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by Cameron Moody (cmoody17@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

A mystery about a strange city. People disappear and reappear, personalities randomly switch, and people who appear dead are found alive and well only minutes later. A professor and a student of his arrive in this town at the request of a friend of the professor who died shortly after requesting the professor's presence. An investigation into his death leads to a deeper mystery, gradually unraveling the tangled secret of Raimes.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Dr. Madison is shown inside of his large mansion/house. He
is an older man, and he is writing furiously by candlelight.
He looks terrified and determined. Footsteps are heard
running outside the door, getting closer and closer. There
is a very loud ticking sound in the background like a clock.
He notices the footsteps for a moment, then turns back to
his writing. He finally finishes quickly, stashes the
writing, and then the door bursts open. There is a veiled
shadowy figure in the doorway. It is wearing a cloak.
Nothing is shown but the silhouette. It pulls some sort of
weapon, then charges the Madison. There is a crescendo, and
the screen then fades to black.
The movie begins with sweeping shots over a wide field.
Flowers and whatnot. It is out in the middle of nowhere. It
is made clear that there is nobody around. Two people are
traveling. The main character and his partner. They are in a
wagon or carriage Alexander and Isaac are in the carriage,
and Alexander has his hand out the window, watch the scenery
and nodding his head to the intro music as it plays over the
scene. The intro credits show as they go. This continues
until they reach a station.
Isaac and Alex step out of their vehicle at the dock. There
are ferries set up, ready to bring people across.
Have everything you need? It's a
bit of a walk.
Suitcase. Backpack. I travel
So why are we going?
A request of a friend who died.


That doesn't sound fun at all.
Getting cold feet? You're the one
who wanted to come so badly.
No! No, not at all. I mean yes! I
do want to come. No, no cold feet.
Good. You could learn a lot from
this man. He was a close friend of
Have you been to this city before?
Unfortunately no. Not until now,
and now is a little late.
The two approach the ticket booth where a man (Robert
Ticketson) is working.
Two tickets across please.
Robert starts to get to work, grabbing the tickets and
processing information.
To where are you headed?
I have never heard of it.
It is out a ways.
Robert hands them their tickets.


Enjoy your trip.
The scene cuts to the vessel pulling away. An land mass is
visible in the distance with a large manor on it.
Sweeping shots from outside the Manor are shown, showing off
its scale, and the camera closes distance to it. The view
then zooms to the sky.
The camera comes back down on Isaac and Alexander. They are
standing at the bottom of a hill leading up to a city. It is
a grassy area. A manor can be seen in the distance. They are
at the very outskirts of the village.
So this is it?
This is it.
Where are we staying?
At the manor.
Where's that?
Right there.
Isaac points toward the the mansion off in the distance.
Wow. He did pretty well for
himself didn't he?
Yes. His name was Henry. He became
a rather successful doctor.
How did you know him?


We went to college together. We
both had a shared interest in
puzzles and mysteries.
Oh yeah?
We would challenge each other to a
different riddle each day. Neither
of us ever managed to stump the
other though. Sometimes it might
take some time, but we always got
it eventually.
And he became a doctor while you
became a teacher?
We had different plans.
You've been friends ever since?
Well we stayed in contact for a
long time. Then he moved several
years ago and I haven't heard from
him since.
He still requested you at his
Apparently he sent for me.
The two have been walking up the hill. On the hill in front
of them is Maurice painting.
You two there! What are you doing
We came to pay our respects to Mr.
Henry Madison.
You knew Madison?


He was an old friend of mine.
Ah. Well then. Welcome to Raimes.
I can't even remember the last
time we had a visitor since Dr.
What are you painting?
The landscape.
Alexander takes a look at the painting.
The trees are blue?
Are those not trees?
Maurice looks back at his painting.
...I swear they weren't like that
a minute ago.
Green sky too.
I must be really out of it.
Does this path lead to De'Marc
Uh.. yeah. Yeah it does. Give my
regards to Lady Adelaide.
Thank you.


Isaac and Alexander move on, leaving a very confused Maurice
behind them.
Isaac and Alexander keep walking through the city, into the
heart of it. As they progress, Isaac walks right into a
young woman walking through the city (Sylvie) at a street
corner. She gives a slight shriek, and drops a bag she was
carrying full of food.
Oh! I'm so sorry!
No no, pardon me. That was my
I wasn't looking where I was
Isaac and Alexander down and starts helping her pack up her
      (Picking up food)
Don't worry.
      (Picking up food)
We are not familiar with the area.
It would seem our wandering nature
got the best of us.. and your
Oh. You're new here, aren't you? I
see. What an embarrassing
We're here to find the De'Marc
Manor, regarding Dr. Madison.
Oh, do you know Dr. Madison?


I did. He used to be a good friend
of mine.
      (Small frown)
You grew apart?
Time and distance get the best of
Are you here to see him then?
Isaac and Alexander are briefly taken aback, then look at
each other for a moment.
Um, no...
Dr. Madison is dead...
Sylvie puts her hand over her mouth and stifles a gasping
shriek. She looks extremely upset.
Did you not know?
No, I didn't! I had no idea! I
just talked to him yesterday!
Henry has been dead for over a
Sylvie looks very confused, then her face tightens up and
she looks strained. She grabs her head and appears to have
an intense headache. She is shaking violently all over, and
gives a small anguished cry. Alexander rushes over to
support her.
Woah! Are you alright?
      (Calming down)
No... I.. You're right. I do
remember. I was told over a week
ago. How could I ever forget
something like that?


You seemed quite sure a minute
That's the strangest thing.
Shall we walk you to your house?
.... Is that where I said I was
You never specified.
I would assume you aren't bringing
that food TO the store though...
I suppose I wouldn't be, would
Come on then. Which way is it?
..That way?
You don't sound convinced.
Two men (Dorian Gray and Rafael Santiago) appear from around
the same corner to see the three talking.
Sylvie! How good to see you.
      (Turning to see
Rafael! Darian! Are you on your
way over?


It's Dorian, not Darian.
Sylvie still does not understand.
Yes, I know!
Of course you do. Yes, we were
going to see your mother.
And you of course my lovely Ms.
He takes her hand as he says this, and gives her a slight
Well then let's be on our way!
She begins to walk off, then remembers Isaac and Alexander.
      (Motioning to
       Alexander and
Oh! I almost forgot! These are...
Isaac Marcel.
Uh, Alexander Je'Metois. And you
My name is Rafael Santiago! A
friend of Lady Santios is a friend
of mine. Pleased to meet you.
My name is Dorian Gray. Pleasure.


Likewise. You are headed for Ms.
Santios' house as well?
Dorian is. I am headed for De'Marc
Manor. I was told we were
expecting guests tonight, I don't
suppose you would be them?
We would be. How convenient that
we meet you here.
Shall we then?
Dorian indicates toward Sylvie who has already begun to
leave, seemingly forgetting she even had company. The rest
of the group follow after her.
The group arrive, seeing a smaller house a little distance
They approach the house. There is an old woman (Agatha)
sitting on the porch.
Hello Sylvie, hello Dorian. How
are you Rafael?
Doing very well Madame Santios. I
am glad to see you are the same.
Sylvie walks up the porch, toward the front door. She kisses
her mother (Agatha) on the cheek. Agatha smiles at this, but
when she notices Isaac and Alexander, her smile falters a
bit. She becomes slightly confused.
Are you going to introduce me to
your new friends?


The two gentlemen standing like
statues over there.
Oh! Of course, they would be Mr.
Isaac, and um...
And this is Alexander!
Rafael puts his arm around Alexander and puts on a big grin.
Hi there.
Isaac Marcel. Good to meet you.
Your daughter seemed to be having
a bit of a sick spell so we
escorted her here.
I did?
No, you look fine. Go put away the
food dear.
Sylvie smiles and heads inside.
Dorian, I have your violin inside.
It's on the mantle, you know where
to find it.
You are as helpful as ever Agatha.
Dorian also heads inside.
So you two are here to escort
dizzy girls?


She was more than dizz-
They're here to visit De'Marc
manor. I was told Mr. Marcel here
was a friend of Dr. Madison.
You two knew Henry?
I graduated from college with him.
He was a brilliant man.
I'm sure you must be too to be
alongside him like that.
Oh, he is. That's why I tag along
with him.
He would often come by here to
talk with me. He shared his
insights and observations. He saw
things I couldn't imagine.
I know little of what he did since
he left several years ago. Do you
know how he ended up here?
Oh, well... Hm.. Yes, yes I do. He
came here by accident in fact. He
was lost he said. He stayed in the
inn here for a night or two, and
got to know a few of the people
A scene begins to play depicting what Agatha describes.
He was here for a short time, and
lady Adelaide De'Marc, fell very
ill. She was bed-ridden and asleep
for several days, but Henry took
it upon himself to take care of
her. I'm not sure why, maybe it
was his doctor's responsibility,


                       AGATHA (cont'd)
but he stayed by her side as often
as time would allow, doing
everything he could to take care
of her. Of all the things he did
here, that was the act that gained
the town's respect for him.
Everyone adored Lady Adelaide and
Aurora, and grew to feel the same
way for Henry. Then, miraculously,
Adelaide began to gradually
recover. Before long, she was on
her feet again. She rarely left
Henry's side after that. Henry was
welcome anywhere, and helped
anyone here who was ill. He was a
miracle worker. Everyone he
treated seemed to recover
completely, no matter how grave
the illness seemed. So he settled
in and just never left. Then one
night he was found dead outside of
the Inn. It was extremely
upsetting for everyone. Especially
lady Adelaide.
The scene ends, showing Madison's body dead outside on the
It is dusk by now.
That was only less than two weeks
ago. I'm surprised you two were
able to arrive so quickly.
I received a letter directly from
him only a little more than a week
ago asking me to come. Then a
subsequent letter a few days after
informing me of his tragedy. After
not hearing from him for so long,
the timing was uncanny. I had no
choice but to honor his last
request to me.
Of course, anyone would have done
the same. Maybe there was
something he wanted you to see.


If that's the case, then it's too
late now.
There must be a reason he asked
you in particular. Maybe he knew
you would be the one who could
find it or see it.
I've been wondering that myself.
Then you already have a
Dorian Gray walks out of the house with his violin.
Thank you Agatha, you've done a
fantastic job as usual or
stringing. I'm sure it will sing
better than ever now.
It's a skill I don't easily
forget. Especially with you coming
here all the time and forcing me
to work my fingers down to the
bone for you.
I couldn't settle to have it
strung by anyone else. I know I
can trust your skill.
If you didn't play so well, I
would have you learn to do it
Then you know why I practice.
Not that he needs to. Your skill
is impeccable Mr. Gray.


      (To Agatha)
Well then now is time for my end
of the bargain.
And now is time for us to return
to the Manor. I assume dinner will
be ready soon. We would not want
our guests to be late on their
first night.
No, of course not. Thank you for
coming Rafael, and you too Isaac
and Alexander. It was nice to talk
about Henry. You two are welcome
to come by again whenever you
Good Evening.
Good Evening.
Isaac tips his hat, and Alexander waves good bye as they set
off. Dorian begins to play his violin. He has incredible
skill, it can be heard echoing as Isaac, Alexander and
Rafael leave down the path.
Isaac, Alexander and Rafael continue to walk along the path
until Rafael splits off onto a side, smaller one. A dirt
path that doesn't seem to lead to anywhere.
This way gentlemen, it is much
You know your way around.
I should hope so! It is my job
after all.
To know shorter paths?


To know every path!
What do you do?
I chart and make maps. I have been
everywhere you can imagine. I've
mapped more distance than both of
you have walked combined.
A cartographer.
That's right.
Sounds like the travel part would
be interesting.
It is! If I can suggest one thing
to you as a young man, it is to
travel! See new places, meet
beautiful women from all over the
world, see things you couldn't
Where have you been?
It would be simpler to ask where
I've not been.
Where have you not been?
Of course.


Several times.
Strangest food there too.
Biggest spiders you've ever seen.
And even touched a Lion.
I have the penguin feathers to
show for it.
Are you from Spain then?
Portugal. Close.
A town like this must be very
boring for you then.
You would think so, but this is
the strangest place of all... As
far as mapping goes that is.
I've mapped places man has never
previously set foot on,but this
place just can't be done.
Why is that?


I wish I knew. Every time I think
I've got it right, I double-check,
and everything turns out to be
wrong. Nothing is where I put it.
How is that possible?
It isn't! I must be going crazy!
But I swear, it seems as though
parts of the town are moving. I
must have made 30 different
drafts, each one different from
the last, before I just gave up.
It can not be done.
You know your way around though.
That's the other thing. I can't
put this place down in ink, but I
never have trouble getting around.
It's a regular mystery zone.
You're sure we're headed the right
way then?
Of course!
Rafael lifts of a branch in front of him blocking the path.
It's right there.
The full mansion is shown, looking even more impressive from
up close. It is absolutely enormous, with beautiful
Gentlemen... De'Marc manor. I am
lucky enough to receive the
graciousness of Lady Adelaide and
Aurora so I might stay here.


How many people live here?
Four. Adelaide, Aurora, Francis
and I. Francis is the butler. Very
friendly fellow. Polite as they
Only four? You could station an
army here.
Funny you say that. That was the
original intention. The man who
commissioned its construction was
Prince De'Marc many years ago. He
was a member of a branch family in
the Royal House of France. He
expected to be King some day, but
he was killed before this Manor
was even finished.
It was forgotten then?
All but. The De'Marc family was
forgotten, and relieved of any
royal status. Mathius De'Marc (the
man who ordered this to be built),
he had some children, who also had
children, and the manor was kept
in the family. Adelaide and Aurora
are lucky enough to have it fall
into their hands.
It's a little overwhelming.
It is much more welcoming inside.
The three have been walking, and they have arrived at the
front door. Rafael bangs the knocker three times, then he
stands up straight and waits. After several seconds, the
front door creaks open, and a nicely dressed older man is
standing there (Francis).
Ah Rafael! The food will be ready
soon, please get ready.


I will prepare the table. Be done
Rafael heads inside, and he gets to work.
      (Holds out hand)
Mr. Isaac Marcel I assume?
Isaac shakes his hand, and removes his hat.
Yes, that's right. And this is a
student of mine, Alexander.
Good to have you as well
Alexander and Isaac step inside, and Francis takes Isaac's
coat and hat, and hangs them on the rack by the door. The
mansion entrance room opens into an enormous hall, where
their footsteps echo as they walk. There are stairs going up
that branch to the left and right, and a large portrait of
Mathius De'Marc at the top. The dining room is off through a
door on the right. The wall with the portrait also has many
other smaller portraits of various descendants of Mathius.
      (Motioning to the
Is that Mathius De'Marc?
That is. An amazing painting. Over
one hundred years old and still in
impeccable quality. And the one
you see farthest to the right with
the two girls shows Lady Adelaide
and Lady Aurora.
It is very well done.
It was painted by Maurice Guevere.
He lives in the town here. He
stays at the inn.


Oh, we met him on the way in to
town. Odd guy, couldn't get his
colors right.
Well then may I show the two of
you to your rooms?
Rooms? We get one each?
Of course.
I apologize for making you have to
find a room for Alexander at the
last minute.
Sir, this manor has over 200
rooms. There are 4 people living
here. I'm sure we can find
Francis, Alexander and Issac are walking down a long hallway
with dusk light creeping in through the many windows,
casting long shadows. The rooms still stay relatively close
to the entrance. Anything deep in the manor would be silly.
The reach a room, and Francis stops. The others stop as
Here we are.
Francis opens up the door, and a large, well-kept room is
shown inside. This part of the manor hold all the largest
rooms, and it is closest to the front. The hallway outside
is very wide open and high. It is not restrictive by any
means. The rooms in this area (the floor) must be two or
three stories up.
Oh wow.
Alexander looks inside wide-eyed. It is a rather impressive


Francis walks to the other side of the hall and opens the
room opposite the one that he just opened.
And this one is for Master
Alexander walks across to the other room, and walks in a
little bit to take a look around.
These are more than I expected.
Thank you very much Mr...
Just Francis. I would encourage
you to make yourself at home, but
you haven't met Lady Adelaide yet,
and dinner will be ready soon. Her
room is down this way.
Francis starts to keep walking again down the hall a bit,
and Isaac follows. Alexander sticks his head out the door
after a few seconds and comes running once he realizes they
are leaving.
Francis leads Alexander and Isaac up, and music can be heard
down the hall. It is upbeat instrumental music. It gets
louder as they walk down the hall. The door they reach at
the end is already open. Isaac and Alexander look inside,
and Francis stands by the side of the door. There is a
beautiful young girl inside (Aurora) dancing to the music.
She is a very good dancer, and she continues to dance for a
little while. This scene lasts for several seconds until the
song finally ends, and she stops, stands up and takes a
large sweeping bow as Isaac and Alexander clap for her.
Thank you!
Lady Aurora, is Adelaide here?
Are these Mr. Madison's friends?
Yes they are.


Aurora runs up and takes Alexander's hand and curtsies (or
shakes his hand).
Good to meet you Mr. Marcel! I'm
so glad to meet a friend of Dr.
Madison. He was like family here.
That would be me actually.
Still holding her hand, Alexander takes a little bow.
My name is Alexander. Good to meet
you too.
Aurora is embarrassed and shocked.
OH! Oops.
She gives two quick curtsies.
      (To Alexander)
      (To Isaac)
Mr. Marcel
She then motions between and behind the two men, toward the
And Adelaide
Isaac and Alexander turn around and see Adelaide standing in
the doorway quietly, and with a small smile.
I apologizing for not being here
sooner. I did not hear the door
opening. It's very quiet in here.
I was going to try to find you,
dinner is almost ready.


I know. I spoke with Rafael, he
told me you were all here.
It's a pleasure to meet you Ms.
Likewise, but we can talk over
dinner. Rafael told me to get you.
It is ready now.
Isaac, Alexander, Adelaide, Rafael, and Aurora all sit down
at the table to a beautiful meal. Francis remains standing
by the side, acting as a sort of waiter for the moment.
I never expected anything so
You're our guests! We can't have
you going hungry.
No, of course not! I'm sure you'll
love this. Francis is an excellent
People begin to dig in to the food.
So Mr. Marcel, what are your plans
while you stay here?
I haven't really decided yet. Look
around the town I suppose. I can't
begin to imagine what Madison
wanted from me, but given some
time, hopefully I can figure it
He didn't mention anything in his


Just a request for my immediate
How strange.
He never was very thorough in his
Well you're welcome to stay as
long as you need. We have more
than ample accommodations.
I appreciate it. Thank you very
They finish their dinner, and depart to their respective
Isaac is shown waking up the next day in his room. He looks
around, and gets ready to head out. He checks inside
Alexander's room, but his sheets are already pushed aside,
and he's not there. Isaac heads downstairs at this point and
he sees Alexander in the dining room, a distance away.
Alexander is chatting and laughing with Aurora while the two
of them eat breakfast. Isaac watches for a moment or two
until Francis shows up.
Good morning Mr. Marcel.
Oh, good morning.
Could I get you anything to eat?
Actually, I was hoping you could
tell me if Dr. Madison ever stayed
here in this manor.


He usually preferred to stay at
the inn. I'm not sure why. He did
have a study here though. The
library here is a bit more
complete than the bookshelf in the
inn so it made for better
I see.
Nobody else used the room, and he
kept it remarkably clean.
Could you direct me to it?
I could take you to it if you
would like.
That's alright, I can get there
Of course. It was upstairs, right
branch. Third door on the right.
Thank you very much.
Is there something there you're
looking for?
Maybe. I'm not really sure myself.
Good luck then.
Isaac walks through the hall and he finds the room. He opens
the room and looks around. Everything is perfectly clean.
Nothing seems out of place in the room. It is almost as
though it has been cleaned out.


Isaac begins to look around the room, checking around,
looking at various pictures on the wall, some showing Dr.
Madison with Aurora and Adelaide, others with Dr. Madison
alongside other people in the town. Issac also begins to
look at Madison's desk, it is almost completely cleared off.
He is running his hand over it, then under the bottom of the
desk idly, until he stops. He kneels down, and pulls some
latch under the desk and a secret little compartment comes
out. Isaac pulls out a drawer and places it on the desk.
Clever Henry.
Isaac opens the little drawer, and inside is a folded up
piece of paper, next to a smaller piece. He takes them out,
then puts the drawer back inside the desk. He picks up the
small piece and two addresses are shown as he reads them. He
puts this paper in his pocket. He then picks up the folded
piece of paper and he begins to read it. Madison's voice
reads the writing. It is a journal entry of his.
                       MADISON (VO)
Adelaide has been getting her
color back. I believe she should
be back to full health soon. I
feel as though helping her is far
too feeble of a payment in
exchange for the hospitality that
has been shown to me in this town.
I had not been planning on staying
here as long as I have, but I can
not leave until Adelaide is up and
walking around again. It would not
be right to leave at this point. I
have lost track of time here, but
it has likely been more than a
year. I have grown as fond of this
place as one might their birth
town. I was truly lucky to come
across a place like this.
However, there are some things
that have been bothering me
immensely since I arrived. Certain
things seem out of place. Places
seem to move. I often find myself
lost in a place I should know very
well by now. Nobody else here
seems bothered though. Agatha
seems to be the most coherent one
here, but she will not talk about
such things. I need to talk to
someone else, someone outside who
can think clearly. Perhaps I will
send a letter if I can find a post


                       MADISON (cont'd)
office here. Nothing seems
terribly wrong, but something is
certainly amiss.
Isaac is then interrupted and jerked away from the letter.
Mr. Marcel? Do you need any help
with anything?
Adelaide is standing in the doorway. Isaac quickly folds up
the journal and puts it in his pocket.
Oh, no. Thank you though. You
startled me.
Francis told me you were
interested in looking around here.
I am afraid there is not much.
Henry never left anything lying
around, and rarely stayed in this
room as well. We offered him a
room here, but he declined out of
politeness. He only used this as a
Francis told me he stayed at the
Yes. A wonder why. The owner there
is... not the most polite person.
He works hard though.
A wonder indeed. I will be sad to
leave this place. I feel like
royalty here.
Our family lost its royalty
generations ago.
It wouldn't be terribly difficult
to convince someone otherwise


You're too kind Mr. Marcel.
There is a pause while Isaac thinks. He then makes up his
mind to ask.
Do you mind if I ask you
Of course not.
When Henry helped you... what were
you sick with?
...We were never really sure.
Henry had no idea. Neither did I.
It was more than a flu though. It
lasted for a long time. It seemed
I was getting worse, not better
over time. Though somehow I
recovered. Why?
Curious. Excuse me if that was out
of line.
Not at all.
Good. Well, I will be heading out
then. Take a look around the town.
I might find something
You may want to stop by the Inn
that Henry stayed at.
I will keep that in mind. Thank
Isaac smiles and nods to her as he heads out the door and
into the dining hall.


Isaac walks into the dining hall and looks at the table
where he saw Alexander in the morning with Aurora. He is not
there though. Isaac scans around looking for him. Francis
comes up to speak.
Master Alexander left with Lady
He could have told me.
Aurora wanted to show him around
the town.
Well it makes traveling easier for
me then.
The two get along very well.
Aurora is very excited to have
someone to talk to. I'm afraid I
can't keep her entertained all the
Lucky for both of them. This would
probably be exceedingly boring for
Alexander otherwise.
Isaac reaches into his pocket and he pulls out the small
paper with the two addresses on it. He shows it to Francis.
Do you know where these two places
Francis pauses to look at it for a few seconds.
Well the first one is the Inn.
It's just four blocks East of
here. Quite close. I don't know
what the second would be, but you
can find it about 3 blocks south
of the Inn.
I'm lucky they are so close by.


The town is really quite small. If
you visit both, you will end up
crossing more almost half the
It is odd to have such a grand
manor here then.
I agree. It really dwarfs the
city. At sundown, it casts a
shadow that reaches one side of
the city, and at sunrise, it
reaches the other. Just to give
you an idea of the size of the
It casts a long shadow for such an
empty structure.
Sir De'Marc must have had a thing
a for flair.
Thank you for the directions.
Isaac grabs his hat and coat from the rack, nods to Francis,
and heads out.
Isaac is walking down the street toward the first address,
the inn. There are several people out on the streets. The
houses are densely packed. The town is small, but a
reasonable number of people manage to fit in the town. Isaac
keeps walking until he stops in front of a very tall
building overlooking the center of the town. "INN" is
painted on a hanging sign out front. It is the tallest
building around, with a tower overlooking the town square.
There is a balcony on the second floor, and a fountain in
front in the center of the town square. The tower is the
town's clock tower with an enormous clock at the top, and
some windows along the sides below the clock. One of the
windows is missing, and the clock is stopped. In this way,
the inn is the only way to access the tower.
Isaac walks up the the door to the inn, looking at the
address outside and matching it to the address on the paper.


The whole area next to the doorway is shown with nobody else
Isaac grabs the door and pulls it wide open, then hears a
Winoc jumps and stumbles out of the way, seemingly appearing
from next to the door. Isaac almost slammed the door into
him (Winoc is outside, where Isaac is, not inside).
What the hell was that about?!
I didn't see you.
I was standing right there, are
you blind?
I swear I was looking there just
half a second ago and didn't see
You almost broke my nose!
You came out of nowhere!
Watch it next time.
Right... Well my apologies Mr..
It's Winoc.
Isaac reopens the door and walks inside quite flustered,
with Winoc behind him. Isaac looks around for a second, and
Winoc goes over to the communal mail box, and sorts through


some letters in his box. Maurice Guevere is sitting in the
foyer reading a paper. There is an angry-looking man at the
counter as well (Victor).
Do you need something, or are you
just here to assault my guests?
      (Turns to see
      (Obviously angry)
I asked if you're just here to
slam doors in people's faces, or
if you want something.
I didn't see him!
I asked if you want something.
Isaac is very shocked, flustered and is caught off-guard. He
is not quite sure what to think.
No I'm... I'm just visiting. I was
just looking around.
You ARE aware this is an inn
right? This isn't some museum.
I was just hoping to learn more
about Dr. Henry Madison.
He was a paying customer. There
you go. You are not. Now you're
bothering my guests.
Isaac looks around. It's just him, Winoc and Maurice. Winoc
looks a little puzzled too, and he just shrugs. Maurice
keeps reading and sighs.
He isn't bothering us Victor.


I guess he's alright. He missed me
after all.
      (Extremely angry)
The rest of the inn is reserved
for guests. If you want to stay
you'll have to pay.
Victor turns around and goes into the back room, thoroughly
disgusted at being defeated. He slams the door leading into
the back very loudly.
Maurice folds up his paper and stands up.
Best be going then before he flips
out and calls the police.
      (Still shocked)
...Right. No problem.
Isaac goes out the door, and Maurice follows closely behind
Isaac walks out into the street, and Maurice walks out with
Sorry about that. Wasn't your
fault really, don't feel bad.
What's he so upset about?
Well his inn isn't exactly pulling
in the largest profits. You can
imagine why with an attitude like
So he takes it out on everyone who
comes in?
Well you also had bad timing with
Dr. Madison dying recently.


Why, were they friends?
Maurice's face turns very serious as he turns to Isaac.
They were more than friends...
They were lovers.
Isaac stops dead in his tracks, and his eyes grow large.
      (Extremely shocked)
      (Slapping Isaac on
       the back)
KIDDING. Oh man, you should have
seen the look on your face. No,
don't worry, I'm kidding.
      (Still a little
Oh ho, no. Haha, sorry. Well I
wouldn't say friends. Victor
doesn't make friends. Probably
about as close as he could be to
friends though. Dr. Madison was a
very successful man, unlike
Victor. It's hard to run an Inn in
such a small town with so few
visitors. So Dr. Madison stayed at
the inn, and he made many generous
donations to the inn. Madison also
made many referrals, and kept
people coming in. He referred me
in fact. He almost kept the inn
running single-handedly. You
didn't see it when you were there,
but it has a good many facilities
Madison helped improve, like a
small music theater inside.
Anyway, all of a sudden Dr.
Madison dies, and then POOF. No
more donations. It's been a pretty
grim week for Victor. Things
aren't looking good. He has a hard


                       MAURICE (cont'd)
time doing it on his own.
Why was Madison so interested in
keeping it going?
Not sure. He was a nice guy. He
also spent a lot of time there.
Maybe he just REALLY wanted a room
reserved for him at all times.
So are you just looking around
For now. I'm not really sure quite
what I'm doing.
I feel the same way. Remember
Alexander pointing out the colors
I had in my painting?
With the green sky or something?
Right, exactly. I didn't know I
was doing that. I didn't even
notice. Now that he's pointed it
out though, I'm looking at my
other paintings, and they're all
wrong too.
Maybe you're just color blind.
      (Getting serious)
No no, that's not it. This is
serious. I can't get it right. The
colors are completely wrong, not
even close. That's not even the
weird part though. See, when I ask
other people about my paintings,
they don't see anything wrong with
them. At all. They don't even


                       MAURICE (cont'd)
It's good to know the rest of the
town is more tactful than
Alexander was.
      (More concerned)
No, that's not it! They REALLY
don't notice. They can't tell.
It's very obvious too. There's no
way they're just missing it.
Well if nobody sees a mistake,
what's wrong with it?
That IS the problem! Something
weird is going on. I swear,
there's something not right. This
is like the Emperor's New Clothes.
I feel like everyone is playing a
joke on me, but I can tell they're
      (Calming down)
Yes really! Take my word for it,
something is up. I need to find
out what's wrong. You'll see.
Footsteps are heard behind them, and Winoc is seen running
Winoc catches up between them.
      (To Isaac)
Hey! Yeah, didn't want you
thinking I was the same kind of
jerk Victor is. I was just a
little put off at first with a
door in my face.


Aw, Victor's not a jerk.
Yeah.. He is actually..
Well don't let him hear you say
that at any rate.
Maybe I should. He'd kick me out
and I wouldn't have to deal with
him any more.
Be careful what you wish for
Winoc. I'm going to go. Work to
do. I suggest you try again when
he's in a better mood Isaac. Good
day to both of you.
Maurice waves behind him as he turns off down another
street. Isaac and Winoc keep walking.
SO! Where are we headed?
Isaac is a little annoyed at his new company, but Winoc
isn't bothered a bit, and is happy to invite himself along.
Well I was headed this way. To
this address.
Isaac shows him the paper. Winoc looks at it with mild
interest, then hands it back.
So who lives there?
Not sure.
Why are you going there then?
Not sure.
Winoc screw up his face in confusion.


Uh.. Really?
Yeah, really.
How are you sure you're going to
the right place then?
I don't. Don't know until you try
though, do you?
Dorian Grey is seen walking down the path they're on, going
away from them. He's carrying a violin case.
Oh, that's Dorian Gray. Composer
and musician.
I know.
You know?
I met him.
Ah. Getting around then.
Isaac stops, looks at a mailbox, then at his paper, then
back at the mailbox. Then he looks at the house. The mailbox
says "Santios" on it.
What's weird?
This is it.
How is that weird?
I've been here before. When I
first got here.


You know Sylvie?
I met her, yes. Very forgetful
Haha, that's true. Beautiful too.
Yes... Not really sure what to do
here though.
Knock on the door obviously.
You're not very good at this whole
"visiting people" thing.
Winoc walks up on the porch and knocks on the door. Isaac
follows him up.
                       SYLVIE (VO)
Sylvie runs up to the door and opens it.
Winoc! How good to see you.
And you too! I'm always happy to
see you.
Why thank you Winoc. You and your
friend are looking strapping
      (Holds out hand)
How nice to meet you Isaac. My
name is Sylvie.


I know. We met yesterday.
Remember I walked you home after
you almost passed out? I was with
Rafael and Alexander.
Uh.... No. Nope. Doesn't ring a
Agatha walks up to the door from behind.
Sylvie, have you not left yet?
OH! Sorry, I forgot. Nice to meet
you Isaac, but I have to go.
Would you mind some company?
I would enjoy it very much!
Winoc and Sylvie go off, Sylvie with a basket or a bag. They
are talking to each other as they leave.
Isaac turns around and sees a small girl around 8 or so
standing next to Agatha smiling up at him.
Good to see you again Mr. Marcel.
My name is Melody!
Melody sticks out her hand, as though she wants to shake
Isaac's hand.
Nice to meet you Melody.
Isaac crouches down and shakes her hand.


      (To Agatha)
Is she Sylvie's uh..
Oh goodness, no. No, no, no. I'm
only taking care of her for a
Ms. Agatha, can I go outside with
Yes dear, but stay in the yard. I
have to keep an eye on you and I
can't be running all over.
Come on Elizabeth!
Melody runs outside, looking like she's holding someone's
hand, but nobody is there. It is an invisible friend.
So Mr. Marcel. To what do I owe
the pleasure?
Agatha walks outside and sits in her chair. Isaac sits down
on a bench next to her.
I guess you could say Dr. Madison
suggested I pay a visit.
Is that so?
I think so. Hard to make sense of
someone you can not talk to.
Death never makes anything much
I suppose not... I wish I could
tell you why I came, but I have no


Oh, it doesn't matter. I told you
you could come by again whenever
you wanted, and you did. I enjoy
the company. There's a good reason
right there.
Melody keeps playing in the yard with Elizabeth, and Agatha
and Isaac sit and look at the scenery off the porch.
Agatha's house sits at the top of a hill and has a beautiful
view. A field can be seen below with the De'Marc Manor off
to the left.
After a short while, a voice is heard coming up the road.
Mr. Marcel!
Alexander is seen walking up the road a little way down. He
waves to Isaac.
Isaac stands up and faces Agatha.
Well thank you for being so
welcoming. I'll come back if I can
get my thoughts together.
Good luck Mr. Marcel. See you
Isaac walks down the road and up to Alexander.
Enjoyed your little tour?
I've been rather busy. Very
strange day.
Strange how?


I went into Madison's study this
morning, and I found a hidden
compartment with a journal page in
it and two addresses.
Did you keep them?
Isaac hands Alexander the two papers, and they start walking
back toward town. Alexander unfolds the journal page and
reads it.
Woah. Trippy.
Yeah. Then I visited the
addresses. The second one was
Agatha's house there... How did
you know I was there by the way?
I asked Sylvie. She said she "Met"
a Mr. Isaac at her house. She also
seemed pleased to meet me. You
know what that's about?
Forgetful girl?
I also visited the second address.
It's the inn. Not a great
experience there. A man named
Victor owns the inn, and seemed
like he wanted to kill me just for
coming inside.
Yeah, I also saw Maurice. He told
me he met you there. I haven't
seen it yet though. Can you show
I would really rather not go back.


Oh come on. Maybe Victor isn't
there. Maybe he's forgotten. Plus,
you won't learn anything unless
you take a proper look around.
There must be a reason Madison
thought that place was important.
Let's make it quick.
Isaac and Alexander come around the corner back to the Inn
where Isaac was before.
It's right here.
Isaac walks up to the a house and stops. Alexander gives
Isaac a funny look.
The inn isn't there. It is replaces by some small boarded-up
It's... right here. I swear it was
right here.
You forgot where it was?
No! I could never forget that
place. I opened the door right
here and almost hit someone.
Are you sure?
Yes, it was right in front of the
It wasn't behind it?


So that isn't it?
Alexander is facing the other direction, across the street.
He is pointing to a big building with a tower. It is the
inn. It is sitting on the other side of the street.
That's uh... That's it...
Guess you got a little mixed up
No. It's on the opposite side. It
wasn't there. I'm sure...
So, what? It moved?
I don't know...
Let's check it out.
Isaac and Alexander walk inside the Inn. Isaac is still
confused about the inn. Alexander comes in behind Isaac and
looks around. Victor comes out from the back, and instantly
gets very upset when he notices Isaac.
You again?! You have business this
I just wanted to take a look
      (To Isaac)
You only left to bring your son
He's not my son.


Well how inconvenient for him.
Children aren't allowed inside
without their parents. He'll have
to leave. So will you. I'm trying
to run a business, not a daycare.
I'm 19...
A scream is suddenly heard outside, and Isaac and Alexander
jump. They both run outside to see what the problem is.
Isaac and Alexander burst out the door and look around.
Everyone outside is gathered around the big fountain in the
middle of the square. The screams are coming from Sylvie,
who is with Winoc. They both look terrified. Sylvie is
crying and Winoc is trying to comfort her. Victor rushes out
as well, and he is similarly shocked. Isaac and Alexander
walk up to the fountain and see Maurice Guevere floating in
the water face-down with some blood lightly leaking out of
the back of his head. He is very obviously dead.
Oh my god..
      (To Alexander)
Come on!
Isaac grabs Alexander and takes off down the street with
I saw a police station right
around here as I was coming by. We
have to notify them right away.
They arrive outside the station, and they burst inside out
of breath.
Both Alexander and Issac burst into the Sheriff's office,
out of breath from running as fast as they can.
Someone, we need help!!


There is a man sitting in a chair, leaning back behind his
desk (Sheriff Nezaire). He looks at them lazily.
You look fine to me.
No, not us!
There's someone-
In the fountain!
Wait, someone died?
      (A little confused)
In the fountain? Did they drown?
We don't know.
You're sure? Nothing like that
ever happens here.
Come on!
Alright, let's take a look. Calm
down a bit. If they're dead, they
aren't going anywhere, are they.
This is ridiculous, come on!
Alright, Alright.


Sheriff Nezaire gets up and heads out the door with Isaac
and Alexander.
The three come into the square.
Alright, where's this body?
Right over here.
The three of them walk over to the fountain. They look
inside and the body is gone.
In the fountain.
It was right there!
Uh oh. Looks like the invisible
man was killed.
Both Alexander and Isaac are completely weirded-out. The
both look around the fountain and try to find Maurice. Isaac
turns around and sees Winoc and Sylvie, both totally calm.
      (To Sylvie)
What happened to the body?
What body?
The one that was in the fountain
just 3 minutes ago!
I didn't see one...
Isaac throws his hands up, realizing how stupid it was to
ask Sylvie. Of course she would forget.
      (To Winoc)
Winoc, what happened?


To the body?
      (Totally sincere)
I never saw one in the first
place, so I wouldn't know. Who was
They hear Maurice respond. They all look up on the balcony
of the inn and see Maurice painting there with a canvas.
Wh- You were just in the fountain!
Maurice looks down at himself and his clothes are dry. He
looks like he thinks Isaac is pulling some sort of joke on
Must have been someone else. I'm
dry. I've been painting.
He raises his brush and color template to show them.
      (Ticked off)
Next time you come screaming
murder, make sure there's a body.
I ought to lock you two up.
Nezaire grumbles and walks away, angry at being pulled out
for nothing.
Isaac and Alexander are left in the square very confused.
Maurice is shown painting, and his canvas is shown. All of
his colors are correct.
Let's go back to the manor..


Isaac and Alexander walk back into the manor looking
thoroughly confused and angry. They both hang up their
coats, and walk inside. Francis comes up to greet them.
Good Afternoon.
Francis, did you see anything odd
today, or hear about anything
Like what?
Like a loud scream.
Or someone dying.
      (Taken aback)
Uh.. no. Nothing of the sort. Why,
should I have?
Apparently not.
What about anything else? Anything
at all. Something odd, or out of
the ordinary.
Nothing of the sort. Funny you ask
though. Dr. Madison would mention
a lot of strange things he would
see. Odd little occurrences. Not
to me mind you. To Adelaide. She
would know more about it. You
ought to ask her.
We will, thank you.
Isaac and Alexander keep walking upstairs, and off toward
Adelaide's room.


Madison's journal was right.
There's something not right.
Something is up.
I mean, there's no way we just
imagined it. We both saw it. It
obviously happened.
Did you see Maurice's painting?
I was too occupied with the dead
body disappearing.
The colors were right on. He was
just telling me today how he
thought something was wrong. How
he never got the colors right. He
sounded like Madison.
Then we find him dead today.
And he's cured.
Looks like all he needed was a
quick death to fix himself up.
Maybe it wasn't really him in the
It was him. I don't know how
The two arrive at the sisters' room and Isaac knocks on the


Come in.
Isaac and Alexander go inside, and see Adelaide cleaning up.
The room is very large, and there is a large window behind
her, giving a view of the yard.
Have you been outside today?
      (slightly confused)
Not yet. Are you my physical
adviser now?
So you haven't seen anything out
of the ordinary today?
Not until now, no.
Francis told us you might know
something about odd happenings
around here. He said Madison used
to tell you things he thought were
odd or out of place.
Sometimes. Small things, like
seeing things move, or suddenly
appear. None of it sounded too
extreme, so I never really took it
that seriously.
Did he ever mention people dying?
What? No! My goodness, did
something happen to you two today?
We thought so.
Aurora walks in to the room in a half-skip.
Thought what?
Aurora crosses over towards her sister, and helps her clean


Thought we saw something strange
Oh, like Dr. Madison?
Like what?
Alexander and Isaac then notice something fall outside the
window. It is a dark shape, the same size and shape as a
human body.
Like that!
Alexander immediately turns around and bolts out the door,
followed by Isaac. Adelaide and Aurora look at the window,
quite confused. Isaac and Alexander tear down the stairs,
and burst out the door to the yard.
Isaac and Alexander burst into the yard, and they run around
to the back yard. They look for anything there. Rafael and
Dorian are outside at a table. Rafael is sitting and reading
a geography book, and Dorian is going over sheet music with
an open music book making notes.
What the hell!
What's the matter?
We just saw someone fall outside
that window!
Alexander points to the window over the two of them. It is a
couple stories up. Nobody would have survived a fall of such
Really? I didn't see anything.
Rafael looks a little concerned.


No. Nothing like that happened. We
have been here a while. We would
have noticed it.
You're sure.
We're sure.
Both Dorian and Rafael look a little suspicious of Alexander
and Isaac. Both of them are looking at the pair like they're
Alexander and Isaac walk into the Manor. Isaac looks really
confused and focused. Alexander is extremely angry at this
point. They come in and see a police officer talking with
Adelaide with a notepad out (Officer Terrance Dufrain). He
finishes up with her, and faces toward Alexander and Isaac.
He is incredibly energetic and focused on what he's doing.
He seems almost terrified of screwing up.
      (To Adelaide)
Did you call the police?
He got here incredibly fast.
       standing stiff)
Isaac Marcel
Alexander Je'Metois...
I was only here to collect
documentation for the records on
Dr. Madison.
On Dr. Madison?


His death sir! The details of his
Oh, so you're not here for that...
For what?
For the per-
Isaac interrupts Alexander to shut him up.
For anything else. Right?
Uh, RIGHT! Right! Of course not!
I'm focused on only this. So then
it is very good that you showed up
just when you did.
So I can question you of course!
Mr. Marcel, you know Dr. Madison,
I did.
Mr. Marcel! Did you kill him?!
Wait, what?! No! I wasn't even
here when he died!
Oh. My apologies! I got ahead of
What do you mean "killed"? How did
he die?


I don't know that either. I was
only told of his death. I assumed
he grew sick.
No sir! He was quite healthy at
the time. Physically at least.
Until he died of course. It would
appear that he killed himself. He
was found at the foot of the clock
tower. He had fallen to his death!
Was he suicidal?
Not until he died.
Are you suggesting he was
perfectly fine until he up and
decided to throw himself off the
clock tower?
It would seem that way as of right
now. The only problem is that
there weren't any witnesses. It
was in the middle of the night, so
he wasn't found until morning.
That's why I was assigned to
collect statements! Sorry. This is
my first investigation.
I couldn't tell.
Thank you sir!
So is there suspicion of murder?
That's even less likely than his
suicide. He didn't have any
enemies. Everyone here loved him!
Even Victor!
So what do you think?


You want to know what I think?
Dufrain leans in very close and looks around to make sure
nobody else is listening.
      (Very sure of
I think he tripped.
Dufrain straightens back up.
The difficult part is proving it!
Isaac is less than impressed with his evaluation, but
doesn't say anything.
Have there been any accident
reports lately?
Reports. Of accidents in town.
Have there been any at the police
station? Any at all?
No... YES! Interesting you mention
that sir! My superior, Sheriff
Nezaire, he told me about two
people who came in reporting an
imaginary dead body. They brought
him out to show him nothing.
"Nutjobs" he said. People need to
take the law more seriously!
Sheriff Nezaire is a busy man! He
doesn't have time for that kind of
Right. Of course not.
Thank you both for your help! If
you find anything out, be sure to
let me know, alright?!


You'll be the first to know.
Excellent! Well then, good day to
both of you.
Right. You too.
Officer Dufrain turns around and heads out the door, walking
very quickly with a sense of purpose and duty.
Everyone is sitting around at the table, eating dinner
again. Rafael, Isaac, Adelaide, Alexander and Aurora again.
This time, Alexander is eating with Aurora though. Everyone
is talking and chatting about various things.
You two never said what it was you
saw outside the window.
They thought they saw a body fall
past the window. Told me when they
came outside.
I looked out the window when you
ran out. There was nothing
Except Rafael and Dorian!
Of course! We would have noticed
Nobody could have survived a drop
like that either.


Maybe it was a bird.
      (Trying to end it)
Yes, maybe it was a bird.
It wasn't a b-
      (Glares at
We probably saw it wrong.
Overactive imagination.
A large owl perhaps.
Right... An Owl..
There is music playing in the background, and at this point,
the music picks up. It becomes much much more active,
turning into a rondo. Everyone has finished dinner at this
point, and Aurora gets up and begins to sway to the music.
Then she brightens up and gets an idea.
Alexander, you can dance, can't
He's taken classes.
Come on Alexander!
Aurora brightens up immensely, and she grabs Alexander,
pulling him up. He reluctantly starts up, holding Aurora,
and the song begins to build. This keeps going, and
Alexander is bale to keep up with Aurora completely. Both of
them can dance incredibly well. The music builds with the
intensity of their dance, a sort of tango. This keeps going
until the crescendo of the song, when Aurora seems to
shimmer for a second, and Alexander fades through her arms,
and falls to the ground. The music is cut short.
Alex! I'm so sorry!


Isaac shakes his head, thinking he saw something incredibly
No, no, It's my fault. It got a
little intense. I was going too
fast and I fell, don't worry.
No, I dropped you! I, I thought I
had a hold on you. Are you
I'm fine. It isn't your fault.
Aurora helps him back up, and the food is cleaned up. Isaac
gets up and leaves on his own. He heads upstairs to his
Isaac is shown on his bed. Sitting up in the light,
re-reading the journal entry he has that Madison wrote. He
keeps going over it, trying to make sense it, and put some
meaning to it.
Isaac sighs, rubs his eyes, and then stands up, deciding to
ask Adelaide about the note. he gets up and goes out of his
Isaac heads down the hall toward her room, and he hears some
music coming from the main hall. He goes toward the music to
investigate, and sees a girl dancing. It is assumed that it
is Aurora, until she stops and notices Isaac. It's actually
Isaac! Come on. Let's dance!
Isaac is totally confused. Adelaide would never act in such
a way.
Are you feeling alright Adelaide?
Haha, No, of course not! I have to
dance alone. Come on!


Adelaide runs up and she grabs Isaac by the hand and drags
him onto the floor.
Come on, nobody else is here!
Adelaide is very energetic and excited, acting exactly like
Aurora. She holds Isaac and pulls him close to her and into
a dance. A fast waltz-type dance. Isaac is completely
dumbfounded, unable to understand why she is acting the way
she is.
Aurora walks in in the middle of it, and she stands calmly
by the doorway to watch them. She remains quiet and polite
the entire time. Exactly like Adelaide. Isaac doesn't notice
her while they are dancing.
In the middle of it, Rafael and Francis suddenly burst into
the hall, loudly arguing with each-other, completely unaware
of what is going on in the hall.
How can you expect me to believe
something so outrageous?
Well maybe if YOU can been to
Africa, you would understand.
It's not a matter of culture,
that's just not the way it's done!
No, that's not the way YOU do it.
An entire continent begs to differ
with you!
Isaac and Adelaide immediately stop when the two of them
burst in. They argue for a couple seconds until they notice
Isaac and Adelaide standing in the middle, with Aurora on
the side.
Rafael and Francis then notice, and everyone stops for about
4 seconds. Then Rafael and Francis continue their arguing as
they head toward the kitchen.
Adelaide is then straightening herself out, and Aurora is
giggling at Francis and Rafael's arguing, running after
them, and getting in on the conversation. Both of them seem
back to normal.


Oh, Mr. Marcel. Sorry. I'm feeling
very dizzy. I'll need to head back
to my room. I'm not feeling
Adelaide then heads back toward her room, and Isaac is left
standing just as confused as ever.
Isaac heads back to his room and he sits for a few seconds,
once again looking at the folded up journal, then putting it
back. He sits still, staring at the wall for several seconds
until he decides to get up and walk to his balcony.
Isaac stands on the balcony, looking out on the yard. He
sits there for a few seconds, until he sees a dark figure
run through the yard. A human shape. Isaac immediately
springs to life, and jumps from the side of his balcony,
grabbing a pole and sliding down to the ground. As soon as
he hits, he takes off after the figure. He begins to gain on
it, and then the figure turns around for a second and
notices it's being chased. The dark figure immediately takes
off sprinting as well. There is then a chase for a while as
they head toward the heart of the town. It picks up, until
the figure disappears around a corner. Isaac runs around the
corner, and spots it for a brief second before he runs
directly into Winoc at full speed, knocking both of them
That really hurt!!
You appeared right in front of me
out of nowhere!
Oh RIGHT! Just like last time when
you tried to break my nose with a


Man, you really have it in for me,
don't you? This is the second time
you've done this!
It's pitch black out, how am I
supposed to see you?!
It would be a lot easier to focus
on where you're going if you
weren't practicing for a 100 yard
Did you not see the other person
who just ran by here?!
No! I didn't see a thing. What,
are you chasing your invisible
body again?
Isaac is looking at the inn, trying to track where the dark
figure went.
I'm not making things up, I just
chased someone all the way here
until you stopped me!
Isaac turns back to Winoc, and he's gone. He looks around,
and there is nobody there.
Hey! Winoc!...Winoc!!
There is no reply from any direction. Isaac gives up and he
runs over to the inn.
Isaac bursts into the Inn. He is frantically looking around,
trying to spot the figure he saw.
You're back again?


Have you seen anyone come in? Any
guests, anyone at all?
Have I seen ANYONE COME IN?! What
are you trying to say about my
I saw someone rush inside. I
wanted to know if there was anyone
So now people can't come in here
without being under suspicion?!
People stay here because it is an
INN. I have GUESTS here. Of course
someone is HERE.
That's not what I meant!
If you are really so pathetic that
you must come in the middle of the
night to insult perfect strangers,
then you are NOT welcome here, and
neither is your little friend.
Please show yourself out!
Victor takes Isaac the completely wrong way, and he turns
around, slamming the door to the back room behind him. Isaac
turns around, determined, and he begins to head up the
stairs. The entrance was extremely tight and small, but as
he goes up, the place beings to open up. There are a good
number of doors along the way, and a couple of them have
light coming out underneath.
There is a large stone spiral staircase through a door at
the end of one hall. Isaac hears wind blowing from under the
door, which is unlocked. He opens it. It leads up into the
clock tower, twisting around gear works, several stories up.
The gears are completely stopped though. The clock has been
completely stopped for a while.
Isaac makes his way up, and when he reaches the top, there
is a short little hallway that ends in a wall. The path
dead-ends. Isaac sighs, tired and disappointed. He looks at
this area, until he hears violin music coming from outside


the door at the bottom. He turns around and he heads back
He heads out the door at the bottom, and crosses the hall
toward where the music is coming from. He opens a large
door, leading into a music auditorium with several theater
seats. Dorian is standing on the stage, playing his violin.
Maurice is in front of Dorian, with a canvas in front of
him, painting the stage. Isaac walks inside and he sits in
one of the seats as he listens to Dorian play. He really is
quite incredible. Isaac looks at Maurice's painting. It is a
very realistic picture of the stage, with a violin floating
in it. Dorian is not in the picture.
Dorian finishes his song, and he bows deeply while Isaac
claps from the back, and so does Maurice. Dorian thanks
Maurice, and he steps down from the stage, heading out the
door, bidding goodnight to Isaac and Maurice.
Isaac gets up, and he heads out the door as well. He walks
back down the hall, and into the lobby. Victor glares at him
as he walks out.
Isaac wakes up, yawns, stretches, and he heads downstairs
for breakfast.
Isaac walks up to Francis.
Where is Alexander?
He already left with Lady Aurora.
Right. Of course.
He sits down to eat, and Rafael comes and sits down next to
him a few seconds later.
Good morning Mr. Marcel!
Good morning Rafael.
Sleep well?


      (Bored and tired)
It is hard not to in such a bed as
the one you have. I have the honor
myself, I know how lucky you are.
Isaac rubs his face and groans, tired and disappointed with
last night.
The only place I have seen that
matches this sort of comfort was
in Portugal.
Is that so?
It is. You see, I was commissioned
to map a region for a Spanish
royal family there, and they had
me stay with them. Their
accommodations were simply
Now the odd part about this region
was the need for a very accurate
topographical map. They had to
know because they were interested
in opening a mine in the region.
Their decision really depended on
what I returned to them.
You must be proud.
The problem was that I couldn't
get accurate compass readings, and
kept going around in circles.
Imagine, me! Getting lost in my
home country. You know why?


No clue.
There were enormous deposits of
lodestone in the hills. The
compass kept pointing toward the
largest hill. It took me a while
to figure out, and I had to re-do
everything. It was an incredible
pain, but the accommodations made
it worth it.
Sounds like it.
I actually had a similar problem
here you know. The very same
thing. Lodestone deposits under
the clock tower in the Inn. Rather
dense too. I heard it affected
their building as well. It made it
very difficult to map the tower
for Dr. Madison. If I hadn't had
that experience in Portugal, I
probably wouldn't have recognized
the problem. I did manage to work
around it though. I never quit
until I'm done. Shame I never got
to deliver it though. He died
right after I finished it.
That's the way to be.
That wasn't even the most
difficult job either. Let me tell
you, I was once commissioned to
make a map of a sunken city. A
sunken city! What would someone
need a map of that for?
Isaac suddenly perks up with realization.
Wait a second, what was that last


A sunken city. Totally useless.
No, before that.
The Lodestone?
Did you say you made a map of the
clock tower?
For Dr. Madison, he requested it,
Do you still have it?
Yes, of course.
Can I see it?
Right now?
Yes, now.
Isaac and Rafael walk into Rafael's room, and look around.
The walls are completely covered in maps, charts, diagrams,
and drawings. Literally no part of the original wall is
It looks like a pirate base of
some sort.
Why thank you! I feel it has a
certain expansive feel to it.


So where is the map?
I almost forgot! Of course. Here,
Rafael walks over to a tall series of cubby-holes that run
in deep. He pulls out a tube from one of the holes, and
takes off the cap. He walks over to his large desk, pulls a
map out of the tube, and spreads it out over the table.
An odd thing to have to map. Very
specific. One building. He only
asked me for this, and a map of
the city. Only those two. I wasn't
one to argue, the price was right.
Between the two though, I was only
able to finish this.
It is amazingly detailed.
Down to the inch. I spare no
Rafael points to a part of the map, the entrance.
To get your bearings, this is the
entrance. I assume you've been
there before?
A few times, yes.
Ah, so you've met Vicious Victor.
Lucky you. Well this is his little
hideout area, in the back room.
Victor points again to the back room, then moves up into the
Then into the hallway. The
strangest building design, it
opens up and grows wider as it


                       RAFAEL (cont'd)
goes. It's like the builders
wanted the lobby to feel as
restrictive and tight as Victor
makes it seem.
That large room is the Auditorium,
Yes, it is. It was much more
active in the early days of the
city, serving almost as a
community center. Maybe that was
the original intention of having
such a large inn.
The rooms are larger than I
There is a lot of space to fill in
this building. Maybe that is why
they put the clock tower here.
Every town needs one, so put it
where we have the most space,
This is the spiral staircase,
Yes, my favorite part. It's really
quite impressive how it winds
around the gear works. Though the
clock only works sporadically. It
has been off for a while now.
And it just dead-ends at the top.
Isaac looks closely at the map near the dead end, and just
beyond it. There is a large white space between the outside
wall and the end of the dead end.


Wait, what is this space here?
Nothing. It's just unmapped area
outside the building.
But the outside wall is over here.
Rafael's face screws up, and he looks more closely, thinking
about it.
Now that you mention it, that IS a
rather large gap for just empty
space. And this Inn did not spare
an inch of space. It's packed
You didn't check there?
Well I did. There's nothing there.
Just a wall.
Just a wall...
I admit it's strange, but I really
was very thorough.
Do you know where Dr. Madison
      (Circling with his
On this map? I suppose it would be
somewhere around here.
That's right outside of the empty
Right... but Madison fell from the
top of the tower to his death. It
would have happened on the tower


                       RAFAEL (cont'd)
above him, right here.
You don't know that. There weren't
any witnesses.
That's true. Even assuming he did
fall from there though, what
difference would it make?
You have sketches of the outside
wall here. Are these windows
Down to the detail.
Then that window is right on the
wall where the white space is.
Right. They kept them uniform
based on aesthetics from the
outside view.
There is no window there now
though. I noticed one missing
right there when I first visited.
It was there when I made this, I'm
sure I would have noticed
something like that.
I'm sure you would as well. Down
to every inch. Which means the
window broke at some point between
when you painted this and when I
saw it.
Are you suggesting Dr. Madison
threw himself through the window?
No... If Dr. Madison wanted to
kill himself, he would have jumped
from the open top of the tower. He


                       ISAAC (cont'd)
wouldn't have snuck into a secret
room and attempted to throw
himself through a tough
stained-glass window. Someone
threw him through it.
Rafael's face goes white.
This proves he was murdered.
Yes, but it doesn't say by who. We
also don't know how to get into
that room. You have no idea, do
I haven't been around long enough
to know anyone who might have any
idea of the plans.... but I know
someone who might.
Agatha. She's been here longer
than anybody else. She would know
more of the town than anyone else
would. She might know how to get
I'll go there right now. Keep this
map safe. We may need another
I'll make one right now.
Don't tell anybody about this.
Anyone could be a suspect. We need
to take this slowly. We need to
figure out why it happened. Just
keep the map safe, and don't talk
about this until I find a way into
that room.
Of course.


Rafael sits down with his writing equipment, and Isaac heads
out the door to Agatha's house.
It is dusk at this point.
Isaac walks up to Agatha's house from the road. She is
sitting out on the porch, and Melody is playing outside with
Isaac walks up toward the porch, giving a wry smile as he
watches Melody playing out front.
Hello Agatha.
Good evening Isaac. Please, sit
down. It's nice to have you over.
Isaac sits down next to her on a bench.
Agatha, I have a very important
question for you.
Of course you do.
How much do you know about the inn
in town?
The one Victor runs?
Yes. The one with the clock tower.
I know it's even older than I am.
It's the oldest building in the
city after De'Marc manor.
Do you know of how it was built?
How? With bricks and mortar I
would imagine. When? Long before
my time, and I've been here all my
life. I may be old, but I'm not


                       AGATHA (cont'd)
THAT old.
Do you know your way around it?
Are you looking for something
...I think there is a hidden room
at the top of the tower. I was
hoping you would know something.
Agatha laughs and smiles.
My, that does sound exciting.
Hidden rooms and secret passages.
I'm afraid I can't help you though
Mr. Madison. I've never even been
inside the building. When I was a
girl, the inn was owned by
Victor's father. He was even
nastier than Victor. I was too
terrified to ever set foot near
Isaac sighs and slumps down in his seat.
I'm sure you could figure it out
on your own though. I'm surprised
you came here first. You're
smarter than I am. I'm sure you'd
figure it out long before I would.
I hope so. I think Madison already
      (Turns and smiles)
It's a challenge then.
Isaac sighs and relaxes and sits back. He notices Alexander
far away, down at the bottom of the field with Aurora. The
two are running through the field, and come to the foot of a
tree. The two then stop, and Alexander holds Aurora, and the
two kiss under the tree, several times. Isaac is shocked at
first, but shrugs it off, and just turns away, relaxing. He


and Agatha watch Melody playing with Elizabeth like last
time for several seconds.
Why do you let her do that?
Let her do what?
Play like that with an imaginary
friend. It's not real.
Imaginary? Why she's right there.
Plain as day. You don't see her
Mr. Marcel?
I suppose my imagination's not
what it once was.
What if you were like her Mr.
What if you had something
important to you like Elizabeth?
What if you had found something so
beautiful that you fell head over
heels in love with it? But it
wasn't real. Would you really want
to know? Would it really matter?
The truth is more important than
The truth?
Reality is not always so kind.
Reality? What makes you so sure
everything you see is reality?


      (Smiling, thinking)
I try my best to judge.
That's all we can do Mr. Marcel.
Just don't let judgment cloud
what's important.
Isaac and Agatha watch Melody for a little while longer as
the sun sets, and then her mother calls her.
Melody! It's time for lunch now
Melody runs up to the house where her mother called her.
Can Elizabeth come in to eat as
      (Sighing, then wry
No sweetie, Elizabeth will have to
go home to eat.
Sorry Elizabeth.
Melody then goes inside with her mother. Alexander then
approaches from the bottom of the hill. He comes up toward
Good Evening Alexander.
Yes, it is. How are you Ms.
Doing very well. Rather cold
though. I'm afraid I'm going to
have to head inside. I do wish you
the best of luck though Isaac.
Thank you Agatha.


      (Tired smile)
Agatha heads inside and closes the door, while Isaac walks
down the path, and Alexander follows.
So I was thinking we would head
back tomorrow. I learned what I
needed to.
      (Slightly scared)
Wait, what?
Tomorrow. We head back home. We've
been here almost 3 days. That's
more than enough. I've paid my
But we haven't leaned what's wrong
here! Something is going on, you
know it as well as I do.
It isn't our business. We
shouldn't meddle in the affairs
No! We can't leave!
Oh? Why not?
Because it's just... It's..
Aurora, right?
You can't leave Aurora now. Am I
right? I saw you two down by the
Alexander turns very flush, and starts stammering.


Don't worry. We aren't leaving
yet. I just wanted to see your
reaction. You realize we will have
to leave though. And relatively
I... I know.
Then get ready for when that
happens. I have some bad news for
you in the meantime though.
Henry was murdered, and I know
where and how.
By who?!
That's what I don't know.
How can you be sure?
Rafael showed me a very detailed
map of the tower next to where
Henry's body was found. Since he
drew it, one of the windows was
broken right above where Henry was
found dead. He was thrown through
Wow... It's.. do you know why?
I have no idea. Beyond that, I
have no idea how to prove it. The
room he would have to be thrown
out of is supposed to not exist.
There's a dead end where the door
would be.
That's impossible though.


I know. I believe there's a secret
entrance into the room. And we're
going to find it right now.
Isaac and Alexander come in the front door of the Inn.
Victor is not there though. The turn to the stairs, and walk
up into the hallway. They keep walking down the hallway
until they come to the door leading to the clock room.
Alexander tries to open the door. It's locked.
It's locked, we'll need the key if
Isaac interrupts him by kicking the door right under the
lock extremely hard and busting it open.
Victor can pay for it. Let's go.
Isaac and Alexander walk up the spiral staircase, around the
gear works, and up to the dead-end.
Well this is it.
This is it?
It's through this wall.
Looks heavy.
This is going to sound silly, but
check every inch of this area for
a switch. Every rock is suspect.
It's a room made of stone...
It won't be fast work then.


Alexander and Isaac begin looking around. Isaac is next to
the door, feeling the seams in the wall, testing every
single stone to see if it gives. Alexander begins to walk
down the stairs a little bit, admiring the clockwork.
Do you know why this thing stopped
Time, I suppose. The building has
been here a while.
Yeah, but these things are
supposed to last forever.
He looks through the gold-colored center of it, trying to
access what stopped it from working.
Piece of junk.
Alexander kicks a large metal plate covering the side of it,
which then comes loose and falls forward onto the steps.
Watch it.
Alexander leans in to see what's under the metal plate, and
he sees two large gears with a metal walking cane stuck
between them. He grabs the walking cane and yanks it out. He
holds it and admires it for a second. It's very heavy and
solid, with an expensive-looking gem in the top.
Hey, I found a c-
Alexander is interrupted as the gearworks suddenly lurch to
life, and begin to turn. The entire system begins to turn
and pump, and a loud ticking sound is heard.
What the hell did you do?!
Alexander looks behind Isaac, and points at the wall.
Opened the door apparently.
The stone wall dead end is raising up, and slides slowly to
the top. It finally settles, and a room is seen inside.


Isaac and Alexander step inside the room and look around.
There are some desks, dressers, chairs, and papers
everywhere. There are pictures of Dr. Madison and Adelaide
and Aurora. This is the same room as the one in the first
That explains why Henry wanted to
stay here. And why the clock
behaved erratically the last few
This is all his stuff. But why did
he want to hide it like this?
I don't know, but... he ended up
dying here.
Alexander walks over to the window, and looks out. He bends
down, looks at the edges of the window, some shards of
broken glass are still in the frame.
You're right. The window was
Isaac goes to the big desk, and starts to sort through the
papers while Alexander walks around the rather large room,
looking at various things there.
Medical records. All the people he
treated and their information.
Isaac continues to look around, and then pauses for a
second. He then reaches under the desk in the same place he
did on the desk in Madison's room in the manor. He pushes a
little latch, and the secret drawer comes free. Isaac pulls
it out, and puts it on the desk. Inside is a journal with a
little key lock on it. Isaac rips the little lock off and
opens it up. He begins to read, flipping through the pages.
Find something?


A journal.
Maybe that's what the page you
found came from.
Isaac pulls out the journal page. It's the same size as the
rest in the book.
Seems that way.
Maybe he explains the rest of it
in there.
Isaac and Alexander flip through until they reach the last
written page in the book. They start to read though it to
themselves, and the color begins to drain from their faces
as they look increasingly terrified. The music starts to
build, and the ticking from the clock gets louder. As soon
as they finish, and lower the book, echoing footsteps are
heard coming up the stairs, getting closer and closer.
Alexander and Issac immediately drop the journal, landing on
the ground on the page it was on. They run into the dark
corner, behind a dresser, just as a cloaked figure is shown
in a silhouette in the doorway. The figure looks around,
slightly confused, and Isaac and Alexander are holding their
breath, trying to stay totally still. The figure steps
inside the room, and notices the journal on the ground. He
bends down and picks it up, looking at the page it was on,
the last page. He begins to read, and Madison's voice
narrates it.
                       MADISON (VO)
I was right. Everything is
terribly wrong here. People have
been disappearing and coming back.
They have been switching
personality randomly, or
forgetting events that only just
happened. I saw Sylvie dead a
month ago next to a pile of
firewood with a hatchet lodged in
her forehead. There was blood
everywhere. She was dead. When I
came back just two minutes later
with Agatha, she was fine,
chopping wood. I can not mistake
what I saw. I understand it now
though. It's not just Sylvie, it's
everyone. Every single person in
the village is the same. That's


                       MADISON (cont'd)
the real secret of Raimes. They're
all dead. Nothing here is real.
I've been researching here in my
private study, and I have finally
discovered what Raimes was. It was
a nice city, about 50 years ago.
It was started by Prince De'Marc
long before that, but 50 years
ago, it was cut short. A group of
criminals came into the village
and killed about 30 people, in a
series of brutal murders. Everyone
who survived managed to flee, and
nobody ever came back. This is
what all documents I have found
confirmed. I've seen pictures of
the town. It's real. Everyone
left, except for one. I discovered
this is why the village is here.
He was out of town, performing
when the massacre occurred, and
came back to a ruined city covered
in blood. Such a sight would drive
any young man completely insane,
as it did to him. To Dorian. A
list of those murdered listed
every single person I met here
except him. Dorian's insanity and
heavy denial must have mentally
preserved this place, leaving it
the way he found it, and letting
it continue as though nothing
happened. He does not remember
anything about it at all. I've
tried approaching him about it
several times, but he's gotten
increasingly angry. The village
keeps shifting, and parts of it
keep messing up though. Dorian is
losing his mental grip on the city
as his insanity is gradually
killing his mind. I want to treat
him, but I feel as though he is
beyond me at this point. Dorian
and I are the only living people
left in Raimes, so he is the only
goal I have left. Everything I've
done here, everyone I helped, it's
all been fake, it was all for
nothing. I don't know what they
are for sure though. A mental
projection of Dorian's reality?
Perception may be less relative


                       MADISON (cont'd)
then people think. I find this to
be the most likely explanation.
Reality is bent to the strongest
will. If this is the case, I fear
I might be the cause of his mental
degradation. I have to help him
before he ends up killing
himself... or me. I have sent for
my old friend Isaac Marcel. I
think he might be the only person
I know well enough who I can trust
to help me. I only hope he arrives
before anything happens. If he is
too late, he will be smart enough
to learn what I have. Something
needs to be done. This facade can
not go on any longer. Someone is
coming. Oh god. It's probably him.
I have to hide this. Please help
The cloaked figure takes off his hood. It's Dorian. He's
No... No... I remember it now. Oh
god, I remember all of them
dying... And killing him... NO!!
Dorian flips out and goes completely nuts.
Dorian punches the dresser Isaac and Alexander are behind so
hard it splinters a bit, breaks two of his fingers, and
falls over. Isaac is then revealed behind it, along with
Dorian, calm down, please!
You knew didn't you?! He must have
told you and you didn't say
I had no idea!


We didn't mean an-
Both of you ruined this! You
ruined everything. Everything was
so perfect before you both showed
up. It was real. All of it.
Madison was gone, and it was all
real. You couldn't just leave me
in peace, you had to come and push
your conceptions of reality and
Dorian, please calm down! We can
No! It's too late!
Isaac tries to move toward Dorian to try to calm him down.
STAY AWAY FROM ME!! You're both
Dorian stumbles back, trying to avoid Isaac.
Dorian, we can help you!
Isaac tries to move forward again.
Dorian looks completely terrified, and he reels backward
toward the open window behind him.
Dorian is still stumbling and reeling back, and falls
halfway out the window, then looks behind him, and realizes
what's happening.


Dorian screams as he plummets from the tower to his death.
Isaac and Alexander walk up to the window and look outside
to see Dorian's dead body on the ground. The ground around
him, and the buildings and structures begin to shift and
fade. Gradually, the entire city fades away, revealing a
rotting ghost-town. Everyone is gone.
As the city fades away, Agatha's house is shown last, worn
down, and forgotten. The view is shown inside her house, as
it goes through the rooms and into the living room. The last
view shows the ruined mantle. Dorian's violin shown in
perfect condition sitting on top, newly strung.


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