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by Thomas Gajan (tgajan1@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
powerful people,politics,murder,and revenge.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


night scenes of Washington monument,Lincoln memorial,capitol
building.The White House shot shows a number of people
attending a party.
                                         HOTEL 14TH AND
The main ball for several South American countries is being
held at the White House Another site is at the Grand Hotel.
A silver haired man, and a middle aged dark haired man are
meeting behind the hotel
Unknown to both of them a young woman is watching,and
listening too their conversation.
The meeting turns into an argument,and the silver haired man
walks away. The other man becomes violent,begins cussing and
kicking a nearby dumpster.
The young woman becomes frightened and attempts to leave,but
he sees her and catches her.
He shakes her violently as he questions her,but she attempts
to escape while trying to tell she heard nothing. He doesn't
believe her.
The man bashes her head into the dumpster,she falls limp to
the ground. He checks to make sure she is dead then leaves.
                                         DETECTIVE JONES
John and his wife are facing away from each other with lots
of space between them.They both feel as though they are
living with a stranger.This evening he is at home with her,a
rare occasion.The clock on the end table reads 11.The
telephone rings,John answers.


yea,14th and Pennsylvania. O K
John hangs up,then swings his legs off the bed and sits on
the edge,then yawns.
      (she rolls over
       facing his back)
what,s going on?
He doesn,t say a word as he pulls on his pants,then walks
around the bed past her.
I guess your leaving.
he stops in the doorway with his back towards her,turns his
head then speaks.
I,am a homocide detective.
As he enters the kitchen he reaches for the phone then calls
his partner.
you up?yea I,ll swing by and get
you....oh about twenty minutes.
he walks into the bathroom and looks in the mirror,Looking
at himself he rubs his face with both hands,drops them down
then talks to his image.
Are you tired of this yet?
He waits a few seconds as though he is expecting a response.
Guess not.
He turns and leaves puts on his shirt and tie,then shoes
finally his jacket then heads for the door yelling goodbye
to his wife.


He gets in starts the car and backs out onto his dead end
street,then turns and drives away.The streets are peaceful
with very little activity.But just a few minutes away by
car,drug pushers,addicts,hookers,and murderers walk the
streets at night.The dispatcher is chattering asking where
he is,he replies.
Unit six to base.
Base go ahead.
I,am still about five minutes from
Bills,then ten from the
Ten four.I,ll inform the
lieutenant on site,over and out.
As he nears the city he begins to see more people on the
streets.Something lively is always happening in the nations
capital.He passes some hookers as he approaches Bills.He
stops then rolls down his window, several approach.
Hey girls,better watch out
we is always be in riped off.
The second girl reaches in and rubs his face.He knows
her,that's why he stopped.


You lonely tonight,John
Selma,you need to be careful
She pulls a rubber from her purse then flashes it at him.
I,am always careful.
He shakes his head then drives off.within minutes he is at
Bills,he toots Bill comes out and gets into the car.
I didn't get any info.We,re we
14th and Pennsylvania Ave.
Wow,classy location.I guess people
get killed everywhere.
They arrive at the address the dispatcher gave John.Both of
them notice a small crowd,but more than that they are a mere
two blocks from the white house where they both realize a
big swanky ball is suppose to be happening.
OH man Please tell me some
politician didn't walk into a
Or worse, His wife hated the party
and committed suicide.
John stops the car,and they get out.As they approach the
police line the lieutenant sees them.All the customary
people are present when a homicide has been committed.


      (he waves)
Over here.
They walk towards the alley behind the large extravagant
What we got here
lieutenant?Another dissatisfied
No sargent,we have a dead woman.
Sorry sir.
Bill lifts the cover from the body to get a look,Jim and
John join him.
      (as he kneels for
       a better look)
Awfully young
And outa place.
Yea,every one within three blocks
is wearing a gown ,or tux.That or
they work inside the hotel.
Right now we got nothing.No
purse,no ID, nothing
      (to Jim)
Any witnesses?
None that we talked to..yet


      (to john)
He,s talking to us.
Get to work,these people don,t
like messes.And they hate being
questioned even more.
As Jim walks away
Yea.politicians.they want
everything scripted.
They move to the front and enter the hotel.Once inside they
question a dozen or so people with help from several other
officers.After several hours they gather for a moment to see
what leads they might have.
Nothing,not on person saw or heard
I got nothing.
Yea, no one saw or heard a
thing,and their saying even less.
Jim approaches them
The coroner,s gone.you guys do
your reports, then go home and get
some sleep.Be in early.
As the lieutenant walks away we hear john yell.
It,s two thirty.
Raising his arms over his head ,still walking with his back
to them he points at the watch on his wrist,


I,am going to the precinct,maybe I
can catch some sack time there.
                                         CUT TO STATION
At the precinct they fill out their reports then catch some
needed sleep.There are several roll aways in the locker
some helpful fellow officers are slamming locker doors.they
think it,s funny.John is not amused.With his eyes shut he
pretends he is sleeping,then reaches for his gun and shouts.
Everyone scatters,they all believe he is dangerous
wont wake me again
What do you say we go join our
fellow officers.
Bill is still mumbling about being woken so rudely.There are
12 different detectives ,about half are questioning some
rather seedy looking characters.Several have suspects in
cuffs escorting them to the lockup.The captain calls John
and Bill into his office.
      (soft spoken)
Sit down both of you.I was just
reading your reports.
      (loud then throws
       it at them)
why didn't you just scribble the


                       DON (cont'd)
word NOTHING on it
How does a woman get herself
killed in my district,and my two
best detectives file a report that
says nothing.
they look at each other
Come on I,am listening.
Bill starts ranting
She had no ID, nothing on her at
all.And she looked like a peach in
a apple barrel.
don looks at John,he is puzzled
She looked totally out of place.
      (to Bill)
Well there,s one observation that
wasn,t in your report.
John stands up and approaches don,s desk.
Captain,You don,t understand. The
crime scene made no sense.And the
people who normally know
everything ,knew nothing,saw
nothing,heard nothing.


                       JOHN (cont'd)
Somethings going on here. I don,t
know what,but something.
well seeing as both of you are
detectives,what do you say you
start detecting.And if I ever see
another report like this one, I
Before he can finish they are up and out a there.Don rushes
to the doorway.
I mean it.
he slams his door shut.
Man,he is really pissed.
Wouldn,t you be?
The coroner,s report does little to help.Blunt force trauma
is what killed her.But her prints aren't registered.No
drugs,nothing that will help to identify her.
      (As he reads the
There,s nothing here.
he hands it to Bill as they both go to the coffee maker.
wow,this is gonna be a rough one I
Hey I didn,t kill her.


What was your alibi again?
as John walks away leaving Bill at the coffee maker,several
other detectives over heard and Bill notices.
      (watching John
       walk away)
Hey, that wasn,t funny.
The other detectives are staring at Bill,he looks at them
then speaks.
He was just kidding.
      (looks back at
Bill walks up to John
Let,s go Bill.It,time to canvas
the area.See if any good
Samaritans were out last night.
They go to their car and head for the crime scene.
They park their car,then make their way to the hotel where
the ball was,they also intend to canvas the area and speak
to cab drivers, and limo services,but first they need some
more info from some of the waiters,and others who were
working at the hotel last night.John knows that the doorman
sees a lot,but the one who was on duty last night left
before all the action took place.Or did he leave for another
reason?they see the doorman,and show their badges.
Hi.I,am detective John Jones,this
is detective Bill Gomez. We want
to ask you a few questions


he has an unmistakable Bronx accent.
About doors?
      (in Bronx)
A comedian,from New York.
As he shows them his tag that says DOORMAN ,he has that
nervous Bronx bounce as he speaks.
Everyone knows the best come from
New York.
      (back to his own
Best what? door openers.
Hey I make tree hundred bucks a
day in tips.Whata you make?
Bill moves closer to his face.
I gotta tip for you,you better
start co operating.
I,am from New York buddy,cab
drivers there are more dangerous
than DC cops.
Would you rather we do this
Whatever floats your boat. But
these people aren't accustomed to
opening their own doors. If you
take me away, we may have a
congressional hearing about it.


Lets cut the crap and get down to
How long you flat feet been
Your thinking about New York
Bill tells John he will be inside.
Did you see or hear anything last
      (as he points
       towards the alley)
Back there.
as he sees a limo coming he speaks
HA this is Washington buddy,these
people are always arguing.You get
them together you never know what
might happen.I mind my own
business.Keeps me healthy.I gotta
John hands him his card
If anything comes to mind,give me
a call.
He hooks up with Bill again.standing near the managers
office they discuss the case.
Did you question the day manager?


No,he,s gonna be right back.These
people seem tight lipped.
Yea,guess their afraid their tips
will stop.
No. I ain't the best looking guy
around.Some younger maids looked
at me as though I was a plague
The day manager arrives.
Hello gentlemen I,am the
manager,my name is Dave.How can I
help you?
The murder last night.d
manager interrupts
It was a murder?
My goodness,this has never
happened to me before.
It was a bad night for her to.
Yes,Yes, of course.I,am sorry,my
first murder.
Yea it was her first time to.


the manager finally sees the irony in his attitude.
Yea.... I guess your right.
Do you mind if an officer comes by
and takes your statement?
No no, Of course anything to help.
Thank you.we,ll be in touch.OH can
we get copies of last nights
security tapes?
Of course.
They leave to start canvasing the area.They spend most of
the day talking with cab drivers,and local businesses.Same
results.To them It,s amazing that with all the media around
no one saw or heard a thing.Then John has a brainstorm.So
they head to the CBS station on 22nd street.
They stop at the garage entrance ,flash their badges then
proceed in.After parking the car they walk to the elevator
and stop at ground level.After speaking to the woman at
information they are asked to be seated while she contacts
the reporter who covered the ball,and the murder afterwards.
Gentlemen. What can I do for you?
she is stunningly beautiful.Bills jaw is open.She reaches
out and pushes it shut.
I get a lot of that..Gets me into
places to.
John is amused


Excuse my partner,he doesn't get
out much.
      (as she looks at
Yea. that's to bad.
      (then back to John)
What can I do for you?
Did you notice anyone out of
place,or upset last night?
No everything seemed normal,for
What does that mean?
This is the politics capital of
the world. A school for learning
how to talk,and in many ways that
can lend to any number of
different interpretations.
You mean double talk?
They talk knowing we will analyze
their every word. So A crafty
politician will intentionally ,and
when he or she deems necessary
omit,or add color to their speech.
Not to many yes and no answers?
Right...I have a gut feeling
somethings not right.


How? Who?
Unlike your average person,not
unlike a detective,I know a
nervous politician when I see one.
Yea I noticed that myself.
      (to john)
Maybe you,d make a good
investagative reporter
      (as he hands her
       his card)
Maybe. Look if you find out
anything call me.
How about if I dont
He,s married
      (stares at John)
Not a problem,bye.
as they leave
      (looking back as
       she walks away)
Man is she hot.
ya think.I was drooling.
You drool over a taco.


They both laugh as they head for the elevator.
as they enter John sees the captains door is open,He is
talking on the phone. Before John can get out of sight Don
waves him in.
Yes sir... I will.... goodbye.
That was the chief.do you remember
how I hate calls from him?
      (walks towards
What have you found out. Our
chief...and some really heavy
weight politicians are
interested....And me to.
calmly Don tells him he is doing a good job,but keep him
informed.Bill sees the look on his face.
What the hell happened?
John is stunned.speechless for a few moments as he walks to
his desk and sits Bill follows him.As they both stare
towards dons office.
He,s sick,he hit his head...hard.
.The poor man is dying.
as they are looking towards Dons office Don waves at
them.Without taking his eyes off of him Bill remarks.


Your right....He,s dying.
The captain shuts his door.
My God was that spooky.
He comes to his senses.then some fellow officers approach
Hey you guys want in on the pool?
What pool.
The one about how long it,s gonna
take for you guys to solve this
John snatches the papers from Smitty hands.
Whats this second page for?
That,s the pool for how many days
before you realize.
      (right into his
You never will solve it.
They take off running and laughing.John jumps up and yells
while pointing a finger at them.
A bet against me makes you a
loo.... a fool.
Calm down.Sit down.


You know... the scary part is they
may be right.We got
nothing.Nothing makes sense.This
is a big city,there were a lot of
people there. How can no one have
seen or heard a thing?
I believe someone knows.
      (as he leans back
       in the chair)
They just aint telling anyone.
An argument gone bad?
      (leans forward)
Politicians usually don't kill
people who disagree with them.
      (as he leans
Yea, But they might kill a young
girl, who is threatning to tell.
      (leans back then
wow....Man that,s what I call
sensitive.Do you realize who was
at that party?
      (lens back)
Yea, basically our highest
government leaders....and their
aging wives,and one dead really
young woman.
Well.... It,s a motive
They talk to their captain,and spend days delicately
checking into the possibilities of an affair gone bad. But
soon they realize this to is a dead end.Or is it.


John and Bill Are taking turns cracking peanuts and feeding
the pigeons.They are sitting on the edge of a circular pool.
We gotta get a lead in this
Do they pay people to feed
john just stares at him for a second or two in disbelief.
      (as he leans back)
I get paid to watch you...So why
Don is getting madder everyday,It
might be safer here with the
Hey bird lovers?
      (looks up)
In the park for news?
No I was going to lunch when I saw
the two of you feeding the birds.
she sits down beside John and takes some nuts from his bag
and starts helping with the birds.
wow, I didn't know they liked


watch out they don't get
aggressive and go for your
she leans against John.whispers just loud enough that Bill
If you got aggressive ... where
would you start?
      (jumps up)
Time for me to go,bye .
they get up and leave together.
                                         CUT TO HER APARTMENT
They make passionate love.Afterwards they talk.
This was a mistake
Love is never a mistake.
People get killed for love.
You mean jealousy.Does this have
something to do with your case?
Yea.We thought..Maybe someone was
having an affair with her.


These are powerful politicians
John,who hide their feelings and
action constantly... And very
I gotta go.
he gets out of bed and dresses.she watches they kiss and say
If you need my help just
AS he drives home thoughts of his wife enter his mind.he
knows they love each other. But he is weak when a beautiful
woman is around.Its late he goes right in says hello then
goes to bed.Sue has imagined the day when her husband
strays,and she suspects this may be that day. She doesn't
badger him,he sees only love and support from her. This
makes him feel even more guilty.In the morning they eat
breakfast then he goes to work.
It,s been two days since the girl was found dead. Still
there is not one solid lead,or motive for her murder.
Hi i,am here to talk with the
come in ,come in.. sit
What can you tell me about the
jane doe case.
Not much.she was barely out of her
teens,and a virgin.


      (leans forward)
VIRGIN. Well there goes that
What motive?
      (he thinks)
Nothing... so why was this girl
Maybe she was just in the wrong
place at the right time.... you
know, destiny
John looks surprised and dumbfounded. Could it be she was
just in the wrong place,overheard something,and then killed
for it? destiny not a word that detectives use often.He
makes his way back to the station where Bill is waiting.
                                         CUT TO STATION
      (as he passes his
Bill come here
Whats up?
      (looks out window
       then back at Bill)
Sit. I,am gonna say something that
...may make no sense... But just
Suppose this girl was a
runaway,she saw the lights,the
people,came closer to see what was


                       JOHN (cont'd)
happening,then heard something
that got her killed.
Bill just slips back in the chair.
A really ... bad ...break?
Do you believe in destiny?
No,but I believe in bad luck.
You know if you try to tell the
captain this ,he,ll shoot you
right on the spot.
Yea and I might help him.
John decides they got to tell him.
You gotta be kidding. No one can
be that unlucky.
Look captain,most people walk away
when they hear an argument. Maybe
she couldn,t get away.
Boy that,s a stretch.
      (he thinks)
It,s more than we got now,check it
I don't know that,s your job.Now
get out of here.


as they leave
wow ,man he,s back to normal.
      (looks towards
       dons office)
Yea,that waving thing was scary.
SO how was she?
She who?
Dawn you knitwit.
      (smiles speaks
       then walks away)
I dont know any Dawn
Bill follows close pestering him all the way out the door.
Don't give me that bullshit,I was
You weren,t there.
In the park fool.
      (as he opens the
       door he stops)
What park? what girl? Are you
Yea, I,am fine.
      (Passes him in


      (as Bill crosses
       the street)
John follows him out to the car as they get in.
I wont ask again.
Great.I,am questioning a US
senator later want to join me?
No thanks.
Bill has called and apologized for being so moody.They
hookup the next day and head over to the office of US
senator Frank Banks senator from Kansas.
      (In the car)
The officer that took his
statement said he was nervous the
whole time.
Nervous politicians
That usually means their hiding
Yea ,with all they have to hide it
could be anything
another parking garage,badges are flashed.
Official business.


They make their way to the elevator.
      (as he looks at
Man ,you'd think someone in the
elevator business would have some
taste in music.
Boy you said it,that,s terrible
      (as the elevator
       door opens)
Thank God. I,am walking down the
stairway when we leave
I don't blame you
      (he stops John)
I,am gonna sit here in the lobby,
I hate politicians.
John enters senator Banks office.His secretary greets him
Hi. I,am detective Jones
Have a seat,the senator will be
right with you.
His office door opens. The vice president and several other
senators emerge.John just follows them with his head as they
walk out.senator Banks calls to him and he hurriedly turns
his head back.
Detective Jones
He jumps to his feet.
Yes sir,that,s me


      (small laugh)
You get use to it.
      (he reaches out to
       shake his hand)
He,s only the vice president.
They start walking into his office
So what can I do for you? have a
seat,want something to drink.
I,am a one question at a time
person senator.
And if you don't mind I,am here to
ask the questions
SO you are. But you are aware I
dont have to answer any?
Yea, I know that. And I apologize.
As I told the officer it was a
very difficult evening,and
considering the circumstances
totally a normal nervous reaction
by me,wouldn,t you agree.
Senator this is not the senate
floor.We,re not debating points of
I,am here to ask specific
questions,and get specific
Thde senator pauses and thinks,then speaks.


It seems to me we,re finished.
positively finished I,d say thanks
but I,am not sure what for.
as John approaches Bill in the lobby
Man, no wonder nothing get,s done.
Man that was short.What happened?
Bullshit is all I can think of.
Politicians.What do we do now?
      (looks at his
I dont know,maybe lunch.
They take the steps,the music in the elevator is a
killer,After they Go a few blocks John sees a vendor.
Want a hot dog?
More than one.How about some Taco
Man, you and that hot food.
Yea, I get the hot food,you get
the hot women.
somehow I think you got the better


Bill remarks after the vendor speaks.
you got a cousin that,s a doorman?
John sees the vendor look at him as though he,s lost his
      (to the vendor)
He.s in therapy.
as they leave eating.
we,re being invaded.
Bill Gomez. Tell me,where is your
family from?
Not the Bronx
It,s been five days since the murder,and they still have no
leads.They finish the workday.The next day at the precinct
the captain wants more men on the case.
You guys need help.
If your asking,no
That wasn't a question,it was an
order.same one I got late last
Captain,what are they gonna help
us with? We got no leads.


The only thing,sadly,that has
everyone so worked up is this girl
died in the middle of a
international ball.
someone up high wants answers.
I DON'T KNOW.....I don't want to
he sits on the edge of his desk,then sarcastically speaks.
Why don't you two detectives find
returns to his seat,then slips forward
FIND OUT SOMETHING. now get out.
      (looks at Bill)
If I didn't know better I,d say he
has a bad case of PMS
pm WHAT?
Are you really that stupid?
John and Bill are at Johns desk,Smitty approaches.
Hey, I heard you guys need help.
From you?


Smitty flips him off.
It,s really nice how you always go
so far out a your way to get along
with him.
Yea. I don't think he appreciates
me though.
Crystal a hot Latino detective, and Smitty partner
      (to john)
Hey, why do you always go out a
your way to piss him off?
Comes natural
Yea, but I gotta work with him.
she walks away and Bill turns then fixes his eyes on her
Your drooling again.
      (without turning
I know your looking Gomez.
      (startled to John)
What,did you say something?
If you paid that kinda attention
to this case,it would be solved.
He turns back for another look.As he sees her smile at him.


      (day dreaming)
It don't look like that.
Johns phone rings.
Detective Jones.
It,s Dawn.She has information for John and wants to meet.She
sounds nervous.He agrees to meet at a restaurant they both
What,s wrong?
Gonna meet Dawn.She says she got a
Lets go.
No,she wants to meet alone.She
sounds scared.
It,s crowded,but out of the way location frequented by many
high positioned people.John feels out of place.
can I help you sir?
      (as he looks for
No I see my party.


So what,s up?
Have you eaten?
The waiter comes.
I,am thirsty. Can I get a scotch
and soda.
John , There was a meeting that
night. A meeting between a
senator,and a rather powerful
obnoxious man from Columbia.
John sits back in his seat.He thinks maybe she was killed
for what she heard.
So what are you saying?
I dont know what I,am saying.
Calm down.
I know,but this guy kills people.
Pedro Gonzalez.
John is really stunned.
The DEA has been trying for six
years to nail his ass.


Yea. And they believe that because
he is so well connected they might
never get him.
From one of my sources I received
info that it may be at the highest
government level.
Your talking about, our
Yea,the kind a people that make
you disappear.
So why would they leave the girls
      (still nervous)
Too many people around for him to
clean up.My source tells me
Gonzalez is freaked out about
something that happened in the US
in DC on the same day she died.
Lets get out of here.
As they are leaving John starts dialing Bills number, but
before he can finish Dawn stops him.
John,These people can even tap a
cell phone.
Is it Banks?
I,am not sure.


They get into his car,then head for her apartment. Dawn is
shaking from fright.
Calm down.
You know,I have known for years
about the graft,and greed in
government. But It,s different
when they may come after you.
Can you spend the night?I,am
really scared.
John stops at a pay phone calls his wife and tells her he
wont be home.
Did she believe you?
I dont know.
They arrive at her place and enter.after he gets her calmed
down they talk,then he tells her the couch is the best place
for him.The next morning ,once he sure she,s fine he leaves
for the station,but stops and picks up Bill.
John and Bill are heatedly discussing what their options
What are we gonna tell the
I dont know.


You know,the more people that know
the more dangerous it gets
REALLY.you mean accusing the vice
president,or the head of the
FBI,or maybe the CIA, might be
Especially if they decide to knock
your ass off before you can tell
These are the kinda people that
put bombs in police cars.
I know that?
several fellow officers walk by. they lower their
voices.Bill moves up closer so he can speak softly.
I don't want to be the next
mysterious death.
      (as he sees the
      (moves back)
The station could be bugged.It may
have been since day one.
John starts walking towards the station Bill follows.As they
near the door an explosion rocks the area.It,s their


wow. I believe someone wants us
Whats the matter? A little pissed
Them fuckers just tried to kill
YEA, man did they screw up.
      (looka at whats
       left of the car)
And they ruined a perfectly good
I,d laugh,but this ain,t funny.
Officers come rushing outside.
You guys alright?Thank God no one
was hurt.
The captain looks at what was the car,then Bill
Just how hot is that food you eat?
I think that was more than a taco.
They all go inside while several officers take care of
getting an investigation started.They call the bomb squad to
check all the other vehicles.


Well,cats outta the bag
now..Internal affairs,FBI,Alcohol
Tobacco and Firearms,Homeland
Security God knows who all will be
here in minutes.WHAT THE HELL DO
That Bills taco blew it up?There
goes my pension.
Don returns to his office,slams the door shut.John and Bill
Who the hell is so pissed at you
guys that they want you dead?
We dont know.
Well.... You better find out.
They shut the door and enter.
We believe It,s big.
Don picks up his phone,speed dials the speaks
Commissioner please,Don wise. SIR
some fuckers are trying to kill
our officers,WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?
he hangs up


      (smiles first)
I bet he,s here in under five
minutes,any taker,s?
John and Bill look at each other.They think maybe Don has
lost his mind.Within five minutes the commissioner ,along
with enough other agency's,and enough people to fill a dozen
squad rooms are there.Don and John stand just outside Dons
doorway watching
Reminds me of the circus when I
was a little boy.
Yea, a bit crowded.
No,all the clowns.
commissioner hope approaches them.
Don,Don.I have to go give a
statement to the press,come join
      (looking at his
No,No, I broke a nail in the
      (to commissioner)
That means no thanks.
Sometimes I wonder if he worries
more about his press than his
officers lying dead in the street.
well we got Hope.


yea,we sure do.we,re stuck with
there are at least thirty different news media people
waiting.Including Dawn.
I have a brief statement then I,ll
take a few questions.
This afternoons attack on officers
Jones and Gomez will be taken as a
universal threat to our entire
police force. By whom we will
eventually ascertain and
ultimately bring to justice.
That,s all.
Do you have any idea who is
responsible,and why they did it?
As I said this is a open
investigation. When we make an
arrest you will be the first to
Has it anything to do with any
other on going cases?
no comment.That,s all folk,s.


John has been watching, and listening. He sees Dawn and goes
to her.She sees him coming and as he gets close enough she
      (looks at the
HI,he sounds just like a
You alright?
Yea. I,am getting mad now.
It was me they tried to kill.
I know.
They hug ,then kiss.people are everywhere
John has been drinking,he is seated feeding the birds
again.But this time he is asking for advice.Strange to
several people who pass by because he is talking with one
bird,and apparently the bird is answering and asking
A man walks by as john speaks
What do I do about this woman?


      (stops looks at
Are you talking to me?
      (points at pigeon)
No him
cooo cooo cooo
That,s your opinion.
john sees the look from one lady with her child.
      (to the lady)
he,s my therapist.
she draws closer to him,sniffs,then grabs her child's hand
and takes off.As she does john yells to her.
John turns back,the bird is talking.
coo cooo cooo cooo
Yea I,am married.
cooo cooo
You are getting awfully
nosy.Happily married sometimes is
not mutual.


There are people around the pool who have noticed John,and
the conversation with the birds.Several are slowly moving
away from him and John notices and kneels down right up to
the pigeon and speaks.
Your scaring everyone,you need to
tone it down a bit.
Bill has been watching John. He,s seen enough.
John, this don,t look good.And it
sounds even worse.
His advice is better then yours.
Bill reaches out to lend a hand for him to get up.
Come on ,let,s go.
They go across the street to a hamburger joint,are seated
and talk.The place is nearly empty and quiet.They get a
burger fries and drink ,then seat themselves.As they eat
they talk.
So what are you gonna do?
About what?
About Dawn,fool.
I dont know.
Well you better know soon.Before
Sue finds out.


She already suspects.
What about our case?
What about It?
John,you cant stop working ,and
thinking over a woman.
Capatain wants to see both of us.
they get up and leave.
                                         CUT TO THE POLICE
As they enter Don is waiting ,he calls them once again into
his office.
Come here.
They all enter his office.
Do you know a Senator
      (looking at the
Frank Banks?
      (as he sits)
Yea, A real smooth talker.
      (walking towards
       his chair)
He,s ready to talk.


Why now?
      (as he sits)
I don't know... And really I don't
care.All I know is the
commissioner says he wants to
He sure knows how to do that.
Set it up, Now... We,re done.
Bill had been sitting quietly, just listening.
      (looks at John)
I think that means leave.
      (To Bill while
       looking at papers
       on his desk)
And your partner told me you were
They leave.as their walking out.
You didn't tell him I was
stupid,did you?
      (keeps walking)
I didn't have to.
      (stops and looks
       at Bill)
I,ve never had to
John continues on to his desk,Bill follows


      (as he goes back
       to his desk)
What is this? piss off Bill day.
John makes several calls .The meeting is set up in the FBI
building.They are involved only because their case of the
dead girl is part of it.
There are a minimum number of people present. The senator is
Leary of to many people knowing what is going on,and has
insisted that it be this way.Present are the senator,FBI
director, one special agent in charge of the case,and John
and Bill.The place looks empty.The director takes a notepad
out of his briefcase,he alone will keep a written record of
the meeting.
      (as he sees the
This meeting will be off the
record. Right?
      (jumps up and
       approaches the
What the hell is going on here?
senator slinks back into his chair.
      (while looking and
       pointing at Johns
Sit detective.


John returns to his chair,the director waits until he is
As I said
      (looks at John)
Off the record.
I have been in ,and will be in
direct contact with the
president,and all government
agency's involved in this case.
      (looks around)
So nothing will be said outside
this room to any living soul.Is
that understood gentlemen?
      (looks at senator)
Alright senator,What,s going on.
The night of the ball I had a
meeting with a contributor to my
campaign fund,A rather large
one.Pedro Gonzalez.
everyone squirms in their seats.
Sir ,there is no immunity
guarantee involved here.
I,ve done nothing illegal.And
John interrupts
So you knew who he was? what do
you do for him?
Nothing. By the time I found out
who he really was, He believed
that I was indebted to him


                       SENATOR (cont'd)
personally for his support.
The meeting was arranged by me to
straighten him out.
You are aware that we have
warrants for his arrest,not to
mention he was illegally within
our borders.
And you as a US senator are
constitutionally obligated to
inform me of his presence.
What happened with the girl?
      (to John)
We had a heated argument and I
left. It wasn't until several days
afterwards that I realized he must
have killed her.
When the attempt was made on your
life I knew he was involved.
And why didn't you come forward
prior to that?
      (to john)
I had no reason,no suspicions
until after the bombing.
      (to director)
Do you believe this bullshit?
FBI special agent Daniel Stevens whispers to the director.
They both move away from the others and have a short


Excuse me.
What the hell,s going on?
the director returns.
Senator we want this man. We are
prepared to offer you
immunity,with your complete
We want you to set up another
meeting with him.we.ll take him at
that meeting.
And how about the murder charge?
                       SPECIAL AGENT
      (to john)
The mans wanted for dozens of
murders already.
      (to the director)
Do I get to take part?
Limited participation.
      (to the senator)
What do you say?
      (to all)
This meeting is over. Senator I
will be in touch with you.Thank
you sir.


The senator leaves.Special agent Stevens escorts him and
arranges for protective custody for him.
      (to the director)
This was no meeting,It was a white
As he gathers his notes to put them in his briefcase.
It was a deal,to a US senator to
get a Colombian drug lord ,and
murderer behind bars.
John walks out discusted.In the lobby he sees Bill.
What happened to you? I didn't see
you leave.
I got sick to my stomach as soon
as he opened his mouth.
Yea,he cut a deal.Lets get out a
John and Bill have returned from the meeting with senator
Banks.Don approaches them
Heard any ticking noises lately?
That,s not funny
Where,s your sense of humor
Mine went KA BOOM


That,s funny,come to my
office.both of you.
Don walks away but they stay seated.
      (turns and looks
       at them)
They all walk in ,Don wait,s at the door after they are in
he closes it.
Sit down and try to listen.
Don paces back and forth as he speaks.
I have tried to be a good cop,a
good captain,and friend.So let me
tell you right now.
      (sits on his desk)
This is to big for you to be so
damn indignent with a US senator
What the hell is this?
Shut up.
What. I gotta stop being a
cop,cause he,s a senator? no way.
John stands up and starts leaving,then stops and looks right
at the captain.
He was wrong... your wrong.
After John has left.


You know he,s right
Yea. He,s a good cop.See if you
can get him to tone it down a bit.
bill stands up,peeks through the blinds at John and as he
looks he speaks.
I don't know,he,s really pissed
We can deal with Banks after we
get are murderer.
Bill looks back at the captain and walks towards the door
then stops.
John believes he,s beyond our
reach.He,d personally like a few
minutes with him alone.
Don seats himself he,s disgusted
I know how he feels.For now our
hands are tied.Go to work.
Bill goes out to speak to John.
You alright.
John is reading something.To Bill he looks puzzled.
What,s wrong?
      (as he looks at
I wrote some notes here after the
meeting at the FBI. The


                       JOHN (cont'd)
sequence,the timing of Bank,s
statments are all wrong.
John hands them to Bill,after he reads a bit then comments.
Maybe he just got confused.
Yea ,maybe.Or he,s hiding
What might that be?
Who knows, he,s a politician.
Bill tells John he knows a country bar on route one in Wood
bridge,Va.They make plans to go there after work.They both
enjoy the music,and Bill believes it might help his partner
to be out with and talk with people instead of pigeons.
It,s 9 thirty pm,music is playing and I,ts crowded.Plenty of
good looking women.John and Bill are seated talking, and
enjoying themselves.
      (as two hot women
       walk by)
Good music,nice crowd.
      (as he sees the
Yea, and the view ain't bad.
You know we should have.
Before he can finish his sentence he sees Dawn,and detective
Crystal Grimes come in.


      (to Bill)
Been making phone calls?
The girls see them.The men stand and offer them a seat.
      (looks at them)
Hi Lady's
      (looks at Bill)
What a coincidence meeting here.
Now John,your a detective. You
know there,s no such thing as
      (looks at Bill)
Yea, just medaling partner,s.
Bill let,s dance
She and Bill head for the dance floor.
He,s just concerned for you.
How you been?
I,am sorry. It,s been a rough few
Yea. I heard about the pigeon in
the park thing.
Hey,he,s good,and cheap.


she takes his hand then speaks.
You know if you need to talk to
someone I care,talk to me.
You want to dance?
the music ends as they approach the floor,then a slow dance
song starts. They begin to dance clutching one another.She
whisper,s into his ear.
You know I,am falling for you?
I know.
she softly punches him on his shoulder then speaks
I,am serious.
Crystal and Bill are nearby.Bill turns his head towards John
and speaks
Ain,t this better than pigeons
he looks right into Dawn,s eyes.
she lays her head on his chest as they continue to
dance.After the music stops the girls excuse themselves and
head for the lady,s room,Bill and John return the the
table.They sit listen to the music for a bit then John


Thanks Bill.
Hey,it wasn't just for you.
      (AS he sees
       Crystal coming
It got Crystal here.
After a great evening John feels great,Bill even better.They
are outside talking.John and Dawn are holding hands,Crystal
is holding Bill up,he,s had a bit to drink.
Man your no good to me now.
immediately Bill sober,s up
OH yes I,am
Dawn and John start laughing.Bill pulls John off and
whisper,s to him
Your going with Dawn, right?
I guess so.
Crystal takes Bill with her,she and Dawn came in her
vehicle.They leave and John and Dawn wave goodbye,then talk.
I guess it,s you and me.
After he wraps his arms around her and kisses her he speaks.
It,s you and I
      (looking in his
I stand corrected.


      (looks in her eyes)
I don't believe there,s anything
about you that needs corrected.
Yea,I know I,am more interesting
than a pigeon.
They separate,John tilts his head strokes his chin and
Maybe you are.
She pulls him back tight to her body.
That,s better than a pidgeon.
They kiss passionately. It,s been a great night.John has
fallen for Dawn,and she for him.
John and Dawn have meet early morning hours before the
meeting between senator Banks,and Pedro They are sitting
under a cherry tree talking.
So whats up?
I wanted to tell you that I have
separated from Sue.
There's more than that going
on.Tell me.
lets walk.


Can you tell me?
Big bust today.
      (looks at his
In about 12 hours or so.
They stop,Dawn looks into Johns eyes then speaks.
John. Your being a cop might scare
me,but that's normal.I love
you,and want you to do what you
want to do.
We are fine,I,am fine with who and
what you are.Am I invited?
John laughs
No.Boy you are a reporter aren't
Dawn laughs
They begin walking again and holding hands.
Your passionate about your
work,and so am I about mine.Can I
get an exclusive?
From me.
As they walk John looks at the other monuments.
Washington,Lincoln,Viet Nam Memorial,W W II They stop.


You know,there,s just so much that
could be right,if people would
just do the right thing.
Yea,I know.
I,d take you to my therapist,but
Bill won,t let me see him anymore.
The one that works for
peanuts?Lets go to the
They spend the rest of the morning,and early afternoon
together visiting several different Smithsonian
buildings,and the National Archives where the Declaration Of
Independence is.They get some food from a vendor then part.
I gotta get ready.
Alright. Just let me know when
It,s over so I know your safe.
                                         HOMICIDE STATIOM
Bill is getting ready when John comes in.
hows Dawn?
Don appears in doorway and calls them into his office.
They enter and seat themselves.
Theres gonna be alot of different
agencys there tonight.You guys


As ready as we can be.
      (to don)
Are you gonna be there
For awhile,but thank God my
undercover days are over.
      (pause then stands
I just wanted to be sure both of
you are ready for this.
Hey,Bill will look right at
Your the one separated and
Seriously,get your heads on
straight. O K
They both reply yes sir.
Alright,get out and get ready.
Good luck.
They spend an hour or so getting dressed as homeless street
people,then proceed to the hotel where the meeting is
schuelded to take place in about two hours.
John and Bill are dressed as homeless people.
      (to john)
Why the hell is this a night
meeting. Has someone lost their


                       BILL (cont'd)
I don't know. I,am still trying to
get over the deal with Banks.
special agent Daniel Stevens approaches them.
                       SPECIAL AGENT
You guys ready?
      (looks at his
This will start in about an hour.
      (as he starts to
       walk away)
By the way you both look great
he walks away laughing
Are all F B I agents comedians?
      (looks Bill over)
Yea you do look better.
Bill just shakes his head.
Yea,you look better to.Especially
your teeth.
      (shows him)
Do I have enough black spots on
How they gonna see them in the
I don't know.... Maybe they got
binoculars... we do.


You know,sometimes what you say
almost makes sense.That scares me.
we see snipers on the roofs of the buildings surrounding the
hotel.The whole area is canvassed by undercover people.
Everyone gets into position.almost everyone is wired,and
then Banks,and Gonzalez show.Pedro has two body guards.They
move in.
The senator meets him in front ,then they walk around into
the alley. As they walk the agents begin to move
in,including John,and Bill.
                       SPECIAL AGENT
Freeze FBI.
As he yells men move in and remove the senator.Gonzalez is
surprised ,as are his body guards.All are taken without any
trouble. Then after they handcuff them and read them their
rights they are ready to move them.Suddenly a loud shot
rings out,Gonzalez's head blows apart.Everyone hits the
What the hell.
The senator reappears with a man who appears to be in his
forty's garnishing a scoped high powered rifle and dressed
as an ATF sniper.They take the weapon from him.Nearly a
dozen people ,including John and Bill are there.
Senator,who is this?
      (as he looks at
       the body)
And what the hell is going on?
The man walks over to the body.Looks for a few seconds then
turns around.
The senator has been a life long
family friend.Him and my dad have
known each other all their lives.
      (looks at the body


                       FATHER (cont'd)
       then back.)
When he told me what happened I
knew that his fate was sealed.It
was my right,my destiny to kill
him,and his destiny to die by my
hands.It was my daughter he
killed.He won,t kill anyone again.


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From John Thompson Date 7/14/2012 ****
Kept me on the Edge of my seat.That was awesome.Great Job!!

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