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Broken Warriors
by Bobby Thompson (bobbyetagent@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
The lives of a suicidal man with telekinesis powers, a prostitute on skid row & three bank robbers searching for the meaning of life intertwine in a tale of violence and redemption.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The streets are completely empty - no sign of life. A very
EERIE silence surrounds the darkness.

A door SCREECHES open in the side of an old house, then:

A line of shadowy figures walk. TWO MEN, dressed in black
suits, wearing clown masks push a blood-soaked gurney out
into the street.
SHADOWY FIGURES appear - in and out of the night. A hooded
light bulb swings in SLOW MOTION from the ceiling, its dim
lights REVEALS:

BLOOD STAINS and DIRT - All across the floor.

Between the strange waves of lights a young man opens his
eyes. He is laying on a bed stained with blood.

JESUS LOPEZ, a young hispanic man with dark features, in his
20's, sits up. His neck aches as if he's been asleep
forever. He stands up and takes a quick glance around the

Everything is strange and unfamiliar to him. He stumbles out
of bed and walks across the room and leans against the wall
for support. His legs feel wobbly.
He peers around the corner and notices A DOG GNAWING on a

He stares at the dog with unusual fascination.

Suddenly, it stops eating, looks around, whimpers-and runs
off into the darkness.

Lights flicker about.

At the end of the hallway, a broken door opens and closes
rapidly. Jesus is lost for a moment.

Then in a quick instance the door SLAMS shut.


His eyes on the door, nothing appears.
He senses that he's now in a bathroom. Towards the sink, the
water is running.

Dirty murky water surrounds and fills the bathroom floor.

The toilet FLUSHES.

Out of one of the stalls appears to be a STRANGE MAN wearing
a clown mask and a black suit. He looks very HAUNTING and

Jesus steps back, looking at the puddle of water and then at
this unusual looking man washing his hands.

He cannot take his eyes off of him.

The stranger proceeds to use the blower to dry his hands,
then he stares directly at Jesus.

There is a CREEPY silence.

The stranger starts to unbutton his coat jacket. His jacket
coat drops to the floor and he proceeds to completely

Jesus stands and watches the entire moment go down.

Now he is completely naked.

Jesus is staring in bewilderment. He is speechless and isn't
sure how to respond.

His look of curiosity now has now changed to a look of fear.
                                         CUT TO:
A smoky country bar somewhere in Hemet, Ca. The bar is
mostly bare with just a few scattered bar patrons.


At the bar a young man is having an intense conversation
with the bartender. His back is to us. His hair is coarse,
and dark black.

He is dressed in all black with a heavy trench coat. Three
full shot glasses are lined up in front of him.

He is JESUS, we will come to know him well.

Jesus is telling a story to an older man BERNIE, a man in
his sixty's but still strong and vital for his years.

He is a little bothered by him, in fact he is completely
trying to ignore him.
Can you believe that shit, I mean
naked, butt ass naked in the
bathroom stall. Just a clown mask
and his cock. Right in my fucken
face. I have this fucken dream
every time, I tell ya, I wake up
and this fucken man in a clown
mask drops his clothes and is just
fucking staring at me. Not just
staring like a pedophile staring
at a young boy, but I mean
staring, like he wants me to give
him a blow job. It's the fucken
weirdest thing ever. I'm always
having this fucken dream...or
maybe it's a nightmare, I don't
fucken know whatever it is, it's
really just a very strange dream.
What's your take on it.
Jesus downs a shot of Jack Daniels.
Maybe your a queer.
Queer, no way man. That's not even
the argument I'm trying to make.
Not to many men I know have dreams
of naked clowns.
Are you kidding me, it's not like
I got excited or anything of that



                       JESUS (cont'd)
I mean I couldn't even tell you if
this guy was circumcised or not or
even if he was a Brad Pitt
look-a-like for that matter. He
was wearing some kind of freaky
clown mask. And there is no fucken
way that I'm gay. Listen, I know
having this dream or nightmare,
however you want to classify this
out of body experience moment is
weird. But believe me it nowhere
classifies me as being a homo for
that matter.
Maybe your just a little bit of a
A few giggles are heard around the bar.

From the corner of the bar. A big heavy set bar patron named
GUS is enjoying the conversation he's overhearing.
      (to Jesus)
You should go back to that gay
clown circus you came from.
The laughters start to get a little bit louder almost to a
taunting stage.
Do you believe this boy, Gus.
Coming in here spewing all this
homosexual talk. He must think
this is homo-day today. Is it
homo-day today?
Oh yeah, he looks likes the type
to talk about it day in and day
out. Hell I would not be surprised
if this here boy jerks off to his
own stories.
Jesus downs another shot and takes out a cigarette and
proceeds to light up.
There is no smoking in bars.
Didn't you get the memo in fucken
1998, shit for brains.


Jesus quickly puts out his lit cigarette in nervous jabs.
Sorry, I apologize. Now what the
fuck was I talking about.
We were having an intellectual
conversation about your queer
I'm telling you it's not a gay
moment. I am one hundred percent
all man. Believe me, I know a man
should be dreaming about pussy and
several hot chicks. But dreams
like that have no meaning, their
just wet dreams. You really never
think about it afterward. You just
jack off and your done. No thought
process, no hidden meaning, no
true intellectual agenda. Dreams
about a naked clown in a dingy run
down bathroom...now that is
something to wrap your brains
Why don't your wrap your brains
around my cock, you fag.
Gus and the Bartender LAUGHS.
I appreciate the offer, sounds
Jesus is slightly starting to get annoyed by the constant
I cannot believe you can't smoke
in bars anymore. Fucken the whole
country has gone communism. You
can still smoke at bars in Europe,
but nope fucken we are the little
pissers that have people
complaining about dying of second
hand smoke. You know what I say to
that...fuck em, let them die. I
say if you want to sit next to me
and talk while I have a smoke then
so be it.


                       JESUS (cont'd)
You know more people die in this
fucken country from obesity. Fat
people eating until they have a
heart attack. I am not
complaining, lets put it all in
perspective- if a fat person is
eating burgers and fries next to
me, then why should people
complain if I smoke next to them.
Hell, I get tempted to eat a
burger especially if a big fat
blob is sitting right next to me
eating that garbage. Don't get me
wrong, I love burgers, especially
the big greasy ones with mayo and
ketchup running out of the sides.
But you don't see me rushing to
the emergency room asking a doctor
to sew my mouth shut.
Want some advice. Keep your
personal stories to yourself.
That's funny, seems I've been
doing that all my life.
Why don't you tell us more of your
faggot dreams, queer boy.
The entire bar LAUGHS. He is momentarily embarrassed, but he
quickly recovers.
There has to be a comedian at just
about every bar you go.
Excuse me I didn't catch that.
Maybe if you get that cock out of
your mouth, I can understand you
Jesus turns his attention to Bernie. Trying his very best to
ignore Gus.
Did you know I am going to kill
myself tomorrow.


Yeah, I am planning on committing
suicide tomorrow about eight in
the A-M. Do you think that's a
good time to die or would you go
for more later on in the afternoon
kind of death.
Boy, are you fucken high off car
fumes. You been sniffing that
Elmer's Glue.
Bernie and Gus exchange looks.
Jesus turns his head to make eye contact with Gus.
Complete silence between the two.
What the hell are you looking at.
Do I look like a nice piece of ass
to you.
Oh nothing, just thinking if you
should join me on my destiny
You must like what you see. Soak
this all in, faggot. I'm getting
real turned on. Tell us the one
about how I beat your ass and make
you give me a blow job, boy.
Okay, I have not told that one
yet. There once was a hillbilly at
a bar that was a closeted
homosexual. He would go to the bar
everyday, to show everybody how
much of man he was, but what he
really wanted to do was get his
buddies so drunk in a way that
could take advantage of them and
offer as many blow-jobs as he can



                       JESUS (cont'd)
Towards the end of the day when he
didn't get his fill of sperm he
would bar hop and participate in
gay gangbang sex at every bar
across town until he received his
fill of man juice.
Jesus lets out a LOUD drunken laugh as he downs another
Now that was funny, I just came up
with that. Good huh.
Jesus is amused and looks over at Gus and winks at him.
On the television set, BREAKING NEWS FLASHES. A picture of
Jesus is all over the television set.

                       NEWS REPORTER
The police and FBI are on the look
out for this individual, he is
said to have killed an entire SWAT
Team and over a dozen police
officers. He is consider armed and
very dangerous, if you have seen
this person, please call 911 right
away. Their is a $100,000 reward
for any information that leads to
his arrest....
Bernie and Gus exchange looks.
Why Gus, looks like we just hit
the lotto.
Hellz ya, I'll be able to pay for
Maggie's titty job after all.
Jesus looks over nervously at the two.
Look I think there's a
misunderstanding. I'll just have
my last drink and be on my merry


Your not going anywhere. But
before we turn you in, I'm going
to personally make sure you piss
blood tonight.
That doesn't sound to comfortable.
Go ahead and finish your drink,
you already paid for it. I hate to
see good liquor go to waste.
Thank you.
Jesus downs his last shot and proceeds to drink his beer
That hit the spot. Now I'm drunk.
I'll leave you to love birds
Jesus barely turns his head.

Gus takes a wild swing at Jesus.

Suddenly he spins, and a move almost to quick to see, he
NAILS Gus with a right handed elbow, KNOCKING him to the

He's fast.

Before Jesus has time to celebrate he turns and watches as a
bat SLAMS right on the temple of his head.

He FALLS to the floor like a house of cards. Bernie, LEAPS
from behind the counter with his bat in hand.
Triple A, minor league son.
Someday I'll tell you about my
baseball stories, you fuck head.
Bernie VIOLENTLY KICKS Jesus in the gut.
And you thought you were having a
shit day. We are going to show you
what us country folks do to
retarded gay shit heads like you.


Jesus is limp on the floor. He is almost out cold from the
blow. His eyes fluttering.
Gus gets to his feet, his nose BLOODY.
Get this comedian's pants off.
Jesus slowing comes to his senses as Gus is scrambling to
undue his pants.

In a flash of a second Jesus motions his arms towards the
bottles of liquor behind the bar.

The bottles start to TREMBLE.

In a split second a flood of bottles comes HURLING toward
GUS and BERNIE, thus defying gravity.

BLOW by BLOW, each bottle SMASHES into their heads, blood
and liquor scatter the bar room floor.

Several on lookers are freaked and dash toward the exit

Both men are lying on the floor bleeding.

Jesus slowly makes it to his feet.

Broken bottles and the two men lie on the floor unconscious.

Jesus proceeds to light up a cigarette while taking in what
just occurred.

The bar is empty with the slight sounds of "Bad Moon
Rising," playing on the jukebox.

He takes a drag and soaks in the atmosphere.

He drops his cigarette to the floor.

The whole place lights up in a BALL OF FIRE.

Jesus walks out of the bar.
The ball of fire lights up the night sky.
Jesus rises from the rubble.



A shot is heard in the distance. Jesus has a puzzled look on
his face.

He falls to his knees, blood drips down his arms.

He looks up in the sky and raises his hands in a Christ like
                                         CUT TO:
A Ford station wagon SCREECHES up to the curb to pick up a
young man at the park. The young man is CHARLIE, who is a
white guy, though you would not know it listening to him.

There are two other guys in the car. MARCUS, a young black
guy and the driver PRIM, an asian guy.

All three are wearing dark suits.

Their appearance stresses that something is about to go
Lets get this bitch on the roll.
We got time, we're still on
Charlie jumps in the back seat.
Prim PEALS out. Marcus- delayed-offers his hand to Charlie.
Charlie has to wait until he loads up his gun to shake it.
The timing is a little weird.
We got everything covered.


Everything should be on track, as
Marcus turns on the radio.
A song by the Police, "Every Breath You Take," starts
BLASTING out of the speakers.
Its ABRUPTLY QUIET for about a minute.
What the fuck is this shit.
This is the Police, just the
perfect music to calm us down. You
know the calm before the storm.
The calm before the storm, my ass.
Yeah, fuck that shit, change this
shit. Put on some rap or
something to get us in the mood.
The fucken music is depressing,
it's going to start making us cry
and shit.
You don't know music and how to
relax. I am telling you I did
extensive research and the book
states this is how to relax before
a stressful event.
Fuck you and your nerdy book, turn
this corny ass shit.
I beg to differ. Did you know that
"Every Breath You Take," spent
eight weeks at the top of the U.S.
charts, that song became the
biggest American hit of all time
in 1983. It even spent four weeks
at the top of the U.K. charts.


This music will calm the nerves
and the central nervous system.
Are you a doctor. Am I on the
fucken Dr. Phil show. Is that
we're we are heading. The fucken
Dr. Phil Show.
You don't know what your talking
Turn this fucken shit off.
Okay both of you shut the fuck up.
You are suppose to be acting like
a fucken professional. Now we have
this big score we are about to do
and you two clowns are fucken
acting like a bunch of twelve year
old school girls. Now fuck the
radio station, as a matter of fact
turn that shit off. We don't need
no fucken music, we just need to
be thinking and concentrating at
the job at hand, not the fucken
latest and greatest hits of the
fucken eighties. Now let's get our
heads in to the game.
Turn it off!
Marcus reluctantly turns the radio off.

Their is an uncomfortable silence as all three men sit in
the car.
No kidding, eight weeks on the US
Charts. That's amazing. I thought
that,"Every little thing she does
is Magic," was top of the pop back


The car CRAWLS to a stop outside a bank. The three men sit
idly. Prim finishes his take-out coffee and tosses the

Charlie lights up a cigarette.

Belatedly, he offers one to Marcus. Marcus lights up. The
three men sit and fidget uncomfortably under the swirls of
blue smoke.

Prim looks over at his watch, 8:58am.
Two minutes till curtain call
Marcus stubs out his cigarette in nervous jabs.

Charlie pulls from a paper bag three rubber clown masks.

All three men put them on quickly. Their movements now are
very fast.

Charlie from the back hands over a shotgun to Marcus and two
guns to Prim.

Charlie checks the chamber and then inserts into the grip of
his 9mm browning a 14-shot clip.

Marcus works the slide of a Remington 810, 12 gauge shotgun.
Prim locks and loads two 14-shot clip Beretta's. He jacks
the first round into the chamber.

Prim checks his watch again.

It's 8:59 am.
One minute.
Charlie re-checks his gun.
The streets are mostly bare with just a few people and some
commercial traffic.

There is a Starbucks a block from them with early morning
people getting their coffee and newspaper.


Prim and Marcus enter the street door first. Charlie enters
next and lingers behind the guard.

Their are just a handful of employee's at the bank.

Charlie SMASHES the guard in the head with the butt of his
gun. He quickly braces him against the wall, disarms and
handcuffs him.

Prim walks over to the BANK MANAGER and reaches over the
counter and grabs him by his tie and YANKS him over the
counter top and THROWS him across the floor:


Marcus quickly secures the bank front doors.

There are three FEMALE TELLERS and five MALE EMPLOYEES. Prim
moves toward the BANK OFFICERS at their desks, and points
both his pistols at them.
Ladies and gents! We are holding
up the bank. We are not here to
hurt anybody. You can do exactly
what we say when we say or you can
get shot. Being shot is not fun,
so I take it you would like to do
the latter.
With Prim approaching the desks, he FRANTICALLY SMASHES the
alarm button under their desks.
You people behind the desks, move
over to the floor.

Think of your babies at home and
not being a hero. Don't risk your
The faces of the Bank Employees are scared. But Prim's
monologue holds their attention.
Prim walks back over to the Bank Manager pointing his gun at
Don't forget, being superman and
batman is fiction, they are not
real, they are only in comic book
and movies and your imagination.


                       PRIM (cont'd)
So don't try and stop a bullet
with your life. Think of how
lucky your are to be alive still
and think of the nice dinner you
will have with your families and
what a wonderful dinner topic this
will be. Just relax and you will
get through this, I promise you
Charlie can barely maintain his enthusiasm.
Everybody faces on the fucken
floor and asses in the air!
Marcus DASHES to the back of the bank. He reaches the main
power supply. Quickly he removes certain wires from the
power supply box.

He SPRINTS back up to the front lobby.
      (to Prim)
The phones and video are down
We're locked up tight!
He helps out Charlie to make sure everybody is compliant.
Prim smiles through his teeth at the bank manager.
Every employee is face first on the floor, terrified.
Prim turns his full attention toward the Bank Manager.
The theatrics are now over. Can
you give me the combination
The Bank Manager has a MUTE SHOCK written across his face.
                       BANK MANAGER
Hesitation. Prim looks at the Bank Manager for a moment.


      (to Charlie)
Did he just tell me no. Maybe this
mask is constricting my hearing.
Ask him to say no to a Smith and
Wesson. I bet your ass he won't
say no to you then.
Then, from one of the safety deposit booths a sound is
All eyes turn to it.
Prim walks up to an office door and KICKS it open.

A female employee is kneeling beside her desk. Her name is
SUZY. She instantly holds her hands high.
      (holding her hands
Please don't shoot me!
Didn't you hear us robbing the
She nods her head yes.
Why the fuck didn't you come out!
Do you want to get shot!
Because I was scared.
There's nothing to be scared of
sweetie, now come on out before I
lose me temper and shoot you.
She slowly walks out of the booth and assumes the position
with the other people, face down.


Prim walks up, gun in hand toward the bank manager.
Sorry if we were rudely
interrupted, now let's do another
take. You were saying.
                       BANK MANAGER
Please don't shoot me.
Who the hell said anything about
shooting you. I don't want to kill
anybody. Do you think I want to go
to jail for murder. I just want
the combination to the fucken
Prim grabs the bank manager VIOLENTLY and they proceed to
the vault area.

Prim, Charlie and the Bank Manager make their way down
through the sub lobby hall.
All three are standing outside the massive vault doors.
      (to Bank Manager)
The combination.
                       BANK MANAGER
I told you I don't have it.
Okay we are past the getting to
know you stage. Past the wine and
dine you stage and we are at the
part we're your trying to fuck me
                       BANK MANAGER
I am telling you I am the new bank
manager on staff, I just started
two days ago.
Blah, blah, blah. Yeah you know
this first date is not working so


                       PRIM (cont'd)
Your not sweet talking me, you
just want to go right to fucking
me. I liked to be sweet talked
first to see if I even like you.
Right now I am moving towards the
point of really not liking you.
That means a second date is
seriously in jeopardy.
                       BANK MANAGER
I am trying to tell you I don't...
Prim SLAMS a punch into the Bank Manager's face. The bank
manager lands head first hitting the floor.

The bank manager is out cold.

Prim looks over at him and KICKS him in the stomach.
God damn, you went down like a
house of cards. That's with my
left hand too. Now get up.
No movement.
He's serious now. Aggressively points his gun at his head.
You have five seconds to get your
ass up, so help me god, I am going
to shoot you in the fucken face.
Still no movement.
Prim and Marcus both look at each other with a puzzled look
painted on their face.
      (kicks him)
Get up!
Oh shit.
Marcus bents over to check for a pulse.



      (taking off his
I think he's dead.
      (taking off his
Shit, shit, fuck, shit!
Prim throws his mask across the hallway in frustration.
Are you sure his dead.
He's dead as Elvis. I'm no doctor
but no pulse equates to no blood
flow to the brain, which equates
to dead as a motherfucker.
Fuck man, why don't you give him
mouth to mouth.
Fuck you man, I not putting my
lips on this man. He's dead.
Are you sure he's dead.
Do you see him moving or
How can he fucken die off one
That was a punch and a kick.
Hey, don't forget you kicked him
I kicked him after he was dead.
Your punch is the one that did him


Fuck you man, how the hell do you
think that your fucken kick to the
gut didn't do him in.
You don't have to be a doctor to
know that your punch and his head
hitting the floor probably
ruptured a blood vessel in his
What are you a fucken P.H.D
Harvard medical graduate now. How
the fuck do you know that.
I bet if I google head trauma,
that would certainly show up as
one of the causes of death.
Fuck, lets fucken quit arguing on
who killed this motherfucker and
start thinking about what the fuck
we are going to do.
He was the only one who knew the
What the fuck, weren't you in the
fucken room with me when I was
screaming at the top of my lungs
at this asshole. He said he
didn't know the combination.
What the hell are we going to do.
Are we in the same fucken room,
are you fucking with me. Out of
all the days to fuck around and
ask stupid questions, you had to
pick today.
Have you thought of something.
Prim shoots over a deadly stare.


      (to the dead body)
Fuck, why do have to fucken die
today, out of all the fucken time
and day to make me look like Mike
Tyson, it as to be today.
Uh, I think we should go upstairs
and check on Charlie and the
Prim paces around nervously.

He stops for a moment in thought.
I got a plan, let go upstairs and
check on Charlie and the hostages.
Marcus is a little confused.
All the bank employees have their face planted to the floor.

Charlie is sitting on a chair with his gun drawn at them in
amusement. He has his eye particularly on Suzy.
Prim and Marcus come running through the lobby.
About time, did you guys get in
the vault.
      (to bank employees)
Does anybody else know the
combination to the safe besides
the bank manager.
They all shake their heads - NO.
A massage parlor sit a top Martin Luther King Blvd. By the
looks of it, we can see it is in the bad part of town. Bums
litter the street corner.


A Chinese lady sits reading a newspaper at the front desk

A FAT MAN in his forties patiently waiting his turn as he
watches a broken old black and white television.

An episode of the three stooges is playing.

Flies are buzzing about. It is a record hot day in the

A pretty YOUNG WOMAN named ANGELA is massaging a CUSTOMER on
his back and is chatting away. He is an OLDER MAN in his
late thirties. We catch her mid-sentence talking about
karate movies.
Now Bruce, plays Billy Lo, he's a
Hong Kong based movie star who's
big box office draw. His
girlfriend is Anne Morris, who's a
singer and also climbing her way
to the top. Now it seems that the
syndicate wants Billy and Anne to
join their firm. But Billy knows
he's going to get treated like
shit and refuses and he tells Anne
to do the same. So they try and
try to get him to join but he
still refuses. They don't stop,
their like piranha's, I mean they
are on him like flies on
shit...excuse my French...now when
an attempt is made on his life. He
fakes his death and alters his
appearance. And then he decides to
go after the boss and takes them
out one at a time.
Is that the one with Kareem Abdul
Shit yes...he plays a character
called Hakim. He is bad ass in
that movie. He is rocking the
frow and he's like twelve feet
tall in that movie, compared to


Didn't he die during that movie.
Shit...look at you, your up on
your Bruce Lee history. Did you
look that up on Wikipedia. Yeah,
that's right, he died before the
film was complete. The producers
were were forced to pad out the
running time of the movie with
outtakes and alternate shots. You
can totally see it. I've seen the
movie at least fifty times.
Fifty times, wow.
She hesitates and counts for a moment in her head.
Nope, I take that back, about
forty six times. Well close to
it. It's the best one he's made in
my book. I mean Enter the Dragon
was great and Return of the Dragon
was okay, but Game of Death was a
masterpiece, you know. I like his
earlier films like, Big Boss and
Fist of Fury. I must have seen
those around forty times too.
Wow, you must really like Bruce
Well like him is a little
mediocre, I really admired him.
Did you know he could thrust his
fingers through and unopened can
of coke. Also did you know he
could throw up a grain of rice in
the air and catch them mid-flight
using chopsticks.
How in the hell did he do that.
Oh I can go on and on about Bruce.
Some of the stuff would trip you


Sounds like your well educate on
Bruce Lee.
Angela pats the customer on the back to signal him turn on
his back.
You just can't help but to admire
the man. He was bigger than Elvis
back then.
That felt absolutely great. Wow I
like the view from here better.
Much better.
Angela snickers an uncomfortable laugh.
She is now massaging his legs.
Oh yeah, that hits the spot.
Lots of tension there.
Yeah, lots of tension.
Angela has a very troubled look on her face.
She proceeds to work on the upper thigh region.
Right there, yeah. That works
right there.
Am I hurting you.
I thought Bruce was a genius, he
studied so much about different
cultures and he had an extensive
library of philosophies...
Now you are getting it really


The customer grabs Angela's hand FIRMLY and places her hand
on his genitals.
Angela quickly moves her hand away.
Why don't you give the Bruce talk
a rest and start making me really
Um...I don't do that...sorry.
Her movements are quick now. She nervously rubs his thigh in
a rapid fashion.
The customer grabs her hand and sits up. He is now at a very
aggressive stage.
Look sweetheart, I don't have all
day. I have to get back to the
office to a shit boss and then
rush home to some badass kids, so
lets get to
She SCRAMBLES to jerk her hand away.
I said I don't do that.
Look enough of the of the Betty
Davis school of acting. Nobody is
going to say anything here.
Plus you know and I know about
what goes down here. And you know
that I know who refereed me to you
also. So enough of the B-movie
acting job.
Angela hesitates.
Come on honey. I don't have all
day to negotiate. Either you play
ball or I am going to have to give
that someone a not so good
reference check. Now I know you
don't want a bad reference check.
Angela reluctantly gives in. By the look on her face she is


Okay this is going to be an extra
three hundred.
What am I, an immigrant that just
jumped the fence. This is going
to be one fifty. No negotiating.
Look mister, I don't take less
than three hundred for this.
Sweetheart, you are a cutie and
your not like the others who bore
me half to death. You have
personality, even if it is about
Bruce Lee movies. I admire you for
really believing in something. Now
I would hate to turn you into the
cops for soliciting sex. But if I
have to bring this train down
those tracks, then so be it.
Angela stays quiet for a moment, searching for her thoughts.
She proceeds to grab his genital area.
Sweetie, that would be one hundred fifty for a blow job, not
a tug and jerk.
Hesitation. Angela looks at the customer for a moment.
Angela reluctantly proceeds to give him oral sex.
Angela quickly storms out of the massage parlor in a fit of
The sounds of the city flow in through an open window. HORNS
HONKING and little kids are heard throughout the distance.
Paint is peeling off the walls and the place looks
disheveled. On the bed nearby is a huge open suitcase filled
with plastic bags of marijuana.


At the opposite end of the room, by the front, two men sit
playing cards. Black jack is the game of the day.
NICO and MARIO sit around playing cards. NICO resembles a
white man but you could not tell because he sounds like a
cuban gangster.
MARIO is a stout, mean-looking black man who is older than
They are both smoking weed. Passing the joint back and
Nigga, you talking some crazy
whacked out shit. Get outta my
face with that.
I'm telling you the shit, it ain't
no bullshit man.
Get the fuck outta here. Nah man
that is some serious smack your
laying down.
Now do I look like a person who
would be bullshitting you.
Let me get this shit straight. So
your telling me that Green Lantern
was a black dude...bullshit.
I am telling you he was a brotha
from a green mutha'. Through and
through, no doubt.
I could have sworn he was white.
Hell in the Justice League
cartoon, they portrayed him as a
white dude.
Let me break the scene down for
you. You see now, that's were
those motherfuckers have it all
wrong. The brotha, was a brotha,
not a honky.


                       MARIO (cont'd)
His real name was John Stewart-I
know a fucken white guys name.
They got this shit all screw up,
let me bust some further
knowledge. The Green Lantern was
created by these two cats, Martin
Nodell and Bill Finger, he first
appeared on the scene in 1940,
hence as a white dude. Then in
the 1950's there was some bullshit
going on with DC Comics and Marvel
Comics and they brought the Green
Lantern back as a character names
Hal Jordan. A test pilot who was
given the ring from a dying alien.
Then in the 60's they had this cat
named Guy Gardner, who was nothing
special, but in the 70's they had
the real bad ass of Green
Lanterns, the true and the only
till this day, bad brotha of them
all John Stewart.
Wait a minute, so your telling me
that they had three cats playing
Green Lantern.
Well, four. The last dude they
had was a character named Kyle
Rayner. But I don't count him. Or
was it five.
Nico lays down his cards.
Black jack, bitch!
Mario grabs the cards and starts to shuffle the deck.
Why don't you count the last dude.
What was his name?
Kyle Rayner. Why, because he was a
They both share a laugh.


      (high fiving each
You a crazy motherfucker.
In a surprise, Angela BOLTS through the door crying.

Nico and Mario both grab their guns and point it at the door
in a frantic moment.
Shit baby, you can't just come
barreling through the door, like
your 5.0 or something. You almost
had Mario here shit his pants.
God damn, you almost got shot
What the fuck.
Angela is a wreck. Tears are running down her face as she
tries to put her shoes and purse in the closet.
Baby you okay.
Angela STORMS straight into the bedroom without saying a
Nico follows her.
Nico walks up to Angela who is laying on her bed crying.
Shit baby what's wrong.
Is it that time of the month for


What's up. What is it.
I said nothing.
Angela has her face buried in the pillow.
Now that don't seem like nothing
tears to me. Something is up, come
on baby, you can tell me.
Fucken work.
Oh I know work can be tough, baby,
I was just telling Mario, we have
to work tonight on selling this
weed tonight and if it were up to
me I would be watching a good
movie with my baby tonight.
No you don't understand. You
sending these fucken johns to me,
is just fucken wrong!
Oh that's why your upset.
Fuck you Nico.
Baby, we talked about this,
remember. We need to make the
cash to get out of this dump.
You said that six months ago. And
six months has come and gone and I
am still turning trix's.
Hey remember we both agreed on
this shit. We are both pulling our
weight around here. I am selling
the shit on the streets and your
using your god given beauty. Now
come on baby.



                       NICO (cont'd)
I promise in about a month, I will
get you out of this shit hole and
into the suburbs.
You promised, no more of this shit
five months ago.
Ah, come on baby, don't say that.
You know I hate it when you curse.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!
Nico puts on his best RICO SUAVE moves.
Come on baby, you know that hurts
my feelings.
Nico rubs her hair gently. Angela is still clearly upset
You know I want the best things
for you and I would never steer
you wrong. Now let me be the
captain on this ship. I know it
seems hard to do the things your
doing. But plenty of people have
gone through the same shit.
It's called adversity, baby. We
all have to go through the tough
shit to get to the good shit. We
weren't born with any hand outs,
so we have to do these things to
get to paradise, baby.
I just feel like I am smarter than
this, why can't I just be a
You know being a waitress don't
pay shit. My mother was a
waitress, and all that every got
her was a fucked up life and
varicose veins. Do you know what
varicose veins are baby.


They are these ugly unsightly
veins that pop up on your legs.
It's from standing and walking too
much. They look like worms.
Now you don't want varicose veins
do you baby.
Now that's my girl. I told you I
am going to look out for your best
interest. And I promise you I
will bring you to the promise
land, baby.
                       MARIO (O.S.)
Nico, are you going to finish this
game or what.
      (to Mario)
I'm talking to my fucken girl.
Chill the fuck out.
Nico turns his attention back to Angela.
Baby I would never do you wrong. I
love you.
Nico comforts her by wiping her tears away with the sleeve
of this shirt.
You know that right. I love you.
Angela nods her head in agreement.
They share a kiss.
                                         CUT TO:


College kids scatter to their class. In the distant Jesus
is sitting by a tree watching as everybody is going about
their business
There is an air of loneliness to him. His eyes scans around.

People are going about their day, walking and talking with
their friends.

He sits lazily beside a tree just looking up at the sky with
various thoughts running through his head.

Right away his eye catches a group of beautiful girls
walking and giggling right by him. He is hoping to catch
their attention.

No chance.

He proceeds to walk to his class room with an air of defeat.
PROFESSOR BURTON is giving a lesson on Abraham Lincoln. None
of the students appears to be paying attention.
                       PROFESSOR BURTON
Abraham Lincoln, was the 16th
president of the United States. He
successfully led this country into
the greatest internal crisis of
America, The Civil War. Before his
election in 1960, Lincoln had been
a lawyer, and Illinois Legislator,
and a member of the United States
House of Representatives. As the
civil war drew to a close...
Jesus has his eyes on a girl in the class room. Her name is
LANA. She's your typical blond, blue eyed California

He looks on at her for a moment.
Taken by her beauty. He is staring at every motion of her.
How her hair falls in to place, down to her curvy body.
Jesus's book accidentally SLAMS to the floor.


The entire class looks on in silence.

He is speechless.
                       PROFESSOR BURTON
Any questions from you Jesus.
Perhaps you would like to tell us
about how President Lincoln freed
the slaves.
      (grabbing his book
       off the floor)
No, no questions, sorry.
                       PROFESSOR BURTON
If you can stay awake for ten more
minutes, I promise it will be
A slight laughter comes from the students.
Jesus becomes slightly embarrassed from the attention.
Students are gathering about, eating lunch on tables

Jesus is just sitting by himself eating a a sandwich.

While he sits in thought, he looks on at every beautiful
girl and admires each and every one of them, from their
giggle to the more serious ones.

One by one his eyes dart from one girl to the other.

As he is looking around he notices that he is the only one
sitting by himself. Everyone is sitting and laughing and
having a good time, but him.

He then looks over at a group of girls who are laughing.

Lana is sitting with a group of guys and girls.

Jesus looks at a flower on the ground.

With the slight raise and motion of his hand the flower
miraculously is lifted up in the air.

The flower suspended in the air. It slowly floats over to
Lana who is laughing with her friends.


The flower lands right on her lap.

She looks on in curiosity on how the flower got there.

Her eyes move around but the look on her face is still
baffled on how it got there.

She brushes it off as it's nothing.

No such luck.

Jesus takes in one last look over Lana.

He proceeds to get up and walk away from the school with his
head hanged low.
Jesus is strolling down the street.

He walks into a 7 Eleven Store.
Jesus walks over to the drink isle. He has his eye on the
energy drink section.
A beautiful girl walks up right next to him. She looks into
the freezer for a drink.

Jesus starts to get nervous. Sweat drips from his brow.

He can see her out of the corner of his eye but hesitates to
completely make eye contact with her.
He nervously glances over.

She is a beauty. Brunette, about 5'6, slender and beautiful.

He glances over at her again. She appears to be looking and
picking out different types of drinks.

She looks angelic.


She glances over at Jesus. Gives a quick smile and proceeds
to keep looking for her drink.

He looks over again, she is bending over trying to grab an
eighteen pack of coors light, while holding a slurping in
another hand.

As she proceeds to grab it, her slurpee SLIPS out of her
Out of nowhere, Jesus grabs the slurpee before it hits the
ground floor.

He's fast and she's impressed.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Wow, thank you.
No problem.
Jesus pauses and is mesmerized by her utter beauty. Her
piercing blue eyes almost hypnotizes him.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Uh...thank you.
      (snapping out of
Oh...sorry, here you go.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Thank you. That was a nice little
I call that trick, help beautiful
girl catch a slurpy.
There is an uncomfortable pause as Jesus just stares at her.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Well...um...I have to go pay for
this now.
Oh yes of course. You have to pay
for your slurpee, and looks like
m&m's and a hotdog.
She looks over at the other items that she's holding.


                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Yeah right. Thanks for the
inventory check list.
Sorry, I saw your handles full,
and I thought to myself where is
she going to put all that.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
They both walk to the register.
Vinay rings up the order.
She reaches in her pocket for loose change.

Jesus beats her too it.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Believe me you don't have to pay
for me.
Please, allow me. I am the quality
assurance guy. Taking your
inventory and all, this is the
least I can do.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
No I got it.
Allow me.
That'll be seven fifty.
Jesus hands over the money to the cashier.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Oh your sweet, thank you. You
didn't have to do that.
It was my pleasure.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
We'll it was nice meeting you. I
have to go now.


He stands in a silent thought as he watches the beautiful
girl slowly walk out the store.

His mind racing with thoughts on what to do next.
As the girl hops in her car, she notices out of the corner
of her eye. Jesus is running out to catch up to her.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Did you change your mind about
Oh, no.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
What's up.
I thought...I thought I could do
better. Meaning, instead of me
buying you m&m's and a hotdog, I
thought I could buy you dinner,
She hesitates for a moment, not knowing how to respond.
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Sorry but I have a boyfriend.
We'll I guess that would be a
little weird if I invited him to
and asked him to sit at another
                       7 ELEVEN GIRL
Slightly awkward. But your sweet,
thank you again for the goodies.
No problem.


She looks over at Jesus and can't help but to feel sorry for

Jesus stands in utter disappointment as he waves her off.
Jesus is sitting on the swings.

A scatter full of kids litter the park.

He watches as moms are watching their kids. The kids are
playing in the park without any worry in the world.

Jesus reflects on when he was a child.
A scared little boy about five sits in the corner of a room.

He is unclean. His hair matted down and legs and face dirty
with just a t-shirt and his underwear. It is Jesus as a
little boy.

A drunk man is passed out on the couch. Bottle of vodka in
one hand and a lit cigarette still in his other.

An episode of I love lucy is playing on the television set.

A women walks over to YOUNG JESUS. She is an older Hispanic
women. She has the appearance of someone who is on drugs.
Her name is CARLA, Jesus's adopted mother.
Carla stumbles into the living room.
You little shit. Look at you, all
dirty. Did you clean your room.
The scared little boy nods yes.
Carla gives him a HARD SMACK across his face.
Don't you lie to me. Fucken
little shit.
She SMACKS him again across the face. That one left a red
mark painted across his face.


Don't sorry me. You little piece
of shit. You were abandoned,
because nobody wanted you. Did
you know that. Nobody wanted a
little shit like you. Nobody
wants a little piece of shit that
is useless around the house.
She proceeds to SMACK him multiple times.
She VIOLENTLY GRABS Jesus by his hair and THROWS him out the
door and LOCKS the door behind her.
Jesus BANGS on the front door.
I'm sorry, I'll do better, I
Jesus continues to cry and bang on the door.
It's winter time, rainy and cold.

He is shivering with just a t-shirt and underwear.
      (banging on the
Please...I will clean my
room...please let me in.
The banging slows down as Jesus starts to get really cold.
Please, I'll be a good boy, I
No answer on the door.
Jesus looks around. He is cold and alone.
He walks towards the side of the house and grabs an big
empty cardboard box and places it over himself for shelter
from the rain.


Please lord, help me. I know you
can help me. Please don't let me
die, lord. I don't want to die. I
don't want to die.
Jesus snaps out of his daydream by a LITTLE BOY who is just
staring at him.

He looks over at the boy. The little boy is called over by
      (waving her son
Sammy calm on, time to go home.
Okay mom.
The little boy runs along.
As Jesus gets up, he walks by a strange person in a suit
just hanging about.


Awkward moment.

They both share a cold stare at one another.

Just then a car pulls up, it's PRIM and MARCUS.

Jesus walks quietly away as he notices Charlie jump in the
car and SCREECH away.
Jesus is walking along a lonely bridge.

The bridge is a small. It sits in the middle of nowhere.

He settles himself at the foot of the bridge and starts to
THROW small rocks off the bridge.


All we can hear is the rock SPLASHING at the bottom of the

He hops on the edge of the bridge and sits right on the

He looks over at the horizon. There is a deep sadness on
the face of Jesus.

Jesus starts to cry and looks up at the sky.
I hate myself...why...did you give
me this shit life...why...I fucken
hate it...
Jesus slowly gets to his feet. He is standing at the foot of
the bridge now.
Looking down below. It's a long way down. He is wondering
what it would be like to fall.
Fuck it.
                                         CUT TO:
All three men are standing in utter silence. Charlie looks
over at Prim and takes off his mask.
What'd you mean, does anyone know
the combination. What the fuck
happened down there.
Some compications.
What complications, and why the
fuck do you guys have your masked
The bank manager is dead.
Several SCREAMS are heard from the female employees.


      (to employees)
Shut the fuck up!
Come again...you killed the bank
I didn't fucken kill him, Prim
Oh are we going to start that shit
again. He said she said, blame
game. I told you he fell and hit
his head on impact then he died.
Yes it was an accidental death.
Oh bullshit man. Fuck you man.
So the bank manager is dead.
Yeah man, the bank manager is
fucken dead.
Are you sure he's dead.
We didn't do a fucken autopsy of
the fucken body, but from the lack
of him moving and breathing. I
would say yes, he is dead.
I agree, he's dead.
Shit, did you guys at least get
the combination.
That would be a negative.
Charlie looks over at the hostages and cocks his shotgun.


Fuck it. Lets just start blasting
Are you out of your fucken mind.
We had a fucken plan and the plan
was to fucken rob the bank with
the bank manager opening the
fucken safe for us. Without the
bank manager and the combination
we are all fucked.
I'm going to blast my way through
How the fuck are you going to do
that genius, the safe has like two
in a half inches of steel.
I'll just shoot my way into the
the safe.
Yeah real smart. I'm sure if you
shoot it like a hundred times, you
could probably make a scratch.
What the fuck are you coming up
with. Your fucken bitching and
moaning like a girl on her period.
(to Prim)
Come on Prim, what the fuck man.
Are you a fucken mime. Aren't you
going to address this shit hole
we're in.
I'm thinking. It's so fucken hard
to think when you guys are fucken
yelling at each other. Let me just
think for one god damn second.
Yeah, you think it through,
judging that you're the one who
killed the bank manager.


Like I said, the impact of his
head to the floor caused his
death. It's not my fault he's
un-coordinated. Fucken guy has two
left feet. I barely even touched
You fucken hit him over the head
like you were Ike Turner or
Man, I just brushed him across the
head. Brushing is not the same as
You guys can sort this through in
front of Judge Wapner. I'm going
to blast my way through the fucken
safe and get us in there.
Prim holds Charlie back.
Just hold on a second it's not
going to that easy to John Wayne
ourselves right in there.
Prim scans over at the bank staff.

They are all crouched on the floor.

Prim walks over to them.
Does anybody know the combination
to the safe.
Let's not all speak out at once
Silence again.
Nobody...huh...nobody knows, or
nobody wants to say.


Let's just start blasting them one
by one. I bet they fucken start
chirping like a bird then.
      (to Charlie)
Shut the fuck up!
Prim walks over to Suzy who is crouched down with her head
planted to the floor.
      (to Suzy)
Sweetheart, what's your name
Suzy frantically looks up.
Prim helps her to her feet.
Come on sweety, up and at'em.
Don't kill me please. I have only
been here from a month.
Yeah that's the story of the day.
Just like a parent, Prim helps to brush some dust off of her
I'm not going to kill you sugar.
Do you happen to know the
combination to the safe.
No I don't. The only person who
would have known it was Chuck, the
bank manager.
Chuck, the bank manager.


The bank manager was the only one
who new the combination. That is
hard to believe. I mean what if he
calls in a sick day, or decides to
not come into work, or what if he
get's fucken swine flu. Are you
meaning to tell me he was the only
one who knew the combination to
the fucken safe.
Yes...don't kill me.
Prim is at an agitated state. He takes a deep breath to calm

He hesitates for a moment, getting his composure.
We'll there is the owner.
And where might he be.
In the Bahamas.
Okay...we are professionals. We
have a logical and well thought
out plan. You can go back down
face first, while we try to figure
out how to rob this bank. Thank
you for all your help and I really
appreciate your cooperation in
this pressing matter.
Suzy reluctantly lays back down. Assuming the position, she
places her face down to the floor.
Prim starts to KICK the chairs around. He walks over the
several of the office desks and in a RAGE flips them over
one by one.

Charlie and Marcus look on without a word.


The hostages are even more frightened as they witness this
      (to Marcus)
I wonder if that's his way of
thinking of a new plan to get into
the vault.
Marcus shoots Charlie a cold stare.

Prim tirelessly stops all the rage and stares at everyone.
Let me handle this. Time to let
the big dogs out.
Charlie walks over to one the MALE BANK EMPLOYEE'S.

He grabs the MALE BANK EMPLOYEE up off the floor and stuffs
the barrel shotgun into person's mouth.
Who knows the combination.
The tellers eyes WIDENS.
We could barely understand the words of the Bank Employee
with the shotgun in his mouth.
                       BANK EMPLOYEE
I don't know. I just started.
We'll you better start sweet
talking me rookie or this date is
going to go south real fast,
The Bank Employee's eye's are pleading with Charlie.
Prim is watching the whole thing nervously.
Okay we are going to play a little
simon says. Simon says give me the
combination or so help me God, you
will be seeing remnants of your
brains on that floor.
The bank employee starts to cry.


Marcus comes BARRELING like a locomotive and TACKLES Charlie
to the ground.
The gun accidentally FIRES and the Bank Employee's head
paints the walls red.

The two guys look at each other stunned at just what

The rest of the bank employees SCREAM out in terror.

Prim is in a state of shock. He looks at all the blood
painting the floor red.
What the hell man.
Shit, what do you mean. You're the
one coming at me like fucken
Lawrence Taylor. You made me
shoot this fucker.
The hell I did, man. I was trying
to stop you.
How, I fucken had the pistol in
the motherfuckers mouth with one
in the chamber.
Marcus looks over at the dead body.

Blood everywhere.
Prim makes his way towards the dead body.
The body is on the floor minus a head.
That is some nasty ass shit.
Prim turns his back and starts to get sick and throw up from
the sight of the headless body.
      (to Charlie)
Fuck man, I was trying to stop


I don't know how tackling a guy
with a gun was a good idea. As a
matter of fact the chances of a
person having a gun in a guy's
mouth and someone trying to tackle
them is a very high probability of
Marcus looks over at Charlie with heated rage and LANDS a
right hook on his face, KNOCKING him backward.

Charlie quickly gets up and TACKLES Marcus to the ground.
They both are THROWING PUNCHES at one another.

Prim quickly gets in between them and tries to break them
Cut the mickey mouse shit out!
He some how manages to separate them both.

They still start to go after one another.

Prim again manages to separate them both.
We are suppose to be fucken
professionals with one common
goal. Lets fucken start acting
like it. Now we have two dead
bodies and no combination to the
We are fucked man. We are fucken
going to prison and getting raped.
Shit, not me. Maybe your black
ass is getting raped.
Alright, shut the fuck up. Nobody
is getting raped. Now can we
please concentrate on plan B and
what the fuck we are going to do.
Because right now is the present
and we can all decide our future
right now.



                       PRIM (cont'd)
Prison or trying to figure out a
way to get into the fucken vault
get the money and get the hell out
of dodge.
Okay so what's the plan.
Just then we they hear POLICE SIRENS. All three guys look at
each other.
                                         CUT TO:
Angela and Nico are making love.

Nico and Angela quicken their pace with an urgency that no
one can resist in a moment of passion. She cries out and
lowers herself to his grasp.

They quicken to an almost violent speed and then they
expire, both satisfied.

He begins to kiss her passionately on the lips multiple
I love you.
I love you to baby.
She rolls over, still hugging him.
Don't you want to just get away.
Yeah that would be nice.
No I am talking about really just
get away. Let's leave right now
and never come back .
Suddenly a KNOCK on the door.
      (to door)
What's up.


Your customer is here.
Nico jumps out of bed and starts to put on his clothes.
A disappointed Angela looks on.
I'll be right back baby, I've have
to close a deal.
Nico walks out of the door.

Angela lays on her head with warm thoughts.

We faintly here talking across the hall.
Angela starts fantasizing about a better life.

A slight smile comes across her face as she notices a
hummingbird buzzing about through the window.
The hummingbird suddenly buzz's away upon a door opening.

Nico walks in with a dumpy skinny looking man in his
mid-forties. His name is GURDON.

Angela's happiness now is turning into a sad face.
Angela SHOOTS Nico a deadly stare.
      (putting his hand
Hi, how are you.
Baby, this here is Gurdon. Gurdon
stopped by, he was just in town
and he stopped by to say high.
Angela does not return the favor.
She's just shy and a bit tired.
No problem. Might I add, you are
very beautiful.
Angela is about to throw up from the sickness that Nico has
in store for her.


Gurdon is worried.
Look, Angela here is going to make
sure you feel at home. She'll take
good care of you.
Nico motions to Angela, who is completely ignoring him and
sickened to her stomach.

Nico walks out the room. Now its just Gurdon and Angela.
You have a nice room.
Yeah, thanks.
The weather is beautiful today.
You know they say it is suppose to
be in the low 90's with just a
slight humidity.
He sits next to her, smiles and starts touching her hand.
Oh really.
Yup...wow you have got the softest
hands I have ever felt. Let me
guess, jergens lotion.
Angela quickly moves her hand away.
No, coco butter.
Coco butter, wow I have got to get
my hands on some of that. I love
me some coco butter.
He smiles and leans back into the bed.

His smugness bothers her so she grabs pen from the
nightstand and STABS it into his eye. Blood SPURTS out and


A moment later, everything is back to normal. ANGELA was
just fantasizing.
Gurdon is now slightly touching her back.
Wow such a soft back too.
Angela slowly drops the blanket she been covering up with.
She's dying and almost crying.

Gurdon, big smile, big erection (for him), watches her.
Could you shut the curtains
Why do you want to shut the
I hate the sunlight.
Ah, gotcha. Your one of those
noctornal creatures.
Gurdon walks over to the curtains and quickly closes them.

He creeps up behind her and starts planting kisses on her.

Very gently, she begins to cry.
An alarm clock goes off. It's 8:45am. A man in is mid
thirties rolls out of bed. He HITS the alarm off.

His badge and guns are laying by the table beside the clock.

He is officer, LANCE MYERS. He is a cool hip looking man. By
the looks of his abs, we can tell right away he keeps in
great shape.


Lance is in the shower letting the water run directly into
his face and cascade down his body.

He opens his mouth and freely drinks the water, then he
spits some out with a spurt.

Then he stops, attentive, listening for something.

He hears a noise.

He shuts off the water and walks out the bathroom, dripping
wet, naked.
Lance peeks around the kitchen corner.
Suddenly a man dressed in black comes barreling through the
back window.



PHFT!-PHFT!-PHFT!-PHFT!-PHFT!-PHFT! -- silenced automatic
weapons fire -- raking into the apartment and --

THE WINDOW peppered with holes and --

The INTRUDER starts firing blind. PEPPERING the apartment
with bullets.
Lance DIVES for cover.
Lance kicking that chair across the room and --

The intruder reacting -- instinct -- moving target --

THE CHAIR just strafed to shit and --

Lance rolling away and --

Lance unable to reach for his guns, crawls to avoid the
SPRAY of bullets.

He is able to reach for a knife

Lance throwing the knife and --


The intruder -- turning -- too late -- the knife catching
him in the neck and --

Lance -- in motion -- attacking and --

INTRUDER -- knife impaled in his neck -- clawing for it with
one hand -- trying to get off a shot and --

TEARING wildly around the room and --

Lance -- full-stop -- kicking the gun -- kicking it up --


The Intruder-- no chance -- off balance -- Lance -- his open
palm driving up into the Intruder's JAW -- the body wants to
fall backward, but Lance has the guy's arm in his free hand

jerking it like rope -- tearing it from it's socket and --

THE GUN CLATTERING FREE across the floor and --

Lance -- his knee -- like a piston --

hard into the intruder's GUT -- and then down -- his foot --
down into the intruder's KNEE, SHATTERING it and --

The intruder is on the floor -- stunned -- wiped out-- knife
pouring blood from his neck --

arm hanging like a rag doll --

bone torn through his pant leg above the knee and –

Lance is now on top of the intruder in a mounted position.
Now you have just about ruined my
shower. I was just starting to
get into jerk off mode.
Lance starts to apply pressure to the neck wound.

The intruder screams out in agony.
All thanks to you, I am going to
be starting off my morning all
tensed up. Do you know the feeling
of not being able to jerk off
until the evening.



                       LANCE (cont'd)
Every guy should jerk off during
the day, preferably in the shower
so that way you are not all
stressed out during the day. I
don't know why some guys wait to
do it at night. During the day is
the best time to jerk off. What
do you think?
                       THE INTRUDER
Fuck you!
You see with a reaction like that,
I could tell you did not jerk off
this morning.
                       THE INTRUDER
Fuck you!
That is a little weird to say
right now. Judging that I am
naked on top of you and your about
as close to death as it is.
Are you from the GARDUA FAMILY or
                       THE INTRUDER
I am from the fuck you family.
Am I being punked, is that what
this is.
                       THE INTRUDER
Fuck you!
We'll I just wanted to find out
which family so I can inform my
homeowners insurance company who
to send the bill to. But looks
like I am not going to be getting
that information from you.
(thinking to himself)
Man I am going to have to file a
claim right away. Probably be on
hold for a long time. Now you
have just ruined my day. Do you
know what the wait time is for an
Insurance Company...we'll let me
tell you a long fucken time.


                       LANCE (cont'd)

We'll got to get to work...time to
Lance grabs the knife from his neck and THRUSTS it into his
the Intruder's head.
Lance walks into the Precinct, with coffee in hand,
newspaper in the other, just like it's a normal day for him.
CAPT. GASPER, looks over at Lance and motions him over.

CAPT GASPER, is sitting behind a desk, where he spends about
ninety percent of his day. He stands tall, rough and tough
and no-nonsense type captain.
                       CAPT. GASPER
I heard you had a shit morning.
Yeah fucken calling the Insurance
company is going to ruin my fucken
                       CAPT. GASPER
Tell me about it, that what the
wife is for. You got to get one of
No thanks. Live in hell for the
rest of my life. I perfectly
happy with righty and lefty and
the occasionally massage parlor.
                       CAPT. GASPER
Look on more pressing issues. We
just got a call about a bank
robbery downtown. I want you on
this like fly on shit.


Shit, no problem. Could not be
worse than this morning. I'm on
it boss.
Lance DASHES out the door.
                                         CUT TO:
About four men are sleeping in the bedroom. Including Nico
and Mario. They all seem to be passed out.

Angela is fully naked and wakes up disoriented.

By the looks of it, it looks like it was a gangbang.

Angela proceeds to put on some clothes. She looks around at
the four drunk men and is completely disgusted.

She quickly packs up the rest of her things and heads out
the door.
Angela sits and waits at a bus stop.
Angela is sitting in the bus, just gazing out of the window.
An old house sits upon a lonely street.

Angela with her bags in tow stands out in front of the

A little girl pears out the window.

Their eyes lock.

The little girl comes running out of the house and jumps up
to hug Angela.

The little girl is JERRICA. Angela's little sister.


Ola hermanita.
They embrace a long while.
Are you home for good.
No sweetie. Just came by to see
I miss you.
They embrace tightly again.
I love you and miss you too.
I am in the fourth grade now and I
am getting really good grades.
You are, I am so proud of you. You
are the smartest little girl in
the whole wide world.
Yup, that's what mama said too.
You got so tall. I remember when
you were just a little baby.
Yup, I'm a big girl now. I can
even ride a bike. Let me show you.
Jerrica, grabs her bicycle from the front lawn and proceeds
to show Angela how good she rides her bike.
An older woman looks out through the door.

Angela locks eyes with her.
Hi Mama.
The older woman ignores Angela and watches Jerrica on her


Yeah baby, you are doing so good.
See...see, how good I ride it.
The interior is comprised of small narrow filled with
religious objects. Jesus statues in various corners. The
floor is decorated with old Mexican rugs. It looks clean,
catholic but somewhat depressing.

MAMA is an older Mexican women in her mid-fifty's. She
looks tired.
I thought I would never see you
We'll I'm here. In the flesh. I
have something for you.
Moving towards her, she opens her bag and pulls out a nice
necklace with a cross. Mama stares at it but does not take

Mama with something on her mind gets up and starts to finish
up cooking in the kitchen.

Angela somewhat disappointed follows her to the kitchen.
The smell of Menudo fills the air.

Mama proceeds to finish cooking. She seems a bit flustered
So are you still working at the
Yeah, but they cut more hours last
week. So it's been a little rough
around here.
Jerrica has gotten so big, I
almost didn't recognize her.


That's what three years away from
home will do to you.
With her back turned away from her she silently cooks.
So what have you been doing with
yourself all these years.
You know working here and there.
Here and there,and now you're
Yeah, I was hoping I could crash
out for a couple of days.
Crash out.
Yeah, you know stay for a couple
of days just until I figure things
You mean after all these years you
have not figured things out yet.
It's not a big deal, I am just
asking for a day or two.
Funny, how you come here, no
letter, no phone call, not even an
email and you want to stay here
for a couple of days. I wonder
when you started viewing this as a
boarding house.
I was just...
Your running around the streets
doing who knows what...you
probably have aids.


Woa, woa, what? Now your just
talking crazy.
I'm just asking for a place to
stay, I'm not asking for money or
anything like that.
Oh, I'm not the one showing up
after three years asking for this
and asking for that...
Jerrica walks in and suddenly they are both quiet.
Baby, me and Mama are just talking
grown up stuff right now.
Are you guys arguing.
Oh no honey, it's just two adults
talking. We were just having an
adult discussion.
      (under her breath)
One adult and one child talking.
Angela crouches down to hug her.
Angela gives Mama a cold stare.
Why are you guys yelling.
Mama and I are just trying to
figure things out.
I hope you do. We can play
together, and we can even play
doctor with Roger.
Angela suddenly has a stunned look about her.

Mama stays silent.


What...what you do you mean
You know Roger takes my pulse and
gives me mouth to mouth to make
sure I am okay. You know doctor.
Angela FALLS back, stunned at what she is hearing.
Funny, I remember how Roger use to
play doctor with me.
She looks back at Mama.
You bitch! You let that
motherfucker still live here.
Suddenly they here the front door open.

It is an older man in his sixties. His name is Roger, he is
old, fat and has a pervert look to him.

By the looks of his clothing, he is in construction and he
just got off work, with a twelve pack of Tecate Beer in

Angela quickly looks around, GRABS the first thing she

With a knife in hand she DARTS into the living room.
Angels LUNGES with a knife toward an unsuspecting Roger.

The knife gets THRUSTED into Roger's chest. She lands on
top of him.

Blood SPLURTING everywhere.

Angela is in a RAGE. Jerrica and Mama are SCREAMING from the
You motherfucker!
Angela cold-cocks him with her fist breaking his nose. Now
she is covered in his blood.


Her eyes goes straight to the television set. She runs to
it, grabs it and lifts it over her head and SMASHES it on
top of Roger.

Roger is GASPING for his last breath.

She goes to grab his twelve pack for beer and RAMS it
multiple times on top of his head. Beer and blood FLYING

Angela lets our a blood curling SCREAM. She is reminiscent
of a Tasmanian devil.

Mama is in the kitchen crying.
      (hitting him over
       his head)
Die you motherfucker! Die!
Angela POUNDS him until his last breath.
The rage is now over.

Angela settles down for a moment.

Jerrica and Mama still SCREAMING in terror.

Angela walks over to console Jerrica. It's not working.
He's not going to hurt you anymore
She gives her a hug.
      (to Mama)
Looks like I won't be needing that
room after all.
She walks over the lifeless body of Roger, takes one last
look at it and spits right on him.
That's for taking away my
                                         CUT TO:


Marcus peeks through the blinds to the outside.
Oh shit, there must be a like
fifty to a hundred cops out there.
That's it.
What the hell are we going to do
No response from Prim.
Let's get everybody into the back
      (to employee's)
You heard the man, what are you
looking for an E-Card invitation.
Marcus and Charlie herd everyone from the lobby into an
office room.
Prim looks out the window.
I'm going to check the doors out
in the back
Great idea we got to make sure
they are locked.
Marcus runs into the back.
How much time do you think we
      (looking out the
By the looks of it, all fucken


I don't want to be here all day. I
have this chick to take out to
dinner tonight.
We'll you better call her up and
tell her that your going to be a
little late.
Marcus comes running from the back.
All clear from the back.
Did you hear this Marcus, Prim
said we are not going to be home
until tonight. And I have a date
Marcus looks on at Charlie in utter bewilderment.
Are you fucken serious. We have
half the fucken brigade out there
and all your thinking about is
taking a chick out to dinner.
Shit, we'll be lucky to get out
here alive.
Alive, really.
Prim is still looking out the window in deep thought.
      (snapping out of
What the hell man, everything is
secure. What's next.
All clear down here.


Marcus and Charlie both turn to each other.
Yeah it's all clear, did I
stutter. All clear. It's clear as
clear as can be. Now will you snap
the hell out of it and starting
thinking about how the hell we are
going to get the fuck out of here.
Now come on, the phones and video
are down. We are as tight up in
here as fifteen year old boy in
some skinny jeans.
With a new found determination, Prim MARCHES into the office
where the Bank Employee's are being held.
Prim points his gun directly to a dorky looking male
employee who's name is CHUCK.
Okay, its showtime. Let's go.
Chuck goes stiff, swallows, stares back at Prim.
Yeah you poindexter. Get your bony
ass up and let's go.
Chuck reluctantly gets up. Prim helps him up by GRABBING him
by the tie.
Prim is pulling Chuck by his tie through the Lobby.

Marcus follows behind while Charlie stays back.

Charlie looks over at the Bank Employee's and smiles through
his teeth.
Any shit I should worry about. Any
secret back doors?


No. I'm telling you I don't know
the combination.
Shut the fuck up and keep walking.
They walk right to the bank safe.
Charlie is LEERING at the female bank staff. He appears very
CREEPY just holding his gun and with the clown mask on.

The bank employee's are completely frightened.

Then, from one of the offices a sound is heard.
Charlie's eyes turn to it.
He quickly walks up to it and KICKS the door in.

Gun drawn.

A female employee is crouched tightly on the floor. She
instantly holds her hands high. Her name is MICHELLE, a
young dark haired employee.
Freeze bitch!
Charlie walks up to her with, gun in hand.
Who the fuck are you?
Please don't shoot me!
You better start singing your best
I'm the financial person, I just
started two weeks ago, please
don't kill me, please.
Michelle is crying. Charlie is enamored by her beauty.


Financial person huh...like you
deal with all the loans and
What are the current interest
rates right now.
The interest rates, what are the
current interest rates. Last time
I checked, they were in the fives,
have they gone down from there.
A confused look strikes throughout Michelle's face.
It's at an all time low for the
month at four point two five
You're shitting me. Fuck that's a
good rate. Probably a good time to
refinance my car note. What do you
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah, I got raped on my car note.
I had a credit score of six ten,
you know because of credit cards
and student loans, so my debt to
income ratio was high. So this
fucken dealer just absolutely
rapes me on the interest rate and
gave me a seven point five
interest rate. Shit by the time
I'm fucken fifty my 2009 Dodge Ram
will be paid off and by that time,
the car is going to be a fucken
antique. Maybe we can discuss my
situation after this whole bank
robbery situation.


                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
Is that okay?
Great, now lets get you situated
with the other hostages so they
won't think I am playing
All three are standing right in front of the vault, silent.
The body of the Bank Manager lays right in front of the

Chuck looks over at the body and is close to throwing up.

He closes his eyes to get some relief.
So now what.
Are you in charge.
Are you sure your not in charge.
No I'm not.
We'll your sure as hell acting
like your in charge, asking me
Sorry, I don't know what else to
You can get us in this fucken
vault, is what you can do.


I told you, I don't know the
Get on your knees.
Look I know I look gay and all but
I don't swing that way.
Prim whips out his gun and points it straight into Chuck's
Get on your fucken knees!
Chuck does it immediately.
Marcus look on in anguish.
Okay, whatever you say.
You must think we're fucken
amateurs, you piece of shit.
No answer.
Yes you do! Yes you do
motherfucker! You think we are
fucken amateurs! You think this
our first score, don't you
motherfucker! We'll I got news for
you, your about to find out how
much of an amateur we really are.
Uh...what are you doing?
      (to Marcus)
Shut the fuck up! I got this. This
motherfucker is about to get two
in the head! He thinks we are
fucken amateurs! He thinks we are
fucking around!


No I don't!
You know the combination,
motherfucker, don't you!
No I don't.
Yes you do! You do know the fucken
Please, I don't, please.
Motherfucker! I am going to fucken
shoot you in the fucken face! Tell
us the combination!
I don't know, I am telling the
Yes you do cocksucker!
Prim PLANTS his gun to his face.
Please...I don't!
Get ready to die, motherfucker!
Chuck starts to pee his pants.
Prim! What the hell man.
Please, don't kill me! Please
don't kill me! I don't know the
Prim loosens his intensity on his gun and looks over at
Prim stands there in utter shock on how he just acted. He
lowers his gun.


Yeah, your right.
Man, you have got to get it
together. Look man, this
motherfucka' does not have the
damdest clue what the fucken
combination is. We can damn near
waterboard this motherfucka' that
don't mean he's going to tell us
where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Now
we already got one motherfucka in
here dead, that's murder one. We
have another body without a fucken
head upstairs, murder two. Right
now we are we are facing larceny,
robbery, holding hostages against
there will, I don't even know what
they call making a man piss
himself, but we have to get it
together and one, figure out how
to get in this vault and two how
to get the fuck out of dodge.
Chuck is crouched in the fetal position sucking on his
Your right, I'm cool.
Marcus looks over at the vault and notices a key opening.
      (to Chuck)
Now what happens if you have an
emergency if the bank manager is
out. Does he have a special key to
get into the vault. I mean, look,
there's a key opening here. There
has to be an emergency key
Chuck gathers his composure.
Yeah I think there is a key in his
Well come on nigga. Lets go get


Charlie is sitting chatting up Michelle as the other Bank
Employee's are still face down on the floor.
So I like rap music sometimes, but
I have got to tell you I am more
of an oldies kind of guy. I am
really into the doors. Jim
Morrison was one of a kind. I
mean a guy who can walk around in
patent leather pants and sing the
tunes that they belted out was
mesmerizing. He really was a poet
and really if you think about it
wise beyond his years. Hits like
Hello I love you or Light my Fire
or even one of my favorites,
people are strange was music that
really spoke to you and really hit
you right in your heart. Music
back then really made you think.
Think about what.
You know, life.
Listening to the Doors, made you
think about life.
Abso-fucken-lutely! Like what is
the meaning of life.
Certainly not bank robbery.
Yeah I know, but this is a means
to an end, you know.
Are you serious.
Yeah, I mean I hope I have not
painted myself in a bad light



                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
I know you see me with this gun
and all, I am really more of a
poet. I love poetry.
Yeah, I like words and expression.
You would probably think bank
robbery is a form of expression
but it's not me. This is not the
real me. I love life and I don't
want to die.
The phone RINGS. Charlie ignores it.
The phone keeps RINGING as Charlie proceeds on with his
You know the Beatles were like a
band of poets. I mean John Lennon
was fucken the king of poetry. If
you really listen to the music
Imagine. Wow you really have to
listen to it several times to
really understand it. His words
were inspiring and it reached so
many people.
Just then Prim and Marcus come bursting through the lobby.
      (to Charlie)
What the fuck man...why is the
phone ringing.
Because that's what a phone does,
it rings.
Prim peeks out the window.
Fuck man, looks like the whole
fucken platoon is out there.
The phone keeps ringing. Nobody is answering it.


No, it's probably a telemarketer
trying to sell us something.
I can bet my left nut that it's
not that.
If it's the cops, fuck em'. You
see it every time in the movies,
you answer the phone, your fucken
getting sweet talked by some punk
as detective who is just stroking
you and buying some time until you
final get sick of it and give up.
He's right, we can't be wasting
time on the phone with these pigs.
Let's get the key and get the
money and find a fast way to get
the hell out of here.
You guys have done this before.
All three men face Michelle with a dumbfounded look.
Yeah. Can't you tell.
      (to Charlie)
We may have another way in the
Fuck ya. Did you guys finally make
up your minds about blasting our
way in. Because all I need is a
couple of shots.
No, we may have a key to get in.
Chuck escorts Charlie and Prim to the bank managers office.
Charlie notices Chuck's wet pants.
Goddamn, did he fucken piss his


Chuck RUMBLES through the desks.
I think it's here somewhere.
Marcus and Prim turn the office upside down looking for the
Prim is dumping the desk completely upside down.

A key falls from one of the drawers.

Prim holds up a key as if it's a prize.
His eyes big. The sparkle from the key almost blinds him.
I got it.
Marcus and Chuck stare at the shiny key in delight.
Jesus is standing a top of the bridge looking down.

He stares at the water below for a moment then suddenly a
car comes driving by, and HONKS snapping Jesus out of his

He slowly gets down from the ledge of the bridge.
      (to himself)
Your such a coward.
Jesus walks off along side of the road feeling yet another
                                         CUT TO:
Jesus walks towards a coffee shop at the corner street.


The coffee shop is filled with just a handle full of
customers. A small group of three young guys and two
beautiful girls sit in the middle near the front.
What can I get for you.
Yes, I will take a café mocha, non
fat with wip.
Did you say with wip.
Yes, non fat with wip.
That'll be three fifty.
Jesus digs in his pockets and hands her the exact change.
Thanks it'll be right up.
Jesus takes a seat at a corner table. He sits and just
stares out of the window.

He could hear the group of people chattering when he walked
in. One of the girls, catches his eye. She is stunning. Dark
hair, blue eyed girl. She looks as if she has been crying
all day.

There is an air of sadness about her.

He can't take her eyes off of her.

She looks like an angel just sitting there.

While she is crying her eyes peer over at Jesus looking at
her. He quickly looks away, not wanting to be noticed.

Up in the corner it seems, a band is about to set up for
today's session. He notices a guitar.

Jesus walks over to the guitar and picks it up and proceeds
to play.

He sings an acoustic version of John Lennon's Jealous Guy.


I was dreaming of the past.
And my heart was beating fast, I
began to lose control, I began to
lose control, I didn't mean to
hurt you, I'm sorry that I made
you cry, I didn't mean to hurt
you, I'm just a jealous guy, I was
feeling insecure.

You might not not love me anymore,
I was shivering inside, I was
shivering inside, I didn't mean to
hurt you, I'm sorry that I made
you cry, I didn't mean to hurt
you,I'm just a jealous guy,

("Whistling Tune")

I was trying to catch your eyes,
Thought that you were trying to
hide, I was swallowing my pain, I
was swallowing my pain.I didn't
mean to hurt you, I'm sorry that I
made you cry,I didn't mean to hurt
you, I'm just a jealous guy, I'm
Jealous guy.
All eyes are on Jesus. He seems to be focusing his attention
on the sad girl who caught his eye in the room.

The sad girl seems to be a bit mesmerized by Jesus and his

The entire coffee shop ERUPTS in applause.

Jesus gets up and walks over to the girl's table.
That was for you. You looked a
little sad so I thought that song
would cheer you up.
Little does Jesus know but she is sitting by some tough
looking guys, one being her BOYFRIEND.

The sad girl is now blushing and all smiles. She is
completely flattered by his comment.
You motherfucken cocksucker.


The boyfriend who looks like he's a gangster and can take
care of himself, quickly JUMPS out of his chair.

He lands his right fist to Jesus's face, KNOCKING him to the
You fucken want to sing to my
He jumps on top of him and starts POUNDING his fist into
Jesus's face. BLOOD SPURTING from his nose.
Stop it!
The boyfriend continues his assault on Jesus.

The crowd starts to scatter from the ruckus.

The Boyfriend gets up and starts to kick Jesus repeatedly,
the other two thugs are just laughing it up while both girls
are screaming for him to stop.

Jesus raises his hand up and raises it toward a fork on a

The fork gets raised in the air and DARTS into the
boyfriend's eye.

The boyfriend YELPS out a loud scream.
Ahhh....you motherfucker!
The boyfriend is on the floor screaming.

Jesus slowly gets to his feet and walks over to the other
two thugs.

He looks at them and motions his hand to both of their
chests, PUSHING them by some weird unexplainable force
through the glass window.

Everyone in the coffee shop is looking over at Jesus in
utter shock.

Both girls are completely freaked out of just what happened.

The boyfriend continues screaming on the floor as blood
SPURTS out of his eye.


He seems unable to get the fork out as it is wedge in deep
into his eye.

Jesus looks over to the two girls.

He frantically runs out of the coffee shop as the call of
police sirens come near.
Jesus is running for his life. He does not know where he is
running to, he is just running away.

He runs clear across to the other side of town. He stops at
the corner of a street light to catch his breath.

Looking around he notices the town people looking at him.
His face and white shirt are covered in blood.

In the distance, Angela is walking on the other side of the
street. She has a confused and lost look on her face.

She stops for a moment and notices the stream of cars on a
busy street.

On the other side of the street, Angela has a frightened
look about her.

He too seems scared and frightened. He slowly starts to walk
along the streets, choosing to ignore the people giving him
the awkward stares.

He walks along an old book store with a glass mirror. He
stops for a moment and he can see what everybody is staring
at. His scared face is marred with blood and his white
shirt is covered with blood stains.

Out of the corner of the bookstore mirror, he notices a girl
walking in the middle of the street.

The girl is Angela. She appears to be disillusioned. She
does not seem care about the oncoming traffic.

Cars and trucks HONK their horns to alert Angela of the
street danger.

She ignores it.

Jesus notices that she is clearly not paying attention or
she is and she does not care.


As he looks over at her, he notices a semi-truck BARRELING
towards her.

The truck driver does not appear to see her nor does she
ever appear to look up. She keeps walking in the middle of
street with her head down.

As the truck coming inches away from hitting her, Jesus runs
and TACKLES Angela away from the truck.

Nearly missing her.

They both land on the sidewalk.

Jesus looks over at Angela to make sure she is still alive.

They both look deep into each others eyes. Without a word he
quickly picks her up and carries her away from the wandering
It is a utter chaos outside the bank. Police cars and
onlookers litter the streets.

Uniformed officers are moving the onlookers away. More
police cars and ambulances arrive on the scene.

Lance's car pulls up to the scene. He exits the car and is
approached by a uniformed officer named LT. BERGEY.
                       LT. BERGEY
We got a mess in there.
Give me the synopsis.
                       LT. BERGEY
From the witnesses, looks like
three punks acting like their in a
Clint Eastwood, Fist Full of
Dollars movie. The witness states,
she notices three guys in suits
armed to the teeth come out of
that car.
(points over to a car)
They storm the bank, and take
hostages. One black guy, one
white and one asian guy.


Asian guy. Like chinese or
                       LT. BERGEY
Is there a difference.
Why hell yes. The chinese are
more slanted eyed while the
philipino have more round eyes.
Technically she's right both are
asians but entirely different type
of asians to be politically
                       LT. BERGEY
Hmm, never thought of that.
Did you see any others.
                       LT. BERGEY
Any contact inside.
                       LT. BERGEY
Nope, we've been calling every
five minutes like we're some
telephone stalkers and they just
don't pick up.
You have your snipers on site.
                       LT. BERGEY
You bet ya. We have no eyes right
now, but once we do, you just give
us he word and my men will shoot
to kill. They will not miss.
Lets just hold off on the massacre
for just a moment. They are bound
to answer our calls and state
their demands. Keep being that
crazy boyfriend and keep on
calling them every minute on the
minute. We'll play their game for
a moment.


Lance looks over at the front entrance with confidence that
this is going to end his way.

He takes a drag from his cigarette.
I can guarantee that this is going
to end my way.
The blinds are closed and the room is dark. Seated behind a
big oak desk is DON FRANK. He is a man in his late sixties.
A big looking silver haired man. He commands respect.

Sitting across from him at two of his henchmen BUZZ and SAW
and some gangsters. These guys are not to be messed with.

His right hand man ALPHONSO consoles him.

Don Frank is sitting in his chair crying, while the
gangsters stay silent.
                       DON FRANK
I want this low life piece of
garbage found. Let the angels of
death strike up on him.
Don't worry boss. I am sending
Buzz and Saw over to take care of
Alphonso hands Don Frank more tissue.
                       DON FRANK
He was the only son I had. To be
stabbed in the eye with a fork,
what kind of monster would do such
a thing.
The kind of monster that this
society does not need.
Alphonso looks over to Buzz and Saw and motions them to take
care of the problem.

Buzz and Saw acknowledge him and walk out the door.


Fork in the eye. What kind of
human being would do such a thing.
What is this world coming too.
Kids today.
Yeah, too much violence in society
It's the fucken movies, I tell ya.
Yeah whatever happened to classics
like Gone with the Wind.
They don't make em' like they used
Buzz and Saw both grab their guns from a gun rack, they make
sure its loaded and they walk out the door.
Jesus slowly lays Angela on the ground. Neither of them has
spoken a word to one another.

Jesus checks over Angela.
Are you okay.
Angela nods her head yes.
Are you hurt or injured anywhere.
Are you sure.


My name is Jesus.
He reaches out his hand.
So Angela. Anything interesting
happening today.
They both look at each other.
Not particularly, and you.
Same here, nothing to interesting.
I'm sort of a boring guy.
What big rig did you have a fight
Oh this. Well some of it is mine
and some of it is someone elses
Someone elses.
Yeah some guy was trying to kill
me for singing to his girlfriend.
Oh, okay...makes sense.
And yours.
My what.
The blood on your shirt. I'm sure
that was not caused by your period
gone hay wire.
Angela shoots him over a dirty look.


Sorry, bad joke.
Unlike you, I think I killed
Oh, wow. How do you know.
He took one in the jugular. I got
him in is artery so I am pretty
sure he's dead.
Don't worry it was justified.
I'm sure it was.
It should have been done a long
time ago. God always states that
there's a plan in everyone's life.
We'll his plan was to die today,
so I just justified it for him.
I didn't know God had a plan for
all of us.
Yeah you didn't know that.
I must have not gotten the memo
when I was born.
Jesus looks out the door to make sure nobody has followed
Did you see something.
I thought I heard something.
Why did you save me.


Save you.
Yeah, why did you save me today.
You know, you just looked like a
person that needed to be saved.
I just saw you out there in the
middle of the street. And you
looked like some sort of angel
walking out there. And I just
looked over at you and reacted.
We'll you should not have done
Sorry, if I messed up your plans.
No problem, I never really thought
I had a plan in life too.

I mean I had dreams and
aspirations like everybody else,
but somehow I knew it was not
going to go according to plan.
Dreams. I like to dream.
Ya, do you have any dreams.
I did... but that was a long time
Like what in particular.
Jesus looks away, he seems uncomfortable.


Would you like to get out of here
and get a piece of pie.
A piece of piece.
Ya, I'm a sucker for lemon pie.
You look like an apple pie kind of
How did you know.
Just a lucky guess. I know this
bakery shop that serves the best
pie in town.
Okay, sure.
Jesus helps Angela up and they walk out.
Buzz and Saw are driving around with a police scanner. They
are listing to it intently.

Saw turns on the radio.

All We Are by Matt Nathonson comes on the radio.

Saw starts to hum out the tunes.
All we are we are,all we are we
are and every day is a start of
something beautiful. I wasted,
wasted love for you traded out for
something new well.

It's hard to change the way you
lose if you think you never won.
Cause all we are we are,all we are
we are. And every day is a start
of something beautiful...
Buzz looks over at Saw.


Can you shut the fuck up with that
shit and lets get into the moment.
I have to say you carry a tune
very well.
Jesus buttons up his jacket to cover his blood soaked shirt,
as well as Angela.

They both take a seat in the far corner.

A little old lady in her seventies walks up to their table
to take their order. She is BETSY, a woman in her late
Angela this is Betsy. They best
pie maker in the whole wide world.
Angela shakes her hand.
Pleasure to meet you.
Thank you sweetheart. Don't mind
this guy, he is always trying to
flirt with me.
He told me all about your pie's.
Oh did he. I am surprised he is
not five hundred pounds as much as
he comes in here.
Believe me if I can eat your pie's
all day it would well worth
gaining five hundred pounds.
Is this your girlfriend.


We'll no.
Angela and Jesus lock eyes.
What'll you both have.
I will have the usual fabulous
lemon pie.
And I'll have the apple pie.
Two pies for two lovely people
soon to be a couple, coming right
Betsy gives a wink to Jesus as she walks away.
She is so sweet.
Yeah she is, one of the sweetest
ladies I have ever known.
Do you come in here a lot.
Well, not a lot just everyday.
They both share a laugh.
I feel like I have known you in a
past life or something, very
Maybe I was your pet dog in a past
Yeah maybe. I could picture you as
my pet Chihuahua.
I would say more like a german


Yeah, I would not have ever
pictured that.
You asked me earlier what my
dreams were. I apologize for not
answering you.
That's okay, you don't have to
answer it.
I would like to, it's just that
nobody has ever asked me that
question before. Listen, I don't
have a lot of friends, or any
friends for that matter, so
usually those types of questions
just throw me off.
Don't worry me too.
Yeah, I don't have a lot of
friends either. Never seem to meet
anybody who is real. You know
everyone seems to be a bit of a
phony. It's hard to find someone
is who's really real and honest
about themselves. Everyone is
usually out to get something or
they are busy talking about
themselves and not really finding
out about you.
I know what you mean.
You were saying.
Oh yes, about my dreams...I guess
my dreams would consist of being
normal. I don't seem to be a
normal guy.



                       JESUS (cont'd)
I spend most of my time alone with
my thoughts and what's in my head
is not a pretty picture. It hurts
many times, you know like a
You seem normal to me.
Yes really.
Let me show you something. Put
your hand out.
Jesus puts out both his hands. And points one of his hands
towards a coffee cup on a nearby shelf.

Angela has her hand out.
Okay, I am waiting.
Jesus closes his eyes and motions his hands towards the
coffee cup.
The coffee cup FLOATS towards on, into Angela's hand.

Angela looks up at Jesus in amazement.
I told you weird huh.
You are so cool.
Prim and Marcus make a mad SPRINT into the vault area with
the key.
Prim holds up the key to the key hole. They both cannot hold
their enthusiasm.

He turns it, nothing happens.


What happened.
Let me turn it again.

Their look of enthusiasm is starting to turn into a look of
I think your using too much
I'm not using too much muscle,
it's very simple, it's a key
inserted into a key hole. All you
have to do is turn the fucken key.
We'll do it.
I am!
Marcus presses his ear to the vault to hear for any CLICKING
I don't hear shit.
Oh, fuck me.
Prim is fiercely turning the key.
Wait...I think.
Do you hear something.
No that was just my stomach
Shit man, I'm fucken serious.


What the hell, do you think I'm
doing. I'm trying to listen for
the god damn clicky-clack.
Fucken key.
Prim JAMS it hard into the key whole and turns it until is
Oh great look at what you. What if
that was the key to get this thing
Are you going brain dead. Did you
not see me turning it. The fucken
key broke because it was not the
right fucken key for the fucken
key hole.
What are we going to do now.
What are we going to do? What are
we going to do? What am I Johnny
with all the answers. Shit, why
don't you come up with a plan for
once. I don't have a fucken plan.
How is that for a plan. The plan
I had went shit down the toilet.
The plan I had was shit, the plan
I had is going to get us either
fucken killed or fucken thrown in
Prim crouches down and starts to cry.
I don't even fucken know what I am
doing. We don't fucken know what
we are doing. What the fuck are
we doing here.
We where trying to get some money
for our start up company remember.


Fucken startup company. Being
turned down by every venture
capitalist and bank has lead us to
this. We are fucken failures, lets
face the facts.
We are not failures, now come on,
you're the smartest guy I know.
Who would ever have thought of a
ordering coffee on the internet. I
know I would not have thought of
that. That is fucken genius.
Those asshole bankers just don't
see the vision. I am sure people
laughed at google or yahoo when
they first came out with their
You think so.
Fuck yea. Hotcoffeeonthespot.com
would be international if we had
the VC funding right now. This was
the only way to go about it.
Yeah Prim.
What was Charlie's role in the
company going to be again.
The both share a laugh.
I'm not sure. Janitor maybe. I'm
still trying to figure that out.
Me too. I thought you would know.
They share a laugh again.
Nah man, that was all you.


I probably would have put him as
head of customer relations.
Yeah, he's good at slinging all
that bullshit.
Yeah he is.
Jesus and Angela are in the bakery shop just holding hands,
staring into each others eyes.

Just then Jesus notices a cop car pull up with it sirens
GLARING across the street.
Oh shit, we go to go.
We got to go, let's go.
Jesus and Angela quickly dash out through the back door of
the Bakery.
Jesus and Angela are crouched down in the alley of the

Cop cars are all over the place.

The police cars are parked in front of the bank.

Jesus and Angela quickly dash in the back door of a bank.

It's locked.

Jesus closes his eyes and quickly removes the lock by just
waving his hand.
Angela looks on, she's impressed.


Jesus and Angela quickly dash through the dark hallway.
Prim and Marcus are sitting down when suddenly they hear the
sound of approaching foot-steps coming from the hallway.
Do you hear that.
Hear what.
Sounds like someone is in the
Jesus and Angela are nervous now, they quickly are running
through the hallway now, frantic.
Buzz and Saw pull up to the commotion outside the bank. They
are blocked and waved off by a uniformed police officer.
What'd we got here.
Bingo, this could be it.
Buzz turns the car into an alley down the block. The both
exit the vehicle.
Both Prim and Marcus have their guns drawn, pointing it
towards the dark corridor.

Jesus and Angela come running smack dab right into Prim and

Angela lets loose a loud scream, startled by their presence.


Charlie is still chatting up Michelle, who seems to be into
him now.
What was that.
Sounds like a girl screaming.
Charlie's demeanor has changed and he grabs his gun and
cocks it.
Stay put. I'll be right back.
Charlie SPRINTS downstairs to see what is going on.
Charlie ends up downstairs and see's that Marcus and Prim
have their guns drawn on a startled Jesus and Angela.
Don't shoot.
What the fuck is this shit. Who
the fuck are they.
Don't shoot us please.
Who are you and where the hell did
you come from.
We're just passing through.
Passing through my ass, how did
you get in here.
Those back doors were locked
tight, how did you get in.
Were you hiding out back.


We got in through the back door.
Bullshit, that back door was
locked, I checked it myself.
Are you guys the cops.
No are you the cops.
Look we are just passing through.
We won't bother you. Whatever your
doing you can just keep doing. We
won't say a word.
You see my friend that is not
going to be that easy. You have a
brigade of cops to deal with out
there and not to mention you still
have not convinced of your
Jesus looks over at the vault.
Are you trying to get into the
Give the man a prize. You got that
right genius.
If I help you, will you let us
Unless your Harry fucken Houdini,
I don't see how your going to be
of help at all.
Jesus walks over to the vault. He presses his ear to it.

He slowly places his hands on the vault door.

All eyes are on Jesus with curiosity.


Jesus with his eyes still closed presses firmly onto the
vault door.

Still nothing.

Suddenly a CLICK and a CLACK is heard.

The vault doors slowly swing open while Jesus falls to the
floor. Angela dashes to his side.

Prim, Marcus and Charlie look on in astonishment. They
can't believe their eyes at all the money in the vault.
I've never seen anything so
The bank is surrounded by police officers and onlookers. The
Swat Team with their guns drawn are seen at the building

Just then one of the bank employees slowly walks out of the
bank. Followed by another, then another.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Let me see hands!
                       SWAT OFFICER
Get down on the ground!
More exit running out of the bank.
What the fuck.
Lance quickly dashes to the front of the bank. And motions
to the other officers to offer help.
Get them out of there.
Swat officers move into the scene and order people to the

Some people listen but others run out in tears. Some others
are forced down to the ground somewhat confused. Uniformed
officers join in and all are frisked and none are found to
be carrying any weapons.


Get your men ready. We are going
to take these motherfuckers down.
The Swat Team assembles at the bank entrance and file into
the bank, Lance leads them in.

They fan out inside the front entrance.

Nobody is around.
Swat Team members fan out the throughout the lobby area.
                       SWAT TEAM 1
As Prim, Marcus and Charlie look on in astonishment. Angela
slowly helps Jesus up.
Are you okay.
Yeah, that used a little more
brain power than I'm used to.
As the three men stand around. Marcus looks around
Do you guys hear that.
I hear the sound of money.
No dip shit. It is fucken too
Oh shit, the hostages.
They all three look at one another.

All three men quickly run up to the stairs.


They are met with a barrage of Swat Officers and Lance. They
all have their guns draw.

Charlie, Prim and Marcus quickly raises their guns at them
too. They are in an intense mexican standoff.

We HEAR of bunch of GUNS COCKING.
                       SWAT TEAM 1
Freeze! Motherfuckers! Your all
under arrest!
Put your guns on the floor and
back away.
                       SWAT TEAM 1
Put your guns down! Get on the
floor now!
Guns on the floor! Now!
All three men stay silent with their guns drawn at the Swat
Okay does anybody have any idea
what plan B is going to be.
We'll I'm still thinking about
plan A.
Fuck these fucken pigs.
Put your fucken guns down! This is
your last warning.
Boys...we may have come to our
last dress rehearsal. I'm sorry I
failed you guys. I'm sorry I was
not a better leader and I am sorry
that I could not pull this


You have nothing to be sorry about
Hell, I would have done this just
for shits and giggles anyway.
Who knows, maybe in another life.
Just then, Jesus comes walking up with Angela.

Lance looks over at them.

A Swat Team Member looks at them and starts to shoot.

Angela is the first to get hit in the chest.

She drops to the floor.

Jesus looks on at her and SCREAMS in a RAGE.

That sets off a BLAZE of GUN FIRE.
Holy shit.
Lance throws himself in front of a desk for cover while he
shoots away.

The Swat Team opens fire on the men.

The three men scatter and hit the floor while SHOOTING away.

Prim ducks for cover as he starts to shoot with his two


PRIM SKIDS across the floor on his knees, FIRING
continuously, dropping two SWAT MEMBERS with rifles.

MARCUS covers the other angle, he does an amazing flip and
gets three Swat Officers in the head, killing them.

CHARLIE aims his shotgun at a Swat Officer trying to
re-load, he blows him backwards off his feet.

The three guys have an unstoppable rhythm as they take out
Swat Officer after Swat Officer.

In the corner Jesus is unfazed by the slew of bullets.


He sits crying looking at Angela's lifeless body.

Blood spews out her mouth. She is trying to mouth words but
Jesus cannot understand them. He then presses his ear close
to her mouth.
Angela takes her last breath. She is gone.

Jesus crouches her tightly in his arms.

He gently kisses her on the lips.

Jesus pulls her lifeless body into one of the offices, away
from the gunfire.

The gun fire is still taking place.

Marcus is hit in the arm. But still manages to kill two
Swat officers dead.

Both Marcus and Prim and Charlie are covering each other as
they reload. They dive from office to office. Killing as
many Swat Officers as they can.

The Swat Officers realize that they are at a disadvantage.
The three guys are too good and too accurate. They hang

All seems quiet just for a moment as each party reloads.
You guys had enough yet.
Not a chance, dirtbag.
Prim realizes he has been shot in the gut. Blood streaming
through his shirt.
Lance motions for a Swat Officer to look up and move

A Swat Officer pops his head up. Too late Prim quickly and
accurately shoots one in the head. Killing him dead.
That was years of playing Halo, my


Fuck! Okay you guys are
surrounded, why don't you just
give it up and we can all go home.
Marcus is crouching behind a desk, coughing up blood.
      (to Prim)
Was the Halo two or the new one
Halo three.
Halo three. For the two games, I
have to say I was pretty impressed
by some of the graphic effects in
Halo three. It's not a huge leap
but runs a lot smoother and
It looks much better too. I've
played it like seven times
No shit, seven times.
Fuck you guys. Enough of this Halo
bullshit. Give yourselves up and
there won't be anymore blood shed.
All three guys share a laugh.
Sounds like he has never played
the game before.
      (to Lance)
I'm telling you, your missing out,
it's a great fucken game.
Fuck off asshole! You will have
plenty of time to play it next to
your celly BIG BUBBA!.
Hope he has some of the secret


They all share a laugh again. All but Marcus is laughing.

Prim looks over at Marcus.
Marcus, did you hear what Charlie
Yo Marcus.
Still nothing.
Prim starts to cry.
Jesus sits with Angela's body. He takes one last look over
at her and kisses her forehead and closes her eyes.

He looks over at a dead Swat Officer's body and grabs two
guns from his holster.
Prim looks over at Marcus then at Charlie. They seem to
share the same angry feeling.

The both stand up in a fit of RAGE and start to BLAST away.

At the same time Jesus comes RUNNING out like a BULL, with
two guns, shooting at anything he can see in sight.

Bullets and bodies riddle the bank.

Jesus gets three SWAT OFFICERS in the head.

Lance looks up and HITS Charlie square in the chest.
Knocking him off his feet.


Prim runs shooting at the officers, he takes two in the
chest but still continues to press forward.

Jesus looks like a man possessed; he is GUNNING down officer
after officer.

Prim is on his last legs.

Lance shoots two shots into his leg, stopping his momentum.

Bodies are littered everywhere.

Lance has a shot and takes Prim out. Gunshot to the head.

Prim slowly falls down.

Lance celebrates his victory.

Jesus is out of bullets. He is still shooting as if he has
bullets left.

There are about two Swat Officers and Lance still alive.

Everybody else is dead. They look over at Jesus.
Lance scans over the dead bodies, not really worried about
Shit, I would hate to be the
motherfucker that has to clean up
all this shit.
Jesus looks over at them still firing his guns, but with no
bullets coming out. He's out.

Lance and the two SWAT OFFICERS look on in bewilderment at
the suicide Jesus is about to attempt.
You're a brave son-of-a-bitch pal.
Lance raises his gun at Jesus. Jesus drops his guns and
continues to walk closer to the officers.

With one sweep of a motion, Jesus motions his hands at the
empty bullet cases littered on the floor.

In a quick motion, about fifty empty bullet shells PIERCE
the bodies of Lance and the two officers.

Lance and the two Swat Officers fall to the floor.


Jesus walks right up to Lance. Blood pours out of body and

Jesus stands and watches as he takes his last breath.


Jesus walks out to about one hundred police officers and
Swat Officers. They all have their guns drawn at him.

He stands there for moment, then raises his hand.

The screen goes black.
                       POLICE OFFICER
What the hell?
A hail of gun fire is heard over the black screen.
                                         CUT TO:
Jesus is on his knees, blood runs down his arms.

He appears to have been shot from a distance.

Two large men from a distance walk towards Jesus.

As the closer they get to Jesus, we now see that the two
guys are Buzz and Saw.

Jesus is trying with all his force to pick himself up from
the ground, but he is unable.

Buzz and Saw walk right up to Jesus. Both of them have two
guns in hand.
You were a tough little bastard to
Jesus does not say a word.
Any last words.
Jesus still stays silent.
Where do you want it. The head or
the heart.


Jesus looks over at both of the men.

A tear falls from his eye.
Thank you.
Buzz and Saw look at each other in bewilderment.

Buzz points the gun to Jesus's head.

Jesus grabs Buzz's hand and gun and motions it to his heart.

Buzz shoots.

Jesus's body falls to the ground.

Buzz and Saw look over the lifeless body of Jesus for a

They both walk off in the distant.


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From Jeremy Gau Date 11/9/2009 ****
great loved it

From Nolan Date 9/6/2009 ****
I was interested in the script but the spelling and grammar bothered me so much, maybe it's just me. You seriously need to proof read your script.

From David G Date 9/2/2009 ****
Enjoyed the story line. Liked the quirky characters and dialogue! What else you got...

From Matt Date 9/1/2009 ****
I really enjoyed this! iT TURNED ME ON SLIGHLTY LOL

From Brad Date 8/31/2009 ***1/2
Nice, man. I think you might like mine too: "Badass Benedict Bradley" check it if you get some time...if not, no worries, either way dug your stuff.

From Matthew Marcus Date 8/31/2009 ****
Love the mixture of violence and the love story. Good job with the cast of characters and with character development and you wrote the dialogue very well--funny too. Kept me very interested, easy to follow! Keep it up!

From Van Charleston Date 8/31/2009 ****
Loved the script! Very fancy and cool dialogue, almost ala Quentin Tarantino-ish!

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