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The Rules Of A Break Up
by Kip Bowman (bowmanjr20@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: **
The story of a guy in high school where all the girls come to him to talk about their boyfriends and it made it jealous girls never seen him in that light. So with all the information he had gathered in the years. He turns himself into a slick Ladies man who gets with these women and before any kind of relationship can form he breaks it up. He has a etimacy of relationships from what happen in High School. So he meets this girl and before he has the chance to break up with her, She breaks up with him. And it drives him crazy. And he tries to get back with this girl just so he can break it off himself. He's kinda a vein arrogant prick. No women does this to him. But as the dates go on and on its harder for him to break things off with her since he's starting to fall for this girl. Which something he swore he would never do again.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We're at the end of a long narrow hallway. And then we zoom
up to it, to see A teenage boy is seen talking to a few
other teenage girls surrounding him in the hallway, by the
metal red lockers.

The Boy in the scene is talking he's about 6 feet tall. He
has short blonde hair, dressed in blue jeans and White
T-shirt. And Blue over shirt(18). There's one girl who's
about 5'4 feet tall, long brown hair, wearing a Blue Jean
skirt and Light Pink tube-top.(18) The other one is wearing
about 5'6 feet tall, Shoulder length black hair, wearing
white khaki pants and a Blue shirt with a Multi color
cheerleading jacket(18) over it.

We now enter into the conversation between the three of
them. With the camera centering onto the young male standing
Thank you, DEAN, so much for
taking the time, listening to me
about my boyfriend and all my
Yeah, sure no problem at all.
No, I mean you really listen to
me. Like you can deal with what
I'm going through. As getting into
my pants isn't the only thing on
your mind.
Oh, no, I'm not gay if that's what
you're thinking. I'm into women.
We're not judging you. It's okay
If you are.
I'll show I'm not gay. If any of
you girls wanna go out sometime.


No, that's fine, we just don't go
out with gay guys.
Are you deaf, or do you need to
take the dick out of your ear?
What you say? Don't take your gay
rage out on us. We thought you
type of guys were suppose to be
Hey, don't bust my balls over
this! I listen to all your shit
about your boyfriends. And I don't
even get an blowjob or any
You're freaking gross! Do us a
favor and never talk to us again!
Good, I got all I needed anyway. I
was just trying to be helpful.
Next time use your mouth a little
bit more. And not in the talking
way. Then perhaps he wouldn't be
fucking other girls, now would he?
Dean looks around at the other girls there. The Girls now
start to look at each other now all kinda suspiciously at
each other. Wondering if they all did what Dean just said..
Title Card: 10 years later.
Establishing shot.
You see Dean is sitting there in the living room in his late
20's Spiky black hair. In Dark blue jeans and an Blue White
long sleeve button long shirt. The other guy (JARED) is also
in his 20's. Dressed very chic in a white shirt, with black
sport jacket over it and Blue Jeans, with Blonde frosted


They're both sitting in black recliner chairs talking to
each other about the days events. And what they have planned
for it, though out the day.
So, this latest conquest of yours.
You two have been going out for
how long now?
Oh, about 2 months give or take a
few days.
So, you fuck her yet? I know you,
and I bet you have.
Ah, shit yeah. I was tearing that
up within the first week. See
listening to girl's bullshit in
high school, it really turned me
into am pussy magnet. All you
gotta do is listen and shit.
So, that's how you get all kinds
of ass all the time. It's just
about listening and shit?
Yeah, so if you don't mind I got
her coming over tonight. I'm
cooking her dinner.
What, Why?
I figure make her a nice dinner.
Fuck her one more time, and dump
her. It's getting to that time.
Oh, yeah it is. I envy you. I got
to get going. Or BETH's gonna have
my dick, and balls in an jar, near
the bedside.


Shit, I think she did that already
years ago.
I think your right. Anyway see ya
later then man.
Jared now gets up from his seat. And goes over to the front
door of the place and leaves the house now.
Later that night Dean sets up the stuff for the big dinner
and then the doorbell rings. Dean goes over to the door and
answers the door. It's his girlfriend who he's been going
out with for the last few months. Long Blonde hair in her
mid 20's. About average height with a bubbly personality.
Dressed in a long black over coat with matching black boots.
Hi, ABBY. I made dinner tonight.
Hi. You notice anything?
What do you mean?
We've been going out now what two
months almost already.
Oh, that I'm happy.
Dean and Abby are now sitting at a long brown dinning table
and are finished with their dinner. They are just sitting in
the dining room talking about things. Slipping on some wine.
So, you ready for your two month
present, from me?
Sure, surprise me.
Abby now gets up out of her seat and proceeds to strip off
her black coat revealing a little lingerie piece underneath


it. It leaves very little to the mind and is very exposing
in a way. It's a little Black number with little straps on
each side of it.

Dean just has a look of shock and amazement on his face for
the first 30 seconds or so. Before he even says anything to
Abby at all.
Fuck me!
Which I plan on doing.
Moments after.

Dean and Abby are now seen having wild passionate sex in the
dining room table and floor leading them into to the
It's the next morning. Dean and Abby are seen lying in bed,
underneath the sheets, just waking up to each other, in
their arms from the night before. Dean has a look on his
face like "Oh, boy. How Am I gonna get out of this one now?"
Hi, again. That was some night
Yeah, it was. I gotta go somewhere
now. So just let yourself out on
the way out, when you're done.
I thought we could have some
breakfast, but okay, I guess.
It's a Sunny Day outside and Dean is seen talking to Jared
while sitting on a brown thick wooden bench in the park.
Watching all the female joggers going on by. Talking about
the previous night's sex he had.
So, how was last night?


It was all right. But I gotta say.
she's becoming to fucking clingy.
She wanted fucking breakfast
So, you didn't even break up with
her yet?
No, But I think I'll do it now.
Dean now get's out his cell phone from his pant's pocket and
dials up her phone number to talk to her. Abby's phone
starts to ring and it finally picks up.
      (Into The Phone)
Abby, It's Dean.
But it's Abby's voice mail that picks up and a message now
comes up on it.
      (Voice Machine)
Hi, you've reached my phone, leave
your message after the beep.
Abby's phone now makes a beeping sound. To leave a message.
      (Into The Phone)
I'm gonna get right to it. I don't
think we should see each other
anymore. It's been fun, but bye.
Don't hate me for it.
Dean now hangs up his phone and puts it away back in his
pants pocket where it was before.
Well, now that shit is done with.
So, what do you wanna do now?
Since that I'm free for the day
You're such a asshole sometimes,
you know that?
Yeah, it takes years of practice.


A Hot long haired blonde with nice tanned legs in a pink
pair of short shorts and a white tube top show casing a pair
of nice shaped breasts jogs on by them.

Both of the Guys now look at the woman who goes jogging by
with their mouths opening wide open, in amazement at her.
Well, it looks my job is never
done, is it?
Don't you ever get tired of
fucking a new girl, every other
Not really. Cause they don't
matter to me that much.
Okay, if you say so. I don't wanna
hear it when you get
That was a one time thing! If you
excuse me. I got some business to
attend to.
Dean now gets off the bench and goes to approach the female
to talk to the tanned, long legged big breasted blonde

Jared sees Dean work his magic and talk to this girl. After
a few minutes both of them walk away together now. Jared has
a look of amazement and shock on his face now. Like a how
the hell does he do what he does look on his face.
How the fuck does he do that?
Establishing shot.
Later that day Jared,Beth and Dean are seen having dinner at
the dinner room table. It's a Long glass table with brown
cover over it.


Jared's Girlfriend (Beth) is with them. She is in her mid
20's about 5'6 feet tall. Long Blondish brown hair, wearing
a Tan sun dress and heels. Shes very bossy and kinds doesn't
get along with Dean or his outlook on women. But puts up
with him cause he is best friends with her Boyfriend Jared.
So, Dean, how's that girlfriend of
yours, Abby?
He dumped her.
Dude, keep your fucking mouth
What's it matter? None of it ever
really does you said.
You want me to set you up?
You mean with a friend of yours?
No thanks!
Dean just laughs it up at Beth's comments And his own aswell
in a real snarky attitude kind of way.
Ah, come on, what's the worst that
could happen?
I could end up like you. A little
pussy whipped bitch.
Josh now just rolls his eyes at Deans's comments. And just
try's to ignores them.
Okay, fine tell you what. I'm up
for a good challenge. Just give me
the info of where and when.
You're not gonna be a prick now If
I do this for ya? I Mean I gotta
work with her. I gotta listen to
her if you screw her over. Which


                       BETH (cont'd)
your not, right?
I'll be a complete gentleman. I
swear on it.
That means he'll try not to get
into her pants on the first night.
I make no promises though, what so
ever on that.
Fine, I'll set up the double date
then. Two days from now, okay?
I suppose.
Just keep your dick in your pants
for the night.
The beast will be caged.
Card: Two Days Later
Establishing shot.
Dean and Jared are sitting on stools while at the bar
drinking some beers and talking about the double date stuff.
And the women he's being set up with.
So, is this double date thing,
gonna be a good idea
I don't know you tell me. You're
the one who agreed to it.


No, what I mean, have you ever met
this Marie, girl before.
Very briefly. I couldn't tell much
from it though.
So, I gotta ask, what's it like to
in a long term relationship? You
have your up, and down days I see.
But all of them do I suppose, huh?
You know that show "Friends"? It's
like we're the characters of
Chandler and Monica. Only I'm not
that funny, and Beth's more of a
crazy, cleaning demanding bitch.
Never seen that show. But, you got
the part about Beth right, though.
Jared just scoffs at Deans comment, Cause he knows it's true
a little bit about her and her actions sometimes.
You know what we should do? We
should just fucking blow off this
double date bullshit.
And go where?
What about the tittie place down
the street?
Beth, will fucking have my head!
No lie, she will literally take
out a knife, and cut of my fucking
head, and put it in a display
Oh, come on! Be a man, live a
little! It's only down the road.
We're go there for a bit, then go
to dinner after. She'll never know
a thing! That's if you don't say


                       DEAN (cont'd)
any fucking thing!
Why the fuck not. But if she say's
anything, I'm telling her you
drugged me.
Now that's what I'm talking about!
Dean claps his hands together, in an excited way.
Establishing shot.
Dean and Jared are sitting in a dark room by the stage
talking to each other. The music is playing very loud. They
can hardly hear each other is saying to one another. Dancers
are in motion, now dancing to the songs. There is a Curvy
redhead with huge breasts dancing in a g-string on the stage
now infront of them.
You gonna try the all you can eat
What are you like 12? I seriously
wonder, why fucking women like
your corny shit.
Less talk, more ass watching.
Look, it jiggles like Jello.
You see the woman's butt in the g-string jiggles and Jared
just has a repulsed look on his face from the sight he's
seeing in front of his face.
I hate Jello.
Ah, Come on, there's always room
for Jello.


Dean takes out a dollar and puts it in his mouth and the red
headed dancer leans down and takes it out with her mouth and
puts it in her g-string then.
You're a animal. You're
Hey, just cause I like sex doesn't
make me weird. I think it makes me
normal as shit. I think you're the
weird one, acting like a wax doll,
all rigid and shit in a strip
Are you done here yet?
Come on, you pussy have some fun!
Dean punches Jared on the arm lightly. And Jared just looks
back at him. Like he's serious as hell and needs to stop
messing around soon, cause they got other stuff to go to.
No, I mean it's about time ready
for us to leave now.
Dean pushes up his sleeve and looks at his wrist and sees
what time it is on his watch. And has a look on his face.
Oh, shit! I fucking forgot about
that! Let's get our asses moving
then! Ladies, sorry we gotta leave
Dean waves goodbye to the girls as they're getting ready to
leave. Dean and Jared get up from their seats and now leave
to go exit the place.
Establishing Shot.
It's a very posh restaurant we enter into. Everything is
decorated in very fine Marble with lights all through out


the building. The walls are a very tannish creamy color. The
place is packed with tons of customers through out the
                                         ZOOM IN:
You see Dean,Jared and Beth. They're all sitting and waiting
at a dark red and white circular booth now awaiting the
arrival of Beth's friend to get there now.
You told her the right place,
I told her the place, and time.
Pan over to the entrance and you see a woman talk to the guy
who does the reservations. The Man points over to the table
where Dean,Jared and Beth are sitting down at.

You see the woman walks over to the table. She's in her Mid
20's. She's about 5'7 with some what of a tan,long brownish
blonde curly hair,luscious full lips, dressed in a nice dark
tan dress and wearing a almost golden like colored heels.
Holy shit! Dude, you didn't tell
me she's freaking hot!
You might wanna pick your tongue
up now, and remember what I said.
I did. And I will, don't worry.
Dean gets up from the booth seat to meet and great her. Dean
then now proceeds to extend his hand to her. And she sees
this and shakes it then.
                       DEAN (cont'd)
My name's Dean. It's Nice to meet
So, you're the famous Dean, I've
heard all about.
More good then bad, I hope.
Dean just laughs a little at how own joke, when no one does.


I don't know, were have to see.
And, your name is? (pauses)
It's Marie.
Now there's just a bit of awkward silence between the both
of them now. Until Jared breaks it up, by saying something.
You two gonna sit down, or stand
talking all night?
Dean and Marie get into their booth with Jared and Beth. And
now sit down. Dean and Marie on the one side. With Jared and
Beth on the other side of the both. All of them having
drinks. While Marie is starting to ask questions to Dean
So, Beth, how do you know Dean?
He's best friends with my
boyfriend Jared, over here. He
just comes with the deal.
Beth now points over to Jared who's sitting next to her.
                       BETH (cont'd)
And I just gotta deal with him,
without killing him.
Dean, what exactly is it, you do
you for a living?
I run my own business. I consult
on stuff for people. I've done
pretty well for myself over the
What do you mostly consult about?
Relationships, like with what a
couple is doing wrong, and how
they need to fix it.


That seems like a job that
involves too much telling others,
how to live their lives.
Hey, I just tell them the advice.
They don't have to follow it.
Plus it also sounds like the job
the Will Smith character does in
the movie "Hitch". That's not
where you got your idea is it?
Marie laughs and Dean just looks at Marie no, like what's so
funny. Then over to at Jared.
No, actually I've had this
business before that movie even
came out.
Josh now has a nervous look that comes across on his face.
Like things aren't gonna go so well tonight for anyone.
So........ Who wants to get some
Some time later and four drinks later. Everyone is still
sitting at the booth talking. Things are going a lot
smoother, then they were before earlier on. And Then Dean
realizes something.

Dean takes a glance down at his watch and notices the time
now and its getting late into the hours of the night.
Wow, can you believe the time?
It's just flown by!
Yeah, I can't, So I had a great
time. It started out brutal, but
got better as it went on.
This is the most fun I've had in
an while. We should do this again!


Well, just let me give you my info
Marie grabs her black leather purse from her side and then
opens it up and takes out a pen and writes all her info onto
a napkin and then gives it to Dean then. So he can call her
later on then.
Thanks, I'll be sure to call you
Well, it's been fun, and all, but
I gotta get going. I got
something's to do tomorrow, And I
need to get up early for them that
Marie and Dean get out of their booth. Dean hugs Marie
good-bye. And Marie now leaves the group. Only leaving
Dean,Jared and Beth left at the table now. Dean slides back
into the booth at where their sitting, to discuss things.
So, I take it you like her?
I gotta say I was impressed. She's
not like the typical ditzy bimbo's
I've gone out with in the past.
Now who's the pussy whipped bitch?
Oh, blow me, will you!
Language! Do you always have to be
so vulgar? Marie doesn't like that
in a guy. Just to let you know.
I'm just being me. A nasty minded,
mouthed fella.
Well, if you ever wanna settle
down you'll have to change that
then won't you.


Hey, when that time ever comes.
I'll deal with it then.
Whatever, I just don't wanna hear
you pissing, and moaning about not
finding that right girl in your
Hey, Stranger shit has happen.
That's the attitude I suppose.
Jared now makes a whipping type noise and a hand motion as
of he's whipping something in the air.
You're one to fucking talk. So,
has Beth, given you back your
balls yet?
I'm just gonna hold on to them,
until he learns how to behave.
Beth makes a palm grabbing motion, as to say Jared's balls
are in her hand.
So, you two on the same menstrual
cycle yet?
Ha,Ha. Very Funny I'm a woman.
Laugh it up there fun boy.
So, you gonna be okay with a date,
when it's just the two of you? I'm
not gonna get a call in the middle
of the night, about you trying to
push yourself up on her?
I'm not an complete animal. I do
have some manners. So thank you
very much.


All right, then. Come on, Jared,
we gotta be going home now.
But, I thought..........
      (Yelling Almost)
I said now!!
Okay,Okay. I'm sorry.
Dean makes a loud whipping noise. And a hand motion as of
he's whipping something in the air.

Jared just looks at Dean then looks at Beth and gets up
grabs his coat from the back of is seat and now leaves with
Beth. Jared following behind her as she walks away.
Damn, that sad, poor fucking son
of a bitch!
Dean just laughs it up at Jared's poor misfortunes, As they
both walk away from him and out of the restaurant.
Card: A Couple days later.
Establishing shot.
You see Dean's sitting in an black swede chair. He Reaches
into his pocket, and gets out Marie's number, he now
proceeds to calls her up.
The phone rings Marie, picks it up, and she answers it.
      (Into The Phone)


      (Into The Phone)
Hi, Remember me? It's Dean, from
the other night before.
      (Into The Phone)
Oh, hi, I didn't expect you to
call so soon.
      (Into The Phone)
Well, I figured I had nothing to
do tonight, and wanted to see if
you wanted to do something. Since
we had a great time before. Or
atleast I thought we did. Didn't
      (Into The Phone)
Yeah, I had a great time also. I
had some stuff to do tonight. But,
I guess though that can be put on
hold for tonight.
      (Into The Phone)
Great. So, what do you wanna do?
You can pick.
      (Into The Phone)
How about dancing? I haven't done
that in a while.
      (Into The Phone)
Yeah, I don't know about that.
      (Into The Phone)
What's the matter? You can't
      (Into The Phone)
No, I just don't wanna blow you
off the dance floor, with my
awesome dance moves that's all.
Marie's heard laughing at what Dean said to her


      (Into The Phone)
Okay, I'll believe it, when I see
      (Into The Phone)
Well, prepare to have your mind
amazed, and blown away.
      (Into The Phone)
Okay, then. I'll see you there
then. Meet me at the Red Ruby 9 PM
sharp, don't be late
Marie hangs up and so does Dean.
Dean now quickly picks up his phone again and calls Jared
The phone rings, And Jared answers his phone now.
      (Into The Phone)
      (Into The Phone)
Dude, I'm in big fucking trouble!
      (Into The Phone)
What you go, and get your dick
stuck in now?!
      (Into The Phone)
No, it's Not that. I just called
up Marie, again. And we're going
      (Into The Phone)
But, you don't know the first
fucking thing about dancing. Why'd
you even say yes?


      (Into The Phone)
I don't know. I made up some
bullshit fucking excuse. You know
me, and how I am. I never wanna be
shown up. Especially by a woman.
      (Into The Phone)
Well,looks like that big dick ego
has fucked you for once and for
      (Into The Phone)
So, you don't have any advice for
me about this dancing shit? If not
I'm totally fucked!
      (Into The Phone)
Well, looks like you're totally
fucked then there buddy. I ain't
got a shit for you at all.
      (Into The Phone)
That's awesome! Now I gotta do
this without looking like a total
and complete fucking douche bag.
      (Into The Phone)
I can't help you. You'll just have
to wing your way through this
shit. That's all I really can say
to you man.
Okay, thanks for what little
you've gave me, dick cheese.
Both Jared and Dean hang up their phones now.
I'm so totally fucked up shit
creek on this one.
Dean just has a look on his face, like he doesn't know what
the hell he's gonna do or how he's gonna handle this.


You see Dean and Marie meeting each other outside the club,
before they go in. Marie's wearing a long black dress with a
slit going down the side. You see glimpses of her legs
through out the slit when she moves about and black strap
heels. Her hair is half way up, with the rest flowing down
over her shoulders.

Dean's all decked out in a pair of black dress pants, an
white long sleeved button down shirt. With a black blazer
jacket over it and top it off. He's also wearing black shoes
to match the outfit.
So, I'm prepared to be wowed. By
the way nice dressing, Did you
just come straight from a movie
premiere or something?
No. I just like to dress this way
all the time when I go out to
places like this. Well, you better
Dean adjusts his coat and shirt collar a bit, more to his
                       DEAN (cont'd)
But speaking of movie premieres,
you look straight of Hollywood
with that amazing dress and hair.
Why thank you. I try to do with
what little I own or have. Let's
head in shall we then?
Ladies first.
Dean allows Marie to go infront of him first into the club.
What a gentleman.
Dean just smiles a big grin and follows Marie into the club.


The club is very dark and there are colored lights going all
through out the place with the music blaring very loudly.

You see Dean and Marie standing in a more lighted area.
Where the music isn't as loud, so they can speak at a normal
volume and they're seen talking about various things in
their life's and whatnot.
Hey, I'm thirsty, do you want
something to drink?
Yeah, sure.
Dean walks over to the bar and sees the bartender. There are
all kinds of bottles and glasses behind the bartender. With
a clear light all surrounded by them. The bartender sees
Dean waiting over there and walks over to him to help him
Hey, man, can I get two beers over
here then?
Sure thing, coming right up.
The Bartender who's about over 6 feet tall or more and about
40 some years old all dressed in black gets two beers from
the fridge and pops the tops and gives them to Dean.
That'll be 8 dollars then.
Dean takes out the money from his wallet and hands him the
money and then he takes a hold of the beers.

Dean walks back over to Marie who's now seen sitting down at
a little circular black table and hands the drink over to
her, carefully not to spill it on her or her dress.

Marie puts the beer bottle up to her lips and takes a drink
from it.
Come on, let's dance. I wanna do
some crazy dancing tonight. You
know just break loose and let it
all hang out on the dance floor.


Dean now has a nervous look upon his face and wondering what
he's got himself into now. They now both put down their
drinks on the table now. Marie now drags Dean out onto the
dance floor. He resists in a way at first, but eventually
just goes with it.
      (In A Low Voice)
Oh, fuck me.
What you say?
I said "fine with me".
The two of them now head off to the dance floor. With the
flashing lights going everywhere and loud music blaring.
There is a bunch of others on the floor, crowding them.

You see Dean dancing around awkwardly with Marie. Looking
around seeing how everyone else is dancing and trying to do
what their doing. And not to mess anything up at all. Marie
just takes notice to this and his dancing style.
Hey, you're not bad, but you're
not exactly good either.
No offense taken, I guess.
They're both speaking up louder to not try and be drown out
by the music going through out the place.

A few minutes later you hear a loud noise in the club. Like
something feel from the ceiling of the room. Dean is scared
by the noise and looks around not paying attention. Marie
accidently stepped on his foot. Causing Dean to holler out
loud in pain with obscenities. Loud enough to be heard by
Marie, and everyone else in the entire club.
Ahh, shit! My Fucking foot!
What you say? Excuse Me!
My foot, you stepped on it!


Oh, my god, I'm so sorry. But
Admit this to me though.
You don't know how to dance do
Dean hangs his head low after saying that. Cause he knows
he's been found out about not being able to dance at all.
And that he's a fraud.
So, I take that as a no. Why feel
the need to lie to me then? You
can't build a relationship
straight off with a lie, now can
I don't know. It's I need to be
right about stuff all the time.
It's a flaw of mine.
Marie just takes a long hard look at him for a while then.
Without saying anything to Dean. Dean has nothing to say to
her right now at the moment either. A sour look is brought
across on Deans face though, from the altercation.
If you don't wanna be here I'm not
gonna force you to be.
No,No,No. I wanna do this let's do
All right, let's go sit down then
first. Cause of your foot.
Both Dean and Marie are now seen going over to their table
and go and sit down at their table.

The Both of them take a sip from their drinks. And begin to
discuss their problems that they're going through. To see if
they can fix any of this at all, or if it's just done with.


If your not into dancing, what are
you into then?
I don't have a social life much. I
just bullshit with Jared, and his
girlfriend Beth.
Why is that?
Well, my job takes up most of my
Okay, so, do you think you can go
back out there without killing
Sure, I think can do that for now.
You now see the both of them now head back out onto the
dance floor. And see if they can fix Dean's dancing problem
at all
Establishing shot.
Dean and Jared are seen sitting behind their desks. Talking
now about the happenings of the night before. And how bad
Dean thought it all went.
Jesus Christ! What a horrible
fucking night it was last night!
What kind of shit do you mean by
It was going fine for the first
ten minutes. Then everything just
fucking went to shit!


So go ahead and tell me, how badly
did you fuck this up?
I fucked it up pretty badly. Two
minutes into the dancing, I wasn't
paying attention, cause I heard a
noise on the dance floor, and I
wasn't paying attention, then she
stepped on my foot, And I yelled
out fuck a few times. Then later
on I spilled my drink all over
So your saying, there's pretty
much nothing less to say then,
I have my doubts on whether I'm
gonna call her again.
If you had a horrible fucking
time, why are you gonna go out
Cause I feel we have some kind of
connection. Plus I still wanna
fuck her first.You know how it is.
Oh, of course, that's a given.
What the hell, I'm going to give
her a call right now.
Dean gets out his phone from his front pants pocket. And now
proceeds to dial the number up. Her phone rings, But It goes
straight to her voice mail. Her Voice mail now comes on.
      (Over Machine)
You've reached Marie. I'm going
out of town for the next few days.
But leave your message after the
The Phone makes a beeping noise now.


      (Into The Phone)
Hi, Marie, it's me Dean. I'm sorry
about last night. That was just a
bad night all together for me. I'm
sure if you give me another shot
at something more comfortable. I
think it'll be a lot better for
the both of us then. So bye and
just gimme a call then, whenever
you receive this call.
Dean is now done and closes his phone up. And places it away
back into his front pants pocket where it was before.
Slipping man, you're slipping.
Watch yourself. Your Gonna fall
off a cliff, "Looney Toons" style.
The last thing I'm doing is
slipping and losing my edge cause
of some girl. All I just like to
do Is finish a job that I've
Whatever, That'll be the day I
take advice from you Okay, But It
you say so then man.
Card: A few days later.
Establishing shot.
Dean is sitting on his leather couch in the middle of his
living room. He takes out his phone, But just impatiently
plays with his phone. Opening and closing the phone for a
while until he finally opens it up and dials up Marie's
number again. The phone starts to ring. Dean starts to get
excited by the phone ringing. But Now it goes straight to
voice message. And after hearing that Dean now just starts
to sink down into his couch. Where he's almost off all the


      (Voice Machine)
You've reached my cell phone
number. I am not available right
now at the moment. But please,
leave a message after the beep.
The Phone makes a beeping noise now as it did before.
      (Into The Phone)
Hi, it's me Dean, again. Sorry to
keep calling you being a pest. But
I was just wondering if your all
right. You got me worried, please
give me a call when you get this
okay? Bye.
Dean now hangs up his phone now and throws it on the couch
and sighs. He then falls completely off the couch now into
the hard wooden floor, a sad, pathetic, wavering mess.
It's now revealed That Marie has been there the whole time
monitoring the phone call, and deciding if she wants to pick
it up and talk to Dean about the situation or not, going on.
What is it with this guy. Why
won't he leave me alone? He's not
gonna stop, til I see what it is
he wants. He can stew in his
juices for another few days I
Later that night.
Establishing shot.
Dean is seen sitting there on a cream colored cushion chair,
talking with both Jared and Beth. Who are both sitting on a
long black couch about the situation with Marie lately.


So, how are things going lately
with you and Marie?
I don't know. She hasn't been
around the last few days. I left
her some messages on her phone. I
haven't heard back though since.
She hasn't gone no where. I've
seen her at work the last few
What..... The fuck!
Looks like the player, got played!
You two must have had a really bad
night, for her to not return any
of your calls.
Fuck her, just fuck her! I don't
care anymore. I honestly don't
need that type of shit from a
You're just pissed, because the
chick burnt you first.
I don't care! She was a pain in
the ass anyway. And an Bitch. That
remind you of anyone else?
Dean turns his head and takes a look at Jared. Then who in
return turns his head and attention to look at Beth.
I always do have that dumb blonde
bimbo from the park to amuse me,
until I get bored that is til


And You wondered why she didn't
call you back huh? Hmm.
Cause she was a frigid Cooch and
she knew I was too much
awesomeness, for her to handle.
It's simple as that.
You sure do reek of something. But
I know it's not awesomeness, it's
100% pure bullshit on your part.
And you know it. So don't lie.
Hey, If you say so. I'm just gonna
go home now and call up that
little honey now. And set things
up for later on, to do my thing I
do oh, so well. You know.
Dean makes a sexual like face towards Beth and groans in
disgust towards the response to Dean's motions he made.
.Its a beautiful sunny day outside and Dean and The Blonde
are now seen jogging in the park. Where Dean spotted her a
while back before. They continue to speak to each other
while jogging in the park now. The Blonde is in the same
outfit as before. While Dean is seen wearing a pair of blue
track pants with white lines going down the side and a light
blue tank top. With a pair of red running shoes.
So, do you jog all the time?
It's a big hobby of mine. I like
to keep a healthy life style. No
smoking and maybe a drink once
every now and then, so often.
Smoking is a disgusting, nasty
thing. I have a drink every now
and then. Not much do I really go
out and get really plastered.


They continue to keep jogging until they spot a park bench
up ahead. And go and sit down on it for a while and rest
while they keep talking about what they were saying before.
So, I have a idea, let's talk
about our most recent horrible
Yeah, okay. You can go first then.
So, this complete jerk-off a
couple of weeks ago did this one
thing and asked me something then.
What the douche say?
Well, during the entire night he
was hitting on every woman he saw.
And later then, when he went to
drop me off, he get this, asked me
to give a blowjob with pop-rocks
in my mouth.
What the fuck? What kind of
bastard does that shit?
One of these guys that gets off on
pain. So, how about you?
It was this snooty up tight dried
up woman. We danced.
That doesn't sound so bad to me.
Oh, trust me it gets much more
worse from there. So, we're
dancing and about 10 to 15 minutes
into it she steps on my foot. I
shout and holler. Then I spilled a
drink on her dress And then we
Fighted for the rest of the night,
til we parted our own separate


That just about sounds like every
date I've ever been on....except
This one.
Shannon now swiftly looks over to smile at Dean. And he
raises his eyebrows at her in a lustful type of way.
Well, it's about to get a whole
lot fucking better. Main aspect on
the fucking part, that is.
Dean now smiles the same smile back at Shannon.
Establishing shot.
It's dark in the room you can't really see a thing at all.
But the sound of moaning fills through the whole entire room
and There's a rocking head board and you slightly see people
going back and fourth in the dark on the bed. Sex going wild
and fast. You now see Shannon rolls off Dean onto the bed.
      (Out Of Breathe)
Wow! That was amazing! If you're
hungry or thirsty there's stuff
out in the kitchen then, if you
want anything then.
Shannon now rolls over to the other side of the bed and goes
right to sleep now. Leaving only Dean to himself and his
thoughts inside his mind.
Yeah, I don't think that's gonna
happen, anytime soon.
Dean gets out of bed and he gathers his things together and
gets dressed. And up and out of her place before she wakes.
Dean is now standing outside of Shannon's apartment complex.
Dean gets out his cell phone from his right front pants
pocket and calls up Jared's number.


The phone rings. Jared picks up the phone and answers.
      (Half Asleep, Into
       The Phone)
Yeah, hello.
      (Into The Phone)
      (Into The Phone)
Dean, you scared the frigging Crap
outta me!
      (Into The Phone)
Sorry, to wake you. But I just
gotta tell you about that little
blondie, I just banged.
      (Into The Phone)
So, you called me just to brag
about it? Couldn't it have waited
til later today?
      (Into The Phone)
I had this really weird feeling
tonight. It's just I fuck and fuck
and fucked her. And nothing. No
emotion, it's like it doesn't even
matter to me at all what so ever.
      (Into The Phone)
Isn't that how you always are
acting though?
      (Into The Phone)
Yeah, but all the time I was
fucking her, In my mind it was
like I'm fucking that Marie chick.
Ever had that feeling before?


      (Into The Phone)
This sounds pretty fucking serious
here man. This chicks tearing your
mind to shit. Really fucking
inside your head. And no I've
never had that feeling before.
      (Into The Phone)
Perhaps, I just need some sleep to
clear my head.
      (Into The Phone)
Maybe, you go and do that then
Both of them now hang up their phones at the same time
Establishing shot.
Next Morning Dean wakes up and gets out of his bed and goes
to the night stand to get his cell phone. He picks it up
flicks open the phone and dials up Marie's Number. It now
goes straight to her voice mail as the previous other times
he's done so.
      (Into The Phone)
Hi, It's Dean, Again. I know you
don't want anything else to do
with me, but please, just hear me
out on what I have to say.
Dean clicks the phone shut now and puts it back onto the
stand. Where it was before.
This woman is gonna drive me
Dean falls back into his bed, and crawls back under the
covers to escape the light that's seeking into the room.
Later on in the morning.


Dean's cell phone now goes off waking him up in a panic,
looking all around the room. He finally picks it up to
answer and speaks.
      (Into The Phone)
Yeah, hello.
                       MARIE (OS)
What will it take, for you to stop
calling me!
It's Marie now on the other end of the phone. Furious to see
what will it take for Dean to stop calling and harassing her
house, every other day or so.
      (Into The Phone)
I wanna take you out to dinner.
And after that then if you don't
wanna see me then fine. But I just
wanna prove to you I'm not that
guy from the other night you met
in the club.
                       MARIE (OS)
Okay, one more shot. That's it, if
you mess it up you're finished.
Meet me at the panda club 8 PM
tonight don't be late.
      (Into The Phone)
Fantastic! I will be there. You
can count on it.
They both hang up their phones now. And Dean quickly dials
up Jared's number.
Jared answers his phone.
      (Into The Phone)
What's your problem now?


      (Into The Phone)
It's Nothing like that. I called
Marie, before earlier today and
she just called me back a few
minutes ago. We're going out
tonight to the panda club, later
      (Into The Phone)
I thought you said you didn't care
about her anymore. So why bother
going through all the trouble? You
willing to go through all this
just for a simple piece of ass?
      (Into The Phone)
I gotta do this. If I don't, I'm
not gonna be able to continue on
with my life, til this shit is
finished and over with.
      (Into The Phone)
All right man, it's your life to
do whatever the hell you want.
Just don't fuck it up and have
Beth, come chew my ass out for it.
That's all I'm asking, in return.
      (Into The Phone)
Just trust me, that's all I'm
saying here man.
      (Over The Phone)
Oh, I've heard that one before. Go
do what you gotta do then man.
They both hang up their phones now.
Establishing shot.


Wide out shot of the place. With tables all through the
place. With couples sitting at every single one of them
eating their dinners and talking. The colors of the place
are a very lively white shades.

Now we zoom into a certain table and see a couple seen
sitting there. When the camera goes in closer. It is
revealed it's Dean and Marie. And that they are seen having
dinner eating and talking away.
Thank you, very much for agreeing
to see me again. Plus you look
very pretty tonight.
What else am I gonna do? Keep
avoiding your calls for the rest
of my life?
Marie then laughs lightly at her joke.
Hey, What can I say? I'm
.A little too much I'd say. But I
guess that isn't that bad of a
thing, I guess you could say.
Could be worse, I suppose.
I think tonight you'll see the
real me outshine.
Well, were see where it goes
tonight, won't we then.
So, what is it you and Beth do? Of
all the years knowing them, I've
never asked.
We deal in divorces. Looks like we
both help people, but in opposite


Why don't you believe in love?
What makes you ask me that for?
Well, because you deal with
divorces for a living. Helping
people part their separate ways.
And let me guess, you do cause you
help with love? Keeping people
No, not really. Can't say that I
do though. But that doesn't stop
me from helping others finding it.
So, you're like a self-help
romantic then huh? The TONY
ROBBINS, of the hook up world?
Yeah, a "Hitch" like character
that you mentioned before. But hey
someone needs to do it. I've Got
plenty of experience, so why not.
And make a couple extra bucks in
the process too.
Don't go and get too full of
yourself now, okay?
Later that night on. We See Dean and Marie standing on
Marie's old wooden front porch, while talking infront of the
white door to her house.
I strongly misjudged you before.
Your not the total and complete
asshole I once thought you were.
That's a compliment I mean I


You wanna come in and maybe get a
cup of coffee or something and
talk some more about this?
Dean's silent for a while now thinking of what he should do
now about the situation at hand.
Ahh, I'd love to, but It's getting
really late and I got a busy day
ahead of me tomorrow. But Do you
think we can do this again, some
other time? I had a really great
time though.
Oh, okay, sorry to hear that. Sure
we had a great enough time. Give
me a call then, when you want to
go out again.
Marie now hugs Deanwaves goodbye and goes inside her house.
Establishing shot.
.The next following day Dean and Jared are sitting down
having lunch from a small time deli. That they order from
all the time.
So, how was your "date" last
night? And by that, I mean did you
fuck her yet?
Tons better then the first one
went and no not exactly yet.
Why not? Pussy out about it?
It's all about timing. You don't
wanna do it quickly. I'm gonna
take my time with this. Get close
to her and make it happen all of a


                       DEAN (cont'd)
Man, that sounds like a lot of
Hey, shit like this takes time.
You can't rush it with a hit and
"Hit and Run" What the fuck, where
do you get this shit from?
I'm just saying you just can't run
into things like this dick first.
All right, there then DICK TRACY.
So that means you're not gonna
fuck her in awhile then? You gonna
retire your dick next as well?
Cause It's almost useless to you
now then.
Eat a sugar frosted dick asshole.
(Laughs) Just eat up, so we can
get back to work soon.
You see now see Dean and Jared continuing to eat their food.
Dean and Jared are now finishing up with a client. Mr. Hill,
who's a man in his late 40's with grey hairs and a bit of a
grey,brown beard stubble. There are all seen sitting at a
big long wooden black table now.
Yes, MR. HILL, I think that can be
done for you sir.
Everything can be arranged as soon
as its processed. Which should be
about 3 to 5 days.


                       MR. HILL
Thank you, fella's. You've been a
big help and helping me with my
life. Thank you, very much. I'll
check back in a few days then.
Mr. Hill shakes both Dean and Jared's hands then gets up
from his seat and leaves the place through the front doors

Dean now lifts up his sleeve and now looks down at his watch
and realizes he's late for something.
Oh, shit. I gotta get outta here
now. You think you can handle this
last thing yourself?
I got this shit, don't worry about
a thing. Where you going? Another
date with Marie?
Josh scoffs under his breathe lightly.
It's none of your business. But
yeah, I was suppose to meet her at
the movies in about 30 minutes.
No need to get pissy. So, what are
you two going to see tonight?
She picked the movie. I said she
could. It's Some chick flick.
A chick flick? You better be
fucking getting some after putting
up with that shit bro.
I'm sure it won't be that bad.
(scoffs) Who the fuck am I
kidding. It's gonna be fucking
torture. So shit man fuck it. I
gotta get going now, later man.
Dean gathers up his stuff and leaves for his date with


Inside a mall. You see Dean and Marie are now walking out of
the theater talking about the movie they've just seen.
I didn't know you liked Romantic
Comedies so much. You don't strike
me as the type that would.
What can I say. I'm a sucker for
them. I just love a good love
story. They're a guilty pleasure
of mine. (Smiles a big grin)
I say that, cause it's just guys
always say those sort of films are
always for women and such.
What can I say? I'm not like every
other guy though.
As Dean and Marie continue to walk through out the mall. A
guy now suddenly walks by and grabs Marie's Ass. Marie has a
look of shock on her face from it. And what just happen.
Oh, my god!
What? Was It something I said?
No, It's just the guy that walked
by us he felt me up from behind.
You mean the guy that just walked
by, grabbed your ass?
Dean has a look of anger that just washes across his face.
Dean, please, let's go, don't make
a scene of this please!


Hey, guy! You white hat!
You The guy is a white Male, late teens, about medium height
and weight. Dressed all in white, he's wearing a white track
suit and a backwards white baseball cap. The guy stops in
his tracks, after hearing Dean yell to him. And turns his
head around and looks straight at both Dean and Marie now.
                       DEAN (cont'd)
Yeah, I'm talking to you. You
human tampon!
Are you talking to me? If so what
the fuck you say?! I will straight
up fuck your shit up bitch! No
lying about that!
Oh, Christ, please tell me you're
not one of those guys.
One of what guys?
A pussy with a tough mouth. So, I
think you owe my lady friend here,
an apology.
Or what are you gonna do about it,
If I don't?
Nothing. Your just going to have
to deal with being a piece of shit
for the rest of your life, dealing
with being such an asshole to
Oooooh, I'm shaking you're such a
scary motherfucker, I tell ya.
I'll tell you what. You just walk
away and I wont embarrass you
infront of your sexy ass little
slut there.


The guy looks at Marie and makes a obscene tongue gesture
with his tongue. And Marie is grossed out by this, but only
Pisses Dean off even more so then before.
What you say? So, I see it's like
that. And If all else fails, I
could do this.
Do wha............
Dean suddenly kicks him in the balls and while the guy is
kneeling down. Dean knees him straight right in the head. In
the process knocking the guy off his feet and onto the mall
floor. Dean now bends down to say something to him.
Next time you better have some
manners for a lady.
Dean gets back onto this feet then Dean and Marie continue
to keep walking through out the mall.
I appreciate what you did. But
isn't that going a tad bit far
with what you did?
I'm sorry It might have been. But
When guys just do that it angers
me to no length.
I can understand you doing that in
a way, kinda.
Yeah, I was raised by all the
females in my family. And I have
the utmost respect for women and
what they do in life.
Nice to see some guys have some
values in their life.
A bit later on in the mall yet.


Dean and Marie are now still walking around and while
walking they come across a women's clothing store.

Marie stops to look at the stuff in the window. And Dean now
notices of what she's looking at in the clothing store
You like that? Wanna go inside and
have a look at it? If you like it,
Maybe, I'll buy it if you want, If
you want me too. That's all I'm
saying. Don't have to if you don't
want too. (Smiles a Goofy Grin)
Now don't be try buttering me up
now mister. It's not gonna work.
Marie flashes a lighthearted smile at Dean.
Oh, I wouldn't think of doing such
a thing.
Dean now flashes back the same smile to Marie.

Dean and Marie are seen walking into the clothing store.
It's a very small store in size, but there are plenty of
women's clothing hanging all through out the place. With
current pop music playing over the speakers of the store.
They're greeted by a young female employee working. Shes in
the 16-19 range. Very bubbly and high spirited, dressed in
clothe that can be seen through out the store. She's a light
brunette, with pierced ears, about 5'3 or and very Peite.
Hello, welcome to Posh, Is there
anything I can help you find
Yeah, we were wondering if you had
that red shirt out in the front
window in her size.


Okay, what size is she?
Dean looks at Marie, cause he has know what size she is.
A small. My bra size is a 34 B. So
that should be it, I think.
Let me go check in the back for
you then, okay.
The female employee now walks off back into the backroom of
the store to see if they have her size in the shirt at all.
34 B huh? That's nice. Not to big,
not to small.
Oh, don't you even start. (laughs)
A couple minutes pass by and The female Employee comes back
with the shirt in hand now for her.
Here you go try this out. The
fitting rooms are right over there
She points over to the room and gives Marie the shirt to try
it on then.
Let me go try this on then, I
guess. Be right back.
Marie now goes into the fitting room. Closing The door
behind her. Once inside she takes off her old shirt and puts
on the new shirt and comes back out then.
Marie comes back out of the fitting room wearing the nicely
fitting t-shirt. Dean sees this and just has a big horn dog
grin on his face, like he approves very much of this alot.
So, how does it look on me?
Great! It looks fantastic!


So, do you want me to ring it up
for you then?
Yeah, sure. But that's all up to
her there and if she wants it.
Yeah, I guess I'll take it. And
I'll just take it off for now.
Thank you though.
Marie goes into the fitting room closes the door behind her.
Takes the shirt off now and puts her old one back on and
opens the door and comes out now. (This time you don't go
into the fitting room, like the last time before)
Here you go.
.Marie hands it over to the employee. They walk up to the
front counter of the store. The employee now scans it and
the price of the shirt rings up.
That'll be $29.99 please.
For that little shirt?!
Well, it is a expensive brand.
Okay, If you say so.
Dean kinda rolls his eyes after saying that, but still takes
out his wallet from his back pocket and gets the money out
and gives it to her, then she gives him the shirt in a bag.

Dean and Marie now walk out the store back into the mall
Once back out into the mall, they continue now to walk and
talk about stuff. And what else their gonna do for the rest
of the night, and see where it all leads flirting in a way
between the both of them in a kinda obvious way.


You know, I hope your not
expecting to get into my pants
tonight, all just cause you bought
me something.
Of course not, I wouldn't even
dream of it. Do I look like that
type of guy that would do that?
Dean is very smug and full of himself, then smiles cockily.
Establishing shot.
Dean in the drivers side, while Marie in the passengers side
are talking about their night together. The sexual tension
the two of them is so thick, if it was in the air, it be
hard to breathe at all, just cause there is so much of it
These last few weeks have been
just really great. But something
has been bugging me. Why are you
avoiding what's after the date?
Because it seems to be always one
thing or another, after it.
Same here I agree. No I just don't
wanna rush into things that's all.
I really like you alot, that's
Dean brushes back some of Marie's hair from out of her face.
Marie is kinda stunned by this, but at the same time doesn't
object against it neither.
I feel the same for you. I think
it's time for us to move up to the
next step.
Marie now leans in and kisses Dean with passion and fire.
Dean responds to this same as Marie. Then all of a sudden
Dean's cell phone goes off. Then 30 more seconds it happens


again. Dean finally decides to answer it. Cause he knows
it's just gonna keep going off if he doesn't answer it.
      (Sighs and Annoyed
       Into The Phone)
                       JARED (OS)
It's a emergency. Meet me at my
house, that's all you need to
know. Bye!
Jared hangs up his phone now so quickly Dean doesn't even
get to respond to it at all. So Dean just hangs up and puts
his cell phone away.
Is everything okay?
I honestly don't know. Jared just
told me to meet him at his house,
it's a emergency. I gotta leave
right now, I am really sorry. Rain
check on this?
It sounds serious. You should go,
and yeah, we can do this another
You're so great, about this. You
really are.
Marie gives Dean one final kiss before she exits the car.
This better be fucking important!
You see Dean put the car in drive. Then a outside shot of
his car speeding away, down Marie's street.
You see Dean's car pull up into Jared's driveway in a hurry.
Dean is show getting out the car and running into the house.


Dean flings open the door, yelling and cursing up a storm,
all pissed off at what was so important, that he had to call
him at this very second in time. But Jared is nowhere to be
seen or heard from yet.
Jared! Where the hell you at?! I'm
here now, get the fuck out here!
Jared is now shown walking out from another room of the
Dude, what's with all the yelling
about, I'm right here.
What the fuck's wrong? What's the
matter. Why'd you call me in such
a hurry?
Dean, relax it's nothing. Just
wanted to get you over here to
show you some cool shit I just
Show me Something?! What the fuck
was so important, you had to show
me this quickly?! This shit better
be, that you shit gold bricks.
Easy there chief. You weren't in
the middle of trying to fuck that
girl, were you?
Actually no, just heavily making
out. In a way I'm kinda glad you
did. Too much feelings are
starting to happen. I don't know
what the hell to make of them, I
gotta end this soon though, I tell
you that.
Shit, man, sounds like your
starting to fall in love with this
girl or some shit like that. Your


                       JARED (cont'd)
not though, are you?
Who the fuck knows. I got all
kinds of shit going through my
mind as of late right now.
Better make sure your priority's
are in order. So you gonna end it
after the next date? Your getting
around that time. Maybe even over
it, I think.
Mind your fucking business! I got
this shit on lock down. Now If you
mind, I wanna go home, and sleep!
Then all of a sudden Dean's Cell phone goes off now. Dean
then looks at his cell phone to see who's calling and it's
Marie on the other end who's calling up Dean.
                       DEAN (cont'd)
It's Marie.
Dean points to his cell phone. Jared makes a mock excited
look on his face. And puts up his hands in the same manner.
      (Mouth to Jared)
Shut the fuck up!
Dean makes a fist towards Jared, then answers his cell
      (Into The Phone)
Hello, Marie. What's going on?
      (Into The Phone)
I'm just calling to see how
Jared's doing and if you were
available for tomorrow cause I
have something lined up us then.


      (Into The Phone)
Oh, yeah, Jared's fine. Just
needed to show me something. What
exactly is it you have planned?
      (Into The Phone)
Racket ball and then a dinner
between the four of you. You,
Me,Beth and Jared.
      (Into The Phone)
Oh, sure yeah, me and Jared would
love to then.
Jared has a what the hell look on his face from his name
being mentioned. And shaking his head in a no manner, while
mouthing the word "No" over and over again
      (Into The Phone)
Okay, great just me at the fitness
center place then alright?
      (Into The Phone)
I look forward to it then.
Both Dean and Marie hang up and get off their phones. And
Dean puts his cell phone away, back into his pants pocket.
Dude, what the fuck was that all
happy horse shit about? Were do
what? Don't bring me into this
We're gonna go to dinner then. The
4 of us. You,Me,Marie and Beth.
Ah, shit. I told you to not bring
me into this shit. What does she
want you to do tomorrow with her?
Go play some Racket ball down at
the fitness center then.
You and Racket ball?


Jared laughs almost out of control at the mention of him and
Racket ball together
                       JARED (cont'd)
Oh, I wish I could be there to see
that shit. I'd YouTube that shit
for sure, you know.
Yeah, whatever asshole. Like I
said before she called I'm leaving
Dean now goes over to the front door of the house. Then
grabs a hold of the door knob and opens the door and walks
out the door closing it behind him. .
You see Dean has just left Jared's house and is Walking down
the driveway, then gets in his car, backs out and leaves.
Establishing shot.
It's a big spacious room, the entire room is almost a pale
white, while the floor looks a tannish brown. The sound of a
ball hitting the surface is heard echoing through the room.

You now see Dean and Marie are in the racket ball court,
playing racket all. Both of them are dressed in white racket
ball get ups. Except Dean has a bit of blue in his, while
Marie has a bit of red in her's.

Dean and Marie are seen bouncing the ball of the wall at
each other, with the other one not wanting to give up
anything to the other one. But Marie is getting the slight
edge on Dean.

Marie is trash talking to Dean, while their playing, huffing
and puffing, trying to catch their breathe in between beats.
So, how's it feel getting beat by
a girl?


You're not beating me.
I don't even think you've scored 5
points yet, have you?
Marie Chuckles then laughs, while panting and the sound of
the ball bouncing of the walls is still heard in the room.
Hey, I got 4 points to my name.
Okay, but I need to score one more
point to win the game.
Marie hits a rocket of a ball to Dean. They hit the ball
around back and fourth until Marie finally gets the
advantage and slams the winning point home and scores the
final point of the game. But accidently the ball takes a
wicked bounce of the wall and while Dean's not paying and
get's whacked in the face with the ball and he drops the
racket in pain from it.

Marie sees this and just breathe in, like she knew that
Oh, sucks to be you! Sorry.
Well, shit happens. It's not the
end of the world. Could be worse.
Dean now raises his hand up to hold his nose and then it
starts to bleed a little. And the blood gets on his hand.
Okay, don't worry I won't tell
Beth, or Jared, that you lost to
me. Or I did that to your nose.
Alright,I need to take care of
this nose,so let's go get cleaned
up and change in the locker rooms.
Then that we can meet up with
Jared and Beth for dinner tonight.


Establishing shot.
Dean, Marie,Jared and Beth are now sitting at a square shape
table with Dean and Marie on one side. While Jared and Beth
are on the other side.
Dean,Marie,Jared and Beth are now sitting at a black square
shape table with Dean and Marie on one side. While Jared and
Beth are on the other side.

The place is extremely nice looking inside with all kinds of
Paintings and such hanging on the wall,with festive paint
and wallpaper colors all through out the place,and lighting.
                                         ZOOM IN:
To the table you now see the four of them are heavily into a
conversation about the days events that they've had.
      (To Dean)
How are things going with you two?
Things are going great, couldn't
be better, if you ask me.
I did beat Dean at racket ball
earlier today though. But I'm sure
he probably didn't want me to tell
you all that.
No, not really,I'm fine with that.
Well, everybody's gotta be good at
something. And I guess racket ball
is your thing. And not mine at
Jared now just busts out laughing at Dean. He can barely
control himself, from all the laughing he's doing.
You got beat by a girl!? That
shit's just hilarious I think.


Really,do you? You know what I
think is hilarious? Is that you
have to sit down to go pee.
Everyone at the table now busts out in laughter but Jared.
And he has this very pissed off look on his face at Dean.
I thought you weren't gonna tell
anyone about that!
Well, it must have slipped my mind
then. You know how forgetful I am
Gentleman, it's just a game. It
doesn't make Dean any less of a
man, since he lost to a woman.
Beth starts to snicker and laugh under her breathe at this.
Yep, good times I see, as always.
Fun for all, at my expense.
Oh, stop being such a big baby. So
what else have you been doing?
Besides getting beat my a girl?
Nothing much just the simple
stuff, huh, ain't that right?
Like going to the mall,to the
movies. Speaking of the movies,
Dean,beat someone up after we got
out the movies this one time.
Huh, you did what? Shit, I knew
you were crazy, but that's even a
new for you, I'd say the least.
You never learn do you? But then
again, when do you ever?


What? It's not like he didn't have
it coming for what he did.
What he do so bad, that you beat
him up for it?
Some guy was walking by me,then
grabbed my butt and then Dean beat
the ever loving snot out of him.
I didn't beat the ever loving snot
out of him. I just kicked him in
the balls and kneed him in the
head. Then taught him about
Well,that ought to be a nice story
to tell the kids one day. About
how Daddy beat up a some guy that
touched mommy's butt.
The room is now almost silent now cause there's a bit of
awkwardness in the air after Jared's last comments.
One hour goes by and they're now done with dinner. And now
having some drinks and talking how they wish what their
lives would be, if they choose different paths in it.
You ever wonder what it be like if
you took a different road or
approach in your life?
Like what do you mean?
I mean if I didn't stay here and
just went traveling around the
world after I got out of high
So,basically what you're saying is
you wonder what your life be like
if you never met me. Is that what


                       BETH (cont'd)
you mean to say?
No,I'm totally glad we met. And
I'm totally happy where we are in
our relationship. It's just like
I'm wondering what it be like to
live over in Asia, for awhile.
Then go, if you want to. I'm not
gonna stop you, go over to Asia,
see if I give a shit.
No, I totally get what he means
though. Like if I never moved out
here. And stayed home or even went
somewhere else for college.
You know what? I don't wonder,
because I'm totally happy where I
am in my life. And what I've done.
Cause when you're in a funk on the
rocks. I say just dive right into
that thing of a ocean called life!
Dean picks up his glass then drinks what's left in it and
then proceeds to slam the glass down onto the table.
I like the way you think! Just
dive right in, think about things
Yeah, til you're in a debt up to
$75,000 dollars or more from
"living life" like you said.
Like I say "shit happens for a
And sometimes horrible things
happen to horrible people. Of
course I'm not talking about you,
but assholes in general, who say
totally retarded shit without ever
having a thought on what they say.


I've known a few of those in my
life. Come to think of it,Actually
one to many to tell the truth.
Dean raises up his sleeve on his shirt, then looks at his
watch on his wrist. And takes notice of what the time is.
Oh, wow, shit, look at the time!
Why, what time is it?
Almost, 11 PM. Ah, goddamn I'm
tired as hell. It must have been
that Racket ball from earlier on.
Yeah, getting beat by a girl can
be tiresome I suppose.
Hey, Jared, do you think you can
do me a favor?
I'm not gonna shaving your balls
for you, man. No matter how many
times you ask me to do so for you.
No, not that you bleeding anus.
Could you take Marie home tonight.
I don't think I can even make it
to my house. None the less to her
house then back to mine without
falling asleep and crashing.
I don't mind crashing at your
place. You've got a couch or
something don't ya?
Okay, sure, if that's what you
want, you can sleep in my bed.
Everyone now turns their head and looks straight at Dean
after what he's said.


                       DEAN (cont'd)
With me not in it, of course. I'll
be out on the couch sleeping. What
do you think I meant?
With me not in it, of course. I'll
be out on the couch sleeping. What
do you think I meant?
Check please!!!!!
Establishing Shot.
Dean is showing Marie around his house And where everything
is incase she needs to use the bathroom or want to get a
drink or anything else during the night of her stay. Dean is
a bit nervous though and don't know why he agreed to this.
So, I guess that's pretty much it.
Any have any more questions that
need to be answered?
Yeah, I don't have anything to
sleep in really with me at all.
You wanna borrow a shirt of mine?
I got like a million of them in my
closet. Short and long sleeved.
You now see Dean goes over to his massive closet and opens
up the doors. You see tons and tons of shirts in there,
short and long sleeved. And he reaches inside to grab a
shirt. It's a long sleeved light blue button down shirt.
Looks like its still brand new yet,not even worn yet so to
Here, I hope this is good enough
and fits you okay then.


Don't worry, I'm not picky. I mean
it's only gonna be for night. This
isn't gonna be a daily basis
15 to 20 minutes later.
Marie is now only wearing Dean's shirt he had gave her
before and Dean's wearing a Grey Wife beater and baby blue
track pants. You can see the look on both of their
faces,like where is this gonna go and if it does how should
they handle it.

Marie is now sitting on the bed while Dean is standing
infront of her talking to her. Getting ready to say his Good
nights to her so she can go to sleep as him too also.
So, I think you should have
everything you need in here then.
No, I think that's about it. But
can you come over here and feel
this one thing? I think there's a
lump or something in the bed.
I don't remember there being any
bumps from last night, but, okay.
Dean sits down on the bed next to Marie. Dean places his
hand on the spot where Marie said there was a bump. Dean
feels no bump on the bed then all of a sudden he feels
Marie's hand on top of his. Dean looks up from his hand to
look Marie in the face. Marie just has a look of feelings in
her eyes. And so does Dean,but he's totally unsure of they
should do this.
Wait, what are you doing? I think
you've had to much to drink.
Oh, stop being such a woman about
it and just go with it.
Dean nods his head in agreement. And brings his face closer
to Marie's face and they start to kiss. Dean brings his one


hand up to place it on the side of Marie's face while he
continues to kiss her and his other hand gently plays with
her hair, getting it out of her face, so its easier to kiss.

While kissing Marie, Dean now has this look on his face like
something is really bothering him and he's not telling Marie
about it. Dean finally lets go of Marie and she's kinda
startled by this and wonders why he stopped kissing her.
While kissing Marie, Dean, now gets a look on his face like
something is really bothering him and not telling Marie
about it. Dean, finally lets go of Marie, and is kinda
What's the matter? Why'd you let
go? I thought we had a good thing
going here?
I'm sorry, I can't do this, It
doesn't feel right to me at all.
What doesn't feel right about
I'm sorry honestly I am. It's just
me right now and not you. I'm
sorry,I really am.
Dean now gets up from off the bed and grabs a pillow and
blanket from off a chair in his room and then goes out the
door closing it behind him and going out into the living
room to sleep on the couch. And think about whether he did
the right thing and why that was bothering him so much
The Next Day.
Establishing shot.
Marie and Beth are seen sitting down in chairs discussing
the events of the previous night at Dean's place and what


I tell you things with Dean, have
been really great these last few
months. Except for something that
happen last night. I don't know
what happen,he just freaked out.
Surprisingly, I see. Why what he
try and do now?
What's that suppose to mean? It
wasn't him it was me. I was
kissing him a bit then all of a
sudden pulled away from me. Like I
had did or said something wrong to
Well,it's just he has a thing that
he dumps a girl after a few
months, for no reason what so
ever. I'm just worried about you.
I don't wanna see you get hurt
that's all.
Dean is now seen walking into the room now all of a sudden,
almost like from nowhere. And and it surprised both of them.
Dean!(whispers) Shh, don't say
anything to him about it.
What do you know, speak of the
Oh, so I'm the devil, now?
Sometimes I think so. Why are you
here for?
Figured I take Marie out for a
nice afternoon lunch. That's If
she can, that is.


I think so, nothing really's
suppose to happen for the rest of
the day.
I got this. You just take the rest
of the day off okay.
Sure about it?
I think I can handle this for the
rest of the day. You two go have a
good time then.
I guess it looks like you're not
all bad I see.
Well, consider It a early
Christmas present for you then.
Dean and Marie are seen sitting at a clear see thru table,
eating their lunch having a good time talking and laughing.
This is a really nice place. I
don't ever think I've ever been to
this place before.
Yeah, neither have I. But I figure
it looked like a nice place. I've
pasted it plenty of times before
on my way to work.
This is just really nice, nothing
too fancy. Most guys try way to
hard to impress me. But not you,
not one bit.
Yeah, I'm not your average male
though. How's your food?


It's great, how about yours?
Same here, it's good.
30 minutes later go by they finish their lunch and they both
get up from the table. Marie waits while Dean pays.
Dean and Marie are seen walking on the sidewalk after coming
from eating. And discussing what they're gonna do next.
So, where to now?
I figured maybe we could sit on
the beach and watch the ocean and
I can't remember the last time I
did anything like that before.
Dean and Marie are sitting on the beach. With a multi color
blanket under them. They have their shoes off, just watching
the waves of the ocean splash upon the beaches. With them
looking up gazing at the stars while talking to each other.
So, what brought you out to this
great state of California?
It was a mixture of a couple
things. Mostly it was I followed
my boyfriend at the time out here,
To help him become a musician.
I see that went well.
Marie laughs and giggles at what Dean's said.
Well, you're right about that one.
Cause once his music career didn't
go like he wanted to, he blamed me


                       MARIE (cont'd)
for all his lack of success.
What an asshole, it's not your
fault his music probably sucked
anyway I'm sure.
Marie laughs even some more, then last time.
                       DEAN (cont'd)
That's even if you can call what
he did music. I can just imagine
him now, crappy guitar and all.
Yeah, enough of the past and onto
the present. So, have you always
lived out here?
After graduating high school I
just packed up everything I had to
my name and the few hundred
dollars that I had saved up and
Crappy home life huh?
How'd you know?
Like I said I had plenty of
reasons for leaving home.
But, hey, I have a good life out
here, with a great business and
the best friend I could ask for in
Beth, was one of the first people
I met out here and became friends
with. She actually even let me
stay with her for awhile.
Eventually after I had enough of
my ex-boyfriends Crap and left.


Yeah, it may look as I give Beth,
a hard time all the time. But
she's alright and a good fit for
Speaking of Jared. How'd you two
meet up?
Met him at college out here. We
had alot of the same classes and
just one day got talking and so
many years later here we are.
A bunch of kids in there pre teens are heard in the distance
singing. As they get closer you can hear what's being sung.
They're sing the KISSING Song,towards Dean and Marie.

"First comes love, then comes marriage then you're pushing a
baby carriage sucking his thumb wetting his diaper."

Dean and Marie now realize the kids are singing the song
directly at them.
Awww, look how cute they are!
                       KID #1
Look everyone, old people on the
All the kids are making eww and disgusted out noises at
                       KID #2
They're like my grandparents!
The kids continue to keep laughing at the both of them.
                       KID #3
I hope they're wearing diapers, in
case they Crap themselves!
The kids still continue to laugh some more before Dean,
finally has had enough and says something to them about it.
Isn't it past your bedtimes or
something? Don't you have school
in the morning or something?


                       KID #1
Be careful old man or you'll break
your help!
Dean, just ignore them, their only
kids, they don't know any better.
                       KID #2
Yeah, gramps just listen to your
old lady.
A Shocked look of a expression comes across her face after
hearing this said to her from one of the little kids.
Old lady!
I think it's time for you little
monsters to go home now!
                       KID #3
Or what? You'll hit us with your
cane or spray the hose at us for
being on your front lawn?
The kids begin to laugh even louder more now then before.
So, you think this is funny, do
Dean now stands up from off the blanket on to the ground and
takes a few steps towards them, without his shoes on.
                       KID #1
                       KID #2
And so is this.
So, is what?
                       KID #3
All the kids now proceed to throw water balloons at Dean and
Marie. Getting the both of them drenched in the process.
Dean is furious now after this and what has happen to them


Why you little brats!
Oh, Crap!
All the kids now run away with Dean following closely behind
them. While Dean's running after them, one of the kids
throws one last final water balloon at Dean. And this hits
him in square right in the face. Causing him to trip and
lose control, falling face first down into the sand of the

Dean now looks up from the beach and spits the sand out of
his mouth, as the little kids are seen running down the
beach away from Dean.

Dean now get's up from off the ground and brushes himself
off, then proceeds to walk back to where Marie is at yet.
They got away from me.
You think? I could tell from that
little scene over here.
Marie points to her face as she's brushing something off it.
Saying as Dean has something on his face, like sand on

Dean sees this and begins to laugh, soon after so does
Let's gather up the stuff and get
you home, since the nights ruined.
Oh, I wouldn't say it's completely
ruined, but okay.
.Dean and Marie are inside Marie's place and they're sitting
on this long comfy brown couch kissing while watching tv.
The sparks are really starting to fly between the two of
them. It seems as if they're finally gonna finish what they


started the other night before, when interrupted by Jared
You really like kissing huh?
Dean just nods his head then in agreement to Marie's comment
And they continue on to keep kissing and making out with
each other. Hands of each other roaming in places. Mostly on
each others faces, with Dean stroking Marie's hair while
This is gonna be the best night of
your life.
Marie now gets off the couch breaking this kiss between the
both of them and walks slowly towards back the bedroom area.

Dean is starting to get nervous and begins shaking a little.
You can even see him begin to start sweating a bit aswell,
from knowing what he's gonna have to do soon and what he's
gonna do soon about it.
      (To Himself)
Oh, shit,Oh, shit,Oh, shit!
What you say? You're not nervous
are ya, or chickening out are you?
No, everything's okay.(Under his
breathe) Come on, get it the fuck
together. You can do this shit.
Dean now begins to walk slowly into the bedroom and sees
Marie is in the bed beneath the covers with a devilish look
spawned upon all over her face. Like a come and get it look.
Come on, don't keep me waiting.
Marie now waves some of her fingers at Dean, gesturing for
him to come to her and get into bed with her.


Dean pauses and hesitates for a few seconds before finally
getting out a answer, that will try to buy him some time.
Uhhh, but first I gotta use the
bathroom really quick.
Dean is now seen quickly going and running into the bedroom
locking the door behind him.
Once inside Dean is seen panting in a panic on over what to
do, cause he's clueless on the idea of what to do at all.
What the fuck am I gonna do? What
the fuck am I gonna do?! I'm so
Then Dean thinks for a moment and gets a idea of what to do.
                       DEAN (cont'd)
Dean now suddenly gets out his cell phone and dials Jared's
number up.
Jared picks up his phone and answers.
      (Into The Phone)
What do you want now Dean?
      (Into The Phone)
I'm at Marie's. I'm in her
bathroom. And I'm scared fucking
shitless on this!
      (Into The Phone)
What the fuck you doing in the
bathroom? Are you getting ready to


                       JARED (cont'd)
fuck her?
      (Into The Phone)
Yeah, but I don't think I can.
      (Into The Phone)
Stop being a pussy and go just
fucking bang her!
      (Into The Phone)
I don't think I can. I've.. I've
got feelings for her, over these
last few months.
      (Into The Phone)
Oh, What the fuck happen to you?
You never used to be like this. I
used to look up to you. But now
you're a fucking disgrace to me!
      (Angrily Into The
Fuck you!
Dean hangs up his phone now in a fit of rage.
Dean growls and groans in frustration at Jared's comments.
                       MARIE (OS)
Everything okay, in there?
Yeah,Sure,Great,Everything's fine.
Just finishing up in here. I'll be
out in a few, just need to wash
Dean now waits a few minutes to waste and buy him some time,
then flushes the toilet and opens the door and comes out and
closes it behind him.


Dean open's the bathroom door now, only to be greeted by a
angry Marie, who has the nastiest meanest look upon her
face, like she's been told something.
You're a Asshole!
Okay, why?
I just got a text message from
your friend Jared. He told me all
about your little plans. What a
jerk you really are. And what
you've done to all those countless
poor women you've gone out with
and dumped.
I'm not gonna lie to you. I did do
all of those things in the past.
So, were you just gonna do that to
me also? Sleep with me and leave?
At first I was. But after spending
these last few months together,
I've begun to get strong feelings
for you, like ones that I've never
had before.
I just don't know what to believe
anymore from you at all.
Please, just hear me out.
Just get out of my house now. I
can't look at you anymore right
now, even less speak to you.
Listen to me, We can settle this.


This is my house! Get out of my
house! Get out of my fucking
If that's truly what you want me
to do, I will, I'll leave.
Yes it is. Now leave, you've
disappointed me.
Okay, I'm gone then.
Dean gathers up all of his stuff. He looks back at her and
shes just giving him a icy cold stare. And he continues to
go and walk out her place.
Later on that night, its into the 1-2 am region
Establishing Shot
You see it's a dark room inside, with music blaring through
out the place and then you catch a glimpse of Dean as he's
inside looking around at all the women in there. Deciding
which one of them he wants to go approach and talk to.

Dean is slightly wasted from drinking all sorts of alcohol
through his time there waiting and watching. Dean's eyes
finally spot the type of girl we wants to go and talk up.
View over to the other side of the bar.

You see there's a little brunette honey, just standing all
alone, by herself. She's really she in her attitude and
conservative in her dressing style.

Dean finally makes his way through out the crowded area of
people, to finally get to the girl he sees standing all by
herself. Once there Dean try's introducing himself to her.
But the girl is off put by Dean's appearance. And not
willing to have any part in it at all what so ever.


      (Slightly Drunk)
Hey, there. I'm Hitch, So you
      (Kinds Afraid)
Hey? Do I wanna what?
The girl now just looks around the room, to see if any of
her friends are around to help her out with this guy.
      (Slightly Drunk)
Do you wanna get out of here with
me? Come on, you know you wanna. I
won't tell.
I don't even know who you are. Why
would I leave with you?
      (Slightly Drunk)
But, I'm the date doctor, baby!
Like NIKE, says "Just Do It" And
that It Is me. So, start getting
to the doing!
Dean now points down to his big round metal belt buckle
that's on his pants.
Look I don't know who you are, But
you're starting to making me very
uncomfortable. So please, leave
before I call for someone.
      (Slightly Drunk)
Ahh, I see now. Lesbians flock to
the flow of vagina! It's like did
I enter into a Dyke bar and didn't
know it?
That's a very rude comment, that
was uncalled for on your part.
The Girl now just walks away from Dean to another part of
the bar. And this angers Dean very much, to the point of


      (Slightly Drunk)
Good, fine, go! I don't need your
vag! I got my preverbal pick of
the vag patch!
Everyone in the club just looks at Dean, strangely, because
of what he just did and said. And how he has acted towards
that young woman.

They just all kinda move away from him. And he's left in the
one section of the bar all by himself.
      (Slightly Drunk
       But Angry Now)
So, nobody wants to talk to me
now? Well, fuck you all! See if I
ever try to help any of you ever
again. If your wife sucks some
other dude's dick, don't come
running to me. Because that's not
my problem, you fuckers!
Dean is seem sitting at the bar on a stool face down on the
counter. There are a bunch of empty bottles and shot glasses
around or near his head. Dean's heard making these loud
groaning noises, like he's sick or something from to much
drinking in the last few hours and such.

A female like hand with nails done now comes onto screen and
is now placed onto Dean's shoulder. Dean picks up his head
from the bar counter to see who it is, that placed their
hand on him. Dean turns his head and it's revealed to be
Jesus Christ, you're fucking
Dean's trying to talk but most of what he's saying is
slurred and garbled and you can't make a thing out what he's
                       MARIE (cont'd)
What was that? What you say? I
can't hear or make out a goddamn
word you're saying to me.


How'd find now where I am? Your so
pretty, I messed up.
I got a call from a friend of mine
who was here. About someone named
Hitch, starting a bunch of shit,
harassing women.
That's right I am Hitch, the love
doctor, They call me Doctor
feelgood, I make everything feel
alright. Come here and give me
some sugar, baby!
Dean gets out of his seat and attempts to kiss Marie, but is
pushed away by her. And sits back down in his seat.
The only thing you are right now
is an asshole. An asshole who
doesn't know when to stop or know
he's lost the battle.
Come on, don't act that way.
Especially with all we've been
You mean the whole getting close
to me, then wanting me to fall in
love with you. So you could just
fuck me and dump me soon after?
Yeah, how real romantic of you!
Well, fuck you! I'm sorry I didn't
mean that, It's just the booze
talking, that's all. I don't mean
it at all, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna forget that one last
comment of yours. I'm gonna take
you home, then be done with you,
hopefully forever. You understand


                       MARIE (cont'd)
what I'm saying?
Okay, You do that then. I'm sorry
I truly am. I love you, you're my
Dean try's to hang all over Marie in a hugging like fashion.
But Marie just pushes Dean back of her into his seat. And
now she just looks at him with such disgust on her face from
Let's just get you home to bed.
You're gonna feel like shit in the
morning, I know it! Come on, let's
get up and go. I know you can do
it, just try a bit harder to do
Dean slowly get's up off his chair, he staggers a bit, but
he follows Marie out of the doors of the club to her car
Establishing Shot
Dean is now seen just laying in his bed sprawled out, still
fully clothed from the night before. He has such a terrible
headache and sickness in his stomach from the previous night
of hard drinking.

Dean's eyes look bloodshot as hell and he can barely move.
He try's to get up from his bed, but he's do dizzy he just
falls right back into the bed. He's heard moaning and
groaning loudly from his stomachache. He burps, then almost

Dean grabs a hold of his cell phone off the night stand and
flips it open to look at what time it is. It's Late past in
the afternoon. About 2 PM or so.
What thew hell, how'd I get home?


Dean now try's to think back to why he went out last night
in the first place. And what caused him to drink so heavily.

Dean finally remembers what happen to him last night, before
getting totally after his little bar episode.

Dean now has a very angry look on his face, cause he
remembers now what made him so mad in the first place.
      (Pissed Off)
Jared! That motherfucker, I'm
gonna fucking kill him for that!
Dean pulls himself together and finds the strength to get
out of his bed. Go find his shoes and put them on. And then
leave the house to take care of some unfinished business of
Establishing Shot.
You see now Dean comes busting through into the house.
Looking around for Jared and what he did to him the previous
night before. After looking through a few different rooms of
the house, Dean finally sees Jared standing there and
confronts him with anger on his mind to why what he did to
him and what was the reason behind it.
Thanks alot Dr. Dickhead you
totally fucked me!
Woah,Woah,Woah, settle down. Don't
be to hasty now.
Hasty? How's this for hasty?
Dean now quickly and swiftly punches Jared in the face. He
falls down to the ground. And Beth comes into the room now,
having no clue to what happen, just Dean standing over
What the hell's going on?


Beth now takes notice that Dean has hit Jared, cause his
nose is bleeding a little bit from the punch.
Why'd the hell you barge in here,
and hit Jared for all of a sudden?
Cause he totally fucked me, that's
why. He wen and told Marie, about
what I've done in the past
Why'd you do that before?
Cause he pissed me off and I
wanted to teach him a lesson. But
now I realize It was a dumb thing
to do. So I'm sorry about it.
Your sorry?! Well I just guess
that makes everything fine now!
Except for the fact Marie thinks
I'm a total and complete utter
asshole cause of you.
Well, I'm sure Beth can fix things
since she's best friends with
Marie, Am I right?
I honestly don't know how simple
It's gonna be though. Or even if
shes gonna wanna listen to me.
Does she have any brothers or
sisters who I could speak too?
She has a older brother in the
area. His name is Mike.
Do you have any idea of where this
Mike guy lives or works at?
He can be reached downtown at the
auto-body shop he works at.


I'm gonna go with you. A way of
saying sorry.
Your goddamn right you will.
Establishing Shot.

Dean and Jared are standing infront of a massive building
about 2 or 3 floors tall, made out of bricks, with the name
"Mike's Garage" in big bold letters on the front.

Dean sees the address Numbers on the front of the building.
The address seems to match up with
the one Beth gave us before.
Dean grabs a hold of the door and then both him and Jared
proceed to enter into the building.
You hear loud noises and people talking in the shop. Dean
and Jared walk all by these loud noises. Somebody walks up
to Dean and Jared then. The guy there is dressed in a dark
blue jumpsuit who's about 6'5 with black hair, muscular and
Excuse me fella's, do you need
help with anything? Or are you
just here to drop something off
and leave?
Do you know If Mike's here at all?
What do you need him for?
Like I said, I just really need to
speak with him about something.


And I said what for? I just can't
let you come in here off the
streets and demand see the boss.
It's about his sister Marie.
Well, in that it's the last door
all the way on the left.
You now see Dean and Jared walk all the way down the hallway
and get to the left and Dean knock on the door. Wish is a
tan colored door, with a glass window that says the name
"Mike Cameron, Head Mechanic" in big bold black letters on
the door
Come on in.
Dean grabs a hold of the door and both he and Jared enter
into the room. Then once in close it behind them.
There you see a mildly built man in his 30's sitting in a
brown swirl chair wearing dirty blue overalls. The Man is
about a little over 6 foot,short brown hair and a fairly
thin goatee-mustache combo. Mike just has a look on his
face, like who the hell are these people and what do they
want from him?
Hello, you are?
So, tell me do you get along with
your sister Marie at all?
Yeah, I do. But do you still wanna
tell me who the fuck you are and
what the fuck your doing here?
My names Dean and his is Jared.
I'm kinda a boyfriend of your


Well, Dean, in all politeness what
do you mean "kinda"?
I was her boyfriend until this
walking douche over here. (Points
to Jared) Fucked it up, by telling
her stuff from my past I've done.
So, you're a asshole then?
Why does everyone keep saying
What do you need me for if she
dumped your ass for?
Well, he was hoping you could talk
to her for him.
Why should I do that? I gotta
protect my little sister from
assholes like you.
He's not asshole. Okay he's a
little bit of one.
Dicklips, your not fucking helping
me at all what so ever.
What I'm trying to say Is he's
developed deep feelings for your
sister, like he's never had for
any other women ever before.
Is this the truth or are you
bullshitting me more?
I'm not lying. I'm totally head
over heels crazy for her. I can't
stop thinking about her.


Fine, fair enough. What do you
want me to do?
Just talk to her for me. Clear
things up about what Jared said.
What my feelings are about her.
I'll see what I can do. I don't
know why I'm gonna. But I'm not
guarantee you anything. That's
even If she listens and if so
she'll call you.
I appreciate it. Hope didn't
sound like a fucking nut-job
A Few Days Later.
Establishing Shot.
Dean,Jared and Beth are all sitting about lounging in Jared
and Beth's living room talking. Jared and Beth both sitting
on a black curved couch, while Dean is just sitting on a
simple wooden looking chair. While they're all talking about
of course what, Dean and where is relationship with Marie
No word from Marie or her brother
None what so ever.
Perhaps you should just forget
about her then man. Time for you
to move on. Like you say Shit


Maybe your right. Maybe I should
move on.
There's other women out there. I'm
sure a lot of them would like a
guy like you.(Snickers)
Beth now just decides to roll her eyes at Dean and his ways.
Don't roll your eyes at me! You
don't know what my life is like!
You know what, you're a devil
woman! You're the goddamn devil!
You make me laugh with the silly
shit you say sometimes man.
Life is silly shit, from start to
finish. You're born then you die!
End of story!
I see you're finally at the end of
your rope. You've literally almost
lost your goddamn mind, I say.
Dean's phone now goes off and it slightly startles him. Dean
finally notices it's his cell phone and looks to see who it
is call him. He takes out his pocket, looks at it and it
read's "Marie Calling"
Fuck yeah! It's her! I fucking
knew she would call back!
I think this chick has finally
made you snap and lose your shit!
I knew it! In your fucking face!
Dean now quickly and calmly answers his phone now.
Hello Marie.


Marie begins talking to Dean now.
      (Into The Phone)
My brother told me you came too
see him at his work place. Why are
you so interested in me? Cause you
haven't fucked me yet, like the
rest of the others?
      (Into The Phone)
No, that's not it. How could you
think that? Okay, It was, But it
isn't anymore. I've fallen in love
with you though. That's why I've
seemed so weird the last few days.
      (Into The Phone)
So, you were, but you fell in love
with me?
      (Into The Phone.)
      (Into The Phone)
That's bullshit! One Hundred
percent bullshit! Stop lying to
me! Why should I even believe that
for a second?
      (Into The Phone)
I'm not lying! It's the gods
honest truth! Just Go right ahead
and ask either Jared and Beth
about it!
      (Into The Phone)
Are you with them both now? If so
put Beth, on then.
Dean gives his cell phone over, so Beth can speak to Marie.


      (To Dean)
What do you want me to say?
      (To Beth)
I don't anything, just something!
Beth puts the cell phone up to her ear to hear what Marie
has to say about Dean.
      (Into The Phone)
Why does Dean keep calling me over
and over again? I told him it was
over between us.
      (Into The Phone)
Apparently he said he has these
true feelings for you. He can't
live his life right anymore.
You're in his mind so much. He has
no emotions of taste or touch.
      (Into The Phone)
That just sounds like a shitty
excuse though sorry. You even said
Dean was a bit of a Asshole. But
still agreed to it.
      (Into The Phone)
He is a bit of a asshole. Yet he's
a completely nice guy, if that
makes any sense what so ever.
      (Into The Phone)
This is kinda a complicated
situation. I just need some more
time alone to deal with this and
such, you understand?
Marie hangs up and you hear the tone now. Beth closes Deans
phone now and hands it back to Dean.
What she say? Does she wanna meet


That she still needs more time
alone from you.
Well...... fuck! What I'm I
suppose to do?!
Shit, we call told you what you
gotta do.
There's only one more thing left
for you to do next.
I know... I know. I think, I'm
gonna go home and think about
Okay, but don't do anything
fucking stupid though.
Establishing Shot.
Enter into Dean Kitchen area. And there's a knock heard at
the door. Dean now hears the knocking getting more intense.
All right, I'm coming! Don't break
the damn door!
You now see Dean comes from the kitchen into the living room
to go answer the front door that's ringing. Dean grabs a
hold of the door knob and opens the door now. It's revealed
that it's Mike Marie's brother standing there infront of
You better not fuck this up!
Dean now has a confused look on his face, after hearing


Huh, Fuck what up?
This thing with my sister. She
likes you also. But don't wanna
admit it, n fear of getting hurt
again like before.
Hurt again?
A few years ago she put everything
she had into this one relationship
and it turned to shit cause of
him. And she's not let anyone in
close since, no one but you now.
On one of our dates we talked
about love. And I told her I
didn't believe in it. But after
spending time with her, I think
there is such a thing now. You
just can't ever see it all the
time though.
Come with me then.
To where?
Help you out here. My sister likes
you. That was the happiest she was
until what happen between you two.
Thank you. I really think she is
the one. The thing I've waited all
my life for.
Okay, easy man. I get it. Let me
tell you a little bit more about
the situation and how to handle
Some time now later goes on by and Mike's finally done
talking with Dean about his sister and leaves the house and
Dean is now alone with his thoughts.


One week later.
Establishing Shot.
Jared's standing out in the office, waiting for Dean to get
out of the bathroom.

You hear the door knob now rattle, and Dean emerges out from
the bathroom, dressed in a expensive black looking suit,
with a red long tie, with matching black shoes to finish the

Jared now just looks at Dean in confusement and why he's
dressed the way he is for.
What the fuck is up with you? You
going to the prom? (Laughs)
No, not actually. I'm going to my
high school reunion.
How many years ago?
10 years. Yeah, I can't believe it
You gonna bring any sweet ass with
you, or hope to bring you home
I'm not even thinking about it. I
just wanna get completely fucking
trashed though out of my mind.
Okay, well, have fun jerking off
after you get home back tonight.


All right, I'll tell your mom you
said "Hi" then.
Dude, not cool at all, really.
Dean goes over to get his keys from off his desk, and then
leaves out the door.
Establishing shot.
Dean walks into the high school lobby, from the outside
doors. And sees banners and balloons of all sorts of colors,
through out the whole place.

Other people are also walking into the gym, where the are
and where the loud music is coming from heard from the

A women who's about in her late 20's, with long brown hair,
medium height. Wearing a yellow button down type sweater,
with the rest of her boy hidden behind the desk.

The woman is asking everyone to sign in, before walking into
the gym, to do whatever. Dean takes glimpse of this now and
walks over to the woman, who's standing there.
Hi, my name's Leslie. And welcome
to Wilson Cruz's 10th high school
Hey, I guess I'm suppose to sign
in here or what?
Yes, you are. Just tell me your
Dean Lucas.


Oh, yeah, I remember you now. You
were the guy who was every girl's
best friend back then.
I was, but I'm not anymore.
Leslie looks down at her note pad and writes Dean's name
down. And then writes his name on a name tag, then puts it
onto Dean's jacket. Dean looks down at the name tag.
There you go, I hope your allowed
to get married some day like the
rest in the near future.
Dean now just looks at Leslie like has no idea what the hell
she's even talking about.
What the hell's that suppose to
even mean?
I mean the whole gay marriage
issue thing.
What's that go to do with me?
Well, aren't you gay? I always
kinda thought were.
Fuck no! What gave you that idea?
Well, you were friends with so
many girls and didn't have too
many guy friends.
And being friends with girl's
makes me gay?
No, that's not what I mean...
You know what, I don't care. So
Fuck it, and most of all fuck you!


Dean now walks away from the table where Leslie is and into
the gym, with the blaring music playing.
It's fairly dark inside the gym, with the same colored
banners and balloons from the lobby, hanging from the
rafters. With the music blasting at full pace. The gym floor
is made out of hard wood, that has that shine to it, that
looks like a basketball court in a way. With it bein

Dean takes notice to some of his old friends from back in
the day. Standing over in the corner away from the dance

There's about 3 or 4 other guys standing over there and Dean
goes over to talk to them.
So what are all you ass puppets
doing right now?
The guys hear this voice and turn their heads around to see
who it is, and what they want.
Look who the hell it is!
It's every girl's favorite BFF.
All of the guys in the group laugh now at it.
Yeah, that's me, the pussy whipped
bitch, all right.
So where's the misses at? Or don't
you have one?
Can't say I've taken the plunge
yet. But I just did get out of a
nasty break up, a short while ago.
How about all you guys?
I'm married, have been the last 10
years, with 3 kids.


I've been married 5 years, and
have 2 lovely kids
I just did a few months ago, no
kids as of yet, for now.
Dean now nods and agrees at what all the others said.
So, you're not married, but do you
have any kids at all?
No, no wife/girlfriend or kids yet
at this point on my life.
So, what are you gay? I wouldn't
be surprised if you were though.
Dean looks at him now angrily, for what he's said and sighs
in a frustrated way
Why does everyone keep saying that
to me?!
Saying what?
That I'm gay, I've screwed plenty
of women over the last 10 years,
after getting out of school.
Okay, if you've "screwed" plenty
of women over the years, where's
your wife or girlfriend at?
A guy can't be single 10 years
after high school?
That's not what we're saying. It's
just you haven't seemed to change
at all since high school, except
for the fact you have nice, new
clothe and a better haircut.


Without all of that stuff, you're
still the same pathetic loser as
you were back then. So it's no
surprise a women wouldn't want
you. They didn't then and they
don't now either.
So don't try to impress us with
all this bullshit you've done to
yourself over the last few years.
You're right, you're still all the
same assholes you were back then,
as you all are today.
Dean just turns around and walks away from the other guys.
While all the guys continue to harass him, as he walks over
to some empty tables.

Later on in the evening.
Dean is seen sitting at a table alone, with his head down on
the table. And plenty of beer bottles all around him on the
table. Until a woman's voice is heard talking to Dean. He
raises his head up from the table to see who it is.
What do you want?
Dean now looks and realizes who it is. A former friend of
his from school.

The female is in her late 20's aswell, long blonde hair,
(Kristy) pretty tall, about 5'9 to 5'11. Very slender and
gorgeous in a sort of way that most men wouldn't see. She's
all decked out in a long maroon colored dress covering her
entire body.
Long time, no see. How are you
these days?
Long time, no see. How are you
these days?


I see clearly see you pissed off
some people already.
Old habits die hard, I suppose. I
also see it looks like your flying
solo tonight.
No date tonight, I just came for
the free booze, that's all.
Dean now just laughs at Kristy's comment.
Great minds think alike, I guess.
But really, why are you over here
talking to me?
I just thought it looked like you
could use a friend right now.
Kristy pushes away some of the beer bottles away from Dean.
Okay, sit down and have a seat.
Kristen now pulls out a wooden chair from under the table
and sits down at the table with Dean now. And they begin to
Dean and Kristen are catching up on old times and what each
other has been doing the last 10 years and the sexual
tension is starting to amount more and more as the minutes
pass by.
What have you been up too since
Just running a business with a
friend of mine from college.
Oh, yeah, what's your business?


In the love business you could
say. Bringing and keeping couples
That sounds so romantic. I mean
someone's gotta do it, right?
Exactly, that's what I'm always
saying to my friend I work with.
Does your job leave any free time
for your wife or girlfriend at
Well, that's a easy one,cause I
don't one.
So, you've never been married or
No, not yet. And you?
I was married a few years ago
after high school. But that didn't
really last that long at all.
That sucks, there's only so much
advice that can be said, but
people still break up. There's not
much really you can do about it.
So, just two single people here
Probably the only two, since
everyone else here seems to be
fucking one another.
Kristy has a semi-shocked look on her face at what Dean's
just said.


Dean looks around the crowed gym and sees all the happy
couples out there dancing with one another.
This might seem a little forward,
but do you wanna get out of here,
and go somewhere else to talk?
Get out of here and talk somewhere
or get out of here and fool
Kristy now just gives this very seductive look with both her
eyes and licking her lips, all with a lustful look on her
face towards Dean.
Whatever one you want, but I'm
leaning towards the second option.
You know if this was one year ago.
I'd say yes to that in a heart
beat. But as of now I can't do
I thought you said you were
I am, it's just this one girl,
who's broken up with me and torn
me to shit inside lately.
How long ago you break up?
Not that long ago really, a few
weeks ago tops.
Still healing over the process are
That and some other things.
Let me ask you this: You love her
don't you?


My life's been like hell since
without her.
All I can say is learn to take
some of your own advice. If you
change your mind about my offer,
I'll be around here yet later.
Kristen now get's up from the chair and pushed it back in.
And walks back onto the crowed sea of a dance floor.

Dean now just has a look on his face on what not to do, then
he finally decides to put his head back down onto the table.
Folding his arms along the top of his head in the process.

One week later.
Establishing shot.
You Dean and Jared are now seen sitting behind their desks.
And Dean has this really depressed look all over his face.
She's not coming back is she?
No, buddy she isn't. She isn't.
Just time for you to move on with
your life, it looks like she has.
So then you wanna go out to the
bar tonight and get hammered?
Like you have to ask me twice.
You don't have to clear this with
Beth first, do ya?
You know what? Fuck Beth. She
don't own me.


You could have fooled me.
.Funny. I see you're back to your
rude, smart-ass self again.
Later that night at the bar.
Establishing shot.
You see Dean has had like 10 beers and is totally wasted out
of his mind and is barely able to speak without slurring his
words together.
      (Words slightly
This is the only thing I've ever
needed. I was totally wrong about
love. If it was real it wouldn't
have ripped out my heart! Love is
a bitch!
Easy there king of the jungle.
Dean now slams down the shot glass. And belches out loud.
This is the best night of my life!
Well, then I don't suggest turn
your head then.
Why not?
Dean now turns his head to see Marie with on a date with
another guy. They've now have just walked into the place.
Oh, fuck! Here we go.


What the fuck is she doing here!
This is my goddamn bar!
We should be heading out now, I
think. You've had enough now.
No, I wanna meet this replacement
me! What's so damn special about
him, and why he's better then me.
I thought we agreed you were gonna
let this go.
I did, I just wanted to congrate
him that's all.
You Dean gets up from the bar he's sitting at to go talk to
Marie. Jared quickly follows after him so he doesn't get
into any kind of trouble.. Dean, towers over Marie's table.

Marie now sees Dean pop out of nowhere and is frighten by
him it first for a second. Then she wonders why he's there.
Dean! You scared me half to death!
Hello. Why yes it's me, Dean. The
man of your after thoughts..
Please don't make this out to be a
scene here. We can talk about this
later on then, if you want too.
That's your problem you don't
wanna talk in the first place. It
seems you're avoiding me like the
Marie's date a tall bulky muscular guy dressed in a black
and white suit with semi-long dark hair in his 30's. Now
gets in between the both and now comes face to face with


                       MARIE'S DATE
      (To Dean)
Look pal you had your chance, now
beat it and get the hell outta
here. Before you piss me off.
      (To Marie's Date)
Who the fuck are you to be getting
up in my face! This doesn't
fucking concern you so back the
fuck off!
Dean now pushes Marie's date backwards a little bit, with a
angry look on his face, like stay the hell away from her.
Dean, quit it you're acting like
What a asshole? Go ahead and say
it I'm acting like an asshole!
No, I was gonna say immature kid,
but yeah, now that you mention it
you're acting like an asshole.
Then I'm gonna act like a
asshole's suppose to act.
Dean pushes Marie's again date but has little effect on him.
Marie's date takes one hard punch at Dean and he goes down
hard onto the floor.

Jared gets in between the two of them to stop this and
preventing any other damages happen to a drunken Dean.
      (To Marie's Date)
What the fuck are you doing?!
                       MARIE'S DATE
Just protecting myself that's all.
      (To Her Date)
I think you proved your point.


You now see Dean gets himself up off the ground. And he
looks up with tears rolling down his face looking all broken
      (To Marie)
I loved you! But you broke my
heart! Tore it out my chest and
stomped all over it in your heels!
Marie just keeps her mouth shut and doesn't say anything at
all to Dean, but she just has a really sad concerned look
upon her face for Dean. About what just happen to him and
what sort of kinda mind he's in.
We need to be going now I think.
Jared is seen helping Dean get up off the ground and out of
the bar now, away from Marie and her date who punched Dean.
Dean is now see puking his guts out now everywhere in a back
alley behind the bar they just exited. It's very dark back
there and very dimly lit cause of the lack of light there.
Awww, dude what the fuck! That's
Oh, yeah, that's nice.
Dean now proceeds to wipe his mouth with one of his sleeve.
I don't think I'm ever gonna drink
Just puke it all out now and don't
get any In my fucking car! That's
the last thing I need.
Dean now pukes even more this time onto Jared's white shoes.


Dean now just looks up to Jared with a dazed glassy eyed
look upon his face. And Jared is none to happy about this at
all with a pissed off looked going across his all of face..
Oops, my bad man.
Establishing shot.
You Dean is laying on the couch in the living room cause he
stayed there the night because it was too late the night
before to take Dean home and then back home himself