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The Engineer
by Brett Slaughter (golfnotom@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

David Leon has an average engineerís life. He has a wonderful wife and two kids. His life is completely normal until it is turned upside down when he witnesses his bossís murder.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The Willamette river sparkles from the lights of the
Portland skyline. The Marquam bridge is full of cars,
cruising above the river. Below the bridge, boats and yachts
gently float the river.
The downtown skyline is lit up.
A valet parks cars as they drive up to the entrance of the
Around three hundred people fill a spacious conference room.
Some mingle and others are sit at various tables.
A podium and a small stage face all the tables. A Jazz band
plays elegantly in the background.
Detective DAVIS stands next to a group of uniformed police
officers. A very clean cut, handsome man in his fifties.
He's a very honest and respectable police officer.
      (to officers)
The streets are a lot safer now
than they were twenty years ago.
The only problem now is to just no
how to dodge the bullets and put
up with the Captain's bullshit.
Captain JOHN HUDSON of the Portland police department, walks
up to Detective Davis and pats him on the shoulder.
Hudson at fifty nine, has a white beard and looks very
intimidating. He's six foot four and has a Boston accent.
He's very arrogant and phony.
Captain Hudson. I heard you're
getting an award tonight.


Yeah, sorry they passed you up
again this year. Does that make
this the thirteenth or fourteenth
year you haven't won?
I don't count those sort of
things. But It's not about the
award, now is it?
Of course not. At least you
haven't been killed in the line of
duty, yet.
Yet is the keyword.
Oh it certainly is.
Hudson walks away.
      (to himself)
Hudson sits down next to his lovely wife STEPHANIE. She is
in her mid fifties, but looks much younger. She has blond
hair and looks very desirable.
CHIEF ERNIE walks toward the podium. He is in his mid
fifties and has a gray mustache. He's a little overweight
and of Hispanic descent.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Ladies and Gentlemen. We at the
Portland police department, have a
great tradition. Excellence is
always awarded. The man I'm about
to introduce to you is a dear
friend of mine. Everyone, the City
of Roses Police Officer of the
year; Captain John Hudson.
Everyone in the audience claps as Hudson walks over to Chief
Ernie. Chief Ernie hands Hudson a plaque. They shake each
others hands, while everyone continues clapping. Hudson
walks up to the podium.


Wow, thank you for this award.
This is a nice plaque, but hell, a
donut would have been sufficient.
Everyone continues clapping with a light chuckle.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
Before I leave tonight I must say
something about my beautiful wife.
Stephanie has been willing to deal
with the ups and down of me being
a cop for over twenty years. It
can be hard on a family. But she
deals with it cause she knows I
love being a cop. So thank you
Hudson lifts his champagne glass.
To Stephanie, a wonderful woman
I've never regretted marrying.
Hudson takes a drink.
Everyone claps as Stephanie smiles.
Thank you.
The car is a fancy Cadillac, not typical for a police
officer's salary. Hudson sits in the driver's seat while
Stephanie is in the passenger seat.
Were you serious in there?
About what?
What you said.
What did I say?


You said you've never regretted
being married to me.
Hudson begins laughing
                       STEPHANIE (CONT'D)
No seriously. Have you ever
regretted marrying me?
Honey,it doesn't take a genius to
realize what a mistake this
marriage was.
      (rolling her eyes)
So all of that in there was
I don't care what you call it. It
made me look good and that's
what's important.
Are you still seeing her?
Of course Stephanie. I mean it's
not like I got anything to loose
So how proud are you that your
girlfriend is behind bars any way?
At least I have someone.
You know what John?
You're a jerk and I just don't
even give a damn anymore what the
hell happens to you.


You know what? I feel the very
same way about you.
Well at least we have similar
Stephanie puts her hand on her forehead and looks out the
Don't worry. You'll get your
divorce, someday.
DAVID and LAURA PIERCE, walk toward a table in the middle of
a foot bridge over the Willamette river.
Laura has a blind fold around her eyes as David guides her
to the table. The table is decorated very nicely and has two
plates with two wine glasses next to them.
At thirty two, David is an average looking man with brown
hair and a medium build. Around the same age, Laura also has
brown hair and is very pretty.
David pulls out the chair for Laura.
Okay honey, sit down.
Laura sits down, followed by David.
When can I look?
Right now.
Laura takes off her blind fold as David pores her a glass of
Oh honey, this is amazing.
Does it remind you of anything?


What does it remind you of?
The night you proposed to me.
David takes a ring box out of his pocket and hands it to
Ten years ago I gave you a ring.
This time I'm giving you something
else. It's just a little reminder,
that I don't regret that decision
for a moment.
      (gently crying)
Can I open it?
Of course.
Laura opens the box and lifts a heart shaped locket out of
it. She opens the locket and sees a picture of David and
Laura together.
Oh I love it.
Anytime you want to, you can open
this necklace and remember how
much I love you.
I love you too.
David leans over and gives Laura a kiss. They then stand up
and begin to dance, as a man plays the violin in the
A commercial warehouse in an industrial neighborhood, near
the Colombia River off of Marine drive. The warehouse
consists of offices and garage bays.


David sits in his car while eating a subway sandwich, and
reading a gun magazine.
Across the parking lot, NEWMAN and WILLIE stand in front of
DAVID's BOSS, who is on his knees with his hands up in the
Newman and Willie both have husky shoulders, look Italian
and are in their fifties. David's Boss is very short and fat
and around sixty.
Newman holds a bat as if he's about to swing it at David's
Boss's head.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
Please don't hurt me. I'll pay
you, I swear.
Hey man, me and Willie here know
you don't have the money. So just
how are you going to pay us?
David's Boss is very nervous and sweating profusely.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
      (wiping forehead
       with hand)
I don't know, but I'll find some
way. I swear on my life.
Your gonna be swearing on a lot
more than just your life, if you
don't pay up.
Here's the deal. If you don't give
us the money in the next 30 days,
we're going to kill you.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
Fifty thousand in thirty days?
That's impossible!
David, still in his car, is oblivious to what's going on.
You'll make the thirty days.


                       DAVID'S BOSS
I'll try, but I can't promise you
Try my ass. You'll either come up
with the money or die.
Calm down Willie. Look, just Give
us what you got on you right now.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
I don't have anything.
Are you sure?
                       DAVID'S BOSS
I swear, I don't even have one
      (to Willie)
Search him.
Willie pats down David's Boss. When Willie reaches the left
coat pocket, David's Boss's wallet falls out. Inside the
wallet, there are thirty one hundred dollar bills.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
I forgot about those.
Willie pulls out a police badge from David's Boss's pocket.
Did you also forget your an
undercover cop.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
No, I can explain.
Willie, shoot him.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
No, please.


Willie shoots David's Boss twice. He then falls to the
ground. David jumps out of his car after hearing the shot
and walks over to Willie and Newman.
Hey, you just killed my boss, you
Willie takes out his 9 millimeter pistol and tries to fire
it at David. The gun is jammed, causing it not to fire.
Today's your lucky day.
The hell it is.
Newman swings the bat at David, but David ducks. David
punches Newman in the nose, steals the bat and jabs Newman
hard in the stomach with the end of the bat.
David then swings it at Willie, hitting him right in the
nose. Willie falls down bleeding profusely.
An unmarked police car drives into the parking lot and stops
fifteen feet away from David.
DETECTIVE LOGAN, a medium build African American male, gets
out of the car in a white button up shirt, tie and slacks.
His gold like badge is located tightly on his belt next to
his gun.
      (to David)
Hello, my name is Detective Logan.
Logan puts his hand out toward David. David then puts his
hand out and shakes Logan's hand.
My name's David Pierce and these
two men just killed my boss.
Don't worry about it. You can go
home now.
But these men just killed my boss.
Right in front of me.


Just get in your car and go home.
They just killed my boss and
besides, don't you need a
statement or something from me?
No, just get the hell out of here.
Are you sure?
Yes I'm sure. Trust me. Now get
the hell out of here.
David gets in his car and drives away. Detective Logan's
cell phone rings. He takes it out of his pocket and answers
Hudson is sitting in his car with his cell phone up to his
This is Logan.
This is Captain Hudson. Did anyone
see you?
An employee was here.
Was it an engineer?
Shit. Did he see anything?


Put my name on the report so that
I can back you up.
What if someone questions your
Don't worry. No one will get
Okay, bye.
Logan hangs up his cell phone and puts it back in his
The hotel room is very fancy. There is a bed in the middle
of the room with a couch in front of it, facing a TV.
There's also a very luxurious bathroom connected to the
Mayor SEAN COTTER, who is in his early fifties, is lying on
the left side of the bed. He is a little overweight, but
handsome. He has no shirt on and his pants are unbuttoned.
On the right side of the hotel bed, a beautiful blond lady
is lying naked, under the covers.
The mayor gets up and walks into the bathroom. Inside the
bathroom, ARLEN is looking in the mirror. He is wearing a
hooded sweatshirt and looks like a punk.
Who the hell are you?
Arlen looks over at the Mayor.
I have shit on you.
That doesn't answer my question.


I know about your questionable
dealings with members of the
Portland police department.
I don't care what you have. Get
the hell out of here.
I'll go to the press, if you don't
give me some money.
Let me try you. What do you have
on me?
Oh, Just that your involved with
some narcotic dealings.
The Mayor knocks on his wall.
It's time for you to leave.
Detective YATES runs into the room. He's in his late
twenties. He's very handsome and clean cut. Yates fires
three shots into Arlen.
You think you took long enough?
I wanted to see what he had to
If I didn't hear the knock a few
seconds later, I would have
stormed in shooting.
Always wait for the knock and
don't back talk me.
The Mayor looks over at the blond woman in the bed. She
looks very scared.
                       MAYOR (CONT'D)
Hey bitch. Get over it. Shit like
this happens all the time.


Captain Hudson is sitting in a booth across from JAKE
GARIETY. Gariety is wearing a very nice suit with a red
button up shirt. He is of Italian descent and looks very
mob-gangster like. They are finished eating, but their
plates are still in front of them. They both have drinks on
the table.
So what was the deal over on
Marine Drive today?
      (rubbing his face)
What do you mean?
I mean, well, it looked like your
      (pointing at
It looked like my job.
Hudson takes a drink and then clears his throat.
Yeah, it was just similar to your
previous work.
What the hell do you mean by that?
Come on Gariety, two men in
leather jackets whacked a guy, and
well, that's similar to your other
Gariety takes a drink.
A guy gets whacked and all the
sudden it's all my fault.


Quiet down. That's not what I'm
saying at all. I'd just like to
know if it was you or not, that's
What the hell does it matter if I
did it or not, John?
      (Hudson shrugs his
Well, you know man. I think I have
a right to know.
It's my ass on the line here. So,
I have a right to know.
Well fine, next time I'll tell
you. Okay, Okay.
Long pause.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
Well was it you?
You're asking if it was my guy's.
Yeah, I'm asking if it was one of
your guy's.
Long pause.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
So did you do it or not?


Gariety takes a drink.
I don't know.
What did you say?
      (unsure of himself)
I mean, well, I don't know if I
did it or not.
You don't know if you did it or
Yeah, I just don't know.
It's simple. Did you do it or did
you not do it?
Yes, I did it.
      (holding his ear)
I can't hear you.
Yes I freaking did it. Now are you
There we go. Now was that too much
to ask?
No, but let's just drop it.
The waiter takes the food tray away.
Just one more thing.


Did what happened on Marine Drive,
have anything to do with me?
      (slams fist on
What the hell do you mean by
It concerns you a little.
What the hell do you mean it
concerns me a little?
      (pushing hands
Calm down, calm down.
How the hell can I calm down, when
my ass is on the line?
It's not that big of a deal.
      (pointing at
It is a big deal. I'm a cop,
there's no way I can be tied to
all of your killings and anything
else you get your stupid self
Don't worry. There's no way they
can trace you to the murders and
besides, the guy was just one
little nobody.
Who was he then?


He owned a small business.
Hudson stands up and leaves a few dollars on the table. The
two walk outside the building toward their cars.
What the hell did he have to do
with us?
He was just an undercover
narcotics cop. See, not that big
of a deal.
Holy shit! That is a big deal.
Look man, I had to kill him. He
had enough stuff to lock me up for
fifty years or more. Hell, if he
was smart, he probably already
figured out that you were tied in
with us.
Is there any way that this stupid
narcotics cop filed a report or
anything, before you killed him.
No, he didn't know very much, but
there is one problem.
What is it?
One of his employees saw my guy's
kill him.
Do you remember what the Mayor
Yea, tie up all loose ends.
Hudson opens his car door.


Just make sure you tie up all the
loose ends this time.
Yeah, gotcha.
Hudson gets in his car, starts it and drives away.
David gets out of his car and notices a man standing near a
phone booth, staring at him. The man is in his twenties and
very suspicious looking. There is also a man in a black SUV
staring at David as he walks into the 7/11.
David grabs a Mountain Dew from the beverage refrigerator
and a candy bar from a shelf. In one of the isles there's
another man who is suspicious, staring at David. The man
begins walking toward David. In response David throws the
drink at the man. The drink splashes all over the man's
face. David then throws the candy bar at the man, causing it
to bounce of the man's face. David runs out of the store to
his car.
                       STORE OWNER
      (to man in store)
Hey man, who's gonna pay for this?
                       MAN IN STORE
Kiss my ass man.
David runs out to his car, opens the door, sits down and
notices the keys are missing. He takes everything out of his
pockets, in search of the keys. He looks at on the floor of
his car, but they are nowhere to be found. He then notices
that the man that was at the phone booth is now riding in
the passenger seat of the SUV. The passenger rolls down his
window and dangles David's keys at him. The man in the store
runs out toward David.
In response, David gets out of his car and runs behind the
7/11 building, then into an alley. The man in the store
continues chasing David. David turns a corner and leans up
against the building, so that the man cant see him. David
picks up a metal four foot long pole, and hits the man in
the face with it as he turns the corner. The SUV drives up


to the alley and stops. The driver gets out and chases David
into the 7/11.
David hides next to the Slurpee station. As the man reveals
himself, David throws a full Slurpee cup at the man. David
then hits the man with the man's gun on his forehead. The
man falls to the ground. David picks him up by the shirt
collar and uppercut punches him into a glass counter.
David then goes out the back door diving into the
passenger's shoulder. David hits the passenger in the
stomach, then twice in the nose. David takes out his keys
from the mans pocket.
I don't know who you are, but stay
away from me.
Sirens wail in the background, as David runs out of the
David is driving when he notices in his mirror; the same SUV
that was at 7/11, is now following him. He then sees a guy
with a hooded jacket standing on the side of the road.
David's and the man with the hooded jacket's eyes meet. The
man shakes his head at David.
David then turns the car right onto another road. Out of
nowhere another SUV begins to follow David at high speeds.
In response David floors his gas pedal to avoid getting rear
ended. David then comes to a two way stop sign. He runs it
and turns left. The SUV follows, but then gets side swiped
by a truck going forty miles per hour. David looks at the
wreck in his rear view mirror, as he continues to drive
That's what you get, when you mess
with an engineer.
David drives down his long driveway to his house. The home
is in a rural area and the home itself is on some acreage.
The home looks as if it could use a remodel. There are toys


all over the yard. There's also an old Chevy truck and a
minivan in front of the home.
David opens the door and walks into the entryway. The inside
of the home is semi cluttered and is also in need of a
Honey, I'm home.
KATIE, David's daughter runs up to him and gives him a hug.
The daughter is four years old and smiling.
Daddy, I love you.
      (excited to see
I love you too Katie.
Laura walks up to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
How was your day?
It was okay, but I'm really tired.
I'm gonna go outside and shoot
with Charlie until dinner.
Okay, I'll just call you when
dinner's ready.
David and Charlie are both carrying guns, walking toward a
small table. Charlie is around eight and looks very excited.
Okay Charlie, you want to shoot
this twenty two first.


Yeah, your hunting rifle is too
powerfull for me.
David sets a can on top of a stump and then walks back to
the table. David fires his rifle three times, hitting the
can each time.
                       LAURA (V.O)
      (yelling out the
Honey, dinner is ready.
      (to Charlie)
We'll finish later. It's time to
go eat.
The same SUV that was following David earlier, drives down
the Leon's driveway very fast. The SUV stops, a man gets out
and throws a rock into the Leon's minivan. The man then gets
back into the SUV and drives away.
Laura is cleaning dishes at the sink, while David is in the
living room with the kids.
Honey, I think I heard something
I'll go check it out. You stay
David goes outside and notices broken glass below the van.
He also sees a rock with a note tied around it. He picks up
the rock and takes the note out.
"You did not see anything today.
Your every move is being watched.
Go to the police, or tell anyone
and your family dies."


David walks into the lobby of the large police department.
The police department is very empty. There is a front desk
with a SECRETARY behind it. The secretary is in her mid
forties, but very pretty. David walks up to the desk.
Is there a Homicide Detective I
can speak to?
How important is it?
It's very important.
Detective Logan is in. Will that
be okay?
No, I mean, anybody else but him.
Okay, will Detective Bob Davis be
Yes, he'll be fine.
      (pointing at some
Just go up those stairs and it's
the first office on the right.
Thank you.
Detective Logan walks over to the secretary, as David walks
up the stairs.
What did that man want?
He wanted to talk to a homicide


I'm not doing anything. Why didn't
you send him to me?
He specifically said not you.
Interesting, thank you anyway.
You're welcome.
Logan hurries up the stairs and walks into Hudson's office.
The office is small with just one desk. In front of the desk
there are two chairs. Hudson is sitting behind the desk in a
leather chair.
Detective Logan walks into the office and closes the door
behind him. The detective remains standing. Hudson sets a
newspaper down on his desk and leans back in his chair .
Is there a problem?
The man is here.
What man?
The man who saw his boss get
whacked by Gariety's men.
I thought you took care of him.
I thought I did too.
Well, is he still here?
Yeah, He's in Detective Davis's
office. Should we go in there?


Nope, the damage has already been
Look, I'm starting to think. Maybe
we should come clean.
Hudson stands up.
      (walking toward
Well, you've obviously given some
thought to this.
I'm just worried that we're not
tying up all of our loose ends.
Hudson shuts the blinds and locks the door.
      (looking out the
Your really feeling strong about
Yes and it has been bothering me
for a while now.
Hudson takes out his gun and grabs Logan's tie. He then
forces Logan to the desk and then points his gun at his
Listen you little scared son of a
bitch. Your gonna be a good little
boy for me. Your gonna do what I
say, when I say it. And if you
Hudson caulks his pistol.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
I'll blow your brains out of your
head and blame your ass on this
whole mess.
Hudson lets go of Logan. Logan then stands up and fixes his


                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
Now go be one of the good cops.
Logan walks to the door with a angry look on his face.
Detective Davis's office is a little smaller then Hudson's
office. Davis is sitting in a chair behind his desk and
looks very exhausted. David is sitting in a chair facing
Detective Davis and his desk.
And then they just shot my boss. I
couldn't believe it.
After that what happend?
I went over to the two men and
punched them. Then a detective
Logan showed up. He told me to go
away, which I thought was weird.
Did you leave?
I had to. I felt threatened by
detective Logan.
Then you got this note.
Davis sets the note on the table.
Yes, last night. People were also
following me. I know this might
sound crazy, but I think that
detective Logan had something to
do with my boss's murder.
I don't think your lying, but
these accusations are very
I wouldn't have come all the way
down here to tell you all of this


                       DAVID (cont'd)
if it wasn't true.
I know two men murdered your boss,
but claiming Detective Logan tried
to chase you away from the scene,
is hard to believe.
I swear I'm telling the truth.
I believe you, which is why I'm
going to investigate further.
David picks up the note and shows it to Davis.
Did you even look at the note? I
mean come on, this guy even knows
where the hell I live.
I know and that's why I'm going to
investigate. Okay.
Three second pause.
                       DAVIS (cont'd)
David gets up and opens the door. David then turns back
around so that he is facing Detective Davis.
Don't arrest me if these bastards
come around my door again. You
won't need handcuffs. You'll need
a whole lot of body bags.
David slams the door to Detective Davis's office. After
David leaves, detective Davis sighs with a depressed look on
his face.


As David walks down the stairs, Detective Logan notices him.
      (Yelling at some
       officers on the
Stop that guy, He killed somebody.
Five uniformed officers begin to chase David out of the
building. In response to the commotion in the lobby, Davis
hurries out of his office.
      (to Hudson)
What the hell is going on out
The guy that was just in your
office, killed a guy on Marine
drive yesterday.
      (doubt full)
Oh really.
Of course really, and besides,
detective Logan even saw the son
of a bitch do it.
Detective Logan nods his head.
Okay, whatever.
Davis walks back into his office.
Do you think he bought it?
Three more uniformed officers rush out the entrance of the
police department.
      (pointing and
I don't know, but they sure did.


Hudson is leaning up against the front left fender of his
unmarked police car. Gariety, who's facing Hudson, is
leaning up against the right front fender of his Lincoln
town car.
We got a problem.
      (rolling his eyes)
What the hell happened?
The employee of that guy you
killed, came to headquarters
Ah shit.
Gariety takes out a pack of cigarettes, he then takes two
cigarettes out and puts one in his mouth and hands the other
to Hudson.
You want one?
Sure. Who knows, I might die of
cancer before those government
pigs find out what we're really
doing out here.
Gariety takes a lighter from his pocket and lights his and
Hudson's cigarette.
So what should we do about this
little snitch?
Gariety takes a puff. Hudson turns around and opens his
driver's side door. Hudson then looks back at Gariety.
Kill him! Make it look like an
Gariety opens his car door.


I can do that, No problem.
Gariety is sitting in his car when his cell phone rings. He
picks it up and answers it.
Newman is leaning up against his car with a phone next to
his hear. His car is about fifty feet from the entrance to
the mall. David is walking toward the mall entrance from his
parked car.
This is Gariety, who's this?
This is Newman.
What do you want?
I was just gonna tell you that
David Leon is walking into the
Loyd Center Mall, as we speak.
Is he alone?
Yeah, all by himself. What do you
want us to do?
Don't do anything. Just wait for
They both hang up their phones.
Gariety, Willie and Newman are standing on the second level
of the mall. They are looking down at the people walking
below them on the first level.


      (to Willie and
If you see him, tell me.
David is walking toward Gariety and his men. When he is
fifty feet away, he stops walking after recognizing Willie
and Newman. David then turns around and starts to run.
Willie turns his head and sees David running. He pulls out
his gun and points it at David.
People begin screaming...
In response to the screaming, David turns around and sees
Willie pointing a gun at him. In an effort to dodge the
bullets, David dives behind a bench. Willie fires three
times, but doesn't hit anything but the bench.
      (yelling at Willie)
Go get him.
Willie stands still.
What about you guys?
We'll cut him off from the other
Yeah, yeah that sounds like a good
      (to himself)
Here goes nothing.
Willie walks beside the bench with his gun in hand. Unaware
David is behind the bench, Willie turns his head to look in
a window of a store. David stands up and runs toward Willie,
crashing in to him. David then pushes him up against a wall.
David slams Willie's hand with the gun, against the wall
several times. David then punches Willie four times in the
face, then three times in the stomach. Willie then punches
David in the face with his gun, causing David to fall to the
Get up you stupid engineer.


Willie then knees David in the stomach. David punches Willie
in the face, stands up and then dives his shoulder into
Willie's stomach. As a result Willie falls on his butt while
dropping his gun. Willie goes to grab his gun, but David
grabs Willies hand.
Willie grabs David by the collar with both of his hands. He
then stands up and pushes him to the rail. David punches
Willie. Willie then picks up his gun and turns around so
that he's facing David.
Looks like your about to bite the
Not if I have anything to say
about it.
As Willie puts his finger on the trigger, David runs full
speed toward him. David grabs Willie's collar with both
hands and pushes him over the rail, causing them both to
fall from the second story of the mall, onto an ice rink
fifteen feet below.
David lands on Willie, stands up and limps away. Gariety and
Newman who are on the second floor, look over the balcony
and watch David limp into a Macy's store.
Newman, you wait for him near the
escalator and I'll try to
intercept him at the bottom.
David is walking up the escalator as Newman is frantically
trying to find the escalator. Gariety reaches the first
floor entrance, when he sees security guards BOB and RANDY
standing around Willie. Both Bob and Randy are very dorky
and are wearing state trooper hats.
                       SECURITY GUARD BOB
      (looking at Willie)
What the hell happened here.
SHOPPER is standing next to the security guards.
      (pointing at
Somebody pushed him over and then
crawled away.


                       SECURITY GUARD RANDY
Do you know where the man went?
That man's got a gun.
The shopper points at Gariety, who is running away.
                       SECURITY GUARD BOB
      (to Gariety)
Stop, mister, stop.
Security guards, Bob and Randy with tasers drawn, start
chasing after Gariety. Gariety turns a corner and starts to
go up the escalator.
                       SECURITY GUARD RANDY
You go that way Bob.
                       SECURITY GUARD BOB
Yeah Randy.
Bob turns a corner and sees Gariety standing at the top of
the escalator facing him. Gariety is holding his gun, hiding
it from Bob. Bob then points his taser at Gariety.
                       SECURITY GUARD BOB
Get on your knees or I will taser
Dont taze me bro.
                       SECURITY GUARD BOB
Just get on your knees.
Okay man.
Gariety starts to kneel but then lifts his gun and fires it
twice at Bob, hitting him in the chest, killing him.
                       SECURITY GUARD RANDY
      (to radio)
Bob I heard shots. Are you out
Newman hears Randy on the radio and in response, picks up a
pan sitting on a display table. He then waits for Randy to
turn a corner. Newman takes the pan and hits him in the
forehead, causing Randy to black out.


Unaware that David is behind him, Newman turns around. David
with a packaged microwave in hand, hits Newman in the face
with it. Gariety sees this and points his gun at David. As
David tries to run away, Gariety fires busting a mirror.
Gariety fires again at David who is now running out of the
Numerous police officers swarm the mall...
Gariety helps Newman get up and they slowly limp away.
Gariety and Newman are sitting in Gariety's Lincoln town
car, as Willie slowly limps toward them. Willie opens the
door and gets in the car.
      (out of breath)
That took some years off me.
So, I see you didn't kill him, but
at least he taught you a valuable
And what the hell would that be?
Oh, just that you should be in
better shape for this kind of
I see that you were sure able to
catch him.
I was a lot closer then you were.
Allot closer my ass.
Look, we all screwed up, but to
Willie's credit, that was one hell
of a jump.


      (rolling his eyes)
Thank you. It's nice that somebody
appreciated it.
Its not that I don't appreciate
it, but I'm the unlucky guy here
who has to face Hudson. So, just
be happy that you guys don't.
Willie he's got a point. That man
scares the shit out of me.
Hudson and Mayor Sean Cotter are walking beside each other
on a jogging path, next to the Willamette river.
So how is everything?
It's fine at the department.
You mean it's not fine with the
Hudson shrugs his shoulder.
Well, I just don't know about
Gariety anymore.
      (rolling his eyes)
What's his problem now?
Hudson and the mayor sit down across from each other at a
pick nick table. Hudson looks around to see if anyone can
hear there conversation.
He just killed an undercover
narcotics cop.
The mayor rubs his forehead with his right hand.
Oh brother.


There's more.
Ah, shit.
There was a witness.
You're going to have to kill him.
I'll just have Gariety's men do
I don't want Gariety around
anymore. He's just too damn risky.
The two men stand up and start walking again.
Yeah, you're probably right.
No, I know I'm right. You
shouldn't be around him anyways.
He's going to pull you under and I
can't save you.
I understand.
I've been thinking, maybe we
should just; take a break for a
little while. You know, we just
don't want to be too greedy.
The two men stop walking.
Hell, maybe we should just call
off the whole damn thing all
Good Idea, but right now I got to
go meet with the Governor. So, I
better go.


I'll take care of Gariety.
Just tie up all the loose ends and
you'll be fine.
Just one question.
What is it?
Does the Chief have any idea what
the hell's going on?
Not a damn clue.
Good, lets keep it that way.
Hudson is in his car, parked outside the police department.
With his cell phone in hand, he dials numbers and lifts the
phone up to his ear.
Gariety is sitting at a bar, when his cell phone rings. The
place is very smokey and loud.
This is Gariety.
Hey, this is Hudson.
What's up?
I saw what happened on the news.
Was that you?


Yeah, but the engineer got a away.
I know man. It looks like the
engineer's gonna be a little
harder to kill then I thought.
I'll take care of him. Just don't
worry about it.
Look, I just met with the mayor
and he wants you to get rid of
this engineer, and then disappear
for a while.
The engineer will be dead tonight.
But as for me, I ain't going
nowhere, anytime soon.
Come on, don't make this harder
than it has to be.
I'm not leaving. There, now the
conversation is over.
No, really Gariety. You just got
to cut your losses and get the
hell out of here, before you get
us all in a whole lot of trouble.
I said this conversation is over.
Look, by your guys killing that
cop and you tearing up the mall.
You've gotten us all in deep
shit. So just get out of here for
a while. Then maybe you can come
back in a month or so and start
over. How does that sound?


You want to know how the hell that
sounds. It sounds like this.
Gariety hangs up the phone. Hudson then hangs up his phone
and leans back in his seat with an exasperated look on his
Gariety, is standing in font of three dozen men. Each man is
wearing a swat like uniform and is holding an automatic
machine gun. Willie and Newman are wearing Hawaiian shirts
and standing next to Gariety.
Listen up guys, here's the deal.
There are thirty five of us; your
target is David Leon. With all of
us shooting at this unlucky guy,
we should be able to get him.
STUTTERING MAN raises his hand. Gariety notices him and
rolls his eyes.
                       STUTTERING MAN
Well sir, what if he he shoots
People, your killing me here. With
thirty five of us shooting at him,
he won't even be able to blink an
eye without peeing his pants. Now,
two teams of ten will each be in a
separate van. You men will
surround the house first. There
will also be eight of you in a
Black Suburban. Willie, Newman and
I will be in the Lincoln town car.
The men in the SUV will not exit
the vehicle until I say,


Now let's go kill an engineer.
Gariety's Lincoln town car turns left onto David's long
driveway, followed by the Black Suburban, then the vans.
Laura is doing dishes and David is in the living room
watching TV. Laura looks up and sees the vehicles turn onto
their lawn and park parallel to the house.
Honey, some cars are parked on our
David walks into the kitchen and looks outside the window at
the vehicles.
Oh my gosh.
What's the matter?
Go in the living room and keep the
kids away from the windows.
David runs down the hall into the master bedroom. He grabs
his thirty 0t six rifle from the closet. He then loads a
bullet into the chamber, then puts a dozen more bullets in
his pocket.
Gariety and his men are huddled in a circle beside the
Okay, here's the deal. One of you
is gonna go up to the porch and
knock on the door. Then we'll
start firing.


Hey, maybe this idiot will
surrender at the door.
A FAT MAN walks up to the door of the house.
Around five men run to the back of the house, while four
others climb onto the roof. Two more men go around the side
of the house, to the two story back deck. Fifteen men stand
behind the vans with their guns, ready to fire at any time.
Fat man knocks on the door.
      (to the men
Don't shoot until the door opens.
David runs down the hall, crouches down next to the front
door and points his rifle at the door. Fat man knocks again.
David blinks and then fires his rifle. The bullet goes
through the door hitting the man in the stomach, causing him
to fly off the porch. Machine gun fire unloads upon the
house in every direction. Glass shatters from every window
in the house.
      (pointing at a man)
Hold your fire, one at a time.
You, go in front of the koi pond
and shoot at the house.
David goes back into the bedroom and fires his rifle out the
window, hitting the man in the head, causing the man to fall
backwards into the koi pond.
Somebody kill that damn engineer.
Bullets fly through the bedroom window. In response, David
dives into the hall as the front door of the house flies
open. A man is standing in the entryway. David, who is
around the corner, crawls toward the entryway. When David
reaches the entryway he points his rifle at the man, then


fires. The man falls face first onto the floor; David takes
the mans AR-15 machine gun and a grenade out of his pocket.
David then fires the machine gun through the back sliding
glass door at three men on the back deck, hitting each
numerous times. The three men fall backwards two stories off
the deck onto some pavement adjacent to the basement
entrance. David runs down the hall into the master bedroom.
He notices three men behind the koi pond, David then throws
a grenade at them. The grenade goes off killing all three of
the men.
      (to Willie)
How many men are up here that
haven't surrounded the house yet?
      (to Gariety)
Four in the vans and twelve in the
SUV's. Also me, Newman and you.
Okay, how many are at the house.
Two on the right.
Machine gun fire comes from a window on the right side of
the house. Both Willie and Gariety see one of their men fall
I guess just one on the right, but
there are still two on the left.
Machine gun fire comes from the window on the right side of
the house again, a man falls backward.
Now, jut the two on the left.
Ah, shit. We're all dying out
      (hope full)
But, there's still one on the
roof, one in the chimney and 7 in
the back, maybe.


      (to gang)
Okay, here's what were going to
do. Newman, you pull the van
around so that it's facing the
house. I want six men walking on
the left side of the van, so that
the engineer wont see you. The six
of you will enter the house
through the basement. Willie, you
walk up to the front door, okay.
Okay, sounds good.
We're gonna get this bastard.
Okay, let's do it.
David hears somebody in the chimney. He walks over to the
chimney and points his machine gun up it.
      (to himself)
It's not December, so I sure hope
your not Santa Clause.
David fires his machine gun up the chimney three times. A
man falls to the bottom.
      (to dead guy)
Last time I checked, Santa Clause
didn't carry a machine gun.
David hears another man, but this time on the roof. David
then fires his machine gun at the roof six times, causing
the man to fall through the roof to the floor in front of
The van begins moving slowly toward the house. David notices
it, but does not notice the six men on the other side of the
van. David loads his thirty-ot 6 rifle and then aims it at
the driver. He fires hitting the driver, causing him to
press the gas pedal all the way to the floor. As a result
the van hits the garage head on. Newman, who is in the
passenger seat, hits his head on the dashboard knocking him
out. Due to the van blockage, David cannot see the six men
on foot, run toward the basement.


Honey, go to the basement. You'll
be fine there.
I want you to go with us.
David walks down the stairs with the machine gun in hand,
his wife and children following. As he opens the door, his
face is bright red and his body is shaking. He meets eye to
eye with another man. David pulls the trigger to his machine
gun, hitting the man right in between the eyes.
David turns to his right and notices another man, who is
about to shoot him. In response David fires twice, hitting
the man in the stomach both times.
David turns to his left and sees the legs of two men through
the window, running toward the entry to the basement. David
fires eight times at the two men's legs, hitting each leg
twice causing the men to fall to the ground.
Another man begins to run toward the basement entrance, but
before reaching the house, David throws a grenade at him.
The two men who had been shot in the legs, are moaning as
the other man starts to run. The grenade goes off, instantly
killing the two injured men, while severely hurting the
third. David goes out the door, to the backyard and walks
over to the man who is severely injured.
                       SEVERLY INJURED MAN
      (barely breathing)
My boss is going to kill you.
The severely injured man goes for his pistol. David shoots
first, hitting him in the chest
You mean like the way you did.
David walks back into the house and notices a man, who is
still alive, standing up pointing a gun at him.
                       MAN POINTING GUN
      (out of breath)
Looks like I'm the one that gets
to pull the trigger.


Oh, I love you so much.
                       MAN POINTING GUN
David tackles the man onto a coffee table. They struggle for
control of the gun, while they both try to choke each other.
The man finally takes control of the gun and hits David in
the forehead with it, causing David to fall off of the
coffee table. The man stands up and points the gun at David
and attempts to fire. The man takes the clip out of the gun
and sees that there are no bullets.
                       MAN POINTING GUN
It's empty you son of a bitch.
      (kicking the man
       in the stomach)
That's what she said.
David stands up followed by the man. The man takes an
electrical cord and wraps it around David's neck from
behind. David tries to pull away from the cord, but cannot.
He then grabs a lamp and hits the man in the forehead with
it, causing the man to bleed. David then grabs a golf club,
stands up and turns around.
                       MAN POINTING GUN
      (holding a knife
       to Charlie's neck)
Well, looks like I am the one who
gets to do the honors. Come on, go
upstairs or he dies.
David drops the golf club.
      (walking down
What's going on?
                       MAN POINTING GUN
      (looking at Laura,
       who is crying)
Just do what I say and no one gets
David picks up a piece of glass, while the man is looking at


                       MAN POINTING GUN
      (to David)
Come on, let's go.
David walks toward the the man. He then slashes the man's
neck with the piece of glass.
Charlie, run.
                       DAVID (CONT"D)
      (to man)
Looks like I'm the one who gets to
do the honors.
David grabs the knife and sticks it in the mans heart. David
runs up to the top of the stairs and hugs Laura and Charlie.
                       DAVID (CONT"D)
Listen, I want to stay with you,
but I have to go get the rest of
them. Here take this.
David hands Laura a machine gun.
I love you.
I love you too. I love you so
What's going on? Why are all these
people trying to kill us?
I'll tell you everything later. I
love you.
David starts to leave.
Honey, hurry.
David turns around, then walks over to Laura and kisses her.
I will.
David runs up the stairs and out the front door, firing at
everything he sees.


      (to Newman)
Get in, he's coming
One of the black suburbans pull out of the driveway, with
the trunk up and two men sitting in the back shooting at
David. David runs up to the guy in the driver's seat of one
of the parked vans. He shoots him three times and then
throws him on the ground. The man in the passenger seat goes
for his gun, but David shoots him in the side, causing the
man to fall out of the van. David starts the van as the man
on the ground, points his gun at him. David then backs up
running over the man's legs. David pushes on the gas,
driving over both the man legs again.
Aren't you dead yet.
The man squeals.
                       DAVID (CONT'D)
I guess not.
David then backs up again over the man's legs. Then he
drives forward.
Now are you?
No answer back.
That's what I thought.
David turns left onto a gravel road, following the black
suburban. Out of nowhere, gun fire comes from the two men
in the back of the SUV. They shatter the windshield of the
van in an attempt to hit David, but he ducks. The two men
who are sitting on the tailgate fire at David continuously.
Out of desperation David pushes the gas pedal all the way to
the floor, making it so that the only thing separating the
van and the SUV's rear end, are the men's legs. The two men
fall out of the SUV, David then runs over them.
David shoots his semi automatic pistol at the SUV, while the
men in the SUV shoot their machine guns at him. David floors
the gas pedal again, ramming the SUV twice. The SUV
continues driving normally, David then steers to the right.
When the van is two feet in front of the SUV's bumper David
steers to the left, causing the SUV to completely turn


around. Gariety is in the passenger seat and Willie is in
the drivers seat.
      (to Willie)
Put it in reverse.
Willie puts it in reverse, floors it and the SUV backs up.
Willie turns the steering wheel to the left, so that the van
is facing the right side of the SUV. David shoots his
machine gun at the SUV's windows, not hitting anyone. Willie
turns the steering wheel to the left and steps on the gas.
The SUV is now facing forward. David pulls out his pistol
and caulks it. David grabs a grenade, pulls the ring and
throws it at the SUV. The grenade bounces off the bumper and
explodes in the air, instantly killing the two people in the
third row. The back of the SUV is on fire, causing Willie to
pull over the SUV. David then stops the van.
Get me out of here.
Gariety jumps out of the SUV followed by the two men in the
Give him cover.
Bullets fly through the windows of the van, as David dives
to the van's floor. While lying on the floor, David points
his pistol at Gariety and fires. Gariety, who has been shot
once in the left side of his stomach, is bleeding badly.
Shoot that son of a bitch.
The two men shoot at David, but David moves before they can
hit him. David is now kneeling on the van floor, with his
pistol sticking out of the windshield. He fires three times
at the two men, hitting one twice in the chest and the other
in the head. Gariety slithers off into the forest, like a
pathetic snake.
Willie and a SKINNY MAN, who are on the left side of the
suburban begin to shoot at the van. David jumps out of the
van and crawls slowly and quietly to the right side of the
suburban. Willie and Skinny man, are both oblivious to
David's whereabouts, so they continue shooting at the van.


David stands up and shoots Skinny man through a window in
the leg twice and his arm once. Willie fires his shotgun at
the other side of the suburban hoping to hit David, but
David has climbed to the roof of the SUV. David jumps onto
Willie taking him to the ground. The two of them begin
rolling around on the ground kicking and punching. They both
stand up.
You broke my nose with a bat, you
son of a bitch.
Willie jabs David's nose with his fist and then punches his
nose again. Willie goes to punch David again, but David
drives his shoulder into Willies stomach, tackling him to
the ground. David then Jabs Willies nose with his fist.
Hurts more when it's broken, don't
Willie punches David in the chin and then pulls out a knife.
As Willie tries to stab him, David grabs Willie's arm and
twists it, so that Willie is choking himself. David notices
Skinny man standing in front of him, pointing a pistol at
him. In response David throws Willie in front of him while
Skinny man shoots at him. As Willie falls, he drops his
knife and David catches it in mid air. David then throws the
knife, hitting Skinny man in the forehead.
Laura is standing at the top of the stairs, holding a
machine gun, when suddenly there is a pistol touching her
ear. On the other end of the pistol is Newman's hand.
Drop it bitch.
Laura drops the machine gun and starts to cry.
Why are you doing this to us?
Newman grabs her hair.
Shut the hell up.
Charlie walks up to Newman and begins kicking his leg.


Let go of my mom.
Newman slaps Charlie's check, causing him to fall over and
began to cry.
You jerk.
Laura hits Newman's arm as hard as she can. In response
Newman hits Laura in the face with the butt of his gun,
knocking her out.
Newman carries Laura outside and sees Gariety leaning
against the car. Gariety is bleeding badly and can hardly
stand up.
      (out of breath)
Let's get the hell out of here.
Gariety opens the door and sits in the passenger seat, while
Newman throws Laura in the backseat. They drive down the
driveway, then turn onto the gravel road. David who is
driving the van, sees Gariety's car turn onto the main road,
but instead David goes home, unaware they have Laura.
The NEIGHBOR is holding the children out on the lawn, while
the kids are crying. The neighbor is in her late sixties.
David gets out of the van and hugs the children.
Where is she, where's Laura?
They took her.
What do you mean?
I mean those men, they took her.
Numerous sirens can be heard.
No, no


I don't know what's going on, but
I called the police.
Gariety and Newman pass an unmarked police car, with Hudson
in it. Gariety and Hudson, smile at each other as their
car's pass.
      (to driver)
Okay, pull up right here.
Hudson parks his car in front of the Leon house followed by
two other police cars. Hudson, DETECTIVE YATES, OFFICER
JOHANSON and OFFICER NELSON get out of their cars and walk
over to David.
      (to David)
Hello sir. There seems to be a
little situation here.
      (out of breath)
They took my wife.
Well, I'm Captain John Hudson.
This is Detective Yates and those
two fine officers over there, are
Johanson and Nelson. Whats your
David Leon.
So, what do you say we go inside?
All the men walk inside the house.
David is sitting at his dining table facing Hudson, who is
also sitting down. The two uniformed officers, as well as
Detective Yates, who has a pen and a pad of paper in his
hand, are standing up.
When am I going to get my wife


First you tell me why these people
came to your house.
I think they came because I saw
them kill someone.
When did you see them kill
Oh really.
Yes, really.
Where were you when you saw all
this happen.
I was at work when I saw them kill
my boss.
And you didn't go to the police.
Yes I did.
Oh yeah, when?
The next day.
You waited, twenty four hours to
tell the police.
Hudson stands up and starts to pace around David.


      (to Hudson)
Yes, but I waited that long
because they wrote me a
threatening letter.
What did the letter say?
Just that if I went to the police,
my family and house would be
What are the odds, you get a
threatening letter and the very
next day the threats are acted
I need to get my wife back, so are
you going to help or not.
Okay, here's what I think
happened. These men came over here
to talk and you got violent.
Judging on their artillery, it
would have been an interesting
You're insulting my intelligence
and I don't like that.
Hudson leans his head down so that he's six inches from
David's face.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
      (shaking finger at
You also killed thirty five people
tonight. And I really don't like


Hudson and Detective Davis, are standing in front of David,
who is sitting at a table.
Here's the deal. You killed a lot
of men tonight. So, we can't
release you, but we can't
prosecute you because it might
cause some problems. We're pretty
much out of options.
Just release me, so that I can
help you find my wife.
No way in hell, are we ever going
to do that.
Please, your just wasting our time
when we could be looking for my
I said no. It ain't gonna happen.
Please, I just want my wife back.
What part of no don't you
Hudson, let's talk outside.
Detective Davis and Hudson open the door and exit the small
This guy makes sense. I don't
think he would lie to us. I mean,
he doesn't have a good reason too.
Listen, I'm the captain you're the
detective. In other words you
wouldn't take advice from someone
that belongs in your toilet, so


                       HUDSON (cont'd)
why in the hell should I.
Hudson opens the door to the interrogation room.
You wouldn't want the Chief to
find out about how far you went in
that prostitution ring, now would
Hudson turns around.
No, I wouldn't.
I guess we'll release him then.
Okay, but Davis.
      (pointing a finger)
Screw you.
Davis smiles.
The feelings mutual Hudson. The
feelings mutual.
The warehouse is very dark and empty. Hudson and Gariety are
walking toward each other.
We've got a problem.
I know.
How hard could it be? Kill one
little nobody.


That one little nobody, will be a
lot harder to kill then I thought.
I'm going to give you one more
Or else.
Or else I'll kill him, and if I
kill him, you wont get a damn
Is money all you care about?
Money is what drives people and
I'm a person.
What about my men?
What men?
My thirty five men that tried to
kill that stupid engineer.
Money drove them too.
I've killed a lot of men that
probably didn't deserve to die,
but some of the time I felt sorry
for them.
Feeling sorry for someone is a
waste of time.
Even I'll admit that's cold
I don't give a damn what you or
anyone else thinks. Besides no
matter what happens, there will be


                       HUDSON (cont'd)
a dead engineer tomorrow.
Good luck with that.
      (walking away)
I'll get the job done right.
Detective Davis is walking down the hall while carrying two
coffee cups. He notices that the door to Detective BLAKE's
office, is open. Detective Blake is in his mid twenties and
is very handsome. Blake puts his hand out to grab one of the
coffee cups.
No, not yet. Just one little
What now?
I want to know everything about
Capitan Hudson.
Everything that he's been involved
in for the past three months.
What type of stuff do you want to
I want to know about his receipts,
his time cards. Even what the hell
he had for breakfast every
Okay, but that could take some


I have about twenty four hours.
Oh, especially try to find any
connections between detective
Logan and him.
I'll try.
Davis turns around and starts to walk away.
Davis turns back around.
Thanks for the hot chocolate.
Yeah kid.
Davis smiles and walks away.
Hudson is standing in a hallway looking out a second story
window. He is watching David pull out of the police parking
garage. Hudson's cell phone rings. He then answers it.
      (on cell phone)
He just pulled out of the
Davis is around the corner listening to the conversation.
Oblivious to this, Hudson keeps talking.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
      (on cell phone)
He should be there in fifteen
minutes. Okay, bye.
Who was that?
Cheif Busto.


Oh really, I thought he was in
Hawaii this week.
He is, I'm just updating him on
the case.
I thought this was an off the
record case.
It is, but, look. Why are you
acting like I'm doing something
Right now I don't know who to
trust. We've got a big problem.
There's a lot of men dead and we
need to figure out why.
Well don't take it all out on me.
I never have. Just, you do what
you have to do and I'll do the
same, okay.
That sounds fine to me.
Davis turns around and walks down the hallway. Hudson
remains in the same place, with a relieved look on his face.
David is driving his Geo in the middle of three lanes.
There is a wide stretch of grass separating the north and
south bound lanes. There are two semi's, one is in the right
lane next to David and the other is on the left of David.
There is also a van behind David enclosed by the semis.
Gariety is riding in a helicopter watching over David's Geo.
Gariety picks up his CB radio.


      (over radio)
Okay, get him boys.
The semi in the right lane swerves toward the left, causing
the van in between the two semis, to slam on his brakes.
David steps on the gas to get out of the way. He then merges
into the left lane. In response the Semi directly behind
him, speeds up to rear end David. David speeds up as well,
while the other, gets in front of David and slams on his
In order to not get crushed, David steers to the right into
the grass separating the southbound and north bound lanes.
The Geo rolls over three times, before landing right side
Gariety picks up the CB radio.
      (over radio)
Good job boys, now let's get the
hell out of here.
Gariety's helicopter flies away.
Doctors and nurses, run out to a helicopter that is landing
on the hospital helipad. The doctors put David on a
stretcher and start to push him into the building.
      (to the other
This one will be fine.
Hudson is walking toward Gariepty with his arms up and a
very frustrated look on his face.
This isn't funny anymore.
Whats the matter?


You know what I mean. The
What do you mean? The engineer is
dead, isnt he.
Hudson shakes his head.
Nope, he's alive and well.
Holy shit. How the hell could he
have survive that wreck?
Doctors are calling it the miracle
of the century.
More like the damn nightmare of
the century.
No shit.
He's got to be paralyzed. Come on,
exleast give me that.
Nope, not even a broken leg. Hell
he's expected to be back to normal
in three or four days.
What now?
I'll tell you what's next. I'm
going to kill him myself.
Good luck with that.


Oh, so you don't think I can kill
Well if he's a damn cat, I killed
him three times and that means
he's got six lives left. He
probably hasn't lost any more
lives then that. I mean come on,
he's an engineer. How interesting
could his life have been before we
met up with him?
I'll get the job done, that's all
you need to know.
Davis walks up to Blake who is looking at a computer screen
on his desk.
What did you find out?
You're not going to believe this.
Try me.
Everything David Leon told you
about a conspiracy, makes total
Are you sure?
Yeah, for example. Take the Marine
drive murder. Hudson backs up
everything on Logan's report,
which is impossible.
How is it impossible?
Hudson wasn't even on the scene.


Where was he?
He called in sick that day.
Did you find anything else?
I also found out that a missing
DEA agent, is the guy who was
found dead on marine drive;
apparently he was undercover as
the engineers boss.
Is that all you found out?
Just one other thing. Hudson
started up a new bank account
under the name Max Roderick.
So what if he put down a fake
Its a fake name, isn't that
People do it all the time to dodge
Well, whoever this Max Roderick
is, he's got ten million dollars
in his account.
No cop I know has that much damn
I don't know what the hell's going
on here, but it's huge whatever it


Don't tell anybody about what you
No, nobody. Not one person finds
out we know all of this.
      (rolling his eyes)
Fine, I wont tell anyone.
I gotta go, see ya later.
Bye. Remember not to take the
Why not?
Where the hell have you been?
Just tell me why not.
There was a big wreck; it's been
all over the news.
Davis turns on the TV in Blake's office.
Newscaster comes on.
                       KELLY DAY
Hi, I'm Kelly Day and your
watching Koin six news. Both lanes
of Marine Drive are closed, due to
a life threatening accident
between two semis and a Geo metro.
Davis has an amazed look on his face.


Can you figure out where Hudson's
car is?
Yeah, there's a police tracking
system connected to every police
Good, now find out where the hell
he is.
      (looking at his
This says his car's at OHSU.
I got to go somewhere, see you
Where are you going? Maybe I
should go with you.
No, I'm fine, besides I can handle
it on my own.
Hudson is sitting in a chair reading a magazine when Davis
walks in.
Davis, it's good to see you.
What the hell are you doing here
      (demanding respect)
It's Captian Hudson.
Well whoever the hell you are, why
are you here?


Calm down, I'm just here to check
on our boy. You know, make sure
he's not doing anything illegal.
I don't know how he could do
anything illegal if he's in a
hospital bed.
Doc says he's recovering fast.
Too bad for you.
You must really think I'm a bad
man or something.
I don't think you're a great man.
I don't give a damn what type of
man you think I am, and another
thing. You can be pissed off at me
for watching this David Leon guy
like a hawk, but what the hell do
you expect. I mean come on, we
found over a dozen dead bodies in
his front yard.
It was self defense.
Call it whatever you want, but one
way or the other, there's a lot of
dead bodies over at the morgue.
There always is.
You think you're so damn funny.
Well you know what; you can have
this guy, I'm going home.
Don't let the door hit you on the
way out.


Hudson is standing next to his car holding a gun to Blake's
head. Blake picks up the CB radio.
Okay, now. And remember, I got a
pistol to the back of your head.
Davis, someones shooting at me. I
need back up.
Hudson fires two shots at the ground.
                       DAVIS (V.O)
      (over radio)
I'm coming right now. Don't worry,
I'll be there in a minute.
Hudson hangs up the phone.
Good job. Now we wait for our
little friend.
Hudson, why the hell do you have
anything against Davis? He's a
good cop.
Me and him have some history.
Well your gonna kill me anyway, so
you might as well tell me what
your history was.
What the hell kid. I was in charge
of this prostitution bust and I
went a little too far. Then Davis
found out about it.
So what.
Davis always threatens me with
that, but hell, he doesn't got
nothing on me.


Detective Davis is the best
detective Portland has ever had.
No, Davis is a damn wanna be.
He doesn't want to be like anyone.
He just does his job and protects
the citizens.
Kid, it bothered Davis more then
anything else when I made captain.
I'm just kinda depressed that you
didn't get to meet the real
detective Davis in your lifetime.
Davis pulls up beside Hudson's car and gets out. Hudson and
Blake walk out of the dark into Davis's sight. Blake has his
hands up. Hudson is holding a gun with his right hand, to
Blake's head.
      (to Hudson)
You son of a bitch.
As Davis takes out his pistol, Gariety puts a pistol to
Davis's back.
      (behind Davis)
Uh, uh. I don't think so. Come on
hands up.
Davis lifts his hands in the air.
You had to get this poor kid
involved, didn't you?
Leave him out of this.
I'm afraid I can't do that, He
just knows too damn much.
Hudson fires his pistol twice at Blake, hitting him in the
head both times.


No, no.
It could have been so easy, but
you had to stick your damn nose in
my business.
You're a disgrace to the uniform.
I know. Blake and that DEA agent
knew it too. That's why they had
to die and that's why your going
to die too.
Go to hell, you bastard.
I plan on it. Bye the way, I've
been there before. Its called
traffic patrol.
This is completely unfair.
What do you mean?
I let you trap me and on top of
that it cost Blake, a damn good
detective, way better then you.
Look on the bright side. I'm going
to say some damn nice words at
your funeral.
Davis elbows Gariety and runs toward Hudson, but Hudson
shoots him twice in the chest. Davis grabs Hudson as he
falls to the ground. Hudson then pushes him to the ground.
Gariety walks over to Davis and starts kicking him.
                       HUDSON (CONT'D)
      (to Gariety)
Hey if you didn't know, he's
already dead.
Gariety keeps kicking Davis.


Come on, lets go before the good
cops show up. Besides, now I've
got to write a damn eulogy.
Hudson spits on Davis as he walks by him.
What if my guy gets caught
Don't worry about it, I got
someone dealing with it.
David is lying in his bed when Newman, who is wearing
scrubs, walks into David's room. David recognizes Newman and
pushes the panic button on his bed side remote. David then
picks up his tray of left over dinner as Newman takes a
steak knife out of his pocket.
Hey you wouldn't take this tray
for me would you?
Newman leans in toward David. David then throws his tray at
Newman and then hits him in the forehead with a telephone. A
nurse comes running into the room.
Newman is in handcuffs walking beside officer Johanson, when
detective Yates walks up to them.
Officer Johanson. I was told to
relieve you of this prisoner as
soon as possible.
                       OFFICER JOHANSON
I didn't hear about it, but what
the hell, here he is.
Officer Johanson walks away.
Good idea sending a detective,
anyone will believe them.


Shut up. I did my part, but you
obviously didnt.
Whats that supposed to mean?
It means I don't see a body bag
with an engineer in it.
Its a work in progress.
Considering there's been no
progress, good luck explaining
that one.
David is lying in his bed when Hudson walks in the room.
Why the hell are you here?
Look, I know we've had our
problems in the past, but I need
your help.
Why the hell should I help you?
I'm sorry I blamed you for those
guys ambushing you. If you won't
help me I understand. I hope
someday you'll forgive me.
Hudson begins to walk out the door.
I never said I wouldn't help you
and besides, I could use your
Hudson turns around and walks over to David's bed.


Detective Davis was killed last
night and I think detective Logan
had something to do with it.
What can I do to help you?
You can testify against detective
Logan for the murder on Marine
Who do you think has tried to kill
me all these times.
I have no idea, but Logan probably
had something to do with it.
When do you need me to testify?
I don't know, but you should lay
low for a while.
Hudson, will you help find my
I guarantee that you will see her
very soon.
Hudson begins to walk out of the room.
I'm sorry for doubting that you
were a good cop.
Hudson turns around.
Just be glad were both on the
right side.


Gariety is leaning up against his car. Hudson speeds his car
up to Gariety and stops. Hudson gets out and slams his car
door. He walks up to Gariety with an irritated look on his
What the hell is it going to take?
What are you talking about?
You, I'm talking about you. The
enigeneer is still alive.
      (pointing at
You cant possibly be pissed off at
      (pointing at
I can possibly be pissed off at
you, and I'am damn't.
Your mad at me.
Who the hell else? No one else is
here Gariety.
Could you tell me what I did to
piss you off?
You realy dont know, do you?
Not unless you tell me. I mean
come on, I'm not a mind reader.
You want to know why I'm mad, I'll
tell you why. Its because you are
so stupid you cant even kill a


                       HUDSON (cont'd)
damn enigineer.
That damn engineer watched a few
more John Wayne movies then I
thought he had and besides, you
weren't so successful your self.
      (counting with his
Jake, don't give me that shit. You
failed. You failed at shutting him
up. You failed at killing him at
the mall. You failed at killing
him at his house. You failed at
killing him on the highway and now
you failed at killing him at a
hospital. A damn hospital. What is
it going to take dammit. You've
failed at every damn thing you've
I'm the failure here.
Yeah, you sure in the hell are.
I'm the failure.
Yeah your the damn failure. That's
what I just said.
So lets make this clear. I'm the
failure because I, being a
detective that handles things, put
the engineer in jail, so that he
wouldn't bother us. So I'm the
failure here.
That's totally different.
Oh, it is.


It is.
I get it now.
It sure in the hell is different,
but thats besides the point.
Oh really. Then what is the point
The point is, you aren't worth any
damn penny Ive ever paid you. And
on top of that, if you don't
disapear, I'll make you disapear.
      (wiggling hands)
Oh I'm so scared. The big manly
detective is gonna make me
You better be. I'm not screwing
around this time. Your done
screwing up my career and my life.
Your dead. Your a dead man
walking. You hear, your dead.
No, lets get one thing strait. I'm
the damn convict who does the
dirty work around here. All you
are, is a damn nutcase going
through a mid life crisis, you
can't control. If you think I have
any sympathy for you, your flat
out wrong. I went through mine a
year ago. I lived through it. And
another thing, don't be worried
about your career being in the
tank, because if you piss me off,
your damn career will be the last
thing you'll be thinking about.
      (pointing finger)
No, no don't you dare threaten me
you little turd. In the end rather


                       HUDSON (cont'd)
or not that engineer is dead, I'm
gonna finish you.
I'm looking forward to that day.
Me and you one on one.
Your going to be one dead son of a
You better watch it. I might be
tempted not to wait that long.
Gariety starts walking away.
      (to Hudson's back)
No, you watch it. Your the dead
one, just wait.
Gariety gets in his car and drives away.
There is a black hearse in front of a brick church.
Chief Ernie is standing at a podium, facing four hundred
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Detective Davis was a great cop,
but I wasn't able to work with him
as much as others did. Lets now
hear from Captain John Hudson, who
was blessed with the opportunity
of working with this great
Hudson walks up to the podium.
Thank you for coming to celebrate
the life of Detective Davis. I had
the opportunity to work with
detective Davis for over twenty
years. He was a great public
servant and may we never forget


                       HUDSON (cont'd)
his wondrfull memory.
Everyone is walking to their cars, when Hudson walks over to
a Lincoln town car. The window rolls down revealing the
mayors face.
It's a tragedy you know.
I know.
Did you take care of the engineer?
Yeah, pretty much.
What the hell is that supposed to
It means, the issue will be taken
care of.
Good, cause that's the way I want
Good, now you don't have to worry
about it.
I'm not worried about that. I'm
worried about Gariety.
Don't worry about him either, I'm
gonna take care of him too.
Yes, permantley.


Good. Now get this shit done as
fast as you can.
I'll try.
I want all this shit in our past,
so it doesn't blow up in ur faces.
Hudson is sitting at his desk in his office. David knocks on
the door of Hudson's office.
Come in.
David walks in.
You look great for a man who
couldn't walk two days ago.
Thank you. Do you have any updates
on my wife.
I was just about to check out a
tip at a warehouse not too far
from here.
Can I go?
Why not, I mean, I guess you can
go check it out.
Are you sure I can go alone?
Yeah, it's no big deal.
Maybe you should come with me.


No, I got a lot of stuff to do
here. How bout this, you take my
car and I'll come later in my
Okay then.
See ya.
David walks out the door.
Boy, you don't know what your
about to get into.
David drives Hudson's car through the entrance of the
warehouse. Gariety is standing inside the warehouse with a
surprised look on his face.
David stops the car, gets out and takes a gun from his
pocket. Fiery with anger, David walks over to Gariety and
sticks the gun in his mouth.
Where is she?
Where's who?
Out of frustration, David pushes Gariety toward the car and
the forces his back to the hood. David then puts his gun in
Gariety's mouth.
Tell me where my wife is, or your
head will become an hood ornament.
Kiss my ass.
You think I'm joking.


You don't have the balls to pull
the trigger.
David quickly takes the gun out of Gariety's mouth and
shoots him in the left leg.
      (grabbing leg)
Ah shit, that hurt.
Don't have the balls uh. Your leg
would think otherwise.
Gariety spits in David's eye. David then jabs Gariety in the
nose with his pistol, causing Gariety to bleed profusely.
Where the hell is my wife?
Newman slowly walks up to David with a pump shotgun pointed
at him. Oblivious to this, David sticks his pistol in
Gariety's cheek.
My nose hurts.
Tell me where my wife is or you'll
      (right behind
No, let my boss go, or you'll die.
David kicks Gariety in the left leg. As Newman pumps his
shotgun, David runs behind Gariety and sticks his gun
through Gariety's armpit. David then fires three times at
Newman, hitting him each time in the chest. David grabs
Gariety and trows him up against the car.
I'm going to ask you one more
time. Where's my wife?


She's in the back of a van at the
airport and she's alive.
Thank you. Now tell me why the
hell you randomly chose to try to
kill me.
You saw my guys murder your boss
on Marine drive.
That's it.
Pretty much.
Do you know why detective Logan
made me leave the scene?
He was involved in Captain Hudson
and the mayor's illegal deals on
the side.
What did they do?
We were all selling drugs.
What the hell did my boss have to
do with it?
He was a DEA agent and somehow
found out about our operation. He
was about to close the deal, then
my men shot him.
What about Detective Davis?
I was there when Hudson killed
detective Davis and detective


                       GARIETY (CONT'D)
Look I screwed up, I didn't want
to hurt you, but Hudson made me.
Give me another chance, what do
you say?
David puts his gun in his pocket.
Will you testify against Hudson?
I will, I'm done doing Hudson's
dirty work.
Detective Yates is driving a truck through the doors of the
warehouse when Hudson, who is in the passenger seat, fires
his pistol hitting Gariety twice in the chest. Gariety falls
to the ground and is dead.
David gets into Hudson's car as Hudson continues to fire.
David starts the car and hits the gas, speeding out of the
entry to the warehouse, as fast as the car can go.
      (turning to Yates)
Follow that stupid engineer.
Yates is going forty miles per hour over the speed limit
while following David very closely. They both are driving
Hudson begins to shoot at David. The bullets take out the
back windshield, but completely miss David.
David points a gun at the truck and fires only hitting the
grill and the hood. In response Hudson fires ten times at
David's car again. After hitting nothing, Hudson reloads his
      (to Yates)
Follow that idiot, wherever he
goes. We're gonna get this
bastard. Were gonna get him right
now. I can just feel it.


Chief Ernie is sitting in his large office working on the
computer. A knock is heard on the door.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Come in.
Agent BROWN enters the room. He is average height but a
little overweight. He is around fifty, he has a mustache and
is bald.
I'm agent Brown with the DEA
office here in Portland.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Well agent Brown, how can I help
It just so happens, that one of my
undercover agents was killed.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
That's terrible, but I don't see
how I can help.
You can though. It also just so
happens, that one of your
Detective's killed him.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
I hope you're aware of the
accusations your making and on top
of that. Why the hell would one of
my Detective's kill one of your
That's what I was thinking, until
I saw the amount of drugs your guy
was selling.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Drugs. Agent Brown, are you
suggesting that one of my
detective's are selling drugs?


That's exactly what I'm
                       CHEIF ERNIE
What made you come up with that
My guy was going to put your guy
in the slammer and uncover a hell
of a lot of corruption. So,
there's your motive.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Do you have any idea who this
detective is?
Well my guy had an informant. So,
I sorta have an idea of who it is,
but I'm not sure. Bye the way I
plan on camping out here until I
find out for sure.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Who was this informant?
Supposedly a detective's wife, but
I want to be sure she didn't have
an agenda against him.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Do what you need too to catch this
son of a bitch, but just don't
tell anyone why you're here. And
don't go around pointing fingers
at everyone just yet.
David is driving his Geo up an exit ramp as Yates continues
to follow him. Both vehicles continue driving erratically
through the downtown streets, nearly killing many
pedestrians. Hudson shoots at David repeatedly.
David lifts his emergency brake and turns a corner drifting
the whole way. He lets the brake down and pushes the gas to
the floor. He shifts into first, then second, then third and
Finlay fourth. Each time taking his RPM's to the limit.


      (to Yates)
Watch this.
Hudson shoots at David's left tire, causing it to blow out,
resulting in his Geo to spin out of control. Right before
the Geo plows into the side of a building, David jumps out
and rolls over five times. Oblivious to this, Hudson and
Yates continue driving.
Son of a bitch is finaly dead.
David gets up and walks over to a brand new corvette
convertible. David looks around it, noticing the key is in
the ignition. David then gets in the car, starts it and
drives away.
Yates parks the truck, on a curb right in front of the
police department entrance. Both Hudson and Yates run into
the building, as David drives up in the corvette. He ditches
the car and follows Hudson and Yates into the building.
Chief Ernie is talking to Agent Brown when Hudson and Yates
storm into the building.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
      (to Hudson)
What the hell's going on here?
We've found the man who killed
Detective Davis.
David walks through the main doors of the building. Hudson
looks back and sees David.
      (pointing at David)
Arrest that piece of trash.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
      (to Hudson)
Excuse me, I'm the Chief of
police. I can decide who should be


I have a tape recording of the man
who was hired by Hudson to kill
David pulls out a tape recorder.
This man, Mr. Leon, killed
Detective Davis. He was dealing
drugs with him, but Davis was
going to turn him in, so David
killed him.
He's lying. The mayor, Detective
Yates and Hudson are all the bad
guys here. They were the ones who
were selling drugs. Ask Logan,
even he was involved.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Mr. Leon, who killed Detective
Davis then.
Hudson did.
Detective Logan walks down the stairs and stops.
That's absolutely absurd.
Here I'll play the tape and then
we'll all know who's guilty.
      (on tape)
I was there when Hudson killed
Detective Davis and Detective
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Who's saying that?
Jake Gariety, right before Hudson
killed him.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Sounds like enough evidence for


You'd believe that stupid engineer
and some degenerate rat off the
streets, over a captain of your
own police department.
Logan walks toward David.
      (pointing at David)
That stupid engineer was smart
enough to stay alive this long.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
A sudden change of heart detective
I'll testify against Captain
Hudson for a deal.
Bullshit, this is all bullshit.
      (to Hudson)
If you're not guilty then how the
hell did you know a cop was
      (to Brown)
It's all your stupid agent's
Hudson draws his gun and fires twice, hitting Brown in the
chest. Logan pulls out his gun as Yates shoots him in the
shoulder. Hudson then fires at David, but David dives behind
a counter.
Hudson and Yates back up toward the entrance. A uniformed
officer pulls his gun. Hudson fires at the officer hitting
him in the heart. As the chief pulls his gun, Yates shoots
him in the arm. Hudson and Yates turn around and open the
door. They both run out the door as fast as they can.
As Hudson and Yates run out the door, a Lincoln town car
pulls up behind Yates's truck, which is being towed away.


      (rubbing forehead)
What the hell are we going to do
I got an idea.
Hudson looks around and then walks over to the Lincoln town
car and opens the door. The DRIVER is sitting in the front
What the hell are you doing?
I'm taking this vehicle. I'm a
captain of the Portland police
Over my dead body. This is the
damn mayor's car.
Yates pulls out his gun and fires at the driver three times.
You idiot, you didn't have to kill
He said over my dead body.
Good thinking kid. Your getting
more like me everyday.
Yates gets in the driver's seat and Hudson sits in the
passenger seat.
Where next boys?
Hudson and Yates look back at the mayor.
Somewhere far away.
Did it all blow up?


Right in our damn faces.
I guess somewhere far away is the
right answer then.
I guess you won't win the mayor of
the year award this year.
I wasn't expecting too.
David stands up and starts to run out the door.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Where are you going?
      (turns around)
I'm going to make a citizen's
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Would it change your mind if I
tried to stop you?
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Then good luck.
My wife is at the airport, Hudson
is hiding her somewhere there.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
We'll get her back.
Here goes nothing.
David runs out the door.


The Mayor's car is driving away as David runs out the door.
In a rush, David notices a MOTORCYCLE COP just getting off
his bike. He runs over to the cop.
I need your keys.
                       MORTORCYCLE COP
That's too bad.
I'm sorry in advance.
                       MORTORCYCLE COP
Sorry for what?
David punches the cop in the nose, takes his keys and gets
on the motorcycle. David rides off toward the Mayor's car.
The Mayor's car merges onto the Marquam bridge with David on
the motorcycle following close behind. Yates sees David's
motorcycle's lights in his mirror.
What now?
I don't know.
You better think of something.
Hudson grabs the wheel of the car and turns it to the right.
The car flies off the bridge through the OMSI building's
glass windows and then lands in the guest shop. In response
to this, David stops his motorcycle, slams the gas and turns
The motorcycle flies through the air, landing on a dock in
front of OMSI, adjacent to the Willamette River. The
motorcycle continues going forward, getting caught on the
exterior of the building. The motorcycle stops suddenly and
David flies through a window of the OMSI building. David
lands twenty feet in front of where the motorcycle stopped.


People are exiting the building in a panic. There is glass
all over the floor. The car is sitting in the guest shop
with debris all around it.
Mayor Cotter gets out of his car and stumbles over to a
glass counter. David is on the other side of the counter
crunched up like a ball. Yates slowly gets out of the car,
but is bleeding badly.
Hudson gets out of the passenger seat and walks behind a
wall out of everyones sight. David stands up and hits the
mayor on the back of the head with his pistol. Yates points
his gun at David.
I'm not afraid to kill you.
That's not the question.
What is the question then?
The question is can you kill me?
David jumps behind the counter as Yates begins to shoot at
David, but he only hits the counter. Yates walks over to the
car and opens the front door. David stands up and fires at
the gas tank causing the car to blow up. Fire fills the gift
And the answer is no.
Hudson runs out of the flames and shoots at David. Hudson
climbs up an escalator and runs left to hide behind a post.
In response David follows Hudson, when reaching the
escalator, Hudson fires at David three times not hitting him
once. Hudson throws his gun on the ground after realizing
its empty.
As David comes closer to the post, he drops his gun. Out of
desperation, Hudson runs down a hallway and then climbs onto
a metal rafter. The metal rafters are forty feet in the air
and just six inches wide. David climbs onto one of the
rafters chasing Hudson.
Don't look down.


You shouldn't either.
David runs toward Hudson, grabs him and bangs his head
against a post. Hudson punches David in the stomach and then
drives David's shoulder into the post. As David turns
around, Hudson attempts to punch David in the face, but
David ducks causing Hudson's fist to hit the metal post.
David then hits Hudson in the back, but Hudson elbows him in
the nose and then in the stomach.
David turns around to walk away but Hudson kicks him in the
back of the knee causing David to fall to the rafter. Hudson
kicks David in the ribs and then punches him three times in
the ear. Hudson kicks David again in the ribs causing him to
fall off the beam. David is holding on to the beam, by just
his hands with his feet dangling below. Hudson hovers his
foot above David's hand.
I guess you should have stayed out
of my business. You sure in the
hell weren't easy to kill that's
for damn sure.
Your forgetting something.
Oh yeah, what's that?
I'm not dead yet.
No, your not.
David grabs Hudson's foot and yanks it. Hudson falls
backwards forty feet, onto a glass counter, killing him
But you sure in the hell are.
Police officers run into the building following Chief Ernie.
The mayor stands up as David walks up to the Chief.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Mayor, are you okay.


      (pointing to David)
I'm fine, thanks to this man.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
David, there's someone here who
wants to see you.
Laura walks up to David.
David gives Laura a hug.
I love you.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
I brought her back like you
Thank you, It's the greatest gift
I missed you.
      (with his arm
       around Laura)
I know, I missed you too.
David shakes Chief Ernie's hand while holding Laura.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
Just one thing, what about the
Mayor? Isn't he involved.
Yeah, he was kidnapped, other then
that not at all.
                       CHEIF ERNIE
You're the hero, so whatever.


The home is on a hill overlooking Portland. Two uniformed
officers walk to the front door and knock. The door opens,
David's Boss is standing in the entryway in his boxers.
                       UNIFORMED OFFICER
Is Mrs. Hudson here.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
Yes. Honey someones here.
Stephanie comes to the door.
How can I help you.
                       UNIFORMED OFFICER
Ma'am I'm sorry to inform you, but
your husband died an hour ago.
                       UNIFORMED OFFICER
Yes ma'am realy.
      (to David's boss)
That's two life insurances we can
Stephanie goes back in the house.
                       UNIFORMED OFFICER
      (to David's boss)
Is she gonna be okay.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
Oh she'll be fine. Just thank God
for bullet proof vests.
                       UNIFORMED OFFICER
Oh but Captain Hudson wasn't
wearing one.
                       DAVID'S BOSS
I know.
David's boss shuts the door. The two uniformed officers look
at each other in disgust.


The mansion is very elegant and is very historic. There are
lots of people all dressed very formally, holding Champagne
glasses. Everyone is standing in the foyer of the mansion.
The mayor is standing next to David and Laura, facing
May we all drink to a great hero?
Too David Leon, my lifesaver.
Everyone takes a drink.
Thank you for honoring me, but I
must say, the Portland Police
department helped as well. So, to
Chief Ernie and everyone at the
Portland Police Department.
Everyone takes another drink.
David and the Mayor are walking in front of the mansion.
Honestly, is their anything I can
do for you?
No, I'm fine.
Come on, there's got to be
something I can do.
David stops and looks at the Mayor's 1966 Corvette Sting
On second thought, maybe there is
David is in the driver's seat and Laura is in the passenger
seat as the car pulls out of the driveway. The mayor is
running toward them.


Make sure your careful and no
bridge jumping.
David is driving the convertible very fast around curves at
the edge of cliffs.
David and Laura are sitting next to each other on two lounge
chairs. Charlie and Katie are swimming in the water.
Does this make up for strangers
shooting at our house, and you
being kidnapped?
Not Quite.


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