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Front Runner
by Kristen (kbkeech@marauder.millersville.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


At a table for two in the Whip, talking over dinner.
      (leans in)
Jason,if you were not going home
to your wife;(pauses) Yes. I would
be with you.
Im leaving her.(pause) Tonight.
When we get back.
      (in shock)
What? Jason are you serious? This
is really going to happen!?
Jason...tell me you aren't
Im not joking Diana. This is real.
You and me. I want you, I have
wanted you since the moment I
first saw your beautiful
face. I love you Diana. Im ready.
Diana begins to cry. Jason places his hand on hers begins
to explain...
                                         FADE OUT, BLACK
Diana enters the racehorse facility carrying a saddle,
bridle and grooming box. Before entering the barn, she gazes
out at the racetrack which has a thick layer of fog resting
on top of it.She breathes in slowly several times, and
adjusts the saddle on her hip.Horses can be heard eating and
stirring in the barn.She turns and walks in the barn, down
the isle toward Stall 13


Diana opens Lamby's stall door and checks her blanket and
bandages. She throws her arms around Lambs neck and speaks.
      (Hugs Lamby)
Hey mama. You ready for your
workout a little early today? Lets
have a look at that leg...
Unwrapps bandgage and feels left front tendon
      (Standing up)
Looks good Lamb.
Leaves stall to get grooming box and assorted tack from the
tack room. Stops when she hears rustling in stall 18
      (stopps, turns to
       look down isle
Hello? Dad... Dad are you in here?
Walks toward noise (stall 18)
      (Looks in stall)
Hello? Who is that? *Pause* Who
are you?
      (Stands up from
       behind Charlie in
       Irish accent)
Hello Miss. Names Jason. Can I
help you with something?
Excuse me? This is MY barn. May I
ask what you think you are doing
with MY horse? How did you get in
Calm down miss. Your father hired
me. Im replacing...Chris? I think
thats the name. Anyway, I like to
get my start early, and I dont
appreciate all the hassle from you
quite frankly. Why dont you go
back to Lamb and get to work.


Im hassling you? You show up in MY
barn unannounced and you expect me
to just do my work without a
second glance? Thats responsible.
Wow. Already im noticing your more
admirable qualities. (beat)
Dont worry, should you need help
from anyone, my father or Erika
should be able to assist you.
Please take care not to bother me.
Will do miss!
Diana returns to her stall tacking up lamby. Jason also
continues to tack up. Not a word is spoken. The two exit the
stalls at the same time crossing paths on the way to the
mounting block. They get on and begin their rides.
      (Turns around
       looking at Jason)
What are you doing? You aren't
following me are you?
How else am I supposed to learn
the gallops here? You dont send a
new jock out with no direction.
Stephen told me to ride out with
Well no one informed me of
that.Stay behind me. Don't ask
queston's, dont bother me. This is
the best part of my day and it's
too early to have you ruin it.
Miss. May I ask why you hate men?
Or hate people in general?
I don't hate men. I don't hate
people. I dislike men, and I
dislike most people. The only
frustrations in my life are caused
by people, especially short,
skinny, Irishmen who ask too many


                       DIANA (cont'd)
damn questions.
This is going to be fun.
Diana takes off galloping and jason follows. They work the
horses around the fields. Jason remains nicley behind her
doesnt try to push anything, or make any fancy moves on
Charlie.They return to the barn, untack and have a brief
Good ride miss. That is a talented
Filly you got there. What are your
plans for her?
      (Pulls off saddle
       and saddle cloth)
This is my best filly. We are
getting her ready for the Santa
Anita. Shes got a good chance,
this one. As long as I don't screw
up...I think we have a shot. My
father thinks she could be the one
to win it. Thats a pretty high
expectation, but as you will come
to know...thats pretty typical of
      (Walks charlie out
       of the stall)
Ah I see. Well, you got my bet.It
would be nice to see two pretty
ladies take that race. *smiles* Im
gonna hose him off, who's next to
go out?
      (Rolls eyes)
No one else prince charming. One
is good for today. You didn't die,
he didn't break anything...I think
thats all I could ask for on the
first time out. Throw his cooler
on after his bath and put him
back. Tomorrow, try not to get in
my way. Get here early, tack up
and be ready to ride by 5:15.


Looking forward to it miss.
      (Takes lamby out
       of stall)
(To herself) Really? Ugh. Men.
Walks opposite direction from Jason, turns around catches a
glimpse of his backside. Smiles slightly. Keeps walking.
4:45am.Still dark. Stephen sits at the table with black
coffee brewing. Reading a copy of The New York Times.Picture
of New York City with twin towers on front page. Diana
approaches from hallway. Walks over to fill up her thermos
with coffee.
Good morning.
Im glad to see you didn't try to
kill him on the first day. Do you
like him?
What do you mean do I like him?
I mean...do you like him?
Is he good? Yeah, actually, he is.
Is he tolerable? Eh, i'll survive.

Being as I didnt know you were
going to fire Chris...sure he
isn't bad. Honestly im surprised
you hired another MAN.
HA! Whats that supposed to mean?
Please Dad. You know exactly what
that means.


He's not a typical guy Diana. I
like Jason, known him for years.
That's why I brought him here.
He's a good man, and a good
Erika enters from hallway in PJs. Her hair is in pigtail
braids, she is barely awake
      (Walks over to
       Stephen, rubs his
Good morning Mr.King.
      (looking sharply
       at Erika)
Hey. Im going to ride. See you in
a few hours.
      (Yawns and reaches
       for a coffee mug)
Ok Di,have fun! Ill be down to do
stalls at 6, Summer camp starts at
8 this morning, just so you know.
Im sure thats just what you wanted
to hear.
Diana exits
      (sits across from
You look well rested this morning
Mr.King. Are you going to help me
teach the kids today? *takes out
      (smiles coyly)
No. Im not going to help you teach
the kids today. You can handle
that. If you are lucky, I might
just give you a lesson later.


If im lucky....Where is Courtney
She had to go pick up her son from
her ex's place in Scranton. She's
gone all day. These are my
favorite kind of days...
Because im surrounded by beautiful
young blondes all day with no wife
to keep me on a leash. When she's
here I can't so much as look at
you Erika- or...well you know how
that goes.
Yeah, she's a real peach. Why does
she hate me so much?
Well Erika, she is my 4th wife.
And, I have left the others for
other women. But you know, you
have to keep it interesting. When
a woman gets cold, and doesn't
work to keep you happy
anymore...you leave her. I am a
man who needs passion. Once that
goes out of the relationship its

I think I need a younger
woman...one who has plenty of
energy. If you know what I mean.
Hmmm...you just might be right
      (Looks up from his
I have to school Judy later this
afternoon around 4, then I have a
surprise for you and we can get to


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
that lesson...
A surprise!? For me? What is it
Wait and see.
      (sighs...with an
       adolescent pout
       on her face)
Ok Stephen. I will see you later
Erika stands and shakes out her hair. She turns to walk back
to Diana's room to get dressed. Stephen watches her leave,
eyeing her the entire time.
Scene opens with Diana dismounting from one of the
racehorses. She hands the horse to Jose (stablehand), who
takes it from her to untack. Jason appears from the isle
way, carrying two bottles of Mikes Hard Lemonade.
      (extends drink to
Hey there miss. How was your ride?
Fine. Why?
      (Shakes his head
       and turns around)
You going to drink both of those?
I would offer you one, but that
would mean that I would have to
prepare for your interrogation,
and that my dear, I have no


                       JASON (cont'd)
interest in.
      (Approaches Jason
       and takes a
       bottle before
       turning around
       and walking away)
You know, I don't really put too
much effort into relationships
with people, but you are a curious
case. I can't help but feel bad
for you. Not just you, but for all
people who can live without
compassion. I don't know what made
you this way, but for as young as
you are, you are the most cynical
woman I have ever met. Cynical,
cold, and generally unpleasant. Im
sorry you are that way Diana. It
is a real shame...
      (cuts him off)
You know Frued, you got me right
there. You are the first person to
really dictate my character. Wow.
I feel so enlightened now that you
have told me who I am, how I am
and what I should be. Thank you
for that Jason. Maybe you are in
the wrong profession.
Please save your psychoanalysis
for someone who has the time to
listen to some bullshit philosophy
on life. Don't waste your romantic
views on the goodness of the world
on me. Fortunately im a realist.
You will have to live with let
down after let down. I however,
already cope with the fact that
life is a let down and YOU have to
be the one to bring it up for
yourself. I guess that comes off
as cynical. No one told you to
assocaite with me, so save
yourself the grief and....


walks sharply toward Diana, stops directly infront of her
Stop. Just shut up God damn
it...*Kisses her*
(They both pause and look at
eachother, he grabs her face and
"plants one on her")
What are you going to do now
Diana? Go on- you are a strong
woman. Why don't you just slap
Diana says nothing. She stares at him in shock. She turns
and walks briskly out of the barn toward a paddock behind
the barn
Wait...what? You are supposed to
slap me...Diana! DIANA.
They exit the barn. Diana grabs Jason and pushes him against
the barn wall. They begin to kiss passionately
Look. You are different. I don't
know what it is about you.I know
we don't know eachother at all,
and im NOT saying I like you more
than I like the dirt under my
feet, but there is
      (Kisses her)
I like you better when you don't
Feet can be heard stomping through the barn. A pitchfork
falls and someone slams a stall door shut
      (Approaches from
       the barn)
Diana, you down here?...Jason?
Where the hell are my riders? Is
this what im paying you to do?
HELLO. Can't I get anyone around
here to do a god damn thing right.


      (Covers Jason's
       mouth pushes him
Dad im coming, I was out here
checking the gate. I think Jose
left it unlocked again...
Right. How was Lady? Diana, tell
me everything about how she felt
today. I want you and Jason to get
ready to take her out cross
country. We need to build up that
hind end if she is going to do
Santa Anita. You know I think you
guys can do it, but this is going
to be the hardest race you have
ever ridden...trust me. You are
going to be against some of the
strongest jocks and colts in the
business. We don't have that long
Diana...its time to get serious
now.That is...if you want to do
it... You don't have to do it. I
can get...
      (Cuts him off)
DAD. I want to do it. I am going
to do it. And im going to WIN IT.
Done. Its not even a discussion.
She feels great dad. Open and free
through her top line, using her
hind end really well. Shes not
that sore on the front right
anymore, and it just seems like
every day she gets stronger and
stronger. I think im going to
switch her to a tiwsted wire
because she is ripping my arms off
in the curb. Dad, she can do it.
You know I can do it. Im ready.
Well we are going down to
Philadelphia park to work on
Thursday. Have her ready to breeze
by then. Try to get her out with
Jason tomorrow. Not cross country
yet, but get her on the track. You
two can work them. Speaking of, is
Jason around? I want you two to go


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
down to The Horse Connection and
pick up a few over girths and some
blinkers...and whatever else you
He's around somewhere. I'll go get
him and we will get going before
they close the tack shop. Where is
Erika? Does she need anything...
      (cuts her off)
Don't worry about Erika. She's
fine. I need her here to finish
camp with the lesson kids. You
guys get going in the next 20.
Stephen exits
      (Comes in from the
       back of the barn)
So....what do we do now?
We go to the tack shop and buy
gear.You ready?
Hell yes, but im starving. Mind if
we grab a bite on the way down?
We can do that.
Both exit
Jason and Diana are seated at a table in a quaint inn on the
Fair Hill Steeplechase grounds. It is hunt themed,and very
reminescent of an English tavern. Jason has French Onion
soup and Diana has a turkey sandwitch on wheat bread. They
both drink glasses of apple juice and get to know one


So you were only 16 when you
started riding professionally?
Yep. I always good good rides
because of my father, and he has
always put my career ahead of
anything else...except for women.
But he is really focused on
getting me exposure, so I guess
he's not all bad...
Yeah, your father seems like a
real Frank Sinatra. I bet he
always has a lass around...am I
right miss?
Yes. He does. He he cheated on my
mother, she divorced him,
remairried, then he divorced her.
Married Courtney, and now...well,
now I just wait to see how long
this will last. Its been almost a
year, so it will probably fall
apart in a few weeks...
It seems like it really bothers
you Diana. Why didn't you go live
with your mother?
She didn't want custody. To be
honest, either did my dad really.
He just saw talent, and I love the
horses...so it's more like a
business arrangement than anything
silence. Diana takes a bite of her sandwitch and starts to
looks around the room at the other patrons in the inn. Jason
tries to change the subject
So, are you seeing anyone miss?


      (cuts him off)
No. Not at the moment. I don't
really "see anyone" I just ride
and stay focused on my career....
Hm. You mention your carrer a lot.
Don't you ever play? Go out
drinking? Party? Im 13 years older
than you and I still do all of
those things. Its called living
Diana. You should make time in
your life for....life.
I do! I... sometimes...Erika and I
go to the movies or we go out. You
know...like. We, drink. I...
Diana,it's ok. Im not saying you
have to do these things. Im just
saying doing things that aren't
expected of you...or things that
might be a little "wild" can make
life worth living. Do you want to
look back and say "Im a great
jockey, have great horses...never
loved, never partied, never broke
any laws..." I sure as hell know,
I NEVER want to say that. So i've
lived my life by the philosophy of
Aristotle said people strive to
live "The best life." You don't
have to have the same "best life"
that I have. ( puts his hand on
her thigh) You are
young,beautiful, intelligent,
sexy...I don't know... Maybe
finding someone who lives like
that would help you realize that
part of you, you might have
otherwise missed.
      (takes a sip of
       her juice)
I never thought of that. I always
do everything for myself. (beat)


Pauses and looks him in the eye
Are you seeing anyone?
Right now, Im seeing you.
leans in, kisses her gently
Are you in a relationship?
Yes. Diana I am.
Have you ever been with a married
man before?
People in the inn look at them
      (motions to "shhh")
Yes.Jesus Diana, the whole
restaurant heard you...
Get up, lets go Jason
      (grabs her arm)
No.(pause) Sit down.
Look. I'm married yes. Happily?
No.We are more roommates than
anything else. Diana, we have been
really unhappy for a long
time...We have talked about
divorce, but right now,
financially--staying married is
easier. Im telling you the truth.
She couldn't care less about me,
what I do, or who im with. For


                       JASON (cont'd)
her,its a paycheck. We don't even
share a bedroom! Honestly, Diana.
It's nothing. It hasn't been for a
long time.
      (confused looks at
       her plate)
This is exactly why I don't pursue
relationships. Anything I could
potentially be intersted in ends
up before I can even begin.
This doesn't have to stop Diana.
Im not asking you to commit to me
100%. Just let me be in your life
and lets see where things go.
Look, I've wanted a reason to
finally leave her and I think I
found one.
You aren't doing anything wrong
Diana. You like being with me, I
enjoy being with you...let's just
see what happens.
It's something you have never done
Give it a chance.
Silence ensues. Diana takes another sip of juice. She
contemplates his proposal.
How can you ask me to do that
Jason? My father has had an affair
with every woman he has been
married to...how do you expect me
to just put that aside and be with
This is a differen't situation
Diana. I find myself drawn to
you.I don't want to have an
affair,I just want you. I feel
like, I just can't be away from
you...like, we are supposed to be
You know, for as cynical as I
might be-- I have to admit, I feel
the same way. I know you aren't


                       DIANA (cont'd)
happily married, but you need to
decide what you want. Im willing
to give this a chance...IF you
promise me, that you will work on
leaving her.
As you wish my lady. (leans in and
kisses her)
Diana waves down the waitress and requests a check...(beat)
      (to waitress)
Check please
Are you ok?
Im ok as im gonna be. It just
figures you know. Nothing in my
life can be easy.
But this is what makes it fun.
Look, no one said life is easy.
You make decisions, good and bad
and you work with what you got.
Its like a race. You run full
speed and look for that spot. Once
you see it, you take it...and if
everything times out just right.
You win.
      (pays check and
       stands up)
Im holding you to that.
Jason stands and takes her hand--they both exit
      (Leading the
       children down to
       the barn from the
Ok guys, everybody bring your


                       ERIKA (cont'd)
ponies and follow me down to the
barn. We are going to untack and
put the ponies away. Your parents
will be here soon. Ok? Follow me
      (Leaning over the
       fence as Judy
       schools over
You have a way with kids Erika. I
can't believe you are only 18. I
always thought you were very
mature for your age...the way you
handle all of the lessons and the
kids. I couldn't do it without
      (Asks Amber to
       take the kids
       down to the barn)
Amber can you take them down to
the barn and get them to their own
stalls? I have to talk to Mr.
King. I'll be down in a minute.
Yeah sure Erika.*yells* Come one
guys, lets go! Ms. Erika will be
down in a minute!
      (Stands next to
Really? You are the best trainer,
Stephen. I would do anything for
you...you know that.I didn't know
I made that much of a
Honestly sweetie, you are so
helpful to me. Not to mention a
nice treat to look at around here.
I know its hard for us to talk
with you and Diana being so close,
but you know you have always been
my favorite. You are very special
to me Erika...you have always been
that way. You know the big grey we


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
just got in?
      (smiles with
Oh yeah, Stephen, he is beautiful.
I was going to ask you what client
he's for...
Remember that surprise I promised
He's yours.
What? Are you serious?
He's yours Erika.
      (Jumps up with
       excitement and
       throws her arms
       around Stephen)
Oh my God! Stephen...Oh my God!
This is too much! Thank you! Thank
YOU!! *kisses him on the cheek*
      (pulls her back
Did you just kiss me?
Yes. Stephen, that I did.
Did you like it?


Yeah...I guess I did
      (smiles and places
       his hands on her
       lower back)
I will have to buy you horses more
often. Get down there and get rid
of those kids.

If you want, I will give you your
lesson on the grey tonight. You
can spend some time getting to
know him...and me, a little
      (a smile slowly
       appears on her
That sounds perfect.
      (Begins to walk
       away but turns
Oh wait, Stephen, I almost forgot.
Mr.Bonfigliano called
today...about that money you owe
him. What are you going to do
about that? He seems really upset.
I think...
      (interrupts her)
Erika...stay away from him. Just
act like you know nothing about
it. If he calls again, get me
immideately.Im working on it, I
just need a little more time.
Ok Stephen....(turns and walks
away toward the barn)
Stephen turns to see that Judy has exited the ring and is
cooling her horse out in the fields, watching him over her
shoulder. She suspects something is going on with him and


Early morning Diana and Jason arrive at the stables. Jason
is already in working with Charlie, and Diana arrives
covering her head with a newspaper. Its pouring rain about
6:30am, a vicious thunderstorm is taking place outside...
      (Puts down helmet
       and half chaps,
       shakes off her
Ugh. I didn't see this coming. The
weather said NOTHING about early
morning thunderstorms. Those
bastards get paid wayyyyy too much
money to always be wrong...
      (Charlie is on
       cross ties, Jason
       crosses infront
       of Charlie to see
You know, it's a real shame you
chose not to wear white today...
      (walks up and
       smacks Jason, he
       puts his arms
       around her waist)
You know...its really far too
early for your childish flirtig
Mr.O'hearn. (they kiss)
So you going to brave the elements
with me after this storm passes or
do you want to take them in the
Lets ride out. Once the lightning
stops and its just rain, we might
as well. It will be good for Lady
to get out on the wet turf...test
her out a bit. You up for it?
Hell yes. Im up for anything. You
know...I don't want to live my
life playing it safe and not
taking risks....thats what makes


                       DIANA (cont'd)
life fun. (winks at him)
Diana turns around and exits to Lambys stall. She opens the
door and sees lamby a little limp on one leg. She lifts her
foot to see a small rock lodged inbetween her frog and the
very top part of her shoe. She tries to get it out but
can't. She walks out of the stall frustrated...
Shit. Are you kidding me. This god
damn mare...
      (Turns around
       quickly walking
       toward Diana)
Whats wrong? What happened...
This mare is so accident prone,
she got a rock lodged in her foot
and I can't get it out...now I'm
going to have to call the
      (cuts her off)
Hold on.
Jason runs back to his grooming box and grabs a small tub of
ointment. Comes back to the stall and enters...Diana follows
      (signals Diana to
       bend down with
Here...now grab her hoof
What? Do you know what your doing?
Trust me, just pick it up
Jason spreads ointment around Lamb's frog massaging it into
the sole of her hoof. He then grabs a hoof pick and hands it
to Diana


Ok, now go ahead, GENTLY, try and
pry under the shoe to move the
rock. Not too hard though, you
dont want to loosen the shoe...
      (struggles, misses
       the rock)
Its really slippery Jason, Im not
getting it...this fucking thing...
Calm down, your fine. Your doing a
great job, just a little bit more
Diana moves the pick around and dislodges the rock. They put
lambys foot down and she walks around. She walks totally
fine and is completely sound.
Jason that was amazing. Thank you
so much...no one ever really
spends time teaching me anything.
Im just kind of expected to do it
right the first time...
You don't have to explain anything
to me Diana. You know im here to
help you with anything you
need...just give me a shout and
ill be there
She smiles. Jason exits and they both get tacked up. They
head out on their horses and gallop around the track in the
rain. They stay side by side, laughing and enjoying the
ride. Lamby does exceptionally well and they are both
thrilled when they come back in...
My God. What a ride! Whatever you
did to that hoof Jason...
Shit, I didn't do a thing. That is
one hell of a filly. We have 2
weeks left, and I would say she's
ready to run tomorrow. Isn't it
great to be able to say that?


Hell yes Jason. I have NEVER been
able to say that...but this time.
I concur my friend. (smiles and
      (whispers in
       Jasons ear)
And this time, I have never ridden
with someone who makes me ride
with the passion I do now. Thank
      (Leans in to kiss
And to that my friend, I concur.
(they kiss)
They take their horses to their stalls, Stephen enters the
barn and can be heard arguing on the phone with someone. He
hangs up the phone and walks down to the racehorse barn. He
approaches Lamby's stall.
How was she?
Amazing Dad. Amazing. This filly
is ready to run tomorrow! Ask
Jason, she just blew us out of the
water today...even on the sloppy
Gotta hand it to her Mr. King, the
filly's ready. And boy does she
got talent.
      (Dismisses Jason
       talks quietly to
So, you think you can win this?
Yes, Dad...don't you? Why? Is
there something wrong?


No. I just have a lot riding on
this race. Your safety, the
filly...I just need to know you
want to win this. I need to know
you...well, that you WILL win
I mean, I can't say I WILL
win...you never know but...I will
try my best to win...I think I can
      (cuts her off-
       very serious and
You WILL WIN Diana. You will. Win.
Jason overhears him and begins to look skeptically at
Stephen. He wonders why he is being so forceful with his
daughter. Biting his lip he turns away...but cant help
Don't you think its wrong to tell
her what she will or will not do.
You can't tell someone they will
win a race...you can't predict
that. Thats too much pressure to
put on her...
      (Cuts him off-
EXCUSE ME?! Who is the trainer her
Jason!? WHO IS HER FATHER? I will
tell her what she WILL DO. I Will
tell her what TO DO. You have no
authority here...do you need a
little reminder about where you
stand in MY BARN...
Stephen charges across the barn at Jason. Lifts him by his
collar and pushes him into the wall
      (quietly and
Now don't you ever let me here you
question me again. Secondly, Don't


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
interfere with my training or my
daughters progress. Your job is to
ride WITH HER. Not for her, you
aren't her trainer. You follow her
and gallop my other nags. You
understand me? I will throw you
out of here faster than you can
blink your eyes...
      (Grabs stephens
       hands- around
       jasons neck)
(A quiet rage) GET OFF OF ME. Get
the fuck off of me.
      (releases Jason,
       glares at him.
       Turns and walks
       up to Diana)
You will Win.
Stephen turns and exits
Are you ok Jason...im so sorry.
You have to understand, thats how
he is....
      (noticably upset)
How the hell do you take that
bullshit Diana? He cheats on your
mother... he belittles EVERY
employee. I have known your father
for years, I know how he is...and
he has never done that to
me...(shakes his head) and UGH! I
NEVER knew he treated you like
that...NEVER...I could kill him
for talking to you like that...
walks up to Jason grabs him, and kisses him
Stop Jason. Dont get upset. I can
take it...Its fine...I...


      (cuts her off)
Have you ever thought about
leaving here?
No...he would kill me. Im his best
rider...I mean, I couldnt get
opportunities like this
You are a fantastic rider Diana.
You COULD get opportunities like
this...anywhere! God, in Ireland,
they would love you and you would
ride horses 100 times better than
the nags they have in America.
Lamby is one of the better ones
i've seen but I could show you a
world you have never seen...
I would love to go to Ireland. Its
a horse girls dream. Ah God, I
can't imagine what it must have
been like to grow up there...
Maybe someday we will go Diana.
Leave here...just go. Tour
Ireland, visit my parents, see
what real riding is...
They walk outside and sit on the fence rail of the back
Do you ever dream of just lying in
the grass. No pressures, nothing
to achieve...just lying there.
Looking at the sky, completely
I've done that. Sometimes you just
have to. You have to escape. Do
you have an escape Diana?


No. Not really. I dont really get
to escape. There is always
something I have to do...
      (cuts her off)
See thats where your wrong. There
isnt. Lets go. Right now. Back in
the field. Lets lie down, back
behind that huge Maple. No one
will know we are there.
      (smiles- slow and
Ok. I would like that. Very much.
They hop off the fence and go back behind the maple. They
lay down against the tree. Diana falls asleep on Jason.He
puts his arms around her and rests his head on hers.
      (Drifting off)
God Damn it... I think im falling
in love with you.
Stephen paces the kitchen with a glass of scotch in one hand
and the phone in the other. Erika sits in the living room
listening to the conversation...
Look Don, how long have I known
you? You seriously can't give me
another week? I'm getting the
money next week...
Steve. I know you and you have
done good work for me. But now, it
comes time to pay. You owe me A
LOT of money, and you have owed it
to me for a long time now. Years
now. Im done. You see, I only play
for so long, and play time has
come to an end.
Look, Diana is riding a race and I
just need to get her through it.
What do you say to coming with us


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
to see it? We are doing the Santa
Anita. Huge race...Ill put you up
in the nicest suite, California.
You need a vacation Don, I've
never seen you this hostile...
Im not fucking with you Don.
Seriously, come to the race. We
will drink, meet women, and I will
give you the cash as soon as her
race ends...we will celebrate.
Come on.
      (Pissy and loud)
Meet WOMEN?! You need MORE women
Stephen? Are the women here not
Stephen turns around IRATE and signals to her "SHUT THE HELL
UP" (huge hand gestures)
Come on Don. Look, its the last
time I'll ask you for a favor. I
will have the money, we can have a
great time, and the next horse
you want trained...I'll do it for
You know Mr. King. This is THE
LAST time I will do this.
I'll come out there, you fly us to
Cali and make it the best vacation
of my life. Then you give me the
Then I wont kill you.
Sounds like a plan Don. Looking
forward to it.
      (Hangs up phone)


What the hell is going on Stephen?
Don't you ever shut up?I keep you
out of my dealings because I don't
want you getting hurt.
Include me Stephen! Ive been with
you for 7 years now, riding and
working harder than any other
person here.Why don't you trust me
with personal matters, yet you
trust me with EVERYTHING else?
It's for your own good honey.
Listen, I need Diana to win this
race. If she doesn't win, I need
her to finish within the top 3.
What if she finishes in the bottom
If she can't pull off third or
higher the horse goes in a $50,000
claiming race the following day.
Don't tell her that, she would die
if she knew I was getting rid of
Lamb but I have no other choice at
this point. (beat)
What I need you to do is keep a
close eye on Jason and Diana. I
feel like there might be something
there and I can't have him
distracting her from her job here.
Are you serious? Jason and
Diana!?!? Isn't Jason married?!
Marriage hasn't stoped you, has
I see your point.


I need a drink.
Im going to head down to the barn
and see if Diana wants to "catch
up" on things. Maybe get an idea
of what she thinks about the race
and what not. I'll let you know if
I find anything out.
This is why I said I couldn't run
this place without you.
Give me a kiss.
They kiss passionately, look at eachother for a moment and
Erika exits
Inside the barn about 4:30pm. Jason is getting ready to
leave and Diana is cleaning her tack. They are talking in
the office as Jason sips a guiness.
Hey. You are beautiful. Do you
know that?
Looks up from cleaning her saddle...
Ha. Right.
No, im serious. You are such a
beautiful girl. Your face...your
body...you are just...Perfect.
He walks over to her, pushes her hair out of her face and
kisses her on the forhead.
Im heading out for the day. Hey, I
just...(hesitates)... I just
thought I might mention something
to Elizabeth tonight about
seperating for a while...


      (looks at him
Yeah.I was thiking, earlier when
we fell asleep out in the
paddock...I just havent been that
peaceful, that happy with a woman
in so long. I miss being like
that.I want to be like that. With
Are you serious Jason? Are you
sure you want a seperation...?
Diana, I can't live this lie, and
I just want to be with you. I
think it's going to be the best
decision for us...
Diana stands up and walks over to Jason. She looks him in
the eye, grabs his face and kisses him.
Thank you.
Erika abruptly walks into the barn, seeing Diana kiss Jason,
she walks quickly into the office
      (Loudly and
Wow. Didn't expect to see that
one. Bet Liz is going to love that
What the hell was that about?
Well, im just saying. You know
your father Diana...
Excuse me? What is your problem


Im just surprised you would be the
other woman Diana...
      (Turns sharply at
You better watch your mouth Erika.
No one here wants to hear your
shit. Leave.
Well actually I came to talk to my
BEST FRIEND Jason, Not you.And I
dont perticularly care to hear
your shit. So why dont you just
get the hell out of here. Weren't
you leaving anyway?
Erika, I dont know what your
problem is but STOP. And Yes,
Jason is leaving.
Diana ushers Jason out of the office. They have a brief
exchange outside the office, as Erika watches them closely
from inside.
They kiss, Jason leaves.
      (Opens office
       door, Angry)
What the HELL was that Erika?!
That was me protecting you. Stay
away from that Diana. How can you,
OF ALL PEOPLE, be "the other
woman?" What are you doing?!
I don't know what Im doing Erika.
I think...God, I can't believe im
going to say this. But I think I
could be falling in love with him.
WHAT?! Oh my God. No way.
Diana...you haven't known him that
long...its lust. Please. Love?! No


Im serious Erika. I have never
felt like this. I just. I just
want to be with him. Racing
doesn't really matter. I still
love riding, but I love
riding...with him. I love
working...with him. Its crazy. It
not about just me anymore. He
makes me a better version of
Stephen enters the barn at the end of Diana's speech. He
stands outside the door of the office and listens.
Well, you better get that idea out
of your head real quick or Stephen
will fire Jason. He doesn't want
him disrupting your progress...
If my dad really cared about me,
he would keep Jason because Im not
riding without him. No more
bullshit. I always do what he
says, ride what he tells me
to...he completely controls my
life! I want one thing. I want
Jason. And im not going to do this
race if he isnt with me. I promise
you that.
Stephen enters the office in a rage
      (Walks hastily
       toward Diana)
You promise me what Diana?
Grabs Diana pushes her against the wall- holds her shoulders
against the wall
      (Slapas her across
       the face)
Shut up. You watch your mouth
miss. You are going to ride that
race...and I am going to get rid
of jason. When he comes in


                       STEPHEN (cont'd)
tomorrow, he will NO LONGER HAVE A
      (Shocked and upset)
Stephen STOP...Please... this is
too much...
SIT DOWN and Shut your mouth!
Now you listen to me. You are
going to ride that race and from
here on out im going to be with
you every morning. Im going to
train you more closely now and you
can forget Jason advising you on
ANYTHING. Clean up his things and
put them in the office. I dont
want him as much as talking to you
Go to HELL Dad. Im not doing this
bullshit. If he leaves...im not
You mean, you are willing to throw
out months of training and work
for a MARRIED BOY! Jason isnt even
close to being a Man. He hasnt
even told his wife about you. Well
guess what, He is never going to
tell his wife about you Diana. The
other woman is ALWAYS the other
woman. You are nothing to him,
just a piece of ass on the side.
Im sorry to tell you this Diana,
but I KNOW. I know what he is
doing to you...you are going to
throw away your life for this
piece of shit and its not worth
He is going to tell her! He said
he would!! Dad, I LOVE HIM!


WHAT LOVE IS! You dont love him
Diana. You think you do, but you
dont! What you need to do is focus
and ride this race, or I will get
someone else. This is your life,
your shot at a career. I WILL find
someone else Diana. I just care
about you, you are my daughter.
This is you chance. Diana...wake
up...I feel like im talking to a
stranger here...
Erika squirms in her seat. She thinks about the "other
woman" comment Stephen just made. She begins to reevaluate
her role in this whole twisted scenerio.
Dad...I...(breaks down into tears)
She falls onto the floor, cowering with her head in her
hands. Stephen stands looking down at her.
I think you know what you need to
do.(To erika) Please call Jason.
Let him know about the change in
Stephen exits
      (crosses over to
Are you ok? Im so sorry about
earlier...I think I just misjudged
the whole situation...I...Im sorry
Do you think he is right Erika? Am
I just a piece of meat to him? I
swear its not like
that...Erika...its different, I
      (hugs her)
I know Diana. Shhh. Look, I love
you. Im sorry...im so sorry...


Dont call him. Please dont call
him. Let him come tomorrow and I
want to tell him.
Ok Diana. I wont call him. What do
you want me to do? Stephen will
come down and kill him, if he sees
him here...
      (wipes her eyes)
Can you stall him tomorrow
morning? Please. Do something...I
just need to explain everything to
Yeah. I will. Diana, if you need
me to do anything. Im here.
Thanks Erika.
They sit on the floor of the office. Fade out.
Jason opens the front door and enters his house. He hangs
his helmet bag on the coat rack to the right of the door. A
Jack Russle- Cooper- runs up and licks his legs. Jason
pushes Coop aside and makes his way into the kitchen to fix
a sandwitch. Elizabeth is sitting at the table crossing
things off her daily list of errands.
      (looks up as Jason
Hey honey. You keep coming home
later and later these days from
the barn. Are you sure you are
getting paid enough for these
      (goes to the
       retrieves a loaf
       of bread)
Huh, yeah. You know theres a lot
of work to do, and just me and


                       JASON (cont'd)
Diana to do it. So. You know.
Takes a while.
Hmmm. Yeah. Im bet.
silence ensues as Jason makes a peanut butter and jelly
      (Opens the fridge)
Do we have any more jelly?
Theres some unopened grape in the
pantry. Ill get it.
      (crosses and cuts
       her off as she
       stands up from
       the table)
Dont worry about it.
Is everything ok Jason? Did you
have a good day?
Everythings fine. The day was
good. No complaints yet.
Jason grabs a ginger ale and walks with his sandwitch into
the living room. He sits and flips on Jepoardy
      (follows him)
So who is Diana? Is she another
Yeah Liz. Shes the one ive been
talking about for the past few
weeks. Gonna ride the Santa Anita.
Im helping her prep for it.
Oh thats nice. Is she a nice


Oh, you know. Im just curious. I
mean, you spend a lot of time with
her...you know..I, I just, I get
jealous she is with my hubby all
walks over and kisses jason's head. Puts her arms around
him. Jason squirms and readjusts himself. Liz promptly
stands up and crosses to a chair across the living room.
So why dont you just tell me you
are cheating on me?
      (Drops his
What?! What are you talking about?
What the hell has got in to you
this time?
Well im just saying. You dont talk
to me anymore...you are cold.
Jason, you are home later every
day! Just be honest with me!
God. You have always been like
this. IT has ALWAYS BEEN like
this. You have never trusted me
Liz! Im teaching her, helping her
prep for a huge race! This is a
big deal...Im stressed out, and I
dont feel like coming home from a
hard day to this crap from you.
Come one Liz. Lay off of me for
once. Please.
Im sorry Jason. I just. I dont
know, what do you expect me to
think!? I sit here all day
thinking about you. My part time
hours at the nursury aren't enough
to occupy my mind 24-7. I just
worry im not enough for you


Well get a real job and freak out
about something else.
Wow. You have changed. I don't
know what happened to you, but
since you started working here,
you are just so different...how
can you talk to me like that
Talk to you like what?
This is pointless.
goes to exit...
Ok wait! Ok. Ok. Listen. Dont
freak out...but I have been seeing
Diana outside of work. Its nothing
serious but we have become
God Damn it.Ah God, how could you
humiliate me like this...
I didnt humiliate you Elizabeth!
Look, calm down. There are only a
few training days until the race
and then im going to leave. Im not
going to ride for them anymore.
      (breaking down
       into tears)
Jason how could you!??
Jason gets up and sits next to Liz. Hugs her and consoles
Look, I didnt do anything to you.
Nothing has happened Elizabeth.
Thats why im leaving now. I didnt
betray you, Diana did nothing
wrong. I just dont feel


                       JASON (cont'd)
comfortable working there. Im
going to find another barn and Ill
be around all the time agian...I
Promise me nothing happened.
Liz, nothing happened.
Look...shhh...calm down. Its going
to be ok. Just let me finish out
the next few training days before
Santa Anita. Im going to go to the
race and when I come back, im done
there. You have my word Liz.
      (Crying and
Ok, Jason. If you promise to be
with me...and be here with me. I
want to be the only woman in you
life Jason. I love you so much, So
much! Jason you are my life...I
just. I couldn't live without
you...(continues to sob)
Shh...it will be ok Liz.
Everything will be ok. I promise.
They continue to hug on the couch as she cries into Jason's
chest. Jason looks off in the distance, obviously lacking in
genuine emotion. He know what he has to do to be with
Diana.Leave his wife, and this place, with Diana- in one
Fade out.
Its 4:00am. Diana is up in the office of the barn. She snuck
down there during the night. Still in her Pjs she calls
CUT TO JASON'S HOUSE: Jason rolls over and picks up the cell
phone that is vibrating on the night stand. Liz stirrs but
stays asleep


      (On phone)
Jason? Im sorry to call you so
early. Its Diana.
      (Rolls over in
       bed, covering his
       cell phone so not
       to wake Liz)
Hold on Diana, let me get
somewhere where I can talk.
Jason staggers quietly out of bed to the bathroom
Whats up. Whats going on?
Hey, my father went completely off
the handle. Can you come out early
to the barn, we need to talk right
Uh, yeah. No problem. Ill get
ready now. What happened? Whats
going on?
Lets just say you and I are to be
no where near eachother from here
on out. Get here and Ill explain
Im on my way.
Diana sits in the office, in her Pj shorts and Cami. She has
a blanket wrapped over her shoulders and a cup of coffee.
She hears a door shut, and walks over to look out.She sees
Jason and waits as he approaches from his car in the
parking lot.
Thank God your here.


      (Walks in as Diana
       holds the door
       for him)
What the hell is going on?
      (Begins to get
Oh my God Jason, yesterday, my dad
went completely insane. I thought
he was going to kill me...he said
the most awful things about you,
and me....He wont allow me to see
you. He wants you out of here this
Ok...shhh. Calm down. What did he
do to you?
He hit me Jason.
He did what?
Jason, calm down, it's ok, he was
really upset...
NO Diana! That's NOT ok.Its NOT ok
for someone to hit you,especially
your father. You don't deserve to
live like this...
I don't know what to do. I think
im going to move out after Santa
Anita. I just can't take living
with him anymore.
Actually Diana,Ive been thinking.
We need to talk. Can you meet me
At the Whip.6 O'clock?


Yeah, I can do that Jason.
What do you want to do about
today? I feel like I need to say
something to your father. He cant
get away with this bullshit
No Jason. It will just make
everyhting worse. But im so close
with Lamb at this point, I cant
imagine riding without you. Can
you ride out with me one last time
tomorrow? We are leaving
thursday,and im going to take her
on the turf around the paddocks
tomorrow...I need you with me.
Ill be here. No matter what.
Im going to talk to my father this
morning and make a deal that I
will ride the race if you ride out
with me tomorrow.
Ok Diana, if thats what you want.
You mean so much to me Di,Im here
for whatever you need. Call me if
anything happens.
Just make sure you meet me
tonight...6 o'clock.
I will.
They kiss and embrace tightly. Jason turns to pick up his
things before he walks to his car. Diana watches him leave.
As he drives up Stephen is looking out of the house window.
He exits the house and walks down toward the barn.
What the hell was he doing here? I
thought I told you he NO LONGER
has a job here. Are you that
stupid that you told him to come


Dad, im not taking this anymore!
This time YOU are going to hear
ME. I am willing to make you a
deal. You let Jason ride out with
me tomorrow for my last workout
and I wont give you any lip about
the race. I need him there Dad.
Take it or leave it.
Hmmm. You know. That was pretty
smart Diana. I am willing to make
that deal with you, under the
condition that you dont speak to
him ANY other time. Not today, not
tomorrow after the ride. Never
again. Being with him is a bad
decision Diana. Trust me.
I don't know why you keep saying
that, but fine. I won't. I just
need him here for my last workout.
We always have the best rides
Yeah Yeah, whatever. I don't care
about any of that.
He rides out with you tomorrow,
and its done. Agreed??
They part ways as Stephen exits.
Go tack up lamb. I want you to
breeze her on the dirt today. I
will be back down in a half hour.
Im excited to see her work Diana.
Dont disappoint me.
      (under her breath)
Fuck you.
      (Turning around)
What was that?


      (keeps walking)
Jason sits at a corner table for two in a cozy irish inn. He
sipps a glass of wisky and munches on bar mix as he waits
for Diana. On the table is a white envelope. He repeatedly
opens it, looks at the contents and shuts it.
Diana enters walking over to the table.
Hey, sorry im a little late. Took
forever getting here tonight.There
was a lot of traffic for some
Yeah theres a bit Steeplechase
tomorrow over at Willowdale,
people are coming in from
Ah well that explains it.
You look beautiful.
Thanks Jason. I thought you might
like the shirt. I know you are a
big fan of green.
Always a favorite, but then again,
you make everything look
      (smacks his hand
Shut up!
Notices the envelope under his hand
Whats that?


      (getting rather
Diana, there are a few things I
want to talk to you about...
How serious are you about leaving
your fathers farm?
Oh,I don't know. I dont have
anywhere to go...
Well, what if you did?
What are you getting at?
Are you serious about wanting to
be with me?
What do you mean?
Do you REALLY want to be with me.
If you had the chance...would you
be with me?
      (leans in)
Jason,if you were not going home
to your wife;(pauses) Yes. I would
be with you.
Im leaving her.(pause) Tonight.
When we get back.
What? Jason are you serious? This
is really going to happen!?
Jason...tell me you aren't


Im not joking Diana. This is real.
You and me. I want you, I have
wanted you since the moment I
first saw your beautiful
face. I love you Diana. Im ready.
Diana begins to cry. Jason places his hand on hers.
Diana, I know how we can be happy.
What do you mean Jason? This is a
lot to handle right now.
Look, if you aren't ready, forget
it, I dont want to scare you.
No tell me! What. What is it? How
can we be happy...
      (holds up the
I have two plane tickets to
      (in shock)
Oh my God.
The flight leaves 3 hours after
Santa Anita. LA International is
25mins from the track. We can
finish the race and finally leave
this place
Jason...you are serious?
Yes. Diana, I have never been so
sure of anything in my life. We
can live in my parents guest house
on their Steeplechase farm until
we get ourselves settled. You will
have so many opportunities there
on some of the best horses in the
And we can be together. Without


                       JASON (cont'd)
any interruptons. We can just be
happy...no more lunatic people
getting in the way. It's perfect
      (stands up)
Jason, I need a minute. Im going
outside for some air.
Oh my God, Diana, I didn't mean to
scare you. Please sit down...im
No Jason, its ok. Its really ok.
Im not scared, I just need a
She grabs her purse and walks out of the inn. She stands
with her head against the wall thinking. She calls Erika.
                       ERIKA (VO)
This is Erika...
Erika its me. I need to talk to
                       ERIKA (VO)
Oh hey,whats up? You sound
upset...whats going on?
Jason wants me to leave with him
to go live in Ireland after Santa
                       ERIKA (VO)
WHAT?! No. Diana, I know you love
him...but leave here? I don't
know,thats crazy!
I know, I know. What should I do?
I think I want to go with him. He
makes me so happy...and I,I just
hate it here anymore.
The screen now cuts to Erika who is on Diana's bed in her
house. She is sleeping there like ususal. Stephen is in the


living room. He hears Erika gettng upset and walks back to
her room to investigate.
                       ERIKA (VO)
Diana. You need to way out your
options here. You are going to
just up and leave? I just cant
believe that. When are you
planning on telling your dad?
Im not. Im just going to go.
                       ERIKA (VO)
WHAT?!? You have to tell him!!
You can't just get off the horse,
leave with Jason and never come
back. He deserves more than
that...Diana really? I cant
believe you would do that!
Stephen leans on the door, overhearing Erika talking. She is
very loud.
                       DIANA (VO)
Its the only way. He would never
let me go...
Look,if leavng wth Jason is the
only way you will be happy. Do it.
But just know that I love you and
support whatever you choose.Just
please, tell your dad first. Dont
just leave us here with nothing. I
cant lose my best friend in the
world with no goodbye.
Dont worry Erika.I will tell you
everything and I will keep in
touch.I love you.Thank you for
lettng me vent. Im going back in
to Jason. We're at the whip.
Yum. Be strong Di, I love you. Ill
be here when you get home and we
can talk about everything.
Scene cuts to Stephen walking quietly back to the living
room.Helooks very intense.


                       DIANA (VO)
Ok, thanks Erika. Bye now.
Scene cuts back to Diana. She hangs up the phone, much more
clear in her thoughts now. She walks back in the Whip.
Jason is sitting nervously looking at the letter he is going
to leave his wife and still holding the tickets.
Sorry about that Jason.Look,I just
had to sort my
thoughts...and...yes.Jason I want
to go with you. Lets do this.
      (Smiles- excitedly)
Really? Diana, you are sure?
Yes.I am sure. This is our chance.
You always said I need to live a
little...lets live.
      (waives waitress
       over to the table)
Bottle of Champagne please.And
bring a slice of cheesecake as
well.2 forks.
waitress nods and walks back to the kitchen
I love you.
I love you too Jason.
They hold hands and continue to talk as the scene fades out.
Diana enters the front door as quietly as possible. Stephen
sits awake watching an old classic mobster film. She moves
quietly toward her room.
Where were you? Its late Diana.
I was out with Courtney. We went
to a late movie. That Jonny Depp


                       DIANA (cont'd)
movie.It was good...
I bet. Sleep well. You have a big
day tomorrow. You and Jason better
have some good work to show me.
      (shocked that he
       isnt screaming at
Oh...heh, yeah. Dont worry, you
wont be disappointed.(Akwardly)
Well, I better get to bed.Is Erika
still up?
The light has been off for a
while, she's probably asleep.
Oh,yeah,probably.. Ok. Goodnight
Stephen stares blankly at the screen.He mutes the film and
thinks. He knows he has to stop Diana from leaving. He rests
his head agains the back of the couch. Scene fades to black.
Scene opens overlooking the racetrack, horses in adjacent
fields grazing. The sun is up just over the hill. Diana
walks out of the barn and rests on the side of the fence.
Jason can be seen approaching in the driveway.
Couldn't have asked for a nicer
day to ride.
I know. It's hard to believe this
is our last workout before
California. You know, I've never
seen California. I bet it's


Me neither. Hopefully you can take
in a few sights before the race.
You are getting there a few days
early right?
Yeah, I will have 4 days to work
her there before the race. I will
probably only breeze once and take
the rest of the time off.
That sounds about right. She's as
ready as she's gonna be. Rest will
do her good. Your taking the rest
of the week off before you leave
Yeah. I just want to do a good
work out around the paddocks today
to keep her on her toes and give
her some work on the grass. Then,
its the pampered life until the
They turn around and walk inside the barn
I left a note for Liz last night
on the dresser explaining
everything. I'm staying with a
buddy of mine from Penn National
for a few days until I fly out to
meet up with you. I got a room at
a motel 6 about 10miles from the
And you are sure you want to do
Im in.
They go to their stalls and begin grooming Lamby and
Charlie.Footsteps can be heard. Erika and Stephen approach
from the isle way.


Good Morning Diana.
Diana, how long before you are
ready to work?
Oh, I don't know. Maybe,
30minutes? We just started
grooming now.
And you are taking them around the
paddocks right?
I'm going to meet you down there
and watch from the benches around
the far left turn at paddock 13.
Ok. We are going to do the upper
loop then pick up a working gallop
and come down the lower loop, so
we should be at 13 maybe 15minutes
into the workout.
Ok. Jason, don't stay tight on her
inside. Just follow her right off
the inside shoulder. Make sure to
give her plenty of space in the
turns. You get to close to the
fence line and that's when they
start to balk.
Jason says nothing and starts to bandage Charlie's legs
I'm going to get a beer.
Isn't it a little early to start
drinking Stephen?


Not today.
Stephen exits the barn. He walks up toward his house. In the
driveway he notices an envelope, a short distance from
Jason's car. He picks it up and opens it. He sees the plane
tickets from LAX to Ireland. He studies the envelope and
places it back on the ground. He walks to the garage next to
his house and fumbles around in a storage chest. He then
walks into the house.
Fade out.
Liz walks into the bedroom with a hamper of laundry. She
sorts through Jason's things littered around the bed. She
notices his large suitcase is gone and opens the closet. His
shirts and shoes are gone. She drops the hamper and opens
the dresser drawer. Empty. She looks on the dresser and
finds the letter. She opens it slowly and begins to read.
As she reads she leans against the dresser for stability.
She pulls a check from the letter and rips it up.
I knew he would do it...I knew he
would do this!
She kicks the dresser and wipes her arms across the top of
the dresser sending pictures, perfumes, and other items
crashing to the ground.
      (rests her hands
       on the dresser
       and looks in the
Who is she to ruin my life? Who
the hell is she? Take my husband,
destroy everything I built here.
Why God? What did I do! What the
hell did I do for this? Huh!?
She starts to lose it
You know what I'll do. I know what
i'll do. I'll go there. Yes. I'll
go to that fucking farm and let
them know what SHE DID to MY LIFE.


she begins to rummage through Jason's personal drawer,
looking for a business card or address of the farm. She
pulls out a piece of paper with Diana's name and telephone
number on it. She shreds it, and continues looking. She
pulls out a Kings Run business card and stops.
Christ help me for what im going
to do to her.
The barn is quiet. Jason and Diana are near ready to go out
for a gallop. They walk into the middle of the isle...
Hey, real quick. What you said
last night. Did you mean that?
Wait...what? What did I say?
You know. When you said you love
me. Did you mean that?
      (reassuring her)
Yes. Of course I meant it Diana. I
love you.
Ok. I just thought maybe, it was
said out of passion or
Shh. I love you. Don't think that
hard. Just let it sink in.
She grabs his hand and squeezes it
Can you give me a leg up?
He follows her to the stall. She leads out lamby and grabs
the reins against her neck.She lifts her leg and on the
count of three Jason throws her up.


Im going to walk her out. Erika
should be down in a minute to
throw you up, or the mounting
block is right outside.
I don't need either.
Jason goes back to his stall and leads Charlie out. He jumps
on and follows Diana out of the barn. They meet up outside
and get ready to go.
      (walking down the
Have fun guys!
      (with Jason)
Will Do!
They laugh and begin to ride. The scene should follow that
of a racing sequence. The camera follows them as they work
their way through the gaits, trotting and eventually
cantering around the fields.
Stephen is at the kitchen table loading a small handgun. He
is unusually calm.
      (looks at the gun)
IF I don't do this she will chase
him forever.(beat) God, she's just
like me. I ruined so many
opportunities chasing the wrong
women, getting myself into
rediculous situations, losing so
much money. Christ, I will never
let that happen to her. It's for
her own good. This is her career
for God's sake. You are doing the
right thing.
he locks the barrel into place and puts the safety on. He
places the gun in his pocket and picks up his glass of
whiskey. He downs the remaining half glass, wipes his mouth
and walks out the door.
Erika is walking toward the door as Stephen exits.


Hey! Are you going down now? Hold
on I just want to get the
No. Take your time, I have to do a
few things first. Just meet me
down there.
Are you sure Stephen? I usually
always go with you...
NO. It's fine. Take your time.
I'll see you down there.
Uhh..ok. Alright, i'll see you
down there then. Do you want a
Stephen walks over to his Ford Bronco and gets in. He heads
down to the end of the farm where Diana and Jason will
      (to herself)
Thats odd.
Erika enters the house, grabs her camera off the coffee
table in the living room and walks into the kitchen. She
goes to the fridge to grab a soda. She looks on the kitchen
table and sees a box of bullets. She drops the soda and runs
out of the house.
Oh my God...he can't be....No!
Jason and Diana can be seen approaching around the far back
turn at a full out gallop. Jason is close on Diana's inside
shoulder as they barrel down the backside.
      (Yelling to Diana)
You alright?!


Yeah! You ready to take the turn?
Yeah, im closing in on your
Be careful, this is tight- watch
the waterers. They are two on the
outside of the fence up here...
No problem...
As they move into the corner, they are bordered by a
driveway that enters the farm. Jason notices Elizabeth's car
enter the driveway. He becomes distracted.
What the hell is she doing here?
      (looking back)
What, who?
As they go into the corner, Jason turns to look as Elizabeth
stops the car. She gets out and shuts the door. The slam
from the door spooks Charlie. He is too close to Diana and
Charlie balks throwing Jason over his head. Jason hits the
automatic waterer head on. He falls limp on the ground.
      (Pulling Lamby up
       to a stop)
Oh my GOD! Holy Shit... Jason!!
Jason!! Are you ok?
The are right beside paddock 13. Stephen approaches from the
bench where he just watched this whole event unfold. He runs
toward Diana...
Oh my God, Diana! Are you ok?
Oh my God...Jason! Jason!
Charlie goes running off and Diana dismounts handing Lamby
to Stephen


      (running over and
       grabbing Jason)
Jason. Get up. Come on, Get up.
Stop joking Jason...it's not
funny. JASON. GET UP. GET UP. Get
Liz run over frantically, holding a gun in her hand.
You ruined my life! You RUINED
Liz sees Jason on the ground not moving and looks at Diana.
      (relentless, not
       hearing Liz)
Get up...Jason Get up...Please...
      (Aims gun at Diana)
Look what you did.Oh my God...
You're a murderer!
She fires the gun at Diana, hitting her in the neck. Diana
colapses on top of Jason.
Stephen takes his gun out of his pocket and instinctively
shoots liz in the back. She falls to her knees and
      (trying to hold on
       to lamby)
Easy, Easy...Lamb...Easy...
Erika is running toward them. She sees the bodies on the
ground and screams. Stephen turns around and hands Lamby to
Hold her.
Stephen walks over to Diana's body and picks her up. He
kneels down on the ground and rocks her back and forth. He
begins to cry.


God I loved you. I love you. I
love you so much. I just tried to
protect you. God...I...I messed
up...I messed up Diana. Im so
sorry, Im sorry...
He kisses her on the forhead. He stands up and turns around.
He puts the gun to his head and ends his life.
At the sound of the gun, Lamby flies back and takes off.
Erika just lets her go. She stands there. She has no
emotion...she just stares. She turns to see other riders
from the barn running down the driveway toward her. She
looks back at the bodies.
Fade out.
The scene opens with Erika sitting at her laptop in a room
overlooking a horse farm. She writes, sips her iced tea and
looks up at the horses in the paddock. On the wall we notice
a framed diploma from Northwestern in Criminal Justice.
There are pictures on her desk of her with children from her
horse summer camps.
                       ERIKA (VO)
And so we come to the end of my
story. The most imporant thing to
take from this essay is the simple
fact that love is truely the root
of all passion. All acts of
passion, good and bad, can not be
truely real unless they are
derived from a place of love.
You can pursure your dreams and
desires until you can push no
further, but without love the
fruits of you labour will be much
less fulfilling. I have seen many
things in my short experience
here, and individualism, greed,
and the American dream always seem
to fall short in everything but
the movies. Diana would have
ridden that race and whether she
won or lost, it wouldn't have
mattered to her. Jason would have
been proud of her and THAT is what
mattered to her. Nothing else. She
loved those horses, loved them
like no other, until him. He was


                       ERIKA (cont'd)
the only person who could compete
with the love of horses in her
life. Although they never had a
chance to spend their lives
together, their brief story of
love- tainted and bruised by the
sadistic nature of the game of
life, will be a reoccuring one.
In the end, all who have love
realize that the inate ability to
care so deeply for another person
is the most profound ability in
the universe.
In closing, synicism is the easy
way out. Let no one stand in the
way of your dreams, but don't
close the door on the people you
love. Appreciate every person who
touches your life and learn from
them, their mistakes and their
And most importantly,remember to
love. The one thing I learned from
Diana, and Stephen for that
matter, was to not hold back. They
took risks, they lived. And both
of them always loved.


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