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Miami Vice II
by David (pup1993@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

The action and suspense filled next chapter in the modern day telling of the classic series. Crockett finds himself confronted with an “Old friend” from his past determined to settle an old score. Crockett and Tubbs find themselves being pawns in his game and asking themselves the question, “Where is the line between good guy and bad guy?” What if everything you have worked to become was threatened? And the most dangerous question of all… “What would you do if you started to doubt yourself?”

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. Miami Vice and all related likenesses are a part of Universal Pictures.


Close up on concrete block walls- medium white in color with
just a hint of dirt and wear. We follow the wall where it
meets the floor- cold, industrial; we pass a metal table
bolted to the floor and wall. In the distance, sounds of
metal doors slamming together. We come to a door, metal and
cold. We focus in where the door and floor meet. The door
slides open- we see a mans feet standing there-tan slipper
shoes under a white jumpsuit. We follow the mans feet as
they walk slowly away from the doorway- he walks towards a
Cut to the window- the bottom portion- a small opening cut
in the bottom.
                       A MAN'S VOICE
Ballard, Terence Emmanuel
From under the small opening in the window a piece of paper
is slid out. The man outside the window reaches over and
takes the paper. There is a pen on the ledge of the window -
he signs the paper and pushes it back through the opening.
                                         CUT TO:
is walking - we only see him from the knees down - different
shoes and pants now. Slick black dress shoes under silk
cuffed pants. We follow his stride as he walks, step by step
against the black asphalt. He walks slowly towards a large
metal gate. As he approaches he stops - the gate opens
slowly. Bright sunlight slowly enters. We follow the
sunlight as it climbs his silhouette. We stop at his face -
a cold dead stare looking out the gate as if he is waiting
for someone.
A horn blows in the distance
Terence walks towards the car driven by his friend, Tomos
Williams, opens the passenger door and sits down. As the car
sits, we hear the voices of two men coming from the car.


Welcome back to the world brother.
You look like you could use a
That actually sounds pretty good.
Business first though. You able to
get everything I asked for?
Yep, I got it all. Address,
home phone number,
cell number, vehicle
info, what he is working
on and who he is working
for right now. Anything
and everything you
would ever want to know
about the man.
What about...
Yeah I got all her info to.
very good.
So what's this all about?
Just some unfinished
business with and
old friend.
Tomos starts the car and slowly drives away. Terence seems
set on a mission - headed straight toward a destiny he has
chosen to fulfill.
                                         CUT TO:


There are six men total standing around two vehicles.
Headlights from the two facing vehicles are nearly the only
light that can be seen. Crockett and Tubbs stand in front
of their silver Ferrari F430 Spyder. Three of the men are
the muscle, standing around a black Lincoln Navigator, tall
muscular men with oversized jackets, cut to cover their
weapons and it is obvious that they are confident and know
how to use. The last man is Ramón Olmos, second in command
to Philippe Stiles. The catch that Crockett and Tubbs are
Olmos stands in front of the Navigator in between the
headlights. Crockett and Tubbs face him being flanked by
their own headlights.
You guys got your shit
together? You only
got a couple of days.
What you think this
is our first time?
I know we've done this a
few times already
but this time it's a lot
of weight and I gotta make
sure you got it goin on.
We got it down right. Two
39ft Scarabs, both gutted
and ready for your product.
They are sitting in our
slips at the marina just
waiting for you to say
the word.
Sometime tonight Ill get
the arrival point for our
freighter that is coming
in the day after tomorrow.
Ill then e-mail you with
the location for the pickup
point. Make sure you got enough
people there to transfer it all
off the freighter to your
boats. 1500 kilos is a lot
of heavy lifting.
      (He chuckles)


Just you keep in mind that
time is money and I don't
wanna be waiting around all
fucking night for that e-mail.
Don't worry man. You'll get
it then you can get the job done.
Is all this grunt work
gonna pay off one day
and we get to meet the man?
How many time I got to
tell you? Mr. Stiles
don't hang out with the
help. Besides you don't
need to see the man. You
don't need to breathe his
air. The words from me
they come straight from
his mouth. You guys gotta
learn your place.
He smiles as if he is talking down
to them.
Just be ready when I let you know.
Crockett and Tubbs fight off the look of disappointment that
is prying its way to the surface.
All men turn to get back in their respective vehicles. The
Navigator drives past in a cloud of dust. As it disappears
into the darkness, Crockett and Tubbs stand inside the open
doors of the Ferrari talking across the top of the car.
I am sick of dealing with
this slime ball middle
man. This will be the
fourth run we have made
for these guys and we
still haven't been able
to put the dope with
Stiles. I got into this
business to get dope
off the street not deliver
it there myself just
to get at the big man.


I know. We have got to
find some way to stand
in front of him and the
dope. Olmos is a prick and all
but he's not stupid. There is no
way we will ever get him to roll
on Stiles. We are gonna have to
figure out something else.
Both men enter the car and drive off into the night.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
The house is sparse in its decoration. There is only two
chairs in sight, a small TV sitting on a table. Looking out
of the glass doors that overlook the harbor, we see lights
from boats and ships docked on the other side of the bay.
This is the major source of light in the room. Only a few
small table lamps illuminate the house. We slowly scan the
house and move into the kitchen. The colors are neutral and
pale. The only light is coming from underneath the cabinets
and it throws a soft eerie shadow across everything over
waist high. Crockett stands over the kitchen sink, hands on
either side, staring out through the window into the
darkness. Tubbs sits at the kitchen island, checking out his
laptop, waiting for the e-mail from Olmos.
Where's your mind at
Oh nothing. Just
Something on your mind. You
wanna tell me about it.
Crockett turns to face Tubbs, hands behind him against the


Not sure exactly. Got a
strange feeling, kinda
Come on now your scaring
your partner. You don't
normally get in these
moods unless something's
I can't put my finger
on it. Maybe it's the
waiting on Olmos I don't
know. Something feels wrong
and its got me all wired.
I swear this job sometimes...
the waiting's the worst part.
The day you stop worrying
is the day you should find
another line of work.
Maybe your right…just
can't stop thinking its
something else.
He turns to stare out the window again into the night.
Little does he know but his instincts are correct. This deal
will be anything but routine.
                                         CUT TO:
sits on a picnic table. His head lowered, staring at the
ground as if in deep thought. The park is empty except for
the occasional set of headlights that pass in the
background. His friend from earlier, Tomos, walks up.
Got an update on
your boy.


The job he's on right now?
Looks like he's got a
pick up coming in the next couple
of days. My guys not sure
exactly when but it
will be late night.
As long as its late night. Ill
take care of what I need to do
while they are out.
Terence turns and looks at Tomos.
Aint you gonna ask me where I'm
going with all this?
Nope. From what I've
seen, I know not to
ask. Besides I owe you
for watching by back all
those years. It's the least
I could do.
You don't owe me shit.
You know what loyalty
is. After this is over,
I promise, someone else
will wish they had
learned the meaning of
that word.
Tomos's phone rings:
What you got
for me?
Yeah I got a
pen…hang on.
go ahead….


Tomos writes down on a piece of paper what the person on the
phone is telling him.
Cool…I appreciate
all the info…If I don't
hear anything else from
you, Ill assume
everything is still the same…
Tomos hangs up the phone.
All right then…here
you go. This is where
and when tomorrow
One thing though.
As Tomos hands Terence the paper he had written on, he looks
at him with a serious look on his face.
I don't think you wanna mess with
anyone there though. The guy he's
running for is one bad dude.
Don't worry. I aint
gonna do that. Ill
actually need this guy
when the time comes.
Were you able to get
all the stuff I asked
Yeah I got it all
but it wasn't cheap or
easy. Everything is in
the boxes I left in your
Tomos turns and prepares to leave.
If I hear from my
guy about any changes,
Ill holler.


The two men shake hands. Tomos turns and walks from view.
Terence look hard at the piece of paper Tomos gave him.
I hope your ready for
this my brother. I've
waited for this over
6 years. Now you will
know what betrayal feels
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett sips on a mojito while sitting in one of the chairs
in the living room. Tubbs sits in the other chair, laptop
computer on a small table to his side. Other members of the
team are moving around in the background. Trudy walks up to
Tubbs and runs her hand down his leg.
We have all put so
much time and effort
into this, I say when
it's over we all take
off for the Bahamas.
Any takers?
Ill go with you! I'm
not sure I could handle
more time with the
rest of you guys. We
already all damn near live
Switek kicks back in a chair looking at a magazine.
Rico… singing those
"Vice Cope Blues" again.
Sure, we can all jump
in the boat that belongs
to the city…filled with
gas provided by the
city. How could they ever


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
say no?
Yeah, I'm sure the city
of Miami will have no
problem with half of its
vice squad taking off for a couple
of weeks.
Baby girl if you can
get Castillo to sign off
on that… Ill walk there
from here.
If we can't figure out
how to nail down
Stiles, we might not ever
get another vacation.
We've put too much
into this to back off
now. Something gotta come
out to the good in the end.
Don't worry partner,
everybody makes a mistake
and I'm patient.
Its hard to believe that
we don't even know what
he looks like. There's
no pictures of him, nothing.
He's like a ghost.
Just living out there in
that big ass boat,
staying away from all
the heat. You know I
hear he has never
touched American soil.
Yeah I heard that too… he'll only
get off that boat in a non
extradition country. Damn what a
hard life. We should all


                       TUBBS (cont'd)
have such misfortune.
Tubbs looks down at his laptop as he hears a BEEP. Everyone
sits up and takes notice as Tubbs opens the e-mail.
All right, it's about
fucking time. It's
all here. Longs and
Lats, time frame and
all the particulars.
Tubbs stands up and addresses everyone.
Listen up everybody.
We meet at OCB at
10am tomorrow to go over
all the details. Now get
the hell out of here and
get some sleep.
Everyone grabs what they brought with them and heads out the
door. Crockett and Tubbs face each other and strike fists as
if getting ready for battle.
Here's to making this
one count.
This time we tie it to
Stiles and take him down.
                                         CUT TO:
is sitting around a rectangle table, Lt. Castillo sits at
the head of the table.
All right lay it out.
Tonight we take both
boats and head off
toward Islamorada. At
around 3am we will meet
up with the freighter


                       TUBBS (cont'd)
and transfer over 1500
kilos of cocaine, 750 per
I did the math for you Switek so
you won't get a headache.
Oh, you a funny man there
Rico. This cop thing don't
work out for you got a
great future in stand up.
The tention of the moment is broken... but only for a
Can we be serious here? We
have months of work in
on this guy and I want him.
      (To Crockett and
Can you put him with the
Crocket and Tubbs look at each other and kinda a hang their
If we can't get an
intro from this run, we
have another angle we
can run.
We don't have all the bugs
worked out of it yet but we
have an idea.
When you get the
bugs worked out, let
me know. Until then,
I don't wanna know.
We're gonna be holding
onto the product until
the next day. We'll
just leave it in the
boats, dock them in the
slips at the marina and
take turns keeping


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
Castillo pushes back from the table.
I know you guys have made
runs for Olmas before and
this is probably routine
for you now but keep in
mind, these are drug
One at a time he looks everyone in the eye. He is serious
about this.
They are very dangerous
people who will not
hesitate to put you down
if you mess with their
business. Cause their
business is money. Never
loose sight of that. We've
all seen what money will
make a person do.
Everyone takes a second, they know he is right. This is
serious business. Everyone turns to look at Tubbs as he
We'll all meet up at the
marina at 11pm. We need
to be on the boats and
headed south by midnight.
Any questions?
Everyone shakes their heads "No". Everyone stands and exits
the room and goes back to their respective desks except
Crockett and Castillo. Castillo looks across the length of
the table at Crockett, staring down at the table.
Where are you at?
Do what?
I asked where are you


                       CASTILLO (cont'd)
Cause your not here.
Its nothing Lieutenant,
just been after this
guy for so long it
just feels…
      (Long pause)
Like you been spinning
your wheels…being jerked
Like something is wrong.
Can you be any more specific?
Crockett stands up and turns away from the table, hands in
his pockets.
No I can't. I don't
even know why I'm feeling
it. Everything has gone
perfectly, same as the past
runs. I just can't shake this
Cops use their gut feeling.
You want to pull back,
go at 'em another way?
Crockett turns and looks at Castillo with a burning look of
No way. We have to much
invested in this already
and he is not walking
All right but if you
feel it going bad you
do what you have to
do to protect your team
and yourself.


                       CASTILLO (cont'd)
You got me?
Crockett nods his head in agreement. Castillo gets up and
leaves the room.
                                         CUT TO:
The décor is old and outdated. Dark colored wallpaper
surrounding a soiled curtain covering the lone window. The
only light is from a small table lamp sitting on the
nightstand and a bright glow of sunshine outlining the
closed curtain. Terence sits on the bed. He picks through
boxes sitting on the bed and on the floor. He picks up and
sits down items, dangerous items. Several small bars covered
with paper with the words "C4" "Explosives" on the side.
Several rolls of detonator wire. A small box of blasting
caps. He removes two handguns from the boxes and sits them
on the bed along with several boxes of ammunition. Several
cell phones are also there. He picks up one of the bars of
C4 and looks at it. The intense emotion is so overwhelming
you can taste it even though his face shows no sign of
feeling anything. He has taken the next step.
                                         CUT TO:
The vice team board the two boats. The water is calm with
only a slight sound of splashing against the hulls of the
boats .The large displacement engines roar to life as they
prepare to cast of. They slowly pull away from the dock and
as they clear the marina, the motors open up and power out
toward open water. As the boats head off into the horizon,
we see a shadowy figure step past and into the camera view
holding two large duffle bags and onto the dock. After the
boats have disappeared and the sounds of the engines are
gone, the figure turns causing the lights from the dock to
illuminate his face. It is Terence. It is time to begin.
                                         CUT TO:
We find an old freighter sitting as the two scarabs
approach. One boat pulls along side as a rope ladder is


lowered down the side of the ship. Crockett and Tubbs climb
the ladder and onto the deck. There are several deck hands
on board and waiting for them. Several more stand on the
second level cat walk holding weapons, watching over the
transaction. We see Crockett and Tubbs talking with two men
standing next to a hatch that leads into the cargo hold of
the ship. The two scarabs pull away from the freighter and
pull a rope line between the two. The men on the freighter
strap the bundles of cocaine onto the rope line and slide it
down to the awaiting boats. One by one they load and unload
until all 1500 kilos are evenly distributed between both
boats. One of the boats pulls back up along side the
freighter where Crocket and Tubbs re-board from the rope
ladder. The scarabs then open the throttles and head back
into Miami, leaving the freighter in the dark empty ocean.
                                         CUT TO:
The two scarabs enter the marina and slowly make their way
into the docks that they left just hours before. The crew
ties off the lines, leave the docks and walk toward the
beach house. Switek, Gina and Zito all walk out of sight
showing signs of exhaustion. Tubbs, Trudy and Crockett stay
back at the dock for a bit.
      (To Crockett)
You sure you don't mind
taking first watch?
Not at all. You guys go
get some rest. Switek and
Zito will be back in
a few hours to take over.
We can all stay and hang.
Three is not always a crowd.
I might end up seeing more
of you two than I ever
wanted. You guys take
off. Ill be fine.
Aint gotta tell me twice… Later.


Trudy and Tubbs walk off hand in hand leaving Crockett
standing between the house and dock.
                                         CUT TO:
sits in a deck chair, drink in hand, standing guard on the
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
sprays the dock off with a water hose, just killing time,
something to do while waiting. Camera pans the marina seeing
water rolling up on the posts of the dock, the reflections
of the background lights on the water. The marina is dead
silent except for the slight sound of water as it breaks
over obstacles on the dock. (The illusion of time passing)
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
A dark figure in shadows looking through binoculars. It's
Terence. Standing between poles and buildings, seeing, but
not being seen. In the distance, straight ahead, we can see
Crockett walking around the two scarabs tied up at the dock.
                                         CUT TO:
walks from the dock. Both scarabs are behind him, one on
either side as he moves away and toward the house.
Complete silence.


Both scarabs explode simultaneously behind Crockett throwing
him forward and onto the ground. He gathers himself and
stands to see what has happened. He looks in horror at the
sight of the two boats and 1500 kilos of cocaine burning in
front of him.
(OC) A phone rings.
Crockett turns from the fire to look for the ringing phone.
He is dazed and confused and not sure if he is really
hearing the phone or imagining it. The camera looks down to
Crockett's cell phone lying on the ground ringing,
reflection from the flames on the display. Crockett picks up
the phone and places it to his ear.
Who is this?
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
Damn can I get someone's
attention or what?
Who the fuck is this?
Oh come on Sonny, you
mean to tell me you can't
figure out my voice? I
know it's been a few
years but come on.
Crockett struggles to hear the voice against the noise from
the fire. He tries to recognize the tone or something in the
voice to help him figure it out.
I got to tell you,
I'm more than a little
disappointed. We been
through a lot over the
years. And you just


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
forgot all about me huh?
A look of absolute horror covers Crockett's face as he
finally puts it together.
There you go buddy.
Took you a minute
but I knew it
would come to you.
What the fuck are
you doing Terence?
Oh come on partner, I'm
sure you can figure it out
if you try hard enough.
We stopped being
partners a long
time ago as you sure
as hell aint my buddy.
Now you and me been
through a lot
together. You just
gonna throw everything
away just like that?
You made that decision
for both of us. Besides is this
your idea of saying "Hi" to an
"Old buddy"?
Oh no, this is just
the beginning of what
I have in store. But
I think we are done for
now. Don't worry Ill be
in touch.
The phone goes dead in Crockett's hand. He stands there in a
state of shock. He stares at the boats now burning with a


flame as high as 20 feet. He looks in different directions,
for the first time, not sure what the next move is. He does
the only thing that comes to mind. He hits the speed dial
and places the phone to his ear.
      (OC) ON THE PHONE)
I need you back
at the beach house.
Why? What's up?
We've got a big problem.
Ill tell you when
you get here.
Crockett hangs up the phone without saying goodbye. He
stares at the boats, with a horrified look as if to say,
"What is going to happen next"?
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett stands in front of Tubbs. His head stiff, staring
at the back wall of the house as if looking straight through
it. Tubbs is visibly stunned at what he saw as they pulled
up to the house. The burnt corpses of the boats and its
What the hell went
on here after we left?
I had just finished
washing off the dock.
I was walking toward
the house when the boats
Any idea why?
Crockett looks down at the ground and nods his head.


I know exactly why…
Terence Ballard.
Who the hell is
Terence Ballard?
He was a cop. We were
partners for about
3 years. We were pretty
Something happened about 7 years
ago, a couple of years before you
came down from New York. We
had been working this
Jamaican for about 8
months. We were using
him, same as always,
running small loads for
him between the Keys and
the Bahamas. Nothing big,
maybe 10 to 20 kilos
each run. Trying to work
our way up the food
chain to get to the bigger
fish. I was the driver
and Terence was the
business end. He handled
all communications with
the Jamaican. I saw him
a couple of times but
never spoke to him. On the
final run we made, Terence
set up the deal like
always and took care of
all of the cash. Terence
got $50,000 from the
Jamaican for the dope.
Crockett balls up his fist as he prepares to tell the next
Well he only put $30,000
in property and on his
Come to find out,
Terence had been skimming
from the takes for months.


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
After we popped the Jamaican
the ADA found out that the money
he paid Terence for us making the
runs, did not match what Terence
had written in his reports.
Crockett takes a long breath. This is more difficult to tell
than he thought.
The ADA talked the Jamaican
into testifying against
Terence for a lighter
sentence and Terence went
to prison.
Tubbs drops his head as he hears what is being told to him.
He feels the pain in Crocketts voice as he tells what his
ex-partner had done.
How long did he get?
He was sentenced to 10 to 15
years but it looks like he
played nice inside and got
out early.
So what's this have to
do with you? Looks like
he did this shit to himself.
I wish it was that simple.
After the district attorney
learned of the missing money,
he and Internal Affairs
started digging. At first
they thought I had to be
in on it. They were looking
hard at us both for a while.
Once they figured out I
didn't have anything to
do with it, they came to me
about Terence.
Man that had to be tough.
Him being your partner
and all.


Oh man you have no idea.
I.A. said all the right
things though. "You gotta
stand up for what's
right", "Don't stand up for
a dirty cop".
You know the
drill, all the right things
to a rookie vice cop.
The last thing I wanted was to
disappoint the department.
So what did they ask you
to do?
I helped them go back
through months of
paperwork. He started
skimming when we started
working the Jamaican.
How much in all?
Just a little under
So I guess you had to
testify against him huh?
That was the hardest
thing I have ever done.
He was my partner and
my friend.
I had to do it though. If I
hadn't, what would that have
made me? As guilty as he was.
If you don't testify then
you're covering for a
bad cop. If you do testify,
then in the eyes of a
lot of cops, you can't
be trusted. Not a good position


                       TUBBS (cont'd)
either way.
Add in another factor
that you don't know about,
and you have the worst
time in my life I have
ever had.
What factor is that?
Crockett shakes his head.
Man that's a whole other
story and to be truthful
partner, I don't have
the energy to get into
it right now.
That's cool. So Terence
is looking for a bit of
He say anything
That this was only the
beginning and he
would be back in
Well, putting that on
hold for a second, what
the hell are we gonna do
about Olmos? 1500 kilos
of his smack, that we are
responsible for, just got
splattered all over south
Miami. I don't think he is
gonna forget about it.
I gotta find out
what Terence is really
up to. This jeopardizes
everything and everyone.


You have any ideas
on where to look?
Crockett leans against a chair as if his pain has just
I have a good idea
where to start.
Where is that?
It's not a where…it's
a who.
Man...I never thought
Id have to go there again.
Let's go.
Thanks but this is
something I've got to
take care of myself.
Believe me: I am not
looking forward to this.
Crockett grabs his jacket off the chair he was leaning
against and quickly heads toward the door. Tubbs is at a
loss for what has happened and for the unknown that they are
now headed into.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
It is just after dawn. Crockett pulls up to the front of a
small white house. He sits in the car looking forward then
looking at the house. He can't seem to make himself get out
of the car. After what seems an eternity, he exits the car
and walks toward the house. He walks onto the porch and
knocks on the door. A beautiful blonde woman opens the door
and looks out through the storm door. She appears shocked to
see him.


Hello Caroline.
Sonny… what are you
doing here?
We need to talk, can
I come in?
I havent seen you in 6 years.
You show up on my front door
and you want to just come in
and talk?
I know it's been a long time.
That's one of the reasons
I'm here.
Please can I come in?
One of the reasons? Oh
this better be good.
Caroline opens the storm door and lets Crockett inside.
                                         CUT TO:
The house has very little in the way of decoration. Mix
matched furniture and no curtains. Kid's toys are scattered
about. Crockett follows Caroline from the living room into
the kitchen. Caroline walks over and sits down at a table
stuck in the corner. Crockett stands, leaning up against the
kitchen cabinets.
So…what was the "One"
reason you stopped by?
Then we can get to the real


I know I have no right
to ask but I need your
What would possible make
you think I would want to
help you?
It's about your brother.
What about him?
He is out of prison and
he has done something
very bad.
I need to find
him before things get
I don't know where he
is. I didn't even know
he was out. Besides, I'm
the last person he would
want to see. When he went
to prison I told him that
I wanted nothing else
to do with him.
I know he will try and
get up with you. You're
the only family he has
left. You were his world.
He told me that he would
always be there to protect
Really… and how was he
going to protect me from
behind bars? If he really
loved me then he never
would have done what he did.
I have nothing to say to him.


Crockett can see that Caroline is hurt and angry. He tries
to calm her down a bit.
I'm sorry about the way
I ended things.
What happened threw me for
such a loop that I didn't
know how to deal with it.
Caroline is angered.
Threw you for a loop?
Are you kidding me? He
was my brother. He was
the only family I have
ever known. Then to see
him being arrested on the
news was beyond belief.
He was my partner, my
friend. When I first
found out what he was
doing I couldn't tell
you. After he was
arrested, I didn't know
how to explain anything
to you. Hell I couldn't
explain it to myself.
How could I have worked
with him every day and
not see what he was doing?
After that everything just
fell apart.
Tell me about it. One
day your life is going
great, loving brother,
wonderful boyfriend
and then the very next
day, everything is gone.
Why did you just cut me
out of your life like
that? I don't want to know how….
I want to know why.
Crockett hangs his head in shame.


I couldn't look at you.
Every time I saw you
made me think of what
Terence and what he
had done. I know I
should have been there
for you. I don't know what
else to say.
There is nothing you can
say. You left me alone
when I needed you
the most.
After the trial, I couldn't stand
to be anywhere near here. Id lost
the 2 most important things in my
life, my brother and you. I left
and moved to Atlanta. I've only
been back about 7 months.
Please promise me you
will call me if you hear from
him. It is more important
that you know.
I don't know that I can
promise you anything.
The only thing I do know
is I thought you would
never hurt me the way that
you did.
Caroline pauses as if she wants to say something but stops.
She then continues…
There are so many things
I'd love to tell you…
but not right now. I'm not ready
I think you should leave now.
Caroline walks from the kitchen into the doorway going back
into the living room. A look of hurt and pain moves across
Crockett's face. He walks past her, across the living room
and out the front door. Caroline stands there, listening to


the door as it closes, unable to watch him leave although
she wants to so bad. She sinks to the floor with her head in
her hands crying uncontrollably.
                       CHILDS VOICE
Caroline looks up and quickly brushes the tears from her
eyes. A young boy, about 5 or 6 years old, stands there
wearing a pair of pajamas.
Sweetheart, what are you doing out
of bed so late?
I heard you. Why are
you crying?
Oh don't you worry about
that sweetheart. Mommy is OK.
Caroline picks up the boy, carries him back into his bedroom
and places him back in bed.
Now you be a good boy
and go back to sleep. OK?
Ok, mommy.
Sweet dreams.
I love you mommy.
I love you to Billy.
She tucks him in, kisses his forehead then turns and walks
to the bedroom door. She stops in the doorway, turns and
watches as he drifts off to sleep. She turns off the light
and walks out of the room.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         CUT TO:


sit on a bench at the end of the pier. Crockett sits as if
at confession as Tubbs listens.
All right partner…
what's happening?
Man I don't even
know where to start.
How about starting at
where you ran off to.
I went to see Terence's
sister, Caroline. She and
I were
pretty close before everything
And what exactly do
you mean by "Close"?
I guess there is no harm
in saying it now.
A small smile covered with hurt and pain rises on Crockett's
face as he thinks of Caroline.
She was the one man.
Everyone has one that
got away right?
So what happened to you
two after he went to jail?
That smile that was on Crockett's face now disapears and
only the hurt and pain remain. More of the past comes
rushing back.


Nothing… I couldn't
even look at her because
of Terence. I knew how
close they were as seeing
her made his betrayal even
more painful.
So what did she have to
say to you after all
this time?
Not a lot. Can't say
that I blame her either.
I did everything wrong.
I should have been there
for her and stood by
her. Instead I just ran
off and hid.
If someone aint in this
business, they can't
understand that level of
betrayal. You trust someone
with your life everyday.
You never wanna think
that they could do
something like that.
the way she looked
at me today, I feel
like I'm the one
that betrayed her. I
just ran away and left
her to deal with this alone.
So what, if anything,
did she say?
She said she hadn't
heard from him and
didn't even know he
was out.


You believe her?
Yeah I do.
So what's our next
move partner?
Terence said this was
just the beginning and he'd be
in touch.
So we just gonna sit back
and wait?
Now you know that's not
our style.
                                         CUT TO:
stands behind the bar with her back to the room, wiping down
the bottles. It's a small dive, poorly lite. Only four or
five customers in the place. A man walks up and sits at the
bar directly behind her. It's Terence.
How about a beer sweetie?
She turns around and stops as if seeing a ghost.
What the Hell are you doing here?
What, a man cant stop by and see
his baby sister?
I thought I made it clear I wanted
nothing to do with you anymore.
No forgiveness in your heart?


For what you did to me and my
life, there is no forgiveness.
Your life, what about what
happened to me?
You did that to yourself. You got
no one to blame but you.
Well thats were you and I differ,
I think there is plenty of blame
to go around.
Caroline has had enough of the small talk.
What do you want Terence?
Terence stares at the wall of bottles just past Caroline, as
if he is looking into the past as he speaks.
Sonny came to see you?
What do you care? Because of you
he wanted nothing else to do with
If the boy aint got the balls to
stay with you, hows that my doing?
Why are you back here?
Ive got some business to take care
of and I thought I'd say hi.
Well you said it..
now get out.
Terence smiles and looks at Caroline.
I hear Im an uncle.


Your not anything. Im a mother and
you stay away from me and my son.
Have you told "Him" yet?
That's none of your business. I
want you out of here and never
come back.
From the back room a male employee has hear the discussion
at the bar. He walks out and look at them. Terence sees the
man and stands up to leave, any trouble could interfere with
his plans.
Terence doesnt say anything else. He smiles at Caroline,
turns and leaves. Caroline has a look of anger and fear at
the same time. Why would he just stop by? What is he up to?
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett and Tubbs stand on one side of the desk in Lt.
Castillo's office. Lt. Castillo sits behind his desk
So where are we at?
I pulled to records from
FCI. I had every visitor,
every phone call to him, in or
out, sent to me. He had a few
phone calls and visitors over the
years but in the last six months,
he has really become popular. One
name pops up a lot…
Tomos Williams.
Anybody we know.
Crockett holds up a folder and pulls out a picture. He sits
it on the desk and points.


He was in prison with
Terence. He did a nickel
on a possession charge.
He got out 2 years ago
and then about six months
ago, they started chatting
it up real heavy again.
He visited several times
and they had a lot of
calls back and forth.
We've got Switek and
Zito looking for him
now. When they find him,
we'll snatch him up
and see what he can tell
All right,
what about the original deal.
I'm sure Olmos and Stiles
aint gonna just forget
about their product they
gave you.
I think we can stall
them for a couple of
days, make up some story
about seeing some heat
on or something. We've
never given them any
reason not to think we'll
come through so I'm pretty
sure we can buy at
least a couple of days.
You might want to have
the Harbor Patrol step
up patrols around the
marina. Have them stopping
and searching more boats.
We'll tell Olmos we have
a friend and he tipped us
to lay low for a couple
of days.


Ill take care of that.
So what's this guys plan?
This guy obviously knows a
lot about what you're up
to these days. Why doesn't
he just out you as a cop to
I don't know and that's
what freakin me out.
Six years in prison is
a long time to plan
revenge. There is no
telling what's gonna happen.
Crockett and Tubbs turn and leave Castillo's office. They
walk over and sit at their respective desks. Crockett looks
down and sees the voicemail light blinking on his phone. He
picks up the receiver and punches in his code. A female's
voice comes across. It's Caroline.
      (From phone)
Sonny, its Caroline. I'm sorry for
being so rude this morning. You
showing up like that just caught
me off guard. I get off work at
10pm. If you would like, stop back
by the house anytime after then.
Crockett lets a small smile sneak out as he hangs up the
That was Caroline. I'm gonna stop
by her place later and see if she
has anymore info for us.
That the only reason partner?
I don't know. But it's
the main reason…
for now anyway.
                                         CUT TO:


Caroline opens the door and lets Sonny in. It is dark
inside. Only a small table light, sitting on an end table,
is on. Caroline wears a oversized t-shirt that barely covers
the shorts she has on underneath. She sits on the couch,
Crockett sits in a chair across from her.
I'm sorry for the way
I acted today. It just
caught me off guard to
see you standing on my
front porch, out of the blue
like that.
Don't apologize for that.
I'm sorry for so many things.
You had every right to
be pissed off at me and
act that way.
I have thought so many
times about what I
wanted to say to you.
When I saw you it didn't
come out the way I wanted.
So what did you want to say?
Caroline takes a deep breath and starts to squirm in her
Damn where do I start.
I really hated you for
a long time. I thought
that we would be OK
through anything.
But the more time went
on I realized that I
wasn't the only one
hurting in this. You
lost a lot as well.
Finding out what Terence
had done and that he
had done it for so long right


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
under my nose was the worst thing
I have ever been through.
Loosing my brother and
then you, left me with
nothing for a long time.
and then..
Caroline stops in mid sentence. Crockett sees the hesitation
in her. She wants to tell him more but can't bring herself
to do it.
There is something your not
telling me. What is it?
you gotta let me know
how much you really want
to know.
You tell me anything
you need to. I can take
Caroline looks deep into his eyes. She tells herself, "It's
time he knows." She reaches out and takes his hand.
I wanna show you something.
Caroline leads Sonny down the hallway and into the dark
doorway of a bedroom. She motions for him to not speak and
points into the room. Crockett looks in the direction she
instructed. He sees a small boy lying in a twin bed.
Caroline then motions him out of the room and pushes the
door closed.
Wow. He's something else.
Caroline can't help but smile with pride when she thinks
about her son.
Yes he is. He is the
only thing that has
really kept me going


                       CAROLINE (cont'd)
all these years. I never
thought I could love anything
that much.
He sees her smile and the sparkle in her eye.
Good looking kid.
He gets that from his father.
His dad see a lot of him?
Caroline takes a deep breath before she speaks.
Oh Sonny,
this is not how I wanted to do
Do what?
You're his father.
Crockett's eyes open as if seeing for the first time. He
looks at Caroline for what seems an eternity. Finally he
takes a breath and speaks.
I'm his father?
His brain is thrown for a loop. This only adds to the
feeling of being out of control that has come on lately.
Caroline takes his hand, trying to calm him a bit.
About 6 weeks after you
left, I found out I was


Its Crockett's turn to take a long breath.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want you thinking
I was trying to trap
you or guilt you into
Crockett opens the door to the bedroom again, just a bit. He
looks in at Billy, sleeping. He can't seem to take his eyes
off him.
What's his name?
After my father.
Crockett pulls the door closed and turns to speak to
He stutters as he tries to regain his composure. He tries to
change a subject but just a little bit.
Does Terence know about
Caroline's look of pride has been replaced by one of fear.
Yes he does. Thats something else
I need to tell you. Terence
stopped by the bar where I work
last night.
What did he say to you?
He said he had some business to
take care of and he was just
stopping by.
He say what business?


No, and I made it clear to him I
wanted nothing to do with him.
What has he done?
Crockett looks away, another hurtle for him to jump over.
I can't get into alot
of detail but I can
tell you that he is
set on making me pay for
what he thinks I did to
him and it looks like
he wants me to pay
Do you think
he would hurt you or
Billy to get at me?
At one time I thought I
knew my brother, but now
I wouldn't even begin to
guess what he is capable
Sonny I cant loose
my son. I just can't.
Don't worry about that.
I won't let anything happen
to either of you.
We are not your responsibility
to take care of. We've
been on your own for
nearly six years now. I don't
expect anything.
Let me decide what is
and is not my responsibility.
Let me try and make
up for something, at
least in some small way.
Caroline smiles. She is touched that he would say that.


What did you have in mind?
Put together what you and
Billy need for a few days. Since
he is already asleep, Ill stop by
in the morning and pick both of
you up and take you somewhere
One thing first Sonny,
Billy doesn't know who
his father is. I thought
at his age, it would
be too hard for him to
I'm not asking for
anything right now. Just
the opportunity to figure
out what is the best
thing to do for you and
I think I can do that.
I owe Billy that much.
The smile seems to return to her face as they look at each
If you dont wanna come back
in the morning, you're
welcome to the couch.
Crockett lowers his head and cracks a small smile .
Thanks that would be great.
Caroline walks over and the two stand facing each other,
inches apart. She rests her hands around his waist as he
places his arms around her shoulders. They stand there in an
embrace that is long overdue.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:


Crockett wakes as the sun hits his face. He opens is eyes to
see Billy standing in front of the sofa staring at the
strange man on his couch.
Who are you?
Caroline walks into the room.
(To Billy)
Good morning my
little man.
Billy runs over and jumps into Caroline's arms.
Good morning mommy.
      (Pointing at
Who is that?
Caroline walks over and kneels down in front of Crockett.
This is Sonny, an old
friend of mommy's.
Can you say hello?
Billy sticks his hand out to shake Crockett's.
Crockett slowly reaches his hand to Billy's. He still is in
a state of shock, learning that this little boy is his son.
Hey there Billy.
Caroline turns Billy around and looks into his eyes.


I need you to go and
pack up some clothes
and put them in your
suitcase OK?
Where are we going mommy?
Well we are going to go
stay with Sonny at his
place for a couple of days.
Can I bring my toys too?
You can bring a couple
of them. We are only
going to be gone a
couple of days.
Billy make sure you bring
your swimming suit. I
got a pool you can swim in.
Can I mommy?
If it's OK with
Sonny its OK with me.
Billy runs from the room into his room. Crockett sits up
from the sofa, wiping the sleep from his eyes.
Are you sure you wanna
do this, take us in
like this.
Listen, I'm not really
sure about what has
happened in the last
twelve hours but I do
know this. You and…
      (He takes a long


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
Billy, need my help. I
didn't know what to do
then but I feel like I
need to do this now.
OK. Ill get
our things.
                                         CUT TO:
Tubbs drives down the highway in the blinged out BMW. Tan
leather interior and 24" rims. He reaches in his pocket and
pulls out his cell phone. He has to call Olmos and dangle
the bait. Hopefully he takes it and doesn't become
suspicious at the delay.
Hey this is Cooper,
let me talk to Olmos.
Yeah man. You
got my stuff?
Yeah man I got
Gonna need you to
deliver around 11pm
Gotta little bit of a
problem. My guy at
Harbor Patrol called and
said to sit tight for
a day or two. Seems their
boarding damn near
every boat that they pass.


                                         INTERCUT WITH:
The room is well decorated. Flashy lamps and tables. A 10
grand mahogany desk sits surrounded by computer monitors.
Olmos sits at his desk shuffling papers and typing on the
computer keyboard.
Look here Cooper, your
messing with my time
table here. I got people
ready to pick that shit
up and move it out.
You're costing me money.
Well your just gonna
have to suck it up. I
pay people to keep me
informed. When someone
passes along this type
of info, I listen. Cause
its my ass out there
hauling this shit not yours.
Olmos pauses, and as much as he hates the news, he has
little choice.
You better be right about
this and not just
jerking me around.
The last fucking thing
I need is a bunch of
cops walkin up on my
boats. I would think you
would to. Just relax Ill
have your product to
you in a couple of days.
Fine, I better hear from
you soon. You don't want
me calling you back.


Tubbs pulls the phone quickly from his ear as Olmos hangs up
on him. He dials again. Calling Lt. Castillo.
Yeah Lt. it's Tubbs. I got up with
Olmos. He wasn't happy about the
wait but I bought us a couple of
Think he suspects
anything is up?
No. It may piss him off
to have to wait on his
product but he knows we
know our business.
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
sits at his desk in his office, phone in hand.
I've got Harbor Patrol
working the Bay hard for
the next few days. If
Olmos wants to check
on it he is welcome.
Any word from Sonny?
Yeah, he needs you to
meet him at the Overtown
safe house. He should be
there by now.
Safehouse? What's he doing there?
Castillo pauses as if not exactly sure what to say.


Ill let him tell you when
you get there.
Tubbs has a puzzled look on his face as he hangs up the
phone. How many more surprises could there be?
                                         CUT TO:
The house is a modest, house, blending in with every other
one on the street. Tubbs approaches the door of the house.
As he is about to unlock the door, Crockett opens the door
and walks outside.
Hey man. What's up?
Well, you remember I
was telling you about
Caroline, Terence's
Well, things have
changed a bit since I
saw her last.
Well I'm sure you're
not exactly what she
remembers either.
Not really what
I'm talking about.
What do you mean?
Just come on
in and you'll see.
                                         CUT TO:


Crockett walks Tubbs into the living room area where
Caroline and Billy are sitting on the floor playing.
Rico this is Caroline.
Caroline this is my
partner Ricardo Tubbs.
Tubbs extends his hand and shakes hands with Caroline.
It's very nice
to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
As Crockett goes to introduce Tubbs to Billy, a smile sneaks
out. Tubbs sees this.
And this little
guy is her son,
Tubbs looks at Billy, pauses, looks at Crockett, again
seeing the smile, nods his head a bit as if he has pieced
together what is happening, and then reaches his hand out to
It's very nice to
meet you to Billy.
Billy looks at his outstretched hand and looks at Caroline.
Its OK sweetheart.
Billy shakes Tubbs's hand.
Tubbs can't help but smile himself as he turns to Crockett.
Sonny you got a minute?


Tubbs motions toward the sliding glass door leading to the
deck. Crockett nods and follows him.
                                         CUT TO:
stand at the deck railing and begin talking.
Man I gotta start listening
to you when you when you get
these "Feelings" from now on.
In all my wildest
dreams this is not what
I thought it would be.
I know you got a lot
going on your plate right
now but we still have a
major problem that we need
to address. And she is related
to that problem.
Yeah, I know.
Well I hate to be the
voice of negativity but
are you sure this kid
is yours? Given all that
went on, she has all the
reasons in the world to
mess with your head.
I hear you pal. But until
this matter with Terence
is finished, I have to
assume she is telling
the truth. Ill figure
out the details later.
Has she heard from
her brother?


Yeah. He came by her work. He also
knows about Billy. Thats why I
brought 'em here. If he is crazy
enough to go after them to get at
me, I want 'em someplace I can
know their safe.
Sounds like a plan.
Hey… good looking kid though.
Even if he is yours.
Tubbs smiles as he places his hand on Crockett's shoulder.
Tubbs' phone begins to ring. Its Zito.
Yeah Zito.
You found him? Cool. Where at?
4210 Weatherly. Got it. Just hang
tight and wait for us, we will be
there ASAP.
Tubbs hangs up and puts the phone back in his pocket.
Zito says they found Tomos. Their
gonna wait till we get there to
make contact.
Both men turn and walk back into the house.
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett walks over and takes Caroline by the hand.
      (To Caroline)
You and Billy just hang out here,
we gotta take off for a while.
Just make yourselfs at home.


Sure… You gonna tell me
what's going on with
When I get back Ill
fill you in on everything.
You guys help yourselves
to anything you find
not there is a lot here.
Hopefully I won't be
Crockett takes Caroline by the arm and gently rubs it with
his hand as if to reassure her that all will be OK.
                                         CUT TO:
All men slowly walk up to the house. Switek and Zito walk
around the back as Crockett and Tubbs walk up onto the front
porch, standing on either side of the door. Crockett knocks.
Who is it?
We need to speak
to Tomos Williams.
Tomos opens the door just enough to look out. He sees
Crockett. His eyes open wide as he recognizes him from the
information he collected for Terence. He immediately turns,
leaving the door ajar, and runs towards the rear of the
house. He runs out the back door, past Zito and Switek. All
men take off after him. They run through the surrounding
yards, jumping lawn furniture and childrens toys.
Zito, you and Michael go
left and we'll go right.
See if one of us can get
ahead of him.


What they don't realize is that Tomas is only going as far
as he has to, to get them to separate. He immediately
circles around and heads back to his house. When he gets
there he runs around to the front of the house, jumps in his
car parked on the street, keys under the front mat, and
tears off down the street. All men hear the car as it spins
tires leaving. They run back to the front of the house just
as Tomos's vehicle makes a turn out of sight. Everyone looks
at each other in disbelief.
What the fuck was that?
      (To Crockett)
Mother fucker took off
running as soon as he saw
My day just keeps getting
better and better.
Tubbs's phone rings. It's Olmos.
I need to see you.
What about?
Your delays are causing
me penalties that are hurting
my bottom line here.
Look, I've told you. My
drivers been warned to
lay low for a couple
of days. You wanna risk
everything over a few grand
worth of penalties?
I need you and your driver
at Club Silver at 1am.


Man I'm…
No excuses, both of you
be there…1am.
Tubbs looks at the phone as the line goes dead. Crockett
looks at him with a puzzled look.
Gotta meet with Olmos at 1am. He
aint happy.
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett and Tubbs walk across the crowded club. Music is
loud and lights are flashing with the music. Two large men
approach them and stand directly in their path. One motions
for them to follow him as the other falls in behind them.
They are led to the back of the club. The VIP area, roped
off. A private area for private business. Seated in a booth
against the wall is Olmos, looking very serious and very
angry. He motions for them to sit in front of him.
I was instructed to
call you to this meeting
and explain to you
that Mr. Stiles is
very disappointed in what
is happening. This is
the biggest delivery we
have given you and
you have pulled this shit.
Look. My guy with
Harbor Patrol was very
specific. No traveling
for a couple of days.
You don't believe me? Go
down to the marina and
look for yourself. There
stopping and searching jet skis
out there. And you want me
to drive two boats with


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
750 Kilos each out there?
Mr. Stiles is loosing a
lot of money on a daily
basis until it gets to the
Tell you what; we will eat
what Mr. Stiles loses
out of our share. This is
all falling on our decision
not to travel right now
so we will make good.
If it's much more than a couple of
days, you wont have any money left
at all.
Hey that's the price
of doing business
sometimes. Your word and
your reputation are
worth more than money.
Looking very suspicious Olmos stares at both men, not sure
if he believes what he has heard.
And you're both in
agreement with this?
Crockett looks at Tubbs and nods in agreement.
After a long pause, Olmos speaks.
I think this may be
agreeable with Mr.
One condition though.
We get to meet Mr. Stiles
personally and apologize
for his inconvenience.


That is a generous gesture.
I will pass your request on to
Mr. Stiles.
Olmos turns and looks at Crockett.
Hey Burnett, no offence but Id
like to talk to Cooper alone for a
minute. You're very good at your
job and all but he seems to be the
brains in your particular
operation. Why don't you go grab
yourself a drink?
Crockett looks at Olmos with a death stare. Tubbs puts up
his hand for him to calm down and nods for him to walk away.
He stands up and walks from the VIP area. He finds his way
to the bar area and sits at a table, still in sight of the
A waitress enters.
What can I get you?
Bacardi Mojito.
Crockett glances over to the VIP area, keeping an eye on
Tubbs. As he turns back to forward, someone sits down in the
table directly in front of him. Terence Ballard. Crockett
cannot believe what has just happened.
Before you even think
of doing anything, you
better weigh the consequences.
You get stupid and I'm
sure Mr. Olmos sitting
over there would love to
know more about you and
your partner.
Terence what the Hell
are you trying to do,
get me killed?


Please Sonny, if I wanted
you dead, Olmos would
already know all about you.
Then what do you want?
You can't be that naïve.
You were my partner, my
best friend. We were supposed
to have each others back
no matter what. You tell
me you saw something, I saw it
to. You didn't see something
and guess what, I didn't
see shit either. You remember
that partner.
There is a difference in
having your back and
covering for what you did.
You broke the law. You
stole money. You falsified
reports. How could I
have just sat on that?
You forget partner, I've
seen what you have done to
make a case. We broke the
law together many a time.
Whatever it takes, right?
How many times did we say
that? How many drugs have
you put back out on the
street to maintain your
Crockett look at Terence with fire in his eyes.
That is completely different.
I've never set anyone up
or made anyone do
anything they weren't
already doing.
Then why didn't you come
say it to me? Why the rat
squad? If you didn't


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
want a taste, fine. But
you didn't have to rat
me out.
You can say it anyway
you want. I've never
taken anything. I could
never become what you are.
Nobody ever knows what
they are truly capable
of doing until they
are pushed.
So this is all
about revenge then?
The waitress sits Crockett's drink down in front of him.
Terence picks it up and starts to drink.
Revenge is such an ugly
word. I prefer to think
of it as payback. You made
sure I lost everything.
The only family I've ever
had turned her back on me.
Cut the crap Terence.
What do you really want?
I want you to suffer.
Because of you I lost
everything I had ever
worked for.
Now your
gonna do the same.
Why all the games? Why
not just out me as
a cop.
Where is your imagination?
That would be too easy.
I want what you have


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
worked to build for years
to be destroyed, your
reputation. As a "UC" cop.
You have become Burnett,
you are him.
Your gonna watch as
Burnett is destroyed.
When I get finished;
your alter ego won't be
able to buy so much
as a nickel bag.
Crockett can't believe what is happening.
You're fucking crazy.
I don't think so buddy.
Its time you feel
what I've felt.
Crockett sits in the booth wanting to jump over the table
but he knows if Terence says anything this close to Olmos,
everything is over and things could go bad real quick.
Well buddy I'm gonna
take off. Your gonna sit
right there and be a
good boy till I'm long
gone. Do anything stupid
and your new partner
gets made right in front
of the bad guy.
Terence stands up and leans over Crockett, he whispers right
in his ear.
Maybe this partner
means more to you
than I did.
Crockett watches as Terence walks out of sight. He wants to
chase after him but he knows that Tubbs is with Olmos, just
feet away and if anything goes wrong, Tubbs is a dead man.
Terence knows exactly what he is doing.


Tubbs finishes his meeting with Olmos and walks up to
Crockett still sitting in the booth. Tubbs sees the
frustration on his face.
What's wrong?
Not here. Let's go.
                                         CUT TO:
sit on the deck. The night sky throws a serious tone to the
I had a visitor while
you were talking with
He sat down right in front of me
at the bar.
You gotta be
fucking kidding me?
Yep, he knew you were
with Olmos and there
was nothing I could do
to him right then.
Somehow he knows everything
about what we have
been doing lately.
What did he say?
That this is payback.
He feels I should have
covered his ass and


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
not turned against him.
His plan is to destroy
"Burnett's" reputation.
I can't let that happen.
What do you mean?
Outing me as a cop wouldn't
be good enough for him.
He thinks I should
suffer like he did.
So what you thinking?
Crockett pauses for a minute and stares out across the
water. He is visibly bothered by what's going on in his
Do you ever wonder
if we are doing the
right things sometime?
As in?
Terence said I was no
different than he was.
That I've broken
the law to do my job.
I've put drugs out on
the street to add
credibility to my
cover. And he is right.
Ive done it many times.
We don't profit from
this job. Terence did.
He took something that
people trusted him to
do and turned it
around for his own gain.
Crockett turns away as if he is wondering if what he has
done IS right. He quickly turns back to Tubbs and changes
the subject.


So what did Olmos want
to talk to you
alone about?
He's just nervous about
the delay. And he can
tell your on edge and
its making him uneasy.
He said Stiles is pissed
off about losing money because
of us. After we told him
we would eat any late penalties,
he said it would probably fly. I
think I've got him calmed down.
Did he go for the intro
with Stiles to apologize?
We'll see. He seemed
pretty impressed that
we were willing to do that.
That was a pretty good idea. Guess
you ARE the brians in this
      (He chuckles)
Ill have to settle for being the
Crockett is trying and use humor to break the tention...
it's not working.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
Crockett walks in alone and sees Caroline asleep on the
couch. He bends over, goes down on one knee and softly
touches her, waking her up.
Sorry to wake you, you doing OK?


I guess. How about you?
Other than this being the
absolute wierdest day in my life,
I guess I'm OK.
Can you tell me what's
going on with Terence?
It seems he blames me for
what happened to him, testifying
against him and all. He said
he wants to destroy my undercover
reputation and everything
I have worked to build.
How is he planning to do that?
We were running in a load of
product for a guy we were
trying to get close to.
Terence found out everything
we were doing and blew
up both our boats and
all the product.
Oh my God. What are you gonna do?
I don't really know. We
are playing it by ear
right now. We've stalled
our buyer for a while
but we can only hold him
off for a couple of days.
Sonny I'm sorry. I don't
know what he's thinking.
Crockett smiles as she takes his hand, trying to comfort
Where is Billy?


I laid him down in
one of the bedrooms.
He went out like a light.
I still can't get over
      (He smiles.)
My son.
I always planned on telling
you but it never seemed
the right time or something
always came up. I'm sorry.
Looks like you've done
a great job raising him though.
Thanks. It hasn't been
easy. He's worth it
though. He's my angel.
Crockett moves closer to her and brushes her long blonde
hair from her face. Caroline looks deep into his eyes not
knowing what to do next.
I'm so sorry for leaving.
I've thought about you so
many times and wanted to
call but I didn't know
how you'd react. I was so
afraid you hated me for what
I did.
I was confused and angry
for along time. But we
all had emotions running
wild and we all lost our way.
You're not mad anymore?
You're not confused anymore?
Not at the moment.


Crockett takes her by the back of the head and pulls her
lips to him. She throws her arms around his neck and kisses
him with a hunger that has been missing for so long. The two
make love with the ease of long lost loves. It comes so easy
to be with each other. Both exhausted they fall asleep in
each others arms. A familiar and easy place to be.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         CUT TO:
Olmos sits at his desk shuffling papers and typing on the
computer keyboard. A cell phone on the desk rings. One of
the bodyguards, Miguel, picks it up.
Unknown to anyone, the man on the phone is Terence Ballard.
I need to speak to
Mr. Olmos.
Who is this?
Someone with valuable
      (To Miguel)
Who is it?
Someone who says he has
information for you.
Miguel hands the phone to Olmos.
Who is this?


Just call me a friend with some
very valuable information.
And what is this information?
Well like I said this is
valuable information.
Are you willing to pay if
you find it useful?
Look, I'm a very busy man
and don't have time for
some crank caller yanking
my chain and wasting my time.
It's no waste Mr. Olmos. I
have information on
your business partner,
Sonny Burnett.
Olmos leans forward in his chair and pauses for a moment.
Terence now has his attention.
Im listening.
Well obviously this type
of information is very
You trying to shake me
down? Cause I'm sure
you have no fucking idea
who you are dealing with.
I do know who you are
Mr. Olmos. I'm a business
man like you. And
as a business man I'm
sure you would agree


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
that nothing in this
world comes for free.
I'm not going to promise
you anything till I
know what it is
I'm getting for my money.
Let's just say that
Mr. Burnett has been
a bad boy when it comes
to the merchandise
you trusted him with.
Now are you interested?
A look of anger and worry takes over Olmos's face.
Im listening.
I would like $250,000
for this information.
$250K, are you out of
your fucking mind?
We both know what Burnett
has of yours is worth
considerably north of
that figure.
You seem to know quite
a bit more than you
should about matters
that do not concern you.
Put the money in a duffle
bag and bring it to
the 15th Street bus station
at 1am. Place the bag
in the trash can marked


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
with a green "X". There will
be a cell phone taped
to the underside of the
trash can. Ill give
you the information then.
You have got to be joking.
Mr. Olmos, I know enough
about you that I would
not cheat you out of
$250K and then stiff you.
I know I would not
be long for this earth.
Your God damn right
you wouldn't be. Ill
tell you what, Ill
consider your proposal.
If I'm interested Ill be
at the bus station at
1am. If I'm not, you
better hope we never meet.
The phone clicks in Olmos's ear. He then slams the phone
That son of a bitch. I
knew something was up
when they told me there
was going to be a delay
delivering the shipment.
Olmos looks at his bodyguards with rage, throwing his arms
like a mad man.
If this prick is running
a game on me I want
you to hunt him down
and bring him to
me. And I want him alive.
Olmos knows he can't risk not learning of this information
but feels the bitter taste of losing the $250K.
                                         CUT TO:


Crockett wakes up as the sun hits his face. In the
background we can hear someone banging around in the
kitchen. It's Caroline. She walks up to Crockett and hands
him a cup of coffee. They kiss.
Good morning.
God I missed you.
Crockett smiles as he sips from the cup. He can't keep from
smiling, being there with Caroline.
Where's Billy?
I was just going
to get him up.
Are you going to
tell him who I am?
Yes I am. I've just
been waiting for the
right time.
If you don't mind, can
it wait till this business
with your brother is
over? I don't mean it
to sound bad but I can't
afford anymore distractions
right now.
That's no problem. The
last thing I want
is to put more on
you right now.


I've got to get up with
He stands up and begins to get dressed.
We've got to figure out our
next move before Terence
does anything else.
We'll be here when
you get back.
They kiss as Crockett gets up and prepares to leave.
Thank you Sonny,
for everything.
Crockett grabs his jacket and smiles as he looks deeply into
Caroline's eyes. Little does he know but Terence is already
one step ahead.
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett walks towards his car and pulls up his jacket as
his phone rings. He reaches into his jacket pocket for it.
It's Tubbs.
What you got?
Nothing much. I still
got Switek and Zito
looking for Tomos.
After that cluster at
his place he's probably
half way to Lauderdale.
What about Terence's
parole officer?


Already called him. He
hasn't heard from him
since he got out,
so no help there.
This just doesn't add up.
How can someone 3 days
out of the joint have
so much info and
so many resources?
You forget my brother,
he used to be a cop.
They train us to be
As the two men are talking, Crockett's phone beeps.
Hang on, I have another
Crocket clicks over to the new call.
                       A MAN'S VOICE
This Burnett?
Yeah, who is this?
                                         CUT TO:
The room is very dark with the only light coming from the
background. An unknown male is talking into a cell phone. He
is tanned with a 2 day beard. He holds the phone to his
mouth, his hand is loaded with three $10,000 rings. We can
only see the lower portion of his face as he speaks.
                       UNKNOWN MALE
Not important, just
listen. You've got a
problem you need to


                       UNKNOWN MALE (cont'd)
know about. Someone has
called Olmos and is
trying to sell him info
on you.
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
Who are you and what
the hell are you talking
                       UNKNOWN MALE
Just listen. Someone is
telling Olmos you're
up to something with
his product. He is asking
for money in exchange
for this info. The exchange
is set for the 15th Street
bus station, 1am. I don't
know anymore details.
The phone goes dead in Crockett's ear. He clicks back to
Tubbs on the other line.
You still there?
Yeah what's up?
Man this keeps getting
weirder by the minute.
Meet me at the beach house
I'll fill you in.
                                         CUT TO:
The two men sit in the kitchen, talking across the bar as
before. Crockett starts explaining the phone call he
Who was on the phone?


I have no idea. He
said that someone
contacted Olmos and
said we were up to
something with his
Who else. They're
supposed to meet
and exchange money
for the info at the
15th Street bus station
at 1am.
You wanna go on the word
of someone you don't
know for this? For
all we know, it could
be Terence setting up
a trap.
What choice do we have?
We gotta find Terence.
Short of going and
knocking on every door in
Miami, I'm out of ideas.
Alright but we go
prepared and in force.
Call everybody in. See if we
can get lucky.
                                         CUT TO:
walk into the deserted bus station. Years of dirt and grime
are evident. Trash and newspapers blow with the slight
breeze. All men are cautious looking around every corner and
obstacle. Olmos looks ahead and sees the trash can the
Terence spoke of. A green "X" on the side.


                                         INTERCUT WITH:
looks through his F.L.I.R. imager from the top floor of the
highest surrounding building. He sees Olmos and his
bodyguards entering the station. He scans to the left and
sees Zito and Switek watching from one of the adjacent
buildings . To the right, in the next building, he sees Gina
and Trudy looking out as well. In the building straight
ahead, he sees Crockett and Tubbs watching through night
vision glasses. Everyone is in place. No one should be able
to escape.
Olmos approaches the trash can, duffle bag in hand, and
opens the hinged top. As it opens he sees the cell phone
taped to the top. Also seen is a block of C4 plastic
explosive with a small electronic device attached. A note is
attached to the phone. It reads, "Answer me now". The phone
rings. Olmos picks it up.
If anything goes wrong
its lights out. Put
the money in the can,
close the lid and walk
away. Ill give you your
info when you're well
away from the station.
Your out of your fucking mind if
you think I'm gonna just drop off
$250K and walk away without
anything from you.
You don't have a choice.
I'm assuming you see
the present I left
for you in the trash
can? When you opened the
lid, you activated the
timer. You have ninety


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
seconds to leave or it blows.
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
watches Olmos and his men from several floors up through a
high powered scope mounted on a rifle.
Don't worry Mr. Olmos I
have a very good eye
on you right now.
I see you're a cautious
and prepared man. I
respect that. One thing
you need to know, you
rip me off and I will find you.
Olmos looks around, up and down, looking for the stranger on
the phone.
Don't worry, you will
not be disappointed.
Castillo sees Olmos talking on the phone, looking around as
if he is looking for someone.
He's looking for someone.
Check your surroundings.
Whoever he's talking to on that
cell phone is close.
Anybody see anything?
We've got nothing on our
Nothing here.
Everyone is franticly looking around. This is their best
chance to grab Terence and put an end to his madness.


Olmos and his men start to walk away from the trash can and
back towards the street.
When your all back in
the car and on your way,
Ill tell you my secret.
This is a dangerous game you
are playing my friend.
The men enter their vehicle and drive out of the stations
parking lot.
Thank you for your
cooperation Mr. Olmos.
I'm sure this has not
been easy for you but
trust me this will all
be worth it.
From his hiding spot, Terence sees Olmos's vehicle drive
away. He leaves his protective position and walks down an
adjacent stairwell.
From his position, Castillo sees a shadow move in one of the
Hang on a minute.
I've got movement in
the building just west of my
Terence exits the building and into the open. It seems he is
unaware that he is about to be surprised.
Zito, Switek, two floors
under you. Should be exiting the
building in about 30 seconds.
Switek and Zito look out the window toward the ground floor.
Got him.
Everyone else slowly
move toward them.


Zito and Switek move in to make the grab. They are hidden in
shadows with the world around them in dead silent. Terence
reaches the trash can and lifts the lid. He disarms the
explosives and reaches in and grabs his prize. Zito and
Switek are within fifty feet of him when all of the sudden a
steam line lets loose between them. Terence turns to see
them creeping up on him. He turns his handgun and fires 3
shots in their direction, not aiming at them but in their
direction, hoping to buy some time for his escape.
Holy shit, watch out.
(Yelling into the radio)
Shots fired.
Terence runs with all his might back into the building he
just left, up the stairs toward the roof. Zito and Switek
give chase, filled with adrenaline and fear from the
incident. Crockett and Tubbs are exiting their building and
headed up after them. Terence makes it to the roof and
without any hesitation runs straight to the edge of the
building and jumps, at least thirty feet to the other side.
He lands on the adjacent rooftop, hits the ground and takes
off running again. He quickly ducks into the building, stops
running and looks behind him. This escape plan came very
easy to him, as if he had anticipated problems. Zito and
Switek exit onto the roof. They stop, look around and see…
nothing. Crockett and Tubbs arrive within seconds. All four
men stand in disbelief.
How in the hell did he
disappear that quick?
This makes two people in
two days that we've lost.
I'm getting sick and tired
of running one second behind.
Castillo's voice comes out over the radio.
Talk to me, what's
He's gone. There's no
sign of him.


Gina, Trudy stay on the ground
level and set up a perimeter.
Everyone else get down there to.
He couldn't have got far.
Terence peeks from his hiding spot just inside the rooftop
doorway. A smile eases from his face. Things are working out
just as planned. The team all meet on the street between the
two buildings.
This son of a bitch is
getting on my last
He had this planned from
the start. And we played
right into it. Like
puppets on a string.
Everyone hangs their heads and lick their wounds. Everyone
but Crockett and Tubbs stagers to their respective vehicles
and leave. Crockett and Tubbs stand there. Still unsure what
has happened.
Meanwhile on the rooftop, Terence steps from his hiding
spot. He looks over the edge of the roof and sees Crockett
and Tubbs standing there. He picks up the phone, with Olmos
still waiting, and places it to his ear.
You still there?
                                         CUT TO:
is in the back seat. The interior lights of the vehicle
highlight the anger in his eyes. He sits, phone still to his
ear. He has heard all that has happened.
Yeah I'm still here.
What the fuck is going on.
                                         INTERCUT WITH:


Not to worry. Everything is under
And the information I
paid for.
Burnett has taken your
product and is planning
on distributing it
himself. I guess he has
decided to go into
business for himself at
your expense.
I'm sure he has come up with
some very believable excuse
for the delay he is having,
am I right?
Olmos pauses briefly, taking in what he is being told.
Yes he did.
The bottom line Mr.
Olmos is that Burnett
was responsible for
something that belongs
to you that, something
that he now has.
You're out what,
$25-$30 million?
How could he possibly
think he could get
away with this? That
is my product.
Possession is nine tenths
of the law.
Anyway, I hope this information
will be useful to you.
It was a pleasure doing
business with you.


Terence hangs up the phone, grabs the duffle bag full of
cash, and makes his way down the stairs and to the exit.
Olmos's face swells with rage as the phone goes dead. His
suspicions that something was going on has now been
confirmed. He turns and unleashes his anger on the closest
Find me Burnett.
I don't care who you
have to pay off, I don't
care who you have to kill.
Find him and bring him to me.
                                         CUT TO:
sits alone, reading a magazine. The floor lamp lighting his
view is the only light other than the background lights
outside from the marina. His cell phone begins to ring. He
opens it and places it to his ear.
                       A MAN'S VOICE
You and your partner
are in serious shit.
                                         CUT TO:
from before, now calls Tubbs. We again only see the lower
portion of his face, we again see the rings on his hand. He
is calling from outside of somewhere. We hear cars drive by
and see headlights as they pass.
                       UNKNOWN MALE
Listen quickly, I don't
have a lot of time. Someone
is telling Olmos your
ripping off his product to
sell it on your own. He


                       UNKNOWN MALE (cont'd)
has all his people out
looking for you with
orders to bring you to him
Who is this and why are
you trying to help us?
                       UNKNOWN MALE
Just do what you gotta
do, got it?
The man hangs up in Tubb's ear.
Tubbs slams the phone closed. He is visibly angry. He opens
up the phone again and dials Crockett. He only gets his
This is Sonny, leave me a message.
Hey man, call me when you
get this. I got another
call from our mystery
helper. He said Olmos has
people out looking for
us so watch your back.
Ill be at the beach house.
He hangs up the phone.
                                         CUT TO:
Its about 3am. They sit in plastic lawn chairs as Crockett,
hunched over in the chair; elbows resting on his legs drink
in hand, he tells Caroline what is on his mind.
Terence said I was no
different than him, that
I had broken the law
many times when it suited
me. Hearing him say


                       CROCKETT (cont'd)
that has got me thinking.
Things that you do in your
job, you make things
happen, things you couldn't
do by being a boy scout.
Does that make it right?
It makes it necessary. The
garbage you get off the
street wont disappear by
playing nice.
Crockett stares into his drink which is now covered in
condensation. He holds it like a security blanket yet he has
yet to drink any of it.
I've been asking myself, am
I doing it for the job
or the lifestyle? Could
I go back to a uniform
tomorrow if I had to?
Could I give up the cars,
the clothes, this way
of life that I've become?
It is not who you are,
its what you do. You
do what is necessary
to do your job. Don't
ever confuse that with
what my brother did.
That line DOES becomes
blurry sometimes. The
one between right and
wrong, doing what you
should do and what you
HAVE to do.
Caroline gets up from her chair, walks over and sits in
Crockett's lap. She lays her head back against his shoulder.
They both stare out into the night sky.


So what's next?
Ever since Terence made
his first appearance,
Tubbs and I have been out
of our comfort zone.
How do you get back?
Its time that we stop
waiting for whatever
happens next. Time for
us to do what we do best.
Do you have to do it tonight?
I'm pretty sure it can
wait till the morning.
Caroline takes him by the hand and they walk into the house
and shut the door. A few seconds later, the lights go out
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         CUT TO:
The two sit on either side of the bar in the kitchen. It is
very bright, sun shining in, reflecting in off the water.
They are serious today, tired of being one step behind. It's
time for this to end.
You get my message?
Yeah I did.
I don't know about you
but I'm sick and tired
of not being led around by
someone else lately. I think its


                       TUBBS (cont'd)
time we got back to business the
way WE do it.
I've got an idea.
I thought you might.
Olmos is looking for us?
I say we go to him.
Except we turn it up a
notch. We tell him we
want to meet Stiles and
him or his product is
What about Terence? He
always seems to be one
step ahead of us.
Maybe there's a way to
get him and save our
undercover identities.
Tubbs smiles as if he has figured a way out. It's time to
make everyone ELSE dance to their tune.
                                         CUT TO:
The home is typical Miami. Art deco and light pastels
decorate all the walls. Several hundred thousand dollar
statues and busts litter the home. It is very light and airy
and made to look rich. Olmos is still furious from the night
before. He is eating breakfast when his head body guard
Miguel walks in the room.
You find them bitches yet?


No sir not yet.
What the fuck am I
paying you for huh?
They are two players in
one town. You can't find
You want us to knock
on every door in Miami?
I don't care what you
have to do. You get
out of here and don't
come back until you
have them with you.
Desperation has now set in. Olmos picks up a plate from the
table and throws it at Miguel. It misses and smashes against
the wall. Miguel looks at Olmos with surprise. He turns and
quickly leaves the room. He has his orders. He leaves to
find the men that are causing his grief.
                                         CUT TO:
walks out the front door and opens the door to his white BMW
650i convertible. He sits behind the wheel, dials a number
on his cell phone and puts it to his ear.
Hey it's me, you
find them yet?
We do not hear what the voice on the phone says but Miguel
listens as they talk.
Cool. Have everyone meet
me at the house right
now, I don't care what
there doing. Ill fill'em
in when I get there.
We gotta move fast on this.


Miguel closes his phone and slides the car sideways leaving
the driveway. Tires squeal as the car heads down the
                                         CUT TO:
walks up onto the porch, opens the front door and walks
                                         CUT TO:
The house is dark. All shades are pulled. The light from the
outside sun is coming in around the shades. Crockett enters
the house and is met by Miguel sitting in a chair directly
in the middle of the room and four of his people surrounding
him. Crockett goes to draw his weapon but the four men
already have him in their sights. He will be the loser if it
becomes lethal. Miguel, unarmed, throws up his hands to
No no don't. We are
not here to hurt you.
Crockett looks at all four men, weapons on him, desperation
takes over.
Well your not here
to deliver a pizza.
I'm the one who has
been calling you and
your partner.
Crockett's eyes open wide. Questions are many.
Who are you?


Agent Miguel Rodriguez,
DEA. This is my team.
Crockett is stunned and can only look around and wonder.
Miguel and his team all show their ID's and holster their
Where is Caroline and Billy?
They are in the next room.
I'm sorry for having to
meet like this but we are running
out of time fast. There
is someone feeding Olmos
information but he will
not tell me who.
You work for him?
I'm his head bodyguard.
How did you manage that?
Eighteen months of "UC"
work to get this close.
Why are you here
and outing yourself?
Like I said earlier, someone
is talking to Olmos about
you and he is dead set on
having you brought to him, ALIVE.
An old friend of mine Terence,
has been stirring the pot.
He has told Olmos that
your taking his product
and selling it yourself.
Where are the drugs?


Terence blew up both of my
boats along with the entire
product. It's gone.
Oh shit. You really
must have pissed this
guy off.
One of the DEA agents brings Caroline and Billy into the
room from the adjacent room. They stand beside Crockett as
they talk.
You guys OK?
Yeah, a little confused but OK.
      (To Miguel)
So what do we do now?
I'm only assuming your
trying to get to Stiles
through Olmos, but I've
been trying for over a
year now.
Maybe we can help each
other out and both get what
we want.
What you got in mind?
Let's get up with my
partner. I've got an
Crockett turns to Caroline. He takes her by the hand and
looks deep into her eyes. Billy sees this. He looks up at
Crockett and looks as if he is confused.
You gonna be OK here?


We'll be fine. You go
take care of your
business. We'll be
here when you get
Crockett and all the DEA agents walk out the front door.
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett and Tubbs lay out their plan. The DEA agents and
Lt. Castillo listen. All parties are exhausted and looking
for a way to bring Olmos and Stiles down and end this.
Terence has presented us an
opportunity. We can force a
meeting with Stiles. If they want
their product back, they agree to
the meeting.
If they agree to meet at all,
it will probably be to kill
you both. And then you
also have to remember, you
don't have any product
to give them.
Olmos wont roll on Stiles.
The only way to make it all
stick it to get Stiles on tape
talking about the dope. We really
dont have anything else on him.
What about Terence? He
seems to be right in the
middle of all of this.
Someone from the inside
has got to be feeding
him info on you guys
and Olmos.


If we can get this meeting set up
and only give them a couple of
hours to get there, we may be able
to take care of them without
interference from Terence.
Tubbs grabs his cell phone and starts to dial.
What you doing?
Time to dangle the bait.
Tubbs takes out his cell phone and dials Olmos. The entire
team looks on as Tubbs prepares to set the trap. Everyone
listens to hear what he is going to say to entice Olmos to
agree to the meeting.
Let me speak to Olmos.
I hear your looking for us.
                                         CUT TO:
sits at his desk. He leans forward in his chair, angry,
wanting to reach through the phone.
You damn right Im looking for you.
You have something that belongs to
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
Thats right I do and if you ever
want to see it again I have a deal
for you.


I dont know what your trying to
pull here. We already had a deal.
This is a new deal. I want a meet
with you and Stiles to discuss the
return of your product. No Stiles,
no product. You got it?
You know your a dead man right?
No, Im a business man. The next
time I call you, you'll have one
hour to get to the meet. So you
get up with Stiles and be ready to
The phone goes dead in Olmos's ear. He sits and stares
ahead, his jaw grinding in rage.
Tubbs closes his phone and faces the group. They are all
staring at him in disbelief. Everyone stands in silence for
what seems an eternity. Finally Castillo speaks.
Well that was one way to do it.
What are you gonna do when they
want to see the product?
We dont need to let it go that
far. All we have to do is get
Stiles to admit he knows about the
dope and say that its his.
Your counting on his anger over
you taking his product to make
sure he shows up huh?
That and greed. They are two
things that you can always count
on in this business.
Your a brave fool.


Im going with just a fool.
Everyone sits and thinks about what is about to happen. The
end, good or bad, is finally in sight.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
Crockett enterers and finds Caroline and Billy playing in
one of the bedrooms. He walks in and stands there, staring
at them both.
Whats wrong?
Looks like we may be coming to the
end of this.
You OK?
I dont know. Up till a couple of
days ago I felt like I had
everything figured out. Now with
you and Billy and everything else,
things are unknown and Im not used
to that.
      (To Billy)
Baby, why dont you play for a
while. I need to talk to Sonny,
OK mommy.
Billy plays on the floor as Caroline takes Crocketts hand
and leads him back into the living room.
                                         CUT TO:


Caroline leads him to the couch and they both sit, facing
each other. She sees the uncertainty in his eyes. She holds
his hand in hers.
So whats going to happen?
We've got the meet set up to end
this with our principle. It has
turned into a very different
ending than we wanted. But its all
we have thanks to Terence.
Your good at your job. Im sure it
will all work out to the good.
Ive never felt so much confusion
before. All I can think of is you
and Billy.
You cant afford to be destracted
right now. Im sorry I threw this
on you right now. I should have
told you along time ago. You go
take care of what you have to
today. We will be here when you
get back.
If you dont mind Id like to say
goodbye to Billy before I leave.
Caroline smiles at him. She takes his hand, still resting in
hers, and leads him back into the bedroom.
                                         CUT TO:
Crockett walks over and gets down on one knee in front of
Billy. Caroline stands in the background watching her son
and the love of her life.


Billy Ive got to go out for a
while but I wanted you to know
that Im hoping to see alot more of
you if you would like that.
Billy stops playing for a minute and looks up at Crockett.
I need for you to do me a favor. I
need you to look after your mom
for me until I get back OK? Can
you do that for me?
You gonna come back?
Yes I am.
You promise?
I promise.
Good, I like you.
Crockett's voice begins to crack as he speaks.
I really like you to Billy.
Crockett stands and turns towards Caroline. She takes his
hand and they both look into each others eyes. They dont
speak, Caroline slowly nods her head at him. He feels the
meaning, no goodbyes. He nods in return, turns and walks
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:


The vice team all sit around the conference table. Swat team
and uniformed officers listen in the background. They have
done this many times before. Its time to put the wheels in
motion. Castillo takes the floor to tell how he wants this
to happen.
This all comes down tonight around
1am out at Stiltsville. Tubbs
won't call the principle with the
time and location until one hour
before. I want everyone in place
and inside every building out
there before that call is made.
That short of time period should
keep Terence from showing up. We
don't need anymore surprises out
Your thinking he has someone
inside with Olmos?
Got to be, even if there's not we
cant take the chance.
What about Agent Rodriguez?
He knows whats going to happen, he
just dont know when. Keep in mind
everyone, Miguel in one of the
good guys. Remember his face.
Tubbs points to a picture of Miguel taped to the chalkboard
behind Castillo for those who did not meet him.
Were doing it out there so we can
keep a good eye on anyone making
any surprise visits.
What if Stiles doesn't show?
Then we take down Olmos. This is
gonna end tonight one way or the
      (Turns to look at


                       CASTILLO (cont'd)
Then we turn all our attention to
your buddy.
Everyone be back here at 1930hrs.
Thats the little hand on the seven
and the big hand on the six
Everyone chuckles as they grab whatever they had brought
with them and slowly walk out the conference room. Tubbs,
Crockett and Castillo all remain seated, staring at each
other. No one speaks. Just the looks on their faces, the
fatigue, the frustration shows each other what they are
feeling. Castillo ends the meeting with one statement.
End this.
Crockett and Tubbs understand, not only the words but the
tone. They stand and exit the conference room.
                                         CUT TO:
The night is hot. The only light is from the moon and stars.
There are five buildings in sight. All broken down, barely
able to support weight. They are a remnant of a past time
still holding on. They squeak and sway with every wave that
roles against them. Dark figures move on each distant
building as the teams prepare for the nights activity.
                                         CUT TO:
Its a little before midnight.. Castillo looks around with
his FLIR glasses. He sees the teams getting into position.
He looks over at Tubbs.
      (TO TUBBS)
Go ahead and make the call.
Tubbs grabs his cell phone and starts dialing.


Its about fucking time you called.
You ready?
You just tell me where and when.
Stiltsville, 1am, when you come
in, you'll see a signal showing
which building to come to.
You guys are...
Tubbs stops him in mid-sentence.
Just make sure Stiles is there or
the deals off.
Tubbs closes the phone, hanging up on Olmos.
Now we wait.
We look out of the window and see the other buildings. All
movement is now gone. The hook is baited, the teams are
ready, it's time to real in the catch.
                                         FADE OUT:
                                         FADE IN:
Nothing in sight but water and the dark horizon. The only
sound is the waves crashing against themselfs. And then... a
sound...a boat... moving closer. We see a boat coming into
view. Its a large boat, at least 55 ft. It comes in fast but
as it approaches the buildings, it slows. 3 armed men are
visible on the bow, looking into the darkness. Another man
walks onto the deck from inside the cabin. It's Olmos. He is
looking for the signal.
                                         CUT TO:


all hear the boat and look out the windows. Castillo grabs
the radio and informs everyone.
Everyone get ready. Their coming
The boat slowly moves in between the buildings. Olmos stands
on the deck looking.
Everyones ready. Im gonna give the
Tubbs turns on a spotlight he is holding and shines it
toward the boat. Olmos sees the light and orders the boat
turned in that direction.
      (On the radio)
Everyone stay sharp, their on the
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
look on as the boat moves closer to the target house.
take aim through scoped rifles, keeping an eye on everyone
on the boat.
exit their hidden positions. They walk out onto the dock,
waiting for the boat to get there.


I see Olmos, Miguel and 2 armed
Anyone that might be Stiles?
No. No new faces.
The boat reaches the dock. The two bodyguards tie off the
boat and then remain on deck. Olmos and Miguel step off onto
the dock.
You got balls Ill give you that.
Where is Stiles?
He's close by. Ive been sent in to
make sure everything is OK.
This is as far as things go until
I see him. Make the call, get him
in here.
Olmos stares Tubbs down. Angry that he is being told what to
do. He looks the situation over then reaches into his coat
pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He dials.
It's cool. Come on in.
NO one moves. They all stand there staring each other down.
hears the faint sound of a boat motor. He turns his night
vision in the direction of the sound. A boat is approaching.
He speaks into the radio.
Ive got a boat coming in, slow and


hear Castillo over their earpieces. They tense up at the
notion that the man they have been after for so long is
finally here.
The boat slowly moves in. It makes it to the edge of the row
of building and stops. There is no one on deck. The boat
looks deserted, sitting quiet and dark in the water. Then
from the right side of the deck a door opens. The camera
zooms in where the deck meets the outside wall of the cabin.
A man exits the doorway. We follow his steps as he walks
across the deck toward the bow of the boat. We only see him
from the knees down. White pants over tan deck shoes. He
reaches the bow of the boat and stops. The camera moves up
his back until the back of his head. His face, what little
we see of it, shows experience, an older man, shoulder
length sandy blonde hair. He wears a short sleeve white
shirt and a brown straw hat. We have met Phillipe Stiles. He
stands there looking out at the target house and what is
about to happen.
Olmos turns and looks at Stiles standing on the deck of his
boat. He turns back and looks at Crockett and Tubbs.
You wanted him here, he's here.
Now where's my dope?
Crockett and Tubbs stare at Olmos. They wanted Stiles in
front of them. They know that they really have nothing to
tie Stiles to the drugs. They needed him there.
And then...


One of the swat team members is looking at Stiles through
his rifle scope. His elbow hits his flashlight lying on the
table he is leaning against. It falls to the floor. In the
quiet of the night, it sounds like a bomb going off.
hear the sound as it radiates from the house. The 2
bodyguards standing on the deck of Olmos' boat turn and
point their weapons at the house manned by the swat team.
They open fire. Crockett and Tubbs pull their weapons and
turn their attention to the bodyguards. They have no choice.
They open fire. All the surveillance teams exit their hiding
spots as 3 more men exit from inside the boat. The new
players raise their weapons. The teams engage them from
multiple positions. It is over in seconds.
Miguel, seeing what is happening, sees Olmos reaching into
his jacket to pull his weapon. He grabs him and throws him
down onto the deck, securing his hands and keeping him from
drawing his weapon.
What are you doing?
My job.
Keeping you alive.
The fire fight is over in seconds. Crockett and Tubbs,
weapons drawn, look down at Olmos.
Olmos, Id like you to meet Agent
Miguel Rodriguez with the DEA.
      (Crockett cracks a
And he DID just save your life.
As the adrenaline of the moment begins to pass, everyone
stops. In the heat of the moment, they have forgotten
someone , what about Stiles?


stands at the bow of the boat, facing Stiltville. The camera
only shows the upper right corner of his face. He stares
straight ahead, a cold dead stare, no emotion. He raises his
right arm, signaling someone inside at the helm. The motors
roar to life. The boat turns sharply to the right and begins
to head off into the night. He does not move, standing
there, staring at the carnage that has happened in front of
Seeing the boat leaving, Crockett grabs the microphone for
his radio.
Get the Coast Guard in here. We
have to stop him.
looks out the window at the boat leaving.
And what exactly are we gonna stop
him for? We have absolutely
nothing on him. The only one left
to tell us anything is Olmos and
he's not that stupid.
Crockett grabs Olmos, still lying on the deck. He pulls his
hands behind his back and places them in a flex cuff.
Ramon Olmos, you are under arrest.
Your a fucking cop?
Crockett picks him up by his arms, spins him around and gets
right in his face.


Thats right you piece of shit. And
now your gonna tell me everything
I wanna know about Phillipe
Olmos pauses as he looks at Crockett. He cracks a wicked
Im sorry officer.
I have no idea who you are talking
Crockett glares at Olmos. Wanting to beat the information
from him. A member of the SWAT team grabs Olmos and starts
to take him away. He stares at Crockett with that smile
until he is out of sight.
Tubbs walks over to Crockett. He sees he is furious. He
tries to calm him down.
Easy there partner. We knew this
could have happened. Its still a
good catch.
I just hate his smirky attitude,
like he got the best of us.
Everyone calms down and takes a break. Crockett suddenly
remembers their other problem and a possible solution. He
jumps on Olmos' boat and starts going through all the
boadyguards pockets. Everyone looks at him like he has lost
Dude, what the Hell are you doing.
Someone in Olmos' crew was feeding
Terence info on us. We need to
check everyones cell phone and see
if they have Tomos Williams' phone
number in it.
Everyone realizes he is right. The begin grabbing the cell
phones and checking their phone books.
After a couple of minutes Tubbs speaks up.


I got it. Tomos' cell number.
(305) 555-6629
Crockett grabs his cell number and dials.
Bobby-G, I need a trace on a cell
number and I need a location,
                                         CUT TO:
stand waiting. Crockett stares at the floor, rocking back
and forth. The phone on the confrence room table rings.
Crockett pushes the speaker phone button.
      (Voice from phone)
Well he's been chatting it up for
the last hour, doesnt look like
he's moved.
He's is the area of the 2500 block
of Westbridge Ave. in Overtown.
Crockett and Tubbs turn and look at each other in horror.
The safe house is 2513.
Everyone runs from the room and out the door. Crockett now
is only thinking of Caroline and Billy. He cant get there
fast enough.
                                         CUT TO:
approach on foot. Hiding in the shadows, looking in vehicles
as they approach for anyone sitting in them.


As they approach the 2500 block, they spot an old beat up
Oldsmobile with a figure sitting in the passenger seat. They
split up to get at least two sets of eyes on the occupant.
Tubbs looks from his vantage point, it is Tomos. The safe
house is just in sight.
      (Over the radio)
I got him. Its Tomos.
He's in the passenger seat. The
drivers seat is empty.Terence has
got to be on foot somewhere.
The rest of the team approach from all sides. They get
within sight of the car. They are looking for Terence. He
is here somewhere.
Nobody move until someone sees
The team sits, waiting for what seems forever. Crockett
grips his weapon firm. Standing 50 feet from him is one of
the men responsible for what has been happening to him. It
is all he can do not to pull Tomos through the window of the
Tubbs sees Crockett from his position. He can tell what he
is thinking.
stay cool.
Suddenly Crockett hears footsteps coming up behind him,
CLOSE. He slowly turns his head and see a dark figure walk
just past the bush he is hiding behind. It's Terence. He has
no idea anyone is watching.
Ive got him. He's heading toward
the car. Tubbs and I will take
Terence. Everyone else take Tomos.
Terence walks toward the drivers door. As he gets halfway
between Crockett and the car, the team moves in. Crockett
comes up from behind him, weapon pointed at the back of his
head. When he gets about 25 feet from him, Crockett speaks.


How you doing partner?
Terence stops as if someone has pushed a pause button. He
makes no attempt to turn and face Crockett.
I guess this is the way this had
to end huh?
Dont be stupid Terence. It doesn't
have to end like that.
The rest of the team surround the car. Tomos is taken
completely by surprise. Gina and Trudy place the lasers on
their MP5's dead on his chest. He is done.
      (To Terence)
Let me see your hands slowly.
Tubbs, Zito and Switek work around and join Crockett, spread
out keeping Terence covered.
You really think I can go back to
prison buddy?
Please dont make be kill you
Terence seems oblivious to the present situation.
Does it even bother you that you
helped put me in there?
Crockett's voice begins to crack as he thinks about
everything that happened.
I think about it everyday.
I tears me up to think of what I
had to do.
A smile of satisfaction creeps up on Terence's face.
Now you can remember THIS for the


                       TERENCE (cont'd)
rest of your life.
With both hands, Terence reaches into his waistband and
pulls out 2 handguns. With one motion he turns and points
the weapons at Crockett.
With no hesitation, Crockett's reflexes take over. He fires
his weapon.
Terence is riddled with the bullets. He falls. He finished
this HIS way.
Crockett walks over and stands over the body of his old
partner. All he can do is look and think about all that has
At the car, Tomos has been taken into custody. As he is
placed in handcuffs, he turns and looks at Crockett standing
over Terence.
      (To Crockett)
Ive never seen that much hate in
one mans eyes as he had for you.
There was no other way this could
have ended.
Tomos hangs his head as he is lead away. Crockett stands
there, looking at Terence. He hears Tomos speak but cannot
take his eyes off of Terence. Tubbs comes up beside him and
places his hand on his partners shoulder.
You cant blame yourself for this.
He made his own decisions.
I know.