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by Curtis James Coffey (de_cafe6914@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, continues his crusade to punish the guilty, this time dealing with a corrupt corporation that's involved with a sex trade.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


As per usual for the Lower East Side, Clinton Street is
booming with people of all colors and nationalities. The
place is alive with life, despite the poor living
conditions. Bars are jam-packed and people flock to the
various gambling dens and clubs.

The door to one such place suddenly bursts open and a
terrified looking young woman, VIORICA, comes scattering

She's crying, dirty, and looks as if she's been beaten. In
reality, she looks like a typical hooker you'd find in the

She feverishly looks around and takes off running down the
street, weaving in and out of the crowds of people.

No sooner does she start running when a group of five
ALBANIAN THUGS come running out after her.

The chase is on.

The terrified Viorica cuts across the street, dodging cabs
and other cars, and continues running down the sidewalk.

The Albanian Thugs continue to follow her, maintaining
pursuit, ever gaining on her.

Viorica turns around to see where her chasers are, and
they're not far behind - Knowing what awaits her if she is
caught, Viorica pushes herself harder, finding new speed in

She quickly cuts down into an alley.
Viorica bolts down the alley, and cuts right.

She tosses some trash cans to the ground in an attempt to
slow down her pursuers - Thus far, it's not working. They're
still coming and have no intentions of slowing down.

Not loosing heart, the frightened girl keeps running, until

Damn. A dead end.


She turns around, sobbing, and crumples to her knees,
looking at the ground.

The Albanian thugs are quickly right in front of her,
looking down at her. While they shout and curse at her in
Albanian, one of them spits at her.

The apparent leader takes out a knife and steps towards her.

Suddenly, a FIGURE drops down onto one of the thugs,
crushing him under his boots.

on his Kevlar vest.

The Punisher raises a boot and then brings it down hard into
the back of the thug's skull, caving it in slightly -- The
Punisher then quickly kicks another thug's knee, breaking
it, and quickly snaps his neck -- The leader turns and runs
at The Punisher, stabbing at him with his knife -- The
Punisher quickly evades the knife, gets the leader in a sort
of headlock, and in a jerking motion, cracks his neck -- The
fourth Albanian thug draws a handgun and points it at The
Punisher, who quickly grabs his wrist, performs an arm
break, disarming the thug, and slams him against the brick
wall -- The Punisher then takes out a knife and quickly
throws it into the forehead of the last thug.

All of this happens in mere moments, barely registering.

Viorica looks up and around at the carnage, then at The
Punisher, who is standing above her, looking down at her.

The thug that The Punisher slammed against the wall stirs a
bit and The Punisher quickly shoots him with his own gun,
killing him.

The Punisher looks at Viorica.
                       THE PUNISHER
You're safe.
He extends his hand to help her up.

Viorica looks at him and faints.

The Punisher looks around the alley. He then looks at
Viorica and sighs, annoyed. Finally, he leans down, scooping
her up.


TIBERIU BALUT, a salty old Russian, sits behind his desk,
downing vodka.

I don't see that whore with you.
                       ALBANIAN THUG
She escaped.
Give me a good reason why you
couldn't catch one little girl.
                       ALBANIAN THUG
The Punisher.
Tiberiu looks up, his eyes widening slightly. He ponders a
We move ahead earlier than
expected. Call your people. Forget
the girl. She won't talk. We have
sister. Keep your eye out. Tighten
Outside a huge, multi-storied building, a Cadillac pulls up
out front.

Tiberiu steps out. He looks up at the huge building and
heads for the doors.
Sitting comfortably behind a cedar wood desk, in a large,
black leather chair, sits HARRY EBBING, CEO of Dynaco
Corporation, wearing a $10,000 Armani suit.

He's looking over spreadsheets for the company and his phone
                       WANDA (O.S.)
      (through intercom)
Excuse the interruption, Mr.
Ebbing, but there's a Mr. Balut
here to see you. He's not on your


                       WANDA (cont'd)
schedule, but he says you're
expecting him.
Harry sets the spreadsheet down and pushes a button on his
It's quite all right, Wanda. Go
ahead and show him in.
A moment later, his door opens and Tiberiu steps inside his
office, closing the door behind him.

Harry motions for him to come sit down and he accepts the

Harry pushes the button on his phone again.
Hold my calls, Wanda. And push the
eight o'clock meeting to nine,
                       WANDA (O.S.)
      (through intercom)
Sure thing, Mr. Ebbing.
Harry looks at Tiberiu, sighing.
Well, it's a pleasure to finally
meet you, Mr. Balut. I've been
waiting to put a face to the name
for some time now. I must say
though, I wasn't expecting the
sudden rush forward.
The pleasure is mine, I'm sure. I
do hope it is no problem for you.
This is some building you own, Mr.
No, no problem. I actually own
three more just like it. And call
me Harry, please.
Tiberiu looks around the office.


And are they all as lavish as
Absolutely. If you've got the
money, why spare expense, you
Not particularly, Mr. Ebbing. I'd
like to get down to business, if
you don't mind. I'm a busy man, as
I'm sure you understand.
Oh, yeah. Of course. I am too. You
know, running a multi-million
dollar corporation isn't as easy
as it sounds.
Harry chuckles to himself. Tiberiu doesn't seem amused.

Harry clears his throat, becoming visibly nervous.
I'm not really familiar with how
this goes, so if you'd please
explain it to me, I'll see what we
can do.
A boat will come into the harbor
every month. Its cargo will vary
from anywhere between fifty to one
hundred women. It's under the
guise of building material, with
the fake name Cristu Industries.
We've been successful so far, but
lately the National Guard is
really busting our balls, if
you'll pardon the expression.
Not at all.
I come to you, because as you'll
understand, it's always good to
have influential friends when
you're a business man. You keep
the Guard off our back, confirm
the shipments, maybe pay off the
right people, and you'll receive a


                       TIBERIU (cont'd)
portion of the profits, as well as
unlimited services for you and any
of your friends.
Harry thinks about it for a moment.
I just don't know if it's a safe
investment, Mr. Balut. I mean, if
something were to go wrong, and
the thing was to be blown wide
open, the company would fall. I
understand there was an incident
just last night at your club,
which, I'm assuming, is why you're
wanting to rush ahead.
That is being taken care of. Do
not concern yourself with my side
of the business. You and I both
know that you have your hands in
many other illegal pies, Mr.
Ebbing. You run the same risk with
me as you do with your others. I
cover my mistakes, you cover
What about The Punisher? How can I
be sure your men can secure the
shipments from him, if you can't
even handle one little girl?
I'd watch your tone. You're not so
big, you know. If you'd like, you
can bring someone in to make sure
everything, how you say, goes
without a hitch.
Do you have anyone in mind?
Maybe. I send list. You choose.
Harry continues to contemplate.

After a moment, he extends his hand and Tiberiu shakes it.


Viorica sleeps on The Punisher's cot, covered with blankets.

A train rattles through the tunnels and can be heard quite
loudly, rumbling the place.

Viorica awakens with a start and bolts up, looking around.
                       THE PUNISHER (O.S.)
The Punisher approaches her and offers her a mug of coffee.

She looks at him, unsure.
                       THE PUNISHER
Viorica looks at him and the cup.

He motions for her to take it, and she does, taking a sip.

The Punisher sits down across from her.

Viorica looks around, still apparently shaken from last
                       THE PUNISHER
I'm not going to hurt you.
She looks at him, sizing him up.
                       THE PUNISHER
Do you remember what happened last
Viorica doesn't say anything.
                       THE PUNISHER
Do you speak English?
No good.
                       THE PUNISHER
That's all right. We'll take it
Where we are?


                       THE PUNISHER
A safe place.
Viorica continues to drink her coffee and The Punisher looks
her up and down, taking note of her marks and bruises.
                       THE PUNISHER
Who were those men last night? Why
were they trying to hurt you?
They my owners. Angry I disobey.
The Punisher looks at her, not quite sure what she means.
                       THE PUNISHER
Viorica suddenly stands up.
I must get to them. Beat me if
don't work.
The Punisher stands up.
                       THE PUNISHER
You're not going anywhere. Nobody
owns you.
Viorica starts crying.
Don't understand. Must go!
The Punisher slowly approaches her and sits her back down.
                       THE PUNISHER
Just calm down. What's your name?
Viorica calms herself and looks at The Punisher.
                       THE PUNISHER
Where are you from, Viorica? Your


                       THE PUNISHER
You have family here?
Parents here. Can't see them. Not
                       THE PUNISHER
Your parents don't want to see
Viorica shakes her head.
Owners won't let.
                       THE PUNISHER
Tell me about these owners.
Viorica wipes the tears from her eyes.
They come to village with guns and
bombs. Take what they want. Kill
many. Not girls. They take us in
truck. Lock us in cage, and put us
out to sea. We come to America,
but not free. We must work. The
men do what they want to us, and
we give money to owners. If we
disobey, we beaten. Too many
times, we are killed.
                       THE PUNISHER
There are others like you?
Viorica nods her head and cries some more.
Many. Boats like me. Younger
sister is worker. I must get back
to watch her. I must keep safe.
The Punisher stands up.
                       THE PUNISHER
You're not going back to work.
Nobody is.
The Punisher walks across his HQ and opens a lock box.

He takes out one stack of $100's out of many and walks back
over to Viorica, handing her one.


She looks at him, confused.
                       THE PUNISHER
Buy yourself some clothes, some
hot food, and get a room at the
Ennis Street Hotel. It's safe
My sister -
                       THE PUNISHER
Not my problem. Do as I say. Get
out of here.
The Punisher walks away.
Outside a small Harlem Church, all is serene.

A GANGSTER approaches the church, takes a Glock out of his
pants, and hides it under a bush. He steps inside the
The Gangster makes his way to the confession booth and steps

FATHER REDONDO, aka THE HOLY, a half Spanish/half White
priest finishes lighting candles and makes his way to the
other side of the booth.
The Gangster sits inside the booth.
Yo Father, you there? I ain't got
all day. I'm a busy man, naw I'm
                       THE HOLY
I'm here, my son. How long has it
been since your last confession?
It's been like foreva.


                       THE HOLY
And you seek absolution for your
Yeah, I guess.
                       THE HOLY
Go ahead.
Well, let's see. Where should I
begin? Last week I robbed a liquor
store. Motherfucker tried to pull
a fast one on me so I capped his
bitch ass. I bought and sold some
drugs. I beat this little bitch's
ass that owed me money. And, uh,
oh yeah, I helped my friends out
in a drive-by.
The Holy sits there, listening to the Gangster talk,
completely sickened.
                       THE HOLY
Whatchu waitin' for? Ain't you
supposed to absolve me or whateva
of my sins? All is forgiven and
The Holy does not respond.
Yo, father!
The Gangster leans forward to try to look through the mesh
covering to see if Father Redondo is there.
Where'd you -
Suddenly, the curtain to the Gangster's side of the booth is
yanked aside and The Holy is standing there, hatchet raised.
                       THE HOLY
Oh, I'll absolve you!


The Gangster turns around, shocked.
Holy -
The Holy brings his hatchet down hard and the Gangster
                       THE HOLY
Yes! Holy!
The Holy yanks the axe out of the squirming and bloody
                       THE HOLY
He brings the axe down again. Then again. And again.
The Holy stumbles out of the booth, covered with blood, and
drops the bloody hatchet onto the ground.

He falls to his knees and buries his face into his hands.
                       THE HOLY
Oh, dear God. I've done it again.
A FIGURE approaches the door to Lucky's Bar, wearing an over
sized winter coat, sunglasses, and a baseball cap.

The figure stumbles inside the bar.
The figure enters the bar and looks around.

Sitting at a booth in the corner is The Punisher, wearing a
black trench coat with the collar popped up and a baseball
cap himself.

The figure makes his way over to the table and sits down.
                       THE PUNISHER
Nice disguise, Soap.
The figure is MARTIN SOAP. He looks around.


Keep your voice down, Frank. I'm
incognito. It's dangerous meeting
during the day like this, you know
that. I'd be fired and arrested if
I was seen talking with you, and
I'm not the luckiest guy in the
                       THE PUNISHER
This won't take long.
So, what's up?
The BARTENDER walks over to the table and sets two pints of
beer down and walks away.
                       THE PUNISHER
I ordered you something to drink.
I didn't think you drank.
                       THE PUNISHER
I don't.
Soap begins quickly downing his pint.
                       THE PUNISHER
What's the word today on human
Soap shakes his head.
There isn't one.
                       THE PUNISHER
Last night I saved this girl from
Moldova from some Albanian thugs.
She was their slave, Soap. Their
sex slave.
Soap takes this in for a second.
Oh, no.
Soap drains the mug and grabs the second one.


And you think there are others?
The Punisher nods his head.
                       THE PUNISHER
She said boat loads like her.
I don't know, Frank. Maybe she was
just confused or scared or
something. I don't think the
National Guard would let someone
bring in boat loads of girls
without checking with the proper
authorities. We'd hear something
about it. I mean, that kind of
stuff just doesn't happen anymore.
                       THE PUNISHER
Look into it for me, will you? Her
name is Viorica.
Yeah, sure. Of course, bud. But
I'm thinking she was probably just
a hooker that didn't want to be
The Punisher shakes his head.
                       THE PUNISHER
There was something in her eyes,
The Punisher looks at Soap with his cold, hollow eyes.
                       THE PUNISHER
In the cold darkness of a club basement, locked in animal
cages, are a bunch of young girls. They're scared, worn out,
beaten, and depressed.

One such girl is IANA, Viorica's sister. She sits in her
cage, knees pulled up to her chest, crying.


In the cage next to her sits ANGELES, she's slightly older,
and doesn't look quite so scared.

She reaches her hand through the cage and touches Iana,
startling her.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Iana looks at her, but doesn't say anything.
My name is Angeles.
Iana hesitates a moment.
You're new?
Iana nods her head.
I been here months. Listen to me,
Iana. When they take you, don't
fight. Don't cry. Leave your body
here, and take your spirit to
another place. You understand?
Iana nods her head.

The door to the basement opens and footsteps are heard
coming down the stairs. The light in the basement flickers
on and Tiberiu is standing there with another man. A CLIENT.

The girls all push themselves as far back into their cages
as possible. There's dozens of them.
How does this work?
You take your pick, my friend. Any
girl you want. Price stays the
The Client looks at the room of girls, rather nervously.

He looks at Tiberiu.


They all perform?
They all do exactly what you tell
them to do. No worries. Any bad
behavior, teach them a lesson.
Just let me know when you bring
them back, yes?
The Client nods his head and looks over the girls, still
quite nervous.

Tiberiu notices and pats him on the back.
You look nervous. Relax, my
I'm sorry, it's just...I've never
done this sort of thing before.
And if my wife found out -
The only way she knows is if you
tell her.
The Client rests his eyes on Iana and points at her.
That one.
Excellent choice, my friend.
Freshest one I have.
Tiberiu approaches her cage, unlocks it, and opens it up.

Iana flattens herself against the wall as much as she can.
Come, girl!
Iana shakes her head.

Tiberiu swears in Russian, reaches into the cage, and grabs
her. Iana fights with him and cries as he drags her out of
the cage.

Tiberiu stands her up and backhands her to the ground. He
then stands her up again, gripping her by her hair.


The Client watches, horrified.
Uhm, I don't know if -
What? Is fine! She will be good,
Tiberiu pulls her hair and she cries out.

She nods her head, crying.

Tiberiu releases her.
We have room upstairs. Bring her
back when you are finished.
The Client leads Iana away.
The Holy pulls a large, overstuffed trash bag out of the
confession booth. A leg is sticking out of it.
                       MRS. PEARSE (O.S.)
Father Redondo?
The Holy turns, shocked.

MRS. PEARSE, an elderly woman of about ninety is standing
there, her eyes barely open.
                       THE HOLY
M-m-Mrs. Pearse!
                       MRS. PEARSE
How're yeh this mornin', Father?
Are yeh well?
The Holy looks at her, still shocked.
                       THE HOLY
I - D-didn't think you came in to
clean the church until Tuesday!
Mrs. Pearse places her hand to her ears.
                       MRS. PEARSE


                       THE HOLY
I said I didn't think you -
                       MRS. PEARSE
What? You'll have to speak up,
Father. Me hearin's not what it
Mrs. Pearse looks into the blood-soaked booth.
                       MRS. PEARSE
Oh, have yeh spilled the communion
                       THE HOLY
I - I -
                       MRS. PEARSE
Is it the communion wine, Father?
Me eyesight's not what it was, yeh
know? Well, whatever it is, I'll
soon clean it up for yeh.
Tuesday's cleanin' day, so it is.
                       THE HOLY
But today's Friday, Mrs. Pearse.
                       MRS. PEARSE
                       THE HOLY
      (louder, and
       louder still)
Today's Friday! Today-is-Friday!
                       MRS. PEARSE
Oh, it's Wednesday, is it? Well,
sure, me memory's not what it was.
She squints down at the large trash bag with the leg
sticking out of it that The Holy was dragging.
                       MRS. PEARSE
What's the yeh've got there,
Father? Is it a turkey, is it?
Mrs. Pearse takes off her jacket.
                       MRS. PEARSE
Sure Thanksgiving's not for
months, Father! Even I know that!


Mrs. Pearse then turns and begins walking towards the
                       MRS. PEARSE
Well, I can't stand here
blatherin', not when there's work
to be done. Have you seen where I
left me mop, Father? Have yeh?
The Holy stands there, watching her walk away. Stunned.
Shocked. Confused. And relieved.
Inside the board room of a slick corporation, MARK is
reading a paper from a portfolio to a bunch of suits sitting
around a large conference table.
So, in conclusion, profits are up,
and will continue to gross our
revenues upwards of two million
dollars this month alone.
The CHAIRMAN sits at the head of the large table, nodding
his head.
As usual, thank you, Mark.
Mr. Chairman.
I believe that concludes our
business for today -
                       MR. PAYBACK (O.S.)
The Chairman looks to the direction of the voice.
What the hell -
Standing in the doorway of the board room is a built guy
with a 5 o'clock shadow, a white tank top, brown gloves, and
a red bandanna-like mask - MR. PAYBACK. He's holding a


                       MR. PAYBACK
Call me Mr. Payback. Payback for
the misery you've caused! Payback
for the communities you've
Everyone in the room looks at him, terrified.
But - what are you talking about?
Mr. Payback looks at the Chairman intensely.
                       MR. PAYBACK
You know, monster. You know.
Worldwide Investment Corporation -
the great and the good! A finger
in every pie. Millions of dollars
pass through your hands each
month, and millions of gallons of
blood are splashing on those same
Mark stands up, furious.
That's a damn lie!
Mr. Payback shoots him down.
                       MR. PAYBACK
No backchat!
Everyone jumps up in terror, stunned by the sudden explosion
of violence.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Back in your seats!
The suits do as they're told.
                       MR. PAYBACK
You invested in Larson Aircraft
Corp. Built airliners with
substandard engines. Losing a
lawsuit would be cheaper than
refitting the planes, you figured.
Two hundred seventy-five people
died when flight L-901 piled into
a mountain - But you didn't care.
Mr. Payback slowly walks around the table.


                       MR. PAYBACK
Larson Factory was closed down.
Cost three thousand people their
jobs. Fairville became a
crime-ridden slum - But you didn't
Mr. Payback continues walking, getting angrier by the
                       MR. PAYBACK
You set up a new factory in
Taiwan. Your workers' pay and
safety standards are some of the
lowest on the planet. You colluded
with local authorities to combat
unrest in the workforce. Over a
hundred union workers were killed
by police death squads - But you
didn't care!
You can't prove any of that!
Mr. Payback points his weapon at the Chairman.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Silence! You people are criminal
scum! You sit here in your fancy
boardroom with your thousand
dollar suits and you think your
hands are clean, but you are
wrong! You are guilty, and it's
time for payback!
Mr. payback shoots the Chairman, who is still seated in his

The other board members get up and start running for the

Mr. Payback quickly turns around and unloads.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Harry watches the events of Mr. Payback unfold on the TV in
his office. He pushes pause and the image freezes.

He talks to an unseen figure.


You see, this is exactly the kind
of reason why it's nice to have
someone of your talents on board.
Not only do I have The Punisher to
worry about, but now I have this
scumbag as well. I was originally
only going to have you oversee the
shipments, but now I think I'd
like to keep you under my
employment full time.
Harry looks over a sheet of paper.
And I must say, your resume is
quite impressive. Sent to a Youth
Detention Center when you were a
boy, recruited straight from there
by the US Army. Green Beret,
worked with the CIA. Dishonorably
discharged for misconduct. Served
in prison for decapitating a
fellow rival gangster. You're just
the man I've been looking for.
What do you say, Mr. Barracuda?
BARRACUDA steps out of the shadows of the office.

He's a great, hulking beast of a black man with cold eyes.
He's dressed like a professional gang-banger, if there is
such a thing.
A job is a job, Mr. Ebbing. In
these hard times, any honest work
is appreciated.
I would hardly call it honest.
For a man like me, this is about
as honest as it gets. It sounds
like a lot of fun, if you ask me.
There is a knock on the door, and it opens.

DERMOT enters the office.
Dermot, perfect timing!


Sorry to interrupt, but this is
kind of important.
Dermot walks right past Barracuda and hands Harry a sheet of
Excuse you, motherfucker.
Dermot turns to Barracuda.
I'm sure that this is much more
important than whatever whack job
Harry is hiring you for. So if
you'll please excuse us.
Dermot! You will not be rude to my
Dermot looks at Barracuda.
Mr. Barracuda, this is Dermot, my
right-hand in the company. Without
him, I wouldn't have a leg to
stand on.
Pleasure to meet you, Dermot.
Dermot turns to Harry.
What are you hiring him for?
Mr. Barracuda is going to be
overseeing our new venture with
Mr. Balut, as well as provide 24
hour security against threats like
The Punisher and this
bandanna-wearing fruit topping.
Dermot turns to Barracuda, forcing a smile.
Well then, welcome aboard.
Thank you.


I have to ask; Is Barracuda your
real name?
Barracuda smiles, revealing teeth that have been filed down
to points, a few of them gold plated.
Life isn't quite so vibrant and exciting on Clinton Street
during the day. In fact, it's damn near depressing.
On the rooftop across the street from one of the clubs sits
The Punisher, looking it over with his binoculars.

He sees a couple Albanians walk out of the club, but nobody
is going in.

He looks at his watch and then writes something down in his

He looks down on it again.

A moment later, the Client steps out, straightens his tie,
and begins to walk away.

The Punisher sets down his binoculars.
Tiberiu throws Iana into her cage and locks her up. She's
been beaten and she curls into a ball, sobbing.

Angeles looks at her, taking pity.
It will be all right. The pain
will stop, and soon, you'll feel
nothing at all.
Iana continues crying.
The Client walks down the sidewalk, looking around

Two hands suddenly grab him and yank him into an alley.


The Punisher pins him up against the wall of the alley and
looks the terrified man dead in the eyes.
Oh, shit! Please don't hurt me!
The Client realizes who it is.
Hey, it's you!
                       THE PUNISHER
The club. What's inside?
Club? What club?
The Punisher slugs him in the gut and he groans.
                       THE PUNISHER
You know who I am?
The Client nods his head.
                       THE PUNISHER
Then don't fuck with me. What's
inside the club?
Girls! There's girls inside the
                       THE PUNISHER
How many?
I don't know. A lot! He has them
locked up in cages.
                       THE PUNISHER
I don't know! Some Russian guy, I
don't remember his name!
                       THE PUNISHER
These girls, what are they used


What do you think, man? You pay
for the girl, you do what you want
to her, and you drop her off. A
friend told me about it, all
                       THE PUNISHER
Who is this friend?
The Client hesitates.
If I tell you, will you let me go?
I haven't done anything bad.
                       THE PUNISHER
I'll consider it.
Harry Ebbing. Please, let me go. I
have a wife and a kid.
The Punisher is disgusted by this and he flings the Client
to the ground.
                       THE PUNISHER
You have a family and you're here,
doing this?
The Punisher kicks the Client.
                       THE PUNISHER
You honor them.
- kicks again.
                       THE PUNISHER
You stay true to them.
- another kick.
                       THE PUNISHER
You never take them for granted.
- one last kick.
                       THE PUNISHER
You protect them!
The Client lays on the ground, gasping for air and crying.


                       THE PUNISHER
Go home to your family. Stay with
them. I see you on this street
again, I'll kill you.
And with that, The Punisher is gone.
Soap sits down in the basement of the police station,
looking through his computer and glancing at a folder every
now and then.

A moment later, a woman with red hair steps up to him. MOLLY
VON RICHTOFEN. He doesn't notice.

As he goes to take a sip from his coffee cup -
Detective Martin Soap?
She startles him and he spills the coffee into his lap.
Ah, shit.
He looks at Molly, taken aback.
Oh, uh, excuse me.
Is this a bad time? I didn't mean
to startle you.
No, not at all. Good a time as
any. It's just my luck, Ms. ?
Lieutenant Von Richtofen. Call me
Molly. I'm the first piece of luck
you've had all day.
Soap continues wiping himself off and looks at her,
Mind if I smoke?


She takes out a cigarette and begins to inhale.
Well, I dont -
Thanks. You're the departments
biggest loser, and I'm its biggest
embarrassment. Want to prove
everyone wrong and crack the
Punisher case?
I - I -I'm sorry. I'm having
trouble keeping up. The
departments biggest embarrassment?
Refused to sleep with the
commissioner at a press
conference. Didn't realize I was
in range of the mic.
Oh, you're THAT Molly Von
As a special thank you, he
assigned me to the Punisher task
force. With your extensive
knowledge on him, and my
experience in the field, we'll be
the most Titanic team-up of all
Soap sits there, stuttering, trying to find words.
Excellent. Let's get started.
Uh, I'm kinda working on something
else at the moment, actually,
Can it wait?
It's important.


Can I help? The sooner this is
wrapped up, the sooner we can get
started on the Punisher.
Soap hands her the file.
Human trafficking, eh? Do you know
something I don't, Soap?
Molly smiles, and Soap blushes.
On the clean, sunny streets of a suburban neighborhood,
filth lurks, in the form of a drug DEALER. He walks around,
hands in his jacket pockets.

A TEEN approaches him.
Hey man, you got the stuff?
That depends. You got the money?
The Teen takes out a roll of cash and hands it to the
Dealer. In return, the dealer hands him a bag of coke. The
two part ways.

The Dealer turns the corner and runs right into somebody.

Somebody wearing a white suit. Somebody with blond hair.
Somebody wearing a shield-like face plate. ELITE.
Excuse me.
You're excused, freak.
The Dealer pushes past him and Elite turns to him.
Are you selling crack, by any
chance, sir?
The Dealer stops and turns around, smiling.


Why? You looking for something?
Elite looks around at the nice, quiet neighborhood.
This is a very nice neighborhood
you're encroaching upon, sir.
Perhaps you could find somewhere
more appropriate to tender your
Whatever, man. I do what I want.
I don't think you understand. This
is a nice neighborhood. Children
are safe here, crime is minimal,
and property values are very high.
I cannot allow you to conduct
business anywhere within a
ten-block radius of this spot.
You're trippin', man.
Elite takes out a silenced pistol and shoots out both of the
Dealer's kneecaps.

He drops to the ground, yelling in pain.
Ok! I'll leave and take my shit
some place else! Don't kill me,
Elite. My name is Elite.
Elite then shoots him twice in the chest and finally in the

Elite calmly puts his pistol away, turns around, and walks
around the corner.

Along the way, he passes an OLD LADY who is walking her
Your dog is urinating on the
sidewalk, ma'am.


                       OLD LADY
What's it to you, freakshow?
The name is Elite, ma'am.
Elite takes out his silenced pistol and shoots the dog.

He turns and begins to walk away.
                       OLD LADY
Mr. Fluffikins?
      (looking back)
It's a nice neighborhood, ma'am.
Let's try to keep it that way.
JENNIFER COOKE sits behind her desk, going over some

There's a knock on her door and a couple walks in her
office. RUSTUM and NADIA.
Rustum, Nadia, how are you today?
Please, have a seat.
The two don't look happy, but they take a seat,
Have you found our daughters yet,
Ms. Cooke?
Unfortunately, no. But I promise
you I'm doing everything I can
right now to find them. You must
understand, as a social worker,
there's only so much I can do.
You must find our babies!
Nadia starts crying.
It's been weeks.


I know, but you must be patient
with me. I'm currently
investigating Mr. Balut, but these
things take weeks, even months to
bring together. If he has your
daughter, I promise, we'll find
her when all is said and done.
Why can you not just go in and
take them?
I'm afraid it doesn't work that
way. We've sent investigators, but
they haven't turned up anything.
I'll keep looking.
What about that man? That Punisher
Jennifer is not happy to hear about this.
He's not going to help. He's
dangerous. Please, let me handle
this. You'll get your daughters
back, safe and sound and without
any bloodshed.
Rustum and Nadia stand up.
You do what you must do. We will
find other ways.
This is a very delicate and
potentially dangerous situation. I
strongly suggest you leave this to
professionals. For your sake just
as much as your daughters'.
The Punisher is sitting in his chair, thinking about the
Client from earlier that day. About how much he takes his
family for granted.

He takes out his journal and begins writing in it.


Something stirs in the darkness and he immediately stands
up, takes out a handgun, cocks it, and flicks on the laser
sight. He aims it into the shadows of the tunnel.
                       THE PUNISHER
Hands up or I shoot!
From out of the shadows, Rustum and Nadia emerge, their
hands up, looking terrified.
                       THE PUNISHER
Who are you?
Please, don't hurt us. We need
The Punisher keeps his weapon aimed at them for a moment.

He hesitates and then lowers it.
We spent all night looking for
                       THE PUNISHER
How did you find me?
Rumor. We listen to rumor.
                       THE PUNISHER
Smart. What do you want?
Our daughters.
                       THE PUNISHER
Don't have them, don't know where
they are.
Please, Punisher, sir. We go to
state, they do nothing. They're
out there. Slaves.
The Punisher's interest has been raised.


                       THE PUNISHER
I'm working on it. Go home. If you
find your daughters once I'm done,
great. I don't do special fetch
The Punisher makes his way to his work bench and begins
tinkering with his weapons.

Nadia approaches him and places her hand on his shoulder. He
Please. You must find Viorica and
Iana for us.
The Punisher turns to Nadia.
                       THE PUNISHER
Viorica is at the Ennis Street
You know this? How?
                       THE PUNISHER
Chance. Go find her. Get out of
the city.
The Punisher returns his attention to his weapons.
Please! You must find Iana for us!
                       THE PUNISHER
I must do nothing! Get out of
Nadia's eyes water.
You're supposed to be hero. I pity
those you care for. What if this
was your daughter?
Nadia sets a picture down of both her daughters on the table
and then walks back over to Rustum. They leave.

The Punisher stands there a moment, thinking and breathing
heavily. He slams his fists down onto the bench and looks
down at the ground in shame.


The Punisher sits in the church pews, looking at a statue of
a crucified Jesus.

He's in his black trench coat, collar popped up.

FATHER MIKE sits down next to him.
                       FATHER MIKE
It's always good to see you in
church, Frank, even though you're
never here on good terms. Are you
finally seeking absolution?
                       THE PUNISHER
Have you got a year to cleanse me,
Father? There's no saving my soul,
you and I both no that.
                       FATHER MIKE
You can only walk down the road of
darkness for so long before it
consumes you, Frank. But it's
never too late.
                       THE PUNISHER
It is for me.
                       FATHER MIKE
Compassion and forgiveness is the
one thing that separates us from
animals. If you take that away,
what's left but an animal?
                       THE PUNISHER
I know.
                       FATHER MIKE
I don't agree with the path you
chose for yourself, but I
understand it.
                       THE PUNISHER
Father Mike stands up. He looks down at the Punisher.
                       FATHER MIKE
Keep something in mind, though.
When fighting monsters, one should
see to it that in the process he
does not become a monster himself.


Father Mike turns to leave.
                       THE PUNISHER
I caught a glimpse of Heaven,
Father Mike turns around, surprised by this.
                       FATHER MIKE
You never told me...
The Punisher looks at the ground.
                       THE PUNISHER
The angels showed me. The idea was
I'd clean up the mistakes on
Earth. Eventually redeem myself.
So, they brought me up to heaven
to see what I'd be missing. A
wife. A son. A daughter. All
finally at peace. I hadn't seen
them since they bled out in my
arms. Then, I was cast down. Back
to a world of killers, rapists,
psychos, perverts. A brand new
evil every minute, spewed out as
fast as men can think them up. A
world where pitching someone off a
skyscraper to tell his fellow scum
you're watching is a sane and
rational act. The angels thought
it would be hell for me.
The Punisher looks Father Mike in the eyes.
                       THE PUNISHER
They were wrong.
The Punisher picks up the phone, drops in a quarter, and
dials a number.
                       THE PUNISHER
Soap, what do you have for me?
Soap is looking at his computer screen, a phone in his hand.


I don't know what it is, but it
can't be good. Pier 74, tonight at
midnight. No manifest, no
registration numbers, just
clearances up the ass. Coming from
Albania under Cristu Industries
for Dynaco Corporation.
                       THE PUNISHER (O.S.)
You know, Frank, I wouldn't go at
this thing with all guns blazing.
It could just be a legitimate
shipment of supplies for the
corporation, and -
The line goes dead, and Soap hangs up the phone.
Molly walks around the corner and heads for the desk.
Who were you talking to, Soap?
Nobody, I was just ordering us a
I don't eat pizza, Soap.
Well if you'd like I could get you
some -
Soap, I'd really just like to get
to work on the Punisher.
Right, yeah. Of course.
Molly sits down and opens up a file.
The sooner we catch him, the
sooner these copy-cats will get
off the street.


You're referring to that Elite guy
we investigated earlier?
It's not fair to blame that on the
You sound like you're on his side,
Of course I'm not. It's just, you
know, that's like blaming video
games for kids' bad behavior.
Molly sets down the file and looks at Soap.
I'm bored, let's hit the street.
We're not going to find him
sitting in this basement all
Molly gets up and walks away.

Soap sits there a minute.
Uh, but - Molly!
A large freighter is docked along Pier 74 and there are many
MEN moving around on it, checking things, keeping watch and
the like.

There are two large trucks parked by the pier and a few MEN
keeping watch over them.

A limo pulls up towards the pier and Barracuda and Dermot
step out of it, closing the door behind them.

Tiberiu walks over to the limo, greeting them.
You must be Barracuda.


Tiberiu extends his hand and Barracuda looks at it a moment
before shaking it.

Tiberiu looks into the open window of the limo.

Harry is sitting inside, smoking a cigarette.
You come to oversee, Mr. Ebbing?
Not so much. I'm just dropping off
my assistant to make sure
everything runs smoothly.
No worries, no worries.
I certainly hope not. I would hate
for our deal to be compromised.
Harry rolls up the window of the limo and it pulls away.

Dermot and Barracuda watch him go.
Tiberiu leads the two up the Pier towards the freighter.
I appreciate you taking interest
in the shipment, but I assure you,
you are not needed.
Harry just wants to be sure, as
I'm sure you understand.
Then he should have stayed
He can't do anything for himself.
Spineless shit-sack.
Barracuda chuckles.


An Albanian THUG walks along the deck of the freighter,
AK-47 in his hand.

A red dot appears on his chest and he looks down at it,
confused. It slowly moves up his chest and face and rests in
the center of his head.

SPLAT! A bloody hole appears on his head and he drops to the
ground, dead.
The Punisher is crouched on the roof of a building, right
across from Pier 74, a sniper rifle in his hand, all decked
out for battle.

He takes aim again.
Walking across the top of a large steel container is another
ALBANIAN THUG, weapon in hand.

He meets a similar fate, his brains splattering the steel.
Through the window of the wheelhouse, the CAPTAIN of the
boat can be seen chatting with two other MEN.

A bloody hole appears in his chest and he drops.

The other two look out the window, stunned. One takes a
bullet to the throat -- the other gets popped in the eye.
The Punisher sets down the sniper rifle and then places it
in a duffel bag.

He runs to the edge of the roof and drops the bag down
before he shimmies down the side.
The Punisher makes his way towards the trucks, M4-A1

His M4-A1 contains a sound suppressor, grenade launcher,
laser designator, reflex scope and all the trimmings.


As he approaches one of the trucks, a Russian THUG turns his
back towards him and The Punisher quickly lowers his M4-A1
and draws his knife.

He creeps up behind the Thug, kicks his knee, dropping him,
and drives the knife through his skull.

Just as he does, another Russian THUG makes his way around
the truck and spots him -- Quick as a flash, The Punisher
launches the knife into his throat, dropping him.

The Punisher re-equips his M4-A1, makes his way around the
truck and quickly takes out the remaining Russians.
Tiberiu leads Barracuda and Dermot to one of the large steel

An ALBANIAN nods his head, unlocks the container, and opens
the doors. Inside are dozens of young, terrified GIRLS.

Tiberiu turns to Barracuda and Dermot.
See? Top quality, and no problems.
What now?
Now we load them into the trucks,
and go on our way!

Everyone but Barracuda ducks down as one of the large trucks
What the fuck was that!?
Barracuda calmly draws a handgun and cocks it.
That would be our Mr. Castle now.
KA-BOOM! The second truck explodes.

The Punisher quickly runs up the deck, boarding the


As he does, two THUGS jump out only to be quickly cut down
by his M4 -- The Punisher quickly scans his surroundings and
presses onward -- He is met by a barrage of automatic fire
from his right and he quickly turns, ducks down, and shoots,
damn near cutting an Albanian THUG in half -- The Punisher

Elsewhere on the freighter, Tiberiu is making his way
through the maze of crates as gunfire continues to explode
around him.

Barracuda slowly makes his way along the deck of the
freighter, looking for the Punisher.
Come out, come out, wherever you
The Punisher continues making his way through the

As he rounds a corner, Barracuda latches onto his weapon and
quickly disarms The Punisher, knocking him to the ground.

The Punisher quickly gets on his feet and faces his
So, you're the big, bad, Punisher,
                       THE PUNISHER
And you are?
Barracuda. I'm delighted to meet
you, I must say.
                       THE PUNISHER
You won't be.
The Punisher lunges at Barracuda with a kick -- Barracuda
grabs his foot and quickly tosses The Punisher into one of
the containers -- The Punisher quickly gets back up on his
feet and delivers a one-two combo on Barracuda's face,
followed by a round-house punch -- Barracuda stumbles back,
slightly dazed.
Not bad, motherfucker. Not bad.


Barracuda runs at The Punisher and spears him.

Elsewhere on the freighter, Tiberiu and Dermot make their
way to the deck and run off the freighter onto the pier.

Back on the ship, Barracuda is on top of the Punisher,
punching the shit out of him -- The Punisher quickly breaks
Barracuda's combo, slugs him in the face, grabs him by the
shoulders, and slams his head against one of the containers
--The Punisher gets back on his feet and kicks Barracuda in
the side, winding him.


An Albanian THUG shoots the Punisher twice in the back, but
his kevlar absorbs it -- The Punisher quickly turns to the
Thug, runs at him, knees him in the gut, and breaks his neck
--As soon as the Thug drops, Barracuda is back on the
Punisher again, kicking out the back of his knees, dropping
him -- Barracuda proceeds to drop an elbow onto the top of
the Punisher's skull -- The Punisher tries to elbow him, but
Barracuda grabs him arm and gets him into an arm lock -- The
Punisher struggles to get free, but can't. Barracuda has
Come on, what is this shit? You're
the Punisher!
Barracuda lifts the Punisher up by his arm and slams him
against one of the containers.
You're supposed to be the baddest
motherfucker in town!
Barracuda slams his face against the container again.
Seems to me, you ain't nothing but
a bitch!
The Punisher kicks behind him, connecting with Barracuda's

Barracuda yells in pain and releases the Punisher's arm.

The Punisher quickly elbows Barracuda in the gut and kicks
him in the chest, causing him to stagger back -- The
Punisher quickly draws one of his handguns and fires,
catching Barracuda in the eye - he screams in pain.

Before the Punisher can squeeze off another shot -


BLAM! A large hole explodes into his vest and he falls to
the ground.

Dermot quickly grabs Barracuda's arm and drags him away,
shotgun in hand.

The Punisher sits up, gasping.
Barracuda and Dermot make a run for it away from the pier.
The Punisher makes his way towards the opened container and
looks inside. The dozens of girls all look at him, scared,
tired, and crying.

He looks at them a moment, absorbing it all. Sirens are
heard in the distance and he snaps out of it.
                       THE PUNISHER
Stay here. Help is coming.
The Punisher runs away.
A Russian THUG leads Angeles through the basement and tosses
her into her cage. He locks it and says something to her in

As soon as he leaves, Angeles breaks down and cries.

Iana leans over to look at her.

Angeles lays down on her stomach. Her back is all raw and
bloody, as if she's been whiped.
What they did?
Angeles is leaned over the bed of the hotel room, shirtless.


Four BUSINESSMEN are around her, looking at her, laughing,
drinking, and smoking. One of them has a whip in his hand
and he cracks her with it, again and again.

She holds back from crying out and tries her best to choke
back the tears. A single drop slowly rolls down her cheek.

After a few more hits, the businessman with the whip backs
away and another stands up, approaching her, unzipping his
My turn.
Iana reaches through the cage and holds Angeles' hand while
she cries.
Never let them see you break.
Iana nods her head and starts to cry.
It be okay.
Molly and Soap make their way towards a table, a plate of
food and a beer in each hand.
Come here a lot, Soap?
To work, mostly. Write reports and
stuff. It's nice and quiet. Not a
lot of people come in.
You don't say.
Food's cheap, too. My treat, by
the way.
The two sit down and Molly looks at the greasy mess of a
plate in front of her.


I suppose it's the thought that
counts. Now, about the Punisher.
Molly looks down at her beer.
Why is there an incredibly rude
word in my Guinness?
The owner likes the bartenders to
pour shamrocks into the heads.
Thinks it looks quaint, you know,
like an Irish tradition for the
out-of-towners. Kevin over there,
he says it's a lot of patronizing
garbage. This is his way of not
playing ball.
Soap and Molly look over to KEVIN, who is sitting at the
bar, smoking a cigarette.
Isn't that right, Kevin?
Drop dead, Soap. Fuckin' loser.
Soap chuckles.
What a character.
Soap, the Punisher.
Soap looks at Molly and sees she's dead serious about taking
him down.
The Holy stands outside the confession booth and he swings
his axe down into it, hard. There's a sickening whacking
sound, followed by a quickly choked out scream.
                       THE HOLY
I'm not alone! Praise God I am not


The Holy pulls out the bloody axe and then takes out a
newspaper from his back pocket. He looks at it.

On the page is an article on the Punisher. He beams.
                       MRS. PEARSE (O.S.)
What's that yeh're shoutin' about,
Father Redondo?
The Holy turns around to see Mrs. Pearse standing there.
                       THE HOLY
Mrs. Pearse!
                       MRS. PEARSE
I've come to clean the church
again, Father. Eight o'clock on
Monday evenin'.
                       THE HOLY
This is lunch time and it's
Thursday, Mrs. Pearse. But, you
come by to clean whenever you
                       MRS. PEARSE
                       THE HOLY
I said I just hacked a man to
death in the confessional!
                       MRS. PEARSE
What? Me hearin's not what it was,
Father. I'll just be on me way
Mrs. Pearse starts to walk through the church.
                       THE HOLY
Mr. Clyde hit his wife. Mr. Clyde
took cocaine. Mr. Clyde came to
confess his sins so he could do it
all over again!
                       MRS. PEARSE
That's kind of yeh to offer,
Father. I'll have a cup if yer
makin' it.


                       THE HOLY
Well, I showed him! I took his
confession and cleansed him of his
sins right then and there!
Mrs. Pearse runs into the wall and fumbles for a door
handle, unable to find it.
                       MRS. PEARSE
You remember where the door is,
Father? Me eyesight's not what is
was, y'know?
The Holy hugs his hatchet and then turns and looks at the
large cross at the head of the church.

Golden sunlight beams down from the window behind it,
illuminating the cross and saturating The Holy.
                       THE HOLY
Thank you for the Punisher, Lord.
For showing me I'm not alone.
Inside the Salvation Army, Jennifer is handing out soup and
bread to the HOMELESS and NEEDY.

She happens to glance outside the window to see the Punisher
standing there, black trench coat and baseball cap on.

She looks to one of her co-workers, gets her to cover for
her, and heads outside.
Jennifer walks around to the side of the building to meet
with the Punisher, who looks at her, his hands in his
What are you doing here, Frank?
                       THE PUNISHER
Did you catch the news?
Yeah, I did. It's disgusting. That
what you're here about?
                       THE PUNISHER
I need a favor.


Jennifer is stunned to hear this.
The Punisher needs my help? I'm
just a social worker, Frank.
The Punisher takes a picture out of his pocket and shows it
to Jennifer.
                       THE PUNISHER
This is -
Iana. Yeah, I know. I'm working on
her case for her parents.
                       THE PUNISHER
They came to me for help.
And you're actually willing to
help? When was the last time you
helped someone without it being
for personal gain?
The Punisher puts the picture back in his pocket and turns
to start walking away.

Jennifer softens up a bit.
Okay, wait a sec. Tell me what you
need, and I'll see what I can do.
The Punisher turns around and looks at Jennifer.
                       THE PUNISHER
I'm going to get her back to her
family. When I do, I'm sending
them to you. I want you to take
care of them. Set them up for
decent living.
That family isn't even in the
system, Frank. They're here
illegally. There are a lot of
processes that they have to do
before I can even begin to do
Jennifer looks at the Punisher, who is looking at her almost


All right, you saved my neck, so
I'll see if I can pull some
strings and maybe jump through a
hoop or two for you.
                       THE PUNISHER
Thank you.
The Punisher turns around again and starts walking away.
Just out of curiosity, besides the
obvious scumbags behind it, why
are you getting involved with
these people?
The Punisher turns looks back, still walking.
                       THE PUNISHER
I know what it's like to not have
your daughter with you and safe.
The Punisher keeps walking and Jennifer nods her head.
A Cadillac convertible slowly cruises through the suburban
streets, four MEN inside, looking around.

The car comes to a stop.
That fool that iced my brother is
around here somewhere, and I'm
gonna find him and bust a cap in
his motherfuckin' ass.
The Thug pulls out a weapon and cocks it.

Just as he does, a bullet slams into his temple and he
slumps over in his seat, dead - - The three other men panic
and scramble to get out of the car - - Another THUG gets a
bullet in his throat and he clutches it, gagging and choking
on his own blood - - The third THUG takes a bullet in the
chest and the fourth and final THUG is shot in the back of
the head just as he's about to jump out of the car.


Elite is standing in his bathroom, wrapped in a towel,
wearing his mask and holding a smoking sniper rifle.
                       SON (O.S.)
Elite turns towards the closed bathroom door.
What is it?
Elite stands on the top of his tub basin and moves a ceiling
board aside.
                       SON (O.S.)
Mom wants to know if you can like
hurry up? The car's on its way and
the play starts at eight.
Tell her I'll be right there, son.
Elite places the sniper rifle up in the opening of the
                       SON (O.S.)
Can I order pizza?
Did you finish your homework?
                       SON (O.S.)
Elite takes his mask off and tucks it away with the sniper

He moves the ceiling board back into place.
Then you go right ahead and order
pizza, son.
Barracuda, Dermot, and Wanda sit at a booth in a dinner.

Barracuda takes a small box out of his pocket and opens it.
Inside is a glass eye. He removes the gauze from his eye and
picks up the glass one.


Shouldn't you wait until it heals?
Barracuda pops the glass eye into its socket and straightens
What for? How does it look?
Wanda looks away.
Looks great.
A WAITRESS comes and drops off a tall stack of pancakes.
Thanks, doll.
The waitress walks away.

Barracuda smears butter on his pancakes and douses them in
I love pancakes. Favorite food.
There's nothing in the world like
He takes a bite and enjoys the food, bliss on his face.
You two sure you don't want
anything? My treat.
Wanda looks at the ground.
First time you've seen someone
Wanda nods her head.
Trust me, you'll get used to it.
We should hurry up and get back to


What's your rush? Harry can wait.
If he wanted me back so bad, he
shoulda came out hisself.
Yeah well, you know Harry.
I don't actually. From what I can
gather, the man's a pussy. He's
got no set of balls for hisself.
Not like you, though, Dermot.
You've got a pair of big brass
ones. You saved my ass back on
that boat.
Dermot shrugs his shoulders.
It was nothing.
You're a man of action, like
myself. I've seen the way you
handle business. What I don't
understand is why you're not CEO
of Dynaco. The way I see it, you'd
make a hell of a boss, unlike that
spineless prick you work under.
That's just the way the cards were
Not for long, my friend. You took
care of me, now I'm going to take
care of you. That company needs
someone tough, and you're that
somebody. When I was a boy, the
night before my father left us, he
placed my hand on a hot grill. You
know what he said to me? He said:
"You need to learn to be as hard
as the motherfuckin' world
itself." I'll never forget that.
Dermot, you're hard. I don't need
to place your hand on a hot grill
to make you understand that, do I?
Dermot looks at him.


What did you have in mind?
We're going to kill two birds with
one stone. I'm going to call in
some friends of mine, and we're
going to take out Castle and
I'm listening.
Barracuda looks at Wanda.
What about you, babydoll?
Wanda looks at Barracuda.
Harry's a piece of shit. I'm all
Inside a news station, sitting behind his desk with
countless cameras on him is a news REPORTER.

In the b.g. on the screen is a picture of a skull.
It now seems that the Punisher has
inspired a number of other
vigilantes. So far, the badly
dismembered bodies of four men in
the area of East Harlem have been
found by police. Apparently each
ones forehead was marked with the
sign of a cross. A police
spokesperson said that all men
were suspected criminals;
Bizarrely, each was catholic and
attended church regularly.
The skull icon fades and a police sketch of Elite appears in
its place.
Five men have also been killed in
the area of Riverside Park by a
mystery man calling himself Elite.
This artist's impression was taken


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
from a statement by an elderly
woman whose dog was shot by the
assailant. An NYPD source has
confirmed that all men had
convictions for drug and
gang-related crime.
Elite's image dissolves and a freeze frame of Mr. Payback
taken from security feed shows up in its place.
Corporate crime is not immune to
this rash of vigilante justice,
either. The massacre at Worldwide
Invest Corporation's Wall Street
offices has been attributed to
this man, seen here on security
video. Five were killed and seven
were badly injured when the man
ran amok at a board meeting. The
man calls himself "Mr. Payback"
and claimed unethical policies and
blood on the hands of the members
for his reasons to open up.
The picture of Mr. Payback dissolves and a video feed of
Martin Soap being pestered by press takes over the screen.
                       REPORTER (O.S.)
Detective Martin Soap of the
"Punisher Task-force" had this to
say on the matter -
Soap desperately tries to make his way through the throng of
Well, yes - Excuse me, sorry - I
mean there's bound to be copycats,
the idea of- Can I just get
through - Street justice has
always been superficially
attractive and - Aw, don't tell me
my car's been towed again!
The video feed cuts off and the Reporter returns.
And now, a report from our own
Valerie Davis. Valerie?


Reporter VALERIE DAVIS stands outside a large office
building, a mic in her hand.

There's a CAMERAMAN in front of her and she's standing next
I'm here with Robert Leonard,
chairman of the Wall Street
Investors Association and co-owner
of Metropolitan Trading
Incorporated. Thanks for joining
us, Robert.
Mr. Leonard.
Mr. Leonard, what is your reaction
to the mysterious figure known as
Mr. Payback?
He's a lunatic and a terrorist.
He's murdered a number of very
fine members of the business
community, and his accusations of
corporate misdeed are the worst
kind of spurious Communist
But a lot of people, while
certainly not condoning Mr.
Payback's actions, have expressed
sympathy with his criticism of big
business's indifference to the
Yes, well, they're wrong, aren't
As Robert talks, neither him nor Valerie notice Mr. Payback
making his way towards them.
We're talking about the views of a
bunch of bleeding heart liberals
who know nothing about free market


                       MR. PAYBACK
I'd like to be interviewed now,
By now, Mr. Payback is right next to Robert and he raises a
pistol to the side of his head, and shoots him point-blank.

Valerie stands there and looks at Robert's dead body,
                       MR. PAYBACK
He's dead. I don't think my views
have been reported accurately and
I'd like to redress the balance.
Uh...You -
                       MR. PAYBACK
Nevermind, I'll do it myself.
Mr. Payback grabs the mic from Valerie and looks into the
cameraman's camera.
                       MR. PAYBACK
People of New York City, people of
the United States, I am Mr.
Payback. I am the vengeance of the
common man. For too long, brothers
and sisters, we have let these
bloated swine hold sway. They buy
our so-called representatives and
blind us with meaningless
statistics, buzz-words, and
scaremongering slogans. When we
stand up for our rights, they fire
us on the spot and relocate to
countries where people have no
rights at all!
Mr. Payback begins to get angry.
                       MR. PAYBACK
I am called a criminal, yet all I
do is execute the scum who drink
the blood of millions; Who buy
produce from third world farms
where pesticides have debilitated
hundreds and warped their unborn
children in the womb! Who sell
guns to tyrants the world over,


                       MR. PAYBACK (cont'd)
running American business like a
giant death machine! Who defend
themselves by screaming communist
- when communism is a farce, an
empty threat long dead and in its
grave. No more, my friends. It is
time to strike back against these
con-men. It is time for payback!
Sirens are heard approaching.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Anyway, that's the police. I have
to go.
Mr. Payback takes off running.

Valerie stands there, still looking at the dead Robert,
still in shock.
Oh, lord. He's really dead. His -
his brains are coming out his
mouth -!
The Punisher stands across the street from Dynaco, partially
hidden behind a tree and bench, clad in his trench coat and
baseball cap. He has a camera in his hand.

A car pulls up to the building and The Punisher snaps a
picture of it.

The doors open and Barracuda, Wanda, and Dermot step out of
the car.

The Punisher snaps pictures of them as well.
Harry sits behind his desk and Tiberiu stands in front of
This is bad, Tiberiu. I'm telling
you, it's bad. The whole thing is
being investigated, and this
company's name is on the fucking
manifest, approved by me!


You worry too much. You simply
deny knowledge of what was on the
freighter. How could you have
It's still bad press. If the
investigators dig deep enough, I'm
telling you, this company will
Tiberiu lights a cigar.
The company will fall? Or you
Harry glares at Tiberiu.
You can't smoke in here.
Tiberiu puffs and exhales the smoke, chuckling.
You assured me there would be no
problems. You assured me
everything would run smoothly. And
what happened? The fucking
Punisher happened. Where were you?
I was there! Your man was there!
Do not blame me for your man's
                       BARRACUDA (O.S.)
What man would you be referring
Barracuda and Dermot enter the office.

Tiberiu turns around.
Ah! Glad to see everything turned
out all right with your eye.
Barracuda glares at Harry.
Thanks for the concern. I'm fine.


Tiberiu turns back to Harry.
We will move ahead as planned.
Next month another shipment will
come. No mistakes.
I think we should postpone this
little venture for a few months,
just until everything calms down.
We need fresh offerings. Your
clients need fresh offerings. Grow
a spine, will you? I'll be seeing
Tiberiu stands up and turns around.

He looks at Barracuda, smiles, and brushes past him.
Can't wait.
Tiberiu exits.
I wanna kill that bitch.
Tiberiu walks out the door and stands on the sidewalk,
waiting for his car.

The Punisher snaps a picture of him.

The car pulls up, Tiberiu gets in, and it drives away.

The Punisher snaps a picture of the license plate.

The Punisher looks the building up and down and snaps a
picture of the sign.
Harry tosses his pen down and looks at Dermot.

Barracuda sits there, twirling a knife.


I think we're going to cancel the
shareholders fishing trip this
It's not a good idea. It's damn
risky, if you ask me, with the
Punisher all over this situation.
That's a bad idea, if you ask me.
Harry looks at Barracuda.
Well I didn't, did I?
Barracuda glares at Harry like he'd enjoy ripping out his
heart right about now.

Dermot looks at Barracuda.
Why do you say that?
This fishing trip is a major thing
for the corporation, right? It's
very public, and very big. You
cancel that trip this weekend
after last night, you're going to
look guilty as a motherfucker.
Investigators will bust your balls
worse than your momma did when she
caught you jackin' off in the
bathroom for the first time.
Barracuda chuckles to himself, amused.
But hey, it's your show, Harry.
Harry thinks about this a moment and sighs. He looks at
What do you think?


I think he's got a point, sir.
Harry pushes the button on his intercom.
Wanda, could you come in here for
a minute, please?
Wanda enters the room.
Yes, Mr. Ebbing?
I've decided not to cancel the
fishing trip, after all. Go ahead
and confirm it with the
shareholders. We're sticking to
the schedule.
Right away, sir.
Wanda turns to exit the office, pausing a moment to check
out Barracuda, who smiles and winks at her. She exits.

Barracuda looks at Harry.
She's damn fine. You tappin' that
ass, Harry?
Harry clears his throat, uncomfortable.
I'm married. Not that that's any
of your damn business.
Barracuda smiles wider.
Yeah, you're tappin' it. It's all
right, I wouldn't be embarrassed
about fucking an ass like that.
Barracuda chuckles to himself again.

Harry stands up.
I have work to do. Don't you have
something to do?


Not 'til later. I'm gonna check
out that Ruskie's place tonight.
What for?
Whatever works for you.
Harry heads for the door and exits the office.
Soap and Molly sit at the desk, going over pictures and
reports of the three other vigilante killers.

Soap tosses a picture down, groaning.
If I see one more picture of a guy
that's been hacked to pieces by an
axe, I'm gonna barf.
Molly looks up from her report at Soap, slightly grinning.
Weak stomach, Soap?
Of course not! It's just - you
know, a bit much after a while.
Ever seen any real action?
Oh, yeah. All the time. Loads of
action. I've seen more action than
you can shake a stick at. I'm a
man of action.
Uh huh. You don't have to lie to
try and impress me, Soap. I think
it's cute how much of a loser you
are. It exudes a sort of charm.
Soap grins.


You still don't have a shot,
Soap blushes.
Yeah, no - of course!
The phone rings and Soap picks it up.
Martin Soap.
The Punisher stands in a phone booth.
                       THE PUNISHER
Soap, I'm hitting Tiberiu Bulat's
club on Clinton Street tonight.
You can come and clean up the
leftovers if you want, just make
sure you wait until I'm done. I
don't want any cops in my way.
The Punisher hangs up the phone and walks out of the phone
Soap hangs up the phone, suddenly flushed and sweating.

Molly looks at Soap, a curious expression on her face.
You okay there, Soap? You look
like somebody just told you your
mother died.
Soap looks at her.
No, I'm fine. You feel like
hitting the street tonight? I got
a lead on something.
Molly quickly tosses a file down and stands up.
I thought you'd never ask!


Soap slowly stands up and the two head out.
At his HQ, The Punisher is preparing once again.

He puts his Kevlar vest on and straps his boots -- He
sharpens a knife -- He loads a shotgun -- Slams fresh clips
into two Uzi 9mm's.

He looks at a bulletin board. On it are the pictures of the
club, as well as a layout for it.

Beside that are the pictures he took at Dynaco, as well as a
pamphlet for it, a business card, and blueprints for the

The Punisher takes out one of his knives and stabs it into
the picture of the club.

He turns to leave, but pauses and picks up the picture of
Iana and her older sister. He looks at it, thinking of his
own daughter.

He sets the picture down and pumps his shotgun, heading out.
Inside the club, loud music is playing, but the place isn't
hugely lively. In fact, it's almost dull.

It's filled with mostly BUSINESSMEN, save for the occasional
TEEN here and there. However, there are many YOUNG GIRLS and
they're servicing the businessmen. Some are giving head,
some are merely sitting there with the men's arms around
them. Others are smacked around some and then kissed.
The second floor of the club serves almost like a motel,
with several separate closed-off rooms.

In the rooms are MEN abusing or sexually violating the YOUNG
GIRLS in some form or another. It's not pretty.
The third floor of the club is where Tiberiu and his closest
RUSSIAN THUGS are at, counting money, playing cards, and


Back on the first floor in the kitchen, a THUG stands watch
by the door.

There is a knock on the door and the Thug slides open the
eye hole. He finds himself staring down the barrel of a
                       RUSSIAN THUG
Oh, shi -
BOOM! The back of his skull is blown out.

BOOM! BOOM! Two more shots blast into the latches of the
door and with a mighty kick, the door comes crashing down.
The Punisher steps inside, shotgun raised, looking around.

A CHEF charges at him with a large knife, swinging it
frantically -- The Punisher dodges it, grabs a cleaver from
the counter, and buries it into the Chef's face.

The Punisher moves through the kitchen and another CHEF
charges at him with a knife -- The Punisher disarms him and
slams him face-first into a deep fryer, holding him there
for a moment. He pulls his head out, revealing a
crispy-cooked head.
The Punisher moves through the double-doors out into the
club, right behind the bar.

The BARTENDER turns and sees him, grabbing a shotgun from
under the bar -- Before he can even pump it, The Punisher
blasts him with his shotgun, sending him flying -- Panic in
the club -- The Punisher jumps over the bar and makes his
way through the club, searching for an actual enemy -- Three
RUSSIAN THUGS run down the stairs, firing at the Punisher,
who jumps behind a table, taking cover -- The Punisher pops
up and quickly fires, narrowly missing one of the Thugs --
He pumps and fires again, this time nailing the Thug -- The
Punisher swings his shotgun back onto his back and draws his
dual Uzi's -- He opens fire, spraying down the other two

The Punisher looks all around, securing the area.

Aside from some cowering girls and the stray businessman,
the floor is clear. He makes his way to the stairs.


The Punisher makes his way through the second floor, kicking
open every door he sees, causing the GIRLS and MEN to

One of the doors opens and an ALBANIAN THUG emerges, pistol
in hand -- The Punisher unloads on him with his Uzis.

The Punisher tosses his Uzis aside and draws a handgun. He
makes his way through the floor.

Suddenly, automatic fire behind him -- Bullets slams into
the back of his vest and he quickly drops, rolls around, and
fires, taking out a RUSSIAN THUG -- He quickly jumps back up
on his feet and heads for the stairs -- Two more RUSSIAN
THUGS come running down the stairs, shooting -- not quick
enough and The Punisher quickly dispatches them.
A car pulls up across the street from the club.
Inside the club sits Soap and Molly.
A Russian joint? What are we doing
here? The place is dead. What the
hell could possibly be going on
Soap looks out the window at the club across the street.
I got a tip that something big was
going on here tonight. The
Punisher might just show up.
And where did this lead come from,
Soap? Who's your informant?
Soap looks at Molly and then quickly back out the window,
avoiding eye contact.
That's not important. Just keep
your eyes open.


The Punisher busts into a room to find Tiberiu calmly
sitting at a table, sipping vodka. He's alone and not even
I knew you'd come.
                       THE PUNISHER
The rest of the girls. Where are
Come to rescue them, have you?
The Punisher doesn't say anything, he just glares.

Tiberiu stands up and slowly walks around the table,
standing mere feet in front of the Punisher.
Tell me, what will this
accomplish? You think this is the
only place to get skin? You think
killing me and setting the girls
free will put a stop to it?
                       THE PUNISHER
It's a start.
And for what purpose? I am simply
providing a service. There's
demand, and I supply. These girls
had no future. No hope. At least
here they can be put to good use.
You kill me, you might as well
kill half of Wall Street. Hell,
half of the whole fucking city.
                       THE PUNISHER
I may just do that.
Tiberiu scoffs.
Come now. Be rational, man.
There's nothing wrong with what
goes on here. What really bothers
you? The fact that I do what I do,
or the fact that it's requested by
ordinary men. Men who work hard in
an office all day and are just


                       TIBERIU (cont'd)
looking for a release from the
every day.
                       THE PUNISHER
And what of the girls? What of how
they're treated?
I told you, they're nothing. They
come from less than nothing.
                       THE PUNISHER
Who are you to determine the value
of someone's life?
Tiberiu laughs.
I could ask you the same question,
Mr. Punisher.
The Punisher doesn't like this.
                       THE PUNISHER
The girls! Where are they?
Locked in the basement.
Tiberiu takes a key ring out of his pocket and tosses it at
the Punisher's feet.
Go save them, hero.
The Punisher raises his shotgun.
                       THE PUNISHER
Get on your knees.
Tiberiu looks at the Punisher, uncertain. He slowly drops to
his knees and looks up at the Punisher.
                       THE PUNISHER
Now, beg for your life.
Tiberiu is confused.
The Punisher pumps his shotgun.


                       THE PUNISHER
Tiberiu becomes slightly afraid.

The Punisher places the shotgun right in front of Tiberiu's
Please, don't kill -

The Punisher blows Tiberiu's head off.
                       THE PUNISHER
Not good enough.
Molly looks out the window.
Did you hear that? Sounded like
gun fire.
Soap looks at Molly.
You think?
Molly nods her head.
Oh, yeah.
Molly draws her handgun and cocks it.
C'mon, we're going in.
Shouldn't we call for back up
Molly is already out of the car.
Damn it! Molly!


Soap fumbles for his piece and climbs out of the car.
The Punisher runs down the stairs of the basement, taking
the RUSSIAN THUG guarding it by surprise - slamming his
knife into the underside of his chin and driving it upwards.

The Punisher flicks on the basement light and is taken aback
by the sight of the GIRLS locked in animal cages.

He looks around for Iana and finally finds her. He runs over
to her cage and unlocks it.

Iana squirms towards the back of her cage to try to get
away. The Punisher leans down, putting his hands up.
                       THE PUNISHER
It's all right, Iana. I'm not
going to hurt you. I'm taking you
to your parents.
Iana looks at him, frightened and confused.
My parents?
The Punisher nods his head.
                       THE PUNISHER
And your sister, Viorica. But
you've got to come with me. Right
The Punisher offers his hand. She hesitates for a moment and
then takes it.

He leads her out of the cage and she stands up. She's weak,
and it's visible. He scoops her up and looks around at the
other girls.
                       THE PUNISHER
Help is coming. Hold on.
The Punisher makes his way up the stairs.
The Punisher enters the ground floor of the club with Iana
in his arms.

Soap is there, looking around. He sees the Punisher and


motions for him to hurry up and get out.

The Punisher quickly tosses Soap the key ring.
What's this?
                       THE PUNISHER
Check the basement.
The Punisher runs into the kitchen.

Just as he does, Molly comes running down the stairs,
looking for Soap.
There's girls and dead bodies
everywhere. I think this is where
they were trading out the girls.
Looks like the Punisher knew about
it. This is definitely his work.
Seen anything?
Soap shrugs.
Damn it. How could he get away so
Castle's a slippery one. Found
this, though.
Soap shows the key ring.
C'mon, we gotta call it in.
You go ahead. I'm gonna check out
the basement.
Molly heads for the door and Soap heads for the basement.
The Punisher comes running out from the side of the building
with Iana in his arms and heads down the sidewalk.


Across the street, in the shadows, Barracuda watches,
Gotcha, motherfucker.
The Punisher impatiently presses the doorbell a few times.

A moment later, the porch light turns on and Jennifer opens
the front door.
Castle, do you have any idea what
time it -
She sees the frightened Iana in his arms.

She looks at him.
You found her?
                       THE PUNISHER
I need you to keep her safe and
take her to her parents in the
The Punisher steps inside the house.

Jennifer stands there and watches him go into the living
Sure, come on in.
Jennifer closes the door.

Barracuda steps out the shadows and walks away.
The Punisher lays Iana down on the couch.
                       THE PUNISHER
You're staying here tonight. It's
safe. Get some rest.
He turns his attention to Jennifer, who just looks at him.


I can't keep her here, Frank. If
someone from the office found out,
I'd -
                       THE PUNISHER
It's just for the night. In the
morning, take her to the Ennis
Street Hotel. That's where her
family is.
Jennifer groans.
Why can't you just take her
                       THE PUNISHER
It's too hot right now. You said
you would help, so help.
Jennifer sighs.
All right. We're even after this.
The Punisher nods his head and walks over to the door.

Jennifer looks at Iana and then back at the Punisher.
You're doing a good thing, Frank.
Maybe it's not too late for you.
The Punisher turns his head towards her, swallows hard, and
Molly has several evidence bags spread out all over the
desk, and she hangs up the phone.

Soap looks at her.
The bullets are custom-made, which
means he doesn't buy from any
company that we can trace him to.


Molly lights a cigarette and goes over some papers and

Soap notices the overflowing ashtray and empty cup of
You've been going at this all
night, haven't you?
There's gotta be something here
that I can use. Some way to find
Maybe you should take a break for
a few hours, Mol. Go home and get
some sleep.
When there's a break on the case,
I'll take a break.
Soap sighs.
All right. I'm going to go get
some food. Want me to bring you
back anything?
Will it be coming from Lucky's?
Then no.
Soap's car is parked along the side of the street. It's
pouring outside.
Soap sits in his car, eating a greasy burger.


His passenger side door opens and the Punisher gets in,
closing the door.
It's coming down pretty hard out
there, huh?
                       THE PUNISHER
You take care of the girls?
Soap nods.
Yeah, we uh, got them all entered
into the system, alerted the
proper authorities, and they
should be going back home in a
couple weeks, after due
                       THE PUNISHER
Can I ask you something? Why
didn't you kill everyone in that
club except the girls?
The Punisher doesn't respond for a moment.
                       THE PUNISHER
Those men have families. They're
everyday guys. Slime they may be,
I couldn't justify killing them
just for paying for a service.
But some of those guys really did
a number on those girls.
                       THE PUNISHER
And some of them hardly touched
them. There was no way to know the
difference, and I will not have
clean blood on my hands, Soap.
Soap nods his head.
You hear about those vigilante
Soap hands The Punisher an envelope.


                       THE PUNISHER
That's everything I got on 'em so
far. You're inspiring people,
                       THE PUNISHER
I'm not supposed to inspire
You had to know it was bound to
happen sooner or later. A lot of
people see you as a hero.
The Punisher looks down at his feet.
                       THE PUNISHER
I'm no hero. A hero saves the ones
he cares about.
The Punisher looks at Soap.
                       THE PUNISHER
Listen, I need you to do something
for me. You still have a contact
with the news station?
The Punisher takes a large envelope out of his trench coat
and hands it to Soap.
What's this?
                       THE PUNISHER
All the dirt on Dynaco that you
need to bring the corporation
I don't understand -
                       THE PUNISHER
You'll know when to use it.


Soap nods his head.

The Punisher goes to open his car door.
Wait a sec.
The Punisher turns and looks at Soap.
I'm working with someone new. Her
name is Molly Von Richtofen. She's
hit every joint and thug refuge in
the city trying to find you. You
need to be careful Frank, because
she's hell bent on bringing you
                       THE PUNISHER
Keep her out of my way.
The Punisher gets out of the car, and slams the door.

Soap sighs and opens up his glove compartment. He takes out
a flask, opens it, and chugs.
Nobody understands me.
The Punisher does sit ups, listening to the 10 o'clock news.

On the TV is a news report on Dynaco about the allegations
of being involved with the sex trade.

The Punisher stops doing sit ups and turns his attention to
the TV.

On it, Harry assures the reporter that Dynaco was in no way
involved and that business is going on as usual, including
the shareholder fishing trip tomorrow.

The Punisher stands up, and walks over to his work bench.

He slams a fresh clip into his handgun.
                       THE PUNISHER
It's your turn, Ebbing.


Off the coast of the city is a charter boat.

On deck are several BUSINESSMEN, as well as Dermot, Harry,
Wanda, and Barracuda.

The businessmen are all on the deck, while Harry, Wanda,
Dermot, and Barracuda are on the top of the wheel house,
looking out over the ocean.

Harry has a cigar in one hand and a wine glass in the other.
I'm still not sure this is a good
Just relax. Everything is being
taken care of.
Harry downs his wine and hands his glass to Wanda.
Fetch me another glass, won't you?
Wanda reluctantly takes the glass.
Of course, Mr. Ebbing.
Wanda takes the glass and walks below deck.

Barracuda watches her go with a sneer.

On the ocean, the Punisher quietly approaches the boat in a
smaller craft.

He launches a hook up onto the deck, securing his craft the
boat, and the quietly climbs up the rope and hoists himself
up onto the deck.
In the galley of the boat, Wanda pours wine into a glass.

The Punisher quietly enters the galley, a silenced MP-5 in
his hands.

Wanda turns around, sees him, and drops the wine glass.

The Punisher puts his finger up to his lips, signaling her


to be quiet. He makes his way past her, going up to the
wheel house of the charter boat.
The Punisher walks up the steps and enters the wheel house,
un-equips his MP-5, takes out his knife, creeps up behind
the driver, and drives the knife into the side of his head,
right through his temple.

Another WOMAN, whom the Punisher didn't see, starts to
scream and runs into the corner, ducking down.

Something isn't quite right with her and the Punisher
quickly runs over to her to try and quiet her down.

As soon as he touches her, the woman turns around, disarms
the Punisher, and kicks his legs out from underneath him.

Before the Punisher can even get back on his feet, a .50
caliber pistol is placed to the back of his head.
Don't move, Castle.
The woman stands up, laughing. A man's laugh.
Good work, Fifty.
The "woman" pulls a wig off of her head.

It's FIFTY, Barracuda's most trusted goon.
Nice going, Punisher. Always
trying to help the innocent, eh?
Haven't you learned? NOBODY is
Fifty starts laughing and the Punisher glares at Barracuda.
Don't be such a poor sport,
Castle. On your feet, soldier.
We're going outside.
Fifty grabs the Punisher's arm and hoists him up. They walk
out to the deck.


The Punisher walks along the deck, followed by Barracuda and
Look at the size of this fucking
thing that we just reeled in.
Harry and Dermot turn and look at the Punisher in surprise.
He took my bait. Hook, line, and
Barracuda turns to Fifty.
Nice pun.
The two chuckle.

The shareholders on the boat look at the Punisher in
amazement, shock, or fear.

Harry grins.
Well, well. Frank Castle. The
Punisher. It is most certainly not
a pleasure to meet you face to
face, but I must say, under these
circumstances, it's rather
                       THE PUNISHER
Enjoy it while you can.
Harry laughs.
You seem awful confident for a
person in your situation.
The Punisher doesn't say anything. He just glares.

Harry looks at Barracuda.
Kill him. Dump his body to the


Harry walks over to the railing and picks his fishing pole
back up.

The rest of the shareholders hesitate and do the same.

Barracuda looks at the Punisher.
Well, what do you say, soldier?
You ready for your discharge?
                       THE PUNISHER
Do you worst, you piece of shit.
Just know I'll be the one to
finish this.
Barracuda looks to Dermot.
What do you think, Mr. CEO? Should
I kill him slowly or quickly?
Harry turns around.
It doesn't matter to me. Just kill
Barracuda looks at Harry.
I wasn't talking to you,
Harry looks at Barracuda, surprised, and then to Dermot.
Sorry, but your time with Dynaco
is coming to a close, Harry.
Dermot walks over to Barracuda and stands beside him.
You arrogant little shit. What do
you think you're trying to pull
here? A mutiny? The company is
mine. You'll never have it. In
fact, come Monday morning, you're
Barracuda points his .50 caliber at Harry and shoots him
twice in the chest, sending him overboard into the water.


We'll take that as your
The Punisher sees his opportunity -- quickly draws a hidden
knife, turns around, and slashes at Barracuda's hand,
severing the fingers of his right hand -- he kicks Barracuda
in the gut, sending him staggering back.

Before he can do anything more, Fifty is on him, bashing him
over the head with his gun, knocking the Punisher to the
ground, unconscious.
The Punisher opens his eyes and slowly sits up, looking
around. His vest is missing. His hands are tied behind his
back and Barracuda is standing in front of him, his right
hand wrapped in blood-soaked cloth. Next to him is a cooler
of ice with his severed fingers in it.

Fifty and Dermot stand on either side of him.
Morning sunshine. I didn't think
Fifty hit you that hard.
Guess I just don't know my own
The Punisher looks at the cooler, almost chuckling.
                       THE PUNISHER
You ruined your chance of having
your fingers reattached.
                       THE PUNISHER
Direct contact with ice, it kills
the nerve endings.
Barracuda looks at his fingers on ice and starts to laugh at
Well, I'll be damned. That was
careless on my part. That's all
right, I've still got one good
hand, and that's all I really


                       BARRACUDA (cont'd)
need, you know?
Barracuda makes a jerk-off motion with his hand.

The Punisher looks around at the terrified shareholders.
                       THE PUNISHER
Your plan isn't going to work. Too
many witnesses. Dynaco will go
under after today.
You already solved that problem
for us, Castle. By coming on
board, you've given an absolutely
convincing alibi. We've even got
Barracuda lifts up the Punisher's Kevlar vest and chuckles.
That's right, Castle. Dynaco is
mine now, and we can do anything
we want. With you gone, we're
And as far as the witnesses are
concerned, well -
Barracuda shoots two more shareholders.
What witnesses? You killed them
all, Punisher.
Fifty shoots a couple more of the shareholders.
Wanda! Get your fine ass out here!
Wanda steps out on deck, looking sick.
It's time for you to enter the
next step of your life.
Barracuda takes out a revolver and hands it to Wanda.
What's this?


Barracuda points at the remaining two shareholders and Fifty
starts laughing.

Dermot looks away.
Your turn, love.
Barracuda walks her over in front of the two terrified
shareholders and he raises her arm, aiming the gun for her.
Pull back the hammer.
Wanda pulls back the hammer, nervous as hell.
Make sure you have a clear shot,
and squeeze the trigger.
I don't think I can.
                       THE PUNISHER
Don't do it, Wanda. You're better
than them. Don't let them control
Fifty whacks the Punisher.
Shut the fuck up!
You can do it, Wanda. Just squeeze
the trigger. The gun does the rest
for you.
                       THE PUNISHER
Don't listen. You don't want to do
this. It'll destroy your life. The
guilt will consume you.
Fifty kicks the Punisher in the stomach.
I said shut up!
A tear rolls down Wanda's cheek.
Don't listen to him. This is your
chance to get back at being
treated like a slave all those


                       BARRACUDA (cont'd)
years. Remember how horrible
people like them treated you?
Wanda looks at the shareholders, the fear in their eyes.

She squeezes the trigger, shooting one of them in the chest.

She drops the guy, crying, and runs away.
I'm impressed, Wanda! You done
Barracuda casually shoots the remaining shareholder, not
even looking at him.

Barracuda approaches the Punisher.
Now, what to do with you? Hmm?
Barracuda looks at Fifty and nods.

Fifty walks over to the body of one of the shareholders,
picks it up, and heaves it overboard.
Did you know that sharks can smell
a drop of blood from 1/4 mile
The Punisher picks up a piece of glass from the deck of the
boat and closes his hand around it.

Barracuda shoots him in the shoulder -- he's tossed

Barracuda opens another one of the coolers and arms some
explosives that are inside.
Let's move.
Underwater, and sinking fast, is the Punisher.

He cuts at the rope with the piece of glass, slowing slicing
it a strand at a time.


Back on the boat, Barracuda, Dermot, Fifty, and Wanda make
their way to the back and climb down the rope to the
Punisher's craft.
The Punisher cuts through the rope and begins to swim
Fifty cuts the rope connecting the two boats together and
they ship off.
Underwater, the Punisher grabs onto the left over piece of
rope that's draped over the side of his craft, and is
quickly pulled through the water.

He quickly pushes his head above water to breathe and ducks
underneath the water again.
The small boat reaches shore and the four quickly get off
the boat. They look out into the ocean and BOOM!

The charter boat explodes and starts to sink.
The four walk up the shore towards the harbor.

Back by the water, the Punisher slowly crawls out of the
water, stands up, and stumbles along the shore, until he
The sun shines brightly, accenting the brightness of the
green grass. The flowers. The surrounding trees. A soft
breeze dances over the tips of the plant life. Birds chirp
in the distance.

The Punisher stands there in a white shirt and blue jeans.
He's barefoot, and looks down at his feet as he feels them


against the soft grass. He looks up at the sky and breathes
in deep, finding peace.
                       MARIA (O.S.)
The Punisher looks forward.

Across the field is MARIA and his children, FRANK JR. and
They're there, smiling at him, motioning for him to come

The Punisher starts running across the field.

As he runs, the sky grows darker with every step, and the
grass and flowers begin to wilt.
Hurry, Frank. Before it's too
late. We're here. We're waiting
for you.
His children laugh.
Come on, daddy!
The Punisher keeps running. He's a mere feet away from them,
when lightning strikes and thunder grumbles.

Maria, Lisa, and Frank Jr. lay on the ground, covered in
blood, dead.

The Punisher drops to his knees in front of them and starts

It is now dark and the entire field is dead.

The Punisher sits there, looking at their bodies, weeping.
                       THE PUNISHER
I couldn't get to you in time. I
couldn't save you.
                       MARIA (O.S.)
The Punisher turns around and Maria is there, in a white
dress, looking at him lovingly.
It's not time yet.


The Punisher looks at her and she begins to back away.

He stands up.
                       THE PUNISHER
Maria. Wait.
Maria turns around and walks faster.
                       THE PUNISHER
Stop. Don't go.
The Punisher starts running after her, but she disappears
behind the trees.
                       THE PUNISHER
Lightning again, and thunder. It starts to rain.

The Punisher falls to his knees and looks at his shoulder.
It starts to bleed.

The Punisher opens his eyes with a start. He looks around at
his surroundings, disoriented.
                       FISHERMAN (O.S.)
I was wonderin' if you were gonna
come around. Wasn't sure if you
were dead or what.
A FISHERMAN approaches the Punisher, smiling at him.
That was a nasty wound you had,
The Punisher looks at his shoulder, which is all patched up.
He also has a bandage on his head.

He sits up, ready to leave.
Relax, fella. Take it easy. I
didn't call the police.
The Punisher looks at the Fisherman.


                       THE PUNISHER
Thank you.
The Punisher turns his attention to the small TV on the

The news is on.
Did the TV wake you? My apologies.
Not used to havin' company.
                       THE PUNISHER
On the TV is a news report on the Vigilante Killings.
      (on the TV)
Tonight, on Citywide, we ask - Is
New York caught up in a Vigilante
Mrs. Pearse walks through the office.

The Holy is sitting, watching the same news report.
                       MRS. PEARSE
There yeh are, Father. I'll jus
leave yer cocoa on the table for
Mrs. Pearse drops the mug into a plant pot, and walks out of
the room.
      (On TV)
Are the police not doing enough?
Have concerned citizens taken it
one step too far?
Elite is in his bedroom, undressing from his hard day of
vigilante killing.


      (On TV)
Has due process been forgotten?
Civil rights?
Mr. Payback sits in a saggy old chair, feeding his dog.
      (On TV)
Whatever the reason, something
sent these masked murderers about
their bloody business! Something
led Mr. Payback to turn his guns
on the hard-working men and women
of Wall Street.
The Holy sits there, playing with his hatchet.
      (On TV)
Something inspired the mystery
axe-murderer of Spanish Harlem.
Elite finishes putting on a suit.
      (On TV)
Something made Elite kill and maim
his way across the Upper East
The Punisher and the Fisherman still sit, watching the news.
      (On TV)
And something gave birth to the
original and the worst - The most
lethal of them all - The Killer
who began this dance of death -
The Punisher.


                       THE PUNISHER
Uh huh.
The Punisher stands up and heads for the door.
The Holy sits there, wide-eyed and smiling.
                       THE HOLY
Hey, this -
Elite takes off his mask.
- gives me -
Mr. Payback ponders.
                       MR. PAYBACK
- an idea.
Dermot sits behind the desk in the office, smiling. He goes
over some paperwork and enters something in to the computer.

Barracuda enters the office.
How's it feel to be the big dog?
I gotta say, it's pretty nice. Of
course, I owe it all to you.
Barracuda chuckles.
I do whatever needs to be done, as
long as the cash keeps flowin', ya
feel me?
Dermot chuckles.


Don't worry, the cash is gonna
keep flowin'. I've got big plans
for the city with this company.
It's going to bring in millions.
Pace yourself. The investigation
ain't over yet.
Too true. But c'mon, the
Punisher's dead, it looked like
his handy work, and there's nobody
left to say anything different.
Don't forget about the other one,
Dermot. Regarding the shipment?
If anything comes of that, it's
all on Harry's dead body. Relax.
How's your hand?
Barracuda looks at his hand, which is all wrapped up.
It's not bad. Painkillers are
wonderful things.
Barracuda turns to leave.
Going out?
Barracuda smiles.
Just to pay my respects.
Soap and Molly look over a police report.
He's not dead, Molly.


He has to be. If he wasn't dead,
how do you suppose there were any
survivors at all? Then there's
She motions to the Kevlar vest in the corner with the
Punisher's symbol painted on it.
Okay, well still, maybe he's still
alive. I'm just saying, I don't
think we should release any
information regarding him one way
or another until we know for sure.
It's bound to get out sooner or
later, and then we'll look like
idiots, Soap.
Well, you know Molly, I'm kinda
used to that. So can we please
just do this my way? I'm in charge
of the task force, okay? Once we
have more proof, then we'll go
Molly stands up, irritated.
Fine, Soap. Do whatever the fuck
you want to do.
Molly walks away.

The phone rings, and Soap sighs, answering it.
Punisher Task Force, Detective
Martin Soap speaking.
                       THE PUNISHER (O.S.)
They missed. It's time.
The line goes dead, and Soap smiles.

He opens up a drawer and takes out the large envelope that
the Punisher gave him.


Barracuda stands over the Castle family grave. Maria, Lisa,
and Frank Jr's names are etched in the tombstone.

Barracuda lights a cigar, puffs on it, and looks down at the
You know, Castle, you were
supposed to be the biggest,
baddest motherfucker on the block.
You weren't nothin' but a big
pussy. All talk. I ate bitches
like you for breakfast. But, you
did take my eye. My hand.
He unzips his pants and starts pissing on the grave.
That's just not something I'll let
slip by. Have a drink on me,
He finishes pissing and zips his pants back up.
Rot in hell with your family,
Barracuda spits on the grave and walks away.
Elite casually walks down the sidewalk.

A beat-up old car pulls up beside him. He looks at the car.

Mr. Payback is sitting inside.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Get in the car, Elite.
Elite walks towards the passenger side window and leans in,
looking at Mr. Payback.
I know you. You're that freak, Mr.


                       MR. PAYBACK
That's rich, coming from you. Come
on, get in.
And why would I want to do that,
                       MR. PAYBACK
You know why. United we stand.
But you hit the rich!
                       MR. PAYBACK
I do what the cops can't or won't.
Ring any bells?
Elite opens the car door and gets inside.
What a repulsive car! Let's get
out of here before someone sees me
in it.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Grow up.
The two begin to drive away.
                       ELITE (O.S.)
Where are we heading?
                       MR. PAYBACK (O.S.)
The beat-up old car slowly cruises by the back of the

A MAN suddenly bursts out the back door, clutching his
bloody chest. He sees the car, which has now stopped, and
slowly makes his way towards it.


Elite and Mr. Payback get out of the car.
What on Earth?
The priest...he's crazy -
The Holy runs out the back door, bloody hatchet in hand.
                       THE HOLY
I'll absolve you, you filth!
Elite takes out his silenced pistol -
Thank Go -
- and shoots the man a couple times in the chest, dropping

The Holy looks at the two, scratching his head.
                       THE HOLY
I know you two, don't I? I've seen
you on TV. Elite and Mr. Payback.
Yes, you do the same thing I do.
I'm afraid we only know you by
reputation, Father...?
                       THE HOLY
Call me The Holy.
                       MR. PAYBACK
We've been looking for you.
We have an idea we want to run by
Dermot sits behind his desk, working on his computer.

There's a knock on the door and Wanda steps inside, carrying
an envelope.


This was brought up to me from the
lobby. It's urgent.
Wanda hands Dermot the envelope and walks out of the office,
closing the door behind her.

Dermot looks at the envelope curiously and opens it. He
takes out an index card that has the words "OUTSIDE" written
on it.

Dermot stands up and walks over to his window, looking down
to the street.

BOOM! A limo parked down on the street explodes, startling

Dermot turns the card over. On the back, in blood, is the
skull symbol.

Wanda rushes in to the office.
What was that? Are you all right?
Get Barracuda up here. Now.
Elite and Mr. Payback are getting hostile.
Stupid peasant.
                       MR. PAYBACK
Bourgeois pig.
You whining commie! You're just
too lazy to do a day's work for a
day's pay!
                       MR. PAYBACK
You call running an art gallery
work!? You inherited your money,
you spoiled rich creep!
Yes, and you're jealous! You don't
give a damn about workers, you're
just another frustrated prole!


                       MR. PAYBACK
Don't talk to me like that, pretty
boy. I'll rip that silver spoon
right out of your mouth and shove
it so far up your ass -
The Holy brings his hatchet down into his desk.
                       THE HOLY
Enough! You two idiots had better
shape up before the wrath of God
descends! We've got to get this
together! Because right now, if we
ask the Punisher to join us, then
our particular battle for justice
will be over before it begins!
Barracuda stands in front of Dermot's desk.
He's supposed to be dead. You were
supposed to have killed him. You
mind telling me how he's still
alive!? Do you know the risk this
puts us at? The risk the
corporation is at?
Chill. I'm gonna take care of this
motherfucker tonight. I know just
what to do to get his attention.
Barracuda turns to leave the office.
No mistakes this time, understand?
Barracuda looks back at Dermot.
Don't threaten me, white boy.
Barracuda exits the office and Dermot puts his head in his
hands, sighing.
Molly runs down the stairs and over to Soap's desk.


The Punisher has attacked Dynaco!
Come on, we need to get over
Actually, Molly, I have something
I need to take care of. You mind
working this one alone?
Molly looks at Soap a minute and shrugs.
I guess so.
Soap stands up.
Great. Give me all the details
Soap picks up the envelope and walks away.
The doorbell rings. A moment later, there is a knock on the

Jennifer makes her way downstairs and flicks on the entrance
way light.
This better be important. I have
to be up at four in the morning!
Jennifer opens the door.

Barracuda, Fifty, and another MERCENARY are standing there.
Barracuda smiles.
Don't worry, ma'am. This is very
Jennifer goes to slam the door, but Barracuda pushes his way
into the house, knocking Jennifer on her ass.

The three step inside.
It's rude to not invite a guest
into your house. Someone could be
hurt and could need a phone, you


                       FIFTY (cont'd)
Fifty picks her up and drags her into the living room.

Barracuda and the Mercenary follow.

Fifty throws her down onto the couch.
Barracuda pulls up a chair and sits in front of Jennifer.

She looks at them, scared out of her mind.
Look, I don't have any cash on me.
But I'll give you my credit cards
and ATM cards.
We're not here to rob you.
Then what do you want?
Barracuda takes out his machete.
Look, I don't know any -
Barracuda backhands her.
You don't know my question. We're
going to start now. Don't give me
an answer until I finish my
question, understand?
Jennifer nods her head, her eyes filling with tears.

Barracuda slams his machete into her couch.
Now, how you answer my question
determines whether or not I use


The Punisher finishes suiting up and walks over to his

He slams a knife home into the info he's collected on

He leans over his desk, opens the journal, and writes some
things down in it.

He closes the journal and heads out.
The Punisher makes his way up to the doors of the building
and sets his duffel bag down. He leans down and unzips it,
reaching inside.

A FIGURE approaches from behind and the Punisher quickly
turns around, drawing a pistol.

The Figure raises his hands, it's a MERCENARY.
Whoa, peace man. I don't want to
fight you, I'm just here to
deliver a message.
                       THE PUNISHER
Speak, and try not to bore me. My
trigger finger is feeling itchy.
You're wasting your time here,
Punisher. There are more important
things for you to be doing right
                       THE PUNISHER
Enlighten me, scumbag.
That lady friend of yours is in
danger, mate. Barracuda's having a
chat with her as we speak. You
better hurry if you want to catch



The Punisher shoots the Mercenary in the head, picks up the
duffel bag, and quickly rushes off.
The Punisher rushes inside the dark house, looking around,
handgun raised.

He stops, listening - a groan comes from the living room.
                       THE PUNISHER
The Punisher darts into the living room and flicks on the

Jennifer is lying on the floor, the coffee table broken
underneath her. She's covered with blood and breathing
heavily, struggling for air.

The Punisher leans down to her and scoops her up.
                       THE PUNISHER
Hold on, you're going to be just
Fr - Frank.
                       THE PUNISHER
Don't talk. Save your strength.
He's taking Iana.
The Punisher looks in Jennifer's eyes.
I - I told him w-where. He said
he'd let me g-go. I'm so s-sorry.
                       THE PUNISHER
Don't be sorry. It's going to be
The Punisher rips the casing of a pillow on the couch and
applies it to one of Jennifer's wounds.


                       THE PUNISHER
I'll get you some help, you just
hold on, all right?
The Punisher goes to get up, but Jennifer grabs his arm and
pulls him back.

She looks at him, her eyes watering.
Elementary School. He wants you -
you there.
The Punisher nods his head.
Get them for me, Frank. I'm so
                       THE PUNISHER
You're in shock.
It's doesn't hurt anymore.
And just like that, Jennifer dies.

The Punisher sits there a moment and then lays her back

Collecting his thoughts and swallowing hard, he departs.
Iana and Viorica are gagged and tied up in the middle of the
library, crying and terrified.

Barracuda sits there casually with an AK-47 in his hand.

Fifty paces around the room, LR-300-ML assault rifle in
What's taking him so long, man?
You don't think he won't show, do
you? I mean, he could've just
killed our guy before he even had
a chance to say anything.
Chill the fuck out, nigga. He'll
be here.


Barracuda looks at the two girls and smiles.
He's let enough women in his life
die already. He won't allow these
two to be added to the list. Or so
he thinks.
Barracuda chuckles.
A single MERCENARY is patrolling the schoolyard gates.

The Punisher creeps up behind him and taps him on the
shoulder -- Mercenary turns around, stunned, and the
Punisher slams his palm up into the Mercenary's nose,
driving it into his brain.

The Punisher picks up his weapon, a ADD/Daewoo K11 and heads
through the schoolyard.

As he heads for the door, two Mercenaries come rushing out,
weapons firing -- Without a moments hesitation, the Punisher
sprays them with lead and they roll down the steps.

The Punisher approaches the door and darts inside.
Barracuda lifts his head at the sound of the gunfire.
That sounds like Mr. Castle,
doesn't it, Fifty? And you didn't
think he'd show.