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by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

In Episode Four, Frankie's psychic abilities once again kick in to find a young boy who is missing in a State Park. Frankie sees the boy, in a psychic vision, inside a wolf's den with the mother and two cubs. Our two boys go into action to find the missing child.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


JOHNNY and FRANK are eating breakfast.
When that reporter who interviewed
us was done, I never thought he'd
make us out to be heroes, Frank.
      (Sipping his tea)
I think he blew the whole thing
out of proportion.
Now all our friends will know and
they won't leave us alone.
I'm sure they'll ask questions,
Johnny, but like anything else,
it'll blow over.
THELMA DEVERS joins her sons in the kitchen.
I see my two hero sons are up
early this morning.
Come on, Ma, it was nothing.
You may have thought it was
nothing, but have either of you
looked out in our front yard this
What's going on out there?
Both brothers stand up and head for the living room where
they can look out their front window.
Frankie and Johnny look out the window to their front yard.


Aren't they the news people?
All three major networks..! ABC,
CBS and NBC News..!
I don't want to be on television,
Frank turns and heads back into the kitchen with his mother
and brother behind him.
Frankie, Johnny, and Thelma Devers sit down at the kitchen
Maybe you don't Frank, but maybe
we could be like the Hardy Boys
Mysteries. Wouldn't that be neat?
See what you started, Frank?
I suppose this means we have to
talk to them, right?
They are reporters, Frank, just
like the guy who interviewed you
from the newspaper. It's their job
to get the news and report it.
It's not every day that a sixteen
year old boy gets to help the
Sheriff and the State Police
capture men who've held up two
banks and kidnapped a soldier.
And not every teenager has psychic
abilities either.
Frankie finishes his cup of tea.


Why don't you two go out there and
get it over with?
I'm ready, Frankie.
Johnny stands up
I'll do it, but this is it.
Frankie follows his brother out the door.
Thelma Devers heads into the livingroom and watches from the
window, as her two sons head out to the throng of reporters,
cameras, and microphones that are spread out across their
front lawn. Within an hour the chaos in their front yard
disperses and the boys return to the privacy of their home.
Both brothers enter the kitchen from the porch.
We'll be on the news at noon and
again tonight during the early
news, Ma.
I see you two heroes survived the
media blitz.
Frank closes the door behind them.
      (Sitting down at
       the table)
We were never asked so many
questions, Ma.
Who was out there besides the
television reporters?


Three television stations, four
radio stations and several
reporters for local newspapers
were out there. Where do they come
up with all those questions?
That's what they're trained to do.
What's on your agenda today?
The peace and quiet of the river,
Ma; I'm going fishing.
Are you going too, Johnny?
Yeah..! I've had enough excitement
for one day. Are you ready Frank?
The two brothers grab their gear and head to the boat.
By two o'clock both teens head back towards home. As they
near the dock, they both can see a strange car in their
I wonder who's at the house.
Frank cuts the engine as Johnny jumps out and ties the boat
up to the dock.
I don't know, but we'll soon find
The brothers keep their gear inside the boat and head to the


As the boys enter the kitchen they can see an older woman
who is dressed up like a gypsy. Their mother introduces them
to their guest.
Frank! Johnny! I'd like you two to
meet Naomi Saunders.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Afternoon Miss Saunders.
NAOMI SAUNDERS sits at one end of the kitchen table.
Both boys grab a seat at the table. Frankie sits across from
Miss Saunders.
I received a call from Miss
Saunders about twelve-fifteen,
just after the noon news. She told
me she was a psychic and that she
wanted to see you boys, so I
invited her to come right away.
Good afternoon, boys.
Isn't a psychic the same thing as
a clairvoyant?
There are several levels of
psychic phenomenon, from seers,
psychics, clairvoyants, tarot
readers, fortune tellers and
mediums. I'm actually a
clairvoyant. I told your mother I
was a psychic, because I'm that
Johnny takes a seat to her right but remains quiet.
I take it you've come to see us,


I've mainly come to see you,
Frank. Your brother is a medium,
in that he has the ability to see
ghosts, amongst other things, once
he learns to focus his attention
in that way, but he can also
communicate with the dead, pardon
my being blunt. You, on the other
hand, were given a lot more.
How's that, ma'am?
Remember that connection you made
with the soldier, when you
experienced his pain at the
Sheriff's office?
I'll never forget that.
Without having touched that empty
wheelchair, you felt that man's
pain. That's a psychic experience.
When you sat down on the
wheelchair and you got bits and
pieces of information about his
whereabouts, that's what's called
clairvoyant abilities. Your mother
was telling me that you've seen,
heard, and communicated with
ghosts, is that right?
That's right. I've done that with
four different ghosts, at
different times, to be honest with
That means you're a clairvoyant, a
psychic, and a medium.
I am…? Wow…!
Neither one of you are seers, at
least not yet.


What's a seer?
Someone who can forsee the
future..! That can be more painful
because they can see things that
haven't happened yet, in
preference to things that have
already happened.
Why are you here, Miss Saunders?
As a clairvoyant, Frank, I know
what you're going through. I,
however, am not a medium as I have
neither seen nor talked to the
dead, so I can only tell you
things that pertain to a
clairvoyant. Do not fight this
ability. You've been gifted,
Frankie Devers. Most clairvoyants
don't acquire this ability at such
an early age. It most often comes
to a recipient in their twenties
and thirties.
How are you so sure I have these
Miss Saunders reaches into her bag and pulls out an
envelope. After she opens it she pulls out a coin.
Hold this coin in your hands,
Frankie, and close your eyes. Tell
me what you see.
Frank closes his eyes, as directed by the clairvoyant and he
holds the coin. His mind drifts back in time.


He sees an older man in a hospital bed. A box was placed
into his outstretched hand. Inside the box was the same
coin. He took the coin and kissed it. Then he said something
to the woman who gave it to him. He then died.


Frank's facial expression is normal at first, and then upon
the man's death he frowns.
What did you see, Frank?
He died after he kissed the coin
and gave it back to you.
Could you tell what he said to me?
Yes..! He said that you were to
nurture those who have this gift
of being clairvoyant. It was his
dying wish.
That man was my father. He
nurtured many of our kind to
pursue this gift with vigor. I am
now almost sixty. Even though I'm
clairvoyant, I'm still human and
mortal. I can and will eventually
die. I have no offspring I can
pass this legacy to. I would like
to pass it on to you, Frank
Devers, so you may be strengthened
by it.
Naomi Saunders takes the coin and kisses it. She then hands
it to Frank.
Take what you learn and nurture
other clairvoyants in their quest
for good.
Miss Saunders stands up.
But why me, ma'am?
In time, young Devers, you will
know why. When you are older, make
sure you pass this on to another
deserving candidate. I must go


Miss Saunders grabs her bag and leaves.

Frank looks at the coin, and then runs out to the porch.
Frank looks in the driveway. Both the car and Naomi are
nowhere to be found.
      (Talking to
Where did you go?
Frank steps down from the porch and stops in the middle of
the driveway.
      (Talking to
I know I didn't just dream this.
Johnny runs out to the porch when he hears his brother
asking a question.
What's wrong Frank?
Where the heck did she go?
Who, Miss Saunders?
Yeah..! She just up and
disappeared with her car. I wasn't
more than a minute behind her,
when she left the house and when I
got out here she was gone. She
couldn't have moved that fast.
Frank heads back to the porch.
Either your timing is off, or
you're losing it.
Gee, thanks…!


Well she just couldn't vanish,
Frank, unless she was a ghost and
I don't think we just talked to
any ghost in our kitchen.
We've talked to four of them
already, so why not her?
Because we saw her as clear as we
saw mom..! No ghost looks that
I guess you're right. She did talk
to us.
You mean that she talked to you,
Frankie. I was just there, but she
was talking to you.
Johnny points at his brother.
Frank sits down at the kitchen table across from his mother,
with his morning cup of tea in front of him, while his
mother sits on the opposite side with her coffee and is
reading the morning newspaper.
she raises the newspaper, to get a better view of the sports
page on the back. Frank spots the headlines on the front

Forest Rangers, Rescue workers and volunteers worked through
the night to find the whereabouts of the missing eight year
old Terry Bowles. The boy was last seen at the campground in
sector B-12 around nine o'clock yesterday morning and hasn't
been seen or heard from since. Rescue workers, using
bloodhounds and search lights, worked feverishly through the
night looking for the missing boy. A Heavy low-level fog
rolled in after midnight and the search had to be called off
for safety reasons. Rescue efforts will have resumed by


daylight this morning, under the supervision of the
Sheriff's Department and Sheriff Dan Higgby.
Frank raises his hands to his head and closes his eyes.
Mom..! That boy is alive!
Mrs. Devers drops the newspaper onto the table and looks up
at her son.
What are you talking about, Frank?
There's a missing boy at the state
park. It's on the front page. I
just saw him.
His mother grabs the newspaper and turns it over to look at
the headlines.
How do you know that?
His mother looks at him again.
I don't know, but I saw him and
he's alive. I saw him inside a
cave with what looked like a wolf.
How do you plan to get there?
That's got to be a four hour drive
to the state park by bicycle.
I guess I'll have to call Sheriff
Connors. Maybe he can give me a
The state park isn't in his
county, I don't believe.
Maybe we can work something out.
I'll call Sheriff Connors. Can you
wake Johnny up?


Frank goes to the phone and after getting the number for the
Sheriff's office, he dials it.
                       SGT. DAVENPORT (VO)
Sheriff's Office, Sergeant
Davenport speaking..! Can I help
Good morning Sergeant. This is
Frank Devers. Is Sheriff Connors
                       SGT. DAVENPORT (VO)
I'll patch you through to him,
                       SHERIFF (VO)
This is Sheriff Connors. Can I
help you?
Good morning, Sheriff. This is
Frank Devers.
                       SHERIFF (VO)
Uh oh..! Good morning, son. To
what do I owe the honor this
That missing boy, the one at the
State Park sir, I've seen him.
He's alive and scared.
                       SHERIFF (VO)
How do you know this, Frank?
When I saw the headlines, in the
newspaper this morning, I got a
vision of the missing boy, sir.
He's in a cave with what I think
is a wolf.
                       SHERIFF (VO)
Are you sure, Frank?
I'm sure..! I need to get out
there, but I don't have any


                       SHERIFF (VO)
The state park is out of my
jurisdiction, son, but let me make
a few phone calls. Do you think
you can find him?
That's why I want to get out
there, Sheriff.
                       SHERIFF (VO)
You hang tight, son. I'm calling
Sheriff Dan Higgby. He's the
Sheriff for that county. I might
be able to get you to the county
line and have him, or one of his
men, pick you up and get you to
the park. Is your brother going
Yes, sir!
                       SHERIFF (VO)
You just be ready to go. Bye..!
Sheriff Connors hangs up the phone. He searches his rolodex
and gets the number for SHERIFF HIGGBY. He dials the number.
                       SGT. GRACE (VO)
Good morning, Sheriff's Office.
Who am I speaking to, please?
                       SGT. GRACE (VO)
This is Sergeant Tom Grace. Can I
help you?
This is Sheriff Connors, from
Hubbardston. I'm sure Higgby is at
the State Park this morning
looking for the missing boy, but
it's imperative that I speak to


                       SGT. GRACE (VO)
What's this about, Sheriff?
It's about the missing boy Terry
Bowles, the boy they're looking
                       SGT. GRACE (VO)
I'll have him call you right away,
Fifteen minutes elapses when the phone rings at the
Sheriff's Office.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
Morning, Tom. Sergeant Grace said
you had some information on our
missing child?
Morning, Dan. You're going to have
to trust me on this one, but I've
got a teenager, in town here, who
has some kind of psychic powers.
He's helped us on two different
occasions and he was right on the
money both times.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
What does he have to do with the
missing Bowles boy?
Don't laugh, Dan, but he's seen
the boy in some kind of a psychic
vision or something and he knows
that the boy is both alive and in
some kind of a cave with what he
thinks is a wolf.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
I know I'm tired, Tom, but you're
asking me to believe this psychic
I'd bet my badge on this kid, Dan.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
Okay, so when is he getting out


I can drive him to the county
line. Can you have someone meet
him and his brother at the
Roadside Restaurant?
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
What's this kid's name?
It's Frank Devers.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
Is that the kid who helped you
with those bank robbers?
That's the boy, Dan. I'll pick him
up and bring him to the Roadside.
I should be there in about an
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
I'll have someone meet him there,
Tom, and thanks…!
Sheriff Connors leaves his inner office and heads out to the
main office.
Ken! Hold the fort down until I
get back. I'll be about two
hours. I've got to get the Devers
boy to the county line.
Sheriff Connors leaves the station.

Ten minutes later Sheriff Connors pulls into the driveway at
the Devers' home and beeps the horn.
Bye, mom..! I don't know when
we'll be back.
Frank and Johnny head out the door.
When their mother turns to comment, both boys are out the
door and on their way into the driveway.


Frank grabs a seat in the front, beside the Sheriff and
Johnny takes a seat in the back.
Are you ready, Frank?
Sheriff Connors backs out of the driveway.
I'm ready sir, but I just don't
know for sure what I'm ready for.
That park is pretty big, from what
I remember, sir, and there's no
telling where that boy went.
From what I've seen of your
abilities, young man, I'd say you
have nothing to worry about. You
two just sit back. I've got about
an hour's ride ahead of me. You
two will be picked up at the
Roadside Restaurant by either the
Sheriff or one of his men. Once
you are with them, son, you're on
your own.
Thanks Sheriff!
Frank lays his head back to rest.
An hour later Sheriff Connors pulls into the parking lot at
the restaurant. The three of them get out. SERGEANT WILCOX
is there to meet them.
                       SGT WILCOX
You must be Sheriff Connors.
Sergeant Wilcox extends his hand.
I am, Sergeant. Here are the two
young men I told your Higgby


                       SGT WILCOX
We're taking off right now. You
two ready?
Yes sir!
Frank and Johnny follow the Sergeant to his cruiser.
Sergeant Wilcox leads the way into the building with both
Frankie and Johnny right behind him.
Frank looks up at a big man who wears the brown uniform of
the Sheriff's Department.
                       SGT WILCOX
Sheriff..! Here's the young man
Sheriff Connors called you about.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
Okay, son, your Sheriff Connors
called me and told me things I
find hard to believe. I haven't
the time to question you, so what
do you need from us?
Are the boy's parents anywhere
around, Sheriff?
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
As a matter of fact they are, but
I want to hold something that
belonged to Terry. I need to just
touch it. I hope to get something
from that.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
Sergeant..! Get on it, right away.
Sergeant Wilcox goes into the other room and when he returns
he has one of the boy's ball caps in his hands.


                       SGT WILCOX
Here you go, Sheriff. This was his
favorite baseball cap.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
Alright, Frank Devers, it's all
Sheriff Higgby hands the hat to Frank.
Frank grabs the cap and closes his eyes.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
What is he doing?
He's getting psychic pictures of
Terry's surroundings.
      (Eyes remaining
I see a cave and the boy is inside
the cave with what looks like a
wolf and two cubs. The boy has not
been hurt by the wolf and has even
held the babies. The cave is near
water, like a river maybe and
there are waterfalls nearby.
That's all I can see.
Frank opens his eyes.
JACK and MARY BOWLES enter the room as Frank gets the
Was that about our son, Sheriff?
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
Yes, ma'am it was, but as of this
moment I'm not even sure that
information is correct. We will be
pursuing this lead immediately.
What is your name, young man?
The woman looks at Frank.
My name is Frank Devers, ma'am.


Do you know my son?
No ma'am, I don't.
Terry is an animal lover and
trusts all animals. If he had
found the baby wolves he would've
been sure to have held them. You
said you could see him, right?
Yes ma'am, I could. He was with
what looked like a wolf, ma'am.
Was he holding the baby wolves?
At some point he was, yes, but I'm
not quite sure when it was.
Was the mother around?
From what I could see, ma'am, the
mother seemed to trust your son
for some reason. She didn't appear
to be threatening Terry at all.
Oh my God, thank you.
Jack helps his wife back into the adjoining room.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
We have to get going, Frank.
To where, Sheriff..?
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
There's only one river inside the
State Park, son and there are only
two waterfalls within the park.
You'll go with DEPUTY HARRIS to
the one that's the closest to the
camping area where the boy
disappeared. I'll send the second
team to the other one. Deputy
Harris has a two-way radio with


                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (cont'd)
him if you need it.
Frank and Johnny go with Deputy Paul Harris and they drive
through the state park that follows the river's edge. The
Deputy pulls to a stop.
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
We'll have to hoof it on foot from
here, boys.
The three of them get out of the jeep. The second jeep, with
a Ranger and three of the men from the Rescue Squad, drive
past the three of them and continue on.
Where are they going?
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
They'll go on the other side of
the river. There's a bridge that
crosses the river about three
quarters of a mile ahead. Are you
two ready?
No sir, I'm not!
Frankie bends down and touches the ground.
Though the river is near the
wolf's den, the den is not right
by the river's edge, sir. Terry
Bowles has been here, Deputy..!
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
If you're so sure, young man,
which way do we go then?
Follow me..! I have the wolf's
Deputy Harris and Johnny follow Frank away from the water's
edge and he leads them to a hole in the side of the mountain
that is blocked from the gravel road.


Stop..! Let me go in there alone.
I don't want to spook or scare the
wolf, where it might be very
protective of her babies. That
could put Terry's safety in
Frank walks ever so slowly to within ten feet of the hole
and looks inside. Within seconds a pair of beady eyes, with
a long nose, comes out to the edge of the cave's opening.
Deputy Harris pulls out his service revolver in case it is

Frank kneels down on one knee and extends his hand to the
wolf without saying a word. He maintains eye to eye contact
with the animal until it slowly leaves the cave and goes
over to him.
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
I don't believe what I'm seeing.
Deputy Harris stares and returns the weapon to its holster.
This nothing, Deputy. You should
see when my brother talks to
I see you've been around people
Mrs. Wolf.
Frank pats the wolf on the head gently.
      (In a calm voice)
Terry, are you in there?
                       TERRY (VO)
Yeah, I'm in here.
Terry places both babies on the ground so he can crawl out
of the cave.
Come on, you two. Your momma's out
The wolf turns as Terry exits the cave, with the two baby
wolves right behind him.


Who are you?
My name is Frankie, Terry. Your
mom and Dad have been very worried
about you.
Johnny and the Deputy join them. The Deputy grabs the
two-way radio and keys the mike.
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
Unit Two to Command Post. Come
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
Go ahead Paul. This is Higgby.
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
I've got a code ten on the missing
Bowles boy. The boy was found safe
and sound and appears to be
healthy as can be.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY (VO)
What's your twenty, Paul?
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
Don't send anyone up here,
Sheriff. I don't want to spook the
female wolf. We'll bring the boy
to the Command Post. You can call
off the search.
Sergeant Harris turns to face the young boy,
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
So, young man, why did you run off
the way you did?
I really didn't run off, sir. I
saw this dog near our camp and he
was hungry and hurt.
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
How did you know he was hurt?
He was limping. I grabbed some
food and followed the dog and gave
him some food. I kinda fixed his
sore leg and she let me be friends
with her babies. I got tired and


                       TERRY (cont'd)
fell asleep in there where they
Both Frank and Johnny chuckle.
                       DEPUTY HARRIS
You are very lucky, Terry. This
animal you thought was a dog, is
not a dog, but rather a wolf,
young man. It's time we got back
to camp and let you see your mom
and dad.
One second, Ranger. I just have ta
say goodbye to my friend first.
The boy kneels down on one leg in front of the wolf.
I gotta go, Kip. My momma is
waitin for me. Bye..!
The wolf turns to go back to the cave and the babies follow
her. The Deputy, Terry, Frank and Johnny head back to the
jeep. As the jeep pulls into the Ranger Station, cheers can
be heard by the crowd who'd gathered to see him return alive
and well. Sheriff Higgby approaches the jeep, as his Deputy
and the three boys climb out. He goes over to Frank.
                       SHERIFF HIGGBY
Until today, son, I never believed
in that psychic hocus pocus stuff.
Today you proved me wrong. I'll
have Sergeant Grace drive you both
all the way home. You deserve it.
Thanks, Sheriff!
Frank and Johnny start to climb back into the jeep. The
media once again is on his heels and trying to ask
Talk to the Sheriff.
the Sergeant starts the jeep and they leave.


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