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by Ernie Johnson (authorernieroy@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

In the final episode, our fishing brothers find a bottle floating near their boat. Johnny gets the bottle and works to get a note out of it. A missing girl (Lynn Armstrong) was kidnapped by a man and being held against her will. The devers go itno action to find her and then get the police to secure her freedom.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Both JOHNNY and FRANK climb aboard the boat and Frankie
starts the motor. Johnny unties the boat from the pier and
pushes the small aluminum boat away from it.
Where are we going to fish today?
      (Looking at the
It's kind of cloudy, so the bass
will be near the weeds. We'll go
and find a quiet cove and drop
the anchor.
Moments later Frankie steers the boat into a quiet cove near
a large clump of weeds sticking out of the water.
This looks like a good spot. Drop
the anchor, will ya?
Johnny lowered the metal anchor and then baited his hook. He
cast his line to his left and near to the weed bed.
Well I guess you won't be doing
much more of your ghost hunting,
once school starts.
I hope you're right, Johnny. I
like being able to help catch the
bad guys, and all, but I've lost
most of my summer doing this.
Frankie cast his line out and it dropped within a foot of
the weed bed. He sat there and watched his bobber.
You may have lost your summer, but
you're in your glory when you do
that stuff. Ever since we went
into that house, on Cabot Road,
you haven't stopped hardly, except
to sleep.


I can't help it. These people
need my help.
Johnny looked out into the river, as he reeled in his line,
moments later, and noticed something floating in the water.
What's that?
Frank slides to the side of the boat and looks into the
It's just a bottle, that's all.
Johnny grabs an oar and paddles the boat around to within a
couple feet of the bottle. He lowers the oar and grabs his
fish net. He places it in the water under the bottle and
scoops it up.
I've got it, Frank.
Johnny pulls the bottle out of the net and drops the net to
the floor of the boat.He then inspects the bottle.
There's a piece of paper inside
the bottle.
Pull the cork off and see if you
can get the paper out.
Johnny pulls the cork off the end of the bottle with ease.
Hand me a screwdriver from the
tackle box, will ya, Frank?
Frankie hands his brother a screwdriver. Johnny tries
several times to get the paper to where he can grab it and
on the third try he succeeds.
I got it.
Don't keep me in suspense, here.
What does it say?


Let's see what it says. Please
help me, I've been kidnapped. I've
got to go! He's coming back!
That's it?
That's all it says. That's not
very much to go on.
Frankie reaches his hand out to grab the note.
Hand that note to me, will ya?
What are you going to do with it?
I want to see if I can get
anything from it with my psychic
Johnny passes both the bottle and the note to his brother.

Frank takes both items and holds the note between his hands.
He closes his eyes.
It's a girl, maybe about our age,
and she's being held by a man
who's over six feet tall. From
what I can tell, she's a runaway
and this man picked her up in a
blue pick-up truck. He then forced
her to go with him.
Has he hurt her?
I can't tell.
What else did you get?
Nothing, and I don't have a clue
as to where to begin to look.


Then what are you going to do?
I think it's best we head straight
to town and turn this over to the
Sheriff. Pull up the anchor and
we'll go there now.
Johnny pulls up the anchor while Frankie starts the boat's
motor. Once the anchor is inside, Frankie steers the boat
towards the town dock.
Frankie slows the motor down and steers the boat up to the
dock. Johnny jumps out and ties the boat up. Frankie hands
his brother the bottle and the note. Frankie climbs out of
the boat.
That'll be two bucks Frankie.
Where ya goin in such a hurry?
Frankie hands KEN LEWIS, the dock attendant, two dollars.
I haven't got time to talk. We've
got to get to the Sheriff's
Frankie and Johnny take off on a run and head to the
Sheriff's Office.
DEPUTY BILL CRANE is at his desk as the boys enter the
Sheriff's Office. He sees the two boys enter, and gets out
of his seat and heads to the counter.
                       DEPUTY CRANE
Good afternoon Frank! Johnny!
What's up this afternoon?
The deputy casually leans on the counter.


      (Catching his
Is the Sheriff in? It's
                       DEPUTY CRANE
He's just about to leave. Hold on!
The deputy turns and heads to the Sheriff's Office.
                       DEPUTY CRANE
I've got Frankie and Johnny Devers
out front, sir. Frankie insisted
it was urgent.
SHERIFF TOM CONNORS is seated at his desk and looks up at
the Deputy.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Show them in, Bill.
Sheriff Connors sits back in his chair.

Moments later Johnny enters in front of his brother.
You're not going to believe this,
Sheriff Connors sits upright in his swivel chair to face the
two boys.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Take it easy, Johnny. What am I
not going to believe?
Johnny and I went fishing and we
saw a bottle with a cork on it. My
brother netted the bottle and
pulled it into the boat. When he
got the cork off, he worked to get
a piece of paper out that was
inside. He got the paper out. Hand
me the bottle and paper, Johnny.
Johnny hands his brother the bottle and note, and he, in
turn, hands it to the Sheriff.

Sheriff Connors takes the note and reads it.


                       SHERIFF CONNORS
You have a knack for the bizarre,
Frankie. I can't take this note
lightly, but I also don't have
anything to go on, not even as
much as if this was a boy or girl,
child or adult.
I can tell you that it's a girl,
Sheriff, and that she was running
away from home. A guy in a blue
pick-up truck picked her up and
she's been held captive ever
since. That's the information I
got from holding the note in
between my hands.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Well that gives me a place to
start. Now don't you two boys go
and get yourselves involved, young
man. Let's handle it my way this
I won't make any promises,
sheriff, but I'll try.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I guess the chances are slim of
getting any prints off either the
bottle or note. I have to try, in
either case.
Our prints have to be all over
them both, Sheriff. We didn't have
any idea what we'd find when
Johnny popped that cork.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
My prints are all over it now, as
well, son.
How can we help?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Let me do some checking and see
what we've got for missing girls
in and around the state. If a
local man has her, then I've first
got to find who we're looking for.


                       SHERIFF CONNORS (cont'd)
You and your brother just head
home. I'll be in touch.
Frankie and Johnny leave the Sheriff's office.
Sheriff Connors is on his teletype and putting out requests
for missing girls anywhere from twelve years old to
seventeen, in and around the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and
Connecticut states.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
If you hear any response on the
teletype, Ken, bring it in to me.
                       SGT DAVENPORT
Will do, Sheriff.
At ten-fifteen the teletype starts to chatter. Sergeant
Davenport grabs the report and brings it in to the Sheriff.
                       SGT DAVENPORT
This just came through, Sheriff.
Sergeant Davenport hands the report to Sheriff Connors.
                       SGT DAVENPORT
Where do we start?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
First off I'm going to take this
information over to Frankie
Devers. With his psychic
abilities, he might be able to
tell me if one of these missing
girls is our kidnapped victim.
I'll be at the Devers' home if I'm
The Sheriff grabs his keys and takes the report with him and
heads out of his office with Sergeant Davenport behind him.


Sheriff Connors pulls into the driveway of the Devers' home
and exits the jeep.

Frankie runs out of the house with his brother right behind
him and they run to the drivers side of the jeep.
What did you find out, Sheriff?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
      (Leaning against
       the jeep)
I've got four possible victims,
and two of them are from
Massachusetts. I need to know if
any of these names sends you a
The Sheriff hands Frankie the teletyped piece of paper with
four names on it.

Frankie takes the piece of paper and heads out to the picnic
table with both the Sheriff and Johnny behind him.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
What's he doing, Johnny?
Your guess is as good as mine,
Johnny sits down across from his brother and the Sheriff
does likewise. They both remain quiet.

Frankie lays the paper on the table and runs his fingers
across each of the four names. As his fingers ran across the
name of Lynn Armstrong, his psychic powers and ESP kicks in.
The kidnapped girl is Lynn
Armstrong. She's fourteen and she
was running away from an abusive
relationship with her father.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
You got all that from just a name,
Yes, sir…! I don't have any other
information than that, but I can
take an educated guess about


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I'm listening, son.
If she was inside a regular house,
the chances are slim that she'd
get a bottle thrown into the
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Go on…!
I know this is a big river,
Sheriff, but there aren't many
houseboats on it, at least that I
know of. It's likely that he has
her locked up in a houseboat on
the river somewhere.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Good thinking, Frank. Let the
Sheriff's Department handle this
from here. You've done enough. I
better get back to the office.
Sheriff Connors grabs the paper, stands, and turns to head
back to his jeep.
As the Sheriff pulls out of the driveway, Frankie stands at
the picnic table.
Why didn't I think of that before?
This doesn't sound good. Didn't
you hear the Sheriff?
I heard him just fine. We're going
to do a little fishing up-river,
that's all.
Yeah, right…! We'll be doing some
fishing for a girl by the name of
Lynn Armstrong, if I know you.


Frank starts to head for the boat. He stops and turns
towards his brother.
Are you coming or not, Johnny?
I've got to be nuts, but I'm
coming with you.
Johnny runs to catch up to his brother.
Frankie starts the motor while Johnny unties the bowline.
      (Pushing boat away
       from the dock)
You're not going to get either one
of us killed, are you?
I just want to see something.
Like what?
If I see a houseboat, I want to
see if she can wave to us.
Frankie steers the boat upriver and opens the throttle.
      (Raising his
So you can do what, rescue her?
Maybe…! I'll have to see what
we're facing, first.
A while later Frank slows the motor down as the river splits
and flows in two directions.
Which way should we go, Frank..?


I want to be able to stay near the
shoreline, so I'll take the right
fork in the river.
Frankie steers the boat to the right fork.

The river narrows some and Frank slows the engine down more
What's wrong?
I think we're getting close, so
I'm slowing it down some.
Johnny sits facing upriver and looks ahead. He sees a narrow
footbridge that crosses the river and connects to an island
to their left.
      (In a quiet voice)
There's a bridge up ahead, Frank.
I can see it. We can get under it
Frank looks towards the shoreline and can see a house that
is set back in the trees, and a blue pickup truck parked in
the driveway. He continues under the bridge and proceeds

A half mile further up, the main river joins again.
Which way now?
I'm going to go back down the
river on the opposite side of the
island. I'll bet anything that the
houseboat is out there.
Frankie steers the boat to the left and onto the main river.
He maintains the same speed.
Why are you going so slow?
I don't want to attract any
attention to our being here, by
the owner of the house. Put your


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
line in the water as if you were
trolling. Don't use any bait.
Johnny takes his rod and let out enough line to give the
appearance he is trolling.
Five minutes later they go past a light blue houseboat that
is pulled up sideways to a dock that didn't extend out into
the river, but rather goes alongside it. Both Johnny and
Frank can see a narrow open window on the river side of the
That's the houseboat, Johnny.
Suddenly they both notice an arm extending out from it and
it waves at them. Frank once again slows the motor down to
barely running.
What are you going to do, Frank?
I'm going to head straight to the
Sheriff's Office now. They've got
a boat that they use on the river.
I'll have to show them where this
place is.
Johnny reeled in his fishing line and laid the rod in the

A quarter of a mile downriver, Frank opens the throttle on
the boat's engine and they head towards the town dock.
Almost forty minutes later the boat pulls up to the dock and
Frank quickly pays the two dollar docking fee.
Johnny! Stay with the boat. Jim,
keep it warm. I'll be right back.
Frank quickly hands the attendant the two dollars and runs
up the pier alone.


Frank enters the Sheriff's Office on a run and comes to an
abrupt stop at the counter.
Let me speak to Sheriff Connors,
please. It's really important.
                       SGT DAVENPORT
Calm down Frankie and I'll see if
he's free.
Sergeant Davenport grabs the phone. He keys the button to
the Sheriff's inner office.
                       SGT DAVENPORT
I've got Frankie Devers out front
here, sir, and he says he needs to
see you. He said it was very
                       SHERIFF CONNORS (VO)
Send him in, Ken.
Sergeant Davenport hangs up the phone and turns towards
                       SGT DAVENPORT
Go ahead, Frank. You know where
his office is.
Frank runs through the door and never stops until he's at
the Sheriff's inner office. He knocks on the door.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
      (Sitting back in
       his swivel chair)
Come in, Frankie.
Frank thrusts the door open and he runs to the Sheriff's
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Slow down, Frank. What's wrong?
Sheriff, I know where the
kidnapped girl is. Johnny and I
saw the houseboat and she managed
to wave to us as we slowly rode
by. She also yelled out to us and


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
pleaded for us to help her.
Sheriff Connors suddenly snaps upright in his chair.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Okay, son, where is it?
Do you have a map of the river?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
One second!
The Sheriff keys the intercom button.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Ken! Bring me a map of the river,
The Sheriff turns back towards Frank.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Didn't I tell you we'd handle
this, Frank?
Yes you did, sir.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Never mind..! What have you and
your brother been up to?
Frank grabs a seat across from the Sheriff and sits down.
Johnny and I pretended to be
fishing, or trolling actually, and
we noticed that the river split in
two, at one point, so I chose to
take the fork nearest the
shoreline. We came to a footbridge
that crossed over the river, so we
went under it. There was a house
set back in the woods and a blue
pick-up truck was parked in the
driveway. We continued upriver and
when the river reconnected, we
went back down on the other side
and that's when we spotted the
houseboat. The rest you know. I
high-tailed it out of there and
came straight here.


The Sergeant enters the office and hands Sheriff Connors the
                       SGT DAVENPORT
Here you go, sir.
The Sheriff opens the map and lays it across his desk.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Okay, Frank, where is this place?
Frankie walks around the desk until he was beside the
Sheriff, and then looks down at the map. He finds where the
town was and then follows the river until he sees the island
he told the Sheriff about.
The houseboat is right about
there, Sheriff.
Frank points to a spot on the eastern side of a small
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
That's Bill Taylor's place. Ken!
Call in Ted and Sam. I've got to
get an arrest warrant at the
courthouse. We need to make sure
this is done right.
Are you done with me, Sheriff?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Actually no, Frankie, I'm going to
need you. I know very little about
this girl, okay, and when we get
there, she's going to need someone
to talk to, and you're her age.
What do you know that I don't?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
This girl is getting a double
whammy. She ran away from home
because she was being abused by
her father. Then she's picked up
by this guy Taylor, and is
kidnapped. I can only imagine that
he's raped her as well, so she's
not going to trust an adult, at
least not a male one. You are to
stay on the Police boat until we


                       SHERIFF CONNORS (cont'd)
safely have the girl and she's out
of danger.
Why would she talk to me?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
If what you told me is true, she
saw you in the boat this
afternoon, when she yelled at you
and your brother. Once she sees
you, and we have her safe, I'm
hoping she'll open up to you.
I better take my boat back home. I
have Johnny waiting for me at the
dock. Pick me up on your way
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Okay, young man, and thanks again.
Frankie heads out of the office.
Frankie climbs into the boat and Johnny is waiting there for
What happened in there, Frank?
I told the Sheriff everything I
knew. It appears the Sheriff knows
who lives out there. He's going to
get an arrest warrant and then
they'll go and get the girl. He
wants me there on the boat because
he's afraid the girl's been raped
and might not talk to an adult.
She also ran away from home
because she was abused by her
father. He's sure that Lynn saw us
when she called out, and feels she
might talk to me. I'm taking you
home. The Sheriff will pick me up


Frankie starts the motor and drives the boat home.
At four-fifteen the Police Boat pulls up to the dock at the
Devers' home and Frank is there to climb onboard. As soon as
Frank is aboard, and situated, Sheriff Connors pulls out and
he heads the boat upriver.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I've got one cruiser, with a
Deputy and a Sergeant inside, and
they are heading to Riverside
Lane, to the Taylor residence,
Frank watches as the boat reaches the split in the river and
the Sheriff takes the left fork.
It's not that far up here,
A moment later Sheriff Connors spots the houseboat moored up
to the dock at the river's edge. He cuts the motor and
allows the boat to drift alongside the houseboat. Sergeant
Davenport gets out and ties their boat alongside it.
Frank sits down out of the way, as Sheriff Connors
un-holsters his weapon and steps onto the deck of houseboat.
Ken looks inside the porthole, at the side of the houseboat,
and can see a girl lying on the bed. He gave a hand signal
to the Sheriff and Connors immediately kicks down the
padlocked door and startles LYNN in the process.
Who are you?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
I'm Sheriff Connors. Are you Lynn
I am, but how do you know my name?


                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Never mind that right now. Did the
man, who kidnapped you, rape you?
Yes, almost every day. How'd you
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
You'll find out later. Right now I
want you to get onto the Police
Boat. There's someone there you
might want to meet?
Lynn steps out of the houseboat cabin and onto the deck. She
crosses the deck and jumps onto the Police boat where
Frankie waits to greet her.
Hi! My name is Frank Devers. Do
you remember seeing my brother and
me earlier today, when we went by
in our small boat?
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Frankie! We're going after Taylor.
Keep an eye on her for me, okay?
Lynn! Was he alone in the house?
Lynn turns to look at the Sheriff.
Yes he was.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Okay, then, stay with Frank until
I come back.
She's safe with me, Sheriff.
Lynn and Frank watch the Sheriff and Sergeant Davenport as
they head down the trail on the island.

Lynn then turns to Frank.
You were the one steering the
boat, right?


That's me. We were actually
looking for you, Lynn. My brother
found the bottle with the message
in it, so I took it to the
Sheriff. I figured you had to be
somewhere near to water for you to
get the bottle thrown into the
river, so we took a ride up here.
I saw your arm and heard your call
for help, but we were afraid your
kidnapper might be around so we
didn't try to help you then. I
went and got the Sherriff and his
Sheriff Connors grabs his two-way radio and keys the mike.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Connors to Crane.
                       DEPUTY CRANE (VO)
This is Deputy Crane, Sheriff.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Ken and I are coming in from the
river. The suspect is presumed to
be alone.
                       DEPUTY CRANE (VO)
Roger, Sheriff. I have a visual on
the bridge. We won't move until we
see you cross. Over and out.
What will happen to me now?
I can't answer that Lynn. I know a
little about why you ran away, but
that's about it.
Let's just say that the guy who
kidnapped me is no different than
my father, and I'll leave it at
that. I turned my father in to the
Police, but he was let out on
bail. I didn't dare stay at home,
even though he was ordered to stay


                       LYNN (cont'd)
away from the house.
I wished there was something I
could do.
You've done plenty already. I
didn't want that guy near me
again. You saved me and I'd like
to thank you.
Lynn leans over and kisses Frankie on the cheek.
Wow! I've never been kissed by a
girl before.
The way you're blushing, I have to
believe you.
It's good to see you smile.
It feels good to be able to,
thanks to you.
Lynn reaches over and grabs Frank's hand.
I feel safe with you, Frank.
Both the Sheriff and Sergeant appear out of the woods,
moments later.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
      (Looking around)
Are you two still here?
Frank and Lynn stand up.
We're here, Sheriff. How'd you
make out?


                       SHERIFF CONNORS
We got him good. They took him
down to the station in the jeep.
Now, to find out what we're going
to do with you, young lady.
I can't go home, Sheriff.
                       SHERIFF CONNORS
Your mom will want you back.
My mother is an alcoholic and
never said anything while my
father was molesting me. I had to
go to the Police alone and have
him arrested. Now that he's out on
bail, he'll come after me, and my
mom won't do a thing. I'm afraid
to go back there.
Sheriff Connors starts the motor while Sergeant Davenport
unties the bowline and hops aboard the bow.
Frankie sits down and puts his arm around Lynn.
The Police boat turns and heads back towards town.
Thanks, Frank. I needed a friend
and you were there.


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