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by Nicholas Brooks (nbrooks@uoregon.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
After a doctor’s perfect life is turned upside down by the tragic death of his wife, he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring it back.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A Modeling competition is taking place in a packed arena
with fans clapping as girl after girl goes by. The flash
from millions of camera fills the air. A portly guy with a
microphone stands close the the stage. He is the ANNOUNCER
for this event.
And here comes the beautiful
Kimberly Aanderud, sporting the
LinQ Hoodie Swing Dress with a
Louis Vitton handbag. Doesn't she
look stunning folks?
A Stunning blonde who we know later as KIMBERLY walks down
the catwalk ferociously as if she owns the place. People are
clapping, and the camera is fading in and out from black
while credits are rolling. She walks to the end of the
catwalk, stares out into the crowd, and quickly turns back.
                                         TIME CUT
Three finalists from the event are standing in the middle of
the stage, all with excited looks on their faces. KIMBERLY
is in the middle of the other two girls.
And our winner, for the 2008
Ultimate Fast and Furious Model
Competition is... Mrs. Kimberly
People clap and cheer, camera pans to a man who is tall in
stature and his face worn out from his job. The bags under
his eyes tell of long days and long nights that he has
endured throughout the years. He whistles and cheers
obnoxiously as we find out that it is DR. JASON AANDERUD,
KIMBERLY'S husband.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea! Wooooh! Way to go babe!
That's my wife!


KIMBERLY and JASON are now both backstage as KIMBERLY comes
out of her dressing room. JASON is holding a dozen roses in
his hand as he runs up to her and kisses her with all of his
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You are the most beautiful woman
in the world. Amazing job tonight.
I could not be more proud!
They both leave the ARENA and are immediately swarmed with
paparazzi and fans.
KIMBERLY is speechless from the compliment that she has just
received from JASON. She kisses him intensely.
JASON and KIMBERLY enter the restaurant, walking hand in
hand. They are greeted by a young and handsome ambiguously
homosexual WAITER.
Welcome! Will it be just you two
to---Oh My you are Kimberly
Aanderud! Right this way we have a
table ready just for you!
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
(Laughs) Thank you very much.
The WAITER shows KIMBERLY and JASON to a two person,
isolated table that is candle lit and very romantic. JASON
pulls out the chair for KIMBERLY as she sits down.
The WAITER puts two menu's down. One in front of KIMBERLY
and the other in front of JASON.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You were beautiful tonight hun, I
couldn't take my eyes off of you.
I'm the luckiest man alive.
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
You're so sweet! I can't believe I
was so lucky to find you.
JASON and KIMBERLY both lean over the table, and kiss.


Oh look at you two lovebirds! So
precious! What will you two be
having tonight?
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
Umm... I will have the Chicken
Caesar Salad and Minestrone.
Excellent Choice... one of my
favorites. And you?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I will have the Filet Mignon.
Medium Rare. Also could you bring
two wine glasses and a bottle of
your finest Pinot Noir. Tonight,
we celebrate!
Awesome! Thanks! I will be right
back with your food and wine!
The WAITER brings the food they ordered to the table, along
with two glasses and a very expensive bottle of Pinot Noir
that is submerged in a bucket of ice.
JASON pops the wine bottle and pours two glasses of wine. He
holds up his glass of wine towards KIMBERLY, in a
celebratory fashion.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
A Toast. To the most beautiful
girl in the world, and the best
wife anybody could ask for.
JASON and KIMBERLY sit there, enjoying meaningless
conversation with their one true love and great food.
They get into the car, buckle seatbelts and JASON fiddles
with the radio. He proceeds to drive home.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I have a special song picked out,
just for you.
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
Oh! I can't wait.. what is it?


JASON pulls out a CD from the middle island of his car and
puts it into the CD player.
JASON starts the car and begins to drive off.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Just Listen.
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
My favorite Song! Oh This night
could not get any better!
Song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" By Bonnie Tyler plays.
JASON is driving the car, speeding notoriously as JASON and
KIMBERLY enter their own little world of karaoke.
JASON and KIMBERLY begin singing along with the song as it
plays through the CD player.
JASON and KIMBERLY and dancing, and enjoying the song. They
are mimicking the motions of the words in the song.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Turn around...bright eyes..
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
.."And I Need you now tonight, I
need you now more tha--"
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Kimberly screams as their car is T-Boned on the passenger
side by a semi-truck that had run a red light. This sends
the car tumbling across the road and down a ditch. The car
continues to roll until it lands on flat ground, stopping
upside down. No sound is heard but the sound of labored
breathing as JASON attempts to exit the car.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Aaahh shit! My head!


JASON crawls out of the smashed car battered, bruised, and
bleeding from his arms and his head. He quickly moves to the
other side of the car and attempts to save KIMBERLY.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
KIM! Are you ok?
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
JASON frantically tries to open the passenger car door, with
no success. It's stuck and he reaches inside the window that
has been smashed and tries to grab her.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
                       KIMBERLY AANDERUD
Jason, I...
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
No no no no Kim Don't give up.
(weeping) Grab my hand!
KIMBERLY looks into JASON's eyes, that is a look of lost
hope. Her eyes then roll back into her head and she lay
there, lifeless.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
KIMBERLY! NO!!!!!!!!
JASON then suddenly wakes up in a cold sweat like he just
had the same recurring nightmare since that fateful day. It
is five years after the incident had happened.
JASON rolls over and looks at his clock, which reads 5:35
JASON slowly gets out of bed and heads towards the shower.


A Man in his late twenties is seen driving a black Crown
Victoria into the driveway of JASON's house and parks. He
gets out of the car and is of medium tall stature without a
blemish on his face. He is quite muscular. He proceeds to
the door and knocks on it.
(Knock Knock) Hey Jason, you awake
yet man? I know you're in there.
Come on buddy get some sunshine,
it's Sunday.
JASON comes down the stairs of the house, wearing only a
towel around his waist and answers the door.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Vince. I'm working today.
What? It's Sunday!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea, I know... But I have a lot of
work to do.
What's that put you at...60, 70
hours a week? Your wasting your
life away man.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hah. Not even close. I just want
to finish up some stuff and I have
some new potential clients coming
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Alright, whatever. Anyways I got
to get home, my wife is waiting
for me.
VINCE starts to leave and gets inside his car. He backs out
of the driveway, with the window down. JASON is standing in
the doorway to his house, waving goodbye.
Oh remember man. We are going out
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I don't thi--


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I don't want to hear your excuses!
I'll drag you out in your damn
underwear if I have to. You know I
will too.
Haha, Alright. I'll be there.
Yea, of course. Don't worry about
it though, I'll pick you up. Maybe
we will find you a girl, too?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Haha, we will see.
VINCE drives off. JASON stands there watching VINCE as he
drives off into the horizon.
JASON is sitting at his desk, typing on a computer. There
are files scattered all over his office. He hears a knock on
the door. The paintings "Entrance of the Hospital" and
"Starry Night over the Rhone" by Vincent Van Gogh are hung
up on his wall.
JASON hears a knock on the door and a woman enters. She is a
brunette, quite beautiful and in her mid to late thirties.
                       PATIENT #1
Are you Dr. Aanderud?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That would be me. Come in sit
down. Now what can I do for you?
                       PATIENT #1
I think I want to reduce the size
of my stomach with a tummy tuck ,
and removes some fat from under
your arms here, and breast
implants perhaps?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
The trifecta, huh?
JASON giggles at his own sarcastic comment.


                       PATIENT #1
Yea...I guess so.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I'm assuming you've gotten plastic
surgery before?
                       PATIENT #1
I sure have, a couple of times
before? I was referred to you by
my last doctor who had to move.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Dr. Hooper, I don't suppose?
                       PATIENT #1
Yep, that's the one. You came up
as highly regarded.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I assure you I am one of the best
in the business. Now lets have a
look at you.
PATIENT #1 Stands up, and turns around. DR. AANDERUD
examines her from head to toe, making marks on her with a
pen. He snaps his gloves on his hands in a very professional
                       PATIENT #1
Yea... I was thinking up another
cup size?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That's what fits best with your
body type I think. I'm guessing
you are a 34A. We could move you
up to about a 36B if that is to
your liking?
                       PATIENT #1
Oh my gosh! How did you know!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
When you are in the business for a
long time, you just know.
                       PATIENT #1
Ha ha. Yea, moving up to that
sounds good though.


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Alright. We will set up another
preliminary appointment to go over
the procedure in about a week. You
can set it up with my receptionist
as you leave.
                       PATIENT #1
Thanks! See you soon.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Pleasure meeting you.
JASON and Patient #1 exchange pleasantries and PATIENT #1
Dr. AANDERUD We went ahead and
scheduled an appointment for next
thursday, at 3:00 P.M.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Sounds good. Thank You.
JASON gets up out of desk and leaves. The computer screen
that he was typing on showed that he was looking at News
articles of his wife's death.
A medium sized building in the middle of a busy street.
Every other building around O'Briens is closed. A neon
yellow sign flichers "O'Briens Bar" with an outline of a
leprechaun below it.
JASON VINCE, and ASHLEY enter O'Briens Bar. It is a crowded
place with many pool tables and a dance floor. Vince and
Ashley go to the first open seats that they see at the bar,
while Jason goes to the very end, where he is all alone.
The BARTENDER walks over to where ASHLEY and VINCE are
sitting. He is not particularly Irish. He has a tablecloth
draped over his shoulder while he is cleaning mugs.
What can I get for you?


I'll have a Rum and Coke and she
will have a Apple Martini.
How about your friend over there?
BARTENDER nods towards JASON sitting at the end of the bar.
Jason sits there, staring off into space while he cracks
He will have three shots of
Tequila. Jason, three shots comin'
at ya!
BARTENDER quickly pours him three shots, and JASON looks
towards VINCE and raises his glass for him.
We need to find him a girl, get
him laid. You know?
I know, but he keeps rejecting
every girl we throw towards him.
He has to learn to do it himself.
Hey Jas, look at that girl over
VINCE and JASON look towards a beautiful girl on the other
side of the bar, playing pool by herself.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea, what about her.
She's been starin at you for the
past ten minutes. You should go
talk to her.
JASON gets up, and walks over towards her. (VINCE's P.O.V.)
Vince sees them talking for less then a minute. GIRL
splashes JASON in the face with her drink.
                       BAR GIRL
JASON goes back to his seat at the bar, and continues to
crack peanuts, but doesn't eat them.


What happened man?
She didn't like my sense of humor.
No chemistry.
JASON wakes up in the same manner as before, breathing
heavily and sweating profusely. He had the same nightmarish
flashback of his wifes death.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ah, man...What time is it.
JASON rolls over towards his alarm clock, which reads 5:35
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Same damn time, everyday.
JASON gets up, and wipes his face as he tries to wake up. He
walks over to the bathroom and heads to the shower.
JASON'S phone rings. He waits two rings to answer it.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hey, Marsha, How are you? Yea we
are still on for tonight. I'll
pick you up at 6:30. Ok. See you
then. Bye.
JASON and a GIRL are sitting at a table, in a fancy
restaurant. The girl is a bit thicker, and has so much
hairspray that her whole hair moves when she talks. She has
a southern accent and is very outgoing. Classical music is
playing in the background with indistinguishable chatter
also present from other guests at the restaurant.
      (Southern Accent)
...And there I was, standing naked
as a jaybird. And at a truck stop
no less! Can't y'all just imagine


                       MARSHA (cont'd)
my embarassment?
MARSHA and JASON laugh together.
      (Southern Accent)
'Scuse me one moment, I have to go
use the ladies room.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I'll be right here.
JASON looks at her until she is out of sight, then sighs and
repeatedly hits his head on the table. WAITER #2 comes to
the table.
                       WAITER #2
Advil, Sir?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
How 'bout a sedative? (He
chuckles) I'm just kidding. How
about the check though?
                       WAITER #2
I'll be right back with it.
WAITER #2 Laughs and walks away.
JASON and XIAN a semi attractive, very tiny Asian girl are
sitting in a booth at a Japanese restaurant, with Japanese
music playing in the background. She is wearing very formal
Japanese clothing.
Well, I moved to Beijing when I
was six. Originally I'm from
Okinawa. My Mom's Japanese and my
Dad is Chinese.
JASON sits there in a daze, not really paying attention.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I don't think this is working out.
I thought we were having a good


It's not you... It's me. I just
don't think we click.
JASON gets up and pulls out his wallet. He pulls out some
cash and lays it down on the table and walks out.
JASON wakes up exactly in the same manner as before,
breathing heavily and sweating profusely. He rolls over
towards the alarm clock to show that it is 5:53 A.M.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (To Himself)
Go Figure.
JASON gets up and heads towards the shower.
JASON walks down the stairs and opens the cabinet, He sees a
box of Fruity Loops and takes it out.
He looks at the expiration date on the box which reads
"8/12/2008." JASON looks at the calendar on the fridge,
which has everyday X'ed out except for the present day,
which is 11/02/2008.
JASON slowly opens the box and looks inside. He flares up
his nostrils and slowly gets a whiff of the contents of the
box. Smells fine to him.
He walks over to the fridge, and sets the box of Fruity
Loops down on the counter. He opens the refrigerator. The
refrigerator is basically empty except for half empty
condiments and old Chinese food.
He pulls out a gallon of milk, which has still most of the
milk in it. Unscrewing the cap, he smells the contents of
the gallon jug. He coughs and quickly replaces the cap to
the jug. JASON gnarls as he realizes that the milk is sour.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (To Himself)
Well, I guess its time to go
grocery shopping.
JASON grabs his keys from the counter and walks out of the


JASON walks up the cereal aisle, pushing a shopping cart.
The cart of full of random items, of which is mostly junk
food and microwave meals.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (To Himself)
$3.00 for a box of cereal? Shit
that's expensive.
JASON looks and sees a woman who looks exactly like his
wife, Kimberly. He does a double take, thinking that it is
actually his wife. He imagines her there for a minute,
standing in the aisle of the grocery store. JASON inches
closer and closer to her slowly.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
'Scuse me, what cereal do you like
better? Honey Nut Cheerios or
Honey Bunches of Oats?
VICTORIA folds up a piece of paper that she was looking
after before JASON came up to her and puts it in her pocket.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Umm... I'm not too sure. Honey Nut
cheerios has that sweet taste but
Honey Bunches of Oats has the
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
How about I get some regular
cheerios and you can just dip your
finger in it?
JASON winks at Victoria.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
How about not.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ooh, denied. Playing hard to get?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Listen, I get hit on everyday,
every where I go.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Well...I'm not like most guys.
What's your name Ms. Popular?


                       VICTORIA CARTER
...The names Victoria. And yours,
Mr. Persistent?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I'm Jason. Jason Aanderud.
Actually "Dr." Jason Aanderud.
Does Victoria have a last name, or
is that your "secret".
VICTORIA laughs sarcastically.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Ooh, we have a comedian here. It's
JASON notices that there are only microwavable meals in
VICTORIA'S shopping cart. He looks in it, making sure she
notices him snooping in her cart.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What 'cha got in there? Those
meals leave something to be
desired. How about I take you to
go get some real food?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Mmm... I don't think so.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What? Why Not.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I don't date doctors.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
And why not?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Oh, I don't know. The long hours.
The countless Lawsuits. The
Constant tiredness.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Well you know none of that affects
me and my life.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Oh no? Is that why you're buying
prepared meals as well?


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I -- Er-- well maybe some hours
are long.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Uh huh...Well you have a good time
with your Honey Bunches of Oats...
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I could have a good time with your
"Honey Bunches of Oats!"
VICTORIA scoffs and shakes her head as she leaves the aisle,
and JASON stand there, speechless.
JASON is sitting on his couch, fading into the mindless
droning of his television set. His doorbell rings, and he
hears the muffled voice of a kid whining. VINCE and his son
CHANCE are at the door.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Just a minute!
JASON gets up off of his couch and answers the door.
VINCE is standing at his front door, with a two backpacks, a
diaper bag, and a bottle bag weighing him down. He begins to
unravel the tangled mess of backpacks and hands it to JASON.
Hey man, Thanks again for watching
Chance for me.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea, no problem.
JASON crouches down to CHANCE's level.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hey Buddy! Are you ready to hang
out with Uncle Jason today?
CHANCE doesn't say a word, and hides behind VINCE'S body.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Not real friendly yet, is he?


He'll open up when you spend time
with him. Here's his stuff.
VINCE drops the final bag he had, which contains all of the
toys from CHANCE'S room.
Here's his clothes, diapers if he
has an accident, toys for him to
play with, and food for him.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That it? Sure there's no more
bags? Maybe a fold out bed for
Ha ha. No that's it. I'll pick him
up tomorrow.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Sounds good.
We see VINCE bend down and talk to CHANCE, placing his hand
on his shoulder.
You're gunna stay with Uncle Jason
for a night, like a sleepover!
CHANCE leans forward and whispers into his father VINCE'S
ear, looking at JASON with disdain.
You'll be fine! JASON'S a cool
guy! He may even let you stay up
late and watch TV... If you're
CHANCE'S eyes immediately open wide with excitement. He
grabs one of his bags and runs inside.
Kid loves TV. But don't let him
watch too much.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I'll try not to. Where are you and
Ashley going again?
JASON nods towards ASHLEY, who is on the cell phone in the
car chatting it up with one of her girlfriends.


We are going to Four Seasons for a
night. It's a big surprise though.
She has no idea where we are
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Oh, she will like that.
ASHLEY honks the horn and mouth's 'let's go' to VINCE.
Alright, man. I better go. We'll
be back tomorrow.
JASON and VINCE exchange a made up handshake that they had
created back in their childhood symbolizing the bond between
them. VINCE runs back to the car, and slides across the
hood. JASON laughs at VINCE'S attempt to be smooth.
JASON watches VINCE and ASHLEY kiss, and the car drive off
into the distance. He stares off into the horizon. His
mournful stare tells of pain and sorrow he feels for how his
life has turned out.
JASON is sitting at the couch, flipping aimlessly through
the television channels. He pours himself a glass of scotch
that had been sitting out for quite some time. CHANCE is
sitting on the floor, playing with an array of toys he has
spread throughout the living room as if to make himself at
home. JASON'S living room is cluttered with toys, diapers,
and baby food.
JASON stumbles upon on a news channel, which he has a
premonition to stop on.
                       NEWS REPORTER
...And today marks the fifth
Anniversary of the death of
Kimberly Aanderud. She was Twenty
Eight when she passed away.
JASON looks down and his eyes start to water. He immediately
pours himself another glass of scotch, and downs it as if it
will make the pain of his loss go away. He begins to tremble
from the death of his only true love.


                       NEWS REPORTER (V.O.)
...Police ruled it an accident,
but some suspected foul play by
her husband, Dr. Jason Aanderud.
Footage of the accident that occured is shown on the
television, and it intensifies the emotions that JASON is
                       NEWS REPORTER (V.O.)
...Dr. Jason Aanderud, doctor who
moved to L.A. from Tigard, Oregon
is a very successful plastic
A Picture of JASON is shown on the T.V. and he is wearing
his scrubs, as if he is just about to go into surgery.
JASON'S eyes now turn from sorrow, to full fledged anger.
His heart now fills with anger and wrath for how his life
has plummeted.
Ahaha! Mista Pow tay toe Head!
CHANCE pulls out a Mr. Potato Head from his backpack.
JASON pulls his head up and looks over towards CHANCE. He
begins to stare intently at CHANCE playing with Mr. Potato
I don't wike this mouf.
CHANCE rips off the mouth of the Mr. Potato Head doll. He
empties his backpack onto the floor which is filled with a
plethora of different shaped facial appendages.
I think I like...this one!
CHANCE pulls out a mouth and sticks it into the Mr. Potato
Head doll.
We see JASON watch CHANCE very intently as CHANCE exchanges
parts of the Mr. Potato Head doll with the extras he has
laid out on the floor. JASON studies his technique and gets
a devious grin on his face as intense music crescendo's.
JASON jumps up out of his couch and bolts towards his


JASON bursts into his office, which is cluttered with case
reports and medical books. On his wall he has one painting,
and it is "Beata Beatrix" by Dante Rossetti.

He looks around excitely and grabs a picture he has on a
shelf in his room of his wife, Kimberly. He smashes the
frame and pulls out the picture. He stares at it intently,
with the same devious grin on his face. His thumb rubs the
cheek of his wife on the picture as if to say that he misses
her and that he will see her soon.
JASON is sitting in his car, in the parking lot. The parking
lot is crowded, so he looks inconspicuous. His car faces the
entrance of the store, so he can monitor who enters and who
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (To Himself)
Where are you...
VICTORIA exits the grocery store. She looks left and right
watching for cars and as she makes her way through the
parking lot.
JASON spots her through the crowd, and follows her with his
eyes as she parades down the parking lot. All the attention
is on her, like a magnet to her beauty. His lips coil in
VICTORIA gets in her bright red Ford Mustang, and drives
off. JASON tails her and follows her home, making sure to
memorize every street they go down.
VICTORIA pulls into her driveway and JASON speeds off past
her house.
JASON is sitting in his office, comparing the picture of his
wife to pictures of girls in magazines. He starts to cut out
different parts and mixes them up, finding the perfect
combination of girls to recreate his wife.
Across from him, fidgeting in her chair is another client,
PATIENT #2. She is very finicky and has lost her patience
with JASON, who seems distracted.


                       PATIENT #2
(She Sighs) So are we going to do
this surgery or what?
JASON looks up, annoyed.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Huh? Oh. Yea sure whatever. What
did you want again.
                       PATIENT #2
I wanted my breasts up another cup
size, a tummy tuck, and some botox
for the wrinkles on my face.
JASON pulls out a scrap piece of paper from his desk, and
writes what she says on so she thinks he is paying
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ok. You can set up the
appointments with my receptionist
on your way out.
                       PATIENT #2
You don't need to know anything
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
No I got it. Now shoo. Goodbye.
JASON signals her to leave by "shooing her" like an annoying
fly in the kitchen. PATIENT #2 storms out, not saying a
JASON is asleep in his bed, with an evil grin on his face.

He falls asleep, and dreams of his wife. He is looking at
her from behind and when she turns around its Victoria's
JASON wakes up with the same devious grin on his face, this
time not sweating profusely and his alarm clock reads 3:00
A.M. He proceeds to get up and head towards his closet.
Rumbling through his clothes he finds a black shirt, a pair
of black sweats, and a ski mask.


JASON is sitting in his car, contemplating what he's about
to do. His hands are clenched to the steering wheel and he
is dressed in all black. He sighs, realizing to himself that
after this, there is no going back but he reaches the
conclusion that there is other way to be happy in life.
JASON grabs the ski mask from the front passenger seat and
gets out of the car, heading towards her house. He grabs a
bottle of chloroform, a rag, and a small bag from the
backseat of his car.
JASON walks around the perimeter of the house, looking for
an easy way to get in. He sees a window on the backside of
the house that is cracked. He looks around, making sure
there is nobody around. He opens the window slowly so that
it doesn't make noise and he makes his way into the living
We see VICTORIA asleep peacefully in her bed. The Camera
zooms out to reveal JASON. It's dark, so only his silhouette
is seen to portray that his identity is hidden. Evil and
dark classical music fades in as he slowly creeps into the
JASON is now standing directly next to her while she sleeps
in her bed. He stands there for a minute, relishing in her
beauty. JASON rubs his thumb on her cheek as she is still
sleeping, the same way he did when he took his wife's
picture out of the frame.
VICTORIA starts to open her eyes as she is going from her
sleeping state to the awake state. She gets frightened and
gasps as she tries to get out of the bed. He takes the rag
he has that is soaked with chloroform and attempts to put it
over her mouth. She pushes him away and gets out of bed.
Frantically, she tries to exit her room but he quickly
tackles her to the ground and puts the chloroform rag over
her mouth again. She struggles, flailing her arms and legs
in an attempt to escape, but his grasp is too much for her
to handle and she passes out from the inhalation of the
chloroform. (The song Lachrymosa by Evanescence plays during
this scene to show how disturbed his mind is)
(1ST PERSON CAMERA ANGLE) VICTORIA opens her eyes (camera
fades in and out) All she see's is a dark, nefarious light


that flickers. The room is dead silent, except from the
creaking of the light swaying back and forth, and the
buzzing it produces from being luminnated. She looks around
her from side to side, noticing that she is restrained down
to a hospital type bed. In the distance, she hears a door
open. A dark figure wearing hospital type scrubs and a
surgical mask enters.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hello, my love.
JASON'S mind has now been so twisted, that his eccentric
nature leads him to believe that his wife is going to take
the form of VICTORIA.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
(Whimpers)Wh-wh-wh-who are you?!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
...Honey Nut Cheerio's or Honey
Bunches of Oats?
VICTORIA realizes who it is and gasps. JASON waves goodbye
to her as he leaves. she uses all her strength to get out of
the restraints, but it is no use. She screams at the top of
her lungs. All she sees through the window on the door is
his menacing smile. (dark music crescendos)
JASON is sitting at his desk typing on the computer. He
types a classified advertisement for a local newspaper, and
VINCE knocks on JASON'S door, which startles him. He quickly
turns off the monitor to his computer.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hold on. Ok...Come on in.
VINCE opens the door and walks in nonchalantly.
Hey Jas, how's it goin man?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Oh, not much. Just work, you know
how that goes.


(Chuckles) Yea I hear ya. Mine's
kind of slow right now though.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Anyways, I was just seeing what
you were up to tonight? We should
go to O'Briens...It's Karaoke
JASON gives VINCE a wicked smile.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I got plans tonight. I have a
Oh really? What's she like, tell
me about her.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Well...She's...perfect. I met her
at a grocery store.
VINCE's cell phone starts ringing. He picks it up.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
She's about 5'9''...Dark
      (ON PHONE)
Hello? Yea. Ok, Don't touch
anything, I'll be right there.
VINCE pays attention simultaneously to the person on the
phone and JASON.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Duty calls, I gotta go man.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
See ya later.
Tell me about her later though!
VINCE leaves, and JASON turns his computer back on.


VICTORIA is awake and looking around the room. All of the
sudden, she hears noises inching closer and closer towards
her. Beads of sweat are trickling down her face.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Hu...Hu...Hello? Anyone there?
Footsteps are heard getting louder and louder. The large
metal door scraps the side as it opens slowly. JASON enters
the room. He turns the lights on.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Good Morning, Victoria.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Wh..what are you going to do to
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Don't worry, I'm not going to kill
you, if you behave like a good
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Why me?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
When I saw you, I had this weird
feeling, like I had seen you
before. You know, you're body
exactly resembles my wifes.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
..But I'm not..
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I am aware of this. Soon you will
be my wife though, and you will
learn to love me.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
..A..Are you you crazy?!? Who
could love someone like you..
you.. psychopath!


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Aww...come on now dear, if you
don't do what I say bad things
WILL happen.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Wh..What do you want from me?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Oh, Don't worry. I have big plans
for you. Tomorrow is going to be a
wonderful day.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Why do you say that?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You will see. In the meantime, get
some rest.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
You...You're SICK!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
If you don't want to do this, I
will kill you.
JASON walks up right next to her and begins to run his
fingers through her hair.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
Now do you want to be treated like
a person, or am I gunna have to
leave you tied up?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
No...No.. I'll do it.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That's my girl...
JASON releases VICTORIA from her restraints. She clasps her
wrists, shivering from starvation and being
frightened.Victoria gets off the table and JASON puts his
arm around her.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
Now Follow me.


                                         FADE IN
An OFFICER is seen entering the building, holding a case
file. The Police department is full of people. Criminals are
handcuffed to chairs and policemen are seen chatting with
one another, passing the time.
                       OFFICER #1
Hey Lieutenant, I got another
missing person report for ya.
LIEUTENANT SMITH comes out of his office. He walks up to
OFFICER #1 and snatches the case file from him.
                       LT. SMITH
Let's see here...Hmm..Another
abducted woman. Go give this to
LT. SMITH hands OFFICER #1 back the case report.
                       OFFICER #1
Will do Boss.
OFFICER #1 walks down the corridor and knocks on the first
door he comes to. The door says "LEAD DETECTIVE VINCENT
MARONEY" on it.
Come in.
OFFICER #1 opens the door and throws the case file on his
desk. VINCE MARONEY is facing away from the door, leaning
back in his chair staring off into the city through his
window without a care in the world.
                       OFFICER #1
Lieutenants got another case for
ya. Another missing girl report.
MARONEY swivels around in his chair to REVEAL that it is
VINCE MARONEY, JASON'S long time best friend. VINCE is
wearing a formidable suit and tie with his badge around his
neck attached to a silver beaded chain.
Another one?? That's the third one
this week.


                       OFFICER #1
Don't shoot the messenger!
                       OFFICER #1 (CONT'D)
Crazy though...Isn't it.
Yea, almost eerie. That will be
all. Thank you.
OFFICER #1 exits the room, and VINCE starts thumbing through
the case file.
      (To Himself)
Victoria Carter huh..Hmm... Where
did you go...
Many generic girls are sitting around a huge conference room
table, chatting with one another. VICTORIA, who goes by the
name JANE CRAMER to cover her identity, acts as a talent
VICTORIA collects the Resume's and headshots from the girls
and exits the room. She then goes down the hall to another
room where JASON is sitting, watching a camera that is put
inside in the conference room.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Victoria throws the Resume's at
JASON. He catches them and glares
at VICTORIA, then smiles.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Don't be so angry, my love. Soon
we will be together.
VICTORIA stands there, crossing her arms in annoyance. JASON
peruses through the Resume's, not paying attention to what
is on there but comparing the headshots of the girls to the
picture of his wife. He finds three girls that each have one
part that resembles his wife.


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
This girl. This one... and This
one. Tell the others to leave.
JASON smiles at VICTORIA. VICTORIA snatches the Resume's
from his hand and is about to leave. She puts her hand on
the door and JASON jumps up, pulls a gun from his pocket and
shoves it into VICTORIA'S back.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Come on, Babe. Be happy. I am
giving you a gift. Now interview
those girls, get their information
and come back to me.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Ok... I'll do what you want!
Please don't kill me!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That's my Girl.
VICTORIA leaves and enters back into the conference room.
The girls are all sitting around a huge table, conversing
with each other.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Hello, Ladies. I just wanted to
say thank you all for coming out.
All of you are unique and if this
doesn't work out for you just
remember there are plenty of
talent agents looking for people.
Don't get discouraged.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
Now, I am going to call a couple
of names. The names of the girls I
call please stay, and if I don't
call your name thank you for being
here but you are not what we are
looking for.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
Let's see here... Marcella
Botticelli. Meagan Justice. And
Brittany Steindorf. That's all so
if you're name was not called, you


                       VICTORIA CARTER (cont'd)
may leave.
All the girls get up and start to exit. The only three girls
VICTORIA gets up, thanks the girls who are passing by to
leave. She then walks towards the three girls and shakes
their hands.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
And you are...?
I'm Marcella Botticelli.
                       MEAGAN JUSTICE
Meagan Justice.
                       BRITTANY STIENDORF
I'm Brittany Steindorf.
VICTORIA sits down next to the girls.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
It's a pleasure to meet you all.
My name is Jane Cramer. I am a
talent agent for the Talent
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
You three, based on your resumes
and pictures, have been chosen to
be a part of our Agency.
MARCELLA, MEAGAN, and BRITTANY cry with excitement. They are
all flailing their arms in triumph and trying not to cry.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
First off, I know all of you are
from small towns.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Are you willing to go the extra
mile to achieve success?
They all three nod their heads up and down, reassuring their
desire to make it in the big leagues.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
Have you girls ever considered
plastic surgery?


Yellow 'DO NOT CROSS' tape covers VICTORIA'S bedroom. Police
are seen scattered throughout her room inspecting every nook
and cranny, looking for a hint of how she dissappeared.
JASON walks in, ducks under the tape and examines the room.
Nobody touch anything. Don't go
through the drawers until I tell
you to.
Everybody stops and puts the stuff down. VINCE parades
around the room, looking closely at the bed, then to the
doorway. He closes his eyes, and describes what happened as
if he was there when she was kidnapped. His uncanny sense of
what happened stuns the police officers as they stare at him
with awe.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
He was standing here. She was
sleeping on her side. You can tell
by the indentation on the bed.
VINCE stand next to the bed exactly where JASON was. His
apparition appears, and VINCE mimics every move JASON moves.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
He tried to smother her...With
something...chloroform maybe. Take
the pillow sheet and take it down
to the lab.
an OFFICER grabs the pillow case and puts it into a plastic
bag, and tapes it up with red tape marked EVIDENCE.
VINCE moves around in the exact manner that JASON'S
apparition does.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
There was a struggle, so he didn't
succeed the first time...She tried
to run...But he caught her at the
doorway. He tackled her. He was
straddling her.
VINCE gets on his knees faultlessly the way JASON does. Now
Victoria's Apparition appears as well as JASON'S.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Here he had total control over
her. She couldn't escape and he
finally subdued her. He choked her


                       VINCE (cont'd)
with something and she passed out.
Theres a bit of residue here.
VINCE stands up and points at a spot in the carpet.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Cut up around this spot here on
the carpet. Take it to the lab.
VINCE exits the room, not saying another word as if he had
just conquered the world with his astonishing technique in
crime scene reconstruction.
JASON and VICTORIA are sitting in JASON'S car outside the
coffee shop, where MARCELLA had agreed to meet JANE again,
to discuss plastic surgery options.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (Stern Voice)
Now remember, I'm watching you're
every move. NO FUNNY STUFF. One
wrong move and you are toast. Get
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Yea, I got it.
VICTORIA gets out of the car and walks toward the coffee
shop. JASON stays there in his car, keeping a watchful eye
on her.
MARCELLA is waiting at a table. She ordered a White
chocolate mocha, and is halfway through it. There is ruby
red lipstick left on the cup where she had been sipping on
it periodically. VICTORIA walks up to her. MARCELLA stands
up and they shake hands. With business on their mind, they
sit down and get straight to the point.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
So plastic surgery is an option
for you?


Yea, I mean I'm willing to do
whatever it takes to get into this
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Ok. I know a Plastic Surgeon. He
is very skilled and is willing to
help. He needs clients as much as
I do.
Is it expensive? I don't have much
                       VICTORIA CARTER
It has been known to drain the
wallet a little bit, but its worth
it in the long run. I think he
wants about 50,000.
I'm going to have to go to the
bank first.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
That's no problem. Cash is
preferable, it's much easier to do
it that way.
Cash? that sounds kind of odd...
                       VICTORIA CARTER
It's standard procedure these
days, what with bounced checks and
Credit cards being denied and
Ok. So the appointment is later
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Yes, the sooner the better.
VICTORIA pulls out a piece of paper from her purse and
writes down an address. She hands it to MARCELLA.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
Go to this address with the money,
and we will get started right


Ok! Sounds great! See you in...a
couple of hours?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
MARCELLA and VICTORIA both get up out of their chairs
simultaneously, exchange goodbyes, and MARCELLA leaves.
VICTORIA sits back down in her chair for a moment. JASON
calls VICTORIA and he is in a car that is in a position
where he could watch the whole thing.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (On Phone)
Well, what did she say?
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
      (On Phone)
She'll do it. Cash. Tomorrow.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (V.O.)
      (On Phone)
What about the other girls?
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
      (On Phone)
I am meeting with them a different
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (On Phone)
Excellent. Come back to the car
They both hang up their phones simultaneously and VICTORIA
walks back to the car and gets in.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
See babe, now that wasn't so bad,
was it?
VICTORIA sits there, mute.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You'll warm up to me eventually.
JASON starts the car and drives off.


MARCELLA is standing in the driveway and looks at the piece
of paper with the address on it. CAMERA ANGLE is close up on
the piece of paper and when MARCELLA pulls down the piece of
paper, the address is the same.
MARCELLA walks up to the front door of the house and rings
the doorbell. She hears footsteps and DR. JASON AANDERUD
answers the door.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hello! How may I help you today?
Hi...I'm Marcella Botticelli. I
was referred to you by Jane
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ah! Yes Yes! Come on in!
MARCELLA enters JASON house slowly, making sure that this
plastic surgery not a scam.
So...How long have you been a
plastic surgeon?
JASON has his hands behind his back, and is simultaneously
drenching a rag with chloroform.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ooh... About 7 years now. There's
my credentials on the wall over
JASON points to the wall where his Physical Doctorate
Diploma and many awards for academic achievements are.
MARCELLA studies them intensely, trying to see if they are
real or not.
JASON walks closer and closer to her without her noticing,
until he gets right up behind her. MARCELLA notices him in
the reflection of the frame, but it is too late. He quickly
covers her mouth with the chloroform soaked rag and smothers
her until she is unconscious.
JASON holds her in his arms and drags her through the living
room, going downstairs into the basement of his house.


VICTORIA and MARCELLA are both in hospital gurneys, next to
each other. JASON is wearing a surgical mask, to hide his
identity. MARCELLA looks to her left and sees VICTORIA
restrained to her gurney.
Wha..What's going on?
JASON walks over to MARCELLA, not saying a word. He begins
to strap her in.
No!..NO LET ME GO! I don't want
this surgery anymore!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Don't worry, this will be for a
good cause. Death will be quick
and painless.
MARCELLA screams and struggles to get out of the restraints.
JASON pulls a syringe out. He sprays the first bit out, so
that there is no air present in it. He pokes MARCELLA in the
arm and injects the fluid into her. She continues to
struggle and slowly ceases. JASON puts two fingers on her
neck, and waits till he doesn't feel her heartbeat anymore.
MARCELLA now lays there, lifeless.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
You are a monster!
JASON places his index finger over her mouth.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Sshhh... It's time to sleep now.
Nighty night!
JASON places a gas mask over VICTORIA'S mouth that is hooked
up to a tank filled with Nitrous Oxide. Her voice is muffled
due to the mask as she breathes in the noxious gas. The
muffled voice stops.
JASON pulls out an item from his pocket. It is an ipod. He
shuffles around on his ipod for a minute, and then lands
upon a classical song. It is "Octect in E Flat Major, 4th
movement" by Felix Mendelssohn. This song shows the true
disturbed nature of JASON'S inner psyche.
He puts on his headphones and begins to dance around both
MARCELLA and VICTORIA, in sync with the music. He then goes


close to MARCELLA and begins to cut around her nose, using
his scalpel as a conductor's baton. The movements of his
scalpel are parallel to the movements of a conductor's
JASON is spinning around the two girls and holds up his hand
like he is dancing with someone.
He is still dancing around, but now it is JASON and KIMBERLY
dancing in a ballroom together, to the same music. They are
both dressed up very formally and ballroom dancing to the
classical music. He has a sick desperate grin on his face as
he seamlessly transitions from the real world to his fantasy
The scheming look on his face and the contrasting nature of
the light music shows the inner workings of JASON. He makes
very precise incisions as he moves his scalpel fluently with
the music.
The apartment of MARCELLA BOTTICELLI is crummy and dirty. It
looks like the place hasn't been cleaned in weeks and
clothes are scattered throughout the apartment. The
apartment is quite except for the annoying drip of the
bathroom sink faucet that leaks
The apartment is blocked off with police tape, and many
officers are inside, browsing for clues. JASON walks in. He
looks around, analyzing her place. He begins to speak as if
everyone should listen to him and learn from his execution
of analyzing a crime scene.
Alright, not much here. She's
lives in a pretty small place. Do
you know what that means?
FORENSIC ANALYST #1 Stops dusting for fingerprints and
answers JASON'S question.


                       FORENSIC ANALYST #1
Not very wealthy, probably moved
in a couple of months ago. Maybe
looking for a big break.
Exactly. Look at her sink. Filled
with dishes. Look at the Garbage.
Microwavable meals.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Alright everybody out. There's
nothing left to see here folks.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
I've always wanted to say that.
All of the police officers and Forensic analysts pile out of
the apartment like a herd of cows. VINCE starts to leave and
is halfway out the door when he turns around and notices a
newspaper on the floor.
VINCE walks over to the paper and picks it up with a pair of
forceps. He studies the paper that has been folded to the
classified Ad's. There is an Ad circled. It is the same AD
that JASON has put out about a talent agency.
      (To Himself)
VICTORIA lies there, her face all bruised from surgery with
bandages covering her nose from the rhinoplasty she
received. She starts to awaken.
JASON walks over to her, and examines his work impressed
with himself.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Looks like its healing quite
VICTORIA looks to her right, searching for the any signs of
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Wh..What did you do with her?


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Shh.. Don't worry 'bout her.
She's...taken care of. Go back to
sleep now.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Wait...Can I see it? I mean,
JASON hands VICTORIA a hand mirror. She brings it up towards
her face, starting at the chin. Her hand trembles as she
moves it vertically. She makes it to her nose, and is
astonished at the work he has done.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
It's still a little bruised, but
it will heal in a couple of days.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
It's...wonderful! No marks, scars,
or anything. How did you do it?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I did it...for you.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
Now, back to sleep. You have a big
day tomorrow.
VICTORIA relaxes, and falls back asleep. JASON runs his
fingers through her hair, caressing every individual
follicle as he passes through it. JASON backs slowly out of
the room and locks the door behind him.
VINCE is sitting at his desk, going over notes he had
written about MARCELLA's and VICTORIA's disappearances.
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES knocks on the door.
Who is it?
A Burly man who stands about 5'8'' enters the room. An
obsessive eater, this police officer, known as OFFICER SCOTT
JAMES, has the appearance of an overweight run-of-the-mill
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Officer Scott James, Sir.


Come in, Come in!
VINCE gets up out of his chair and greets OFFICER SCOTT
JAMES as he enters his office.
So, good news for me?
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Yea, I had my boys analyze the
sample down at the lab.
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Chloroform. The Abductor used
Chloroform to subdue his victim.
Son of a bitch. This guy is
methodic. He has this planned out
from the get go.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Although he didn't subdue her in
his first try, He's still an
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
You think they are related?
They gotta be. This close in time,
the abductor is selecting his
victims and studying them. Worst
kind of kidnapper.
VINCE opens the door and walks to the main lobby of the
police department. He gets everyone's attention, as he has
something to say to the police officers around.
Alright everybody, We are dealing
with a serial Kidnapper or killer.
When you guys are on patrol, ask
people if anyone near them haven't
been home recently. You guys know
these streets. Chances are he will


                       VINCE (cont'd)
strike again.
VINCE signals OFFICER SCOTT JAMES over with his index
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Officer James, Come with me.
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
...Where are we going?
Back to Victoria's place.
OFFICER JAMES and VINCE leave the police department.
VICTORIA calmly sits on her hospital bed, as if she has
accepted her fate now. She hears metal creaking and sees the
door open. JASON enters, dressed in normal clothes.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Did you sleep well?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
As well as I could in these
JASON walks up to her and begins to untie her from the
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Well I don't want you running away
from me now do I.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I don't think I would have much
choice. You'd find me and kill me
if I did.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
This is true...Does that mean you
are going to behave?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Let me see the mirror again.


JASON hands VICTORIA the hand mirror and she looks at
herself in it. She gives an accepting smirk.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
JASON smiles back at VICTORIA.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That's what I like to hear. Come,
I have a new plan for the next
JASON and VICTORIA now both exit dark surgery room. VICTORIA
sneaks a scalpel with her right arm from the room and hides
it under her gown.
Victoria's house, parking in the driveway.
Something seem strange to you?
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES is gorging himself with donuts, eating
with his mouth open.
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
...Huh? I donno. Like what?
How did he get in? Wasn't the
front door locked?
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Mmm. Yea I think so. Maybe she
left it unlocked then he locked it
After you're done stuffing
yourself, go retrieve the doorknob
and tape-seal it. Have the lab
analyze it.
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES nods to VINCE, his mouth full of donuts.
He starts to lick his fingers clean.


                       VINCE (CONT'D)
...I'm gunna go check around back.
VINCE exits the car and heads to the back of the house,
looking for clues.
He makes his way to the back where JASON had entered the
house. VINCE examines the window.
      (To Himself)
..Yea...He entered here.
VINCE goes inside the window the exact manner that JASON
JASON walks into his room and meets VICTORIA who has been
restrained to a chair in his room.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
It's time.
JASON begins to release VICTORIA from her restraints. She is
calm now, and doesn't struggle anymore. The cuts on her
wrists from attempting to flee his grasp are gone, as if she
accepts her fate.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Time for what?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Time to get the next girl.
Something tells me she wasn't so
keen on getting plastic surgery.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
...Yea, not really. Both of them
initially said no, but that they
would think it over.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (CONT'D)
...I have a question.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
By all means. Shoot.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
...Can I do it?


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Can you do what?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
...The kidnapping.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You want to kidnap her? I don't
think you want to. What are you
trying to do...
                       VICTORIA CARTER
The danger excites me.
VICTORIA moves closer and closer towards JASON, their bodies
only centimeters from each other. The sexual tension between
these two escalates.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I don't know if I can trust you...
JASON moves away from VICTORIA, contemplating whether or not
to let her kidnap his next victim. Noticing the sexual
tension that has grown between them.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I guess so. But I WILL BE WATCHING
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
One mistake, one slip, one hint of
you trying to escape ends in your
death. Understood?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
JASON hands VICTORIA a folded up piece of paper.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Here's the address We will bring
her back here, then we will take
her to the room.
VICTORIA moves close to JASON. He gets startled and backs
away. VICTORIA grasps the scalpel that she had hidden in her
gown. She contemplates stabbing him, but does not. Their
lips interlock and she pulls away. JASON is stunned and now
in a blissful yet convoluted mood.


VICTORIA and JASON leave his house, on their way to their
next destination. VICTORIA opens the piece of paper which
VINCE is sitting at his desk with case files sporatically
place all over it. He picks up the phone and dials a number.
The phone rings and JASON picks it up. JASON is sitting in
his car with Victoria. They are outside Meagan Justice's
apartment building, waiting for her to come home. A phone
conversation takes place. The screen is cut in half, one
shot of VINCE and one shot of JASON both on the phone.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (On Phone)
      (On Phone)
Hey man, long time no see!...or
talk I guess.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ha, yea man, how come you haven't
come around?
Oh been busy man, you know work.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea I hear ya.
Anyways man, you seem pretty
chipper now. Did you meet someone?
How was that date a while ago?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
It was good, We are still dating.
Nice man, nice! Well how about we
go to lunch and you tell me about
VINCE gets a worried look on his face and looks at Victoria.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ooh.. lunch? Today?


Yea man. Meet me at the police
station in thirty. We'll go to Fat
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
(Gulps) Ok, I'll be there.
Sweet see ya soon man.
VINCE and JASON hang up their respective phones. The screen
now expands upon JASON and VICTORIA sitting in the car.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Shit, I gotta go to lunch with my
friend. He's gunna think
somethings up if I don't go.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I can do this alone. I'll use her
car. We'll meet back at your
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I don't know...
VICTORIA moves close to JASON and whispers in his ear.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Come on, trust me on this one.
JASON nods his head and VICTORIA gets out of the car. She
bends over the window that was rolled down and reveals her
cleavage. JASON can only focus on her cleavage.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
See you soon.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
...Yea, see ya.
VICTORIA walks away from the car while JASON stares, dazed
at her beauty.
JASON and VINCE are at a table inside Fatburger Restaurant.
They both are eating a basket of cheeseburger and fries.


...So this is like a total 180
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hmm.? What is?
Well your like...Happy now. I
haven't seen you like this since,
well, you know.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Well life's just turnin' around I
JASON gets an evil smirk on his face as he sits across from
his best friend, negligent of the double life that JASON
So tell me about this girl you're
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Oh man, she is perfect in every
way. She's smart, she's funny,
she's hot.
She's hot, huh? Well what does she
look like?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
...She's a mix of everything I
would want in a woman.
Sounds awesome man, I wanna meet
her. Maybe a double date or
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea sounds good, hey how's Chance
Ooh good. He wants to come back
over sometime.


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Yea, anytime. That would be fun I
think he had fun last time.
VINCE'S phone rings. He wait's for a sec, checks the caller
ID, then answers it. JASON takes a sip from his water.
      (On Phone)
Hello?... Yea.. Where at? Errol
St. in LA?
JASON chokes on the water and coughs it back up, realizing
what street he had just said.
      (To Jason)
Somethin' wrong?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
No, just went down wrong pipe.
      (On Phone)
Alright, I'll be there in a
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
That was my boss, I gotta get out
of here. Another abducted victim.
Third one this week.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Alright man, Call me later.
VINCE leaves while JASON sits there until VINCE is out of
sight. JASON quickly calls VICTORIA who doesn't answer. He
immediately gets up and goes to his car.
JASON bursts through the front door, panting and sweating
profusely. VICTORIA is sitting on the couch, holding a towel
on her arm that is soaked in blood. Meagan Justice is
unconscious, lying on the ground with rope tying her arms
and legs together.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Wh..What the HELL happened?


                       VICTORIA CARTER
It didn't go as we had planned,
I'm sorry!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What do you mean it "didn't go as
                       VICTORIA CARTER
There were some complications when
I got to her apartment.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
JASON sits down on the couch across from her and puts his
hands over his face in shame.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
Alright start from the beginning.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Well...Here's what happened.
VINCE walks up the door, and sees that it cracked open a
tad. He hesitates to enter the apartment, and pulls out his
gun just in case.
He peeks through the crack for a second, and pulls his head
back, almost instantly. He moves to the other side of the
door quickly and kicks the door open. He waits there for a
second and quickly revolves so that he is in the doorway,
gun cocked and ready to fire if there was someone in there.
He enters the apartment cautiously and checks every nook and
cranny of the apartment, looking for anyone who may still be
in the apartment.
Hello? Anybody Home? This is
Detective Vince Maroney of the
No one answers. The place is vacant.
He walks back out of the apartment and signals for OFFICER
SCOTT JAMES to come aid him and that the place is clear.
All quiet on the western front.


                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
..It means the place is secure.
It's a little joke.
OFFICER JAMES looks at VINCE with a blank stare.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
...Nevermind. Anyways come over
OFFICER JAMES walks over to and stand next to VINCE. OFFICER
JAMES attempts to walk inside the apartment, but VINCE
places his hand on his chest, stopping OFFICER JAMES in his
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
WAIT. I think I know what happened
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Look at the carpet here.
VINCE bends down and looks at a place in the carpet where an
indentation is.
See these indentations.
Footprints. The person had stood
here for a while... The feet are
small, yet delicate. It must have
been a woman.
VINCE looks around and places his feet where the
indentations are.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
...She was standing here, like
an APPARITION of VICTORIA appears, like a ghost and VINCE
mimics every move she makes, detailing the events that took
place during the kidnapping.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
She knocked on the door.
VINCE knocks on the door, mimicking the events that took
place during the abduction.


                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Ms. Justice came to the door. She
must have looked in the peep
hole...No sign of forced entry, so
she must have known her assailant.
VINCE walks into the apartment, in the same motion that
Victoria's apparition does.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
They stand here, talking for a
while. Ms. Justice made coffee..or
tea..No coffee. Go over to the
coffee maker.
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES walks over to the coffee maker in the
kitchen, stumbling over items as he makes his way there.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
...Is it on?
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Yep, Sure is.
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES stands there, frozen in time. VINCE
closes his eyes for a moment, to visualize the abduction.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
The woman..She...She made her way
towards the kitchen. She must have
grabbed something...The lamp. on
the coffee table.
VINCE looks at the coffee table and notices that it is quite
dusty, but shows a print that is dust free. It resembles the
shape of a lamp. VINCE walks into the kitchen, along with
Victoria's apparition.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
She stood behind Ms. Justice,
raised the lamp and hit her on the
head. BAM!
Meagan Justice's Apparition falls to the ground and breaks
the coffee decanter into pieces. VINCE mimics the moves of
Victoria as she attacks Meagan Justice.


                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Ms. Justice crawled on the
ground...The assailant followed
VINCE follows the path of Victoria as Victoria follows
Meagan Justice.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
...Ms. Justice opened the
drawer...what's in it?
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Alright. So. She must of grabbed a
knife from the drawer and stabbed
the kidnapper!
VINCE lunges forward, as if being stabbed in the side
(Victoria's apparition is still present as well). He looks
around the ground, seeing if there is any blood left.
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
...No blood?
Look at this circle around me.
It's completely white. She cleaned
it up and took the dirties with
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
How'd she take her though?
The kidnapper hit her again, this
time with a frying pan she grabbed
from the sink.
VINCE points to the frying pan that was left on the counter.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
She picked her up, and took her
out of the apartment!
VINCE walks over to the door.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Look at the dark spot in the
carpet. She stood here for a
minute...she did something else.


VINCE looks around and spots an item that is shining behind
the couch. He walks over to it and picks it up. It is the
SCALPEL that Victoria had stolen from the surgery room, and
has now placed at Meagan Justice's apartment, as to leave
the detective a clue.
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
VINCE breathes a sigh of relief after intensely identifying
the events that took place. OFFICER SCOTT JAMES looks at him
in awe, with his jaw wide open.
VINCE walks out of her apartment and goes to the next door
down the hall.
VINCE knocks on the door. A dog barks loudly and a muffled
Italian man's voice is heard yelling at it.
Shut the FUCK up!
The NEIGHBOR answers opens the door.
Hello sir, I'm Detective Vince
Maroney with the LAPD. Did you
hear any strange noises or see any
strange people last night?
Yea, you know like people
struggling, fighting. Maybe a door
being kicked open?
Yea...Yea I Heard sumthin. That
fuckin GRANDMA down the HALL keeps
her TV on all night!
An OLDER WOMAN opens the door and flips off the NEIGHBOR.


Hey Fuck you Lady!
Alright, Sir calm down. Any other
noises? Or People?
Nuthin outa the ordinary. This
place is crawlin with creeps. This
a bad part a town.
Alright, Well thanks anyways.
JASON and VICTORIA are sitting in the living room, and JASON
is distraught after learning about the events that took
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What the fuck? Did you leave any
blood? I can't believe this! I'm
never sending you out alone again!
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I'm sorry! It won't happen again,
I promise!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You're damn right it won't happen
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
Take her down to the basement!
                       VICTORIA CARTER
But I--
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD


VICTORIA grabs Meagan and walks downstairs with Meagan over
her shoulder.
JASON stands there, flabber-ghasted. He covers his face with
his hands in shame and falls back onto the couch, realizing
the potential trouble he could have gotten in.
VINCE is standing in front of a blackboard, with the
profiles of the kidnappings. He is concentrating hard,
trying to figure out the cases. CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER bursts
in his room.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Yes Captain?
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Did you turn your phone off or
VINCE pulls his phone out of his pocket and sees that he has
3 missed calls.
...Oh sorry, I've been busy trying
to figure out these mysterious
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Well if you have been doing what
your supposed to you would have
already known that we found two
What? Where?
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
In the park, on Santa Monica.
Beverly Gardens?
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Yea, in the cactus garden.


Meet me there, I'll grab Officer
James and go.
VINCE grabs his gun off the desk and puts it behind him,
down his pants.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES is at his desk, gorging himself with
newest meal at McDonalds, savoring every last morsel of it.
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
Yes Sir!
Come with me, we're goin' to take
a little walk through the park.
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES gets up out of his desk and heads
towards the door. VINCE walks first out of the building.
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES stops, and turns back to go get one tiny
morsel of his burger.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
SCOTT! Get your fat ass out here!
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
OFFICER SCOTT JAMES holds his pants up while he quickly runs
out of the building.
JASON is standing in front of his mirror, with just a towel
on. He had just gotten out of the shower and his mirror is
covered with condensation. He wipes down a streak of the
condensation so he can see his face in the mirror.
VICTORIA walks in and stands behind him.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
...I'm sorry...
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
(Sighs) It's ok. Everything's ok.
We're gunna be ok.


                       VICTORIA CARTER
We'll be fine.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
It was your first time, so I guess
its forgivable.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Oh? Forgivable?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
(Smiles) Yea, just do better next
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Well...maybe I can make it up to
you now?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Oh yea? How would you do that?
VICTORIA moves right up next to JASON. They can feel each
others body heat as the sexual tension between them rises.
She whispers in his ear.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Well... I've been a bad girl.
VICTORIA backs away from him as they stare into each others
eyes. She walks into JASON'S BEDROOM. JASON waits a minute
looks at himself in the mirror and smiles. He then proceeds
to the bedroom.
VICTORIA walks nonchalantly into the bedroom. JASON follows
her quickly, and grabs her arms. He forces her to be face to
face with him. They are both breathing heavily, nervous
about the events that are going to be taking place. He
kisses her forcefully, as she tries to back away. She then
succumbs to his power as he bites her lip every so softly.
They stand there, lips locking for a minute as he starts to
massage her obliques, drawing her even closer into his arms.
Their heart beats are in sync as the temperature rises.
VICTORIA puts her hands on his chest, and slowly moves her
hands under his towel. Her feel is chilling at first and it
sends shivers down JASON'S spine. Her touch is soft and
welcoming and she moves them all the way up to his
shoulders, removing his shirt.


JASON moves his hands under VICTORIA'S shirt and moves them
vertically to remove her shirt. He massages her breasts
tenderly as they make their way to the bed.
He throws her down on the bed and she gasps like she is
scared. He jumps up on top of her and proceeds to kiss her
down her body to let her know that he is in control. She is
enraptured in the sensual nature of his kisses.
(FLASHBACK) JASON is now kissing Kimberly, and he is
reminiscing on the sexual endeavors of him and his wife. All
JASON sees now is Kimberly and him embracing the chemistry
between them as the movie flashes back between JASON and
VICTORIA, and JASON and Kimberly.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
      (Under his breath)
Ooh, Kimberly...
VINCE is walking up to the now dug up bodies of Marcella
Botticelli and Meagan Justice. Both of the bodies are
covered by blankets. VINCE goes up next to the and slowly
removes the blanket from the head down. Their faces are
revealed, missing parts of it.
                       CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR
...You Detective Maroney?
Yea, that's me.
                       CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR
Follow me, I'll show you where
they were buried.
CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR leads VINCE down an enbankment and
shows him where the bodies were buried.
                       CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR (CONT'D)
Judging by the decay, I'd say they
were buried about a week apart.
How'd he get 'em here?
                       CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR
My guess is they drove right up to
here, dropped 'em and buried 'em.
they made sure to cover their


                       CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR (cont'd)
tracks though. There's only one
tire track...it's not enough to
Ok, thanks.
VINCE walks back up the embankment to examine the bodies. He
meets OFFICER SCOTT JAMES up at the top. VINCE uncovers the
bodies once more and looks at both of them.
Notice anything strange here
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
I'm not sure... looks like pieces
of their faces are missing.
Exactly. And they are different
pieces. Looks like he or she is
building something. Professionals
work too, look at the precision.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
I think we're done here.
VINCE and OFFICER SCOTT JAMES head back to the car.
JASON and VICTORIA are lying in bed together. JASON wakes up
and turns over to face VICTORIA. He watches as she sleeps
and smiles as it reminds him of his wife.
VICTORIA opens her eyes slowly and smiles back at him.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hey there.
VICTORIA yawns and smiles.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
How's my girl doin' this morning?


                       VICTORIA CARTER
They both peer into each others eyes.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Are you ready to be even more
                       VICTORIA CARTER
More ready than ever.
The camera ZOOMS OUT as JASON and VICTORIA lie there,
staring into each others eyes.
VINCE is sitting at his desk, looking at mugshots of the
girls post-mortum. He shuffles through stacks of notes and
lands upon the advertisement that JASON left in the
newspaper, that was circled he discovered at Marcella
Botticelli's apartment.
JASON picks up his phone and dials the number listed in the
Ad. It rings, and is picked up on the other side.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
      (As Jane Cramer)
Hi is this Jane Cramer? From the
Discovering Talent Agency?
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
...Yea this is her.
This is Det. Vince Maroney of the
Los Angeles Police Department, I
just had a couple of questions.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
I was wondering if you knew
anything about the disappearance
of 'Marcella Botticelli?


                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
Marcella Botticelli. We found a
newspaper in her apartment that
had your Ad out looking for new
models circled in it.
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
...She sounds familiar, but I do
not remember who she is. We most
likely didn't pick her up.
Hmm... Well she is dead now, and
we are trying to find the killer.
Where were you last friday night?
                       VICTORIA CARTER (V.O.)
I was at home sleeping--Wait? Am I
a suspect?
No, no. Just a precaution. Just
notify us if you plan to leave
town at all.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Let me know if you think of
anything. Thank you for your
VINCE hangs up the phone. He looks down at his notepad that
he has and opens it to a blank page. He writes down 'JANE
CRAMER' and underlines it twice.
VINCE picks up his office phone and dials three numbers.
Hey Scott. I have a favor man. I
want you to find out who "Jane
Cramer" is.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Apparently shes the director for
the Discovery Talent Agency. Go to
the Hilton Hotel. The Ad had the
time and place of a meeting there.
Find out what you can.


                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Thanks. See ya.
VINCE hangs up the phone and thinks for a minute.
JASON and VICTORIA are sitting in JASON'S car. They are
parked on the opposite side of the street of a broken down,
quaint little house. VICTORIA hangs up the phone. She stares
off into space as JASON waits for her to say something.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Well..Who the fuck was that?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Oh..Just a telemarketer. They get
cell phone numbers these days you
JASON looks as her, almost as is if he is peering into her
soul to see if she is lying.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ok. Lets Go.
VICTORIA and JASON both get out of the car simultaneously.
They walk up to the door of the broken down house. JASON
hides by the side of the door, as VICTORIA rings the door
bell. JASON pulls out a handkerchief and a bottle of
chloroform out of his pockets. He drenches the cloth in the
A GIRL is seen from behind, walking towards the door and
looks through the peephole. VICTORIA waves at her through
the peephole. The GIRL who we find out is BRITTANY
STEINDORF, opens the door excitedly.
                       BRITTANY STIENDORF
Jane Cramer!
JASON is hidden between the door and the side of the house.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Hello Ms. Steindorf! How are you?
We have something for you if you
would just follow me...


VICTORIA and BRITTANY walk towards the car. JASON pops out
behind brittany and covers her mouth from behind with the
chloroform soaked cloth. She struggles, but his grip is to
strong as he is now a veteran at kidnapping. Her body goes
limp as she suffocates from the inhalation of the
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Go check if anybody is inside.
VICTORIA runs inside the house and looks around. As JASON
attempts to carry Brittany to the car himself, VICTORIA
quickly pulls out of her pocket a surgical mask with the
words HELP ME written with a black sharpie on the underside
of it. She throws it down on the couch and runs out of the
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hurry. Grab her legs, let's get
her to the car.
VICTORIA walks quickly over to the limp body of BRITTANY and
grabs her legs. JASON picks her up under her arms and they
carry her over to the car. They put her in the backseat, and
quickly drive off.
JASON is standing between VICTORIA and BRITTANY who are each
lying on gurneys. He has a photo of his wife Kimberly, and
has it adjacent to BRITTANY'S face. He sees that lips are a
perfect match.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
JASON pulls out an Ipod from his pocket, presses play, and
holds up his scalpel like a conductor holds up a baton.
JASON puts the blade down slowly as he makes his first


VINCE is in his office at home, in his normal attire. There
are newspaper clippings and maps of events of the
kidnappings all over the walls of his office to show his
obsession with finding the killer.
                       ASHLEY (O.C.)
Honey? Are you coming to bed? It's
almost midnight.
I'll be there in a minute.
JASON stares at the photo's of the girls. He sighs, then
gets up and leaves the room. He heads upstairs to the
ASHLEY MARONEY is already in bed when JASON enters, and is
reading COSMO magazine.
JASON sits on the end of the bed, and starts to undress
What's Wrong hun?
(Sighs) Nothing. Just this case
that I can't solve. I can't figure
out what's going on.
I'm sure you'll solve the case,
you always do.
I know that's not what's bugging
me. It's like there's something
I'm missing. The big picture.
Well don't kill yourself over it.
I'm sure it will hit you soon.
VINCE gets under the covers of the bed. ASHLEY turns off the
lamp on her nightstand, and goes under the covers as well.


Yea, I guess so. Goodnight.
ASHLEY falls asleep almost immediately, as VINCE lies there
awake staring at the ceiling.
VINCE is sitting on his couch and decides to gives JASON a
call. He picks up the phone and dials his number.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (V.O.)
Yo, Jason. What's up man.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (V.O.)
Not much, just hanging out at my
house. What's up?
Stay there, I'm coming over. I
need to talk to you
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (V.O.)
Wait wait wait... About what?
Work stuff, Just need an ear.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (V.O.)
I don't think that's a go--
I'll be over in a sec.
VINCE hangs up the phone and heads out of his house.
JASON is standing in his living room, scared of what VINCE
needs to talk about. He is still on the phone.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Wait, Vince!


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
Shit. Victoria!
                       VICTORIA CARTER (O.C.)
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (Talks Fastly)
Go upstairs in my bedroom and
don't come out.
VICTORIA enters the living room.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (Talks Slowly)
Go upstairs to my bedroom, and
don't come out.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
My friend is coming over. He's a
detective and I don't need him to
think something's up.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
He won't think anythings wrong...
JASON whips out a 9MM pistol from a shoulder strap he has
under his overcoat.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
                       VICTORIA CARTER
VICTORIA stomps up the stairs and slams the door to the
bedroom. The doorbell rings. JASON runs to the door,
breathes deeply, and opens the door.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Hey man.
Hey Jason, long time no see man.


                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ha ha, yea been way to long. Come
VINCE walks inside, and they head to the kitchen.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You want a beer?
Yea, I'll take one.
JASON walks over to the fridge, and opens the door. The BODY
of BRITTANY STEINDORF is in the back of the refrigerator,
and it is on the only thing in there. He grabs two beers
from the shelf on the door of the refrigerator.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
...So what's troublin' you?
It's this case I have right now.
This serial killer. He keeps
mangling the girls faces, and I
don't know why.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That's messed up. You can't figure
out why?
No...It's weird. I've never seen
anything like this before.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That is weird. He sounds like a
professional, like he knows what
he's doin'.
That's the weird thing. I can tell
he's not. There's something
strange about these murders
though. The way this guy cuts his
victims...It's like he's a doctor
or something.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That is insane. I hope you catch
him soon, before he gets another


I'm pretty sure I'll catch him
soon, even if it kills me.
VINCE'S phone rings. He picks it up immediately.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Good God, another one? I'll be
there in a minute.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What's up?
Another kidnapping. This persons
really starting to piss me off.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Thanks for the beer, but I got to
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
See ya.
VINCE pounds his beer, and then quickly leaves the
house.JASON sits down at the kitchen table and smiles
VINCE pulls up to BRITTANY'S house and gets out of the car
quickly. The place is crawling with police officers. CAPT.
RON CARPENTER meets him at the front door.
Captain. Give me the low down.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Quick grab and dash job here. They
met her at the front door, knocked
her out and took her.
Wait, They?
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Apparently, someone's leaving us


CAPT. RON CARPENTER holds up the surgical mask that is now
in an evidence bag.
"Help me," huh?
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Either its the girl who he just
kidnapped or a different girl.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER (CONT'D)
Wait a minute. That first girl,
Victoria. Has her body shown up
Oh my god. That's gotta be
it...but why would they be keeping
her alive?
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Now we've got a hostage situation
on our hands.
VINCE and RON both look at each other, terrified.
                                         CUT TO:
JASON is standing, facing a wall. On the wall is the photo's
of the three girls with the part of their faces cut out that
he put onto Victoria.
JASON stares at the composite picture, as if something is
missing. He ponders at it not being quite right.
He puts up the picture of his wife adjacent to the composite
picture and stares them both. JASON notices that everything
is right except for the eyebrows.
He jolts back to his desk and opens a drawer on the right
hand side. He finds a thick folder and opens it. It is of
all the girls that attended the "Talent Agency" meeting and
flips through the girls looking for the right eyebrows.
He gets angry because he can't find anyone that has the
right kind.
He walks back up to the walk to the picture on the wall and
stands there with his hands on his hips. The screen splits
vertically, and Vince is in his office, looking at a board


with the victims, clues and how their connected in the same
manner that JASON is, with his hands on his hips.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
The screen expands on VINCE in his office at the police
station. Still perplexed at the case before him.
VINCE stares at the girl's mugshots. He walks up to the
pictures and cuts out the part of their faces that the
killer took. He puts them together as he starts to piece
together the case.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
What is it?
VINCE points at the composite picture he just made of the
girls and their respective missing pieces.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
He's...recreating a woman...but
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Maybe he's making a perfect woman?
No.. that can't be it. Maybe, but
these are specific pieces. Very
specific. He could have chosen
anyone... He was looking for
certain characteristics.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
I'll have the sketch artists draw
something up.
VINCE takes the pieces off of the board and gives them to


Good idea, take these to them. I'm
sure they will be pretty quick.
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER leaves the room hastily with the
pieces in his hand.
JASON walks into his bedroom and sees VICTORIA. She is
sitting on the bed, her eyes red with tears as she had just
been crying.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What's Wrong? Aren't you happy?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I don't want to do this anymore...
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
What do you mean?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I mean killing innocent
people...The thrill is gone.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You know as well as I know,
there's no way out of this.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
We had a deal. You do what I say,
and I spare your life.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I just can't do it anymore, don't
you have any morals?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Of course I have morals! But
everything changed when my wife
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Is that what you're trying to do?
make me your wife?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Slowly but surely, you are looking
more and more like her.


                       VICTORIA CARTER
You're sick! You're not gunna get
away with this...
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Of course I am, and there's
nothing you can do about it, So
just accept it.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
I only need one more part. Then
this whole thing is over and we
can live happily ever after.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Fine, I just want this whole thing
to be over...
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Come on, one more person. That's
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I guess its fine, I'm already in
this deep.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
That's my girl! Soon we will be
together, with tons of money, and
on a beach somewhere.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
That sounds nice.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Ok. Let's go, its time.
JASON and VICTORIA leave the bedroom. JASON grabs his
backpack and his keys off the nightstand.
VINCE is sitting at his desk, looking at the evidence that
was left. He keeps comparing the scalpel and the surgical
mask, wondering who it could have been.
walks in, holding a piece of paper.
                       SKETCH ARTIST


Are you the sketch artist?
                       SKETCH ARTIST
That's me. I got the sketch right
The SKETCH ARTIST hands DET. VINCE MARONEY a piece of paper
with the sketch of a woman's face on it.
Thank you for your quick work on
this one. This case has been
troubling me.
                       SKETCH ARTIST
Hey, no problem. Anything I can do
to help you.
The Sketch Artist leaves DET. VINCE MARONEY'S office. VINCE
gets up and pins the picture to the bulletin board that
contains the other girls pictures.
VINCE looks at the picture for a moment. He closes his eyes
and tries to imagine what the girl looks like in real life.
He opens his eyes as wide as he can with shock and horror.
To his surprise he realizes the girl almost exactly
resembles his friends Jason's wife.
      (To Himself)
VINCE quickly runs back to his desk and rifles through the
photos of the girls, and the evidence. He grabs the two
items, the scalpep and the surgical masks and compares them.
It can't be...
VINCE picks up his phone and dials JASON'S number.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (V.O.)
Hey this is Dr. Jason Aanderud.
Sorry I missed your call but if
you leave--
VINCE hangs up the phone. He grabs his jacket and his gun,
and leaves his office.


JASON and VICTORIA are dressed in all black, inside of
JASON'S car. They are parked on the side of the street of a
quiet suburban neighborhood.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
You ready to do this?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Ready as I'll ever be.
VICTORIA and JASON both exit the car and sneak their way to
a house.
VINCE gets out of his car and quickly makes his way to the
front door. He draws his gun and rings the doorbell.
Hey Jason! You here buddy? I
really need to talk to you!
There is no response. VINCE waits a minute then steps back,
and kicks open the door. No lights are on inside the house
as VINCE with his gun drawn slowly enters the house.
JASON and VICTORIA are sneaking around VINCE'S house. They
go to the backside of the house and find a window that is
unlocked. He signals that he is going inside and that she
should wait.
ASHLEY MARONEY is asleep in her bedroom. She wakes up
suddenly to the sound of a window opening and a loud THUD.
She GASPS and gets out of bed quickly. She makes her way to
the door and can hear someone come up the stairs as they
creak with every step JASON takes.
ASHLEY opens the door, very slightly and sees through a slit
in the door a dark figure heading her way. She gets really
frightened and looks for an exit. She can't find one that is
safe so she hides in the closet.


JASON opens the door very slowly and walks in. He walks over
to the bed and looks at it. He quickly jumps on the bed, as
if he thought someone was there but then realized it was
empty. Perturbed, he heads to the bathroom.
ASHLEY in a moment of pure haste, quickly opens the closet
door and heads out of the room. JASON sees her and runs
after her as he chases her down the stairs into the kitchen.
ASHLEY grabs a knife from the drawer and swings it around
wildly at him. He dodges her attempts to slice him with
perfection.JASON leaps forward at her and she dodges his
attack, and kicks him square in the testicles.
JASON falls to the floor in pure agony and she runs towards
the living room. She grabs the phone and calls VINCE.
JASON is checking every square inch of the living room,
looking to see if VINCE is there hiding. His phone rings and
he silences it quickly. He looks at the caller ID to see its
his wife. He picks it up.
Hello? Ashley?
                       ASHLEY (V.O.)
Ashley? ASHLEY!
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
The phone is dead on the other side of the line. VINCE is
now scared for his life and runs quickly out of the house,
gets in his car and drives to his house.
The phone lay on the ground, open. JASON is holding a frying
pan in his hand and ASHLEY is passed out on the floor.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
VICTORIA! Get your ass to the car
and start it, we gotta get the
hell out of here.


VICTORIA runs to the car and starts it. She waits
impatiently. JASON throws Kimberly over his shoulder in a
fireman's carry position and walks out the backdoor of the
house. He makes his way to the car, puts Kimberly in the
back of it and they drive off. As soon as they are out of
sight, VINCE pulls up and screeches to a halt in his
VINCE jumps out of his car and heads inside the house. He
can tell they are gone because the front door is wide open
when he arrives.
VINCE pulls out his gun and his radio.
      (On Radio)
We're gunna need backup!
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
      (On Radio)
My House! Lets Move!
The house is empty but VINCE checks the bedroom anyways.
VINCE bursts into the bedroom to find that it is empty. He
looks in the closet and bathroom, but no one is there. He
turns around to see CHANCE standing in the doorway. VINCE
breathes a sigh of relief.
Oh. Chance...You scared daddy.
Where's mommy at?
Mommy screamed and the boogeyman
took her.


Boogeyman? Oh fuck. Chance go back
to your room and stay in there
till I get back, ok?
Are you going to get mommy?
Yes, I'm going to go save mommy
and kill the boogeyman.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
Now go back to your room and go to
CHANCE runs back into his room and shuts the door. VINCE
looks around and runs downstairs, out of the house.
JASON and VICTORIA pull up to the driveway and they park
offset in the driveway in a hurry. They get out of the car
and JASON carries Ashley into the house.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Victoria, go downstairs and wait
on the gurney. We have to do this
quickly...And Now.
VICTORIA walks to a door, opens it and walks down.
JASON places Ashley down on the couch and rests a minute. He
picks her back up holding her like a newlywed groom carries
his bride through the door to their honeymoon suite. They
head downstairs.
JASON places Ashley down on the hospital gurney that is
adjacent to Victoria's VICTORIA is lying there, in a
depressed state of mind. He begins to put the restraints on
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Soon, you will be complete and we
will be done.


JASON hears the sound of a car door slamming. He gets
startled, and moves to a WORKBENCH in the dark surgery room.
He pulls out a handgun from a drawer in the workbench and
tucks it in his pants on his backside, covering it with his
VINCE is out of his car, with his gun drawn. He walks slowly
over to JASON'S car, careful not to startle anyone or
anything. He quickly looks inside the car, with his gun
pointing at it.
VINCE sees that no one is in the car so he slowly makes his
way to the front door of the house being careful of anyone.
He sees that the front door was left wide open, and tiptoes
VINCE is now inside the house, gun drawn. He looks up the
stairs that go to the 2nd floor, but no lights are on. He
doesn't venture up there. He walks around to the kitchen,
and find no lights are on. He walks up to the door that goes
downstairs and puts his ear up to it. He hears some
scuffling and opens the door. Lights are on at the bottom of
the stairs.
He slowly makes his way downstairs careful not to make the
stairs creak. He stands outside the Dark Surgery Room.
Peering through the window of the thick metal door.
VINCE cocks his gun, as he is now ready to fire at will. He
turns and kicks open the thick metal door.
VINCE has his gun aimed at JASON, who is standing above
Ashley. JASON is ready to make his first cut. VINCE'S gun
has gone from steady to trembling.
Put the knife down, and step away
from my wife!
JASON turns around and pulls out his gun simultaneously. Now
VINCE and JASON have both of their guns drawn and are
pointing it at each other. VINCE is trembling with fear.


I...I just can't believe it!
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I didn't want it to come to this.
Have you gone mad?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I'm not crazy. I just want my life
Your life...or your wife?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
My wife... was my life! I'm
nothing without her. I need her
You think this is going to work.
This girl here is NOT your wife.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
She will be soon enough...
Not if I have anything to say
about this.
VINCE walks closer to JASON to confront him. He is trembling
from every bone in his body, astonished at how his friend
could have committed such a heinous act.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I'm sorry it had to come to this,
but I have to do it.
I'll die before you lay a hand on
my wife!
VINCE leaps towards JASON but JASON is ready for him and
dodges his attack. JASON hits VINCE in the back of the head
with the butt of his gun and VINCE goes down to the floor,
JASON wipes his face in relief and walks over towards
Ashley. She is unconscious and he puts on the mask for
Nitric oxide, to put her to sleep silently.


VINCE who is still in a dazed state, grabs his gun and
points in towards JASON. He pulls the trigger will all his
might and shoots JASON, hitting him directly in the back.
JASON falls to the ground and slowly bleeds to death.
VINCE gets up and takes the mask of NO off of his wife
Ashley. He checks for signs of life, and recognizes that her
heart is still beating and that she is still breathing. He
sits there for a moment in pure relief as he realizes that
she is safe.
VINCE walks over to JASON and sees that he is still somewhat
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
Vince..I'm sorr--
JASON trails off becoming limp as he ceases to exist.
VINCE pulls his phone from his pocket and dials 9-1-1.
                       911 DISPATCHER (V.O.)
9-1-1. What is your emergency?
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I've got one dead body and two
women unconscious.
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD (CONT'D)
8918 Pinewood Dr.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
...Help me...
Wait! We've got one alive! Send an
ambulance quickly! This is
Detective Vince Maroney! 8928
Pinewood Dr.! NOW!
VINCE hangs up the phone and walks over to VICTORIA. He
begins to untie the restraints that she put herself into
while VINCE and JASON were confronting each other.
Hey...What's your name?
                       VICTORIA CARTER
      (Pretending to be
I'm Vic..Victoria.


Victoria? Victoria Carter? We've
been looking for you!
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Yea...That's me...Where am I?
You're in Jason Aanderud's
basement. You should know this guy
by now he's been keeping you
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Oh.. yea. Wait what happened to
him? Did you kill him?
I had to put him down. He had
turned insane.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Oh, good. I was afraid for my
life, that I would have to be with
him forever.
You're safe now...You know, you're
voice sounds quite familiar.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Familiar? What do you mean?
Like I've already talked to you
VINCE thinks for a moment and then realizes (through
flashbacks) that the girl before him is JANE CRAMER who he
talked to on the phone about the missing girls.
Oh...my...god...You're Jane
Cramer. The talent agency woman!
No, this can't be true!
                       VICTORIA CARTER
What are you talking about?
Don't play games with me! You were
with him the whole time! You were
the one leaving clues...


The events of the abductions, the killings, the talent
agency all flow through VINCE'S head and he now realizes
that VICTORIA was conspiring with him the whole time.
                       VINCE (CONT'D)
You were the instigator!
VINCE draws his gun out and points it toward VICTORIA he
moves close to her.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
I have no idea what you are
talking about!
VINCE moves close to VICTORIA, as if he is going to handcuff
her. She jumps off of the hospital gurney and STABS VINCE
with a scalpel.
VINCE falls down to the floor.
      (Breathing Heavily)
...Why? Victoria...Why???
                       VICTORIA CARTER
My names not Jane. My name is not
Who are you?
VINCE slowly fades back into the ground and dies.
VICTORIA runs around towards JASON. She pulls his body
closer to VINCE'S. She places the scalpel that stabbed VINCE
in JASON'S right hand and places JASON'S right hand near
the heart, where she made the fatal wound.
The sound of feet stomping clutters the room and VICTORIA
realizes that the police are here. She quickly wipes her
hand of the blood and gets back into the hospital gurney.
She straps herself back into the restraints as the busy
noise of the policemens feet get closer and closer.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Help! Down Here!
A POLICEMAN kicks open the door and many follow. They check
the scene as VICTORIA is crying uncontrollably.


The camera zooms out as VICTORIA is released from her
restraints and carried upstairs.
VICTORIA is sitting in a cold metal chair, at a beat up
metal table. She has sunglasses on to cover her eyes because
she is so shaken up over the abduction.
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER throws a manilla folder down, chock
full of papers concerning all the victims.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
So, he kidnapped you and used you
as a body.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
Yea...Then he...he...
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
I know this is hard, but we need a
                       VICTORIA CARTER
He...cut up other girls
faces...and put them on mine...
VICTORIA starts crying uncontrollably and CAPTAIN RON
CARPENTER sits across from her awkwardly.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
I'm sorry you had to go through
that. If there is anything we can
do for you, let me know.
                       VICTORIA CARTER
It's ok, I just want to go home.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Here's my card. If you need
anything don't hesitate to ask.
CAPT. RON CARPENTER hands VICTORIA his business card which
lists his name and his phone number. It also has the logo of
the police department on it and the quote "Protect and
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER heads over to the door and opens it
for VICTORIA as she exits.


ARTIST are sitting in a room. The SKETCH artist is a drawing
a face that highly resembles Victoria. OFFICER SCOTT JAMES
is sitting there while the HOTEL MANAGER is describing
features to the SKETCH ARTIST.
                       HOTEL MANAGER
...She had blond hair. Down to her
shoulders. About 5'6'' 5'7''
maybe. Oh she had a bandage
covering her nose like she just
had surgery...
The SKETCH ARTIST finished the sketch and turns it around to
                       HOTEL MANAGER (CONT'D)
Yes! That's it! That's her! That's
Jane Cramer!
                       HOTEL MANAGER
...Why do you guy's need to know
what she looks like?
The Camera zooms in on the photo to show that it is in fact
Victoria. OFFICER SCOTT JAMES grabs the picture and uses the
fax machine in the room and sends it to CAPTAIN RON
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER is sitting at his desk, sipping on a
cup of coffee like he hasn't got a care in the world. He
hears the noise of his fax machine, and ignores it for a
He receives a phone call from OFFICER SCOTT JAMES.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES (V.O.)
The prints came back on the
scalpel in Vince's Hand.
                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
                       OFFICER SCOTT JAMES (V.O.)
You're never gunna believe this...


                       CAPT. RON CARPENTER
Oh my god...
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER gets up and heads towards the fax
machine nonchalantly. He grabs the piece of paper out of the
printed side of the fax.
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER realizes that it is actually
Victoria's fingerprints on the scalpel, not Vince's.
His hand trembles as he holds the piece of paper revealing
that Victoria was working with him the whole time.
CAPTAIN RON CARPENTER runs out of his office.
Captain Ron Carpenter runs through the lobby, knocking items
out of his way as he tries to make it to the front door as
fast as he can.
Captain Ron Carpenter opens the door to the Police
Department and looks out upon the street, trying to find
Victoria. There is no sight of her. He stands there in shock
and awe.
VICTORIA is sitting in an aisle seat on an airplane. She is
smiling mischieviously as the plane is about to take off.
                       AIRPLANE PILOT (V.O.)
Welcome Passengers. This is your
captain speaking. The no smoking
sign has been turned off and our
lovely attendant Marissa will go
over the safety procedures
JASON is sitting at his computer desk typing on his
computer. In front of him, sitting in a chair is VICTORIA
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
So, you want plastic surgery?


                       VICTORIA CARTER
Yea, But I don't have any money. I
need to get some to become famous
                       DR. JASON AANDERUD
I think we can arrange
The plane starts to take off as the captain still goes over
instructions. CAMERA ANGLE is at the back of the plane,
close to it. The camera zooms out as the plane heads down
the runway and takes off.
                       AIRPLANE PILOT (V.O.)
Smooth sailing from here on out.
There's no wind and clear skies.
Our nonstop flight to the
Argentina will be 6 hours and 35
minutes. Please enjoy your flight.
The credits roll as the plane is taking off into the sky.
                                         FADE TO BLACK


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From Roderick Smith Date 8/6/2009 ***
I felt as though Jason had not been through enough in the first 20 pages to cause him to "snap" so quickly (instantly I went from liking him to hating him - maybe that's what you wanted)and I also found the ending to be ripped from "The Usual Suspects" so I deducted another point for the lack of creativity there. I really enjoyed the way you set the story up it kept me glued for at least the first 10 pages. Also as far as structure goes I had some problems determining if one character was talking with no pesponse from the other or if you simply placed the wrong characters name over a piece of dialouge - you should make use of placing "(cont'd)" next to a character's name when they speak two consecutive blocks of dialouge. All in all I like the story so keep on strokin'! Be sure to check out my script "Pimpin' Ain't Dead" (comedy/rated R) and rip me a new one :)

From Charles Hayes Date 7/23/2009 **1/2
Enjoyable, but I thought it had a very slow start, a few obvious cliches, and formatting issues. Could be much worse.

From Cody Smith Date 7/3/2009 ****
Great movie! very chilling.

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