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The Secret of the Nile
by Stephanie Sharp (StephanieKSharp@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Logline: At the demise of an Egyptian Prime Kingdom, a unified village fights against an evil never before seen as it infiltrates the very place sought for protection and begins to bring the commoners of the village to their knees. Synopsis: At the sole command of King Hanor, the King of Upper Egypt (aka 'The Scorpian King'), a private investigation is opened into the dealings of his own family within the confines of the Kingdom. Soon, the King discovers (upon investigation) a level of betrayal appearing to be much closer to home than anyone could have possibly imagined. Coincidentally, due to what he feels is going on within his own kingdom, the King begins to lose his enthusiasm for the throne. His daughter, Princess Ouca Medann, has involved herself with the commoners of the village and has 'supposedly' fallen in love with the city's skilled craftsman, Aaron. Ouca soon becomes pregnant with Aaron's child and is eventually exposed for using the pregnancy as a ploy to further the successes of her true 'unfathomable' desires, consisting of her need for direct power and the unnatural feelings she holds dear for her half-brother, Fabius. The Kingdom has been infiltrated and the lust for power has begun. Can the future son of the Princess, who will be denied the rights to his true father (due to Aaron's untimely murder), be the true Menes and become the successor of the King after Fabius and Ouca's conspiracy is exposed and executed at the hands of Menes (Narmer) himself...? Truth is stranger than fiction. May true justice prevail.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The exterior view of the Egyptian Palace with people dancing
and clapping, involved in festive activities, sets the first
scene. A narrator reads the following script.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
King of Upper Egypt and father of
two, Hanor Anidon, has just
married his second wife,
Hatshepsut. This is not the female
pharaoh Hatshepsut of the 28th
Dynasty (who ruled approximately
2500 years later) but a woman that
had been nicknamed 'Hatty' as a
child and who has just become the
stepmother of Hanor's daughter,
Ouca Medonn (the young Egyptian
Princess), and goddess to the
throne. Hatty had served as King
Hanor's midwife prior to the
mysterious passing of the previous
queen (Ouca's biological mother).
This situation will create a
dramatic series of events that
will shake even the most mortal of
men to its very core. I present
to you 'The Secret of the Nile'.
Upon finishing the narration, the screen goes black.
The festivity comes back on screen, placing the main focus
on King Hanor who is wearing the head of a falcon (imitating
Horus), a long transparent robe made of linen with palm
fiber sandals and extended eyeliner portraying his deep,
dark eyes and dark wavy hair.
As everyone around him is involved in dance and
conversation, Hanor walks over to Hatty (wearing a tunic
made of linen and covered in gold) who is engaged in
conversation with fellow peers and politely takes her by the
arm to escort her to a quieter area.
Hatty, I am truly sorry, but I
must excuse myself from the
festivity. I simply need time to


                       HANOR (cont'd)
regain my composure so that I may
be of more use to you.
Is the heat getting to you, my
No. I simply feel fatigued and
need time to rest. I greatly
apologize in having to leave you
like this but I feel I currently
have no choice in the matter. I
hope you understand.
I understand, Hanor. Please take
as much time as needed. I will
remain here should you need me.
Are you sure you do not need me to
escort you up to your chamber?
No, please stay and enjoy. This
is your time. I understand that I
should be here with you but I seem
to have suddenly come down with
something and just need some time
to rest. Should I feel better
soon, I will rejoin the festivity.
Hanor turns to leave.
      (staring in
       Hanor's direction)
I'm aware that this time of grief
is necessary, but I will not lose
my position as queen and marriage
with my god to a memory of Ouca's
loss and your supposedly first
Hatty gives out a deep sigh and turns to walk away to rejoin
the festivity as she is immediately struck by another
thought with which she turns towards Hanor's direction to


You may have only married me
because of your first-born son and
heir to the throne, but you will
find love for me. No matter what
it takes.
Hatty stares in Hanor's direction as her eyes slowly begin
to wail up with tears. She is then confronted by a dear
friend who attempts to console her and escort her back to
the group. Hatty continues staring towards the direction of
Hanor as she heads back to the festive group.
Hanor enters his bedchamber after leaving the wedding
festivity to find both Ouca and Fabius (his first born son
and heir to the throne) playing quietly on the floor. He
leans over to give both infants a kiss on the forehead as he
grabs a bottle of his best wine.
Fabius, Ouca, you must listen to
what I have to say. I want you
both to know that no matter what
happens in the future, as long as
you have a clear conscious, you
can grow up to be exactly what you
want to be, no questions asked.
Never forget that.
Little Ouca looks up at her powerful father and smiles.
Yes, Father.
Ouca's beautiful brown eyes glare at her father with a look
of admiration as she continues smiling.
Ouca's matured face is now in full focus.
Ouca is teaching a group of manual laborers about health


Hello. My name is Ouca and today
I will introduce you to a new form
of communication known as
hieroglyphic writing, also fairly
new to myself. We will also focus
on the importance of regular
purification rituals consisting of
bathing, shaving and maintaining
your dietary restrictions against
animals considered unclean to eat.
My focus is on improving our
civilization and the improvement
must begin with you.
The class listens attentively.
Among the group is an irrigation worker and skilled
craftsmen by the name of Aaron, a very toned and handsome
olive skinned man wearing loincloths made of animal hide and
linen, and who has taken quite a liking to Ouca. He raises
his hand to address Ouca.
We are really appreciative of your
concern for the commoners, but why
are you so concerned of our well
Ouca looks at Aaron as she addresses him.
I feel that it is my duty as
someone of power to assist the
Egyptian people and to further
your knowledge and understanding
of the world around you.
Each person looks at one another as he nods his head in
Once you are through with my
class, you will be able to take
with you a new understanding of
your language, your land and your
Ouca looks towards the sun to see that it is getting a
little late.


Since class did not start until
later today, will will reconvene
tomorrow and will continue class
for another few days. I want
everyone to feel comfortable with
the subject matter, so if anyone
has any questions at anytime,
please feel free to meet with me
upon request and I will do my best
to accomodate you.
As class concludes, Aaron approaches Ouca.
My name is Aaron. I have truly
enjoyed your teaching. I would
have never considered myself to be
a literal but I find much interest
in your written form of
communication that you so kindly
speak of.
Ouca extends her hand as is common with Egyptian customs.
The woman must extend her hand first.
Aaron softly takes her hand and bows his head. Ouca slowly
Well, thank you. My hope is to
expose each and everyone of you to
a better life. Knowledge is
power. You must always remember
Aaron politely smiles and turns to exit the pavilion. As he
leaves, Ouca discretely watches his every move.
Aaron once again turns to grace Ouca with one more gesture
of kindness (a smile). He then turns to make his way out of
the pavilion as Ouca graciously smiles.
Hanor (looking older and a little stressed) calmly plays
with his wedding band (never allowing it to fall from his
finger) as he sets in wonderment. Drakus (King Hanor's
chancellor and/or vizier) walks in.


Well, I see what your plans are
for this evening. Per strict
orders, I have been monitoring
Ouca's educational sessions, aside
from my normal responsibilities,
and have taken notice to her
involvement with the socialization
and education of the village's
people. She is doing quite well
in maintaining good standards and
high morality for the peasants to
Hanor looks up from his faint stare and puts off a gracious
      (approaching Hanor)
You know, Ouca and Fabius both
need you to be at your best, not
to mention your people who need
you to govern them in their quest
for farming, irrigation and
political independence.
Hanor once again nods and stares straight ahead.
      (stepping away as
       he sighs)
Well, perhaps you will soon learn
of such importance by what may
befall you during this time of
Drakus slowly turns to exit as Hanor watches him leave.
After Ouca concludes class, she is approached by Fabius.
Fabius, how are you? What do you
think of my approach to teaching
the villagers?


I think that what you are trying
to accomplish is a wonderful
Thank you, Fabius. I am hoping
for good things to come of this.
After two weeks of teaching, I can
tell that there are a few students
that are taking these lessons to
heart. I have been speaking to one
student in particular who seems to
have more interest in his teacher
than of what she teaches. I have
also noticed that his teacher may
reciprocate. Am I wrong in
assuming this?
Ouca glances up at Fabius as she continues putting her
things away.
Would it be wrong if his teacher
has developed some form of feeling
for him?
Not in my eyes, but it is not my
eyes that will hold the life and
well-being of such a peasant and
hard laborer. There would have to
be questions answered to a bigger
authoritative figure that could in
turn create a very undesirable
situation. When money and power
are the underlying sources of all
that evolve in that world, it is
also of money and power that keep
that world alive. Anything outside
of that would only be a threat.
Fabius gives off a sheepish smile as onlookers are
Thanks, Fabius. I am truly aware
of the consequences. I will be
careful in any endeavor I pursue.


I know you will. Don't forget, I
am always here for you.
As Fabius turns to leave, he notices that Aaron is patiently
awaiting his turn to speak with Ouca. Fabius sends a smile
in his direction and turns to leave.
Aaron slowly approaches Ouca.
I greatly enjoyed the lesson for
today. The form of symbolic
writing relates much to my joy of
Aaron hands Ouca a papyrus which holds distinct drawings of
king figures wearing very distinct crowns (visible to
Thank you , Aaron. It seems that
you are taking great strides in
your comprehension of the
hieroglyphic language. I hope
that it is very informative and
that you always take a part of
what I try to teach with you each
time you leave these sessions.
Oh yes, I do with great pleasure.
However, we have been studying
this new form of communication and
learning much together for several
days now. Tell me, have you
learned anything more about the
Egyptian people and what they
truly need and deserve? We can
communicate with your symbolic
writing all day long but what does
it truly mean? Does it imply our
true feeling of communication? We
mustn't try to replace our verbal
and physical communication with
which I am more appreciative of.
Gently smiling, Aaron reaches out and softly caresses Ouca's
chin as she slowly pulls back and removes his hand, looking
to see if everyone else has exited the building.


We also mustn't confuse our
physical knowledge with that of
daily knowledge learned by living
our everyday lives. The various
forms of communication you learn
will empower you and take you to a
different level of appreciation
for the Egyptian language and its
people. The more you learn in
life, the more you will truly be
able to broaden your horizons and
value your direction as well as
your heritage.
Ouca flashes a smile and turns to exit the pavilion. Aaron
turns to the remaining students of the class to see who
remains and notices that most have already left. He turns
towards Ouca and swiftly walks after her.
I truly favor your brother,
Fabius. I have noticed that he
has taken quite an interest in
what you teach and how the
peasantry relates to it. I have
spoken with him regarding me (long
sigh) and my feelings for you. I
have never seen such care and
concern willfully given to those
of a lesser status from someone
who holds such a high standard of
living. How can I possibly
convince you to join me for a
private meeting where only the two
of us can speak privately among
As Aaron stands in deep suspense, waiting on a response from
Ouca, she takes the papyrus she is tightly holding in her
hand and writes a secret message.
As she hands the papyrus to Aaron, she politely addresses
This is where your appreciation of
written communication will come
into play should you be serious
about a private meeting with me.
Should you be able to decipher the
message and determine the
suggested meeting place, I will be


                       OUCA (cont'd)
there waiting.
Ouca smiles and turns to leave. Aaron nods in great
appreciation as if to say that he knows exactly where she is
coming from.
Aaron glances at the secret message.
If all symbols point to a certain
direction, then that means that I
should be reading in that
As he mumbles to himself the recent lessons of deciphering,
the pictures portraying its meaning come to light.
Meet me near the most northern
cataract of the Nile around the
reappearing of the stars. I'll be
Aaron glances up at the stars as if to give thanks to the
Gods and to offer a sigh of gratitude.
I will be there, my darling,
waiting on your arrival.
Ouca sits on the side of her bed as she stares off into the
distance while simultaneously grooming her hair.
She listens to distant voices coming from the corridor just
outside of her bedchamber.
As the voices pass, she immediately stands to approach the
As she approaches the window and peers out to make sure the
coast is clear, she attempts to climb down the trellis.
As she prepares to climb out of her window, she is startled
by a noise coming from the corridor. She quickly stalls
right in front of the window as she makes sure no one is
going to enter.


After assuming that the coast is clear, she glances to the
bottom of the tower and starts to climb down slowly. Once
she reaches the bottom, she checks to make sure all is
How am I to get past the guards at
this late hour? I know I must
move quick, whatever the case.
She glances towards a clearing in the bushel then
immediately darts towards it.
Sounds of the fast flowing waters of the cataracts are heard
as Ouca slowly appears from a bushel.
She approaches the bank of the Nile and finds a waiting spot
where she can patiently await Aaron's arrival.
She is immediately alerted by a noise coming from the bushel
directly behind her.
Aaron, is that you?
A shadowy figure steps from the brush to present itself. As
it comes closer to light, she sees that it is Aaron.
Oh, thank goodness. You startled
I'm sorry. I had been watching
closely to make sure no one had
followed you. Are you okay?
Yes, I am just fine. How are you?
I am much better now. Shall we
Aaron takes a throw blanket and spreads it on the ground.
The air coming off of the water is quite chilly so he takes
another blanket and gently places it on Ouca's shoulders to
warm her.


This may be a situation where I
become your student and you my
teacher. I am a novice when it
comes to this type of
relationship. I want to make sure
that all is pleasing to you. I
just ask that you help guide and
teach me as you see fit.
You mustn't worry about that. All
you must do is relax and let your
emotions lead the way. This isn't
quite my field of expertise either
but I have learned to simply
follow my heart.
Ouca stares in amazement and reaches out for Aaron's hand.
Aaron clutches her hand tightly and slowly begins to lean
into her.
Ouca begins to refrain until she again looks directly into
his eyes and senses the sincerity of his actions, implying
her reaction with a sigh.
Aaron again slowly leans in to embrace the lips of a
princess. As their lips embrace, Ouca softly places her
hand on Aaron's cheek. Aaron immediately places his hand on
Approximately 4 to 5 seconds into the kiss, Aaron withdraws.
Ouca politely smiles and grabs Aaron's hand and places it
on her bosom. This excites Aaron to the point of slowly
removing his hand to assist her in lying softly on the
ground beside him.
As Ouca finds herself in a horizontal position with Aaron
leaning over her, she begins to remove her clothing. Aaron
politely stops Ouca from removing her garments and rather
assists her as she sits up in an upright position. Aaron
then begins to slowly remove her clothing, piece by piece,
never removing his eyes from hers. She, in turn,
reciprocates the gesture as she assists him in removing his
clothing as well.
As they lie close together, Aaron maneuvers himself on top
of Ouca as to begin the process of intercourse.
As he appropriately positions himself, he softly and
tenderly begins his penetration in a stroking manner and
maintains his position for several minutes, never taking his
eyes off of Ouca.


After a few minutes have passed, Aaron securely clutches
Ouca to insinuate to her the emotional state that is
overwhelming him. To his surprise, she is right there with
him as they gaze into each others eyes and prepare
themselves to take that last ride to the peak of the
As the climax of such behavior slowly passes, Ouca decides
that it is time to refrain for the time being and report
back home.
Aaron, I am truly sorry but I must
refrain long enough to make an
appearance back home. My father
will begin to worry if I am late
in reporting back to my bedchamber
at an unearthly hour of the night.
Aaron grabs for Ouca's arm as she begins to stand up.
When will I be able to see you
I love you, I honestly do, but we
must be careful not to raise any
I understand. I will comply as
Aaron slowly stands to his feet, assists Ouca to her feet
and kisses her on the cheek. Ouca smiles as she then
scrambles to find all of her clothing with Aaron standing
When will I be able to see you
Very soon. We will reconvene at a
later time. That I can promise
With that, Ouca waves her last goodbye and turns to head


As Aaron watches Ouca leave, a shadowy figure, revealing the
back side of an unknown man's torso, is seen standing in the
brush watching her leave as well.
As Ouca enters her bedroom, she notices a note lying on her
bed. She goes over to the bed to pick up the note and
starts to read.
                       FABIUS (O.S.)
Ouca, you must be extremely
careful in not giving Drakus any
reason to suspect anything. If he
gets the inclination that
something exist outside of his
consent, there is no telling what
may occur. Please, for your sake
and mine, be careful.
      (to herself)
I must speak with father regarding
my recent liaison with Aaron
before Drakus does. If he gets to
my father first, there is no
telling what lie will be foretold.
Ouca turns to exit her chamber.
As Ouca enters her father's corridor just outside of his
bedchamber, she politely knocks on the door and waits for a
Who is it?
Father, I must have a moment with
you. May we speak in private?
Yes, my dear. Please enter.
As Ouca enters her father's bedchamber, she finds him in a
reclined position on top of his bed.


As Ouca begins to speak, she is abruptly interrupted by
Drakus who excuses himself into the room.
Hanor, I think what Ouca is about
to tell you is that she feels
deeply for those who are of less
fortune because they seem to be
worthy of more.
Ouca looks on in question. Hanor is bothered by the
interruption as he immediately delivers a look of confusion.
Drakus quickly concludes his speech.
Deserving as the common villagers
may be, though, they have yet to
receive what our princess feels is
well deserved on the part of their
hard work and ingenuity. I will
research more into this situation
myself as Ouca and I decide our
next plan of action to improve the
longevity of our civilization.
Drakus immediately grabs Ouca by the arm and escorts her
Ouca immediately withdraws herself from Drakus' hold.
What is the meaning of this?
Please listen to what I have to
Ouca is quietly waiting for Drakus' explanation as she
flashes a look of distrust.
      (putting both
       hands up)
I know what has been going on and
I believe that to inform your
father would not be a good idea at
this time. I think I have an idea
that would help the situation, but
I would like to talk to Aaron


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
before moving forward with
Have you been spying on me? And
why would you be interested in
assisting me with my personal
Ouca, if anyone knows you like I
do, in the biblical sense, he
would know how quickly attachments
seem to weigh on your heart.
Drakus reaches out to place his hand on Ouca's bosom as she
immediately pushes him away.
How dare you speak to me in that
manner. I am not a pawn in your
little game. I am a princess and
I demand to be treated like one.
Ouca, I know your heart is true.
However, you must take this
slowly. This is not a common
situation that is dealt with on a
daily basis. Please allow me the
opportunity of speaking with Aaron
on a friendly and non-threatening
manner to see exactly where he
stands. Once I have the notion
that his heart is true, I will
personally handle your father
Why would you agree to do that?
You must have some type of hidden
agenda that would only benefit
Yes, thank you for your define
trust. Ideally, everyone deserves
to be truly happy, even us royals.
If this union is of the most
honest and utmost sincerity, on


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
the part of both parties, who am I
to inhibit that? When it comes to
your father, I will be your only
lifeline. This, we both know.
Yes, you may speak with Aaron on
my behalf but only if you
immediately report back to me. You
should also be aware that if you
try to deter him and lead him
astray, I will be the first to
know. I pray that you will comply
with my request and hope that you
will not betray my trust.
You know that you can trust me. I
have literally raised you as my
own. I take great pleasure in
knowing that I am partly
responsible for the beautiful
woman, teacher and caregiver that
you have become.
Drakus reaches out to stroke Ouca's hair as she once again
You have also taught me wisdom and
about the real world. I know that
people fall short of their duties.
This is a very fragile situation.
I have developed feelings that
are unheard of given my current
status. Perhaps my father would
benefit more if it came from you.
However, mine and Aaron's feelings
do and shall remain, no matter the
I will make arrangements to speak
with Aaron on a personal level by
the next day's sinking of the sun.
I will gracefully send for him
and request his presence at our
private meeting place. The
meeting will be arranged in a
tasteful manner, specifically
organized to serve its purpose. I


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
will maintain behavior fit for a
just cause.
You have your chance to redeem
yourself, Drakus, and to prove
your loyalty. Should you fall
short of your requested duty, I
will be the first to know.
Drakus never moves his eyes from Ouca's as he calls aloud
for the king's servant.
My dear maiden servant?
A servant enters the front of the corridor as a response to
his address.
Yes, Great Vizier?
Please arrange for a carrier
pigeon to deliver a message to the
village requesting a personal
meeting with the towns craftsman
and skilled laborer, known to all
as 'Aaron'.
Yes, Sir. And where should I
suggest the meeting place to be?
      (looking at
West of the city, near the great
burial ground, at the base of the
king's tomb. I have something I
think Aaron will be privileged to
The servant bows her head and excuses herself.
Watch yourself, Drakus, for I know
your every move.
That, my dear, I already know.


Drakus flashes his sheepish smile and then turns to leave.
Aaron is playing ball with the children of the village. He
is approached by a messenger.
Aaron, nephew of the great village
craftsman known to all as Aaron of
Aaron throws the ball to a little boy waiting to catch it as
he approaches the messenger. The group of boys take off
running to carry there game someplace else.
Yes, Sir. Who is asking?
I have a message addressed to you,
requesting your company via the
great vizier at the sinking of the
sun after receipt of the
The Vizier? What business would
he have with me? Where is he
suggesting we meet?
Per the written request, it
appears that he is suggesting west
of the city near the construction
of the king's tomb.
The king's tomb? That area is
forbidden to the locals. Does it
specify as to the reason he is
requesting my presence?
No Sir. That is all I am allowed
to reveal. You must be prompt and
very secretive for something
significant awaits you.
The messenger turns to leave as Aaron watches him walk away.


The vizier? Ouca, if he has
gained knowledge of you and I, I
am nothing but a dead man.
Aaron slowly turns to leave in the opposite direction as the
group of boys return to continue with Aaron their game of
ball. As Aaron is thrown the ball, he gracefully catches it
and laughingly runs from the boys.
A picture of the Nile River is shown as the sun slowly sets
to the west.
Aaron is walking down the road towards the meeting place
when he stops to notice the view of several pyramids. He
immediately hears a noise behind him.
Hello. Is anyone there? Is that
you, Vizier?
A dark figure slowly approaches as Aaron takes a step back.
A deep voice eludes the darkness.
      (in a narcissistic
You are looking at history, fit
for a king, in the making. There
is a huge stretch between where
you stand and where I stand,
socially. Do you understand that?
Drakus comes into clear view.
Yes Sir, but please tell me what
all of this has to do with me.
Drakus approaches Aaron as Aaron cautiously takes a few
steps back.


Please do not be alarmed. I am
not here to harm you but to help
Drakus slowly approaches Aaron as he notices that he is
carrying something.
Well, what have we here?
Sir, please accept my gift of
offering to the king. I would
like to present you with this
personally crafted macehead that I
created. It is in honor of our
king and represents him in his
younger day and of how he has
protected us for so long. His
persistence still reigns eternal
in my eyes. For this reason, I
will always refer to him as our
scorpion king. This weaponry
symbolizes his successes.
Drakus softly giggles, as in a mocking manner, as Aaron
I would also like to present you,
vizier, with this smaller macehead
that I personally crafted for you.
It implies my hope that per a
future success, lower Egypt will
be united with us by the likes of
our king and ruled under one
kingdom to show the trust and
dignity of one nation. I know that
the king is capable and will
prevail in one way or another.
Drakus again softly laughs to imply his arrogance while
accepting the gifts from Aaron.
I greatly apologize, but I'm not
quite sure of your intent or what
I may have done to deserve any
progression via the likes of you.


Son, I have worked hard just to
get to where I now stand. Even
with all of the hard work I have
done, I have to create a very
significant and vital resting
place for a man that has no sexual
or self-control over himself and
his actions. He is no longer a
scorpion king, slaying the enemies
of his people, but of a mere
mortal who has lost his soul and
touch of reality.
Drakus motions his hands as if to direct Aaron's attention
to the sights around him.
Each night I come out here to
converse with the Gods in order to
precisely piece together the
pyramid of spirit, faith, peace
and love.
Aaron provides Drakus with his undivided attention as Drakus
turns to lead him through a tour of exceptional
architecture. Aaron cautiously follows.
In order for energy to flow,
reflecting on past and future
lives, you must accurately create
and piece together the tomb of a
powerful man. Remaining in unity
with the earth, as well as staying
grounded in spirit, is the key.
Just like the beams of light that
extrude from the heavens to the
earth in the form of a pyramid, so
to must this object reciprocate by
pointing towards the heavens to
imply that unity with man, and to
give them that stepping tool to
heaven's door.
Sir, the sights and construction
of the pyramids are liberating but
what does this have to do with me?
I am not of a godly or powerful
status and my presence in such an
honorable location will only taint
the presence of the kings and gods


                       AARON (cont'd)
that now behold us.
Drakus again laughs as he stops to turn and address Aaron.
To my understanding, you are a
very skilled craftsman for the
town's people and what I hold in
my hand is of great proof. I
would think that this would be of
great interest to you. Take
pleasure in what you will behold
for most commoners are not given
the privilege to do so.
Oh please Sir, do not mistake what
I have said with the non-pleasure
of what my eyes behold. I am
simply referencing my status and
my presence in such a sacred
You mustn't be concerned with
that. Take heed in what I have to
say and pay close attention for
the meaning behind this event will
soon be made apparent.
Yes, Sir. I understand.
Drakus nods his head and turns to continue his speech as
Aaron follows.
Each piece must be precise and
accurate (mathematically) and must
allow for the length of the king's
time spent on earth. The taller
the structure, the longer the
reign of the king and the closer
he becomes to the Gods. Upon the
king's death from the physical
world, his earthly body will be
placed in the tomb covered with a
limestone mastaba.
Aaron pauses and beholds an unbelievable sight.


What you see going on before you
is a collective constructing of
stone, pieced together to create
the noticeable stepped sides with
which the material used to create
such structures and the idea
thereof are given to us via
visitors from the stars that only
a select few, normally men of
power, will ever get to see.
So, these giant slaves are not of
our earthly region?
They are visitors of our world who
delight in providing us with
advanced artistry and
architecture. They are very
interested in our desires and
beliefs. In return for their
service and gifts of technology,
we provide them with explanations
to the ways of our world.
Aaron is in awe as he addresses Drakus.
My eyes have never beheld such
wonders as such. All of the
villagers hear stories as to how
our godly structures are designed
to reflect such strong messages,
thrust ed to heaven's door, but
now I seem to be overtaken by what
my eyes behold as confirmation of
such architect portrays itself.
You must remember that discretion
is of the utmost importance as you
rejoin your level of society and
its people.
Aaron looks at Drakus in question.
I am still unsure as to why you
have requested my company.


Although King's Hanor's tomb is
being constructed and raised to
exemplify the rein of the king
scorpion, I feel that his time
here in this world should and will
be shortened. I have a
proposition for you that I think
may interest you.
I'm sorry. I fail to understand
your intention.
I am planning to have the king
taken from his physical presence
here on earth and create his early
ascend to the heavens.
You are planning to have the king
Aaron, the king is already a god,
but his presence in our physical
world is only causing conflict. He
has what we both want. I want his
money and power and you want his
      (looking at Drakus)
As vizier, a great right-hand of a
very powerful and self-deserving
God of man, you are proclaiming a
desired execution on a particular
entity's behalf?
Aaron, please do not excuse this
as an unapproachable issue. You
must realize who is offering you
an opportunity that may never be
presented to you again.
How can I help in slaying a God
that helps the sun rise and fall
everyday? You are speaking of
your king and the father of the


                       AARON (cont'd)
woman I love. You should be put
to death for even thinking such a
thing. Should you have this
carried through, you will be
condemned to an eternal hell.
The woman you love? Can you not
conceive the impossibility of that
How were you aware of our secret
and most intent relationship? I
am but a lowly peasant who has no
credibility and you are confiding
in me this unruly gesture?
Please, just hear me out.
Aaron's deep breathing has escalated.
      (softly laughing)
Aaron, please, calm yourself. Your
king is of no God. He is merely
of mortal men who has been handed
his position as king per a mere
technicality. He doesn't protect
his people. He only protects
himself. Fabius will become the
rightful and purified image of our
sire and ensure his continued
Aaron stands in disbelief as Drakus continues talking.
You know that as things stand, you
have no chance in consummating a
relationship of sorts. With King
Hanor out of the way, I can
request that Fabius have you
appointed second to my command to
serve as my understudy. Then, you
and Princess Ouca would both have
my blessing. The king can't
guarantee a future for you, but
Ouca can. She can deliver your
offspring which would be born into
a world of mystery and power and


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
stand to inherit much more.
Aaron acknowledges Drakus' request.
I will have to decline any
involvement in such acts and take
my chances with the underlying
truth. Either he will or will not
accept me, but I have enough faith
to know that Ouca will follow me
anywhere I go. I also refuse to
believe that Fabius would be in
agreement to have his father
murdered to enhance his early
position as king.
One would think that. However,
you have a lot of growing up to
do. Fabius favors you and the
king does not. Focus on that
point for a while.
I am truly sorry but I must depart
for the night.
Aaron turns to leave as Drakus grabs his arm.
      (muttering with
       firm hold on
You deny me now, but should you
have a change of heart at a later
time, this is the best place to
find me. I would also think twice
before troubling Ouca with what we
have discussed. It is not a
pleasant subject for her, but she
too feels that it is our only
Aaron looks Drakus straight in the eye, releases his hold
and swiftly leaves for home.
      (mumbling and
       looking over his
How could someone be so direct and


                       AARON (cont'd)
approach an individual in that
manner? How indecent of a
proposal can you possibly have? I
am definitely in over my head this
Aaron again turns towards Drakus' direction to find that he
has mysteriously disappeared. Aaron stops as he stares in
that direction.
      (softly to himself)
Our love has already created a web
of deceit and lies and we have yet
to experience that proclaimed
love. It is just one unpublicized
and forbidden night of sensual and
innocent lovemaking. What will
come of it now?
The exterior view of the palace comes on screen as the sun
shines brightly.
Drakus is heading towards Ouca's bedchamber. As he enters
Ouca's corridor to make his way to her bedchamber, he is
approached by the queen.
Well, if it isn't Hatty, our loyal
Where were you last night?
I needed some time to regroup and
decided to take a late night walk.
As he turns to head down the corridor, the queen grabs him
by the arm.
Is it official yet?
Drakus turns around to address the queen in a prompt manner.


No, it is not official yet, but I
am working on it. You must leave
me at my will and do not be too
haste. If anyone catches on to
what we are planning to do, we
will be hanged unmercifully.
The queen releases her grasp and turns to head the other
way. However, as she makes it halfway down the corridor,
she turns to address Drakus once more as Drakus remains
still, staring at her.
This must go as planned. I
haven't time to allow Hanor to
carry on the way he is, bedding
any young prostitute he refers to
as a coming-of-age ritual. If
another son is born of these
women, it would create a lack of
influence on my part and my
authority would be threatened. We
must act now.
One must be patient. If this does
not go according to plan, any
small mishap will definitely
create chaos in the likelihood of
our government. Stay at peace and
leave the logistics to me.
Patience is not the key, Drakus.
It is trust. This is not child's
play but merely a lack of
servitude on the part of our
government and society's
foundation. We are talking about
the main factor of our
civilization. If we are found
out, we will be executed and
thrown over by the mere people who
worship the ground we walk on.
At ease my dear queen. Positive
thinking is the key to success and
our situation is of no difference.


With that, Drakus turns to leave as Hatty stands still and
bows her head.
Ouca is sitting on her bed, softly caressing her hair
putting off a faint stare.
As she continues grooming in a soft, vertical motion, she is
interrupted by a knock on the door.
Before she could get up to proceed to the door, Drakus
slowly opens the door and allows himself to enter the room.
Can you not ever wait for a
welcoming gesture before allowing
yourself in like that?
I'm sorry to disturb you my
princess, but I do have news to
give you. I met with Aaron and
all seems well. He was just a
little distant and remote
regarding his true feelings of
you. But, he assured me that he
has true intentions at heart and
would like for you to meet him
again soon.
      (lighting up)
Did he perhaps say when or where?
Drakus stares into Ouca's big brown eyes.
Yes, he did. He would like to
meet you just north of the great
cave, the dwelling of the God of
the Nile, near the cataracts by
nightfall tonight. He stated that
you shouldn't try to contact him
prior and that he would meet you
as planned.
Thank you so much, Drakus. I had
my doubts about you in the
beginning, but you have really
managed to prove yourself and your


                       OUCA (cont'd)
loyalty. My initial meeting with
Aaron was very emotional and
exotic and it created a sense of
need and want in me that I have
never experienced before.
Drakus approaches Ouca to caress her face as she immediately
pulls away from him.
      (profusely biting
       his lip)
So, what you and I encountered was
of no relevance?
There was never anything of
relevance between the two of us.
You must get what acts you hold
dear in your heart out of your
head for you have simply created
false perceptions that in your
mind are true.
They are true and something you
will never be able to take from
me. You remember them too, Ouca.
I believe that our brief time
together is what's keeping you
sane in a world of neglect, greed
and pride such as ours.
You are a victim of
Oh, that is where you are wrong my
love. I neglected you. You want
more from a man that I can give
and my main goal is not the likes
of you but the likes of your
prestige and merit.
Think wisely before you act,
Drakus. A man without love in his
heart is a man without true


I do have true purpose. That is
my loyalty to you and the status
at which you hold.
Yes, Drakus, as we both know how
true that honestly is. However,
you must now excuse me for I must
begin preparation for my meeting.
Drakus smiles and bows his head in respect as Ouca exits her
Drakus sits down on Ouca's bed as he quietly assures himself
of his questionable loyalty.
If you were only aware of my true
purpose. Never again will my
loyalty be taken for granted. On
the contrary, nameless people will
soon be begging for my mercy.
Drakus sits in wonderment for a brief moment.
      (standing up)
Now is the perfect time to see
what Hanor has currently involved
himself with. I think it is time
we have a private discussion among
Drakus exists the princess's bedchamber and heads up the
corridor towards the king.
Hanor is relaxed on his couch while being fanned by four of
his female slaves.
A knocking is heard on the door.
Yes, who is it?
                       DRAKUS (O.S.)
Hanor, it is Drakus. I must
request a private meeting with you
to discuss issues regarding the


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
taxation of the peasantry and
upcoming revelations of the River
Nile. I have just been made aware
of some entailed and profitable
information that greatly concerns
Drakus, must we discuss such
issues today?
                       DRAKUS (O.S.)
Yes, my king. I feel that this is
information you need to be made
aware of immediately.
Drakus calmly waits for his reply.
Yes, Drakus, I shall meet with you
briefly. I must tend to other
details at the moment. Allow me
to complete my current business
and I'll shall meet with you in
the green room, the central room
on the north side of the palace,
come nightfall. I'll be waiting
for your presence.
      (talking to door)
Thank you. You will not be sorry
for agreeing to meet with me, my
king. I will not spend any of
your time without thought, so I
will arrive as planned. I know
that each and every moment is
valuable and I appreciate you
allowing me to be a part of that.
                       HANOR (O.S)
Yes, the pleasure is all mine.
Drakus turns to leave.
      (mumbling to
My plan can now be put into
motion. Drakus, you are a god.


Aaron is slowly walking the main road, while constantly
looking down in a daze, as commotion of the city is seen all
around him.
      (mumbling to
How can someone as close to the
king as Drakus considerably
conceive of such acts? I am
greatly aware that my peasantry
status will probably never allow
me to publicly exercise my love
for Ouca. However, carrying out
such acts would definitely inhibit
everything should such horrible
and deadly acts be made
Aaron is interrupted by a commoner waving his hello as Aaron
waves back.
How dare Drakus suggest putting
our people in jeopardy. I will
not stand for this. I must talk
to Ouca before something drastic
happens. I will sneak up to her
room come nightfall. If not that,
I'll get to her in some way. I am
not sure how but I am determined
to find a way.
Aaron continues walking in the same direction as he
continuously shakes his head in disbelief.
Ouca is sitting on a rock watching the sun almost completely
disappear into the Nile while patiently awaiting Aaron's
It is a very pleasant and calm night with the sounds of the
steep flowing rapids in the background.
Oh, Aaron. Where are you?


She is disturbed by a noise coming from the near distance as
she swiftly turns towards that direction.
Aaron, is that you? You mustn't
try to startle me. Now is not the
time for playing games.
She waits for a reply, but no reply is delivered.
      (a little louder)
I am very serious about this,
Aaron. I will leave immediately
to return home if you do not
present yourself in a prompt
She stares off in the direction of the noise, never
receiving a response to her direct demand.
She stands up from her sitting position and slowly walks
towards the stone from where she heard the noise.
A small dog steps from behind the stone, startling her to
the point of falling to the ground.
Oh my goodness!
The commotion startles the small animal and it takes off
running past her heading back to the woods directly behind
Oh, my goodness. How terrible. If
I must stay out here much longer
by myself, I will surely have a
heart attack.
She immediately stands to her feet, dusts herself off and
heads back to her waiting place.


Drakus enters the kitchen to address the servants.
Attention all servants. Between
the two of us, the king and I have
planned to take part in a private
meeting and I would like to have a
small meal prepared to accompany
that gathering.
The servants stand at attention as Drakus continues talking.
I would like to have the most
expensive and tasteful wine
provided as the drink of choice
and the meal to consist of
strictly fruits and vegetables.
The servants bow their heads in servitude and begin to
prepare the meal.
The meeting is to take place in
the green room, so please prepare
the meal swiftly without error and
have the table prepared prior to
the king's arrival. I will be
waiting for delivery. Please,
carry on.
The servants immediately continue preparing the meal as
Drakus turns to exit the kitchen.
Aaron reaches the outskirts of the palace where the exterior
of the palace is visible by the light of the moon.
      (talking to
Aaron, you have got to be totally
crazy to even attempt this. How
am I to make it even close to the
palace with the amount of guards
in tow?


Aaron's attention is immediately drawn to a line of
cultivated palm trees right on the outskirts of the palace.
So, if I am able to disguise
myself amongst the trees, I may
have a chance to slowly approach
the palace in hopes of obtaining
Ouca's attention.
As Aaron slowly makes his way through the treeline, keeping
an eye on the guards who continuously laugh and make jokes
as in a drunken rage while keeping their weapons at bay, he
manages to make his way to Ouca's side of the palace.
How must I get her attention? I
know, I must create a noise not to
be too disturbing, but something
that will make her peer out the
window and down below.
Aaron begins collecting small stones and tossing them up to
Ouca's window. After several failed attempts, Aaron decides
to try something new.
      (sitting down by a
This is not working. There must
be a better way to do this.
Aaron places the back of his head against the tree as he
puts off a long sigh of disbelief. After a couple of
minutes of watching and listening to the guards mumbles, he
suddenly remembers a story told by a commoner in the
Wait a minute. That's it.
Aaron immediately stands to his feet.
      (thinking back)
I remember exactly the
conversation I had with an elder
several weeks ago regarding the
king's palace and of what it had
                                         CUT TO:


Aaron, along with many other young men, is listening to
elders of the community.
      (standing in front
       of the men)
We must all give our duty of
gratitude to the king. However,
you must also remember that
knowing how to escape any
persecution a commoner may
experience is of the utmost
importance. You must learn how to
physically escape the situation at
hand should you be caught in the
royals possession. Those secret
passageways have saved several
lives, including mine. The
tunnels must be used wisely and
with great respect for it was of a
secret mission per the enslaved
commoners that those tunnels were
created. If at any time the sites
of the secret passages create
doubt, always look for the closest
emblem of stability.
Aaron stares at the elder, continuously nodding his head, as
if his thoughts are overloading his mind.
as before:
      (thinking out loud)
An emblem of stability? What
could that possibly mean? And if
these secret passageways honestly
exist, giving access to the
remaining areas of the palace,
that would of course include the
princess's bedchamber.
Aaron quietly observes his surroundings.
As he glances towards the back of the palace, a huge
sycamore tree catches his eye. As he carefully approaches
the tree, he notices that at the base is a huge trunk.


      (approaching the
That has got to be the largest
base of a tree I have ever seen,
particularly for the sycamore. The
trunk appears to have the capacity
of a small village.
Aaron approaches the tree and places his attention on a
raised root that appears to resemble a door.
      (looking into
       raised root)
Has this been created by men or
presented as a gift from the gods
for a certain purpose? Wait a
minute. This is it. Yes, this
must be it. The emblem of
stability would only emphasize the
strength of the tree and its
ability to maintain the composure
of its exterior as well as its
interior structure.
Aaron slowly steps into the opening. As he steps inside the
opening, he immediately finds himself falling beneath the
earth's surface. Aaron lets out a faint scream as his full
body appears to disappear.
Upon hearing Aaron's scream, the guards immediately halt
their conversation and direct their attention in that
      (raising his hand
       to quieten
       remaining guards)
Quieten down everyone. Did you
hear that?
                       GUARD II
What exactly did you hear?
I am not sure. The noise alone,
though, is enough to create
suspicion. We must follow up on
the disturbance. I need three men
to assist me and the remaining
guards to stay behind. After
making sure we are clear, we will


                       GUARD (cont'd)
rejoin the group.
The four guards walk in the direction of where they heard
the frightening noise.
As Drakus enters the place of meeting, he is immediately
addressed by Hatty who seems to have followed him.
Is everything okay, Drakus?
Yes, but please allow us our
privacy to discuss such matters
amongst ourselves. You mustn't be
here or the plan will be ruined.
Yes, I will leave you at your
will. However, you must remember
who it is you are truly working
for and represent. If all goes
according to plan, we will both
Yes, I sense your direction and
know my part without fail. You
must go now. I will come for you
once I am through with Hanor and
inform you of the situation at
Fine. I'll be waiting in the
corridor of my chamber. Do not
As Hatty turns to exit the room, she is startled by Hanor
who accidentally cuts her off.
I am truly sorry. Where are you
heading at this hour my dear?


I couldn't sleep, so I decided to
take a walk to the green room for
it seems to relax me. I do
apologize for my interruption. I
will leave you and Drakus at your
Hatty excuses herself and exits the room.
Hanor throws a glance in Drakus' direction and takes the
liberty of sitting at the table, near an open window.
Upon finding a comfortable position, as Drakus looks on, and
looking out of the window into the starry night, Hanor
speaks up.
Drakus, have you ever wondered
what all of this means? Those
things that live outside of us and
shine with such authority. What
exactly do they do? They assist
us with light and time and provide
us direction, but there must be
more. Is that what our soul turns
into once we pass from this earth?
Do we too become a beacon for
others left behind to help find
their way?
We can only know so much before
our minds become cluttered with
such nonsense. Leave it to the
goddess of the sky to make sense
of that portion of the hereafter.
There's not much left for us to
decide but what we do right now.
Hanor turns to Drakus as he slowly begins to speak.
Perhaps you are right, Drakus.
However, someday we will know the
exact truth as it is revealed to
us by our superiors. All of us.
Yes, Your Majesty. I do feel that
all will soon be revealed.
However, as for now, we must
delight in the recent company of
each other and discuss the


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
pertinent issues at hand. Would
you like a glass of wine?
      (staring out into
       the night)
Yes, please. I would greatly
enjoy that.
As Hanor's back is turned, Drakus takes the smaller
macehead, consisting of a drilled hole at the top equipped
to hold a liquid, and pours a small amount of wine with an
unknown substance he quickly mixes in with it.
Please, sip this wine as a symbol
of our friendship and loyalty to
one another.
As Hanor turns, he takes notice to the macehead held in
Drakus' hand.
What is the meaning of this? You
expect me to drink from that?
      (with false
Emblematic of our future goal,
this macehead represents a divine
symbol that will be used to smote
our enemies of Egypt in our
attempt to unify as well as those
who try to disable us from doing
so. I take pride in personally
crafting a tool such as this in
your honor. It only seems fitting
that you and I both partake in a
drink from the object as a symbol
of our union.
      (taking the
       macehead to
This is exquisite work, Drakus. I
commend you on that. I did not
know you beheld such talent.


I usually do not pride myself on
egotistically speaking of my work,
but in your honor, I will gladly
do so.
      (looking at Drakus)
Thank you, Drakus. I greatly
appreciate that.
Hanor raises the object as in a toasting manner and then
turns it up as he drinks the wine from the weaponry.
Drakus sits in deep suspense, waiting for Hanor's deadly
      (looking at Drakus
       as he places the
       macehead down)
Drakus, what is it that weighs
heavily on your mind?
The idea that you have been
granted power that does not
rightfully belong to you. I am
more of a rightful candidate for
your position.
I'm sorry, but I fail to
understand what you mean.
All you can ever think about is
the past love of your life. You
haven't any idea the current
status of your people or the likes
of your own daughter.
What are you saying, Drakus?
Hanor immediately places his hand on his stomach as he leans
Drakus, I greatly apologize but I
feel to have eaten something
earlier in the day that obviously


                       HANOR (cont'd)
has not set well with me. I do
apologize in the timing but I must
excuse myself.
Hanor stands up to leave as Drakus looks on.
If you do not feel up to our
discussion, please take the
liberty of returning to your
bedchamber for we can complete our
meeting at a later time.
      (looking at Drakus
       and breathing
What have you done?
Hanor immediately falls to his death as his killer stands
above him.
Oh, Hanor. I hate that it had to
come to this. You were a good man
but your priorities were not
exactly where they should have
Drakus bends down to place the small macehead deep inside
Hanor's cloak.
      (whispering in his
Now, with you out of the way and
Fabius soon to follow, my plan
will have been completed. As my
gift to you, be sure not to forget
this in your journey to your next
Aaron immediately emerges from a standing cabinet on the
other side of the room with force as Drakus jumps to his
Help! I have captured a murderer!
Please, anyone, I need help! The
king has been murdered!


What are you doing and how did you
get in here?
      (breathing heavily)
What have you done?
       approaching Aaron)
Well, you have an untimely fashion
of showing up at exactly the wrong
time. I had a feeling that you
might come. However, you are
making this too easy for me. I
have just done you and I a favor.
Don't you see? We can now move on
as planned. You can continue your
relationship with Ouca and I can
soon obtain the power that is
rightfully mine.
I never agreed to any of this. You
are a sick man and I will see to
it that you rightfully get what
you deserve.
Oh, really? And you think you
have that authority, lowly
Drakus immediately attacks Aaron and throws him to the
ground. Aaron struggles to regain his freedom.
What is your problem? Have you
lost your mind?
Aaron manages to release an arm as he swiftly takes a swing
at Drakus. Drakus easily dodges the attempt as he places
his arm around Aaron's neck. The queen and a male servant
quickly enter the room.
What is going on in here?
Hatty immediately notices the king lying on the floor.


      (turning to the
Go fetch the guards immediately.
We must have this man restrained
for he has harmed our king and
possibly murdered him.
As the servant turns to exit the green room, he is
immediately cut off by four guards who have already been
alerted by the commotion.
Take this man from here and place
him in a secure holding block
until the likes of what has just
taken place here are revealed. He
may have murdered the king and we
must take proper action
Two guards approach Aaron to assist him to his feet while
Drakus takes a step back.
      (speaking to the
You must not believe these people.
The vizier has poisoned the king.
I witnessed it myself. He must
contain the bottle which held such
a fatal substance somewhere amidst
his body or on the king. Do a
formal search and you will find
Do you even understand the
punishment for false allegations?
These are not false allegations.
You must believe me. You have the
wrong man. We have to find Ouca.
She can explain everything.
Yes, we definitely know that the
princess would be the right
candidate in helping you out of
this one. Do you even know who
the king is?


Please, guards, if it will help in
any manner to perform a search of
my body, please feel free to do
so. I have absolutely nothing to
The guard looks at Drakus and then looks at a guard before
Do a quick search on this man and
then check the king for any
evidence as to what has just taken
The guard approaches Drakus to quickly pat him down and then
approaches the king's body while everyone watches.
From the king's cloak, the guard pulls out the small
                       GUARD II
Well, what have we here?
That was mine that I had
personally crafted as an offer of
my obedience to the king.
Aaron quickly looks at Drakus while still being held by the
You used my gift for this purpose?
      (looking at Aaron)
You mean to tell me that this is
The guard sighs and places the macehead on the table and
addresses the other guards.
There is no need to delay the
inevitable much longer, Men. We
must act now in isolating the
likes of a criminal. However, we
will not retreat to a dungeon as
of yet, but will rather have
prisoner held in a secure silos in
the city until more investigation


                       GUARD (cont'd)
can be conducted.
The guards immediately assists in taking Aaron away.
      (as he is escorted
Your time will come, Drakus. Your
time will come. If it is my last
and final plea, I will see you
lose your head.
The queen stops just a moment to look at Drakus.
What have you done and how did
that commoner gain access to our
home with the amount of guards you
have specifically chosen to
protect us?
Is this not what you have asked
for? I have simply complied with
your repeated request and now it
has been delivered. How that fool
gained access is completely beyond
me. I will get to the bottom of
it though. That I can guarantee.
As Drakus turns to leave, Hatty grabs him by the arm.
Could he have truly seen anything
in the way of your murderous
attempt and how you might would be
at fault?
Even if he had, who is going to
believe a lowly peasant? I am but
a god in the eyes of man and with
that my goal is secured.
You are honestly going to allow
that innocent man to take the
fall, aren't you? I did not call
for my husband and your king's
death. I simply wanted assurance
of my stability and I needed your
assistance and intelligence to


                       HATTY (cont'd)
make sure it was secure but not in
this manner.
Oh, please. You expect me to
believe that? This is exactly
what you wanted. And now, that
the plan has been carried out, you
are allowing yourself to crumble
under the pressure. Do not fear
that criminal and what he may be
able to testify to. We are simply
victims of a lover scorn, divided
by sickness and poverty. He found
his own unwelcome and
impermissible way to us and not
the other way around. Leave it.
Drakus slowly cuffs the queen's clothing of her chest as he
leans into her.
You just keep one thing in mind.
If I go down for this, you will be
right beside me on the execution
block. Do not forget that.
The queen immediately tears his hand away from her clothing.
Do not threaten me, Drakus.
Remember, I am one step above you.
You serve a king that is now dead
of this world. This means that my
son, heir to the throne, has just
become king due to his father's
untimely death. Now you tell me,
will a young king put his mother
to death for the murder of his
father or his father's vizier who
we all know can not be trusted
anyway? Even Hanor himself had
doubts about you.
Really? Well, believe what you
must, but for now we must deal
with the situation at hand. There
is a young princess out there
whose father has just been


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
murdered and she must be notified.
Should I remind you, Hatty, that
this princess I am referring to is
the king's daughter, but of no
blood or relation to you? How
prominent are you really? Ouca
never trusted you either. So,
will Fabius favor the likes of you
or his sister with whom he loves
deeply? Let the real truth soon
reveal itself.
Hatty deeply portrays a glare of discontent as Drakus
concludes his speech.
Excuse me. I must go fetch Ouca
to deliver the dreadful news.
Drakus turns to exit the room as Hatty briefly sighs and
storms off after him, leaving the body of the king
temporarily behind. As the two exit the room, the servant
walks out from behind the door and peers in their direction.
Ouca remains in her waiting area.
Something has got to be wrong.
This is not like Aaron to agree to
meet me somewhere and then decide
on something else.
Ouca stands to her feet.
I guess I must make my way home. I
greatly hope that everything is
alright with Aaron.
As Ouca begins to leave, she is startled by a noise coming
at her at a frantic and fast pace. As she continues
watching in that direction, Drakus leaps from the bushels as
she again falls to the ground in fear.


My princess, you must come with
me. Something terrible has
happened to your father.
      (picking herself
Drakus, you scared the living
daylight out of me. What is it
that startles you?
      (lowering his head)
It is your father. He and I were
in a private meeting and Aaron,
your new suspecting lover, sprang
from within an escritoire in the
green room. He must have gained
access through a secret entrance.
That has yet to be determined. I
am not sure how else he would have
made it past the guards. Anyway,
I didn't quite know what his
intentions were at first until he
grabbed your father by the face
with a linen garment. He made
sure that the garment completely
covered his face so that he could
not breathe. By the time I could
get to him, given that I was on
the other side of the room, your
father had already lost
consciousness and was beyond any
attempts at being revived.
Ouca starts to feel a little faint and grabs Drakus'
shoulder for support.
Here, please sit for a moment to
catch your breath.
Drakus assists Ouca in sitting on the ground.
The guards have attained Aaron and
placed him in a silos in the city.
If you like, I can find out his
exact location and allow you an
opportunity to speak with him. He
seemed to be disillusioned because


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
he honestly claimed that it was I
who aimed to harm your father. One
thing you must remember though,
instead of meeting his supposed
love in your sacred meeting place,
he chose to break into the green
room of the palace where the king
would fall to his death.
Ouca immediately places her head in her hands as she begins
crying uncontrollably.
      (caressing Ouca)
You must not over do yourself with
stress and anxiety. This will be
a rough transition but I will be
here for you. I can not afford to
lose you as well.
      (still crying)
I am not understanding what has
happened. Is there anyway that
you can be mistaking?
I really wish that I was. I can
only inform you of what I have
seen. We are all unsure of
Aaron's motive but what has
happened is done. We must figure
the next step and decide what fate
will befall our beloved one.
      (standing to her
I have to get to the bottom of
this. There has to be something
you are missing. I feel that
Aaron's love for me is real and
there is no way he would
jeopardize what we have just
recently created. Even aside from
that, Aaron is in no way a
      (standing to face
I'm greatly sorry. I can only
deliver to you what my eyes have


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
seen. Should I have properly not
seen what unfolded before my very
eyes, I apologize in advance for
my misunderstanding. However, due
to the information that we now
have, Aaron has been incarcerated
and is being held captive in the
city for murder of the king.
Ouca immediately turns from Drakus to head back towards the
city. Drakus watches her leave.
      (sighing and
       talking to
Drakus, this is not going to be
easy but you have made it this
far. However, the journey is far
from over.
Drakus slowly begins walking in the direction of Ouca back
towards the capital.
Sun starting to rise above the Nile comes on screen.
Aaron sits in shackles, chained to the wall, without much
leisure to even maneuver his body.
As Aaron sits in solitude, he listens to raving chanters
right outside of his holding cell.
I wonder what Ouca has been told?
How could she possibly deal with
such news? I have to find a way
to get through to her. However,
being that I am heavily guarded,
this will be an impossible task.
As the door to Aaron's cell opens, Aaron is alerted to the
commotion and directs his attention to the door. A slim,
shadowy figure slowly enters followed by a guard. Aaron
continues watching as the figure comes to light. It is
Ouca. The guard stands right behind her, staring straight
ahead. Ouca bends down to confront Aaron.


Ouca! How did you get in here? I
don't understand.
      (quieting Aaron)
It helps to be the young Egyptian
princess. Please, Aaron, I
haven't much time. I want to
confront the man that is guilty of
killing my father.
You must understand, I am not
guilty of killing your father.
Ouca places her index finger on Aaron's lips to quiet him.
I am aware of the situation at
hand. However, my only goal is to
seek the truth. I was informed
that you were waiting at our
private secluded place for me via
Drakus but when I arrived, you
were nowhere to be found. What
were you doing at the palace?
      (glancing up at
       the guard and
       then looking back
       at Ouca)
Ouca, you must listen carefully to
everything I have to say. I made
my way to the king's corridors
through a secret passageway known
only by commoners who had served
the king at one point in time.
The guard twitches, quickly looks down at Aaron and then
assumes position.
      (glancing at guard
       and then back at
I had believed it to be only a
myth but I knew that with the
information at hand, I had to
check the validity of the story in
an attempt to get to you. I was
not aware that you were patiently
awaiting my arrival in our


                       AARON (cont'd)
secluded meeting place. Drakus
was untrue in order to carry out
his plan. He needed you gone from
the palace.
So, you were not aware that I had
been informed via Drakus to meet
you at the Nile per your
nonexistent request?
No, I was not aware, by any means.
Do you honestly think I would
have avoided an opportunity to be
with you? I specifically went to
the palace to check on you and
warn you of Drakus' true
intentions. He literally tried to
sabotage our love by framing me.
He had to create a diversion and
get you out of the palace,
meanwhile plotting against your
Aaron glances up at the guard who hasn't moved and still
stares straight ahead as a smirk begins to develop on the
guard's face.
So you literally witnessed the
murder of my father?
Yes, unfortunately, while I was
trying to get to you. You were my
only possibility of getting word
to the king. Drakus has been
misleading you and your family for
some time now and I knew that you
needed to be informed. He had a
plan all along to murder your
The guard slowly leans down to confront both Ouca and Aaron.
Choose your words wisely for what
you say may influence the wrong


      (looking up at
Guard, please do me a favor and
send one of your men to fetch my
brother, King Fabius. Per strict
orders, I advise notification of
recent information be provided to
him by the sinking of the sun.
Please, go at once. I will see
myself out. I am not in harm's
way for the prisoner can not even
      (bowing his head)
Yes, my princess. I will comply.
The guard turns to leave. Once Aaron sees the guard fully
exit and close the door behind him, he continues talking to
Drakus' intentions were unruly and
somebody needed to be warned, at
least someone as close to the king
as yourself. He wanted to have the
king killed and had initially
confronted me about my assistance
to advance his way to the throne.
He knew about me and you all along
and was trying to use you as
leverage. If I would assist him
with his plan, he would allow me
and you the opportunity of being
together upon his acceptance of
      (portraying a look
       of confusion)
But none of this makes any sense.
Drakus isn't my father's
successor. Fabius is the rightful
heir to the throne.
I am aware of that, Ouca. It
appears that Drakus' main intent
was your father and would have
probably then set his focus on
Fabius once that initial plan had
been carried out. Now that it
has, I fear for Fabius' safety.


                       AARON (cont'd)
You were my only hope of an
informant. Had I confronted the
king myself with such erratic
accusations regarding his own
kinship, I would have been
immediately put to death.
Drakus said that you attacked my
father by jumping on top of him in
an attempt to smother him. If
that is not true in the way that
my father was murdered, how did he
truly die?
I am not sure. I think Drakus
must have poisoned him in some
way. When I noticed your father
having trouble breathing, I
realized what must be taking place
before my very eyes. In an
attempt to jump to your father's
rescue, I became the pawn that
Drakus so desperately needed to
deter such blame from him. I was
not strong enough to overcome him
so I found myself buried
underneath his stern hold. That
was when he started yelling his
proclamation which resulted in my
being imprisoned here.
Drakus' voice is immediately heard coming towards the door
as he abruptly pushes the door open.
How dare you confront this
prisoner without my consent.
      (standing to her
I have every right to address this
man. I am entitled to the
circumstances surrounding my
father's last moments alive. I
would have never obtained the
truth from the likes of you.


Ouca, my dear, can't you see what
this man is trying to do? He is a
liar and you are a fool if you
believe any of it! Guards, come
retrieve the princess at once. She
should not be here amongst such
criminals. We are to have this
criminal ordered execution as soon
as day breaks.
The guards slowly approach Ouca as they take her by the arm.
Aaron looks in sadness.
      (looking back at
I shall return, Aaron. I must
speak with the queen at once.
Please do not bother yourself with
such worry. I will get to the
bottom of this. That I can
With that, Ouca turns to leave as Aaron watches her
departure. As the guard opens the door for her to exit, he
flashes Aaron a sheepish smile and laughs to himself as he
too walks out and then locks the door behind him. Aaron
sighs and looks down.
As Ouca approaches the palace, she notices that the
servitors align the front exterior of the palace bringing
their offerings of gifts to the king. Ouca calmly makes her
way through the heavily guarded crowd to enter the front
entrance of the palace.
Upon entering the palace, Ouca immediately makes her way to
the king's bedchamber.
Upon making her way into her father's chamber, Ouca notices
the queen as well as the priest conducting a pre-bandaging
      (addressing the
Was I not to be notified of such a
The queen immediately turns around.


Ouca, my dear, we haven't much
time to waste. We must organize
the king's procession to ferry the
body across the Nile to the west
bank for burial. We must also
prepare the body for its
mummification procedure.
Ouca approaches the body of her father and bows her head
with respect as she begins to sob softly. The queen glares
at Ouca with a look of distrust.
Can I help you my child?
      (looking at Hatty)
Is that a thing to say to a
princess who has just lost the
physical sense of her father? I
know everything about Drakus'
deceiving self and the jealousy
you have over my father's younger
wife, who was also my mother.
Hatty immediately looks at the priest and then turns to
address Ouca.
Ouca, please choose your words
wisely. You are simply hurting
right now.
Should my father have bore any
other children during his time of
reign, your position as queen
would have been put at risk should
my father favor the mothers of any
other heir to the throne over you
prior to the birth of Fabius. It
seemed that it was only a matter
of time before you would lose your
mental stability and act selfishly
on impulse. Although I can not
prove it right now, or prove that
you were involved with my father's
death, I will find a way to bring
the truth to light.


Ouca, you are simply hurting right
now. Please do not make haste
judgments and create even more
pain for the family.
Family? You are not my family and
I do not belong to you. People
who act selfishly to gain
notoriety, money and power are not
people that are related to me in
any form or fashion.
You must understand that I greatly
love your father and am here to
offer gifts of the gods to protect
him in the afterlife. It is
obvious that we are both hurting
emotionally but I am here for both
you and Fabius. Is there anything
at all that I can do for you?
Yes, as a matter of fact there is.
The man you are holding in
custody for the murder of my
father is soon to be the father of
the unborn heir to the throne, for
I am pregnant with his child.
I greatly apologize in my
misunderstanding of your
statement, but are you trying to
say that the lowly peasant taken
into custody for the murder of our
king and your father is the man
with whom you have become
He is all but a lowly peasant. He
is the man that I have fallen in
love with and will soon marry. He
is innocent of any charges that he
is faced with and Drakus has
ordered an early execution. You
must delay that execution until
everything has been sorted out and
his innocence declared. He can
remain in custody, but the


                       OUCA (cont'd)
implementation of his death must
be delayed, if only for the sake
of our unborn child.
Hatty continues staring at Ouca as if in a daze. The priest
stands alongside as he looks on in amazement.
      (looking at the
       priest and then
       at Ouca)
Per your request, I will have the
captive's execution delayed until
further notice. If what you are
saying is the truth, my child, we
may be dealing with another
descendent of the throne, but not
rightfully. You can not obtain
the throne through the likes of a
bastardly child. There are facts
to be reckoned with here. The
execution will be delayed until
further investigation is done. I
know that we must not jump to
conclusions and confirmation of
such accusations must be obtained.
Hatty places her hand on her chest as if to calm her, looks
down to the ground and again turns to Ouca to address her.
We must speak carefully for your
father's sake and allow time for
Fabius' return. Upon his arrival,
we will discuss the issue at hand
with him as a group. Remember, he
has now achieved the throne. He
is our new king and rightful heir
to the throne.
Yes, I am very well aware of that.
Fabius is off trying to protect
our home and what it stands for.
He currently has no knowledge of
what has just occurred or the
current status of his
authoritative power.
Perhaps we patiently await his


You do not get it, do you? The
Egyptian civilization acts on the
notion that if their society is in
good and positive standing, then
the king and his vizier are doing
their job. Up until this point,
there has been no squabble or
mishap concerning the harmony of
the Egyptian people. Now, they
have a king that has been
assassinated and a commoner has
been falsely accused. Word has
quickly spread regarding this
tragedy and the Egyptian people
are going to start demanding
answers regarding their
civilization and what is at stake.
The people need us to rule in
favor of them and that is what we
will continue to do, no matter the
Oh, really? And I assume you feel
that it is just that you have been
doing all along for our slaves and
commoners? They are not gods and
they mean nothing to you. Why
would you care of their existence
and well-being as long as you are
fulfilled and have what you need?
Hatty stares at Ouca with the delivering of no response.
I must excuse myself to take care
of some unfinished business.
Please excuse my quick departure,
for I will return promptly.
Ouca extends her hand to the priest as he takes hold in
respect, bows her head and then turns to leave.


Aaron has focused his attention on a small bug that has
slowly made its way to the door of the cell. As he studies
the bug, he overhears a pleasant voice coming in from the
Aaron, can you hear me?
Aaron looks up towards the small opening on the wall to find
a pleasant face looking back at him.
Ouca, what are you doing?
I did not want to make my presence
known to the guards. The front
exterior is heavily guarded and it
seems that this is the only way to
speak with you briefly.
Where have you been?
I have managed to give us more
time to sort everything out and
prove your innocence by requesting
Hatty, the queen, to delay your
execution. I know in my heart
that you had nothing to do with my
father's death. I just do not
know quite how to prove it.
Ouca, you mustn't involve yourself
in all of this. There is no way I
can have the upper-hand. Drakus
holds one of the highest positions
to the king that anyone can hold.
He is of kinship to the king,
priesthood to the royals and my
options are only limited. Drakus
is a man of loyalty, faith and
honor. Who, in their right mind,
would excuse all of that to help
ensure a peasant's life and
questionable innocence? I can't
fight this. I will have to take
the fall.


Aaron, you know I can't allow
that. The truth would only die
with you. If you will not declare
your innocence, I will do it for
you. If you do not try, Aaron,
they will kill you and I ca not
let the father of my unborn child
suffer in vain.
      (taken aback)
What did you say?
I said that I can not allow the
father of my unborn child leave us
alone in this world for a crime
that he did not commit.
You mean to tell me that you are
with child and I am the father?
Ouca smiles and nods as her eyes wail up with tears.
You are pregnant with my child?
Are you sure of this?
Yes, Aaron. The femininity of my
own body has reacted in a very
natural way to our consummation.
The gods have come to me in a
dream to confirm my assumption of
the life growing inside of me.
There has got to be a way for us
to prove your innocence. The
truth will always come out and the
truth will set you free. Perhaps
I can confront Drakus and lure him
into confessing the truth.
      (persistently yet
No, please do me the favor of
keeping your distance from Drakus.
Perhaps with you delaying my
execution, I now have more time to
think things over. I'll need your
help in carrying out certain


                       AARON (cont'd)
things on the outside. I have
friends in the village that I
think can help with the logistics
of things once they find out of my
whereabouts. Many of them have
plans of the Egyptian palace with
which you live or know how to
obtain them. I now know that the
stories behind the secret passages
are real and that they extend to
and from certain corridors within
the palace. Please allow me the
opportunity of thinking things
through. Come back to me within a
couple of hours.
Yes, I will do. Please do not
give up hope. We will survive
this, Aaron. Believe in that.
Ouca turns to leave but immediately turns back to address
Aaron once more.
I love you.
Aaron looks back up at Ouca to respond.
Ouca, my love, I love you too.
With that, Ouca politely smiles and quietly leaves the back
exterior to head home.
Aaron continues staring at the hole in the wall as he sighs
and leans back against the wall to which his body is heavily
shackled. A loud sound of thunder is heard resulting in
Aaron looking up to the ceiling of the cell and then bowing
his head as if in prayer to his god.
View of the Nile River, reflecting the steady flow and
rising waters with rain falling at a desperate rate, comes
on screen.


A small group of men is seen gathered in a house, talking
and watching the rain. As the crowd continues communicating
quietly amongst themselves, a man among the crowd speaks up.
      (raising his hand
       to attract
       group's attention)
Look, we have discussed this issue
for months now. Aaron is limited
with visitations and can only be
visited by those approved by the
queen. She is not allowing any of
us commoners to visit Aaron while
incarcerated. And now, we have a
bigger problem on our hands. The
excessive rainfall is steadily
increasing the waters of the Nile
and has now risen to a level of
dangerous flooding. What we have
to focus on is a plan to not only
exonerate our friend and skilled
craftsmen but to also determine a
plan to salvage our crop and
well-being of our land.
The crowd nods in agreement as they softly mumble to each
Not only is Aaron's life at stake,
but so is ours. Our young prince
who has now turned king has yet to
address his people and is more
focused on the death of his
father. The dead can not be
buried during the 70 days sirius
is hidden from view, which would
in essence allow the king access
to the doorway leading to the
afterlife. We understand the
necessity of such answers, but
those answers will not amount to
much if the validity of our
physical being is at stake as
The crowd begins to get stirred up due to the direction of
the conversation.


      (again raising his
       hand to quieten
Should the rain stop and provide
us with a season of winter and
growing, it will have provided us
with rich black mud that will
assist us in preparing for the
sowing and growing of our crops,
but the rain must cease or it will
kill our crops, our livestock and
eventually our civilization.
Another Gentleman sitting among the crowd decides to speak
                       COMMONER II
      (standing up and
       waving a small
       book around as in
       a drunken fashion)
The tears, the tears of the Great
Mother of all the Gods and Nature,
Isis, have been shed due to her
husband's murder by his brother.
We have seen Sepdet in the
appearance of the cosmo, the
formation of our Isis in the
stars. We have examined those
stars and the phases of the moon
and its effect on our society. Her
tears have affected us physically
and have placed on us a curse of
doom, creating an effect of death
and betrayal. Our king,
implematic of the spouse of Isis,
has been taken to the afterlife
due to an unruly act. Our
universe has affected our
environment and we must all now
seek mercy on our souls.
A hush falls over the crowd. The commoner calmly bows his
head in respect to his fellow neighbors and sits back down.
The first spoken gentleman stands up for one final
We are all of mortal men. Our
city is in chaos and we must do
what is necessary to create
internal peace. The only way to
obtain that peace would be through


                       COMMONER (cont'd)
our government officials who have
temporarily denied us our right to
speak verbally about the death of
our king. We must head to the
palace at once and demand to be
Everyone stands in praise (with a raise of hands to the air)
and fashionably lines up in a single file line to head
towards the palace.
Fabius is exiting just as the crowd approaches the palace.
The crowd is in an uproar due to the recent discussion of
current events and are soaking wet as the rain continues to
A commoner speaks up as the guards approach the crowd to
maintain order and to keep their distance from the front of
the palace.
Look who is here. It is Fabius,
our new king. All hail to the
The crowd joins in as they shout continuously, "All hail the
      (raising his hand
       to silence the
Please, calm your voices. I have
some news for my fellow people
that I feel obligated to deliver.
I have reviewed all of the
evidence surrounding the death of
my father and his previous rein as
king. It seems that we have a
situation of a very powerful
individual's word waging the word
of a commoner. To rightfully
determine the cause and fault of
this God forsaken incident, I am
calling a private meeting to be
held tomorrow with our accused as
well as a couple of officials who
will assist in conducting the
meeting in a fair and just manner.
I am allowing Tjaty Drakus to


                       FABIUS (cont'd)
speak publicly during the meeting
per his ranking on his behalf but
we will also allow Aaron, the
village's skilled craftsman and
our currently accused, to speak on
his behalf as well.
The crowd screams with excitement.
We are to hold our own trial
amongst ourselves given the
circumstances surrounding my
father's physical death as well as
the people involved. Your main
task at hand is to focus on the
replenishing of our crops. Please
allow us to maintain order in our
government and we will see to it
that justice is served
The crowd begins to mumble among themselves as Fabius
Commoners, I know this is a very
difficult time for all of us but I
now serve you as king and I will
not fall short of my duties.
Fortunately, we have been provided
with predictable flooding and
controlled irrigation. For this
reason alone, we have less reason
to worry. So, please put faith in
your king and if there is anything
I can guarantee you, it is that.
As Fabius is quickly leaving, he observes Ouca running past
him, her head covered with a cloak to avoid the rain, trying
to make her way through the crowd to enter the palace.
      (to himself)
Ouca looks his way and notices that it is Fabius.


Fabius! When did you get back
Ouca quickly runs to him as he is greeted with a hug.
Come, let us get out of the rain.
As the crowd disperses with the guards keeping watch, Fabius
takes Ouca by the arm and escorts her inside the palace.
      (once inside)
It is so good to see you.
Ouca reaches out to embrace Fabius once more.
Yes, I have greatly missed you. I
have been on a journey assisting
and monitoring the Egyptian
soldiers in the keeping and
removing of foreigners from our
land. We must maintain peace for
the Egyptian civilization and it
appears that it has now become my
sole duty. However, I understand
that foreigners are not our main
threat but that the individuals
that live closer to us are.
Fabius, there has been an
unfortunate event take place. You
know that Aaron is currently being
held captive as the main
instigator of this crime. You
know as well as I do that there is
no way he could have contributed
to this.
Yes, but with the other suspect at
hand, we have found ourselves in a
situation that is not going to be
easy to debate. Drakus holds high
standards and with the status that
Aaron holds, we have created a
pre-landslide ruling that leaves
no room for question.


Ouca looks at Fabius as she gently places her hand on her
belly and slowly bows her head. Fabius glances at her belly
as he again looks at her. He then reaches forward to
politely lift her chin to look at him.
Are you insinuating what I believe
you to be?
Yes, Fabius, it has been
Fabius discretely smiles with excitement in an effort not to
so too much.
We must not be too obvious as to
your current condition. Please
keep this as concealed as
possible. Rememember how crucial
the privacy of this truly is.
Fabius lets out a sigh as he continues speaking with Ouca.
This is not going to be easy, but
I am planning a meeting amongst
myself, my peers, Drakus and
Aaron. We will contend to the
situation at hand. Please leave
all to me and I will make sure
that justice is served. I am now
king and I will make sure to
conduct business as such.
Thank you, Fabius. If anyone, I
know it is you that I can trust.
Please excuse me now for I must go
find Hatty to tie up some
unfinished business.
With that, Ouca kisses Fabius on the cheek and turns to
      (as Ouca is
How is mother? I have not had the
opportunity to see her upon my
arrival back home.


Ouca stops and turns to address Fabius.
She is still the same woman she
was when you left. Take from that
what you shall.
She then turns to leave as Fabius continues watching.
Ouca makes her way down the corridor to her father's
bedchamber. Upon entering, she makes her way to the side of
his bed to kneel and pray. As she positions herself to pray
to her god, she is promptly interrupted by a maiden servant.
Princess, please accept my
apologies, but may I have a word
with you? There is something I
must tell you. I have requested
to speak with you privately but my
numerous requests have been
rejected via Drakus. So, I have
taken it upon myself to approach
you as inconvenient as it may be.
Ouca immediately stands up to confront the servant.
No, please sit. There is
obviously something weighing heavy
on your mind. What can I do for
you my dear?
I haven't a reason to keep it
concealed much longer.
Ouca looks on in question.
Please, if there is something that
needs to be foretold, I urge you
to do so immediately.
The servant pulls out a rounded pear-shaped piece of
engraved limestone, specifically crafted in the form of a


When the king passed away from
this world, I was responsible for
preparing his wardrobe for burial.
I came across this small crafted
piece of limestone which was
hidden within the king's cloak. It
looks like something that was
specially crafted for the king,
perhaps given to him as a gift. I
feel, however, that it may have a
relation to his death. The king
himself would never leave any wine
to waste, which much is left in
the bottom, unable to escape due
to the plugged top, and this
container appeared to bare the
writing of Drakus.
Ouca takes the container from the servant as she carefully
studies it.
Yes, these do look familiar. I
remember the symbols previously
given to me by Aaron after one of
our sessions. However, I am not
sure how this relates to my
father's death. What are you
trying to say, my dear?
Unless the king stole the piece
from Drakus, which is highly
unlikely, or Drakus gave it to the
king as a gift, which I have never
seen before, this could be the key
to what actually happened. You
see, your father did not believe
in wasting wine or hiding it for
that matter. He was always
straight forward about his
drinking. With all of this in
mind, my curiosity began to get
the better of me. The limestone
piece was simply too concealed,
placed deep inside the king's
cloak, as if there was no
intention on the part of the
perpetrator for it to ever be


Ouca looks at the servant while still holding the limestone
I do believe, my maiden servant,
that I have seen these depictions
before. There were accusations
made on Aaron's behalf pertaining
to how my father's death occurred.
I feel that you have also come to
your own conclusion. May I ask
what that is?
At this time, Drakus is seen peeping into the room from the
outside corridor. He immediately steps back as the camera
focuses exclusively on him as he leans his head back against
the wall.
Inside the room, while back on screen, Ouca removes the
macehead's plugged top to reveal an undeniable substance in
the amount of a teaspoon at the bottom of the container
(shot visible to viewers). She then looks up at the servant
as she begins to tear up.
This is a crucial piece of
evidence that could turn
everything around. I believe this
to be a toxin that has been used
to poison my father. It has to be
put to the test. We have to find
out exactly what this substance is
and who put it there. It could be
a type of herbal wine that my
father deliberately drank for an
ailment, but why would he refrain
from his original Abydos jar?
Perhaps this was a gift from
Drakus but as you mentioned
earlier, it was hidden extremely
well not to be a little
conspicuous. My father never saw
any reason in concealing the truth
as it may be. However, someone
would find reason for concealing
the truth if the truth was
something to hide.
Ouca takes the servant by the hand and holds it firmly.


Thank you for coming to me with
this. I will do everything in my
power to see to it that the person
responsible for this avertible and
wrongful death is rightfully
punished and if need be, put to
The servant bows her head and excuses herself to exit the
room. Drakus is seen, from outside the room, quickly
exiting the corridor as not to be seen by the servant.
      (thinking aloud)
I must come up with a strategy
that would corner Drakus and force
him into admitting the crime. I
know, however, that I must meet
with Fabius to discuss such
issues. Perhaps together we can
put an end to the lies and
deception and allow Aaron the
freedom that he truly deserves.
Ouca conceals the object deep inside of her cloak.
As she again kneels by the side of her father's bed and bows
her head out of respect for a brief moment, she stands and
turns to exit as she becomes face to face with Drakus.
Hello, my princess. I understand
that you have sent for me and are
needing to speak privately?
Yes. Do you not know how to do a
proper entrance? Please do not
approach me in this manner.
I greatly apologize in startling
you. I understand that you needed
to speak with me so I tried
locating you without haste.
Yes, I seem to have many
unanswered questions that deserve
clarity on both mine and Fabius'


Please, allow me the opportunity
of dispersing any doubt you may
have, at least regarding my
Drakus places his hand on Ouca's back and directs her to a
chair in the room to allow her the pleasure of relaxing
while he spoke. He too sits in front of her.
I have placed a lot of thought on
the incidents of that day and
there are several disturbing
images that keep playing back in
my mind. When I had initially met
with Aaron on your behalf, he had
given me an original crafted
macehead as a welcome token
crafted to hold a liquid and was
full of a chosen wine of the
royals. I thought that it was a
genuine gesture which deserved its
full capacity so I was personally
going to deliver it to the king on
Aaron's behalf. It looked as if
Aaron had put a lot of time
crafting the piece and putting it
together. I must admit, it was
exemplary work, signifying the
likes of the Scorpion King in his
younger day and the likes of an
unfortunate and unlikely future.
And did my father partake in the
wine upon receiving the gift?
No, he did not. I could not
justify him partaking in such a
gift without the presence of
Aaron, himself, there to witness.
It was his gift to the king. So,
coincidentally, I suggested to
your father that he, Aaron and
myself set up a private meeting to
discuss the certain issues at hand
and to delight in the company of
one another, allowing your father
the opportunity of getting to know


      (thinking aloud)
This was the night that Aaron was
supposed to meet me in our private
meeting place.
Yes, however, upon our first
scheduled meeting, Aaron failed to
show on time due to his discrete
meeting with you, which obviously
he never showed. Per Aaron's
request, I was to stall the
meeting with the king to allow him
time to confront you and then show
to our meeting. Unfortunately,
his whereabouts are unaccounted
for during that time frame until
the very end when he abruptly
disrupts mine and your father's
meeting with false accusations, as
if to spite me. That meeting
would serve as the last time your
father would take a breath in the
physical world and become a god of
the non-physical world. Sadly,
that would also be the last time
we would be able to converse
together per our earthly presence.
Why didn't you tell me of Aaron's
plans to meet with you and my
father that night after he
supposedly met with me?
This was all to be of the utmost
privacy out of respect for the
parties involved. All meetings
for the king were to be discrete,
especially with that of a
commoner. Remember, villagers do
not have special requests as such
fulfilled, but I also knew of the
importance Aaron had with you. For
this reason, I prepared the
meeting in hopes of partaking in
Aaron's company post meeting with
you. I could not betray the trust
of your father by no means,
regardless the circumstance. I
only tell you now of my desire due
to what interest you had with


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
Aaron and circumstances
surrounding that night.
      (pulling the
       limestone from
       her cloak)
It is very unfortunate that such
incidents occurred, but I was able
to salvage the infamous limestone
contained deep inside my father's
cloak. Would you mind partaking
in such a toast out of respect for
my father?
      (pausing briefly)
Yes, I would greatly enjoy that.
However, I do have other things to
attend to. You know, I am the
closest individual to the high
priest of our Egyptian nation and
it is up to me to assist in
maintaining peace and serenity at
such a time as this.
Yes, Drakus, I greatly understand
the ranks of your duty but give my
brother the credit that he
deserves and leave him at his will
for the time being. This is one
last drink that shall be dedicated
to my father's reign as earthly
king to our people.
Ouca takes the macehead, pours the remaining liquid into one
glass and sets it before Drakus.
Given your divine trust, I would
like for you to take the first
drink as a symbol of my loyalty to
you. You have served my father
well and I feel that to deny you
this last pay of respect would be
of an injustice to our kingdom.
Ouca stares right through Drakus as the queen makes her way
into the room to intercept.


Drakus, I greatly apologize for my
disturbance but I am needing to
speak with Fabius promptly. Have
you seen him? I do hear that he
has made his way back home.
Drakus quickly responds to the queen.
No, unfortunately the last time I
saw Fabius was earlier this
morning when we had a
confrontation regarding the events
surrounding the king's death. I
had to leave him on bad terms to
tend to other business. That was
the last time I saw him.
Well, you must leave at once to go
fetch him for me. There are many
lingering issues that need to be
discussed so that business with
our government can continue on at
After looking at the queen, Ouca turns to Drakus.
Shall we recommence at a later
Yes, Princess Ouca, we may
continue. I will find you upon
the completion of locating our new
king per the queen's request. We
may reconvene at that time.
The queen looks at Ouca with a faint look as she turns to
Thank you, Drakus. I will be
waiting. You know that it is I
who will win. You have absolutely
no chance.
Ouca deeply glares into Drakus' eyes and stands up to excuse
herself. Drakus smiles faintly at her and watches as she
leaves. He then turns an empty smile to an immediate frown
upon her departure and continues staring in her direction.


A small group of about 12 chosen men is seen mingling.
Fabius walks in and addresses the group.
      (raising his hand
       to quiet the
Gentlemen, please take a seat so
that we may prepare for our
meeting. If I may get to the
point, it is my duty per my godly
role to maintain the rule of law
on earth. The injustice must see
their fate come to light either by
death or torment due to the nature
of their crime. What has happened
to our king is blasphemy and must
be dealt with in a timely fashion.
The crowd again starts mumbling as they are soon interrupted
by an individual allowing himself to enter through the back.
It is Drakus.
      (addressing the
Well, we were hoping that you
would arrive. It seems that for
someone of your mental and
conniving capacity, we are in need
of many explanations that you have
yet to deliver. Please, take a
seat as we await the arrival of
our beloved accused.
The tone of Fabius' voice sends Drakus into a slight fury.
      (addressing Fabius)
You haven't the reason to speak to
me in that tone. I am innocent I
tell you. I would never dream of
hurting our leader and our God. We
are of one people and I'll be
damned if I had anything to do
with the results of our king's
earthly destiny. I know that to
do such an injustice would condemn
me to a life of torment in the
here after.


As the sound of guards is heard coming up the road to the
temple, a hush flows over the crowd as Drakus immediately
takes a seat near the back. Everyone watches in that
direction as Aaron is escorted in.
Well, my men. You seem to have
made it just in time. Please,
allow Aaron the opportunity to
sit. We must begin our session.
Aaron is escorted to a chair directly in front of Fabius.
      (looking over the
Well, Gentlemen, we have reached a
point of uncertainty. I do feel
that a great injustice has been
carried out not only to our king
and my father, but also to our
Egyptian culture and belief. We
must come together as a union of
citizens to decide the fate of the
guilty and to get our society back
to its feet and to carry on as
As Fabius speaks, he writes symbolic messages on papyrus and
passes them to the men at the front of the group. After the
drawing of a specific picture, he holds it up for the rest
of the group to see.
      (holding up a
Please, place your eyes on what I
hold before you.
All of the men lean forward to behold an image of an Akhet.
Drakus was personally appointed as
the prime minister and chief
justice per my father's request
for a reason. We must take that
into consideration when
determining the fate of our true
vizier. Each day, per our
horizon, we would be guarded by
the likes of Aker who would see us
at the beginning and carry us
through to the end of each day as
we live our lives as with our


                       FABIUS (cont'd)
vizier who also assists in the
rise of our government, political
and social views.
Fabius immediately crosses through the figure on the papyrus
and holds it up as if to symbolize his next comment.
However, Drakus, You have abused
your power enough and now we are
halting. The position you hold
for my father has now been
threatened because my father's
physical being has been altered.
This now places you at the mercy
of our court and from the evidence
offered, we shall determine your
fate. You will now be the Ba
where you too shall take the
likeness of the king should my
father's spirit becomes lost.
You must proceed carefully,
Fabius. You have no idea who you
are dealing with. I personally
knew your father as well as his
many quirks involved in his daily
routine. Please do not force me
to bring such issues to light. I
would hate to have his name
tarnished and criticised per the
likes of his own son. So, move
ahead quietly and at your own
risk. You must also remember too
that it is not I that is on trial
here, but your lowly and unjustly
Fabius faintly stares at Drakus as he addresses two of his
closest men to approach the bench.
       speaking with men)
We will implement another plan and
put it into motion. we must
maintain respect in quietly
bringing him to his demise. Aaron
will be just fine. The only way
to conquer a man who truly
believes he is the utmost
authoritative figure is to allow


                       FABIUS (cont'd)
him to continue thinking in that
manner as we act to our benefit
behind the scenes. We need him to
suspect nothing.
With that, the gentlemen return to their seats.
Drakus, you have managed to win
yourself, as well as Aaron, some
time. Proceed cautiously for your
time is at hand. Men, please
restrain Aaron and escort him back
to his holding cell. I will call
for him as needed. I need more
time to regroup and to plan our
next move. I need the cooperation
of everyone in determing the true
likes of this event. I need more
evidence presented and I need it
With that, the men adjourn and quietly exit the premise.
Drakus remains seated and stares faintly at Fabius until he
completely leaves.
Aaron sits in isolation as the door to his cell opens. He is
alerted yet can only wait for an entrance. A guard takes
two steps in and then stops to allow for the visitor to
follow behind. Ouca soon follows then quickly approaches
Oh, my darling. How are you
You were right. There is
absolutely no way I will ever be
freed from this isolation. I have
done nothing wrong but it seems
that I am actually going to take
the fall for a man that doesn't
even deserve to breathe the air
that we breathe. There is not
enough evidence to even support my


We mustn't give up so easily. I
have done a lot of thinking on
your behalf and of how we can
possibly get you out of this.
Ouca turns to see that the guard still stands erect in his
original position.
      (addressing the
Please, could you allow us a few
moments alone. This man can not
escape by any means. Your purpose
here for now is useless. I will
be very brief and will leave in a
timely manner.
The guard nods his head and turns to exit.
      (after guard
I believe that I have established
a great plan for your escape. I
must create a diversion. All I
have to do is make one last
request per Drakus. You must
simply follow my lead for I will
be real discrete in my last
attempt at your release.
Yes, Ouca. You know that I trust
and believe in you.
It seems that if we are ever going
to get you out of here, we are
going to have to do it ourselves.
Ouca leans in to give Aaron one last kiss and then stands to
      (as Ouca is
I trust you. I will be right


The view of the Nile River comes on screen with the sun
brightly shining, reflecting off of the water.
The villagers are out and about in town. Ouca, while
wearing a disguise, is among the villagers making her way
through town.
She looks to the near distance to find Drakus laughing and
conversing with the commoners.
Drakus turns towards Ouca and smiles as he begins to
approach her.
      (approaching Ouca)
Oh, Ouca my dear, what are you
doing here?
I am actually trying to locate
you. I have a brief favor to ask
of you. Given the outcome of the
meeting, it only seems appropriate
to allow Aaron one last request
prior to his execution.
Ouca, Ouca, must you focus on the
likes of such a criminal on a day
like this?. Take peace, if only
temporarily, and take pride in who
you are. Do people not try to
enjoy life anymore? Look around
you. The water has ceased and the
sun god has provided us with a
beautiful sight. Our children are
out playing games and enjoying
their childhood.
I greatly understand that.
However, Aaron should be granted
that one last request. Remember,
Drakus, it is he who is taking the
fall for something he is not
responsible for. I think you
probably know all about that. I
will not cease my attempts until


                       OUCA (cont'd)
Aaron has been freed and the
rightful man for this crime laid
to rest.
Drakus quickly drops his smile as he firmly responds to
You must remember that the truth
will always set you free. The
truth has been delivered and it is
up to us to conduct order and see
to it that our civilization is
Protect us from what, the likes of
You have to be careful, Ouca.
Should the wrong person hear you
say something out of context, it
could get to the wrong source and
create another unwanted and
unnecessary situation.
Should someone have heard the
right thing and not taken anything
for granted, maybe our whole
situation could have been avoided.
      (starting to get
Is there a reason you sought me
Yes, actually there is. The last
time I was able to communicate
with Aaron, he had mentioned one
last favor. In his own words, he
had a long lost sister that he
wanted to see prior to his
execution. Some commoners among
the village had sent for the her
after word of Aaron's set
execution. She has yet to arrive,
but due to the most recent
message, she is within days of
being here. Would it be too much


                       OUCA (cont'd)
to allow these two siblings to
meet in private without any chains
or restrictions?
A sister?
Drakus takes Ouca's hand as she calmly withdraws.
Anything I can do as overseer of
our district to accommodate your
needs, I will do my best to do.
Since you feel that your father's
murderer greatly deserves that
last requested meeting with his
long, lost relative, I see no
reason in denying him that
privilege given that is what your
soul desires. A meeting can be
arranged by the first light of the
moon. If the sister fails to
show, we will go on as planned
with no remaining opportunities to
allow the prisoner any outside
Thank you, Drakus. I will deliver
the news to Aaron. Your kindness
is greatly appreciated. I will
now leave you at your will. Also,
instead of powering the egos of
our locals, you should greatly
consider calling a truce with
Fabius. It is he who reigns
superior. That, you should always
Ouca turns to leave as Drakus chooses to address Ouca one
last time.
Life for you will be much better
once everything has been
finalized. Just wait and see.
Ouca turns around to grace Drakus with one last response.
Your days are counted, Drakus.
Enjoy each second you are given
for soon your days will be counted


                       OUCA (cont'd)
Drakus laughs to himself and then loudly responds.
I'll make sure Aaron, your lover,
gets his last request. Count your
blessings, Ouca, for all of our
time is limited.
Drakus watches Ouca's departure for a couple of seconds and
then regroups with the locals who are very eager to talk and
shake his hand.
Guards are aligning the front and sides of the silos where
Aaron is being held. An unkempt woman with a veil covering
her face and neatly folded linen in her hand approaches as a
guard steps up to address her.
Do you have permission to be here
and what is that you hold in your
      (in a shaken voice
       with head hung
Yes Sir, I do. I have permission
from Drakus, the great vizier and
high priest of the land, to
conduct one final meeting with my
brother, Aaron, the accused. My
name is Alex and I come in peace.
I simply choose to offer this
linen as a peace offering.
The guard glances at another guard standing alongside him as
he nods at the request.
      (looking at Alex)
It seems that you have in fact
been granted a private meeting per
Drakus. Please enter.


      (never looking up)
Thank you. I greatly appreciate
your kindness and consideration.
The guard steps to the side and allows Alex to walk past.
Once Alex enters the silos, the guard slowly pushes the door
to and resumes position. Inside, Alex slowly walks towards
Aaron and extends his hand to give him a papyrus with a
message written on it.
      (taking the
I am sorry, but do I know you?
Alex removes the veil to reveal her full face.
You do not know me but I am very
familiar with who you are. I know
Princess Ouca, with whom I am
greatly indebted to. I am her
maiden servant.
What can I do for you?
Are you being treated fairly in
As best as can be expected, given
the circumstances. The guards
rotate their schedules daily as
they take turns in escorting me
from the cell to allow me a small
amount of time without restraints
and walk me around the silos as
they provide me with small meals.
Your health seems to be declining.
We are going to do our best to see
to it that you are promptly
released, without restraints.
Please read the provided message
while I wait for it contains
valuable information.
Aaron precedes to read the message as the servant stands
before him. After a second of Aaron quietly reading and


deciphering the message to himself, he looks up at the
servant with a look of disbelief.
And this will work?
Yes, it has to. You simply must
have faith. You know, it helps to
know the princess in situations
like this. You have access to
pretty much anything that would
enable your freedom, in one way or
another. Simply follow through
with Ouca's request and you will
be fine.
The servant starts to reach for something hidden within the
folded linen as the guards aligning the exterior of the
silos come on screen.
A voice calls out from within the holding cell.
Guards, I am ready to exit now.
The door to the holding cell opens as the servant keeps her
head bowed and exits. After the servant steps out, a guard
looks in on Aaron to find that he remains in his holding
spot, head covered with the linen piece and sobbing
The guard steps back to assume position as the servant exits
the premises.
The guards rotate as they always do every hour on the hour.
As the guards reposition themselves to their new position, a
female voice is heard coming from inside the cell.
                       SERVANT (O.S.)
Please, pardon my interruption. I
was told per Princess Ouca to
personally deliver a message to
Aaron. I am now ready to leave
for my mission has now been
The guard standing closest to the door turns to open it as
the servant slowly walks past him.


      (addressing the
Did we not see you in?
The servant turns to the guard.
Why yes. It wasn't you, of
course, but I was naturally
allowed entry in order to deliver
the message to Aaron. I had
explained that to the other guard
when I told him I would not be but
a minute. He probably failed to
notify you of that. Ouca had a
meeting today and was unable to
get her daily visit in, so I was
asked to come in her place.
The guard looks into the cell as he notices Aaron sitting in
the same position with his head hanging down.
      (assuming position)
Yes, maiden, you may now leave the
premises. Please explain to the
princess that advanced notice is
required prior to seeing the
prisoner for any additional
meetings. This message is per
Drakus himself.
Yes Sir. I will advise. Thank
The servant leaves the premises, never looking back.
Ouca is waiting on a log, softly humming to herself, near
the river as the sound of the turbulent, rock-obstructed
river is heard in the background. She is startled by a
noise coming up from behind her and turns around quickly.
Hello? Is anyone there?
The rustling of the bushes starts to get a little louder as
a dark, shadowy figure presents itself.


      (taken aback)
Who are you?
Relax, my princess, it is me.
Aaron calmly comes into view as he steps into the light of
the moon.
Aaron? Is that really you?
      (approaching Ouca)
Yes, I made it. I can't believe
the plan actually worked. It was
your brilliance that developed the
plan and the motivation to put it
into motion and see it through is
exemplar of your desire and
disposition. I just hate that
everything had to turn out this
Ouca stares deeply into Aaron's eyes as they embrace each
      (while holding
I love you dearly. You must
understand that.
Aaron refrains from Ouca as he calmly reaches for her hand.
Come with me. You have no reason
to stay here. How can you expect
me to leave the source of my love
and my unborn child?
No, I can't. Aaron, I have
recently discovered that I am not
with child. It was a false
perception on my part and I
greatly apologize. However, you
will have to escape while you can.
I will always love you but you
now have no choice but to leave. I
must stay here to take care of


                       OUCA (cont'd)
business and see to it that you
will never be sought after.
Aaron inhale deeply as he looks down with eyes full of
      (consoling Aaron)
Once they find out what we have
done, they will come after you
with blood in their eyes. I have
to stay behind and make sure that
Drakus soon gets what he deserves.
True justice will be carried out.
I know that he is guilty of my
father's murder and it will only
be a matter of time before that
will be revealed.
      (looking at Ouca)
What about my child? How did you
find out that you were no longer
with child?
The force of nature has a way of
clarifying your body's issues
whether wanted or unwanted. I
greatly apologize for steering you
wrong and having you believe
something that was not true.
Should it have been a different
place and time, things may have
worked out a little differently.
But as the gods see it, the seed
of love has yet to be planted
within the realm of our love.
Where am I supposed to be go?
Your best hope in escaping is the
direction of the bridge crossing
the Nile and continue heading west
towards the city. It is very
hazardous so you must be careful.
Aaron looks towards the turbulent river and back to Ouca.


But the current bridge is not long
enough to span the full width of
the Nile.
It is something we have to chance.
There is a boat tied to the end
of the bridge which will take you
the rest of the way.
Aaron leans in to give Ouca one last kiss and then turns to
Drakus' greed has created this
whole situation and it shall be
Drakus' greed that will eventually
bring him to his own demise.
Perhaps you can find comfort in
Ouca continues watching as Aaron proceeds to the bridge. As
she wipes a tear from her eye, she stands up to follow him.
The couple soon make it to the bridge.
      (talking above the
       sound of the
How can I attempt to cross the
bridge with waters being thrown
over it as if it were a blanket
covering it up?
We have no choice, Aaron. You
have to attempt this. You can
make it, I know you can.
But my strength has lessened given
the amount of time that I spent in
Ouca leans in to give Aaron one last kiss as he calms his
voice and looks at her.
You can do this. We haven't the
time to discuss it further. You
can wait for me on the other side.
I will send for you, I promise.


With that, Aaron turns and starts to cross the bridge. Upon
taking the first few steps, drastically holding on to what
railing is provided, he turns to again look at Ouca.
Keep going, you must not wait!
Aaron again turns to slowly move forward. At that very
moment, he is overtaken by a giant wave that pulls him in as
he drastically maintains his hold on the railing.
Ouca stands still as she calmly watches Aaron's struggle.
Ouca! Please, help me!
Noticing that Ouca does not attempt to help, Aaron calls for
Ouca one last time.
As Aaron tries to hang on, the railing gives way as he is
swept down the river. Never taking his eyes from Ouca, he
tries his best to stay above the steadily flow of the water.
      (watching intently)
Should you have known about the
child's true welfare, you would
have never left.
Aaron lets out a loud scream as he is thrust into a huge
rock that stands erect from the water. The impact knocks
him unconscious while his body floats drastically down the
      (mumbling to
Goodbye Aaron. Take care.
Ouca turns to leave as she slowly walks into the nearby


Ouca is heading straight towards Drakus' house. As she
approaches, she begins to address him loudly.
Drakus! You must present yourself
at once!
Drakus immediately opens the door and steps outside.
Ouca, you must be quiet. Do you
not understand the hour at which
you choose to create such chaos?
Ouca takes Drakus by the arm and escorts him into his house
where she finds the queen sitting at the table.
      (looking at the
       queen and then at
Well, what have we here?
Please, Ouca, this is not what you
      (looking back at
       the queen)
Not what I think? You are at this
stranger's house who had at one
time claimed to support my father,
who my father trusted and cared
for and who witnessed my father's
murder in question. Any
correspondence with this man
should be at the sole discretion
of Fabius. Is he aware that you
are here conversing with him?
Hatty approaches Ouca to attempt to console her as Ouca
refrains and steps back.
Ouca, please, all of us have
experienced a lot over the past
few months and you are simply
acting on impulse to the emotional
cycle that has infuriated us all.
Drakus wanted to personally speak
with you in hopes of comforting


                       HATTY (cont'd)
you and get you past this hardship
and he simply confided in me on
how I thought he should approach
I do not need his assistance. What
I need is for everyone to stop
playing pretend and see this whole
ordeal as it truly is.
A guard immediately bursts through the door as both the
queen and Drakus try to abstain themselves.
What is the meaning of this?
We have just left the premises of
the suspect and he has managed to
Escape? What do you mean he has
managed to escape? How is that
even remotely possible?
The guard calls for a second guard who at that point walks
through the door holding a piece of linen (the piece that
was supposed to have been given to Aaron as a peace offering
via the supposed sibling).
What is the meaning of this?
During our rotation period, we
were going to assist Aaron in his
afternoon meal. As we approached
him inside his holding area, we
were shocked to find this.
The second guard holds up the material for Drakus to see.
I am not understanding what you
are trying to say.


We were scammed. The maiden
servant and her accomplice
elaborated a plan to have Aaron
released and it was carried
through accordingly.
Why would you be so concerned with
his whereabouts when it is you
that should take the blame for
what has happened?
Drakus peers at Ouca with a distressed look and then
addresses the guard.
And how do you assume the plan was
carried through?
The only thing we can figure is
that upon entrance to Aaron's
holding cell, without the watchful
eye of one of our guards, the
maiden servant gave Aaron her
clothing which allowed him to
leave the premises disguised as
Drakus is beginning to show a little frustration.
After the servant had sufficient
amount of time to set up a prop,
reflecting the outline of Aaron
and covered by the likes of a
linen piece to fool us
temporarily, she gained the
attention of the guards who in
turn allowed her to leave the
premises as herself.
I ask you again, why would you be
concerned of his whereabouts when
it is you who is rightfully to
Ouca, we have already gone through
this. You know of my innocence.
Why would you allow a criminal to


                       DRAKUS (cont'd)
go free among our people?
A criminal? A criminal is
currently ruling our people. I
trusted you. I placed my complete
trust and confidence in you and
you betrayed me, Aaron and my
father. You must not worry about
Aaron. You can guarantee that his
presence will never again be known
here. He took it upon himself
before he left to prove his
innocence to me. He drank the
remaining substance from your
personally engraved object and
within moments he was dead. He
could not fathom the idea of
anyone trying to poison my father,
so to prove that point he drank
the substance. Like all of us, he
was ignorant in the ways of the
world and honestly thought that
you were only misunderstood and
needed a fair chance.
Unfortunately, he was wrong. He
only wanted to be a part of our
Ouca, all of this has already been
established. You are only trying
to revive a memory of hate and
misunderstanding that must remain
as it currently is. You must
leave resolved issues alone. There
is nothing I have to admit for I
am still innocent.
There is no way Aaron could have
been responsible for that attack
on my father and you know it. If
you restrained Aaron as soon as he
leaped from my father's
surreptitious passageway, then he
would not have had time to
administer the drink to my father
and then be restrained by you only
to have the macehead conveniently
placed deep inside my father's
cloak. Aaron's invitation to your


                       OUCA (cont'd)
little private meeting with my
father was unacceptable and the
only plausible thought was to
immediately restrain him.
Drakus calmly listens as Ouca continues.
You hid it after your attack on my
father hoping that it would never
originate again. Unless the two
of you conspired together, that
only leaves you to blame. You
orchestrated the meeting. You
were the only reason he was there.
Drakus softly chuckles and then immediately responds to Ouca
in a forceful and persistent manner.
How dare you accuse me of such an
act. I was loyal to your father.
I was always there at his command,
ready to deliver anything upon his
Well, his final request is what
you failed to deliver.
The two guards approach Drakus and the queen as they attempt
to restrain them.
I am sorry but we are going to
have to take you both in until
this whole thing has been resolved
      (pulling away from
       the guard)
Under what authority do you have
to take me in? I demand you
release me at once.
Fabius walks through the door as he addresses the guards.
Gentlemen, please follow through
as needed to take everyone to a
waiting room. We will decide our
next move there.


       Fabius to embrace
Fabius, what are you doing here at
this hour?
Fabius puts up his hand as if to halt her.
Mother, please. All I ask is that
you cooperate accordingly. There
are too many questionable issues
surrounding my father's death and
I demand a resolution as soon as
The guards again try to escort Drakus and the queen from the
premises. Drakus rebels as the guard once again reaches for
his arm.
The queen is simply in awe and can not mutter a word.
      (speaking to
Sir, I can not release you. You
must go with me.
       looking at Fabius)
How dare you conduct this business
in my own home. This is a
violation of my god given rights.
Drakus slowly bows his head as if in shame.
If you do not willingly accompany
me, I will have to forcefully
escort you.
As the guard once again takes Drakus by the arm, he resists
and pulls out a warrior dagger. He slashes the guard's arm
to make him release his hold. As the guard releases his
grasp on Drakus in agony, Drakus turns to escape.


Upon reaching the door to quickly exit, Drakus is
interrupted by a small piercing in his side via a small
dagger, with which he immediately falls to the floor in
agony from. The maiden servant slowly steps over his body
and inside the door.
My dear servant, you have assisted
in setting us free and I owe you
Hatty is stunned, speechless, as Ouca continues.
      (looking at Hatty)
When a person is guilty of murder
and deception, he is consumed by
guilt. If he is consumed by
guilt, he acts on guilt. We all
know that misery and guilt
cooperate with each other. It
takes one to accommodate the
other. Drakus was guilty of
wanting the power of the throne
and you were miserable being in
the position you were in, playing
second to a divine goddess that
owns the true love of my father.
All this could only lead us to one
conclusion. You both acted
simultaneously to aid one another
in your current positions. Drakus
needed the power and you needed
What do you mean to say?
You and Drakus are being exiled.
If both of you leave quietly and
never return to our land, you will
not have to suffer the shame of
public execution or being thrown
to the crocodiles. Should you
return, you will surely parish.
      (looking at Fabius)
It is unfathomable how my own
flesh and blood can choose to
exile me without giving me a fair
trial. I now see that regardless
of my innocence, my own child


                       HATTY (cont'd)
chooses to do away with me like a
useless, old rag. Our
civilization is based on the
premise that we are all innocent
until proven guilty.
      (with tears in his
There is no reason to doubt your
guilt. I am only trying to save
you the embarrassment and public
humiliation associated with such
an act involving our king. I love
you and I always will. I would
much rather have you leave than
have you executed at the stake
which is what will happen given
the circumstances. I will have
one of our guards escort you to
the edge of the city and point you
in the direction of our outer
civilization. Please, do not
hesitate and be haste. There is
not any time to waste.
Fabius takes Hatty by the hand.
      (caressing Fabius'
       face with the
       other hand)
Oh, my child. I will calmly
excuse myself from the premises. I
never meant to shame either one of
Hatty looks at both Fabius and Ouca.
However, I understand the
consequences and possibilities
involved should I stay.
Hatty leans in and gives Fabius a kiss on the cheek as Ouca
bows her head. Hatty leans back, flashes Ouca one last
apologetic look as a tear slowly falls down her cheek and
turns to leave as the guards assist her and Drakus' lifeless
body in their departure. Fabius starts to go after her as
Ouca grabs his arm.


It is over, Fabius. Her guilt has
been admitted. We are finally
freed. The kingdom is rightfully
ours. Please do not act
hastefully for we have won.
Fabius stares at Ouca for a few seconds with a faint stare
and then softly giggles as he touches Ouca's belly.
Yes, it is done and it all
happened just as you had said it
would. Everyone, without fail,
played their part accordingly. For
this reason, the family's reign
will go on per the rightful
descendants. We are having a
Fabius and Ouca both delight in their victory, sharing an
intimate kiss, as the servant stares right through them with
a look of disgust. The servant then distracts by gaining
their attention.
We still have a few small details
to address.
      (looking at the
Oh, my dear maiden servant. If it
was not for the likes of you, our
plan would have never fully been
carried through. We owe you much
gratitude for you will be greatly
Not exactly, my young and naive
princess. Aaron was a good man
who fell, due to no fault of his
own, into the wrong place and
suffered greatly at the hands of
his mistrusted superiors. However,
I am here to avenge the likes of
him as well as your father and his
sustained scorpion king status.
Ouca and Fabius both look at each other in question and then
look back at the servant.


Could it have been that a
forbidden love needed the seed of
a pure entity to carry out a
forsaken task to gain power and
notoriety for a position that was
not rightfully their's?
Fabius looks at Ouca and then back at the servant.
My maiden servant, we fail to
understand exactly what you mean.
The servant begins to strip the clothing, hair and female
jewelry from her body, revealing a properly tied kilt
underneath and the essence of a male figure, who resembles a
much younger looking Hanor with which Fabius and Ouca both
behold and immediately fall to their knees.
But you are only of a lowly
servant status.
Yes, that may be true but only
until now.
Oh, my goodness. The story
foretold to me is true.
What is true?
Fabius looks at Ouca in question.
My true name is Narmer and I am
from Tinis of Upper Egypt. I come
with one mission in mind. I am
here to unite all of Egypt and to
consolidate the main role of a
king, or pharaoh as it shall soon
be known, with that of Horus, the
God-king. I am also supported by
the likes of our earthly deceased,
King Hanor, who has physically led
our government up to this point.
Ouca gasps as she grabs the hand of Fabius.


What is it that you truly attest
Your father, Ouca, and the demise
of his kingdom. With suspicion of
conspiracies and bouts between
family members for the throne, he
asked that I secretly monitor the
successes and failures of those
who sought that position and act
accordingly. Our relation to each
other is of no importance at this
point for I only seek to do his
will. I do choose to tell you,
however, that the best way to
destroy a cynical kingdom is to do
it from the inside out, which is
exactly the approach I have taken.
It is of great shame that an
innocent man had to lose his
physical presence prior to the
fulfillment of our mission, but
his loss will not be in vain.
The guards of Narmer enter the house.
I am sorry, but the plotting for
the throne has now ended. I am
now enforcing the power of Narmer.
Guards, please incarcerate these
two for the conspiracy to unjustly
take over the throne.
What? This is blasphemy. You
have no authority here. There is
no proof to support anything that
you claim.
Not so, brother. If there is
anything I can recall from what
our father told us, it is to
become whatever we wish and to
accomplish that position honestly
and properly. I'm sure you heard
those words at least once or
twice. I wish to be the first
Egyptian pharaoh, the leader and
true protector of our land, and to


                       NARMER (cont'd)
rid those who do not wish me well.
Ouca immediately bows her head and cries in shame.
      (bowing her head)
I never meant to shame you father.
We both meant well. We only
wished to rid our land of the
unwanted. Now, however, we
haven't the jest to fight with
you. Fabius, it is over.
Fabius holds Ouca's hand tightly as a guard approaches the
couple and places a battle axe flat on the top of both their
heads as in a ritual of some sort. He then turns to exit
the house as Narmer stands direct in front of them.
You know, our father loved you
both very much. I was there the
night Drakus chose to force him
out of this world, thinking that
he had the rights to the justice
of our race. However, the one
thing you can offer your people
now would be the rightful heir to
the throne upon his birth. At
that point, my nephew and I will
together rule our land. I will
refer to him as Menes and he will
carry on the Egyptian dynasty.
Narmer pulls his axe attached to his side and raises it in a
swinging motion towards Fabius as Ouca screams. The picture
then transitions directly (as a super imposition) to the
image on the back (reverse) side of the real slate Narmer
Palette as the image then fades into the background of a
black screen.
CLOSING MONOLOGUE - On the black screen, words scroll up in
white lettering as a narrator reads the following script in
sync with the motion of the words.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
The unification of Egypt was
successful per the attempt of
Narmer. Was Narmer, in fact, the
true descendant of the legendary
and historic Scorpion King who in
turn may have been Narmer's father
and predecessor? Could the
Scorpion King truly have been who


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
we discretely referred to as
Hanor? Perhaps Narmer was all of
the above, staking out the right
time to carry out his plan of
unification or could have the
Scorpion King, Narmer and Menes
(with who's identity per various
historical sources has never been
confirmed) transpired during the
reign of Hanor in laying out a
foundation of unification?
Whatever the situation, Narmer
will historically become known as
the 1st pharaoh of the 1st
Egyptian Dynasty known for
unifying all of Egypt, but will
lose his battle in years to come
to a hippopotamus who ironically
carries him away. Wherever our
thoughts may take us as to the
true history of Egypt and its
founders, we can make assumptions
and put pieces of the puzzle
together as best we can. However,
in my eyes, Hanor (the Scorpion
King) will remain as someone who
put a secret plan in motion and
had the help of his successors see
it through, regardless of what our
recorded history may tell us.
Once all of the words are presented on screen, they slowly
fade out.


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