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by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

A mother, who's heard of Frankie's abilities, calls the Sheriff to ask for Frankie's help in finding her son's killer. Frankie and his brother head to a nearby town and with the help of the ghost of the woman's son (CHARLIE) they are able to get the evidence needed to secure an arrest.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


FRANKIE and JOHNNY get out of the jeep at their house and
wave to the Sergeant who brought them home.
      (Heading to the
       back door)
Do you mind taking a break from
this psychic stuff?
I don't go looking for mysteries
and ghosts, Johnny. They somehow
manage to find me.
And now, after finding that
missing kid this afternoon, at the
state park, your name will be
plastered all over the news,
I didn't ask for that. It just
Well put a plug on it, will ya?
We've only got a couple more weeks
before school and I'd like to get
some more fishing in. Once school
starts we'll be back to doing
homework before we can go out, so
that kills our fishing time.
While the Devers have supper, news of their son's abilities
at the state park is revealed in detail. Though Frank was
not there to accommodate the reporters' interviews, his name
is given a hero's news coverage.
Well, son, how does it feel to be
a hero?


I got lucky, Dad, that's all.
Frankie takes a bite of his meal.
According to the news report, at
five o'clock, it was a lot more
than just luck, son. What made you
go head to head with a wolf?
I could see, in her eyes, that she
was generally good natured. I
sensed that she was protecting the
boy as well as her babies.
Well, next time, should there be a
next one I want you to use your
head. That animal could've easily
chewed the shreds out of you if
she'd wanted to.
I will Dad, I promise.
The phone rings at eleven-ten A.M.
SERGEANT DAVENPORT picks up the phone in the main office.
                       SGT. DAVENPORT
Good morning, Sheriff's office,
Sergeant Davenport speaking. Can
I help you?
                       KAREN (VO)
My name is Karen Simms, from
Bolton, Sergeant, Can I please
speak with the Sheriff?
                       SGT. DAVENPORT
One moment, ma'am.
The Sergeant depresses the button on the intercom.


                       SGT. DAVENPORT
Sheriff! I have a Karen Sims on
line two, from Bolton.
SHERIFF CONNORS sits behind his desk and depresses the
intercom button.
Thanks, Ken.
The Sheriff then picks up the phone and depresses line two.
Good morning Mrs. Simms. Are you
the mother of the boy who was shot
and killed two weeks ago?
                       KAREN (VO)
The one and the same.
How can I help you, up here in
Hubbardston, ma'am?
                       KAREN (VO)
I've been watching the television
as of late, in hopes that I might
get some word that they found my
son's killer. I've been noticing
that you've got a boy up there by
the name of Frank Devers, Sheriff,
and I've read where he's some kind
of a clairvoyant or something.
I've also read and heard that he's
helped you out on a couple of
murder cases, right?
That's right, ma'am, but the boy
is only fourteen.
                       KAREN (VO)
Sheriff…! The Police here have
absolutely no leads in the death
of my son. I will do anything to
find out who did this awful thing.
Wouldn't you, if he were your son?


Yes, ma'am, I suppose I would, but
I can't speak for Frank. I'd have
to ask him first.
                       KAREN (VO)
Would you do that for me, please?
I'm desperate.
I'll ask him, Mrs. Simms, but the
choice has to be his.
                       KAREN (VO)
I understand…! Thank you…!
Sheriff Connors hangs up the phone and stands up to go into
the main office. He heads to the counter at the front.
I'll be out at the Devers home,
Sergeant, in case I'm needed.
                       SGT. DAVENPORT
Okay, Sheriff.
Fifteen minutes later the Sheriff pulls to a stop in the
driveway of the Devers' residence. Both Frankie and Johnny
are tying the boat to the dock when Sheriff Connors gets out
of the jeep.
I wonder what the Sheriff wants.
Frank briefly closes his eyes.
I know what the Sheriff wants to
ask me, but I'll wait to be sure.
Sheriff Connors approaches the Devers brothers.
Good afternoon boys.


I know it's a murder case,
Sheriff, so where is it this time?
Can we sit down and talk a minute,
Let's sit down at the picnic table
Frank, Johnny, and the sheriff head to the picnic table and
they sit down.
Okay, Sheriff, what have you got?
You don't beat around the bush, do
you? A Mrs. Simms called me from
Bolton, about the mysterious death
of her son. The Police there have
no clues. She wanted to know if
you could help her find who killed
her son.
I'll do it, Sheriff, but Bolton is
how far from here?
It's about forty miles, give or
take. I can take you there, but
unless you find something right
away, I can't stay, son.
Who's working on the case now?
As far as I know, the Bolton
Police are.
Does that mean I'm staying here,
You're coming with me, Johnny.


There's no ghost involved, is
there, Sheriff?
Mrs. Simms didn't say, Johnny, and
I doubt she'd say something like
that to a stranger, even a
Shouldn't we go up there in the
morning, Sheriff?
That would make more sense than
trying to go up there now. What
time can you two be ready?
We'll be ready by eight o'clock.
I'll see you two then.
The Sheriff stands, turns, and heads back to his jeep.
Both Frankie and Johnny are still seated at the picnic table
as the Sheriff pulls out of the yard. Both boys hear a
strange and distant voice simultaneously.
                       CHARLIE (VO)
Thank you, Frank.
Both boys look around to see who is talking, and they see no
Who is this?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
My name is Charles, but my mother
always called me Charlie.
You're Charlie Simms, the ghost of
the murdered boy in Bolton?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
Yes I am…!
When did you die?


                       CHARLIE (VO)
I died on July thirty-first, two
weeks ago.
Has your mom seen you since you
                       CHARLIE (VO.)
No…! She doesn't believe in
Why are you here, Charlie?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
To try and help you find the
person who shot and killed me.
Do you know who killed you?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
I wished I did. That would make it
easier for you.
If you don't know, than how can
you help me?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
Because I know something the cops
don't know. I know that the gun
was thrown into a pile of leaves
somewhere in the park. The guy who
tossed it there was about five
foot-nine and he wore a pair of
That could be a description of
many guys. As far as the gun goes,
we'll have to search for it and
find it. How did you know about
                       CHARLIE (VO)
That's easy. I was at my mom's
house when she called the Sheriff.
I just flew up to the Sheriff's
office and waited until he went to
see you.


Why can't we see you?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
Because you don't need to see me…!
Okay, I guess. How old were you
when you died?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
I was fourteen.
No wonder your mom was so upset.
You're my age.
                       CHARLIE (VO)
How are you going to get the
Police to believe you? They'll
never believe you talked to my
I know this might sound funny,
Charlie, but Frank's been through
this a few times already.
Sheriff Connors will be with us,
Charlie, so I shouldn't have any
problems with the Police believing
me. If I do, it might be a good
idea if you were there. They may
not be able to hear or see you,
but I will.
How will you find that gun, Frank?
When the Sheriff comes to pick us
up, I'll ask him if he has a metal
detector before we leave the yard.
You will be with us tomorrow,
right Charlie?
                       CHARLIE (VO)
I'll be there, but only you two
will hear me, I think.
You don't sound too sure.


                       CHARLIE (VO)
I'm kinda new at this ghost thing,
okay? I guess that the only ones
who can see and hear me are the
people who believe I can exist.
Well we do. We've got to go and
have lunch, Charlie, so we'll see
you tomorrow.
Sheriff Connors arrives at the Devers home at eight o'clock
sharp and both brothers are waiting. Frank takes a seat in
the front and Johnny grabs one in the back.
Before we get too far, Sheriff, do
you have a metal detector?
I don't have one in the jeep, but
I do have one at the station. Why?
We'll be looking for a gun that's
buried, under leaves, somewhere in
the town park up there.
I'm not sure if they have one in
Bolton or not, but it'd never hurt
to have another one handy. I
better go to the station and grab
Sheriff Connors heads straight to the station and grabs the
metal detector. By nine-thirty they pull into a parking
space outside the Police Station in Bolton. The Sheriff and
the Devers brothers head inside.
Sheriff Connors enters in front of the two Devers brothers
and heads to the counter and they are met by PATROLMAN


Is your Police Chief around, son?
Patrolman Meyers looks up.
                       PATROLMAN SID MEYERS
Yes.. yes he is, sir, but who
should I say is calling?
Relax. Patrolman…! I'm Sheriff
Connors from Hubbardston.
                       PATROLMAN SID MEYERS
I'll let him know you're here,
Patrolman Meyers Heads into CHIEF CAL BANKS office.
Excuse me, Chief, but there's a
Sheriff Connors, from Hubbardston,
and he's out front with two teens
to see you, sir.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Show them in, Sid.
Patrolman Meyers returns to the counter.
As the Patrolman returns to the front counter, Chief Banks
stands, out of respect for a fellow officer.
When Sheriff Connors enters, with the Devers brothers, the
Chief extends his hand.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
You're a popular Sheriff in these
parts, Connors. To what do I owe
this dubious honor, Sheriff?
Well first I'd like to introduce
my guests, Frank and Johnny
Devers. Frankie is the oldest.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
You're a popuilar lad in your own
right, Frankie. It's nice meeting


The Chief extends his hand to both brothers and they shake
Thank you, sir.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
So why have you folks travelled
thirty plus miles to our little
I take it you've been watching the
news lately, and that's how you
happen to know Frankie, right?
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
That's a fact, Sheriff.
Well yesterday I got a call from
one of your townspeople, a Mrs.
Karen Simms, and she's asked for
help from Frankie Devers.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Excuse my manners. Please sit down
Thank you.
Sheriff Connors and the Devers Brothers sit down.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
In what way can Frank Devers help
I'll answer that, Sheriff.
Yesterday, after the Sheriff left
my house, the ghost of Charlie
Simms talked to me and told me
things about his murder you police
here don't know.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Wow…! I know I'm in my fifties,
Sheriff, but in my twenty-four
years as a police officer, I've
never come across a ghost. I can't
honestly say as I believe there
are such things.


If you've been seriously watching
the news, Chief, then you know
what Frank's done, and most of
it's been with ghosts.
Frank looks across the desk, behind the Chief of Police, and
can make out the grayish shadowy form of a teen-aged boy. He
looks at the Chief,
I think I can prove that the ghost
of Charlie Simms is right here
with us, Chief.
The Chief places both elbows on his desk and leans forward
and lookks Frankie in the eye.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
And just how do you plan to do
that, young man?
By doing something that I could
never do without having help, sir.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
And just what might that be?
Do you have any kind of a dollar
bill on you, Chief?
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I'm sure I can find one someplace
in my pocket.
Chief Banks reaches into his front left pocket and pulls out
a five dollar bill.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Ah, here we go…! Now what do you
want to do next?
I just want you to keep it hidden
from me, sir, but please look at
the serial number of that bill.
The Chief unfolds the five dollar bill, but keeps it out of
Frank's line of view.


                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I guess I'm to believe you're
going to tell me what the ten
numbers are, right?
Actually it's eight numbers and
two letters, but that's what I'm
going to do, sir
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Well fire away, young man.
Here are the numbers,
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
How in tar-nation did you do that,
young man?
Charlie is floating in the air
right behind you, Chief and he
told me the numbers as you looked
at the bill. You can't see or hear
him because you don't believe in
ghosts, sir.
Chief Banks swings around in his swivel chair and looks, but
sees nothing.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
And you heard him too?
Yes I did, sir and I can see him
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I guess I better not argue with
him then. There's no way he
could've known those ten numbers
and letters. Where do we go from
There's a park here in town,


                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
The same park that the Simms boy
was shot and killed in. You
mentioned something about a gun?
Yes sir…! Charlie said he saw it
chucked into a pile of old leaves
somewhere in the park, where you'd
not think to look.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I'll get my metal detector and
then you can follow me to Crane's
Park on the other side of town.
Chief Banks stands and leaves the office with Frank, Johnny,
and Sheriff Connors right behind him. He heads to a locked
closet, unlocks the door, and grabs the metal detector. He
turns to face Sheriff Connors.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Where are you parked, Sheriff?
We're out front.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I'll bring the cruiser around
front and you can follow me.
Ten minutes later the Bolton Police cruiser and Sheriff
Connors' jeep pulls to a stop at the parking lot for the
baseball field at Crane's Park. They all get out.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Okay there, Frankie, where do we
start? This is a big park.
Hold on, Chief!
Frank closes his eyes and brings both hands to the sides of
his head. He opens his eyes again.
Take me to where Charlie was
found, Chief.


                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Follow me…!
The Chief leads the two brothers and the Sheriff across the
baseball field and almost to the tennis courts. He starts to
turn to the left, to go around the fenced in courts.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Charlie Simms was found over here
by the back end of the tennis
Once again Frankie closes his eyes.
He was shot over there, sir, but
the gun was heaved over this way.
Frank takes off on a run towards the edge of the tree line
that separates the woods from the park, With Chief Banks,
Sheriff Connors, and Johnny right on his heels. He stops
when he reaches a lengthy pile of year old dried leaves
about thirty feet wide and over a hundred and fifty feet
Charlie is telling me that the gun
is somewhere in this pile of
Chief Banks grabs his metal detector.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I see you brought a metal detector
along with you, Connors. Can you
take it and start down the far
end, Sheriff? I'll start here from
this end. You two boys stand back
away from the leaves. As of now
this is considered a crime scene.
The Chief starts from one end and the Sheriff from the
other, as both men do an inch by inch search of the leaves
with the two metal detectors. The pace is slow as not to
miss any area within the zone specified by Frank Devers.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I've found something.


Chief Banks pulls a pair of rubber gloves from his pocket
and puts them on. Chief Connors stops where he is and waits
to see what the Chief finds. Chief Banks cautiously moves
the leaves from around the area where the metal detector
detects a metal object.
His hand finds the steel barrel of a gun and he moves even
more cautiously to get the leaves from around it. Once he
gets it clear, he picks up the gun by the trigger guard.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I've got the gun, Sheriff, just
like your boy said I would. It's a
thirty-eight Smith & Wesson. I've
got to get this to the lab and see
if we've got any usable
fingerprints. It's the same
caliber weapon as what was used to
kill the Simms boy, so we might
have the murder weapon. Nice job,
young man.
Thank you, sir…!
Sheriff Connors shuts off his metal detector.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Did your ghost give you any
description of the guy who shot
him, young man?
Yes sir, he did, but the
description he gave me could be
almost any man. He didn't notice
anything about him that would be
of any help to you.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I see…! You do realize that if
this is the right gun and we don't
have any usable fingerprints on
it, then I'm right back where I
started from.
I'm sorry Chief, but that's all he
gave me.
You've done very well, Frank.


Sheriff Connors places his hand on Frank's shoulder.
      (Looking up at the
Thank you, Sheriff.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Unless you boys have anything
else, I'm all set with you two.
Chief Banks heads to his cruiser with the weapon.
Do you have to go right away,
What do you have in mind, Frankie?
I'd like to find out a few things
while I'm here, if I can.
When I get back to the jeep, let
me call the station and see what's
going on there. If nothing's
happening I'll give you two hours,
and that's it.
Sheriff Connors starts to make his way to the baseball field
with Frank and Johnny right behind him. Once they cross the
field, Frank heads to one of two picnic tables near to where
the vehicles are parked and the two brothers sit down.
Okay, Charlie, I need to talk to
                       CHARLIE (VO)
I'm here Frank.
CHARLIE SIMMS makes himself visible to them.
I think it's time you told us why
you were shot. Was it drugs?
No way! It was around nine o'clock
and I was coming home from my
friend's house, just up the
street, and cut through the park


                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
to get home. I lived three blocks
from this end of the park. I saw
this guy and it looked like he was
raping this girl. No matter what
it was, she didn't like it. I ran
over to pull this jerk off her and
when he swung around he pulled out
the gun and pulled the trigger
once, hitting me in the chest. He
ran off after he plugged me.
What about the girl?
She came over to me, after I was
shot and I guess she thought I was
dead. She took off.
What can you tell us about her?
It was dark, so I really didn't
get a good look. That's why I
didn't tell you about her when we
first met.
Can you tell us anything?
Come to think of it yeah…! I
noticed that she was bleeding from
the arm, like maybe he scratched
her or she cut herself fighting
him off. She's got to have a scar
on her left arm.
That's a start. I wonder if she
lives around here anywhere.
I have no idea. Oh yeah, she was a
jogger I think. She had jogging
clothes on.
Do you mean jogging shorts or a
sweat suit?


She had jogging shorts and a
sleeveless top, like joggers wear
in the summertime.
She was easy prey for her
Here comes the Sheriff, Frank.
      (Approaching the
You boys have two hours, and then
we have to leave.
We just got some information from
Charlie, Sheriff, and I'd like to
try and locate a girl if I can.
What girl?
The night Charlie was killed, he
saw this girl being attacked by
this guy. Charlie tried to break
it up and took a bullet in the
chest for his efforts. The guy
took off after shooting Charlie.
Didn't the girl try to help him,
seeing as he was trying to help
I guess she went over to him and
thought he was dead, so she took
How do you plan to find her?
The only description I have of her
is that she was bleeding from her
left arm. Where it's been two
weeks, it's sure to have healed up
by now.


Even if there's a scar, the
chances of you finding her are
slim, you do know that don't you?
Even if we do find her, unless she
knew who the guy was, we've still
got nothing to go on.
You do have detective qualities in
you, Frank. That's the kind of
thinking cops use.
Frank once again jumps into the front seat as his brother
takes a seat in back.
Can we just drive around for an
hour? If we don't find her then
we'll head for home. He didn't get
a good look at her, because it was
night, but I might be able to get
her to talk to me, especially if
you weren't around, Sheriff.
I think you're right, and with
those psychic powers of yours,
kid, you might even be able to get
a description of her assailant.
Hop into the jeep and we'll give
it a long shot.
Sheriff Connors backs out of the parking space and randomly
drives up and down nearby streets. Almost forty minutes
later Frank notices a young lady in dungarees and a short
sleeved blouse. Frank looks close at her left arm and
notices healed scratch marks.
Slow down a minute Sheriff. I
think that might be her. Pull up a
ways and let me out. I'll try to
talk with her.


      (Pulling over to
       the side of the
Are you sure Frank?
Something inside me is saying
she's the girl.
Be gentle with her Frank. She
might not want to talk to
strangers right now, even a boy
like you.
The jeep pulls over and Frank gets out about sixty yards in
front of the young lady. He starts to walk towards her.
Excuse me, but can you help me?
      (Nervous voice)
What do you need?
A friend of mine was murdered here
a couple of weeks ago and I'm sure
he was trying to help stop a girl
from being attacked, when he got
shot. Are you that girl?
How did you find me?
SHELLY LONG looks all around.
This may sound a bit strange,
ma'am, but I'm a psychic, and I've
talked to the dead spirit of
Charlie Simms, the guy who tried
to help you. He said that the girl
he tried to help had either a cut
or scratches on her arm. I've been
looking up and down the streets
looking for that girl.
Your friend saved me from being
raped. When the guy ran, the man
who tried to rape me, I went over
to your friend and he looked dead,


                       SHELLY (cont'd)
so I ran away from there as fast
as I could. I got to a pay phone
and called the police station and
told them where to find him. I
then wiped my prints from the
phone and ran straight home.
I want to find the man who killed
my friend. What can you tell me
about him?
I'm sure I've seen him before, but
he acted like he was on drugs the
night he tried to rape me. When he
shot your friend I tried to scream
but nothing came out. He was about
six feet tall and I guess he'd be
two hundred pounds. He had dark
hair and a tattoo on his right arm
of a motorcycle and the words
HARLEY. He has a motorcycle of
some kind, because just after he
ran away I heard a motorcycle
start up and pull away from the
park really fast.
Why haven't you told this to the
I've been afraid he'd find me and
do the same thing to me that he
did to your friend.
If you can identify him, as being
the man who attacked you and shot
my friend, they'll put him behind
bars for life, I'm sure. In any
case he'll be there until he's too
old to plan any kind of revenge.
Do you mind telling the Sheriff
what you told me? He's in the jeep
up here.
I want to be sure they'll get this
guy. That man was and is


I agree, but they can't do it
until you tell them. Why live in
fear? What's your name?
My name is Shelly. Please don't
ask me to give you my last name.
You'll have to when you give the
police your report. Will you come
with me?
Frankie reaches out to gently grab her arm and direct her to
Chief Connors' jeep.
The five foot six brunette follows Frank to the jeep.
Sheriff…! I'd like you to meet
Shelly. She was the woman who was
attacked in the park two weeks
ago. I've convinced her to go to
the Police with the information
she has. She has enough to put
this guy away for a real long
Nice to meet you Shelly…! Hop in
and I'll take you to the Police
Station and you can give the Chief
of Police your report.
      (Taking a seat in
       the back)
I know this is the right thing to
do, Sheriff, but he almost raped
me and he killed the guy who saved
me from him.
The Sheriff pulls out and heads towards the Police Station.
Do you want him doing the same
thing to another woman, ma'am?


Then tell the police everything
you know about him.
Ten minutes later the jeep comes to a stop in front of the
Bolton Police Station.
Here you go, Shelly.
Can someone go in there with me?
She's scared enough, Sheriff.
Someone should go in with her.
We'll go in with you, Shelly.
I'll stay here.
The three of them get out of the jeep.
Sheriff Connors heads inside the Bolton Police Station with
Frank and Shelly behind him and they go to the counter.
                       PATROLMAN SID MEYERS
I'll let the Chief know you're
here, Sheriff.
The Patrolman turns and goes into Chief Banks' office. He
returns a moment later.
                       PATROLMAN SID MEYERS
Go right in, Sheriff. He's waiting
for you.
As Sheriff Connors, Frank, and Shelly enter the Chief's
office, Chief Banks looks up to see a woman about
twenty-four years old.


                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I thought by now you'd be almost
back to Hubbardston, Sheriff.
Who's the young lady?
She's the reason Charlie Simms was
killed, Chief.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
What…? How'd you find this out?
Charlie's ghost helped us, Chief.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Do you mind explaining this, Miss?
Oh, and can I tape this, for the
That's okay, sir.
Shelly Long sits down across from the Chief.
Twenty minutes later, with the report both written and
taped, Shelly gave Chief Banks the entire story of what
happened the night of July 31st, 2006.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I know this man you've just told
me about and if I'm right he's got
a rap sheet for drugs and assault.
Let me get some pictures for you
to look at. I need you to pick him
out of the ones you see.
Chief Banks leaves the office and returns a few minutes
later with several pictures of men for her to look through.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Take a look at these, Miss Long
and tell me if you see the man who
attacked you and killed Simms,
from these pictures.
Shelley looks at the first page and after looking at each
man she turns it over to look at the next. She starts to
look at the second page and abruptly she stops and points to
a man. She starts to shake.


That's him. That's the man who
tried to rape me and shot the man
who was trying to help get him off
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
Are you sure?
I'll never forget that face, sir.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
You picked out the man who has the
tattoo of a motorcycle and has the
words HARLEY underneath it, on his
right arm. I'll get a warrant for
his arrest and have him picked up
Am I free to go, Chief?
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
I have your name, address and
phone number, in case we have to
reach you, but yes you're free to
go. I'll have one of my men drive
you home, and thank you, Miss
Long. Thank you for coming in.
You can thank Frank Devers, Chief.
He was the one who convinced me to
come forward. Will I have to
Shelly stands up to leave.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
By all means yes…! It's your
testimony that will put this man
in prison for at least twenty-five
Chief Banks turns to Frank.
                       CHIEF CAL BANKS
How can I thank you, young man?
You just did, sir.


Frankie shakes the Chief's hand and turns to leave.
I think we can safely head for
home now, Chief.
Sheriff Connors follows Shelly and Frank out of the Chief's


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