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by amanda (amandalynnsw@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Long shot view of South Carolina. A lot of farm land and
gleaming silos. A close up of an old man's sweaty face.He is
riding in the back of a pick up truck with hay stacks next
to him. Soft Brown horses gallop through a fenced in area.
There are Horses running along the open fields. Quick shot
of a strip club in the middle of nowhere with old beat up
trucks parked out front. The camera then focuses on a young
boy in overalls painting a barn with vibrant red paint.
Close up of the red paint flowing down the side of the barn.
Close up of flowing red hair. A beautiful girl is sitting
indian style in a bikini reading a book. She has rosey
cheeks and a pale snow-white looking face. She is in an old
porch swing of a run down house with a lot of weeds and
uncut grass in the front yard. The house stands alone with
no neighbors. Rose squints to read and smiles as her eyes
shift across the pages. The abrupt sound of a slamming door
sounds and an attractive older woman (about late 30's)
stomps onto the porch. She is tan and her chocolate brown
hair is pulled up in a messy bun. She has a sun dress on and
a duffle bag over her shoulder with bright red lipstick
smeared perfectly on her pouty lips.
(heavy southern accent) See ya...
goinda Star's, then work.
All night?
Yep, be home in the mornin.
There's some blackberry dumplins
in the fridge.
(Rose perks up in the swing) Ma?
Rose looks as if she's going to say something, then sighs
and looks back down at her book. Karalee turned around as if
she couldn't wait any longer.


What? C'mon Rose spit it out, I
gotta run. (Starts shuffling with
her duffle bag)
I like this boy. (keeps her eyes
planted on the pages of her book)
Great! Me too. I gotta tell ya all
about him later. Love ya!!!(starts
rushing to the car)
(finally looks up and yells) Hey,
I'm gonna throw a big party while
you're gone tonight. Lotsa drugs,
booze, and might even have me some
sex with random men!
Rose watches her mother wave and get in the car promptly,
not even paying attention to what Rose was saying. She saves
her place in her book and puts it down. She is reading
"Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway. She runs her fingers
through her long red hair and watches ducks walk across the
lawn. The phone rings and it is faint.
Rose picks up the old yellow phone. Her stance is slouched
but it is still obvious that she has a good figure. A black
cat rubs up against her leg.
Yeah? (pause) No she's not. Uh,
she stopped at a friends house and
then she's goin to work.(pause)
Take a message? (pause) Caleb? K.
Rose hangs up the phone and yawns.
Close up of Roses flawless face. She stares in the mirror.
She stands to the side on her toes and sucks in her stomach.
She looks down at all of the makeup and starts shuffling
through it. She picks up a bright red lipstick that has been
used many times. She puts it on her lips and blows a
provocative kiss. Her face relaxes and she whipes the


lipstick off with her arm and it smudges around her lips.
She then opens a drawer under the sink and notices an
abundant amount of condoms. She shuts it real quick, the
slam is loud.
Star turns around with an attractive smile and glow from
seeing her best friend Karalee pulling up to her house. Her
hair is blonde and shoulder length with bangs. She has light
pink lip gloss on and cut off shorts. She is chewing gum
like a cow and has the look of a true southern belle. She is
very talkative and fast paced.
HEY SUGAH! Just got back from the
store, got some jujubis if you
want some. You my dear, are going
to look STUNNING in the new outfit
I bought you for tonight. The guys
will swoon!
Thank you for thinkin of me! I
hope the outfit will attract more
money. The boys aint been tippin
good in weeks.
(looks down and pauses) I know, I
been pinchin pennies for food. And
Robert, bless his heart...eats for
three.(pause and moves closer to
Karalee) Maybe we could waitress
at that little diner down the
street. Those drunk men comin in
for a snack. Soon as they see tits
and ass, they forget what bills
they're pullin out of their
Heh, Maybe. Hey I met this guy at
the diner the other night. Fine,
fine. Let me tell you, he is QUITE
the charmer.
Well now, don't be bringin him
here to meet me or nothin!


I know better. (laughs)
Well, I'll have you two over for
dinner one night. (pause and
waters more flowers)
Karalee walks in noticing Robert right away who is
restringing a home-made acoustic guitar. Robert is grungy
and pale (about 17). He has shoulder length hair that is
brown and stringy. He's in a black shirt with relaxed jeans.
He has a cigarette in his mouth.
How's it goin, ma'am?
Nice to meetcha. Is it Robert?
Yes ma'am. (drags his cigarette)
Well I'm gettin ready to make the
doe with your momma...nice meetin
ya. (rushes upstairs to get ready)
Robert puts his cigarette down and starts tuning his guitar.
Rose sits on her couch in a tight fitted tank top with low
cut underwear. She's eating celery with a disgusted look on
her face every time she takes a bite. The crunch is loud and
her black cat runs over and jumps up on the couch out of
curiosity. Rose is switching through the channels on the
t.v. with a blank expression. She pets the cat to distract
it from trying to claw the leafy end of the celery. Suddenly
loud knocks on the door sound and it startles both Rose and
the cat. Her eyes widen as she gets up slowly.


Rose puts both hands up to the door. There are sudden loud
knocks again and it makes Rose jump. This frustrates her.
(annoyed) Whose there!?!?!
An older man's voice answers. "Karalee?"
Rose takes in a huge sigh and instantly rolls her eyes.
Karalee is at work. You should
know that if you're stalking her.
Goodnight. (she starts to walk
away picking her black cat up)
An older man's voice yells "Rose?"
Rose stops in her tracks. She slowly turns back to the door
but doesn't walk back over to it. The cat looks irritated
and fights to jump out of her arms.
Who are you?
                       UNKNOWN MAN
Caleb. I called earlier to talk to
your mom.
Okay? (attitude) She is AT WORK. I
told you that on the phone.
Would it be a burden to tell me
where she works? Sorry to bother
you. I just have a dozen roses and
I wanted to send em to her work.
Loud music. Karalee is in a light purple laungerie outfit
black trimmed lace. It is clearly too tight. Her black
fishnets come up high. Her brown hair is in teased curls.
She swings around the pole with grace. Karalee's cleavage
is natural and very prominent. She has thick makeup on
that looks overly dramatic. Guys fight to put dollar bills
in her garter and some girls are walking around topless
serving drinks.


(yells) Where did you meet her?
Oh at the diner the other morning.
We talked for hours. She told me
all about you and where she lived
but never told me her occupation.
Oh well look just leave the
flowers on the porch. She'll get
em when she comes home.
Rose picks up her cat and turns to walk in the kitchen
hoping he would leave. She hears the sound of stomping down
the porch steps and her body moves up and down indicating a
sigh of relief. She walks into the kitchen to pour herself a
glass of water from the faucet. The water from the faucet
flows loudly into the glass.
The distant sound of crashing waves. Robert and his friend
Tom are smoking pot on the beach with no shirts on. Tom is
bald with a few tattoos, he's very blunt and quick tempered.
Dude, I'm gettin it. I have 230
down so far.
(chuckles) You aint gettin it.
It's a 72 fender stratocaster. Get
the fuck outta here.
You'll see, and you're gonna be
jealous when I'm bangin all the
chicks because of it. (pause)
What's up with that Betty chick?
You poke it yet?
Nothin...too prissy. Her parents
are lawyers or some shit. When I
told her my mom was a stripper,
she hung up.


(shakes head) Fucked up.
Robert starts inhaling his blunt.
Rose is sitting across from her mother Karalee in a crowded
diner having lunch.
So I guess you want to tell me ALL
about this new guy?
Rose takes a sip of her ice water while her mother eats
french fries like a child.
Hah. I brought you here to meet
him! (perks up and smiles from ear
to ear waiting for a reaction)
Wonderful! (rolls eyes) Oh, you
get some flowers when you got home
this mornin?
(Eyes widen) YES! Were they from
Yeah...he came to the house
and..mom, he's creepy, and did you
not tell him that you strip? He
kept asking me..
(nervously) NO! Rose, do NOT
mention what I do. He knows I
gotta job but don't know what yet.
Caleb proudly walks over with a huge smile on his face and
hugs Karalee. Rose looks at them and sighs. She puts a fake
smile on. Close up of Caleb's face showing an expression of
astonishment. He stares at Rose. He quickly catches himself
and puts his hand out to shake Rose's. Rose shakes it with
less effort than his. Karalee and Caleb sit down and make
small talk.


While Karalee and Caleb's mumbles are faintly heard, Robert
is shown looking up at them while he sips his coffee.
With a smile she quickly looks at Robert and then looks back
at Caleb turning red.
So, how old are you missy...well,
lemme guess 18?
Rose is now in the best mood and Caleb mistakes it for a
sort of flirtacious way.
(huge smile) In a week I will
be...and I graduate soon. (her
eyes keep shifting over to Robert
which is in the same direction of
She get's her brains from me!
(nudges Caleb)
and her looks. (smiles creepily at
As Caleb comments on Rose's beauty, Robert glances over and
notices Karalee and then Rose. He nods and grins then looks
away. Rose smiles and blushes. Caleb winks at Rose. Karalee
is oblivious to everything and pours another sugar packet
into her tea.
Rose walks with a hippie looking girl with a nose ring. The
girl waves and turns to leave. Rose waves bye to her and
continues to walk down the hall. She biting the side of her
cheek and holding her books closely.She overhears a few
football players talking about her. She stops with an
expression of amusement on her face.
(says to other football players)I
saw her washed up mom at the strip
club. Her tits were so saggy that
they could've got tangled around


                       JOCK (cont'd)
the pole. (laughs from whole group
of guys)
Rose rolls her eyes and tries to walk around the team of
jocks but is blocked.
Ahh shit. What's goin on Rose,
when are you gonna start strippin
so I can come see you? (laughs)
Rose blushes and quickly lashes.
Fuck off.
Oooooooh! Fiesty. Maybe I outta
stop tippin your mom!
Robert suddenly appears standing taller than all of them.
Jock looks at him and quickly turns away. His buddies slowly
follow him. The awkwardness makes Robert start laughing.
Am I that ugly?
Rose smiles.
Rose is petting her cat laying on the bed on her back. She's
looking up at the ceiling.
Karalee peaks through the crack of her door and barges in.
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!? Star invited
us over for dinner tonight! Get
Rose perks up sitting on her bed now. The cat jumps off the
bed and runs out of the room.
Wear something low cut. I am! But
then again, Caleb is coming so I
have a reason to. Anyway, her boy
Robert's gonna be there. Thought
you might like to meet him.


What? (says under breath)-
Robert?...I ain't goin. (lays back
Rose! This boy is a cutie, trust
me! Long hair, tall.
Oh my god....ma I think that's the
boy from school!
Well, yeah hun it IS a small town.
Star really wants to meet Caleb.
(picks up Rose's brush and looks
at it) Rose, clean these red hairs
out of here.
Caleb is kind of weird. Why do you
like him so much, he's not even
your type.
Somethin bout him.
Star is sitting there with a cute grin making sure everyone
has enough food on their plate. The table is very decorative
even though their surrounding home is run down and poor
similar to Karalee and Rose's house. Caleb is sitting next
to Karalee grinning at Rose. Rose is talking to Robert with
a smile ear to ear. Robert keeps smiling as well. Karalee is
sitting stiffly.
(To Robert) Yeah, I LOVE me some
(real amazed) You serious? I can
play "Run to the Hills" on my
You play guitar? (leans in)


(casual) I play too. (To Robert)
That your acoustic?
An old acoustic guitar is leaning up in front of an old fire
place that is used for storage.
Yeah, was my dads.
maybe you could play after dinner?
Sure thing little girl. (winks)
Well, I meant...you Robert. (gets
(interupts) So Caleb, what is it
that you do? (takes a bit of food)
I use to be an accountant. Now I
just work for a trucking business
up in Charleston. I took some time
off cuz it ain't been good
So you got laid off? (takes a bite
of a roll)
(caughs) So what is it that you do
Mrs. Karalee herself. You still
ain't told me. (laughs in Star's
(laughs nervously after taking a
drink of wine) Well...it's a tad
complicated. (pause) You know, uh.
You know that tiny place right up
the way. It's by that big red


                       KARALEE (cont'd)
What's it called?
It's called Dudley's Topless Cafe.
Karalee puts her head in her hands. Rose caughs real loud
and gives Star a distinct angry face while shaking her head
no. Star shrugs her shoulders. Caleb looks confused and
starts squirming in his chair uncomforatably. Robert finds
all of this amusing and sits back in his seat grinning.
Okay, so you're a topless dancer?
She shows more than tities!
Rose and Robert lose their composure and start quietly
Yes, I am. I'm a stripper Caleb. I
was afraid you wouldn't date me if
I told you right away. I was
afraid you wouldn't give me the
time of day.
Karalee don't explain yourself.
You make good money supporting you
and Rose. It's too bad Rose ain't
gotta job! (looks down)
Rose looks at Star with no expression then takes a drink.
I don't know what to say, Karalee.
I'm sorry. Please don't be upset
with me.
(looks at Star) So, YOU do this
too I reckon?
Yup, we all do. (Sips wine)


Uh, except us! (points at herself
and Robert)
Suddenly there's knocks at the door. Star gets up to answer
it. It's Tom (Robert's friend). He barges in starting to
make out with her and she pushes him off quickly. Robert
notices this and gets up abuptly causing the chair to fall
and make a loud sound. Caleb and Karalee are astounded and
get up to see the comotion. Rose is sitting there breathing
heavily watching as well.
(quiet yell to Tom out the
door)Not now, I told you tomorrow
Robert butts in front of Star out of rage and punches Tom in
the face as he is standing at the door looking dumbfounded.
(yells)I guess you didn't see my
fuckin truck out there? (still
punching as Tom is on the ground
trying to fight Robert off of him)
Fuckin my mom behind my back? You
piece of shit!
No! Robert please, let me
explain....stop it right now!
Star runs over to Robert. Robert flings her arms off of him.
Tom takes the opportunity to escape and runs off into the
dark night. Robert has a look of disgust on his face and
walks back into the dining room where Rose is.
I'm going to bed. I'm sorry Rose.
I'll see ya. (he heads upstairs
pissed off)
Rose looks down and then looks over at Caleb who is walking
out of the house. Star is crying by the door and Karalee
follows Caleb but stops when she sees Star. She falls to the
ground next to Star and holds her. Rose is still sitting
there with a blank expression.
Rose is sitting in the back of the classroom taking notes.
Her hair is pulled back in a long pony tail and she


constantly plays with the end of it as she writes with her
other hand. She gets distracted and looks over at the door
to see Robert waving his hands through the little window.
She smiles and raises her hand.
                       MR. PATTERSON
Can I use the bathroom please?
                       MR. PATTERSON
You may. There's a test at the end
of class, I'd hurry if I were you.
Robert stands there looking happy and kind of nervous with
his hands behind his back. Rose is smiling with one eye brow
up catching on to his antsiness.
So, is everything fine?
So, you like Maiden?
Robert brings his hands in front of Rose's face and holds up
two Iron Maiden concert tickets. Rose's jaw drops and her
knees buckle a little.
Robert! You shouldn't have! Oh
We have to leave now, it takes 2
hours to get there...and then we
can have dinner. (he makes an
indication that he wants to leave
by pulling her arm)
Rose looks back at her class remembering she has a test and
then looks at Robert's handsome anxious face and quickly
hurries with him out the school doors.
Karalee is standing in front of a huge bald guy in a tight
fitted shirt. They appear to be backstage while other girls
rush around half naked and putting on makeup. One girl is


snorting cocaine off of her vanity and then itching her nose
vigorously. The big guys shrugs his shoulders and walks away
from Karalee not saying anything. He goes over to Karalee's
vanity and rips her name off of her mirror. Star sits at her
vanity and turns around to notice Karalee standing there.
Karalee walks over to her vanity with her name torn down and
starts packing her makeup into her bag. The girl who snorted
cocaine is now putting bright red lip stick on with white
smeared residue all over her upper lip. Star looks
I can't believe you quit Karalee.
You know that boy ain't worth your
time if he ain't gonna accept you.
I gotta start settling down Star,
I can't be doin this shit no more.
I actually met someone I liked.
(shoved more makeup in bag
Do as you please, but I just think
your makin a bad choice. Your
quittin your job you had for years
so that this guy will come runnin
back to ya, then what, depend on
him to pay your bills? I don't get
it! What if he won't come back?
If he don't, than I'll get a job
at the diner...or, I dont know
I'll figure it out, I always do.
(sits downs facing Star)
Karalee, who am I gonna have to
talk to now round here...look at
this place...you was the only
person I could actually hold an
intelligent conversation with.
In the background two girls are comparing boobs while
another girl walks by who is extremely skinny drinking a
slim fast.


I'll keep in touch. I promise. I
just wanna leave all this behind
me...I like Caleb, I gotta do
Karalee is sitting on the porch swing, looking at two big
trash bags full of things sitting by the door. She looks
over at Rose who is sitting with her back towards her mother
on the other side of the porch.
You wanna talk?
(turns around with book in hand)
About you?
About anything, anything at all.
We never just talk. Mothers and
daughters are s'posed to talk.
Okay? You burnt the blackberry
dumplings. (pause) Me and Robert
are going to an Iron Maiden
concert later.
Your father use to love Iron
Maiden. I remember when we made
love to that one song...
Okay, there's a certain line we
don't cross. So why did Star have
to sleep with Robert's best
friend? You sleep with him too?
I think she slept with him one
time...it ain't no big thing.
That's messed up! I'd kill her if
she was my mom.


So, have I been a good mother to
I dunno. (shrugs) I wish things
were different. I wish dad was
still here.
(starts crying) I miss Joe still.
It's so emotional when a guy
rejects me, i feel lonely. I just
wanna fall in love again, you
(shuts books and slams it on the
floor) MOM!
(get's mad and raises voice) You
know what those bags are filled
with? ALL of my outfits. Their
gone and I quit strippin. So that
maybe, just maybe Rose...we could
catch up, and maybe Caleb will
come back.
Why now? What's so great about
him, why'd it take some loser guy
to make you quit being such a
You watch your fuckin mouth. I
ain't no slut, I was makin money
to SUPPORT us Rose. It ain't easy
out here when we're in the middle
of no where.
That's the lamest excuse mom! You
were stripping when dad was alive,
I remember. God you act like I'm
No I don't.


Yeah, you do, and you don't care
about me....you rarely talk to me.
It takes some guy you barely know
to all a sudden wanna start acting
like a mother? (laughs) You quit,
not because I am embarassed as
hell that my mother is a stripper
but because your ashamed that this
creep will think less of you cuz
of it. You're pathetic.
Rose gets up and walks a few steps. She looks at her mom
with a squinted stare and stomps into the house, slamming
the door with all of her might. Karalee puts one hand over
her mouth and begins to cry.
The phone is ringing in the kitchen. Rose stomps angerly and
answers it.
hold on... (screams) MOMMMMM!!!!!
Karalee walks into the kitchen and grabs the phone from
Rose's hand. Rose sits down at the kitchen table with her
arms folded. Karalee rolls her eyes at her and answers the
Rose and Robert are laughing and talking about the concert.
She keeps thanking him for everything. Robert parks the car
in the driveway to Rose's house noticing a black truck
parked. The head lights beam on Caleb sitting on the steps
smoking a cigarette.
Damn I thought that man was long
time gone...I ain't likin him too
much... (turns to Rose) Did you
want me to walk you in or...
(sighs) No, its okay. Thank you,
I'll see ya at school tomorrow.
(smiles and hugs him)


Rose starts to walk passed Caleb with an irritated attitude.
Her arms are crossed.
No hello huh, okay. (stands up)
How was the concert eh?
(uncrosses arms) How'd you know I
went? (Rose looks over at Robert's
car as he backs out of the
driveway, she waves) Why are you
here, where's momma?
Sleepin. We talked it out. I
forgave her. You know, your
momma's a nice woman. We made some
(walks up the porch stairs and
grabs her book she left and sits
on the porch swing) What kind of
Caleb walks over to a chair on the other side of the porch
and sits hitting his pack of cigarettes with his other hand.
He then shuffles for a lighter in his front shirt pocket.
Well she quit her job and I says
Damnit Karalee you didn't have to
do all that now. I agreed to stay
here and pay the bills. I figure I
owe it to her. Plus I, (inhales
his cigarette and blows out) I
like your mother.
(grinds her teeth) I thought you
were laid off.
No no. You misunderstood me. I
said business ain't been good.
Doesn't mean I ain't makin money.
(flicks cigarette) How you feel
about me stayin?


I'm actually gettin tired. Night.
(gets up quickly and walks in the
house and slams the door)
Caleb throws the butt of his cigarette over the porch and
Just as I suspected.
The sun shines through the window beaming on Rose's ruby red
strands. The sound of banging wakes her up. She suddenly
rises and looks out the window.
Caleb is hammering the door to the old shed in the yard.
Rose sighs and shakes her head. She throws on a t shirt that
is in a big pile of balled up clothes and a pair of jeans
laying next to her bed.
What? Stop yelling.
Karalee is making breakfast. She cracks an egg over a hot
pan and it makes a sizzling sound. Rose stands there with
her arms crossed looking over her shoulder than back at her
WHY is he staying here and for how
Oh just for a while. We talked
everything out and he said..


Mom...I think it's too fast, don't
Rose, I am 39 years old, I gotta
settle now. Nothins too fast when
your my age. (pushes bread down in
the toaster)
Were you even gonna ask me my
opinion about this at all? I do
live here too!
Look! (flips eggs then turns to
look at Rose) He is stayin here to
help pay for things and..
so your using him for his money?
Maybe you shouldn't have quit your
I am NOT using him. We love each
other! He offered...it doesn't
matter okay, you didn't even like
the fact that I was strippin, I
was thinkin you'd be happy I quit.
I'd rather you be a stripper and
not have nothin to do with me than
have some random guy move in after
a week of meetin him!
Rose I'm not gonna have this talk
anymore. You know how I feel bout
Caleb, it's my house, he'll stay
if he wants.
What about what I want mom? Have
you ever in your whole fucking
life thought about what I wanted?
How about a better mother, a nicer
house, a father?


Caleb walks in and notices Rose and Karalee standing there
with an awkward silence and no expression. Karalee puts the
eggs and bread on the table and smiles.
Breakfast is ready hunny!
Rose rolls her eyes and walks out of the kitchen.
Rose is walking down the side of the dirt road away from her
house. The sound of her mothers voice is heard faintly in
the distance. Rose begins to close her eyes.
Rose is shown in a hazy shot. She is much younger around 6.
She's pulling the eyes off of her doll and crying as her
very drunk father rocks back and forth on the porch swing
cussing and tearing up pictures from a wedding album.
No, but I'M the drunk, worthless
loser...I'M not a good husband. 10
years down the drain. (throwing
pieces of pictures on the porch)
Daddy, where's mommy?
Who knows, little one. I wish I
knew. S'posed to be home by now!
Karalee is seen driving up to the drive way. The breaks are
loud and the headlights quickly go off. The sound of the
horn beeps.
A car is laying on their horn and swerves around Rose as she
is walking close to the middle of the road. She gasps and
walks over on the side.
Rose sits with no expression staring at the teacher.


                       MR. PATTERSON
Mrs. Teal I need to speak to you
after class.
Bell rings and everyone rushes out the door. Rose slowly
picks up her stuff and lifelessly walks over to the teacher.
                       MR. PATTERSON
Your grades are slipping. There's
a chance you might not graduate.
Is everything okay? (looks
(zombie-like look) I don't know.
A few guys look Rose up and down as she walks passed. One of
the jocks yell "fire crotch". She disregards everyone around
her. She starts walking down the street her head low. Caleb
pulls his black truck up next to her and beeps.
Hi there. How was your day?
Fine. (she stops in her tracks and
looks around)
You wanna ride?
I'm fine, thanks. (starts walking)
Caleb's eye brows raise and he smercks while shaking his
head up and down.
Rose, get in. I'm just tryna be
nice. C'mon I'm pickin up dinner.
Rose looks over at his truck and sighs. She heads over and
opens the passenger's side door and slowly climbs in with
her books.
(looks satisfied) How was school?


Caleb starts smiling ear to ear as Jimi Hendrix' "Wind Cries
Mary" plays. He glances at Rose's legs which are exposed
from wearing shorts. She is staring out the window. Caleb
nudges Rose.
I bought you roses, you didn't
even notice them. (he points at
them sitting next to her and
begins driving) AH, man it was a
lonnnnng day at work today.
(she stares at the roses) Uhm,
Rose, listen. I know this
situation might be hard to accept.
(pause) What I mean is, I ain't
tryin to uh...you know replace
anyone. I really like you and your
momma and ...
(interupts him) Look, I don't,
really wanna talk about this.
Okay? (turns steering wheel) How
bout we talk bout your boyfriend?
How's he?
(sighs) I don't want to talk about
anything with you! (folds arms and
looks out the window)
He breaks the truck in the middle of the road. Rose looks
around frantically. Cars slam on their breaks behind him and
beep their horns.
(grins) Don't. Don't raise your
Oh my god, what the fuck are you
doing...(looks at the traffic
behind her) You're gonna fuckin
kill me.


You're gonna fuckin kill me!!!
Get out.
Rose is out of breath walking down the side of the road. The
sun is going down and she's not sure where she is. She keeps
looking around.
Another hazey flashback. Rose's father is shuffling through
drawers and yelling. Karalee is grabbing at his arm and
jacket. A 6 year old Rose watches from the corner of the
room holding her black kitten tight.
Why Karalee? Why? You did me wrong
I'm sorry!!! (cries) Joe, I only
love you. We needed money...I was,
we was desperate. We was gonna
lose the house. Joe please
stop!!!! (crying and falls on her
Caleb pulls up to Rose on the side of the dirt road and gets
out of his truck.
Leave me alone!!!!!! (starts
Rose, calm down! (chuckles) You're
being ridiculous.
Karalee is sitting with a fake smile across from Star at the
crowded diner. Karalee is wearing a puffy sleeved, antiquish


looking dress. Her chest is fully hidden. Star is in her
usual low cut shirt with cut off fringed shorts. Star stares
hopelessly at Karalee.
May I ask what the hell you got
on? (confused look)
(looks down and quickly answers)
It's comfortable, why'd you bring
me here? I got laundry to do.
Yeah OBVIOUSLY. (laughs as Karalee
looks down) Oh come on, lighten
I got things to do Star..
Well! (looks away) I'm sorry
wantin to see my best friend I
haven't seen in DAYS!
(shakes head) I am trying to be a
better mother! (pause) Don't you
get it? She needs me. Caleb's been
supportin me in the process. It
ain't been roses...so to speak.
(sips coffee)
Well, while your little boyfriend
has been supportin you, my son
ain't heard from Rose and he's
gettin kind of upset. (leanes in)
What's goin on?
Nothin...it's complicated.
(irritated) You know, she's tryna
adapt. She ain't gettin along with
Caleb. (laughs) I feel bad for
Caleb, he's been tryin everything!
Ain't YOU been tryin everything?
Shit Karalee you ARE her mother.


I just said I'm tryna be a better
mother! You know somethin? I think
our time is done here. (shuffles
to get money out of purse)
Oh don't bother, I wouldn't want
you to spend his money now...good
luck with everything (throws a wad
of ones on the table and leaves)
Caleb is wearing torn jeans and a white t shirt. He turns to
Karalee and presents a hot dog to her in a perverted way.
Karalee laughs. Rose is not facing them and keeps looking
around at couples walking with their children on their
shoulders. The children are carrying balloons and cotton
candy. Robert sneaks up on Rose from behind and tickles her.
Rose jumps and turns around quickly. She screams.
Oh my god Robert! You scared me!
ROSE, long time no see!(pause) So
what's been goin on?
(stares at him with no expression)
Uh, same old. (shakes it off)
Hey Mrs. Karalee, my ma's
somewhere round here!
Uh, Rob hunny we ain't talkin,
it's bess you and Rose just go
ahead somewhere else.
(looks at Karalee as if he were
impressed) Hey dude...how's the
guitar playin!?
Good, good. (looks at Karalee real


Robert takes Rose by the hand as if he was taking her away
forever. Rose starts walking with him. They don't even walk
three feet and Caleb grabs Rose's arm.
What? (irritated)
(acting casual) Come on Rose,
we're gonna do the Ferris wheel.
Uh, no I'm going with Robert.
(Laughs) naaaa, come on Rose.
Robert notices that his hand is getting tighter around
Rose's arm and she starts to listen to Caleb's commands.
Karalee butts in.
Rose hunny, come on...
Uh excuse me, sir, but she
obviously doesn't wanna go uh, you
can let go of her arm.
Boy YOU don't speak to me unless I
ask you somethin.
Robert pulls Rose hard causing Caleb's grasp to loosen from
being startled. Rose looks back at Caleb with a concerned
expression as Caleb stands there shaking his head at her.
Robert and Rose run off together.
The wind is blowing trash around the parking lot where the
carnival was held. The rides are stopped with dim lights.
Maintanence men push big brooms across the lots. Robert and
Rose are sitting on a wooden bench in the grass sharing
funnel cake and drinking sodas.
I had a chance to go to New York
when my pa was alive. (looks down
then back up at Rose slowly) What
happened to your dad?


(swallows a gulp of soda) Died
when I was young. Shot himself.
(pause) It was because of my
ah man. (looks away) So, ain't
nothing new comin up? You got
plans this weekend?
Heh. (looks down) My birthday is
tomorrow, but I don't celebrate my
birthday cuz well, that's actually
when my dad killed himself.
(nervously looks away) Geeze...I
know what you mean about birthdays
though, I think it was...maybe my
10th birthday. My momma took me to
church with my grandparents when
they was alive. The whole
congregation started singing happy
birthday to me. It sounded like a
scary chant and I didn't like it
one bit. I started cryin and never
went back to church since. I can't
explain it really. (laughs)
I never been.
Yeah church ain't fun. It's like
simon says. You gotta stand up
with the priest does and sing the
pages he says to. Ain't nothin
really said about God the father.
Maybe I went to a satanic church I
don't know. (laughs)
I don't believe in God.
That a personal choice or was you
raised that way?
Well, my mom never really taught
me bout it and dad really never
had a chance to. I don't know, I


                       ROSE (cont'd)
just figure, if there was a God,
he would have stoped my daddy from
shooting himself. Ever since then,
I always thought, well even if
there is a God, I ain't never seen
him, and he never helped me, so
Robert looks away. Rose whipes her mouth with a napkin.
Robert takes Rose by the hand.
Rose, i gotta tell you...(smiles)
(perks up and smiles from ear to
(loosens up) You're somethin else
Rose, lemme tell ya. I can't get
you outta my head. (shakes head
and takes a bite of funnel cake)
You feel the same?
(blushes) Yes, yes I do. I never
had a boyfriend before.(looks
embarrassed and chews on her
Rose is standing on the steps as Robert is level with her on
the ground gazing into her eyes. He looks at her soft red
hair as the porch light makes her stands gleam. He puts his
hand behind her head and draws her in towards his face. They
kiss very seductively and it starts getting more intimate.
Robert's hands move gently down her back and he starts
grabbing her from behind. She responds by unbuckling his
belt and their bodies softly fall upon the porch with his
legs stratling over her. They continue to make out and Rose
begins unbuttoning her blouse. The door opens abruptly.
Robert and Rose gasp and jump up like nothing was happening.
Caleb stands suddenly with a cigarette lit, in hand.
Excuse me!


Shit. (gets up casually and
adjusts things)
Oh my god. (gets up from the porch
and buttons blouse) Can't get no
privacy I GUESS!
(Throws cigarette over the porch
near Robert) I think it's bess you
Robert, don't listen to him he
ain't no one.
Robert backs away slowly and takes Rose's hand and kisses
Hey pretty, no sweat. I'll see ya
tomorrow. (winks and leaves)
Rose stands there with her shirt half buttoned and a smerck.
She then turns to Calebe who is staring at her with his eye
brows raised.
I ain't never seen you this happy
before. Must be some kinda puppy
love goin on. (pause) Ah young
love! (stares up at the sky)
Robert is smoking a cigarette pumping gas in his chevy. Star
runs inside the gas station in her barefeet. Tom pulls up in
a beat up 1976 volts wagon. He gets out of his car and
glares over at Robert. Robert notices.
Well well, of all the gas stations
in Conway...


Look man, I don't want any
trouble. (starts walking inside to
Man, I'm over it. I beat the shit
out of ya, that was good enough
for me man. (laughs)
Tom ignores him and opens the door to the gas station store
as Star is coming out. She looks at him briefly and acts
like she doesn't recognize him. He continues to walk by her
in the door. Star gets in the car real quick holding an old
glass bottle of cream soda.
Bad idea to be smokin and pumpin
gas ya know?
I take risks.
A black boy named Terrance is at his locker. He is big and
tall and has a meen look in his eyes. He has a striped
collared shirt on with relaxed jeans. He notices Rose just
dropped all of her papers out of her book in the hallway. He
bends down to help her.
Shit..I'm such a klutz, thank you
for helpin me.
name's Terrance. (puts hand out to
shake it) Yours?
Rose. (shakes hand then they both
stand up as Rose holds her book)
We don't have no classes I don't
Na. Whatchu takin?
Geometry, English 12, uhh some
others but, I ain't doin good in
any of em.


You came all this way, you bess
graduate. (starts smiling) You got
senior pictures?
No, my ma couldn't afford em.
I hear dat. I got mines but, it
ain't nothin special. (pauses and
gets his own pictures out of his
pocket) For that money you'd think
they'd tell me if I had somethin
in my teeths.
Terrance presents his picture to Rose. Rose laughs.
That's ridiculous! (Terrance hands
her the picture) Oh, thank you, I
can have it, you're sure?
Ain't no thing, mommas gonna wig
out on me anyway. I'ma just get
rid of em. (starts to turn) Have a
good day ma'am.
A very tired looking half asian lady sits at her desk
reading over papers and shuffling through mounds of files.
She's dressed in a business casual outfit with her hair
pulled back in a bun. She is attractive and seems to know
what she's doing. The phone rings and she quickly answers
LO?...No, I am NOT coming home
around 7. (pause and sighs) I am
so close to cracking this case I
can taste it. Coffee will be fine,
trust me. uh I dont know maybe
around 11 tonight, gotta go.
(hangs up)
A big older guy walks by with a beard. Tina stand up and
walks over to him.


I'm staying late, look...all i
gotta do is question his friend.
(shows him a piece of paper)
BINGO...he's the fucking manager
at that same pawn shop.
Tina, the guy was questioned by
Muller. The shop wasn't even open
at the time of the murder. All of
the dates are inconsistant so
switch gears dear. (holds stomach)
Shit, shouldn'ta ate that steak
Tina walks over to her desks and sits. She closes the file
and tosses it behind her shoulder.
Robert is sitting across from Rose. Rose is looking cute in
a small buttoned-up plad shirt, real farmer-like. Her red
hair is pulled back in a french braid. Robert has a tight
fitted plain shirt on drinking a cup of coffee smiling at
You are somethin else! You and
that coffee...thas all I see ya
(leans forward) Well you know what
little Rosey, all I see you drink
is water...and you barely eat a
thing. Your gettin what I'm
Okay, fine! (looks down at ice
water and pushes it away a little
bit) Are you going to prom?
(Robert sits back) Prom!? What the
hell is a prom? Like those things
cheerleaders use?


huh? (laughs) Those are poms, you
dork! You seriously don't know
what prom is?
(looks at her with a blank stare
and takes a deep breath) Just
kiddin. hahahaha! Yeah, I know
what prom is but I ain't goin.
Well, I didn't wanna go either
but, my momma keeps tellin me I'll
regret it if I don't. (looks away)
(glances at menu, then back at
Rose) You ain't livin if you don't
have regrets.
An older lady waitress interviens the conversation.
You's ready to get somethin? Got
some pineapple upside down
cake...special's are cream of
potatoes and hot turkey platter.
I'll have...(looks back at menu on
table and points) a...Super
Sizzlin Bacon Burger, extra
cheese, lettuce tomata onion, and
sour cream on the side.
Fries...uh....an extra side of
fried okra, a bowl of grits, and
uh....a strawberry molt with
chocolate sauce on top.
The waitress writes everything fast with no expression and
then looks at Rose.
I'll have the same! But can I
have....an extra large Super
Sizzlin Bacon Burger?
(waitress looks at her like she's
crazy) Alrighty mam. Be back in a


(leans in) Are you fuckin serious?
Ain't NO WAY you gonna finish all
If I do, then will you go to prom
with me? (bashfully sips water)
(sits back) Paha! Yeah, sure.
Deal! I'll even dance!
So tell me bout yourself, I don't
know that much really.
Okay. (leans in) I really am
turned on that you ordered all the
(laughs) C'mon! Tell me something
completely off the wall bout
yourself. Random. Go.
I smoke a lot of pot and...(looks
away and whispers) I'm a (mumbles)
I'm a...uh what? I didn't hear ya.
I'm a sex addict. (smiles
(smiles and turns head looking at
him from the side) Funny.
It's true, I am addicted to sex. I
love it and I can't live without
it. I have a ton of movies.
Movies? (looks down and back up at
Robert) Porno's?


Hey, you said off the wall!
(pause) You ever watch one?
No. (turns red)
I'm sorry are you (points at
her)....you're a virgin?
What does that make you not wanna
talk to me? (rolls eyes)
Waitress approaches the table and lays both of their heaping
plates of food on the table, she then sits their milk shakes
down and some is dripping down the side of the glass.
It makes me like like ya even more
to be honest. (grabs ketchup
bottle and starts shaking it)
There's not many girls round here
that ain't. My momma ain't too
fond of my exes. (squirts a lot of
ketchup on to plate) Hopefully
she'll take a likin to ya. (pause)
I wonder what the hell happen to
her and your mom, they get into
some fight or somethin?
No idea. My mom's weird anyway.
(takes a bite of burger, has mouth
full) Okay, your turn, tell me
something about you.
Rose grins and takes a bite of her hamburger. She quickly
swallows her bite.
(looks up) Hmmm. (sips milk shake)
Okay, well. You know how it is
havin a stripper as a
mom...(Robert nods)
Well...whenever she use to bring
home men, she'd have her way with
em, then go to bed after they


                       ROSE (cont'd)
left. She usually left whatever
money they'd give her on the
table...I'd sometimes take half of
WHAT THE...wait! (bites burger and
talks with mouthful) You sayin,
your mom was a prostitute too?
(sips milk shake) Well yeah, your
mom didn't?
(laughs) My mom just fucked my
friends...and for free.
Gosh, that sounds so horrible.
Atleast you don't have a creepy
guy livin at your house whose
constantly in your business!
(bites a fry)
He bother you a lot? I almost shit
when he caught us makin out.
He's fuckin ridiculous I hate him.
(looks away)
(smiles) You know what's
ridiculous? (pause) The fact that
your eating more than me!
Rose snatches a fry off of Robert's plate and smiles.
Rose and Karalee are walking side by side down the produce
isle. Karalee is pushing the cart and reading from a piece
of paper.


Uh grab those pork.... (looks
closely at paper) Damnit
Caleb....loins, loins.
Rose slowly grabs a package of meats and places it into the
cart. Karalee watches her movements.
Hunny why you so tense? somethin
(perks up) No no.
(gets irritated and drops the
paper into the cart and stops
walking) Rosanna...you like Caleb
don't you?
No I don't, but you don't give two
shits so why's it matter?
(reading list and disregarding
Rose's comment) You goin to prom?
Yeah, I think so.
Whose takin ya, Robert?
Whatcha wearin?
Nothin. I'm goin naked.
Rose isn't listening to her mother and continues to walk
ahead of her. Karalee stops her cart from noticing boxes of
pregnancy tests on the shelf. She quickly grabs one before
Rose notices.


Rose is seen walking with her books watching the couples go
by holding hands. She grins and looks down.
Robert walks up to Rose scarying her causing her to drop her
Oh I'm sorry...I'm so good at
scaryin ya. (pause) So since I
HAVE to take ya to prom, what is
it that I have to wear huh?
We're goin naked.
Naked? Hmmmm...(puts hand up to
chin)...So proms tonight right?
Haha, you wish now, don't you.
Well, I mean, we go anywhere
naked! (pause) Hey, you free
Uh, yeah.
Rose and Robert begin walking with each other. He takes her
hand and she smiles. Her red hair flows perfectly around her
face. He looks at her for a long time.
My ma's goin to work. I thought we
could hang at my place. I ain't
tryin to pressure you or
I'll be there.
Karalee is sitting on the toilet looking down. She's appears
to have just gotten out of the shower. Water drips from her
brown stands and her face is natural with no expression. She
hears the door slam and she jumps a bit.


BLACK TANK!!!!! (pauses and waits
for response)
Rose? Rose hunny...come here, come
right here in the bathroom, mommas
got some news.
There is a sounds of Rose stomping up the stairs and she
opens the door quickly.
Mom, you okay? What's the matter?
Rose looks down on the sink and notices a positive pregnancy
test. Karalee smiles and stands up waiting for a reaction
from Rose.
(catty like attitude) Is it his?
(cocks head) Ofcourse hunny.
You're gonna be a sister!(laughs
and still waits for a reaction)
Rose stands there unimpressed. She bends down and quickly
flings open the bottom drawer that is still filled with
So I guess you forgot about
Rose turns around and walks out slamming the door behind
her. Karalee stands there with her lips tucked in trying not
to cry. She takes in a sigh and picks the pregnancy test up
and forces a smile.
Robert and Rose are sitting on the couch. Robert is
strumming his guitar and using swift techniques to impress
Rose. Rose is smiling and sitting indian style watching his
every move. Robert has a simple white t shirt on with some
old looking jeans with a rip in the knee. His hair is down
and stringy. Rose is in a brown sun dress that brings out
her brownish eyes. Her red hair is pulled half back in bobby
pins. She looks hippish and natural. Robert takes a break
from his guitar playing and reaches over for his cigarette


in the ash tray. He drags it and then puts it back. He picks
his guitar back up into position and begins playing again.
He bobs his head back and forth and makes unusual
expressions when he hits certain notes. Rose seems easily
amused and nodds her head with a smile.
I still got some learnin to do
but..(puts his guitar down on the
Karalee and Caleb are snuggled up together on the couch
talking and laughing.
You actually ran away for two
Yeah. I hated my father. My mother
divorced him cuz his drinkin. I
talk to my mom every now and then
but my father, he's been dead for
How old were you when your sister
young...round 12. Rose reminds me
a lot of her. Had some of her
problems. Has her attitude.
(laughs) I just hope she can learn
to accept me.
She will, it might take her a good
while but she will Caleb. Just
give it time.
I hope so. I still feel like I was
guilty for my sister's death. I
wasn't there for her much.


I'm sure it wasn't your fault
Caleb. Sometimes people just lose
it for no reason, sometimes for
dumb reasons.
Karalee looks down. Caleb scoots closer to her and puts his
arm around her.
You never told me why he killed
(sighs) Let's just say I know that
feeling of guilt.
That was amazing. I ain't never
heard anything like it. You should
really do somethin with that!
(pause) You got talent Mr.
(bashful) Ahh, thank you. You
know, ain't no one appreciated my
playin before. (looks down and
back up at Rose) Means a lot.
You are more than welcome. I wish
I could sing, than it be complete
Anyone can sing, just gotta come
from the heart. (pause) Rose, you
are beautiful. I can't help my
starin sometimes. I hope you don't
Robert, I don't mind a damn thing.
Rose leans in to kiss Robert. They start making out and
Robert runs his fingers through her soft looking red hair.
She pulls him on top of her and reaches over to turn off the
lamp. The room is now dim. The front door of the house opens
suddenly and Star is standing there with vibrant make up and
her hair very curly. She has a long jacket on. She quickly


turns the light on and notices Robert laying on top of Rose
right away. Rose and Robert quickly adjust themselves.
God damnit Robert!....Rose? Oh my
Mom! What the hell are you doin
Oh, I see...so you don't talk to
my boy in days then all a sudden
you want a piece of him when your
What the fuck mom...you don't know
what your talkin about, are you
Rose looks down and then back up at Star who is staring at
her with a very disoriented glare. Robert take Rose's hand
and walks out of the room with her. Star throws her car keys
across the room.
10 fuckin dollars all night....10
fuckin dollars.
I wanted to tell you something.
All this negative talk, time for
somethin positive.
I'm 2 months pregnant Caleb!!!!.
Caleb ain't you happy for us?
(no expresion) Yeah, (pauses) We
can't even afford the bills with
my job though Karalee
Jesus....(looks down and then
sighs, then smiles) What's gonna
be the name!?!


Karalee starts laughing and then hugs Caleb.
Rose silently closes the front door with the same clothes on
as the night before. She turns around and practically bumps
into Caleb.
(jumps) Oh my god. (breathes
You're lucky I don't tell your
momma you been out all night. What
were you possibly doin all night
I don't have to answer to you.
(starts walking away)
(stands firmly in front of Rose
blocking her) Oh yes you will.
Listen here, your mother is
pregnant...we're gettin married
and I'll be your step father soon.
(crosses arms and looks away) So?
I'll be moved out by the time that
Hmm. (pause) I'm gonna start layin
some rules round here. If I'm
gonna be the provider than your
ass is gonna listen to me. I ain't
gonna have you comin in here from
a night of partyin while your
momma's pregnant and sick.
(starts walking away) Again, I
don't give a FUCK about what you
have to say!
Caleb slaps her in the face real hard. Rose brings one hand
up to her cheek and slowly looks back up at him.


You give a fuck now?
(stands firm) No.
Caleb's eyes fill with rage. He grabs the back of her red
hair and brings her into his arms.Rose tries to fight.
You're gonna force me to hurt you,
bad. You're gonna be fuckin sorry
you were born. You think I wanna
be your fuckin father? huh? Well I
sure as hell don't. I'll tell ya
what I want....(starts gripping
her tighter) What's that smell?
You got some men's cologne scent
on you. Hah.
Karalee comes to the top of the stairs holding her stomach.
Rose, where you been? What's that
Rose breaks away from Caleb and runs up the stairs where she
is. Caleb follows slowly.
Mom, he's crazy, he's trying to
hurt me and rape me. Mom!
Caleb calm her down! (walks away
to the bathroom to throw up)
Caleb tries reaching out to Rose. He is now calm and
collective. He leans forward a bit. Rose is feeling faint
and sits on the steps.
Tina is sipping coffee and reading files. She has her hand
on her head. A very young good looking guy walks in with
boxer shorts on and opens the fridge.
Got anything?


(shakes head) I was so close to
solving it, so close. It was
thrown out...not enough evidence
to crack. (shrugs) You teaching
your class today?
No no no. Zest is coming for
dinner. You don't mind do you?
Zest? What kind of name is that?
Did you meet him in the shower or
something? (laughs)
Ha-Ha! I invited him to meet my
not-so-friendly sister. But, maybe
not...eww you look a hot mess.
And you look so good right now
lemme tell you! (sips coffee) Do
you want me to make something
foreign or normal for dinner?
Zest is Cambodian so he loves that
kind of stuff. He's so sexy.
Which means the house will be
stinking of curry for days.
Use turmeric and it'll be fine.
(laughs) I'm making it anyway so
relax. (starts writing a list)
Sticky rice....Oooh steak.
Do you plan on sleeping with him
(smiles) I can't believe you don't
give me like atleast a week after
meeting someone! (pauses) I
already have and yeah we probably


Great, don't forget ear plugs.
Robert's sitting on his bed with his feet up with an angry
face. Star is throwing his things around his room with
Now we're getting kicked out!
(tears his Iron Maiden poster off
the wall) You can't get a fucking
job to help me? You don't deserve
Go ahead ma, keep throwin your
tantrums...cuz it really solves
I'll TELL YOU what solves a mother
fucking problem...
Star runs over to his dresser. Robert perks up. She opens
his front drawer and finds his stash of pot. She starts
walking with it out of his room. Robert chases her.
Rose is standing in the lunch line with her arms crossed
watching all of the students walk by with lunch trays. She
takes a deep breath and then walks out of line to sit at a
table by herself. A black boy comes over and sits next to
her with an overflowing tray of food. He quickly begins
eating fries.
I see you round, you don't eat
nothin. Ain't you hungry?
Um, I really don't like cafeteria
food to be quite honest.
The jock walks by with his tray of food and a bottle of
water. His friends start laughing as the jock gets closer to
Rose. He spills the bottle of water all over Rose's crotch
area. She stands up and everyone starts laughing at the wet


Sorry, it was on fire. hahahah
Rose runs out of the cafeteria. Everyone stands up and
watches. The black boy quickly gets up and stares at the
Why'da fuck you do dat!
hush up Koonta! (laughs)
The black boy looks down and shakes his head. He then looks
back up at the Jock and all of his big football player
friends. He quickly turns and picks up his lunch and then
walks away.
Tina is in a white collared shirt that is tight fitted. She
has a brown peasant looking skirt on. She is sitting at
their small squared table across from a tall, tan, asian
looking man. He is smiling and is dressed in a very
expensive suit. Pierra walks in with a big platter and lays
it in the middle of the table. He is wearing a white long
sleeved dress shirt with black slacks. His hair is gelled
and spiked toward the front. He smiles at Zest as he sits
I feel like I dressed down.
(laughs and opens the lid to the
platter displaying a big bowl of
rice with chunks of steak and
orange sauce all over it)
Oh he just got off work not too
long ago! But I decided to dress
up for my hunny. (laughs and looks
at Zest)
(Tina spoons the concotion onto
her plate with a smile) So what is
it that you do?


I'm a realtor. I enjoy it. (smiles
at Pierre who is spooning food on
his plate)
He sells lots of houses, and he is
actually looking to buy his own
here in New York.
Oh, nice...what do you not live
I also have my own business in
Little Rock Arkansas. I fly here
and there. I have relatives here
and I usually sell a house or two,
then fly back home to get my store
ready for the season.
He owns a surf shop.
(disregarding her brother) Ya
know, I worked on this case
once...this realtor was breaking
the codes of ethics for years. He
sold houses by getting complete
compensation from both parties
instead of only one. Years he was
getting away with it. (shakes
Some people are so dishonest. I
can't believe that.
Uh don't listen to her. My sister
tends to make up stories to scare
people out of their professions.
(condesending chuckle) I think
it's because she hates hers so
Hahah, no it's definitely true.
His name was Dial, okay?


Karalee is curling Rose's hair in tight spiral curls with a
prominent belly showing through her shirt. Rose is sitting
up straight with a blank expression. Rose is sitting in a
stool in front of her mother's vanity and mirror. Her mother
is shown in the mirror standing behind her.
You think he'll think I'm pretty?
I KNOW he will. (smiles)
Rose takes in a deep breath and looks at her mother's face
through the mirror for a few seconds. She then glances down
at her mother's stomach and takes a deep breath.
Mom, can I please talk to ya bout
somethin that's been on my mind?
Sure thing sweetheart. What is it?
I just, (pause) I'm happy for you
and the baby and all. It's just. I
Caleb is walking past the door and overhears Rose talking.
He stops in his tracks and leans his head closer to the door
to listen.
Rose, SPIT it OUT. (rolls eyes)
I hate Caleb. I HATE him, mom. I
wasn't gonna tell you cuz i ain't
seen you happy in years and,
you're pregnant with his child.
But...(shakes head while Karalee
uncurls her hair and slowly lays
the curling iron on the vanity) he
hit me mom, he hit me in the face.
He threatened me. I don't wanna
live here if you're gonna marry


                       ROSE (cont'd)
him. (takes a deep sigh of relief)
Close up of Caleb's face. He is seen smercking a bit. He
then nods slowly and walks off.
He hit you. (pauses then looks
over at the window) You don't
wanna be a part of this family. Is
that how you really feel Rose?
Yeah he hit me, what you don't
believe me?
I don't need this, I, Don't, need
this. (hands Rose hairspray)
You're on your own, I'm done with
this conversation I'm starting to
feel sick now. (holds stomach)
Mom, please listen to me. (turns
to her from mirror) Please mom, I
swear I wouldn't lie about this!
(raises voice) ENOUGH! (Rose turns
back around and frowns) I am
trying to take time out of my day
(gets choked up) and make sure you
look good for your big night!
Fine mom, fine. (shakes head)
Karalee walks out holding her stomach. She slams the door to
her room.
Robert is dressed in a suit and tie. He walks up to the door
and knocks without hesitation.


Rose is playing a slow instrumental guitar song on her cd
player and is sitting indian style in a classy long black
gown trimmed with red lace. It is low cut with shiny
embroidery around the breasts. She is putting her heals on.
Her red hair is in curly tendrils. She has red lipstick on
and her skin is as pale as a white piece of paper. Her black
cat rubs up against her, interupting her from tying up her
stringed heals. She pets the cat.
Caleb quickly answers the door but only opening it a little
Oh, hey!
Hi, she ready?
(looks to the side nervously) Uh,
Robert she left here over an hour
ago with someone else..I, thought
she mighta told you. (looks
(laughs a bit) funny, man real
(straight faced) Ain't no joke
here young man. I'm sorry. I'll
tell her you came by.
(stands up straight) she talk bout
me pickin her up, goin to prom? I
said 7 o'clock!
Me and Karalee ain't heard her
speak of anything. Her mother's
pregnant and havin a hard time
right now, i gotta go but look,
I'll tell you dropped by. Sorry
man. (shrugs shoulders and starts
shuting the door)


Robert stands there looking at the door, sighs, then walks
slowly down the steps. He looks up at the top floor window
and sees the lights on. He stares for a few seconds then
looks down at the roses. He drops them in her yard and
starts walking to his car.
Karalee is shown from the shoulders up in the bath tub. She
is crying uncontrollably as she keeps turning the hot water
on and off. She sniffles and then hears a knock at the door.
It's me...makin sure you alright.
Karalee pulls the curtain over, covering herself. Caleb
walks in and sits on the toilet with his hands on his knees.
I'm fine Caleb. Just want some
privacy is all.
Karalee, can't i have a word with
ya, just for a second.
Did Robert come for Rose yet?
No, no. Listen, I don't know if
you maybe, noticed a um, a change
in Rose at all. (pause) Anyway,
she never seems happy and I know
she's had it hard but, I wonder
what's really goin through her
head sometimes ya know? I hear her
mumble at night and, sometimes I
see scratch marks all over her.
School's been callin, it ain't
lookin good for her Karalee. Now I
know with your state, it's hard to
be there for her...but she just
won't give me the time a day.
She's a big girl. She'll be
alright. She's strong, ain't
nothin gonna tear her down.
(sniffs) She just has a temper is


Well, I just didn't want you to
think I haven't tried talkin to
her. I care bout you and her. I
ain't tryna replace anyone, just
tryna be a good man to ya.
(sticks her wet hand outside the
curtain to hold Caleb's) I know
baby, I know.
Karalee? I'm feelin uneasy bout
this Robert. What does a guy like
him want with a girl as innocent
and naive as Rose?
(lets go of Caleb's hand and the
sounds of water echoes) I don't
know, Star use to talk him up like
he was god. As far as I know, he
smokes and drinks. But Rose is
gonna do what she's gonna do. I
can't do nothin about it.
and why can't you?
Caleb that's the least of my
concerns right now.
Rose comes down the steps loud as her heals click upon the
wood floor. She looks angelic. She walks into the living
room noticing Caleb but looking out the window instead. She
sighs and then sits on the couch where Caleb is reading a
Where's ma?
Asleep, not feelin good. When're
you s'posed to be there?
Now! (looks down) I don't know
where he is.


(puts magazine down) Maybe he just
forgot. (pause) I know we ain't on
good terms but atleast lemme tell
you, you look beautiful tonight.
Rose looks up but not at him. She then slowly gets up to
walk into another room.
What? (stops and looks at him)
Can you come here? I really, wanna
talk. I also wanna apologize for
my actions in which I'm sure you
ain't never gonna forgive me.
Seems like I'm a bad guy to you. I
Then what are you?
I'm just a normal guy. I want you
to love me. Not as a father, but
as a person.
You're not normal and I'll never
love you. Leave me alone. (starts
walking upstairs)
Rose slams her door. She walks over to her stereo and turns
the slow alternative music off with an attitude. She walks
over to her window and opens it. The crickets are chirping
loudly in a constant song. She gazes out into the darkness
and her eyes start watering. Her mascera that was put on so
perfectly runs in jagged lines down her pale cheeks. She
wipes them away only to smudge it across her face. Her pouty
red lips are closed and her red hair is flowing around her
sad face. She takes in a deep breath. Her cat claws at the
door and she doesn't react to it. Rose looks at a picture of
Terrance and smiles a little. Her face then shapes back into
disapointment and she tosses the picture carelessly. She
kicks her heals off and they make a loud bang on the wood
floor. She curls up in a fetal position and closes her eyes.


Everything becomes clear and Rose's face is shown shaking
her head. She looks down and sees white rose pedals all over
her wooden floor leading out of her room and down the
stairs. She follows them.
Rose stands in the doorway of the kitchen with a blank
stare. There's happy birthday balloons and a present on the
table with breakfast as well.
Rose stands in the doorway of the kitchen with a blank
stare. There's happy birthday balloons and a present on the
table with breakfast as well.
Tell me WHY Karalee?
Rose's father Joe and Karalee are standing in the kitchen
arguing. Joe is throwing his hands up and Karalee is icing a
cake but stoping every now and then to yell in Joe's face.
I told you, it was a few times. I
said a FEW.
You ain't know what trust is?
FUCK! (starts holding his head and
stuttering words) I can't fix this
no more, I can't. (pointing at
her) You fuckin whore.
(turns and stares at him) Get
outta my house...GET OUTTA MY
My heart is BROKEN. You know I
don't have a family, I don't have
no money. All i got is that little
girl up there and I can't even
take care of her! LOOK AT ME!
(starts spinning around)
Karalee takes a deep breath and shuts her eyes.
I don't wanna be with you anymore.


(turns to look at Karalee) Good
luck Karalee.
Joe reaches in his pocket and pulls out a 9 mm and shoots
himself in the head. Rose screams.
Star is arranging knick knacks on a shelf while Robert sits
lifelessly on the couch playing his guitar.
Whatchu mean she ain't talkin to
Everytime I try to talk to her in
school she tells me to leave her
alone. The phone's always busy. I
ain't showin up to that house.
Bunch of psychos.
Did you not take the girl to prom?
I showed up, she'd left before i
got there. I don't know where she
went, she's the one that wanted to
go so bad.
I don't get any of them over
there. It's probably bess you stay
away for your own good. (Shakes
head) Robert, I miss my own best
friend and her daughter, she ain't
right in the head. (drops a knick
knack out of nervousness)
Rose? You kiddin? You know she
lost her daddy like me? You ever
consider that?
Well i know that Robert. That's
why me and Karalee became friends.
Too much in common. But there's
some things she told me bout Rose
hunny that, well, just tells me
she ain't gotten over her father's


                       STAR (cont'd)
How is anyone s'posed to get over
something like that? I ain't over
it. I think you and Rose's mom is
fucked up for talkin bout her like
that. She just needs somebody.
Just like YOU needed somebody...my
best friend Tom!
Robert gets up from the couch and Star quickly stops what
she's doing.
You ever think that bastard over
there could be crazy?
None sense, that man wouldn't hurt
a damn fly. Karalee is just stuck
up his ass is all. Barefoot and
pregnant is what I was, good for
her for findin a man to put shoes
on her feet.
Tina has her hair down in loose curls. Her makeup is done
beautifully and she is wearing a beige quarter sleeved
v-neck with black dress pants that shape her body very well.
She sits at her desk on her cell phone talking with her
hands. The same fat guy walks over to her desk. She puts her
cell phone down.
What's up?
(nervously rubbing his arm) What
are you doing later?
Uh, I dont know yet why?
I got two tickets to the Knicks
game....just wanted to see if
you'd like to join me.


(shuffles through papers and picks
phone back up) Grant, thanks so
much for thinking of me but, I
really have so much to do, I'd
love to but, gosh I'm sorry.
(looks down) Maybe some other
time. (starts walking away)
Rose stands with her red hair long and unbrushed surrounding
her shoulders and collarbones. She has a white tank top on
with no bra which is quite obvious. Her breasts are small
and the pink of her nipples are shown through her top. Her
shoulders are relaxed and she is standing in front of the
mirror staring at herself with no expression. She puts her
hand up to her forward and rubs it. Her relaxed lips form a
downward motion indicating a frown. Her eyes squint and
tears start flowing down her face. She starts opening all of
the drawers under the sink. While shutting drawers a faint
gun shot is heard. She shakes her head and keeps searching
in a rage, throwing beauty products everywhere. She then
opens the bathroom mirror and sees a bottle of pills. She
glances at them, shuts the mirror, and looks into it. She
opens the tops and pours out a handful of pills. She puts
them up to her mouth and swallows. She then turns the faucet
on and puts her mouth up to the running water to drink.
Karalee is standing in front of the stove stirring noodles
in a pot. Rose slowly walks in the kitchen with a drowsy
look on her face. She is stumbling over her feet and trying
to hold herself up with the walls. Caleb is writing things
down on a piece of paper with a calculator in front of him.
He looks up at a weak Rose and doesn't speak. Rose walks
over to her mother and hugs her starting to cry.
(she yells)
Get him away!!! I want dad back.
(starts crying)
Caleb gets up to try and pull Rose away from Karalee and the
hot pot. Rose gets upset and yells. Her sloppiness causes


her to drop a little. Karalee tries pulling Rose back up on
to her feet. Rose is now laying on the floor with her eyes
closed. Caleb and Karalee are standing over top of her
trying to help her up. Rose cannot open her eyes and starts
screaming from them trying to get her up. She begins kicking
as hard as she can.
Get him OFF OF ME!!!!!
She then accidently kicks her mothers stomach. Karalee backs
up and holds her stomach while breathing heavy. She looks
down and notices blood running down her legs.
Rose is running zig zag down a dirt road with blood shown on
her dress. Her hair matches the blood stains. She runs
disoriented. Her vision is blurry. She runs to the nearest
An older stocky black woman is picking strawberries from her
garden. Rose runs over to her.
Mam please! Please help me! (falls
to knees in front of black woman)
Black woman drops basket of ruby red strawberries onto the
                       BLACK WOMAN
Lawd have mercy! (bends down)
Miss, you alright? TERRANCE JONES
He's tryna rape me and kill me.
                       BLACK WOMAN
Whose that be? He round here?
(looks disturbed) TERRANCE.
A tall black boy stomps out onto their small porch, stops in
his tracks, then rushes down to the yard.


The black woman is cleaning Rose's face with a rag as the
black man pours some milk into a glass.
                       BLACK WOMAN
Precious, I needa call da cops if
someone's chasin you round.
Please don't. Can I just stay the
night here? I don't wanna go home
                       BLACK WOMAN
You can stay here precious. I
don't want no trouble here though,
so you bess let me know if I
should call the cops.
The black woman puts her arm around Terrance and nudges him.
Rose starts crying. An older guy comes in the room with a
cane and a blunt in his other hand.
                       GRANDPA JONES
You ain't callin no cops, I'ma
bout to smoke! (looks at Rose)
Holy hell woman...whatchu comin in
here with that blood all over you,
you bess get outta this house.
ma, pa, leave her be. You want
somethin to eat Rose?
no thank you. (looks around) Can i
go to sleep?
                       BLACK WOMAN
Terrance you know her? You bess
change outta those clothes! You
hurt? You need anything at all?
No. It's fine.
                       BLACK WOMAN
Yea but i ain't gonna have blood
on my sofa you hear?
The black woman exits the room and the old man follows
slowly. Terrance stands there staring at an exhausted Rose.


May I aks what happen? It ain't
your blood, whose is it?
His, hers...I dont know. I just
need to sleep...I'm so messed up
right now.
No problem.
The teacher calls role. The jock is throwing tiny pieces of
paper at his friend. Robert is sitting in the back sleeping.
                       MR. PATTERSON
Robert? (pause) Robert?
Oh here, here!
                       MR. PATTERSON
Robert do you have any idea where
Rose has been?
Probly dropped out to pursue her
strippin career. (class giggles)
(gives Jock a dirty look) Na, I
ain't seen her round.
                       MR. PATTERSON
Judy? (pause) Earl? (pause)
Karalee barges in the door of the classroom.
(to teacher) I'm sorry, it's an
emergency... (out of breath)Robert
I need to speak with you.
Without hesitation Robert quickly gets up and follows
Karalee outside the classroom.
Lucky man.


Karalee instantly starts crying. She take Robert by the
Robert. Your momma. (cries
What, she alright?
Cops found her, dead. (cries)
WHAT!?! (looks around)
Murdered Robert, (cries) and my
baby is missin.
Robert stands back and watches Karalee bend over to cry. His
eyes begin to water.
Rose forces a smile and turns to wave to the black woman
standing on her porch.
Thank's for lettin me stay!
                       BLACK WOMAN
AIN'T no thang. Take care of
yoself precious. (turns and shakes
her head at Terrance)
Rose! Keep in touch! (stares at
her leaving)
As Rose is walking down the side walk away from the house,
Caleb's truck pulls up. Rose stands there, eyes wide, with
his dried blood on her dress. She starts to turn back to the
house. Caleb rushes out of the truck.
Rosanna!!!!! Oh my heavens.
(rushes over to keep her from


Rose struggles to fight him off and notices his shoulder is
wrapped in bandages. Caleb's strength over powers Rose and
he starts to take her to the truck.
Thank you so much! I'm her father.
I've been worried sick. She forgot
to take her medicine!
The black woman looks really confused and hits Terrance arm.
Terrance stares at Caleb with his eyes squinted and watches
Rose get forced into his truck.
Caleb has a gun in one hand pointed at Rose as he steers
with the other hand. Rose has her hands tied together in
front of her with a seat belt on.
(shakes head) I didn't want it to
end up like this. I could
understand you not wanting to love
me but...damn Rose, killing my
unborn child? Hidin out with some
niggers. (long pause)You weren't
around so I had to do it.
Do what? (head hung)
you killed my child, I killed
Robert's mother. Or should I say,
YOU killed her.
You didn't....YOU DIDN'T!
I had to kill her. I had to. I'm
setting you up now Rose. I'm
setting you up for misery for the
rest of your life. You cause pain
and strife....death is always
around you. It's unhealthy for
your mother and I to deal with
you. Life ain't all roses.
Rose is intensly crying and whining.


Tina is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed tapping a
pencil very loud on the table. She is dressed in a suit and
looks fierce with heavy makeup and eye brows raised. Rose is
sitting across from her in a hospital gown, unbrushed hair,
no makeup, and heavy bags under her eyes. She has no
If you're telling me, Rose, that
you didn't purposely cause your
mother to miscarriage, didn't stab
Mr. Caleb Wagner in the chest, and
didn't murder Star Jenkins...then
tell me Rose, what is it that you
DID do?
I took someone's pills.
(irritated) They were PRESCRIBED
in YOUR name. (takes the bottle
out of plastic bag) LOOK. R-O-S-E
TEAL. Do you understand why this
medication is for you personally
Rose? (long pause) ANSWER ME.
I, I don't...
Playing dumb is only going to hurt
you Rose. You are dillusional.
Schizophrenia, Rose. You have
suffered from this for years.
After your father died you were
having hullucinations, strange
dreams. You suffered from
insomnia. Remember Dr. Bronswell?
Dr. Domingo? Dr. Palaski?
No. I'm confused! Yeah kind of?
They're here, in your files. You
were treated several times. Your
mother refused and faught the
system to not lock you in here.
(long pause, then Tina shuffles
through the zip lock bag) I'm
trying hard to work with you Rose.


                       TINA (cont'd)
But if you can't talk to me, than
it'll be impossible to do so.
Tina pulls out a picture of Terrance and slides it across
the table in front of Rose. Rose looks at it and starts
crying. There is a big glass window behind Rose in which
other FBI personel are waiting and watching.
Who is this and why do you have
his picture?
Terrance. Friend from school. He
gave it to me.
And you were at his house after
the murder, correct?
Yes. I mean...I ain't lyin. I
didn't no it was his house til I
got there.
Tina grins and nods. She takes a deep breath.
Tell me about your relationship
with Robert? Was it sexual?
(looks down and sniffs) yes.
He never came the night of March
5th to take you to prom and that
made you a little bitter, correct?
yes. hurt.
Course. (pauses and hands Rose a
tissue) You thought everyone was
out to harm you after your father
died. You grew weary and hardly
trusted anyone. You had a
resentment feeling towards your
mother. You felt she was
responsible for your fathers
suicide. (Rose is heard crying)
So, with these feelings building


                       TINA (cont'd)
up inside, no one to talk to, you
developed a lot of psychological
problems. (Tina pulls out a folded
piece of paper and reads it aloud)
I wish I had the guts to kill
myself. I dream about shooting
myself the same why my daddy did
in the kitchen. But for some
reason, my daddy wanted me to go
on and be stronger than everyone.
(pauses as Rose's silent cries are
heard) You wrote that the day of
the murders. Do you remember
writing those words?
Yes. I did.
Okay. Good. You remember
something, we're getting there.
Chronological order now. When
Caleb Jenkins came into your life,
did you hate him right off the
no, i mean...momma loved him a lot
and I saw it.
and that made you feel angry
inside because you didn't want her
to replace your dad. Am i right?
a little, yeah. (pause) But then,
spit it out Rose, talk to me. It's
time you did.
He threatened me, and he hit me.
Momma never believed it.
mmmhmm. But it's possible since
you are dillusional, you could
have easily imagined these false
happenings. There is no evidence
of physical abuse to you or anyone


                       TINA (cont'd)
else around Caleb. We investigated
him day in and out. (starts
getting louder) The fingerprints
on the knife were yours, the blood
on your dress was Caleb's, and
Star's body was never
found...where did you hide it?
I didn't do it!
but you kicked your mother in the
stomach cuz you didn't want her to
have that baby.
by accident..
You stabbed Caleb in the chest
with a knife.
outta self defense!
And you snuck over to get revenge
on Robert by killing his mother.
I didn't! I didn't! Can I see
Robert! please.
i find it quite odd that you don't
want to see your mother.
A very confused looking Terrance sits with his mother next
to him on their sofa. Acrossed from them sits Caleb, Robert,
and Karalee.
I just wanna know the truth from
                       BLACK WOMAN
Hunny child, we told you
everything they is to know.
Darling came into our house,


                       BLACK WOMAN (cont'd)
distraught as anything.
Were you seein Rose? (looks at
No man. Just talked at school
every now and then. Nothin else.
Then why'd she come to you? Of all
people, why you?
                       BLACK WOMAN
Maybe no one was listen to the
poor child. And why you Mr.knew
exactly where she was baffles the
hell outta me.
I just so happen to drive by, I
had no idea where she was. Karalee
was in the hospital and I was
suffering a dagger two inches in
my chest.
There's knock at the screen door and it shows Tina.
Terrance's mom gets up.
                       BLACK WOMAN
C'mon in. Kinda hot in here, i'ma
make some sweet tea while you
settle. (walks into other room)
Tina walks in and sits down right away without saying hello.
She sets her brief case and huge files down on the coffee
Okay, I'm glad you all could make
it. My flight is at 4 pm. I don't
have long. (looks up and breathes
in) I'm sorry, how rude of
me...I'm Tina Yin, FBI...(shakes
Karalee's hand first, then
everyone elses)
Hows Rose? (stiffens in seat)


(nodds) She's fine, she's fine.
I've been talking to her. That's
what we're going to discuss in a
few seconds. Uh, Caleb? I'd like
to ask you a few questions if you
don't mind.
You and Rose. You both didn't get
along from day one correct? (takes
out pen and starts writing notes)
From day one,I feel in love with
Karalee here. I met Rose and she
just, didn't seem thrilled bout
me. Anyway, time passed and, she
got worse and worse. Crazy.
(pause) She's yell at night
and...started lyin, stayin out all
hours of the night. Smart mouthed
kid to lemme tell ya.
(interupts) Were you aware early
on about her condition?
Nope. Never knew she had no
medical mental problem...
What condition?
I never told a soul about her
condition simply because at the
time, I didn't feel it was true.
She was just as depressed as me
when her father died.
It was a pretty traumatic thing
that you and Rose had to
experience that day. It was her
birthday as well and you continued
to strip even after the funeral,


(eye brows lower) Yes, I, I had
to. No choice. Ain't no work round
(nods) And due to your schedule,
you didn't have much time for her.
So she lached on to you Robert.
(turns to Robert)
I never saw nothin wrong with
Terrance's mom comes in with a tray of six glasses of ice
tea with lemons on the side. She lays them on the table and
sits down in a rocking chair.
(picks up glass and takes a big
gulp) Mmmm! Thank you. Robert,
Terrance...she never saw signs of
being destructive?
No m'am.
(shakes head)
Caleb, it says here that you
stated "Rose over dosed on her
psychiatric medication, comin down
the steps in a rage. She than
kicked her momma's pregnant
stomach, my kid, and stabbed me in
the chest with a steak knife. I
found her the next day at some
black people's house where she
admitted to me that she was crazy
and killed Robert's mother because
he never picked her up for
prom"....(looks at a nervous
Rose is in her hospital gown sitting by the window. She is
gazing through the bars squinting as the sunlight dances on
her red hair and pale face. A young girl close by with short


brown hair is staring at her and starts walking over. She
sits in front of Rose indian style. She's cute and smiles a
lot. She seems to have an interest in Rose. Rose looks down
at her and takes a deep breath
I heard you was from Carolina. I
am too...
I am. Why're you here?
(hahaha) Famous question eh? I
killed my whole family and
decapitated them. I put the heads
in my suit case and ran. They
found me though and here I am.
Rose looks down away from her and frowns. Mary-Anne starts
laughing hysterically.
I'm just kiddin, I'm a
pathological liar...and a bit
crazy I suppose. What bout you
pretty? (batts eyes)
Thought you said you didn't know
Rose was diagnosed and prescribed
meds? But, your statement says
I gotta question...(looks at
She said she killed my momma cuz I
never took her to prom. I came to
the house to pick her up...you
said she was gone.


An older woman with long dirty blonde hair walks up to
Mary-Anne with an angry look.
It's just a big lie.
(puts hand on Rose's knee) It's
okay. Don't cry...I'll always love
get up and get away from her.
Mary-Anne looks upset and then quickly gets up. She stares
into Helle's eyes and then nudges her as she walks away.
Hellen puts her hand out to shake Rose's hand. Rose shakes
it effortlessly.
Hellen. Uh don't pay any attention
to her. She's a lesbian who killed
her sister. She was in love with
her sister and when she finally
confessed, her sister wouldn't
talk to her anymore. She than went
on a tyrant and killed her in her
Rose looks out the window.
Tina is on a flight home. She pulls her little table down
attached to the seat in front of her and lays her files on
them. She takes pictures of Rose out with her father and
than looks at recent ones. She pulls out letters that Rose
wrote. She unfolds one and stares at it. Her eyes brows get
lower as if she is concentrating. She sees the words "I wish
someone would believe me, understand me, and help me. I want
to get away from him. His scars are present upon me. I miss
my father......Why does Robert act interested and then
ignore me like everyone else? I need help. Tina's eyes are
Karalee is laying face down on Rose's bed with the phone in
her hand. Caleb is staring at her through the door.


Kara hunny, stop putting yourself
through this misery. Stop blamin
I just wanna talk to her, but...I
don't know what to say. (starts
crying and sniffles) It's like she
ain't my daughter, what do I say?
This is what you do, you put the
phone down, you come out here with
your husband and you stop thinking
about this. Time's gonna heal the
wounds, and hers. (pause) Listen
to me Karalee, court date's in a
few weeks we'll worry then.
What id she's permanently put away
in that crazy place!?!
It'll be for the best.
(sits up on the edge of the bed)
Where did I go wrong Caleb?
(walks over and sits next to her)
Baby. (puts arm around her) There
are some evil people in this
world. Some are born evil (pause)
and some, grow up to be. It ain't
no one else's faught but theres.
I wanna go to church, will you go?
Caleb looks up at a picture of Rose and then turns away
Robert hesitates. He brings a closed fist up to the door
then back down again. He then brings the same fist back to
the door and bangs. Tom quickly opens and smooths his lips
together. Tom then hugs Robert and pats his back.


I'm sorry man. I heard what
happened man, I'm sorry.
Tom and Robert are sitting in chairs in the back yard
smoking pot. The smoke is very prominent around their faces
as they gaze out into the yard at Tom's dogs running around.
This is probably the best one I've
smoked all month. (deep inhale)
It is good. I feel like it ain't
hittin me fast anymore though and
when it does, it don't last long.
Your heads messed up Robby damn.
You been through hell and back the
last two months! You hold up good
I must say...I bet you don't wanna
talk to another girl ever again
huh? (smokes)
(sits blunt down in ashtray on the
ground) You know somethin? I ain't
told no one this but.. na
nevermind ain't worth it.
Tom sits back relaxed with his eye brows raised and shakes
his head.
Alright, listen. (perks up) But
you can't call me crazy. (pause) I
don't think Rose killed my momma
Tom. I just don't. In fact, I
think good ol' Caleb ain't so
What you sayin Caleb did it? He
set Rose up or something. (laughs)
What you think the sky is purple!?


Robert looks up at the dusk sky with the brightness of the
moon shining. He notices a purplish tint where the sun went
down and he picks his blunt back up and inhales it.
Rose is chewing gum and then spitting it out. She then
sticks the chewed gum onthe back of a few pictures of her
and Karalee, her father, and Robert. She then sticks them on
the white wall of her room. Across from her bed and area is
another bed which is empty and made nicely as if it hasn't
been slept on. The door opens and one of the nurses stand
there with a bottle of medicine.
                       MRS. EDA
Nurse Eda is here for your
medicine! (very cheerful sounding)
Great. (Rose stands and walks over
to her)
                       MRS. EDA
This is Clozapine. I think you are
familiar with this medication?
The nurse pulls out another bottle from her pocketed skirt
and takes out two different pills.
                       MRS. EDA
Zolpidem and Paxil. (smiles)
Rose stares at the pills and forces a grin. The nurse hands
her the water and waits to watch Rose swallow them in front
of her.Rose puts them in her mouth and takes a sip of the
water. Rose opens her mouth to indicate that she's swallowed
them. The nurse then leaves. After the door shuts, Rose runs
over to the dresser, she opens up one of the dresser drawers
which is filled with vomit. She shuts it and opens an empty
one then shoves her finger down her throat to throw up.
Karalee wakes up from a dream. She is breathing heavy and
looks over to see the Caleb is still sleeping. She smooths
her hair down with her hand and gets up.


Karalee rubs her eyes and then itches her arm. She looks
over at an old photo of Rose. Rose appears to be younger and
smiling. Karalee looks down. She sits down grabbing the
phone and placing it on her lap. She then begins to press
numbers to dial.
(crackily voice) Hello? Can I
please speak to Rosanna Teal, this
is her mother Karalee?
A very attractive blonde is typing and has the phone up to
her ear. She is chewing gum and looking at the security t.v.
                       NURSE ANGIE
Let me look up her file. No, no it
says you cannot talk to her til
after the court date. Sorry.
This is her MOTHER. (starts
lowering voice) You don't
understand I...
                       NURSE ANGIE
Mam I get these calls all the
time, I understand. But you have
to understand that I have rules to
follow...I can't..
Karalee begins to cry and puts her head in her hands with
the phone still up to ear.
Please!?! You can monitor the call
I just wanna see how my baby is, i
miss her so much....(cries and


                       NURSE ANGIE
I'm going to have to end this call
now, I'm sorry. Good bye.
Nurse Angie hangs up the phone and shakes her head. She taps
her pencil and rolls her chair over to a stack of binders.
She opens the second one down and it reads "11/20/09
Claimants". She then scrolls her finger down the
alphabetical ordered last names and finds Teal. She stops
her finger on Rose Teal with a page number. She turns the
files and papers attached in the binder to Rose Teal's file.
She reads a bit of it. Her face starts to change shape. Her
eye's widen and she rolls her chair back over to the
computer. She then looks at Rose Teal's picture. Rose is not
smiling in her picture and she is wearing a white gown with
messed up hair.
Karalee is crying and is staring at Rose's picture. She
stares are Rose's smile and starts smiling. Caleb comes into
the room and abruptly turns a brighter lamp on.
Fuck? (shakes head) Karalee,
what're you doin up...what? (stops
and notices she is crying and
staring at Rose's picture) Come to
bed hunny..come on.
Leave me alone! (starts to get up)
All I wanna do is talk to her,
why's it that hard? I DID give
birth to the girl!
This is gettin ridiculous. I can't
keep fuckin livin this way
Karalee. You're goin insane now?
FUCK you, it's your fuckin fault
my daughter is where she is...
MY fault? (laughs) Sure. (looks
around) My fault. Hahaha. Your
daughter kills your baby, stabs
your husband, then kills your best


                       CALEB (cont'd)
fuckin friend. Now you wanna
blaime me for your child bein a
She's not psycho, she has
problems! The medicines just
(paused) ruined her way of
thinking and dealing with things.
Whatever Karalee. Think what you
want. I know insanity when I see
it. You know where I been at. I
witnessed it first hand. So don't
sit here and tell me she ain't
crazy...she's crazier then they
I gave birth to her! (screams) I
gave birth to her! I tried raisin
her the best way I could. Her
daddy messed things up. She had
trouble dealin with it but she
faught through it and gained
strength I never knew she had!
Look, forgive me for offendin you.
If you wanna be there for her
fine. Don't expect nothin from me
now. Nothin.....not a god damn
Tina shuts the door of a cab. Her hair is pulled back with
not much makeup on. She has bags under her eyes and is
holding a brief case. She looks up at a sign that reads
"Catawba Community Mental Health Center" and beings walking
toward the building.
Tina sits on a red sofa with her brief case open and a
folder sitting on her lap. She is clicking a pen and looking
around the room at paintings. A guy dressed in a green


button up shirt with black dress pants enters the room
holding papers.
                       DR. BRONSWELL
Hello, it's nice to finally meet
you. I'm tired of all of the phone
conversations. (laughs)
Hi Dr. Bronswell, indeed! (pulls
out badge)
                       DR. BRONSWELL
(looks at badge) Oh I believed
you! (smiles)
It's policy. (sits down) Uhm, I
would first like to start by
saying I just came from the morgue
at the Medical University of South
Carolina and saw Star's body.
(looks down) You do know how she
was murdered right?
                       DR. BRONSWELL
I believe, trauma to the head was
It appeared to have been something
heavy and metal. The force of the
hit caused severe hemmoraging in
the brain which caused the instant
death. Robert found her bleeding.
(stopped) Anyway, (shakes head)
the skull was broken and her face
was bruised and swollen. Jaw
broken in two places. (stops and
looks up at Dr. Bronswell) I'm
                       DR. BRONSWELL
(smiles) Mrs Tina, what are you
exactly implying?
Rose couldn't have killed Star by
a single blow to the head nor
could she lift something so heavy.
(shift in seat) I don't want to
waste your time, I'm so glad you
could fit me in. Now...(gets pen
out) Just a few questions about


                       TINA (cont'd)
Rose. When she first came to see
you, did she come in with her
mother? How did she seem, first
impression if you will.
                       DR. BRONSWELL
Rose Teal came to see me when she
was young, maybe around 13, 14?
She was very shy and yes her
mother...Karalee came with her.
Karalee seemed very supportive and
Rose, Rose seemed like a nice
young girl. Rose was hesitant to
discuss her father at first but
with my anitcs and special
techniques, I was able get it out
of her. Anyway, she explained
about the disturbing dreams and
thoughts she was having a few
years after seeing her father
shoot himself. She emphasized that
her mother "forced" her to talk to
someone professional about it. My
psychotherapy took about a year
with no improvments. I then
referred her to Dr. Domnigo in
which he only does Psychotherapy
as well. She was referred back to
me and I contacted Dr. Palaski who
infact specializes in the
treatment for Schizophrenia. He
evaluated her for a few months and
diagnosed her with the condition.
She saw me for counseling and Dr.
Palaski for the anti depressant
Clozapine. I actually butted heads
with Palaski a few times because I
just didn't think she had it.
had what? (jots things down on
                       DR. BRONSWELL
had uh Schizophrenia. I think she
was just trying to cope with the
social changes in her life with
the absence of her father. Yes,
she had post traumatic stress from
the loss of her father however,
the dreams and dillusions that she
was having wasn't inhibiting her
of functioning like a normal


                       DR. BRONSWELL (cont'd)
teenager. I mean, she felt upset
about her mother being a stripper,
I do remember that clearly.
Interesting. So overall, Rose
seemed like a pretty normal
teenager with just a few
issues....and a worried mother.
                       DR. BRONSWELL
Very few issues. She had a good
head on her shoulders. That's why
all this seems very unclear
and..well, surprising. (laughs)
(clicks pen and smiles) I think
that does it...if you don't mind
I'd like to take her files...and
your willing to fly in to NY for
the trial right?
                       DR. BRONSWELL
Palaski and I will be there.
Hopefully, we'll get along on the
plane ride. Haha.
Tina is on her cell phone smoking a cigarette. She stares at
Karalee's house.
Karalee? I didn't want to alarm
you it's Tina. I'm at your
house...can I have a few words
with you?
Karalee opens the door frantically to let Tina in.
When does Caleb usually get home?
Round 4. It's only 2. Please sit
down. (they both sit on couch)


Karalee, your daughter is not
crazy. In fact, I think she will
be mentally capable of testifying.
She can defend herself. She has
me, she has doctors, she has you
if you'll just take a few minutes
to listen...
Please, please. (sits up)
Karalee is sitting indian style on the ground in her night
gown. She has wet stringy hair and has a picture of Rose and
Star sitting next to her. The phone rings.
Rose is sitting in a chair at a public phone as other girls
around her stand in line behind her. She has a gown on with
no make up but still looks pretty. Her red hair is wavy and
MOM!!!!!! MOM!!!!!!!!
Babydoll! that you!?!?!?
Yes! I can call out now momma!!!!
I'm allowed! I miss you.
Oh I miss you darlin, more than
you know. I kicked Caleb out hunny
and your gonna come home as soon


                       KARALEE (cont'd)
as I get there.
Ma, what...(whispers) he try to
hurt you too?
He's been hurtin me all along and
I ain't picked up on it til now.
Rose, I'm sorry for not believin
you, I'm so sorry.
(cries) Mom...mommy I'm sorry
for...for hurtin you. (whipes
tears)...I wanna get outta here
You will Rose...you will....have
you called Robert?
A fat older girl comes up to Rose and hangs the phone up
quickly. Rose pulls her hair and they both fall to the
ground grunting and screaming at each other. Rose is pulling
brown hairs out of her head. The other girls are yelling and
jumping around. Mary-anne starts crying from the comotion
and stabs the fat girl in the eye with a sharp nail file.
The security guards rush in and the fat girl is screaming at
the top of her lungs with blood gushing out of her eyes. The
security guards see Rose than look at Mary-Anne who is
holding the nail file with two hands and chanting while
rocking back and forth. The security guards snatch Mary-Anne
up and drag her out of the room.


Tom is putting a leather coat on while Robert is sitting at
the end of the bed smoking a cigarette.
So what'd that hot cop say, Rose
Some crazy shit like that yeah.
It's gotta be proven though. Rose
is allowed calls. I'm gonna call
her....should I?
do whatcha gotta do. (shrugs) I'm
gonna be late again...(walks out
of his own room)
Robert looks at the phone and drags his cigarette while
squinting. He puts his cigarette down and pulls out a piece
of paper with a number written on it and an extention. He
picks up the phone and dials while his cigarette is still
burning in the ash tray.
                       NURSE ANGIE
Goldenbridge, how may I direct
your call?
Can I talk to Rose Teal? (picks up
cigarette and smokes it)
Nurse Angie looks up Rose Teal's information and sees a
green flag next to her name on the computer screen.
                       NURSE ANGIE
Hold please, I have to locate her.
She puts Robert on hold and pages someone from the phone.


                       NURSE ANGIE
Please send Rose Teal to the front
desk. (picks the phone back up)
Sir? She's on her way to the
phone, might have to give it a
(gets up) Okay, thanks.
Rose walks over to the table where the nurse is. The nurse
hands her the phone.
Rose! It's me Robert. (paces
around room)
Robert!? Oh my god. (starts
crying) Robert...
Rose, calm down, calm down. I'm
not mad at you. I know you didn't
do it. You didn't do shit Rose. He
set you up...
Oh my god....(crying) you believe
me Robert? You really do? You got
my letters?


Yes! God I miss you Rose. We're
gonna get you out of there. You
talk to your mom?
Yeah but she couldn't tell me
much. He was standin round.
                       NURSE ANGIE
two minutes Rose.
I don't have long. (sniffles)
Robert...I love you.
I fuckin love you Rose...I do.
Listen to me, I've been dreaming
about you, I can't live without
you. I wanna promise you somethin
okay? It's me and you, we're in
this shit together. No matter
what, we're gonna be together.
Karalee is cutting carrots with a big bucher knife. Her hair
is up in a messy bun but still looks good. Caleb walks in
and comes up behind her. She notices him but doesn't look at
his face. She clinches and stops cutting the carrots as he
hugs her from behind. He tries kissing her neck and she
nudges him.
We gotta talk.
Stop worryin bout the trial. It'll
go fine, your daughter will be
well taken care of in that place.
Here, let me help you.


SHUT UP! (turns with knife in hand
at her side) Just, shutup! I've
had enough. I'm gettin a job, your
gettin out.
What's all this crazy talk, sit
down and relax. (grabs Karalee's
wrist with knife in it)
Karalee flinches and turns the knife in a stab-ready motion
but quickly drops it out of fear.
I don't love you no more. I wanna
be there for my girl. (cries and
sits on floor) I'm gonna testify
at court next week. I'm defendin
her, I owe it to her.
Is that the shit you been
whisperin bout me on the phone?
You sneakin around and lyin. You
wanna be humiliated in front of
everyone in court? FINE...(turns
to walk out of the house) I can't
say I never tried. God damn you.
Rose is sleeping soundly in her bed. In the other bed is a
girl who is sitting up in the dark. She turns on the lamp.
She has shoulder length black frizzy hair with pale skin.
She stands up and pushes the emergency button on the side of
the wall. It sounds and is loud. Rose wakes up and stands up
with a pale look on her face.
What's goin on?
You stink!
(looks around) What the fuck is
your problem?
(screams) I can't sleep cuz you


A few nurses and security guards come into the room where
Rose and Pam are standing arguing. Nurse Eda walks ahead of
everyone to see.
                       MRS. EDA
What's wrong, Pam...settle and
then tell me.
She stinks...she stinks! I can't
sleep it stinks so bad! (starts
crying) Every night it stinks!
The nurses and security guards breathe in and out and then
get a discusted look on their faces.
                       MRS. EDA
It does stink in here. Search the
The guards and nurses search under the beds and feel on the
girls. They rip pictures of Rose's family off the wall. One
guard opens all the drawers to the dressers. He opens one
and caughs and walks away. Mrs. Eda looks in it and sees
atleast 4 gallons of semi-gewey vomit with different color
pills throughout it.
                       MRS. EDA
Padded walls.
NO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tries
to hold on to bed as guard is
dragging her away from it)
The guard finally gets Rose to stand up straight and walk.
She unlocks the cell door and pushes Rose into the room with
padded white walls. Rose sits down and cries. Mrs. Eda walks
up to the door and bangs on it.
                       MRS. EDA
This is going in your file Rose.
Misconduct. You'll stay in here
until your court date.
Tina walks into the kitchen pouring coffee in her mug. She
is very well dressed with her hair back in a low pony tail.
She gathers her papers together and looks at her watch while
sipping her coffee. Her brother Pierre walks in with boxers
on and opens the fridge.


Get em' sis.
Tina is reading over more of Rose's letters. The phone rings
and she answers it, then says "let em in". She shuffles
through other papers and takes a deep sigh. The door quickly
opens. Karalee walks in with Robert and Terrance.
I figured we all could ride
together. Terrance, your mother is
coming? (Terrance nods) Okay.
Anyone know if Caleb's coming?
As far as I know, he was arrested
for breaking the restraining
order. They flew him here.
No shit! This is GREAT news!
Smile...we got this.
Karalee smercks. Robert nods. Terrance looks over at Karalee
and then smiles.
The court room is packed excluding Rose. Tina is sitting
with Dr. Palaski & Dr. Bronswell whispering and going over
files. Caleb is sitting with a business looking guy which
appears to be a lawyer on the other side. Robert is sitting
with Karalee, Terrance, and Terrance mom. Tom is sitting in
the back of the room. The cop on duty anounces.
All rise. (everyone stands and a
woman judge walks in)
Caleb rolls his eyes and then sits when everyone else does.
The cops then open the front left door as everyone hears
shackles. Rose is seen with her hair back walking kind of
slouched with her hands and feet gently cuffed. The cop has
her sit in the chair on the side of the room next to other
cops. Karalee look over at her and begins to cry. Robert
puts his arm around her and looks at Rose and nods. Rose
starts crying and lips...I love you. Terrance looks down at
the ground. Tina looks over at Caleb. Caleb is staring at


Rose with no expression. The chaos causes light whispers to
sound the court room. The judge orders silence.
                       JUDGE SARAH
Good morning everyone. I'd like to
first call to the stand Caleb
Morton please.
Caleb walks over to the stand in a business suit and no
expression on his face.
                       JUDGE SARAH
FBI agent Tina Watts for
questioning. This is in the matter
of Rose Teal's defense.
(stands up) So, Caleb. You
obviously have a lawyer. Do you
have any witnesses at all?
Uh, no.
(nods) Tell us how you met
I met Karalee at a diner. I went
up to her and asked what she was
doin in the diner so late at
night. She told me she got off
work early and I assumed she meant
that she worked at the diner. We
began talking more and....(looks
at Karalee) I fell for her.
and did she tell you anything
about her daughter?
(nods) She told me she had a
lovely daughter and that she
couldn't wait for me to meet her.
Okay great. So Caleb, tell me
about your relationship with Rose
after you met her.


heh. She didn't seem too thrilled
to meet me. She kinda mocked me
and then spilled the beans about
Karalee strippin to everyone.
Everyone meaning?
Oh. Star, Robert.
How was your relationship with
                       CALEB'S LAWYER
Objection! She's incenuating an
unevident clause.
                       JUDGE SARAH
Over ruled.
We didn't have a relationship but
from a hear say kinda deal, it was
alright. We exchanged only a few
But, you knew where she lived, you
knew her. I'm just going to switch
gears here... when did you lay a
hand on Rose?
I never laid my hands on her.
You did, to calm her down at
times. Even Karalee admits seeing
yeah but.
That's laying your hands on her.
You're not supposed to lie in a
court room. (smercks) Your honor
I'd like to call Karalee to the


                       JUDGE SARAH
Caleb, have a seat. Karalee please
come forward.
Karalee waits until Caleb is sitting down, then walks up to
the stand with welted red eyes from crying. She blows a kiss
to Rose. Rose smiles with tears.
I'm going to do things different
with her if that's okay your
honor. I'm going to let her tell
her full story to the court room.
Start from meeting Caleb to now.
                       CALEB'S LAWYER
                       JUDGE SARAH
Over ruled.
Everything Caleb said was right.
We met at the diner and I refused
to tell him I was strippin at
first. I just didn't want him to
get no wrong impression. I liked
his care free personality. It drew
me in. Rose and I were strugglin
to make ends meat. After her
seeing her father comit suicide,
she began slippin into a
depression. Wake up cryin. I knew
she needed some help. Hell, I knew
I could've used some. She went to
doctors (looks at them)...and they
helped. But she always seemed shy,
down, and disconnected from the
world round her. I'd encourage her
to go out when she didn't wanna. I
know she hated me for strippin,
leavin her there alone all night.
I knew she was hurtin. Meetin
Caleb made me think there was hope
in the world and maybe he could be
a father figure to Rose. Rose
showed signs of hatred toward him.
She argued with him and cursed in
front of me. He made it seem like
it was her fault and she was the
crazy one. But more and more that
I think bout it, it seemed as if
Caleb had a hold on my little


                       KARALEE (cont'd)
girls mind and brainwashed it til
it was dry. Ain't never seen the
hurt in my little girls eyes as
bad as I did the day Star died.
Let me stop you right there. Now,
do you personally, believe, that
your daughter Rose murdered Star
(long pause) No I don't. She loved
Robert. She loved Star. She would
never do such a thing to anyone.
She kicked me by accident. Caleb
was pulling at her and holding
Rose by the arms too tightly. She
grabbed the first thing she found,
it was a big knife I cut carrots
with. She stuck him in the
shoulder and ran away. (starts
So, self defense. (nods)
I showed up at her door with
roses. I was gonna take her to
prom like i promised. He said she
wasn't there.
                       DR. BRONSWELL
Dr. Palaski and I were both a bit
uncertain that she even had
Schitzophrenia. He just followed
the protocol and so did I.
She was nice. Ain't met no one
like her. She came to stay that
night and told me she was runnin
from him. She begged mama and I


                       TERRANCE (cont'd)
not to say nothin or call the
cops. She said he was gonna kill
her if she did. I listened to her
and I begged my momma not to call
either. I just had a weird feelin
in me.
                       CALEB'S LAWYER
But you say Rose that you were mad
at Robert for not coming to pick
you for prom?
He came. Caleb lied to me. Robert
already told me he came.
                       CALEB'S LAWYER
Okay, say Caleb did lie, you still
were upset?
                       CALEB'S LAWYER
and that burning rage inside you
caused you to murder Robert's
I didn't do it!
                       CALEB'S LAWYER
How'd you kill her? How'd you do
it Rose? You didn't want your mom
to have a baby. You didn't want a
nother father.
You used a metal object didn't
                       CALEB'S LAWYER


Caleb's face is close up with no expression.
Robert drives away in his truck. a dark figure, barely
recognizable slowly walks up to Star's front foor and
knocks. Their gloves are shown holding a metal pole. Star
opens the door and the person swings a metal pole extremely
hard knocking Star in the head. She falls instantly to the
ground and blood is slowly seeping around her head in the
doorway. The sound of shoes stomp quickly down the steps.
I wanted to walk home....he pushed
me. He threatened me. He made me
seem crazy and I wasn't. I knew I
wasn't. (starts breaking down but
sighs to regain composure) He set
me up. He used my depression from
my daddy as a tool. He was hurtin
me so I stabbed him. I ran to
Terrance cuz it was the only
friend I had. He found me the next
day. He told me he killed Star and
made it look like I did it with a
metal crow bar.He said I killed
Star to get back at Robert cuz I
couldn't accept that Robert didn't
want me. He said I wanted to
inflict pain on everyone else to
take the pressure off of myself. I
ate my words cuz i knew he was
gonna win. I knew it.
We find the defendent Rose Teal
not guilty.
The cops arrest Caleb and free Rose's cuffs. She hugs her
mother, then Robert. Tina is seen hugging them and looking
over at Caleb's face who is blood red. The court room is
loud with joy and laughter.


Tina is walking next to Rose and hugs Karalee with tears in
their eyes. Rose hugs Tina.
Thank you so much Tina, for helpin
me. You don't know how much it
means, you don't know at all.
(puts arm around Rose and kisses
her on cheek) Tina is my new
favorite person, besides you.
You're welcome. Innocent people
need to be free. Rose, you are an
innocent girl.
Karalee stops Tina as Terrance, Terrance mom, Robert, and
Rose walk off smiling and looking up at the sunlight.
Karalee moves in closer to Tina.
One day you might have a child.
You're gonna know what it feels
like to protect that child
regardless of circumstances. I
wanna thank you from the bottom of
my heart.
Tina smiles and nods.
Caleb is sitting across from a hispanic guy.
I did everything I could to help
her daughter.
(flicks cigarette) How you feel
about me stayin?


I'm actually getting tired. Night.
(gets up quickly and walks in the
house, slams front door)
Everything! They still manipulated
the system and the daughter got
her way. She's free and she's
She just has had a rough life. She
use to see doctors but has been
doin good lately on her own.
I use to have a sister like Rose.
She went crazy and...well, she
killed her self.
Sorry. (looks down)
I'll try to work with her, help
her alitle.
That be real nice of ya Caleb.
You know what happens when they
let crazy people go? (sighs)
I bought your mother roses. She
told me she loves them and that's
why it's your name. Listen, I know
this situation is hard to get use
to (pause) but i mean, I ain't
trying to uh you know replace


                       CALEB (cont'd)
Look, I don't really wanna talk
about this.
Caleb breaks the truck in the middle of the road as a duck
crosses. Rose looks around frantically. Cars slam on their
breaks behind Caleb's truck and beep their horns.
Oh my god!!!!! (screams) What the
fuck are you doing? You're gonna
fuckin kill me!
Shh, Rose! (deep breath and shakes
head while she is still screaming)
I ain't gotta answer to you!
(stands firmly in front of Rose
blocking her) Your mom is
pregnant, please try to be
Whatever! get outta my fuckin way.
Hmm. (pause) I'm gonna start layin
some rules round here. If I'm
gonna be the provider then your
ass is gonna listen to me. I ain't
gonna have you comin in her from
all hours of the night while your
mommas not feelin good.
(gets in Caleb's face) You're not
my fuckin father.
STOP! (holds Rose and shakes her)


You help someone, you get set up.
There's a certain point you gotta
protect yourself.
Caleb has a gun in one hand pointed at Rose.
I didn't want it to end up like
this. I could understand you not
lovin me, but damn Rose, killin my
unborn child? Star's dead.
(breaths in and shakes head) I
can't help ya anymore kid. You
need to get it from somewhere
The only thing i was ever guilty
of was tellin the girl her date
never showed up for prom...but he
did. I lied. I was tryin to
protect her cuz I was in love with
her. But, Here I sit. With
nothing. Not even a picture to
look at. Not even a letter to
read. I have nothing and she has
everything! Her mother? Just as
crazy! Crazy women I say, but
smart. (pause and looks up at man)
She's Rose, she's wilted...she's a
wilted Rose...how fuckin poetic is
Robert looks older and is smoking a cigarette while trying
to fix the leg of a table. Rose looks older and has darker
red hair and she is pregnant.. She is opening mail.
How was work? (kisses Robert)


Okay, gotta alota parts sold
today. Listen, I had some pictures
upstairs, in a small box? (pause)
I can't find em.
Oh, you know, I was feeling
energetic and thought I should
clean up a bit. I threw some
things out...(pause) But I don't
know if...
You throw a small brown box away?
Please tell me you didn't.
(looks down and back up slowly at
Robert) I think I did. What was
Damnit. Where's the trash?
Trash man came this morning..
there were so many boxes around
here from movin I wanted to....
Pictures of my mother, Rose.
The phone rings. Robert answers it. "Hello?" He holds the
phone up for Rose to take. "It's for you".
Hello? (pause) What, do you...I'm
not understanding...(shakes head)
No...(backs up slowly) NO! (drops
the phone and runs out of the
(gets up quickly) What's wrong?
(screams) They found a twist in
the case, saying I have to
testify, other


Robert slowly picks up the phone and puts it to his ear. He
hangs it up and looks around.
Robert walks into the bathroom and sees Rose sitting on the
toilet with her pants off. Rose has her head in her hands as
if she were crying.
What're you doing in here...your
takin forever! I gotta shit.
(looks up with teary eyes) Robert
I'm scared...
Bout what? That shit on the phone?
Why don't you tell me about it?
(pause) Are you innocent?
Yes I'm innocent!!!! What the hell
is your problem. Get out.
Robert stands there and doesn't say anything. Rose looks
back up at him.
Get out!!!!
There room is filled with posters of Iron Maiden and
Megadeth. There are insence and candles lit. Robert is
smoking pot. The room is really smokey. Rose flings the door
open and stomps in the room. She immediately starts
This ain't happenin. It ain't good
for the baby. (raises voice) What
the fuck were you thinkin?
Sorry...I'll put the fan on.


(coughs) No, I told you to smoke
this shit outside or down stairs
Listen, I've been waiting around
to SHIT for the past hour.
I've been spottin all day long
from stress. I'm worried and
stressed. God Robert.
I don't get why you're so
stressed. You shouldn't be, you're
actin crazy or guilty or something
I dont know. (starts to calm down)
Why don't you ust lay down. I'm
sorry...just lay down.
I'll sleep down stairs. Good night
Robert. (walks out of the room)
Robert is sitting on the toilet smoking a cigarette with the
phone in his hand.
Can I talk to Caleb Jenkins
Robert picks up his pot and looks at it. He inhales it and
then sits down at the edge of the bed. He puts the joint
down in the ashtray on the bed and rubs his head. He gets up
and looks through drawers he shakes his head. He then looks
at a court house marriage picture of him and Rose and puts
it down. He closes his eyes.
Robert drives away in his truck. A dark figure, barely
recognizable slowly walks up to Star's front foor and
knocks. Their gloves are shown holding a metal pole. Star
opens the door and Rose's face is shown, she swings a metal


pole extremely hard knocking Star in the head. She falls
instantly to the ground and blood is slowly seeping around
her head in the doorway.
Rose is standing on the porch on the phone and draping
sheets over the railing.
What, mom no. I don't need you to
visit again. What is it? (Rose
stares) So they contacted you too?
You mean to tell me you believe
it? No, no. (pause) That's how
your acting!!! I'm done with this
conversation, BYE!
Rose paces back and forth on the porch. She looks around and
then looks at her watch.
Robert walks into an ancient looking church with cracked
stone. He walks in slowly in his work clothes. The doors to
the church squeek and people turn around in their pues to
stare at Robert as if he doesn't belong there. He nods and
sits in the back row. The priest tells everyone to bow their
heads and pray. Robert starts praying. He gets distracted by
a crying child sitting in front of him. An older lady is
staring at him. Robert looks away and realizes the money
plate is sitting next to him with ones piled in it. The
deacon impatiently takes the money plate giving Robert a
dirty look. Robert looks next to him and sees the ghost of
his mother. He stands up causing disruption and walks
quickly out of the church doors. The doors slam shut.
Robert is pacing down the street past old run down houses
and shops. He stops in front of a Pawn/Gun shop and looks in
the window.
Robert kicks his boots off and quietly sneaks into bed with
Rose. Rose wakes up from the movement.


Work late?
I left some chicken with lima
beans and rolls down there. You
see it?
Yeah thanks.
Babies been kickin all night.
Can't sleep really. (pause) I
still been thinkin bout this whole
trial thing too. I been dreamin it
might go wrong, just because
that's how my life's always been..
plus, tomorrow's my birthday...I
never been able to sleep right the
night of my birthday, ya know?
Robert does not reply. Although the camera shows his eyes
blinking. Rose thinks he fell asleep and she turns over on
her side. She takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes.
Rose is sitting in a white chair in the yard petting her
very old black cat on her lap and humming the tune "twinkle
twinkle little star". Robert walks out slowly and stares at
Rose from behind with an empty expression. Visions of Rose's
young face starts popping up in Robert's head. He shakes
them off. He then closes his eyes and remembers his mothers
smiling face. Rose still does not notice Robert is standing
behind her. Her voice gets louder and she starts singing the
words..."Twinkle Twinkle, little Star....how I wonder where
you are, up above the world so high...like a diamond in the
sky....Twinkle, Twinkle....." Robert then starts hearing his
mother sing. He walks slowly behind Rose and gets closer. He
steps on a stick and the sound makes Rose stop singing.
Robert you scared me.


I just wanted to say Happy
Birthday. (shaking his gun in hand
as he points it to the back of her
Robert's eyes fill with tears and he is shaking. He closes
his eyes. Right before Rose turns around to look at him,
Robert shoots Rose in the back of the head. The cat meows
and jumps out of her lap with blood all over it. A second
shot is fired but the camera is focused on the cat running
away from the house.
Tina sits down typing on her computer. She starts going
through some files. She starts sorting papers and is
throwing old cases away that have been solved. She comes
across Rose's file and just as she's about to toss it in the
bin, she stops and opens it. She starts reading over her
files and looks at pictures of Star's mangled face. She
closes her eyes. She then stares at the stab wound on
Caleb's shoulder with a look of fear in his eye through the
picture. Tina has no expression from it. She then sees the
pictures of the blood from Karalee's miscarriage and the
babies death certificate. Tina closes her eyes and shakes
her head to the side a little bit. She closes her file and
tosses it in the bin. She comes across another file after
she tosses a few in the bin, and opens it. The name of the
claimant is Zachary Pennington. It is labeled an unsettled
case and was thrown out of court due to lack of evidence.
Zachary Pennington's name is posted in large font across a
piece of paper. The small font reads: ZACHARY PENNINGTON WAS
HIGH SCHOOL. Tina's eyes widen and she gasps. She looks
frantically in the bin and throws files every where. She
gets Rose's file out and opens it. She opens one of Roses's
many written letters from a diary. One reads: I wish people
would just leave me alone. I'd rather be lonely then have to
conform in this world. Although I am capable of wanting to
do many things, I keep them in my head and force myself to
stop thinking about them. This constant anger makes me hate
the people who fuckin attack me mentally. I wish Caleb would
leave me alone, I wish my mom would be a mother, I wish Star
would stop talking about how horrible I am. Why can't Robert
see this? Why can't he love me? He has to listen to mommy.
Mother's know all I guess. I wish Zach would leave me the
fuck alone. Why does he have to target me? Tina moves the
letter a side and shakes her head.


Oh my fucking god, what have I
Grant walks over to Tina with his eyes squinted and eye
brows low holding a piece of paper. Tina is sitting at her
desk with her head in her hands.
Somethin wrong?
I fucked up. That's all I can say.
(sighs) You know anything about
this case at all? (Grant shrugs)
She fuckin killed him, I know it.
Tina shows Grant the file. He reads over it. While he's
reading she is putting her head in her hands.
Tina, Rose Teal? She's dead. Just
came in today...I can show you the
(Tina interupts him)
Any chance you could get some
tickets for tonight's game?
Knicks vs.Lakers, 8 pm!
Pick me up at 7.
Caleb is seen in an orange jump suit, waiting in a lit room.
Karalee walks in, she looks a bit older with more grey hair.
She is hysterically crying as soon as she sees Caleb. Caleb
stands with cuffed hands and lowers his head. Karalee hugs
him tightly. The officer back Karalee away and unlocks his
Karalee and Caleb walk hand in hand outside the automatic
gates of the prison. He looks up at the sky and sighs.
Karalee is walking with her head low. She looks up at him
with tears flowing down her cheeks. She looks clean and


exceptional. Her knees buckle and she falls to the ground.
He kneels down next to her and holds her close.
It's all over baby, It's all over.
I'm so sorry....I love you...I
love you!
Karalee is holding hands with Caleb walking through the
park. He is looking around at the laughing kids. She is
pushing a stroller with a tiny baby in it.
How bout Teresa? Or....(pause)
How bout Daisy? (he picks up a
daisy and tickles Karalee's cheek
with it)
Caleb, I don't know if...
Daisy. Her name'll be Daisy.
She'll grow in our family garden,
she'll get the life she deserves.
(takes the daisey from his hand)
Daisy it is.
The babies face is shown smiling with red hair.
Terrance walks upon wet grass from the morning dew. He looks
up at the bright sun as the beams hit his dark skin. Sweat
beeds form around his hair line. He wipes his head and walks
with roses in his other hand. He walks slowly up to a
tombstone that reads: RIP ROSANNA TEAL February 8,1983-
February 8,2010. Terrance lays the ruby red roses on her
grave. He lays them upon other dozens of wilted roses. He
then looks up at the sky and closes his eyes. He looks
around. He then walks over to a tombstone that reads: RIP
ROBERT JENKINS October 24,1983- February 8,2010. He hocks a


loogey and spits. It lands on the edge of his tombstone and
runs down over his name.
An old run down strip club that is up for rennovation sits
lonley on the side of the road. An old church is then shown
with old grey stone and black people coming out of it with
bright colors on. A diner is then shown with older people
walking into the entrance. The camera zooms in on running
horses and the barn with crusted red paint chipping off of
it. A duck crosses a dirt road and steps on a wilted rose
laying in the road.


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