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Wait On The Lord: Hannah's Story
by Bessie Ransom-Mosley (bessierm@hotmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Family   User Review: ***
A short play depicting an older Christian woman encouraging and younger Christian woman in her faith based on the biblical character Hannah. Shows the Bible way to make it through depression, family derision, disappointment.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The two women are seated in the living room with comfortable
chairs, a floor lamp between them, an area rug and tree.
                                         MUSIC PLAYS THEN
                       SISTER MOSLEY
Mother Weaver, thanks for inviting
me over. I just had to talk to
someone. It seems like no one
hears my prayers. I cry out to
God, but it seems like nothing
ever happens. I need an answer
from the Lord!
                       MOTHER WEAVER
Don't worry baby. It's going to
be alright. You just have to have
faith and wait on the Lord--like
that woman Hannah in the Bible.

You remember her?
                       SISTER MOSLEY
Well a little. Wasn't she the
mother of Samuel, the respected
judge and prophet?
                       MOTHER WEAVER
Yes, she was. But it didn't just
happen overnight. Everybody made
fun of her and talked about her
for not having any children. By
faith, she continued to pray until
something happened. I call it
praise and waitship.

I did some research on Hannah one


                       MOTHER WEAVER (cont'd)
time and put it in a book.
      (Points to a book
       on a nearby table
       and motions to
       Sister Mosley to
       hand it to her))
Hand me that book please, baby. I
want to show you this, so you can
see it for yourself.
                       SISTER MOSLEY
Whatcha got?
                       SISTER MOSLEY
      (flipping through
       the pages of the
It says here, Hannah was one of 2
wives of Elkanah, a Jewish
priest. Hmmmm... Oh that's
right. Polygamy was allowed back
then for a man if his first wife
was childless. I guess he married
Hannah first, then his other wife
named Peninnah so he could have
                       MOTHER WEAVER
Girl, Penny had babies at the drop
of a hat! I call her Penny, cuz
the way she treated Hannah --
wasn't worth 2 cents.(laughs)
Elkanah just married her so she
could give him some sons to help
him run the family farm--and she
knew it! In those times, being
childless was considered a kind of
disgrace. Plus, Penny stayed up in
Hannah's face and house and made
life miserable for her! She was
cruel. Messing with Hannah all
the time. Hannah was so desparate
for a child, she made herself


                       MOTHER WEAVER (cont'd)

See here, the Bible says the real
deal was Penny was jealous because
Elkanah loved Hannah more than he
loved her.
Enter the procession of Eli the Priest, his sons Hophni &
                       SISTER MOSLEY
Ouch! That's deep. Time for Penny
to make some "change." (chuckles)
Eli sits in a chair beside the entrance of the tabernacle
preparing to receive and serve the people. His dwelling is
next to the tabernacle. The tabernacle is located farthest
in the back of the stage area. The altar is centered in
front of the tabernacle.
Enter Israelite families from rear of congregation. Elkanah,
Hannah, Penny, Sheilah, children. They sing on the way to
the tabernacle: "I was glad when they said unto me, O let
us go into the house of the Lord."
Hophni stands, greets,and guides Israelites to his brother
Phineas who stands behind the altar facing the congregation.
Phineas accepts the meat sacrifices from the Israelite men.
Places meat in pot and uses 3 prong fork to bring out his
                       SISTER MOSLEY
It says here every year families--
wives and children would go on a
pilgrammage to Shiloh, because
that's the place God commanded his
people to worship - they were
forbidden to worship anywhere
else. I didn't know that... They
ate, worshipped, glorified God and
the men made sacrifices to God.

Eli was the high priest of Israel.
His two priest sons Hophni and
Phineas helped at the tabernacle.


One at a time, Israelite men go to the altar to give the
meat sacrifice to Phineas. Women and children stop at the
feast area,pray, eat, fellowship and wait for the head of
the household to make meat sacrifice, receive the priest's
                       MOTHER WEAVER
Remember Sister Mosley, this thing
between Hannah and Peninnah went
on for years - long enough for
Hannah to become desparate and
depressed - weeping at the drop of
a hat- it affected her
relationship with her husband too.
Penny and friend Sheilah see each other at the party outside
of the tabernacle. They wave, hug and stand by the punch
bowl table drinking and nibbling on finger food. They make
small talk and gossip between themselves and occasionally
say hi to people they recognize at the party. Looking sad,
Hannah shies away from them but remains in hearing distance
of Penny and Sheila's conversation.
Shalom Sheilah! So good to see
you. You look good girl. Seems
like we meet here every year--(in
unison with Sheila) at the punch
bowl! (laughing) One day we'll
have a real temple here and we'll
have some real worship.
Shalom! Good to see you too Penny.
Wow! Look at you! Last year you
were pregnant with baby
number--uh, five was it? Hey,
where's the second wife, Hannah?
Seems like every time I see her
she's taggin along looking sad.
      (talking loudly so
       Hannah can hear)
Girl please, Elkanah and I have
eight , (holding up her fingers)
count them, eight children now.


                       PENNY (cont'd)
They're all here somewhere. they
get on my nerves. But at least I
have some... (looking in Hannah's
      (Bragging and
       pointing out in
       the audience)
There's our oldest son over there
with the high priest's sons.
Excuse me Sheila. Hi Hophni!
Shalom Phinehas!
(Speaking aloud to herself about
the young priests) What are they
doing? Anyways, (pauses, spots
Hannah, then whispers to Sheila)
there go sad sack Hannah over
there. Every year, always praying
to God because she can't have
kids. It's embarrassing--for
Elkanah, you know. (Gasps) And
why did Elkanah give Hannah 2 more
portions of sacrifice meat than me
and my kids? And she never eats
when we come here. He ain't
right. I have more mouths to feed
than her.
A young woman walks by Hophni. Hophni gently grabs her
wrist, smiles flirtingly. He reaches in his pocket, flips
out a folded piece of paper held between his middle and
forefingers and gives it to the young woman. Signaling with
his hand to his ear and mouthing "Call me". Winks, watches
her pass by. Then quickly resumes his 'holy' composure.
Hannah has watched all this. She shakes her head, places her
hands over her eyes and weeps.
Well she is his beautiful first
wife. Maybe he just feels sorry
for her-- being barren and all.
(looks in the direction of Hophni)
Wow. Did you see that? Uh, Penny


                       SHEILA (cont'd)
I'd keep an eye on my son with
those 2 young priest kids if I
were you. I mean, I love Eli to
death. He is a judge and high
priest of Israel and all, but his
sons....Even though they are
priests, I just saw (whispers in
Penny's ear).
Naw. I know Eli. He is HOLY with a
capital H. He lives right here by
the temple. This Holy Place has
the Ark of the Covenant in it. His
sons would not even try it. Under
they holy daddy's nose? NO way!
Trust me. Eli would rather die
than to allow the temple of God to
be defiled.
Well, you'd think that Eli would
sit them down until they get it
together. Its disgusting! Our
holy God can't turn a blind eye to
this forever.
After making sacrifice at the altar, Elkanah goes to Hannah
at the feast table attempting to console her.
Penny and Sheila prepare to leave as Elkanah approaches.
Penny reaches out to embrace him, but he walks past her to
hug weeping Hannah. Penny acts outwardly insulted at the
public slight.
Hannah, why are you weeping? Why
don't you eat? Why are you
downhearted? Don't I mean more to
you than ten sons?
Hannah cries even more. Elkanah shrugs his shoulders, gives
Hannah a hug, grabs a bite to eat, motions to overjoyed
Penny to come with him and they exit.


Music plays "Jabez prayer (Enlarge my territory)". [Short
praise dance behind Hannah?]
Procession (everyone except Hannah and Eli) grabs the table
and items initially brought and exits leaving Hannah alone.
Hannah brings her pillow and goes before the altar, sits
horizontally to diagonally and prays aloud at first, then
only lips move. Eli sits by the tabernacle and listens to
Hannnah pray. To add insult to injury, the "church" mocks
her too! But, Hannah talks back. She is a bodacious woman!
She clears up the matter and sets her record with God
music fades to very low but not
out as Hannah speaks prayer aloud.
       wails and makes
       vow to God.)
O LORD Almighty, if you will only
look upon your servant's misery
and remember me, and not forget
your servant but give her a son,
then I will give him to the LORD
for all the days of his life, and
no razor will ever be used on his
Hannah was praying in her heart, and her lips were moving
but her voice was not heard. Eli thought she was drunk.
How long will you keep on getting
drunk? Get rid of your wine."
She prayed and praised the Lord (1SA 2:1-10).
for His deliverance, for His holiness, for His knowledge,
for His power, for His judgment, for a son.


Not so, my lord,I am a woman who
is deeply troubled. I have not
been drinking wine or beer; I was
pouring out my soul to the LORD.
Don't take your servant for a
wicked woman; I have been praying
here out of my great anguish and
Please forgive me. Go in peace,
and may the God of Israel grant
you what you have asked of him.
Having spent time in prayer and unburdening herself to the
Lord, receiving peace and a blessing from Eli, Hannah feels
much better and is now able to eat. She takes some food from
her basket and eats. She looks different - she looks happy.
May your servant find favor in
your eyes.(takes a refreshing sigh
and skipping, exits with basket
and pillow).
                       MOTHER WEAVER
God granted Hannah a son. She
named him Samuel, saying, "Because
I asked the Lord for him". But
only after patiently waiting. She
lived up to her vow and gave him
back to the Lord.
                       SISTER MOSLEY
      (Hugging Mother
Thank you Mother. I feel like
going on. Hannah's teaches us to
be "godly" in the face of severe
depression and anxiety. She
teaches us to continue to
persevere even when it seems as if


                       SISTER MOSLEY (cont'd)
God has forgotten us. She teaches
us to get up and discover other
things to do as we travel through
the land of WAIT! She teaches us
that "walking on by faith" does
bring great rewards, in due
season. For they that wait upon
the Lord shall renew their
strength., hallelujah! If He did
it for Hannah, I know He can do it
for me! Thank you Jesus!!
                       MOTHER WEAVER
Be encouraged Sister Mosley. Have
Hannah faith. Pray and wait until
you get what you want from God.
He's always faithful to His word.
                       SISTER MOSLEY
I will. Thanks Mother. I can
always count on you for a word in
due season. Now whatcha got in
the fridge to eat?
                                         FADE TO BLACK


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From erick s. williams Date 7/29/2009 ***
Good job on your ten-minute play.

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