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by Terry McIntosh (terrymcintosh2001@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

First term Congressman Aron MacKenzie values truth above all else, and discovers that he must make decisions that affect his life and that of the entire world. In the face of skilled trickery on a scale of unprecedented magnitude, alien agendas, a political assassination, and a power hungry mentor, Aron rises to the most powerful position on earth only to face his own frailty when his values are tested beyond expectation.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



TITLE: JULY 20, 1969
Astronauts #1 ARMSTRONG and #2 ALDRIN work and move about on
the Moon's surface as they prepare to depart. A Houston
voice over MISSION CONTROL COMMUNICATOR opens dialogue.
                       MISSION CONTROL
      (voice over)
Gentlemen, party's over. Prepare
the Eagle to fly.
                       ASTRONAUT 1
Roger that, Houston. We're
shutting down now.
                       ASTRONAUT 2
I hate to leave it so soon.
There's so much to learn.
Astronaut 1 pauses and looks at the far side of the crater
                       ASTRONAUT 1
Look at that! What is it?
A saucer shaped spaceship is seen in the distance sitting on
the rim of one of the crater's mountains.
                       ASTRONAUT 2
My God, that's a spaceship! Or am
I hallucinating?
                       ASTRONAUT 1
That's not an optical illusion.
It's real! Where did it come from?
                       MISSION CONTROL
      (voice over)
Houston here. We didn't get that.
Say again, please.
                       ASTRONAUT 1
We have visitors! They're watching


                       MISSION CONTROL
      (voice over)
Going to secure scrambled.
                       ASTRONAUT 1
Roger that. Nobody's gonna believe
                       MISSION CONTROL
      (voice over)
What the hell are you talking
about? What's going on?
                       ASTRONAUT 1
We've sighted... what looks like
an alien spaceship... This is
incredible! My hands are
shaking...wait a minute...flashing
lights observed...
                       ASTRONAUT 2
That's Morse Code! They're
communicating, talking to us!
                       ASTRONAUT 1
                       MISSION CONTROL
      (voice over)
Can you read it?
                       ASTRONAUT 2
It stopped. (beat) Ah, it's
repeating itself.. I read V.. A..
C.. A.. T.. E, ...uh,oh... N.. O..
W. End transmission.
                       ASTRONAUT 1
Houston, they want us to leave.
                       ASTRONAUT 2
And now.
                       MISSION CONTROL
      (voice over)
Stay calm...stay calm... you're on
camera. Pull back to the Lunar
Module and prepare to launch. I
say again, pull back to the Lunar
Module and prepare to launch.
                                         CUT TO:


CATHY RINGO is being honored at a social event attended by
..and this award goes to our dear
friend Cathy Ringo for her
philanthropic deeds and global
humanitarian efforts to aid the
poor of the world...
ARON MACKENZIE and wife ELIZABETH are sitting at a round
table with other guests.
I am so proud of her. She deserves
to be recognized.
Are you still planning on that
trip to Africa with her?
Yes, but later in the year. She
hasn't finalized plans yet.
Any eligible bachelors tagging
along for the ride?
Cathy is seen accepting the award. Liz is jovial to match
Aron's humor.
She doesn't have to invite
eligible men. She can find a man
anytime she wants one.
      (winding up)
..and thank you for sharing this
honor with me tonight. God bless
you all.
Applause is followed by crowd mingling. Liz talks to another
FEMALE GUEST. Aron is approached by SENATOR WALKER and his


      (shaking hands)
Congressman, I need to arrange a
private audience with you.
Of course, Senator. Good evening,
Mrs. Walker. We're heading over to
Cathy's. Will you join us for
This is official business. I
prefer you drop by my office in
the morning. Will that work for
Yes. I'll be there.
I'll be expecting you.
Walker and wife exit; all smiles
      (returning to
       Aron's side)
Who was that?
Senator Clay Walker.
Oh, my God! You mean THE Senator
Don't act surprised, darling, or
you'll make us look like the
freshman I really am. It's not a
big deal.
Only that he's the most powerful
man in the Senate and likely the
next President of the United
States! What does he want with
My support?


Cathy approaches with hugs and kisses.
      (turning to Aron)
Thank you for coming tonight. I so
much appreciate it.
Neither natural disaster nor
political ruin could have kept us
Your commitment to humanitarian
efforts in war-torn nations moves
me deeply, and you deserve this
With friends like you, I'll go
      (glancing around)
I haven't seen so many dignitaries
in one room since we moved to
Tell me about it. I felt like a
politician tonight...
VICE-PRESIDENT BLACKWOOD is talking to other guests.
..Oh, there's Vice President
Blackwood...Liz, Ill see you
tomorrow for brunch?
Yes. I'll be there.
Cathy exits toward Blackwood, and Aron follows her with his
Beautiful, single...and rich!
Liz smiles confidently.
You wish, Congressman. You wish.


Hey, I'm always going home with
you, darling.
                                         CUT TO:
PEOPLE stand around Senator Walker as Aron and Liz exit the
building. A CAR drives by and a SHOOTER opens fire with an
automatic weapon in the Senator's direction. Aron throws Liz
to the ground and body covers her.
My God!
Stay down!
The car disappears into the darkness of night. People
scramble for cover amid panicked screams. The Senator is
quickly whisked away from the scene by BODY GUARDS. Aron and
Liz spring to their feet. A MAN stands next to them.
Is anyone hit?
He missed by a mile! Everybody's
My God, I'm shaking. What do we do
The police will take care of it.
I'm getting you home where its
They were shooting at the Senator!
Stay away from him!
Everything will be fine, darling.
Let's get outta here.
                                         CUT TO:


Aron quickly tosses down a Honey Bun and a cup of coffee as
he buttons shirt. Background TV NEWSCASTER is reporting the
attempted assassination of Senator Walker last night.
I'm worried about you meeting with
the Senator. What if they try to
kill him again? You could be hurt.
I'll be fine, baby. Nothing is
going to happen to me. I'll call
you as soon as the meeting is
over. Trust me.
I trust you more than I do myself.
I just don't want anything to
happen to you. I can't imagine
living without you.
      (kissing Liz as he
I'll be fine. Don't worry. Gotta
                                         CUT TO:
The Senator's secretary, MIKE MIDLIL, greets Aron in the
front office. His tone is professional.
The Senator will be with you
shortly, Congressman. Please make
yourself comfortable.
The reception area is neat and orderly. The wall sports a
large photograph of the Earth as seen from space with TWO
GOLDEN CIRCLES laced around it. The conference room door is
      (points to room)
May I?


Yes,please, look around. The
Senator will be with you in a few
Aron steps into the room. The walls are decorated with
PICTURES of Sen. Walker and other political giants including
governors, senators, congressmen, former Presidents, and the
current President of the United States, FERNANDO HERRERA. A
picture of the First Lady, KARLY HERRERA, a Caucasian, also
hangs next to the President. Aron glances over the wall
decorated with art. He notices a RED BULL in one picture,
however his attention focuses on one particular frame that
shows a much younger Walker shaking hands with former
President George Bush.
      (in doorway)
The Senator will see you now.
                                         CUT TO:
      (rises from chair)
Good morning, Congressman.
      (shaking hands)
Good morning, Senator. I'm glad to
see that you're okay after last
So am I! I'm very thankful that no
one was hurt.
Do you know the who and why?
      (shaking his head)
The 'Who' is police business, and
I'll get to the 'why' soon enough.
Thing is, I know that if someone
wants you bad enough, they keep
trying, so I'm counting on a quick
We expect that for you.


Walker changes subject with mischievous smile.
Your wife was the best looking
woman at the party. You're well
advised to guard her closely here
in Washington.
Thank you, Sir, I'll do that.
May I call you Aron?
Mike! Fix the good Congressman a
drink. What do you want, Aron,
coffee… juice...something
Coffee's good.
I've had my eye on you ever since
the election, Aron. I'm very
impressed with your stellar
reputation, but tell me the truth.
Is it true that you refused to
represent a million dollar client
because you believed him to be
It's true. I guess it's going to
follow me around for a long time.
You better hope it does, son.
That's rich politics. Your
constituents elected you because
of your penchant for truth and
honesty and that story played a
big part. Never miss a chance to
talk about it. What's the inside
scoop anyway?
No scoop. I simply didn't consider
his money worth my integrity and I
was fired. They assigned another


                       ARON (cont'd)
lawyer to the case, and I was out
of work. A seat was vacant in our
district, so it was a good time to
declare myself as a candidate.
That's another reason why I like
you, Congressman. You saw an
opportunity and grabbed it. We
need someone like you, and I have
recommended you to the President.
For what purpose, Senator?
      (motions to Midlil
       to bring drinks)
This is highly classified and
discretion is vital. I hope my
trust in you is well placed.
Well, Sir, I like to think so
unless it's illegal.
We've been operating in secret,
but we're ready to open the vault.
Your reputation and pursuit of
truth makes you viable and the
nation will need young blood to
believe in, and to trust what you
tell them.
Midlil brings in the coffee and sits it down.
I represent a committee appointed
by the President-- a top secret
committee. No one on Capitol Hill
knows about us. We're so deep
undercover that I can't introduce
you to other members yet. The CIA
and Homeland Security are only
partially aware of all the facts,
and we want you to serve on the
What are we talking about,


Aron shifts his weight in the chair. Senator Walker pauses
and looks intently into Aron's eyes.
We're talking about contact with
an alien race, Aron. Aliens from
outer space.
Alien contact?
Yes, alien contact.
I'm listening.
Our astronauts discovered an alien
base on the first Moon landing in
1969 - but it wasn't ours or the
Aliens are on the Moon?
Yes. On the moon. Our astronauts
were always flanked by UFOs, but
they had remained aloof and
avoided direct contact. Once we
set foot on the moon the aliens
had to make a choice - either
embrace us or destroy us. At
first, we were warned away, but
they contacted us later and
allowed us to resume lunar work
under close supervision.
I am speechless, Senator. How do
we proceed?
Rumors have surfaced in spite of
all our efforts to keep it secret,
and it's possible that last
night's attempt on my life was the
work of paranoid religious
zealots. The White House has
assigned a Secret Service detail
to you. Agent Shems will be in
contact and we'll meet with the
President as soon as he can see


                       WALKER (cont'd)
us. That's all I can reveal now.
All you have to do is be prepared
to meet the President.
Aron rises and shakes the Senator's hand.
Are we in danger?
Save your questions. But know this
- They are much closer than you
think. Much, much closer than you
                                         CUT TO:
Liz sits in the tub full of water. Her tone is playful.
So what does the Senator from Utah
want with my hubby?
Aron looks into the mirror. He continues in the same light
hearted tone.
You know, Liz, he has a good idea
- an evening with you in exchange
for legislative favors.
Liz steps out of the tub with a towel wrapped around her
You can't be serious! You're


Aren't you?
Aron turns toward her and moves very close to her face.
Of course I'm kidding. He did say
that you are a beautiful woman,
though, and I had to agree.


I knew it! You're a bad liar. What
did he really want?
Aron turns back to the mirror.
He was politicking, hon. I'm new
on the Hill, and I'm confident he
meets with every new member of
Anything about the shooting last
Only that the police are
investigating. Nothing else. What
about your day?
Liz moves to mirror alongside Aron.
I spent most of the day with
Ah, gracious Cathy, So the two of
you were out saving the world?
      (brushing hair)
No, nothing so important, but we
talked about the trip to Africa.
She wants to launch a new
community of orphanages.
Aron is somewhat distracted.
Ah. That'll be great.
Come on. I'll warm dinner. I tried
a new recipe Cathy gave me, and I
have a bottle of wine for later.
Liz exits room.
Aron stares into the mirror and whispers to himself.


Aliens are on the moon.
He shakes his head in disbelief.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron sits in his office scanning over a magazine depicting
various décor suggestions. He yells for RITA.
Rita enters the room hurriedly.
Yes, Mr. MacKenzie?
      (showing pictures)
What do you think about this color
scheme? How would that look in
Rita glances at the book and smiles.
Actually, no. I have some ideas on
how to make the office look nice
on your budget, but there's
someone here to see you right now.
He says his name is Agent Shems.
Shems? Send him in!
Rita exits and ushers SHEMS into the office. Shems is an
African American who looks like a professional wrestler on
steroids. His mannerisms and speech are stoic.
Good morning, Congressman. The
Senator has arranged a meeting
with the President. Please come
with me.
The President? Now?


Now. That's how it works - on a
moment's notice. I'll escort you
to the Senator's office and the
two of you will go together.
Please come with me. The Senator
is waiting.
Rita, I'll be back when you see
                                         CUT TO:
Senator Walker greets Aron with a handshake. A beautiful
WOMAN is sitting in a chair.
Good morning, Aron. The President
is expecting us, but I want to
introduce your new secretary to
you first.
The woman stands up and extends her hand to Aron. She is
dark haired, curvacious, and alluring. She wears a sexy pair
of high-heeled shoes.
Congressman MacKenzie, meet
Veronica Davis.
Hi. I've been wanting to meet you,
      (shaking hands)
The pleasure is truly mine, Miss
Aron and Veronica maintain eye contact.
Veronica is a staff adviser and
I'm assigning her to your office.
Senator, thank you, and I'm sure
Miss Davis is a capable secretary,
but I already have a girl.


I know, I know, but we're going to
be working very close from now on.
Veronica is a trusted confidant
and you will need her database of
knowledge. The Committee pays her
salary and we'll be funding your
personal expenses as well. And
don't worry about your girl.
She'll be compensated nicely. I'll
find her another job.
Well, I appreciate the offer,
Senator. That's very generous of
Don't think twice about it. I
mean, really, can you say no to a
beautiful woman like Veronica?
I think not. Welcome aboard, Miss
Thank you. I'll prepare myself
while you visit the President.
      (looking at watch)
Let's ride. We shouldn't keep the
President waiting.
On the way out Aron dares another glance at Veronica. She
flirtingly returns his glance with a seductive smile.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron follows Senator Walker into the Oval Office. President
Herrera sits at his desk in front of the windows enhanced by
gold drapes, and the American flag is positioned to the rear
and to his right with the Presidential flag on his left. He
MEREDITH. A portrait of George Washington hangs over the
fireplace. The President rises from his chair to greet them
by first shaking hands with the senator, but quickly turns
his attention to Aron with a firm and friendly handshake.


                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Congressman - Aron - Welcome
aboard this crazy ride.
Yes, Sir, Mr. President, the honor
is all mine, I think.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
I asked Chief of Staff General
Wallace, Fed Chairman Meredith,
and Security Adviser Theo
Alexander to join us.
My pleasure, Gentlemen. I am
familiar with all of you by
      (points to chairs)
Make yourselves comfortable.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
The Senator says that you're ready
to help change history, Aron. I
need your help - no - the country
needs your help in making this
transition to a new reality.
I'll do whatever I can, Mr.
President. I'm waiting for
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Let me bring you up to speed.
Originally, President Nixon didn't
know what to do with the presence
of aliens on the moon. Nobody knew
what to do. The nation just wasn't
prepared for it. People would
panic at the thought of a superior
race of beings in our skies.
Economics were also at stake - the
fear of worldwide instability. It
was impossible to justify letting
the secret get out.


How did you keep something this
big undercover for so long?
                       GEN. WALLACE
Astronauts were military men and
they couldn't tell the truth
without disobeying orders and
ruining their careers. Civilian
astronauts had to sign on to
confidentially agreements before
they could fly. Some of them
became outspoken later.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Gordon Cooper was one such
military astronaut that became
very vocal.
Cooper? Wasn't he one of the
original Mercury 7 astronauts?
                       GEN. WALLACE
Yes, Cooper helped establish the
space program. He claimed to have
a personal sighting, and he was
convinced that the occupants of
the 1947 Roswell UFO crash looked
totally humanoid with two arms,
two legs, a torso and readily
identifiable facial features.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
He was right. Russian cosmonauts
were also trailed by UFOs during
their flights, but of course they
never made it to the moon - and we
continued only under strict
supervision by the aliens.
How could NASA have missed
something like a moon base?
                       GEN. WALLACE
The far side of the moon faces
away from us. Russian probes
retrieved some pictures, but forty
percent of the far side remained
unseen and the crater base escaped
human eyes until the Apollo 8
flyby in 1968. That mission came
back with photos of suspicious


                       GEN. WALLACE (cont'd)
images that stirred a debate in
NASA, but nothing strong enough to
be conclusive.
The second orbital crew on Apollo
10 flew as close as 8 miles above
the surface, but it took the moon
landing to confirm our suspicions.
They had been there for nobody
knows how long - they just did not
want us to know it.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
I will declassify all the top
secret files and satellite photos
once we go public.
I have questions, Mr. President,
but I don't know where to start.
What about the Roswell incident?
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Yes, yes, you're going to have a
lot of questions, Aron - let me
tell you about Roswell.
We see black and white depiction of events in real time as
Herrera explains with voice over.
      (voice over)
It was an alien craft, and it was
carrying passengers. The craft was
struck by a bolt of lightening,
and crashed. Some things are
universal and unfortunate things
happen under the best of
controlled circumstances.
Black and white scene depicts MILITARY PERSONNEL putting
HUMANOID FIGURES in body bags, zipping them up, and loading
them onto a truck. Army SOLDIERS clear area. Truck drives
off under guard.


                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
      (voice over)
The aliens died on impact, but
Cooper was right in his
description of the beings. They
were humanoid in appearance.
Truman made sure the incident was
buried so deep that incoming
Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, or
Johnson didn't know the whole
truth about that particular
incident. Well, Kennedy got close
to it before he was killed. Regan
was posted about it.
                       GEN. WALLACE
The Roswell craft is still in our
possession, and it will be put on
public display in the near future.
We had no benefit from it because
out best engineers and scientist
could not figure out what made the
damn thing work. They certainly
couldn't fly it.
What did you learn about the
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
The initial autopsy proved that
they were much like us, and later
DNA testing confirms that we are
Closely related.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Our society can better assimilate
this kind of news than it would
have just a few years ago, but
we're preparing for the worst.
Humanity will never be the same
again, and how we make the
transition is important.


This is where you come in, Aron,
to serve the committee in the
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
The Committee goes back to
Roswell, and it remains the only
means of direct communication with
the aliens. Senator Walker is the
designated liaison between us. We
want you to serve alongside him
because you're a trusted commodity
in Washington.
How do they communicate?
Various ways. I'm in daily
contact. We are working with them
on advanced laser communications
and a device that translates their
thoughts into sound waves, but
they don't use it often for
reasons unknown to us.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
They have come in peace. God, I
still can't believe I'm saying
that, but it's true - sounds like
a line out of a movie, doesn't it?
But the DNA connection will shake
the faith of many of the faithful
people who practice religion.
Feeble minded people will always
defend their crutch.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
The religious conflict lies in the
fact that the aliens claim to be
our creators. This is what will
cause the pot to boil in the
religious world, In spite of that,
our top DNA specialists agree -
they are our lords whether we like
the idea or not.


We have reason to believe that it
was a radical Christian group who
tried to kill me the other night.
This is incredible, Mr.President.
So God is an alien?
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Yes, he is, actually "aliens," and
we are their children.
That's the truth, Aron. Even the
Bible says that we are just aliens
passing through this world. That
use to be taken figuratively, but
now we must apply it literally in
proper context.
The pot's getting hot.
Stoking hot!
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Going public with this truth all
at once would undoubtedly result
in an international breakdown of
society. We have to unwrap this
step by step.
It was Sir Winston Churchill who
said, 'Man will occasionally
stumble over the truth, but
usually manages to pick himself up
and walk over or around it and
keep on going.'
It was also Churchill who said
that a lie gets halfway around
the world before the truth has a
chance to put its pants on. The
whole truth is always the best
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
You can debate Churchill later,
but this is not a lie, Aron. We're
just withholding information for


                       PRESIDENT HERRERA (cont'd)
the common good. Dyaus (pronounced
Dyous)- that's a code name - will
know the best time to proclaim
their deity. It is inevitable, so
it's better to accept the reality,
deal with it in stages, and help
our country survive.
It's an ancient Indian word that
translates as Sky God. It's a
fitting name for them, don't you
What do they call themselves?
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
We don't know that. They have
accepted the name Dyaus.
It will be a tough sell, but the
truth should be told out front -
that is if they truly are creators
of humanity.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
DNA does not lie, Aron. This is
reality whether we understand it
or not, and it demands our
We are heading towards a utopia
state on earth with the same
choice the people of the Bible had
- choose life or death, follow the
way of God and live peacefully or
die at our own compulsion. Destiny
is in our hands.
So what if God and Dyaus is the
same creator? Should it matter if
it was done by some mystical
unseen power, or by a technology
far beyond ours? It doesn't matter
what shape God comes in, just as
long as he comes, and whatever


                       WALKER (cont'd)
and whoever people think that may
be, gods they are. The Kingdom is
This is major. I'll have to
rethink my own beliefs about God.
That's fine about that. Take your
time with it. You'll evolve just
like the rest of us have. We've
already been through it, and it'll
come together for you. Simple and
stupid people will reject the
truth, but you aren't simple or
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Aron, you're serving under Senator
Walker, but you will eventually be
in consideration for a position of
greater power.
The Committee needs to control the
Presidency for a long, long time
until everything is in order. You
will be my running mate for the
Presidency once President
Herrera's term is finished in
another three years, and use that
for a run to the White House on
your own later. It's a sure thing.
This is a lot to take in.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
      (changing subject)
Psychological factors may result
in exaggerated stock price
movements once the Dyaus presence
is revealed. Prices can fall
dramatically. We do not want that
to happen. Chairman Meredith is
here to tell us what the board can
do to help.
We are prepared to assist the
President by propping it up when
the news breaks. We'll stabilize


                       MEREDITH (cont'd)
world markets.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
That's true - the whole damn world
could collapse.
As I told you in earlier meetings,
Mr. President, the Board of
Governors will not let this
happen. We will protect the
Peanuts. It's peanuts to the Fed.
How could we refuse to help at
such a time as this, Mr.President,
when our country and the world
need us?
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Aron - are you able to embrace
this responsibilty?
Yes, Sir. I accept the challenge.
May I see all the files?
Veronica has access and will go
over them with you. I'll also
arrange for you to see the Roswell
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Welcome aboard, Congressman.
Buckle up. This is going to be a
wild ride.
                                         CUT TO:
First you say that Senator Walker
wants to exchange professional
services for some hanky panky with
me, and now you're telling me that
President Herrera has a bunch of
alien friends living on the moon.


                       LIZ (cont'd)
Don't think for a minute that I
believe you! You are a terrible
It's the truth, darling. I am not
joking...let's research this Dyaus
Liz begins an Internet search. Aron sits next to her as she
opens up the Internet explorer and types in the word
"Dyaus." The search displays several articles and posts
about Dyaus. She opens them one by one and reads aloud.
It looks like this god was
recognized during the time of the
Aryans, whoever they were, and he
had a female counterpart. I like
that about him. Let's see here…the
name means Jupiter in Latin… he
preserved the cosmic order...
sometimes depicted by the eagle or
hawk…and, oh,look at this...
Aron learns forward and reads the archived report along with
"…the sky father appeared in two
different forms - as a red bull
who bellows thunder, or as a black
horse adorned with pearls,
symbolizing the stars. That's
Yeah. That sounds familiar for
some reason. The red bull? I saw
that somewhere recently. Strange.
It's amazing how much nonsense
worked its way into religion. You
know, since the aliens are
creators of humanity, we should
call them God or use the Hebrew
word Elohim, or something modern.
I agree, but the committee is
right. It's too early. The
religious world would have our


                       ARON (cont'd)
heads. It will take some time, so
code Dyaus will work for now.
Since this changes the definition
of who God is, I guess it's
alright for a woman to lust after
her man?
As long as it's this man.
They kiss.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Veronica pour over documents.
This is astonishing. Everything we
have believed has been wrong. The
DNA tests establishes a connection
that can't be denied.
I hope the rest of the world can
accept the truth easily. We'll
either advance or revert back to
the middle ages again.
Let's hope for wide acceptance - I
don't like living in the dark.
Veronica inserts a compilation of songs into the player.
Soft music fills the air. She walks over to Aron and smiles
Do you want to dance with me?
Aron stands up, but hesitates.
Well, don't just stand there.
She places her hand in his. Aron places his free arm around
her waist as they continue to hold hands and sway slowly
back and forth to the music. Veronica steps in to close the


short distance between them. She pushes up against his chest
and lays her cheek on his shoulder. His face is flush red.
He pulls slightly away from her.
Is everything okay?
This is a little awkard.
Relax. It's just a dance.
You have beautiful eyes.
Hmmmm, I like that. Better to see
you with.
They both giggle. Veronica closes the distance between them
again, and Aron embraces her a little tighter than at first.
He lets go of her hand and places both arms around her
waist. She responds by reaching up and wrapping her arms
around his neck. The distance closes tighter. The music
leads them around the room slowly…slowly…and slower.
I'm not a wolf, Aron. This just
feels right.
It does. And it scares me.
They stop moving and embrace with a kiss. As their lips
separate, Veronica slowly pulls away and smiles.
Ahhh… that was nice, but… we can't
do this, Veronica. I love my wife
and I took a vow.
Yeah, that's the only thing I'm
not happy about right now. I'll
never forget this dance, though,
and I'll be here if you ever want
Veronica plants another kiss on Aron's lips and walks away
as he watches her.
                                         CUT TO:


Aron inspects the small Roswell silver scout spaceship. He
walks around it accompanied by an ENGINEER. The small scout
is only large enough to carry two passengers. No markings
The craft is designed with an
alloy of unknown substance making
it incredibly light, but it's
extremely strong.
According to the report, there are
larger ships.
Scouts like this one are used for
reconnaissance or research. They
preceded larger vessels at the
start of visitation to the Moon
and Earth.
Is it equipped with weapons?
Not this one. It has no apparent
defense except its energetic
speed. Some of the newer models
are equipped with laser weapons.
May I sit in it?
Aron climbs up the aluminum steps into the craft and sits in
one of the two seats. The engineer sits in the second seat.
How do you fly this thing?
It's controlled with hand motions
and thought impulse through the
use of neuralinks.


What's a neuralink?
It's a term used to describe the
interfacing of the human mind and
computer software.
How does it work?
The pilot can react to any
situation, and fly the ship just
by thinking about it. The nerve
impulse sent from the brain to the
computer software directs and
controls the ship.
Brainy is right. It's an awesome
piece of scientific technology.
Dyaus says it can also be
controlled by placing your hand
over this screen and directing the
flight pattern. It's useless to us
because we can't fire it up. I
can't wait to see it in action.
                                         CUT TO:
The two beings you meet today
share the same title of High
Commander. They are ancient souls
that have lived eons of time as we
understand time.
Does anyone know how old they
really are?
They supervised the creation of
the Garden of Eden. That makes
them at least thousands of years
old, and considering that they
were Commanders even then, they've


                       VERONICA (cont'd)
likely lived a length of time that
is far too long to measure.
Were they directly involved in the
creation of man?
Wow. Do they date back as far as
creating the earth?
I don't know about that, but if
so, that would have them living
such a vast amount of time, as I
said, that is inconceivable to us.
I'm sure they will explain how it
all came into existence at some
point in our relationship with
Are they invincible?
They have a long life body
structure and consciousness that
will not die unless a sudden
outside force, such as an
accidental explosion, destroys the
So barring an accident, Dyaus can
live forever?
It appears to be the case, at
least according to what I have
been told. There is something
about a contagious virus they are
working on, but I don't know the
I would love to know about the
first man and woman - how they
thought and lived.


You mean the first humans made in
God's image?
Were there humans before the
Dyaus cultivated the earth, but
the collective Adam and Eve was
genetically altered from a
humanoid type of animal species
resembling their own DNA
structure. The original humanoids
were brute animals without the
capacity to reason.
The Missing Link - My God, this is
just incredible.
Oh, I wish I could go with you. I
even asked the Senator for
permission, but he said he didn't
want to bother Dyaus about it.
Have you ever seen one of them, or
any photos?
No, and they won't allow photos.
I'm dying to see what they look
like. I know they resemble us
since they created humanity, but I
can hardly wait to see one of them
face to face.
Maybe the world will get that
chance soon.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Walker are airborne on a helicopter and fly over a
mountain range. The chopper sets down between two mountains.
                                         CUT TO:


Where are we?
Colorado's beautiful this time of
year, eh?
The helicopter lifts off and leaves the two of them standing
alone in fatal appearing terrain. The summit of the mount
looming overhead peaks at a high point and then dips only to
rise again as a twin towering over the landscape.
Aron makes attempt at humor.
Uh, so, where did that chopper
We just sit tight for a few
minutes. They'll pick us up.
Yeah, they - as in government
TWO MILITARY POLICEMEN appear out of nowhere.
Senator, Congressman, please come
with us.
The men hike some distance. A steep drop leads them down
alongside a body of running water. The mountain opens up
before their eyes. They are escorted through the now opened
entrance of the wall of the mountain.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and the Senator are met by FOUR additional security
GUARDS, all of whom are equipped with traditional military
weapons. They clear a second security checkpoint and are
escorted further into the chambers of the well-hidden base.
Security escorts them into the office of GENERAL THOMAS


                       GEN. WAYNE
Welcome, Senator. It's good to see
you again.
Thank you, Tom. I'm excited to be
back. I brought Congressman
MacKenzie with me this time.
                       GEN. WAYNE
      (shaking hands)
Welcome, Congressman. I hope you
will enjoy your visit.
Thank you. I am looking forward to
meeting with Dyaus. This is some
kind of setup you have here,
General. How many of you work
                       GEN. WAYNE
There are 2,000 military and 500
civilian contractors. We're
hosting about 6,900 people, humans
that is, counting family members.
Aliens number 27 today.
Entire families live here?
                       GEN. WAYNE
We're just another city with a
normal social life. We don't get
out much, though. They're
expecting you now Senator, so you
should get dressed.
WORKERS assist the two men as they cover their clothing with
sterilized silver plastic that fits like an overcoat. They
are escorted further inside to a sterile room. The ESCORT
stops at the entrance.
                                         CUT TO:
TWO HUMANOID FIGURES, Dyaus 1 MALE, and Dyaus 2 FEMALE, clad
in silver spacesuits stand in the room. The helmeted face
visors are closed. Walker bows on bended knee. Aron imitates


We are honored to be in your
presence, Great Commanders. Please
accept greetings from President
Herrera, and allow me to introduce
my protege, Aron MacKenzie.
The artificial sounding response is calming.
                       DYAUS 1
Arise. Dyaus greetings to the
President. We are pleased to see
Walker and Aron rise to their feet.
It is a true honor to meet the
Fathers of Humanity.
                       DYAUS 1
Your reward shall be great, Aron
MacKenzie, lover of Truth and
Justice. You are welcome here. You
have questions.
I am humbled. Is it possible to
look upon your face?
                       DYAUS 1
Restraint is necessary until We
isolate pathogens that prevents
interaction. Every moment is a
risk, but We wish to answer a few
questions you have on your path to
Are we in danger from these
                       DYAUS 1
No. The concern is for Dyaus. Your
species is host to a number of
newer microbes that have
evolved over the last few thousand
years, and we have discovered a
bacterium living in you that we
are vulnerable to. It could be


                       DYAUS 1 (cont'd)
harmful to us. We are seeking a
I have so many questions. Like,
where did you come from, and how
long have you been here?
                       DYAUS II
There is a season for everything
under the Sun. All of your
questions will be answered at the
proper time.
How many of you are there...and
where are they?
                       DYAUS 1
We number more than two million on
earth. Our bases are all like this
one, and are comprised of vast and
complex cavern cities stretching
from the Western part of North
America from Alaska to Mexico and
as far east as Texas. We also have
bases under southern Brazil, the
Gobi Desert, and the two oceans.
Do you practice religion
yourselves? And what about
humanity? Do we possess souls?
                       DYAUS II
WE created religion. And about
souls - The human body is designed
to live forever. It is capable of
regeneration with a little help
and constant care. We will
introduce the process once we are
satisfied that negative components
of the human DNA is identified and
eliminated. We will give to
humanity what has thus far
remained elusive-the fountain of
youth. You have only begun to


There is so much to learn, and I
am honored to work with you on
this historic transition. Permit
me to be forward and ask what your
names are.
                       DYAUS 1
Why do you ask our names? We are
Of course.
                       DYAUS 1
All things will be revealed to you
in the right time and in the right
order. Until then, Senator Walker
shall be your teacher.
                       DYAUS II
Our time is gone. We must leave
you now.
Aron and Walker bow on bended knee as the two Dyaus
Commanders turn and walk out of the room through a second
Is that it?
It appears so. At least for now.
                                         CUT TO:
President Herrera addresses the world on international
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
We are embarking on a new
adventure that offers hope and
life to humanity, to our world.
This is the greatest event in the
history of mankind, second only to
the birth of Jesus Christ and all
the prophets of religion. We must


                       PRESIDENT HERRERA (cont'd)
accept and welcome our brothers
from the heavens who have come to
enlighten the way on man's path to
maturity and fullness of ability.
Our grandchildren will call this
generation blessed to have seen
God's kingdom come in our time.
Senator Clay Walker will serve as
direct liaison with our space
brothers, assisted by Rep. Aron
MacKenzie. This is our destiny -
to achieve all that we are, and to
accept our space brothers for all
that they are. Our nation, our
world, will never be the same
                                         CUT TO:
UFOs appear in the sky worldwide. The spacecrafts are
variable in appearance and demonstrate skilled movements
incapable of any known military or civilian aircraft. Most
of them are round in shape, silver in color, and the size
varies from the small scout to medium, to large, and to very
large versatile crafts. Although silver is predominating,
other colors are seen, too. Most of them emit a multicolor
aura and some of them make a humming noise as they speed up,
but not all of them. A small black window lines the front of
the crafts. They "hang in the air" motionless, quiet, then
bank in rapid speed to the right and left, going high,
swinging low, and generally putting on a show for the world
to witness.
                                         CUT TO:
                       NEWS ANCHOR
Large numbers of UFO reports are
also coming from Russia,
Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy,
Spain, Belgium, and England. Here
in the United States, UFOs are
reported in every state, with the
greatest number of reports coming
from the Northeast and the
Southwest. Sightings are occurring
in major cities, rural areas,
small towns, and near military


                       NEWS ANCHOR (cont'd)
installations. An estimated three
thousand to five thousand
spacecraft are playing in the
skies. It is impossible to know
the exact number because of their
swift speed and ability to
navigate entire continents within
minutes. The spaceships are being
tracked on radar, photographed and
captured on film for the first
time in history without question
to their identity.

Wow! Look at that!
TV camera shows spaceships simultaneously change direction
sharply and accelerate off into space.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
They have disappeared from the
skies, I am being told by live
feed, at Mach 285 - that's
reaching 204,000 mph within 2.2
seconds. That kind of g force
could kill a human being. At that
speed the craft can fly to the
moon in just over one hour with
the right trajectory. This display
of technology is powerful and
Various news clips depict a stock market dive, but reports a
quick reversal. News segments report civil unrest is
occurring in some areas of the country, but calm largely
prevails. Local and federal law enforcement agencies are
able to contain the slight unrest, according to the reports.

Members of the Christian religious right immediately warn of
deception claiming that the aliens are actually demons in
disguise. Other Christians recognize Walker and Aron as the
two witnesses of Revelation. UFO conspiracy buffs can be
seen and heard eagerly justifying their past conspiracy
claims and embracing the new reality.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Senator Walker address questions. Veronica sits
with them.


                       NEWS ANCHOR
Congressman MacKenzie, since Dyaus
was instrumental in the creation
of man, what details have they
shared with you about it?
I'll defer to the Senator on that
According to Dyaus, the creation
process took millions of years to
complete - periods of time
referred to as "days" in the
Bible. They explain the rise and
fall of dinosaurs and other life
forms as God had experimented with
the creation of life in general.
Humanoid carbon based life forms
rose to some dominance because of
their agile abilities. Learning to
walk upright, equipped with two
legs and two arms, this humanoid
animal was better equipped to
master the world than any other
species. Dyaus chose to develop
this species because of the close
DNA structure, and through a
series of biological experiments
including gene alterations, acted
directly in the creation of
mankind under the watchful eye of
"God." The "man" developed the
power of thinking and reason. They
were made in the image of "God"
knowing the difference between
right and wrong.
Is this the missing link in human
You're going to hell! These are
demons and you are their servants!
God is going to destroy all of
Security removes the zealot.


It is the missing link. What the
Senator didn't tell you is that
Dyaus acted on God's instruction
and had sexual relationships with
the early females of the human
species. Those relationships
produced offspring. The
combination of biological
experimentation and sexual
intimacy gave rise to humanity as
we are today. Dyaus continued to
visit the prophets of old in an
effort to steer humanity in the
right direction. Every major and
new scientific or technological
development has come through
Dyaus. Einstein and others were
spoon fed most of their equations
and calculations - at least the
ones that proved right.
What about life elsewhere in the
Universe? Are there other
      (looking at Aron)
Congressman, would you like to
address this question?
I understand that intelligent life
does exist in far away galaxies,
but they are light years from
earth, and not ready to associate
with aliens such as ourselves.
The crowd laughs at Aron's referral to humans as "alien."
We'll have to let our imaginations
run wild with all the future
possibilities of contact, but
that's all for now. Thank you and
God bless you.
The crowd mobs the three of them as they are escorted out of
the building. Media shouts out question after question.
                                         CUT TO:


Veronica escorts REV. JESSE JORDAN into the office.
Good morning, Reverend.
I won't waste your time. I'm here
on behalf of millions of
Christians to warn you against
accepting these alien creatures.
I appreciate your concern,
Reverend, however I assure you
that they are benevolent
It's a lie. They have come to
destroy the world. Hear the word
of God; "Destroy them before they
destroy us."
Reverend, your concerns are
appreciated, but the truth is that
religious theology has been wrong.
The human experience goes through
stages of development,and today is
the day for unlocking and
understanding many well kept
mysteries. You will do your
disciples a great service to
educate them with the truth
instead of holding on to what is
The gates of Hell have been
unlocked. The People For Truth
Ministries demands that you
destroy them before they destroy
Galileo once said: "I do not feel
obliged to believe that the same
God who has endowed us with sense,
reason and intellect has intended
us to forgo their use." DNA
doesn't lie, Reverend, and our
relationship with Dyaus must be


                       ARON (cont'd)
embraced. I encourage you not to
leave your disciples in darkness,
but lead to the new reality for
the good of them all.
      (storming out the
We will never embrace the devil,
Congressman. You are a lover of
truth, but your eyes are blinded
to truth, therefore, I warn you;
God says, "Repent or I will
destroy you."
Veronica, did you get all that?
Yes. I'll notify the President,
Senator Walker, and the CIA.
What do we know about the People
For Truth Ministries?
It's a grass roots Christian
organization that preaches a
devilish deception before the
return of Christ. Pretty common in
the religious world, but the PFT
is very wealthy with worldwide
Telephone rings.
      (voice over)
Aron, Walker here.
Good timing. I just met a man
named Jordan with the People For
Truth Ministries...
      (voice over)
Say no more. He is under
investigation as we speak. We


                       WALKER (cont'd)
suspect he is involved in the
attempt on my life. Leave that to
the FBI, and get out your
spacesuit - you and Veronica are
going into space.
Say again.
      (voice over)
Put me on speaker. I want Veronica
to hear this, too.
Aron switches to speaker mode and motions for Veronica.
Veronica's here. Go ahead,
      (voice over)
Three days from now, the two of
you will join twelve other
dignitaries from other countries
on a space flight with Dyaus.
They're going to swing you around
the Moon once and then back home,
all in one day. You will go, won't
Veronica shrieks with surprise and clasps her hand over
I think that's an affirmative,
Sir. What's the details?
      (voice over)
Be in the press room in an hour.
Everyody's excited!
      (hanging up phone)
This is fantastic!
                                         CUT TO:


Aron and Liz are guests at a "going away" party in Cathy's
mansion. ONE HUNDRED GUESTS are in attendance.
                       FEMALE GUEST
      (speaking to Liz)
You are so fortunate to have a man
like Aron. He's gorgeous, famous,
and going to the Moon.
Thank you. I am a lucky girl.
      (clapping hands
       for attention)
Aron, we all want to wish you a
safe journey on tomorrow's flight,
but we fear for your safety.
Thanks Cathy, but there is no need
to worry. The Dyaus spaceship is
tamper proof and completely
isolated from the dangers of space
flight. Re-entry will not pose the
threat of danger usually
attributed to re-entry into the
earth's atmosphere. The spaceship
is completely safe. We are in good
Okay, we just want to be sure that
nothing happens to you. You are
very valuable to all of us.
                       FEMALE GUEST
How long will you stay on the
We're just going around it and
coming back home. It's a quick
trip. Dyaus will have us home by
tomorrow evening.
Cathy gives Aron a friendly hug, and plants a kiss on his
That's for extra luck.


Everyone applauds and begins saying goodbyes.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Liz are lying in bed.
I'm so proud you. Everyone is
proud of you. Whoever thought you
would get a chance to go to the
I still can't believe it. I wish
you were going with us.
It should be me instead of
Walker said that she deserves a
ride after all her loyal service,
and that's why he put her on the
Will you think about me while
you're there?
You know I will, hon. You're with
me everywhere I go.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Veronica are dressed causally as are the other
TWELVE PASSENGERS. TV News ANCHOR is broadcasting live
update. Some PEOPLE are holding placards reading, "We love
you, Dyaus," "Welcome, space brothers", and "Immanuel."
                       NEWS ANCHOR
The Dyaus Ship is equipped to
handle human passengers - oxygen
and all. The artificial gravity
force field within the ship will
off set zero gravity. The
passengers will be able to walk


                       NEWS ANCHOR (cont'd)
around the ship and breathe
without the aid of oxygen masks or
spacesuits. The flight plan will
orbit them around the earth slowly
to allow the passengers time to
enjoy the view, and then the ship
will break away toward the Moon
with an estimated flight duration
of three hours. Dyaus can navigate
faster, but will grant the world's
first tour to the Moon extra time
to enjoy the flight.
A huge spaceship slowly descends from out of the clouds. The
crowd stirs with excitement and points skyward.
Here it comes!
The craft is different from the smaller ones in size and
shape. It appears to be about four thousand square feet in
diameter, and does not have any visible markings or symbols.
It lands on the airport runway by extending four "legs" that
touch down softly. Security escorts the fourteen space
tourist to the spacecraft where they have to wait before
boarding. A door opens and an aluminum ladder drops to the
surface of the runway. Aron is the first to climb up and
into the craft. The others follow.
                                         CUT TO:
The inside consists of a large open area with window seats
positioned along both sides of the lower compartment. The
upper deck is the pilot's area, and off limits with a sealed
door preventing entrance. There is a bathroom, a five piece
couch and two sofa chairs in the center of the room. A
compact refrigerator is stowed in the corner. This is more
like a luxury hotel room rather than a spaceship, and is
complete with running water. The 14 space tourists take a
seat. Aron sits in his assigned seat and peers out window.
Veronica sits behind him.
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
Welcome aboard. Enjoy your flight
to the Moon.
The ship lifts off and silently rises higher into the upper


                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
The Earth's Horizon is visible through the window.
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
45…50...Congratulations, you have
earned your astronaut wings….55.…
The early astronauts would have
loved this!
On the edge of space, passengers see glowing electric blue,
thin, wispy clouds.
That is beautiful!
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
...75...90...100 miles...
The sky goes very black. Stars appear to flicker, but the
area between them is black. Silence prevails as passengers
pause to appreciate the view. The ship continues its upward
trajectory and passes the International Space Station and
goes into orbit above it. The view is impressive as they
have begun to swing around the Earth in an eastward orbit.
At this altitude the section of the Earth the space tourists
can see at any one time is a stretch about two thousand
miles across. The land and water below is moving quickly
from scene to scene. The surface of the Earth appears smooth
from this distance, but passengers are able to zero in up
close on objects with the use of special space binoculars
provided by Dyaus. The ship crosses over Canada, and
Greenland and then heads southeast over Iceland and Great
Britain. The ocean is a bright, dark blue. France comes
into view as the ship speeds toward the coast of Africa.
      (looking out her
Isn't this so beautiful? It's like
watching a movie on large screen
The ship catches up with the sunset. There is a fine line
dividing night and day. City lights are visible in large


This makes me feel very small in
the whole scheme of things. We are
all brothers and seeing the world
from this perspective helps refine
that obvious truth. Everyone needs
to see it.
The ship catches up to sunrise and the orbit is nearly
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
We will now start our accent to
the Moon. ETA is three hours from
The earth below now looks like a big blue ball just hanging
in the black void of space. Passengers unbuckle and walk
around. Veronica stands next to Aron at a large observatory
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
Do not be alarmed.
The hull of the spacecraft rolls away from overhead in two
directions. It appears the craft is dividing itself into two
halves in a quiet and orderly process. In reality, the
"walls" only recede to expose an unobstructed view of the
Universe. The lower half of the hull retracts below their
feet, and the upper half retracts overhead beneath the
ceiling. Passengers are shielded from danger by an invisible
sheet of "space glass". The hull completely retracts. Space
mirrors create the illusion of no overhead or footing at
all. It appears to the space tourists that they have stepped
outside and are floating through the void of space without
the aid of spacesuits. When they look at their feet, all
they can see is space and the bright light of distant stars.
The spaces between the passengers themselves reflect the
darkness of space. The ship's furniture appears to be
floating free style along with them. When the tourists look
overhead, they get a similar, howbeit reflected view of
space. The space glass separates the upper deck from the
passengers, and directs reflected images to the floor's
ceiling. It creates the impression of moving through space
unattached to the ship. Veronica reacts to the change of
scenery by grasping Aron's arm and squeezing it tightly.
This will sell a lot of tickets.


The Moon is much closer than seen on earth. It, too, hangs
in the middle of nothing and is exceptionally beautiful.
Oh, Aron, this is marvelous.
The walls return to normal after a few moments. The ship
enters Moon orbit above the grayish "beach full of sand."
It looks so lonely. Liz would be
The orbit swings the ship to the other side of the Moon and
encounters complete darkness at this time of day.
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
Watch closely. This will be brief.
An enormous burst of light from below in a dark crator gives
the orbiting passengers a brief look at what appears to be
the base itself. The light is quickly extinguished.
                       DYAUS PILOT
We are now turning back to earth.
We hope you have enjoyed your trip
around the Moon.
I wonder why they didn't leave the
lights on?
Likely a security issue. I'll
inquire about that with the
                                         CUT TO:
Passengers exit spaceship. Media coverage is immense.
      (embracing Liz)
Did you miss me?
You know I did. What was it like?


Veronica stands smiling at their side. The two women hug
each other as Liz welcomes Veronica along with all the
passengers. The Dyaus spaceship lifts off and disappears in
the overhead cloud cover.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron steps into the kitchen.
Good morning, baby.
Hey, sleepy head. You didn't tell
me that Vice President Blackwood
was going to resign!
What are you talking about?
You didn't know? Blackwood has
resigned effective this morning
due to family and health. Looks
like the President is nominating
Senator Walker to take his place.
TV news clip shows Walker speaking.
      (on TV screen)
I am happy to serve the President
in both capacities of Vice
President and Liaison to Dyaus.
This is a responsibility that I do
not take lightly.
Aron is holding a cup of coffee in hand. He laughs.
I wonder if anyone is surprised at
the President's choice?
      (making body
Well, I'm just waiting for you to
take that title three years from


                       LIZ (cont'd)
now. He can have it until then.
Telephone rings.
      (voice over)
Hey, buddy, looks like our plans
to take the White House are
Congratulations, Senator. I mean,
Mr. Vice President.
      (voice over)
Thanks. We don't need the title,
but it has a nice ring, don't you
think? We'll talk as soon as I'm
sworn in.
Alright. Keep me posted. Goodbye.
Did anyone know Blackwood was
having health problems?
I didn't. I suppose the stress is
too much for some people. Vice
President Walker - another step to
complete authority.
                                         CUT TO:
MAN on the street is sweating heavily. Blood spills out of
his mouth and ears. He falls to the ground shaking
violently. CITIZEN summons help.
                                         CUT TO:


President Herrera, Vice President Walker, and Aron are
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
The virus outbreak in Viet Nam has
me worried in spite of the Dyaus
vaccine being prepared, and that
Reverend Jordan is making a lot of
noise. He's blaming Dyaus and ME
for it.
I wanted the CIA to pay him a
visit, but Dyaus says to leave him
We are still a people of free
opinion and speech.
Yes, but this man is real trouble.
He should be labeled a threat to
world security. Dyaus wants us to
leave him alone as they prefer for
the world to realize their
benevolent nature without being
forced to accept them.
      (from doorway)
Mr. President, Dr. Todd is here.
Dr. ELLIS TODD enters the Oval Office.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
This is Dr. Ellis Todd, the
Director of World Health. I've
asked him to brief us on the
potential epidemic situation in
Viet Nam.
                       DR. TODD
At the rate of infection, Mr.
President, it appears that what we
have is turning into a pandemic
problem rather quickly. The total
number of deaths represent
seventeen percent of those
infected. Efficient and sustained
person-to-person transmission of
the virus signals an imminent


                       DR. TODD (cont'd)
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
Seventeen percent? My God, if it
goes global and wipes out
seventeen percent of the
population, we're talking about a
billion people being killed!
The impact would be catastrophic.
                       DR. TODD
Definitely a serious impact. If
this thing is not contained, we
can expect the mortality rate to
increase to as high as thirty
percent or more.
Why should we expect thirty
                       DR. TODD
The problem is that those who are
minimally affected can transmit
infection and develop immunity to
subsequent infection. Should that
be the case, and I believe it is,
we can expect infected persons to
transmit infection to
approximately two other people.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
My God, how long before something
like this will run its course?
                       DR. TODD
That's impossible to estimate, Mr.
President. Pandemics may come and
go in waves, each of which can
last for weeks at a time. Genetic
mutations could occur which could
elevate their potential for
causing even more widespread harm.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
If millions of people become ill
in so many places at the same
time, it will impact everything
from business, to school, to
transportation, and even food
delivery. We're not prepared for


                       PRESIDENT HERRERA (cont'd)
millions of people demanding
medical care, and this will be a
global disaster.
                       DR. TODD
Sir, we need the Dyaus vaccine
quickly. Until then, we are
completely at its mercy.
This is the ultimate test for
Dyaus, Doctor, and they are
preparing to make a delivery to
Nha Trang.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
My hopes are riding on the Dyaus
vaccine. Aron, I want you to be
there to greet the Dyaus ship when
it arrives.Your presence can help
quell fear. Additionally, we had
better start thinking in terms of
political fallout. There are those
out there like that preacher
Jordan who will seize this chance
to blame the virus outbreak on
Dyaus and accuse all of us of
conspiracy. After all, it is true
that Dyaus keeps themselves
isolated from us because of
possible contagions.
They have been here forever,
coming and going, sight unseen,
and they know how to protect us.
We are a threat to them. This has
to be from some other source.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
I can believe that Dyaus will save
the world from this threat, but
they had better act quick. The
public is scared.
                                         CUT TO:
Liz and Cathy watch news reports focused on the arrival of a
Dyaus spaceship in Nha Trang, Viet Nam, and the subsequent


distribution of vaccine to the proper Health Authorities.
File footage shows TEAMS OF WORKERS accepting delivery with
Aron overseeing the process and other footage shows CITIZENS
being inoculated with the vaccine.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
The past few days have caused a
near panic in the cities of Viet
Nam and the world, but it now
appears that the crisis is over.
World Health Officials are
reporting no new cases of
infection, and the death toll has
been stopped.
      (on screen)
Our space brothers have saved the
world from a terrible disaster. We
are forever indebted to them.
Thank God for that. Or Dyaus,
rather. When will Aron be home?
Tomorrow. We have a dinner date.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Liz sit in a private booth shielded from adoring
PATRONS. They sip wine.
Liz, everything has happened fast
and seems surreal most of the
time. Thanks for being there for
me. I don't know what I would do
without you.
What else can a woman madly in
love do? Even though she has to
share her man with the world?
No matter what happens, always
remember that I love you. No
matter how important I become, I
will always love you, and I want


                       ARON (cont'd)
to give you the world.
Well...in that case, it's time to
start thinking about a family.
I've turned thirty-two years old
if you haven't forgotten, and I'm
ready to have kids.
I haven't thought much about that
part of our lives, but I am open
to it.
Liz jabs at Aron jokingly.
Open for it? You're open for it?
Should I check your schedule, or
Let me say it this way, darling -
Liz, honey, will you please have
my baby?
Yes! Yes, I will have your baby!
And he is going to live in a
peaceful world that you are
helping to create.
Let's cancel the Ringo visit and
go home, and practice making that
      (raising her glass)
I'm drinking to that!
                                         CUT TO:
President Herrera leaves an early evening Washington rally.
Nightfall approaches, and as he walks to the open door of
his car, an ASSAILANT pulls out a Beretta semi-automatic
weapon and fires three shots toward the President. Two of
the bullets strike Herrera in the back and neck, while the
third slightly wounds a SECURITY AGENT standing next to the


President. TWO ADDITIONAL AGENTS respond by drawing their
weapons, and in a hail of bullets, shoot, and kill the
assassin on the spot. The President falls face forward into
the back seat. AGENT HARRISON immediately pulls Herrera
completely into the limo where he sits. Agent Harrison
throws himself over the President's body. President Herrera
reaches around with his left hand and feels the entrance
wound into the back of his neck. The limo speeds off.
                       PRESIDENT HERRERA
How bad is it?
Apparently not bad enough to kill
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Liz eat dinner. Agent Shems approaches the table.
Excuse me, Mr. Congressman, we
have an emergency. The President
has been shot.
Is he okay?
As far as we know, yes, he is
alive. We must get you to a secure
area. Please come with me now.
Where is the President?
En route to the hospital as I
speak. Please! Come with me now.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Liz jump into the waiting limo. Agent Shems sits in
the front passenger seat.
                                         CUT TO:


My God, Aron, who would want to
harm President Herrera?
Somebody is always gunning for the
good guy. It could be the same
ones who tried to kill Walker.
Hey! Shems! What about the Vice
President? Where is he?
I don't know, Sir. I can find out.
(keys in miniature mic). Base,
we're en route to safe house.
"Elijah" wants to know status of
Your code name is Elijah?
      (turning to look
       at Aron)
The Vice President is secure, Sir.
Which hospital are they taking the
President to?
I don't know yet…wait...
He listens through the earpiece.
The US Soldiers and Airmens
Hospital on North Capitol Street.
A police escort joins the limo. The Washington sky is lit up
by sirens and flashing red and blue lights.
Take us to the hospital!
I'm sorry, Sir, I can't do that. I
have to secure both you and your


Take us to the hospital, driver! I
want to go to the hospital.
Sir, please, let me do my job!
Remember who you're talking to,
Agent Shems. I said take me to the
hospital, and I mean now!
      (to driver)
Take him to the hospital.
The limo pulls up and stops near the Hospital Emergency
Entrance under the guidance of security personnel. Shems
stretches out his hand as if to alert everyone to be silent.
Aron and Liz squeeze hands and peer out the darkened windows
of the limo at the crowd of JOURNALISTS, Secret Service, and
FBI AGENTS. The area is lit up by the hospital, ambulance,
and police lights. There is a brief pause and silence as
Shems listens through his earpiece. He turns toward Aron.
His voice quivers.
The President is dead.
Liz squeezes Aron's hand and sobs. Agent Shems and the
driver sit quietly.
What about the shooter?
They got him. He's dead, too. He
was one of ours - an off duty
agent. That's how he got close to
the President - everybody knew
A secret service agent? This is
Yes, Sir, it is.
An unmarked police car pulls up, and security clears the way
for its arrival.


It's the First Lady.
KARLY HERRERA steps hastily out of the vehicle under the
careful watch of several agents. She is oblivious to anyone
or anything else as she enters the hospital.
I wonder if she knows yet.
No, I don't think so.
Oh, God, this is terrible.
We're going in there. Shems, make
way for us.
                                         CUT TO:
Shems escorts Aron and Liz through the Emergency Entrance
and on into the waiting area where they are met by hospital
STAFF. They are further escorted into a private waiting
room. DR.NANCE enters.
I'm Doctor Nance. I'm sorry to say
that President Herrera has died
from his wounds.
Where was he hit?
There are two entrance wounds, one
to the back, and the other in the
rear of the head that traveled far
enough to nip the jugular vein. He
was dead on arrival, and there
wasn't anything we could do. I'm
What about the First Lady? How is
she holding up?


Very well considering the shock;
actually, amazingly well. I
offered a sedative to help calm
her nerves, but she refused it.
Can we see her?
Yes, you're Aron MacKenzie. I'm
sure she will want to see you.
The doctor escorts Aron and Liz to the slain President's
side. He is lying on the blood soaked pillow and bed with
his eyes closed and arms lying to his side. The First Lady
is seated with a NURSE standing beside her. Karly looks up
at Aron and Liz when they enter the room. Aron stoops down
and reaches out to embrace her.
Thank you for being here, Aron.
The President had a lot of
confidence in you. I know he would
be glad that you're here. (beat)
Why would anyone want to kill my
husband, Aron? He devoted his life
to public service and has done
more for this country than anyone
ever before him. Who could hate
him so much to want to see him
I don't know, Mrs. Herrera, but I
promise that we will find out.
I use to pray to God, but who is
there to pray to now? Dyaus has
replaced the God that I knew. I
don't know what to do, Aron.
The First Lady's primary BODY GUARD steps into the room.
                       BODY GUARD
Mrs. Herrera, it's time.
Karly rises from the chair and stands next to the
President's body. She leans over and kisses him firmly on
the mouth.


I love you, Fernando Enrique
Karly straightens up and strokes the Presidents head.
Security whisks her away. Aron and Liz are escorted out of
the room.
                                         CUT TO:
They are mobbed by the swarm of journalists and TV crews
shouting questions at them. Aron does not address or respond
to any inquiries. The First Lady is driven away. Aron and
Liz slide back into their waiting limo.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron's cell phone rings.
Clay? Are you okay?
      (voice over)
Yes, we're all fine here.
Thank God for that.
      (voice over)
Yes, I guess so. Thanks to
somebody. You know they can get
you if they really want you bad
enough, though. Listen - they're
preparing to swear me in as
President within the next few
minutes. I want to see you as soon
as possible when I'm cleared to
get back to the White House.
Yes, Sir, Mr. President. I'll be
standing by for your return.
I'm scared.


We have a new President.


It appears that Destiny is at
                                         CUT TO:
Two coffee cups and several newspapers are spread about on
the dining table. Television news is devoting full time to
the Herrera assassination. ANALYSTS are presenting varied
opinions and speculations. Images of the slain President
flash on the screen, followed by images of the new
President, and images of Aron. Political EXPERTS are
speculating as to whom the new President will select to be
his vice president. Other COMMENTATORS question whether
Dyaus will get involved or not. A news bulletin catches
Aron's special attention.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
The country needs someone they can
trust to work with President
Walker and Aron MacKenzie
is...just a moment, please...We
have breaking news: Let's go to
TRACY MEECHAM live at the White
House. Tracy, what's the latest
from there?
Warren, according to sources here
at the White House, it appears
that the Secret Service Agent who
killed President Herrera was a
religious fanatic and follower of
Jesse Jordan and the People for
Truth Ministries. FBI officers
have uncovered links to Jordan
that indicate Agent Knowles
subscribed to the belief that the
President was leading the nation
into subjection to demons.
According to the source, Knowles
believed that God had chosen him
to kill the President to disrupt
the transition into a false
paradise on earth.


                       NEWS ANCHOR
Tracy, this sounds like a
conspiracy instead of the work of
a lone gunman. Is it possible that
the People for Truth are also
responsible for the recent attempt
on Clay Walker's life?
It's beginning to look that way,
Warren. I'll keep you posted on
developments as I get them. Back
to you.
This can't be true. Christians
don't kill people, especially the
I don't know, Liz. Religion has
always produced maniacs with high
aspirations of saving the world.
And remember the crusades. All
that killing was done in the name
of God. There is lots of blood on
religious hands.
They can't be real Christians.
They're just zealots and no better
than any other radical relilgion.
                                         CUT TO:
Clips of President Herrera's elaborate funeral are seen
intertwined along with agents arresting Jordan and other
MEMBERS of the PFT Ministry. Thousands of PEOPLE line up to
see the slain President's coffin as it is moved from the
White House to the Capitol. INTERNATIONAL HEADS OF STATE and
DIGNITARIES attend the service.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron sits in the Oval Office with President Walker.


If anything happens to me, it is
imperative that the Committee
stays in charge of the White
House, so I want you to serve as
vice president in my
administration. This is much
sooner than we anticipated, but we
need to move forward.
Of course, Mr. President, it will
be an honor to serve in your
administration. I accept your
No one on earth can deny that we
are the two most powerful men in
the history of mankind. The world
is at our command.
This is very humbling.
Get use to it. We'll have you
sworn in quickly. Veronica and the
staff is already moving you into
the vice president's office.
You'll have to excuse me now. This
new position demands more of my
Aron turns to leave and notices a picture hanging on the
wall - the same one that Walker kept in his senatorial
office. It depicts the earth with two gold rings around it.
I've always wondered about that
picture. What do the two rings
Walker smiles.
Two, as in the number two.
Two what?


It's like Dyaus said - You'll
understand it soon enough.
                                         CUT TO:
Mike Midlil hurries down the street under cover of darkness.
He arrives to the home of Cathy Ringo. He rings the doorbell
while glancing over his shoulder. Cathy opens door and he
enters quickly.
                                         CUT TO:
Cathy escorts Midlil to the family room where Aron and Liz
are sitting.
What's this about, Mike? Your call
sounded desperate.
Mr. Vice-President, can we speak
Liz, let's go the kitchen and make
ourselves useful.
Cathy and Liz exit. Midlil is nervous.
Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Vice
President. I am scared to death. I
hope I can trust you.
What is it, Mike, and it better be
important. Meeting you like this
makes me uncomfortable.
This is difficult, but I have a
moral obligation to tell somebody
- as wrong as it was, and I
already regret it, I compromised
President Walker's private
documents, and discovered
information about President


                       MIDLIL (cont'd)
Herrera's murder. Walker knew
about it. It was a political
assassination. The Alien Committee
set it up. They conspired to
murder the President.
Mike, be careful! Are you accusing
the President of the United States
of murder?
Walker changes his password
systematically using a special
code, and I know where he keeps
the encryption. It's impossible to
crack into the account, and
getting the password is the only
way in. It took a lot of nerve,
but I managed to secure it and
open his mailbox. Not the Dyaus
software, I'm talking about his
personal account. The email
exchanges between Walker and the
Committee is an admission to
Did you make copies of it?
No, Sir, I was scared to take the
time. I got out quickly. But I
know how to get it.
You can't accuse the most powerful
man on this planet of murder with
just your word, Mike! You are
wasting my time, and I am insulted
on behalf of the President.
Sir, I'll get you a copy if you
promise to protect me. Agent
Knowles was one of them, and they
gunned him down. What do you think
they'll do to me?
What are you talking about?


According to the document, all of
the agents were following
Committee orders. Knowles thought
a patsy would be blamed, but the
other agents were under orders to
shoot him.
Do you know what you're saying?
You're talking about an elaborate
Secret Service conspiracy.
There's more - President Herrera
didn't die from the bullet wounds.
He was still breathing when he was
shoved into the back seat of the
limo. Agent Harrison was a plant,
for insurance, and he sliced the
President's jugular vein before
the ambulance reached the
hospital. According to the
document, somebody called "Mr. J"
got to the medical examiner and
made sure the autopsy kept it
quiet. So don't think they'll give
me a chance to talk to anybody.
They're all under orders, and
they'll kill me. You have to
protect me.
You've got to produce the proof
before I can even consider what
you're saying.
I'll get it, but then you have to
put me in custody for safety.
Aron is angry.
Prove yourself first.
Rev. Jordan may be a pain in the
neck, but he is innocent. He was
set up from the beginning of the
assassination attempt on Walker.
That was carefully planned by the
committee, and Walker knew it was
coming. They'll tie Jordan to it.


                       MIDLIL (cont'd)
Even you will have to be careful.
These are dangerous people.
                                         CUT TO:
What was that about, Aron?
There's a personal problem between
Midlil and President Walker. I'll
take care of it.
The limo pulls away from the Ringo home.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron sits at his desk. President Walker steps in.
Mr. President! I wasn't expecting
I have bad news, Aron, and I
wanted to tell you myself - Mike
Midlil is dead. They found his
body this morning. (beat) It's
Life goes on and we don't need
this kind of attention, so the
press will normalize the story. We
need to concentrate on advancing
the Dyaus reality.
And that means you need to prepare
for a meeting with heads of state,
Mr. Vice President.


Yes, of course. Give me a minute.
Veronica closes the door. Aron swirls in his chair. He looks
at the name plate sitting on his desk that reads "Vice
President MacKenzie."
                                         CUT TO:
Aron enters. Liz is crying.
Baby, what's wrong? Are you okay?
It's Cathy. She's dead, Aron.
She's dead.
How? What happened?
The police say it was a bungled
burglary. They think she surprised
him, and he killed her in a panic.
He shot her three times.
Did they catch him?
No. This is horrible.
      (holding Liz)
Telephone rings. Liz rushes to answer, still sobbing.
      (voice over)
Liz, Candice and I are shocked by
Cathy's death, and we want to
express our sympathies to you over
the loss of a close friend.


Thank you, Mr. President. This is
so difficult to accept.
      (voice over)
We know it is, dear, and if there
is anything I can do for you,
please let me know.
I'm really sorry to hear about Mr.
Midlil's suicide, too. It is so
weird that both of them died
      (voice over)
It has been a tragic day for all
of us. It will take a lot of time
to heal the loss of both Cathy and
Mike. They were special people.
Thank you for the call, Mr.
Liz hands phone to Aron.
      (voice over)
You have a lot of questions, Aron.
The Committee wants to meet with
you. You and Miss Davis will be
aboard a clandestine Dyaus flight
tomorrow. You will get your
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Veronica enter a special hanger that houses a Dyaus
spaceship identical to the "house ship" that first flew them
into space. The hanger is heavily guarded by Special Forces
SOLDIERS inside and out. They board the ship.
                                         CUT TO:


The ship moves onto the runway and a silent lift off puts
them into the skies. They are in the darkness of space
within minutes.
                                         CUT TO:
Aren't you interested in the view
this time? Come here!
Aron walks the short distance to stand beside her at the
window. The Earth below looms into view.
It's hard not to just stare at it.
I love it.
Aron puts his arm around her shoulder and she leans into
Where's the Committee?
Maybe the Moon?
That's a thought - I hope so.
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
Please relax and make yourselves
comfortable. We are noticed that
the Committee has been delayed,
and it will be several hours
before they can join us. We are
waiting for further instructions
from High Command. Monitors have
been turned off for the purpose of
your privacy.
Veronica searches for and finds appropriate music for the
moment and inserts it into the player. Aron pulls a bottle
of his favorite wine from the cabinet, pops the cork, and
pours each one of them a glass full. He triggers the
automatic wall retrieval sensor, and it recedes opening up


the view from the dining area. They sit at the table sipping
wine and gazing at the wonders of the Universe.
Aron, We need to talk about this.
I have tried to get over you, but
I can't. My feelings for you are
getting stronger. I know that you
love Liz, and I understand that,
but I love you, too.
I've been wrestling with my
feelings, too, Veronica. I've
managed to keep them in check, but
I do have feelings for you.
I don't want to be a problem for
you, Aron. I just want to have
whatever part of you that I can
get. Working with you every day
has been the next best thing to
actually being with you, but I
need to touch you...to kiss you.
Veronica …darling…I am struggling.
I want you, but I don't want to
hurt Liz.
She leans forward and kisses him gently on the lips.
Make love to me, Aron.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Veronica make love and rest.
I wonder how long we'll have to
They can take forever as far as
I'm concerned. This is as close to
heaven as I'll ever get.


This is very special, Veronica,
but reality will set back in soon.
I wish it could last, too, but it
Nothing ever does. Everything
changes, but I'll never hurt you,
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
Mr. Vice President, we will be
landing on the Moon within 30
minutes. If you need to prepare
yourself, now is the time.
They scramble to prepare themselves.
                                         CUT TO:
The Moon looms larger and larger until they are hovering
over the Moon base. Spaceport lights light up the darkness.
Touchdown proceeds without a hitch
                       DYAUS PILOT
      (voice over)
Welcome to the Moon. Contamination
is not a factor.
The sealed door at the rear of the ship opens. Aron and
Veronica step through the door.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron and Veronica are met by SECURITY GUARDS and escorted
through a long and narrow corridor. They are guided to a
conference room.
                                         CUT TO:


A table is centered and surrounded by seven chairs. The
entire environment is sterile. Presidential security adviser
Theo Alexander steps into the room.
      (kisses Veronica
       on cheek)
Hello, Mr. Vice President,
MARION HIGHTOWER, a woman about 50 years old with an air of
professionalism about herself, follows Theo into the room.
Mr. Vice President, this is Mrs.
Marion Hightower with Hightower
Technological Institute.
HTI - the clearing house for Dyaus
Yes, Mr. Vice President. That
would be me.
President Walker steps into the room.
Mr. President! I didn't expect
I never refuse a chance to walk on
the moon. I trust the two of you
weren't inconvenienced by our
No, I rather enjoyed the trip.
That ship is the place to relax.
We've used it to host several
meetings over the years, and it's
really a home away from home.


Growing up, I don't imagine that
any of us imagined that we would
be flying around the universe and
walking on the moon.
That's a fact. Just shows how fast
things can change. Now let's talk
about some of these changes.
Everyone sits down.
Recent developments with Midlil
snooping around in my private
email, and his subsequent death,
has pushed our agenda ahead of
schedule, but that's all right as
we planned to have this meet with
you anyway. We're doing it now so
as not to leave you confused.
Thank you, Mr.President. I'm
thankful to get to meet the
mysterious committee - all three
of you.
Aron - there's four of us here.
Don't be angry, please. I wanted
to tell you, but Clay and everyone
insisted you shouldn't know until
it was time to tell you
You're not serious.
Don't be upset with her. She had
no choice. No one can defy the
Well...You sure can keep a secret!


We did not want you to know about
her superior role for the cause of
security, but today is the day to
talk. We are very pleased with how
you handle yourself. Theo and
Marion represent the interest of
several thousand committee members
-others that neither you or I will
ever meet, not because of secrecy,
just because there are so many of
us. The Committee is actually a
community. A community of people
who live and work covertly among
the people of the world. They are
politicians, bankers, lawyers,
doctors, engineers, social
workers, scientists, and on and
on. Enough of that, though; we'll
get back to it later. Let me
introduce you to Dyaus.
Theo motions to the armed GUARD keeping vigilant watch at
the door.
Ask the General to join us.
Is he one of the two Commanders I
met in Colorado?
No, but he is an important officer
in the chain of command.
Aron stands up. Veronica reaches for his hand. He pulls away
from her.
Some things have changed since
that first visit, Aron. The
General will be able to talk to
you directly without artificial
The Dyaus GENERAL steps into the room. He looks perfectly
human in every respect - his light brown hair is shoulder
length, and his posture is imposing. He appears to be about
forty-five years old in human years. The space uniform he's
wearing is silver and decorated with symbols and patches
with colorful designs. One of them pictures the globe
encircled by two gold rings. A second patch displays a red


bull bellowing out thunder. A third patch boasts a black
horse adorned with pearls. Dyaus walks directly over to Aron
and introduces himself with a firm handshake.
                       DYAUS GENERAL
I am glad to see you face to face,
Mr. Vice President.
The honor is mine. Humanity is
indebted to you. On their behalf,
thank you for everything.
This is your seat, General.
Everyone sits down.
We're going to fill in the details
for you, but first, what's going
on in that head of yours, Aron?
What do you want to ask us?
What about the Herrera murder? Did
the committee have anything to do
with it?
The answer is yes, we authorized
it for the common good of Dyaus.
How could killing the President be
in the best interest of Dyaus?
Herrera became a problem for us,
and had to be eliminated. He knew
the risks just like everyone else.
Nobody, not even the President,
defies the Committee.
Unfortunately, he did.
This is nothing less than high
treason, Clay. I want the details.
I know you love the truth - I hope
you can handle it. The world's
population is a real problem. Our
tiny planet cannot support the


                       WALKER (cont'd)
current number of people living on
it, let alone what the next five
years will bring. The problem has
to be eliminated. The epidemic in
Viet Nam was planned and executed
by command of the Committee as an
experiment. Dyaus had the vaccine
prepared in advance, and we were
fairly confident that we could
stop the epidemic at any time.
This was a test to prove that we
can start and end epidemics on
demand. Herrera didn't know that,
and he feared a genuine global
disaster was looming. We wrongly
thought that the President was
ready to be inducted into the
family as a full-fledged member of
the Dyaus dynasty, but it was a
mistake to share the details. He
was furious, and he was going to
expose us to the world.
The President had to die for the
common good.
We allowed that arrogant preacher
to make a little noise about the
epidemic. Agent Knowles was
ordered to shoot President Herrera
and we would later frame Jordan
for complicity.
The Secret Service cooperated with
We have family in all the right
places. Agent Shems is also one of
You killed your own man?
It was a sacrifice that had to be
made to properly frame Jordan.


And what about Agent Harrison?
Midlil said that he is the one
who actually killed the President.
That's true. Harrison knew the
neck wound wasn't fatal, so he
sliced the President's jugular
vein. Harrison is a quick thinker
and he has been rewarded for his
Marion pours Aron a glass of water.
Take your time. This is going to
be difficult, but you have to know
the truth before we can go any
further. We don't want to rush
you, though, so take your time.
Did you kill Midlil and Cathy
We regret that. Midlil was a
problem and Cathy was a
connection, We wanted to protect
you and Liz from any potential
      (changing subject)
Aron, the General's name is Tobius
Ja-Gar, a Scot from way back home.
He is a five star General and
head of the Universal Security
Space Force.
I don't understand. Aren't you
                       DYAUS GENERAL
I am, and I am not.
Why the riddle?


He's human, Aron, just as human as
you and I. All Dyaus is human.
There is no alien race of
benevolent space brothers come to
save the world. We're it, Aron,
the committee, the community, me,
you, we're Dyaus. It's a
philosophy, not an alien species.
Human… as in human?
That's right. Human…as in human.
All of this is an elaborate hoax?
Let me explain. Dyaus was started
by two wealthy scientists named
Dirsh and Graham in the eighteen
hundreds. They discovered alloys
and technological advances far
ahead of their time. They worked
quietly with trusted peers to
develop those technologies.
Veronica can brief you on all that
later, but they built and flew the
first airplane far ahead of Wilbur
and Orville. They kept everything
secret in hopes of building a
clandestine kingdom that would one
day save the world from
destruction. The duo dubbed
themselves "Dyaus" for obvious
reasons. To them, the ancient
Aryan sky god Dyaus encapsulated
everything about themselves and
their long range goal of world
domination. The sky-god concept
was characterized by these two
Walker points to the General's chest.
See the patches on General
Ja-Gar's spacesuit?
Aron follows the pointing finger with his eyes.


The Red Bull bellowing out thunder
is my favorite.
I've seen that before - long ago -
in your office.
Yes, in my art collection. The
bull represents the animal nature
in every human being. Red is a
strong color that conjures up
images of both love and war; Cupid
and the Devil. I think we're both,
don't you? But more importantly,
Red is Power. Thunder represents
rapid expansion like the air
expanding after a bolt of
lightening. That's what the Dyaus
family is all about - power and
Walker points at the symbol of the black horse.
This one represents soulful
passion and humanity's strong
desire to conquer the stars. The
stars are represented by the
pearls hung around the horse's
Walker moves his pointing finger to the two golden circles.
Our founding fathers adopted the
two golden circles around the
earth to represent themselves
because the original deity had a
helpmate, and the Dyaus fathers
made two. The name and images fit
them perfectly.
They were two men with a real
We have become them, Aron, you and
I. This gracious Committee has
crowned you and I as those two
rings encircling the earth. We are
the present day Dirsh and Graham,


                       WALKER (cont'd)
the Moses and Aaron of the Bible.
All authority has been given to
us. We are the two most powerful
men on the planet.
But Dyaus was an imaginary god,
Yes, he was, but Dirsh and Graham
breathed life into him
philosophically and he lives in
us. We are Dyaus and we will
eventually rule the galaxy as we
now rule the earth.
All of the UFO sightings in
history have been Dyaus
spaceships, but, the family has
managed secrecy in spite of a few
scares like the 1897 Aurora, Texas
crash and the Earhart sighting,
and the Roswell incident.
Amelia Earhart?
That was very unfortunate. She and
her navigator spotted a Dyaus
ship, and they had to be
eliminated. Dyaus just wasn't
ready for any sightings to be
reported at that time.
Dyaus has a lot of blood on their
hands, Clay.
They were just two people, and the
loss was considered minor in the
larger scheme of things. Worse
things have happened. I personally
hated to learn the facts about the
JFK assassination, but I
understand it.


Are you saying that Dyaus agents
killed JFK?
It's not such a big mystery.
Andrew Jackson kept the bankers
at bay in the early 1800's, but
they eventually owned the United
States and later came under Dyaus
control. Kennedy didn't know about
Dyaus, but he wanted to change the
monetary system and prevent
arbitrary action of just printing
banknotes. Dyaus couldn't let that
happen. We won't let that happen.
Veronica can give you all the
details later, but the first
humans to fly into space was a two
man Dyaus crew. They first orbited
the earth in 1944 and the project
expanded quickly. Dyaus put a man
on the Moon in 1957 while the
world was watching Elvis Presley
redefine the music world. The
Dyaus community has continued to
grow into a viable secret society
with both moon and earth bases. We
control the skies.
And in case you are wondering,
Dyaus had a base in Viet Nam long
before the US got involved. We
provoked involvement to protect
the base, so we arranged the Gulf
of Tonkin incident to justify an
American presence in the country.
The base is still active, thus the
place of testing for the virus.
Everything is a lie - you made us
believe it - a complete lie. You
have stolen our religion and
altered our view of humanity.
Everything, everything is a damn
lie. You have betrayed us in the
worst of ways.


The truth hurts, but it also
heals. So, yes, we have deceived
the world from long ago and kept
them looking for space aliens when
we were right here among them all
the time. Pretty damn smart, I
What about Vice President
Blackwood - what about his
He was a potential threat to our
security and had to be removed in
order to make room for Clay, so,
let's say that he was encouraged
to resign.
What about the two Dyaus
Commanders I met in Colorado?
Human. Just as human as you are.
Good actors, though, I have to
say. Should we tell him about the
Theo is talking about the first A
Bomb used in Word War II. Dyaus
scientists infiltrated the
Manhattan Project to work out a
formula for refining uranium and
putting together a working atomic
bomb. The bomb stopped a war and
saved scores of lives, so you can
see that Dyaus has been saving the
world from themselves for a long
Just like you're going to save
scores by killing off millions
with a virus?
It's all in balance with the need
like that creation story. We do
not know how man was created, and
frankly don't give a damn. We use


                       WALKER (cont'd)
religion to our advantage, and
that will actually benefit
humanity in the end. Mind control
is a powerful technique that they
use on their followers, and we use
it on them. That's justice at
All that concern about contagions
infecting Dyaus was just a lie?
A convenient lie that shielded us
from prying eyes.
You went so far as to promise
eternal life to humanity.
                       DYAUS GENERAL
That is partially true, Mr. Vice
President. As our body parts wear
out and die, we are replacing them
with electronic organs, and the
brain remains active as long as it
is nourished. The biggest
challenge we have had to overcome
is the human skin because it thins
with age, and we needed a
permanent solution. Fortunately,
our scientists have recently
developed a synthetic product that
can produce sweat to cool the
body. We are making daily
advancements in longevity. Dyaus
as old as a hundred and twenty are
as sharp as any twenty year old in
the world. We can live forever.
You can, too.
It will come to that after all the
bad seed is weeded out of
All the bad seed weeded out?
Decent, honest, hard working
citizens will die serving this
higher class of humanity as you
call yourselves. They aren't
murderers -you are. You're the bad


                       ARON (cont'd)
We appreciate how much you cherish
truth, and this is the truth. You
are one of the two most powerful
men in the history of mankind -
one of the two golden circles.
This new reality is part of you,
Aron - and Liz. You're family.
This is what it's all about,
family, a real family not given to
poverty or war. A new beginning
for humanity.
This can't be right.
Walker takes Aron by the arm and leads him over to an
adjoining room.
Before you say anything else...
                                         CUT TO:
Walker pushes the sensor and the wall retracts exposing the
earth just hanging there in the darkness of space. It
appears small and fragile.
Let me show you something. Look at
this, Aron. Take a long look.
Think about those people down
there. Going here and there, doing
this and that, just struggling to
get along, and waiting to die.
That's not for you, Aron. Not for
you and Liz. No. You're one of us.
Look at them, Aron - they're
mindless, helpless, and expendable
in the wheel of time. Somebody has
to work and provide all the needed
services a society demands. That's
who they are. We are their gods,
Aron - we are their gods. Let me
give you a little time to
yourself. Take your time. Here,


                       WALKER (cont'd)
sit down and relax. Look at that
view. It's all yours, Aron, just
for the taking.
Walker exits and Veronica steps in and sits by Aron. He
ignores her.
I wasn't spying on you. I was
assigned to help you. I didn't
plan to fall in love with you, but
I did. You are more important to
me than Dyaus. That's the truth,
Aron, please believe me.
Truth? I don't know what to think.
You knew about everything and you
mislead me every step of the way.
You're Dyaus.
So are you, Aron, so are you!
We're on the same team.
Give me some space.
Veronica leans over, gives him a small kiss on the cheek,
and leaves quietly. Aron briefly gazes at the earth and
turns to re-enter the conference room.
                                         CUT TO:
An opened wine bottle with glasses sits on the table.
The world trusts you, Aron, and
they need you.
What about truth, Theo? Doesn't
that count for anything? How can I
betray their confidence in me, and
in the office of vice president?
There you go with that 'holier
than thou' crap again. I get tired
of that about you. Do you think


                       THEO (cont'd)
you're any better than any of us?
You're not, Mr. Vice President.
You're re just as guilty as we are
whether you want to admit it or
not. You stand there and pretend
to be so righteous saying, 'How
can I betray them?' You hypocrite!
We know what you did, so don't
play games with me about it. It
hasn't been twenty-four hours
since you betrayed your lovely
wife. So don't play holy with us.
Veronica's face drains.
We're the real stuff and you're
riding our coattails. You're out
front waving the flag and taking
all the damn credit for what we've
done for you. We've worked the
graveyard shift making the world
love you, so take what you've got.
You can be happy with it. Don't be
stupid about this - Your love of
truth would be fine if you applied
it practically instead of being so
damn black and white, this is
right, this is wrong, and this is
absolute. There is no such thing
as an absolute truth. Do you want
to know what truth really is? I'll
tell you what truth really is -
the truth is there is no one
truth. Reality is what you make
it. It's all relative.
Aron angrily moves toward Theo. Walker steps in between
them. Aron pauses.
Now, now. It's difficult at first,
but you aren't stupid, Aron. Let's
look at the bottom line. The truth
is this - Dyaus controls the
world. Regardless of any other
perception or idealistic
definition of truth, Dyaus
controls the world. You are the
second most powerful man in the
world. We're a team. That's the


                       WALKER (cont'd)
truth, Aron.
You think you own me, don't you?
We do, that's right, we do. But we
want it to be a good relationship
that's in the interest of
You don't care about humanity,
Clay. You're wanting to create man
in your own image. You want to
play god for a day.
Dear friend…brother…I am a god,
and you have to choose life or
death. I am really hoping that you
will choose life. You have to be
crazy not to.
Is that a direct threat, Clay?
Unfortunately, yes, it is. We can
claim that you've been under too
much stress. We can claim you
committed suicide. Or we can make
you the next President of the
United States. You have to choose.
What if I retire and just fade
I'm afraid that's not going to be
In that case, Mr. President, I
guess it's time to celebrate.
He picks up the bottle of opened wine and begins to fill
wine glasses.


What are we celebrating, Aron?
The seduction of Aron MacKenzie.
The stakes are high and I'm all
Walker raises his glass to make a toast
To life - to friends - to Aron.
Good. Now that's over, we can have
fun. It's not everyone who walks
on the moon, Aron. Perhaps you
would enjoy a tour of the
Yes, I would like that.
Veronica can show you around until
your ship is ready to take you
back to earth.
      (turning to Dyaus
Shall we eighty-six Probe 11?
                       DYAUS GENERAL
Yes, I think that's the best
option at this time, Mr.
What's eighty-six Probe 11?
                       DYAUS GENERAL
An unmanned mission beyond the
Solar System that's failed. It's
trash that needs to be junked.
We need to examine some
possibilities, and decide if we
can salvage anything on board
before we kill it. You can relax
and enjoy the tour, and, oh, by
the way, make sure Veronica shows
you our guest rooms. You can have


                       WALKER (cont'd)
anything you want from now on,
Aron. Even Veronica. It's okay -
the both of you - go for it!
Everyone leaves the room except Aron and Veronica.
You must believe me. I made love
with you because I wanted to -
because I love you. I hope you can
forgive me for deceiving you about
Dyaus, and I'm very glad that you
made the right choice.
Was there another one to make?
Life or death, right?
They exit the room.
                                         CUT TO:
Veronica leads Aron down the corridor at a rapid pace. Dyaus
The base is host to 200 personnel
and 12 Dyaus ships, plus any earth
ships that routinely visit the
moon. The Moon is really not the
best place to live and work, so
our earth bases are the primary
locations. This is for scientific
study, military control of our
space, and of course, private
How many times have you been here?
Let me show you the power source
that sustains life on the moon.


She leads him further down the corridor and past guards into
the center of the complex. The door opens and they enter.
                                         CUT TO:
TWO DYAUS EMPLOYEES are spread apart throughout the large
room that is host to the generators.
This is it.
What's the energy source…solar?
We use Space Power Generators that
develop and generate energy. We
couldn't do that without the SPG's
because it's impossible to
generate energy in a vacuum. It's
a recent breakthrough.
Veronica lowers her voice to a whisper.
They plan to kill you.
Aron responds with a whisper.
They're going to kill you. We've
got to do something.
What gave it away?
Veronica continues to whisper, but speaks at a faster pace.
The code - Probe 11 - you're the
"probe." They aren't convinced you
can be trusted. Eighty-six is code
for "get rid of it." They expect
me to entertain you until they


                       VERONICA (cont'd)
decide how to do it.
When will they do it?
They won't risk anything going
wrong at the airport. You'll never
go home if we don't do something
Why are you telling me this?
Because I love you, Aron, I told
you that I love you, and now I'm
going to prove it.
What about that 'I'm glad you made
the right choice to be a Dyaus'
Stop asking questions. We've got
to do something quick.
They'll kill you, too.
Maybe. But I have to follow my
heart this time, not my head.
The heart's deceitful.
I knew what I would do if it ever
came to this. Trust me-I know what
I'm doing.
So, any good ideas?
Veronica smiles at a nearby Dyaus employee.
Maybe we can hijack a ship.


How, and with what?
She pulls a small finger sized object out from underneath
her blouse.
It's a chemical based laser. Only
council leaders are authorized to
carry one. It's point and squeeze
- the target is destroyed.
What about the guards?
Standard weapons are issued. This
device is too powerful to hand
them out to everyone.
If we capture a ship, we can't fly
I've been schooled on the scouts.
I can do it, but SpaceGuard might
be a problem.
You're full of surprises, aren't
you? What's SpaceGuard?
The base defense system - it's a
soldier operated compact laser
weapon system.
Tell me about the power source.
What would happen if it shut down?
The base would go dark, but the
defense system is chemical based
and will still be operational.
What about oxygen?


Oxygen generators are located
separately on the West End of the
The gravity plate?
It's separate.
Where's the backup generator?
      (points to a door)
Through there.
Can you get us a ship?
Yes, a number of them are on the
spaceport. We can get there, but
we'll need oxygen to cross the
moon surface, and suits to protect
us from the cold.
Can we get to them?
I can get to the suits…security's
light…maybe we can get in, but its
How much time would we have to get
suited up and break for a ship if
the SPG's go down?
I don't know - Dyaus is prepared
for almost anything, but they're
relaxed and won't be expecting a
blackout. Its pitch dark in this
crator without the SPG's - maybe
two or three minutes at the most
before they can get back online.
They'll have to move fast or what
heat we have will dissipate, and
we'll all freeze to death.


How long will that take?
Minutes. It's minus four hundred
degrees out there.
That's not a lot of time to suit
up - and then make it to a ship.
Plus security has battery powered
flashlights. This ain't gonna be
easy. We'll have to gamble that
it'll take them longer. Secure the
spacesuits and I'll catch up to
Veronica leaves the room. Aron walks around as if he is
curiously inspecting the large generators that are encased
inside aluminum walls. Workers seem oblivious to his
presence. He picks up a flashlight from a utility belt
laying in place with other work tools.
God, help me. I'm just a vice
president, and I need some help
He points the small powerful weapon at the backup SPGs, and
squeezes its tiny trigger. The high-energy laser beam
penetrates the metal casing, and heads straight to the
generator in less than a split second. The electric coils
and metal rings are severed as the laser burns a hole
through the generators iron core. The two workers rush
toward the open door housing the alternate generators. Aron
feigns surprise, and pretends to be startled. He backs away
and through the door as the workers rush in to investigate.
Aron turns and quickly heads for the primary SPG's further
across the room. Aron destroys the primary SPG's with a
second blast of the laser gun. The generators are sliced
through as easily as a blowtorch would burn through paper,
and the base fades to black. The small beam of light
shooting out of his new best friend, the flashlight, guides
him toward the exit.
                       DYAUS EMPLOYEE
Bring that light over here!
                                         CUT TO:


Aron slips the laser gun into his pocket and steps into the
corridor amid yelling and confusion. He sees two flashlights
down the corridor.
                       DYAUS GUARD
      (from a distance)
Don't panic! We have backup!
Approaching the first GUARD, Aron shines the light into his
eyes. The guard reacts by shielding his eyes. Aron slams him
upside the head. The guard falls unconscious. The SECOND
GUARD shines his light toward Aron.
                       DYAUS GUARD
      (aiming flashlight)
What the hell is going on there?
      (moving rapidly)
I'm Aron MacKenzie, Vice President
of the United States, get that
damn light outta my face!
The guard shifts the light away. Aron strikes him and fight
ensues. Aron prevails. He sees Veronica through a now opened
Here! In here!
                                         CUT TO:
Aron bolts through the open door. Veronica is suited up and
holding one for him to slip into.
Hurry! We only have another
Aron suits up and follows her lead.
                                         CUT TO:
Aron follows Veronica as she exits the base and rushes
toward the nearest scout airship. Two larger ships can be


seen in the distance. Aron takes a running leap and his
stride carries him up and away from the surface only to
crash a few feet further down range. He picks himself up
quickly and continues. Veronica is underneath the scout and
climbing up the short steps into it. Aron reaches the ladder
and climbs the steps behind her.
                                         CUT TO:
Veronica is working the control panel.
When this ship lights up, we're
going to get a lot of attention.
      (removing headgear)
What can I do?
The ship comes to life. Aron sits down in the co-pilot seat.
He sees Dyaus flashlights in the dark moving toward the
Seal the door! Seal the door!
Done! The only way they can get us
now is to shoot us down.
Oh, great. That'll be fun.
The scout lifts off.
                                         CUT TO:
Two orbiting Dyaus space scouts fly by quickly and turn to
circle staying in close proximity of the spaceship.
                                         CUT TO:
Uh, oh!


They're unarmed. We have a master
ship coming in from Earth at 2
o'clock. They are laser armed.
Veronica stabilizes the scout with her hands by touching the
screen located on the control panel.
This ship is laser equipped. You
have to shoot first or we're dead!
Where? How?
      (pointing to laser
Here. You'll have to figure it out
and quick!
A lever reads, "ARM." Aron pushes the switch and the message
changes to read, "Laser Ready." He sees a red push button
labeled "Execute," and a small cursor on the screen. He
places his hand over it, and it swirls around under his
palm. He points the tiny arrow in the direction of the blimp
now visible in the upper right hand corner. The Beam
Control/Fire Control System acquires the target.
This is a tracking system - I have
him in my sights!
He reaches for the "Execute" push button, and pauses, but
then he pushes the red button. The blip on his screen breaks
up into smaller blimps. He looks out the window and sees
that the larger ship is destroyed.
Yeah! Direct hit!
      (voice over)
Aron! You son of a bitch! What do
you think you're doing? Veronica,
have you gone mad?
      (looking at Aron)
What now?


We have to take those other ships
out before they launch.
The oxygen generators - if we can
get them, we get everybody!
The two unarmed flyby scouts close in on either side of the
single ship.
They'll crash into us if we don't
Locked on.
Aron aims the laser at the first of the two and pushes the
"trigger," and then turns on the second one immediately.
Both ships break into pieces with a brief fiery, but quiet,
explosion. Aron turns his attention back to the base and
acquires the target-oxygen generators on the West End.
                                         CUT TO:
Walker frantically screams into the radio microphone.
You could have had it all, dammit,
but no, your self righteous
convictions gets you killed! What
do ya think, that the world is
better off killing each other, or
living with Dyaus? What hope can
you offer to them, Aron? Who are
you to give them anything?
                                         CUT TO:
      (speaking into mic)
I can give them a choice. We are
not your slaves!
                                         CUT TO:


      (speaking into mic)
You can't change anything. We're
too powerful. SpaceGuard has you
in sight, and we're taking you
down, Aron! Do you hear me? I'm
Clay Walker and I'm taking you
                                         CUT TO:
You'd better do it now!
Aron executes and the laser beam makes instant contact with
the oxygen generators on the Moon's surface below.
                                         CUT TO:
The Moon lights up as the oxidation reaction causes an
impressive fireball to race throughout the Base. The fire is
extinguished immediately by the vacuum of space.
                                         CUT TO:
Survivors of the fiery blast are choking and freezing to
death. Walker's eyes bulge.
                                         CUT TO:
Three surviving Dyaus PILOTS scramble scout ships and lift
off the surface hurriedly.
                                         CUT TO:


Aron fires the laser beam at the departing ships one after
the other. He can't miss. One.. two.. and then three.
Everything goes still and very, very dark.
      (charting course)
This will take us home. At maximum
speed, we will hit earth's
atmosphere within one hour and ten
That's not much time to make a
Do you believe me now - that I
wasn't just using you?
Yes. But it doesn't change
What happens now?
Everything's at risk. I don't know
who to trust.
I do. Have you forgotten that I'm
your Dyaus database?
Who can I trust in the military?
Your very own Chief of the Defense
Staff, General Wallace, is a loyal
American. No connection to Dyaus.
I must advise him of the situation
immediately. Can you connect me?
She switches to another frequency and hands Aron a mic.


This is Vice President MacKenzie
aboard a Dyaus spaceship. We have
a national emergency. I need to
talk to General Wallace
      (voice over)
Yes, Sir. Standby for General
What about us, Aron?
There is no us. I can only hope
that Liz will forgive me.
Will you visit me in prison?
                                         CUT TO:
                       GEN. WALLACE
      (speaking into mic)
Mr. Vice President. What is the
                                         CUT TO:
      (speaking into mic)
General, President Walker is dead,
and Dyaus plans to release
contagions into the population. I
am now Commander in Chief and this
won't happen on my watch. I need
your help. Can I depend on you?
                                         CUT TO:


                       GEN. WALLACE
      (into mic)
Yes, Sir, Mr. Vice President, I'm
with you all the way. I've
never trusted those Dyaus bastards
anyway. What happened to President
                                         CUT TO:
      (into mic)
I'll have to fill you in on the
details later, General. Mobilize
the troops. We're coming in on the
White House lawn. Call a press
conference. Do not allow any
Federal employees access to us or
the ship. That includes FBI, CIA,
and Secret Service. Dyaus
commanders may know we're coming
in, and try to stop us. Secure my
wife with a Special Forces unit.
Don't let any government badge
near her.
                                         CUT TO:
                       GEN. WALLACE
      (into mic)
Don't worry, Sir. They may have
gotten the President, but I won't
let them get to you. I'll have an
armed force on the lawn, and
around the White House and Capitol
Building immediately.
                                         CUT TO:
The scout spaceship sits down on the lawn and is surrounded
by military guards and the press corps. Aron and Veronica
are greeted with a sharp salute from General Wallace as they


exit the ship. Armed escorts hurry them toward the safety of
a White House underground bunker. Aron pauses and speaks to
the press. Veronica stands at his side.
I warn Dyaus that if any effort is
made to attack this government, or
the people of this world, I will
respond with our nuclear arsenal.
We will die before we live as your
slaves, and the earth will be non
inhabitable for any of us. I know
where your bases are, and who your
commanders are. You must surrender
for the good of humanity and the
Dyaus philosophy of a peaceful
Aron turns and steps toward the White House accompanied by
General Wallace and military guards.
                       GEN. WALLACE
A high stakes gamble?
I'm not bluffing. It's either them
or us.
An ASSASSIN steps out from among the press corps holding his
pistol. Screams alert others to danger. The assassin points
his weapon toward Aron and opens fire. SOLDIERS respond and
open fire and wounds the assassin. A bullet narrowly misses
Aron and strikes Veronica in the chest. She falls to the
ground. Aron leans down over her. Veronica forces a smile.
Justice is swift.
Get a medic here now!
Dyaus commanders and
governors...all in my file...you
have to get them all or they'll
get you.
General Wallace grabs Aron by the shoulder.
                       GEN. WALLACE
Let's move, Sir! This is not a
safe place to be!


Veronica looks at Aron and dies. Aron hesitates and then
responds to the General's demand to move toward the White
House. A military MEDIC begins to work on Veronica.
                                         CUT TO:
Liz is ushered into the room. Aron embraces her strongly and
kisses her in front of everyone present. His shirt is blood
      (looking at Liz
       and speaking to
Give us a minute. I need to see my
Staff backs away.
I have to tell you one thing, the
one thing I don't want to say,
before I can assume the Office of
What I know is that you are alive
and safe! Everything else can
No, this can't wait. You have to
know the truth.
What is it, Aron? What are you
talking about?
I betrayed you.
      (pulling away from
What do you mean, you betrayed me?
Liz turns away.


I need you.


If you want me to walk away from
all this right now, I will. You're
worth more to me than the whole
damn world.
Leave me alone.
Phones are ringing and staff resumes work. Liz steps into
the restroom.
                       MALE STAFF
      (handing phone to
You'd better take this one, Sir.
It's the President of Russia. We
also have incoming calls from
Dyaus governors wanting to
                                         CUT TO:
Liz slumps to floor as she leans against the wall. She
                                         CUT TO: