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Glasses (Short Film)
by Michelle

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
Short horror.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Shot of the kitchen, with a focus on the counter + sink.
Several dishes sit here, including some regular drinking
glasses and one wine glass. Just barely visible is the
window, where it appears a torrential rain is falling. Zoom
out as ANGELA enters the room, phone cradled between her
shoulder, smiling and talking to DAISUKE on the other line.
      (Picks up the
       cloth and begins
       washing the
Ne? Really? That's hilarious!

I'm settling in fine. Quit
worrying about me. And I thought
you were going to only speak to me
in Japanese so I could practice?
As it is I can barely speak
English some days.

(She laughs)

Ah, really. Well, in that case, I-
Oh, hang on.
Angela pulls the phone away from her face and presses a

Angela pulls the phone away and frowns. She puts it to her
ear once more but, hearing nothing, presses the same button
as before and smiles once again.

She returns to washing dishes. Lightning flashes, and the
resounding thunder causes the glasses to knock lightly


against eachother, creating a ringing noise. Close up
briefly on this before returning to Angela.
Nevermind, they hung up. Probably
a wrong number. Are you still
there, Daisuke-kun?
Yeah, I'm still here. So you're
okay? No problems with the house?
Problems? Why would I have
problems? This house is gorgeous!
I could do with some decent
weather, though.
Huh? I didn't think it was that
bad out. A little cool, maybe...
Angela sets down the cloth and turns, heading towards the
living room. There is a brief Over-the-Shoulder shot of the
living room, it's fairly non-descript. The shot seems to be
highlighting the windows, one of which's curtains are
Hah, well, if you say so. I
generally don't consider
torrential rain mild weather.
Angela's eyes suddenly widen.
Wait, torr-?
      (Cutting him off)
I gotta go, I'll talk to you
Angela hangs up on Daisuke and runs to the couch, which she
kneels on, closing the window. She frowns, noticing a wet
blotch on the couch.

Angela turns towards the kitchen again, this time heading
down a flight of stairs to the basement. She wanders past a
door, where a near-unnoticable shadow flickers in front of


yet another window showing a downpour. She heads into a room
and flicks on a light. It contains some hang-dry laundry and
a chest with some old towels. She grabs one and heads back

She returns to the living room, and sees that the couch is
completely dry somehow. However, the blinds are also closed
on all her windows, the drapes pulled in, although they were
all open before. She frowns, shrugs, and tosses the towel on
a table nearby.
Zoom-in on Angela, asleep in her bed. Focus on her for a
brief moment, and then turn to the kitchen, where there is
water seeping under the French doors. Close up on the puddle
that has accumulated, which ripples slightly as a shadow
descends over it. Suddenly, a foot lands in the water,
causing a slight splash.

Zoom out to show the foot up to just below the knee. The
legs slowly move forward. Move to shot from behind, where
the legs near the bed. Refocus on Angela, who doesn't
flinch. Now, the body from just below the chest to almost
the end of the thigh are visible. The person is young,
female, with a fair complexion, wearing a white dress.

Sudden close-up of Angela's eyes, which flash open. Cut to
Angela suddenly bolting upright in bed, scanning the room. A
slow walk to her kitchen shows the puddle. Angela grabs the
towel from earlier and lays it out on top of the puddle,
returning to bed.
Angela wanders from her kitchen to her bedroom offscreen,
then back again with her phone. She dials a number, waits a
beat, then holds it up to her ear. She smiles when she hears
Daisuke's voice.
"Hello?" You sound surprised to
hear from me. Don't you have Call
Well, yeah, but...


      (Goes to wash
       dishes again)
Okay, okay, I'm sorry I hung up on
you suddenly yesterday. It's just
that I left a window open and had
to go close it before my entire
living room became a swimming
Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles as before. Close up on
the wine glass, which is again making a ringing sound due to
the reverberations.
About that, Angela... It's not
      (Laughing in
What are you talking about?! It's
practically a tropical storm out
there! The rain has flooded all
the gardens out front and in back.
Angela, you know I live just two
streets away, right?
      (Stops laughing
       and frowns)
What are you saying, Otsuki?
It's not raining here. It's sunny
and twenty celsius. It can't
possibly be storming at your
Angela pauses for a moment. She looks to the wine glas,
which is still vibrating and ringing slightly from the
thunder. She turns to her living room, which is darkened
from the windows being covered. The only rain visible is
through the small window set in the front door. She frowns
and turns back to her dishes, which she promptly seems to
decide don't need washing right this second, instead staring
out the French doors at the storm.
Angela, I meant to tell you
yesterday... There's a reason your
house came so cheap. It's because


                       DAISUKE (cont'd)
of the family who used to live
there before.
                                         CUT TO
FLASHBACK. A woman, her husband, and her daughter huddle in
the basement of the house. They look terrified as torrential
rain knocks against the windows, loud wind blows against the
house, and the foundation creaks under its own supports.
Hurricane Hizomi is tearing apart the neighbourhood. A
sudden banging, like fists on a door, is heard above the
noise. The three look around frantically, and immediately
realise what it is.

CUT TO the front of the house, where Keiko is banging on the
door with both fists, screaming to be let in. The wind is
pushing her away, and the rain has drenched her to the bone.
She is crying, although it is hard to tell due to the rain.
Her hair is flattened to her head.

Cut back to the family, who are looking at eachother
quizzically. In between bursts of lightning and thunder,
Keiko's voice can be heard screaming above the storm,
screaming for her mother. The mother visibly reacts and
lunges for the stairs, but both her daughter and husband
hold her back. She begins crying and eventually stops
fighting them.

Back outside, Keiko slides down to her knees, crying her
eyes out. Her fists are bloodied and her knees and elbows
are scratched up. A huge gust of wind comes, and Keiko's
head suddenly shoots up in shock, but just before we see her
full face, it switches to her POV, as a huge piece of debris
suddenly rushes towards the screen and everything goes
                                         RETURN TO
Angela stands in her kitchen, having not moved from her
spot, looking concerned and upset.
Keiko wasn't very popular. She
wasn't the star athlete and
student like her sister, and she
wasn't considered particularly
stunning. Her parents clearly
favoured her elder sister. Her
mother had a soft spot for her,
but I guess that wasn't enough.
After the storm the family moved
out. The sister went off to
university and the father went


                       DAISUKE (cont'd)
back to work. I heard the mother
killed herself shortly afterwards.
That's.......... Terrible just
isn't a strong enough word. But
how does that explain the storm
outside my house?
Look, I don't know, but I'd leave
the house right away if you -
Angela? Angela?
Daisuke-kun? Daisuke? Daisuke!
The phone has cut out, making the noise of a disconnected
call. Angela pulls the phone away from her head, staring at

Close up on the wine glass, which gives off a resounding
ringing noise, then suddenly stops.

Return to Angela, however, someone is now behind her. A girl
with her short hair hanging in front of her eyes stands not
five feet behind Angela, soaking wet, wearing a white dress.
She is bloodied here and there, including a large bloody
patch around her left ear.

Angela slowly looks up towards the camera.

Switch to over-the-shoulder shot of Angela.
      (In Japanese)
Okaa-san... Why didn't you let me


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From Derrick H. Mohre Date 6/12/2010 ****
Nice short, spooked me the whole time

From Cameron Date 4/14/2010 ****
I like it. It was the perfect length, you could have made it longer though. :)

From ihap900 Date 8/30/2009 ***1/2
Wow that was awesome! keep up the good work!

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