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One Chance Meet
by Richard Thomas (solaceaha@aol.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
This is a short story that just came to me, it was inspired by someone that shall remain "nameless" but it is more about the loneliness we sometimes feel in this big city (NYC) this is dedicated to her and inspiration.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Its an early evening at a local Coffee shop/Desert shop
located in the village in NYC. The place is crowded as the
rainy outdoors have caused people to all come inside for
their coffee and deserts.
All the tables and chairs are full, a young waiter is
working the full by himself filling orders and trying to get
through the day alone. Everyone at the tables is paired off
into groups and couples, one young man later 20's sits alone
into his work and typing on his laptop, he seems to be in
his own zone and not noticing the crazy crowded
The waiter walks by the mans table
this is brutal you would think
they would get someone to come in
and cover me on these rainy days
the man is unresponsive
I was just saying that its really
swamped today, more than usual
      (still typing then
The usual...sure that sounds good,
i'll take another
oh boy i cant win in this place
the waiter walks away from the table as he does he gets
stopped by three other tables on his way to pick up orders.
Suddenly the door opens and in walks a beautiful young lady,
very fashionable, she is hurrying inside to get out of the
rain, closing her umbrella as she enters the door
the man glances up from his table
the waiter is coming out of the kitchen as she is taking off
her coat and haniging it up and putting her umbrella down.


hey look who it is
oh brother, these days are just
getting worse and worse, im
wondering if the sun is ever gonna
shine again.
busy day?
eventful to say the least, but i
see business is booming here.
yeah thats been the one good thing
about this weather, business has
picked up. Can i get you....
the usual is fine, i just have to
check some messages, make some
calls, the end of the day rounds
as they say.
ok, it doesnt seem like we have
any spare tables right now...
yeah, well, theres a spare chair
over there at his table, i just
really need a seat nothing fancy,
its just little old me
the woman is walking over towards the man at the table, he
has overheard everything, he is slightly nervous and isnt
looking up to see her
      (apprehensive at
the man tilts his head up from his laptop and typing slowly
would it be ok if i sat here, i
just have to make some calls and
check my messages, i promise i
wont disturb you


the woman sits, putting down her bag, and getting out her
phone and starts to look for her messages and make some
calls, the man goes back to typing but occasionlly glancing
at her
      (on the phone)
Hey its me, yeah the shoot is done
everything went well, what kind of
things are lined up for tomorrow?
the waiter walks back over with the mans order and also the
womans placing them down on the table, the woman motions to
the waiter her thank you as she continues to talk
Ok well i can make that event
wednesday night, but im busy for
lunch so tell him that i can meet
him for lunch on friday and we can
talk over things then. What else
have you got lined up
as she listens there are flashes of lightning outside and
then a tremendous loud clap of thunder that shakes the whole
place, and everyone inside has a look of amazement at the
      (looks over at the
Thunder always scares me, ever
since i was a little girl back
It kind of scares me too, but
lightning is more dangerous dont
you think?
      (back to her call)
Thats all for the week?? Ok sounds
the man again is looking down


hey im sorry about that it was
just some business, you know,
getting the rest of the week lined
Yeah but i guess its just good to
have jobs to go on you know, its a
tough time
so...i guess you are the creative
type too, i mean...the laptop..the
just something...a story.. i have
been working on, nothing special
You know i find that everything we
do is special, maybe not to
others, but at least to us
the man looks at her with admiration
just one of my daily quotes i
guess you could say, i try to keep
them coming so i dont get too down
when things dont go as planned
but you know i find, that things
are better unplanned, i mean think
of how boring life would be if we
know the outcome to everything?
I never looked at it that way
the womans phone rings she answers it quickly


hello, yeah, well im here just
having some....ok...well, call me
when everything is set and give me
the details, alright bye now
the man again isnt looking at her. she looks at him and
feels bad that she keeps getting calls while talking, and
shuts her phone off
darn phones, what did we do before
I think we all actually
communicated more
but in a different way, more
its pretty funny when you think
about where we would all be today
if the cell phones just didnt
work, the computers broke down, no
i think we'd all have to just find
someone to have a good talk with,
and maybe get back to the basics
youre very prolific, and
insightful if i may say so
its probably what they put in this
the woman laughs, the man is staring at her with admiration
and also thinking how can someone be so pretty after getting
caught in the rain at the end of a long day of work
in the distance the rain beats against the windows in a fury
and lightning and thunder continues


well i guess im going to be in
here awhile waiting for this rain
to let up, guess i better get some
more of this
the man starts to get up
let me get it for you
thats not necessary
please. you've had a long day,
caught in the rain, let me do it
she watches as the man walks to the waiter and gives him the
order for more
she glances at him with a look of admiration
                                         FADE OUT
The cafe is now empty with the exception of the man and
woman sitting at the table together, having done through
three "usuals" each they still are into their conversations
and laughter and admiration for one another
so this is why i think that we all
have been here before in some way
shape or form
you continue to amaze me with your
insight you know that
the feeling is mutual, i enjoyed
hearing all about your struggles
coming here to the big city
i must have bored u to death


are u kidding me
the watier walks over to the table
hey its almost 11 time to close
Im sorry i didnt know it was that
late, did it stop raining?
about 2 hours ago
yeah, its a clear night, the moon
is out, maybe this rain is done
for good now and we can get on
with the summer
that would be amazing
we can hope
do i owe you anything?
nope it was taken care of, have a
good night and i will see you
tomorrow most likely?
the waiter walks away and the man is packing up his laptop
and things, as the woman starts to put her jacket on and
turns her phone back on
look you didnt have to take care
of everthing
no its alright, it was my pleasure
having this talk with you tonight


her phone is making noise and showing missed messages
you know i forgot i turned this
off, i missed a ton of calls
im sorry about that
the man puts his back over his shoulder, and the woman
realizes that what she just said might have hurt his
no its alright, i just think it
proves your point about, "useful
conversation" being more important
yeah but im sure those were
important calls
maybe, but i can always call them
late, you know
an awkward moment of staring between the two
This was great meeting you today,
do you come here often?
everyday, almost, actually
really, im here almost everyday, i
dont recall seeing you
well sometimes the mind is a very
selective thing, on those other
days there wasnt a reason, to
maybe notice me
and today?


it was crowded, no chairs, well
except this one that is always
empty every night next to me
so you have seen me here before
yeah, double chocolate chip
frappacino, your usual
how come you didnt come over and
just talk to me
it just wasnt right before, you
i guess i can understand that, you
are right about our minds being
very selective, and not seeing
someone that maybe always in front
of us, until a day when we need
you do understand then
the waiter walks back in ready to close up
well i guess i better get going
yeah me too, i have to catch the
11:30 train or else i wont get
home for hours
the man opens the door to go outside, the woman looks at him
hey.....Im glad....Im really glad
it rained tonight!


      (looks at her)
that chair is always there for you
when im here
the man steps out into the night and closes the door the
woman thinks that she cant let him go, she opens the door as
he is re-opening it.
i just wanted....
I was thinking that i have to walk
that way to the train too, maybe
we could walk together?
i'd like that
they look at each other with total respect and admiration
they walk away slowly down the block arm in arm talking and
the waiter closes the door and locks up, he looks at them in
the distance walking away and thinks about the tough night
he has had with work
      (he looks up)
You know sometimes its all almost
worth the hard work, too see that
kind of result once in a blue moon
the waiter walks away down the block, we see a blue moon in
the sky


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From Richard Date 4/28/2010 ***
I thought the dialogue was more or less pretty intelligent.

From Matthew Pasquarello Date 6/26/2009 *
fix puncuation.

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