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by Joseph Osborne (joeyowey23@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **1/2
When everything he's ever loved is lost and those responsible are never judged Tom is pushed to his limits. A story about two high school students out to stand up for themselves and be heard, no matter the cost and no one is innocent. Arnold said it best "i should have stayed home today."

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. This is an original idea i have been working on for years, any attempt to steal my work is plagiarism so with that being said, enjoy.



(inside the school after massacre)
Sounds of screams and gunshots whisper faintly in the
background for a few moments.
                       KURTIS (VO)
These walls now clean still scream
and present the pains of a past
that wont soon be forgot, my name
is Kurtis and i am telling you
this disturbing tale in hopes that
someday you can carry on my
beliefs and succeed where I
failed. To understand the true
tragedy I'll have to start you at
the beginning...
                                         FADE OUT
Tom walks to merry go round.
Hi my name is tom, can i play with
you guys?
What do you want?
Tom begins to shift uncomfortably.
I thought we could be friends.
Sure you just have to do one
bully 2 moves in behind tom.


Sure what is it?
Bullies begin to laugh.
Stand still and close your eyes.
Huh? just stand still and close my
that's all.
tom shuts his eyes

Bully waits ten seconds and pushes Tom, Tom lands hard on a
rock, begins to bleed from leg, and scratches his face.
Ouch why did you do that? That
really hurt.
Because we never wanted you to
play with us, you look like a
loser with your glasses.
                       BULLY 2
Ya kid your own parents probably
don't even want you.
Tom runs off crying, the others laughing at him.
Tom runs down his driveway, Mrs. Lewiston stops gardening as
she sees tom.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Oh My God tom, what happen to you,
are you okay?
Tom hugs his mom crying harder.
They were pretending to be my
friend but they just started
making fun of me and calling me


                       MRS. LEWISTON
It's gonna be okay sweetie.
Do you love me?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Of course I do honey, why would
you think I didn't?
One of the bullies said that you
didn't want me and you hated me.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Thomas I promise you that I will
always love you, no matter what
happens, your my son and i will
always be proud of that, now come
on lets go get you cleaned up.
Tom walks into the house, his mom following close behind.
Tom and his mom walk to the bathroom, his mom cleans up his
wound and puts a band aid on it, Tom winces as he feels the
cold washrag on his scratched face.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
why don't you get some rest and
I'll wake you up when dinner's
ready, okay?
Tom nods and walks off to the living room resting on the
couch, tom rolls over facing the window outside and watches
the sunset, a single tear rolls down his cheek which he
quickly wipes away.
                                         SLOW FADE BLACK
Tom slowly opens his eyes and yawns, he blinks a few times
to let his eyes adjust, there are sounds of his mom working
in the kitchen.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom its dinner time, go wash up,
your father will be home soon.


Tom slowly gets up and makes his way to the bathroom, he
looks in the mirror and looks at his injury, He turns faucet
on, in the background we can hear toms dad walking in.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Hey hon I'm home, Phew what a day.
Mr. lewiston takes his coat off and sits down.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Are you okay?
                       MR. LEWISTON
Yeah it was just a long day, glad
to be home,you wouldn't believe
how stupid people can be, just
never mind it doesn't matter how
was your day, did you do anything
MR. Lewiston picks up a copy of local newspaper and begins
to look through
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Oh not really, I mean just my
usual gardening and dropped tom at
the park
Mr. Lewiston stops flipping and sets his sights on one story
in particular.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Just goes to show you never really
know someone.
Mrs. Lewiston turns and looks at him slightly confused.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
What are you reading about?
                       MR. LEWISTON
There's a story in the paper about
a kid i used to go to school with,
the nicest kid in the world, had
high hopes, was a good grade
                       MRS. LEWISTON
So what is he doing now?


                       MR. LEWISTON
Well it says here he was arrested
for the murder of his high school
sweetheart, this is wild.
Mrs. Lewiston walks around table and stands behind Mr. L,
reading the article over his shoulder.
                       MR. LEWISTON
I'll tell you what if you had said
back then that he was capable of
this I would have laughed at you.
                                         CUT TO BATHROOM
Tom stares blankly at himself in the mirror.
the bathroom light goes off and tom walks out into the
                                         CUT TO KITCHEN
Mr. and Mrs. Lewiston stop and turn to look at tom
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Hi honey are you feeling better
mrs. lewiston continues to prepare
                       MR. LEWISTON
Hey how's my favorite little bear?
Tom looks at the ground, does not respond to his father and
sits down, his father becomes concerned
                       MR. LEWISTON
hey buddy are you okay? what's
Tom looks up not knowing what to say, suddenly his mom cuts
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Okay dinner is ready, let's eat.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Dinner looks delicious, i will
never get sick of eating Mac 'n
cheese with hot dogs.


                       MRS. LEWISTON
Well good we'll have it the rest
of the week.
Mr. Lewiston gives a fake smile and continues to eat.
                       MR. LEWISTON
so kiddo what happened today at
the park?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
listen tom you don't have to....
Mr. Lewiston slams his fist on table, Tom and his mom both
                       MR. LEWISTON
I got pushed down by a bully.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Did you fight back?
No I just ran home, should I fight
                       MR. LEWISTON
yeah, you never back down son you
hear me, now next time this
happens I want you to stand your
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Okay that's quite enough of that.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Enough of what? I'm trying to
teach him something, every time I
try to talk to him like this you
bite my head off.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Trying to teach him what? How to
solve his problems with fists and
violence like your father taught


                       MR. LEWISTON
      (raising voice)
You shut your mouth, my father
taught me everything I know and he
was a good man who was never
afraid to fight for what he
believed in.
Please stop fighting guys.
Tom starts to shift uncomfortably, Mrs. Lewiston scoffs.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
your father was nothing but a no
good lousy drunk.
Mrs. lewiston moves toward the sink, her husband grabs her
and strikes her, Tom takes off toward his room.
Tom runs into his room and hides under his covers, listening
to his parents argue and wishing this hell would stop.
                       KURTIS (VO)
Tom had to listen to this a lot,
his father wasn't a bad man by any
means He just had a temper, He
never hit Tom though or Jill until
that night. The fight did not last
long and when it was over it was
like it never happened.
Tom stands alone in the backyard bored.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom honey, are you okay?
Ya just a little bored.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Why don't you go back to the park
and play?
Tom gets a look of shock for a moment and turns away


                       MRS. LEWISTON
Are you still worried about the
Tom continues to stand there and look away trying to ignore
his mother hoping she will just let it go.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Listen honey you can't just sit
here by yourself because you are
scared of some kids. I know they
hurt you but you can not let them
win, you have to go out and be
But mom since we moved here I
don't have any friends.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Oh honey you'll meet new friends I
promise, but you have to get out
and have fun and be sociable.
But what if I get hurt again?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
you'll be just fine sweet heart,
just stay away from those kids and
they should leave you alone okay.
Now go get in the car I will be
right there.
Tom, resistant at first walks to the car and gets in, his
mother follows.
                                         CUT TO PARK
Car drives up and stops in front of the park entrance.
                                         CUT TO INSIDE THE
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Now you go have fun and remember
what I told you.
      (still not sure)
Okay mom I will.
Tom gets out of the car, the car drives away.


      (to himself)
Okay you can do this, just avoid
those kids alright I can do that.
Tom walks into the park and heads toward the slide, He
starts to relax a little more.
      (in background)
Hey stop it, leave me alone.
Ha ha ha stupid kid, are you dumb
or something we said give us your
Tom turns to see the commotion and spots a kid in trouble, a
nervous feeling in his stomach makes him cringe, He takes a
deep breath and starts to walk toward the situation.
hey leave him alone.
The bully turns toward Tom, Tom stands his ground firm and
Well well well, look what we have
here, a hero, didn't you get
enough last week?
Tom tries to stay firm and brave, the sounds of the park
fade and soon all he can hear is his own heartbeat and
remembers what his father had said last night after the
                       MR. LEWISTON (VO)
Stand your ground son, never back
down, because if you let them walk
on you once your going to be a
victim your whole life. I will
always be here to guide you son.
just be brave and fight back.
Slowly the sounds start to flow back and the bully is saying
something, tom can't quite make it out and then suddenly he
snaps out of it and the bully pushes him.
                       TOM (VO)
      (to himself)
Calm and steady, fight back.


Tom lets go a battle cry and pushes the bully, the bully
flies back and lands in crap, everyone laughs.
Ooh I will get you back, do you
hear me tom, I'll get you and you
will wish you were never born.
You should probably take a shower
you smell like dog crap.
Everyone laughs at the bully, his friends help him off the
ground and they leave.
Hey thanks you really saved my
butt there, you are really brave.
My dad taught me to never back
down, the name's Tom, how bout
Tom stretches his hand for John to shake, He shakes his
John, John Seymore, glad to meet
ya, do you wanna hang out with me?
Ya sure, what kinds of things do
you like to do?
Well I like to explore in the
woods and go on adventures, I'm
looking for a Bigfoot.
Tom arcs his head to the side out of confusion and wonder.
A what?
Come on are you telling me you've
never heard of the legend of


Nope can't say that I have, it
sounds cool though lets look and
you can tell me about it.
Okay cool, well the Bigfoot is
this creature that lurks in the
woods and they have a sighting of
a huge footprint near here.
Wow that's pretty cool, so have
they ever actually caught this
Nope and I'm hoping to be the
first one.
John and Tom head to the woods on the other end of the park,
while making there way over to the woods they are stopped by
the voice of Johns mom.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
John, come on it is time to go
home now dinner is ready.
Well I gotta go now, see you at
the park next time right?
yeah, see ya around.
John runs toward his mom, and Tom sees his mom and makes his
way over to the car.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Hey Tommy did you have fun today?
Oh yeah I did.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Any trouble?
Nah I took care of the bullies and
guess what else mom?


                       MRS. LEWISTON
I made a friend, his name is John.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Honey that's great I'm so proud of
you, see I told you you would make
Ya he was getting picked on but I
stood up for him and knocked a
bully into some poop, it was
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom violence isn't always the
right answer,you know that right?
so tell me about your new friend.
I actually don't know a whole lot
about him.
Tom stares out the window of the car.
I wonder what his story is.
Johns mom and john are sitting at the table, John is eating
some pizza rolls, his mother is going through the mail.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
So buddy what did you do today at
the park anything interesting?
      (with mouth full)
Mhmm I had lots of fun.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Don't eat with your mouth full, so
what did you do that was so fun.
John swallows pizza roll takes sip root beer.


Sorry momma, I met a friend today
at the park, he saved me from
these bullies, he knocked them
down, it was awesome.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Why were kids picking on you?
They wanted my lunch.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
So Tom saved you huh, what's tom
He seems nice and he's pretty
smart, I told him about Bigfoot
and we explored the woods in
search, he's interested in that
stuff too.
Mrs. Seymore finds letter addressed to them from overseas.
A look of sadness falls over her face and john can't help
but notice.
Mom are you okay?
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Of course honey.
What's that?
John points to letter that his mom is gripping tightly.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
It's from your father.
That's from dad, ooh can I read
John's mom opens the envelope and unfolds the paper and
begins to read it.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I'll read it to you.


                       MRS. SEYMORE
It says Dear John and Bev. I miss
                       JOHNS DAD (VO)
I miss you so much, it is hell
over here and every moment I wish
I was home with you, grilling up
some burgers in the backyard with
friends. I have never been so
scared in my life, I mean gunfire
rings out constantly throughout
the night, the children are
strapped with bombs and guns, It
is so terrible. I have to make
this short but I just wanted to
say I love you and hopefully I
will be home soon, be good john
and remember to listen to your
mother and do good in school in
September because I want you to be
something with your life. loves
and kisses.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
From yours forever, Lt. David
Seymore U.S. Army.
Hey mom?
Mrs. Seymore begins to shake.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Yes sweetie?
When is daddy coming home?
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Soon sweetie soon, I promise, now
go get ready for bed.
John gets ready for bed and crawls in to bed, his mom tucks
him in.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Did you brush?


Of course I did, good night mom.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Good night.
Mrs. Seymore leaves, John pulls out a picture of him and his
father at a Red Sox game.
Good night dad.
John closes his eyes and sleeps.
Tom and John run around in the woods behind Tom's backyard
and Tom's dad stands on the grill, Tom's mom is sitting with
Mrs. Seymore in the lawn chairs with a margarita in her
                       MRS. LEWISTON
So Beverly tell me about yourself.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Well what do you wanna know?
                       MR. LEWISTON
everything, what do you do, where
are you from, how long you been
                       MRS. SEYMORE
well I'm from here in the granite
state born and raised I met my
husband David in high school.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Where is he today?
                       MRS. SEYMORE
David is in the service, he's been
in Iraq for about a year now.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Well I'm glad he's serving his
country, when does he get out?


                       MRS. SEYMORE
He was already supposed to be out
already but they sent him back the
bastards, he's been through
enough, and John could use some
father figure.
Mr. Lewiston turns back to his grill, Mrs. Seymore shifts in
her chair looking embarrassed.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
We didn't mean to upset you, here
would you like another drink?
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Sure that sounds nice and hey
don't worry yourself, it isn't you
I'm just worried about my husband.
Mrs.lewiston gets up and heads inside to get more drinks.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Hey where did the kids go?
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I think they went into the woods
to play.
Mr. Lewiston nods and flips the burger on the grill.
                                         CUT TO WOODS
Both boys are crouched and remain stealthy as if to sneak up
on something.
Okay so here's the plan we are
gonna look for clues to it's
existence, okay?
So what exactly does it look like?
Shh you'll blow our cover man, now
you're looking for anything out of
the ordinary like giant footprints
or indentations in the ground or


Oh okay lets do this.
Branches snap and the boys turn, Tom has a look of shock on
his face.
What was that?
I have no idea but whatever it
was, it was huge.
Some twigs snap again and the boys jump, there is a growl
unlike anything they've heard.
Um I really don't want to get
eaten tonight can we just leave it
John picks up a rock and prepares to throw it.
Are you crazy you're going to get
us killed.
I read somewhere that they like to
throw stones, here help me.
John hands a rock to Tom.
Are you sure about this?
Yeah of course man, you're not
scared are you?
Me scared, of course not.
Both boys throw their rocks, they hit what ever it is but
can not see, all they hear and feel is footsteps and trees
being pushed aside, they become scared and run out of the
                                         CUT TO BACKYARD
The boys come running toward their parents.


                       MRS. LEWISTON
Boys whats wrong?
      (out of breath)
There's something in the woods, it
chased us and it's gonna eat us.
The parents look at each other confused.
                       MR. LEWISTON
It could be that bear coming back,
just stay away from the woods okay
The boys nod, still trying to catch their breath.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Alright now the food is ready and
the show is about to begin.
Tom and John grab a plate of food and a seat and watch the
hey mom can I sleep over here
John's mom looks at Mr. and Mrs. lewiston.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
i don't mind as long as its okay
with toms parents
Can he mom can he?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Sure why not.
The boys run in the house and get ready for bed.
Alright man I'm tired, goodnight,
my mom is making pancakes in the
morning, here let's watch a movie.
Tom puts in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles two: Mystery of the


Tom slips off to a deep sleep.
Tom is tossing and turning, he is having a nightmare.
                       BULLY(GLEN) (VO)
you're parents don't even want you
                       MRS. LEWISTON (VO)
I'll always love you Tom.
                                         CUT TO HALLWAY
                       DOCTOR H
Why did you do it Tom why, you're
a monster.
Tom you don't have to do this man
there's another way.
Tom, now older in his dream, is stumbling around, confused
and covered in blood.
Don't you see you have it wrong
it's the only way. ha hell i only
wish i had done this earlier
Kids in the background are running and screaming in fear of
Tom is laughing maniacally, his face drenched with blood,
the hallway spins faster and faster, Young Tom rolls in his
The dream intensifies, Tom's shouts wake up John who is now
desperately trying to wake Tom up.


Toms mother is woken up by the commotion and comes running
into the room.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
What's going on in here?
Tom's having a nightmare and he
won't wake up from it.
Tom gets dizzier and dizzier, he finally snaps out of it and
when he does he throws up.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tommy you're okay now, it was just
a bad dream honey.
Tom wipes off his mouth and begins to breath heavily.
Dude what was your dream about?
Oh man it was terrible, i was
covered in blood and everyone was
running and and..
Tom begins to shake violently.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Shh it's okay, it was just a dream
you're okay you're okay.
Mrs. Lewiston hugs Tom close, she looks concerned, Tom
eventually calms down and goes back to sleep.
John rolls over and goes back to sleep, Toms mother stands
in the doorway for a few moments watching over the boys,
then she turns out the light.
Tom's alarm clock starts ringing, Tom winces and rolls back
to bed, his mom comes in and opens the curtains forcing him


                       MRS. LEWISTON
Come on sweetie you don't want to
be late for your first day at the
new school.
Tom slowly gets up, trying to give a sarcastic smile toward
his mom.
Yeah that would be tragic huh?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Aren't you excited?
well I'm a little nervous I mean
what if I don't make friends.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
what about John? you guys are
I know just I don't want to mess
up my first day.
Mrs. Lewiston smirks and pats Tom on the shoulder.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Well then I guess you better go
brush your teeth because no one
likes a smelly set of teeth.
Tom begins to laugh and nods, he heads off to get ready.
Okay mom.
                                         CUT TO KITCHEN
Tom walks in dressed and ready for school.
alright you happy?
Tom's dad walks in to the kitchen.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Hey bud are you ready to rule the
halls, if you have my genes you'll
have to beat away the girls with a
stick because they'll be after ya.


Mr. lewiston winks at Tom, Tom returns it.
Ya I know I'm gonna be the ladies
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Alright ladies man well you need
to come eat breakfast.
Tom sits down and eats some eggs and toast with a tall glass
of milk.
So do you really think the kids
will like me?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Of course now hurry up and finish
you're gonna miss the bus.
Tom takes a couple more bites and finishes his milk, then he
heads out to the bus stop.
Tom is now outside he sees John at the bus stop and goes
over to say hi, Tom gives him a high five.
What's up man, are you ready for
5th grade?
Ya I can't wait, I just hope we
don't have any idiots in our class
you know like those jerks by the
Ha I know, that's alright we're
way cooler than them so we'll get
the friends and success.
A school bus rolls up and picks them up, they step on and
suddenly the smiles they once wore are no longer there. the
bullies are on the same bus.
Hey kid,oh this is going to be a
fun year. Well for me anyway.
The bullies begin to laugh, Tom and John sit down in the
back far away.


The bullies move to the back of the bus and surround the two
John shifts uncomfortably, feeling obligated and threatened
Tom drops his bag.
Why don't you just leave us alone,
we didn't do anything to you and
you pick on us.
why don't you leave us alone, ha
ha you guys don't get it do you,
in this school We rule the halls
and you are just crap underneath
our feet.
The bus driver has had enough.
                       BUS DRIVER
Hey knock it off back there, move
away from those boys and sit down
or tomorrow you will walk to
Glen gets in tom's face really trying to intimidate him.
I would watch my back if I were
you, because that bus driver won't
always be there to save you.
Glen pushes Tom.
Dude you have to be careful I
think he means it.
Yeah I know, phew look we're at
Tom and John get off the bus and walk in to the main lobby
to pick up their class list.
What do you have first?
Tom unfolds his schedule and peers at it.


Looks like Math.
Dude me too, ha that's sweet.
Tom and John carefully make their way to the classroom, when
they get there Tom struggles to read the name.
What's her name? Mrs. Cal-I-Han.
                       MRS. C
It's Calihan, now excuse me you
need to get in the room so I can
take attendance.
Tom and John shuffle into their seats, Mrs. C makes her way
to the front of the room.
Why is she walking funny?
I have no clue.
                       MRS. C
Okay class quiet down now, okay so
my name is Mrs. Calihan but you
can just call me Mrs. C now we're
going to start division and I have
here a sheet that will help you.
Mrs. C hands out division table sheets to everyone.
                       MRS. C
Now who would like to start with a
simple one, Tom what is 4 divided
by 2?
Tom is startled like a deer in the headlights.
I don't know.
                       MRS. C
Well just try.
well uh um is it 6?


The class begins to laugh hysterically, Tom slumps in his
seat, completely embarrassed.
                       MRS. C
no that is completely wrong, does
anyone in here know what it is,
Glen do you have a guess.
Tom and John both cringe, Glen gives them a crooked smile.
Well the answer to your question
is 2 Mrs. C, say Tom does it hurt
to think?
Glen walks to her desk and hands Mrs. C a book.
Here's my math book from last
                       MRS. C
Well better late than never, now
please go back to class.
Glen begins to exit.
See ya around Tommy boy.
                       MRS. C
So let's continue shall we.
About an hour later the bell finally rings.
Tom slowly get's on the bus, he sits down and puts his head
in his hands.
The bus pulls up to Tom's stop, Tom gets off and walks to
the house, while in the house he goes straight to his room
and collapses on the bed.
Tom's mom enters tom's room.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom, are you okay? how was your
first day?
Tom says nothing and keeps his head buried in his pillow.


                       MRS. LEWISTON
That bad huh?
Tom slowly rolls over facing his mom and wipes his nose
yeah, it was horrible, even from
the start at math class.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
What happened in math class?
I messed up on a question and the
teacher was mad and I saw the
bully again, he said he'd be
seeing me around.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
what about your other classes?
                       TOM (VO)
in reading we will have book
reports every month, and this
teachers a little crazy
Tom walks into the room where his English class is and picks
a seat near the back, a few moments later a wild looking man
appears in the door looking at the kids, Tom and the rest of
the class assume this is their teacher.
Mr. Sandusky comes busting through the door with a pirate
sword and jumps on the desk, the kids are startled.
                       MR. SAN
      (pirate voice)
ARRRG, aye mates welcome to
reading class where your
imagination can stretch where ever
you want it to, I'm your Captain
Mr. Sandusky.
The kids begin to laugh, Mr. Sandusky gets off his desk and
grabs a piece of chalk and begins to write something on the


                       MR. SAN
Okay that being said I think we're
going to have a lot of fun in this
class. the first book we will be
reading will be My Side of the
Mountain by Jean Craighead George,
the story about a boy named Sam
who runs off into the Catskill
mountains to live on his own.
                       TOM (VO)
I like reading class, Mr. Sandusky
is pretty funny.
                       MRS. LEWISTON (VO)
Tom what is that red mark on your
face from?
Well my next class is Gym, I have
that with John, our teacher is a
little hyper and doesn't like me I
don't think.
Tom is dressed in shorts standing on the line listening to
the teacher.
                       PE TEACHER
Okay listen up you girl scouts now
today we're going to start our
dodge ball unit, you are gonna
listen to every word I have to
say, you got that.
The kids look concerned, Tom turns to John.
yikes what is this guys issue, he
acts like he was a drill sergeant
or something, psycho much.
Yeah I'm pretty sure he has got
some serious issue going on.
I'm big and tough and scary and..
Whistle blows.


                       PE TEACHER
Tom Lewiston
Mr. Johnson throws a heavy dodge ball at Tom's face, Tom
doesn't see it and turns just in time for it to hit him in
the face knocking him to the ground.
                       PE TEACHER
First rule of dodge ball, if you
are hit you're out, first rule of
this class, never interrupt me
when i am speaking or accidents
seem to happen, try to pay more
attention Tom, now get up you
maggot and give 3 laps around the
gym, the rest of you remember your
Tom gets up holding his face in pain and begins to jog.
                       MRS. LEWISTON (VO)
Oh i see, well did you enjoy lunch
Tom gets in line for his food, he steps forward with a smile
on his face, the lunch lady slaps some suspicious looking
mess of meat and god knows what else, Tom looks disgusted
and then moves forward to sit at his table.
                                         CUT BACK TO PRESENT
It actually looked like something
out of the movie Aliens.
Tom makes a face of disgust and fear.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I'm sure it will get better
sweetie, do you want me to let you
rest until dinner?
I actually have some reading to
do, I have to read the first
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Okay well your father should be
home shortly, just let me know if
you need anything.


Tom nods and pulls out his book and begins to read. a few
pages in he falls asleep.
Tom is sleeping when he is scared awake by a loud crash, he
sits up quickly.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Do you have any idea what time it
is, where the hell have you been?.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Aw Jesus Christ Jill, I stayed
after work with some of the guys
for a drink or two, why are you
giving me shit, I'm the one that
pays for this crap.
Tom slides out of bed and gets closer to the door to listen.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
This isn't just a couple of beers
after work now, it's 2 in the
morning, you have a serious
                       MR. LEWISTON
      (raising voice)
shut up, always with this I have a
problem bullshit, maybe every now
and then I get a little stressed,
is that okay with you? should I
ask you next time if I can be
stressed so you feel better?
Mrs. Lewiston walks to the bedroom and grabs a pillow and
throws it at her husband.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
You sleep on the couch tonight,
talk to me in the morning when you
are sober and i will tell you
this, if you don't get better and
try to get help me and Tom are out
of here.


Mrs. Lewiston walks down the hall and sees Tom's shadow
under the door, Tom tries to back away and get back in bed
but she opens the door too quick, Mrs. Lewiston sits on the
bed next to Tom.
Mom are you okay?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I don't know Tom, I'm sorry we
woke you up.
What's wrong with Dad, why is he
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Daddy's sick and he needs help.
What kind of sick, like a cold?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Sort of, he likes to drink this
special drink too much, listen I
don't want you to worry about him
just keep doing good in school.
But mom I don't want to leave dad.
Tom hugs his mom and she tucks him into bed.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Go back to bed Tom. you have
school in the morning.
Tom's mom leaves the room and heads to bed, Toms dad is in
the bathroom throwing up, then he lays on the couch, Tom
sneaks out of his room and walks to talk to his dad.
Dad? are you okay?
Mr. lewiston looks hard into the darkness trying to adjust
his eyes.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Tom, is that you? what are you
doing up so late?


The yelling woke me up.
                       MR. LEWISTON
ah boy, I'm sorry buddy, come over
Tom sits on the couch next to his dad on the couch.
Did you take your medicine?
                       MR. LEWISTON
Mom said you were sick, I don't
want you to be sick because I
don't want to leave you like mommy
Mr. Lewiston begins to choke up.
                       MR. LEWISTON
You know what buddy, you and mom
don't have to leave, you know why?
Mrs. Lewiston walks in but stops at the edge to listen.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Because starting right now, I'm
going to work to get better.
But how come you got sick in the
first place?
                       MR. LEWISTON
you know I really don't know but I
do know that I love your mom and
very much and that's all I need,
not this drink.
Mr. lewiston pours the booze down the drain, Mrs. Lewiston
comes around and gives him a hug.


                       MR. LEWISTON
I'm so sorry about this, I promise
it will never happen again.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I'm sorry too, I love you so much,
you can sleep in the bed tonight
if you still want to.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Hm I don't know, you snore a lot.
Everyone laughs and Tom goes off to bed, his parents go to
bed together.
Both Tom and John are sitting at the table working on
separate classes homework.
Dude this book is pretty cool, I
think reading class is my favorite
class, could be my strength.
Well we know dodge ball is
definitely not it.
Shut up man, I swear him and Mrs.
C hate me.
Mrs.Seymore walks into the kitchen, she turns on the t.v.
for the evening news.
Hello and welcome to tonight's
edition of the World News. Today
the Dow Jones dropped 50 points,
are we sinking into a recession?
Investor experts say no. On the
other side of the world there is
trouble overseas as a car bomb
exploded today just outside of
Baghdad killing seven U.S.
soldiers and 5 civilians.
President bush assures Americans
that we are doing the right thing.


                       ANCHOR (cont'd)
Next up we will tell you about how
this upcoming storm will effect
you at the pump.
Mrs. Seymore clicks off the T.V. and brings dinner out to
the table.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Alright guys it's time to eat
dinner, clear off the table.
The boys clear the table of their books and homework and
Mrs. S puts the food on the table. John starts to reach for
a roll but is slapped away by his mom.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
You know we always say grace
before dinner, why don't you do it
Really? Alright.
They all fold their hands and close eyes.
Dear lord, thank you for this
plentiful meal we are about to
receive, we ask that you watch
over us and guide us from evil,
also to watch over daddy and make
sure he makes it home safe soon.
the prayer sets off a flashback for Mrs. S to the day her
husband left her.
Mr. Seymore gets his stuff packed to drive to the base, he
stops and looks at his wife.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Please promise me something
                       JOHNS DAD
I promise i will come back to you,
your love will keep me going over
there when I'm stuck in the middle
of hell.
A younger John runs up to his dad and hugs his legs, crying


Please don't go daddy I don't want
you to go.
Mr. Seymore, with a tear in his eye picks up his son.
                       JOHNS DAD
It will be okay buddy, you have to
be strong for me, you're gonna be
the man of the house for a while.
you have to take care of your
But dad I don't want you to go,
I'm scared.
                       JOHNS DAD
I know You're scared son but you
have to do this for me, and don't
worry about me I will be just fine
and before you know it I'll be
back home and we'll be grilling
burgers and drinking eggnog and
guess what, this year I'll let you
snow blow and shovel the porch,
but you have to hang in there for
Mr. S puts John back down on the floor. John tries to stop
crying but it doesn't work.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I'll pray every night so the lord
brings you back safely.
                                         END FLASHBACK
Mom, mom are you okay, hello mom,
anybody in there. earth to mom do
you copy.
Mrs. Seymore snaps out of it, she shakes her head then turns
to look at the boys.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Huh, what, did you say something?


I said are you alright, you sort
of spaced out there for a minute,
could you pass the mash potatoes?
Mrs. Seymore shakes it off and passes the potatoes to John.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Sorry I was just thinking about
your father.
John stops scooping the potatoes and looks up with a sad
look on his face.
I really miss him, I want to do
good so when he comes home he'll
be happy and want me to help him
with the grill.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I miss him to sweetie, he promised
he would be back and he wouldn't
John hugs his mom and they cry for a few minutes, then they
resume dinner, the rest of the night is silent.
Tom shuffles into math class, looking stressed and expecting
nothing less than a horrible hour of getting ridiculed.
                       MRS. C
Today we will have a quiz on
Division and this will be the
first test so make sure you try
your best. after this week
progress reports will go home.
The class groans and Tom clears his desk, to prepare for the
test, Mrs. C hands out the test.
                       MRS. C
Now class you only have an hour,
when the bell rings I will collect
the test.
Tom does the test, the hour of class is up and Mrs. C
collects the tests.


                       MRS. C
Okay class I certainly hope you
tried your best on this because it
will effect your grade quite a
bit, have a nice day.
So dude what are you going to be
for Halloween this year?
Well nothing if I do bad on the
test, man I hate this class, she
is so mean and for no reason.
Tom starts to pack up and move into the hall and spots glen
across the hall, Tom sighs and keeps walking expecting
Hey Tom, where you going dude, I
wanna talk to you.
Tom tries to run but Glen's friend trips him and he stumbles
into Mrs. C who spills coffee on herself.
      (to glens friend)
Hey watch where you're going you
big idiot.
                       MRS. C
What did you call me, look at this
mess you made.
No Mrs. C I wasn't talking to you,
I'm sorry about the coffee, I have
to get to class.
                       MRS. C
No you go to the office!
Tom stops, turns around, looks at her confused.
For what? he tripped me and the
coffee was an accident.


                       MRS. C
That is it, I have had enough of
your backtalk, go to the office
right now. it is that or a
Tom looks at john who has been standing there the whole time
with a look of confusion and then turns to head to the
principals office.
This is ridiculous, I did nothing
Tom walks to the secretary and gets her attention.
Excuse me, miss?
Yes can I help you?
Yeah I got sent down here for
accidentally knocking over a cup
of coffee onto Mrs. C and it was
while I was getting chased by a
bully so I guess that means I get
in trouble.
You know what, you did nothing
wrong, just go back to class okay
Tom's face is flushed with relief and he turns to walk out
the door.
Thank you so much, it has been a
rough year and it is nice to know
that someone is on my side.
As tom is leaving Mrs. C comes into the office. furious and
stained with hot coffee.
                       MRS. C
Just where do you think your


I'm going back to class because i
did nothing wrong.
                       MRS. C
I told you to go here to the
principal, and you were very rude
and unconcerned about the mess you
Look lady I don't know why you
have a problem with me but this
was an accident and I was calling
glens friend the idiot because he
is the one who tripped me.
Tom walks passed her and out the door, Mrs. C shouts as he
                       MRS. C
I'm calling your parents. I want a
parent teacher conference.
Go ahead I don't care anymore.
Tom all riled up heads to English class which he is late
for, he walks in the door and heads to his seat.
                       MR. SAN
Alright class why don't you work
at the worksheet I just handed to
you for the remainder of class
Tom puts his head down, Mr. Sandusky walks over to see if he
is okay.
                       MR. SAN
Tom? are you okay? why are you
late for class?
Tom picks up his head and looks at Mr. Sandusky.
I am late because my stupid math
teacher sent me to the office for
spilling coffee on her.
                       MR. SAN
Did you do it on purpose?


No, there's this bully named Glen
that keeps chasing me and pushing
me saying he will beat me up. So
he was chasing me through the hall
and his friend tripped me which
threw me into Mrs. C who started
yelling, I was not back talking
her, I was calling the bully an
idiot and Mrs. C yelled and sent
me to the office. She said she was
going to call my parents and set
up a meeting about my constant
                       MR. SAN
That doesn't sound good, tell you
what, you tell me when it is and I
will defend you there.
Really, you would do that?
                       MR. SAN
Yeah I would, I'll get you caught
up on missing work tomorrow okay.
The bell rings and Tom gets on bus and goes home.
Tom is listening to music really loud in his room trying to
release some frustration, in the kitchen the phone begins to
ring, Mrs. L picks it up.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
                       MRS. C
Hi, is this Toms mother?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Yes, how can i help you?
                       MRS. C
Oh, this is Mrs. C Tom's math
teacher and i have become
concerned with his behavior in
class and would like to schedule a
Parent teacher conference
Tom cuts off the music and listens to the conversation


                       MRS. LEWISTON
Behavior? what sort of behavior?
                       MRS. C
Well, he doesn't seem to be
understanding some of the material
and he is rude to me, he pushed me
today and called me a jerk.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
That doesn't sound like Tom at
all, are you sure?
                       MRS. C
Yes I'm afraid i am sure
Mrs.Lewiston, so when is good to
meet with you and your husband, I
was hoping for next Monday at 3:00
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I'll be able to make it but my
husband works late.
                       MRS. C
That's fine, I will see you and
young Tom at 3pm.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Have a good night.
Mrs. Lewiston hangs up the phone, as does tom, Mrs. Lewiston
starts to walk down the hall to talk to Tom and he opens his
Mom you can't honestly believe
her, she is full of it.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
So tell me what happened.
Those jerks that always pick on me
and John were waiting for me after
class and i tried to run but one
of them tripped me and I stumbled
into Mrs. C and spilled her coffee
on her, I looked back and said hey
watch it jerk to the kid and Mrs.
C told me to go to the office and
I said I had to get to class sorry
but she yelled at me so I went to


                       TOM (cont'd)
the office and the principal
wasn't there so as she saw me
leaving she screamed about calling
Tom sits on the bed and buries his head in his hands.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
So it was only an accident.
Tom nods his head and sighs deeply.
she is impossible.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I'm not mad at you, so what is
this about you not understanding
the material?
well I mean I got stuck on a
couple of questions but I thought
I did pretty well on this test.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Well, You've had quite a day, get
some sleep, enjoy the weekend and
we'll worry about this on Monday.
Tom rolls over and is asleep in minutes.
Tom is sitting alone in a conference room with Mrs. C and is
uncomfortable, he shifts and looks at the clock it reads
3:05 his mom is late. finally the door opens and his mom
walks in.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
sorry I'm late, did I miss
Mrs. Lewiston sits down next to Tom.
                       MRS. C
Well actually we were just...
She is interrupted by Mr. Sandusky walking in the door. he
nods at tom and reaches out a hand to Mrs. Lewiston.


                       MR. SAN
Hello you must be the mother of
this brilliant child.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Yes, who are you?
                       MR. SAN
My name is Mr. Sandusky, I am
Tom's English teacher.
Mrs. Lewiston shakes his hand and smiles.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Yes of course I have heard a lot
about you. it is really nice to
finally meet you.
Mrs. C is annoyed and clears her throat, the others look at
                       MRS. C
Fantastic now that we know each
other can we please get to the
issue at hand?
Tom's mom and Mr. San sit down
                       MRS. C
Now we are here to discuss Tom's
                       MR. SAN
And what exactly would that be?
                       MRS. C
His rudeness and disregard for
Tom talks over her.
Listen I wasn't trying to be
disrespectful, that coffee thing
was an accident.
                       MRS. C
Tom just like in class, when I am
talking YOU are not, are we clear.
Tom puts his head down


                       MR. SAN
Why exactly do you think it was a
personal attack?
                       MRS. C
What exactly are you doing here?
                       MR. SAN
I'm defending a smart kid from an
accusation based on one opinion.
                       MRS. C
Well let's talk about the smart
part for a second shall we
because, frankly I am concerned he
might not get the material.
Mrs. C pulls out toms latest test which he failed and shows
it to Tom's mom.
                       MRS. C
If Tom fails another test he will
fail for the quarter.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
well what can he do?
                       MRS. C
well I could make up some extra
credit assignments. but he is
going to have to improve his
Mrs. Lewiston gets a page and looks at it, she puts it back
in her pocket and starts to get up.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I really don't have anymore time
are we about done here.
                       MRS. C
I've said all i need to say, Tom i
will see you in class.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Nice to meet you both, come on Tom
let's go.
Tom and his mom get up and walk out of the room, Mrs. C
packs up some papers.


                       MR. SAN
So tell me something, what do you
have against the kid?
                       MRS. C
He is rude and I have seen kids
like that, they don't go anywhere
in life.
                       MR. SAN
Who the hell are you to judge
character, Tom has some serious
writing talent, so he is
struggling in math and he spilled
coffee on you, you're really going
to ruin his chance to succeed over
a grudge.
                       MRS. C
He's a dreamer, he'll waste
whatever talent you think he has
on drugs, you watch.
Mrs. C walks out of the room, Mr.Sandusky is left there in
the room shaking his head in disbelief someone could be that
Tom gets ready and puts his batman costume on
                       MRS. LEWISTON
You're going to be safe tonight
right, check your candy, don't
talk to strangers...
Mom relax I'll be fine.
Tom puts his mask on.
For I am the caped crusader and no
one will harm another on my watch.
Tom throws out a kick and slips on the floor falling on his
back. his mom laughs and helps him up.


                       MRS. LEWISTON
Alright Batman you better get your
pillowcase, your sidekick will be
here soon.
Tom runs down the hall with arms outstretched like he is
flying, as he is retrieving his pillowcase John's mom pulls
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom they're here.
Tom runs to the door.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Hey hey, now where do you think
your going without giving your
mother a hug.
Tom runs and gives his mom a quick hug and then takes off
out the door, then he gets in the van.
Hey man what's up, who are you
supposed to be?
I am the caped crusader, you know
Um who?
Tom looks at John in utter shock. he shakes his head and
looks down.
Are you being serious, you have
never heard of batman? Man and I
thought I was sheltered, he is the
best superhero ever.
So what are you supposed to be?
John looks at himself, He looks puzzling at Tom.
A killer tomato


A killer tomato.
Like the vegetable?
Yeah it's a movie I used to watch,
it's really a good movie.
Tom rolls his eyes and laughs.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Okay are you guys ready for the
first house.
the van comes to a halt in front of a white house decorated
with spiderwebs and flashing lights, even the caped crusader
is nervous but slowly him and his veggie sidekick knock on
the front door.
An elderly man answers the door with a bowl of candy.
Trick or Treat.
The old man silently puts the candy in the bowl with a
crooked smile on his face as he retreats back into his home.
the boys look at each other terrified and run back to the
van screaming.
Wow that guy was really kind of
The kids look at the candy and then they give it to John's
My mom warned me about taking
strangers candy, could you check
John's mom pulls out a cell phone, Tom's mom is on the other
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Well he did good, just like you
told him to do.


Tom looks puzzled.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Alright, phew, that is a big
relief thank you for doing this
for me.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Hey I'm a mom too you know, you
have every right to be worried.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
It's just his first night away
from home and so many things could
go wrong.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Really It's okay I understand,
here do you want to talk to him.
John's mom gives the phone to Tom.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Yes, sorry sweetie I just had to
make sure you listened, go have
fun with your friend and I will
see you later.
Tom hangs up the phone and gets back in the van and they
drive to the next house.
So how was the meeting with your
mom and Mrs. C?
It didn't go so well, she wouldn't
even let me defend myself.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Did you try asking for help on
what you don't understand?
You don't understand mom, she
hates Tom, no one knows why but
she's got it out for him.
In the driving seat, Johns mom rolls her eyes.


                       MRS. SEYMORE
I'm just saying try and cover all
the bases so when the dust settles
you aren't to blame.
Tom and John get out and trick or Treat.
wow dude that guy had a lot of
yeah I know.
and some killer vegetables in his
Ha ha very funny, keep laughing
Batman someone will recognize me.
They knock on a door and an elderly man answers smiling.
                       OLD MAN
Ooh I see, we have batman, and a
killer tomato, ha I remember when
that first came out, it was a good
one, happy Halloween.
Tom looks at John in shock and John triumphantly smiles and
nods his head.
see man I told you someone would
recognize me.
Yeah I guess so, you proved me
In the dim light of the street light down the road a figure
stands and the boys both stop in fear.
What is that? who is that?
The figure doesn't move, it is close to the next Trick or
Treating house, the boys slowly approach it with caution.


You don't think that's Glen do
I have no clue, I hope not.
Well we're almost to the next
house, let's just hurry along.
Tom and John hurry to the house and out of breath knock on
the door, get their candy but while this happens their safe
haven which is the van drives forward.
Oh no, now we have to get by Glen.
The boys take a deep breath and book it for the van, Glen
who is dressed like Michael Meyers pursues them into the
shadows wielding a plastic knife but finally the boys reach
the van frantically try to get in the door and finally jump
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Are you guys okay, what happened?
      (out of breath)
Glen was chasing us down the road
with his knife, can we go home
yeah I don't want to be out here
anymore, I have enough candy for
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Okay, okay we'll go.
I'm getting so sick of that jerk,
he never leaves me alone, i swear
I'll get him back one of these
days for all of it.
Tom slams his seat with his fist and takes a deep breath.


It's alright Tom everything will
be better for us in High School.
Yeah I hope you're right man, I
really hope I pass math, if I
don't I'm done for.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
when do report cards come home?
I'm not sure, maybe a week or two.
Tom lets out a deep sigh and silently stares out into space.
Well at least we got a good hour
of trick or treating in before we
got chased.
Tom smirks slightly. He turns his head toward John looking
at him with heavy eyes.
Always looking on the bright side.
The van rolls up to Tom's house and he gets out waves
goodbye and heads into his house. he doesn't say to anyone
and goes straight to his room to change and goes to bed
without eating his candy.
The Monday after Halloween, with barely any sleep all
weekend, Tom stumbles into school exhausted and ready to
sleep through math class. In his drunk like stumbles he
bumps into a kid he's never seen.
Oh sorry man, I didn't see you
      (nervously fast)
No no it was my fault sorry, see
ya gotta go can't chat places to
be people to talk to.


Paranoid, frank makes his way down the hall leaving Tom
confused and now late for class.
Tom hurries into the door but and into his seat.
                       MRS. C
Tom you're late, what a surprise.
This is it, stand up for yourself.
Actually this is the first time
I've been late.
Mrs. C stops writing on the board, puts the marker down and
turns around to face Tom.
                       MRS. C
Excuse me?
Oh I was just telling you, this is
the first time I've been late to
your class. I just thought that
fact was relevant.
                       MRS. C
You know with the way your grade
is you should hold your comments
to yourself.
Tom smiles proudly and Mrs. C turns to the board and
continues writing their assignment.
Dude nice, you stood up for
yeah I know, I think it's because
I'm so tired lately that I won't
let her bully me.
Running on empty Tom begins to sway in his seat trying his
hardest to stay awake and keep his head up. he loses the
battle and lays his head down.
                       MRS. C
TOM, excuse me, Tom.


Tom tries with all his might to lift his head.
                       MRS. C
Am I boring you with my lesson?
Tom smiles at john, looks at Mrs. C and nods his head and
then returns his head to the desk.
The class chuckles and tries to hold back laughter.
I really don't feel that well can
I go to the nurse.
                       MRS. C
Fine whatever just get out of my
Tom exits and goes to the nurses office.
Hi nurse Stevens.
Tom sits down in a chair, Nurse Stevens walks over to him.
Wow Tom you really don't look
well, what hurts?
Tom begins to cough, and sniffles a couple of times.
Everything, my head feels warm and
I can't smell.
Nurse Stevens takes a thermometer out of the package.
well here let's take your
Nurse puts thermometer under his tongue.
Now hold that there for a minute
and I will be right back.


Tom nods his head, and the nurse leaves the room, tom begins
to peer around the room to occupy himself, his eyes begin to
get heavy then the nurse walks back in and takes the
thermometer from his mouth.
Well the good news is you don't
have a temperature.
Tom puts his head down and groans.
Tom? is there something you want
to talk about?
Tom just sits there and mumbles.
Please don't make me go back
there. please.
Nurse Stevens sits down next to Tom and puts a hand on his
Oh come on I'm sure class can't be
too rough. Is there something else
going on?
No, I'm just tired.
Well you don't look so well, maybe
you should try lying down and see
how you feel after lunch.
okay, thank you.
Tom lies his head down, he closes his eyes but he doesn't
sleep, in what seems like a second the bell for lunch rings,
Tom slowly lifts his head and walks toward the cafeteria.
Hey man, where you been?
Nurses office.
Dude you don't look so good.


I feel fine I was just tired and
wasn't in the mood for her
yeah it wasn't just you today she
was just straight up cranky.
Tom and John get in line for lunch
So dude you never really explained
why you were late this morning,
what happened to you?
Tom Chuckles
I was late because this morning I
wasn't paying attention and I
bumped into this kid and had to
help him pick up his stuff, he was
really strange and skittish, I
didn't even catch his name.
John shakes his head and laughs as they walk to their table,
all of the sudden they see frank skittishly walking, shaking
looking paranoid, Tom points him out.
Dude that's him
Tom and John look on as he is getting laughed at and feeling
more uncomfortable.
Wow, what's his story?
I don't know, hey let's invite him
to our table, get to know him a
little bit.
John nods his head in agreement.
Hey kid.
Frank whirls around startled and looking for the voice.
Yeah you, come sit with us.


Twitching nervously Frank slowly makes his way over and sits
Hey, remember me? I was the one
who bumped into you this morning,
my name is Tom.
Tom holds his hand out to shake and Frank looks at him
curiously and eventually extends his own.
My name's Frank.
Frank looks around as if he is a runaway prisoner.
My names John, so Frank, mind if I
ask why you are frantically
looking around.
They're watching us, I know
they're secret and they want me
Tom and John look at each other confused and bit concerned,
then the bell rings, Frank takes off quickly and somewhat
stealthy and he turns to Tom and John pointing to his ears
and then around the room.
Mrs. Lewiston wakes Tom up Saturday morning at 11:00am.
Tom winces as his mom lets light into the room.
Why are you so cruel?
Mrs. Lewiston chuckles and points at the clock
                       MRS. LEWISTON
you're wasting the day away kiddo.
Tom sits up and rubs his eyes.


It's Saturday, what can I do but
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Well now since you asked, there
are lots of things you could do,
you could take out the trash for
your little old mom, Doesn't that
sound like fun?
Tom starts to laugh and smiles, eventually getting out of
bed and stretching.
O' joy, what am I sitting around
here for? there is much fun to be
Mrs. Lewiston Pats him on the shoulder and they both walk
out of the room laughing.
Tom walks to the kitchen, puts his shoes on and grabs the
garbage to take it the street.
Tom walks back in the house and runs to get his mom, smiling
from ear to ear
Mom look it's snowing,
Tom points out the window, Mrs. Lewiston looks out the
window, Mr. Lewiston is in the bathroom throwing up,
hungover. Mrs. Lewiston goes to tend to him.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom could you get me a towel and a
glass of water and bring them in
Yeah, sure
with disappointment on his face he gets the towel and the
glass of water and meets his mom in the bathroom where his
father is shaking and curled on the floor. Tom chokes up and
hands his mom the towel and water then walks away from the


Mrs. Lewiston Wipes the drool from her husbands face as he
lies there in pain, she puts the glass to his lips and tips
it ever so gently.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
      (whispering softly)
Come on sweetie you have to try to
drink some water.
still shaking Mr. Lewiston takes in a small sip and forces
it down his throat. He then returns to the floor
Mrs. Lewiston takes in a deep breath and stands up bringing
his arm with her.
                       MR. LEWISTON
What are you doing?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Come on we're going to get you
some help so you can feel better
once and for all.
Mr. Lewiston struggles to his feet being led by his wife, he
walks out of the room and winces at the light.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom comes running into the room.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
There you are, do you mind
spending a while a John's house?
How long are talking, like
                       MRS. LEWISTON
No, more like a few days, me and
your father are going north for
Alright, I'll ask him, what kind
of business?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
It's complicated, just go call


Tom runs to the phone and calls John, we don't hear the
conversation. He hangs up and returns to his mom.
Yeah he says it's fine.
Mrs. Lewiston nods and gets her boots on, then she goes to
her room to pack some bags for the trip.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Son, I'm sorry about this, just
promise me something.
                       MR. LEWISTON
Fight for what you believe, never
give up.
Fine, I promise.
Mrs. Lewiston comes walking in with two packed bags.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Alright, lets get going, be good
I will be, Don't worry about it.
John's mom pulls up in the driveway and John comes into the
Hey man, just give me a second to
pack some clothes and my
toothbrush alright.
It's cool man, take your time. Hi
Mrs. L, I'll make sure he stays
out of trouble.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Well, thank you John, Sorry but we
have to get going. bye boys.
Bye mom, be safe.


Mrs. Lewiston rushes her and her husband to the car and
drives off.
Tom comes back out and has his duffel bag ready, they get
into Johns care and begin to drive down the driveway. Tom
checks the mail before they leave and he grabs his report
card and they head to Johns house.
Tom and John are sitting at the dinner table, John is
looking over his report card.
So, how'd you do?
all B's
Nice man, even in math?
Yeah but it was almost a C so I
must not have done so good on that
test. how'd you do?
Don't know, too scared to look.
John starts laughing, Tom pulls out the envelope.
Come on man, gotta know sometime,
just open it, I bet you did fine.
Tom nervously takes a deep breath and begins to rip open the
envelope. he unfolds it and looks but does not speak.
Was I right?
Well... I got an A in English, a
C+ in gym and well I failed Math
so no you weren't right.
Tom just sits a look of disbelief on his face, shortly after
that the phone rings and its for Tom.
John's mom walks and hands Tom the phone.


                       MRS. SEYMORE
It's your mother.
      (still in shock)
Hi mom, how is everything?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Fine, just wanted to check on ya,
I saw the mailman come, did you
get your report card?
Tom puts his head down on the table.
Yeah, I got an A in English and a
C+ in gym.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Good, good and how about math?
Tom sinks his head lower and does not speak a word.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom are you there?
Yeah I'm here, I failed math mom.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
You what!! How did you do that I
thought you were getting extra
I was supposed to be but she
wouldn't give me any.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Did you tell her you were having
well I did once but she didn't
help, I'm telling you she hates
me, that's why I failed.


                       MRS. LEWISTON
I don't believe this, she is not
to blame here, I'm sure if you
just ask for extra credit she will
be glad to give it to you.
She won't, she's mean and she
doesn't care if I fail or not.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Tom I can't deal with this right
now, I having enough trouble
taking care of your father without
you making up stories and being
You really don't believe me?
                       MRS. LEWISTON
No I don't, just try harder and
she will pass you, stop screwing
around in class and listen.
      (raising his voice)
This sucks you never believe me on
anything, ever, you just always
assume I'm lying, well I don't
wanna talk to you.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I don't hate you Tom, I love you
and maybe when we come home you'll
want to talk to me, just don't say
something you'll regret.
Tom hangs up without saying goodbye and throws the phone on
the table.
                                         SWITCH TO CAR
                       KURTIS (VO)
Tom had no idea but his life was
about to take a complete U-Turn


                                         SPLIT SCREEN, TOM ON
Tom just stares at the wall reminiscing trying to figure out
what just happened, so much anger that he stands up throws a
glass at the wall and it travels slow motion.
Toms mom shakes her head in anger and regret, not paying
attention to the slippery conditions she is driving on, at
the same time the glass leaves the table the tires begin to
Tom and John sit there watching the cup sail slowly, Mrs.
Lewiston Grips the wheel and tries to correct her slide, and
suddenly headlights are coming around the bend, fear
overcomes her face.
Tom yells but his voice fades and so does the horn from the
car in the other lane and for a moment times seems to stop,
the glass hits the wall shattering and Tom's mom's car slams
head on into the truck totaling her car.
Tom breaks down and begins to cry, about two hours pass and
the only sound is that of the ambulance arriving on the
scene of the accident. Time finally returns to normal.
                                         CUT BACK TO ONLY
I'm really sorry about your glass,
and all the yelling, good night.
Tom goes to bed.
Tom lies in the bed asleep but having a nightmare.
He is awaken by the flashing red and blue lights shining in
from outside, he walks to the hallway to see what is going
A cop is knocking on the door, Mrs. Seymore answers it.
                       MRS. SEYMORE


                       POLICE OFFICER
Good evening Ma'am, do you know a
Jillian and Richard Lewiston?
Tom sneaks down to the hall concerned.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Yes, is everything okay?
Tom runs to meet Mrs. S and the police officer.
Are my mom and dad coming home
Police officer ripky tries to find his nerve.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Son I'm afraid your parents were
involved in a deadly car accident
earlier tonight, around 6:00pm
Tom's eyes widen and his breathing slows, he begins to
stumble and lose his sense of balance.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Tom I am so sorry.
The voices all around Tom begin to fade and he becomes
unresponsive. Police officer ripky and Mrs. Seymore become
                       POLICE OFFICER
Tom. Tom? can you hear me? I think
he's going into shock.
Tom does not answer, he slips further and further into shock
and stares blankly like a zombie.
Tom doesn't say another word,hours pass and He does not
sleep, just sits there lifeless.
                       KURTIS (VO)
Tom completely shut himself off
from the world that night. He just
sat there and blamed himself, he
did not sleep often and when he
did he just had dreams about the
accident and the fight he had with
his mom moments before. for months
Johns mom would find him in the
corner shaking in a cold sweat,


                       KURTIS (cont'd)
still not speaking.
John's mom comes into the check on Tom one night because she
hears him crying and finds him in the corner shivering.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Tom? Tom are you okay, please talk
to me, we're so worried about you,
it was not your fault.
Tom doesn't even acknowledge he presences and continues
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Please Tom, you haven't said a
word in 3 weeks.
Tom ignores her but stops shaking and lays back in the bed.
Concerned about Tom, Mrs. Seymore is unable to sleep. she
just paces back and forward down the hallway trying to think
of anything to help Tom.
John walks in to try to get tom to talk.
Dude, I know your going through a
really really terrible time right
now but if you ever need to talk
I'm here.
Tom rolls away from facing john and starts to cry softly,
the first sign of life from him in almost a month.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I've picked out some clothes for
you for tomorrow.
Mrs. Seymore sets down a black suit for tom to wear to his
parents burial.
Tom is dressed in his black suit waiting in his room.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Startled, Tom jumps and turns, facing Mrs. Seymore.


                       MRS. SEYMORE
It's time to go.
Looking at the ground, Tom takes a breath and walks out to
the car.
In the car, Tom stares out the window as the car drives
toward the church, outside he sees trees and more
depressingly a child walking with her parents.
As they begin to pull up and Tom can see the church,
everything just hits him at once and begins to
Tom are you okay? Mom He's
The car comes to a stop, Mrs. Seymore hands tom a paper bag
to breathe into and tries to calm him down.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Tom, remember ten deep breathes.
Tom follows the instructions and eventually gets back to
normal breathing.
They all get out of the car and tom begins to tear up.
Inside there is a lot of people to support young Tom,
included in this group is Officer Ripky
                       POLICE OFFICER
How's he doing?
                       MRS. SEYMORE
He still hasn't spoken and he is
still having nightmares.
Officer Ripky kneels down to tom and puts his hand on toms
                       POLICE OFFICER
Hey bud, you are going to be okay,
if you ever need anything you just
Tom just sighs and then runs to his seat and sits down.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Thank you Officer, you have been
really kind, this has been a
extremely rough month for him.


Officer Ripky pulls a business card out of his pocket and
hands it to Mrs. Seymore.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Listen I don't know if you would
be interested in this but if Tom
is having nightmares and
anti-social behavior, you might
give Dr. Harris a call, he is a
psychiatrist who works really good
with children.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Thank you so much I think I will
do that, I'm at a loss on how to
help him through this.
                       POLICE OFFICER
He's strong, I think he'll pull
through but just be there for him
to talk to and that's all you
really can do, the rest is up to
Officer Ripky walks off to have a seat and Mrs. Seymore
finds Tom and sits next to him as the preacher begins the
We're gathered here today to lay
to rest Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Lewiston, two loving parents who
will be dearly missed. Lord we ask
you to ascend these souls to your
palace in the sky and may you
watch over young Thomas and
deliver him from evil, and give
him the strength to carry on and
let him find comfort in that he
will one day be reunited with his
parents in the holy kingdom, Amen
The service continues and the choirs sing songs to honor the
deceased, then people line up to say there goodbyes, Tom is
hesitant to get in line.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Tom, It's okay, you take as long
as you need, I will sit here with
you if you want.
Tom thinks about it and then takes a deep breathe and gets
in line to say his goodbyes. with every step he takes his


heart beats harder and his legs become heavier, the sounds
around him start to fade until he can only hear the
amplified sounds of his heart beating. finally he makes it
to the coffins and is frozen in fear and absolute sadness.
Tom flashes back to a few years ago when he came home with
tears in his eyes and a cut on his face what his mom said
that day.
They said that you guys didn't
love me and that you didn't want
me anymore.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
Son I will always love you no
matter what and I will always be
here for you whenever you need me.
                       MRS. LEWISTON
I promise.
                                         BACK TO REAL TIME
Tom remembers what his father said to him about not backing
down and living life, suddenly it becomes way too much for
Tom to keep in and he finally breaks down, too weak to fight
back he falls to his knees and begins to cry uncontrollably,
everyone there avoids looking at this poor kid, Tom
continues to cry against His mothers coffin and then for the
first time in just about a month Tom speaks.
Tom and Mrs. Seymore are sitting in a waiting room,
receptionists are answering phones. Tom looks around
A door opens and an older gentleman with glasses and a piece
of paper steps out.
                       DOCTOR H
Thomas Lewiston?


Tom looks at Mrs. Seymore.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
That's us pal, don't be scared Dr.
Harris is a very nice man.
Dr. Harris walks over and kneels down.
                       DOCTOR H
Tom? I'm Dr. Harris, you don't
have to be afraid, no one here
will hurt you, so what do you say
I show you my cool office and we
have a talk?
Tom looks at Mrs. Seymore and she nods, Tom gets up and
still unsure shuffles slowly toward the office.
Inside the office Tom takes a seat on the lazy boy recliner.
                       DOCTOR H
So, Tom did anyone explain to you
how this works? why you're here?
Tom shakes his head.
                       DOCTOR H
You're just here to talk, and the
way this works is I will answer
your questions you have and listen
to anything you want to tell me
and it will be just me and you, no
one else will hear about it.
Tom looks up at Dr. Harris.
                       DOCTOR H
That's the way it works, you talk
and it's only between you and me,
do you have any questions?
Tom looks at the ground
They sent me because of my parents
didn't they?
                       DOCTOR H
Do you want to talk about it?


Tom shakes his head
                       DOCTOR H
Then we don't have to, talk about
anything you feel like talking
about, I won't pressure you to
talk about that if you don't want
                       DOCTOR H
Really, so what do you want to
talk about?
What kind of Dr. are you?
                       DOCTOR H
Well I got my masters in
psychology to study peoples minds
and behaviors and I also have a
associates degree in animal
Animals huh? Do you believe in
Dr. Harris chuckles and reaches in his desk searching for
something, he pulls out a giant cast of a footprint. Toms
eyes widen. Dr. Harris puts it on the desk in front of him.
                       DOCTOR H
Does that answer your question?
Whoa, is that thing real?
                       DOCTOR H
Yup, it sure is, I retrieved that
in northern NY, about 30 miles
past some small town called
Saranac Lake in the Adirondack
Mtns. We had been out there for
about 4 hours before we heard
these weird sounds but it was too
dark to see so we waited til
morning and there it was, we made
a mold of it and I brought it home
with me.


Tom becomes more interested and starts to loosen up a bit,
still so very far from recovery but Tom smirks.
Tom is exhausted and yawns deeply.
                       DOCTOR H
You look exhausted.
Yeah I haven't slept in a month, I
keep having these weird
Dr. Harris scratches something down on a piece of paper.
                       DOCTOR H
Could you tell me about these
I really don't remember them, just
that I'm in a school and people
are running around like something
bad has happened.
Dr. Harris keeps penciling away on his notepad
                       DOCTOR H
Is there anything else you can
tell me?
Sorry, that's all i remember.
                       DOCTOR H
So lets talk about school, do you
have a favorite class?
well I like to write i guess.
                       DOCTOR H
So you like English, what other
classes do you have? Math?
Tom rolls his eyes in disgust.
I hate that stupid old bat
                       DOCTOR H
Your teacher? Why?


Because she hasn't been nice to me
from day one, she's got a stick up
her ass or something, excuse my
Dr. Harris takes notes, Tom becomes uncomfortable and begins
to tap his left foot on the floor.
                       DOCTOR H
Tom? are you okay? Lets take a
breather for a minute, just relax,
is there anything else you would
like to talk about, we have about
20 minutes left in our
I hate school, and the kids,
there's a bully that has been
picking on me for years, his name
is glen and I just want to hit
No offense but it's been a really
bad day and I don't want to talk
about anything anymore, can I just
call it quits for today.
see ya
Dr. Harris sighs and closes his notebook. Tom gets up and
leaves the office.
Inside the Doctors office, it is the end of the visit and
Tom stands up.
See ya later Doc.
                       DOCTOR H
Hold on a second Tom.
Tom stops and turns to face Dr. Harris, Dr. Harris pulls a
notebook off of his desk.


                       DOCTOR H
I wanted to give this to you.
Tom takes the book with a look of confusion as he examines
And what exactly is this?
                       DOCTOR H
It's your journal, I want you to
try it out.
Tom laughs.
                       DOCTOR H
No seriously, I know that
sometimes you shut yourself off
from the world, well now you don't
have to bottle it up, when you
feel or see something write it
Alright I'll give it a try, have a
good day Dr. H.
                       DOCTOR H
You too.
Tom walks out of the office to meet Mrs. Seymore and then
they head to the car begin the journey home.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
So bud, what's the verdict?
Well, he says I need to write
more, in this journal. When ever I
feel something, but he says I'm
doing better.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I'm happy to see you doing better.
The car pulls to a stop at a red light outside a playground,
He sees a little boy playing on a basketball court, he is no
older than 6, his dad lifts him on his shoulders and passes
him the ball so he can slam dunk it, Tom is inspired to
write and opens to the first blank page.


                       TOM (VO)
title? The drive home, on my drive
home I saw a small boy playing
basketball with a man I presumed
to be his father, it made me think
back to when I was younger and my
father had played catch with me, I
am really beginning make progress
I guess but it doesn't feel like
it, I have still so many questions
that I believe Dr. Harris will
never be able to answer like.
Mrs. Seymore pats Tom on the shoulder, it startles Tom out
of his thought.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
You alright over there?
Yeah, I'm just writing.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Just making sure, you know you can
tell me anything right?
Of course, I promise I'm fine.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Tom resumes his writing.
                       TOM (VO)
Questions like, why does this hurt
so bad and when will it end. What
is my purpose? Why do I deserve to
live and not my parents? All these
questions and never any answers,
just silence, I don't understand
the society we live in where
people take each other for
granted, their lives for granted
like seeing a sunset, or taking a
walk and telling the love of your
life how you feel, or just coming
home from school and having your
parents to catch you when you fall
after a hard day. But
unfortunately I will never
experience another moment with my
mom or dad and I can't help but


                       TOM (cont'd)
think this is all my fault, that
if I didn't fight with her on the
phone then she would still be
alive, I still want that
sometimes, I wish everyday that
when I walk in the door my mom and
dad would be there and I could
take back those awful things I
said to her, the last moments
between mother and son, but
everyday I open that door and the
only one standing there is me.
The car pulls up to the house, Tom closes his note book and
goes into the house.
                                         IN THE HOUSE
Tom heads for his room, John is playing on the computer.
Hey man what's up? What is that
John points to notebook still in Toms hands.
Oh, this, this is my super manly
journal that I'm supposed to pour
my soul and feelings into.
Both boys begin to laugh.
Oh yeah, real manly dude.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
John, Tom, go wash up, dinner's in
Tom and John race to the bathroom, pushing and shoving, and
laughing, meanwhile in the kitchen Mrs. Seymore prepares a
bowl of peas and grabbing the mail, there's another letter
from John's dad and she pulls that out and puts the rest of
the mail down.
Tom and John still goofing off, come barreling into the
kitchen making it sound like a stampede.


                       MRS. SEYMORE
Whoa, whoa, let's slow it down a
little, the neighbors are going to
call the police and tell them that
we kidnapped a couple of elephants
from the zoo.
everyone laughs, and the boys have a seat at the table, Mrs.
Seymore sets the bowl of peas on the table and pulls out the
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Got another letter from your
Sweet can I read it.
Johns mom hands him the envelope and he tears it open
quickly and unfolds the letter.
Okay ready, it says...
                       JOHNS DAD (VO)
Dear John, I have some very
important news to tell you and
everyone, well here it goes, I am
supposed to be getting out by
Christmas, keep your fingers
crossed. John, I really hope you
are doing well and I am proud of
you for hanging in there, well i
really miss you guys but i have to
go, love you all, sincerely Lt.
David Seymore U.S, Army.

P.S. Tell Tom I said Hang in
Tell Tom I said hang in there? how
the heck could he even know about
Mrs. Seymore sits at the table and fidgets with her
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Well they must get the news out


Tom stares defensively and suspiciously at her for several
minutes and then eventually gives it up and resumes his
Do you really think he'll be home
for Christmas mom, oh man that
would be great, we could open
presents, eat turkey, and go
Tom looks at Mrs. Seymore for her answer, He sees a tear
start to form and Mrs. Seymore quickly wipes it away.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I don't know but I sure do hope
Well I am wicked tired all of the
sudden, I think I'll go to bed
early tonight.
Tom gets up, clears his dishes and heads to his room.
Good night man.
Tom grabs his journal and starts a new page.
                       TOM (VO)
Tonight at dinner was strange, how
did Mr. Seymore know about what
happened and why was Mrs. Seymore
acting so suspicious?
Tom closes the book, and shuts off the lights. He lies there
in the dark wide awake, confused, he eventually falls
Tom is in his room sitting on the bed, the world around him
flashes by in fast forward, Tom just remains looking out the
                       KURTIS (VO)
Tom grew extremely distant toward
Mrs. Seymore, being suspicious of
her every move, but it was only
her, Tom became good friends with
Dr. Harris who thought he was


                       KURTIS (cont'd)
doing better, John remained the
same, years passed with Tom doing
the same routine, school, home to
his room, his appetite changed,
it's like he was a ghost, the
shell of a hollow human, well
that's what everyone else said, I
met Tom his second year of high
                                         CUT TO SCHOOL
We see Tom sitting at the lunch table with john in the
morning before class, both of them a few years older now.
Dude, did you get your schedule
for this semester?
John looks briefly through a stack of papers, and then
abandons the search.
I don't have it with me but I know
I have English first and Science
Sick so at least I'll get along
with one person in class.
Glen walks into the cafeteria and pushes some kid knocking
his books to the ground.
Tom grits his teeth and clenches a fist.
God I hate that asshole, I wish
someone would just shut his mouth.
The bell rings and Tom and John head off to English with
Mrs. Waterson.
When they get there, there is a student in one of the seats,
Tom and John pick a seat in the back. the second bell rings
and everyone sits down for class.
                       MRS. W
alright class, it's the first day
and what i like to do is get to
know everyone by having them stand
up and share a little bit about
themselves. So lets start here, My


                       MRS. W (cont'd)
name is Helen, I like to read and
spend time with my cat Wiggles.
The class snickers and Mrs. Waterson grabs her clipboard of
                       MRS. W
Okay how about you?
She points to Tom.
Annoyed and reluctant Tom stands up by his desk.
Okay what exactly am I supposed to
                       MRS. W
Well, tell us who you are, what
you like to do, what you want to
be when you grow up.
Tom thinks for a second the nods his head.
Alright, well my name is Tom, I
like to play on the computer, when
I grow up I want to work in the
paranormal field, and I like to
hang out with my friends.
Glen stifles some laughter.
What friends, you have none.
Tom rolls his eyes and sits down without incident. John
stands up.
I'd like to go next if that's
                       MRS. W
Yeah that's perfect. What do you
like to do?
Well, My name is John, I'm friends
with Tom and...


More like lover.
And I like to play video games and
hang out with Tom and Frank.
Queer, homo.
Kurtis who has been getting gradually more annoyed with Glen
finally stands up.
Hey, C-cup you got a problem? Why
don't you shut your mouth.
Class gasps and everyone is shocked including Glen who is
offended by the comment.
What the hell did you just say to
You heard me turkey neck, leave
these kids alone, huh what did
they do to you?
Glen, increasingly frustrated about the fat jokes clenches a
Do you know who I am?
Santa! but the question is what do
you really know about me?
Tom and everyone else can no longer stifle their laughter
and begin a sudden burst of laughter out loud. Glen gets red
in the face and stands up. And for a moment Glen and Kurtis
stare each other down.
I'm gonna give you a break since
you're new but you better watch
your back in the future.
Kurtis chuckles, and cringes, the class the laughs.


You know what pal, why don't you
go drown your sorrows in a tub of
ice cream. Allow me to introduce
myself, my name is Kurtis, I'm
from none of your business U.S.A.
and I love to stand up for people
and I used to have a hot temper.
Mrs. Waterson is speechless.
The bell rings and the kids start to pack up, Tom thinks
about thanking Kurtis but decides not to at the moment.
Tom and John are sitting at their usual spot, they see
Kurtis grab his lunch and start looking for a place to sit,
Tom waves him over.
Hey Kurtis, dude come sit with us.
Kurtis takes his seat.
How goes life guys?
Don't know about life but class
was sure entertaining.
Kurtis chuckles slightly.
Yeah honestly I don't like to
resort to that sort of behavior
but I have bad days just like
everyone else.
Glen's been picking on us for
years since middle school.
That's alright, they usually give
it up after they're embarrassed,
but honestly that wasn't how i was
So why the move here?


Kurtis tenses up and becomes slightly uncomfortable.
Needed a fresh start.
Kurtis feeling a panic coming over him tries to redirect the
conversation with a joke. He puts his hand on John's
Sorry man I just don't get that
personal on the first date.
It works, the three of them begin to laugh.
So what's your story Tom?
Not much of a story, more like a
tiny journal entry.
Ya know, it might sound kind of
girlish but I keep a journal.
So do I, my doctor.. I mean I
write my thoughts down in it.
Kurtis picks up on the change in tone and the doctor but not
wanting to invade privacy he doesn't ask Tom about it.
The bell rings and the boys head their separate ways. Kurtis
took his time, fighting away the tears that were itching to
get out.
Tom and John walk into their last class of the day science,
they grab a seat in the corner with Kurtis.
Their Teacher Mr. Platsbury sluggishly makes his way to the
                       MR. P
Okay class we're going to talk
about the different types of trees
today, now we were going to go
outside but it looks like the


                       MR. P (cont'd)
weather has other plans.
Kurtis gets ready for the lecture and pulls out a notebook,
not write notes but instead he pulls about a piece of paper
with a title on the top that says "if i could turn back
Distracted by his own thoughts, Kurtis does not see Jack the
classmate who sat behind him creeping up slowly.
Hey Kurtis
Kurtis almost jumps out of his skin, and drops his pencil,
he picks it up and class resumes.
Dude what are you doing you scared
the shit out of me!
I'm sorry, I was just wondering if
I could borrow a pen and maybe
your notes.
Kurtis finds an extra pen and then looks at the empty page
titled notes and smiles.
Well here's a pen but the notes
are non-existent.
A spitball comes whizzing into frame and strikes Jack right
in the face. The culprits begin to chuckle, Kurtis is not
Please stop doing that.
                       MR. P
Something more interesting then
class that you want to share Jack?
I just didn't understand some of
the material so i asked Kurtis if
he would let me use his notes and
then someone hit me with a


                       JACK (cont'd)
                       MR. P
Listen I understand that down
there in room 119 they like to
baby you but I'm not here to be
your friend and I have no trouble
failing you, now if your done
whining I'd like to get back to my
Excuse me?
The bullies begin to make mooing sounds and fat gestures,
Mr. P lets it happen.
what your not going to do anything
about that but you'll yell at jack
for nothing.
                       MR. P
Jack was fooling around with you
and disturbing my class.
Kurtis shakes his head in frustration and turns around to
face Jack.
Yeah Jack, I mean god forbid you
don't understand something, or
even you know, even better, when
you get picked on by morons, it's
your fault.
Mr. Platsbury crosses his arms.
                       MR. P
You got a problem Kurtis, say it
right now.
As a matter of fact I'm glad you
asked, the problem is that this
crap school hires anyone for
teachers, it's a waste of tax
money and you're a fucking


                       MR. P
Excuse me?
You heard me, you play favorites
and prey on the weak, it's not our
fault that you hate your job, you
know what I'm out of here I can't
take this crap anymore.
Kurtis packs up his bag and begins walking toward the door.
                       MR. P
Where the hell do you think your
I'm getting out of here, I could
learn more from the discovery
                       MR. P
Hey, I'm not done with you here.
Kurtis stops, turns around slowly and looks at Mr.
Well I'm done with you.
Yeah, go Kurtis, run while you
Kurtis turns back toward the door marches right out, as he
leaves the class applauds him. Mr. P. picks up the phone and
dials the office. Kurtis exits the rear of the building
toward the parking lot, gets in his car and drives away. As
he drives away he looks in the mirror and smiles.
Tom and John sit at the usual meeting table, Tom is fighting
to keep his eyes open. Kurtis comes to the table bringing
his girlfriend.
Hey guys what's up?


Hey man, not too much, is this
your girlfriend?
Yeah this is Katie, I told her she
had to finally come to school
early and meet you guys.
Oh, hi it's good to finally meet
you, for a while there we thought
Kurtis was making you up.
Everyone laughs except for Tom who is still zoning out.
Is he okay?
John and Kurtis turn and look at Tom slumped in his seat.
Dude, you alright?
Tom doesn't even hear him.
Tom slowly lifts his head, looking sick and weak.
Dude, seriously what's wrong with
Sick, no sleep, so tired,
Dude maybe you should see a
Nah, I'll just sleep through
science along with all my other


Dude when's the last time you got
any sleep?
Tom struggles to keep himself awake and shakes himself to
wake up
I don't know, weeks maybe.
Oh my god, that's not good at all.
Tom is startled because he had not noticed Katie until now,
he looks at her tired and confused.
Who are you?
Tom this is Katie, you know my
How long has she been standing
Ever since I got here, I
introduced her, you really don't
No, I don't, well it's good to
finally meet you.
Weary and tired, Tom extends his hand and shakes Katie's.
It's good to meet you too, so did
you say you were having
Yeah, terrible, same one for a
week straight.
Katie sits down at the table.
Have you gone to see a doctor
about it?


Yup, good old Doc. Harris.
How long have you been seeing him?
Tom laughs.
Too long.
Why is it that you're so curious
about me?
I didn't mean to upset you, I was
only trying to help.
We're worried about you man.
What's there to be worried about,
I'm just really tired and I have
my bad days like everyone else and
i wish everyone would get off my
back and stop watching me like I
am some sort of nutcase
Dude, what are you even talking
about? No one thinks you're a nut,
you just haven't been yourself
lately and we are a little
Tom stumbles to his feet and gets his backpack.
I'm telling you, I'm fine! never
The bell rings and it is time for class, Tom balances
himself, takes a deep breath and storms off to class.
In English class John sits next to Tom who is still dizzy
and tired but no longer angry.


Hey man, look I didn't mean to
make you mad earlier.
Hey, it wasn't even you, I just, I
don't know man, I'm losing it.
Is it the same nightmares you were
having before?
Dude, just don't worry about it,
I'll be fine.
Kurtis comes into class and sits next to Tom.
That's funny because you don't
look alright.
Dude I'm just tired, alright, now
if you fellas don't mind im just
going to rest my eyes for a
Tom puts his head down, but passes out instantly, he is
woken up 30 minutes later.
                       MRS. W
Kurtis shakes Tom awake, but Tom slips back out of
Mrs. W. becomes concerned and calls the nurse.
Tom begins to shake and roll in his desk like he was having
a nightmare. when he finally snaps to he is surrounded by
people and glen and his friends are laughing at him.
Did the little baby have a
nightmare, ooh boohoo.
Tom are you okay? you passed out.


Tom tries to get his breath back, he looks around confused
and spots Glen laughing with his friends and Tom clenches a
You shut your fat mouth right now
Ooh I'm really scared of the kid
that has nightmares. Tell me do
you piss yourself at night too.
Tom starts to shake and attempts to lunge toward Glen but
Kurtis grabs him.
Let go of me man!
It's not worth it, Tom he's
nothing man let it go.
Tom continues to try to free himself but soon realizes that
Kurtis has too strong a grip and gives up.
I swear, some day I will get you
back for this, I swear it.
I left you a little surprise you
Glen grins and Tom just glares at him and clenches his teeth
to the point where they begin to bleed a little.
Dude you're bleeding, maybe you
should go to the nurse.
Tom wipes the blood from his lip and spits the rest on the
I'm fine!
The bell rings, the rest of the class hoping for a fight
slowly files out of class but it goes on without incident.
Hey man, what was that all about.


I'm so sick of his shit.
Tom punches his locker in anger and makes a few passerby's
jump and look.
Don't even worry about him, if you
let him bother you, he wins.
Yeah because you've dealt with
bullying so much.
Actually, yeah I have a lot from
where I came from.
Tom frustratingly tries to remember his combination but can
not get it under his condition.
Which is?
It's in the past, let it stay
I forgot you're the mysterious one
with the skeleton's in his closet.
Am I right?
Not exactly. look we should get to
class, we have an assembly this
afternoon so at least we don't
really have to deal with Mr.
Tom gives up on his locker and picks up his bag to go to
Well I'm glad you can always look
on the bright side of the world.
Tom storms off, Kurtis just shakes his head and walks the
other way.


Tom gets in line to get his food, still in a fowl mood from
earlier but calmer. Tom gets his pizza and takes a seat at
the usual table.
Listen, I'm sorry I flipped out
earlier but I haven't been
sleeping well lately, the
nightmares are becoming more
Forget it man, I know you were
just taking it out on whoever was
there, are you feeling a little
calmer now?
Not much.
What's this assembly that we have
I'm not sure, but it's better than
Tom laughs and then dips his pizza in a some ranch dressing
and eats it.
Do you at least remember your
locker combo again?
Tom puts his head down and starts laughing.
Screw you man, yeah I remember it,
I have to get my science crap out
of there before class.
You actually did that crap? I
swear he's about as useful as
dissolving toilet paper.
I don't get it. aren't you worried
about failing.


Nope, don't need the class, the
only class i needed to graduate
was 11-2 English because I never
took it. Nothing short of a
disaster will stop me from
The bell rings, Tom and Kurtis head to Tom's locker to
retrieve his science homework. Tom is turning his combo and
gets it when John walks down the hall distracting Tom while
he opens his locker.
Sgoin' on buddy, ready for
Yeah I just have to grab my.
Tom stops dead as he looks in his locker and finds a series
of newspaper clipping from his parent's car accident
including the picture of the scene.
Tom begins to shake violently, the voices around him become
distorted and his balance becomes increasingly terrible.
That son of bitch!
Tom falls to the floor and continues to shake.
Tom? can you hear me?
Somebody call an ambulance.
Someone gets the nurse and ten minutes later paramedics
Son, can you hear me? do you know
where you are?
The paramedic flashes his light in Tom's eyes who is


He's not responding, get the
The stretcher is brought in and Tom is loaded on it. He
begins to fade in and out of consciousness, In the ambulance
he tries to lift his head.
Whoa whoa, take it easy you're on
the way to the hospital.
Tom finally passes out and is out for several hours, when he
wakes up he doesn't open his eyes but he can hear people
Is he going to be okay?
He had a pretty close call there,
another spell like that and he
might have a heart attack, are you
The only family he has right now,
his parents died a few years ago,
me and my mom have been taking
care of him since.
Yeah, it's me, you really scared
us there.
John you need to do something,when
you get home look in your mom's
room in her dresser. You'll find
the truth.
John gets back home after visiting Tom in the hospital who
has been there for 2 days now, he walks to his room but
stops at his mom's door.


                       TOM (VO)
Look in her dresser, that's where
you'll find the truth.
John thinks for a moment and then decides to look, he pulls
open the first drawer and finds an envelope and underneath
that is paper made to look old and dirty and a pen.
Beneath that he finds an unfinished letter supposedly signed
by his father but was in his mom's handwriting, as he pieced
it together most of them were in her writing.
The front door opens, John shoves everything back in the
drawer and leaps to his room.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
John, Tom, anybody home?
John comes out of his room trying to act like everything is
Hey mom, how was your trip?
Mrs. Seymore puts her purse down on the counter and sits
down at the kitchen table.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
It was fine, wheres Tom?
Oh he's at the hospital, he had a
mental breakdown at school, I
tried to get a hold of you but you
wouldn't answer the phone.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
What? is he okay?
He's still not all there but I
need to go get him, I'll be back.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Are you okay?
John starts to walk out the door, with the keys to his car.
Just freaking peachy.
John slams the door, gets in his car and drives to the


John walks in the hospital to Tom's room, Tom is getting his
shoes on.
Hey, ready to go home?
Yeah I guess.
You feeling alright?
As good as I will. Did you find
what you were looking for?
You'll find out later, lets get
the hell out of here, it smells
like death.
Tom is discharged and they walk out of the hospital and into
John's car.
Time for some real food, that
hospital crap went right through
Yeah well my mom is home from her
trip and she's making a big
dinner, and we're going to have a
big talk.
Listen man I wanted to tell you
but I didn't know how.
Yeah well it's her that should
have told me.
After a few minutes of silence they finally arrived at the
house, when they got in, Tom hits the fridge and gets two
cold sodas.
So do you think you're going to be
ready for school tomorrow?


Nope, the doctor thought that
after what happened me going back
would not be healthy so he gave me
this note for staying home for a
week, I need you to give this to
the office tomorrow.
Yeah I think I can do that.
Mrs. Seymore walks into the kitchen and John Immediately
went silent.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Hey Tom are you feeling better?
No offense but after what happened
that's a very stupid question.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
You're right, I'm sorry, do you
want to talk about it?
Tom finishes his soda and throws in the trash and walks
toward his room.
You know I'm a little tired, I'm
going to go lay down.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
Okay, John do you want to help me
shop for groceries?
No but I will if you need me to.
                       MRS. SEYMORE
I would really appreciate it.
Lets get going then because Kurtis
wanted to hang out today.
They drive to the store, John stares out the window the
whole time trying to comprehend what he had found out.
While in the store John runs into Katie.


John? hey over here.
John whirls around a few times and finds a familiar face.
Hey Kate, what are you doing here?
Oh, not much just doing some light
What's in there?
John points to the bag in her hand.
Katie panics and quickly hides the bag from sight.