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Kingdom Hearts: Reign of Darkness
by chris bushey (chrisbushey88@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***1/2
The story of the famous playstation series Kingdom Hearts. Sora and Mickey combine the worlds of Disney to battle the Organization for Kingdom Hearts.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


                       ANSEM (VO)
I bring you to a time bent on
chaos. Where two worlds collide
for power. The Gods created an
ancient artifact known as Kingdom
Hearts, to grant wishes of only
the chosen owner. It is known to
be a gift of life or a weapon of
total destruction, depending on
the will of the wisher. The
unified realms of the Alliance and
the dark empire of the
Organization declared war on each
other for its power. Every inch of
land was burned to dust with their
magic. Now at last, they meet for
the final time.
                                         CLOSE IN
The wind blows dust from a hillside, of a barren wasteland.
No life appears to live here. KINGDOM HEARTS (A giant,
floating heart with three rings circling it) waits on a
center platform, on top of a pyramid.
A SOLDIER stands on a hillside. He is covered in black
armor, like a demon.
An ARMY of creatures (lions from Pride Rock, gorillas from
Tarzan, foot soldiers of Disney, etc.) from all over the
Disney worlds assembles. This is the army of the ALLIANCE. A
MAN covered in gold armor is in front. He is King CENARION.
CENARION is the high King of all the ANIME worlds and one of
two original guardians of Kingdom Hearts.
There's my brother. Ready
yourselves for battle!
The army of light erupts into cheers. The clinging and
banging of armor and weapons is heard throughout the canyon.
                                         CLOSE UP


TYRANIUS looks behind him. Within an instant, he stares
forward as his army of Nobodies (incomplete energy massed
demons) marches to him, led by his cloaked organization
TYRANIUS is the leader of the Organization bound to destroy
the universe and is the other guardian of Kingdom Hearts.
Bring me Cenarion's key. No
prisoners. No mercy. I want their
screams to echo throughout the
Cannons and tanks are roaring towards their lines,
positioning themselves along both sides of the canyon. All
are preparing for battle.
Tyranius calls his keyblades (swords in the shape of a key),
which come shooting out from his palms. Holding his swords
tight, he charges. His army follows.
Cenarion calls his blades and charges forward. His army
roars behind him.
                                         CLOSE ON
The artillery from both armies begin their bombardments. The
rifles and cannons unleash a nightmarish toll on both
                                         CLOSE UP
The Organization champion XEMNAS jumps high in the air and
lands in the middle of the army, causing a shock wave which
blasts about a hundred men from him. He calls his blades and
begins slashing down his enemies.
XEMNAS is the champion of the Organization and is the
strongest, most powerful keyblade master to exist.
Soldiers are flying in the air. Bombs exploding. Lightning,
plasma waves, all types of magic erupting in combat.


After slashing down a guard, Tyranius looks up.
Cenarion! Show your coward hide to
Tyranius looks around for a second, then turns into a
dropkick from Cenarion.
You called for me monster. Here I
Tyranius gets up and they begin sword fighting. Tyranius
swings and misses, but blocks a thrust from Cenarion and
punches him in the face. Cenarion hits the ground hard.
MICKEY notices his king in trouble and rushes to him, only
to be cut off by Xemnas.
MICKEY is the king of Disney Castle and is one of the
original keyblade masters.
Where do you think your going
No where. I was just looking for
Mickey slams his foot on the ground, causing a slight
earthquake at Xemnas' feet which knocks him down. Xemnas
gets up and returns a plasma wave which sends Mickey flying
backwards to the ground.
Get up rat! I'm just starting to
have fun with you.
Xemnas leaps toward Mickey and is surprised by a kick to the
stomach. They begin dueling with their swords, neither
gaining a foot against the other.


Cenarion is thrown to the ground. He is bleeding badly. He
looks up to see Kingdom Hearts. Tyranius grabs the key from
his neck and holds him from behind.
I'll take that key, little
brother. Your too weak to have
such power.
Tyranius raises his sword. Suddenly, he is hit from behind
by a masked warrior. Tyranius drops the key, as he turns to
his attacker. Cenarion grabs the key and sneaks away.
Fool. You think you can kill me?
The masked warrior points past Tyranius. Tyranius turns
around to see his brother using the Lost Key to unlock the
rings around Kingdom Hearts.
Once the last ring falls, Cenarion leaps into Kingdom
Hearts. Kingdom Hearts lights up, as the fighting suddenly
stops everywhere. A quick flash of light. After, Darkness.
                       ANSEM (vo)
Kingdom Hearts granted Cenarion's
wish and both armies were
destroyed. Yet, the war remains.
Both empires continue their quests
for Kingdom Hearts. Still fighting
for that same power.
Two lines begin to slide around the screen and form a giant
It's RAINING. GUARDS cover ever part of the main WALL. It is
a heavily guarded fortress. Kingdom Hearts rests in the
highest catacombs of the fortress. A CAPTAIN approaches some


                       FORT CAPTAIN
How goes the watch, boys?
Both guards give an agreeing nod. The Captain lighty slaps
them both on the back (the clanging sound of steel armor)
and continues his walk through the fort.
Cold. Slightly DARK room, with torches lit. There is barely
enough light to see anything. It's empty, with the exception
of the guards and Kingdom Hearts at the rear of the chamber.
The two guards stand firm in front of Kingdom Hearts.
Suddenly, a shadowy figure with keyblades (key-shaped
swords) appears behind them. In one swing, he slashes them
in the back.
Hmph! Pathetic.
His blades disappear! As if he dismissed them. He turns to
Kingdom Hearts. He removes his hood. It's XEMNAS. His silver
hair slightly covering his face. He smiles, as he places his
right hand upon it.
Kingdom Hearts! At last.
The Captain continues his patrol when he suddenly notices a
figure in the distance.
                       FORT CAPTAIN
Look alive, boys! We have a lost
guest at our door. Send out a
Riflemen begin piling up at the main wall. The drawbridge
lowers and a handful of riders begin approaching the figure.
He is SAIX.
SAIX is one of the head members as well as the most cruel of
the Organization.


He removes his hood, to reveal his face and a scar lies
right under his right eye. He stands firm. The riders get
closer to him.
The Captain watches silently. A GUARD approaches him.
Sir. Why are we sending a patrol?
He might be a messenger.
                       FORT CAPTAIN
He's not a messenger. And if he
was one of ours...(pauses) the
King would not have sent him
The riders reach Saix. Their spears point towards his
throat. He stands firm.
State your business!
I am here to deliver a message.
What message? And to who?
To your King. My message is...
Suddenly, Saix calls his Claymores. He leaps at the guard
and slashes him off his horse. Then NOBODIES rush from the
surrounding trees and destroy the patrol.
                       FORT CAPTAIN
Nobodies! Rifles, prepare to fire.
Raise the Gate! Seal off the
chamber to Kingdom Hearts.
Saix rushes to the wall, followed by the army of Nobodies.
The riflemen begin firing, as guards rush to Kingdom Hearts'


Guards pour in. They shut the door and barricade it. The
torches are dying out. They turn to see their fallen
comrades. Then, Xemnas appears from the shadows behind them.
Rifles are firing in every direction. Saix disappears and
reappears at the wall. He slams his feet on the stone,
causing a shockwave that demolishes the wall and sends
riflemen flying everywhere.
Bring this place to the ground.
Kingdom Hearts is ours for the
The Nobodies pour over the demolished wall and enter the
fort. The Captain begins stabbing Nobodies with his sword.
Saix appears from behind, and cuts him down.
The chamber doors open and Xemnas walks out. The guards'
bodies are stacked on top of each other in the chamber.
Xemnas walks to the ledge and watches the battle.
Too easy. Hehe...too easy.
Xemnas stands triumphant, as his army crushes the fort
defenses. Fort Zeakden has fallen to the Organization.
Flames and bodies cover the fort halls.
The air is dark and cold. The city itself is abandoned on
the outside. A slight wind rolls against the towering
buildings. There is a thunder storm.
Suddenly, two men jump into an alley. They are ROXAS and
AXEL. Axel is carrying a child. They run past some trash
cans and hide behind a dumpster.
ROXAS is the Nobodie (dark half) of Sora (main character of
the story) and is a major part of his past.


AXEL is Roxas's best friend and is one of the head members
of the Organization.
Axel! Keep the boy quiet.
I'm trying. Be quiet, kid.
The boy quiets down. There is a silence. Then, footsteps.
Closer and closer they get to the dumpster. Then they stop.
Both boys freeze.
      (Whispering to
I think he went this way.
ANARA is the last of the head members and is the right hand
of Xemnas.
Anara approaches the dumpster, slowly. Then she stops. She
turns to see MARLUXIA walking in with her scythe by her
MARLUXIA is the servant of Anara and is the Organizations
known problem solver.
Marluxia. What is it?
Milady, I believe there might be
two of them.
What gives you that idea?
I find it hard to believe that one
member made it this far without
True. Has Xemnas returned from the
fort yet?
No, milady. He has not.


Very well. Keep searching. Bring
me their heads. I have to prepare
my report.
Yes, milady. I have dispatched
Nobodies to the Southern and
Western regions. The Northern
region should be finishing their
sweep and I'll move them to the
docking bay.
Good. I don't want to disappoint
Xemnas when he returns. Find them,
I will, milady.
Anara walks away. Marluxia takes a few steps towards the
dumpster. She stands quietly, listening. After a brief
moment, she turns and follows her master out of the alley.
Great. The Northern region is
heading to the docks. Were
Don't think like that. We must get
the boy somewhere safe.
Why are you doing this? What's so
great about this kid that makes us
want to nearly get ourselves
killed over?
He has a great destiny ahead. I
believe he is the one meant to
save us.
You do realize if were caught,
we'll be executed.
A risk I'm willing to take.
(pauses). Let's go.


Roxas and Axel don't hesitate, they get up and run through
the city.
They notice the legendary warship RAGNAROK is tied quietly
to the dock. The entire vessel is built with reinforced
steel. Cannons and gunner stations cover most of the body of
the ship. The hull is built to look like a giant dragon. The
ship alone could win an aerial battle against a fleet.
The Ragnarok!
We better hurry. The Northern
region should be moving this way
They rush inside. Axel races to the cockpit. He places the
boy in one of the pilot chairs. He begins starting up the
Suddenly, Roxas is noticed by Nobodies.
Hurry Axel! Get us out of here.
Drones rush towards Roxas, who cuts them down easily one by
one. The boosters come online. The engines roar with power
that shakes the very ground.
Roxas rushes over and jumps into the Ragnarok hull. He
closes the hatch and Axel flies the ship out of the city.
A giant, dark chair sits at the head of the room. Black
banners space out on the ceiling, lining up to a black
carpet up to the throne.
Xemnas walks in, followed by Saix. Anara stands by the
throne, as they reach the chair.


I hear your forces burned the fort
to the ground.
Yes. We also have Kingdom Hearts.
I had the drones move it to the
West Tower.
Well planned, champion.
Xemnas looks at Anara.
Where is the boy?
Anara kneels in shame in front of Xemnas.
He escaped us. It appears some
members were behind it.
Ridiculous! Who would be that
foolish!? (pauses) Well, we just
need to find out who is missing.
It's not that easy. How many
members are out searching the
It doesn't matter. We have Kingdom
Hearts. The most important jewel
in this war.
So step one is complete of your
master plan. Now what?
Finding the emperor and the key
are top priorities. For now,
retrieve the boy.
And why are we waiting to release
the Emperor?


We need the boy. The boy is
crucial to the Emperor's return.
I'll close off all docks, and
leave only Disney Castle open.
This way when they think they are
safe in Disney province, we'll
trap them.
Good idea, Anara. Saix and I will
intercept. Stay here and prepare
for our return.
Yes, sir.
Anara gets back to her feet. Saix follows Xemnas out.
SPACE. Every Disney world has a region that distinguishes it
from the others. Each planet has a port that is the only
access to the worlds.
Roxas looks out the window at the stars and surrounding
worlds. He covers the sleeping boy in blankets. Axel sits in
What's wrong, Axel?
Axel turns around. A nervous look on his face.
All of the ports are closed,
except for one.
Which one?
Disney Castle.


Think the Organization are trying
to corner us?
Axel nods in agreement.
And when we land, they'll ambush
us and take the boy.
We both know, their not after just
the boy.
Axel turns back around and stares seriously at Roxas. Roxas
comes in closer to the overhead map.
We'll fly straight to Disney
Castle and land right outside of
And how are we going to dodge
their defense cannons?
Don't you remember what ship were
in? The Ragnarok. The long lost
ship from space that the
Organization salvaged from
Right. It's only been twenty years
since they have seen it.
You know we have to chance it.
And when we get past them, then
what? Land where?
Roxas points on the map. Axel acknowledges.
Risky. Land right outside the gate
is risky. Better hope there aren't
any guards.


I'm more worried about the
Nobodies coming after us than the
Axel kicks on the boosters and they fly to Disney Castle.
Seconds pass by, they are in Disney province.
A flashing gauge lights up on the console. Roxas pushes it.
A voice comes on.
State your access number and
reason for transport.
Roxas and Axel look at each other concerned. Then they hear
a smacking sound on the intercom.
You stupid dimwit!
A pause.
Hehe. Sorry about that Ragnarok.
We thought we would never see you
again. Welcome back. Well send an
escort into port. Proceed to port
nine for debriefing.
Roxas pushes the button again.
Uh, thank you control. We will
proceed to port nine.
Well that was easier than I
Axel slows down the boosters and they begin to cruise
through Disney province.


They continue to fly, cautiously. Suddenly their left
booster engine is hit.
Roxas looks on the map, and sees several flashing warnings.
Nobodies!! They found us!
I hate it when I'm right. Hang on!
Axel maneuvers ahead of a handful of missiles. They all
miss. Then a laser damages the right boosters.
Let's go! Come on.
With what? We have no auxillary
power to the boosters. Were
basically just floating.
Then get ready. When they come,
well fight them till we can't.
And if it's Xemnas?
It was a nice attempt at least.
NOBODIE attack fighters circle the Ragnarok. A single
fighter sits right in the front, followed by another.
Get onboard and retrieve the boy.
Capture the traitors, if possible.


And if they refuse to be captured?
Then I'll use what's left of them
to decorate space.
Saix laughs on the intercom.
A Nobody Cruiser attaches to the Ragnarok. Just as units are
about to board, a missile blows up the Cruiser.
Xemnas turns to his starboard side. Two Disney carriers
Incoming! Disney carriers.
The fighters break off and fly towards the Disney Carriers.
Suddenly an entire fleet appears. Fighters begin pouring
Get the fighters! Evasive
No, you fools. Get the boy. Do not
let them escape.
Xemnas flies into the main force of the carrier and destroys
a handful of it's defense cannons. Saix begins shooting down
fighters, but they are outnumbered.
Focus all of the main power to the
boosters. We can use the Emergency
fuel cells to get us out of here.


Alright. But that means there's no
going back.
Could have guessed it was a one
way trip. Now get us out of here.
Axel grabs the emergency fuel cells and injects them into
the ship. Roxas runs to the back and comforts the boy, who
is screaming. Seconds later, the fuel cells are activated.
Hang on to something. Because we
are really going to fly!
Axel activates the cells and the Ragnarok soars towards
Disney Castle.
The Ragnarok cuts through many Nobodie fighters because of
the remarkable speed.
We are losing power! We have to
land now or were done for.
We don't have enough power to land
near the castle. We'll be smashed
to nothing if we hit the valley of
trees. We have to warp.
The ship can't hold that! If we
jump, we could be pulled to pieces
by the gravity force.
It's our only chance. Hang on!


The Ragnarok crashes through the docking bay. Just as it's
about to slam into the nearby lake, it disappears.
After a brief moment, it reappears over an ocean. They slam
through trees and brush. Seconds later, they crash into a
The Ragnarok is in pieces.
Axel is unconscious. The boy is on the ground, covered by
Roxas. Roxas begins to regain consciousness.
Oh. My head. Axel!? You okay?
Ahh. Oh, that hurt.
Roxas lifts the boy, whose is still unconscious. He lays him
on a chair.
We made it.
Yeah. Thank you for flying first
Haha. Well done.
Roxas slaps Axel on the right shoulder. Axel shows a painful
expression. Roxas notices a tear on his shoulder.
Oh. Sorry. Come on. Let's get out
of here and get him somewhere


Roxas turns and walks out. Axel releases his safety straps
in his chair. He stumbles up and walks to the hatch. They
limp out.
The two boys gaze upon the sandy beaches and clear sky.
Where are we?
I have no idea.
The two begin limping up a sandy hill. The crash site is
still smoking, as they reach the top. Suddenly, they see a
The woman is picking berries.
Who are you?
She gets up and recognizes the uniforms as Organization. She
steps back, frightened.
Can you tell us where we are?
The woman is silent, scared. She takes a few steps back,
preparing to run.
We mean you no harm. I know, you
are afraid of us. I know you know
who we are. I only ask that you
take this child and keep him
hidden. Keep him safe.
He slowly walks towards her. After about ten feet, he lays
the boy on the ground. She approaches him and holds him.
His name is Sora.
Roxas's voice continues to fade out slowly.


Echoing screams, cries for help are heard. Then a dim, yet
hazy view of flames spreading. Then darkness.
10 years later...
A quick flash of light! A boy sits up, shouting. Another boy
and a girl are sitting up next to his bed. They both look
You okay Sora? You were screaming
in your sleep.
SORA is the main hero of the story. He is a sixteen year old
boy who is reckless, honest and brave.
Sora stares around the room to get his bearings. Fighter
posters are on one side of the room, with tournament posted
in bold at the top. Three beds are shoved into a one room
cabin, with one window by the sliding door.
I'm okay Kairi. Riku. Bad dream.
RIKU is one of Sora's best friends, despite his cocky
KAIRI is Sora's other best friend, even though she is pure
and sweet she carries a secret.
Well we have to hurry. Your going
to be late.
Yeah, to the tournament. Your
fighting Seifer remember?
Riku pulls one of Sora's legs and Sora falls to the ground.
He gets up, rubbing his head. Riku grabs a silver air board
and gives it to Sora. He grabs the black one.


I don't really feel like fighting
It's the championships! Win and we
get to eat for a month.
Riku opens a sliding door. The sun glares through the
opening and lights up the room. Kairi grabs her scooter.
But the tournament is on the other
side of Hollow Bastion.
Don't worry. We'll just take
shortcuts. Race ya!
Riku hops on his board and races down the road.
Sora closes the door behind them. He gets on his board and
with Kairi, races after Riku.
Riku pulls up to a street sign, and quickly swings around it
to an alley. Sora and Kairi follow. As they reach the end of
the alley, Riku launches himself on a pipe overhead followed
by Sora. Kairi comes to a halt.
Hey! That's not fair.
Haha! You snooze, you lose.
Kairi turns around and heads back down the alley. Riku
launches himself up to a loading ramp and over to a mile
long down pipe. He stops. Sora lands right next to him.
Now, we'll just run down this pipe
and the tournament ground should
be just passed it. Ready?
Sora looks down. Both boys kick their boards into gear and
race down the pipe. After a few moments, they are near the


end of the pipe. Suddenly, a truck ramp is dropped over the
Ramp! Look out!
Both boys kick their boards into second gear and launch over
the ramp. They come down hard and get thrown into the
fountain at the end of the pipeline, at the city center
Well that was brilliant.
Kairi slowly pulls up on her scooter. She looks at the boys,
drenched in the fountain.
Haha. You snooze, you lose.
Riku pauses for a moment at the joke as they slowly get out
of the fountain. They get their boards and continue to the
tournament grounds.
A ring is at the center of the square. People line up on
houses and walls, chairs and pavement waiting. Two giant
chairs with side seats are centered with the ring.
Trumpets roar as citizens begin to stand. An announcer walks
into the center of the ring.
Ladies and gentlemen. Her royal
highness, Queen Minnie!
The people roar with cheers as MINNIE walks in. She steps
forward, as DONALD and GOOFY sit down.
GOOFY is the Captain of the Royal guards of Disney Castle
and is one of Mickey's personal friends.
DONALD is the royal courts magician and is Mickey's other


MINNIE is the queen of Disney Castle and acts as a beacon of
hope for the surrounding worlds during her husband Mickey's
Thank you all for coming.
Unfortunately my husband the King
was held up by business, so he
will be unable to attend. I hope
this surprising news does not
dishearten the efforts of our
brave warriors fighting today.
Good luck!
Cheers echo through the city. Minnie turns and sits down.
The Announcer turns to the crowd.
Ladies and gentlemen. We have seen
many brave warriors come into this
ring and prove themselves. But
today's championship match will
decide for us, a champion!
The people roar with cheers louder than the first time.
Sora and company rush up to one of the assistants and sign
in. Sora puts down his board and walks up to the ring.
Sora prepares himself for his fight. SEIFER approaches.
SEIFER is a powerful, young man and is the rival of Sora and
Hehe. Surprised you showed. Ready
to get your face mauled?
Riku puts down his board and marches to Seifer. Sora stops
him. He turns to Seifer.
Your the one that's going down
Seifer. Oh and don't worry, you
can cheat all you like.


Hehe. Smart mouth. I'm really
going to enjoy winning that
keyblade. But I think I'm going to
enjoy bashing your head in more.
Let's go.
He turns and snaps his fingers. His posse RAIJIN and FUJIN
turn and walk with him to his corner.
RAIJIN and FUJIN are Seifer's inseparable gang and friends.
What a jerk!
Sora gets in the ring. Riku gets up by the ropes and begins
massaging Sora's shoulders.
In the crowd, a hooded man stands watching the ring. His
eyes gaze upon Sora and Seifer. He removes his hood. It's
                                         CLOSE UP
Don't worry about him. You got
this. It's dinner time son.
Seifer and his gang get up on the ropes on the opposite
side. The announcer stands in the center. He notices the
fighters, and begins the introductions. He points to Seifer.
In this corner, he has an
impressive nine and zero record
with nine surrenders. He is the
current undefeated champion.
Ladies and gentlemen, Seifer!
Seifer steps out a foot from his corner. He raises a hand to
acknowledge the crowd. The cheers are deafening. He steps
back into his corner, as the announcer points to Sora.
And in this corner, he also has an
impressive record of nine and zero
with 4 surrenders. He is the
challenger. The undefeated, Sora!


The cheers seem louder for Sora. Riku and Kairi also add to
the noise. Sora takes a step out and acknowledges the crowd.
Axel steps forward. His eyes gazing upon Sora.
Fighters to the center.
Fujin takes off Seifer's jacket, as he approaches the
center. Sora is already standing with the announcer.
Listen up boys. I want a good,
clean fight. Remember this
tournament is mainly for fun. And
try not to embarrass this town in
front of the queen by cheating.
Got it?
Both boys nod their heads. They touch fists and walk back to
their corners. They prepare themselves.
Round one will be hand to hand
combat. Round two will be weapons.
Round three will be all or
The announcer looks at both fighters, who are ready. He
swipes down his right arm and the fight begins. Seifer comes
charging out of his corner straight at Sora, who dives out
of the way.
Come on, boy. They came to see a
fight. So let's just get your
beating over with.
Sora comes rushing at Seifer and spears him to the ground.
He swings, but is blocked. Seifer flips him over his head
and turns and punches Sora in the face. Sora's mouth is
bleeding, but he stands.
Seifer comes in swinging, but Sora dodges his shots. He
grabs one of Seifer's arms and flips him over his shoulder
and onto his back hard. He gets on top of him and begins
throwing wild punches, landing only a few.
Suddenly, ring! End of the first round. Sora gets off as
Seifer shrugs him off. They both get to their feet and
almost go face to face. Instead they both go to their


You did good. He knows your here
to fight so he's going to be
bringing the heat now. This round
is weapons so be careful.
The announcer signals some officials to begin dropping
padded weapons like ramrods and double-headed bats into the
ring. Both fighters stand.
The announcer raises his hand, then drops it. Round two
begins. Seifer walks over to a padded bat and picks it up.
Sora grabs a nearby ramrod.
This is my favorite round. Too bad
no one has made it to three.
Seifer rushes at Sora with the bat and swings wildly. Sora
begins swinging back. Halfway through the round, Seifer
finally swings his bat and catches Sora in his right cheek.
Sora is down.
Watch out Sora! Here he comes.
Sora quickly looks to see Seifer swinging his bat. Sora just
dodges, as the bat slams on the ring floor. Then Seifer
begins slamming the bat back and forth trying to hit Sora.
Be careful Sora!
Sora swings his ramrod and knocks out Seifer's legs and he
falls. Both of them rush to their feet. Seifer is about to
swing a knockout hit on Sora, the bell rings. The round is
over. They both go back to their corners.
Last round buddy. Survive this and
it's dinner for a month.
Sora looks up to see Seifer staring back. His eyes are like
flares. He stands. He takes a few steps to the center. Fujin
tries to give him water, but he smacks the bottle from her
I got a feeling this round is
going to get ugly, Riku.


Sora stands. The bell rings and Sora walks towards the
center. Seifer is motionless for a moment, then charges Sora
swinging. Sora blocks his shots and they begin to spar.
This is getting boring. Let's
spice it up a bit.
Seifer drops his bat and grabs Sora by the hair. He pulls on
him and throws him across the center. Sora quickly looks for
his ramrod, but Seifer grabs him and puts him in a headlock.
Sora struggles.
You come in here and try to beat
me? Like you ever could. So weak.
Look on the bright side, at least
Kairi will finally know a real man
when she sees me.
Angered by the remark, Sora pushes off his knee and slams
Seifer on his back. He turns and begins punching repeatedly,
until Seifer grabs his bat and hits Sora across the head.
Sora is bleeding and a little dazed, as Seifer gets to his
feet. Seifer hits him repeatedly with the bat. Seifer hits
him in the back of the head. Sora falls down.
Hey! What do you think your doing?
That's cheating!
Sora's vision is fuzzy. He notices Seifer lifting the bat.
Sora tries to shield himself as he closes his eyes.
Suddenly, the crowd shouts in horror.
Slam! A moment passes, as Sora opens his eyes in surprise.
He turns to see a blue keyblade blocking the bat. Seifer is
staring away. Sora turns and sees MICKEY.
Mickey takes the bat from Seifer. Kairi and Riku rush into
the ring. They help Sora up, as they all kneel before the


Seifer you should be ashamed. If
your dream is to join the royal
guard, then you have a long way to
Mickey turns to Sora and studies him for a moment.
Axel notices Mickey and signals for Nobodies to appear from
the nearby fountain. People begin screaming as the Nobodies
are noticed. Mickey turns to see them coming.
Nobodies! Alert the city. Donald
and Goofy, help me defend the
Goofy pulls out his shield and throws it. It launches a few
backwards to the ground. Donald blasts a fireball that turns
a handful to ash.
We have to help them.
Mickey slashes down a few with his blades. Riku runs up and
tackles a Drone behind Mickey. Mickey turns and notices
Riku. He nods.
City soldiers rush into the square and begin fighting the
Drones everywhere.
Riku! Behind you.
Sora rushes at the Drone and grabs it. Riku turns and helps
him. They slam it on the ring floor. Goofy runs up and slams
his shield on it, exploding it to dust.
Goofy! Get them out of here.
Axel teleports in front of them, his chakhrams drawn. Goofy
throws his shield, but Axel deflects it. Riku runs at him,
but Axel brushes him away.
We could use some help over here.
Axel tries to grab Sora, but Mickey jumps in between them.
Mickey charges at Axel, but he teleports. He reappears on a
hanging sign behind them, as his patrol is annihilated.


No point resisting. Your the only
one left.
I must confess our gratitude, King
Mickey. Without you, we would have
never found him.
Mickey turns to Sora. Axel disappears. Goofy and Donald
approach with some wounded civilians.
All of the Nobodies are gone. The
people are okay. Some minor
injuries but nothing serious sire.
What's your name?
Everyone turns to Sora.
Donald and Goofy's eyes widen. Mickey pauses for a moment.
I thank you for your assistance.
Would you and your friends care to
dine with me and my wife tonight
at the castle?
We would be delighted to come,
your highness.
Wonderful. Seeing how Seifer
cheated, I believe this belongs to
Mickey picks up the red keyblade from the ring floor. He
hands it to Sora.
I look forward to tonight.
Mickey turns and walks down the courtyard, followed by Goofy
and Donald. Riku walks up with Kairi and they hug Sora, as
he gazes upon the keyblade.


Sora and his friends are readying for their dinner
This is so cool. We get to eat
with the freaking king!
Riku is having trouble fixing his clothes, which are the
same he wore for the tournament.
I'm nervous. None of us has ever
been to Disney Castle before. It
must be beautiful.
Kairi looks over and notices Sora staring out the only
window in the cabin, quiet.
Are you okay Sora? Your awfully
Yeah, buddy. You haven't said a
word since we left the tournament.
I'm just thinking.
About what?
About what happened today.
Riku finally gives up on his appearance. He walks over and
leans on the sliding door. He folds his arms, relaxing.
I know what you mean. I'm still
I've never seen a battle before.
Well if it wasn't for the king, I
wouldn't be here.
Riku nods his head.


All I know is, I have a lot of
questions to ask.
Well, we better get going or we'll
be late. Course I have no idea how
we are getting there.
Sora gets up and meets Kairi by the sliding door. Riku opens
The three stand in awe as Donald is standing next to the
newly repaired warship Ragnarok.
The king wanted to make sure you
wouldn't be late. So were going in
The three walk into the Ragnarok. Donald walks in and closes
the hatch door. They fly off in to the sky.
A giant table is centered in the hall. Candles and food
cover the table. Minnie is sitting near the head of the
table. Mickey is standing in front of a giant picture of
him, over looking the hall.
Is there a reason you invited them
The Organization was after him.
That can only mean one thing.
Goofy walks in.
Your highness, your guests have
Excellent. Send them in.


Minnie stands next to Mickey. Goofy opens the hall doors,
and Sora and his friends are standing quietly. Goofy signals
them inside, and they slowly walk up to Mickey and Minnie.
Welcome my friends. And please,
lets skip the formalities.
Welcome to Disney Castle. I am
grateful that you all are safe.
I have your husband to thank for
that, your highness.
Mickey smiles.
I am pleased you all were able to
make it. Please, let us sit and
Mickey pushes in Minnie's chair, as Sora and his friends
take a seat near the head of the table by Mickey. They all
begin eating.
Hours pass, as the plates are emptied. Kairi is telling
stories about Sora and Riku's childhood, which is making
Minnie laugh most of all. Mickey turns to Sora.
Would everyone mind excusing me
with Sora and his friends?
Donald, Goofy and Minnie get up and walk out. Mickey gets up
from his chair and stands in front of the giant picture.
Sora, Riku, and Kairi quietly follow him with their eyes.
Mickey turns to them.
What do you know about this war?
The Alliance and the Organization
are fighting for Kingdom Hearts.
That's what we have been told


And what of Kingdom Hearts?
That is has the power to create
life or destroy it. But everyone
knows it's just a legend.
Is it?
Are you saying it's real!? The
Yes, it is very real. And we fight
the Organization so they do not
possess it.
What does this have to do with me?
What do you know about the
That they are incomplete. No
heart, soul. Dangerous. Pure evil.
They are energy masses brought
together as one. They breathe,
move like us. Intelligent. But,
they lack emotion.
How do you lack emotion?
You need a heart to have emotion.
That's why they envy us. Hate us.
Are they like Heartless?
No one really knows about the
origin of the Organization. I have
battled them for over ten thousand
years and still have yet to grasp
their true abilities.


Ten thousand years!? How is that
possible? And what does all this
have to do with me?
Mickey pulls out from behind his robes a shiny, glass
necklace in the shape of a heart. Sora gazes upon it.
This crystal is a fragment from
Kingdom Hearts. It grants life
Sora sits back in his chair. Mickey puts the necklace away.
Your father was Draxos. He was the
champion of the Alliance and my
personal friend. He died
protecting Kingdom Hearts and all
of us.
I've never heard of him.
Mickey stares blankly at Sora. Sora stares blankly back.
The key around your neck is the
proof of this.
Sora stares at Mickey, his eyes wide open.
My father abandoned me to the will
of the world when I was 5. Left me
at an orphanage to rot with other
unwanted children. Fortunately for
me, I met the two people in the
world I trust my life to.
Sora pulls out his heart shaped key necklace.
This is all he left me with.
I thank you for the dinner. But I
don't care for wars that have
nothing to do with me. And I don't
need your charity. And I don't


                       SORA (cont'd)
want it.
Sora puts the necklace away and stands. He turns and starts
to walk out.
Thank you for dinner, your
Thank you.
Kairi and Riku turn and start to follow Sora out.
Then run. Hide. Like you always
Sora stops. Kairi and Riku turn to face Mickey.
You have the opportunity to do
something great. I can teach you
everything about becoming a
keyblade warrior. You all have the
heart of one. And if you stay in
this castle, you will be fed,
clothed, loved, protected.
Sora turns to Mickey.
What do you want from me?
I need your help.
Mickey falls to his knees.
Life needs your help.
Sora turns away.
I'm just a boy. (Pauses.) If I
agree, is there a chance I will
meet the one who killed my father?
His abilities are well beyond
yours. But eventually, yes.


Sora faces Mickey.
When do we start?
Tomorrow. Morning.
Mickey gets to his feet. The boys nod in agreement.
Two guards are straightening a practice dummy. A table sits
before Sora, with a silver and a red keyblade resting on it.
Mickey is watching them. He turns to see Sora, stretching in
his new practice robe. Mickey approaches.
Keep stretching like that, and
you'll tear something.
Mickey has a laugh, as Sora realizes he is stretching the
robe. He stops. The guards finish. They walk out. Suddenly,
Riku blasts pass the door and nearly runs into Sora before
I am so sorry I'm late, your
majesty! You see, I kinda...
Mickey suddenly calls out his duel keyblades. Both boys
stare, stunned.
Haha. Feel the power of the
keyblade. The source of our power
comes from emotion.
      (Whispering to
This is beginner's right?


      (Whispering to
I hope so.
Let's start with calling your
Sora and Riku look towards the table. Sora is standing
before the silver blade and Riku before the red blade. They
both grab the swords.
Dig deep in your heart and choose
your emotion. Release that energy
throughout your body. Make the
blade a part of you. Then release
it back into your hand.
Sora and Riku close their eyes to concentrate. Suddenly both
their blades disappear. Mickey stands impressed.
You both have the powers needed
that's for sure. Now release the
energy back into your hands.
Moments pass, and nothing. They open their eyes,
disappointed. Sora closes them again and concentrates even
harder this time. Suddenly we see him start to wobble as if
he is going to faint.
Sora? Sora, can you hear me?
Mickey stares, a brief sense of excitement. Sora opens his
eyes slowly and his right hand starts to shake. Suddenly, a
swarm of energy pours out of his hand to form a silver
Well done Sora.
Both boys have their blades out. Mickey is standing next to
Strike with the power of emotion.
Strike true, or your blade will be


Mickey turns to the dummy, as his blades begin to glow like
fire. He leaps towards and swings his keyblades, chopping
the charred dummy in half.
Attack fierce, but cautiously.
Never leave yourself open for an
evasive move.
Sora's turn. His blades glow. He leaps at another dummy and
swings his blades. The impact explodes him backwards and
into Riku. Mickey laughs.
Riku is facing Sora. Mickey is showing them defensive
Riku and Sora both swing. Both blades impact. Sora turns and
swings, as Riku turns and dodges. He counterattacks through
the dodge to get his blade near Sora's face. Mickey nods in
Both boys are standing on opposite sides, with Mickey in the
middle. Their blades drawn. Without warning, Sora rushes
Remember emotion.
Mickey flips over Sora, as Riku comes in. They spar with
their blades, before Mickey breaks off. He charges at Sora
and spars with him.
Remember to never leave yourself
open for an evasive maneuver.
Riku comes charging, as Mickey turns and blocks his blade.
Mickey spins his blades to make Riku fall down. Mickey
charges him, as Sora comes from behind.
Mickey swings a blade at Riku. Riku jumps up and steps on
the blade, as Sora kicks the other away. When all are
stopped, we see Mickey with his blades towards the boys, but
both of theirs pointing at his face. It's a draw.


Well done. Both of you. You are
ready. You both are now keyblade
warriors. Congratulations.
They all dismiss their blades. After a moment of silence,
the boys embrace each other with excitement. Then embrace
Mickey, who shares the excitement.
Sora is eating in silence at the table. Mickey approaches.
Good to see you haven't lost your
Sora looks up. He suddenly stands. Mickey signals hims to
sit down. Mickey walks to his chair and also sits.
You have done well Sora. You have
come a long way in these past few
months when I first met you.
Thank you for the training. And
for everything.
Mickey nods.
Yet, through the training I could
still sense some emotion in you
that you hide.
What emotion?
Sora stops eating.
I have Kairi and Riku.


I have nightmares about things I
don't remember really. I remember
some of Destiny Islands. But then
I see flames, and I hear
Mickey gets up and sits on an edge of the table right next
to Sora. He places his right hand on Sora's right shoulder.
That was your past.
It seemed so real. As if it just
happened. And I have nightmares
like them all the time.
How about this? I'll have Chip and
Dale fly you and your friends to
Destiny Islands for a visit.
I do security reports with all the
worlds. To check on any
Organization news. You should go
for me.
Thank you, King Mickey.
Don't thank me. You deserve it.
You should leave as soon as
Sora gets up and rushes out.
Sora runs down a corridor and notices some guards at the
end, standing in front of a door. Another guard walks up to
them and they all leave. Sora approaches the door.
I wonder what's in here.
He unlatches it and opens the door. He walks in.


It is a completely sealed room. A giant stone statue sits at
the center, in front of a stone ramp. Sora begins to
approach, when he is stopped.
What do you think your doing in
I'm sorry.
Sora walks out, followed by Mickey.
Mickey closes the door and latches it back.
What were you thinking?
Who is that? The statue?
Nothing that concerns you! Forget
you even saw anything in that
room. Understand!?
But I did see something, your
highness. What was it?
Something dark. Something we hope
is never found.
Sora stands silent.
Not a word of this to anyone.
Sora can see the seriousness in Mickey's eyes. He nods.
Mickey signals for him to leave. Sora walks away. Mickey
nervously stares at the door, quiet.


Ships line up the docks. One ship is the Ragnarok. CHIP and
DALE finish loading supplies. Sora stands at a nearby
balcony, quiet.
CHIP and DALE, despite being chipmunks, are the personal
pilots of the royal family as well as the warship the
All supplies and weapons stored,
sir. Ready to take off when your
Yup. We'll be your pilots.
Riku nods at the chipmunks. Sora walks over and stands next
to Riku, who is staring at Chip and Dale.
Wait a minute. They are going to
be flying the ship!?
Riku points at Chip and Dale.
They're so small.
Chip and Dale turn to Riku.
What did you just say!?
Are you talking to me? Are you
talking to me, pretty boy? Say
small one more time and you won't
be pretty anymore.
Riku turns to Sora, and leans in on his right ear.
Pretty touchy for a couple of
rodents, huh?
Sora gives a slight giggle.
So now were rodents.


Sora turns to his right and notices Kairi standing with
Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. Sora walks over.
But you are small!
You got some nerve man!
You should mine your own
conversations rat.
We hear Riku shriek as Chip and Dale jump on him. Equipment
is heard rumbling and hitting the ground.
I hope you all have a safe trip.
I'm so nervous. It's been years
since we have seen the Islands. I
wonder how much has changed.
Honest to say, I've been looking
forward to this for a long time.
Donald and Goofy turn to their left and notice Mickey. They
bow their heads. Everyone turns to the direction and notice
Mickey staring at them.
Your highness!
Everyone turns and bow their heads. Mickey simply nods.
Mickey walks over and stands next to Minnie.
Are you all set?
I believe were ready. Right, Chip?
Chip and Dale jump off of Riku and land in front of Mickey.
Riku slowly gets to his feet. His hair is messed up and his
shirt is slightly torn around the collar.


Ready to go, sir.
Excellent. Remember, take all the
time you need.
Donald and Goofy shake their hands. Then they turn and walk
away. Kairi and Riku bow before Mickey and Minnie, before
turning and walking into the Ragnarok.
Are you sure about this? I mean,
me and Riku still have more
training ahead of us.
You and Riku are ready. A
warrior's true power is his heart
and you two have mighty ones.
Thank you, your highness.
Mickey reaches out a hand. Sora brushes past it and hugs
Mickey. Surprised, Mickey embraces him. Then Sora turns and
runs into the Ragnarok, stopping at the door.
We'll take care of them, sire.
The two chipmunks turn and run on all fours back to the
Remember! A warrior's true power
is his heart!
Mickey slowly raises his hand. Sora raises his, before
closing the ramp. The Ragnarok roars out of the docks, and
out of sight.
An almost empty room. A bed is near the rear, and a desk at
the opposite side of the bed. A blond girl is sitting
watching a dying flower. Xemnas walks in.


Hello, champion.
Xemnas stops and turns to face her.
Hello Namine. Nice to see you can
still sense when I'm coming to
NAMINE is a teen girl who can see into the future, but some
visions are uncertain. She is very close to Xemnas, as if
like a little sister.
It has been a long time since I
had a visit from you, champion.
True. I rather enjoy our
Xemnas turns and walks straight to a window. He looks out.
I need help with something. I know
Sora is at Disney Castle, but I
know he wont stay there for long.
I know. You seek the chosen one.
Xemnas folds his arms.
Does it bother you that a boy has
eluded your efforts?
Not really. Just slightly
irritating. But rest assured, I
will catch him.
I know you will. I've seen it.
Xemnas turns and faces her.
Did you know that Mickey trained


A warrior now? Glad to see he is
becoming a man. Now tell me, where
is he going?
He is headed for Destiny Islands.
To discover his past.
Xemnas slowly approaches her.
His past? (pauses) Thank you,
Namine. Like always, your sight
guides my direction.
He turns and walks away. Namine stops him at the door.
Champion. He's not alone.
Xemnas turns to her. Then walks out. Namine continues to
watch the dying flower.
Saix is standing in front of the throne. Anara approaches
Admiring the chair?
Of course.
Saix turns to Anara.
Just wondering what it would be
like to sit in it.
The throne is for the Emperor.
When he returns.
If he returns.
What is that supposed to mean?


It could mean Xemnas shouldn't be
in charge.
Saix moves closer to Anara. She stands firm.
Someone else should be.
Suddenly, Xemnas approaches.
What are you talking about?
The two turn to him, surprised.
Actually, we were discussing why
we haven't done anything in the
past months.
We know where the boy is. So why
aren't we trying to capture him?
You mean invade an enemy without
discovering their weaknesses? How
We must act. If this boy is so
important to you, then why let him
Who says I've let him go?
Everything is going how I have
planned it to go. The boy is
headed for Destiny Islands.
Don't forget to bring him back.
Why is he so important?


He has grown close to Mickey as I
knew he would. Mickey will do
anything to get him back. So an
exchange for the Emperor.
That's it!? That's the grand
master plan? He'll never give up
the Emperor for some brat.
Then the boy will die! And unless
you can come up with a better
plan, shut it!
Saix remains silent. His eyes gazing with hatred upon
Xemnas, who returns the stare.
Do you need any help?
No. Stand by till I get back. I
won't be long.
Xemnas turns and walks away.
Let's hope not.
Saix and Anara watch Xemnas walk out.
Chip and Dale are in the cockpit, flying the ship. Riku and
Sora stand over a digital map screen. Kairi is looking out
of the window in the cockpit.
What's that purple cloud?
Chip turns to the starboard side of the ship. He notices the
purple cloud.
That's the Nerubian Vortex.
What does it do?


No one knows much about it.
Reports have indicated that it is
extremely unstable and dangerous,
but it can warp you at speeds
beyond imagination.
Kairi stares a little longer, then turns and walks out to
the main deck.
                                         FOCUS ON
According to his majesty's
coordinates, the Islands should be
                                         CLOSE UP
Riku points on the digital map. Sora nods in agreement. Sora
points on the map, right next to Riku's finger.
In between Hollow Bastion and
Olympus Coliseum. We should be
there by now.
Sora! We have an incoming message
from Disney Castle.
Dale rushes back to the digital map. He pushes a few buttons
and a holographic picture of Mickey lights up. Kairi stands
next to Sora.
I don't know how to say this, but
I thought you should know. Destiny
Islands was attacked recently. We
don't know the casualties or
what's happened.


Which means someone knows where
your going. I'll send
reinforcements immediately. Chip.
Dale. Return the ship.
Yes sir.
Yes sir.
Mickey's image fades. Kairi begins to cry. She grabs Sora.
He holds her.
Were here!
Sora and his friends turn and rush to the cockpit.
Dale points ahead.
                                         FOCUS ON
There, Sora. Destiny Islands.
                                         CLOSE UP
The planet is cracked. Debris continues to float off and
around it. The planet is falling apart.
                                         CLOSE UP
There's nothing left of it.
                                         CLOSE UP
The Organization really did their
job well this time.
They both turn to Sora, who is quiet. His gaze is straight
and clear at the planet.
                                         CLOSE UP


Take us down, Chip. Were going in.
But the king's orders?
Take us down, Chip. Now!
Chip and Dale hesitate at the demand. Riku and Kairi also
stare at Sora, questioning his motives. After a few moments,
Dale flies the ship towards Destiny Islands.
The Ragnarok lands on a charred beach. Debris covers the
ground. The bay door drops down. Sora stands firm, with Riku
and Kairi behind him.
We'll wait for you here.
If your not back in twenty
minutes, were coming in after ya.
Good luck!
Sora hangs up the intercom. They walk out of the bay door.
Sora notices the debris leading down the beach line to an
open area. They follow it down.
After some time passes, the three rush down the beach line.
Suddenly, they stop. Sora walks up to the top of the beach
hill and notices the destruction up close.
What could have done this?
Huts are burning. The sand is stained with burns and
charring. The surrounding forests are gone. The sun reveals
the horror openly. Sora kneels and scoops up some sand. Riku
and Kairi creep up behind him.
Our home! How could this have


Let's be careful.
Riku's face shows he is heartbroken. He tries his best to
comfort Kairi. Sora gets up and walks over to a nearby hut
that is barely standing. He walks in, followed by Riku and
This is Madame Caroline's orphan
We grew up here.
Sora walks over to a desk and lightly touches it.
Were finally home. Home to what?
Ashes. Death. I swear the
Organization will pay dearly for
I would have to disagree.
Sora quickly turns, followed by Riku and Kairi. Behind them
is Xemnas.
Who are you!? What do you want!?
You don't know me?
Sora calls his keyblade and holds it towards Xemnas.
Who are you?
I am Xemnas. The champion of the
Organization XIII! You destroyed
this place didn't you?


Xemnas takes a step forward, but is halted before he can
take another. Sora's keyblade firm in his hand. Riku calls
his blade and signals Kairi behind him.
Don't come any closer.
Careful, Sora.
Sora! So your Draxos's son?
How did you know him?
Well...I was the one that killed
Sora starts to shake slightly, due to all the anger building
up in him.
Why did you attack the Islands!?
To bring you here.
He stares at Sora.
You have no idea how long I have
been looking for you boy.
What do you want from us?
I want him. And that key around
his neck.
I would rather die than let you
take this.
Careful Sora, your getting ahead
of yourself. Now give me the key
and I'll spare their lives.


Not a chance.
Have it your way.
Xemnas turns and walks out. Sora rushes out after him. Riku
rushes after Sora, followed by Kairi.
Xemnas stops and turns around to see the three facing him.
The look in Sora's eyes shows he about to do something
extremely reckless. Xemnas stares at him.
Would you like to know how he died
Sora? The way he was begging for
his life. So weak. It's too bad I
don't have the ability of
laughter, because it was almost
(pause) humorous.
Sora suddenly charges at Xemnas. Xemnas calls his blades and
they begin fighting.
Hide Kairi! Quickly!
Kairi turns to hide. Riku rushes to Sora's aid. He leaps in
between them just missing Xemnas's head.
Come on Sora. Together we can take
this guy.
Come try!
Riku leaps through the air at him. He comes down slashing,
but is kicked backwards. Xemnas moves in on him, when he is
suddenly drop kicked from the back. He turns and sees Sora
Sora comes at him, but he dodges. He grabs Sora by the neck
and spins him around. Sora slams the floor hard, as Riku
jumps at Xemnas again.
Come on, boy. Show me what you


Xemnas and Riku duel for a few seconds. Xemnas swirls his
blade around his head and slams it on the ground, causing
Riku to get blown back against a pile of debris.
Xemnas turns and begins a sword fight with Sora. Sora begins
to swing wildly, but Xemnas blocks every shot. They break
I expected better from their
self-proclaimed champion.
Xemnas turns to see Riku, limping towards them. He still
clings to his blade.
Self-proclaimed? Really.
Xemnas charges up his blades. Riku rushes to Sora's side and
they charge Xemnas. Xemnas blasts the floor with his energy,
knocking Sora backwards. Riku jumps through the blast and
kicks Xemnas backwards a distance.
Riku struggles to get up after hitting the ground hard. Sora
struggles to get up after taking a majority of the blast.
Xemnas gets up, but is merely short of breathe.
I guess I underestimated you boys.
Xemnas walks up and rips Sora's shirt to bare his chest. A
stained string is wrapped around Sora's neck. The key
necklace is gone. Xemnas turns to the beach. Chip and Dale
are rushing towards them. He turns to the boys.
Well Sora, time to go.
Xemnas grabs Sora, who is still weak. Suddenly, Nobodies
appear with Kairi.
Stop right there Xemnas!
Xemnas turns to see Mickey. Chip and Dale are aiming plasma
rifles three times their size.
Much thanks to you mouse. You
brought them right to me.


You won't get away with this.
You will have problems of your own
soon enough Mickey. Trust me.
They vanish. Mickey hurries to Riku, who is barely
The double doors of the chamber slam open. Anara comes
marching in. Saix stares upon Kingdom Hearts.
Imagine the power this possesses.
Anara stops next to him. She gazes upon Kingdom Hearts.
We both have seen it's magnitude.
I meant to have that power for
one's own.
Hopefully not in the wrong hands.
(Pauses.) Are you okay?
Saix turns to her.
Just thinking a lot about the
escape. Where do you suppose Axel
was during the whole ordeal?
Saix comes in closer. Anara stands firm.
I would imagine he was out
patrolling like everyone else.
Exactly. Assuming he was. What if
he wasn't?
Your jumping to conclusions.


Anara turns to walk out. Saix stops her.
I'm merely pointing out the
obvious. He could have been part
of the breakout. Why is it that no
one knew his exact whereabouts?
Then that would assume that I was
part of it since it was on my
watch. Plus, he came back with
bruises on his face. He said he
tried to get the boy back, but
Roxas beat him.
Saix smiles.
I would never expect you in such
acts. But that's precisely the
point. Can you remember anytime
that Roxas ever beat Axel in a
duel? (Pauses.) Because I can't.
Anara ponders on the thought for a short moment. She
continues walking towards the door.
When Axel told his story to
Xemnas, he believed him. That's
good enough for me.
Saix teleports right before the door, directly in front of
We both know Axel could have been
lying. Either way why would Xemnas
care? His power is beyond that of
anyone. So of course he wouldn't
take it seriously even if he was.
Anara slowly brushes past him and stops between the door
frame. She turns to Saix.
Even if, why would Axel betray the
Organization? Why would he turn on
his own?
Anara turns and walks out. Saix looks to Kingdom Hearts. His
eyes still gazing upon it.


      (Whispering to
Trust me, I will find out.
A fireplace lights up the room. Above the mantle are
portraits of family and Mickey's younger days. Statues on
either side of the chamber doors. A table at the center,
with documents covering it.
Riku sits in a chair in front of the fireplace. The light
glares upon his face. Then the doors open. Mickey walk in.
Minnie is cleaning his wounds.
How is he?
Minnie cuts a thread.
I'm finished. He'll be fine.
Minnie walks out. Goofy walks in with Donald.
What happened?
We landed without your approval.
Sora found out the truth from
Xemnas. So we fought him.
What do you suppose he wants with
Sora, sire?
He wants the key to Kingdom
Hearts. Sora had it.
Riku gets up. He faces Mickey.
He had it.
They turn to him. Riku pulls out a necklace from under his


The Key!
When you contacted us, Sora and I
decided to switch necklaces just
in case.
That was risky. Were lucky Xemnas
only wanted Sora and not the both
of you.
I was going to trade it to get
them back.
That's insane!
They are my friends! They are not
expendable. I'm getting them back.
Mickey walks up and grabs Riku.
Riku stop! We are going to get
them back.
Mickey grabs the key. Riku holds it.
Trust me. We will get them back.
Riku loosens his grip. Mickey takes the key and places it
around his neck.
He didn't need Sora just for the
key, there is another purpose.
Otherwise, he would have ended
them back on the islands.
He had to take them to Castle
Oblivion. And a grand army guards
We have to find out what he wants
with them.


We don't have enough men to take
the castle.
We have to come up with something.
They all look at each other in silence. The fireplace still
lighting the room.
Xemnas is walking down a corridor, carrying a tray of food.
Anara approaches him.
Xemnas you wanted to see me?
Bring me the girl. Meet me in the
Anara nods. Xemnas continues down the corridor.
There are numerous cells. Chains hanging from the walls.
Sora sits facing the barred window, looking out. Xemnas
approaches with the tray.
I brought you some food.
Xemnas opens the cell door. He puts the tray behind Sora.
Sora turns around. He kicks the tray, spilling the food.
Eat your own poison.
Are you still mad about your
father? I gave him the honor he
You gave him your blades. Nothing
Your not a master yet, so you
don't understand. A master's dying
wish is for their blade to never


                       XEMNAS (cont'd)
I'm going to see to it personally,
that yours do.
Where is the Emperor? I know you
I'm not telling you anything. You
should just kill me.
Xemnas smiles. He walks out of the cell and closes it.
Suddenly Anara approaches with Kairi. Sora stands up.
Where is he?
Sora is silent. Xemnas stands in front of Kairi.
Apologies, Kairi. I assumed you
were important to him. I guess
Suddenly, Kairi floats off the ground. She grasps at her
throat. She is suffocating. Sora rushes to her, but is cut
off by the bars of his cell.
Stop! Let her go.
Better hurry Sora. She looks like
she is running out of air.
Sora hesitates. Kairi starts to loosen her grip due to lack
of strength. Her arms drop.
He's a statue in Disney Castle! I
don't remember where. He's in
Disney Castle.
Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
Xemnas smiles. Kairi hits the floor, gasping for air. Anara
grabs her and throws her in the next cell.


Disney Castle. I should have
Xemnas and Anara walk out.
Thunder and lightning sound in the sky. It is dark and
windy. A giant castle sits on a steep stone hill. A castle
fit for an exiled queen of darkness.
A hooded warrior appears before the castle. It begins to
rain. He suddenly, disappears.
A throne is seated at the head of the hall. A table is on
the right of it, empty with cobwebs. Candlesticks are not
lit, as gargoyle shaped statues line the hall. MALEFICENT is
at the head of the hall, looking out a window.
MALEFICENT is the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty and the
leader of the Heartless (blackened creatures from the realm
of darkness).
PETE comes shooting around the corner to the hall. He rushes
to the head of the throne and kneels before Maleficent.
PETE is the Captain of the Heartless and right hand of Queen
Yes, my queen. What do you command
of me?
We must act quickly. The
Organization has returned. And
with Disney on the move, well need
to be cautious.
Yes my queen.


A war is coming Pete. We best be
ready for it.
Suddenly the hooded warrior appears at the center of the
I can help you.
Pete rushes to his feet as they both turn to face Axel.
Who are you!?
It's safer if names are not
mentioned in this conversation.
What do you want?
This war could end all life. Might
be wise to choose a side.
I am on my own side, fool. I don't
need your help. Let me show you
why. Heartless!
Dark creatures begin to form out from the tile floor. Axel
calls his chakhrams. Heartless begin clawing at him and he
slashes a handful down. He front flips to the table, as the
Heartless rush him.
Allow me my queen. I'll get him
for ya.
Pete pulls out his gigantic mace from his sheath and swings
it at Axel. He dodges. Pete swings again and smashes the
table in half. Axel jumps over him and cuts his pants down.
Pete desperately attempts to put his pants on.
Axel cuts down a few more as Maleficent begins summoning
magic from her wand, aiming it at Axel. He dashes up to a
muscle bound heartless jumps off his back and lands right in
front of Maleficent, his blade near her throat.


I did not come here to fight you.
Only to warn you.
Pete notices that Axel is whispering to Maleficent. He
manages to get his pants back on. He rushes up to the head
of the hall, but stops at the throne.
What do you want?
This war is getting worse. It's
best you choose a side.
I will never join Disney or the
Organization. Why join with those
who betrayed me?
You have more enemies in common
with Disney Castle than you think,
queen Maleficent.
He calls back his chakhrams. He steps back from Maleficent.
You cannot challenge either alone.
Just something for you to think
Axel vanishes. Pete rushes to the queen and kneels before
here. She turns and walks closer to the window, watching the
rain fall.
I don't mean to pry, but what was
he whispering to you my queen?
Nothing that concerns me.
Hmph! The nerve of him. Wanting us
to side with those despicable
He's right. We have to choose a
side. If we are to survive this
war, we must make sure we are on
the winning team.


But the Organization is growing
stronger by the day, my queen.
Precisely, my dear captain.
Maleficent grins as she continues to watch the rain fall.
A rectangular table is centered in the room. Maps and
pictures of all the worlds are scattered on it. Saix walks
in. Xemnas and Anara are already looking through the maps.
So I take it we are finally going
to get the Emperor?
Anara places a map of Hollow Bastion in front of Xemnas. He
looks over it.
There are many defense cannons
placed all over the northern
region. Especially in these
Anara starts pointing on the map. Xemnas acknowledges the
Of course. That is the main
entrance to the city. Our fleet
will be crushed.
They both turn to Xemnas, who remains calm.
Why are you so calm?
Because I have considered all of


I'll take care of it.
Saix and Anara looks at each other confused. Marluxia
You sent for me, champion.
Wait outside. I have something to
discuss with you.
Marluxia turns and walks out. Xemnas places the map down. He
turns and walks out.
A fountain is at the center of the square. Black water
sprays from the top platform. Marluxia stands next to a
stone bench. Xemnas approaches.
I am planning an attack on Hollow
Bastion. I want you to lead it.
Xemnas walks over to the fountain. He places his right hand
in the water. Marluxia slowly approaches him.
I would be honored, my lord.
I want you to take this MGP. Input
it into the central computer. The
virus implantation will shutdown
their defense program TRON. The
city will then be defenseless.
Won't Disney know we are
I will see to it they do. With the
city defenses down, our fleet will
crush them.
Xemnas holds a flat disk. Marluxia walks up and takes it.
She places it in her robes.


This operation counts on Hollow
Bastion's results. The city must
burn or this will fail.
I understand champion. Thank you
for this opportunity. It's about
time I get a real assignment.
Xemnas pulls his right hand out of the water and suddenly
turns to her. His speed is so fast, that the water turns to
mist as it reaches her face.
Does your opinion matter!?
He walks up to her. She steps back, as his face comes to
hers. He is so close, they could almost kiss.
Do not fail me, Marluxia. Or this
assignment will be your last.
He brushes past her.
And if I meet resistance?
Xemnas stops.
Crush anything in your path.
Xemnas walks out. Marluxia turns to the fountain, watching
the water fall in silence.
Hundreds of transport ships are docked in the port.
Thousands of soldiers load up into them. Mickey and Riku
walk up to the main hangar, where the rest of the team is
Your majesty!
Your majesty!


Enough of that. Mickey is fine.
Now what is our strategy?
We gathered that the enemy is
rallying troops to Hollow Bastion
for an attack. Xemnas is supposed
to be there, with Sora and Kairi
for an exchange.
Exchange for what?
We haven't discovered that yet,
We can enter through the sewers.
We follow the sewers up to the
refinery. We can sneak into city,
Can we expect any defenses here?
Organization patrols. But the
bastion army is obsolete.
What about Merlin and his rebels?
His house is in Central Square.
Everyone starts to stare at each other. Chip knocks Dale
hard on the head.
Dale, you are so dumb. We are
rescuing Kairi and Sora. Were
trying to avoid a battle.
A battle is almost inevitable.
Saving Sora and Kairi is priority.
He has a point. Merlin and his
rebels are crucial freedom
fighters. Not even the
Organization knows they exist.


What if we use Merlin's rebels as
a diversion to rescue Kairi and
A soldier in cape and helm approaches. His feathered helm
signifies him as a GENERAL.
Your highness! Preparations are
nearly complete.
Thank you, General. You'll be
leaving with us.
Mickey turns to Goofy.
Goofy, you will remain here. Watch
over the castle for me. And
With my life, sire!
Thank you, old friend. Everyone to
ship. Time to end this!
Riku leads the gang to the Ragnarok. More soldiers pile in.
Mickey is the last to load up. He stands at the closing bay
door. He waves to Goofy, as the ship lifts up and flies off,
followed by the fleet.
Axel is walking down the hall, when Saix approaches.
Good evening, Axel.
Axel stops directly. He turns and faces Saix, who is slowly
walking towards him. His arms folded behind his back.
Yes, Saix? What do you want?
Saix walks slowly up to Axel's face. He smirks.


It must bother you to know your
closest friend betrayed us. What I
don't understand is, you were
nowhere to be seen when he escaped
with the boy.
I have no idea what your talking
about. I was out patrolling like
everyone else. I was the one who
found him. I was the one who
fought him.
But you lost. And yet, even with
the recent events you still seem
to mysteriously disappear whenever
we need you.
Saix moves in closer to Axel.
No doubt your a loyal servant of
the Organization, but I will be
watching you. One mistake and not
even Xemnas will be able to save
Is that a threat?
You can count on your life that's
a threat.
I'll keep that in mind. Now run
along boy. I would hate to see
what Xemnas does to you for making
him wait.
Saix grins. He turns and walks away.
Your not the only one watching.
Axel remains still for a slight moment, before continuing
down the hallway.


Xemnas is looking over maps for Hollow Bastion on the center
table. Axel walks in.
You wanted to see me, champion?
Xemnas folds the maps. He turns to Axel, leaning on the
I need you to do something for me.
Have Anara bring the kids to
Hollow Bastion. I want her to
execute them before Mickey's very
As you wish. But, don't you think
we could use the extra defense?
Against what?
Well, I was just thinking about
Queen Malef...
That old hag would never ally with
Axel salutes Xemnas. He turns and is stopped at the door.
You okay?
Xemnas gets up and walks towards Axel. Axel turns around and
Xemnas is a few feet from him.
I'm good. Just want to be
Xemnas stares at him, suspiciously. After a moment, Axel
turns and walks out. Xemnas's eyes follow him out the door.
Still watching him, suspiciously.


All of the soldiers are asleep. Donald is sharing a quacking
snore, which is keeping Riku awake. Riku looks across him to
see Mickey awake as well.
Mickey, tell me about The Battle
of Lost Souls. I remember hearing
about it, but I wanted to hear it
from you.
Mickey sits up. His blanket covering his shoulders.
Ten thousand years ago, I rode
with the Disney Army under Emperor
Cenarion. We engaged his evil
brother Tyranius at the canyon
ruins of the Zeltennia Empire.
As Mickey speaks...slowly the room fades back in time to the
battle. We see the armies standing across the field from
each other.
                       MICKEY (VO)
Cenarion wanted to protect Kingdom
Hearts from Tyranius, knowing that
he would use it to destroy all
life. Tyranius was a monster.
The armies are charging at each other again. Explosions
erupting everywhere. The battle scene in the beginning is
repeating itself.
                       MICKEY (vo)
I saw Cenarion fight his brother,
but lost. A masked warrior saved
him, so he could sacrifice himself
to destroy both armies.
Cenarion rushes to Kingdom Hearts. Suddenly, everything goes
white. Then Dark. Slowly, the battle fades back to Mickey
and Riku in the Ragnarok.
By destroying both armies, it was
said he ended the war.
Did you see Sora's father?


Yes. He was there.
Riku sits up, looking delighted by the tale.
I miss my friends.
Don't worry. We'll get them back.
You think Xemnas meant it when he
said they would be there?
I believe so, but more of as bait.
Suddenly Chip shouts on the intercom.
Were here, boys. Hollow Bastion!
Get ready back there. We'll only
have a thirty second window for
drop off before were spotted.
Mickey shrugs the blanket from his shoulders and along with
everyone else, prepares for drop off.
Chip flies the ship towards a intersection of sewers. Mickey
opens the side hatch. Gusty winds welcome the party. Mickey
drops a rope and everyone takes turns sliding down.
Fifteen seconds!
Riku is the last to drop down. The surrounding carriers and
fighters fly off. Seconds after, Organizational fighters
chase after them.
Let's find Merlin quickly.
Follow me.
Riku leads the party into the Northern sewer leading towards
the city.


Riku removes a street grate. He peeps out and looks around.
He gets out and signals for the party to follow. After the
last soldier, Mickey turns and notices the last house with
smoke coming from the chimney.
That's his house.
How do you know?
Because green smoke gives it away.
Wouldn't you agree?
They hurry to the front door. Riku signals for a few
soldiers, as the rest hide amongst the courtyard. Donald
waves his wand over the lock and it unlocks. Mickey rushes
in, followed by everyone.
The room is full of rebels, preparing rifles and sharpening
swords. They all rush to their feet, with weapons pointed at
Mickey and crew. Suddenly, an old man walks in.
Well aren't you a genius. Now get
in here. And close the door.
MERLIN is the leader of the Hollow Bastion freedom fighters
and is a very powerful wizard.
The rest of the team walks in. The rebels lower their
weapons. Merlin sits in his chair by the fireplace. A man
closes the door and stands next to Mickey.
Boss? Your friends with a rat?
What did you say Pip!?


Cid, boss. I'll shut up now.
CID is Merlin's hot-headed and loud-mouthed assistant.
Some rebels get up and step aside. Riku and Mickey walk up
and sit down in front of Merlin. Donald stands next to
Mickey, opposite of Cid by Merlin.
Glad to see the Organization
hasn't found you old friend.
As if I would go so quietly
Mickey. Now, why are you here?
The Organization took two of my
friends. We were told they are
Well, they aren't. The only thing
we have seen is more and more
Organization cruisers docking.
What happened to Tron?
It's still active, but the ships
are out of range. They are setting
a perimeter around the city.
What is Tron?
Targeting Radioactive Operations
Nexus. Tower cannons that could
end a fleet in minutes.
Has anyone had any access to the
No. Patrols have kept everyone in
their homes. That's why the
streets are getting quieter,
practically making this place a
ghost town.


Cid quickly turns to the door. He creeps up to it and
presses his right ear against it. Everyone starts to grab
weapons and prepare themselves.
I don't hear anything.
Isn't that good news?
Merlin walks over to the fireplace and grabs his wand,
standing against the wall. Mickey creeps behind Cid.
We heard people earlier. Now it's
completely silent out there.
We will do what we can Mickey. You
have my support.
Thank you, Merlin. Now let's look
for Sora and Kairi.
Cid opens the door slowly. Mickey and Riku walk out followed
by Donald and the team.
Riku and Mickey stare around quietly. Their team is gone.
Merlin walks out. He stands next to Mickey. Riku slowly
walks towards the middle of the courtyard...
Hold positions!
Riku quickly looks up as the dawn light reveals the Archer
Nobodies on every ledge and rooftop, aimed at them. Marluxia
stands on a roof, directly across from Riku. The party
freezes, as Riku faces Marluxia.
A trap!


Of course it's a trap, moron. You
really think the Organization
didn't know you were here?
Where are my friends?
Running late as it would seem, but
no matter. As long as your here,
the party can get started.
Nothing new to see cowards hiding
in the shadows.
Haha. You should have been more
careful. Now don't move.
Merlin starts to walk towards Riku.
What do you think your doing, old
man? Want to die?
Merlin looks up at her.
Oh. You think me weak because I'm
old? Hmm, how interesting.
Merlin slams his wand on the ground, causing a giant bubble
to cover the team. The nobodies fire their arrows, but they
bounce off the bubble. The bubble dissipates, and the rebels
pour out from the house firing rifles at the Nobodies.
Get them, you fools! They must not
leave the city.
Mickey jumps in front of Riku. He twirls his blades causing
a tornado that blocks more arrows and blows the archers from
the rooftops.
Bruiser Nobodies begin rushing out from the nearby streets
and alleys. Riku turns and throws his blade like a
boomerang, cutting down many Nobodies.


Their behind us!
Their everywhere. Be careful, my
Donald points his staff and blasts fireballs at some
Bruisers behind Mickey. Mickey turns and slashes his blades
upward, as Bruisers behind Donald get launched into the sky
and out of sight.
Thank you, sire.
Mickey turns to see Riku racing past Nobodies, cutting them
down as he moves towards Marluxia. Marluxia readies her
scythe, as Riku approaches her.
Were overwhelmed, my King!
Mickey turns and sees the Nobodies rushing at them.
Soldiers! Now!
Disney troops rush out from the sewers and inside homes. The
armies clash together.
Riku cuts down a few more Bruisers. He stops for a moment
and notices Marluxia, waiting for him.
Come boy. Come make me laugh.
Riku rushes her. Marluxia front flips over him and dropkicks
him in the back. Riku hits the ground, flips over and slams
his blade on the ground. Spikes come out of the ground, but
just miss Marluxia.
You must do better than that.
Riku gets up and grips his blades tightly. He concentrates.
Suddenly, his blade glows and blasts energy at Marluxia. She


sails backwards into a chimney, breaking the stone. She gets
Oh look. I've cut you. Now whose
Marluxia turns and rushes up the stairs, followed by Riku.
Sora and Kairi are sleeping in their cells. A bruiser Nobody
approaches with food trays. Kairi wakes up. She turns to the
I'm not hungry. Go choke on your
own garbage.
It opens the cells. Suddenly, it burst into black dust.
Kairi looks to see a hooded warrior, his chakhram extended.
He puts away his weapon, as Sora wakes up.
Who are you?
If you want your freedom, then
come with me.
He turns to walk out, but is stopped.
Your a Organization member. Why
should we trust you?
You will learn later, that both
our sides are not entirely
different. Now come.
Axel runs out. Sora and Kairi are hesitant, but follow him.
Sora and Kairi are out of breathe. Axel looks and sees the
ULYSSES (Emperor's personal vessel) is still docked. They
hurry to the ship.


Sit here.
He points to the pilot seat. Sora sits down, as Kairi sits
in the navigation chair. Axel begins pushing buttons.
I can't go with you, so I will
autopilot the ship to Disney
Castle. Your friends should be
You mean Riku? And King Mickey?
Yes. This whole battle is one big
diversion set by Xemnas. He aims
to end the war tonight.
But he's one of you. Why are you
helping us?
Axel finishes inputting the coordinates. As the booster
engines are coming online, he turns to them. Sora peers, but
can only see his mouth.
Xemnas is my friend. But he is
blinded by the true events of our
time. I have seen what I need to
see and have decided to turn the
tide. Good luck.
Axel turns and runs out.
Suddenly, Nobodies appear. Axel calls his chakrahms and
begins fighting them. Some of the Bruisers jump on the
Ulysses, but the boosters blast the ship into space. Kairi
watches the bruisers fall off, one by one as they hit orbit.


Marluxia rushes into the room. She notices the main computer
monitor the size of a giant flat screen TV. She rushes to it
and places the disk into the drive.
Uploading to mainframe. System
shutdown. Fifteen percent.
A massive fleet of carriers and fighters begins to move
towards the city. Defense cannons turn and aim at the fleet,
but soon start to shutdown.
Mickey looks up as the fleet is slowing moving above him.
The massive fleet shadows the city floor.
Riku crashes through the back window and kicks Marluxia
against the wall. Marluxia charges him and throws her
scythe, which misses Riku.
Your too late.
Riku turns to the monitor. The percent continues to climb,
now at twenty-eight percent. He reaches for the disk, but
Marluxia retrieves her scythe and rushes at him again.
Riku takes his keyblade and throws it at Marluxia. Marluxia
dodges it. She raises her scythe for the killing blow, but
Riku's keyblade returns like a boomerang and knocks the
scythe from Marluxia.
Marluxia then grabs Riku by the throat and begins to choke
him. Riku turns and the monitor reads seventy-two percent.
Riku is nearly out of breathe, but focuses his strength to
call his blade and stabs her.
Ugh. It will take more than that
to stop me.
Marluxia throws Riku into a computer console. Sparks erupts
from the console. She limps up with her scythe and stands
over Riku triumphant. Riku slowly gets to his knees, his
blade resting in his hand. She raises her scythe, as Riku
quickly lifts his blade and stabs her again.


Ugh! Imposs..ibb..lle...
Marluxia falls to her knees. She screams in agony as she
slowly erupts into black smoke. Riku limps to the monitor.
It reads ninety-eight percent. He rips the disk out of the
drive and smashes it on the floor.
Now blow those heartless monsters
from the sky.
The mainframe restores itself. The screen inputs coordinates
and alerts.
The fleet begins firing cannons and rockets in the
courtyard. Mickey begins rushing his soldiers out. A rocket
flies right at him, but explodes before it reaches him. He
looks to the towers, and the cannons begin firing on the
The cannons are online! Flush out
the Nobodies and drive them out.
The city is ours.
Soldiers are still fighting with the Nobodies, but most of
the Nobodies have vanished. The fleet is being torn apart by
the artillery of the cannons, as only a few carriers escape.
Mickey rushes to the computer room.
Riku is sitting by the mainframe computer. Mickey barges in.
He rushes to Riku.
Well done, boy. You saved me and
my soldiers down there.
Did we win?
Yes. We won.
Riku turns to the door and notices a masked warrior. Mickey
turns and stands with his blade ready. The masked warrior is
ANSEM THE WISE in disguise.


Congratulations on your victory,
but this battle is far from over.
What do you mean?
This was a diversion Xemnas
planned to lure you and your army
here. The fleet was meant to
annihilate you, but since you
bested his forces the city is
So what are you saying?
Do you really think he was going
to be here to deal with you?
Mickey and Riku stare at each other, eyes wide in terror.
Then where are my friends? He said
they would be here!
Let me put it this way, with all
of Disney's champions here with
half the army, wont it be easier
to take the Emperor now?
Riku slowly gets to his feet.
Of course. It all makes sense now.
Xemnas planned this from the
He could have captured Sora
before, but let him go. He knew
Mickey would grow close to him.
Enough for a bargain. But when he
captured Sora, he now had
knowledge of the Emperor's
That's why Xemnas wanted Sora. He
knew we would come for him.


So the real fight is at Disney
Castle. But it's too far. We'll
never get there in time.
Take the Nerubian Vortex. You will
travel ten thousand times the
annual speed. Your two day trip
will take minutes.
But it's entirely unstable. We
could be killed.
No more than our friends back
home, highness.
Rest assured, your friends will be
Mickey turns to Riku. The warrior turns to walk away, but is
Who are you?
The warrior turns to face them.
My identity is not important at
this time. But you could call me a
He turns and vanishes. Mickey helps Riku to his feet and
they hurry out.
Carriers swarm the courtyard, picking up soldiers. The
Ragnarok is filling with soldiers. Riku is carried inside by
Donald. Merlin and his rebels also rush in. Mickey closes
the hatch. The Disney fleet rushes out into space.
Soldiers line up on the outer walls. Riflemen and mortar
teams are in the courtyard. Knights and footmen cover the
grounds. Minnie stands near an inner wall, watching the


      (Whispering to
Everything looks good so far.
Goofy walks up with some officers.
I have placed rifles at every
corner of the castle. Knights are
on standby. We are ready should
they attack.
Excellent, Goofy. I just want to
be prepared when the Organization
shows up.
What makes you think they will
attack here, your majesty?
With my husband gone and half the
army...I would.
Goofy bows. He turns and runs down the nearest stairway to
the courtyard. He begins lining up the knights in formation.
Minnie continues to look on.
Company! We've got company. North
Minnie looks at the North tower, then behind her. She sees
torches being lit. They line as long as miles. Tens of
thousands. She slowly walks to the ledge.
Kingdom Hearts protect us. Mickey
where are you?
Torches continue to light up. Ahead of the lights we see
XIGBAR. He stands firm, when Saix suddenly appears behind
XIGBAR is a weapons specialist who uses a crossbow that
shoots multiple arrows and is extremely confident.


Everything prepared?
Yes, my lord.
Good. We attack soon.
Saix turns and walks over to Xemnas. He is overlooking the
surrounding ground in front of the castle.
We are ready.
Xemnas crosses his arms.
Send in the Sorcerers first, then
the Berserkers. Keep the snipers
back here for cover.
Shouldn't we send berserkers
first. Their strength is needed to
take the wall. They are ground
Siax turns to toward Xigbar, but Xemnas stops him.
Saix, you have no strategy.
Saix turns to Xemnas. Xemnas turns and walks right up to
Sorcerers use anti blocks. That is
the source of their defense. Which
means that only physical attacks
can kill them.
Their sharpshooters and riflemen
will hold off most of the
Concentrate our snipers on the
riflemen and send the dusks behind
them to crush the line. This war
ends tonight.


Are you sure you want to do this?
We will lose many.
Just draw their attention for a
while. I'm going straight for the
Xemnas turns back to the castle. Xigbar salutes Xemnas. He
turns and walks away. Saix remains behind him.
Well do this your way. But if you
screw this up...
I think you forget who your
talking to.
Saix is silent. He salutes Xemnas as well, before walking
away. Xemnas glares on the castle, eager for the battle to
Begin firing!
Berserkers begin loading up catapults with giant jars filled
with oil. Once loaded, dusks light them and they fire on the
                                         CLOSE UP
Oh Dear! Mickey, where are you?
Minnie stares helplessly at the incoming bombs. A mile long
line of fiery objects reflect in her eyes, as they fall
closer and closer.
Riku is sitting quietly, watching Mickey. He is silent.
Donald and Merlin also watch him.


I'm sure she's fine Mickey. The
queen is tough. She can handle
He's right, your majesty. The
queen is a skilled archer.
That won't be enough against the
army Xemnas is commanding I'll
Donald and Riku look at Merlin, frowning.
What?...Oh. Sorry.
Riku gets up and kneels by Mickey.
Mickey. Say something. The men
need encouragement and your the
only one here that can lead us.
After a few seconds of silence, Riku gets up and turns. He
takes a few steps, when Mickey finally speaks.
It's Sora. He is the one meant to
lead us. He is the champion of the
Everyone turns to Mickey.
Suddenly, the lights begin to flash. Emergency sirens come
on. Everyone begins looking around, frantically.
We have reached the Nerubian
vortex, highness!
Everyone gets up and looks out the cockpit shield. The
Nerubian Vortex is a massive, purple spinning typhoon.
Lightning shocks are reflecting off the surrounding walls.


We have no choice. Take us
Everyone hang on to something.
This ride is going to get a little
Everyone rushes to nearby seats. They strap themselves in.
Dale begins pushing buttons, and the boosters come on. Chip
grabs the stick, and flies the ship into the vortex.
The fleet gets sucked into the vortex. The lightning shocks
begin reflecting off the ships, causing damage.
Balance us out Dale. We need more
thrust on the starboard engines.
Engines showing a thirty-two
percent decline in power. The
vortex is messing with the
So what does that mean? Should we
be worried?
Yes! Because were practically
flying blind.
Just hold us straight. Dale, give
the engines all the power we can
spare. We have to get back now.
Dale begins pushing buttons again. Chip struggles, but is
holding the ship steady.
The Ragnarok's boosters come online and the ship roars
through. The fleet follows, as a few ships lose control and
are destroyed in the walls of the vortex.


The Ulysses is soaring through the Disney Province of space.
Sora is asleep in the pilot seat. Kairi is watching the
navigation screen. The meter continues to circle clockwise.
Sora! Wake up!
Sora wakes up. Kairi points out the window into space. Sora
looks into the distance and notices a massive spread of
shining lights.
Look at all those stars.
I don't think those are stars
Why not?
Sora looks a little closer and harder. The shining lights
begin to move.
When do stars move like that?
Kairi looks closer, as some lights start to look closer.
Suddenly, they are moving towards the ship.
By the Gods! Those aren't stars.
Their ships.
Maybe it's the Disney fleet?
Doubt it.
Nobodie Fighters escort a transport ship towards the
Ulysses. They reach the Ulysses, as a bright blue beam
shines all over the ship.


They must be scanning us.
What do we do?
Stay still and be quiet.
The blue beam finishes it's scan. It turns and begins flying
away. The fighters surround the ship. They fan out into
attack positions.
The navigation meter begins to flash red. Sora rushes to it.
It flashes "ATTACK INCOMING" repeatedly.
They are going to attack!
What do we do?
Sora is quiet. He stares at Kairi, as shes stares back. Both
accepting that there is no escape.
The fighters prepare missiles. Suddenly a missile explodes
one of the fighters. The other fighters turn to the
direction it came from and see the Disney fleet, led by the
Organization fleet detected
Mickey and Riku turn to the window. They see the Ulysses
That's the Emperor's ship! But
that can't be.


Looks like they are about to blow
it out of the sky.
What if Sora and Kairi are on it?
Riku and Mickey turn to Donald. Then to Chip and Dale.
Protect the Ulysses. Destroy all
Organization fighters. Engage!
Fighters pour out of the carriers. The Ragnarok roars
towards the Ulysses. Fighters engage each other, and
explosions are everywhere. The fighters break off the
Ulysses and fly towards the Ragnarok.
The fleet is moving towards us.
This battle is going to get real
ugly soon. Dale, I need you on the
Dale nods. He gets up and runs over to the gunnery station.
He puts on a helmet and mechanical gloves and grabs hold of
the control stick. He begins to move it. Riku turns and can
see the guns moving on the outside.
Just asking. Do you know how to
use those things?
Nope. First time.
Riku and Mickey share a nervous glance.
The fighters get closer. The guns aim towards them. The
Organization fleet has arrived and is engaged everywhere.
Space is covered with explosions and bullets.


Dale! Now!
Dale presses the buttons on the control stick. Having forgot
to strap himself in, he begins to bounce all over the chair
as he can't handle the thrust from the controls.
Woohoo! Ahahaha!
Dale is still holding onto the control stick as he is
bouncing like a basketball on a court.
The guns tear the fighters to pieces. The Ragnarok roars
closer to the Ulysses, as carriers begin to surround it. The
guns begin blasting madly in all directions.
Disney and Organizations ships are being destroyed all over.
Sora rushes to the pilot seat. He begins pushing buttons.
You know what your doing?
No. But I would hate to stick
around to see what they want to.
Sora points out the window at the surrounding NOBODIE
Here goes nothing.
Sora pushes down on the control stick and the Ulysses roars
Warships chase after them, followed by the Ragnarok and a
handful of Disney fighters. They pass into Disney airspace,
as the warships engage the Disney fighters.
One warship locks onto the Ulysses and fires a missile. It
hits one of the engines. The other engines backfire and
start to short out. The Ulysses stops in a dead float, and
begins to tilt forward in a downward position.


Sora and Kairi fall forward and slam against the glass
window. It starts to crack. Sora gets up and grabs hold of
one of the chairs. He grabs Kairi's hand as the glass
breaks. She is dangling over thousands of feet of clear sky.
Chip flies the Ragnarok to the Ulysses. Riku ties a safety
harness to his waist, as Mickey randomly jumps out. Nearby
NOBODIE fighters race towards the Ragnarok.
The chair breaks, and they fall down a little, before Sora
grabs a nearby cord. They are now hanging clearly out of the
Hang on Kairi!
Sora turns to his left and sees two Organization fighters
coming towards them. He looks to Kairi.
I'm sorry Kairi.
Sora. Before we die, I want to
tell you something.
She turns to the incoming ships.
Sora turns to the closest ship as it gets closer. Suddenly,
Mickey slams on top of the cockpit smashing it to pieces. He
leaps off and slashes the other fighter in two. He lands on
the Ulysses and uses his keyblade to cut out a hole in the
Riku drops down from his harness and grabs Kairi.
I got Kairi, Sora. Go with Mickey.
Sora lets her go to Riku. The Ragnarok begins extracting
them back. Mickey pulls Sora up. Sora hugs him. He leads
Sora back to the controls.


Sora, I need you to sit here and
hold the controls steady.
Mickey rushes over to a control panel and begins pushing
buttons. Mickey and Sora strap themselves to nearby seats.
Power is shutting down and the Ulysses begins to free fall.
So whats the plan?
To get to Disney Castle as soon as
possible. This is the only way.
They both hold onto the straps, as they continue to free
fall towards the castle. The Disney fleet follows, as the
Organization fleet chases.