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Monophobia ( a short movie)
by Scottie Carpenter (kelticdragon13@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: ****
Guy awakes to find himself the only person left on the planet. Or is he?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camera pans in on a alarm clock as it is buzzing. After a
few minutes a hand moves out from under the blankets on the
bed to shut it off. A few more seconds pass by then the
blankets begin to move and a young man emerges from beneath
Jared walks towards the bathroom as the camera pans around
the room showing clothes thrown everywhere and general
sloppiness, then the camera follows him. He scratches his
butt through his boxers and then sniffs his hand as he
reaches his sink.
He turns the sink on and washes his hands then brushes his
He then turns around and picks up some clothes off the
ground, sniffs them then puts them on.
Once Jared is dressed the camera follows him out his bedroom
door and down the stairs into the kitchen.
Mom? Dad?
Jared shrugs then grabs a couple of pieces of bread and puts
them into a toaster. He then pours some cereal into a bowl
and pours some milk on top. He takes 2 bites of cereal then
grabs the toast as it pops up and heads out the door in a
hurry, grabbing a bookbag by the door on the way out.
Jared gets to the bus stop before he realizes there is no
traffic today. It is strangely silent. No Birds, no dogs,
      (Voice over)
Wonder where everybody is?
Jared pulls out a cell phone and dials a number. The phone
rings a a few times followed by a recorded message.
We're sorry but that number is
temporarily not available. Please
check the number or try your call


                       RECORDING (cont'd)
again later.
      (mumbleing to
Thats weird.
The camera follows Jared as he proceeds to walk towards his
school. Upon reaching his school he realizes it too is
empty. He slowly walks through the school peeking in
classrooms and even faculty offices.
Hello? Is anybody here? Hello?
Mr. Ashworth? Mrs Workman?
Anybody? Hello?
Jared gets a smile on his face as he begins to think out
      (talking to
I wonder if the whole town is like
Jared runs to the faculty break room and turns on the tv but
every channel he turns to only has snow and white noise.
He then runs out of the school with a set of keys in his
hand, he checks the key in several car doors before he finds
the one it fits in and hops in the car. The camera then sees
the car pull away and speed down the empty road.
From a distance the camera sees a car speeding through the
parking lot before it comes to a halt near the mall
entrance. Jared jumps out of the car and runs up to the mall
Yes! They're open.
He runs inside.


Whats seems to be a few hours later we see Jared coming out
of the mall with a armload of stuff. He throws it all into
the car and hops in and drives away.
We see Jared laying on the hood of the stolen car smoking
cigarettes and drinking a beer. Loud Metal music is playing
from the car stereo.
This is the life.
                                         THREE MONTHS LATER
The room is a mess. Clothes and food a laying all over. A
dirty Jared is seen laying on the couch.
       talking to
I can handle it. I'm not alone.
They will come back soon I know
it. What? I think I hear them now.
I'm sure they are just playing a
trick on me.
Jared continues to mumble incoherently as the camera pans
out and then fades out.
Camera fades in on Jared sitting in the corner of the padded
room rocking back and forth mumbling incoherently to
himself. Then the camera pans around to a mirror on one wall
and around to the other side of the mirror to show it is a
one way mirror where 3 people are standing watching Jared
through the glass.
Its useless Mr and Mrs Jones. He
is what in slang terms is called
Permafried. There is no actual
clinical term for it but basically
he got such a large dose of LSD
that he will never come down. His
Hallucinations are as real to him


                       DR. (cont'd)
as I am to you.
I wish we would have known. So
there is no way to help him?
I'm sorry.
I told him not to mess around with
Camera turns back towards Jared who is still rocking back
and forth mumbling to himself.


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From shenoba bursey Date 10/21/2009 ****
Wow! I liked it.

From Shannon Date 10/15/2009 ****
wow, nice! Sort of a hardcore PSA but it's good! 4 stars, no doubt.

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