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by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

The House On Cabot Road is the 1st episode in the series of Misadventures of The Devers Brothers, and deals with the ghost of Abbott Conway, who was murdered in his home by four men. Frankie has to convince the Police that he really did speak to the ghost in order to capture those who were responsible for Abbott's death.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


FRANK chuckles as he reels in his fishing rod and checks his
A slight cloud bank rises from the water. The boat drifts
slowly downstream.
How late are we staying out here?
Why, are ya cold?
Nah! The fish just ain't bitin.
The boat drifts into a pile of bushes by the river's edge
and comes to a stop as JOHNNY reels in his line.
What happened?
      (turning his head)
It looks like the boat drifted
into some bushes.
Johnny lays his rod down inside the boat. He turns his head
towards the bow and sees an old house set back in the woods,
visible only by the light of the moon.
Whose house is that?
Johnny grabs an oar and starts to push the boat free.
That's the old Conway place on
Cabot Road.
Is that the house everyone says is
Yeah, and no one's lived in the
house for over twenty-five years.


Want to go and check it out?
Sure, why not. The fishing is
crappy anyways.
Do you think we'll see any real
It's possible. I don't know that
from experience, but people like
to scare kids into believing
houses are haunted. That keeps
kids like us away.
Okay, my rod's all set. Where do
you want to park the boat?
We can drift to the next set of
bushes. There should be a walkway
out to the river, if I remember
Johnny pushes the boat free, with the oar, and then hands it
to his brother, who grabs the oar and starts to row the
short distance to the walkway.
I see the walkway, Frank. Row the
boat towards shore and I'll hop
Johnny steps out of the boat and secures it to a hefty
branch of a nearby bush. Frankie follows him off the boat
and the two walk down the narrow, overgrown with weeds,
walkway to the shoreline.
Have you ever been to the house


No I haven't. Gee, the place is
spooky enough.
The two boys cross the yard to the back of the house.
Well it should be, where it's been
empty for so long.
Both boys hear the floor boards creak as they climb onto the
rickety old porch.
How are we gonna see in there,
Frank tries to look into one of the windows on the river end
of the house.
I can't see anything in there.
      (Takes the few
       steps to the back
Oh heck, let's go in. It's just an
empty house. Are you ready?
For what?
Just to go inside, silly,
Johnny turns the doorknob.
Hey, it's unlocked. I thought for
sure this place would be locked up
tight. Come on…! Let's go in.


Johnny enters in front of his brother. Frank is so close
that when Johnny stops, he bumps right into him.
      (Whispering loud)
Hey, watch it!
What are you whispering for? There
ain't nutthin in here but us two.
Johnny steps on a floorboard and activates a recorded
                       ABBOTT (VO)
Who dares enter the Conway House?
Frankie and Johnny stop abruptly.
What or who the heck was that?
I don't know, but it scared me.
I'm getting out of here.
Frank turns to head for the door.The door slams shut,
dimming what little light they had from the full moon.
Great! Now what? You said there
were no ghosts in here, Frank.
What do you call this?
                       ABBOTT (VO)
You have entered the Conway house
without an invite. Please stay and
join me for tea.
I'm not staying here another
minute. Break the window and let's
get out of here.
Frankie grabs a piece of wood from the floor. He slams the
piece of wood into the window and it shatters into a
thousand pieces landing mostly on the porch.
Let's go!


Frank climbs through the broken window opening with Johnny
right behind him. They quickly run down the rickety stairs
and onto the ground in back of the house.
Both boys watch as the glass, that they'd just broken to
escape, rises from the floor and forms itself into the shape
of the window they'd just broken.
Let's get out of here.
Both boys high-tail it to the short walkway and back to the
Moments later both boys are safely inside the boat and Frank
starts the motor and heads upstream as fast as the boat can
We didn't see anything, remember
Then what did we see?
We saw nothing but the river and a
lot of fog. Nobody would believe
us if we told them what we saw, so
as far as we're concerned, we saw
Two days later, Frankie and Johnny connect with two of their
friends from school, TEDDY JACKSON and FRED CRAMER.
I'm bored.


How can you be bored already?
School only let out on Wednesday.
Hey, I know what we can do. Why
don't we go and check out the
Conway house on Cabot Road. No
one's been in there for years.
Both Frankie and Johnny look at each other, their faces are
All that place is, guys, is a run
down old house. What's to see in
Are ya chicken, Frank?
Fred looks at Ted.
I bet their chicken to go into
that haunted house Ted.
We are not. We just think it's a
waste of time.
And we thought you had guts. You
two are chicken.
We'll go with you guys, but I
think someone ought to bring a
flashlight. It could be kinda dark
in there.
You're on. When are we going?
When can you be ready?
I'll get my dad's flashlight and
be back here in fifteen minutes.
Don't you chicken out. Let's go


Fred gets on his bicycle.
What do you need me for? I'll stay
here with Frankie and John. We'll
take our bikes over to the house.
Thirty-five minutes later the four boys reach Cabot Road and
ride their bicycles up the dirt road to the house. The sun
is high in the morning's sky as they approach the driveway.
The boys get off their bicycles and start for the back
I wonder if the door's locked.
Fred leads the foursome up the rickety stairs and across the
creaky porch to the door.
Hey, this is cool; sound effects
and all.
Frank and Johnny bring up the rear. Fred turns the door knob
and the door opens up for them.
See, I told you. There's nothing
here but an empty house.
Frank turns back towards the steps.
Get over here you wimp. We haven't
even gone inside yet. Let's go...!
Teddy follows Fred into the house with the Devers brothers
behind him.


                       ABBOTT (VO)
      (Grotesque voice)
Who dares enter the Conway House?
What was that?
Shut up, Ted. I don't think that's
any ghost.
                       ABBOTT (VO)
      (Grotesque voice)
You have entered the Conway house
without an invite. Please stay and
join me for tea.
That sounds like a recording of
some kind, but I could be wrong.
It does at that, but what would
they, he, or it be trying to
Just scaring us off.
It would've me, if I'd been in
here alone.
I bet it would. Let's check the
house out. It looks like all the
furniture is gone, at least down
Ted moves towards the next room and the others follow.
I wonder what's in here.
The four teens move towards the next room and as they do the
floorboards creak some more.
Watch it, guys. There are plenty
of cobwebs around. These spiders
have been having fun.


Frankie's arm flails to move the cobwebs out of his way.
It looks like this was the kitchen
and there's a set of stairs going
Johnny points to the stairs at the far end of the room.
It doesn't look like there's
anything down here. Let's see
what's upstairs.
Fred leads the way to the stairwell. As he reaches the
stairwell, he grabs the railing and turns to his friends.
Are we ready?
Fred places his right foot on the first step and a white
sheet, in the shape of a human body, drags down the stairs
and disappears into the third step from the bottom.
      (Grabbing his
What was that and where'd it go?
It happened so fast that it looked
like it disappeared into the
stairs by my feet.
You mean to tell me that you're
not scared, Fred? I don't know
about you, but I'm getting out of
here and Johnny's coming too.
Let's get out of here Fred. I've
seen enough to know we don't
belong in here.
You were the one who suggested we
needed something to do and I said
we could come in here, and now


                       FRED (cont'd)
you're chickening out. I'm going
upstairs to see what's up there.
Fred turns and looks up the stairs. As his foot hits the
next step, he stops short.
Frankie and Johnny wait for the other two.
What's the matter Fred?
I... I... I see a ghost.
Fred takes a deep gulp that everyone hears.
      (Deep scary voice)
Why do you desecrate the place I
call home? You were not invited
      (Turning and
I... I.... Let's get outta here,
The door remains open as the four teens make their escape
into the yard.
Ted gets on his bicycle and starts to pedal away from the
house, with the others right behind him.
      (Yelling to his
What are we going to do?
      (Yelling back)
We're getting out of here and
never coming back. I saw a ghost,
and nobody can tell me I didn't.
We can't say anything to anyone.
Who'd believe us? We might even
get into trouble for going in


                       FRED (cont'd)
there in the first place.
Fred pedals his bike as fast as his legs will pedal.
Johnny and Frank bring up the rear.
It may have been a recording of
some kind that we heard, but there
is a ghost in that house, and we
knew it. Say nothing to anyone.
Johnny shakes his head in agreement and the two brothers
pedal their bikes home.
      (Setting kickstand
       on bike)
We've got to go back there,
Johnny lays his bike on the ground.
Why? There's a ghost in that
I've read two ghost stories, in
Miss Wilson's English class, that
I had to do book reports on. In
both books, the guy who wrote them
said that ghosts haunt houses,
cars, boats and other things
because their spirit didn't find
peace. Not only that, but I've
seen a ghost already, at Auntie
Millie's house.
So what does that mean?
I'll try to give you an example.
Let's say that whoever is haunting
the Conway house was murdered,
okay, and the person or people who
murdered them are still alive, the


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
reason their spirit can't rest is
because they need to see that the
person or persons who killed them
is either caught or killed.
Do you think the ghost knows who
killed him?
I'm not even sure that's the
reason. I want to go back there
and maybe talk to the ghost if I
You're nuts and you're even
nuttier if you think I'm going
with you. Two weeks ago you said
you didn't think there were such
things as ghosts and now you want
to talk to one. This trip you go
Frank grabs his father's flashlight. He gets on his bike
and pedals straight to the Conway house on Cabot Road.
Once I open that door, I need to
step to either my left or my right
otherwise I'll alert the ghost or
ghosts with that stupid tape
recording. Wait a minute! If they
are really ghosts then what would
they be doing using a tape
Frank looks around the ground for something he can use for a
weapon should he need one, and he sees a piece of wood about
the size of a baseball bat. He grabs the piece of wood and
heads for the steps.


He turns the knob of the door and enters the Conway home.
He goes inside and immediately sidesteps to the right, three
large steps to avoid tripping the tape recorder.
Frank slowly enters the next room where the steps are
located and as he approaches the steps, he tucks the
flashlight into the belt of his jeans. At the base of the
stairs he stops. He climbs onto the first step. He then
grabs the railing and steps over the second step. One step
at a time he climbs to the top of the stairs.
Standing there he sees four rooms on the second floor. On
tiptoes he enters the first room. The door was removed so he
goes inside. A window at the far end of the room is filthy
and covered with cobwebs. He takes his flashlight and shines
it around the room and sees nothing.
He starts to turn, to leave the room.
You are a smart young
whippersnapper, Frank Devers.
Who... Who's that?
Frank turns around and In front of him, floating off the
floor, is grayish form with a face and arms that are also
gray. He also wears a farmer's hat.
Frankie raises the stick defensively.
My name is Abbott Conway, but it
would mean nothing to you, I don't
How do you know my name?
Frankie lowers the weapon.
Your dad and I worked together for
years at Jenkins' Farm. You're a
spittin image of your dad.


I can see that you're a ghost and
all, but what happened to make you
that way?
I bought this place just after I
married. Ten years later my wife
died and we had no kids, so I
lived here all alone. One night
some punks come up the river and
decided they wanted to break into
my home and steal me blind. I put
up a good fight but there was four
of them and only one o' me. They
bashed my skull in and robbed me
That wasn't nice.
As you can imagine, I died, right
here in this room. This is where I
Did they ever catch who did this
to you?
That's why I'm a ghost, son. My
spirit won't rest until they are
either dead or in jail for my
Do you know who did this to you?
Ayep, I certainly do.
Couldn't you...


No, I guess you can't. You're a
ghost. What adult would listen to
someone who's dead?
You're pretty smart there Frankie.


I want to help you, Mr. Conway,
but how? If I tell someone that I
talked to a ghost, they'll think
I'm crazy.
You're a brave lad, son. Your dad
and I were very close friends.
There's only one thing about me
that only your dad knew.
What's that?
My middle name.
What is it?
It's Constatine! Abbott Constatine
Conway. If you could convince your
dad you talked to me, then that
would be the way to do it.
How can my dad help?
The Bradley Brothers, and their
friend Dick Savage, were the ones
who broke into my home that night.
It was Kevin Bradley who beat me
to a pulp while the other three
looked on. There's something they
stole from me that night that
Kevin still has.
What's that?
Your dad was my best man at my
wedding. He gave my wife and I
something and it was engraved -
From Phil to Mona and Abbott
Conway - Lifelong Friends.
Well what was it?


Your dad served in Vietnam,
Frankie, and while there he was
wounded in action. He received the
Purple Heart. When he got home, we
both worked together on Jenkins
Farm, so that meant neither one of
us were rich. He wanted to get us
something but he didn't have the
money to do it. He went down to
Barrows hardware and had old
Charlie engrave that medal he
earned in Vietnam. That medal
meant everything to me, so after I
died I kept close tabs on where it
went. Kevin Bradley couldn't sell
it to anyone, so I watched as he
heaved it into the glove
compartment of his old Chevy. He
never got rid of the car, even
though he has a new one now, and
that car sits up behind the
Bradley garage, out in the field.
      (Scratching his
I wonder how dad could get it
without breaking the law.
I don't have the answer, son. The
rest is now up to you.
I guess I better get going but I
do have a question before I go.
What's that?
Yesterday, when the four of us
came in here, and last week when
my brother and I came in here,
there was a voice that said
something to us. Was that a tape
recorder or something?
I was trying to scare you boys
off. My brother set that up,
before he died, to scare people
away from the house. And another


                       ABBOTT (cont'd)
thing, remember that glass you two
broke trying to get out of here?
Yeah, the one that fixed itself
after we got off the porch. I
remember that alright.
That was me doing a little hocus
pocus. It seems I have a few
powers that I didn't have when I
was alive. That scared ya did it?
Well kinda, yeah. We couldn't get
back to the boat fast enough. I've
got to go. If I find out anything
I'll come back here and let you
Frank heads down the stairs and is careful not to step on
the second step. He jumps over it and heads for the door.
Johnny can see that Frank is busy thinking.
What's up Frank?
Johnny sits down on the back steps with his brother.
You don't want to ask me that
right now.
Did you go back to the Conway
house, like you said you were
Uh-huh, I did and I learned a lot
Well did you see the ghost?


Yes I saw him and even talked to
And you're still alive?
Duh…! I'm here ain't I?
When his father came home, around five-fifteen that
afternoon, Frank approaches him as he gets out of the car.
Dad, can we have a talk, just you
and I?
What did you do wrong now, Frank?
Barry chuckles and places his hand on his son's shoulder.
I didn't do anything wrong, sir.
Well, that's not exactly true
either. Can we go somewhere and
sit down?
I'll let mom know I'm home and
then I'll meet you out by the
picnic table, okay?
I'll be there, dad.
Ten minutes later, with a fresh cup of coffee in his hand,
Frank's father heads out to the picnic table.
      (Sitting down)
Okay, son, now what's on your
I know I'm going to get a scolding
for what I did, but please wait
until I'm done before you go and
do it.


      (Sipping his
I can do that. Go on!
Frank tells him about all three trips he and the others took
to the Conway house, including seeing his father's friend's
Wow, where do I begin? I'll hold
off scolding you, for the moment,
but I've got some questions that I
need answered young man.
I knew you would. Fire away!
      (Lifting the
       coffee to his
How are you so sure he's the ghost
of Abbott Conway?
Does the name Abbott Constatine
Conway mean anything to you?
Barry Devers freezes and the coffee cup drops from his hand
as if he'd just seen the ghost of Abbott Conway himself.
I'm the only one he told that name
to, Frank. Was there anything
When you were going to be the best
man at his wedding, you had your
Vietnam Purple Heart engraved that
you gave them as your gift for
their wedding, right?
The only ones who knew that were
Mona and Abbott Conway. Your mom
and I weren't married yet. Okay,
so you're not lying to me. What
else did he say?
Frank sits there and tells his father the rest of the story.


By six o'clock they both head into the house for dinner.
      (Taking a bite of
Is something bothering you honey?
I'll tell you about it later,
love. I've got to call the Sheriff
and get him to come over here
Barry leaves the table and goes to the kitchen phone. After
looking up the number, he dials the Sheriff's house.
                       TERRY (VO)
Terry! This is Barry Devers. Is
Tom at home?
                       TERRY (VO)
One second, Barry.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS (VO)
      (A moment later)
This is Sheriff Connors, Barry.
What can I do for you?
Tom! I need you to come over here
at your earliest convenience. I've
got information about a
twenty-five year old unsolved
murder case in our town.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS (VO)
That goes back before I became
Sheriff here, Barry. That means it
just has to be the Abbott Conway
murder on Cabot Road. I'll be
there in twenty minutes
      (Sitting down at
       the table)
Don't you go anywhere, son.


                       BARRY (cont'd)
Sheriff Connors is on his way
      (Running fingers
       through her hair)
What's up, Barry?
Frank came across some information
that can clean up the murder of my
dear friend Abbott Conway. He died
almost twenty-five years ago.
How did you get that information,
Let's just say I did some snooping
around where I didn't belong.
I figured that much. Is he in any
trouble, dear?
Not at the moment. If he's right
and I have no reason to disbelieve
him, four men will stand trial for
the death of my dear friend.
Five minutes later Sheriff Connors pulls in behind Barry's
Barry meets the Sheriff as he approaches the porch.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I stopped by the station and
pulled the file on the Conway
case. Let's go inside and hear
what you have to say.


The Sheriff follows Barry into the house. Barry leads him
into the kitchen and the Sheriff grabs a seat across from
      (Opening the
       Conway File)
Are you sure you want your son to
hear this, Barry?
It's my son you have to listen to,
Sheriff. I might add that you
please listen to everything he has
to say before you comment, okay?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I came here to listen to a what, a
fourteen year old boy who wasn't
even born when this guy Conway was
murdered? Are you serious?
I'm serious, Tom. Please hear what
he has to say, all of it.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Okay Frankie, this better be
darned good.
For the next hour Frankie rehashes the events of his three
trips to the Conway house and he leaves nothing out.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
If I go to the D.A. with this,
they'll be seeking my early
retirement, Barry. How the hell am
I going to explain that the
information came from a ghost, and
that is in fact if it did. Even
talking about it gives me the
It's true, Sheriff, every bit of
it, I swear,
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Let's just say you're telling me
the truth, son, I don't have a
single shred of evidence to even
obtain a search warrant, let alone


                       SHERIFF CONNORS (cont'd)
arrest these four men.
I'm just telling you what Mr.
Conway told me and my dad backed
up everything I said,
I have an idea, Sheriff.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I'm game! What's your idea?
Barry explaines his idea to the Sheriff in rough detail.
The Sheriff looks into the eyes of his friend.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
That's going to take some moxie on
your part, You do understand that
the D.A. will have to check you
out if your plan goes into play.
We don't need the suspects crying
planted evidence, understand?
I understand all too well. Let me
make that call in the morning and
see if he'll do it.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
You keep me informed. I'll touch
base with the D.A. in the morning.
I want them involved from the get
The Sheriff stands to leave.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
You have a nice night Thelma. You,
Frankie, I don't know what to do
with you. I think I'll leave that
up to your dad to take care of. I
want you to know, however, that I
have every right to arrest you for
trespassing if I wanted to, but
this case has been on the books
for way too long. G'night
Barry escorts the Sheriff out to the porch door.


Thanks, Tom. I'll call you
The following day Barry doesn't have to work. He looks in
the phone book for the number to Kevin Bradley's home. After
acquiring the number, he sits at the kitchen table and
writes down what he wants to say.
      (Entering the
Morning Dad…! What are you doing?
Right now I'm having a coffee and
getting ready to make that phone
call that I told the Sheriff I'd
make. What are you up to today?
I thought I'd take a ride over to
see Mr. Conway, or his ghost, and
tell him what's going on. I told
him I'd come back if I knew
I still find it hard to believe
that a ghost of my friend Conway
was able to be both seen and
heard, but I have no logical
explanation for how you got those
bits of information, son.
When are you calling Mr. Bradley?
Around nine, why…?
If your plan works, the earliest
you'd be able to go over there
would be maybe the middle of the
afternoon. Why don't I wait until
after you've talked with the
Sheriff and get everything set up
and then you can come with me to


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
see Mr. Conway? Then you could see
for yourself.
At nine o'clock A.M. Barry grabs the phone and dials Kevin
Bradley's number.
                       KEVIN (VO)
Good morning. I'm looking for an
old clunker for the demolition
derby that's coming to the fair
next month and I've heard that
you've got an old Chevy laying
around in your back yard. I'm
willing to give you fifty bucks
for it, if you're interested in
getting rid of it.
                       KEVIN (VO)
Who am I talking to?
My apologies, sir. My name is
Barry Devers.
                       KEVIN (VO)
I have no use for it. When do you
want to come and get it?
I'll need to get a tow truck, to
haul it out of there, but would
four o'clock this afternoon be
                       KEVIN (VO)
What do you need from me?
I just need a receipt for the car
saying you sold it to me for fifty
bucks and you would need to sign
                       KEVIN (VO)
I'll have it ready when you get
here. Bye!
Barry hangs up the phone and sits back down at the kitchen


That's great, dad. What's next?
Johnny enters the kitchen.
      (Wiping his eyes)
Good morning! Where's mom?
Your mom is still in bed. Get
yourself some cereal, Johnny.
What's going on?
Right now, the less you know the
better, son.
Gee thanks...!
Johnny goes and starts making his breakfast.
Now be quiet. I have to talk to
the Sheriff.
Barry acquires the number, from the phone book, for the
Sheriff's office and dials the number.
                       DEPUTY (VO)
Sheriff's office, Deputy Shawn
Crane speaking…! Can I help you?
Good morning, Deputy Crane. My
name is Barry Devers. Is the
Sheriff in please?
                       DEPUTY (VO)
He's been expecting your Call,
sir. One moment please.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS (VO)
Give me some good news, Barry.
Everything is all set for four
o'clock this afternoon. What's the
next move?


                       SHERIFF CONNORS (VO)
I'll contact Ken, over at Riley's
Garage They are on retainer by
the County and I'll have him meet
us at your place about
three-thirty. The District
Attorney, Sid Myers and I will be
there about three. By now Kevin's
forgotten about anything that
might be in that car. How much did
you buy it for?
I offered him fifty bucks for it.
He'll have a bill of sale ready
for it when I get there. I told
him I wanted to fix it up for the
Demolition Derby at the state fair
next month and that I didn't need
any formal paperwork outside of
the proof that he sold it to me. I
didn't want him to have any reason
to go in the car.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS (VO)
Good thinking. That gives him no
reason to have to go to the car
and clean it out. We'll see you at
I'll see you then.
Barry stands up and returns the phone back onto its hook,
and then returns to his seat at the table.
      (Looking at
When do you want to go to the
Conway House, son?
Whenever you're ready.
Can I go too?
Not this time, Johnny.


Are you going to go and see this
I'm hoping to see my friend's
ghost, yes. I'd like to know for
sure, that's all.
Barry gulps down the last of his coffee.
Are you ready Frank? Johnny! Tell
mom we'll be back in a bit.
Okay Dad..!
I haven't been to Abbott's place
in over twenty-five years,
Frankie. It almost feels funny
coming here again.
The inside is empty, except for
the ghost, so it won't look the
same as it did back then.
Frankie opens the car door as does his father, and they both
get out into the driveway. Barry looks at the house as he
exits the car.
Wow! This used to be a beautiful
house back then. Come on, let's
Frankie leads the way and up the rickety steps to the porch
where the floor boards once again creak eerily. Without
thinking about it he turns the knob and heads inside with
his father right behind him.


Within a minute the two are at the bottom of the stairs that
leads to the second floor. Frank steps on the first step and
then skips the second, but his father fails to miss the
second step as Frankie looks on.
Hey, what happened? It didn't do
it this time.
Frankie turns around and heads up the stairs.
Mr. Conway? Where are you Mr.
Barry joins his son at the top of the stairs.
      (Deep voice)
I'm here my dear friend.
The grayish form floats like a helium filled figure of a
man, out from the first room that Frank knew to be the
Is that you, Abbott?
It's been many years my dear
friend. Did you not believe your
son when he told you he saw me as
a ghost?
I found it hard to believe, yes,
and I find it even harder now,
here, both seeing and talking to
you, my friend.
Why then did you come?
To tell you that we're working to
get the evidence we need to arrest
Kevin. He may have been the brave
one, that night, but he had three
others with him then. We're hoping
he don't want to go to jail alone.
Of the three brothers, he's the
weakest one. If Sheriff Connors


                       BARRY (cont'd)
can break him he's sure he'll give
up the names of the other three.
Your son has done you proud,
Barry. As your friend, I ask that
you not punish him for entering my
home without being invited. Thanks
to him it's possible for my spirit
to finally rest and be with my
wife Mona.
I won't Abbott. We've still got a
lot of work to do to get these
guys, but we'll get them. Count on
I know you will. Take good care of
your son. He has a lot of his
father in him.
I'll do that. Is there anything
else I can do for you?
Just give me what I need so I can
rest in Peace.
At three o'clock sharp, Sheriff Connors pulls in behind
Barry's car with the District Attorney right beside him in
the passenger seat.

Barry meets the two as they approach the porch.
We can go and sit down by the
picnic table and talk, if you want
Barry steps down from the porch.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Lead the way, Barry.


Sheriff Connors and DA Sid Meyers follow Barry into the
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
      (At the picnic
Barry! I'd like you to meet the
District Attorney, Sid Myers.
Barry looks at a six-foot two man dressed in the finest of
      (Shaking hands
       with the D.A.)
Good afternoon Mr. Meyers. Please
sit down.
I have to ask you to completely
empty your pockets, Mr. Devers.
The Sheriff will give you an
official pat down and frisk. I
don't need our suspect crying that
the medal was planted by you. I'm
going to film the pat down and
frisk for evidence, should I need
The DA pulls out a camcorder and films the frisk by the
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
      (After frisking
He's clean, Sid.
From this point on, until after we
have the car in the possession of
the Sheriff's Department, you are
not to be out of my sight. When
you go to the Bradley home, do
whatever business you have to do,
do it outside the house. We will
be filming everything the whole
time. Do not go inside the car.
Let the tow driver hook it up and
get it out of there. He will drive
the vehicle to the impound lot
where we will have a detective
waiting to go through it with a
fine toothed comb.


Then my job is to get the receipt,
get the car and then get out of
there, right?
At three thirty the tow truck arrives and Barry climbs into
the passenger seat.

The Sheriff and the D.A. take off in front of them.
At ten minutes to four the tow truck pulls up to the front
of the Bradley home and Barry exits the vehicle. . He heads
to the house but the door opens as he approaches.
You must be Barry Devers.
Kevin holds a piece of paper in his hand.
That's me, sir. Are you Kevin
I am. If you've got the fifty
bucks, sir, I have the receipt for
the vehicle in my hand. You can
have your tow truck pull around
the back and haul that piece of
junk out of here.
Heck it's all I need. I just want
to get it running long enough to
put it out of its misery in a
demolition derby at the fair.
Barry hands Kevin the fifty dollars and Kevin hands Barry
the receipt.
Good luck to you. Well she's all


Barry quickly returns to the tow truck and the driver pulls
around the back of the garage. As Barry gets out of the tow
truck, he can see that the car is buried in weeds and that
no one has been near the car in years. The tow truck driver
backs up to the vehicle and hooks the car up in a matter of
ten minutes. Barry once again climbs aboard the tow truck
and they pull out and away from the Bradley residence.
The tow truck pulls into the impound lot where Detective
Scott Powers, from the FBI, is waiting.
Barry exits the tow truck.
                       AGENT POWERS
You must be Barry Devers.
I am.
Agent Powers produces his FBI Badge.
                       AGENT POWERS
I know the car is in our
possession sir, but before I can
legally search it, without a
warrant that is, I have to get
your permission to do so.
Wow, such legalities. You have my
permission, Detective. Can I
please stay to see if that medal
is in the glove compartment? I
won't touch anything.
                       AGENT POWERS
After what you did, sure…!
The District Attorney and the Sheriff arrive as the agent
checks the glove compartment of the impounded car, wearing
plastic gloves on both hands. He exits the car and has a
handful of papers he removed from the glove compartment and
places them on the hood as the Sheriff and D.A. look on.
                       AGENT POWERS
There it is, Sheriff. There's the


Agent Powers pulls a pair of tweezers from his pocket and
lifts the medal by the cloth and takes a close look at it.
                       AGENT POWERS
Sheriff…! It appears there's blood
on the metal part, and from what I
can see here, there's a
fingerprint that smeared the blood
as well.
What does that mean, Sheriff?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Twenty-five years ago there was no
such thing as DNA evidence. Back
then it was basic forensic
evidence. We should still have the
bloody clothes of your friend. If
we do, and we can match the DNA
from the medal to the clothes,
then we have him. We'll have to
take this medal to the lab, as
well as the clothes, and see if we
have a match.
How long will that take?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
No more than a few days. The D.A.
is going to stay here, so why
don't I drive you home?
Frankie and Johnny are outside getting ready to go fishing
when Sheriff Connors pulls into the yard around noon.
Sheriff Connors exits the cruiser.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Howdy boys. Where's your dad?
He's working, Sheriff. He won't be
home until about five-thirty, Can
I help you with something?


                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Yeah, I suppose you'd like to
know. The DNA that we got from
Kevin Bradley's car was enough
evidence to arrest him. When we
got him to the station, and we
questioned him with his lawyer
present, he gave us the names of
the other three men. A half hour
ago we arrested the other two
Bradley brothers and a guy by the
name of Dick Savage.
We did it. I've got to go and let
Mr. Conway know. This way his
spirit can rest in peace.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
You do that, young man.
The Sheriff shakes his head as he turns and heads back to
the cruiser.
You want to come this time,
You go ahead. I'll get everything
ready and we can go fishing when
you get back.
Johnny turns and starts to head to the boat.
Frankie pedals as fast as his feet can pedal and heads
straight to the Conway house on Cabot Road. He drops the
bike in the remnants of a driveway and literally skips over
the stairs to the porch. He turns the knob and runs into the
Frankie heads straight to the staircase and runs up the


Where are you Mr. Conway. I've got
good news.
Conway's ghostly spirit exits the bedroom.
      (deep male voice)
Relax, young Devers, or you'll
explode. Now what is it that's so
important you had to run up the
I guess that when my dad bought
that car from Kevin Bradley, they
found the medal you told me about.
From what my dad said, they took
it to the crime lab and tested it
against your bloody clothes and
found a match. I'm not sure of the
rest of it, but the Sheriff came
by today and told me that they
arrested Kevin Bradley and when
they questioned him, he told them
who the other three guys were that
killed you, so they arrested the
other men too.
I hadn't expected to see you
again, Frank Devers, but this is
good news for me. I can go and be
with my wife. You'll never see me
again, young man,
Abbott's voice trails off and the ghostly apparition that
hovered in front of Frank, dissipates before his eyes.
Bye Mr. Conway. I hope your spirit
can now rest in peace.


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