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The Tragedy of Prester John
by Nathan Wolf Kahn (Nathanme@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

Unfinished, unedited, roughly worded.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A large glass window shatters, and a shard of glass slices
across a man (JP's) cheek. The man is wearing black slacks
and a fine white shirt. He is standing in front of a large
a man and a woman are tackled by commandos rappelling in
through the window-frame. JP stands there in a daze,
unmoving, until he sees something that gives him a start off
So this is what it comes down to.
In fish eye lens, from JP's perspective: A man with a grey
suit and mustard yellow gloves walks towards JP. Slowly, he
takes off his left glove and slaps JP.

Camera turns to face both men:
JP stays standing, camera focuses on bleeding cut on JP's
You really thought that you were
good enough? you, one person? The
entire ministry has had his eyes
on you since the beginning.
There are others just like me, you
know. I'm...quite done for, you
and yours have seen to that. But
there are more than just me. Your
ministry churns out more
revolutionaries then any act of
freedom we can commit. One day
soon somebody just like me will
wake up, and change the world.
THe MIMYG pauses in thought and smiles. He gestures to his
men, and as JP speaks, one fires on JP.
That may happen sooner than you


JP collapses, and as the camera focuses on cheek with blood
Alarm clock continues. JP rises. Camera is focused on cheek
with scar. Camera pans to screen on the wall across from the
bed: PDA is seen from the waist up.
Good morning,Jonathan.
Fuck on a stick, man.
Call me JP. i told you.
Very well, JP.
It is 6.45 in the morning. Do you
wish to hear today's schedule?
Sure, sure, whatever.
JP leaves his bed and heads towards the bathroom and brushes
his teeth as PDA speaks through the screen above the
bathroom mirror.
You have to start work today at
the ministry, JP.
JP, still brushing his teeth, spits the paste in his mouth
out in suprise, hitting the mirror.
As music begins to play, JP ducks into a closet and comes
out dressed moments later. He runs down the stairs and
greets a man entering the complex as he leaves. JP strolls
down the street. Nobody speaks, but the sun is shining and
nobody shoves anyone else. The camera pans to the spring in
JP's step. The camera then pans to his back as he walks
towards the corner. The Music continuing, JP stops at a
newspaper kiosk. The kiosk is small and sleek with a face


popping out of the opening: all else is covered by
newspapers and food and snacks in wrappers.
Hey, can i get todays paper?
Yeah, mister. which one?
The Tribune.
JP hands the kiosk-man money, the man reaches out from
inside his little window and hands JP the paper. JP looks at
the paper as he walks away from the stand, running into a
blonde man in an overcoat, Raphael Bianchi.
Excuse me...
wait, John? Johnny Presbyter? Is
that you?
Wow. I haven't seen you in ages.
It must have been, what?
Five or six years. Since college.
Yeah, exactly. What have you been
up to? (Checks his watch,
realizing the time) Wait. Where
are you headed?
I just started working in the
infralegal department at the sub
ministry of traffic and
Really, then i'll travel with you,
i'm working in the graphic support
department there.
No way. This is actually pretty
amazing. (Checks an expensive
pocket watch) We need to hurry.
Opening is in twenty minutes.


Raphael hails a cab.
                                         INTO INTERIOR OF
A grey suit's face pops out of a screen in the back of the
front seat. The wall formed by the seat rises to the
Where to, gentlemen?
Ministry building 01624.
What do you mean by Opening is in
twenty minutes? I mean, i know
we're supposed to be there at
eight thirty, but is it really
that big a deal?
'That big a deal'? Are you
serious, man? (Pause)Oh, wait.
You've never worked in the bureaus
before, have you?
What're the bureaus?
      (Starting to get
       annoyed by JP's
The bureaus...the
bureaucracy...the government.
Oh. well, no. I worked at a
private firm before the last wave
of, y'know, public consolidation.
Wait. The last real instability
was like eight years ago. What did
you do then?
I had an accident, and i was
hospital bound for a while. Then i
worked on contract for the


                       JP (cont'd)
Information subministry.
Information, really?
Nobody's really sure what they're
up to over in info.
(Laughs nervously) I wouldn't know
anything about that. I only did
nutritional informational posters
for the education subministry.
      (Less interested)
Oh. well...
here we are!
Raphael swipes a card along a blinking line next to the
screen in the back of the cab's front two seats. The two men
then step out of the car and out into the street.
                                         EXIT ONTO STREET
Raphael and JP walk towards the government building, which
at ground level seems friendly and inclusive, with a
fountain and a statue. As the camera pans up the building's
face, we see it become grey and imposing as it towers not
only above the street but the other buildings in the city.
Camera opens in the form of eyes opening, camera keeps in
JP's perspective.
                       DOCTOR 1
Reprogramming is not yet complete.
Should we amp the dosage?.
                       DOCTOR 2
Reprogramming is not yet 65
percent compl-
(JP begins to groan) Sedate STAT,
subject is waking up.
Doctor 1 approaches the operating table with a syringe and
brings it close to JP's face when



As JP opens his eyes, PDA speaks from the ceiling screen at
the same angles as doctors in dream sequence.
JP, you have a message from last
night. Would you like to see it?
Heeey JP.
i havent seen you in simply ages!
i was wondering if we could get
together for drinks
tonight...maybe get to know
eachother again.
PDA, do me a favor, and tell her
she has the wrong connection
number or something?
JP, that is against my protocol.
Man, fuck your protocol.
JP, the Ministry of Mental Health
says that socialising is conducive
to happiness.
Just...don't reply, okay?
Are you su-
Just don't, okay?
JP moves to an automatic sliding door, dark grey, that opens
and closes behind him. He comes out a few minutes later
A phone rings. JP reaches towards a computer console on a
desk and picks up a wireless sleek grey telephone.


Hey, bro. You wanna meet up before
work, catch the train?
Yeah sure no doubt.
                                         JP'S FRONT STEPS.
As JP walks down his front steps, the camera pans to the
elevated trains above his street, as the train speeds
towards the camera, the light in its front overpowers the
camera and everything whites out as the train honks.
Raphael and JP stand holding on to the middle ceiling rail
on the elevated train, when, once the train stops, Janey
enters with a coterie of nameless females.
(Noticing the two men) Raphael?
JP?! I havent seen you two in
simply ages! JP, did you get my
JP, facing away from the women, has an completely dead look
on his face.
No matter where you are, theres
always one rule. Play the game.
JP turns to face Janey.
Janey, beautiful, i'm afraid i
havent checked my communications
in a while. The new job's been
Well, darling, i was wondering if
you'd like to do drinks tonight.
Raphael, darling, youre welcome to
join us. A friend of mine runs the


                       JANEY (cont'd)
Peacebone, over down on Greene.
I've heard good things about the
Peacebone, J. It sounds like a
blast. it'll be just like school
What a wonderful idea! I'll call
up everyone from the old days.
Word, that sounds pretty ill.
Yeah, it'll be neat to see all the
old heads from way back, i guess.
Yeah, we'll call you after work.
The train screeches to a halt.
Well, this is our stop. See you
ladies later.
The two men exit the train, and the camera focuses on the
closing doors behind them.
The elevator opens in the same position as the train doors.
JP exits and the camera pans to his POV. rows upon rows of
grey drawing tables with black swivel chairs fill a room.
      (Over loudspeaker)
John Presbyter, please come to my
JP moves through the maze of work stations and drops his bag
and coat onto his own. He enters a door at the end of the
room, The man in yellow gloves is standing facing the
window. In between JP and the MIYG is an antique desk and
matching chair,
You wanted to see me, sir?


      (Still facing the
Yes, John.
I can call you John, right?
If it's your pleasure, sir. I
usually answer to J or JP.
I'll try to remember it.
Thank you sir.
What was it you wanted to see me
      (He starts, out of
       his reverie)
Yes, JP. I've heard good things
about you from Info, and your work
yesterday for the Vice-minister's
office's letterhead was quite
nice. I especially liked your
crosshatching, although i'm
curious to learn where you learned
anti-forgery technique.
Y'know, sir, i'm not sure. I feel
like i must have picked it up
while i was on vacation.
The MIYG moves towards his desk, and puts his hand down on a
button unseen by the camera, blocked by a lamp. A click,
then a low buzzing is heard.
John Presbyter, you learned
Cross-hatching in school. You did
not have any labor-related
activities while you were on
vacation. (releases button, and
the buzzing stops). Now then,
today, i'd like you to start on
traffic informationals.
The MIYG presses his intercom and speaks


Ian, please come to my office?
After a brief pause, Ian enters.
Yes, sir?
Yes, Ian, i'd like you to take JP
here and work with him on traffic
      (To MIYG)
Yes, sir.
(to JP) Come along, man, i'll show
you the ropes.
As the men exit, and reach their adjoining chairs, the two
men begin to work. The camera on the wall turns quickly,
from 9.20 to 4.30.
No, come on! Satre said existence
precedes essence, That it follows
from the meaning of the term
sentient that a sentient being
cannot be complete or perfect.
Thus a sentient being, even god,
is incapable of omnipotence.
You cant believe that god is
subject to human logic. Kirkegaard
believed that whatsitcalled, that
the leap to faith, the leap of
faith, disregards the logical,
that god's morals and logic
transcends this plane of
How can you apply that leap of
faith in this day and age?
      (flashing a grin)
Oh, i dont. I just love a good
arguement. Nobody really reads the
classics anymore. Where did you
study philosophy?


JP experiences a flashback. Blurry and faded, five younger
adults, JP, two women and two men. laughing over coffee,
cigarettes in a warehouse. They are wearing ripped clothing,
sitting at a large metal table. Then it fades away, and Ian
is sitting there puzzled but patiently waiting, a small
smile on his face.
Y'know, i... think i picked all
this up at college.
That's pretty chill.
      (via Intercom)
Well, my faithful minions, it is
closing time. (The artists get out
of their stations and begin to
shuffle out of the maze of desks)
Remember to swipe your ID's at the
front! And, for those of you
working on the new police
informationals, those are do
friday. Take them home if you have
Hey dude, do you want to go out to
this bar i know?
Nah, sorry man. I have plans.
Yeah, no doubt. Well, give me a
call if your plans fall through.
Definitely(His phone ring). Ah
JP pats down his pockets, looks in his jacket, finally
finding the phone in his back pants pocket. He picks up.
      (Into phone)
Hey Raph (Pause). Yeah, i just got
out (Pause). I was working on
traffic signs with this dude Ian.
Sure, i'll meet you in twenty
downstairs (Pause). Aight. Bye.


      (Gathering his
Alright, man. I'll see you
Yeah, peace. Have a good one.
As JP heads to the elevator, Ian stands, musing.
      (Into his phone)
Hey boss (Pause). I think i've
found a freshie (Pause). Yeah, at
work. He'll Do.
JP, Raphael, Janey, and various others sit around a table in
sofas and on chairs in a crowded bar. Raphael is sitting
between two girls, flirting and laughing shamelessly. Janey
is sitting next to another man, but her eyes are on JP.
Every so often Raphael takes a look at Janey, but is, at
least to the perception of his company, engrossed in their
conversation. JP is sitting off to the side, sitting astride
a reversed chair, toying with his phone.
      (Rising with both
       girls on his arm)
Hey, anybody want anything from
the bar?
                       MAN 1
Order me a rum and coke.
      (Visibly Drunk)
C-can you order me a martini?
(giggles) Shaken, not stirred.
You got it love. JP d'you want
anything? (JP doesn't respond) JP?
(Louder) JP?!
      (Visibly Startled)
Wha-?! Oh, right. No, thanks, man,
i'm fine.


Alright, man.
Janey gets out of the love seat to sit down on the edge of
the couch that Ian and his coterie had inhabited before.
Hey pookie...
i was wondering. Did you ever
think about me these last few
Darling, you're drunk.
No, i'm not. You're just being
Johnny, i've missed you so much.
JP stands up suddenly. As he starts to reach for his coat,
on a rack above his chair, Ian and his two accompanists
return carrying drinks.
Nothing. Look, bro, i gotta go. I
just remembered, i need to finish
some police informationals that i
was working on tonight. I'll see
you tomorrow. (Turning to the
ladies and Janey's date, who had
been fidgeting uncomfortably) It
was nice to meet you.
Wait...wait. Don't go. I miss you!
(As JP nears the door)Fine. Fuck
you, you asshole.


                       MAN 1
      (Reaching to touch
       Janey's shoulders)
Baby, it's fine.
As JP exits, the camera focuses on Raphael, who watches JP
with a dark look in his eyes.
                                         INTO THE OUTSIDE
JP picks his phone out of his pocket and dials a number.
      (Into Phone)
Hey Ian (Pause). Yeah, it's JP
(Pause). What're you up to?
(Pause) Yeah, i know where it is.
I'll be there in twenty minutes.
(Pause) Okay, bye.
Over a dozen men and women are situated in a large loft.
There is a large table, the one seen in the flashback.
Seated there are three men and a woman. Leaning against a
pillar near the door to the loft is Ian.
      (Grinning, moving
       towards JP)
Ah, JP. I knew you'd come by. Let
me show you around.
Ian leads JP to a small asian wiry man playing a pinball
This is Benny Chen. He's pretty
laid-back. But whatever you do,
don't fuck with his pinball
                       BENNY CHEN
Dude, screw you. I paid seven
grand on the dl. Not even credits,
too. Hard cash!


JP laughs and Ian takes him away from Benny and leads him
towards the other direction.
As JP walks towards a group sitting on mats surrounding a
low coffee table, the camera pans towards one of the women
sitting alone away from everyone else, sitting next to an
easel, the woman from the first flashback. A look of suprise
comes across her face.
      (Disbelief and
Prester? is that you?
Catherine rises and runs towards JP.
Prester? No...i'm JP. I work with
Catherine, ignoring him, runs to kiss JP, who presses her
Lady, i'm quite sure im not the
man you think i am.
Realising this, Catherine moves away and kicks JP in the
shin and collapses into a nearby chair. A man rises from the
table, setting down a circuit board and a small screwdriver.
He comes to Catherine and pulls her up and sits next to her
in the oversized chair. The man, Jacob, leads JP away.
      (Quietly to JP)
Hey, man. I'm Jacob. Sorry about
Catherine...she's just been really
It's...okay, i guess. What's wrong
with her?
Well. Her fiance, Prester...he was
taken in for questioning by the
Ministry and never really


Yeah. Fuckin'...there was a raid a
few years ago, a big one, and
Information took him in.
Wait. like...questioning, like hes
Yeah...what did you think?
Information is a pretty fucked up
bureau. Its not like social time
on park avenue over tea and
crumpets over there.
Yeah...i guess so.
Made uncomfortable by JP's naivete, Jacob leads him towards
where Ian is sitting around a television with a few other
nameless men of similar age and dress, playing super smash
brothers on a large tv. there is a mess of wires and
circuitry attaching the tv to the n64 console. JP sits down
to play. Ian gives his controller up and goes to stand next
to Jacob, a few feet away, seemingly watching the game.
      (Aside, to Jacob
       and Benny)
So what do you think?
                       BENNY CHEN
He seems chill enough.
      (Aside, if a
       little less
I donno, Ian. Your fish seems a
bit too content.
Are you serious? Just because he
doesn't wanna burn the city down,
you think he isn't a right
thinker? Everyone's been giving up
on the fight, man. Don't hate
because he doesn't want to have a
kamikazi run like the old school.


What the fuck? All i meant was
that he didnt know what reality
shoves in his face. I had to
explain to him what being taken in
by Info meant for your status of
So what man? he has originality!
Prester always told us that we did
what we did to keep the spark
So the fuck what? Prester's DEAD!
A black out, indicative of time passing. Benny, Catherine,
Ian, JP, Jacob, and various others are sitting around a
large table laughing, in the same seating arrangement as the
second flashback. A bottle of whiskey is sitting in the
middle of the table.
      (in a slightly
       slurred voice)
...and then the POW says, "So
wait, wheres the woman with the
The group falls into laughter, obviously inebriated.
Suddenly, a buzzing is heard and Jacob reaches into his
pocket and picks up a beeper. He immediately shifts into a
more alert state of being. He taps on the table and Ian,
Benny, Catherine, Teddy and Zazie look up. JP continues to
laugh, until he looks around and everybody else has reverted
to a more sober state.
Hehehehe...wha? wha's goin' on?
                       BENNY CHEN
      (In urgent tones)
JP. We have to go. Now.
What? why? *Hiccup*
C'mon man, don't worry about it.
We just gotta go.


JP is led towards a bookcase that opens out from the wall to
reveal a hidden stairwell. next to the entry way, in the
passage is a plastic tub where Jacob takes off his top shirt
and strips down to a black t shirt. As Benny follows his
action, a crash is heard and the camera pans to the same
broken window as in the first dream sequence.
JP! C'MON! WE GOTTA GO! (as the
last of the escapees leave, Ian
runs over to JP)
      (Shocked out of a
What? Oh. yeah. i'm coming.
Idling longer, a commando comes into JP's sight and raises a
black instrument similar in look to a rifle. Scared against
into stillness, JP shrinks in on himself and cowers as the
man pulls a trigger and a click is heard. Instead of a
bullet, a flash goes off. The flash startles JP and he
                       COMMANDO 1
      (To somebody
We caught one of them sir.
The commando sticks his hand out with a flash drive pulled
out of the gun/camera and the camera zooms in on his hand. A
mustard yellow hand reaches out.
A manhole cover is pushed out of the street in an alleyway.
Jacob s the first out, followed by Zazie. The camera pans to
follow Jacob's head and when it focuses out, the entire crew
is on the street, and Benny is shoving the manhole back into
the ground.
                       BENNY CHEN
      (After a quick
Okay, nobody's missing. Everybody
I think we're fine.


Jacob, reaching into his jacket, pulls out a pack of
cigarettes. The camera focuses past Jacob and settles on JP
who is pale and shaking and nigh-hyperventilating.
      (Noticing JP)
Hey, man, you feeling alright?
      (Turning to look
       at JP)
Yeah, bro...you don't look so hot.
      (Reddening with
Of course i fucking don't. Are you
fucking serious?
Hey, man, chill. This happens all
the time. It's nothing to worry
JP turns to face the rest of the revolutionaries.
Of course it does. What the flying
fuck have you gotten me into?
Just hear us out, JP. All we're
trying to do is make a difference.
The ministry is taking over our
lives and all we want to do is
help the ones it runs over. More
and more people every year are
spirited away and killed in the
ministry of information. More and
more innocent people are charged
with thought-crimes. Well we've
had enough. Can't you see this is
the only way to help keep our city
You have got to be screwing around
with me.
Hah. I knew he wasn't up for it.


Fuck you old man.
(Leading JP off)
Look, JP, i understand. this isn't
for everyone. I'll call you a cab.
Thanks, but that won't be
neccesary. I got this.
C'mon, man, its no trouble.
Consider it a gift for all the
trouble we've put yout through.
Don't you get it? I don't want to
have anything to do with you. This
isn't who i am. I can't deal with
this. All i want is to have a
normal goddamned life. Is that too
much to ask?
Well, if you ever change your
mind, you know where to find me.
Ian slips a piece of paper and a pistol into JP's coat
Trust me, thats definitely not
what i have in mind.
A trio of muscular men in grey suits are standing at the end
of the office and speaking to the man with yellow gloves.
The camera focuses on JP, who notices the men in grey suits
being pointed towards his desk.
JP turns hastily towards the elevator which has already left
the floor, so he runs along the wall, turning at a corner to
run towards the emergency exit. The grey suits, pooling
around JP's desk in the mass of workspaces, notice JP and
give chase.
                       ARAMIS, ATHOS, PORTHOS
Halt. Stop. Freeze.


JP pushes through the door, running down past a hallway down
a flight of stairs. Aramis, Athos, and Porthos, stop past
the doorway and pull out sleek handguns.
We are authorized to use
aggressive responses. Please halt.
JP looks up from where the stairs turn in and sees Aramis,
Athos, and Porthos beginning to shoot at him. The gunfire
isn't loud but is instead silenced heavily, sounding only
like a vacuum filling quickly. The stairs are lined with
mirrors on the walls, and the landing between each floor
have mirrored walls as well.
      (under his breath)
fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
JP runs down the last few flight of stairs as the three
commandos shoot. Jumping over a rail, JP lands badly and
falls to his feet, rolling down the last half-flight. When
Aramis, Athos and Porthos reach the landing above him, they
pull their guns on him. As they take aim, a flashback
                                         CUT TO FEATURELESS
A sepia-toned pair of eyes opened, from JP's perspective.
The eyes are at the level of a head, sitting at a desk. The
camera pans to past the desk to a grey wall. A commando in
all black, with a belt filled with weaponry and assorted
military technology, wearing a black beret, enters the room
through a doorway that is unseen as the outside is just as
grey as the room's walls.
                       REVOLUTIONARY COMMANDO #1
      (Snapping to
Sir! There have been reports of
new Ministry technologies
regarding firearms. They've moved
past bullets and gunpowder and
moved onto shots of pure lasers!
Well, Jackson...what do we know
about lasers?


                       REVOLUTIONARY COMMANDO #1
      (At ease)
Well, sir...they're short bursts
of energy...i don't quite see what
youre driving at.
      (narrating unseen)
(Chuckling) What kind of energy,
                       REVOLUTIONARY COMMANDO #1
Light energy!
Precisely. Have all high-risk
operatives carry old fashioned
mirrors, the ones made from metal,
instead of reflextech.
                       REVOLUTIONARY COMMANDO #1
      (Snapping once
       more to attention)
Yes, Sir!
                                         END FLASHBACK, CUT
JP rolls and rises, running down the last flight to the
emergency exit, shedding his collared shirt and wrapping it
around his fist. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he
punches the mirror, and once it shatters, takes a large slab
that he pulls from the rubble and turns around with it to
face Aramis and Athos, while Porthos had not yet rounded the
landing. When Athos fires, one shot rebounds off of the
mirror and hits Aramis square in the chest. The other shot
hits the ceiling above the landing and sends it falling down
onto Aramis, whos electronic parts start to short and they
start to explode and smoke.
      (Calling to
Man down! Retreat!
Unseen, JP runs out the door.


                                         INTO TAXI
JP runs down the street, hailing a cab. As he enters, he
swipes his ident card on the LED light.
I need to get to complex
3126-11HI. On the double.
A buzzing sound emenates from the car speakers.
I am sorry, but your ident card
seems to be malfunctioning. Please
report to the *bzzt*-
The transport screen blanks out and a slightly different
face reappears.
                       TRANSPORT 2
Jonathan Presbyter, i am sorry for
the inconvenience. Where would you
like to go?
3126-11HI. Wait. Stop. i changed
my mind. i'd rather walk.
                       TRANSPORT 2
      (With a slightly
       malevolent tone)
I am sorry Jonathan Presbyter,
where would you like to be
I'd like to be directed out of
this goddamned cab!
The transport face screen reverts to a fuzzy robotic looking
face, complete with glitchy voice.
                       TRANSPORT 2
Citizen254982103-11HIAlpha! WHAT
       leading to terror)


Suddenly, a loud crash is heard and the car shakes
uncontrollably. Suddenly, the doors open.
Holy shit, yes!
JP runs out of the cab.
                                         CUT TO THE STREET
JP turns to face the face of the car to see that it, in its
apparent haste to spirit JP off to the Ministry of
Information, it rear-ended the car in front of it, a black
sportscar, which, despite its accident, is in perfect shape.
The Sportscar drives off. JP runs down the next few blocks,
in a sportscoat and white tshirt, tie flapping in the wind.
He encounters a young teenager on a low altitude hoverboard.
                                         CUT TO POLICE CAR
A police car parked with the two patrolmen sitting on the
hood. A third comes out of the driver's seat with a piece of
paper. He shows it to the two other police officers.
                       PATROLLER 2
Look at this guy. On the run for
                       PATROLLER 1
Shit, Jack. That's gotta be the
information's bulletin. When have
we ever done treason?
                       PATROLLER 2
Well, it says Ministry of
Prevention and Protection, so
thats us.
As JP skates by, the wind displacement knocks over a cup of
coffee which spills on one of them. He turns, double checks
the sheet, and points JP out to the other policemen.
                       PATROLLER 3
Shit, theres the perp now!
                                         CUT TO POLICE CAR
The camera, pointing out the window, pans to the same black
sports car which drifts in front of the police car. The MIYG
steps out of the car, but only his gloved hands body is


Knocking is heard. Then, a louder knocking, culminating in
JP shoving the door in.
Hello? Anybody home?
The lights are off in the warehouse. Looking around slowly,
JP reaches into his jacket pocket, where the slip of paper.
Suddenly his hand (unseen) brushes against the pistol and,
remembering what it is, pulls it out with the slip of paper.
Shit, i can't believe i forgot
about this.
JP looks at the paper.
This *is* the right place...
Switching the safety off a tad unsteadily, JP moves with the
gun up and ready towards the bookcase that used to rest
against the secret tunnel. With one hand, he shoves all of
the books off of the shelves, trying to find another secret
passage. Aggravated once his search finds no fruition, he
grabs the last book and throws it at the wall.
Fuck! This is going nowhere.
Once the book hits the wall and falls to the floor, the tile
on which it falls depresses and a secret door opens where
the book hit.
JP draws his firearm again and brings it up to face level in
imitation of police procedural dramas. Moving into the
tunnel the door leads into, JP walks slowly.
The tunnel is rocky and wet, with stalactites dripping into
stalagmites and rats running. JP nervously walks, turning
his gun on the slightest drip or rodent, ends at up at the
end of the tunnel. At the end, metal blast doors stand
closed. Opening, they reveal Benny holding a large
technologically advanced two handed cannon gun.
                       BENNY CHEN
Oh hey man...I take it you


You fucking wish. Let me in.
JP, pocketing the pistol, moves to shoulder Benny out of the
way is preempted by Benny backing out of the doorway.
I need a drink.
Benny looks JP over, noting the limp , his lack of
outerwear, and the cut on his forehead.
                       BENNY CHEN
Jesus christ, what happened to
      (Voice Raised)
What happened to me? What happened
to me?!
Catherine, Jacob, and Teddy all meander towards the raised
Well, lets fucking start. First, i
went to work like fucking normal.
Then i fucking noticed that
because of some people, who shall
remain fucking nameless, got me
fucking spotted by fucking
ministry fucking commandos
complete with fucking repels and
crashing into windows and fucking
everything. Then, when i went to
my place of work the next fucking
morning, three suits from the
ministry were fucking
investigating me. They chased me
down a fucking 30 story building.
With lasers. LASERS!
all pretense of preoccupation is dropped as all present
(Benny, Jacob, Zazie, Teddy, and Ian, who came in during the
monologue) are made rapt by JP's rant.
Then i was fucking kidnapped by a
fucking taxi cause my fucking
ident card was cancelled, which
somehow fucking contacted the
fucking government. Who then
fucking tried to fucking shanghai


                       JP (cont'd)
me in said fucking taxi cab. I had
to fucking skateboard here.
Well thats what you get, isn't it.
You didn't believe the Ministry
could screw over your perfect
little bubble of a world.
Well if it wasn't for you fuckers
trying to get me killed, i'd still
be in that goddamned bubble. and
id be happy. and not a fuckin
You spoiled piece of-
Jacob, you need to stop talking
now. Regardless of what you may
think, here is someone who needs
our help.
That's really sweet, it is. But
you need to fucking wake up. This
stupid piece of shit probably led
the Ministry here.
Man, what's your problem. If you
were so worried about the fuckin
government, why are you still
...Prester told us this was a safe
Man. i don't get it. Who the fuck
is this Prester character you
lunatics keep raving about?
JP...you really don't know who
Prester John is, do you?


      (narrating unseen)
Prester John was a high ranking
government official involved in
some shady covert operations.
The camera circles around a figure (JP), whose face is
      (Continuing the
One day, Prester was replaced.
A gunshot is heard. The figure hears the gunshot, and turns
in slowmotion. The gun's trail is visible as disrupted air,
as the bullet itself revolves slowly towards the figure. The
bullet enters the body in between the shoulder and the heart
and as soon as it enters, the motion speeds up to normal.
                       BENNY CHEN
After that, Prester went
underground. Realizing that order
was less important than freedom,
he went to join the resistance
movement, the one he had so long
fought against.
The figure moves to a door that appears out of nowhere.
Knocking, the window latch opens to show a pair of eyes,
who, noting who he is, lock him out.
Prester kept on trying though, and
eventually he was let into the
The setting shifts to prester and other shadowy figures, one
resembling Catherine, all without faces shown, sitting
around the same table, arguing over a map.
Prester unified us. He led us. He
rescued most of us from the
streets and the prison camps. He
was the movement's guiding light.
So...what happened?


                       BENNY CHEN
It all went to shit.
Prester's figure is standing front of a large audience,
carrying heavy duty blunt instruments, knives, and a few
On the eve of the big attack, the
one that was going to change the
world. it all crumbled.
A BOOM is heard, and the floor falls out from under the
audience. The camera focuses on the figure, which is slowly
descending into literal darkness, the only light focused on
Then...he just...disappeared.
A smacking of a cup on marble is heard, and the setting
reverts to the warehouse. When the light clears, the sound
is seen to be Jacob finishing off a fifth of scotch.
Jesus...and he's gone now?
where's the rest of the momvement?
the giant army you talked about?
They all left. Besides Catherine
and Jacob, here, all of the old
gaurd ran away. The cells all
disbanded. It was really
So. youre all thats left?
JP looks around and all present nod or a physical
And i'm stuck with you guys, now.
The same nods are given.
walking away from the barstool he was sitting on, the camera
pans to JP's face, a blank, bleak emotion playing across it.


The camera pans then to the rest of the conspirators at the
table, each with a similarly bleak expression. The camera
pans to Jacob last, who, oddly enough, is smiling.
JP and a woman are sitting, arguing over a meal in a private
room in a similar motif to the second warehouse.
This isn't about us, love!
Before the camera can pan from the food JP is looking at to
her face, the woman has stood up and turned away, bringing
her plate to a sink.
How can you even say that?
I have to do what i have to do,
you know that. This isn't about
Don't say that. It's a lie.
A lie's just a truth nobody's been
convinced of yet.
Agh. I hate it when you say that.
It doesn't mean anything.
Of course it doesn't. But thats
besides the point.
Well, the point is, you told us
that the movement could only
succeed if we worked together; if
EVERYBODY worked together. The
movement was only as big as the
smallest link in the chain, you
No. Jesus. First off, you're
mixing metaphors. Don't mix
metaphors. Anyways, that's what i
told the public, the men. That's


                       JP (cont'd)
what they need to hear.
What do you mean?
The revolution isn't gonna be full
frontal war, or guerrilla tactics.
I'm gonna have to fight the
Ministry on their level. You
should know better than ANYONE,
that freedom is the ultimate goal.
But i can help you!
No, no you can't.
Fuck that. You can't leave me
behind like this. I can fight, you
know i can.
Can you kill? Can you lie? Can you
impersonate Ministry officials?
No, I can't. you know that. But
you need me.
No...no, i don't. Not really. Not
A visibly younger Jacob rushes into the doorway and knocks
on the frame.
Sir! It's time to go. The ministry
transport is scheduled in three
hours, We need you to meet with
the team.
Give us a moment Jacob?


Jacob stands to attention, then turns smartly on his heel
and leaves.
I'm sorry, doll. This has to be
Just...just go. I'll see you next
week at the meeting. Just go.
At the last word, the woman turns around and the camera
focuses on her face. It is Catherine.
Benny, Ian, and Zazie are eating breakfast over the central
table when JP stumbles in. They're eating oatmeal out of
banged up metal bowls and with metal cutlery, and drinking
out of metal cups, as well.
*Mumbling and groaning* What's
there to eat?
Catherine swoops in, carrying two cups in one hand, and two
steaming bowls in the other hand, with spoons sticking out.
Oatmeal and piss coffee.
My favorites?
Learn to like it, fish. This is as
good as it gets.
An alarm begins to ring. More purposely than before, Ian and
Zazie clean up and move to a locker where guns and toolbelts
are held. Teddy and Jacob, coming from the same direction JP
did, move to join them.
What's going on?


                       BENNY CHEN
Don't worry about it, eat your
breakfast. Relax.
Ian comes to face JP, who is sitting.
Hey, wanna come with?
Wait..what? where are you-
No, hes gonna stay here with me
and Benny. He's not ready yet.
What? what am i not ready for?
Where are they going?
Teddy walks over to the group speaking.
Awh, Catty, don't be a wet
blanket. He looks like he could do
with a little fun.
      (to JP)
Come on, you havent seen the
outside. Come out and play!
Welll, i mean, i havent had any
fresh air at all recently only
this recycled warehouse system
Catherine steps between JP and the other belligerents.
He shouldn't go. You frat boys
know that.
Come on, get a fucking move on.
We're not having high tea!
Teddy and Ian sigh dismissively, and shoot dark looks at
Catherine, unseen by JP, who has turned towards Jacob's
voice (off-screen)


Dueces, man. See you later.
JP watches the men leave wistfully. Teddy and Ian are
laughing and joking as they walk away. JP stares for a
moment after they exit. He shakes his head and turns to
No matter where i go...the game's
still the same.
JP turns back to Catherine.
They're going to try and stop a
ministry raid we heard about.
Oh...alright. I supposed you guys
did that sort of thing, but i
never really thought about it, to
be honest.
Not very often, anymore, to be
honest. But there it is, and there
they go.
Well...why aren't you guys going?
                       BENNY CHEN
I run support. I check the
computers, hack the ministry radio
bands, make sure they have safe
escape routes, that sort of
shebang, yknow?
Yeah, sure. (Turning to Catherine)
And what about you?
I used to go on raids, but after a
while i...i couldn't do it
JP starts, and thinks back to his dream.


Can you kill?
      (Out loud)
What do you mean...why'd you stop?
I just wasn't able to compete,
                       BENNY CHEN
Well, fellas, it was nice
chatting, really, it was. But i
gotta go do my duty for the team
and all. I'll see you folk later.
Alright, man. Talk to you later.
Toodles, Benjamin.
Ben walks off camera. Facing eachother at the table,
Catherine and JP turn to eachother again.
So, newbie...what's your story?
Where are you from?
Well now. I grew up a bit west of
here in the suburbs, went to
public school, university on an
art scholarship. I worked in the
city for a year or two, but i had
a shoulder injury and i went on
vacation for a while.
Not much to report, one of those
government island retreats, yknow.
It was nice. a bit too slow, but
nice. Then i came back, started
work with Ian, when all this crap
went down. It's been a rough few
days. I've only been back for two
weeks, and nothings the same.


Wow. That's rough. I'm suprised,
though. You seem a tad...normal. I
hate to say it, but...you don't
seem the type to throw in with us.
Yeah. As horrible as the Ministry
seems, i'd give anything to go
Y'know...thats what Prester always
Really? from the way you all
talked about him, before...it
seemed he was this one man army
type, the kind of guy people would
die for.
Well, maybe...i knew him better
than most.
Oh. Alright...it must have been a
rough few years for you, if you
were so close to him.
Catherine, getting a wistful look on her face, shakes it
off. She smiles a tad seductively and grabs his wrist.
Let's get a bit more
comfertable...Come with me.
There's something i want to show
                                         CUT TO THE ROOM FROM
What is this place?
This is the lounge, it's where we
used to have recreational time
back in the good old days.


So...what? Do people not relax any
No, no. It's just we haven't used
this part of the compound in
JP stretches out on a cough, yawning.
Now, this is nice. I haven't been
able to sit down comfortably since
god knows when.
Catherine sits down next to him, stretching in a similar
fashion, smiling a tad mockingly, if with no ill intent.
Following that she nestles into him.
It's so hard to relax when youre
in this line of business.
JP reciprocates, moving closer to catherine, putting his arm
around her.
Mmmm. I think you and i are gonna
get along fine.
JP and Catherine are lying on the couch, exhibiting
something of a post-coital glow.
Mmmm. I'm sorry i kicked you when
we first met.
It's okay, sweetheart.
Are you sure?
Yeah no worries. I get
misidentified as revolutionary
leaders all the time.


Catherine moves in closer for another kiss and as she moves
towards JP, he pauses.
Well a lie's just a truth nobody's
been convinced of yet.
As JP moves in to meet the kiss, Catherine's eyes widen
sharply and she opens her mouth in suprise. Expecting a
kiss, JP falters when he encounters no reciprocation from
What's wrong, babe?
Catherine sits up on the large couch.
Nothing...it's just. we shouldn't
be doing this.
JP reaches out to rub Catherine's shoulder.
It's okay, babe. What's wrong?
Catherine jerks away from him violently.
Nothing's WRONG! Jesus, JP.
Nothing. Just we should stop. you
should go.
JP starts to move away.
As she speaks she gets up, shoving him on 'Don't', and
turning around.


Jesus. I'm gonna go now.
JP walks off camera.
Catherine starts rocking and falls back into the couch.
holding onto a pillow and moving back and forth with a
crazed look in her eye, the camera zooms out from her face.
Prester...you're back...
MIYG stands over JP, the camera from JP's perspective. MIYG
is speaking but it is muted until the volume raises.
Increase datafeed by 15%. Subject
is waking up. Decrease critical
personality by 25%, sedate, and
Doctor 1 comes and looms over JP's eyesight, holding a giant
[lug akin to a quarter inch audio jack. His hands lower, and
a giant click is heard and JP's eyes close.
Ian and Jacob are sitting in the back of a transport
vehicle, bouncing in time with the road's irregularities,
wearing black combat gear.
He looks more and more like
Prester every day. It's scary.
Come on, Ian, Prester's dead. You
know that. we all know that.
I'm just saying...we never saw the
Come on. That's really dangerous
talk, even here.


Breakfast as usual. JP has learned the motions, walking out
on camera to the counter, grabbing a bowl and cup, running
the faucet of the coffee maker into his cup while ladling
himself oatmeal. smacking the coffee maker when the drip
stops when the cup is halfway filled, salting and buttering
his oatmeal, and pressing the red button on the coffee
machine right before the cup reaches a state of overflow.
Blowing on his coffee in his right hand and the oatmeal in
his left hand, he sits down and begins to eat. The person
nearest to his right is Catherine, who gets up loudly and
moves to wash her dishes. Everybody in the compound is
present save Benny, who comes dashing in holding an opaque
board, a few centimeters thick.
                       BENNY CHEN
Ian, who next to him has a cup of coffee and a cup of
oatmeal covered by a plate to keep the heat in shoves the
food at Benny.
Take some fuckin' food. Whadidja
                       BENNY CHEN
Woah, brother. slow it down a
notch. Have a bite to eat. Then
explain to us what the hell we're
talking about.
Benny wolfs down the entire bowl of oatmeal and grabs the
board he carried in, pokes at it a few times, and it lights
up and texts, images, and hypertext shows up.
                       BENNY CHEN
I hacked us into the news.
No response.


                       BENNY CHEN
Guys, do you know what this
Everybody present shakes their head.
                       BENNY CHEN
Not only can do we have uptodate
live news feeds, not only do we
have access to restricted files
from before the purges, but-
We can make our own news!
                       BENNY CHEN
Jacob shakes his head in disbelief.
What are you eggheads talking
about. Speak english to me, fish.
I know Benny isn't capable of
What Benny has done is he's
convinced an old news computer
that it is still functioning on an
old subscription, so we can see
the old news.
So what?
Any competent hacker can hack into
the current newsfeed because the
code is so similar and its on the
same server, he just hacked his
way into the control of the news
feed. We're in!
So what, fish?
Well, instead of public news and
leaks in the ministry, we can see
the private news feeds sent to the
bureaus. The only bureau that has
its own newsfeed is info, but if
we take all of the feeds from the


                       JP (cont'd)
other bureaus we should have a
comprehensive accurate unbiased
I don't like it. How do we know
this is accurate?
                       BENNY CHEN
Benny turns to face the pad. He starts typing and poking at
it, the glow from the pad reflecting on his face.
                       BENNY CHEN
Well theres...oh wait. False

But hello, there. Heres something
that looks VERY interesting.
Jacob jostles past JP and moves to look over Benny's
                                         CUT TO COMPUTER
Streams and streams of complex abstract programming code.
The fuck is this?
                                         CUT TO THE WAREHOUSE
                       BENNY CHEN
I'm sorry. That's the news
bureau's source code. I had to
learn it before i could hack the
Benny types a few commands into the machine.
                       BENNY CHEN
Here, lets try this.
                                         CUT TO SCREEN
The screen turns into a gray stylized newsprint, with the
words moving down and around. Headline "New Info chief
appointed in time for Premier Day.' The camera pans to the
picture just as the picture itself (moving all the while)


pans down from the premiers face. He is gripping the podium
with yellow gloves.
                                         CUT TO WAREHOUSE
Well what good does this do? all
we have is this glorified press
                       BENNY CHEN
Welll...watch this.
                                         CUT TO SCREEN
Clacking is heardoff screen and the newsprint turns again
into code. the code speeds off into the distance and the
tips of Benny's fingers are seen. The random letters and
numbers and tallymarks move in three dimensional random
patterns and eventually reassemble. The whole process takes
about 20 seconds.
                       BENNY CHEN
Here, my revolutionary minded
friends, is the kicker.
In place of the newsprint comes a bureau-memo. In black in
white psuedo-typewriter format, orders regarding the
transport of a bunch of prisoners being transported inside
floats. Written in bold is "KEY POINT TO ARTICLE: DESCRIBE
This is perfect!
You're useful after all!
                       BENNY CHEN
Yeah i know this is awesome!
(noticing Jacob's sarcasm)
Oh. next time you can do it on
your own, then.
Ian leans over the table and grips Benny's opposite
shoulder. Ian smiles.
You did good, bro.
Zazie and Teddy sit nestled into eachother, Catherine sits
smiling in Jacob's general direction. Jacob is standing next
to Ian and Benny and laughing. He places his hands on the
other two men's shoulders.


Come on folks, let get to works.
The group begins to disperse into various subgroups moving
in various directions. "Benny, i need to talk to you about
energy modification for the transport" "Do you think the
gaurds will have those mark fives ready for use yet? i
haven't seen them." and various adlibbed statements are
heard intertwined.
Actually...could i come with?
All speaking and movement stops. Catherine drops the plate
she had been holding. It shatters on the floor.
Yeah, dude. Definitely. Come
on...lets get you suited up.
As the camera pans away from JP following Ian, it focuses in
on Catherine with a half-crazed look in her eye, tearing.
1. JP is handed a gun.
2. Teddy/JP/IAN/Zazie/JAcob hustle out of the back of a
black truck.
3. Ian stands in front of a blackboard with arrows and
tactical diagrams.
4. Jacob and Zazie go off into the back door of a building.
5.IAn, JP, and TEddy stand surrounding a 3d holographical
simulation of the parades's route. The orange light relfects
eerily on their faces.
6. Ian , JP, and Teddy make their way through the crowd to
the front.
7. JP sits behind a sniper rifle at night on the top of an
abandoned building. A shot fires with visible ricoche. Jacob
is watching.
8. Jacob is setting up a collapsable hitcech sniper rifle.
9. JP is watching as Ian illustrates how to through a
10. A small black object comes flying out of the air, arcing
away from the building opposite the one Jacob entered, and


where everyone left the transport.
11. JP, Teddy, Zazie, and IAn stand before Jacob.
JP follows the momevent of the object, a trio of black
spheres, which ignites as it falls to the ground and
explodes. JP is visibly suprised, then scared.
Ian pats him on the shoulder.
Don't worry man, it was just Zazie
doing support work.
Wait, i thought Zazie was just
doing assist for Jacob.
She is...the grenades have thrown
off everybody. It's a perfect
opportunity for Jacob to snipe.
I Dont want her involved in that
You lost this arguement months
ago. She wanted to learn from
This?! THIS is not what i thought
would be happening.
Three sniper shots go off from the building that Jacob has
stationed himself in. Three men fall. Then three more shots,
and the remaining three fall. The policemen gaurding the
floats and the parade rush to either building.
This is not the time. Later.
Teddy nods, his face drawn. The three head toward the
transport with a globe on top. The three make their way
through the panicking crowd to the drivers compartment. JP
pulls out a falsified badge and ID.


WE're here from the info. Give us
the transport.
                       SUSPICIOUS FLOAT DRIVER
What's your perogative, agent?
Iniative 757438Angel.
                       SUSPICIOUS FLOAT DRIVER
Well...if i must. I'm gonna have
to lodge a complaint though. We
always need more security for
these things. And nobody looks out
for the drivers these days.
I'm afraid that's not our
department, driver number...(looks
at) 115687T. I'll be sure to
mention you to our superior.
                       SUSPICIOUS FLOAT DRIVER
Yeah...do that.
Float driver gets out of the cab and bows, holding the door
of the cab in a mockery of rennaisance etiquette.
Thank you, sir. Your assistance
has been noted.
JP, Teddy, and Ian step into the cab. Ian, entering last,
points Teddy to the door in the back of the cab.
Ian sits at the drivers seat and starts the engine while JP
places his sunglasses on the dashboard, blocking from their
sight a small microphone and camera lens next to a small
green LED light that the camera focuses on.
                                         CUT TO BACK OF FLOAT
Teddy gets to work drilling at the lock holding the door
closed. He drills through a top layer of casing, sets three
small explosive charges through a second, and comes to a
third layer, one filled with wires, buttons, and keyholes.


Shit! (Louder) IAN! This is
Ian gets up out of the seat, as the car has not moved yet,
and comes to kneel next to Teddy.
Let me take a look.
Whats taking so long?
Hey whats taking so long?
Ian takes a motored screwdriver with a multi-faceted tip to
a key hole. It shorts and begins to spark.
                                         CUT TO FRONT OF CAB
JP starts the ignition and driveso out of the stalled
convocade. Staring straight ahead, JP does not notice the
pulsing green light still half-covered by sunglasses. The
camera then cuts to the drivers side window and films the
grey street as it passes by. The camera then cuts back to
the muted horror that JP realizes is caused by the bland,
silent repression evident.
                                         CUT TO BACK OF CAB.
Ian and Teddy are steadily getting at the center of the
                                         CUT TO ALLEY
The float pulls into an alleyway. Faded graffiti adorns the
walls where the grey paint of the brick has worn through. JP
steps out of the cab. He pulls his hand gun from his
shoulder holster and places it within arms reach on the
front hood, and reaches into his coat pocket. He rummages
around, grabbing at something, until his hands grip visibly
in the inside pocket. He sighes, relieved. the camera, still
with the whole body visible, pans slightly to follow the
movement of his hand. He pulls out a cigarette vial
submerged in water within a larger vial. Upon retrieval the
cigarette is clearly scuffed and old. An 'antique.' With his
other hand he pulls out a small matte grey cylinder.


Gripping the cylinder, one ends begins to light up and he
puts it to the end of the cigarette in his mouth. It lights.
JP sighs and takes a drag. He leans against the cab, and
picks up his gun. He is taking a second drag when he starts,
suprised by-
I got it!
                                         CUT TO DOOR TO INNER
In a minute!
Ian and Teddy stand up from where they kneel, dusting their
knees and stretching. As the door opens slowly,
mechanically, The camera pans to the wind shield, where JP
is slowly walking forward, relishing his cigarette. He
stomps it out a third unfinished and steps into the cab when
the door, opening, opens to a group of grey suits with
futuristic guns reminsicent of machine guns.
      (The camera facing
       the back of his
Oh Shit.
JP runs away, unfollowed by the commandos. The camera cuts
to a bird's eye view as Jacob is quickly shot in the leg and
shoulder and collapses and, while Teddy fires a shot at one
grey suit's head before he can follow his comrades in taking
cover, he (Teddy) is quickly overtaken by a gas grenade
lobbed as he is reloading.
                                         CUT TO CAB
A drip of blood turns into a steadily growing puddle on the
ground as Teddy's screams are heard in the distance.
JP enters the inner warehouse as Benny is cutting a tangle
of wires to pieces with a switchblade angrily. Once he has
done so he picks up the moniter connected to the tangle and
throws it at the wall. Shards of glass and plasma spray out
and the camera follows a particularly luminescent shard as
it rolls, hops, and bounces towards JP. This wanton
distruction continues for a while, before JP steps out of


the shadows of the doorway. One of the auxilary computers
that litter Benny's workshop has a large crack in it, with a
visible fist print. A metal bat and an axe lay, handle up,
Hey...uh...whats going on?
Benny turns to face JP. He smiles tightly, and JP attempts
to smile back, awkwardly.
                       BENNY CHEN
I fucked up. I fucked up big. The
data i gave Jacob must have been
Dude...it's not your fault. The
bureau must have known about your
hack the moment you went into
their server.
                       BENNY CHEN
That doesn't excuse anything!
Jacob was taken, Zazie was taken,
Ian was taken, and i have no
goddamned clue where the hell
Teddy is.
There's nothing we can do if you
destroy our only means of finding
out what happened to them!
                       BENNY CHEN
They've been watching us. They've
been watching us since before day
1. They've been watching since god
knows how long, and this is the
only way they could have been.
Well...we need to DO something! We
need to make a plan, we need to
get them back, and we need your
computers to figure out how.
                       BENNY CHEN
Don't you get it, J? This is over.
This whole godforsaken operation
is over. We're done.


We can't just leave our people
there! We owe it to them!
                       BENNY CHEN
Listen to yourself, listen to the
words youre saying ... can't ...
owe ... duty ...you sound like
Prester. Well, get over yourself.
Our friends are dead. Our comrades
are dead. No matter whether
they've been killed on arrival, or
whether they're gonna keep them at
the bureau and torture them,
they're dead. There is NOTHING we
can do. And you're gonna have to
get used to that. Now, if you'll
fucking excuse me, i need to cover
all our tracks. These machines
need to be dealt with. Just leave.
Benny's words hit JP like a load of bricks. He staggers out
of the room, back into the tunnel.
JP is walking down the street, a five o'clock shadow on his
face. his pace is slow and dogged and mindless, with no
location in mind. It is drizzling miserably. The street and
surroundings become dirtier and shabbier as the camera pans.
The camera cuts to JP's foot retreating from the sidewalk,
concrete covering cracks where his foot rises. A faded
stain, once blood red, is still visible. The camera cuts to
his back as he walks, people shoving and pushing mindlessly,
nobody saying anything. Nobody has any umbrellas, nobody
reacts to the rain.
                                         CUT TO ALLEYWAY
The three patrolling officers from the first chase are seen
again, standing in front of a teenaged boy wearing a red
bandana around his wrist. They stand surrounding him, the
camera facing one with his face to the alleys back wall, the
other two facing inwards (seen in profile) towards the
victim with their face to the opposite wall.
                                         CUT TO STREET
The camera faces JP as he walks down the street nearing the
alleyway. He pauses at the alleyway, turning towards the
beatings, while the camera focuses on his body and the
people passing behind him fade to a grey blur. He stares for


a moment and makes to step forward. He pauses, however,
shakes his head, and walks away.
                                         CUT TO ABANDONED
JP has a beard and mustache covering his face. It is
snowing. JP is standing in the middle of an abandoned lot,
filled with derelict machinery, litter, and open large metal
shipping containers. He walks to one least covered and
blocked by trash, and begins to dig.
                                         FORWARD TO SPRING
JP's beard looks cut and trimmed. He is working in a small
patch of dirt in another crate when a figure approaches,
only seen by it's shadow. JP starts, and turns around with
the hoe facing out, ready to defend himself. The figure is a
young teenaged girl, holding out a large paper bag, her eyes
screwed shut in anticipation.
      (His voice Rusty
       with disuse)
What do you want?
I need a place to stay. I have a
power generator, from before the
JP contemplates the offer, lowering his hoe. He turns his
back on the girl, and she takes this to mean she was denied.
As she walks away, JP stops her.
Here, take this.
JP finishes turning around and hands her a small sack with
the word 'seed' stenciled across, with a small shovel.
Plant the seeds where i've already
hoed the dirt.
                                         CUT TO HOME
JP, Elizabeth, and an older black man, Morgan, are sitting
around a table, drinking brewed iced tea out of a metal
pitcher and tin cups, reminiscent of the set up in the
warehouse. A machine gun, a few pistols, and various bladed
and blunt instruments lie in a open metal locker leaning


against the wall. JP is more fit, and his beard is now close
cut but still visible. Another figure is visible by the
shadow it makes, a middle aged asian woman, carrying a
backpack. She empties it onto the floor and power tools,
cans of food, and bolts of cloth all fall out of the large
hiking bag. JP stands up, offers her a hug and a cup of tea.
JP is writing at the same table from the warehouse,
transported to the crate. Another shadow strikes down from
the open doorway. JP stands up and begins to turn, smiling.
Lizzie? Are you back with dinner?
Did you see Frederick?
JP rises to face the shadow and it is Teddy, haggard and
worn. His smile has a hint of sadness and he is more
wrinkled than last seen. JP's smile falters and his smile
leaves his face and only his mouth is forced to stay
They took me seperately from Ian
and Jacob and...and from Zazie. I
was brought to a containment cell.
It was horrible.
The strike commandos from the first raid shove Teddy's face
into water, holding him down while they flush, watching him
nearly drown. They pull him out. They are in a grey room
with no visible door. There are no light fixtures (the
ceiling is slightly luminescent). Scene blacks out. Two
commandos inject Teddy with a liquid. He fights them. One
breaks his arm.
They gave me something. Some drug.
I fought back, and they beat me.
They threatened to kill zazie
*begins to tear up* i-i i needed


                       TEDDY (cont'd)
it. the drug. I told them things.
Teddy is scratching his arm where the injections are given.
Injection track marks are clearly visible under his prying
fingers. He is pacing the room, shivering, and mumbling to
himself silently.
                                         CUT TO OBSERVATION
Aramis, Athos, and Porthos are watching Teddy from a large
projection screen.
Eventually they stopped giving me
the drug. I went crazy for a
while, I couldn't sleep, but i
needed more sleep than i could
get. I wasn't sure who i was. And
then...when it got too much to
handle...when i thought about
ending everything, they'd give it
to me again.
Teddy is lying curled up on the floor, twitching and
drooling, cradling his injected arm, rocking back and forth,
mindlessly euphoric.
And then...then, i escaped.
Teddy scratches the same inner elbow that had been injected.
JP glances at the arm but looks away before Teddy notices.
Welcome back to real life, my
Oh no, no. This isn't real life. I
need to get Zazie back.
Well then, stay a while, rest, and
go on your way.


What? No way...i thought you'd
help me. Im sure you want the rest
of us back too.
Teddy...i'm happy here.
JP stands and leads Teddy outside to the lively community in
the storage yard.
I belong here, this is my land.
These are my people.
Are you serious? You're leaving
our people in the dust to slum
with these fucking hobos?
Our people? OUR people?
Teddy...these people are 'our
people.' Your people ruined my
      (beginning to tear)
Please...i need it. this.
...Zazies there. I need it.
Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!
JP lashes out and punches a metal wall. Some of the
colonists come to see what the commotion is all about. JP
turns to them.
      (to bystanders)
Don't worry about it guys...i just
The colonists smile and walk back to their tasks.
      (Turning back to
We need to find Benny.
Teddy smiles widely, but with a hint of malevolence and too
much teeth.


Benny, in a suit, looks cleaner than he did in his last
appearance. He is wearing a gold ring and a sleek antique
watch. He is working at a technologically advanced desk
complete with cyber drawing board inlaid in the desk. He is
designing electrical circuitry and moving back and forth
between the drawing tablet and a futuristic console. a soft
white light turns on, drawing Benny's hand to press the
light. He is nervous, overweight and slightly malnourished.
      (Off screen)
Mr. Chen, there are two gentlemen
to see you.
                       BENNY CHEN
Hm? Do they have an appointment?
Can they come back later?
I'm afraid they're rather
emphatic. Sir, i'm not sure they
have an appointment.
                       BENNY CHEN
What? Augh. Can't security deal
with it?
I'm sorry sir. (Whispering) I
think they're with the GOVERNMENT
                       BENNY CHEN
Fuck. Alright. Stall them as long
as you can, and send them in.
Benny stands up, rushing, and picks up a switchblade and a
gun shoving them in his bottom drawer. He wipes his hand
over the drawing board and it shuts off, looking just like
the rest of the desk its inlaid in. He straightens his tie,
pushes a pile of junk food wrappers and soda cans into the
trash and starts, turning around just as the door opens.
Well, well, well. Look at this.
                       BENNY CHEN
I'm sorry agent, the defense plans
are coming along a bit behind
schedule, the hardware contractor


                       BENNY CHEN (cont'd)
is behind. I'll be sure to be
finished by deadline.
Benny turns to face JP, who takes off his sunglasses. The
badge and identification card are the same as the ones he
used for the hijacking.
Look at you, Benny. Working for
the man.
Benny stands up rapidly, looking like he's seen a ghost.
                       BENNY CHEN
JP! Teddy! I never thought i'd see
you again. After last year...i'd
given up on seeing anybody from
the movement.
You would.
As JP reclines on the couch in the office and Benny sits in
his chair, Teddy begans to pace the room occaisonally
scratching his inner elbow absently, if a tad urgently.
We need your help, Benny.
                       BENNY CHEN
Well...what can i do you for?
Teddy snorts and continues to pace. He pulls a butterfly
knife out and begins flipping it in the background as the
discussion continues in the fore.
We NEED your HELP.
                       BENNY CHEN
Well. I'm a programmer here. We
have influence. Did you need
money? A job?
We. NEED. Your. HELP.
JP picks up a stylus and moves to the deskboard, and writes
on the drawing tablet 'Are we bugged?' Benny stares at it, a
language foreign to him in this place and time, before
realizing what bugged refers to.


                       BENNY CHEN
Oh. No. No. nononono. Not again.
Not here. Not again. You aren't
bringing me into this.
We really need your help. Teddy
needs your help. I need your help.
                       BENNY CHEN
Don't you get it? I'm successful
now. The infobureau never linked
me to you guys. I can do what i've
loved doing: i can build things.
Here i'm a maker. Out there, i'm
just a breaker. You can't make me
leave this.
What? are you serious? Out there,
as you put it, youre building the
grandest thing possible, a future.
Here youre just a cog in the
machine of stagnation and decay.
Doesnt that rankle at you? get
under your skin, even a little?
Are you serious? We need you to
help us build a future. Here
you're just a cog in the machine.
Doesn't that rankle you, get under
your skin? Not even a little?
                       BENNY CHEN
      (Shaking his head
       in disgust)
Whatever. Come on, Teddy. We've
overstayed our welcome.
Teddy snorts again and starts to follow JP to the door. He
stops and spins around at Benny's desk to slam his balisong
into the surface of the desk. Benny jumps. Teddy snorts
again, mirthlessly.
                       BENNY CHEN
Call me if you need money, or help
with the bureau or anything.


Teddy walks out the door, self-possessed. JP pauses, and
sticks his head out of Benny's door.
If you're happy, if this is what
you want...wheres your pinball
                       BENNY CHEN
What are you talking about?
You know to which im referring to.
The pinball machine. You nearly
broke my arm when i tried to play.
                       BENNY CHEN
Oh. That old thing. I relinquished
it. There are laws against
possession of archaic technology.
I have a cyber-ball machine on my
wall at home. Its just as good.
JP shakes his head, dismissively. He puts his sunglasses on
and continues his exit.
The camera has a bird's eye view of benny, wearing a white
undershirt and boxers, sitting on his bed, holding his screw
driver, the last remnant of his revolutionary activity. His
gun is next to him on his bedstand. He's sitting next to a
bottle of liquor, state issued.
The camera starts in the street panning through a storefront
window into the backroom of a clothing store, where a man is
sitting behind a desk. A phone rings.
It's time.
                                         CUT TO A PUBLIC
An urban play ground, complete with rubber fixtures, metal
installations, and few colors, is filled with children and
adults. Two adults, a younger man with twins in a stroller,


and a woman with a veritable brood of children, yelling at
errant playing toddlers, both pick up a phone.
It's time.
                                         CUT TO HIGH RISE
The camera falls down, through the roof of a high rise,
through a ventilation shaft, down, across, twisting and
turning down until it reaches a young gopher, running around
an office, carrying a stack of files and folders. He gets a
call on his headset which turns on automatically.
It's time.
The camera follows the folders as they fall to the floor.
                                         CUT TO TRAIN SYSTEM
A wiry middle-aged man, greying, swipes a card on a LED
strip, He enters the train stations, full of purpose and
gusto. The camera cuts between stops, where, the two
parents, the store-owner, the office-boy, and various others
get on the train.
The setting is back to the first warehouse, where the first
dream sequence was set. JP is wearing his suit, and sitting
at the table are Teddy, who is rather jittery, Morgan (a
middle-aged black man, musclular and scarred, with a rather
authoritarian demeanor), and Elizabeth, who is cleaning a
rather intimidating handgun. As the scene opens, JP stands
up and moves to a computerized white board.
Alright...here's the plan. Morgan,
i want you to take a few of your
guys, here.
JP moves his hand over a floor plan that has appeared on the
whiteboard. Footsteps are heard, echoing. Elizabeth has
assembled her gun and moved silently to the door, pulling
her gun out as the door opens to reveal


                       BENNY CHEN
Everyone present has their gun out. Teddy has a sawed off
                       BENNY CHEN
This is fucking impressive.
Benny spins around, walking, craning his neck, looking
around at corners and crannies, searching.
                       BENNY CHEN
No bugs, right?
EMP charge, magnetic imaging, you
name it. I even jerry-rigged the
MRI machine.
Benny turns to face this newcomer.
                       BENNY CHEN
And you, sir, are?
Your replacement. Play nice.
Morgan smiles. Benny motions to him,
                       BENNY CHEN
You're a smart one, replacement.
Come come come. It is time for us
to work.
Benny, sort of skiphopdancing leads Morgan into his inner
technological sanctum.
                       BENNY CHEN
      (To JP)
Wait. Where's my stuff? where's
all my stuff?
Benny's face is awash in dismay as realization sets in. The
camera cuts to Benny's empty workspace, and it is cleaned
out, rewired, patched, with new, (even more futuristic)
technology abundant. The camera cuts to the doorway as Benny
enters. He is ecstatic.


Ha HA! Found my present?
                       BENNY CHEN
                                         CUT TO PLANNING ROOM
JP shakes his head and chuckles.
(Under his breath) knew it.

(to Teddy and Elizabeth) ANYWAYS.
Lets get to it.
A mass of revolutionaries is standing in a large cavernous
room in part of the warehouse that is not illuminated.
Upwards of a hundred people are in the room. JP is standing
on a podium in front of them.

1. Two men, Morgan, and Duncan (the man from the office)
sneak in the back entrance. Morgan hefts a large set of keys
and begins to unlock a series of doors, searching for
something. Duncan follows behind, sticking electronic
devices in the doorframe of each.
2. The male parent is driving a truck on a busy
thoroughfare. The camera pans through the cab of the truck
and into the back, where there are twenty-odd
revolutionaries, carrying pistols, automatic guns, and
shotguns. Some have grenades and other explosives.
3. The female parent pulls up alongside him, in an identical
truck. A third truck is behind them.
4. Elizabeth and a trio of androgynous, malnourished,
haunted looking teenagers, are engaged in a fire fight with
a brigade of grey suits. The teenagers slowly headshot the
lot of them.
5.Teddy sneaks up upon a suit whos desk sits away from the
window. He slits his neck.
6. Thirty revolutionaries mass again at a large cement wall,
in which a door is overlaid. A stairway sign is lit up above
the door.


Okay, i want a strike team to
check out whats going on down
there. Teddy, you know this
building's layout, you go with
Duncan, Teddy, and a group of revolutionaries open the door
to the stairs and steps are heard as the revolutionaries
rush down the metal stairs. Shots are heard.
Fuck. Shit.
Teddy runs back up the stairs. right before he exits the
landing he fires his machine gun down. Rapid fire-shots turn
to yelling, and Teddy runs out.
Scatter! Scatter! GO!
JP is smoking one of his last cigarettes. Various bloodied
remnants of the revolutionary force that remain after the
trap are milling around or sitting in the warehouse. Teddy
You. You piece of fucking shit.
What? What are you talking about?
You fucking know what i'm talking
about, you fucking traitor.
The crowd begins to encircle Teddy and JP. They begin to
mutter discontently.
What the fuck are you talking
about? What are you implying? Are
you saying this is my fault?


Fuck that. You KNOW it's your
fault. It was your intel. You
assured me it was reliable. These
peoples' deaths are on you.
Teddy punches a metal sheet wall.
You know, i don't think so. I
think you're blaming this on
whoever you goddamned can,and to
hell with that. If anything this
is your fault.
Elizabeth slides out of the crowd and towards Teddy, pulling
her handgun out of a holster in her jacket. He blanches, and
steps back against the metal wall. A package falls out of
his coat, jostled by the wall. He moves to pick it up.
Hold it. Stop right there.
Hold it. Stop right there.
As Teddy ignores him, and bends over to pick up the parcel,
and the camera focuses on his head, and the gun that (the
camera following the line of her arm and zooming out to view
all of Elizabeth) Elizabeth is holding. The gun cocks and
Teddy gulps, audibly and visably. Elizabeth, holding the gun
at Teddy's neck, kicks the package, wrapped in black silk,
to JP. He opens it up. It is a group of large packets, an
empty syringe, money, a new ID card and a new cell phone.
Look. Look. I can explain.
The group of revolutionaries has turned a shade violent,
into a mob scene. They move toward him, guns loaded, knives
out. Quickly, JP grabs Elizabeth's gun's barrel and shoots
into the air, and recocks and shoots again.
STOP! This is my problem. I will
handle it. Back away.
The group moves back, body language saying 'for the moment,'
as JP moves towards Teddy and punches him in the face. Teddy
recoils and, moving up back towards JP, is punched again,
this time with the fist gripping the pistol. Teddy moans,
and is held up by Elizabeth. His head lolls as he begins to


bleed from a cut on his forehead, his lip, and his nose. He
spits out blood and a tooth.
Well? What the shit. What do you
have to say?
I got NOTHIN to say to you.
JP punches him again. He has been possessed by an agressive
spirit, alien to his nature. His eyes are cold.


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