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Batman: The Long Halloween
by Joel Walden (joelman1991@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ***
Adaptation of the popular Batman Graphic Novel "Batman: The Long Halloween"

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Panning helicopter shot of the Gotham City skyline, it pans
into the streets, it passes by homeless people and drug
addicts, the shot ends when it comes out the alleyway
revealing a movie theater that the young Bruce Wayne and his
parents are leaving.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Gotham city was once a place of
justice; it was once ruled by good
men. Today it is a city of
corruption, violence and murder,
and it is ruled by criminals,
thugs and psychopaths.
Young Bruce Wayne, 11, wearing a suit, hair is neatly combed
Thomas Wayne, 44, also wearing a suit, Bruce's Father
Martha Wayne, 42, weaing a red dress, a pearl necklace and
carrying a red handbag, Bruce's Mother
                       THOMAS WAYNE
Did you like the movie Martha?
                       MARTHA WAYNE
It was okay I guess...
                       YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE
Only okay?
                       MARTHA WAYNE
I'm not one for thrillers
                       THOMAS WAYNE
But what about that ending, I
couldn't of seen that coming from
a mile away!
                       YOUNG BRUCE WAYNE
Ya, neither could I
                       MARTHA WAYNE
I did find the ending a bit


Thomas looks at his watch
                       THOMAS WAYNE
Its getting late, we have to find
a payphone and call Alfred to pick
us up.
Bruce and his parents start walking down the street
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
My parents were some of the few
good people left in Gotham who
believed that it could be saved
from the criminals and the
Bruce and his parents walk by an alleyway. The sound of a
gun clicking is heard. A hand comes out of the dark alley
holding the gun, pointing it at the three Waynes. Close up
side shot of the hand holding the gun.
Mugger, 29, wearing tatered jacket and jeans, messy beard,
holding a small handgun
Psst, you three, you want to keep
breathing? Get into the alley now!
Bruce and his parents slowly and calmly walk into the alley.
The mugger continues pointing the gun at them.
Okay, now i want your wallet
(points gun at Thomas), and your
purse and pearl necklace (points
the gun at Martha)
                       THOMAS WAYNE
Okay, just take it easy, we'll
give you what you want
Thomas and Martha begin to put their valuables down in front
of the mugger
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
It saddens me everyday that it was
the scum of this city that took
both of their lives when I was so


The mugger points the gun at Bruce
Come on, we don't have all night
                       THOMAS WAYNE
Oh God, no!
Thomas tries to disarm the mugger, Thomas is shot in the
process. Martha is shot as well.
Bruce stands over the bodies of his parents paralized with
fear. The mugger grabs the valubles left in front of them.
The mugger goes to run off, he looks back and points the gun
at Bruce. He stands there for several seconds. And puts the
gun in his pocket.
Sorry kid.
The mugger runs off. The camera closes in on Bruce's face
                                         FADES INTO
The young Bruce Wayne is at his parent's funeral, he is
standing at thier recently dug graves while being sheltered
by an umberella held by Alfred. The scene is one continuous
shot that fades in from the final close up of Bruce's face
from the last scene, it circles Bruce's head, attendants to
the funeral and two graves with caskets are seen in this
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
At the funeral, I made a promise
to my parents, that I would rid
the city of the evil that took
their lives.
                                         FADES INTO
A 30 year old Bruce Wayne is putting on the Batman suit
inside the Batcave as the narration continues.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I intend to keep that promise


Close up shots of the different pieces of suit being put on
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I am Bruce Wayne...
Close up shot of the Batman symbol on suit, camera tilts up
to his face
Batman/ Bruce Wayne, wearing the Batman suit, black pieces
of armor and a cape. the mask has two bat ear like horns on
top of it and covers the whole face but the mouth. there is
a symbol of a Bat on his chest.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I am Batman
                                         CUTS TO
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
It was Carmine "The Roman" Falcone
and Luigi Maroni who brought
violence and organized crime to
Gotham. Together they built up the
Falcone crime epire and have both
led the organization for nearly
forty years. It was only two years
ago that Maroni retired from
organized crime and left
everything to the Roman. after all
of these years, they are both
still untouchable.
Throughout Batman's narration there are different variants
of shots of Carmine and Luigi at different ages and shots of
many different crimes they took part in over the years
(muggings, drug deals etc.) Ends with a an older Carmine
looking out his Penthouse window to the sky where the
Bat-signal is seen (transitions to first shot of next scene)

Carmine Falcone, 62, wearing a suit, partially bald, grey
                                         FADES INTO


The last shot of the cityscape from the previous scene
continues and zooms to the roof of the Gotham Police
Station. Captain Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey
Dent are waiting standing beside the Batsignal.
Jim Gordon, 41, wearing a brown overcoat and glasses, Police
Harvey Dent, 31, wearing a business suit with a red tie,
District Attorney
                       HARVEY DENT
Does he always take this long?
                       JIM GORDON
Have some patience Harvey, he'll
be here. You have somewhere to
have be?
                       HARVEY DENT
As a matter of fact I do, I
promised Gilda I'd be home by 8:00
and now its..
Harvey glances at his watch, it reads 9:30
                       HARVEY DENT
9:30, damn, now where the hell is
he, we've had this thing on
(points at the Batsignal) for a
good hour and a half now.
A faint swoosh is heard, Batman walks out of the darkness
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
                       JIM GORDON
Oh, Harvey Dent, this is..
                       HARVEY DENT
You don't have to tell me Jim, I
know who he is.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
District Attorney Harvey Dent, so
you think you can bring down the
Falcone Crime Family?


                       HARVEY DENT
Gotham has become a city infested
with violence and corruption. This
city would still be a better place
if it wasn't for the Roman and
Luigi Maroni. This city deserves
to have the Falcone Crime Family
taken out of the picture.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
And you intend to do that through
"good old law and order."
                       HARVEY DENT
I don't take criminals and beat
them to a pulp in order for them
to plead guilty. I find evidence
and use it against them. But if
you could find out anything
useful, I would find if very
helpful, just don't tell me how
you found it out.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
You have to remember that you're
not the first to try to bring the
family down from power. There have
been many others before you who
have tried that have all either
given up, been bribed by the Roman
himself to stop, or have ended up
There is a short pause
                       JIM GORDON
Allright, so now that we've gotten
acquainted, have we agreed that we
are going to bring down the Roman?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
                       HARVEY DENT
      (pauses for a
                       JIM GORDON
Now, do we have any leads?


                       HARVEY DENT
The Roman's nephew Johnny Viti is
getting married tomorrow. I'm
going to drop by there, see if I
can find out anything.
                       JIM GORDON
      (glances over at
What about you?
Batman has suddenly left
                       HARVEY DENT
You really think we can do this
                       JIM GORDON
I hope so.
                                         FADES INTO
Bruce Wayne, 30, wearing an expensive suit.
Opens with a tracking shot of Bruce Wayne walking through
the Roman's Penthouse. He is stopped by guards outside the
Roman's Study and he is searched and then let into the
Roman's study.
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, 65, wearing a nice suit with a
rose in his front jacket pocket.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Bruce Wayne, it has been far to
Bruce shakes the Roman's hand.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
You look so much like your father,
(sits down) so what is it that I
can do for you on my nephew's
wedding day Bruce?
Bruce walks towards the large glass window overlooking the
cityscape of Gotham city.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I'm only here out of the respect
for my parents who...knew your
family. I know you have to get


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE (cont'd)
back downstairs to the reception
soon so I just wanted to keep this
meeting brief.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Thank you Bruce, thats very
respectful of you. Your associate
Mr. Daniel has told me that Wayne
Enterprises is open to the idea of
begining to do business with the
Falcone Imports. I expect your
cooperation with this idea.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Don't, you know I'm against the
idea, but the decision is up to
Richard Daniel, he is the head of
banking at Wayne Enterprises. I
must get leaving now.
Bruce walks towards the door.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Thats disappointing, enjoy the
rest of the party.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I will Mr. Falcone
Bruce leaves the study.
Milos, 48, One of the Roman's bodyguards, wearing a suit and
a earpiece.
Mr. Falcone, would you like me to
"encourage" Wayne like I did for
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Theres no need to, Richard has
assured me that the final decision
is completely up to him.
                                         CUTS TO


Bruce is walking through the Roman's penthouse towards the
elevator. The camera follows behind him as he walks towards
the elevator. He passes by Alberto Falcone sitting down on
his way.
Alberto Falcone, 28, wearing a suit, glasses and smoking a
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Alberto Falcone, or as many like
to refer to as The Roman's "Good
Son." Although he is the only son
the Roman has, I can't see him
being fit to take his father's
place as the Don.
Bruce enters the elevator, the camera is still in the same
shot following him. He presses the parking garage button and
waits as the elevator goes down. The elevator stops at a
floor and a limping Harvey Dent enters. The shot continues
as Dent and Wayne speak while the elevator descends.
Harvey Dent, wearing a tattered business suit and limping.
                       HARVEY DENT
Bruce Wayne?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Yes, thats me, and you are?
                       HARVEY DENT
Dent, Harvey Dent
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
The district attorney?
                       HARVEY DENT
Yeah, you're here for the wedding
I presume?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Actually I just came to speak with
                       HARVEY DENT
The Roman


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
As some would prefer to call him,
                       HARVEY DENT
Don't hide it Wayne, you know as
well as anyone of his involvment
with organized crime.
The elevator reaches the parking garage level. Wayne and
Dent exit the elevator.
                       HARVEY DENT
Bruce you can't deny it
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Although there is no concrete
evidence, I do believe that it is
possible that he has been involved
in illegal matters. Now if you
excuse me Mr.Dent I must be going.
I have a meeting with the Board of
Directors at Wayne Enterprises,
you should have a doctor take a
look at that leg.
Bruce walks towards a parked lamborghini. Dent limps towards
another parked vehichle and enters in the passenger's seat.
His assistant, Barry Clifton is waiting for him in the
driver's seat.
Barry Clifton, 28, wearing a cheap business suit and large
glasses, Harvey Dent's assistant.
                       BARRY CLIFTON
      (commenting on
       Dent's limping)
I guess sniffing around for
evidence didn't work out.
                       HARVEY DENT
This is just a minor setback
Barry, the mob can't possibly
cover everything up that they've
                       BARRY CLIFTON
I'm sure an oppourtunity will
come, when it does we have to
seize it before the mob gets a
chance to cover it up.


                       HARVEY DENT
I hope so, you're a loyal man,
people like that don't come across
often these days.
                       BARRY CLIFTON
Anything to help feed the wife and
kid Harvey.
Clifton turns on the car and drives off.
                                         CUTS TO
Opening shot is an exterior shot of Wayne tower, interior
shot of Bruce Wayne entering the meeting room where the
board of directors as well as Richard Daniel are waiting.
Richard Daniel, 37, wearing an expensive business suit,
sitting at the opposite head of the table to Bruce.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
      (While sitting
Sorry I'm late, what is to be
discussed at this meeting?
                       RICHARD DANIEL
I called this meeting today to
announce that Wayne Enterprises
will now be funding Falcone
The other businessmen applaud
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Wait, what? I was under the
impression that you were giving
this proposal second thoughts?
                       RICHARD DANIEL
Think about it Bruce, Falcone
Imports brings in hundreds of
millions of dollars every year.
Why would I possibly not agree to
this proposal?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Because you know where the Falcone
family comes from, gambling,
racketeering, drugs!


                       RICHARD DANIEL
Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, you're making
some wild accusations about
Carmine Falcone. I only know the
man to be in the importing and
exporting of Italian shoes. I've
even got a pair of them on right
now and they're extremely
comfortable. And I believe that
you have no involvement in the
decision Bruce, as the head of
banking the decision is up to me
Bruce stands up
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Dirty money, there is never
enough, you just need more and
Bruce leaves the room
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I can not....will not allow this
to happen.
                                         CUTS TO
Richard Daniel, wearing an expensive housecoat.
Daniel is standing at his in-house bar making himself a
drink, the only light in the room coming through the
windows. Daniel looks over at the windows. Close up shot of
one of the windows which is open, medium shot of Daniel
slowly walking towards the window in fear about to close it.
Batman pops out from the shadows behind him and holds him up
against the wall. Close up shots of Batman and Daniel's
faces during the confrontation.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Hello Richard
                       RICHARD DANIEL
Please don't kill me, just take
whatever you want.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I won't kill you, I can promise
that, but I can take things you
will miss if you don't cooperate.
Batman tightens his grip on Daniel's arms, Daniel shivers in
                       RICHARD DANIEL
Okay, okay, what is it you want me
to do?
Close up shot of Batman's face, he gives a small smirk.
                                         CUTS TO
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing a dress shirt and pants
with a vest overtop
The Roman is sitting in his study watching the news on his
                       NEWS REPORTER
In other news, Richard Daniel, the
head of Banking at Wayne
Enterprises has suprisingly
resigned his position to go into
early retirement. Leaving the CEO
of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne
in charge of banking until a
replacement is found.
Milos enters the study
Milos, wearing a suit and carrying his cell phone.
Mr. Falcone, I have just recieved
word from Wayne Enterprises, that
they have rejected doing business
with Falcone Imports.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I don't like being lied to Milos,
see it that Mr. Daniel pays up for
his mistakes. Make sure to tell
                                         CUTS TO


Close up of an opening car window revealing Milos sitting in
the back seat.
Falcone says hello.
Milos guns down Richard Daniel who was walking down the
street with his wife. The car drives off. The bloodstained
Mrs. Daniel is kneeling over the body of her husband
                                         FADES INTO
Gilda Dent, 30, preparing coffee for herself and her
The phone rings, close up shot of it. Gilda ignores it.
                       HARVEY DENT
      (Yelling from the
       other room)
Honey, are you going to get that?
                       GILDA DENT
You might as well pick it up, no
one ever calls for me.
Dent enters the kitchen still not completely dressed. He
picks up the phone.
                       HARVEY DENT
Hello...oh hello Jim, what do you
got for me?...What...when?...Is
there anything to prove the Roman
was involved...dammit...okay,
thank you Jim.
                       GILDA DENT
What was that about?
                       HARVEY DENT
It was Jim, Richard Daniel was
gunned down in the street last
night when taking a walk with his
                       GILDA DENT
Oh God, I'm scared Harvey.


                       HARVEY DENT
What are you afraid of?
                       GILDA DENT
You've been recieving phone calls
of innocent people being killed
for not doing what the Mob wants
them to. I'm just afraid that one
day that phone is going to ring
and someone will be calling to
tell me that you...that you...
Harvey walks up to Gilda and hugs her.
                       HARVEY DENT
Gilda, I swear to you that you
will never recieve that call.
Dent's cell phone goes off. He takes it out and reads the
message he has just recieved. Close up shot of the message.
It says, Gotham Docks 10:00 Tonight.
                                         CUTS TO
Opens with an exterior shot of a warehouse. Interior full
shot of the warehouse door opening and Batman and Dent
                       HARVEY DENT
Why did you call me out here?
Batman picks up a file off a nearby table, and hands it to
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
It's a ledger, it lists where the
Falcone family keeps their money.
                       HARVEY DENT
How did you get this?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I have connections inside Wayne
Enterprises, I was able to obtain
these records. All the money from
the Falcone Imports and money from
"unnamed" sources are kept out of
the bank and kept at a secret
location which is this warehouse.


Batman walks over to a lightswitch and turns it on. The
camera zooms back from a full shot of Batman and Dent to
reveal the lights turning on and showing a large pile of
money in front of them.
                       HARVEY DENT
Wow, you think the mob would have
better security around a large
amount of money like this.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
They did.
Harvey turns around and looks in the corner. On the ground
there are three unconcious mobsters stacked up in the
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
You want to show the Roman that
we're serious about bringing him
Batman picks up a container of gasoline.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
This is the first step to
achieving that.
Batman and Dent start pouring gasonline over the stacks of
bills. Batman takes out a lighter and offers it to Dent.
Dent takes it and lights the flame, he stares at the flame
for a moment and sets the pile aflame. They both leave the
building as the bills crumple up and the pile slowly
                                         CUTS TO
Johnny Viti is in his shower. Medium shot of Johnny. In the
same shot we see the sillouette of a mysterious figure
appear behind the shower curtain. A silenced gunshot is
heard, Johnny Viti drops to the shower floor while the water
is still running. Close up shots of a gloved hand placing a
.22 calibre pistol and a small jack o lantern around the
corpse. Ends with a full shot pulling back from the shower
where Johnny Viti's corpse is bunched against the shower
                                         CUTS TO


Dent enters his home as Gilda is putting away halloween
                       GILDA DENT
You're home before midnight, its a
                       HARVEY DENT
I missed you too Gilda.
Harvey kisses Gilda, and then walks into the kitchen while
she stays in the hallway. In the kitchen Dent finds a
package sitting on the table. He looks at it confused for a
moment and then looks out the window, he sees an car sitting
at the curb, there are two men sitting inside it.
                       HARVEY DENT
Honey, when did we get this
                       GILDA DENT
It was delivered to us not an hour
ago. It was strange, I thought
they didn't deliver this late,
it's addressed for you so I
didn't open it.
Dent begins opening the package and takes a small glimpse
inside it. The camera is angled so we don't see what's
inside. Dent quickly looks out the window again at the car
and it suddenly drives off. He turns around and dashes
towards Gilda.
                       HARVEY DENT
Dent grabs Gilda and runs for the door. Dent jumps out the
door still clutching tightly to Gilda. The house explodes,
there was a bomb in the package. The camera moves back out
the door as Dent grabs Gilda and the house explodes. Dent
and Gilda get out just in time. A long shot of the house
burning down.
                                         FADES INTO
The final shot from the last scene transitions over to later
but the fire is extinguished and the house is nothing but


ruins. There are two fire trucks and an ambulance around the
house. Batman is examining the remains of the bomb. Gordon
walks up behind him.

Jim Gordon, wearing his police uniform
                       JIM GORDON
It was a miricle Harvey and Gilda
got out in time. Gilda only has a
mild fracture. Any luck with the
bomb remains?
Close up shot of Batman picking up a charred nail. The
manufactuing number is still ledgible.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
They used a nail bomb, this nail's
manufactuing number is still
intact this should be useful.
                       JIM GORDON
Allright, I also recieved some
other strange news. The Roman's
recently married nephew, Johnny
Viti was murdered in his home
earlier tonight. A .22 calibre
pistol and a jack o lantern were
left with his body.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
      (Pauses for a
Strange.... I'll look into it.
Batman stands up and leaves.
                                         FADES INTO
Batman is crouching on a rooftop staring at the entrance to
an apartment building, waiting.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
The nail I retrieved from the
remains of Dent's home did turn
out to be useful. I traced the
manufacturing number to the
hardware store where it was sold
from. From that store I did a
search on all those with a
criminal record in the surrounding


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE (cont'd)
area. Two results came up, the
first was the recently murdered
Johnny Viti, and the other was
Mickey Sullivan. Another known
associate to the Falcone Famly.
Zoomed in shot of the door to the apartment where Mickey

Mickey Sullivan, 35, wearing jeans and a tattered buttonup

Medium shot from the front of Mickey as he walks along the
street. He stops suddenly and looks up at the rooftops. He
sees the sillouette of Batman. He has a look of fear on his
face. He continues walking and takes a sudden dash into a
alleyway he passes by. Batman dashes from his crouching
position and begins to chase Mickey. Mickey is running
through the alleys while Batman chases him from the rooftops
above him. Mickey has a handgun and is firing shots at
Batman as he chases him, he misses every shot. Chasing and
panning shots as Batman chases him across the rooftops and
through the streets. Mickey finds an open sewer grate and
climbs into the sewer in order to escape Batman. Batman
stops at the ledge of a rooftop above the grate. He jumps
off and falls into the sewer. There is a low shot facing
towards the sky as Batman jumps from the rooftops to right
on top of the camera.
                                         CUTS TO
Batman continues chasing Mickey on foot through the sewers.
Panning and dolly shots as the chase continues. Mickey
begins to outrun Batman.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
He's fast.
Mickey begins making many random turns and eventually loses
Batman. Mickey finds a ladder and climbs up into a random
                                         CUTS TO


Mickey Sullivan climbs out of a sewer grate and starts
running for the street at the end of alley. A medium shot of
Mickey running towards the camera. Mickey is suddenly shot.

Holiday Killer, wearing a large overcoat, hat, gloves and
wielding a .22 calibre pistol.

The Holiday Killer, leaves the .22 calibre pistol and a
small cornucopia at the murder scene. Close up of the
different objects being left around the body. The shots are
angled so Holiday's face cannot be seen. Holiday leaves the
crime scene. A few moments later Batman enters through the
same sewer grate that Mickey came through. Batman notices
the crime scene and walks up to examine it.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
First Johnny Viti on Halloween,
and now Mickey Sullivan on
Thanksgiving. This mysterious
Holiday Killer doesn't want the
mob around anymore, at least we're
on the same side....at least.
Ends with a rising shot of Batman standing over the murder
                                         CUTS TO
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing a dress shirt and a
white apron

Alberto Falcone, wearing casual clothing and a black button
up shirt.

Carmine is preparing a spaghetti sauce for their
Thanksgiving dinner. Alberto is sitting beside him.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (speaking to
       Alberto while
       preparing the
A little sugar, some fresh
tomatoes, and then...


Close up shot of a cutting board with sliced sausage on it.
Carmine picks up the board and dumps the sausuage pieces
into the sauce.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
you add the sausages. We've got a
lot to be thankful for today,
Carla Viti storms into the kitchen, followed shortly by

Carla Viti, 56, The Roman's sister and the late Johnny
Viti's mother. Wearing a black dress coat.

Milos, wearing same suit as before.
                       CARLA VITI
      (in anger)
Like what Carmine?
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Carla, my dear sister, what's
                       CARLA VITI
Jesus Carmine, my Johnny's in the
ground. Now tell me what I've
gotta be so damn thankful for?
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Carla, I have the matter being
handled, we just haven't found any
leads to discover who could
possibly be behind poor Johnny's
                       CARLA VITI
You don't need evidence to know
whos behind it.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
What are you talking about.
                       CARLA VITI
It's the D.A. who is behind it.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (gives a mild
Harvey Dent?


                       CARLA VITI
Look, he's trying to bring down
the family business and maybe he's
a little too determined to suceed.
Close up shot of Alberto's face, in each lens of his
eyeglasses you can Carmine's face in one and Carla's in the
other as they speak.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Carla it is tragic that Johnny was
taken from us. But I know Harvey
Dent, he isn't willing to kill to
bring us down. He plays things by
the book, he isn't that crazy. (To
Milos), Yes Milos what is it?
It's Mickey Sullivan, he was shot
in an alleyway uptown, he's dead.
A .22 calibre pistol as well as a
small, uhh what are those things
called again, with the uhhh fruit,
ummm cornucopia, thats it, both of
those left at the scene. Very
similar to how Johnny boy was
ummm, taken.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
This is a problem, two murders so
far, both on holidays someone
other than Dent and the Bat want
us gone.
                       CARLA VITI
Or you could say Dent wants us
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I thought we settled that
discussion. Now, its thanksgiving,
let us enjoy tonight in the memory
of our friends and loved ones we
have lost, Johnny Viti and Mickey
Sullivan. We are to be thankful
for what we still have. We'll
begin dealing more thoroughly with
this problem later.
                                         FADES INTO


It is Christmas Eve, Batman and Gordon are walking towards
Arkham Asylum, it is snowing. The scene opens with one
continuous high shot of Gordon and Batman walking through
the entrance gate to Arkham. In that shot the camera slowly
pans from the two of them walking to the sign that says
"Arkham Asylum".
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Two murders have both occured on
holidays, both victims are part of
the Falcone crime family, and both
were killed with a .22 calibre
pistol. Johnny Viti on Halloween,
Mickey Sullivan on Thanksgiving.
Today is Christmas Eve, another
murder is inevitable. Gordon and I
have been looking for clues of who
could be behind this, we have
found nothing. Whoever is doing
this knows what he's doing. I
figured that the only way of
finding anything on this Holiday
Killer is by talking to an old
friend of mine.
Camera closes in on the sign that says "Arkham Asylum."
Dolly shot of Batman and Gordon walking towards the front
entrance doors to the asylum itself.
                       JIM GORDON
You really think after the history
you two have had that he is just
going to help us?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
He'll talk, he's the only chance
we have at figuring out who could
be behind these murders.
                       JIM GORDON
He better, with the Joker's recent
escape from Arkham I'm beginning
to think that trying to figure out
this "Holiday Killer" is a waste
of time. At least he's not killing
innocents for no apparent reason.
Batman and Gordon enter the asylum.


                                         CUTS TO
Opens with a shot of the city view from the window the
camera pulls back revealing Joker reading the newspaper, he
is reading an article titled "Holiday Killer Stalks Gotham",
in the bottom corner of the page there is a smaller article
titled "Joker's Recent Escape Leaves Citizens in Fear". The
radio is playing in the background.
The Joker, 29, wearing a striped purple suit with a green
shirt. Green hair, wearing white makeup on his face with
black makeup around his eyes. He has red makeup covering his
mouth and scars on the side of his face in the shape of a
                       RADIO HOST
Well folks it's Christmas Eve and
its 11:58 PM, its about time that
I get going. You all have a Merry
Christmas, we'll leave you off
with this classic number.
Silent Night begins playing on the radio. The same shot
continues pulling back revealing that the room is trashed,
there are two bodies laying on the ground, a man and a
woman. Close up shot of the newspaper, the camera moves from
the large article about Holiday to the small one about
                       THE JOKER
      (quietly mimicking
       the song)
                       THE JOKER
Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy Infant so tender and mild,
sleep in heavenly peeeeeaa pfft
heh ha ha ah hoo hee haa hoo
As the line "sleep in heavenly peace" repeats itself for the
first time. Joker pulls out a shotgun and shoots the radio
just before the word "peace" is said. The music stops. Joker
gets up.
                       THE JOKER
I hate that song.


Joker walks over into the other room still carrying the
newspaper, he picks up a large bag filled with valubles he
has taken from the now dead couple. He folds up the
newspaper and shoves it into the bag. He puts the bag over
his shoulder, steps over the two bodies and suddenly stops.
                       THE JOKER
Oops, almost forgot.
Joker drops the bag and crouches over the two bodies.
Grabbing their hands and pulling off thier rings. He looks
at the different rings, the first he looks disgusted at and
throws it across the room. He likes the second one that has
a large diamond on it.
                       THE JOKER
Thats more like it.
Joker glances at the man's corpse.
                       THE JOKER
Good taste, I'm sure she was a
wonderful woman. At least you're
together forever now, ha ha ha ha
He tosses the ring into his bag. Joker reaches into his back
pocket and pulls out a joker card and throws it at the man's
                       THE JOKER
Consider it a souvenir, hehe
Joker picks up the bag and walks into the hallway, humming
the melody of Silent Night to himself. Joker walks away from
the camera as he walks down the hallway with the bag.
                                         CUTS TO
Batman and Gordon are walking through the hallways and wards
of Arkham. They walk past many different cells where
different psychopaths are incarcerated.
                       JIM GORDON
So many here. Nearly double from
when you first appeared. Not that
there is a direct correlation


Close up shot of window to a cell Gordon and Batman are
walking past. A crazy is pressing his face agaist the window
                       ARKHAM CRAZY 1
The bat has come back to play!
Batman and Gordon continue walking.
                       JIM GORDON
Jesus...do you give it any
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
                       JIM GORDON
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I know what Gordon is implying.
That my presence somehow attracts
these men to my city. Jim Gordon
is a good man. He and the police
do the best they can with limited
Gordon and Batman enter the ward with the "Maximum Secuirty
Zone" sign above it. Close up shot of the sign.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
But, Gotham City needs Batman to
protect her from the criminals
that threaten her every day.
Criminals like the one we need
assistance from today. Edward
Nigma, or known to more people as
"The Riddler"
                                         FADES INTO
There is a full shot of a young Edward Nigma (around 6 years
old) sitting in a room playing with a rubix cube. The shot
lasts several seconds as he solves the rubix cube. The
camera slowly sooms in on the rubix cube once it is solved.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
In his file it is written that
Edward Nigma has been a citizen of
Gotham since he was born. Ever
since his early years of school he
has been known for his
intelligence and love of puzzles
and riddles.
                                         FADES INTO
Edward Nigma, 20, red hair, wearing a green jacket, black
shirt, torn jeans and green aviator sunglasses.

Nigma is sitting at his seat with his feet up on his desk
and writing different riddles in his journal as well as
several random numbers and question marks. All his fellow
students are struggling taking notes from the professor.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
After finishing high school with
unbelievable grades, he went to
the University of Gotham. He spent
his years there outsmarting
professors and getting perfect
scores on all his assignments and
exams. It was reported by his
fellow students that Nigma never
studied for his exams, they
claimed that he could figure out
the answers using pure logic. He
has been quoted by his professors
and classmates as being "too smart
for his own good."
The professor stops his lecture and glances over at Nigma.
                       PROFESSOR HARRISON
Mr. Nigma, does my lecture bore
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Question: Why do I appear bored by
your lecture?.. I'm not, I find it
                       PROFESSOR HARRISON


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
I don't need to listen to
something I already know.
                       PROFESSOR HARRISON
You think you know this? I
introduced this type of equation
just today, I haven't even shown
you all how to solve it. Why don't
you show us all how easy this is.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Nigma gets up and walks down the stairs to the chalkboard.
Close up shot of the equation on the board. Nigma begins
answering the problem. There are reaction shots of the
professor and different students in the class. Nigma
finishes the equation and hands the chalk back to the
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Tell me I'm wrong Harrison.
                       PROFESSOR HARRISON
You....aren't, how?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Question: How did I solve your
eqauation? I used simple logic.
Nigma reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded up
piece of paper ripped from his journal. He unfolds it.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
And heres something else for you.
There is a similar kind of equation on the paper that looks
much more complicated. Nigma hands the paper to the
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
A little homework for you. The
answers are on the back.
Close up of Nigma's hand handing the paper to the professor.
                                         FADES INTO


Edward Nigma, wearing graduation robes and his green
A close up shot of Nigma's hand being given the diploma.
Nigma is handed his diploma. He steps down from the stage.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
After graduating, Nigma was
introduced to Carmine Falcone.
While Nigma is walking down from the stage Carmine Falcone
approaches him and begins talking to him.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Edward, congratulations on your
absolutely incredible grades.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
You are Carmine Falcone.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
That I am, and I'm giving you an
offer you can't refuse. Our
organization could use a mind like
yours. All we need you to do is
help make tasks that would seem
difficult to us, easier. You will
be greatly compensated in return.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Nigma accepted the Roman's offer.
He began helping the mob with
different tasks. It was during
this time that he gained the title
"The Riddler".
                                         CUTS TO
Opens with a full shot of the Gotham Bank Entrance from the

Edward Nigma/Riddler, wearing his green aviators, a green
suit with black question marks all over it, as well as a
green bowler hat.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
It was during Nigma's first on
location heist that he experienced
his first mistake.
Nigma and four other criminals wearing black face masks
(Nigma isn't wearing one), enter the bank. The are all
armed with pistols and machine guns. When they enter Nigma
points to the corner beside the door. Close up shot of a
security camera in that corner.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
One of the criminals shoots the camera out. The civillians
and employees at the bank react to the gunshot in panic.
Riddler continues pointing out the cameras and the other
criminals shoot them out. Close up shot of each camera
getting shot.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Camera, Camera, Camera.
After shooting out the cameras, Riddler points at two of the
masked criminals he is with.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
You two, crowd control. Tell
everyone to get down on the ground
and remove any kind of weapon from
anyone who looks anything like a
security guard.
The two criminals nod and run over to the crowds and
employees. Riddler looks at the criminal holding the bag.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
You with the bag, come with me,
and you, (points at last criminal)
keep watch. We'll only be 197
                       CRIMINAL 1
Uhh, okay.
Nigma and the criminal with the bag walk into the bank
manager's office. In the office, the bank manager is
reaching for the silent alarm button beneath his desk.
Close up shot of his hand reaching for the button. Nigma
suddenly enters and shoots at the desk with his pistol
shooting out the silent alarm button before the manager
presses it.


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Too late. Give me your phone.
The manager quickly takes out his cell phone and hands it to
Nigma. Nigma shoots the manager in the kneecap.
                       BANK MANAGER
AHH, Dammit!
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
It's only so you don't get away.
Nigma and the criminal with the bag leave the office, the
camera dollys behind them. They walk through the bank lobby
over to a set of stairs, they walk down them. Nigma is
looking through the Bank Manager's text messages. Close up
shots of the phone's screen. One recent one says: "Don't
forget to pick up the ham from the supermarket, Diane".
Nigma goes to the calendar on the phone and searches "Diane"
under the events. An event on December 21st comes up saying
"Diane's 40th."
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Nigma and the Criminal with the bag reach the vault. Nigma
suddenly pulls out his pistol again and shoots out another
security camera. Nigma walks up to the keypad to enter the
vault and types in 1221. Close up of keypad. The vault door
opens and the two of them run in.
                       CRIMINAL WITH BAG
      (reaction to vault
How you do what you do man, I have
no idea.
They open up the bag and begin grabing the stacks of cash
and stuffing them in. After grabbing all the money they
need. Nigma and the criminal run back through the hallway
towards the stairs, the camera dollying behind them. The
criminal is carrying the large bag and Nigma is carrying
nothing. As Nigma reaches the top of the stairs, a random
security guard enters the hallway from the bathroom. The
guard pulls out his gun and shoots Nigma in the ankle. Close
up of Nigma's ankle that gets shot. Nigma falls down the
stairs and breaks both of his legs. Nigma shoots the guard
in the stomach as he lays on the ground.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
      (to the criminal
       with the bag)
Argh...don't leave me here, we
still have enought time before the


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER (cont'd)
cops show up.
The criminal with the bag just stands there. Sirens are
heard in the background.
                       CRIMINAL 1
      (from across the
Leave him man, we gotta go, we
gotta go.
                       CRIMINAL WITH BAG
I'm sorry.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Nigma was arrested that day, he
was admitted to Arkham Asylum
where he has been for three years
now. He now holds something of a
grudge against the Falcone Family,
I don't blame him.
The criminals run off and leave Nigma. The camera pulls out
from Nigma laying at the bottom of the stairs up across the
lobby and out the window revealing the four criminals
running off and police just arriving at the bank.
                                         FADES INTO
Batman and Gordon enter an enclosed room with cement walls
and a large glass wall. On the other side of the wall sits
the incarcerated Edward Nigma.

Edward Nigma, wearing an orange uniform.

Edward is sitting with his back facing Gordon and Batman.
There is a large question mark drawn on the glass wall from
marker. Close ups of Nigma's face whenever he speaks, dolly
shots that move from Batman and Gordon's side of the glass
to Nigma's.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Jim Gordon and the Batman. I
assumed you two would be showing
up today.
                       JIM GORDON
What made you think that?


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Just because I am in this cage,
doesn't mean I can't read. There
have been two Holiday killings so
far and today is Christmas,
another murder is inevitable. Also
my medication wasn't given to me
today, which is used to slow down
my brain because the people here
are scared you see, scared that if
i'm not dumbed down by their drugs
I might figure out a way to
escape. Which could only mean that
a high ranking officer of the
police force could give the order
cut it off.
                       JIM GORDON
Yes, I had the doctors not give it
to you tonight so..
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
So my mind can be to it's fullest
potential and so I help you find
this "Holiday."
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Are you going to help us or not?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Why should I, if you think about
it not helping you would be doing
Gotham a favor. This killer is
slowly doing what you two and
Harvey Dent have been failing to
achieve, bringing down the mob.
But of course, you all believe in
good old honest law and order, so
if you really want my help I will
give it.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Your just going to help us that
easily. Even after it was people
like us that had you locked up in
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
First of all it was a mistake of
my own that I ended up in here.
And second, I really have nothing
else to do in here, helping you is
better than doing nothing while


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER (cont'd)
being dumbed down by drugs.
                       JIM GORDON
Allright Nigma, tell us what you
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Question: What do I know. No more
than you, she'll be killing again
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
What makes you so sure its a
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Why am I so sure? Because he likes
the attention. No one knows who
she is and already he has made a
name for himself...or herself.
                       JIM GORDON
C'mon Nigma give us real answers.
I've spoken to the District
Attorney's office, and they are
willing to commute your sentence
to "time served" if you help us
with these murders.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Your attempts to fool amuse me,
you and I both know that the City
of Gotham, let alone Harvey Dent,
would never allow my release, and
even if I was released I would
need a doctor with me to give me
my mind numbing drugs.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
He's trying to mess with us
Gordon. You never should have
taken off his medicine. We should
Batman and Gordon turn around and start walking towards the
door. The camera closes in on Nigma's face as they leave.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
You should consider yourselves
lucky so far. In February:
Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's
Birthday and President's Day.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
February, we'll have caught the
killer by then.
Batman and Gordon continue walking and exit the room, Nigma
is still talking to himself.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Don't forget the others: Groundhog
Day, Ash Wednesday, Earth Day,
Flag Day, Boxing Day, Hanukkah!
The list goes on and on.
                                         CUTS TO
Opens with a close up of Gilda's face she is wearing a

Gilda Dent, wearing a red winter coat

Harvey Dent, Wearing a brown coat.
                       GILDA DENT
Harvey! Now can I look?
Harvey Dent comes and removes her blindfold. Long shot of
the interior of a new home for Harvey and Gilda.
                       HARVEY DENT
Welcome home Mrs. Dent, Merry
Gilda flings herself onto Harvey hugging him tightly.
                       GILDA DENT
Oh Harvey, can we really afford
                       HARVEY DENT
No, I'll just have to work twice
as hard.
                       GILDA DENT
Ha ha, Oh Harvey.
Gilda walks forward and begins looking around. Harvey takes
his coat off and puts it in the closet.
                       GILDA DENT
Oh my God, this house is perfect.


Gilda walks back to the entrance and hugs Harvey again.
                       GILDA DENT
Thank you, Harvey...do you think,
with starting in a new house, that
maybe try again to have children.
                       HARVEY DENT
Oh Gilda, you know I want to,
A thump is heard from upstairs.
                       HARVEY DENT
Stay here Gilda.
Harvey quickly walks up the stairs to the second floor.
                       GILDA DENT
Harvey wait.
                       HARVEY DENT
Gilda just stay there.
Dent sneaks up the stairs and enters his bedroom. His room
is empty. He looks over at the window and sees that it is
open. Close up shot of the window, Harvey looks down the
camera moves in a path from the window across the floor to
the closet. There are wet footprints on the ground. Full
shot of the closet, there is a "pop out" of Joker jumping
out of the closet on top of Harvey.
Joker, wearing the same purple suit as before. He has a
Joker puts the knife at Harvey's neck.
                       THE JOKER
Hello Harvey
                       HARVEY DENT
      (struggling in
What do you want?
                       THE JOKER
Theres a little rumour going
around about you right now that I
find quite funny.
                       HARVEY DENT
What is that?


                       THE JOKER
People think you are the Holiday
know the truth, I know what sort
of man you are, you're not the
kind of man who kills, ah ha ha.
Joker pulls out the same newspaper page he was reading
before. Close up shot of the paper Joker is pointing out the
two articles, the one that takes up the majority of the page
about the Holiday Killer and the small portion in the corner
about Joker's escape.
                       THE JOKER
This town isn't big enough for two
homicidal maniacs. Gotham will be
mine again soon.
Gilda walks up to the door and screams in fear at the sight
of a knife at her husband's throat.
                       GILDA DENT
Harvey? OH MY GOD!
Joker stands up and begins walking backwards towards the
                       THE JOKER
Evenin' Mrs. Dent. Sorry, I must
be going.
Joker jumps out the window. Gilda runs up to her husband to
comfort him.
                                         CUTS TO
A full shot of the Roman's bed when Carmine Falcone is
sleeping. The camera zooms forward slowly up to a close up
of his face.

Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing his striped pyjamas.
When the camera reaches his face we see the gloved hand on
the Joker start waving a Joker card in Carmine's face.
                       THE JOKER
Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.
Carmine wakes up


                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
What...whos there?
                       THE JOKER
Oh come now Carmine, wouldn't you
recognize the face of an old
Carmine wipes his eyes and notices the Joker.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
How the hell did you-
Joker puts his hand over Carmine's mouth and his other over
his arm.
                       THE JOKER
Carmine, lets just have a nice
"man to man" talk okay?
Carmine nods his head ever so slightly. Joker removes his
                       THE JOKER
Now, before my recent escape from
Arkham, I was thinking that you've
been in power for what..over 40
years now? I think thats too much
time for one man.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Before you ask, the answer is no.
                       THE JOKER
Mm hmm. Well then.
The Joker stands up and begins pacing around the room.
                       THE JOKER
Gotham can't be yours forever
Carmine. If you don't pass the
torch, I might just have to stab
you in the back and take myself.
He he.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Take it...take it yourself.
(Begins laughing)
                       THE JOKER
      (In a serious tone)
What's so funny?


                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Your just one man, one man with
crazy ideas.
                       THE JOKER
Right now I am, but one man can do
a lot of things. For example: I
killed one of your bodyguards on
the way in with a knife. I can
also do this.
Joker pulls out a gun and points it at the Roman.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Joker pulls the trigger and a flag comes out of the end of
the gun that say BANG! on it. Close up of flag.
                       THE JOKER
Milos enters the bedroom.

Milos, wearing a suit similar to the ones he has been
wearing in previous scenes. Wielding a pistol.
Joker runs out of the room past Milos, he shoves him out of
the way.
      (to Carmine)
Mr. Falcone, Michael is dead!
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I know, now catch the clown!
Milos chases Joker through the penthouse. Dolly shots and
panning shots of Joker being chased by Milos. Joker goes
through the door to the stairwell.
                                         CUTS TO
The chase continues. Milos chases the Joker down the
stairwell, firing shots at him as they go down. Dolly shots
in front of the guard as he chases the Joker. Dolly shots
from behind Joker as he runs down. High shot staring down


the middle of the stairway to show how much further Joker
down, also used when bullets are fired. Joker laughs
whenever Milos fires at him and misses. When Joker reaches
the bottom, he exits into the parking garage.
                                         CUTS TO
Joker enters the parking garage and runs to his parked open
roof car. Panning shot of Joker running from the stariwell
exit to his car. Milos enters the garage and fires at Joker
as he drives off, he misses every shot again. Medium shot of
Joker looking back at Milos. Joker pulls out a deck of cards
and lets them glide out of his hand through the air as he
drives off.
                       THE JOKER
Merry Christmas to all and to all
Milos stands in the parking garage for a moment and turns
back towards the elevator. The Holiday Killer's hand comes
out of the right side of the camera. He or she shoots down
Milos. Holiday leaves the pistol and a small snowglobe at
the scene. Close up shots of the gun and the snowglobe being
placed on the ground. Scene ends with slow rising shot of
murder scene.
                                         FADES INTO
Harvey Dent is standing in his office putting away files
into his suitcase. His assistant, Barry Clifton enters the
Barry Clifton, wearing a cheap business suit and large
                       BARRY CLIFTON
Mr. Dent, you're leaving already,
its only 8:00.
                       HARVEY DENT
It's New Years Eve Barry. I
promised the wife I would spend it
with her. You should be spending
it with your wife and kid too.


Dent grabs his hat as he heads for the door. Harvey stops
when Barry talks to him.
                       BARRY CLIFTON
Harvey, I was looking through some
files and I found something that
you might want to bring by Gordon
next time you see him.
                       HARVEY DENT
What did you find.
                       BARRY CLIFTON
A possible link between the
Holiday murders and Bruce Wayne.
                       HARVEY DENT
I'm listening.
                                         CUTS TO
Batman is hiding at the docks watching the Roman's private
yacht as it sits anchored in the middle of the Gotham River.
The majority of the crime family is celebrating New Years
Eve there. The Batmobile is parked about 20 feet away from
him. Batman has a pair of binoculars. Opens with an
establishing shot of the docks and the Yacht on the lake.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
It is New Years Eve, three Holiday
murders have occured so far. One
on Halloween, one on Thanksgiving,
and one six days ago on Chirstmas.
I focus all of my attention
tonight on the Roman's Yacht,
where he holds his yearly New
Years Party for his family and
associates. If there is another
murder tonight it will definetly
be there.
The camera zooms in slowly on the yacht.
                                         CUTS TO


The Roman and many of his family members are celebrating New
Years inside his fancy and expensive yacht.
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing a tuxedo, a rose is in
his front jacket pocket

Carla Viti, wearing a black dress and lots of makeup

Alberto Falcone, wearing a suit similar to his father's, as
well as his sunglasses.
Carmine is talking to Carla while Alberto sits in the corner
drinking champagne.
                       CARLA VITI
Oh Carmine, I'm so sorry about
Milos, he was a good man.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I had known him for nearly 30
years. But this "Holiday" is a
menace. He must be stopped. He
took Milos, Mickey and poor Johnny
from us.
Carmine raises his glass.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (With a raised
Attention everyone.
All the party attendants stop what they are doing and turn
thier attention to Carmine. Medium shot of Alberto listening
to Carmine's toast.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I would like to propose a toast to
the friends and loved ones we have
lost in the past year. Let our
memories of them stay true, and
their acomplishments to never be
forgotten. To a year free of death
and sadness.
The attendants applaud and drink. Carmine walks over to
Alberto and sits down beside him.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Alberto, you seem down, whats


                       ALBERTO FALCONE
I just feel...nervous.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Nervous? It's New Years for
Christs sake, what's there to be
nervous about?
                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Its just with what the Joker told
you and the Holiday murders. Three
murders have happened so far and
tonight is New Years, another
murdrer is iminent. You have all
the high ranking members of the
family and organization on this
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Alberto, you have nothing to worry
about, neither Holiday or the
Joker are a problem tonight. Each
of our guests including yourself
and myself have been searched
thoroughly before boarding the
ship. There is no chance that
Holiday is on this ship. Allright?
                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Okay, whatever you say pop.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Now go and enjoy the party. I
spotted plenty of pretty girls
while walking around. Go have some
fun Alberto.
Carmine pats Alberto on the back, and leaves. Alberto sits
for a moment and stands up and heads towards the door
leading to the outside deck. He walks past his Aunt Carla.
                       CARLA VITI
Alberto, why are you going
outside? Its freezing out there.
                       ALBERTO FALCONE
I need a smoke.
                       CARLA VITI
Don't stay out there too long, you
don't want to get sick.


Alberto walks out the door onto the deck.
                                         CUTS TO
Batman is still looking through his binoculars at the boat,
he watches Alberto walk onto the deck of the boat. POV shots
from the binoculars. Long shots of Alberto walking from one
side of the ship to the other
                                         CUTS TO
A security guard is sitting at his station right beside the
entrance to the wards of Arkham. He is working on a
crossword puzzle. Close up of the crossword. A man wearing a
large overcoat and hat enters the lobby and walks up to the
guard's post. Panning shot of the man in the overcoat
walking towards the post.
                       GUARD WITH CROSSWORD
      (As the man in the
       overcoat is still
Visiting hours are from noon until
two, come back tomorrow.
The man in the overcoat suddenly pulls out a sawed-off
shotgun and shoots the guard as he passes him. The man in
the overcoat takes off his hat and coat, revealing that he
is Joker wearing a disguise.

Joker, still wearing his standard purple suit.
The camera pans forward from Joker to a wall on the other
side of the room where another guard is hiding. The guard is
unarmed and he pulls out his cell phone. He calls 911. He
waits as the phone rings in fear.
                       911 OPERATOR
911, whats your emergency?
                       GUARD WITH CELL PHONE
I'm a security guard at Arkham
Asylum, the Joker is here, send
everything ya got.
Suddenly the guard with the cell phone is shot by Joker.
Joker walks over and picks up the phone.


                       911 OPERATOR
Sir, are you there...sir?
                       THE JOKER
(Starts laughing) Come and get me.
Joker hangs up the phone.
                                         CUTS TO
Harvey Dent returns home from work Gilda is waiting for him.
                       GILDA DENT
Wow Harvey, right on time.
                       HARVEY DENT
I'm a man of my word.
Dent kisses Gilda.
                       GILDA DENT
I got a suprise for you.
                       HARVEY DENT
What would that be?
Gilda brings Harvey into the living room where Jim Gordon
and his wife Barbara are waiting.

Barbara Gordon, 42, red hair, wearing a spotted dress.
                       JIM GORDON
The Gordons...?
Harvey walks off towards the kitchen.
                       GILDA DENT
                       JIM GORDON
I'll, uh... I'll go see if he
needs any help in the kitchen.
Gordon follows Harvey to the kitchen . Gilda stays with
                       BARBARA GORDON
Jim's niece, Babs, is, um, staying
with us for her school vacation.
Shes old enough to sit for the
baby, so we could finally get a


                       BARBARA GORDON (cont'd)
night out.
                       GILDA DENT
Nice...this time of year seems
more..special with kids around.
                       BARBARA GORDON
Where are you and Harvey in that
                       GILDA DENT
I'm not sure anymore. I thought
when we moved to this house, it
would be a new start for us,
but..between this Roman case, and
the Joker and "Holiday", whoever
that is.
Barbara grabs two glasses of champagne and hands one to
                       BARBARA GORDON
Here's to a new year, Gilda, may
all your wishes come true.
                       GILDA DENT
I hope so Barbara, I really hope
The scene cuts to Dent's kitchen where Harvey is standing in
front of an open fridge as Gordon enters.
                       HARVEY DENT
Ever stand in front of an open
fridge Jimbo, looking for
something thats staring right in
your face?
                       JIM GORDON
What happened Harvey?
Harvey closes the fridge.
                       HARVEY DENT
We need to talk, Jim. We need to
talk about Bruce Wayne.
                       JIM GORDON
What about him?


                       HARVEY DENT
My assistant, Barry, discovered a
possible link between Wayne and
the Holiday murders.
                       JIM GORDON
You can't be serious, what kind of
                       HARVEY DENT
Back in October Wayne was the only
member in the board of directors
at Wayne Enterprises that was
against doing business with
Falcone Imports. Perhaps Wayne
wanted to make sure that a
business deal with The Roman would
never happen again, perhaps he
took that thought a bit too far.
By making sure that the members of
the Family are out of the way for
                       JIM GORDON
You really don't think that do
                       HARVEY DENT
Jim, have you also noticed lately
of how there has been less news
about "Billionaire Playboy Bruce
Wayne" in the papers and more news
about the "Mysterious Holiday
Gordon's phone rings.
                       JIM GORDON
I may not agree with it, but it's
the only lead we got.
Gordon pulls out his phone.
                       JIM GORDON
Gordon here.....what.....yes I'm
on my way right now.
Gordon puts away his phone and runs towards the door.
                       BARBARA GORDON
Jim, what is it?


                       JIM GORDON
The Joker is at Arkham, Harvey you
stay here with Barbara and Gilda.
Jim runs out the door. Exterior panning shot of Jim running
to his car.
                                         CUTS TO
Batman is still watching the Roman's Yacht. Batman's radio
rings. Batman answers it, it is his butler Alfred on the
other end.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
Master Wayne, I do know that you
are busy watching the Roman's
Yacht but I do believe something
of greater importance has come up.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
What is that?
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
The Joker has been sighted at
Arkham Asylum, from what I've
heard from the police radios is
that he has killed at least two
guards by now.
Batman starts to run towards the Batmobile, he stops for a
moment and looks back at the Yacht. He continues running
towards the Batmobile.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I'm on my way there now.
Batman hops into the Batmobile and drives off, panning shot
of Batmobile driving off.
                                         CUTS TO


Opens with a close up shot of Joker's face and the camera
slowly pulls back revealing the hallway of cells in one of
Arkham's wards. He is speakign though a microphone that
leads to a speaker in each of the cells.
                       THE JOKER
      (to the prisoners)
Gentlemen, I have good news for
all of you. I must say it is great
to see all of you again after my
abscence. But that is not the good
news heheheh. You all are coming
with me. And that still isn't the
good news. HA HA HA. The good news
is that Gotham will be ours soon!
The inmates all start cheering through thier cells windows.
                       THE JOKER
Now lets make this a New Years to
Joker walks back to the body of a guard on the floor and
takes his ring of keys. Joker then grabs the mans arm and
takes his watch off. Joker walks up to the lock operation
control board. He looks at the watch and sees that it is 20
seconds until midnight. Close up of the watch. Joker takes
out the keys and starts flipping through them and inserts
one of them into the keyhole on the control board. Joker
picks up the microphone and speaks into it again while
looking down at the watch on the table as it counts down to
midnight. Different shots of the prisoners and cells as
Joker counts down.
                       THE JOKER
Gentlemen, ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, three,
two, one. Happy New Year.
Joker turns the key and all of the cell doors open. The shot
starts as a medium shot of Joker and pulls back to reveal
all fo the cell doors opening. Joker runs out of the control
room and walks down through the cell block with the other
                       THE JOKER
Now, we have to pay another friend
a visit before we leave.
Joker and the inmates run through the hallways and reach the
maximum security area. Along the way, Joker takes out a few


guards with his shotgun. When they reach the maximum
security area. Joker kills a doctor bringing some mind
numbing medication towards Nigma's cell. Joker gives the
keys to one of the inmates.
                       THE JOKER
Open Edward's cage.
Joker enters the room where Nigma is kept.
                       THE JOKER
Edward...long time no see.
Nigma is sitting in his cell, he glances up at Joker. Medium
POV shot from Nigma's perspective looking at Joker as the
glass wall opens in front of him.
                       THE JOKER
Ready to join the big leagues?
Close up of Nigma's face. He smirks.
                                         CUTS TO
Panning and tracking shots of the Batmobile weaving in and
out of traffic as it heads towards Arkham. Close up shot of
Batman's face through the front window.
                                         CUTS TO
Alberto is standing on the deck of the yacht. Medium shot
from the side of him taking out his bright red lighter and
lighting a cigarette, he starts smoking. He stares out at
the Gotham cityscape. The camera zooms upwards and dollys to
the other side of the ship where Carla is looking for
                       CARLA VITI
      (yelling in a
       drunk tone)
Alberto, you missed the countdown,
where are you darling?
A gunshot is heard, and then a splash. Carla turns her head
to the other side of the ship.


                       CARLA VITI
Dolly shot from behind Carla as she runs to the other side
of the ship where she finds a small puddle of blood, a .22
calibre pistol, a glass of champagne and Alberto's red
lighter. Carmine Falcone darts outside and finds Carla
staring at the scene in shock.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Carla, whats wrong.
Carmine looks over to where Carla is looking, he sees the
crime scene.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Oh no.
He walks over to the murder scene and falls to his knees and
picks up the red lighter.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (Beginning to weep)
Oh God, dear God no. Anyone but
Albuh..buh...erto. (Yells towards
the sight of the Gotham cityscape)
The camera moves upwards from Falcone kneeling over the
murder scene of his son.
                                         CUTS TO
Joker and Nigma are walking through the hallways with all
the other inmates. Joker stops in the hallway. Nigma is
walking with a cane because of his damaged legs.
                       THE JOKER
So Edward, how exactly are we
going to get out of here.
                       ARKHAM INMATE 1
Wait, you....you c..c..came in
he..he..ere without a
puh...puh...plan to geh..geh..get


                       THE JOKER
Nuh..nuh..no! By now this entire
building is surrounded by police,
helicopters and crazy men dressed
up as bats. Even I couldn't think
of getting out of here in these
conditions. Which is why I ask you
now Nigma, how do we get out of
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Breaking one man out of Arkham is
just as easy as breaking out a
hundred. You just have to know all
the kinks and whistles of the
                       THE JOKER
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
There is a simple way of getting
out of here undetected, come with
Nigma leads Joker and the other inmates continue down the
                                         CUTS TO
Opens with a rising helicopter shot of the Asylum and all
the police and SWAT vehicles surrounding it. Batman arrives
in the batmobile and walks up to Gordon who is waiting for
him. Gordon walks and talks with Batman as he heads for the
                       JIM GORDON
We just sent a SWAT team in about
two minutes ago. Theres no need
for you to go in. From the
security footage we've seen the
Joker has killed at least eight
guards. And has broken out an
entire cell block and umm.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
And who else?
Gordon glances over to a parked swat vehicle with monitors
displaying the security footage inside. Batman walks towards


the truck and looks at the monitors. Close up shot of one of
the monitors showing Nigma and Joker looking at the camera.
Nigma takes his cane and smashes the camera. The video feed
goes static.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Batman starts to run towards the Asylum, dolly shot from
behind him while he runs. Just as he enters, he runs into
the SWAT team who are just leaving the Asylum.
                       SWAT TEAM CAPTIAN
      (Speaking into his
We checked the whole building,
they're not here.
Gordon is still outside, he hears the SWAT team's message.
                       JIM GORDON
How the hell did they? (Yells in
Gordon chucks his radio at the snow covered ground in rage
of Nigma, Joker and the other inmates escaping. Close up
shot of the radio, another radio call comes through from
Officer 44.
                       OFFICER 44
      (Through the radio)
Officer 44, we got another
homicide from Holiday.
Gordon picks up the radio.
                       JIM GORDON
This is Captain Gordon, whos the
Batman walks back to Gordon from the Asylum to listen to the
radio call.
                       OFFICER 44
      (Through the radio)
It's the Roman's son, Alberto is
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I could have stopped this, I was
watching Alberto before I came


                       JIM GORDON
It's not your fault, this was more
important than one murder.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
But we acomplished nothing, the
Joker, Nigma and nearly a hundred
crazies are on the run in Gotham,
and the Roman's good son is now
dead. If I stayed at the docks he
would sitll be alive.
Batman walks back towards the Batmobile, leaving Gordon
standing in the snow. The camera pulls back from a full shot
of Gordon to a long shot of the Asylum and police vehicles
surrounding it.
                                         FADES INTO
High angle shot of the inside of Wayne Manor, the camera
follows Bruce Wayne's Butler, Alfred Pennyworth is walking
towards the front doors.
Alfred Pennyworth, 65, wearing a suit and bow tie, grey
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
After the incidents on New Years
Eve, Bent continues his work on
trying to bring down the Roman. We
have a seperate division looking
into the location of Joker, Nigma
and the Arkham escapees. Gordon
has followed Dent's advice and has
begun to look into how I, Bruce
Wayne could be the one behind the
Holiday murders. Even though that
is not true, I have to keep
consistent with Gordon to hide my
identity. Today is Valentines Day,
Gordon is coming by my house to
ask me questions. I've told
Alfred, my butler, best friend and
the only one who knows I am
Batman, to tell Gordon that I am
not home.
Alfred opens the front door where Gordon is waiting.


                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
Captain Gordon
                       JIM GORDON
Hello Alfred, it's been a while.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
Come in, you must be freezing.
                       JIM GORDON
Thank you.
Jim enters the mansion, Alfred closes the door behind him.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
What brings you out to Wayne Manor
today? Shouldn't you be with your
wife, it is Valentines Day after
                       JIM GORDON
Is Mr. Wayne home?
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
I am sorry, he is out tonight.
                       JIM GORDON
Do you know when he will be home?
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
Oh, how should I put this? With
someone of master Bruce's
popularity, he may not be home for
some time.
                       JIM GORDON
I guess I'll come back later.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
I'll tell Master Bruce that you
came by.
                       JIM GORDON
Thank you Alfred.
                                         CUTS TO
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing a top hat, an overcoat,
and carrying a rose.


Carmine is walking through the cemetary, he walks to his
son's tombstone. Medium shot of the tombstone showing the
name on the gravestone, it reads "Alberto Falcone, Beloved
Son." Carmine places the rose at his son's grave, close up
of rose. Batman's voice suddenly interrupts.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Was it worth it?
Carmine turns around suddenly and pulls out his gun. Full
shot of Batman crouching on top of a large tombstone.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
is it?
Intercutting close up shots of Batman and Carmine's face,
the gun can be seen in the frame in Carmine's shots.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Is what worth it?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
The price.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
What the hell are you talking
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Your son.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
You let this happen, you, Captain
Gordon and that goddamn District
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Unless you didn't here, that night
the Joker broke out a hundr-
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I don't give a damn about the
clown! Alberto is dead, his body
isn't even beneath me, it's still
at the bottom of the Gotham River.
You know what they have been
calling these past few months? The
Long Halloween.
Batman sits on top of the tombstone in silence.


                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
You know what I think, I think
you're just letting these murders
happen so someone can take down
the mob for you. Another murder
may happen tonight, and your just
sitting here, Gotham's savior my
ass. Because of you, my legacy is
over, I don't have an heir to the
family of pure blood left.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Alberto never wanted to be part of
your business.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Shut up.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
He wished he could never had been
your son.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Nobody, and I mean nobody. Speaks
to me like this.
Close up shot of Carmine's finger slowly pulling the
trigger. Batman quickly pulls out a flash grenade and
disorrients Carmine. After the flash Carmine looks back at
the grave and Batman is gone.
                                         CUTS TO
Barry Clifton is sitting at a table with Salvatore Maroni.

Barry Clifton, wearing his large glasses, a cheap shirt and
tie. Holding a large envelope.

Salvatore Maroni, 35, wearing a business suit, holding a
stack of hundred dollar bills, Luigi Maroni's son.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
Mr. Clifton, let me just tell you
that Mr. Falcone appreciates your
Barry slides the envelope across the table, to Maroni,
panning shot of the envelope being pushed across.


                       BARRY CLIFTON
Everything Harvey Dent has found
out about your organization is in
there. He sees you as a weak link
in the Falcone Organization seeing
that now you are the only heir to
Mr. Falcone.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
He does, does he?
Maroni hands Barry the money.
                       BARRY CLIFTON
      (reacting to the
       large amount of
Mister Maroni, this is too much!
                       SALVATORE MARONI
Nothin's too much for a friend of
Sal Maroni. Your family needs that
money don't they?
                       BARRY CLIFTON
Yes, but-
                       SALVATORE MARONI
C'mon Barry, I'll give you a ride
Maroni stands up as well as Barry. They walk out the exit to
the restaurant.
                                         CUTS TO
Salvatore Maroni and Barry Clifton exit the restaurant. They
walk towards Maroni's parked limo. Shot of the front end of
the limo. The driver's door is open. When Maroni and Barry
reach the limo, they look at the open door. The body of
Maroni's driver, Dimitri, is lying on the ground. High angle
shot of the body. There is a .22 calibre pistol and a heart
shaped box of choclates around the body.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
      (In shock)
Clifton peers inside the driver's seat of the limo. there is
a close up shot of the inside of the dark car, Holiday


suddenly jumps out of the darkness of the car and pulls
Clifton in. Once again angled and lit so we can't see who
Holiday is.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
The car drives off. Maroni pulls out his gun and starts
firing shots at the limo as it drives off.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
Take this Holiday, you son of a -
One of the shots goes through the back window and hits
Clifton in the back of the head. Profile side shot of
Clifton when the bullet impacts his head. Holiday opens the
passenger door and kicks Clifton out of the car. The bills
that Maroni gave him fall out of his pocket and start
dancing around in the wind. Holiday drives off. Profile shot
of Maroni. Police sirens are heard in the background. Maroni
looks back and sees that there is a police station only two
blocks down the road. Police cars are there within seconds.
Half a dozen cops take out thier guns and surround Maroni.
                       POLICEMAN 1
Put the gun on the ground and your
hands in the air.
Maroni obeys.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
      (Mutters under his
You've gotta be kidding me.
Ends with a long rising shot of police cars surrounding
Maroni with the policemen closing in on him and arresting
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
This is the oppourtunity Dent has
been waiting for, Maroni is being
arrested for the murder of Barry
Clifton and for the suspision of
aiding organized crime. This
oppourtunity came at a great
price, the price of losing a man's
loyalty . I thought Clifton was an
honest man, guess I was wrong.
                                         FADES INTO


Bruce Wayne, wearing a tuxedo with a green tie.

Bruce is sitting in a club filled with many of the large
business owners of Gotham, all celebrating St. Patrick's
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Over the next few weeks Dent
continues filing evidence for
Maroni's trial which is set to
occur sometime during the summer.
Gordon is still elaborating on the
fact that I could be Holiday. So I
decide to make this nonsense about
me come to an end.
Bruce is standing with a dozen other large business orders,
posing for a picture.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
On St. Patrick's day I go to a
party for many of the large
business owners in Gotham.
Profile shot of the photographer as he takes the picture the
camera flashes.
                                         CUTS TO NEXT SCENE
A similar profile shot of a photographer to the end of the
last scene. This time it is a photographer taking a picture
of three recent Holiday victims. The opening profile shot
turns around after the picture is taken revealing the three
bodies sitting around a table. The camera closes in on a
miniature leperchaun statue and .22 calibre pistol left in
the middle of the table.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
While I'm at the party, three of
Maroni's associates ar killed at
one of Falcone's safehouses by
Holiday. At least now there is
proof that Bruce Wayne wasn't at


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE (cont'd)
the murder scene that night.
                                         FADES INTO
The Roman enters his Penthouse from the elevator, followed
by two guards. Dolly shot following the Roman into his
living room. Where Edward Nigma is handcuffed to a chair.

Edward Nigma, wearing his Riddler outfit, his face is
bruised, and his sunglasses are cracked, you can see one of
his eyes clearly through one broken lens.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Where did you find him?
                       MOBSTER 1
We found him taking a stroll in
the industrial park near the
airport boss.
Carmine pulls up a chair and sits down in front of Nigma.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Edward it's been too long.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Carmine Falcone, you don't need to
ask me to help you find Holiday,
you know I won't help you after
your men left me for police at
that bank.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I am terribly sorry about that,
could you please forgive me?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
After three years spent in Arkham,
thats a riddle you don't need a
genius to solve.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Edward, if you want to leave this
building breathing, I suggest you
answer our questions.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
That doesn't give me much of a
choice now does it.


                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
No, (chuckles) no it doesnt, so,
you gonna play ball?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Question: Who is Holiday?
Close up of Carmine's face, he smirks.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
It's a mystery, broken into a
jugsaw puzzle, wrapped in a
conundrum, hidden in a chinese
box, a riddle. Question: Why does
Holiday always use the same type
of weapon? Answer: He gets them
wholesale. Or, let's get more
practical. These .22 calibre
pistols are lightweight.
Flashback of Johnny Viti's murder, in black and white. Nigma
continues talking during flashback.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Easy on the hand, perfect for a
woman. Perhaps Carla Viti is the
Shot of Johnny Viti being killed by his own mother.
Black and white shots of each victim being killed by Carla.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Did the mother kill her only son
just to hide her identity? Now her
guilt masks her own rage, she is
free to attack anyone, since no
one will suspect her.
Black and white exterior shots of Carla standing on the boat
deck with Alberto, walking up to him and gunning him down.
Nigma continues talking.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
She was there on New Years Eve,
who else could have approached
Alberto without him reacting.
Moments after killing him she runs
back to the scene coverign her
Cuts back to the Roman's Penthouse, where Carmine is still
talking to Nigma.


                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Edward, I spoke to Carla only
moments before the gunshot was
heard that killed Alberto.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
That rules her out. What about
Salvatore Maroni, before New
Years, Alberto was the heir to
your empire. But now since his
death, Maroni is the new hier.
Perhaps he used these murders as
an excuse to kill your son.
Black and white exterior shot of Maroni shooting Alberto off
the yacht. Cuts back to Carmine talking to Nigma, Carmine
looks frustrated.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I'm going to have to correct you
again Edward, Salvatore is in
custody right now. He couldn't
have been responsible for either
the St. Patrick's Day murder. I
think you're messing with us
Nigma. You've been spending too
much time with the Joker. Maybe we
should bring him here and he can
help us.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Even if I wanted to tell you where
he is, I couldn't.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
And why would that be?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
The Joker is one of the few men I
cannot predict, he could literally
be anywhere right now.
Carmine stands up and walks behind Nimga.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I was told that there was no
riddle you could not solve, and
yet you have only put together one
guess after another. With no more
certainty of one than the other.
If your life depended on it, and
it does. Tell me, who is Holiday?


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
      (Pauses for a
Um, Carmine Falcone.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Me? (Starts laughing).
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (To Mobster 1))
Take Mr. Nigma to the alley and
"take care" of him.
                       MOBSTER 1
You got it boss.
Mobster 1 unlocks Nigma's handcuffs and pulls him over to
the elevator. The Roman sits back down, laughing to himself.
                                         CUTS TO
High angle shot of Mobster 1 dragging Nigma out the side
door of the high class Apartment building. It is raining
heavily outside. He throws Nigma against the alley wall. He
pulls out a pistol and points it at Nigma. Close up of the
gun and Nigma's face.
                       MOBSTER 1
Say goodnight smartie pants.
Side shot of Mobster 1, suddenly a gloved hand holding a .22
calibre pistol comes into frame and pistol whips Mobster 1
over the head.

The Holiday Killer, wearing an overcoat, gloves and holding
an umbrella, his or her face concealed by the shadow the of
the umbrella .

Mobster 1 is lying on the ground unconcious. Holiday points
the gun at Nigma. Close up shot of Nigma's face.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
I always knew it was you, you've
made it obvious, yet everyone is
completely oblivious to it.


Profile shot of Holiday, his face still concealed, he puts
away the gun and walks away, leaving Nigma alive.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
      (to himself)
When does a killer not kill?
                                         FADES INTO
Bruce Wayne, still wearing the Batman suit but without the

Bruce is looking over photographs of each of the Holiday
murder scenes. High angle shot of the table with the
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
      (To himself)
Nigma must have seen Holiday on
April Fools. But why did Holiday
not kill him? Perhaps an April
Fools Gag?
Bruce shuffles around the photographs. Alfred comes up
behind him carrying a tray with a coffee cup and a kettle.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
If I may sir. In all
your...theorizing, isn't it
possible that you could be
overlooking someone?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
What are you saying Alfred?
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
I might only point out that i
one's quest for justice, I have
seen someone even as sane as
yourself behave in the most
suprising ways.
A flashback close up shot of Harvey Dent's face in black and
Bruce stands up and begins walking around the room.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
He could have stopped by Johnny
Viti's home on Halloween after
burning the cash at the warehouse.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE (cont'd)
On Christmas he could have
followed The Joker from his home
and killed Milos, the Roman's
bodyguard. He could have left his
house after Gordon left on New
Years and found a way to get
aboard the Roman's yacht.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
What will you do now sir?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Pray I'm wrong
Black and white flashback exterior shot of Alberto standing
on the yacht deck. A gunshot is heard, he falls forward
revealing Harvey Dent holding the .22 calibre pistol.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Harvey Dent.
                                         CUTS TO
Opens with a low angle shot of Harvey Dent's basement door
opening, Harvey comes through the door and walks down the
stairs towards the camera. He walks over to one of his
filing cabinets, profile shot of Dent. He pauses for a
moment and turns around the focus of the background becomes
clear and Batman is standing there.
                       HARVEY DENT
Oh it's you, what are your doing
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Answers, where were you on New
Years after Gordon left your home
to go to Arkham?
                       HARVEY DENT
I stayed here with Gilda.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
What about on Christmas, after the
Joker left your house, what did
you do.


                       HARVEY DENT
I was going to follow him, but
Gilda didn't want me to leave.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Where were you on April 1st
between the hours of nine and
                       HARVEY DENT
What are you trying to... wait a
minute, you don't actually think?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
You aren't answering my question.
                       HARVEY DENT
I am not Holiday.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Then answer my question and prove
to me that you're not.
Suddenly the noise of the basement door opening is heard.
Gilda walks down the stairs.
                       GILDA DENT
Harvey, who are you talking to?
Gilda notices Batman. She is startled for a moment.
                       GILDA DENT
Oh, I see. Harvey, Jim Gordon just
called, Carla Viti has just been
found dead, a pistol and a easter
egg were found at the scene. He
said you'd understand. I'll leave
you two now.
Gilda walks back upstairs. Close up of Harvey's face, he
looks back at Batman.
                       HARVEY DENT
Does that answer your questions?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I've been watching you all day, I
know you have been home working on
your defense for the Maroni trial.
                       HARVEY DENT
Gordon also wanted me to tell you
that I have agreed with Gordon tht
Bruce Wayne will be taken into


                       HARVEY DENT (cont'd)
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
But there are photos of Bruce
Wayne at a party on the night of
the St. Patrick's Day murder.
                       HARVEY DENT
Bruce Wayne is a powerful man, he
could have hired someone to do his
dirty work to throw us off.
                                         FADES INTO
Bruce Wayne, wearing a coat and carrying a rose.

Bruce is walking through the same Alley his parents were
killed in 19 years before. Long shot of him walking down the
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
There two days each year when I
always retire from being Batman.
They are Mother's Day and Father's
Day, I do this out of the respect
of my parents.
Bruce places the rose on the ground. Close up shot of the
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Every year, that terrible night
replays in my mind.
Flashes of the murder of Bruce's parents intercut with whats
happening in the present.
Jim Gordon enters the alleyway while Bruce is standing
                       JIM GORDON
Mr. Wayne, Bruce.
Bruce turns around and instead of seeing Gordon, he sees his
Parent's murderer.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
What do you want?
Shot of Jim walking forward towards Bruce, Cuts back to a
profile shot of the murderer saying the second half of
Gordon's lines.
                       JIM GORDON
Bruce, I need you to come with me.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Bruce runs off away from Gordon. Police sirens are heard in
the background.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
      (To himself)
Run mother, run!
                       JIM GORDON
Running will only make things
worse Bruce.
Gordon runs back to his car and drives off. Two other police
cars follow him.
                                         CUTS TO
The camera follows Bruce as he runs through the entrance to
a Gotham Cemetary. Gordon and the two other police cars pull
up to the entrance. Gordon gets out and follows Bruce.
                       JIM GORDON
      (To other
Hold your fire!
Full shot of Bruce ceasing running and beginning to walk
towards two graves. He kneels down at one and begins to cry
and grasp onto it. Full shot from the front of the grave.
Bruce is crying at the grave, the grave reads "Martha Wayne,
Beloved Wife and Mother". Gordon catches up to Bruce.
                       JIM GORDON
I'm sorry Bruce. You have to come
with us.


Jim pulls out a set of handcuffs, close up of handcuffts.
Jim pulls Bruce to his feet and arrests Bruce.
                                         FADES INTO
Luigi Maroni, 68, a large man, wearing a white shirt with a
blue vest.

Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing a white shirt and black

Carmine and Luigi are walking through the garden.
                       LUIGI MARONI
I always enjoy your visits
Carmine, reminds me of before we
began our organization.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
With all these Holiday murders and
your son's trial coming up, things
have been very stressful.
                       LUIGI MARONI
My son's trial, we need to take
care of Harvey Dent once and for
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
We already are in the process of
taking care of this Dent problem.
Nothing is going to happen to your
                       LUIGI MARONI
Carmine, I have always cherished
your friendship, without you, we
wouldn't be where we are now.
Thank you Carmine.
Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and Luigi is shot in the chest.
He falls to the ground.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Close up of bushes further up the Garden. An open box
holding a tie and a .22 calibre pistol are thrown onto the
ground out of the bushes. Close up of Carmine looking


towards the bushes in tears, he looks down at Luigi's body.
A bodyguard runs past Carmine after the Holiday Killer.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (holding back
If you find that b*****d, bring
him to me alive!
High angle shot of Carmine kneeling over Luigi's body.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Oh, Luigi.
                                         FADES INTO
Bruce Wayne is sitting in a courtroom where he is being
tried for being responsible for the Holiday Murders. Bruce
is sitting in between two of his lawyers.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I am being tried for the Holiday
Wide shot of Harvey Dent giving his defense to the judge.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Harvey Dent tries to use all the
"evidence" they have against me.
Cuts to Bruce's Lawyer giving his defense.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Just as I told Dent, when the
evidence that I couldn't have been
involved with the St. Patrick's
Day evidence is brought up, the
judge looks convinced that I'm
innocent. On top of that, we
recieve the news of Luigi Maroni's
death which I also couldnt have
been involved in.


Shot of the judge hitting his gavel on the table. A shot of
Harvey Dent's face with a look of disapointment on it. On
his way out of the courtroom, Dent stops Bruce to speak to
                       HARVEY DENT
Bruce, I'm sorry I had to put you
through this, Captain Gordon sends
his appoligies too.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
It's allright Harvey, we all make
mistakes sometimes, I'm sure these
Holiday murders and your case
against the mob are putting you
under a lot of stress.
                       HARVEY DENT
That it is.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
You're a determined man Harvey,
I'm sure it will all work itself
out in the end.
                       HARVEY DENT
Thank you Bruce. I must leave now,
I have someone I need to meet
Harvey walks towards the exit of the courtroom.
                                         FADES INTO
Gilda is walking through the hall and enters the living room
where Harvey is sitting flipping a coin. Close up shots of
the coin flipping.
                       GILDA DENT
Harvey, I didn't hear you come in.
                       HARVEY DENT
I went to go see Dad.
                       GILDA DENT
Oh God
                       HARVEY DENT
He gave me this.


Dent lifts up the coin.
                       HARVEY DENT
He told me in his mindless
rambling that everything can be
determined by chance. That made me
think something.
                       GILDA DENT
What is that?
                       HARVEY DENT
That whether or not I suceed in
taking down the Roman is
determined by a coin toss. But
right now it seems that unfair
odds are being used. Heads he
wins; tails I lose. I hope to God
that the odds change after
Maroni's trial.
Gilda walks up to Harvey and kneels beside him.
                       GILDA DENT
Harvey, you were elected district
attorney because you promised you
would bring change to Gotham and
make it a safer place. I believe
you can do that, I believe in
Harvey Dent.
Dent smiles and kisses her.
                                         FADES INTO
It is the day of Salvatore Maroni's trial. It is a full
courtroom. Dent is standing in the front. Maroni is sitting
beside his Lawyer. Bruce Wayne is sitting in the crowd.
Close up on Bruce Wayne.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
In some ways, Harvey Dent has
waited for this day his whole
life. For in all the cases he has
prosecuted, never has so much been
at stake. Maroni's testamony and
conviction will bring about the
end of the Roman Empire if Dent
plays his cards right. And for the
first time, perhaps ever, Gotham


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE (cont'd)
City will be rid of an evil that
has nearly choked the life out of
Close up of a large envelope being handed to Maroni from his
                       MARONI'S LAWYER
Everything you need for your
questioning is in there.
Maroni peers inside the envelope, there a several blank
sheets and a small pistol inside. Close up of the inside of
the envelope.
Medium shot of Dent.
                       HARVEY DENT
The prosecution calls...Salvatore
Vincent Maroni to the stand.
Salvatore stands up and walks over to the stand holding the
                       HARVEY DENT
Mr. Maroni, do remember my
assistant Barry Clifton, the man
you shot in the back of the head
on Valentine's Day.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
I was trying to gun down Holiday,
one of the stray bullets hit poor
                       HARVEY DENT
So you confess to pulling the
trigger of the gun that shot Mr.
                       SALVATORE MARONI
                       HARVEY DENT
Mr. Clifton also had thousands of
dollars in his pocket when he was
shot. Do you know where he got the
                       SALVATORE MARONI
Yeah, I paid him it.


                       HARVEY DENT
In exchange for what?
                       SALVATORE MARONI
                       HARVEY DENT
What kind of information?
                       SALVATORE MARONI
False information that you wanted
to use agaist Carmine Falcone.
                       HARVEY DENT
Why would Clifton give you that
                       SALVATORE MARONI
He needed money for his family. As
a proud associate to Mr. Falcone
and his company, Falcone Imports,
I wanted to make sure that you
weren't making up any ridiculous
lies about Mr. Falcone.
                       HARVEY DENT
I would never
                       SALVATORE MARONI
You would never...what? Lie?
People see you as a good man Dent,
but I see past the act. You let
your desperation of ending crime
in Gotham go too far. I don't care
what the evidence says, I know you
are Holiday, I know you were
responsible for the deaths of
those people and my father.
Maroni reaches into the large envelope and pulls out the
small pistol and points it at Harvey. Close up of Dent's
Face when Maroni points the gun on him, the gunshot is heard
so for a moment it seems Dent is shot. Then a medium shot of
Maroni with a bullet wound in his chest, he falls down,
camera pans over to a figure standing in the crowd holding a
.22 calibre pistol. This man is Alberto Falcone

Alberto Falcone, bearded wearing an overcoat, sunglasses and
a hat.

Everyone in the courtroom is looking at Alberto in shock.
Close up shots of thier faces.


                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Thats right, I, Alberto Falcone,
am Holiday.
Jim Gordon runs from his post and takes out Alberto,
handcuffing him. Scene ends with a close up shot of Bruce's
                                         CUTS TO
Alberto Falcone, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, and his

Alberto is speaking to his lawyer. Full shot of the two of
them sitting at the table.
                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Why did I do it? My father and his
organization was the source of all
the crime that has brought Gotham
down to the level it is at today.
Someone had to end it, why not
someone who had access to every
area of his organization?
                       ALBERTO'S LAWYER
Why did you fake your death?
                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Isn't it obvious, to throw you all
off. I had to blow my cover today
to save Dent, I still believe he
can bring down my father.
                       ALBERTO'S LAWYER
Why was there a murder on Father's
Day but not Mother's Day?
                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Because I feel that my mother was
the only person in my family that
could help me believe that I am a
pure blood Falcone. I didn't kill
that day out of the memory of my
                       ALBERTO'S LAWYER
So you are going to plead guilty
of all the Holiday murders.


                       ALBERTO FALCONE
Yes I am.
The camera pulls back and goes to the other side of the
viewing window, where Gordon is standing with Harvey Dent.
Carmine Falcone comes barging into the room.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
I need to speak with Alberto now!
                       JIM GORDON
Sorry, Mr. Falcone but your son
told us specifically that he does
not want to talk to you.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
This is ridiculous! I am his
father, you will let me speak to
                       HARVEY DENT
He has already confessed Carmine.
                       JIM GORDON
We're going to have to ask you to
Carmine leaves with a look of anger on his face.
                                         CUTS TO
Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent exit the roof stairwell and find
Batman waiting for them on the roof.
                       JIM GORDON
Alberto is going to plead guilty
to the Holiday murders.
                       HARVEY DENT
Thats one problem out of the way.
We may have closed the Holiday
case but now I'm back to where I
started with the Roman. Since
Maroni is dead, I have lost my one
chance to bring that son of a
b***h down from power.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
A chance may come again. But as I
said, bringing down the Roman
through "Good Old Law and Order"
is a very difficult task.
                       JIM GORDON
A chance will present itself again
Harvey, but for now (chuckles) you
need to take a vacation or
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
We must not forget though, that
the Joker and Nigma are still out
                       JIM GORDON
And of course we don't have any
leads on thier whereabouts either.
                       HARVEY DENT
So you two will continue tracking
down the Joker and Nigma, and I'll
continue looking into the Roman
                       JIM GORDON
Harvey, its time to slow down. The
mob has already made two attempts
on your life, and you might not be
so lucky if you continue trying.
Harvey walks away towards the entrance to the roof.
                       HARVEY DENT
I'll find a way.
                                         CUTS TO
Opens with a shot of a luggage truck driving towards a
landed police helicopter near the runway, the tuck parks
beside helicopter. An airport employee walks towards the
truck. When the truck pulls up, it is angled so we can't see
the face of the driver.
                       AIRPORT EMPLOYEE
      (to truck driver)
Hey, what are you doing over here?
Get back to the terminal!


The drivers door to the Truck opens, the driver hops out

Joker, wearing a airport employee uniform, wearing his
makeup and wielding a machine gun.

It turns out the driver Joker. Joker guns down the airport
employee and two others standing around the helicopter. Shot
of the passenger door of the truck opening, Nigma hops out

Edward Nigma/ Riddler, wearing his green suit, bowler hat,
sunglasses and carrying his cane.

Out of the back of the truck about a dozen of the inmates
the Joker broke out hop out. They are carrying large crates
with explosive written on them. Close up shots of the
                       THE JOKER
      (to the inmates
       and Nigma)
Tonight is the night, the night
Gotham finally becomes ours.
Joker hops on board the helcopter and sits in the pilot's
seat, Nigma boards as well and sits in the co-pilot's seat.
The inmates place the explosive crates inside the
helicopter. Two of the inmates also drill a large gatling
gun to the open side of the helicopter. Close up of the
screws being drilled in. Close up of Joker's face looking
out the front window. A first person shot from Joker of
several security vehicles driving towards the copter.
                       THE JOKER
      (to the inmates
       drilling in the
C'mon boys times a wastin!
Joker starts up the helicopter and takes off. Leaving ten
inmates on the ground and two still inside the copter. Low
angle shot of the helicopter taking off. Joker opens the
pilot's window and looks down to the inmates left on the
                       THE JOKER
Sorry gentlemen! (Starts laughing)
                                         CUTS TO


Harvey Dent is sitting at a bar with a beer, fiddling around
with his father's coin. Close up shot of the coin. Dent's
cell phone rings. He takes it out and answers.
                       HARVEY DENT
Hello Gilda.
                       GILDA DENT
      (Through the phone)
Harvey are you going to be home
                       HARVEY DENT
Don't worry I'll be home soon
                       GILDA DENT
Okay be home by ten, the Torrances
are shooting off fireworks then.
                       HARVEY DENT
I'll be there, I love you.
                       GILDA DENT
I love you too Harvey.
Dent hangs up and looks up at the TV hanging over the bar
playing the news. Close up of the TV.
                       NEWS REPORTER
Top story tonight, Alberto Falcone
is alive. Carmine Falcone's
thought to be dead son turned
himself into the police today in a
Gotham courthouse where he shot
down and killed Salvatore Maroni.
Alberto has also plead guilty to
being behind all of the Holiday
Murders. This confession has the
courts thinking that the death
penalty is a possibilty. We now go
live to Ollie Williams who is at
Gotham Penitentiatry.
Harvey takes out his father's coin again and looks at it, he
spins it on the table and it lands on heads. Close up of the
coin. Dent looks at the coin nervously, he gulps down the
rest of his beer and leaves the bar.
                                         CUTS TO


Bruce Wayne, wearing all of the batman suit except the mask.

Bruce is sitting at his computers watching the news stories
on Alberto Falcone. Suddenly from one of the monitors a
police transmission is heard.
                       POLICE TRANSMISSION
The Joker and Nigma have been
sighted they have hijacked a
helicopter from Gotham
International,they're flying
towards the city as we speak.
Bruce stands up and runs over to the monitor and finds the
security footage of the helicopter taking off. He puts a
satellite trace on it.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Alfred runs in.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
Yes Master Bruce.
Bruce picks up the Batman mask lying on the table and puts
it on.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Keep a trace on that helicopter,
I'm going after it.
Alfred sits down at the computers
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
Yes Master Bruce.
Dolly shot of Batman running to the parked batmobile, he
hops in and drives off.
                                         CUTS TO
The hijacked helicopter is flying over the highway and
heading towards downtown Gotham. Inside the helicopter Joker
is still piloting it, Nigma sitting beside him, Nigma looks
down at the highway. High angle shot of the highway. The


batmobile is weaving in and out of the traffic following the
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
We have company, the Bat has come
back to play.
                       THE JOKER
What, well we're going to have to
take care of him.
Interior shot of Batman inside the Batmobile.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
There he is.
Cuts to a full shot of the interior of the Helicopter, Joker
the copter around. The two inmates standing in the back fall
the side to thier deaths because of Joker's sharp turn.
                       THE JOKER
oops...you can fly this thing,
right Nigma?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Of course
Joker gets out of the seat and runs to the gating gun
attached on the side he beings shooting down at the
batmobile. Fast cuts back and forth between panning shots of
the two vehicles. The babmobile starts taking damage from
the bullets. Interior shot of Batman inside the Batmobile.
                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
      (through the
       batmobile radio)
Master Bruce, the vehicle has
taken much damage.
Medium shot of Joker shooing down at the Batmobile while
laughing. As Joker aims for the Batmobile his shots that he
misses hits other cars around it, causing them to spin out
of control.
                       THE JOKER
Bring us down lower so I can get a
better shot.
Nigma lowers the helicopter so its only about fifty feet
above the ground. Joker continues firing. Cuts back to
inside the batmobile.


                       ALFRED PENNYWORTH
      (through the
       batmobile radio)
What are you going to do?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I got an idea.
High angle shot of the roof of the batmobile, the roof opens
and Batman stands up as it is moving. He pulls out his
grappel gun and fires it at the helicopter. Batman is
thrusted out of the batmobile and is hanging onto the bottom
of the helicopter by a cable. Close up shot of Joker.
                       THE JOKER
Panning shot of the batmobile crashing. Long moving shot of
Batman hanging onto the cable as the helicopter flies
towards the city.
                                         CUTS TO
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, wearing a tatered shirt with
The Roman is sitting on his couch watching his TV, he is
drinking heavily. He is watching the news reports about his
                       NEWS REPORTER
Many are almost certain that
Alberto will recieve the death
Carmine stands up in fury, grabs a lamp and throws it at his
televsion. His television is destroyed.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
How could he betray me, he's my
own son for Gods sake.
Two bodyguards enter the room, Carmine looks over to them.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
      (yells at the
What the hell are you looking at?
get out!


The bodyguards leave and Carmine sits down for a few
moments. He takes another drink from his bottle of whiskey.
The sound of his study door closing is heard. Carmine bolts
out of his chair. And slowly walks towards the door to his
study. Carmine enters the dark study and looks around. The
room is illuminated by the Gotham City skyline from the
large window in the study. The door closes behind Carmine
and Harvey Dent pops out of the shadows holding a .22
calibre pistol to Carmine's head.
                       HARVEY DENT
Hello Carmine.
Carmine turns around and looks at Dent.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
This day is just full of suprises
isn't it. This certainly tops them
all. I guess I was wrong about you
really can be broken to the point
when you are willing to kill.
                       HARVEY DENT
I've learned that there is no
humaine way of ending your reign
on Gotham. It's not my decision
that I've come here to kill you,
that decision was made by chance.
Dent holds up his father's coin.
                       HARVEY DENT
Now for the biggest decision of
all, heads, Gotham continues to
crumble, tails, it is saved.
                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
You're bluffing.
                       HARVEY DENT
Lets find out shall we?
Dent tosses the coin in the air. Slow motion close up of the
coin. As the coin is flying in the air, Carmine takes his
bottle of whiskey and smashes it over the the right side of
Dent's face. The camera follows the bottle to a close up
shot as it smashes onto Dent's face. Dent stumbles back in
pain as the whiskey drenched side of his face starts to
bleed. Carmine runs towards his desk. Dent fires a shot at
Carmine but misses, shattering the large window instead.
Carmine stops running. Dent points the gun back at Carmine.


                       CARMINE "THE ROMAN" FALCONE
Look at this, the great Harvey
Dent, the man who will make Gotham
a city free of crime! You're no
better than me if you pull that
trigger Dent!
Harvey glances down at the coin laying on the floor, the
tails side is facing up.
                       HARVEY DENT
Gotham is saved.
Dent shoots Carmine in the chest, he stumbles back towards
the broken window and falls out into the streets below. As
Carmine stumbles back the camera follows him in a medium
shot, it follows him until he falls into the streets.
Low angle shot of Dent walking towards the ledge looking
down the streets. He takes out his cell phone and dials a
number. Cuts to a shot of Jim Gordon driving in his car
answering his phone. Cuts back and forth between Jim and
Harvey as they talk.
                       JIM GORDON
                       HARVEY DENT
The Roman is dead Jim.
                       JIM GORDON
What? How?
                       HARVEY DENT
I killed him.
                       JIM GORDON
      (in shock)
Harvey, you...you actually.
                       HARVEY DENT
His body is lying in front of the
entrance to his penthouse. I'll be
waiting there for you to arrest
me. Goodbye Jim.
Harvey hangs up his phone. And exits the Roman's study.
                                         CUTS TO


Batman is still holding onto the bottom of the helicopter.
Close up shot of his grappling gun, he reaches up with his
left hand and presses a button on it. Batman is pulled up
the cable to the helicopter.
Cuts to the interior of the Helicopter. Joker walks over to
                       THE JOKER
We need to lose him, pull him up
the side of that building.
Joker points out the window at a tall building. Nigma flies
towards it.
The helcopter rises and drags Batman up the side of the
building. Tilt shot of Batman being dragged up, glass
shattering all around him. Batman manages to hold on. After
being dragged up he continues being pulled up towards the
helicopter by the cable. Batman reaches the helicopter and
begins to pull himself on. He glimpses over the edge into
the helicopter where he sees Joker wearing a parachute on
his back. Joker notices him.
                       THE JOKER
Now you must choose Batman, stop
me, or save thousands, your choice
(starts laughing).
Joker jumps out the side of the helicopter, pulling the
chute seconds later. Batman walks towards the edge to go
after Joker.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
      (from the cockpit)
I would suggest you stay, Bruce.
Batman stops and looks back at Nigma.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
What did you just say?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
I've known you were Bruce Wayne
for a long time now, don't try to
hide it. No one outside of this
helicopter will know.
Batman glances down to Nigma's hands, they are handcuffed to
the co-pilot's seat.


                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Why would the Joker leave you
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
He told me I know too much and
that I am a threat to him. He's
right to be afraid, I do know more
than you can imagine, I knew who
Holiday was since the first
murder. I've never been afraid of
death though.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
      (in realization of
       Nigma's words)
Who's flying the helicopter?
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
It's on a set path to collide with
the Roman's Penthouse. Theres no
way it can be stopped in time.
Batman looks out the front window and sees that Nigma is
right, they are on a collison course heading right for The
Roman's Penthouse. Batman turns around and sees the
explosive crates.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
There is enough explosives there
to bring down the entire building.
By this point I imagine that Dent
has already killed The Roman.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
It was inevitable, I knew Harvey
Dent would eventually break. IF
you want to save the hundreds of
other innocent lives in that
building you need to destroy this
helicopter before it reaches the
building. One of your small
explosive mines should do the
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Why are you telling me this?


                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
Your running out of time Bruce, I
wanted Falcone out of the way just
as much as you did. Dent beat us
both to it.
Batman stands there in shock.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
What are you waiting for? Do what
I said. There is no time to save
Close up of Batman's utility belt, he takes out one of his
small mines and places it beside one of the explosive
crates, he activates it. Close up of mine. He runs to jump
the side but stops for a moment and looks back at Nigma.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I'm sorry.
                       EDWARD NIGMA/RIDDLER
One life for hundreds, fair trade.
Batman jumps out of the helicopter and glides down towards
the streets.
                                         CUTS TO
Harvey Dent, wearing his business suit, side of his face
still cut and covered in whiskey.

Dent is standing at the entrance to the Roman's Penthouse
with his hands in the air. The scene opens with a medium
shot of him the camera spins around him revealing the police
cars in front of him. The Roman's body is laying on the
ground, pieces of shattered glass all around it. Jim Gordon
is in the crowd of policemen he is speaking through a
                       JIM GORDON
Harvey come forward and let us
take you in without a fuss.
                       HARVEY DENT
You got it Jimbo.
Harvey walks forward slowly. The sound of a helicopter is
heard. Dent looks up, low angle shot of the same helicopter
Nigma is in flying through the air. It suddenly explodes,


screams of terror are heard throughout the streets. A
flaming fragment of the helicopter flies out of the
explosion and lands right beside Harvey. Tracking shot of
the fragment flying to the ground. The flames from the
fragment expand and ignite the whiskey on the side of Harvey
Dent's face. He falls to the ground screaming in pain.
                       JIM GORDON
Jim runs forward to help Harvey. A montage of different
shots are shown, shots of Paramedics taking Dent into an
ambulance and driving off. The burnt side of his face
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Dent is admitted to Gotham General
Hospital. His serious injuries
have put him into a coma which the
doctors are unsure of whether or
not he will wake. Gilda must be
heartbroken, Harvey went against
everything he believed in to bring
down the Roman and this is what he
gets in return. Some would call it
Karma, I call it the bitter
aftertaste of corruption.
                                         FADES INTO
Batman is standing with Gordon in The Roman's study, looking
out the shattered window at the sun rising over the
                       JIM GORDON
So Nigma knew everything all
along, he was playing all of us.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
He only helped the Joker because
he wanted the Roman gone too.
Joker's plan was to kill the Roman
tonight so that the family would
crumble and he would have the
chance to rule crime in Gotham.
                       JIM GORDON
And now he has that chance.


Batman walks to the ledge overlooking the Gotham cityscape.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
Bringing down the Roman was the
first step in making Gotham a safe
place again, the Joker is the
next. Was it worth it?
                       JIM GORDON
Was what worth it?
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
The promise we made to bring down
the Roman. What it cost us,
                       JIM GORDON
Are you asking me "Did the good
guys win"? Yes, in a way we did.
Dent was a sacrifie that had to be
made. I still believe in Gotham
Jim leaves the study. Leaving Batman standing at the edge.
                       BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE
I made a promise to my parents,
that I would rid the city of the
evil that took thier lives. The
day is still coming that I will
make good on that promise. I have
to I believe in Batman.
Batman jumps off the ledge and glides into the cityscape.
Tracking shot of Batman jumping out the window and gliding
through the cityscape
                                         FADES INTO
It is Halloween, Gilda is sitting at a table in her living
room writing a letter. While narrating the letter, there are
different shots throughout the house of photographs of Gilda
and Harvey together.
                       GILDA DENT
Dear Harvey, I've been wanting to
tell you something for a long time
now. I don't want to say it
but...I did what needed to be


                       GILDA DENT (cont'd)
done. Do you remember, you
promised? We would finally have
time together, when you didn't
have to work so much. So we could
have a child together. I read your
case files. About taking serial
numbers off guns and how clues are
left at murder scenes. And I
thought that if I did that, Batman
would think it was someone
extraordinary and not me. I used
your hat and coat for a disguise
and left those things at the
killings. Johnny Viti was the
first. Then again on Thanksgiving
and again on Christmas after you
went to bed. But, when Alberto
Falcone was shot on New Year's. I
knew that I had started something
bad. I stopped after that and let
Alberto continue. Let them think
it was Alberto. No one will ever
find out, because they don't have
you to help. I don't even know if
I have the strength to place this
letter by your bedside. I can't
stand all the guilt, if I hadn't
started these murders, you would
still be standing here with me. I
believe you can pull through this.
I believe in Harvey Dent. Love,
Gilda takes the letter and puts it in an envelope and seals
it. She walks towards the door to grab her coat but stops.
And begins to cry. She walks back into the living room and
walks up to the fireplace. She hesitates and then throws the
letter into the fire. She walks away from the fireplace and
looks back. Close up shot of the letter burning away. The
fire eats away at the letter in the shape that somewhat
resembles a bat, the batlike shape surrounds the word
"Harvey" written on the front of the letter. Cuts to black,
credits roll.


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From Matt Date 7/4/2009 ****
I actually really enjoyed this piece of work, you can see a development of your craft with every line in the script so well done for that Dude! It is such a shame that Heath Ledger is no longer available to play the role of the Joker (If I am correct- Character Wise) as there are so many agents literally reaching for an adaptation like yours! But seriously man it was wicked!!!!!! x

From Andrew Date 6/26/2009 ****
Wow, that was a great adaptation of The Long Halloween. I loved the way you portrayed Riddler. I wish you could have developed Joker a little more, but then again he didn't play a huge role in the original graphic novel. Overall this was great, as a Batman fan, I would love to see this as a film. Well Done!

From Grant Date 6/23/2009 *
Sounds like the two new batman movies.

From Mario Manta Date 6/23/2009 ***1/2
It's really good Joel. I liked the twist at the end. Very nice job.

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