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by Larry Zaffuto (lightsout1089@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
Purgatory comes in the form of a bus. It's bus driver, Sam, being the guardian of space between Heaven and Hell. (Episode #1) An elderly bar owner's terrifying secret is revealed when he comes between a prostitute and her extremely violent pimp.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Shots of a busy inner city. Steam emanates from sewers on
this frigid fall day. Cut to a thin white female named LANI,
scurrying up the street towards our POV. She looks
disheveled and beaten. Holding her hand is a fragile pale
child named SAM. He struggles to keep up with Lani's pace.
She sees a bar and hurries them into it.
The bar is eerily dark, but is illuminated for a brief
moment when Lani and Sam enter the bar. They move toward the
bar and Lani notices that it is empty with the exception of
one patron, a disheveled white male named JUNIOR, and an
elderly black male bartender named CHARLIE. Lani and Sam sit
in a booth across from the bar. Charlie walks around from
behind the bar and over to her booth.
I'm sorry young lady, you can't
have a child in here. This is a
liquor establishment.
Please, sir. We just needed a
place to warm up for a bit...
Lani pauses for a moment, then begins to search through her
purse for money. The bag accidentally falls to the floor,
dumping out it's contents. It is a mixture of loose change,
narcotic paraphernalia and condoms.
      (Bending down to
       pick up Lani's
Ma'am, Let me help you with
Embarrassed, Lani crotches down quickly before Charlie can
No...I, I can get it. We'll leave.
It's not a problem. (Looking up at
Charlie) This is some old


                       LANI (cont'd)
stuff...I'm clean now and I don't
trick anymore...We just needed a
minute to rest.
She quickly collects her things and stuff them back into her
purse. As she finishes, she interrupted by men coming into
the front door. Charlie turns to see eight men enter the bar
in their biker colors.
      (glancing around
       the bar)
Look at this shit-hole.
Reggie glares at Charlie for a moment, then flicks his
cigarette on the ground. He turns and sees Lani, who has
managed to hide under the table. Reggie grins, walks over
and violently kicks the table aside. Lani and Sam cowers
underneath. Reggie reaches down and grabs Lani by her hair.
Sam tries to intervene, but is restrained by one of the
other men.
Reg, baby, I'm sorry. I just
needed a little time away.
Without hesitation, Reggie backhands Lani across the face.
Then he reaches down and grabs her by the hair again and
tosses her into a booth.
My name ain't Reg...it's Reggie.
Reggie motherfuckin' Tate. Must I
put the boots to you again to make
you understand?
Hey buddy, why don't you give her
a break?
Reggie stops in his tracks and then slowly turns and walks
towards the bar.
What was that, Grandpa. I didn't
quite hear you. Why don't you talk
into the mic.
Reggie pauses a moment and chuckles. Then he pulls out a
.357 magnum handgun and points it in Charlie's face.


      (Talking to
This is none of our business,
Charlie. Just let it go.
Listen to your friend, Charlie.
Now get us a round of beers.
Before I stop being so nice.
Reggie puts the pistol back into the front of his waistband.
Look, sir. I don't want any
trouble. How about you let the
Lady and the boy go and I'll get
you all a round of beers on the
      (Inching closer)
How 'bout I shoot you in the face,
then get one of my guys to get us
beers...on the house, of course.
I'm sure there's enough room back
there to maneuver around your
corpse...What do think, Charlie?
Georgie, a huge lumbering giant of a man, suddenly comes up
from behind Junior and gets him in a choke hold, lifting
Junior out of his seat. Within a few moments, Junior is out
      (talking to
All that' wasn't even necessary.
Junior's into sending messages.
That is his way of saying, "shut
the fuck up".
Like I said before, I don't want
any trouble, mister...
Reggie puts his finger over his lips.


SSSSHHH. I don't want to here ya
talk anymore, old man. I just want
to see you shake your head "yes"
you understand and your ready to
mind your on business and get my
guys some beers and shots.
After a moment, Charlie slowly nods his head.
Good boy, Charlie.(motioning to
Junior on the ground) When he
wakes up, he can help you...that's
if he wakes up.
Charlie gives Reggie a searing glare. Then turns to retrieve
the beers. Reggie turns and motions to Pork chop, another
one of the bikers.
Pork chop, go lock the front door.
I think we'll have a private party
with our old friend, Lani.
Pork chop jumps up and locks the door. Georgie walks up and
taps Rico on the shoulder.
      (turning to
What now?
Georgie points down at his genitals.
For fucks sake, Georgie your a big
boy now. You don't need to ask me
to use the bathroom...just go use
After a few moments, Charlie walks over with the beers. Just
before Charlie walks away, a warning from Reggie.
Hey Charlie, I know this is a
rough part of town. I'm sure you
have a piece somewhere back there.
Just remember, we're all packing
too. Don't be a hero...you'll
never make it outta this bar


Charlie just turns and heads back behind the bar. Junior
begins to wake up. He slowly stands up.
      (handing junior a
       beer and a shot
       of whiskey)
You okay there Junior? Here's
something to help get your senses
Junior stumbles back to the bar and downs the shot, then
takes a swig of the beer.
I appreciate the drinks, Charlie,
but I think I'm gonna move on
Turn your ass right back around
and take a seat, basshead.
Nobody's leaving until I say...or
maybe you need another hug from
Junior turns back around and takes a seat. Cut to Reggie at
the table with all his biker buddies and Lani. Lani looks
petrified, but has a swig of a beer. Reggie picks up a chair
turns it around and sits backward on it. Right directly in
front of Lani.
      (turning back
       towards Candy)
So Lani, longtime no pay me.
      (trying to muster
       up a fake smile)
Hey baby...sorry I haven't called.
I've been meaning to pay you. I
just haven't been able to get the
money together yet. I was just
taking a little break, you know?
A break? Like a vacation?


Yeah...eh, kinda. Just a little
time off. To get my head on
      (looking at the
       other bikers,
Well fuck, Lani! Why didn't you
just tell me that?
      (looking down now)
I thought you'd be...
Before Lani can get another word in, Reggie quickly picks up
her still full, beer bottle off the table and smashes her
over the head with it. Beer flies everywhere, even on Pork
Chop. Lani falls off her seat and onto the ground. She is
covered in beer and a cut on her head begins to bleed.
                       PORK CHOP
      (standing up)
What the hell, man?
Reggie jumps up into Pork Chops face.
      (noise to noise
       with Pork Chop)
You got something to say, fat
      (hesitating a
No...no bro, I'm good.
Pork chop sits back down.
      (turning back
       towards the bar)
One of you assholes grab a towel
and come clean Pork Chop off.
Reggie turns his attention back onto Lani.
      (leaning over Lani)
Let me make this very clear to
you, Lani. You take a break when I
say you can take a break, bitch.


                       REGGIE (cont'd)
Now get up! Your going to start
paying off your debt right now.
Since Daddy doesn't ever seem to
be around, I've decided to teach
your son a little about the birds
and the bees.
Reggie picks her up by the hair.
Don't you think she's had enough?
                                         BACK TO PRESENT DAY.
...It took me a while to realize
he had followed me to the states.
I had been gone so long, My family
thought I was dead. My wife
remarried and my family moved on
without me. I didn't want to
complicate things, so I simply
walked away. It was for the best.
But he's stayed by my side ever
since. He's been like a son to me.
Rico starts to chuckle and shakes his head.
Damn, Charlie! You should have
brought some of that opium you
smoked back home with you. You
could of made some extra cash and
cleaned up this shithole.
Rico walks over to Candy, still keeping an eye on Charlie
behind the bar.
Get up bitch, break time's over.
Candy lifts herself to her feet, still looking around for
the creature.


      (Yelling, so that
       Georgie can hear
Hey Georgie, let's roll!
After a few moments, Georgie comes stumbling out of the
restroom with a blank look on his face.
What the hell, Georgie. Were you
in there taking a shit?
Georgie takes a couple steps forward, then collapses. He
falls forward onto his stomach, revealing a large wound to
the back of his head and neck.
What the...Georgie!
Rico looks over Georgie, then turns his attention to
Charlie. He walks to the bar with his gun points it at
Charlie's face.
I've had enough of your shit, old
From behind, Candy attempts to intervene by grabbing his
arm. Rico breaks free and smacks her with the gun. She's
knocked backwards onto the ground. Rico turns back to
Charlie and once again points the gun at him.. This time,
Rico cocks the hammer of the gun back with his thumb.
Time to die, Charlie!
Before Rico can pull the trigger, something dark flashes
past camera view just behind Rico. It gashes open the back
of both Rico's legs. The pain is searing and causes him to
fire a round into the ceiling. Rico still has the strength
to turn around to see who cut him. The only one behind him
is Candy, who is laying on the ground with a large cut above
her eye. Thinking she was the one who cut him from behind,
Rico stumbles towards her, pointing the gun at her.
You're dead, bitch!
Once again, just before Rico can shoot the gun, the dark
object flashes across camera view, just in front of Rico
this time. It severs Rico's hand off at the wrist. The hand,


still clutching the gun, falls harmlessly to the floor.
Blood squirts from his wrist as he cries in agony.
Charlie walks from around the bar and in front of Rico. Rico
is still looking at his bloody stump in shock, as Charlie
bends down and picks up the gun. He pulls the severed hand
off the gun and tosses aside. Charlie clutches the gun and
looks at Rico without an expression. Rico falls to his
Go ahead, old man. Pull the
trigger. You know you want to.
Charlie puts the gun to Rico's forehead. Rico closes his
eyes and starts to quiver. Charlie reaches into Rico's
pocket and grabs the wad of cash. Then Charlie takes a step
back and empties the bullets out of the gun. Rico opens his
eyes and looks up at Charlie.
Young man, I'm not going to kill
you. I left that stuff in Vietnam
40 years ago. That's the good
Charlie sets the money and the gun on the bar.
...Of course, the bad news is that
you have about fifty feet to the
exit. And when he's stalking you,
fifty feet might as well be five
hundred miles.
Charlie turns around and helps Candy up and onto a chair.
Then he turns back to Rico and continues.
But if you can get out that exit,
your home free. He won't follow
you out....50 FEET.
Charlie tosses Rico a bar towel, then turns walks behind the
bar and sets down two shot glasses in front of him. He grabs
a bottle of whiskey off the shelf and fills both glasses. He
downs one of the shots and looks at Rico.


You might want to get started,
son, before you bleed out.
Rico wraps up his bloody stump, then staggers to his feet.
He starts to limp towards the door. Camera view from in
front of Rico shows dark blur fly past the back of Rico's
head. Rico spins around and takes a swing at air with his
good hand. He continues to stumble backwards.
Come on you fucker! Show yourself,
God dammit!
After a few steps backwards, Rico tumbles over a table. The
table falls onto it's side and several chairs tumble over.
He sits up against the turned over table. After several
moments, Rico looks back at Candy. She is still sitting in a
Candy, baby, can you help daddy
out. I'm sorry, baby. Help me out
here and we're even. I promise.
Even? Are you fucking serious? For
the last five years I've been
beaten, raped, robbed, and hooked
on drugs. All thanks to you...
Candy gets up out of her chair and walks over to the bar.
she takes a seat at the bar and grabs the remaining shot of
whiskey and downs it.
... Even? oh yeah, honey. We're
about to be even.
Rico gives her a searing glare and starts to stand.
When I get outta here, your one
dead bitch!
I guess you know who I'm rooting
for then.


Go to hell!
You first.
The camera shows the dark blur fly past his right ear,
severing it off. Rico screams, as he falls onto his hand and
knees. After a moment he stumbles to his feet and feels for
his right ear. Then he sees it lying on the ground.
Arghhhhh! You motherfucker! I'll
kill you!
Rico reaches down and pulls out a large knife from his boot.
For several moments, the creature toys with Rico. Zipping
around him, as Rico spins around aimlessly trying swipe at
him with the knife. After several moments of this, Rico
becomes tired and frustrated. As he stops to catch his
breath, The dark blur flies by and severs off his remaining
hand. The hand clutching a knife falls and rolls onto the
ground. Rico falls to his knees, once again.
Arghhhhh! Fuck!
Rico suddenly notices he is close to the door. He glances
around, then quickly tries to stagger towards the door. Just
before getting there, The dark blur flies past him from
behind. It slashes both of Rico's Achilles tendons. Rico
falls forward on to the ground. He is able to turn over onto
his back. He lies there in pain. He turns his head towards
the bar and sees the silhouette of the creature slowly
moving up the aisle towards him. suddenly there is a frantic
pounding on the front door.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
      (V.O. from outside
Charlie! Hey Charlie are you in
there. Everything o.k.?
Help! It's killing me!
There are three large thumps on the door. The third thump
breaks the door hinge and the door flies open. A uniform
Police Officer comes in with his gun drawn. It is OFFICER
ELTON YANCEY. He is a veteran beat cop assigned to this
area. He quickly looks around the bar. he takes one step
forward, then notices Rico covered in blood on the floor in
front of him. He crotches to talk to Rico.


                       OFFICER YANCEY
Damn! Can you tell me what
happened to you, son?
It's trying to kill me.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
What's trying to kill you?
It's a little monster or
                       OFFICER YANCEY
Just then, Charlie walks half way up the aisle and sees
Officer Yancey.
Afternoon, Elton.
Officer Yancey looks up to see Charlie.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
You alright, Charlie?
I'm good. He might need a band aid
or two.
POV from the creature as it lands on Officer Yancey
                       OFFICER YANCEY
      (Tickling the
       creatures belly.)
Hey Pickles.
Rico's eyes grow large as he sees the creature.
That's it! Kill it, kill it!
Officer Yancey stands up.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
Who, Pickles? Oh, I get it. You
messed with his lunch, didn't you?
Officer Yancey turns and addresses Charlie.


                       OFFICER YANCEY
Hey Charlie, you didn't tell this
guy about about how touchy our
little friend gets about his
      (Interrupting the
He was too busy sticking his gun
in my face to listen to me.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
Now I see. Tough break, kid. There
are two absolute no-no's here at
Charlie's Drink Stop. You don't
mess Charlie...
POV from the creature as Officer Yancey motions to the it.
...and you don't fuck with his
Officer Yancey starts to walk towards the bar.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
Come to think of it, I don't
recall anyone being stupid enough
to do both.
You're a fuckin' cop! Aren't you
going to doing anything?
Officer Yancey stops and turns towards Rico.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
Different rules in here, kid. You
see out there, I'm the law and I
enforce it! In here, Charlie's the
law...and your finding out the
hard way who enforces that law.
Officer Yancey hold up his left hand. It is missing two
                       OFFICER YANCEY
See that? I put my hands on
something that didn't belong to me
and I, too learned the hard way. I
learned my lesson, though. And
Pickles and I are better friends
because of it. Pardon the pun, But


                       OFFICER YANCEY (cont'd)
you on the other hand...
Officer Yancey makes it to the bar and sets his hat down on
the bar.
                       OFFICER YANCEY
...I'm guessing this little thing
between you and Pickles isn't
going to end in friendship.
Cut to close up of Rico as his eyes widen and horror engulfs
his face. a horrible growl is heard. Cut to POV of the
creature as it flies off of Officer Yancey and onto the
ground in front of Rico. It creeps slowly towards Rico as
Rico tries to crawl away. Then Pickles violently lunges at
Rico. The camera cuts to black as the attack is heard for
several seconds. Then there is silence.
                                         TWO WEEKS LATER
As the front door opens, light illuminates a familiar dark
bar. Once again inside "Charlie's drink stop". Charlie tends
bar as Candy sits next to Junior at the bar. She is smoking
a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee. The source of the
sudden light appears. A large rough looking man walks toward
the bar. It is Rico's older brother, TONY. He walks up and
speaks to Charlie.
Hey old man, you own this dump?
Tony takes out of a picture and sets on the bar in front of
Have you seen this guy around?
He's my brother, Rico. Cops found
his car out front a week ago. Said
he might have stopped in here.
I don't recognize him.
Tony picks up the picture, turns and shows it to Candy and


What about you two. You seen him
They look at the picture. Candy gets nervous, Shakes her
head, "no" and looks at the ground. Intoxicated, Junior
squints as he looks at the picture.
Ahh nope.
Tony stares at Candy suspiciously.
      (Talking to Candy.)
Hey, Do I know you? Hey, I'm
talking to you!
Candy looks extremely nervous, but before she can answer,
Charlie interrupts.
Hey buddy, that's my daughter your
talking to. She hasn't seen your
brother, so leave her alone.
Tony stares at Candy for a few more moments smiles and takes
a seat at the bar.
Not a problem, pops. Maybe if I
hang out awhile it might jog
somebody's memory. Get me a beer.
Charlie goes to the cooler to get a beer. As he opens it,
The frozen head of Rico can be seen. Charlie grabs a beer.
Tony lights up a cigarette as Charlie sets the beer in front
of him. Tony takes a pull from his cigarette.
Got any food in this joint?
Charlie pauses a moment as he thinks to himself.
You like pickles?
Fade to black. Cut to Sam's bus pulling up to a bus stop.
Tony sits on the bench at th bus stop. The doors to the bus


So much for loose ends.
Excuse me?
Never mind. I hear your looking
for your brother.
You know where Rico is?
Just dropped him off at home.
Take me to him.
Sam motions Tony onto the bus. Tony gets on the bus then
walks past Sam on his way to the rear of the bus. cut to
close up of Sam's face as he grins at the camera for a
moment, then closes the bus door, looks forward and drives
                                         BEGIN SEQUENCE BACK
IN TIME - 1969
Paratroopers floating down from the sky in a strong wind.
...Our drop zone was suppose to be
right along Cambodia's southern
border. Strong winds and
miscalculation blew us to far
north. We were spread out about 2
miles apart, which in turn made us
sitting ducks. We were dropping
smack-dab inside a North
Vietnamese stronghold...
A small village in the Cambodian jungle. 10 American POW's
are being marched into the village at gunpoint by Cambodian
refugees. People yell in a unrecognizable foreign dialect as


the POW's are thrown, one by one, into crude bamboo prison
cells. A young Charlie O'Rourke is tossed into a bamboo cage
with a dirt covered floor.
...Those that weren't killed when
they touched down were rounded up
and brought to the village of
Myachung. We were separated and
thrown into bamboo cages.
The heavy jungle brush blocks visibility to everything, but
a small trail and an old concrete statue of a gargoyle. It
sits a top an old cement pillar. The pillar stands
approximately 5 or 6 feet up the trail from the front of the
cage. The pillar leans noticeably to the left, giving the
illusion of the gargoyle peeking around the brush to keep a
watchful upon the prison's new resident.
This is where I spent the greater
part of seven years. I was
periodically interrogated and
tortured and eventually started to
lose my will to live. But a
strange thing happened. There were
so many things I wanted to tell my
family. Since they were half way
around the world from me, I told
it to the only audience I had. An
old, turn of the century gargoyle
Cut to different scenes showing age progression, bonding
between Charlie and the gargoyle statue.
...What began as a menacing
concrete beast, turn into an
overly attentive friend. Who cares
if he stared at me non stop for
seven years. The fact is that he
never left my side...
Charlie hears gunfire and looks up to see guards walking
towards his cage. Cut to Charlie being led to the middle of
camp and his hands tied behind his back. It is a large field
lined with decapitated human heads impaled on large wooden
posts. Charlie looks around horrified as he is forced to his
knees by one of the camp guards.


...Even when the gunfire started.
I wasn't sure what it was until
they marched me out into the
middle of camp. They tied my hands
behind my back, blindfolded me and
put me on my knees. It was then
that I had realized that the
gunfire I had heard over the past
few days was the sound of my
fellow American soldiers being
executed. And now, it was my turn.
A man who appears to be of higher ranking approaches
Charlie. He is a NORTH VIETNAM COLONEL and he appears to be
in charge of the prisoner camp. He yells in a foreign
language to the other guards. The guards immediately set
down their rifles and pull machetes from their belts. The
Colonel then turns to address Charlie, speaking in English.
      (In broken
This field is lined with the heads
of your fellow countrymen. Our
enemies. We believe that by
keeping the head of our enemies,
we inherit their souls, thus their
spiritual energy. Making us
superior soldiers. When I tell
you, you run into jungle before my
men catch you and add your head to
our collection. If you make it to
jungle, you go free. Fifty feet to
freedom. Fifty feet separates life
and death. Fifty feet.
...Those final two words rang in
my head for what seemed to be
hours. Fifty feet. In actuality,
it was only a few minutes. As I
waited there on my knees, I began
to think about the only two things
in this world I cared deeply
about. I said my goodbyes to my
daughter, then thanked the only
friend I had for the past seven
years. That old concrete gargoyle.
The thought brought a brief smile
to my face, but suddenly the camp
grew quiet. I knew it was time.


Go American! Run for your life!
Charlie springs to his feet and darts for the jungle.
Several moments later the Colonel motions to the guards and
they tear after Charlie with machetes in hand. When Charlie
is about half way to the jungle, the camera cuts to a guard
who steps past the Colonel with rifle in hand. He takes aim
and fires one round. It strikes Charlie in the back of one
of his legs. Charlie falls forward onto his face.
Charlie tries to roll onto his back, but he is not able to
muster the strength. He braces for the guards assault. The
sounds of gunfire and screaming suddenly fills the air.
As I laid there with a mouth full
of dirt I thought to myself this
is it. I'm going to die in this
dirt field. The guards footsteps
sounded like a stampede
approaching. It was then I thought
to myself I'm not going to die
with my face in the dirt. I'm
going to stare them down when they
take my life.
Charlie starts to roll onto his back in agony.
Just then, the enemy soldiers
began to yell and a barrage of
gunfire erupted. Through all of
it, I just kept praying for as
quick and peaceful a death as
possible. It never came. I laid
there until silence filled the air
again. Then, with all the strength
I had left, I rolled onto my back
and tried to look up to see what
had happened, but the dirt in my
eyes clouded my vision.
Cut to Charlie squinting as he looks into the sky. An
ominous shadow drifts back and forth over him. Cut to POV
from creature landing in front of Charlie.


My hand restraints were suddenly
cut loose. I sat there for a
moment, and finally started to get
my vision back. I looked around
for any signs of movement. There
was none. The dirt field I was to
die on was now filled with the
massacred bodies of the guards.
The carnage was devastating. What
ever did this left no survivors,
but me. Then I looked up into the
sunlight and seen a sight that
almost stop my heart. The
silhouette was unmistakable. He
swooped down and landed right in
front of me.
The gargoyle POV as it hands Charlie a rifle. Charlie takes
it and using it as a crutch, pulls himself to his feet.
Charlie appears to follows the gargoyle into the jungle.
He led me out of the jungle and
over the border to safety. A
couple weeks later I was back on
U.S. soil...


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From DRofGOREOLOGY Date 5/13/2009 ***1/2
I really like this story. Nice and solid in it's pacing and direction. I would've given it a 4 but there are a couple scenes of dialogue that read as Charlie but should be Rico. Other than that little minor problem. This would make a decent short film....as long as Charlie is played by Clu Gulagar.

From Jamie Foy Date 5/10/2009 ***
I liked it. Short and sweet. The cop was a good addition and the flashback to Nam was clear and scary (good picture in my head) Well done.

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