Tyler Date 4/8/2009 *1/2
alright play script, not real intriguing. the tornado title doesn't really fit that well in my mind.

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