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by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

In Episode Two, of the Misadventures Of The Devers Brothers, Frankie and Johnny meet a mentally challenged boy (SIMON) on their vacation. Simon has ESP and has a friend, the ghost of Captain Desmond. The Devers brothers once again have to convince a new officer of the law, the local Chief Of Police, that they indeed had information about the Captain's death, and that the information came from his ghost.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Are we going to bring the boat
with us on vacation, dad?
What would you two do without a
boat, and staying in a cabin by a
lake? Of course I'm bringing the
boat. You two just stay out of
mischief for two whole weeks while
we're there.
Thanks Dad.
JOHNNY looked at his older brother.
      (With a smirk on
       his face)
We'd never get into trouble, Dad.
Then why am I going gray at the
early age of thirty-seven?
The last of the bags are loaded into the back of the wagon
and the car is then backed up to the boat trailer and
hitched for the two and a half hour drive across the state
to Lake Dawson.
The three of them wait for Mrs. Devers by the car.
Are we staying at the Richard's
cottage Dad?
Yes! Bill's letting us rent it
Does it have a boat ramp?


It's at the end of the driveway.
When we get there, I want you two
to help your mother while I get
the boat tied up to the dock.
THELMA DEVERS locks the house and heads to the car.
I guess I'm ready.
They all climb into the car and Barry pulls out of the
Two and a half hours later the Devers pull up in front of
the cottage. BARRY backs the trailer into the driveway and
stops just beyond the end of the cottage. He unhitches the
trailer and then pulls forward enough to where they can get
at the back. The boys help their mother in with the things
until everything is inside.
Barry hitches the boat trailer again and backs the car down
the boat ramp and slides the boat from the trailer.
Do you need us for anything else
THELMA DEVERS starts to unpack.
I know you two want to go fishing,
so I can handle things from here.
I want you two be careful in the
The two boys reach the dock as their father is tying the
boat up to it.
We'll take it, Dad.
Johnny grabs the tie rope at the bow.


The fishing gear is already in the boat, along with a
healthy supply of night crawlers, so Johnny climbs in and
sits in the middle seat while FRANK climbs in and heads aft
to where the motor is.
We don't know anything about the
fish in this lake, Frank, so where
are we gonna start?
Johnny grabs his rod and starts to get it ready.
We'll just head out there and find
a spot near some weeds. We might
find some pickerel or bass. Who
knows what might be in here?
Frank pulls the cord to start the motor.
I guess we'll just follow the
shoreline until we see a spot we
want to try.
Frankie steers the boat away from the dock and follows the
shoreline about a quarter of a mile. Moments later the
eldest brother guides the small boat to a large clump of
weeds near the shoreline and Johnny grabs the small anchor
and drops it overboard so that the boat can stay in place.
As they fish, Frank nonchalantly looks around, where they
were not familiar with the area, and he can see a large dock
not far from where they were and a boy who looks to be about
their age is sitting at the end of it, fishing.
There's a boy about our age,
fishing from that dock.
Johnny turns around and looks
Maybe we can go over and say hi in
a little bit.


Why not..? The fish sure aren't
biting. Want to go now?
I'll get the anchor.
Both boys reel in their fishing line.
With the anchor on board, Frank uses an oar to push the boat
free of the weeds and then starts the motor. He keeps it on
low and steers the bow towards the dock.

As Frank nears the dock, he can see a tall heavy-set man
leaving the house and is heading towards them. He reaches
the dock as the boat touches it.
KEN DIGGS grabs the bow line and ties the boat to the dock.
      (Deep but friendly
Can I help you boys?
      (Looking up)
We're up here for two weeks on
vacation, sir and we saw your son,
so we wanted to try and make a
friend while we were up here.
That's very nice, son. Your name
I'm Frank Devers and this is my
brother Johnny.
Well Frank, my son's name is Simon
Diggs and I'm his father. My name
is Ken. When Simon was born he had
a mental disorder. Do you know
what that means..?


Kinda sir..! It means he's
retarded, right?
The name retarded might be a
little harsh, but it's close. He's
not dangerous, or at least he
hasn't been, but he doesn't have
any friends because of his
Does that mean we can't try to be
his friends?
I'll tell you what. If you two
want to go over and try to talk to
him, I'll stand back, just off the
dock, and see what happens. I
would like to see my son have some
friends in his life.
How old is Simon, sir?
He's fifteen, but I must warn you,
he doesn't think like boys your
Do you think he might like us to
fish with him?
Tears flow down Ken's face.
      (Wiping the tears)
He might like that.
Can we talk to him?
You can talk to him, son, but
remember that he doesn't think as
fast as you and he doesn't think
like a fifteen year old boy, okay?
Can I ask a question?


Why is there a railing around your
dock? Most docks don't have one.
Where my son is mentally
challenged, and is slow, I put the
railing up to keep him from
falling off the dock. It's only
there for his protection.
Can we go and see Simon now?
Be my guest. I'll step off the
dock and see what happens.
Ken Diggs steps back off the dock as the two boys tie the
boat to it.
Let's not bring our rods yet,
Johnny. Let's introduce ourselves
Frank secures the boat to the dock.
Both Frank and Johnny look down towards the end of the dock
and can see Mr. Diggs just standing there, so they turn and
go to the end where Simon is sitting.
Frank steps around to Simon's right.
Hi! My name is Frank.
Frank extends his hand towards SIMON.
      (stoic voice)
I'm…..Simon…..! Hi!
Simon reaches out and shakes Frank's outstretched hand.
And I'm Johnny, Simon. How's the
fishing today?


      (Stoic voice)
They…. ain't….. bitin…..!
Can we fish with you?
Simon turns his head quickly and looks straight at Frank.
      (Clear crisp voice)
You've seen ghosts, haven't you?
Frank's mouth drops open,
Yes I have, but how did you know
      (clear crisp voice)
Let me touch your hand again.
Simon's words are no longer slow and deliberate. He reaches
out to Frank.
Frank extends his hand to Simon.
As Simon grabs Frank's hand, he closes his eyes.
      (Clear crisp voice)
You've also talked to these ghosts
and you helped their spirits rest
in peace, right?
Wrinkles formed on Frank's brow as he watches Simon and his
That's right, but how did you know
      (Clear crisp voice)
Can my dad hear me?
Frank takes a look and watches Ken turn and head back
towards the house.
He just went back into the house,
so we're alone.


      (Clear crisp voice)
I've heard my mom and dad talking
about me being slow and that, and
most of the time I am, but what
they don't know is that at times I
can see and hear things they
You mean like seeing and hearing
Johnny shakes his head from side to side.
      (Clear crisp voice)
Yes, like a ghost.
Johnny shakes his head from side to side.
Here we go again.
Frank kneels down on one knee so he can talk to his new
Where did you see a ghost, Simon?
      (Clear crisp voice)
You don't believe me, do you?
Yes I do, actually.
      (Clear crisp voice)
Well some days he comes onto the
pier and talks to me.
Where does he come from?
      (Clear crisp voice)
From the lake...! He told me I
have something called ESP and that
because I have it, I can see and
hear him when no one else can.
When this ESP is working I can
almost talk normal, but I have no
control over when it comes or


                       SIMON (cont'd)
Wow! Does this ghost have a name?
      (Clear crisp voice)
His name is Jack Desmond, but I
call him Cap.
Why is that?
      (Clear crisp voice)
He was the captain of the Island
Queen, a ferry that ran from town
to the island, the big one you
see, out there. People live on the
island and he used to run the
ferry back and forth.
I see! Why does he talk to you?
      (Clear crisp voice)
I guess because I can see and hear
Not to be nosey or anything, but
is this spirit a restless one?
      (Clear crisp voice)
I knew you would ask me that. Yes
it is.
      (Interrupting his
Frank! Dad told us not to get into
mischief while we were here,
Stuff it, Johnny! I'm only asking
Simon a few questions.
Frankie turns back to face Simon.


So why is his spirit restless?
      (Clear crisp voice)
Cap's been dead for more than six
years and the cops never found out
who killed him.
Now you've got my interest. Go on!
      (Clear crisp voice)
He told me how he died. He was
Did he know who did it?
      (Clear crisp voice)
He said that the guy's name was
Ken Haskell, a drunk from the
Johnny looks towards the end of the pier and can see Simon's
dad leaving the house.
If we're going to make it look
like we're fishing with Simon,
Frank, we better get our rods.
Simon's dad is on his way here,
Get my rod too, will ya..? Simon!
When can we see you again? I want
to know more about this ghost.
      (Clear crisp voice)
Come tomorrow morning. I'm out
here everyday unless it rains.
Your dad is almost here.
      (He yells up the
How's it going with Simon?


Johnny places both rods on the pier, along with the worms.
I think we've made a friend, sir.
He wants us to fish with him.
My wife will be out in a minute,
to meet you boys.
That's nice.
Johnny grabs the rods and bait and walks to the end of the
dock with Mr. Diggs,
MRS. DIGGS heads out and onto the dock.
Here's your rod, Frank.
The Devers brothers bait their hooks and cast out into the
Mrs. Diggs heads out and onto the dock.
                       MRS. DIGGS
      (As she nears the
Good afternoon.
Holding the rod towards the water, Frank turns to face
Simon's mother.
Good afternoon, ma'am. I'm Frank
Devers and this is my brother
                       MRS. DIGGS
It's nice to meet you both. How
did the conversation go with
He seems like a nice kid, ma'am,
and we both would sure like to be
his friend.
                       MRS. DIGGS
Then you were able to talk to him?


Yes we were, but it was a slow
conversation. He doesn't speak
                       MRS. DIGGS
How well I know. It's nice to have
friends, right Simon?
      (Stoic voice)
Simon's voice returns to the non-esp-induced state.
                       MRS. DIGGS
I'm glad they came to see you,
Frank turns to face MRS. DIGGS.
Can I ask a question, ma'am?
                       MRS. DIGGS
We have an extra lifejacket in our
boat. Could we take Simon out on
the boat fishing with us sometime?
Mrs. Diggs looks at her husband and he looks back at her.
                       MRS. DIGGS
It would do him a world of good,
Mrs. Diggs looks again at her husband.
As long as you go slow and stay
within sight of the house, I'll
permit it.
It's almost time for us to be
getting back for our supper, but
if it's a nice day tomorrow, can
we come by and take Simon out?


I've got to go to work tomorrow,
but Eileen will be home. Just
make sure he has a life jacket on
at all times. Does that sound
good, Simon?
      (Stoic voice)
A faint smile forms on Simon's face.
                       MRS. DIGGS
What time will you boys be here?
Not too early. I'd say around nine
o'clock. Will that be good?
                       MRS. DIGGS
I'll have him waiting and ready.
Thank you!
Mrs. Diggs turns and heads back to the house.
I'm trusting in you boys to take
care of Simon while he's on your
I've been boating since I was
eleven, Mr. Diggs, and I haven't
had any accidents with it. We'll
all be sitting down fishing, so
we'll be just fine.
Okay, then, you have a good time
Thank you, sir.
Both brothers reeled in their fishing lines.
Simon! We'll be back tomorrow and
we'll take you fishing on the boat
with us, okay?


      (Detached voice)
The two boys return to their boat.
After dinner the two Devers brothers are on the dock
I wonder why this ghost spends so
much time with Simon. He must know
Simon isn't mentally right.
Maybe it's just that his spirit
has someone to talk to. I don't
know. I'm not the ghost expert
here. That's your department.
Maybe tomorrow we'll get to see
this Cap and find out what he
What do you mean we? I never
agreed to do this ghost thingy
with you.
In that case then you keep an eye
on Simon and I'll deal with Cap.
But Simon and this ghost are
already friends, well kinda
anyway. I'll just sit back and
fish. Maybe this ghost will spook
some fish my way.
THELMA DEVERS is seated at the kitchen table with a cup of
hot coffee in front of her.


And what are you two going to be
up to, as if I didn't know?
Well if you guessed fishing, mom,
you'd be right. We only touched
one small part of this lake last
night, and today we have the whole
You two be careful out there. This
is a big lake.
We will, Ma.
Do you boys want some soda to take
with you?
Thanks, Mom! It could be a little
warm out there on the boat.
I'll give you both two cans. Do
you need anything else?
Do you have any cookies?
I'll put some in a bag for you
Thanks, Mom.
The two brothers leave the house for the boat at a quarter
to nine.
Just before nine Frank pulls up to the dock and Johnny ties
the boat up to it. Both boys look for Simon.
Where's Simon, Frank?


I guess I'll have to go to the
house and get him.
                       CAP (VO)
      (eerie voice)
His mother knows you're here and
Simon will be out in a moment.
Who said that?
Johnny looks around to see who's there.
Frank! There's nobody here. What's
going on?
Frankie remains calm.
Is this Cap?
                       CAP (VO)
      (Eerie deep voice)
Aye, son, I'm Captain Jack
Will you be with us today?
                       CAP (VO)
Aye, lad, I will that. Set yer
boat ashore on this end of the
island. You will see me there.
But I'm supposed to stay within
sight of Simon's house.
The voice of Captain Desmond dissipates as Simon and his
mother approach the dock from the house.
Get the lifejacket, will ya
Simon walks up the dock to the boat.
Good morning, Simon.


Frankie steps out of the boat with the lifejacket in his
Good morning, Simon.
                       MRS. DIGGS
It's hard to know if he's excited
about fishing or not.
      (Broken voice)
Simon's mother walks around Simon and Frankie hands her the
lifejacket. She puts the lifejacket on her son.
He'll be fine, ma'am, once we get
to fishing. I saw a spot near the
island that looked good. We
brought some snacks and soda, so I
might pull up to the beach on the
island so he doesn't choke while
eating, if that's okay with you,
                       MRS. DIGGS
You seem to have a level head on
your shoulders, young man. I'll
allow it so he can eat and drink.
Thank you!
Let me help you into the boat,
Frank holds Simon's hand as he steps down into the boat.
Okay, I want you to sit in the
middle seat between Johnny and I.
      (Stoic voice)
Simon sits down where he's standing.
                       MRS. DIGGS
Here's his fishing rod. Does he
need anything else?


Mrs. Diggs hands the fishing rod to Johnny.
We have everything he'll need,
                       MRS. DIGGS
What time can I expect you boys
back here?
I'll take a guess and say about
one o'clock. If we're a little
late, don't get worried, okay?
                       MRS. DIGGS
Mrs. Diggs chuckles and watches as the boat starts to pull
away from the dock.
Simon keeps looking back. He makes sure he's out of his
mother's hearing range. He then turns to Frank.
      (clear voice)
You talked to Cap today, didn't
Yes I did, but how'd you know?
      (clear voice)
When you helped me get into the
boat, your hand touched mine.
That's the only way I can read
people's thoughts. A lot of times
I just say nothing.
You are one special and unique
person, Simon.
      (clear voice)
You and Johnny are my very first
real friends. I didn't think I'd
ever have friends outside of Cap,


                       SIMON (cont'd)
and he's just a ghost.
It looks like we'll get to see him
when we get to the island.
We're not that far away now,
Johnny watches the island come closer and closer.
Have you ever been to the island,
      (clear voice)
Nope, never have.
I wonder where he wants us to go.
Can you see a beach or clearing
somewhere, so that we can pull the
boat up to, Johnny?
I see a clearing that would be
good. If that's a beach, it's a
small one.
Which way..?
To the left a little..!
Frank moves the handle on the motor so that the bow swings
and turns to the left.
That's good! Now go straight.
Even though he hadn't been going fast, Frank slows the motor
down as they approach a small deserted beach on the northern
tip of the island. Frank notices that the water is crystal
clear as the boat touches bottom and comes to an abrupt
Johnny hops out of the boat and with little effort he is
able to pull the aluminum boat onto shore, while Frank tilts
the motor and lifts the propellers out of the water.


Do you need help getting out,
      (Clear voice)
I can climb out. Thanks!
Frank follows Simon and all three young men are then on the
Okay, Cap, we're here.
Frank looks from one end of the small beach to the other, as
well as into the woods behind it.
Why do you young mateys look for
me on land? I'm not a landlubber.
The ghost of CAPTAIN DESMOND'S GRAYISH FORM emerges from the
Oh wow! So this is what a ghost
looks like in the daylight.
Johnny gasps when he sees the form float towards the three
of them.
And what did you expect, lad, a
white sheet, or a Casper the
Friendly Ghost?
Cap's form stops just short of where they stand.
      (clear crisp voice)
These are my friends, Cap. This is
Frank and that's Johnny.
This is the first time Johnny's
seen a ghost. He's heard one
before, but the last time, when
your brother saw one, you didn't


                       CAP (cont'd)
go into the house with him, did
No sir, I didn't.
Johnny wipes the perspiration on his forehead.
Excuse me, Cap, but why did you
want to see us?
Aye, lad, you're a smart one. I
saw that in ya when you touched
Simon's hand the first time.
What do you mean?
I was able to see what ya did fer
that Conway ghost back home. You
done good.
Thanks, but what does that have to
do with me here?
You already know that my spirit is
a restless spirit, right?
Well yeah!
And ya knows enough about us
ghosts to know that something's
just not right for my spirit to
keep from going to the other side.
In other words, your spirit needs
to be appeased.
How can we help?


The night I died, Ken Haskell
stole the tape from my camera.
It's that tape that would put him
behind bars.
Simon mentioned a Ken Haskell, but
doesn't he live on the island?
Yes, laddie, he does. He still has
that tape hidden in his house, but
as a ghost I can't touch it. My
hands just go through it.
Why haven't you told this to
anyone before?
Not many people believe in ghosts,
laddie. The only ones who can see
em are the ones who believes in
em. I only told Simon because I
was a hopin that someday he'd find
an older friend who might be able
to go and get it away from
You've got to remember something,
Cap. Even if we were able to find
his house, we can't just break in
and steal it. We could get into
trouble ourselves. I've seen
enough cop shows on television to
know that.
I'll tell you what, m'boy. I can't
do anything now, but once my
spirit has been appeased there's
something I can do for your new
Simon? What?
Captain Desmond turns and his ghostly spirit returns to the


So what are we going to do now,
They all watch Cap's spirit disappear into the water.
Frank turns towards the water and the boat.
We came to take Simon fishing and
that's what we're going to do.
Cap, if you can hear me, spook
some fish our way for Simon, will
Do you think he will?
We won't know until we get to
fishing, now will we?

(Frank looks at Simon.)

Are you ready to do some fishing,
      (broken voice)
Let's get into the boat, Simon.
Frank helps Simon get back inside. He then helps his brother
get the boat to the edge of the water and both boys climb
      (grabbing his
       fishing rod)
Where are we going to fish, Frank?
I want to pull out here a ways and
we'll drop anchor. Can you bait
Simons hook for him?


Frank doesn't fish and helps Simon.
Johnny drops the anchor and secures the boat.
Can you cast it out yourself,
      (Stoic voice)
Yes… I….can.
Simon takes his rod and casts out into the lake.
Nice cast, Simon.
Using no bobber, the bait sits on the bottom of the lake.
Fifteen minutes pass when Simon's rod tip bends.
Set the hook, Simon.
      (Stoic voice)
Simon got a big fish.
Frank grabs the net as he watches his friend reel in.
It's a good one, Simon. Wow…!
Five minutes later Frank slips the net under the fish and
brings it on board.
Is that a lake trout Frank?
I think so. It's got to be about
24" long too. Nice job Simon.
A huge smile crosses Simon's face as Frank unhooks the fish
and ties a line to it to keep it from getting away.
Guess what Simon's going to have
for breakfast tomorrow?
      (Stoic voice)
Simon….have….fish… for….breakfast.


Simon's smile is more prominent since the fish was in the
The three boys fish until just after twelve, with Johnny
catching one and Simon getting a second fish but not as big
as his first.
Once the anchor is in the boat, Frank gets the motor
Have you decided what to do yet?
I'll think about that when we're
at home, when I don't have to keep
my eye on our friend.
Frank heads back towards the Digg's dock. The closer they
get they can see that Simon's mom is sitting in the chair at
the end of the dock and waiting for her son.
It looks like your mom's waiting
for you Simon.
Frank slows the motor as he approaches the dock.

Johnny climbs out with the tie rope in hand.
                       MRS. DIGGS
How did you guys make out?
Simon stands up to climb out of the boat.
Wait till we get Simon out of here
safely and we'll let him tell you.
Frank hands her Simon's fishing rod.
Simon climbs onto the dock and then Frank hands him his
Here you go, Simon, these are
Mrs. Diggs' mouth drops open when she sees the size of the
                       MRS. DIGGS
Are you serious?


Tell her Simon.
      (broken voice)
A smile once again graces Simon's face.
                       MRS. DIGGS
How can I ever thank you boys?
Simon's mom tries to take the fish from her son.
      (Stoic voice)
It looks like you'll have a hard
time getting them away from him
now, Mrs. Diggs. The smile on his
face is all the thanks we need.
Simon…! We'll drop by to see you
tomorrow, okay?
Simon turned towards the two boys.
      (broken voice)
Simon waves to them as the boat pulls away from the dock.
The boys return to the cottage, are they were staying and
after cleaning the fish Johnny caught they both head out to
the dock. They bait their hooks and cast their lines into
the water.
I've got to plan my strategy for
I don't like the gleam in your
eyes Frank.


Johnny sits back in his chair.
I've got a lot to think about.
Like what?
I somehow have to convince the
police that I'm not just a crazy
What would make them think that in
the first place?
What would you think if some
strange teenager told you that he
had information about a six year
old murder and that the
information came from a ghost?
Now I get your point. What do you
plan to do?
That's why I'm out here thinking.
The boys continue to fish.
I've got a workable plan, Johnny.
I'm going into town tomorrow, by
I'm taking the boat to the town
landing. It will cost me two bucks
to moor it there while I'm in
town, but that's okay. I've got
thirty bucks with me.
So what's the plan?
Frank explains the plan to his brother, in detail.


Whew! You've got guts. I'd never
try something like that.
I'd like to believe I'm helping
out two people.
Simon and who else..?
Cap is a ghost, not a person.
I know that, but I'd still like to
help him.
Frank's hands are sweaty as he heads into the Police Station
and heads to the counter and stops. An officer is there to
greet him.
OFFICER MATTHEWS sees him come in and stops in front of him.
                       OFFICER MATTHEWS
Can I help you, young man?
Yes, thanks. I'd like to talk to
the Chief of Police, please.
                       OFFICER MATTHEWS
And your name is?
Frank Devers, sir?
                       OFFICER MATTHEWS
Can I tell him what this is about?
I'd like to keep this between him
and I, for now, if I could,


                       OFFICER MATTHEWS
I'll be right back, son.
Officer Matthews leaves the counter and as he returns,
moments later, a tall, almost bald, CHIEF TALBOT comes out
from a side room at the same time.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Frank Devers?
Yes, sir..!
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Follow me, young man.
Frank follows the Chief into his private office.
The Chief takes a seat behind his desk and looks up at
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Please sit down, son. I'm Chief
Talbot, the Chief of Police. Now
what's this all about, young man?
I don't really know where to
begin, sir.
The Chief leans back in his chair and clasps his hands
behind his head.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Why don't you just start at the
I'll try to shorten it, but you'll
think I'm crazy when I'm done,
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Go ahead and let me be the judge,
You have an open six year murder
case of the Captain Jack Desmond,
The Chief quickly sits upright in his chair.


                       CHIEF TALBOT
Yes we do, but how do you know
this? You'd have been a little
boy when he was murdered.
Here's where you'll think I'm
nuts, Chief.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
How's that?
I've both seen and talked to the
ghost of Captain Jack Desmond. In
our conversation, he told me where
the evidence is that can nail his
murderer. A guy from the Island,
by the name of Ken Haskell, has a
video tape showing Cap's murder.
Chief Talbot starts laughing hysterically.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I've heard some pretty good
stories in my day, son, but this
has to be tops.
I knew you wouldn't believe me, so
I came here prepared to back up my
The Chief places both elbows on the desk and stares Frank in
the face.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
And just how do you plan to go
about proving this ghost story,
This is not the first time I've
helped the police solve a murder
case because of a ghost.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Do me a favor, Chief, and call
Sheriff Connors in Hubbardston.
Ask him if he knows a Frank Devers
and ask him to tell you about the


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
Abbott Conway murder from
twenty-five years ago.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
You're serious, aren't you?
I didn't come in here to play
games with you Chief. I am
                       CHIEF TALBOT
One second,
Chief Talbot picks up the phone. He depresses a button on
the intercom.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Carla! Get a hold of a Sheriff
Connors in Hubbardston. Let me
know when you have him on the
While he waits, he looks at Frank.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
If what you say is true, young
man, I still have a lot of legal
problems to solve to get that tape
into my possession.
The phone rings and Chief Talbot picks up the receiver.
                       CARLA (VO)
I've got Sheriff Connors on line
one, Chief.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Thanks Carla.
Chief Talbot depresses the button to line one.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Is this Sheriff Connors?
                       SHERIFF (VO)
I'm Sheriff Connors. Who's this?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
This is Chief Talbot, in Dawson
Lake. I've got a question for you,


                       SHERIFF (VO)
What's that?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Do you know a teenager by the name
of Frank Devers?
                       SHERIFF (VO)
I should say I do. If it weren't
for him I'd still have a
twenty-five year old unsolved
murder on my files. How do you
know Frankie?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
He just told me some wild story
about a ghost who helped him solve
                       SHERIFF (VO)
You better believe him, because
it's true. What's this all about,
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I've got him in my office right
now with another wild story about
seeing the ghost of a man who was
murdered six years ago, and that
case is unsolved. I laughed at the
lad because the ghost supposedly
gave him the name of the man who
murdered him and also where the
evidence is that could put him
behind bars.
                       SHERIFF (VO)
If Frankie told you that, Chief,
I'd take it to the bank as being
correct, no matter how far-fetched
the story sounds.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
And I'm supposed to go to the D.A.
with a ghost's story as my only
                       SHERIFF (VO)
I felt the same way. There's
something about that Devers boy.
He's either a clairvoyant, or
something, but don't take what he
says lightly. He'll make one


                       SHERIFF (cont'd)
helluva cop when he grows up.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Thanks, Sheriff, I owe you one.
Chief Talbot hangs the phone up and looks Frank straight in
the eyes.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Okay, young man, so you're telling
me the truth. It's going to take
me a while to get used to the idea
that we're trying to solve this
case with the help of a ghost.
Where are you staying?
I'm staying at the Richard's
cottage up on Collins Road.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I know the place. Are you going to
be there later today?
From about supper on, yeah...!
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Do your parents know anything
about this?
Not yet! Why?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
You better tell them what's going
on. That way, when I show up, they
won't be scared out of their wits.
What do you plan to do?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I don't even know at the moment.
Everything's got to be done by the
books or the case could be thrown
out of court.
Can I go now, sir?


                       CHIEF TALBOT
Yes, and thank you.
As Frank leaves the Chief's office, Chief Talbot picks up
the phone and punches the number for the outer office.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Carla! Get the D.A. on the phone.
If Jan is not available then patch
me through to the assistant D.A.
Laurie Goodwyn.
                       CARLA (VO)
Yes sir!
Moments later the phone rings in the Chief's office and he
is quick to answer it.
                       CARLA (VO)
I have the assistant D.A. on line
three, Chief.
Chief Talbot pushes the button for line 3.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Miss Goodwyn, this is Chief Talbot
at Dawson Lake.
                       D.A. GOODWYN (VO)
What can I do for you, Chief?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I've got a situation here at the
lake and I need some help and
advice. I'd prefer we meet and not
discuss this over the phone.
                       D.A. GOODWYN (VO)
What kind of a case?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
A six year old murder and we might
not get another shot at solving
                       D.A. GOODWYN (VO)
How soon can you meet me at the
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I can be there by noon.


                       D.A. GOODWYN (VO)
I'll see you by the front of the
courthouse at noon.
Frank returns to the dock at the cottage, and Johnny is
there when he pulls in.
Frankie ties the boat up to the dock.
How'd you make out?
The one thing I didn't want to do
was to tell dad and mom, but
that's what I have to do. You stay
here. I want to do this alone.
Frank turns and heads down the pier.
Have fun.
Both parents are watching television when Frank walks in.
Can I talk to you both, please?
Frank grabs a seat at the table.
You did it again, didn't you?
Frank's father gets up from the couch.
For some reason this gift I've got
just happens, dad.
Let us sit down with you at the
table son.


His parents join him at the table and Frank explains
everything to them.
It seems as though the Police will
be taking it from here, Frank. You
did the right thing by going to
I'm just doing what Chief Talbot
told me to do, dad, and that was
to tell you two. If he comes by
this afternoon you won't have to
get nervous or upset.
He's a smart cop. What are your
plans now?
I'd really like to go and see
Simon. He's got nobody but Cap to
talk to. I told the Chief I'd be
here after five.
Make sure you do come back here in
case he shows up.
Where are you going now?
To see Simon, are you coming?
Johnny reels in his line and leaves it on the dock. He
unties the boat and climbs in. Frank starts the motor and
they are off to see Simon.
Chief Talbot reaches the courthouse almost fifteen minutes
early and waits outside for the assistant D.A. Ten minutes
later he gets a tap on the shoulder.


                       D.A. GOODWYN
Are you expecting someone, Chief?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Yeah, you…! Have you eaten lunch
yet, Miss Goodwyn?
                       D.A. GOODWYN
Not yet I haven't. Are you buying?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I just need you sitting down when
I tell you what I've got. Let's go
and have lunch and we can discuss
this, okay?
                       D.A. GOODWYN
Okay, but this sounds more serious
than you let on over the phone.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Let's go in my car.
Chief Talbot heads for his cruiser and the Assistant D.A. is
right behind him.
As their meals arrive, Chief Talbot finished filling the
assistant District Attorney in.
                       D.A. GOODWYN
I'm an assistant D.A., Chief, and
you expect me to believe this?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I really don't have any choice,
                       D.A. GOODWYN
Then what's your next move?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I can't get a search warrant
because I don't have enough
evidence to get one.


                       D.A. GOODWYN
I agree, but you didn't come all
the way down here just to tell me
                       CHIEF TALBOT
No I didn't. I do have a plan, but
I need your input and legal
                       D.A. GOODWYN
I'm listening.
The Assistant District Attorney listens to his plan, in
detail, while they eat.
                       D.A. GOODWYN
Wow! Believe it or not, this plan
sounds plausible, however, if he
really is a murderer than we are
risking the life of a female
officer. You can't wire her in
case he gets frisky, and after a
few drinks he may just be that.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
We could place a bug on her purse
so we could hear every word. If he
admits to murdering Desmond, then
we'd have enough to break in there
and arrest him. The warrant we
could get later.
                       D.A. GOODWYN
This better be by the book, Chief.
No searching of the residence
until that warrant arrives.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I understand! Do you want to be in
on this?
                       D.A. GOODWYN
I just need to be kept abreast of
all the details. I'm the one who
has to have a judge ready to sign
the search warrant.


When Chief Talbot returns to town, he heads straight to the
Richard's cottage. It is almost four o'clock when he arrives
outside the home. He walks around to the front of the house,
facing the lake, and knocks on the door.
Good afternoon officer. What can I
do for you?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I'm Chief Talbot. Is Frankie home?
I'm right here, Chief.
Frank heads out through the door and onto the porch.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I need you to get some information
from that ghost friend of yours.
What do you need, sir?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I need you to talk to Desmond and
find out what bar Ken Haskell
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I can't tell you, son. You're
better off not knowing.
I won't find out tonight, sir, but
I'll do it tomorrow.
If you can, son, bring that
information to the station
tomorrow, or call the station and
ask for me.


The next morning Frankie goes to see Simon by himself.
Simon is sitting on the dock when Frank pulls the boat up
alongside. After tying the boat up to it, he climbs out and
goes to see his friend.
Good morning Simon.
      (Clear crisp voice)
Cap is here, Frank, and he knows
you need to ask him a question.
Your ESP is working this morning.
      (Clear crisp voice)
Yes, because it's important what
you have to ask Cap. Go ahead and
ask him.
Why can't I see you, Cap?
      (Gruff deep voice)
You just need to know I'm here, me
boy. I don't need to be seen. The
answer to your question, laddie,
it's the Marina Bar. It's the only
place he goes and he goes there
every Friday and Saturday nights.
That's the information the Chief
Okay Cap. Will I ever get to see
you again?
      (Deep gruff voice)
If me spirit is appeased, lad, as
you're trying to help make it do,
then you'll get to see me one more
We're gonna miss you, Cap, and for
a ghost, you're kinda cool.


      (Deep gruff voice)
Me thanks ya matey. Ye be a good
lad, like me young friend Simon
Thank you, sir. You said something
about helping Simon if your spirit
is appeased, right?
      (Deep gruff voice)
That I did, me boy.
How can you help him? He was born
with this disease, whatever it is?
      (Deep gruff voice)
Up to now you've trusted what your
eyes could see, right?
      (Deep gruff voice)
Now trust me with what your heart
feels. I made a promise to ya lad,
and I'm gonna keep it, but me
spirit needs ta be set free.
I'm working on it. I've got to go
to town, with this information,
and give it to Chief Talbot.
Simon! I'll be back to see you
later, okay.
Simon looks at his friend, with tears streaking down the
sides of his face.
      (Clear crisp voice)
You are doing this to help me?
That's one of the reasons, Simon,
yes. I'm also doing it for Cap, so
that his spirit can be set free.
Don't cry! I have no idea what Cap
has in mind, but I'm sure it's


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
good. I'll be back later. I've got
to get going.
      (Clear crisp voice)
Bye Frank!
Frank returns to his boat.
Chief Talbot depresses the button for the intercom.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Dan! I'm expecting young Frank
Devers. Let him through when he
gets here. He knows where the
office is.
                       SGT STILLWELL (VO)
Will do, Chief.
Frankie enters the Police Station just after nine o'clock
A.M. He walks up to the counter and stops.
                       SGT STILLWELL
Can I help you?
I'm Frank Devers. I'm here to see
Chief Talbot.
                       SGT STILLWELL
He's expecting you, son. Go right
through that door.
SERGEANT STILLWELL points to the side door and pushes the
lock release as a buzzer sounds.
Frankie heads straight to the Chief's office and knocks on
the door.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
      (In a raised voice)
Come in, Frank.
Frank enters and stops in front of the Chief's desk.


                       CHIEF TALBOT
I've been waiting for you, young
man. Please sit down. Do you have
that information?
It's the Marina Bar and he goes
there every Friday and Saturday
                       CHIEF TALBOT
This Cap Desmond doesn't miss a
trick. Okay! From here on out you
are not on this case, okay?
What do you mean?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
You've done all you can. Now it's
for the Police to handle. We're
going to get him and we have you
to thank for it.
Will you let me know when you
catch him?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
I guess I owe you that much, don't
I? It will be my pleasure. Now go
and enjoy your vacation here at
Lake Dawson.
Thank you, sir.
Frankie stands and leaves the Chief's office after shaking
the Chief's hand.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Brad! I want you inside the bar
as a back-up for Sergeant Lang.
Ted, Jim, and Fred will go to the
Island and be ready outside
Haskell's home. Keep out of
sight. I'll be inside the Police
Boat at the Island with Bill and
Harry once our suspect is on the


                       CHIEF TALBOT (cont'd)
Ferry with our decoy Sergeant
Lang. Until then I'll be at the
dock here in town. I want Sergeant
Lang protected at all times. Once
she's in the suspect's home,
she'll be on her own until we
barge in unannounced. Are there
any questions?
The members of the special task force leave the command post
and follow their orders.
The patrol boat is docked at the town pier.
      (Looking through
The ferry is coming in, Chief. It
looks like there are only a few
passengers on board.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Let me see those. I know what
Haskell looks like. We've had a
few run-ins with him in the past.
He likes to drink.
Chief Talbot grabs the binocculars and puts them to his
Ken Haskell is in the front of the line of six people.
Chief Talbot grabs his two-way radio and keys the mike.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Unit one to unit two. The suspect
is leaving the ferry and should be
there in about three minutes.
Maintain radio silence until he
leaves with Sergeant Lang. Over
and out…!


SERGEANT LANG is already inside the bar at a table by
herself. After getting a nod by the un-uniformed officer
BRAD DAVIS, she is ready. She'd been given a description of
the suspect and keeps her eyes on the door.
The five-foot six balding KEN HAASKELL enters the bar and
goes straight to his usual table and grabs a seat. After
being served, he starts drinking.
Sergeant Lang waits until he's had a couple of drinks in him
before she approaches the table.
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Are ya drinking alone, stranger?
Haskell looks up and sees the shapely blonde, and stands up.
Not any more, ma'am. Have a seat.
Myrna grabs a seat right beside him where she can hold a
conversation and keep it down to where he can hear her, but
not to where others could.
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
      (Soft sexy voice)
I'm looking for a real brute
tonight. Some of my ex-boyfriends
have been bank robbers, cop
molesters, and things like that,
but it's been a dry spell lately.
Are you a bad-ass?
Well kinda, but I never got
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Oh baby, sounds so cool. What did
ya do?
Myrna places her elbows down on the table and plays like she
is listening intently.
I wasted this guy, but the cops
never caught me?
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Oh really…? I've never done a
murderer, but I can't picture
someone like you doing someone in.


                       SGT MYRNA LANG (cont'd)
Are ya sure you just ain't tryin
ta pick up this crazy broad?
I can prove it, but I can't do it
here. We need to go back to my
place. I stole the camera that
took my picture doing it.
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Oh baby, now you've started a fire
in me. This I gotta see.
Let's finish our drinks. The ferry
back to the island doesn't leave
for another twenty minutes and
we're only three minutes from the
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Oh, and you live on the island
too? Awesome…!
Chief Talbot hears every word Haskell said and it is being
taped as well, so he has enough to get a search warrant. He
grabs the two-way radio and calls the station.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Unit One to Central. Come in…!
                       CARLA (VO)
Go ahead, Unit One. This is
                       CHIEF TALBOT
On my desk is the number of the
Assistant D.A. Give her a call and
let her know we have Haskell's
taped confession and we should
have the tape when we make the
arrest, but I still want that
Search Warrant, just in case.
                       CARLA (VO)
Roger, Unit One. I'm on it.


                       BRAD (VO)
Unit Two to Unit One…! The suspect
is leaving the bar with Sergeant
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Roger, Unit Two. Over and out…!
Chief Talbot starts the motor and pulls out of the dock
before Haskell can see him.
As they pull into the dock at the Island, Chief Talbot once
again uses the two-way radio.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Unit One to Unit Three, come in.
                       SGT TED BARROWS (VO)
Go ahead Chief, this is Unit
                       CHIEF TALBOT
The suspect is with the decoy, on
the Ferry and is enroute to the
Island. We have a taped
confession, but do not apprehend
just yet. He's supposed to be
showing her the video of the
murder, so the need for a warrant
might not be necessary. I will
keep you apprised. Over…!
                       SGT TED BARROWS (VO)
Roger. Three clear…!
As the ferry pulls up to the dock, on the island, Ken
Haskell is preoccupied with Miss Lang.
Come on! My place is just up here
a bit.
Ken steps off the ferry, with Miss Lang right behind him.


She follows Mr. Haskell to his home and enters as though
there is nothing wrong.
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Okay, big boy, let's see what ya
got, if you want some of this.
Myrna removes her jacket and exposes her cleavage for him to
Have a seat, Myrna and I'll get
the tape.
While Haskell is in the other room, Myrna sets her purse on
the coffee table with the bug near to where they will be
Haskell returns and places the video into the VCR and turns
on the television set.
      (Looking at Myrna)
Are you ready?
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
You're on tiger. Go for the moon.
Ken Haskell plops on the couch beside her, flips a switch
and as the video comes to life, she abruptly sits up
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Boy, you beat him to a pulp. Like
you are really one tough bad-ass…!
Haskell gets up, goes to the VCR, removes the tape, and lays
it on the coffee table.
The front door smashes open with a battering ram, by the
Police. Chief Talbot enters the home with his gun drawn.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Put your hands in the air, Mr.
      (Raising his hands)
What the hell is this?


                       CHIEF TALBOT
This is what's called a set-up,
Ken. Nice job Sergeant Lang.
You mean to tell me she's a damned
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Yes, sir, and she did what she
came here to do, and that's to nab
you for Captain Jack Desmond's
murder. We have your confession,
on tape, and now we have the movie
of the murder as well. Would you
like to do the honors, Officer
Chief Talbot hands Myrna a pair of handcuffs.
While Chief Talbot has a gun trained on Haskell, Myrna snaps
the handcuffs to Haskell's wrists and locks them.
                       SGT MYRNA LANG
Mr. Haskell! You are under arrest
for the 1996 murder of Captain
Jack Desmond. You have the right
to remain silent. If you give up
that right, what you say may be
used against you in a court of
law. You have the right to an
attorney. If you cannot afford
one, one will be assigned to you.
Do you understand these rights?
Yeah! Yeah!
As Chief Talbot approaches the front door, the door swings
open for him.
Frankie runs out to the porch.
How'd you make out, Chief?
Frank is joined on the porch by his brother and parents.


                       CHIEF TALBOT
Mr. and Mrs Devers. You two have
every right to be proud of your
son. Because of his abilities and
willingness to see this through,
we were able to apprehend Mr. Ken
Haskell for the murder of Jack
Desmond. Whatever this gift is,
that your son has, nurture it, for
our police departments can use his
assistance, but preferably when
he's older and knows more how to
use it.
So you caught the guy?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
We have our own techniques, sir,
but we were able to get a taped
confession of the murder as well
as getting the tape that will send
him away for life.
Can I go and tell Simon now, Dad?
What's the hurry, Frankie?
This may sound strange, but Cap
told us that if we were able to
appease his spirit, that he would
help Simon, but he never said how.
Cap also said that we'd get to see
him one more time.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
How about we all go over there,
Son. I'm sure your parents and I
would both like to see this.
Can I ride in the cruiser, Chief?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
You both can. You folks want to
ride along?
Sure…! We'll be right there.


Eight minutes later, the cruiser pulls up in front of the
Diggs' home and both Mr. and Mrs. Diggs are quick to come
out as Frank exits the car, with the others right behind
Hi Frankie…! What's going on?
Maybe we should go and sit down,
They all head over to the picnic table and grab a seat, with
the exception of Chief Talbot. He stands up.
The other day, when we came here
for the first time, we found out
that Simon has ESP.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
How do you know this?
When I shook his hand, the ESP
kicked in and he talked to me
almost like a normal boy. He can
only talk like that when the ESP
is working.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Go on, son.
Well we found out that Simon has a
friend, but that his friend is a
Mrs. Diggs brings her hand to her mouth and starts to cry.
This is not a bad thing, Mrs.
Diggs. It's actually a good thing,
but let me continue. The day we
took your son fishing with us, we
saw this ghost, all three of us.
We found out that the ghost was
the ghost of Captain Jack Desmond,
the ferry boat captain who was


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
murdered six years ago.
                       MRS. DIGGS
So what does he have to do with
our son?
I'm getting to that. He told us
how he was murdered and by who. He
also told us where the information
was that could put the man behind
bars. Before he disappeared back
into the lake, he said that if we
could appease his spirit, so that
he could return to the other side,
that he could do something for our
friend Simon, but he never said
what. That's why we are here. They
caught the man who murdered Cap,
so now his spirit has been
appeased. I'm hoping he keeps his
word and will somehow help Simon.
                       MRS. DIGGS
Simon is out on the dock in his
chair, Frank.
You may not get to see Cap, but
Simon and I will. Let me go out
and see if Cap is around and keeps
his word.
Frank stands up and heads for the dock with Johnny right
behind him.
I'm coming too, Frank.
As the Devers brothers step onto the pier, the spirit of
Captain Jack Desmond rises out of the water a few feet in
front of the dock.
      (Deep Voice)
Simon! I want you to stand up,
Simon stands up.


      (Deep voice)
Now you've got to trust me, boy,
if you want to be normal again.
Both Frank and Johnny stop when they see Cap's spirit.
What's going on, Frank…?
I don't know, but I don't think
we're going to be a part of it.
Just watch…!
      (Deep voice)
Okay, Simon, I want you to step
out off the dock and come to me.
Simon says nothing but goes to the end of the dock and
slides under the rail. As he reaches the other side, he
steps out and his body straightens up, but he is floating in
                       MRS. DIGGS
Oh my God…! He's going to drown.
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Hold on. Something's happening,
Mrs. Diggs…! He's floating. He's
walking on air. I can't believe
what I'm seeing, but yes, your son
Simon is walking on air.
      (Deep voice)
Frank! You and your brother come
to the end of the dock.
Both boys run to the end of the dock.
What's happening, Cap?
      (Deep voice)
My spirit is going to go inside
Simon's. When my spirit leaves,
it's going to take the disease
away from him, and then I'm going
to have him walk back to the dock.
When he gets to the other side


                       CAP (cont'd)
he'll be a normal boy again. His
parents are both nervous, as their
son is suspended in air over the
water, but I made a promise and
I'm going to keep it. I want you
to know that with the disease goes
the ESP. He will no longer have
ESP. Understood…?
We understand Cap, and thanks.
Your son Frankie is talking to
someone, and it's not our son. Who
could it be?
                       CHIEF TALBOT
Frankie told you that you'd not be
able to see this ghost of theirs.
He's probably talking to Cap.
The boys, as well as those who are on shore, watch as
Simon's body remains suspended over the water. They can't
see Cap as his spirit goes into the young body of Simon
Diggs, but Frank and Johnny can. Cap's spirit exits Simon's
Simon turns and walks on air back to the dock. As both feet
touch the dock, he stands up and hugs both Frank and Johnny.
Do you know what you guys did for
Simon's parents, as well as the Devers' and Chief Talbot,
all race onto the dock to see what happened.
Simon looks down the dock and can see his mother and dad
running towards him.
I'm normal now, mom, thanks to my
friends here, I can live a normal
life. Cap just took the disease
away from me.
Tears flow like a river as they both hug their son and can't


I think it's time we got out of
here. Simon has a lot of catching
up to do with his parents.
Frank and his brother head down the dock towards the Sheriff
and their parents.


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