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by lois leflore (snooksbbqjoynt@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A family where the head is dysfunctional but the children are exceptional

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



This is the weekend of Halloween 1980, Saturday night in
Chicago, its a cold clammy night, the winds are boisterous
and the sky is appears to be gloommy with a dusty grey
appearance. THe door to the Fat Kat lounge swings open with
a vengeance and a man is thrown onto the pavement,he begins
to squirm and roll over on his side as he grapples to raise
himself up. the music from inside the lounge is blaring when
suddenly the door opens again and a hat is thrown out and
lands beside the man as he attempts to get up. A young man
and an elderly lady walk pass, the man stares and the lady
shakes her head in disgust as she pulls her purse closer to
her body. The man mumbles obscenities, getting up from the
pavement he brushes his coat with his hand, puts his hat on
his head, pats the top of the hat and proceeds to walk down
the street.
Inside the Lounge the music is loud,thirty plus people are
either dancing, drinking or engaged in conversation. The
smoke inside the lounge is so thick that the dim dirty
lights in the ceiling appear to be much dimmer than they
really are.The Fat Kat is not just an ordinary lounge,
people from all the surrounding states to seek out raw new
talent. Every month a talent show is given and talent
scouts, producers, major promoters, and prominent deee-jays
crowd into the Fat Kat to discover the brand new act that
will take the world by storm.
The middle-aged head waitress Maxine, is walking with a
empty tray in her hand as she slowly attempts to pass by the
dance floor, a younger fair skinned man named Ray, who is
slowly approachingthe dancing area smiles at her revealing a
huge grin that displays the space where a tooth should have
been. He grabs Maxine around the waist, kisses her suarely
on the mouth then pulls her back onto the dance floor.


      (Laughing loud)
Awl hell, Ray now you know I'm
working, whut chu try-en ta do
baby? (Continuing to do a
rendition of a bump and grind
asthey dance to B.B. Kings song
"You made your move too
soon").Don't make me hafta hurt
chu, cuz you know I'll put it own
yoe fine ass.You climbing uh
slippry slope.
      (Sming and patting
       Maxine on the
Puy it own me, put it all own me
you know I ken handle it, cuz I'm
longggg suffren and dah women
don't call me dah long ranger fah
nutten. (He does a few quick moves
and turns slides to one side and
bumps and grinds, he protrudes his
groin area)
They ae attracting a crowd, and some of the people get up
and join them on the dance floor as others spectate and
cheer them on.
      (Older, stout
       black woman
       wearing thick
       glasses down on
       her nose, drink
       in her hand and
       slurring her
       words begins to
Get that nigga Max, tear him up,
uh young punk. He don't no nutten,
his young ass as dum as uh box of
rocks. Give him sumpen his mama
cudden give em.Uh young punk.


       ebonics,She is
       the head waitress
       at the Fat Kat,
       she's very
       possesive and
       jealous about Ray
       and thinks that
       everybody wants
       him. Max gyrates
       and grinds her
       way up close to
um huh, every night, uh mouth
      (Ebonic style,
       Regular customer
       at the Fat kat,
       sets his drink on
       the bar then
       loduly makes his
Un-un, awl hell nawl, don't tell
yoe bizzness baby, keep them
bedroom secrets just that, in the
bedroom and secret cuz I'm quite
show that wit that mouth full
there's uh lil cho-ken action
going own.
      (laughing and
       pointing at GG)
I heard that GG.
GG gets the reaction he was seeking, the other partiers
start laughing and agreeing with him, they give each other
hi-fives and make other comments. The record ends and Ray
slaps Max playfully on the behind as she goes back to the
bar, she picks up a tray and old man Brady grabs her arm.


      (Speaking ebonics,
       smoking a
       cigarette and
       sipping his
Max baby, I been knowing you uh
long time, why you so mean ta Ole
Brady, ain't I been good ta you?
      (serious look on
       his face.)
Man are you crazy!
yeah, crazy foe dis sheer woman,
she gon be mines.
Hun, why you gon hook yoe-sef up
ta uh waggen you cain't pull?
Like hell I cain't pull it, there
ain't uh woman out here that I
cain't handle, I'm too murch foe
      (Puts her finger
       on Bradys lips,
       slides in between
       Brady and the bar
       and sits on his
       lap and begins
       too gyrate her
Brady, baby, you too much fah me,
so pleeze don't hurt me.
      (looking directly
       at maxine.)
You betta stop doing that, you gon
give that ole man uh heart attack
and you gone be charged wit


                       CARROLL (cont'd)
      (Puffing on a
       cigarette, stares
       coldly at Max and
       shakes his head.)
God is gon judge.
Maxine eases away from Brady and gets in Sonny's face.
      (Angry, loud and
       pointing her
       finger in Sonny's
What is dat pose ta mean Sonny,
you ignant son ova bitch. God
gonna judge yoe dum ass and yoe
mammy too.
      (smiling, and
       talking very low)
Sho you rite.(starts to walk away)
Maxine grabs a beer bottle from off the bar and raises it to
smash Sonny in back of his head but Ray sternly grabs her
      (smiling and
       puffing from his
Whut up though?
You betta tell dis nigga ta stop
passen judgemen own me en whut he
thinks is going own in my life.
      (tightens the grip
       on Max's arm,
       talks in a low


                       RAY (cont'd)
       stern voice)
Hey, whut is yoe problum talk-en
bout this man's mutha?
      (Angrily and loud.)
Ray, I ain't bothering him, ever
time he comes in heah he got
sumpen smart or nasty ta say bout
me. I don't know whut his problum
is but you betta talk ta him.
      (Angry, smiling
       with teeth
       clenched grabbing
       her arm tightly.)
Who the hell you raising yoe voice
et? And I don tole you befoe I
ain't none of yoe kid, don't tell
me whut I betta do.
      (trying to
Baby you know I didn't mean
anything by that.
Un-hun,(puts on his coat) I'm
going to the house and check on
the kids.
      (Smiles and life
       fades from her
       face, she knows
       that Ray is
       either going to
       see another woman
       or abuse her
       children in one
       way or another.)
Baby cain't you wait,(looks at the
watch on her arm) my shift is


                       MAX (cont'd)
almost done.
I'll be back.
      (wringing her
Ray I,I jest thought maybe
      (frowned face)
Whut's the problum Max?
      (forcing a smile)
nothing baby, I jest know the kids
are okay.(grabs him around his
waist) come own baby, let me buy
you uh drink.
      (gesturing with
       his hands)
You need ta git ovva there and
serve drinks, that's whut Wally is
pay-en you foe, do yo job.
Ray walks through the gangway of this six unit condemned
building,he picks up a stick then walks to the back. Large
rats are running from the garbage that has been strewn about
the unkempt yard.As he climbs the dilapidated steps he beats
loudly on the worn wood as to warn whatever rodents there
might be that he is on his way. As he reaches the third
floor we see electrical cords coming out of the back window
and srectching across to the third floor of the building
next to it.Ray pushes the back door open and walks into what
appears to be a dimly lit iimpoverished kitchen. A rodent
scurries across the floor, there's one metal cabinet hanging
above the one hole sink. Ray walks through a set of plastic
curtains that are hanging at the doorway that leads into the
next room. Here we see two young girls and three boys,


Maxine's children. Two of the young lads are asleep on a big
overstuffed couch, one is asleep on a chair and the two
young girls are on another couch that lets out into a bed.A
small television is on and there's a kerosene heater burning
on full force.When Ray walks in the kids don't budge, he
takes his foot and kicks Frankie B on the side of his foot.
      (Hitting each kid
       with the stick in
       his hand)
wake up, wake up, all you lil
trifling bastuds.I don tole yall
time en time uh-gen bout lay-en
yall black asses up heah sleep en
leav-en this t.v. own.
The children groggily sit up, saying nothing they stare at
Ray as he rants on about the t.v.
Now since yall thank sum-body rich
and you don't preciate whut yoe
mama try-en ta do fah you, I'm
putt-en yall own punishment. The
t.v. is off limits fah one whole
                       FRANKIE B
      (stretching and
       yawning at the
       same time.)
Man pleeze, it ain't like maxine
pay-en no lightbill.
      (Walks over to
       Frankie B, pulls
       him off the couch
       and drops him to
       the floor.)
For some reason yo lil dum ass
don't know how ta keep yo mouth
Chuck jumps to his feet in defense of his brother


      (turns towards
       Chuck and gets in
       his face)
Oh, oh, yo punk ass gon help
Chuck, whut you gon do.I like that
in you. Leap this way
punk.(summons Chuck on with his
hands)Come own punk, jump(Chuck
doesn't move, he continues to
stare at Ray). Jes as I thought
Kenny begins to cry, Dotty grabs Kenny and begins to console
him, Versie is sitting on the side of the couch she has
water(pee) trickling down her legs
      (crying and wiping
       his eyes, steps
       over to Ray.)
Ray I hate you and one day I'm
gonna hafta kill you.
Ray pulls back and slaps Kenny hard across his face landing
him in one corner of the room. Frankie B and Chuck jump to
their feet in defense of Kenny, Ray hit Chuck so hard that
Chuck doubled over in pain and he knocked Frankie B to his
knees.The two girls are crying uncontrollably.
      (seething with
You three muh-fuckkas came close
ta dying ta-nite, you lucky that I
had compassion but since you thank
you so tuff, I gotta show you who
the ad-dult is, and that be me.
Takes his foot and kicks Chucks feet from under him.
Get outta here.
      (hurt and angry
       with tears
       rolling down his


                       CHUCK (cont'd)
Ray grabs Chucks shirt and slings him towards the kitchen
Get on the back porch and stay
there until I tell you (pauses for
a second) hell nawl, I tell you
whut, all three of you punks go
own the back porch till I say
The three boys walk over to a crate where their jackets are
laying,as they attempt to grab their jackets Ray snatches
the jackets away from them
      (Watches the three
       boys, he pauses
       and then smiles
Hell nawl, yall tuff, whut you
need uh coat foe. Get outta here
just as you are, its warm outside
the last I heard it was 37
degrees, jest like summer.
      (Angry and hurt)
man its cold out there, you
make-en my brothers go out in all
this bad weather, they gon be
      (smirk on his face)
It ain't cold ta me, (turns to
Versie) Sugar baby take the heater
in the room so I ken keep you
warm. (walks over to Dotty) and
you missy, since you're yoe
brothers keeper get yoe black ass
out on the back with them.


Maxine and other patrons are sitting at the bar, she's
watching the door waiting for Ray to walk in. Wally comes
from behind the bar and grabs the mike.
      (Cigarette in his
I wanna thank each and everyone of
you for coming out here ta night,
you know as usual the Fat Kat aims
to please, the night is still
young and we got some good
entertainment coming up shortly,
the kitchen is still open serving
good ole hot corned beef
sandmiches and chicken wings and
the bar is open, so in the mean
time and between time lets
      (wearing a big
       undershirt and
       black tights, she
       slides back and
       forth across the
       floor as she does
       her ballet steps,
       Maxine walks
       through the door,
       looks at Versie)
Mama(excitedly) I made it.
      (smirk on her face)
You made whut?
The dance troupe, I'm gonna
practice Ballet


Ballerina my ass, where you come
from wit that shit? Only white
folk do that, ain't no black ass
Oh yes it is, Arthur Mitchell
joined the New York Ballet in
1956. He was the first black
principal dancer in a major
company, the first black in
history and he stayed with that
company for twenty years. Then he
went on and found his own school
of Ballet in Harlem New York so he
could train black students in the
finer arts, hello.
      (Waving her hand,
       sits on the
       raggedy couch and
       begins to take
       off her shoes.)
Not today Versie, I ain't up fah
the bullshit, I'm tide en ma feet
is killin me. Ever time I look
around you got some new bullshit
that you into, now you trying ta
be like this black faggot
      (walks up close to
       her mother)
Mama, how you gonna talk about
somebody that you don't know
anything about. You had never even
heard of this man before today.
      (Pursed her lips
       and folded her
You right I never met him and


                       MAX (cont'd)
ne-tha have you but you're about
two seconds from get-en yo ass
kicked because of him. I don't
wanna hear this crap. Evva since
you been et that school wit them
hunkies you have really been
beside yoe-sef. Naw heah you come
talk-en bout being uh ballerina,
you betta git yoe ass somewhere en
sit it down.
      (Pleading voice as
       tears well up in
       her eyes.)
Mama, I just
Mama my ass, get outta my face, I
don't wanna heah it, that's the
problem wit niggas ta-day they
wonna be white. They leave the
neighborhood they have known all
they lives and move out ta where
the peckawood is, he don't wont-um
out there so he burns down the
garages and writes nigga all over
their property. But whut do they
do, git they ugly asses own t.v.
an vow ta stick it out. I don't
wonna go no where that I ain't
wonted. So please, if you wonna
remain ma frien foe ta-day don't
come in heah talk-en ta me bout
them white folks et that cracker
school you go to, or that sissy
that you say is uh ballerina.
They stare at one another, the door opens and Chuck walks
in.carrying some books he puts the books on the kitchen
table,turns and opens the refrigerator, looks in, very
little as usual.


      (face twisted)
damn, ain't nutten here ta eat,
Max what's going on.
      (sarcasm in her
It's plenty in there, all them
glasses you got own and you don't
see all that food?
      (opens the
       freezer, looks in
       it then slams it
This don't make sense. We don't
never have nothing.
      (Slowly walks over
       towards Chuck
       with her hands on
       her hips.)
Since you're so worried bout the
welfare of this family an whut you
niggas gon eat git yoe black ass
uh job en start branging some food
en heah.
      (Looks directly at
       her as he runs
       his hands in his
I'm trying ta go ta school, why
should I git uh job ta supply food
fah this family when the gov-ment
is giv-en you 1700 dollars worth
of food stamps uh month ta feed
      (screaming and
       poking Chuck)
Hey, you said it rite, they give


                       MAX (cont'd)
me 1700 dollars worth of stamps uh
month, en I do feed yall, may not
be whut yall wont but its food.
And if you don't like the way I
run things than let the doe knob
hit you where the good Laud split
ya. You sonna va bitch.
      (Standing up and
       moving away from
       her pokes)
You said it right, that's who son
I am.
Maxine walks to the back of the apartment and a knock is
heard at the door, Versies scrambles to open it and there
stands Sgt. Lofton.
      (looking puzzled)
Yes, may I help you?
      (Has a briefcase
       in one hand and a
       clipboard in the
I'm Sgt.Lofton from the United
States Marine Core, Does Charles
Hall reside here?
Chuck steps out from the kitchen area, he smiles when he
sees Sgt. Lofton.
      (Broad smile on
       his face as he
       continues to look
       towards the back
       of the house.)
Hey Sarge, you uh God send.Come
own in and have uh seat.


Chuck moves several items from the ragged overstuffed chair
and motions for the SGT. to sit down.. Maxine reappears into
the front room.
      (looks at the Sgt
       with a frown on
       his face. then at
Whut's going own heah?
      (Stands smiling
       and holding out
       his hand to
       Maxine, she looks
       at his hand then
       at him never
       him. Slowly he
       lowers his hand.)
I'm Sgt.Lofton of the United
States Marine Corp. I'm here to
make sure that permission has been
granted from the guardian of
Charles Hall for his joining and
being inducted into the Corp. Mr.
Hall has signed documents to serve
four years in the Marines but he's
only 17 so approval from a
guardian or parent must be given.
      (Looks at Chuck,
       puts her hands on
       her hips)
Oh you lil sneaky bastud, if they
had let you join without my
approval I guess you would have
left without saying uh word.
       andnodding his
True that, Oh how perceptive you
are, mother.


                       CHUCK (cont'd)
Sarge I gotta git outta here, if
yall don't take me somebody will.
      (angry but smiling)
Aw hell nawl, show me where ta
sign, that's unotha one of these
lil bastuds that I ken get outta
my life. Lead me to the dotted
line baby.
      (Serious look on
       her face.)
Can I enlist. me and Chuck can go
on the buddy plan.
Versie go sit yoe stupid ass down,
Mr. where the papers I need ta
Bernadette is a young extremely attractive girl that's
working at the Fat Kat for extra money while she attends
graduate school at DePaul University. She was hired by
Wally, the owner of the Fat Kat several weeks ago and Maxine
is supposed to train her. Everything worked well for the
first couple of days and then she walked in and saw Ray and
Bernadette laughing and talking. Since that day she has had
it out for the young girl, so she humiliates her every
chance she gets.
      (Broad smile on
       her face as she
       outwardly flirts
       with a customer)
That's uh set up of Crown Royal
and two Buds, one Schiltz and
Johnny Walker Red Pony. Is that


      (GRINNING and
       talking in a sly
You still ain't got the order
rite, you gon short-en yo tip.
      (Still smiling and
       trying hard to
       remember, looking
       very serious.)
Oh wow,you said Johnny Walker Red
Pony set up, uh set up of Crown
Royal two Buds and one
Schiltz.What did I miss?
                       BAR PATRON #1
Baby he jes messen wit you, you
ain't fah-got nutten. Nigga leave
dis lady uh-lone so she ken git ma
Bern shakes her head from side to side, one of the patrons
at the table grabs her hand and she smiles and rubs the top
of his head and briskly walks away. Max watches from behind
the bar. When Bern reaches the bar she smiles but Max looks
at her coldly.
I need uh set up of Crown Royal a
pony set up of Johnny Walker Red,
two Buds and one Schiltz.
      (Dryly and looking
       for the
       opportunity to
       lash out at
Whut kinda chaser?
Didn't say, give me uh minute.


      (Seething with
Hole-up, look I ain't got time ta
walk you through no a,b,c,'s naw
we hired you cuz you said you knew
whut ta do, well you needta do it.
      (Looking directly
       at Max, never
       blinking an eye.)
Huh,all of this because I forgot
ta ask what kinda chaser they
Hey missy, we running uh bizness
here, there is no room for I
fah-got Git uh pencil en one of
those books here en write down
whut the peoples order, dis way
you won't fah-git.
Bern doesn't answer, she looks through Max as she slowly
shakes her head in agreement.Max gets Berns order and sits
it down on the bar in front of her, Bern non-chalantly runs
her hand across her face down to her mouth just as Max turns
from the cash register and places her bill on the tray.
      (Frown on her
       face, moves the
       tray away from
       Bernadette and
       shakes her head
       from side to
No No that ain't nevva gonna
work up in heah.
      (Looking puzzeled
       as she looks


      (Loud enough for
       other patrons to
       hear her.)
Whut! You needta wash yo hands
befoe you serve my customers
anythang, thats what.
      (Baffled, looks at
       her hands.)
What are you talking about, what's
wrong with my hands?
Are you that dumb, you really
don't know whut you jest did?
No, I don't know tell me.
      (As nasty as she
       can say it with
You jest took yo hand and ran it
across the corners of yo mouth,
nobody knows where yo mouth been
en you gon serve drinks heah, I
don't thank so. Wash yo hands.
Ed Winston is at the microphone introducing the talent for
tonight.He has a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the
other. He pulls a stool up close to the standing Mike, he
drags off the cigarette in his hand then takes a drink.
Hey(loudly) whut the hell is going


                       BAR PATRON #6
You ain't nigga, brang own the
See how we act, they gave this
nigga uh weekend pass just ta see
if they could trust him round
decent folk an look how he act.
                       BAR PATRON #6
Man don't nobody wonna heah dat
bullshit you talk-en where's the
talent? That's whut we come here
Look like you wonna be the talent
tanight, can you sang, do you tell
                       BAR PATRON #6
Nawl and neither do you, but I
heard yo mama can is she here, is
that the talent fah ta-night?
                       BAR PATRON #1
Ed, shut that nigga up.
I would shut him up but my zippa
got stuck.(turns to the band) And
on that note Mistro, drum roll. I
present to you tonight, making her
debut at the historic Fat Kat
Lounge the beautiful and talented
Celestine Harper,singing her brand
new release "Feeling Lonely With
Him", give it up for her.


Maxine and Versie is at Ultra foods grocery shopping. Vee is
pushing the cart as she happily skips along. She is excited
about grocery shopping hoping that she can pick out some
items. As they pass by the cereal Vee grabs several boxes of
the pre-sweetend cereal and throws them in the cart, Maxine
has walked ahead to the meat counter. Vee pushes the cart
with the 5 boxes of cereal over to where her mother is
selecting the best cuts of meat for herself and Ray, when
she places the meat in the cart she notices the cereal.
Whut the hell is this?
      (smiling proudly)
mama its some cereal for me en
Kenny, we got that long bus ride
every morning to the north side
and we never have anything ta eat
before we leave home, and kelloggs
has a sale, 6 boxes for ten
dollars. Isn't that good mama?
      (Taking the items
       Versie put in out
       of the cart.)
It ain't like ain't no food there,
you eat whut's there.
Mama its nothing there but bologna
and cold rice, why can't we have
some cereal sometime?
      (Looks at Versie
       and puts her
       hands on her
Okay, yall won't cereal, get the
puffed wheat and the regular corn
flakes. I ain't spending my money
on all this bullshit that got
shugga own it, we got shugga et


                       MAX (cont'd)
      (Tears in her
Are you for real, corn flakes and
puffed wheat?
      (Looking at Vee
       without blinking.)
How often do I play wit you?
      (Tears streaming
       down her face as
       she slowly walks
       in front of Max.)
I'm not trying to be smart but
We're tired of rice and lunch meat
every day all day while you and
ray eat steaks and pokchops. I
don't mean to be disrespectful but
it hurts.
Max and Versie step out of the white older model Cadillac
that Max is buying Ray, they go to the trunk and start
taking the groceries out and into the house.Ray walks out of
the house and walks to the rear of the car, peers into one
bag and then another.
Whuts the matta bay?
      (smirk on his
Where's the cat fish?


      (slaps her hand
       against the side
       of her face.)
Dam, Versie tell Kenny en Frankie
ta come own out heah en git the
rest of this stuff. I gotta go
down to Market Fish rite quick.
      (Holding his hand
Give me my keys.
      (Looking at the
       keys in her hands)
I don't have yo keys, dese are
      (Snatches the keys
       from her hands.)
Your's, ain't no your's. These are
mine, you don't have uh car, so
whut you need keys fah?
      (Gesturing with
       hands and
Okay Ray whatever, I jes needta go
git the fish.
      (Angry tone)
You know Max, it seems the more I
try with you the harder it gets.
You let these dumn ass kids of
yours get in the way of what could
have been a beautiful relationship
tween you an me, and it's not
just sometimes but all the time.
But if you think I'm gonna keep
walking around you and being
mistreated by you and your kids
you got another thing coming. i


                       RAY (cont'd)
have been patient wit you and give
you the best I know how ta give
but looks like the smallest thing
I ask you ta do, or the least
thing I ask from you, fah some
reason you always fah-git. What's
wit that Max, huh?
      (Tears streaming
       down her face,
       she reaches her
       arms out to Ray
       but he moves away
       and gets into the
Baby you're so right, and you have
given me your best. I promise you
(before she can finish her
sentence Ray drives off).
Versie and kenny are in the kitchen putting the groceries
away. Max comes in and goes to her room without saying
anything to either kid.
      (Grin on his face
       as he unloads the
Ummmm, look at the steaks Versie.
Awe snap we got orange juice yeah
      (Grabs his arm as
       he starts to open
       the juice.)
Don't be delusional, we ain't got
nutten but what we been having.
Noodles, lunch meat and rice.Those
are Ray's steaks, Ray's pork chops
and Ray's chicken breast. Oh yeah
we got a bonus this month(pulls


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
out a box of frozen fish sticks).
Bullshit, not ta-day,Ray ken kiss
ma black ass. (takes a pack of
steaks put them in a bag and hides
them in the cabinet) I,m taking
these over to Black Swans house en
let Keisha cook em. All the food
stamps Maxine is gett-en and we
gotta keep eat-en garbage! that's
      (Slightly laughs.)
She sells most of the stamps so
she can pay that car note, then
the majority of whats left she
buys food for her and Ray. We get
to eat(raises her hands in the
air) whatever.
      (angry and points
       his finger at
uh, ugly bitch, this gonna change,
I'm gone report her fat ass to the
authorities then I'm gone kill
Ray's snaggle tooth ass.
      (shaking her head
       from side to
Kenny don't do that. Dotty and
Chuck wanted to report her but
they found out that if the state
gets involved they will take us
and place us in different foster
homes. We don't need to be
separated.We will only be hurting
ourselves trying to get back at
her and she ain't worth whatever
happiness I may have in the


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
      (Angry and
       swinging his fist
       in the air.)
I don't care! I'm tired of this.
Chuck went off to the Marines,
Frankie B doing his own thang and
the three of us left here wit
Maxine's ugly ass and that piece
of shit she call daddy. (walks
over and looks out the window)
Look at how I walk Xee, that
muh-fucca the cause of the limp I
got, did you forget that Vee. I
was jus a lil kid and dat bitch of
uh momma let his punk ass throw me
down then raggedy ass back porch
steps. She did nothing Vee.
      (goes over and
       puts her arm
       aound him)
I no. but he'll get his and so
will she. (pauses for 10
seconds)She knew the things he was
doing to me and Dotty (voice gets
low)she knew he was making
us(starts to cry)
      (Reaches over to
       comfort Vee)
Don't cry Vee, I got you.He gonna
pay,I mean it. He gonna suffer
like the bitch that he is,
      (goes back to
       putting up the
Kenny before you and those lil
silly boys you be with do
something stupid just remember


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
that we can't let ray and maxine
win, we better than that.
      (Shaking his head
       from side to side)
I don't know what you talk-en
bout, but i do know that I'm gonna
mess Ray up, mark my word.
      (Exhales slowly.)
You may not remember but I do, Ray
ain't the first and he won't be
the last.It's all about her men
and what she can do for them.
There's a knock at the door that distracts the siblings,
abuptly Kenny yanks the door open.
      (Frowned face)
      (Young girl that
       goes to school
       with Vee,she
       stands there
Hi, is Versie here?
Hearing her name Versie walks over to the door.
Hey Marlene, what you doing over
      (grinning and
       pointing her
You forgot already?


      (puzzled look on
       her face.)
Uh, what is it that I'm suppose to
      (Smiling and
Hey I know who you are, you're one
of the cheerleaders at school.Yeah
(shaking his head up and down) I
remember you.
      (Smiling and
       pushing Kenny to
       the side.)
Lena if you hadn't noticed this is
my little brother Kenny
      (Smiling and
       waving her hand)
Hi Kenny, and to get back to you
Ms.Hall, you're suppose to be my
guest at church for family and
friend day, remember.
      (Slapping her
Oh I sure am.
un-huh, so me and my mom will be
here to pick you up around 11:30
Could I have uh rain check?


      (pleading voice)
Come on, you promised me. why you
changing your mind now?
Cuz she don't like church, she
ain't nevva been to no church.
      (turns towards her
Shut up Kenny, I have been to
When and with who?
      (Looks surprised)
Its okay, because she's about to
make a brand new start. and Kenny
why don't you be ready so you can
join us.
You fine en all, but hell nawl I
ain't going ta nobodies church,fah
Maxine comes from the back wrapped in a beautiful robe. She
looks at Versie and Kenny.
      (lights a
Close that dam doe, hell this
ain't no barn.
Mama this is my best friend
Marlene Carter we go to school
together and she's picking me up


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
for Church tomorrow.
      (Smiling and
       holding out her
       hand to Max.)
Hi Mrs.Hall, how are you?
      (Look's at Lenas
       hand. she never
       extends her hand
       to Lena Nor
       actually speaks)
um-huh, Kenny git me uh glass of
orange juice. Versie if you don't
git ta the laundrymet you ain't
going nowhere in the morning.
      (Anxious for Lena
       to leave.)
Okay Lena, let me get on with my
chores and I'll see you in the
      (funny look on her
See you at eleven, you too Kenny.
By Mrs.Hall, nice meeting you.
Lena leaves, Versie closes the door she looks at Max as she
drags on her cigarette and sips from the glass of orange
juice Kenny has given her.For several seconds nobody says a
word then Max begins to laugh. Versie turns and looks at
      (Upset about the
       meeting with
       Marlene, she has
       a blank stare on
       her face as she
       looks at her


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
What's so funny?
      (Laughing heartily
       and wiping the
       tears from her
You really are something, you
really think that you're somebody
but baby you're not and never will
be.(Vee scratches her head
slightly as her eyes well up with
tears. Baby I jest won't you ta
know this is the real world, you
get in where you fit in and it
definitely ain't wit that lil
wonna be bitch that jest left
      (Wiping her eyes.)
Oh my, mama why can't I be
somebody great or respectable
someday? I'm smart and I'm gifted
and I'll show you. You don't even
know Marlene, she's one of the
nicest people that you'd ever want
to meet and I'm proud to be her
      (Angrily points
       his finger at
Ain't that uh bitch, Maxine you my
mother but you ain't shit. You
leave my sista alone you heah me,
and I mean it.(storms out the
      (Startled and lost
       for words and
       attempts to
       address Kenny but
       he leaves before


                       MAX (cont'd)
       she can)
Versie I jes don't wont you go-en
out heah gitt-en yo feelins
hurt.(starts to laugh again).
First you git accepted ta this
aw-most lilly white school. They
buss-en you en Kenny's black ass
all ova the city. Fah whut, Whut
makes you en Kenny betta than my
uther kids. Then you git ova there
wit all them peckka-woods en now
you thank that you can become uh
black ballerina, bullshit.(Vee
looksa at her mother then rushes
to the back of the house as her
mother continues to rant on) Now
you fix-en ta start go-en ta
church, naw you gonna be this
great christian woman huh, motha
Poole or mutha York huh?
Versie looks at Max as the tears rapidly stream down her
face and she rushes to the back of the house. Kenny is
enraged at his mother and and storms out of the door.
Kenny, Fish, sHAKEY and Black Swan, three of his friends
stand outside the Arab run corner store hustling dRUGS .The
owner steps outside and begins sweeping the sidewalk in
front of the store.
                       CORNER STORE OWNER
      (Heavy Arab accent)
I ask you boys don't stand here in
front of my place, you bad foe
      (Pulling off a
Shh-it, ole man, yo yellow ass bad
foe the hood. Why you ova here
anyhow, you live round here?


                       CORNER STORE OWNER
I call police if you don't leave
rite now.
                       BLACK SWAN
      (takes his glasses
       off and begins to
       clean them with
       the bottom of his
Who givva fuc, huh, whut 5-0 gon
      (shakes his head
Mane later fah the dum-shit, lets
take it to the lot.We don't need
no heat from 5-0.
                       BLACK SWAN
      (Frowned and
       squinted face)
We ain't runn-en from dis
gump,this our hood.Persecut-en
Saints run it.(the boys hi-5 one
another). Shh-it, he in our neck
and if he don't wonna become
Adam's Apple he betta stand
down.Naw you in our neck yella
mane en if you don't wont us in
yoe ass I advise you ta git back
in that dump you call uh stoe en
let us handle yoe bizzness.
The store owner steps backwards into the store.
      (wiping his brow)
Let's walk man cuz he gon call
5-0, and I don't feel like git-en
searched ta-night.


Hole lup, let me git some chips or
sumpen, I'm starven like Marvin.
Yall wont sumpen?
      (Walking towards
       the lot)
Brang me uh grape pop.
Hurry up, we gon walk down to the
Fish has picked up several bags of chips and goes to the pop
case and the owners son follows close behind him. Donna, the
black cashier is standing behind the counter watching the
      (Abruptly turns
Why you on my ass man, you uh fag
or sumpen?
Fish turns to get away from the man and he jumps back into
Fishes path. Fish pushes him and they began to tussel The
man grabs a can from the shelf and hits Fish in his head,
blood oozes from the open wound. The owner runs to the back
of the store with a small bat and begins hitting Fish with
                       CORNER STORE OWNER
      (Shouting to the
Call police, call police he try to
rob store.
      (Struggling to get
       away from the men
       but they have him
       hemmed in.)


                       FISH (cont'd)
You uh got-dam lie, I aint tried
ta rob nutt-en an you know it.
                       CORNER STORE OWNER
      (Out of breathe
       and screaming
       lies and
You lie, you lie, your kind always
tell da lies. You so tuff now you
go to jail for long time. My girl
rite here(pointing to cashier) she
witness, she see your face when
you try to rob store.
      (with a pleading
Donna ,(she turns her head away
from Kenny). Donna, you know he
ly-en, you gon let him play me
like this?
Kenny is talking to a woman in a car that has pulled up on
the lot, they exchange words and he sticks his entire head
into her car window. When he pulls his head out three squad
cars zoom pass the lot and park in front of the grocery
      (Walking slowly
Swan, 5-0
The three boys began to walk in different directions then
they notice the police going into the store.
                       BLACK SWAN
      (Looks puzzled.)
Hey where's Fish?


      (Looks at Swan as
       he walks back
       towards the store)
He ain't nevva come out the stoe.
      (Pounding his fist
       into his hand.)
Awl hell nawl, man I tole you we
shudda left when he tole us too,
that mug don called the police.
The three boys walk back to the store to see what's
                       POLICE #1
      (standing in front
       of the store and
       refusing anybody
       to enter.)
This is uh crime scene,the store
is closed.
                       CORNER STORE OWNER
      (rushes to the
       door and points
       his finger at the
       other three boys.)
They with him too, they try to rob
store too then they run away, now
they come back, how stupid.
                       BLACK SWAN
      (Serious look on
       his face.)
Officer he tellen uh lie. We ain't
been in this stoe taday and my man
ain't tried ta rob shit.
                       POLICE #1
      (Grabs Swan by the
       arm and walks him
       back into the
       store to be
       identified by the


                       POLICE #1 (cont'd)
Miss, was he also in the store
when the robbery was taking place?
      (Refusing to look
       at either young
       boy, she looks
       down at the
I didn't see nobody but this one
right here.( slightly raises her
head and points to Fish).
Kenny is asleep on the couch, he has on the same clothes
that he had on the previous night. There's a soft knock on
the door, but Kenny doesn't move, the knock comes again but
this time louder.
Damn, who is it?
      (Soft voice)
It's Lena, I'm here to pick Versie
up for Church.
      (Stumbles over and
       opens the door)
come own in. I don't thank Versie
is woke.(hollers)Versie, (silence)
I see you ready.
      (Wipes his hands
       across his face)
Fah whut?


      (shakes his head
i don't thank so, (yelling)
Versay! Why you here so early,
don't you know real niggas don't
get up til 11.
Yeah but it's 11 so I guess that
makes you uh real real nigga hun?
      (Waves his hand)
Sho you're right, (yelling)
      (comes from the
       back clad in a
       raggedy slip)
What is it and why are you
hollering like uh crazy man?
      (Peeping around
Hi (waving her hand) this is
Sunday, Church time.
Lena I forgot and I don't have
anything prepared to wear.
      (Walking towards
Come on,(attempting to walk back
to Versies room) we'll put our
heads together, we'll find


                       LENA (cont'd)
something for you to wear.
      (Embarrassed, she
       stops Lena, she
       knows that she
       has nothing to
       wear, you can see
       the hurt in her
Oh no, no, no, look you go outside
with your mom and I'll be out in
fifteen minutes, I promise.
      (trying to be
You sure, girl because I can help
you throw something together right
fast. At my church you don't have
to have on anything fancy
      (pushing Lena
       towards the door.)
I'm positive, give me uh few
minutes and I'll be right out.
Versie hurries to the room she shares with her sister. They
share a full size mattress without sheets that lays directly
on the concrete floor. Versie rambles through the containers
that she and her sister use as drawers and she pulls out
several wrinkled items. In her rush she accidentally knocks
a container over onto Dotty.
      (rapidly sits up.)
Dam Vee, whuts up wit dat.
      (Exhales slowly.)
Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you,
I'm try-en ta find something to
wear ta church.


      (Sits up)
try-en ta find sump-en to wear
      (Still looking
       through the
       container and
       finding nothing
My best friend Marlene invited me
as her guest to her church,(sigh)
but I don't have anything nice to
Dotty gets up from the mattress and grabs a caigarette from
the top of a container, she lights it, inhales and exhales
as she watches Versie search through the containers.
      (puzzled look on
       her face.)
Vee whut you doing?
Trying to go to church, but I
don't have anything decent to
      (yelling angrily.)
So why is you look-en in these
containers, you know dam well that
sump-en decent don't exist fah me
nor you, are you crazy or jest
      (Slowly sinking
       down onto the
       mattress, holding
       a piece of
       clothing in her
You're right,(tears welling in her
eyes) You know Dotty, I think I'm


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
the raggediest girl in the entire
school.I'm sixteen years old and I
don't have decent underwear or
even a decent outfit that I can go
to Church in.
      (Feeling sorry for
       her sister she
       reaches up on the
       closet shelf and
       grabs a bag down.)
Vee that'swhat's called reality,
we was dealt uh bad hand when it
came to parents becuz yoe mammy
ain't shit, but the good thang is
we almost outta here, but she
don't care.
Don't say that Dotty, she's still
our mother.
Aw shut up and stop being so dam
blind.(tosses the bag to her)
Here, merry Christmas. And when
you go to church tell God or Jesus
ta please take those blindas offa
yoe eyes so you kin see Maxine fah
who huh fake ass really
is.(starts out the room then turns
around)And Vee she ain't no
mother, she ain't shit and I hate
This is a large church with over 100 people in the
congregation. The church is decoraated and trimmed for
christmas and there's a huge combined choir in the pulpit
singing, the parishoners are all into the service. (CU),
Versie is standing and clapping her hands, she has a wide
grin on her face. Mrs.Jackson looks at her and smiles. (The


choir finishes their song and the announcer comes up to the
                       CHURCH ANNOUNCER
      (Looking serious)
What uh awesum God we serve. I'm
tell-en you Saints of God the Holy
Ghost is here.(parishoners are
praising God, by clapping their
hands and some are up moving about
in the spirit of God)Let the
church say amen, the Bible says
let everything that has breath
praise the Lord.Ummm, Glory be ta
God, Glory.
Now without further uh-due we gone
bring to you the greatest Pastor
in the state of Ilinois, the great
sanctified man of God, filled with
the precious Holy Ghost,, uh man
that serves God and loves
unconditionally, the one and only
Apostle Joe B Redden, and let the
church say amen.
                       JOE B.
      (The parishoners
       are screaming and
       praising God as
       the pastor walks
       to the podium
       dressed in a
       black and purple
Praise the Lord everybody. I truly
thank God for each and everyone of
you. I thank and praise him today
that the spirit of the Lord has
impaled each and everyone that is
under the sound of my voice to
come and worship at this place
today.The holiday seasons are upon
us, and the days seem to be coming
fast, really to fast if you ask me
but while we are out buying gifts
and trimming trees, going into
bankruptcy, maxing out credit


                       JOE B. (cont'd)
cards and such as we are all so
guilty of doing, do we really
understand the reason for the
season, it's not about gifts and
who has the prettiest or best
decorations no ladies and
gentlemen but it's all about Him,
Dotty is standing at the closet in her room counting a wad
of money, revealing several big bills she carefully folds
the money and sticks it insdie a tobacco pouch, she puts
the pouch up in the corner of the shelf. Dotty takes a
cigarette from the pack that lays on the boxes, she lights
it and sits down on the mattress. Maxine burst into the
room. Dottie does not acknowledge her, slowly she inhales on
the cigarette then exhales.
      (Angry, agitated
       and loud.)
What in da hell is this(pushing a
piece of paper towards Dottie)?
      (looks at Max and
Whut is whut!
      (Cramming the
       letter in the
       bend of Dotties
This letter saying you ain't been
ta school in 19 days.
I guess it's a letter saying I
ain't been ta school in 19 days.


      (hand raised)
Hole lup, you gonna stand in ma
face and admit that you ain't been
carry-en yoe black ass ta school,
well where you been?
      (angry and loud)
Whut you care Maxine, I been
everywhere and nowhere.
Maxine and Dottie are arguing when Ray comes into the room.
He has an unlit cigarette hanging from between his lips and
t's evident that the arguing woke him up.
      (Frown on his face)
Got-damn, whut in the hell is
wrone wit you two, ever morning
it's the same got-damn thang,
      (Turns to look at
Dis hoe ain't been ta school in 19
days. (Dottie looks at both Ray
and Maxine then slides down on the
mattress and continues to smoke
her cigarette).
      (Screaming loudly)
So whut, why the funk the worried
about it, the dum bitch ain't gon
nevva amount ta nutten no way.
      (Jumps to her feet)
The hell wit you Ray, yoe mammy is
uh dum bitch, you stanken ass
child molester. You need ta git
yoe baby raping ass uh job and
stop lay-en around offa low life
bitches wit no self esteem.


      (hands on hips)
Un-un hoe, who you thank you
talk-en too?
      (Crying and
That piece of shit you call yoe
man. Punk ass ain't even got uh
job and he got nerve ta call me
      (Angrily walking
       up to Dotty)
Whut that gotta do wit you, what
yoe black ass gon do since you
don't wonna go ta school, you gon
either git uh job or you gitten
outta here and you gonna git one
soon. You will not lay around here
on me for free.
      (Angrily turns to
       walk away, then
You know whut Max, I fault yoe ass
fah this, this sons of bitches
wudden talk ta me if you had ma
back and if you think I'm gonna
take this shit off yoe kids, you
uh got-damn lie, I'm gone git up
outta heah foe I hafta fuc one of
you niggas up.
      (pleading voice)
baby tou ain't gotta go nowhere,
(turns to face Dottie). You get
yoe ass outta heah in the morn-en,
find uh job and don't come back
here until you have one, is that


      (Crying and
I'll git uh job(shaking her head
rapidly up and down) but I ain't
giving you nutten Maxine, when dat
trick help around here so will I.
      (Walking close to
Get yoe black ass outta heah foe I
kill you, (screams)right now
Dotty walks from the room crying and Maxine is following
behind her, the door opens and Kenny walks in.
      (Looks at his
       sister then his
       mother, his face
       gets sullen)
Whut's going own sissy?
      (Huffing and
Ask that(points to Maxine as she
goes toward the door)
      (Angry and
What you do ta huh Max?
      (frowned up)
The same thang I'm gonna do ta
each one of you bastuds when you
git ta the point that you don't
wanna go ta school or do nutten
else. You ether git uh job or git
yoe black ass outta ma house.


Dotty opens the door to leave and Kenny is behind her, he
stops and turns to his mother.
      (seething with
It ain't nevva no good day heah,
always some bull going own.
Large Mercedes Benz with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson sitting in the
front and Vee, Lena and Patrick are in the back seat.
Versie's face is lit up she is so excited about church and
being out with the Jacksons.
Daddy, can we go ta Snooks today.
      (Without giving
       much thought to
       Lena's question)
Un-un, ask yoe mama.
I say yes,hey anytime I can get a
break from the stove and have
somebody serve me, the answer is
Versie, you ever ate at Snooks?
      (Shakes her head
Snooks, what is Snooks?
You never been to Snooks?


      (happy tone to her
Never been, I never even heard of
Girl you gon love it, you can eat
all you want, its a buffet. They
got pizza and steaks, fish,
shrimp, chicken just everything
that you think you might want so I
hope you're hungry.
      (Smiling and
I'm always hungry.
man you stay in school, I'm gone
be alright. I already know whut
time it is and whut I'm gone do.
      (rubbing his eye)
You know I got yoe back, but I'm
gonna mess Ray up, I promise you
      (Waving her hand)
i,I, man, I get so mad at maxine
till I could almost kill huh, oooo
(clenches her fist), I ain't nevva
seen nutten like huh.
I hear ya, she dum and weak you
kill Max and I'll make Ray


      (Tussels the hat
       on Kennys head.)
Boy shut up an lets order, I'm
hungry as hell.
They read the menu then Dotty pulls a tobacco pouch from her
inner pocket and unconciously pulls fifty dollars from the
      (Excited, eyes
Aw snap, Dotty whut you do-in?
Just uh lil sump-en.
Bullshit! You ain't got no job an
you gotta grip, you spotting
fifties an whut not,hey cut me in
or cut it out.
Rhonda lives next door to Maxine. She's a young single
mother of twin boys but she hates one and loves the other
and she has no problem showing it. The boys are in their
room playing with action figures. Squirt has on spider man
pajamas with the feet in them and Squint has on a tee shirt
and shorts. Every toy that Squint picks up Squirt takes it.
Squirt grabs Squint and they began to wrestle, Squirt trips
and hits his head on the dresser.
Hey spider man is mine, your's is
Mama, mama,


Rhonda rushes into the room, she looks at Squirt who is
crying then over at Squint who has a scared nauseated look
on his face.
      (Talking to Squirt)
Whut's the matta man?
Both boys try to explain at the same time what happened.
      (Looking angrily
       at Squint.)
Shut yoe damn mouth, I'm talk-en
ta Squirt not you.Whut happened
      (Through sniffles)
Ma, I wuz playing wit my toys en
Squint wonted them (yells) but I
tole him no, that he had his own
en he got mad en pushed me en made
me hit ma head on the dressel.
      (Scared, wringing
       his hands)
Un-un mama, that's not whut
      (Angrily slaps
       Squints face.)
(screaming) Shut up you lil lying
bastud.(grabs Squints arm) pick up
every toy and put them away then
carry yoe ass ta bed.
She and Squirt watch as Squint cries and puts away the toys.
Shut up Squint.(silence for 10
seconds) Come own Squirt you


Un-huh, but ma head kinda hurt.
I know, afta you eat uh lil
sump-en the headache will go
      (Pleading voice)
Mama could I eat, I'm hungry.
      (Wipes mouth with
       back of hand)
Squint pick up the toys and go ta
Andrew lives in the senior citizen building and every first
of the month Dotty goes there and does sexual favors for the
single elderly men that reside there.
      (Raising up from
       the bed, Andrew
       lays there and
Andy I gotta go.
What's wrong sweetie, sunp-ens
bothering you.
      (smiles and pats
       Andy on the head
       as she puts on
       her shoes.)
I'm alright, jest uh lil sump-en I
hafta take care of.


You sho,cuz you is special ta me,
en not only me but other folk
Dotty gives Andrew a quick rub rub across the face and
leaves. So goes to the elevator to go up to Al Brady's
apartment, the elevator door opens and there stands Rocky
another tenant. Rocky walks with a walker and he has two
large grocery bags in his arms and one on the elevator floor
between his feet.
Hey, let me help you wit
that.(grabs a bag from him)
Well thank you pretty lady, (keeps
looking at her and smiling)
Whut flow you own?
Right heah,(elevator stops on 9)
They both step off the elevator and Dotty patiently waits
for Rocky as they walk to his apartment 911. When Rocky sets
his bag down to get his key from his wallet Dotty notices
the wad of cash he has.
      (Grinning as he
       opens the door)
Come own in, you like soda pop?
Dotty and Rocky step inside the apartment, its very hot and
junky, the dishes are piled in the sink and a cat sits on
the window sill.Dotty looks around and Rocky smiles


So whut's yoe name lil pretty
      (Sighs as she
       looks around)
Dorothy.You live heah by yoe-sef?
Yep, foe the last sep-en years
afta my wive died. Sho is lonely
heah. Whut bout you, you gotta
Ms. Keane is sitting at the desk of Erica Santiago who is
the regular counselor that is absent because of a car
accident. She opens the bottom drawer of her desk there is a
picture of Erica and her two little girls. Slowly she picks
the picture up, looks at it then crumbles it tightly in her
fist and throws it in the garbage can. Versie walks into her
office with a big smile on her face. She looks up at Versie.
                       MS. KEANE
      (Dryly and
What is it?
      (Trying to smile)
Hi,, I have an appointment for
                       MS. KEANE
      (Looks at the
       calendar on her
I have one appointment and that's
with Versie Profit Hall and I'm
quite sure that's not you.


The telephone rings just as Versie is about to take the seat
on the other side of the desk from Ms. Keane. She holds up
her hand as if to ward Versie off, then continues to speak
on the phone.
                       MS. KEANE
      (Smiling as she
       talks on the
What's the name again. Um-hun,
sure I have time right now for Ms.
Victoria. Send her on down.
Un-hum, okay. goodbye.
Ma'am I am Versie Hall.
                       MS. KEANE
      (Angry look on her
First of all I didn't invite you
to take a seat so please stand.
      (Slowly rises from
       the chair)
What's this all about?
                       MS. KEANE
      (Arms folded
       across her chest.)
Now, you say you're Versie Hall.
Yes. and I have a 2:30
                       MS. KEANE
Not anymore you don't(scratches
her name off of the calendar)What
you can do is make an appointment
for either Friday of next week or
that following Monday.


Excuse me, I need to get my
schedule made out so I'll know
exactly what I need to take in
summer school. Ms. Keane I'm
trying to graduate in three years
instead of four, please, I need
you to work with me.
                       MS. KEANE
      (Smiling as she
       talks to Versie)
Versie, that sounds like a
personal problem to me. Please
when you leave shut the door
behind you.
Versie looks coldly at Ms.Keane and as she turns to leave
Victoria walks in, she snides Versie and sniffs at her like
shes smelling a foul odor. Versie looks at Victoria with
lips pursed and rapidly exits.
Maxine and Ray sitting at the kitchen table with drinks in
front of them as they rifle through several stacks of
records and some tapes. She's looking for the perfect song
for Versie to sing at The Fat Cat Talent Show. if Versie
wins she will get fifteen hundred dollars and a singing
      (Grinning and
Baby dis bitch gone win this shit,
I'm gone see ta that.
How you gon see ta sump-en. Whut
you gon do bribe uh nigga?
If necessary (she slides over to


                       MAX (cont'd)
Ray and starts to straddle him,
just as Versie walks through the
door. Max jumps up)Versie, oh
Versie I'm so glad to see you.
      (disgruntled look
       on her face.)
What is it Maxine?
      (Indignant look.)
Maxine! where dat come
      (Runs her hands
       across her face.)
I have had a bad day.
      (Trying to look
Whut happened?
My regular advisor is out sick and
we have a substitute that is so
prejudice that she makes Hitler
look lik a Saint.
      (Saddness lifts as
       she believes her
       mother is
Mama, I had a appointmaent with
her to do my new schedule and
after I arrived at her office on
time she rescheduled me and gave
my appointment to a white girl.


      (Looks at Ray then
        back at Versie.)
Um,(shakes her head from side to
side) lisssen I need you to do me
uh favor.
      (Looking directly
       at her.)
Sounds about right.
Don't sound so dry, its sump-en
that can benefit both of us.
You know its time fah the Fat Kat
Talent search and this time they
gon give way uh fifteen hundred an
I know you can win it.
      (Makes herself
Get What? What are you talking
      (Mimics Versie.)
What are you talking about! I'm
talk-en bout some money, some cold
      (Talking loud.)
Mama I can't enter no singing
contest at the Fat Kat, I'm barely
sixteen years old.


Versie don't worry bout dat, I got
all dat covered.
No, I don't wanna do that, I just
joined Church and I sing in God's
      (Angry look on her
How much He pay-en you?
      (Surprised look)
Yoe God, ain't that who you say
you singing for?
Mama I got baptised and I gave my
life to Christ. I have no desire
to sing worldly music.
Huh, okay, you fix-en ta graduate
and a lot of money is due, who you
spose gonna pay all dem dues?
Not you!
Real smart ass right?
No, but I know how it was for
Chuck, he had ho year book,didn't
go to his lucheon or prom, the
only thing he participated in was
his graduation and you didn't even
come to that.


You know whut fuck chuck and you
too. You and Chuck both can kiss
my ass.
      (Shaking her head
       up and down)
Okay mama, I didn't mean to upset
you but I decline the offer to
sing at the FaT Kat. God will make
a way for me to do what I need to
Well you have and I'm sick of the
bull, I refuse to try and negoiate
wit any nigga dat I take care of.
I ain't kiss-en yoe black ass
(points to the table) there's a
stack of ole records pick you
one. I suggest you do something by
Dinah Washington, or Billie
Holliday, the choice is yoes.
Mama, were you not listening to
me? I don't wanna do this.
Versie were you not list-ning ta
me, I don't givva fuck. (points to
the records) Pick one.
Versie and Max stare each other down, the door opens and
Kenny walks in with two of his friends.
      (Looks at Kenny
       then at his
Hole up, where you thank you and
these hooligans going?


There you go, we ain't going
nowhere in here.(turns to Versie)
Vee can I talk to you.
Talk to huh all you wont an yoe
friens can wait outside.
Mama why don't you chill!
      (Stands up)
Aw hell, you the man now boy?
      (Walks up to Ray
       and his friends
       reinforce him.)
yeah Ray, you damn right, whut
uhbout it.(Ray backs up and Maxine
steps in)I thought so, wit yoe
punk ass.
Un-un, un-un, who you thank you
talkin too, I'll beat yoe ass an
dare these lil niggas ta
jump.(walks up in his face)I'm in
yoe face higgah.
Kenny looks at Maxine he doesn't blink and neither does she,
Versie and Black Swan move in at the same time. Versie
stands in between the two of them and Black Swan grabs
                       BLACK SWAN
      (Pulling Kenny's
Come own mane, that's yoe
mama(looks at Ray) I'll see you


                       BLACK SWAN (cont'd)
(pointing at Ray)my man.
Who you threat-nin punk ass nigga.
Maxine is hollering at Black Swan,Ray has sat back down and
is saying nothing, quickly Versie ushers Black Swan, Kenny
and and the oher guy out the door.
Come on Kenny, yall go.
Man, Vee I needta talk ta you,
it's crucial .
Okay,Okay,come on outside.
This is the Squeegees house, the neighborhood fence.
Everybody that has something to sell comes here. Dotty and
her friend Linda are here geting high they pass the
marajuana pipe from one to the other Squeegee sits there
watching the two young girls as drool drips down his chin.
Yall thank yall gon jes sit here
an eat up all ma high an don't do
nutten?(rocks back and forth in
his wheelchair)
      (Face frowned as
       she puffs the
Do nutten like whut, an wit who?
Squeegee wheels himself into the cluttered kitchen, goes
over to the refrigerator and after squashing a roach with
his hand he opens the fridge and takes out a plate of
uncovered food.When he turns around Dotty is standing there
watching him.


You got sum chips or sump-en?
      (wheels over to
       the half hanging
Yall don sat up heah an smoked up
all ma hi na you got the munchies.
Hell yall owe me.
Dotty folds her arms and walks back and sits down next to
Linda on the couch. Squeegee comes in the room and throws a
arm full of snack foods on the table in front of them,
immediately Dotty grabs a bag of chips, tears the bag open
and eats them by the fistful.
Slow down you wanna git choked,
cuz if you do I got uh betta way
fah you ta go. I got the real
thang ta choke you wit.
Excuse me!
      (Rubbing himself)
Scuse you, huh naw I no you ain't
try-en ta be prop-pa, I hear bout
all dem lil nasty thangs you do.
      (Angrily jumps up)
Mistah you don't know uh damn
thang bout me, you don't know me.
Mista, you don't know me.
I'm try-en, I won't you ta do sum
of dem tricks fah me like you do
fah ma frien Al Brady, I'll let
you spend the nite, I'll even give


                       SQUEEGEY (cont'd)
you uh lil change.
Angrily Dotty grabs for Squeegee and he pushes her back with
one hand and with the other hand grabs an old pistol from
under the cushion on his chair.
      (Shaking his head)
Don't thank cuz I'm in dis chair
that I'm no punk, I'll blow yoe
funky ass away.
      (angry and loud)
The hell wit you Squeegee, all
that wudden necessary. (grabs
Dotty arm) come own girl, let's
git the hell outta here.
Dotty storms andgrily out the door and Linda is right behind
her. She's almost running down the street she's walking so
fast.Linda is trying to keep up.
Girl would you wait uh minute
      (Slows down and
Linda that fat greasy bastud don't
know nutten bout me. Haw he gon
come off talk-en ta me like that?
Girl look, later fah Squeeg, he
always run-en his ugly mouth bout
sump-en he don't know nutten
about. He don heard sumbody else
say sum-en an he run-en wit it.
Whut you mean sum-body else!


Hell, I guess whoever Al Brady is,
I don't know, don't you?
      (talking through
       the small
       screenlike holes)
Mane, the bitch lied own me.
                       BLACK SWAN
      (Calm but stern)
We got huh, don't worry bout it.
Mane, if I get some time I won't
the bitch dead.
                       BLACK SWAN
Don't talk we own uh mission the
hand has been dealt en we holding
all the face cards.
Mane, I could be facing 5 years on
bullshit,wit my background I'm
gone mane if this hoe come in heah
wit that lie.
A guard walks pass with a prisoner and he stares hard at
Fish then throws up the sign of the rival gang (three middle
fingers of each hand touching opposite shoulders) 33rd
                       BLACK SWAN
who is that fool?
Stupid ass Rome he wit the 33rd.


                       BLACK SWAN
Watch yo back mane, he look like
he wonna jump sump-en off.
He jest look stupid, uh sick ass
wonna be.
                       BLACK SWAN
Mane I gotta bounce, stay cool
till this bizness be settled.
Swan and Fish give the secret salute to one another,Swan
heads for door while Fish sits and waits for the Guard.
Dotty is waiting for somebody to come out so that she can
sneak in. She lights a cigarette and peers into the lobby
through a window. The elevator door opens and an elderly
couple and Andrew get off. Quickly she runs back to the
front and slips through the door before it closes. She
stands there watching Andrew as he gets mail from his
mailbox, never saying a word. When Andrew turns around he
notices her.
Ain't you uh site fah so eyes, I
been thank-en bout you all day,
      (Forces a smile)
Hey sweet poppa, how you do-en?
      (wide grin on his
Betta, much betta sice I don seen
      (slides her hand
       across his head)
Stop being bad poppa.


Bad, you knows whut I'm like when
I'm bad. Gotta lil sump-en fah
      (easing closer to
Poppa do you know uh nigga named
Un-huh, biggest thief own the
southside. Baby gull, don't fool
wit that nigga cuz he ain't no
earthly good.
Andrew and Dotty are sitting in the small kitchen at the
table. there are drinks in front of them and several quart
bottles of liquor on the table.
      (grinning sneakily)
It's cole out, you ken stay heah
wit me an I ken keep ypu warm.
Huh, fah whut?
      (Grining and
       getting up from
       his chair.)
Fah whut you thank,(stands behind
her and behinds massaging her
starting at her shoulders.Dotty
tenses up and frowns) pretty gull?
      (Pulls away and
       stands to her
Nawl.nawl, I ain't gon stay cuz


                       DOTTY (cont'd)
you talk too much.
Whut I say?
You know Squeegey?
Yeah, who don't, but I ain't said
nuten ta him why would I tell ma
I don't know, you tell me cuz
sum-body talked.
Look gull, I ain't got time fah
dis, I'm almos eighty yeas ole en
I ain't got time ta play no games
cuz the next 24 hours may not be
mine. If-en you gon stay fine, I
got ma check taday en I'll send
out en git us some food en we can
have uh nice time, but if you
don't wonna stay go, git own outta
Versie is with the Jackson Family they have been to see
Disney on ice, the show is over and the kids, especially
Versie is excited its something she has never seen before,
Mrs. Jackson has bought the kids Mickey mouse ears and each
has soveneirs of water globes with disney on ice inside.
      (Holding her chest
       and smiling.)
Oh my God, oh my God I have never
seen anything so beautiful, so
exciting. Oh my God it was so


      (Smiling and
       nodding her head)
Oh my, do I detect that someone
really enjoyed themselves?
Mrs. Jackson, I have never seen
anything so wonderful, so full of
life. It's something I can't even
describe. It was so full of life
and beauty. Oh my God.
      (Smiling and
       nodding her head)
Okay Verse, we got the picture.
(In a whiny voice) can we go eat,
I'm starving.
Okay but, Versie you should call
your mother and let her know that
you're okay and we should be there
in about 90 minutes.
No, we don't have to do that, she
doesn't mind.
Yeah but we better call anyway
because you've been away from home
all day.
      (Shaking her head)
No ma'am, we don't have a phone
plus she's still at work.
Now that that's settled, can we go
to Unos?


Listen to ole greedy gut, Paddy do
you want pizza?
Dad say yes.
Dotty is trying to move her body from under Andrew's drunken
torso, she pushes him and slides out from under him and he
murmurs. Quickly she slides her pants on then noticing his
pants on the kitchen chair she walks over and begins to go
through his pockets. Dotty pulls out a wad of money stuffs
it into her pockets and continues to go through his wallet.
She grabs her coat and knocks over a glass which crashes to
the floor and it wakes Andrew.
      (Sits up)
Hey whut you doing?
I gotta go.
Go where, I give you noney, you
sad you be heah all nite. (Looks
around the room and notices his
pants pockets are turned inside
out)Hole lup, you don clipped me
good as I been ta you?
Dotty grabs her hat and tries to make it to the door, but
Andrew has her hemmed in. In a drunken waddle he pushes her
to one side.


Move big poppa, you know I
wouldn't do you wrone, I'll be
      (Backs her up
       against the
Nice is I ben ta you en you thank
you gon take sump-en from me, you
wrone fah dat, gull I'll kill
you.Gemme ma money lousy hoe.
Dotty and Andrew continue to tussel and he has placed his
hands around her throat, she leans back grabs the quart
bottle of Jack Daniels and smashes him on the side of his
head. Andrew stumbles backwards and she smashes him again
and again.
      (Angry look on her
Die you dirty bastud.
Slowly she gets up from the floor with tears streaming down
her face, scared and not knowing what to do.
Oh my God, oh my God. (moaning
softly) help me somebody, somebody
Dotty looks around the room, then looks at Andrew as he lays
there motionless. She mumblses to herself and shakes her
head in disbelief. Nervous and trembling she opens a drawer
in the kitchen and gets a shopping bag, putting the Jack
Daniels liquor inside along with the glasses and utensils
that she and Andrew had used.She grabs her coat and heads
for the door. .Looking around she grabs all the evidence and
goes out the door, as the door shuts the elevator is coming
to a stop on that floor. Dotty turns to go back inside the
apartment but the door had automatically locked, quickly she
rushes to the exit door and stands on the other side peeking


out. A elderly man and woman exit, they leave the building
and get into a taxi that waits for them in front of the
building.Dotty comes from behind the door and quickly exits
the building. Not knowing where to go and what to do she
walks through a garbage strewn vacant lot, here she stops
and disposes all the evidence that she has taken from the
apartment, all but the Jack Daniels, then she heads for the
main street there she see's Kenny and his crew.
Whoa Kenny,
      (turning around)
Hey Dot, whut up dough?
      (forcing a smile
       on her face)
It be you, it be you. What you
      (seriously looking
       at her)
Jes doing ehut I do baby, jes
doing whut I do. Uh, whut's up wit
you, where you been stay- en?
Here and there, its all good
though.Afta Maxine put me out I
had ta fend foe ma-sef so that
means I gotta do whut I gotta do.
      (Shaking his head
       from side to side
       in despair)
Hey(grabs Dotty and hugs her)You
ma big sista an you got sum-where
ta stay. You going wit me, its me
en you baby against the world.


      (Slides her hand
       in her pocket,
       feels the money
       and smiles)
Pre-shate you hav-en my back I'll
be okay. I'm gon take care of
      (waving his hands
       back and forth)
Dot, Dotty look its sum bad folk
out heah en you needta stick wit
me til you find uh place of yoe
own it'll make me feel betta. I
don't wonna hafta killl me uh
nigga out heah.
Man please, I be aw-rite, en if I
need you I no how ta find you.
I don't like that answer but cool,
cuz see I know haw you be git-en
down but aw-ite, aw-ite.
Kenny and Dotty are still talking when Linda and some of her
friends drive up.
      (Rolls the front
       passenger car
       window down)
Hey D.
      (turns to see
       Linda, she smiles)
Whut up lil girl, whut you up to.
      (motions with her
Come heah.


      (turns to Kenny,
       and walks away)
Catch you in uh lil bit Kenny
Dotty goes over to the car, she peers into the open window
and there are three older men, one driving and two sitting
in the back seat.
come own ride wit us. (looks at
Dotties hands) Girl whut in the
hell is wrone wit you?
      (slightly frowming)
      (turning towards
       the back seat)
Your hands, girl your hands big as
hell, look like you should have
been a prize fighter or sump-en.
Damn girl.
       moves her hands
       down to her side
       and forces a
       smile on her face)
You riden round wit movie
stars.(the two men smile and nod
their heads) this one here look
jes like Ice T and this lil thick
one here look like Ice Cube.
      (slides her hands
       around the
       shoulders of the
En this ma boo here, this my baby.


      (smiling then
Sho, you rite Ice T, Ice Cube an
Ice Age.
      (mouth drops open)
You got some nerve, come on ride
wit us.
      (puts hands up in
       defensive gesture)
I got sump-en ta do, I'll check
you later.
Girl yoe monkey ass ain't got
nutten ta do, you ain't even got
uh place ta stay.
      (stares at Linda
I'll ccheck you later (walks away)
Dotty heads back to the Senior building, angry at Linda for
the statement she had made. She gets to the vacant lot
across from the building and takes the Jack Daniels bottle
from the bag, opens it and takes a huge gulp.
      (mumbling to
Thank you so smart, ugly hoe
rid-en round wit dem ole ass men,
but mark ma word smart ass, I'll
git you foe that.
Dotty goes inside the building, she tries not to be noticed
but two older people are coming out as she stands there
ringing Rocky's bell.


      (weak voice)
yeah, who is it.
      (smiles at the two
       people leaving)
Hey grandaddy its me. (says it
loud enough for the people to hear
      (making sure the
       people are gone
       before she
Rocky, its me Dotty.
The door buzzes and she walks in and goes to the elevator.
When the door opens she looked directly in the face of Al
                       AL BRADY
      (grinning sneakily)
Gull where you go-en?
                       AL BRADY
Hope you ain't thank-en bout
com-en up ta ma place, cuz I got
me uh woman naw en she jealous.
      (brushes pass him)
Man get yo ole antique ass outta
the way.
                       AL BRADY
I jes ask where you goin.


Dotty doesn't answer him, she rides in silence as the old
elevator slowly makes it's way to the floors.The elevator
door opens and as Al gets ready to exit he turns to Dotty
and rubs his crouch.
                       AL BRADY
      (speaks in low
Look gull I'm wont-en ta see you
round the furst of the month, ken
we set sump-en up?
Dotty doesn't answer Al,she stares straight ahead as the old
elevator door s;owly closes in his face.
      (angrily kicks the
       elevator door as
       it closes)
That's okay you ole son
ova(doesn't finish her sentence,
turns from side to side)
Dotty stands in front of the door and Rocky opens it.
Hey ma lil eggroll, (laughs) yoe
grandaddy(laughs) git own in
heah.(Dotty enters and the door
closes)Let me help you wit yoe
      (forcing a smile
       on her face)
Thank you baby(moves in close to
him)You know I been want-en ta
come up heah but I didn't know
whut you thought about me.
       profusely as he
       takes her coat.)
Whut I thought bout you, huh,
everthang good en wonda-ful. And


                       ROCKY (cont'd)
where is dat scarf I give you?
      (smile fades)
The whut?
The scarf lil baby, you know the
one I tole you my wife made.
      (Thinks briefly
       then slaps her
       hand against her
Damn,(remembering that she left it
at Andrews)
This is the night of the talent show, A melancholy Versie
sits in this small room with 4 other contestants who
continue to argue with each other. The door opens and Maxine
walks in.
Hey sweetie,(talking to Versie)you
ready ta win this?
      (very gloomy)
Win it, mama I told you I didn't
want no part of this, this is not
      (sheepish smile on
       her face.)
Baby you gon do fine. Don't act
like that.


The women have stopped arguing to listen to Versie and
Maxine and this have made Maxine uncomfortable.Maxine gives
the women a nasty glance.
      (moving her hed
       from side to side)
yall needta git yall sum biz-ness,
this between me an mine.
Maxine has pushed Versie against the wall and she has
Versies chin between her thumb and forefinger.
Look girl.don't start this stupid
ass innocent bull with me ta-nite.
Naw I'm try-en ta be decent bout
this an you maken me mad as hell.
      (tears streaming
       down her face,
       she slide away
       from Max.)
You know what, I'm going ta go out
there and sing mama, but listen to
this afta I sing I'm outta here
and I'll never do this again.
      (smiles slightly)
Let me tell you sump-en Versie,
you gonna do whut the hell I tell
you ta do, nutten more or nutten
less. And as long as you live in
my house yo stupid ass gon do whut
evva I say, is that unda-stood.
They stand looking at each other and then Versie turns and
goes back into the room.


Maxine is back working the bar, the lounge is packed with
people of all colors. At the table near the stage sits 5
producers and 2 talent scouts. Bern is their waitress and
she has made a huge impression on the producer of Virgin Air
Records,Thomas GreenSpan. Maxine is watching her as always.
      (Smiling at Bern)
Hey, you on that bill tonight.
      (Points to herself
       as she sets the
       drinks down)
Who me!
      (Wide grin on his
No not me you. That smooth voice
you got tells me that you got
It's telling you more than I know,
cause I can't hold uh note. I
don't even sing in the shower.
      (puts his hand on
Hey, stop being so hard on
yourself. You're a young beautiful
lady and I know that you can do
whatever you set your mind on
Thanks mister,(sees Max eyeing
her)but right now my talent is
serving these spirits.


Bern and Max exchange hard glances at one another. TG
watches Bern as she grabs the tray from the table and walks
back towards the bar. He looks at one of the producers,
Matthew and smiles, Matthew returns the look, shakes his
head from side to side but says nothing.The announcer Ed
comes out to start the talent show.
      (Grinning as he
       runs onto the
       stage with a
       cigarette in his
Hey yall whaut's up.(the crowd is
hollering back at him) I say whuzz
up. (the crowd continues to holler
back at him. Glad yall could come
out heah tanite.Fat Cat got summ
talent up in heah tanite.We got
four beautiful young ladies that's
competing aginst one soul brotha
tanite foe that 1500 dollars in
prize money and a recording
contract with Virgin Aire
Records.And speaking of Virgin
Aire we got the one and only young
and famous CEO of the company out
here with us tanite Mr. Thomas
Greenspan (the crowd applauds and
TG stands briefly as the spot
light focuses on him) Alright,
that's TG good seeing you.(looks
out at the audience and turns all
around like he's looking for a
certain person) Damn, its some
beautiful women out heah tanite,
but where's all the men. Every
table is full of women, every once
in awhile you see uh brotha. What
the hell is going own. You know
you women know yall sumpen else.
The otha day I had ta go ta court
wit ma brotha, ya no, yeah ole Syl
still act-ton uh fool out heah en
he no the police be watchen him.
But anyway we go ta court en a man
and his wife wuz standing there in


                       ED (cont'd)
front of the judge and the judge
asked him, Mr.Fridge how many
peaches was in that can of peaches
you stole? The man answered 8 yo
honnah, the judge tole him then I
sentence you ta do a week for each
peach that's eight weeks in the
county jail. All of uh sudden the
wife spoke up, she said yoe
honnah, he stole uh can of peas
too.(the crowd breaks out in
laughter) without further uh-due
we brang to you tanite,et the
Famous Fat Cat Lounge singing her
heart out Ms.Peaches Smith singing
Carla Thomas and that famous hit,
Gee Whiz Come own out Ms.Peaches.
Hello everyone, I thank each and
everyone that's out here tonight
to hear me and I especially thank
my husband who's here to give me
support.The music begins to play).
"Gee whiz, look at his eyes, gee
whiz my my oh my, he's got
everything uh girl could want what
uh prize, OOOOO gee whiz
Maxine walks back to the dressing room where Versie and the
other ladies are at. The male contestant is sitting in the
room with the ladies and they are laughing and talking.
Versie sits solemnly by watching the adults.
      (smiling as he
       looks at Versie)
Baby girl, ain't it pass yo
bedtime? (the two other women
begin to laugh, Versie looks at
him and smiles)
      (smirk on her face)
Huh, that's the same thang I
said.(looks directly at Versie)


                       GLADYS (cont'd)
This is a adult battle, we're not
heah sanging lullabyes, this is
fah real.
Maxine walks in and everybody stops talking. Max looks at
each of the contestants.Versie sits idly by saying nothing.
      (looking serious)
You ready Vee.(
Ed is on the PA system yelling for Ms.Helen to come on out.
The third lady who is wearing a long red wig scurries pass.
Yeah mama, ready as I'm gonna ever
Aw versie, come own naw, this is
ole stuff, you already know the
deal, let's get ova it.
OOO we, sounds like baby girl
being forced ta sang fah huh
      (looks directly at
Mistah,mine yoe biz-ness.
The man throws his hands up in the air and shrugs his
shoulders. Gladys looks at Max like she's filth and Max
returns the hard harsh glare.
      (Heading for the
Vee you go on next, act like you
got some sense.
Ed is back at the microphone, the crowd is loud and Bern is
over at the table conversing with Tg. Max comes from the


back and that's the first thing she see, Bern and TG
laughing and talking, she doesn't like it.
      (walks back and
       forth across the
Yall hav-en uh good time tanite? I
say are yall hav-en uh good
time.(The crowd hollers yeh and
clap their hands)Aw rite cuz if
yall whut-en Wally'll uh give you
uh refund.(spot light goes over to
where Wally is sitting, at the
table with TG)Now I will call this
mob ta order cuz we bout ta heah
the sweetest sound this side of
Heaven. She's young but she's
smart and can she sang, when she
wuz heah the other day rehearsing
I thought it wuz the record
playing but it was this lil
precious young lady. Here at the
Fat Cat we have uh lady that ain't
nevva been in front of uh audience
like yall befoe, make huh feel
welcome, Ms. Versie.(the crowd
applauds as Versie walks onto the
      (Smiling brightly)
Hi, I'm Versie and(exhales)I'm
kinda nervous but I'mm gonna do my
best to entertain you.(clears her
throat and the band begins to
play) "Hypnotized, you got me
hypnotized,all it took was just
one look into your eyes I'll do
whatever you say command me and
I'll obey because I love you da da
da da da, You got me walking and
talking in a trance in the magical
spell of romance, makes me hold
you makes me kiss you my heart is
yours to command.Wooooooooo oooo,
hypnotized, gee, gee, I'm so


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
hypnotized. Just one touch of your
fingertips,, one kiss from your
sweet sweet lips(voice goes down
to almost a bass pitch and she
sings from out of her belly)I'll
go wherever you want me to go
everything I got, everything I got
darling is yours, because I love
you un un huh oh yeah. You got me
hypnotized in the spell that you
cast (high pitch like Ella
Fitzgerald) please, please make it
last, wooooo ooo hypnotized,
hyonotized. (standing ovation all
over the place, people applauding
like crazy)
Bern has walked back to the bar to place a order Max is
waiting as she non-chalantly watches the young girl and half
listens to Versie sing.
      (reading from her
I need three Tom Collins and two
black berry brandies with milk,
sloe gin fizz (Max interrupts her)
      (raising one hand
       in the air)
Hole lup, let me ask you uh
      (angry but smiling)
Do you think this is a brothel or
somewhere you come ta pick up
tricks? Can you an-sa dat?


      (runs her tongue
       across her top
       lip and looks
       directly at Max.)
You know, I have nevva done
anythang ta you but from the
moment I walked in that door you
been on my ass now the ride is
ova(shakes her head as she moves
side ta side) You ain't the boss
of me and hell nawl I don't think
this is uh brothel nor uh hoe
house cuz if it was I wudden be
heah specially not wit yoe ugly
ass, cuz we cudden work the tricks
tagatha.(angrily points her finger
at Max) Make this the last time
that you say anythang ta me cuz
yoe old, ugly ass has jest pushed
me into uh corner en the next
round I'm gonna come out swingin
en you ain't gone like it. Fulfill
my order en give me uh Miller's
lite fah ma boss,the real boss,
Wallace you raggedy nothing bitch.
Bern walks back to the table where TG is she's serving the
drinks but she's not smiling. She hands each patron at the
table their drink and when she hands TG his he slowly takes
it then gently grabs her hand.
What's the matter princess,
where's the smiles that you so
proudly wore a little while ago?
      (Smiling at Bern)
Oh TG you met my hostess.
      (seriously looking
       at Bern)
And what a pretty hostess she is.


Smart too, she's about to graduate
from North western University.
      (eyes light up)
Oh, you didn't tell me that.
      (Kinda flinches
       and smiles)
Well sir, I didn't think that
would interst you, but I can
always tell you about it.
I'd like that,
Ed is announcing the next act.
      (pauses and looks
       out into the
We got some talent tanite don't
we(crowd agrees) I'm glad that I
ain't got nutten ta do with
picking who gone win tanite cuz if
I did the show would be ova.
                       BAR PATRON # 5
(yells out) Opinions are like ass
holes, everybody got one.
Here we go uh-gen, all I was
saying is that young girl got
talent and she wuz good and I
ain't tak-en it back. But anyway
we got uh young man that's gonna
bring the house down tanite. Mr.
Tommy is his name and singing is
his game, come own out Mr.Tommy.


      (Runs on stage)
Thank you, tanite I wanna sing uh
lil sumpen by Sam and Dave called
when sumpens wrone wit my baby
sumpens wrone wit me."When
something is wrong with my baby,
something is wrong with me. And if
I know she is worried then I feel
that same misery"
Back at TG's table he and the members of his crew are
writing on a pad, TG spots Bern standing at the bar and he
excuses himself and goes over to her.
Hey miss lady, (Bern looks at him
and smiles) could I ask you a
      (Smiling brightly)
Sure, there's no harm in asking.
What is a pretty, young,
intelligent, fine, glamorous and
smart person as yourself doing in
a place like this?
Huh, that can be taken to mean
many things and can even be a
twofold question. What do you mean
by a place like this?
Well what I mean is that you're
young and a college student. You
should be somewhere, (looks
around) just somewhere differnt.
Maybe a boutique or sitting in
someones executive office.


      (shaking her head)
No I shouldn't Mr. TG, I'm exactly
where I'm supposed to be and
there's nothing wrong with that,
where the problem comes in is if I
decide to stay where I'm at.As
you said, I'm young and I
definitely got my head on straight
and I know where I'm going.
      (Foolish grin on
       his face)
Forgive me, I didn't mean anything
disrespectful or wrong
I didn't think you did. And I take
no offense to what you said,
because I know who I am.
Wow, wow. Excuse me while I take
this shoe outta my mouth.
      (Slightly smiles)
You're okay, excuse me I hafta go
and wait my tables.
Max has come back behind the bar and she's ear hustling and
watching the couple as they talk.
Bern, please give me one minute.
You really interest me and I would
love to see you again,, is that
As my grandma usta say, all things
are possible to them who believe.
(walks away)


      (watches as she
       walks away)
Lord, I believe.
Max is enthralled with watching TG and Bern to the point
where she has let the beer tap run over. The people at the
table where TG's party is has summoned him. Ed is back at
the podium.
      (cigarette in
Well do we have a Queen or King of
the Fat Cat this year? Miss lady
(points at a lady sitting at a
table near the stage) What you
                       BAR PATRON #4
I think everybody was good but you
had some that were better and I
think that it has a lot to do with
appearance.(grabs the mike)
damn, I ain't asked you all of
that. If I wanted ta heah uh
speech I'd called Jessie Jackson.
All I asked,(pause) hey mster
while everything is being tallied
up whut you thank bout the show
                       BAR PATRON #2
They was all good, but that young
girl was bad.
Ed is listening to the man and Wally comes over and whispers
in his ear. Ed shakes his head yes.
Well my sistas and brothas the
time has arrived. Drum Roll
Meistro (a man begans to bang on
the drums. Matthew fold a piece of
paper and hands it to Ed, quickly


                       ED (cont'd)
Ed scans the paper and folds it
back and lays it on the stool)Well
tanite we got a queen of the Fat
Cat Ms. Versie, where you et Ms.
Versie(the crowd applauds and
hollers)Ms. versie come own out.
Maxine gets Ed's attention and lets him know that she'll get
Allright Ms. Max Now while she's
gettting the new queen we now have
a Prince of the Fat Cat, he has
taken second place in this
competition and receives a check
in the amont of $500.Give it up
for Mr. Tommy.
Maxine walks into the small dressing room and Versie is
sitting there alone.
Versie! don't youu hear Ed out
there calling you, you won
versie.(Versie doesn't answer she
stares at her mother,maxine grabs
Versie and begins to hug her)
You're on yoe way, girl the sky is
the limit.
Mama you still don't get it. This
is not what I wanna do in life.
      (pulls back
Well well. What is it you wonna do
ms. black ass ballerina that you
ain't gon nevva be. Let me tell
you sumpen an opportunity don't
come but once in life an you betta
grab hole of it when it get ta you


                       MAX (cont'd)
cuz if it pass by you it ain't
come-en no moe.
      (Sitting down)
Well I know this nuch that what
ever God has for me, its for
me.And I'm young. I got uh lot of
opportunities that's gonna come my
You ain't got nutten wit yoe dum
ass.You ain't nutten an if you
niss dis opportunity ta be sumpen
then yo ass is in trouble. So you
might as well go own out there and
git that money and find out what
they offering you.
Tears streaming down Versies face she and max walk out to
the front. Versie goes up on stage wiping the tears as she
goes up to Ed.
Here she is yall, that songbird
this is a young lady that's going
to do great things in the music
industry. Mr. Greenspan come on up
here and tell this young diva what
she has coming.
      (The audience is
       whistling and
       applauding as TG
       goes to the
Thank you, thank you. Well another
year at the Fat Cat and this year
we got us a winner among winners.
Every year since 1980, my dad
Benton Greenspan comes back to the
Fat Cat looking for talent, raw
talent. And this year I believe


                       TG (cont'd)
the Fat Cat outdid
itself.(audience applaud)Young
lady(looking at Versie) come on a
little closer, I bathed this
morning(versie and the audience
laugh). Tonight, well let me back
up. First of all I present you
with this check for $1500. from
Virgin Aire Records in New York.
Then I want to inform you that you
have won a recording contract with
Virgin Aire Records, this contract
will lead you too many great
things and you will meet many
great people on your journey. This
is only the beginning of a great
future and career for you.
I thank everybody for considering
me. No disrespect to anyone but
(closes her eyes and pauses) You
know what, that lady right there
is my mother, make this check out
to her cause I hafta go.(she turns
around and rushes from the stage
straight out the door with all
eyes on her)
After Versie exits, Max is right behind her, the people are
making small talk of what is going on. Once outside Max
grabs Versies arm and stares at her for about ten seconds.
      (tears streaming
       down her face)
Okay mama, say what ever it is
that you got to say.
      (gestures her
       hands in the air)
Whut is yo problum?


You mama, you're my problem.
      (Offended look on
       her face)
You don't say. I try ever thang I
can so you ken have sum kinda
fu-cha but I'm the problum!
      (grabs sides of
       her head with her
Look mama, lissen I got what you
wanted the money and they're gonna
give you the check. I need to go,
I gotta think.
Go where, that man in dere got you
uh contract fah sanging. Wally don
got ever thang set up fah you en
this is the thanks he git.
Mama what do you want from me?
Nothing from you, just wont you ta
take uh-vantage of the career
Wally try-en ta set up fah you,
that's all. You ken be sump-en
great, Versie you ken go far.
I'm gonna be alright, and I am
going to be something, but this is
not what I want to do. If you
would just listen to me sometimes
you would understand that I have
great plans for my life, plans
that after I finish my education
nobody can take away.


      (Turns her head
       from side to
       side, she's very
Well I be damn, you got
plans,(begins to mock Versie) you
gon be sump-en afta you git yo
education. You ain't gon be nut-en
no moe than whut you is naw and
dat ain't nutt-en. Heah you got uh
chance dat mos black women wish
dey had an you talk-en bout afta
yo education. Why you ugly ig-nant
ungratefo piece of
he door swings open before Max finishes her sentence and
Wally walks out. He looks at both of the females and he
notices Versie is upset and so is Max.
Ladies, whut's up, Mr. Greenspan
got some paperwork fah yall ta
sign, come own yall can use ma
      (Looks at Versie)
So what you gonna do?
Versie looks at Max then at Wally and starts to walk down
the street. Max is calling behind her but Versie keeps
walking, the last thing she heard her mother say is that she
wanted her out of her house.Versie turns looks in her
direction and proceeds walking. Tears are flowing but she
never looks back again. She heads in the direction of her
house then remembers that she can't get in because she ran
out of the Fat Cat and left her purse. BAck on 43rd street
as she nears the Rib Joynt she looks in and sees Dotty.
      (half smiling,
       goes into the
Hey Dotty.


      (Turns to see
       Versie and smiles)
Whu-zup Vee. (turns back to the
cashier) Could you give me a
couple extra sauces and hot
Hun, you don't wanna know.(grabs
the bag from the counter, they
walk out the door)
Yeah I do whut's up? (Versie
shakes her head and then she
watches as Dotty stops in the
middle of the sidewalk and
crouches down to the ground and
almost lays prostrate)
      (Looks scared)
Dotty what's wrong(trys to help
Dotty stand) You scaring me, what
is going on?
      (Stands as she
       wipes the tears
       from her eyes)
Whoa(exhales) that was a hard
one.(slowly begins towalk) I don't
know whuts hap-nen but these pains
is gtitt-en worst.Err time I go ta
the bathroom ta pee don't nutten
but uh drop come out and sometimes
its foamy but the pressure like I
still gotta use it be still there.
Dotty that don't sound good at
all, what is the doctor saying?


he got to be saying something.
What was the diagnosis?
Ain't no diagnosis Vee cuz I ain't
been ta no doctor.
That's crazy you just been walking
around hurting, not knowing what's
What difference does it
make,(feels another attack coming
on)look I gotta go.(turns around
abruptly and hits the ground hard)
      (walks towards
       Dotty to help
Dotty, you okay? (hears her
groaning and shes drooling) Oh my
God somebody help my sister
please, (A man comes out of the
corner store and he runs to her
Maxine's house the morning after Dotty passed out. Versie is
knocking on the door of the apartment, she knocks several
times and finally Kenny answers.
Damn! who is it?
Kenny open the door.


      (groggily coming
       from the back)
Who in da hell is dat knock-en et
the damn doe dis time uh morn-en?
When Maxine reaches the front, Kenny has opened the door and
Versie walks in. Maxine gets angry all over again.
Aw hell nawl, I know dam well you
aint bought yo ass ta ma house.
      (looks oddly at
       her mother.)
what is wrong with you?
Aint uh dam thang wrone wit me,
but I know you cum heah ta git yo
garbage outta ma house, rite?
Mama please, Dottie is in the
hospital and we need to get out
there and talk to the doctor.
      (looking serious)
Whut hospital and for whut?
She's in Cook County and she has
kidney failure.
Okay and?
Ray walks into the front room, with a cigarette in his mouth
he looks at Versie then at Maxine, never saying a word.


      (Looking at Ray)
She cum ta tell me bout Dottie
be-en in da hospillow, hell whut
am I spose ta do?
      (Angrily hits his
       fist against the
Awl hell nawl!
      (Looks at Maxine
       frowning in
What are you suppose ta do! I
don't believe you said that mama,
your oldest daughter is about to
be put on dialysis three times a
week and all you can say is what
are you suppose to do?
      (Nervous and shame)
Lissen let me tell yo dum ass
sump-en you aint gonna cum in heah
an dictate ta me whut I'm spose ta
do nor feel. Jest who in the hell
do you thank you are, furtha moe
you outta heah
Aint that uh bitch. You know whut
Maxine you have violated all the
way now. You sit yo funky ass
around doing every thang but being
uh motha
      (walks towards
Hey! who you thank you talk-en


      (Abuptly turns to
Step up Ray, I dare you.(Ray backs
down) un-hun(shaking his head up
and down) jes as I thought you
punk ass bitch I got sump-en
special fah you and real soon I'm
gonna delivva it. Real soon
Ray.(Ray turns and walks to the
back of the house)
Wait uh min-it nigga, you aint
run-nen nut-en heah,, you aint
stan-den on nutt-en. An I don tole
you bout play-en dat role wit yoe
punk ass.
Kenny lunges towards Maxine and she is startled but Versie
stands in between them.
What are you all doing, my sister
is in the hospital, fighting for
her life, she needs us, she needs
her family.
Maxine, I will kill you, I hate
your triflin ass and you know
whut, you have disced me for the
last time, I'm outta heah(reaches
down and gets his shoes)
Wait a minute Kenny, we need to
all calm down. Mama please we need
to go to the hospital so the
doctor can tell you what's going
on and what we need to do. Dottie
needs us.


Look, Dottie walked outta heah ova
uh month uh-go an she moe or less
tole me ta kiss huh ass naw you
wont me ta fly ta huh rescue. I
don't thank so. Verise you thank
you're mutha Teresa so you handle
it, you and dat God you serve.
Are you serious?
As uh heart attack.
Ray walks back into the living room fully dressed and a
large suitcase in each hand. Maxine looks at him she begins
to plead.
Bay whut's up?
Hey I aint wit all this drama, I'm
outta heah. I aint take-en no moe
bull offa yo kids.
Bay you aint gotta go nowhere,
they the ones gitt-en up outta
heah.(screaming) yall git yo shit
an git outta ma house, both of you
sons of bitches.
Catch you own the A train Max.
Max, the gig is up, anotha one
bites the dust.


      (Pleading and
Mama please, lets go and see about
Dotty.(Max stares at her without
blinking)she's at the hospital all
alone and she almost died. Her
kidneys are no good mama she has
to go on dialysis.
Ya know, I have did ever thang
that I can fah yall, en all I as
fah wuz uh lil heppiness fah
ma-sef, but you five niggas don't
wonna honah dat. But yall uh dam
lie. Versie I won't you ta git yoe
stuff en git outta heah. The free
ride is ova.
      (Angrily hits his
       fist against the
Ain't that uh bitch. Whut free
ride Maxine, you ain't nevva did
nutten fah nobody but them niggas
that used you an us.Where ma sista
spose ta go? Ken you ansa that?
      (yelling angrily.
       as tears run down
       her face)
I don't givva damn. In fact both
of you bastards get outta here.
Ever-thang I try to do yall messes
it up, get yalls shit en go.
      (Slowly sits on
       the couch and
       stares at Maxine
       for several
Mama(wringing her hands) why are


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
you doing this. What about Dotty
she needs us. Mama she's only
eighteen and shes out there all
alone mama.
I'm gon say it one mo time then
I'm gon open uh can of whip ass
own yall. Yall got fifteen minutes
ta be up otta heah, ya heah me.
Fifteen minutes.
Kenny and Versie are sitting outside at one of the metal
tables that's planted in the yard. Versie is crying and
Kenny is just sitting staring out into space. Maxine opens
the curtain, peeps out then closes the curtain.
Vee stop that crying, she ain't
nevva had our back.
      (tears streaming
       down her face)
Kenny it hurts. She acts like she
don't care at all.
Uh duhhh, haw long it take you ta
figga that out?
But she's our mother, what are we
gonna do now. I graduate in June
but now I have nowhere ta live.
Kenny, mothers just don't do their
kids like that.
      (Stands up with
       hands in his
You know that ole dog of ole man
Scott had puppies bout three weeks
uh go, an me en Black Swan went
ova there ta git one cuz ole man


                       KENNY (cont'd)
Scott said we could have one uh
piece. Boy,, we come near that ole
mut ta look et huh puppies an she
wuz bout ready ta tear us up. She
got ta growling en huh ears stood
straight up, she scared the hell
outta me.(pause) Now that's uh
mutha, Maxine, huh (shakes his
head fron side to side) ole man
Scotts dog is uh betta mutha then
she is.She protected huh babies,
Maxine used us but we gon make it.
Come own baby girl (nudges her
jokingly) cheer up, we gon be
Kenny where we going?
Well (looks around) first we going
ta see bout Dotty, we gotta take
care of Dotty first.
      (Slightly smiles,
       grabs her bags
       from the table.)
Then from there what do we do?
I gotta plan, en its gon be ok,
trust me.
Inside Dotty's hospital room. She is talking with a lady
from the administration office about insurance. Versie and
Kenny are sitting in the room with her.
      (Slightly smiles)
This is my sista Versie and my
brotha Kenny, yall this is Ms.


                       DOTTY (cont'd)
      (Smiling brightly)
Hey Dotty, now if we're gonna be
friends, you betta cut out that Ms
crap. My name is Lydia and I'm
glad to meet both of you.
      (Holding her hand
We're glad ta meet you too, so how
is my sister.
Well, she appears to be fine, but
you'll have to speak to he doctor
about her condition. I'm here
because I needed information
concerning insurance.
Insurance, this the county
hospital, why we need insurance?
You don't necessarily have to have
it and we will still take care of
you.In the event that you had
insurance it would cover most name
brand medications that Dotty will
have to have instead of the
generic brands, but in any case we
will still take care of Dorothy.
The insurance just helps to
Well aren't the generic brands
just as good?
I'mm quite sure they are, but
again her doctor will tell you
everything that you'll need to


                       LYDIA (cont'd)
know. Anyway I really needta talk
to your mother, is she coming here
Un-un, she dead.(versie looks
oddly at Kenny)
      (Groggy voice.)
Ms. Lydia, I mean Lydia, I'm
eighteen and by law I'm considered
grown so I don't need my mother
here. As soon as I'm strong enough
I'll come in or call for you and
we can finish the paperwork.
That's fine, let me go so your
sister and brother can visit with
you. (she leaves the room)
      (Walks over to the
Whut the hell is wrone wit you?
      (smirk on her face)
Thank's Kenny, that's jes the type
of greeting I needed. It makes me
feel so good.
Nawl but fah real Dee whut's up.
I have renal failure.
Her kidneys shut down Kenny I told
you and mama that.
Shut up Vee,let Dottie tell me.


Come own Kenny man, Vee tole you
an max my kidneys shut down and
that's whut they did. So ain't
nutten else to tell cept I gotta
go to dialysis three times a week
so they can clean my blood.
Awl man, damn, how this happen?
I don't know!(silence for ten
seconds) Vee, whut did Max say,
is she coming ta see me?
      (holds her head
       down and begins
       to sob softly)
Hell nawl she ain't cummen ta see
you, Vee tole huh whut wuz going
own an she put our black asses
      (Tries to sit
       straight up.)
Whut! She put yall out?
You heard me. I don't know whut
Vee did but she gave us fifteen
minutes ta have all of out thangs
gone or she wuz gon open up uh can
of whip ass own us.
      (Softly and
She made me enter into that
contest at the Fat Cat, I did it
and I won first place which was a
fifteen hundred dollar check that


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
I had them sign over to her and a
recording contract which I didn't
want. When I refused to go with
her and sign up with virgin Aire
Records she became furious. She
began to tell me how stupid and
ugly I was and that I would never
amount to anything. I told her
that singing was not what I wanted
to do, I had other plans for dmy
life. When I said that she flipped
out and told me to be gone from
her house.(Silence for fifteen
seconds) After you were admitted
tto the hospital I went back,
thinking that this would make a
difference but it didn't.
My girl, you got vocals like that.
You can be the next Whitney
Houston or Gladys Knight, ma girl.
      (Runs her hands
       across her face.)
Lissen Vee, (sighs) look, where
are you an Kenny gon stay?
I got this, me an my boys we'll
work it out.
My ass! You en them niggas ain't
gone work out nutten, anybody talk
ta Frankie?
Fah whut, he ova on 87th st wit
his lil family in his own world.
Once he got away from Max, he
don't even come around, he hate
huh. Me and Vee gonna stay over et


                       KENNY (cont'd)
Swans crib till you get out.
You know his mama ain't going fah
that she hates all yall.
So, huh fat ass ain't runnung
nutten, we hate huh too.
Shut up Kenny,you talking real
silly. Vee open the closet door.
Versie walks over to the closet and opens the door. The only
things hanging in there are the clothes that Dotty came into
the hospital in.
Look inside that green jacket and
give me the tobacco pouch.
      (smirk on her face)
Oh no you're not about to smoke no
tabacco. Dotty you've gotta go on
dialysis, smoking will not help
your situation.
Vee shut the hell up, ain't nobody
fixen ta smoke. Gemme the pouch,
      (Gets the pouch
       out and hands it
       to Dotty)
Dotty, we don't need you worrying
about us, we want you to get well.
      (Pulling a large
       wad of money from
       the pouch.)


                       DOTTY (cont'd)
I'm gonna git well but me knowing
that yall on the streets ain't
help-en me et all.(divides the
money in two separate piles)
Lissen ta me, you too Kenny.
Tomorrow they fitten me fah a
shunt, and once that's done I'll
be own dialysis three times uh
week, so I'll be in here at least
anotha three ta foe weeks. I want
yall ta go ova own Callie Ave. ta
the Wilshire Inn an git uh
kitchenette. You can stay there by
the month, so I'm gonna give you
uh month's rent in advance.
There's a kitchen in there with
microwave, stove and fridge, buy
some groceries an stay there till
I get outta here and then we'll
figga out sump-en.
      (eyes light up)
Awl snap! Dotty, you gotta grip!
Dotty, what's going on. You gotta
Are you niggas liss-nen ta
me.(there's silence) When you git
over ta the Wilshire there're be
uh man et the front desk name
Glade. He'll already know yall
cummen. Go down to the Jewels and
buy yall sum food ta cook en stay
there ta I git outta here.
The three of them gather in a group hug.
It's gitten late, yall get own
outta here.


Okay Dot but we'll be back here
tomorrow. We love you.
Love yall too, but tomorrow's uh
school day en I don't wont yall
missen not one day uh school. Its
enuff money there ta do whut yall
need ta do an I need ya ta be in
school every day. Can yall do that
fah me?
      (Kisses Dot then
       Vee on their
Anythang fah you big sista.
Turtle, mixed monkey, Boo Bear and Cutter are stnding
outside the El staion on 35th st waiting for Donna the
cashier at the Arab store to come that way. This is the
night that they have planned their revenge on her for lying
on Fish.
                       MIXED MONKEY
Man, wha,wha,time dis hoe cum dis
Mane, what you gotta do?
he don't wanna be late fah work.
                       MIXED MONKEY
ma,ma,mane, fu,fu,yall kiss ma


                       BOO BEAR
Turtle mane, ain't that the bitch
coming down the street wit that
tan coat own?
      (Looking down the
That's huh, Boo Bear get in the
door way you and monkey.
Monkey and Boo Bear turn the corner and stand in the doorway
of an abandoned building. Monkey pulls a pint sized liquor
bottle from out of the inside of his coat.They push the down
stairs door open to the abandoned building and stand inside.
Cutter and Turtle walk towards Donna they are laughing and
Mane you see what i see, this must
be a goddess approaching.
Donna nears the two men and they get on either side of her
as she walks.
Hey beautiful are you an angel.
      (Not impressed)
Wow, are you always this pleasant?
      (looking from one
       man to the other)
Man please go own somewhere wit
that bull.
Okay if you say so.


They walk besides Donna till they reach the building Turtle
grabs her and pushes her into the building she is screaming
and fighting. Once inside Mixed monkey gets in her face
while Cutter grabs her from behind. They push her into a old
chair and bind her torso, legs and arms.
      (Screaming and
Why yall doing this, is yall gonna
rape me or something, I don't yall
what is yall doing?
Turtle,Boo Bear and Cutter stand in the doorway while Mixed
Monkey stands behing her with the pint bottle and he begins
to slowly pour the contents of the bottle on top of her head
and it starts to drip into her face.
Man what is this, is this
gasoline, yall gonna set me on
fire. Oh my God, Jesus help me its
burning,m oh my God what did I do.
Several weeks later inside the Fat Cat. Maxine is tipping
around with a grimaced look on her face because of the pain
she is in. Her left foot is infected from where she was
walking home from work and stepped down in a hole and cut
and twisted her anknle.
She's been doctoring on her foot and ankle but the foot has
grown progressively worse.
                       BAR PATRON #4
      (Watches max as
       she holds onto
       the edge of the
You okay miss lady.
      (Exhales slowly
       and shakes her
       head from side to


                       MAX (cont'd)
This foot is givven me the flux. I
thought this dam thang would be
don healed by now.
                       BAR PATRON #4
      (Looking concerned)
Ummmm, whut the doc-ta give you
fah it?
Epsom salt an witch Hazel.
                       BAR PATRON #4
      (Looks surprised.)
Whut! Who the hell is yo doc-ta?
      (Walking from
       behind the bar to
       serve a table)
As maxine comes from behind the bar, the patron looks down
at her foot. Maxine is wearing some open toe sandals and her
foot and ankle is swollen very badly and it has started to
change colors.
                       BAR PATRON #4
      (Surprised by the
       swelling of her
       foot he knocks
       over his drink.)
Damn! (Max turns and looks at him,
then looks down at her foot) Miss
lady it ain't ma bizzness but you
needta have that looked et.
      (Walking towards
       the table shes
       about to serve,
       looks back at the


                       MAX (cont'd)
Whut, you uh dam doc-ta?
                       BAR PATRON #4
Hell nawl, I ain't no doc-ta but I
do have common sense en I no when
I ken fix sump-en en when I caint.
      (Getting angry.)
You sad it rite the first time,
dis aint yo bizzness.
Inside the little shabby kitchenette where Dotty, Kenny and
Versie call home. There's a shabby couch sitting in one
corner of the front room and a small kitchen table. There's
a bed in another corner that's neatly made and sitting in
front of the small closet we see a roll away bed. The little
apartment is neat and clean, and the three of them are
sitting at the table talking.
I,m going outside.
outside where kenny?
      (Gesturing with
       his hands.)
Over on the foe-trey, you no, own
the block.
Kenny, I don tole you, you're not
ta be ova own dat side of town own
the week days. I don't mine you
goin ova there own Friday en
Sad-day but not own nites dat you
gotta go ta school.


      (Paces back and
Damn Dotty, ain't nutten ta do
round here. I needta be own the
      (gesturing with
       her hands)
Look boy, it's hot as hell over
there. That woman blind as hell
and half huh face is gone, the
police ain't crazy they know it
had to do wit that bitch lying own
Oh yes there is plenty for you to
do Kenny. For starters you need to
catch up on all that Biology that
you so conveinently didn't do.
      (Looks interested)
You betta stay way from your boys
for the time being.
Vee why don't you shut the hell up
cause you don't know whut you
talk-en bout.
Hole own mis-tah, don't be
gtitt-en mad at Vee. She jest
looken out fah you. (pauses) Kenny
no outside, git own that Bio an I
mean now, foe me en Vee beat yo
Kenny pulls his jacket off and throws it on the couch he
grabs his book bag off the table and goes over and plops
down on the neatly made bed. Dotty and vee look over at
Kenny then at one another and smile.


Naw you don tole everthang own
Kenny so whut's up wit you?
Graduation rite round the corner
      (Exhales and runs
       her hand across
       her face.)
Yeah, closer than I want it to be.
Hun, whut does that mean Vee?
Nothings right Dotty. I mean it
looks as though our family is
falling apart. Sure I'm graduating
but I just feel left out.
      (Stares intently
       at Vee for
       several seconds.)
Vee (sighs) I don't have all the
an-sas, I really don't have half
of em but I'm proud of you en I
love you en I'm gon help you do
sump-en that I caint do rite naw.
Vee its the three of us against
ever thang that the system en the
people say we cudden do, through
you en Ken we gon show them that
we aint trash cuz of Max. I'm gon
make sho that you have whut you
needta cross ova dis ditch dat
people have dug fah us en then
when you git ova I won't you ta
reach back and grab mah hand en
pull me ova. Deal?


      (Smiles and grabs
       Dots hand.)
Deal Dotty.
      (Fighting back
       tears stands up.)
Well I'll be back shortly, gotta
few errands ta run.
      (Gets up from the
       bed with his
       books and comes
       to the table.)
Let me roll wit you.
      (Serious look on
       her face.)
You betta roll own dat Biology
till it becomes soup niggga, don't
play wit me.
Inside Rocky's apartment. Rocky and Dotty are talking and
she is telling him about her stay in the hospital.
      (Serious look on
       her face.)
Rockman, you know dat I'm crazy
bout you if it hadn't been fah me
bein sick I nevva wood have been
gone these many days.
      (Smiles and grabs
       Dots hand.)
Gull you knows you mah lil black
Dot, I thought fah sho that you
figgered out that I wuz ole nuff
ta be yo grandiddy an you sad ta


                       ROCKY (cont'd)
yo-sef, is I uh fool uh whut?
You sugah-daddy not grandaddy. You
my squeeze baby.
      (Proud and
       boastful look
       crosses his face
       and he sits
Aw-ite, naw. That's whut I likes
ta hear. We in dis
ta-gatha.(reaches over and kisses
Dotty on the face. She closes her
eyes and grimaces forcing a smile
on her face).
      (Pats him on the
       shoulder and
       eases away from
Rockman it look like I saw the
police here in the building
getting on the elevator just as I
wuz coming in.
      (Squinting his
Oh yeah, he taint no real police,
he uh secure-ty gard. Err since Al
Brady wuz murder the manor hired
us secure-ty.
Dam, yall gittin high class round
this joynt. (pause) Rock(pause),
dey ever find out whut happened ta


      (Putting on his
       jacket and hat.)
Nope, dey say he wuz taken
narcotics and dope en stuff.
People don seed some bad folk
cummen en goin from his place.
      (Slightly smiles)
Umm, (looks at Rocky), where you
Ta dah bank, gotta git money out
fah sum back taxes own sum farm
prop-ty me en mah late wife owned.
      (eyes light up)
Wow, i didn't know you had sum
prop-ty. Where et?
Will county, ova uh hundred
ache-uhs. Its been in cote fah the
pass foe years en mah law-yah won
dah case cuz Will County wuz
try-en ta take it frome me, but he
faught fah me. Naw I gotta pay the
back taxes wit intrest.
Aw wow, I know dats uh pain.
Nawl, not really, I gotta pay all
most twenty nine grand in taxes,
but I'm fixen ta sell it foe ten
times dat murch.
Aw snap naw.


Saturday night on forty third st, Kenny and several of his
friends are in the vacant lot doing what they do to pass the
time. They have some alcohol in several paper bags that they
swig from then they put it in the back seat of the abandoned
car that they are standing around.
      (Puffs off his
       cigarette, holds
       the smoke and
       continues to
Man I tole yall, crook county is
full of uh bunch of faggots. I saw
some shhhit in dere that blu ma
wig back.
                       BLACK SWAN
Man, dat aint nutten new, err-body
know if you wonna knob job crook
county da place ta go.Tell us
sump-en we don't know.
Aw-ite, aw-ite, I'm gon blow your
                       BLACK SWAN
Whut dey don taught you man, naw
you gon blow me. (The other guys
start laughing an giving each
other hi-fives).
Naw naw, you know I don't roll
like dat, but yo man Bam do.
                       BLACK SWAN
Bam nigga, dat big muscle bound
six foot two nigga. Dat niggas uh


                       BLACK SWAN
      (serious look on
       his face.)
I don't believe dat. That man
bench press 450, I don seen it wit
ma own eyes.
So whut, dat don't make him not
like boy poon-tang.
You got dat rite. Wake up Swan,
you been down befoe. You know whut
goes own when the lites go out.
                       BLACK SWAN
Nigga shut up, you aint nevva been
down befoe. Bam got two lil babies
by dis white chick.
I own't care if he got babies by
yo mama, the nigga uh punk. I
caught him own da floe of da
bathfroom wit anotha punk dat
err-body no uh punk named Dorsey.
Then dis Dorsey an anotha lil
shawt mexican gotta fightin bout
who man he wuz.(silence for
several seconds) You know Rock
Hudson is a leading man in the
movies but look at da real story
behine him.
A new Mercedes 500 pulls up on the lot driven by hustler and
drug pusher Jerry, nick named Shugga Foot. He is a icon to
Kenny and his friends. As he exits the car they turn their
attention to him.
Aw snap, dis is uh bad mama jamma.


                       SHUGGA FOOT
Whut up, whut up, whut up (gives
them a special hi-five and hand
shake)Yall holden it down?
                       BLACK SWAN
      (Rubbing the hood
       of the car.)
You whut up, dis is a bad black
hoe heah.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Smiling proudly)
Jess uh lil sumpen sumpen.
Take me unda yo wings en teach me
yo laws.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Pointing his
       finger at Kenny.)
Hey, you en Black Swan come own
ova ta Versailles Place in bout uh
hour or so. I got sumpen real
sweet fah yah.
      (Looks towards the
       direction of
       thestore and
       spots Maxine
       coming out, she's
       limping real bad.)
Kenny man, dare yo mama.
Okay and.(Watches Maxine for
several seconds and between each
step that she takes she has to
lean up against the building.
Kenny walks towards her) Maxine.
      (Turns towards the
       direction of the
       voice and sees


                       MAX (cont'd)
Hey Kenny, where you been?
Given you da air that you wonted,
why you limpen?
      (In pain but
       trying to smile,)
Long story.
Dat punk ass Ray put his hands own
      (Waves her hand.)
Boy please, I ain't seen Ray in uh
You aint seen dis mug but he got
yo car dat you payin the note own,
awl hell nawl.
                       BLACK SWAN
I tole you befoe Kenny we needta
check dat nigga.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Notices the boys
       are getting riled
Hold up fellas, its uh way ta do
ever thang.(looks at Maxine) Miss
lady can I have the privilege of
escorten you home, cuz you don't
needta put wate on dat leg, man
its big as hell.
      (Intrigued by the
       handsome Shugga
       Foot she blushes.)


                       MAX (cont'd)
Whut ken I say daddy?
                       SHUGGA FOOT
Lissen up, Ken I'm gone take yo
mama home (Takes the bag Maxine is
carrying and opens the car door
for her. She gets in and he shuts
the door) You en Black Swan meet
me et Versailles place in uh hour.
Shugga Foot slides in the car on the drivers side and he
slowly pulls off the lot. He turns on the tape player in his
car and Marvin Gayes Stubborn Kinda Fella begins to play.
Maxine moves over closer to Shugga Foot and rests her arm on
the arm rest.
      (Popping her
       fingers and
       gyrating her hips
       to the music.)
Aw dats it, dats the shit.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Turns to look at
       her. He begins to
       frown and roll
       the window down
       because her limb
       has begun to
       smell. It smells
       like flesh that
       has rottened.)
Damn (exhales several times) Miss
Lady whut direction do I go in.
You the man, whut-evva direction
you go is aw-ite wit me.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
Come own miss lady, we aint own
that, where you live?


      (Takes a cigarette
       from her bag and
       holds it between
       her fingers.)
You know, you uh pretty nigga. and
I like you
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Quickly snatches
       the cigarette and
       throws it out the
Nobody dmokes in here.(angrily)now
we aint playen no games, naw where
in da hell do you live an if you
don't tell me in bout 5 seconds
this coe-nah gone be yo new crib.
(A very severe and sharp pain hits
Maxine and she leans over to the
drivers side trying to brace
herself and keep from screaming)
You musty pussy bitch, git offa
Kenny and his crew are waiting for Shugga Foot there're
standing around smoking weed and drinking beer. Kenny
watches the older model white cadillac as it pulls up on the
lot, its Ray. Ray doesn't notice Kenny and his crew standing
there. He opens the car door and before getting out he says
something to the lady that sits in the passengers seat.
Kenny and his crew stand at attention waiting to take
action. Ray closes the door and begins to walk towards the
liquor store, after he gets about ten feet away from the car
Kenny and his crew begin to follow him.
Hey Ray, whut up doe?
      (Turns around and
       sees Kenny and
       his crew,


                       RAY (cont'd)
       swallows hard.)
Hey Ken (swallows hard) whuts up
baby? baby?
      (Angry and
       swinging his fist
       in the air.)
Whuts up ma ass.(Walks back to the
car and peeps in) Who dis scrub
Ray in ma mama's car.
      (Hunches his
Nobody man, jess uh friend. In
fact she's uh friend of me en
                       BLACK SWAN
Bullshit, she riding en yo mamas
car en yo mama walking.Let's check
this nigga.
Kenny and his crew is pushing Ray when Shugga Foot rides
back up on the lot.He jumps out of his car.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
Hole lup baby boy, whuts going own
Dis that nigga that we wuz talkin
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Holds both hands
       out and hunches
       his shoulders)
Who, whut nigga?


                       BLACK SWAN
Dis is the piece of dawg shit dats
driven Ms. Maxine's car en got huh
      (Scared and
Dig up mane, playa ta playa can we
rap uh minute.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Points his finger
       at Ray.)
Did I tell you ta speak (kicks Ray
hard ih his shins, Ray crouches
      (Hits Ray hard in
       his face)
Let's kill dis punk. The ball in
ma court naw muh-fukka, whut up?
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Grabs Kenny)
Naw naw baby boy its uh moe
dignified way ta do this an ain't
nobody goin ta jail.Kenny you say
dis yo mamas ride?
It's in huh name en she pays the
                       SHUGGA FOOT
Is that so (looks at Ray and he
nods his head yes) Okay naw we gon
do this the diplomatic way. Give
my man heah his mamas keys. (Ray
hesitates) nigga you got 3 seconds
then its all ova fah you.(Ray
reaches in his pocket and gives
the keys to Kenny) Which one of
yall got license?


                       BLACK SWAN
I can drive.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
That ain't whut I asked, I said
who got license.
I do.
                       SHUGGA FOOT
      (Turns to Ray.)
Cool, naw give him money fah gas.
Its gas in dare.
                       JERRY LEWIS
Man you don't learn, empty yo
                       SHUGGA FOOT
Kenny reach in every pocket da
playa got en take out whut's in
dare an put it in yo pocket.
Aw man, whut kinda bullshit is
this? (Kenny rummages through Rays
pocket and takes out every paper
piece of money and all the change.
He hands some condoms and a pocket
knife to Ray. He then searches his
wallet pulling everything out and
throwing it to the ground)
                       SHUGGA FOOT
Naw I wont you ta git that ugly
hoe outta the car and yall git ta
steppen.(Ray gets ready to speak
and Jerry stops him before he
does) If you speak ma man its gon
cost you. Rite naw yall ken keep


                       SHUGGA FOOT (cont'd)
whut evva yo lady got but if you
say one word Im gon let ma boys
strip huh.
Dotty is standing at the kitchen table unloading several
items that she stole from Rocky. Squeegee is next to her in
his wheelchair looking over the items.
Come own man, tell me sump-en.
      (Sly grin on his
Whut I'm gon tell ya, ya ain't gon
Aw-ite, let me in own it, gemme uh
I give you 15 fah the watch, 10
fah the necklace set en 15 fah the
Why you lousy son uvva bitch, you
mus be outta yo dam mine.(attempts
to gather her merchandise)gemme ma
stuff.(Squeegey grabs at her hand
and the merchandise). Nigga let go
uh ma hand.
Dis stuff is hot as hell an iffen
you go ta the pawn shop ya goin ta
jail. Dat's probly whut I awta do,
call the police own yo ugly ass.


Call who you won't you cripple
      (Grabs at the
       pearl set.)
I wuz gon give you fifty dollas,
naw I ain't given you nutten but
hell. (He and Dotty began to
wrestle at the table, he over
powers her and begins to reach
under the pillow in his wheelchair
for his gun but Dotty grabs the
cast iron skillet from the stove
and hits him in his face then
comes back up and repeatedly hits
him in the head).
I'm tired of folk thinking I aint
nutten en they can jus walk ova
me. (Begins to scream)I'm tired
you black son uvva bitch.
Squeegey slumps over in the wheelchair and hits the floor.
Dotty comes to herself, his gun falls from under the pillow,
Dotty picks up the gun and points it at his head as he
faintly moves. Squeegey mumbles a few incoherent words.
Dotty grabs the pillow that fell from the wheelchair and
places it over his face and holds it there till he no longer
breathes. She goes through his pockets and takes the large
wad of money that he has and then she gathers up the items
she brought to him and several more that are laying
out.Somebody knocks on the door, Dotty quietly goes over and
peeps out of the spy glass in the door. Its two people and
after knocking several more times they get into their car
and leave. Dotty grabs the merchandise and spits on Squeegee
then leaves.


Dotty has come to church. When she walks in she looks around
and then the Usher escorts her to a seat. As she squeezes in
beside one of the nosey mothers at the church. Mother
Williams, she looks oddly at Dotty when she sits down and
Dotty looks oddly back at her. They stare at one another for
ten seconds. Mother Williams turns to Sister Cunningham, who
sits on the left side of her and whispers something to her
with a scowl on her face. Sister Cunningham bends forward to
look at Dotty and frowns.
Whut da hell yall looken et?
Church announcer is announcing the choir.
                       CHURCH ANNOUNCER
This moanin the greatest choir
this side of Heaven are gonna
brang you uh A & B selection.
The choir director stands in front of the choir and Versie
comes down from the choir stand and takes the mike.They
begin to bellow out a song made by Reed's Temple Church Of
God In Christ titled Forgive Me Lord. Versie is the soloist.
Forgive me Lord, for I have
sinned, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, wash all my sins away.
Purge me Lord, wash me through and
through, annoint me Lord, make me
brand new, come on and wash all,
wash all my sins away, yea, yea,
yea. Here's my cup Lord please
fill it up, I need your power of
the holy holy ghost, come on and
wash all, wash all my sins
away.yea yea yea. Change my life,
I want you too make it right I
want to be holy Lord, Holy Lord
just like you here is my cup, I


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
need you too fill it up
When Versie hits that last line of the song,she does what no
other singer has did. she hits a note that can shatter a
glass and the congregation stands up including the pastor.
People are yelling, clapping and hollering encouraging
      (Jumps up on her
Sing it Vee, (loudly) that's ma
(points to herself) baby sister.
Versie and other members of the choir are in the lobby in
their robes. Dotty surprises Versie because she had no idea
that Dotty was coming to the church. Versie has her back to
Dotty as she eases up beside her.
      (Grabs her around
       the waist)
Dotty (grinning proudly, as Versie
quickly turns to see her sister
and begins to smile)I'm so proud
of you, I didn't know you could
blow like that. You bad Vee, you
      (Hugs Dotty)
Hey yall this is my sister, the
best in the whole wide world. This
young lady has been better than a
mother to me.The choir members
begin to say hi to Dotty) Versie
(pulls Lena away from the other
choir members) this .is my best
friend Lena.


      (Smiling she
       attempts to hug
       Dotty but Dotty
       abruptly pulls
Hey (eyes widen with surprise) how
are you big sister,
      (Serious look on
       her face.)
I'm cool, I'm cool just ain't up
wit all dat huggen en whut not.
Whut dat be about?
      (Looks at Lena and
Dotty that's how Christians greet
one another that's all. It's like
giving another saint the right
hand of fellowship.
next time jes give me yo right
hand that's all I need. That girl
huggen girls ain't ma thing.
Didn't mean to offend you (turns
to Versie) gotta run Vee, mama is
making us go and visit her great
aunt that's in the nursing home.
      (She and Lena hug
       one another as
       Dotty looks at
       them in dismay)
Okay, see you in the morning.
      (Shaking her head.)
That's sick.


      (Laughs sightly)
No it's not, that's love.
Maxine is here waiting for the results of her test on her
She's lying there with her bad leg in a sling and bandaged
all the way to her thigh, a small radio that's on her
nightstand is turned to the oldies station with Herb Kent
and she is rocking and popping her fingers to Freddie
Jackson's Rock me Tonight.The doctor comes in with two
interns and Maxine sits straight up in bed.
                       DR. NICHE'
      (Hand held out to
       shake Maxines,
       but she just
       looks at him.)
Hi Mrs. hall, I'm Dr. Niche' and
I'll be your doctor for your stay
here.(Slowly lowers his hand and
begins to fidget with the chart
one of the interns is holding)
      (Smirk on her
Un-hun, when is yall letting me go
                       DR. NICHE'
As soon as we can. How long have
you been diabetic?
      (Sitting even
                       DR. NICHE'
Yes ma'am, you are.


Ain't dis some bull(Dr. Niche'
interrupts her before she can
finish her sentence)
                       DR. NICHE'
      (Clearing his
What we need to do today is talk
about taking care of the good leg
that you have and getting you
started on the right medication.
Good leg, it's nutten wrone wit my
good leg, whut about the leg
that's shot ta hell. Shudden we be
discussen dat?
                       DR. NICHE'
Well that has already been
discussed. Unless you want to be a
double amputee we have to amputate
the bad leg as soon as possible.
      (Begins to scream
       and holler.)
Awl nawl, hell nawl.
Dottie and Vee are sitting at the small kitchen table and
Kenny is sitting on the bed. Vee is eating a grape fruit and
looking over her graduation exercises.
      (Looking at Vee.)
Anything you needta make me aware


Nope, just want to remind you that
graduation is two weeks from this
Wednesday and I ain't taking no
excuses for you not being there.
Lil girl, only death could keep me
away from this graduation and it
has to be my death.
      (Getting up from
       the bed and comes
       to the table.)
Oh that can be arranged.(both
girls look at Kenny at the same
Excuse you, did you say something?
All I said wuz, is there uh ticket
fah me, am I also invited?
Shut up Kenny. I went by mama's to
give her a ticket but she wasn't
      (Pursed lips.)
Un, whatever. That reminds me
(gets up from the table and goes
over to the closet and removes the
pearl earrings and necklace set
that she has hidden in a cloth
What is that?


Something for the most talented
and smartest young lady at Paul
Revere.(lays the napkin on the
table and begins to open it)
Well that leaves you out Vee.
Once the napkin is open, Dotty takes the pearls and place
them around Versies neck.
      (Rubbing the
Oh Dotty,, these are beautiful.
Where did they come from?
From uh oyster.
No that's not what I meant, I
(Dotty cuts her off).
Girl shut up, you ask too many
questions to be jes one person.
I'm going ta church own that one,
Amen. You talk too much.
This is jes uh lil sump-en I wuz
able ta git ma hands own and since
you have to wear after six attire
for the graduation ceremony I
thought the pearls would be


They are, oh my God Dotty they are
perfect. Dotty I love you and
after I get my degree I'm going to
take care of you.
      (Blushing and
       waves her hand at
Awl shoot, you ain't gotta worry
bout me cuz I'm gon be okay one
way or anotha.
      (Grabs Dotties
I mean it Dotty from the bottom of
my heart. Me you and Kenny are
going to be together for a long
time and mama can join us if she
wants too.
Count me out, I don't wont Ms. Max
no where round me.
      (Raising his hand.)
I second that.
      (Looks at her
       watch then stands
Look, I gotta go, I got a run ta
You gon be gone long?
Jes as long as it takes.


Dotty is walking down the El steps, gets to the ground goes
through the turnstile and walks east. Linda is riding with a
car full of men and she see's Dotty.
      (Hollers out the
Yo, Dotty (Dotty turns towards the
voice, waves her hand and keeps
walking) Girl wait up. (turns to
the man driving) Dude back up rite
quick I needta holla et my girl.
Dotty stops and waits for Linda as she exits the vehicle.
Girl whut up en where you ben?
      (Looking directly
       at Linda.)
Here en there, to en fro, why?
      (Surprised at the
       atitude Dotty
       seems to have.)
Why! cuz I ain't seen you round.
We don't hang out no moe. Whut's
go-en own. You hide-en from
sumbody? You no dey found Squeegey
dead last week girl, sumbody bust
his head till his one brain fell
out.That wuz uh dirty bastud.
      (Eyes widen.)
Yeah well dat ain't got nutten ta
do wit me.(short pause as Linda
and Dotty stand and look at one
another).Look I gotta go, you
ain't talk-en bout nutten.


      (High pitched
Scuse me! Hell you ain't nutten,
why would I discuss sumpen that
mean sumpen ta uh hoe like you.
Hoe you ain't even got uh place ta
stay.(Dotty angrily points her
finger at Linda then turns and
walks down the street. Linda
continues to holler obscenities at
Dotty as she slides back into the
car and the driver drives off)
Nasty hoe, get you uh place ta
stay en stop lay-en yo nasty ass
up wit dem ole ass men, then maybe
we ken fine sumpen ta rap about.
Kenny and Versie are knocking on Maxine's door but there is
no answer.
      (Trying to peep
       through the
She probly en there, I bet she
watch-en us.
Kenny you can surely think
negative when it comes to mama.
Hell yeah, she ain't nutten ta
me.Anyway why you so worried bout
huh getten tickets ta yo
graduation. Chuck graduated en she
didn't cum ta his, you thank she
like you any betta then she do


      (Shaking her head.)
Don't matter if she do or
don't.She still my mother and I
hafta do what's right at all
times. The Bible says ta honor
thou mother and father so your
days will be long upon the earth,
and I plan ta live uh long
      (Shakes his head
       from side to
Yeah Vee, whudevva (turns the knob
on the door and it opens) damn!
man we ben stand-den heah all dat
time en the dam doe is open.(they
walk in and look around. The
apartment is a mess. Roaches are
running rampant)
Mama you in here?(walks back to
her mother's room with Kenny
behind her. The door is open and
everything in there is also a
mess) Somethings wrong.
      (Grabs Versies
Ain't nutten wrone, she between
men again. She depressed. Let's go
      (Reaches in her
       bag and takes out
       paper and
       pen.Writes a
       brief note and
       leaves it on the
       table with a
       ticket to her


                       VERSIE (cont'd)
You know Kenny, something's not
right, mama wouldn't leave her
door open like this.
Who care's, nobody no whut Maxine
be thanken, I doubt if she
know.(opens the front door)
They walk out and Versie locks the door with the door knob
lock.Rhonda is walking across the lot with her two boys and
seeing Versie and Kenny she calls out to them as they slowly
walk away.
Hey yall (Versie and Kenny turn
      (Stops walking)
Whut up?
      (Walks near to
Yall Miss Maxine's kids?
      (Looking serious)
Yes ma'am, you seen our mother?
      (Slightly grinning)
Un-hun, she passed out out heah in
da lot bout three days uh-go.
Sumbody called da police and dey
cum wit uh waggen en took huh ta
the county.
      (Looking serious)
What was wrong with her?


      (Looks at Versie
       like Versie
       didn't hear what
       she said.)
Didn't you heah me say she passed
out. Probly cuz of dat big ass
swollen leg dat looked like it had
Rocky and Dotty are in the bedroom, she is laying in the bed
and he is up rummaging through his dresser drawers. He has a
puzzled look on his face.Dotty notices the look on his face
and she begins to get nervous.
      (Sitting up in bed
       and pulling the
       covers up around
Whut's wrone daddy?
      (Looks intently at
      (Tries to smile)
Whut that mean?
      (Stands up and
       goes over to the
       side of the bed
       Dotty is on.)
Why you wonna steal from me?
      (Jumps up on her
Whut! Ole man you senile en crazy
as hell.


I might be ole but I sho ain't
crazy. You da only one sides me en
ma dead wife dat knew whar dat
pearl earrangs en neckklus set
wuz.Naw it ain't dare no moe.
      (Grabbing her
       clothes and
       putting them on.)
Oh, oooh, (moving her head up and
down) I see naw it's me, gotta be
me well you wrone dis time ole