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The Few
by Nolan Rutland (rutlandn19@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Do you think real super heroes would be easily accepted? Possibly; at first, but with time hate, fear, and pure human jealousy would consume them. Six college teens gain super powers in a freak explosion. They quickly learn that being a hero is a curse. They are pushed to their breaking point as the city decends into chaos. This is the death of the classic American Super Hero.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

We were few. The Few. No one could
have predicted it? How could they?
We were the worlds first
extra-human beings. I hesitate to
use the word Hero because at this
point it seems as much self
serving as it does untrue. In our
day and time, the term super hero
is thrown around by people who
don't know anything; who can only
think in sixth grade terms and who
are fooled by their own fantastic
imaginations. The term super hero,
while being not altogether
inaccurate, implies that what
happened to us was a gift. The
accident and the resulting power
were anything but fortunate.
Tragedy would be the more
appropriate word. Being a super
hero seems, to every little boy,
the ultimate fantasy but at our
present age, and when fantasy
gives way to reality, the wonder
quickly disappears and fear takes
its place. Good intentions do pave
a way to hell. In the attempt to
eradicate evil we gave the world
it's greatest. It was Newton who
said that every action has an
equal or opposite reaction. In an
atomic explosion, atoms are torn
apart and energy is released in
the form of heat and light. In our
case DNA is bent and twisted and
energy is released in the form of
possibility. Awesome; terrifying,
possibility. No matter what others
might tell you there is an
equation for the human mind and it
is always changed by the
introduction of possibility. So it
did. People changed. We are The
Few, The Powerful, The Heroic. To
action there is reaction, to
reaction there is consequence, to
consequence there is an end. The
is the death of the American super


A BOY (10), cute, stands in the toy aisle. The boy stares at
a toy gun on the shelf.
The BOY runs off.
                                         CUT TO
MOM (20's), attractive, brunette, talking on her cell phone
in the frozen food aisle. Her face shows panic.
I'm sorry, could you repeat that?
Well, how much time do I have?
Please, I need an extension. Well
could you at least talk with your
The MOM scratches off an instant lotto ticket. It's not a
winner. She tosses it into the cart. The BOY comes running
around the corner of the adjacent aisle.
Mom! Mom!
Really? Thank you. Alright, yes,
just call me back when you hear.
Thank you again. Goodbye.
She looks down and her son is standing there. He has been
waiting patiently for her to stop. He begins to tug on her
Mom! Mom! You have to see this!
What is it?
Come here, I'll show you.
He slides down her arm to her hand and starts to yank. She
laughs. He pulls her to the toy aisle and points to the toy
Look! Can I get it mom? Please?


She doesn't know what to say. She makes a decision and tries
to seem confident about it. She picks it off the shelf.
Alright, here.
She puts it in the basket and continues shopping. We see
them next as they are checking out. The cashier scans the
three items. The MOM looks uneasy. The cashier rings it up.
That'll be 43.72.
The MOM searches through her wallet and a twinge of pain
streaks across her face and just as soon it's gone again.
She shines the cashier a forced smile.
Uhm...huh...I must have left the
rest of my money at my house could
you take the gun off?
Sure. Absolutely. (Pushes some
buttons) And now your total is
Uh...(digs through her purse)
here's twenty...two and...(still
digging) seventy three.
Thank you. Here's your receipt and
have a nice day.
Thank you. Bye.
The MOM and the BOY start to walk away and it starts to hit
the BOY that the toy gun is not with them.
Mom! You forgot the gun!
They keep walking.
Mom! Wait!
The MOM gently pulls the BOY aside and crouches down to talk
to him. The BOY looks like he is about to cry.


Hey, Andrew. I'll make you a deal.
How about you work for me and I'll
pay you...say...a dollar a week.
Then when you have enough you can
buy it yourself.
Why can't you buy it for me?
Uh...well...I had completely
forgotten when I picked it up that
toys are so much MORE fun when you
buy them yourself.
Boy thinks.
                                         MATCH CUT TO
CHRIS thinks. CHRIS (21), a brown haired college student of
about average height and build. His hair falls long and
unkempt around his eyes and ears.
His eyes move slowly from side to side sweeping his
collection of movies. He indistinctly mouths the movie
titles. Every now and then he says part of a name. His eyes
finally settle on a movie but he stares at it for a moment
not sure of his own decision.
Fantastic Four? Hm...why not?
He turns and walks away. He sets the movie down on the
coffee table then gets out his phone.
His apartment is littered with clutter. He calls the pizza
                                         JUMP CUT TO:
Apartment Door. The doorbell rings several times, in quick


Hold on! I'll be right there!
CHRIS walks into view, opens the door, and hands the guy
some money.
Here you go.
                       PIZZA GUY
Thank you, and here's your pizza.
Thanks, have a good night.
                       PIZZA GUY
Alright man, you too. 'Night.
CHRIS closes the door and walks into the T.V. area. He
shoves last night's pizza box off the coffee table and onto
the floor in order to make room for this night's.
                                         CUT TO:
All the lights are off and the only light is from the T.V.
CHRIS lies lengthwise on the couch. CHRIS's phone begins to
ring. CHRIS pauses the movie and answers the phone.
                       ELLIE (V.O.)
Hey Chris.
Oh, hey Ellie. (He sits up) What's
                       ELLIE (V.O.)
Not much, I'm sorry if I called at
a bad time, it's just this is the
only time I have to talk
No, it's fine I was just watching
a movie.
                       ELLIE (V.O.)
Oh, great. Well, it's about Ryan's
surprise party. Could you please
find a place to have it for me?
That would be a big help.
Yeah sure, no problem.


                       ELLIE (V.O.)
Are you sure?
                       ELLIE (V.O.)
Great. Thanks so much.
Really, it's no problem.
                       ELLIE (V.O.)
Alright, goodnight.
CHRIS turns off the cell phone and puts it down on the
table. He switches on a table lamp and rubs his eyes to wake
himself up. He glimpses at his watch. It's midnight. He gets
up and meanders to the kitchen.
In his kitchen his refrigerator is covered in Post-It notes.
He picks up a pad of Post-Its and writes 'Find place for
Ryan's party'. He sticks it on his fridge and it's
immediately lost in the jumble. CHRIS then opens the fridge
and pulls out a carton of milk.
He drinks the milk straight out of the carton. CHRIS gags
slightly then gives a low muffled scream through the sour
milk still in his mouth. He looks around frantically and
stumbles to the sink. CHRIS sprays the sour liquid into the
sink and slumps over the sink almost as if he is about to
throw up.
                                         CUT TO:
bathroom as CHRIS gargles massive amounts of mouthwash. Back
in the kitchen CHRIS grabs the pad of Post-Its and violently
scribbles 'get milk'. He is about to put the note on the
fridge when he sees the same note there already. He grabs
the marker and underlines the first note. He crumples up the
new note and throws it in the trash. CHRIS grabs the carton
of sour milk and puts it back in the fridge again. He turns
off the movie then slinks to his room. He gets in bed and
gets comfortable.
CHRIS opens his eyes for a moment then closes his eyes,
rolls over, and begins to slip slowly into unconsciousness.


He is suddenly hit by a crushing wave of fear. He sits up
and peers out the nearby window.
He looks wide-eyed at the digital clock next to his bed.
It's 10:00.
Oh, fuck!
He clumsily darts into the kitchen, his pants are on and
he's pulling the dirty shirt he wore yesterday over his
face. He pulls a note off his fridge. It reads, 'class was
moved back to 9:30'. He wads it up and hurls it at the
fridge with a grunt of frustration.
He opens up the refrigerator and pulls out the milk. CHRIS
takes a swig of the milk but it doesn't stay long and almost
as soon as he puts it in his mouth, he spits it out again.
kuh! Kuh! Kuh...fu...kuh...uck!
He grabs the marker and sprints away.
CHRIS walks toward his car, unlocks it, and opens the driver
side door. He tosses his back pack into the passengers seat
then, still outside the car, he takes the marker out and
writes on his hand 'MILK'. He hops in his car and drives
CHRIS walks into a classroom midway through the lesson. DR.
ROLLINS (50's), short graying hair, youthful, teaches class.
DR. ROLLINS stops in the middle of the lecture to greet
CHRIS. DR. ROLLINS doesn't seem the least bit annoyed, in
fact he's very friendly. He's dressed casual but nice a
physical reflection of his personality. The board says
'American Literature'.


                       DR. ROLLINS
Oh, hello Mr. Parker. We were just
discussing the chapters you were
all supposed to read last night.
Sorry, I'm late Dr. Rollins.
                       DR. ROLLINS
It's fine, just tell me this, and
remember there is no wrong answer.
I just want to know what YOU
think. Who or what do you think
Tom Sawyer represents in the
CHRIS talks slowly, trying to piece it together as he
      (Sitting now)
Um...Mark Twain's...inner child
or...what he wishes his childhood
could have been like? A reflection
of him in some way.
                       DR. ROLLINS
Thank you, that's something I
wanted to touch on; writing your
own story. For those of you who
are also in my creative writing
class; Chris, Julie; it's just
like your other teachers told you
or should have told you; write
about what you know. Don't try too
hard; Mark Twain didn't. He wrote
about what he knew and that was
the south! Well for tonight read
the next chapter and write a short
compare-contrast essay on Mark
Twain and Tom Sawyer, which you
will give to me and I will not
read. Go forth and do great
Everyone packs up and leaves. DR. ROLLINS stops CHRIS.
                       DR. ROLLINS
Chris, can I talk to you a minute?
Yes sir, what's it about?


                       DR. ROLLINS
Chris, I've seen your writing.
You're good and your smart. Your
only problem is you're so
disorganized. You need to keep up
or you're gonna fall behind.
Yes, sir.
                       DR. ROLLINS
Alright, keep it together. Have a
wonderful day.
We change focus to ELLIE (21), attractive, outgoing,
artistic college student, driving down the highway talking
on her cell phone. She's talking to ERIC.
Chris is finding the place, Jeff
is getting the decorations, and
Sam is doing the food. Everybody's
doing it, I just need you to
invite people.
ERIC (21), short, brown haired, student, bathrobe, is in a
very messy apartment, sitting on his couch.
What are YOU doing?
I'm organizing.
I wanna organize.
Yeah, how hard could it be? You
got the...stuff and
the...uh...other stuff.


The 'other stuff'?
Yeah, the other stuff. Come on I'm
a great organizer.
Alright, where are your car keys?
ERIC looks around his messy apartment. The floor is covered
in stuff.
On the floor.
Where on the floor?
Well, you know, I can't get into
the specific geography and the
topology of the issue at this
So will you invite the guests?
I am Voltor Destroyer of Worlds,
such things are beneath me.
You're doing this.
You're pure evil.
Yes. I sit on my couch at night
twisting my moustache and cooking
up ways to make your life
Sounds hot. What time?
Wednesday at 8. (beep) Hey, Ryan's
trying to call me.
I gotta go anyway.


      (To ERIC)
See ya' later.
Time for my real friends. (turns
on T.V. Cheers is on) Norm!
ELLIE presses a button on her phone.
      (To RYAN)
Hi, sweety.
Hey, honey. I was thinking about
Wednesday and I think I'd rather
just have a small dinner, just you
and me. How does that sound?
What? Uh...I can't hear you..
Look, I'm at the university. I had
better go or Sir will kill me, I
love you sweety, bye.
She immediately hangs up on him.
We see RYAN and he seems surprised.
RYAN (22), tall, strong, buzz cut, police uniform, turns off
his cell phone. RYAN sits alone in a small diner.
The restaurant is completely devoid of people except for
RYAN and SAM. SAM (22), tall, lean, friendly, is the owner
and chef of the restaurant. RYAN sits at the counter sipping
coffee and eating breakfast.
Who was that?
Ellie. She seemed worried about
something, I dunno.


We see a menu with 'Sammy's', the name of the restaurant, on
it. RYAN scoops some scrambled egg up in his fork and plays
with it for a minute while he thinks.
It was when I talked about my
party. Do you know anything about
my birthday?
Really. Nobody tells me anything.
SAM goes to the back, in the kitchen area. We remain in the
dining area and SAM's voice becomes distant.
Long as I keep making food you
guys just forget about me.
You're such a downer!
He comes back out.
You gonna pay for that?
SAM prays hard and rubs his crucifix.
Put it on the tab.
      (looking at the
Is this thing on? When are you
guys actually planning on paying
your tab?
      (looking at his
Oh, shit! I gotta go.
RYAN shovels down some more egg and takes one last sip of


We'll pay it eventually!
Yeah right.
SAM walks back to the kitchen and this time we follow him
back. From the front there comes a ring as someone walks in
the door. SAM begins to walk to the front.
Welcome to Sammy's what can I
SAM sees it's just JEFF and trails off mid-sentence.
Oh, it's just you.
Why does everyone say that?
Sorry, I just thought you might be
an actual customer.
And what am I? (SAM looks at him)
Don't answer that. So, did the new
Onion come in?
Yeah, it's on the counter. Make
yourself comfortable. I'll be out
in a minute.
Hey, Sam! Can I get a breakfast
Do you have money?
Oh, I only have a dollar.
That's alright it's on me.
No, that's okay. You don't have to
do that.


Yes, I do. It's fine, Jeff. Poor
college students need food too.
Thank you so much.
JEFF (20), average height, sits down and picks up the paper.
He continues to read the paper for a moment then SAM comes
Alright, done. So, what's up in
the science world?
Well, I heard about this guy in
Japan who's working to make
teleportation a reality and it
shows a lot of promise.
JEFF laughs. He points to an article in The Onion.
Famous Hoo Ha Doctor Awarded Nobel
Prize for Advancements "Down
There". These guys are hilarious.
So what are you and Eric doing?
Oh, you know, manipulating
radiation. We've actually
manipulated some elements and
created new isotopes and even
created a new element.
Yeah. Right now we're
experimenting to see if any of
them could be used to fuel a car
or power a generator. It's the way
of the future. The way of the


                       JEFF (cont'd)
future. The way of the future.
He laughs again at something in the paper.
We switch focus to ELLIE. SIR, short, balding, business suit
and glasses, stands at a music stand in front of ELLIE. SIR
flips through the sheet music in front of him.
Alright, pick it up from measure
32; at the key change.
SIR beats out a 1, 2, 3 with his hands and ELLIE begins to
sing. She sings beautifully. The song is slow and beautiful.
She sings for a moment then stops.
Alright. Thank you. I think thats
all for today.
Is the list up?
SIR nods.
ELLIE walks out into the hall and down the hall to a cork
board. A list is pinned up. ELLIE reads. Her eyes go wide.
She reads it again and again. She fights back tears. She
walks down the hall. She sees Sarah and ducks into a
practice room. She pulls out her cell phone.
With a loud wail of a car horn the scene changes to the city
streets. RYAN hauls down the side walk in his cop uniform.
RYAN and his PARTNER run around a street corner and down
that street. A THUG sprints away from them. The THUG crosses
the street suddenly, just missing on-coming traffic. RYAN
and his PARTNER cross too and also have to play frogger with
the traffic. RYAN orders his PARTNER to go around. The THUG
knocks a trash can into the side walk but RYAN just hurdles
over it. The THUG turns the corner down an alley way and not
a moment later RYAN turns the corner too. The THUG climbs
over a fence. RYAN climbs the fence. The PARTNER blocks off


the end of the alley and the THUG runs smack into him. RYAN
jumps on the THUG and cuff's him.
That's one for me.
                       RYAN'S PARTNER
Bull shit, he ran into me.
Harper would you kindly fuck
You guys are retarded.
Fuck you!
                                         CUT TO:
Another cop reads the thug his rights as he loads the thug
into the cop car. RYAN walks away just as his phone rings.
He checks the caller I.D. It's ELLIE.
Hey, honey.
ELLIE is fighting back tears.
Ryan, guess what?
What? What's wrong?
I didn't make it.
Oh, my God. Honey, I'm so sorry.
I thought I did so good.
There will be other opportunities.


I know I just- aah! God damn it!
Look, I gotta go. I love you. Bye.
ELLIE steps out of the room. SARA (20), tall, busty blond,
walks up. ELLIE has an immediate look of intense loathing.
Ha, I saw the board.
Don't fuck with me Sarah.
Calm down. I'm trying to help you.
You obviously aren't good enough.
Just give up. Maybe you sang all
through high school even some in
college, you found out when the
tryouts were, you filled out all
the papers, you picked out a song,
you practiced the song, you sang,
and you still didn't get in. You
have to come to terms with the
fact that you can't sing. You can
still change your major and find a
new goal. Think about it.
ELLIE teams with rage.
Your just a petty bitch.
And I have everything you will
never get and
ELLIE hits her boiling point and punches SARA hard in the
ELLIE paces furiously around his office.
You broke her nose?
I wish I had broken her face!


You know you can't just punch
people in the face.
She was practically begging me to
hit her. I wish you had heard- I
wish someone had heard what she
was saying to me. Fuck! All my
life I've worked and I've worked
and it's never been good enough.
I've never been good enough and- I
just- God! I hate hate her so
What exactly did she say?
She told me that I'll never be
anything and to switch majors. She
said I couldn't sing.
That's not true at all. You have a
beautiful voice. I suggest you
take some classes this year and
try again next year. You're good
Ellie, you're very good. Don't
give up.
There is a long silence.
You know, it's funny. The music
room is where I feel the most
comfortable. When nothing makes
sense, and trust me, a lot of
things don't make sense, I can
always go to the music room and I
feel at home. Maybe it's because I
have such a musical family.
Singing always brought my family
together in a way that nothing
else could. Christmas was my
favorite time because me, my dad,
my mom, my sister, and my brother
would all sing Christmas carols.
It was the closest my family ever
got to each other.


There is a moments pause, then SIR leans over in his chair
and peers around ELLIE.
You had better go. Try and at
least make it look like I punished
ELLIE stands up and walks out. SARA looks extremely pleased
with herself.
No one is there apart from SAM. SAM sits at a booth. He
nervously exhales and taps his foot on the floor. MIKE
(40's), well groomed, suit and crazy tie, knocks on the
door. SAM walks over, opens the door, and lets MIKE in.
Come in.
The man walks in.
Hi, I'm Mike. We spoke on the
I'm Sam. Thanks for agreeing to
see me at night.
It's no problem, really. I
understand the odd hours of small
business owners.
Here sit down.
They do.
I love your tie.
Oh, this. Yeah, you caught me on
crazy tie day.
SAM gives a courtesy laugh. MIKE realizes that SAM isn't
really laughing. MIKE stops chuckling and clears his throat.


Anyway, let's take a look at your
MIKE pulls an accounting book out of his briefcase.
Unfortunately, I have bad news.
You're not doing well.
MIKE opens the book and searches for a page. He finds it.
You're losing a significant amount
of money a month. If business
doesn't pick up, I would recomend
you close. I'm sorry.
I see.
SAM lowers his head and thinks about what brought him to
this point. The restaurant is his dream. He can't bear to
think about closing it.
A young, beautiful couple are walking around the nice part
of city. There are tall buildings all around. It has the
romantic appeal of Times Square, with it's dazzling lights
and sounds. They seem happy and blissfully in love. The
WOMAN (30), long hair, long black dress, fur coat, grins
from ear to ear. The MAN (33), tall, black hair, well
groomed, $2,000 suit, coat, leads her down the street.
Wow, this night has been so great:
Five-star Dinner, Ice Skating,
what's next?
It's a surprise.
The weather is cold. Their breath is visible in the cold
night air. They walk up to a big building with lights all
around it and a big sign with "RENT", the musical, on it.
The MAN pulls out two tickets and the woman's face lights
Happy Anniversary!


Really?! We're going to see
Yep, just for you.
Oh, my god! I love you so much!
I love you too. (looks at watch)
Oh, it's starting. We should go.
They walk off.
ELLIE walks in and RYAN is sitting at the nearest table. As
far as we can see, RYAN is the only one there. RYAN stands
up and they both kiss.
Hey Ellie.
I wanted to talk about my
birthday. I'm just glad you're not
doing something as stupid as a
surprise party. God those are just
so childish. Anyway I'm looking
forward to our quiet dinner. Right
They hug and RYAN gets up right next to her ear
They told me.
ERIC, CHRIS, JEFF, and SAM peek around the booth they were
hiding in and they are all wearing party hats and carrying
noise makers.


Gotcha bitch!
ELLIE has a "deer caught in the headlights" look of shock.
                                         CUT TO:
All six of them are sitting at the booth, laughing.
I'm sorry but I had to do it. You
have to admit, it WAS pretty
Well...no actually not at all.
That wasn't the least bit funny.
Who's idea was it anyway?
Sorry, I accidentally let it slip
about the party.
All I said was that we should play
a joke.
It wasn't my fault. I just got the
Yeah, it was all my idea.
Yeah, why am I not surprised? Wow,
if only I could have gotten you
guys to work this hard on the
actual party.
I told you I could be a great
You're right, I'm sorry. Would you
like to be the organizer?
Fuck no.


I'll organize.
Shut up, Jeff.
Hey, speaking of the party,
where's it gonna be? Chris.
Oh, you know...
You don't know do you?
Yes, I do.
Well, if I told you then it would
ruin the surprise.
It's alright. Where ever it is
I'll love it.
ELLIE and RYAN both snuggle up next to each other and
The young attractive man from earlier is driving down a
highway. The woman sits next to him. They're in an
expensive, convertible, sports car. The top is down and
their hair blows in the wind.
So what are we doing today?
Look to your right.
There is a race track off to the right. He pulls up to the


I reserved the race track for
Can I see an I.D.?
The GUARD looks at it then hands it back.
Thank you. Have fun sir.
                                         CUT TO:
Sports car driving onto race track.
The WOMAN puts on her sun glasses.
The MAN slams the pedal. The wheels spin in place then the
car peels off.
RYAN and ERIC are sitting at a booth eating breakfast.
Hey Eric, what's your dream?
What do you mean?
Have you ever had a dream?
What kind of stupid question is
that? Of course I've had a dream.
This one time I had a dream that I
had to fight Scooby Doo or Santa
Clause would stop kill my parents.
Long story short, I rode Smokey


                       ERIC (cont'd)
the Bear pimp slapped Santa and
the dream ended their.
You're retarded.
I know what you mean. Hey, let's
ask Sam. Sam, what's your dream?
I dream that one day, you guys
actually pay your tab.
What ever, fuck you.
Come on, I'm serious.
Seriously? Yeah, I became a
scientist because I wanted to help
the world. I wanted to make some
discovery that would make things
easier or cheaper, but that's not
my dream. My dream is to have
enough money that I can settle
down comfortably with my wife and
we can watch our kids grow up.
You see, I have the same dream. Do
you know why I became a cop?
For the gun?
Well yeah, and because I wanted to
help people, to make the city
safer, and to be...
RYAN does finish the sentence but it's indistinguishable
To be a hero. To get my name in
the paper.


(laughs) You mean like super man?
You know what? Fuck you! I'm
pouring my god damn heart out
and...fuck you! Fuck you!
Aww, I'm shorry. Does shum-one
need a hug?
Oh, here it comes. Here it comes.
You can't stop it now. It's
No, no, no!
It's too late. ERIC wraps his arms around RYAN and RYAN gets
a look like he's being stabbed.
Shush, shush, shush. It'll be
okay. I'm here, I'm here. It'll
all be alright.
Are you done?
ERIC lets go.
Holly shit. Are you completely
robbed of all emotion? I'm putting
myself out on a limb here to try
to show you some love and you just
crushed it! See, there it is.
(imitating something small) Ryan,
I love you. Aaaah! Is this because
of your mom? Momma didn't love you
enough? Or you didn't love mommy?
I love my mom.
      (To SAM)
I love his mom too?


Ryan just stares at him.
Alright, I'm sorry. Honest to god
though, I love you like a brother,
more than Jeff; more than Sam;
more than Chris; more than Ellie.
Same here man.
      (walking by)
Hey, what's wrong? There's nothing
wrong with some bro love.
ERIC grabs RYAN's ass.
Keep it tight.
BAM! There is a gun shot from outside. RYAN instinctively
stands up and darts out the door as soon as he hears the
shot. As he steps out the door, the thief doesn't have
enough time to react, and slams right into RYAN.
RYAN and the thief are both thrown to the floor. The thief
gets up and RYAN right after him. RYAN chases him down and
tackles the thief. Both men lie on the ground writhing in
pain. The officers who are on duty, as well as ERIC and SAM,
run up to RYAN and the thief.
Oh my god! Ryan what's wrong?
I think I broke my shoulder!
The police CHIEF (47), tall, built like a linebacker, sits
at his desk as cops sit around drinking coffee and talking
outside his office. The CHIEF is doing some paperwork. An
OFFICER enters.
Sir, can I talk to you?
The CHIEF looks up at him then returns to his work.


Go ahead.
Everyone is getting less confident
in the police every day. We need
to do something.
That we do. (thinks) Who was that
guy who broke his shoulder then
still chased down the crook?
That's a pretty nice story. People
like stories like that. Who was
Cross, sir. Ryan Cross.
Give him a medal and the people
get their hero.
Long pause.
Well, go!
Yes, sir!
The CHIEF returns to his paperwork.
In a small, cheap, apartment the MOM we saw at the beginning
sits at the table sifting through her mail. She sees a
letter from the Bellmond Academy and opens it up.
The little BOY swings a stick back and forth, making buzzing
sounds with each swing.
The MOM reads the letter and something in the letter seems
to concern her.
'late on tuition payment'. She picks up her cell phone and
punches a few numbers. We are able to hear the ringing of
the phone.


                       DAD (V.O.)
                       DAD (V.O.)
Can I ask you something?
                       DAD (V.O.)
Absolutely, what is it?
It's about Andrew.
                       DAD (V.O.)
      (voice sinks)
I know when we split up I said I
would never ask you for anything
but your son needs you.
                       DAD (V.O.)
You mean you want money. He
doesn't need me and he doesn't
need that school.
Rick, please! (looks at the boy
and brings her voice down low
again) I haven't asked you for one
thing since the divorce.
                       DAD (V.O.)
Why do you insist on sending him
to a private school you can't
Because, until the day comes that
I have no other options, Andrew
will have a good education, and I
can pay for it, I'm just behind
this month.


                       DAD (V.O.)
Alright, I'll send you a check in
the mail, over night.
Thanks. (Pause) How is she?
                       DAD (V.O.)
Your wife?
                       DAD (V.O.)
Monica? She's good, we're all
In the living room, the BOY continues to swing the stick and
pretend to fight an unseen enemy.
                       MOM (O.S.)
Thanks. Bye.
The MOM slinks back in her chair and scratches off an
instant win card. No luck. She throws it on a pile of other
scratch offs.In the living room, the BOY swings the stick
more violently now. With one violent swing, the BOY knocks a
beautiful vase onto the floor, smashing it to pieces.
Oh, shit!
The MOM is now standing in the living room. She is shocked.
The BOY looks sad and pathetic.
That was my grandmothers vase.
      (almost crying)
I'm really sorry.
This just breaks the MOM's heart. She hugs the BOY tight and
cries too.
It's okay.
Digital alarm buzzes. CRIS reaches over and turns it off.
CHRIS pulls himself out of bed and walks out the open bed


room door. As he walks out he closes the door behind him. On
the door is a sign that reads, 'Find place for party'.
Not having seen the sign, he walks into the T.V. area and
picks up the remote. On the bottom of the remote is a note
that reads, 'Party'. He feels the note but balls it up and
throws it off to the side, without looking at it.
He turns on the T.V. and watches it for a moment, then he
stands up and walks to the fridge. He opens the door and on
the door is another party reminder which is again unseen.
CHRIS gets out the sour milk again and lifts it to his mouth
but before he can drink he sees his wall calender and stops.
On the calender, one day is circled several times in red and
all the other days leading up to it are crossed out.
      (slamming carton)
CHRIS runs off. After a moment he runs back and picks up the
milk. CHRIS drinks and runs to the sink. CHRIS grabs a
marker and goes for his hand but it already has a milk note
there. CHRIS underlines the note again.
CHRIS is cruising down the highway, talking on his cell
Jeff! I'm freaking out! Ryan's
party is tonight and I still
haven't found a fucking place yet!
The lab is very advanced. There are lots of blinking and
whirring machines and a giant metal sphere in the middle. In
the background ERIC is working on the machines.
It's alright. Eric didn't invite
any guests and I've been too busy
to find decorations. So, none of
us did anything.


Why in the hell would you think
that knowing nobody did their job
would ease my pain?
I don't know it seemed like the
right thing to say.
I hate you!
You're over reacting. You're a
known alarmist. You have enough
time to find a place.
Are you sure?
But, I don't even know where we
could go on such short notice.
I don't know but you better find a
place soon or Ellie's going to
kill you.
ERIC walks up to JEFF.
      (To JEFF)
Who's that?
      (To ERIC)
      (To JEFF)
Who's that?
      (To CHRIS)
Put me on.


What was that?
Eric wants me to put him on.
Put him on.
      (listening to the
Yeah, put me on.
Put him on.
Put me on.
ERIC grabs for the phone and JEFF swats him away. ERIC hits
JEFF and JEFF slaps back. They have a little slap fight and
it ends when ERIC slaps JEFF hard on the back of the head.
      (To CHRIS)
Fine, I'm putting you on speaker
JEFF presses a button on the phone and sets it down on the
      (To CHRIS)
What up BITCH!
Oh, hey dickless cock balls.
How's it going?
I don't know let me ask you're
mom. Oh, wait I'm sorry, her
mouths full.


Don't talk about my mom that way.
Oh, hey. Speaking of things that
usually have a lot of people in
them, the party. Why haven't you
invited anybody yet? I'm like
literally going full melt down.
I've been busy.
No seriously.
I'm hurt that you would insinuate
that I'm lying.
He's lying.
Oh wow. Et tu Brute? Thanks Judas.
JEFF walks away.
Yeah, you better walk away. Ya'
cock sucking...
Really, what's your reason?
Well, how the hell am I supposed
to know Ryan's friends?
You could just try fishing around
the station. So Jeff, what should
I do?
I don't know but you can count me
out. I have to stay here tonight.


I've got an idea. We can have the
party at the lab so you can be at
the party and you don't have to
No. We can't have unauthorized
personell here.
      (to JEFF)
Whoah, Brenda. Don't get your
panties in a knot.
Oh, I get it your insinuating I'm
a woman! That's clever! No one's
ever thought of that before!
Shut the fuck up! (To CHRIS) We
can have it here.
No we can't!
ERIC throws something and hits JEFF square in the head. ERIC
picks up the phone and turns it off speaker phone.
Sorry about that. He's a little
grumpy today because he's a pussy!
Fuck you!
Your a cat! I meant you're a cat!
Dude, you're a dick.
He knows I'm joking, I think. Oh,
well. Anyway, we can definitely
have the party here. Just leave it
to me.
Thanks. I'll try to explain it to


Hey Chris, if she tries sucking
out your soul just remember this
line, 'the power of Christ compels
you'. Now go! Be strong! You can
do it! You can do it! (close
phone) Good kid. Now let's get to
I hope Ryan doesn't feel like we
forgot his birthday.
Nah, it'll be alright.
                       WOMAN (V.O.)
How could you forget my birthday?!
The young couple is in the living room of a very nice high
rise apartment.
I was with my client all day. I'm
a lawyer, that's my job!
So, I take a backseat to your job?
Now, hold on a minute? Are you
telling me I can't do my job?
Don't turn this back on me. This
is about you. It's not like you
forgot my favorite flower, you
forgot my birthday!
Alright, it's still your birthday,
what do you want?
Yeah, that's what I want. I just
want lots of stuff. Who needs love
or relationships? Matt, when are
you going to understand? I'm not
dating a car; I'm not dating a
necklace; I'm not dating a fancy
high rise apartment. I'm dating


                       WOMAN (cont'd)
You figure it out.
The woman points to the door.
She says nothing. The man gives up and walks out the door.
The woman collapses into the nearest chair and cries. As the
woman is crying we hear a group of joyful party goers.
                       GROUP (V.O.)
RYAN blows out the candles and everyone claps. RYAN's arm is
in a sling.
So what did you wish for?
He can't say it fuckass or it
won't come true.
It's okay, I didn't make a wish.
(looks at ELLIE) I already have
everything I want.
                                         CUT TO:
Later on, RYAN and ELLIE are standing by themselves. ELLIE
holds RYAN's good hand.
      (indicating the
(sigh) I'm sorry about all this.
God, Chris picked a breakroom?
Well, at least he did something.
Jeff was supposed to get the
decorations but he didn't and Eric


                       ELLIE (cont'd)
"forgot" the guests.
Hey, stop beating yourself up. I
don't care if I have my party in a
truck stop bathroom, I'll still be
happy. Decorations might have been
a little...childish anyway and I
have everybody I want here. All I
would want is you guys anyway. I'm
just glad that Sam brought the
food. If I have food, I'm a happy
Ryan. I'm a man of simple
Mmm, the cake was pretty slamin'.
Do you like this?
ELLIE scooches up close to RYAN and they kiss.
I love that.
So let me see your medal.
You mean the medal the mayor gave
me? The highest award the police
force can give? The one I was
awarded for bravery and service in
the line of duty? That medal? I
don't even know if I have it on
RYAN smiles real big and uses his free hand to pull out a
box. Inside the box is the medal of heroism. RYAN hands her
the box and she marvels at it.


Hey Ryan, is that the medal the
mayor gave you?
Why it sure is. Do you want to see
I wanna see it.
ELLIE hands the medal to RYAN. RYAN hands it to CHRIS who
gets there first. CHRIS passes it around.
I can't believe they gave you a
What do you mean?
I mean you did't really do
anything. The guy just ran into
you. They just gave you the thing
because you're accident proned. I
just think it's funny.
Actually, they gave me the medal
'cause some punk broke my fucking
arm and I still chased him down
and busted his ass!
Dude, what the fuck's your deal?
My "deal" is that I won a medal
and I wish you'd take it seriously
and stop being such an asshole.
Is that what this is about?
Because you wanna play hero? Look,
I know you want to be a hero but
tripping somebody doesn't qualify!
You're just a busted up douche
Guys! Stop it! You don't need to
blow up.


'Blow up' echoes over and over. JEFF's face reads like a
billboard. He's gotten sudden inspiration which turns into
contemplation. JEFF continues to think but finds it
difficult with all the screaming. What was it he was
thinking again? God just shut up. Shut up! Just...
Everybody stops talking and gawks at JEFF. CHRIS drops his
I...I'm sorry. I...I gotta go.
JEFF runs out the door. JEFF runs back in.
ERIC snaps out of the daze and runs out with JEFF. Everyone
else follows.
In the lab there are two rooms seperated by a piece of
glass. Like a recording studio would be. One room is the lab
and the other is the observation room. In the lab is a giant
metal sphere with a nuclear hazzard warning sign. In the lab
are other machines and computers. In the observation room is
a computer panel and a microphone. JEFF walks into the lab
and immediately begins to tinker with the sphere. Everyone
else piles into the observation room.
ERIC pushes the button to turn on the microphone.
Hey Jeff, what's going on? What
are you thinking?
JEFF looks up at ERIC and makes an exploding gesture with
his hands as well as an unheard 'boom' with his mouth.
Oh, I think I get what he's doing?
He's going to make a small nuclear
explosion. He thinks that the heat
and radiation will change the


                       ERIC (cont'd)
genetic composition of the element
we created. The resulting product
could be hot enough for long
enough to power a city. It's
genious really.
Wait, did you say nuclear
Like the bomb, yeah.
Is that safe?
SAM's eyes go wide and ERIC just looks at SAM and shrugs
then goes back to starring out the window. JEFF gives ERIC a
big thumbs up which ERIC returns. RYAN steps up right next
to ERIC and you can feel the tension between them. JEFF runs
into the observation room and the sphere begins to whir
louder. JEFF runs up to the panel and there is a plastic
case covering a big red button. JEFF flips open the case and
puts his finger on the big red button.
With one press of a button man
will take one giant leap forward.
Cars, planes, nay whole cities
will be powered with our fuel.
Eric oil.
In your dreams. Anyway, you are
about to witness...
Just press the damn button!


In short, future, new world, we're
amazing. All right! (looks at
ERIC) See you in the history
Not if I see you first.
JEFF takes a deep breath and shoves the button. The instant
the button is pressed there is a sudden lurch and the air
turns solid.
Not a single person moves. They freeze in time and in an
instant it's all gone and like that moment was holding them
up. When it's gone they all fall in slow motion to the
floor. ELLIE's head hits the floor.
The MAN who was kicked out by his girlfriend is in an
average suburban house. His FRIEND (33), is next to him and
he is throwing a pillow and blankets on a guest bed. The MAN
is a wreck. The FRIEND is a typical middle class guy. They
walk to the living room.
Thanks for letting me stay at your
No problem.
The friends WIFE (30's), auburn hair, walks in.
      (to MAN)
Hey Matt, you want something to
Sure what do you have?
The WIFE walks to the kitchen and the two men walk to the
living room. She opens up the fridge.
We've got tea, Diet Coke, and
Diet coke's great, thank you!


Make that two honey!
The WIFE brings two Diet Cokes.
Here you go guys.
You're so great Brittany, thank
She walks away. Both men open their Cokes and drink.
So Matt, haven't seen you in a
while; what's going on?
Not much, just boring lawyer
stuff. You?
Just boring army stuff. Right now
I'm briefing guys on how to
identify and disarm or dispose of
road side bombs and IED's.
Jesus man, what happened to us? We
used to hang out all the time in
high school and now you've got a
good job and a great wife...
...and you've got a great job and
an amazing girlfriend...
What, are you going to marry her?
Hey Matt, I'm being serious. Quit
feeling sorry for yourself! Look,
despite what you might think, a
good girlfriend, she won't care
about being first all the time.
She'll respect that you love your
job, and that's what you have. You
have a really good girlfriend and
I guarantee you all she wants is a
little reminder every now and then
that she's special. It's possible
to have two number one's. Just let


                       FRIEND (cont'd)
her know she's forever.
(gasps) I got it! Thank you so
MAN runs out the door. The FRIEND looks very proud of
I still got it.
CHRIS wakes up suddenly. He's pale white and his eyes dart
around wildly. CHRIS stumbles quickly to his feet. His eyes
dart back and forth. Everyone else is still unconsious.
In his head is a voice, his own thoughts growing louder and
louder until it's almost unbearable.
                       CHRIS (V.O.)
Get help. Go. Get help! Get help!!
Get help!! GO!!
                                         CUT TO:
Wham! CHRIS hits the pavement.
CHRIS's whole body feels heavy. He pulls himself up onto all
fours and vomits onto the pavement. He feels weak but he
wills himself to his feet and stumbles off.
CHRIS runs clumsely into the hospital and plumets to the
floor. He gets back up again and keeps going. The heat
radiates off him as he collapses on the front desk.
Help, I don't feel too...I
The receptionist turns away from the intense heat.


I'm paging a doctor!
No...no, I want a form...I want to
sign in.
The receptionist throws a clipboard with a form at him and
turns away from the steadily increasing heat once again.
CHRIS picks up the pen that's chained to the desk and begins
to scrible incoherently.
CHRIS looks up and the receptionist is terrified. He looks
at the pen and it's melted where his fingers were. CHRIS
lifts his hand from the form and the paper is on fire. He
bats at the paper to put it out but the fire clings to his
hands. He screams as his skin burns.
He looks around. He clutches his chest which also catches
fire. The fire consumes him in mere seconds. He's getting
weaker. He drops to the floor. He burns until death comes
and darkness. There is nothing but darkness now.
                       LITTLE GIRL (V.O.)
No! Stop! Baxter NO! STOP!
There are a couple of distant dog barks, a truck horn, then
the dog squeals.
                                         CUT TO:
It's all white as far as the eye can see. A LITTLE GIRL sits
on her knees next to a bleeding, dying dog.
She's crying. She looks up at CHRIS.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Get help! There's not enough of
us! We need help!
                       LITTLE GIRL
There's not enough of us! We need
help!! (screaming) GO!!


CHRIS spins around and sprints away. He keeps running. He
pants hard and his feet pound the floor. Loud. Boom! Boom!
CHRIS wakes up in a hospital bed. He gets out of bed and
runs for a few steps until he realizes it was a dream.
The room is large. Bigger than a normal hospital room. CHRIS
retreats back to the bed. CHRIS lays on the bed. He turns
around as a pair of sliding glass doors open. DR. CLIFTON
(60's), kind faced, doctors uniform, walks in with a
                       DR. CLIFTON
Hi! Chris, right? (checking
clipboard) Chris...Parker?
                       DR. CLIFTON
I'm Dr. Clifton. Right now you're
in the Quarintine room at St.
Joseph Hospital.
Yeah, I know. I came here.
Dr. CLIFTON clicks his pen and makes a note on the
                       DR. CLIFTON
Good, your memory seems intact. I
heard the story. You came in
boiling hot, raving mad, and
begging for a form. It's amazing
you're even alive. You seemed to
sponteneously burst into flames
and when we put you out you had no
burns. You weren't even hot. In
fact the only thing that could
have indicated that you were sick
at all was that, when you came in
here your radioactivity level was
off the charts! What were you
doing Mr. Parker? Rolling around
in nuclear waste?
Something like that.


                       DR. CLIFTON
Anyway, it too seems to have gone
away completely.
How long have I been out?
                       DR. CLIFTON
Two days. We've been watching you.
They paged me when you woke up.
Well, there doesn't seem to be
anything wrong with you anymore. I
would like to keep you just to
make sure but we can't keep you
anymore. It's your choice?
Anymore? You mean I can go?
                       DR. CLIFTON
Yes but...
I'm sorry but I just want to go.
                       DR. CLIFTON
Fair enough. Your clothes were
burned off but we have some new
ones for you. You can change into
them and when you're done your
friends are here. They were
checked in shortly after you.
Actually, I just really need some
CHRIS paces around behind the hospital in his new clothes. A
page from a newspaper blows toward him and he traps it under
his foot. He picks up the paper and examines it. He tears
off a piece and puts the rest in his pocket. He puts the
paper in his hand and stares at him. The paper unexpectedly
bursts into flames. He shouts and drops the burning page to
the ground. He stares at it, wide-eyed.
Holy shit! Holy shit! Oh shit!
Shit! Shit! Shit! Woah!


He laughs and pants loudly as he paces franticly. He
considers something for a moment then pulls the whole wad
out of his pocket. He readies himself and stares down at the
paper. Nothing.
Come on, light. Come on, come on,
come on. Light!
The paper gets hotter and begins to singe at the ends. The
wad catches fire and he drops it onto the ground but his
hand is still on fire. This time he's not scared.
Feels good.
CHRIS flicks his hand up and down quickly and it goes out.
He stares at his hand again and in that hand a flame
appears. The flame grows until it's a roaring fire in his
hand. He laughs joyously. He sees a brick wall and without
thinking he hurls his arm towards it. Nothing happens. His
hand is still on fire. He tries it a few more times and on
the last time the fire leaves his hand and explodes on the
wall. He stares at the wall for a moment.
Oh my god! Oh my fucking god!
CHRIS explodes with excitement and begins dancing around.
ELLIE walks out in the middle of an air kicking session.
CHRIS doesn't notice ELLIE until he jumps in a circle and
sees her. He stops and turns bright red with embarresment.
They can't hold it any longer and they laugh it off. They
look away from each other.
Am I interupting something?
Yeah...no, no. I was just going to
do the worm next but it's cool.
You know, some other time.
Can I tell you a secret?


Yeah, anything.
No, you'll laugh.
I think I got you topped in that
I'm serious.
Okay, I won't laugh. What is it?
ELLIE leans in.
I think I can move stuff with my
CHRIS laughs hard. ELLIE hits him.
You fucking asshole, you said...
No, no, no. Ellie, watch.
CHRIS holds out his hand where she can see it and the air
bends and flows up from his hand. Then the air slowly
materializes into fire. The fire flows around his fingers
and his hand and beautifuly lights up the night.
CHRIS looks up at the stars and so does ELLIE.
Look at the sky. I want to be
there. I wish...God! I just wish I
could fly. Oh God, what I wouldn't
give to be able to fly.
Me, I think I prefer the ground.
They both look up at each other. Their faces are illuminated
in the warm glow of the fire. The night around them is cold
and dark. The scene is interupted by ERIC coming through the
door. ELLIE and ERIC jump.


Oh, Fuck! You scared the shit out
of me! I thought you were...
ERIC pulls out a cigarette.
Yeah, what ever. You might not be
able to tell by the look of
fucking enthusiasm on my face but
I actually don't care. So..
Shivering in the cold, ERIC pulls out a lighter and lights
the cigarete. He takes a deep breath and blows billows of
smoke into the alley.
Hey, by the way, look at this.
This is cool. Alright. You
watching? VOOM!
ERIC completely vanishes. The only thing that can be seen is
the cigarete dangling from his lips. Smoke whirls backwards
from the cigarete and fills his invisible lugs. Then in a
sudden he reappears.
You mean you too?
You mean you guys...?
They nod.
Well...what exactly?
Uh, fire, I guess.
Um, Telekinesis?
The others?
ERIC nods
Jeff's stronger. Sammy's faster.
And as for Ryan...I don't know.
Electricity I guess? He sparking.
The lights in the hopital keep
flickering. Crazy shit. Crazy


                       ERIC (cont'd)
shit. Well, night.
There comes a sudden electronic buzzing that gets louder and
A digital alarm clock says 8:00 A.M. CHRIS turns off the
alarm and gets out of bed. He gets dressed and looks at the
note on the door about the party. He tears off the note and
procceeds to tear off all the other notes.
He pulls the last post-it note off the fridge and the fridge
is completely bare. CHRIS takes out the bad milk, sniffs it
and throws it away. He then takes food out of the fridge and
makes breakfast. CHRIS eats, washes dishes, and cleans the
apartment. Finaly CHRIS stands and admires his new, clean
The MOM and BOY walk up to the cash register where the
CASHIER (17), smacks gum loudly. The MOM puts the toy gun on
the counter and the CASHIER rings it up.
The MOM points down and a hand comes up from behind the
counter and puts some crumpled up bills down. The CASHIER
leans over the counter and sees the little BOY smiling back
up at her.
You can keep the change.
The CASHIER straightens up and looks at the mom. The CASHIER
shrugs and goes back to work. She prints off a reciept then
puts the reciept and the toy in the bag.
Have a nice day.
The MOM grabs the bag and hands it to the BOY. She then
walks to an instant lotto machine, buys a scratch off, and
walks away.


ERIC and ELLIE walk into an empty dark room. Perpendicular
to the wall is an MRI scaning machine. ELLIE is wearing a
hospital gown and ERIC wears a lab coat.
Just lay down here.
ELLIE lays down and ERIC walks into the control room. ELLIE
starts sliding back into the machine. ELLIE laughs.
      (Over speaker)
What is it?
It's funny. It's just like House.
The machine whirs to life.
                                         CUT TO:
JEFF stands in front of a camera. He is in a big empty room.
Test 8. Subject: Ryan Cross.
Purpose: To further understand
Ryan's ability to generate
electricity. This time I am
testing to see how many watts he
is capable of generating. I have
set up two metal poles with
testing equipment. The poles have
been grounded to prevent any
incedents. Begin.
RYAN walks up and stands between two metal poles. RYAN
clutches the metal poles tightly. He squeezes the poles and
flexes as hard as he can. Electricity begins to surge down
his arm.
RYAN begins to shake and he lets go. The electricity
continues to flow out his finger tips. Electricity charges
all around the room. Bolts shoot around and one stray bolt
hits the camera. RYAN stops.
NO! No, you fried my camera!


Sorry, I got caught up in the
moment. I can't believe it, you
know, having all this power.
JEFF tends to his camera and RYAN looks at JEFF's glass of
water. RYAN makes a gun with his fingers and shoots a bolt
of lightning at it. The glass shatters.
Whoah, what was that?!
JEFF looks up and RYAN is gone. He sighs and walks over to
the table. He begins to wipe it up with a rag when he
notices the computer screen. 20,000 kilowatts. JEFF is
Sandwich stuff is piled up on the table.
SAM wiggles his fingers.
SAM cocks his eyebrow.
SAM moves inhumanly fast making the sandwich. All in two
seconds. Put meat, spread mustard, spread mayo, lettuce,
pickle, cheese, bread, done.
ELLIE stops the stopwatch.
2.68 seconds!
That's impressive.
Hey, watch this! Hand me some
aluminum foil!


ELLIE tears off some aluminum foil and hands it to RYAN.
Has anyone here seen aluminum foil
in a microwave?
RYAN puts the aluminum foil on the table and his hands on
either side. It stays like this for a minute then the little
scrap of foil begins to spark. RYAN moves his hands away and
it stops.
Oh, by the way Ryan, I wanted to
ask you. What happened to your
collar bone? You're not wearing
your sling.
I don't know. It must have been
that night when we got blasted.
It's just fixed.
Hey guys, watch this.
CHRIS lies down on his stomach. He squints and tries hard to
force something. Nothing. He tries again. He squezes real
hard and goes red in the face. He begins to float. Only for
a moment then slowly glides back down to the ground. CHRIS
exits. ERIC appears.
Thanks man, I owe you one.
Hell yeah you do.
ERIC hands CHRIS a beer and they clink bottles.
They drink.
JEFF sits at a computer. The whole room is dark and the only
source of light is the flickering computer screen. The door
opens and JEFF jumps at the sudden noise. SAM walks in. JEFF


squints at the light coming from the door and holds his hand
up to his face to block it.
Sam? Hey, could you close the
door? You know, the light it's...
Sam closes the door.
Hey, you're missing the party.
What's...uh...what's going on?
What's this?
I'm going over the data from the
tests. It's more than I ever
expected. It's incredible. Look at
Chris for example. He has a sac in
his chest that produces methane
and a blood system like weave of
veins running the methane through
his body to the skin and like wise
a system of wires that resemble
the nervous system that heat the
skin anywhere at any given time
high enough to light the methane.
He can control the fire too...with
his mind, like Telekinesis. Well
not Telekinesis not really,
Are you seeing this! Are you
understanding this! We got blasted
with radiation and...and...bam!
We're different. It didn't make
sense until I found this.(Pointing
to the MRI on the screen) It's the
same in every one of us. This spot
is lit up like Christmas!
So, what about it?
It's new! Brand new! Well it's
always been there physically but
it's been inactive for who knows
how long in human existence. I did
some more tests and it responded
to radiation. So my guess is that
this is the part that decides your


                       JEFF (cont'd)
"power" as it were. But the thing
I can't wrap my head around is
what is the evolutionary purpose
of this part that's only activated
by radiation. It's almost like
this part of the brain was put in
hundreds of thousands of years ago
just for us to find today. Like we
were meant to find it. Like
something wanted us to find it.
Are you saying God did this?
No...but I'm not saying he didn't.
The young attractive WOMAN watches T.V. on the couch. There
is a knock at the door. She walks over to the door. Standing
at the doorway is the young MAN.
I'm waiting.
I've got something for you.
Is it shiny?
The MAN gives a goofy smiling nod and the WOMAN slams the
door in his face.
Please let me in.
The WOMAN opens the door and the MAN stands still smiling at
the door.
At least see the gift before you
throw me out.
The MAM pulls an envolope out of his jacket and hands it to
the WOMAN. She opens the envolope and pulls out a card. The
card has a picture of a happy puppy. The WOMAN brims widely
at the picture and opens the card. On the inside it says 'I
WOOF you'. Tears stream down her face and she laughs. She


throws her arms around the MAN and kisses him, first on the
lips and then all over his face. The MAN pulls her off him.
How much did it cost?
99 cents.
It's just what I wanted.
They kiss.
I thought you said it was shiny.
There's one more thing.
He pulls out a small black box and gets down on one knee.
You said you did't want any shiny
expensive things but I hope you'll
make one exception. I want you
forever, for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health, 'till
death do us part. So, Linda Marie
Richards, will you mary me?
The WOMAN can not speak through her sobs and tears but she
gives a smiling nod and he slips the ring on her finger.
They both fall into each others embrace.
The resturaunt is busy, busier than it's ever been. Three
men work the counter. One takes orders (Orders), the second
takes the money (Money), and the third hands out the food
Sorry ma'am, but the restaurants
full. Do you wanna get that to go?
What would you like?


Hello sir. Can I see your ticket?
The man hands MONEY his ticket. MONEY punches some keys on
the cash register.
7, 15, 27, 42!
People come up to get their food. Back to ORDERS. He
seperates the original and the carbon copy. He hands the
original to the WOMAN and the copy he takes back to the
order window. He puts the form on the clip and rings the
bell. SAM appears in the window places a brown bag in the
window and takes an order form.
He does this several times. Places bag, takes form. Zip zip.
Bag, form. ORDERS places a form and FOOD takes a bag. It's
fast and efficient. Else where in the resturaunt, ELLIE,
CHRIS, and JEFF sit at a booth. The table is covered with
half eaten food. CHRIS stares at something. RYAN walks up to
the table.
Hey! When did Sam get help?!
Yesterday! He needed help with all
the customers he's been getting
Why?! The food's not that good!
That's not why they come! They
come because he's the fastest!
I'm proud of him!
Everyone nods their heads. Pause.
I liked it better when he was


They all show their agreement.
Hey Ellie, I think that guy's
checking you out.
Which guy?
That one.
He is not.
The guy gives a little nod in their direction.
Oh god. That guy's checking me
Oh god. He's so unattractive.
JEFF nods slightly. Just then ERIC breaks through the crowd
and walks up to the table.
I need to talk to Ryan.
Oh! Um...some guy's checking me
out so I should...you know...hit
on him?
ELLIE gags a little. She signals to CHRIS to go with her.
I should help you?
He gives her a look that says 'What the Fuck?' and they
JEFF takes off. ERIC sits down across from RYAN.


Ryan, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
Jesus! (beat) I'm sorry! I didn't
realize that that medal meant so
much to you!
It's not the stupid fucking medal!
It was me! I knew it didn't mean
shit! I just wanted to play hero
for a while, like you said! I
should be apolagizing to you!
Well what?!
So apologize to me mother fucker!
They laugh and share a nice handshake. CHRIS, ELLIE, and
JEFF walk up.
That's so cute!
I'm waiting for the big kiss.
ERIC, ELLIE, RYAN, CHRIS, and JEFF sit at their regular
booth each holding a full glass of beer, except for JEFF who
has a glass of Coke. SAM is fiddling in the back. Everyone
chants 'Come on' to SAM.


Come on man! I need to get drunk.
I'm not happy until I'm pissing in
Yeah, come on!
Shut up you underaged mother
fucker! Enjoy your Coke.
What ever.
SAM comes out from the back holding an order book.
This right here, is your tab.
Holy shit! You kept up with that?
I thought it would be good for
blackmailing or if one of you won
the lottery or something. Now
SAM pulls out a lighter and holds the flame up to the order
book. The book ignites and they all cheer.
To success!
I've been thinking-
Did it hurt?
Ha ha. Fuck you. Well, this city
is in a bad way. I don't think
anyone is arguing that. Crime is
higher than we've ever seen it and
the police, no offense Ryan, but
they are quite frankly not doing
their job. I say we dress up in
costumes, shield our identity, and
we take the fight back to the


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
streets. On their own turf. Just
like real super heroes. What do
you think?
Come on Chris, really?
I'm just saying. Why do you think
that the heroes in the comic books
fight crime? They've got it
figured out. They realize that
when you're good at something you
should persue it. Use it to help
people. You know, better the
What about The Punisher?
The Punisher.
What about the punisher?
He didn't want to better the
world. He just wanted revenge.
Well, he wasn't a super hero now
was he?
Yes he was.
Nuh uhn.
Yuh huh.
Was not times infinity.
Damn it!


Come on guys! I'm serious about
this, we can help people.
He's right. I'm in. Ryan?
I'll do it.
Of course I'm in.
Long pause.
You guys do realize that what your
talking about is criminal, right?
All nod.
No! A resounding no!
Everyone turns to JEFF.
JEFF gets very timid all of a sudden.
Well, I don't know. I mean, I'd
have to think about it. What I'm
saying is, it sounds dangerous.
I've never even been in a fight
before. People are going to be
shooting at us.
Well, you don't have to do it if
you don't want to.


Well, wait, I didn't say that. I
just said I had to think about it.
Good, you should think about it.
You know what, I don't need to
think about it. I'll do it.
They all toast glasses, except for CHRIS. ERIC looks up and
CHRIS is walking out the front door.
CHRIS stands outside in the 40 degree weather in a T-shirt
and jeans. CHRIS exhales condinsation into the chilly night
air. He stands and admires the night sky, taking in the
fresh air. ERIC walks out in a hooded sweatshirt. He pulls
out a packet of cigarettes and pops one in his mouth. ERIC
digs down in his pockets but can't find a lighter. He looks
Do you mind?
CHRIS takes the cigarette and pinches the tip between his
thumb and forefinger. The cigarette lights and CHRIS passes
it back to ERIC.
ERIC takes a deep puff.
Oh yeah. Do you want one?
I don't smoke.
I know. I'm hoping you'll start.
No thanks.


Good, it's a terrible fucking
addiction. I hate it.
So why do you want me to start?
I don't know. Missery loves
company, I guess.
Why don't you stop?
I've resigned to the fact that I
don't have enough will power to
quit. I've tried but it never
lasts for long. I should have
never fucking started in the first
place. I have an addictive
personality. Cigarettes, video
games, T.V., caffeine, fucking
candy! I'm addicted to candy. Can
you believe that?
They chuckle.
Jesus. I can't stop eating candy.
Candy and salty snacks...and fast
food. Junk food in general. It's a
fucking wonder I'm still skinny.
So, you wanna fight crime, huh?
CHRIS nods.
Fucking Christ! That sounds like a
lot of fun. I won't lie to you,
that sounds really fucking fun.
Like beating up bad guys and shit.
Fuck. I know that you know how
much I love comic books and action
movies and video games and shit.
Just then ELLIE steps out onto the side walk. ERIC looks
uncomfortably at the two of them.
I had better go inside.


ERIC takes one more drag fom his cigartte and stomps it out.
Then he walks back into the restuarant. There is an awkward
silence between the two of them. CHRIS looks over at her and
she shivers from the cold.
You cold?
Yeah, I'm really fucking cold.
CHRIS walks over to a trash can and tosses a fire ball into
it and the trash ignites. ELLIE warms herself by the trash
fire. There is another, less awkward, silence as they gaze
at the dancing flames.
Do you like me?
Excuse me?
Be honest. Do you like me?
Um, I'm going out with Ryan.
That wasn't the question.
ELLIE thinks for a second.
Honestly? Yeah, I like you.
Really? What do you like about me?
Is it my devilish good looks?
With this CHRIS gives a wink and ELLIE laughs.
I do like you. I like you alot,
but I think I love Ryan. I feel
like you and Ryan are fighting it
out for me and I'm stuck in the
middle. You guys want me to choose
and I chose Ryan. You come in a
close second though, if that


It doesn't but thanks. No, actualy
I think, I don't know. I think I'm
okay with that.
Really? Just like that?
Yeah, I mean. I don't think it's
fair to make you choose. You would
still choose him and I would just
loose both of you as friends.
Plus, I think I always knew there
was a part of you that liked me.
I've held onto the hope that one
day I'll get a chance with you.
That sounds wierd.
A little.
There's another long silence.
Well I should go. So Ellie, if
Ryan ever leaves you or dies...
Will you wait for me?
No, I'm not that desperate. If
some one else comes along I'll
forget you in a second.
Good, no matter what happens I
hope you're happy.
You too.
CHRIS begins to walk away and ELLIE stops him.
Hey Chris. Do you want to fly?
Yeah, yeah I do.
ELLIE walks close to CHRIS. ELLIE closes her eyes and CHRIS
begins to rise. Then she begins to rise with him until they


are hovering together. ELLIE flies to him and rests her body
against his. He's suprised and wraps his arms around her to
comfort her.
The MOM pops a VHS into an old tape player. The BOY plays
with his new gun. He marches back and forth.
Alright men! This is the time to
kill the bad guys! Attack!
War sounds can be heard as if he were in a real battle. Men
let out battle cries, explosions resound.
Sounds stop.
Because of the game; instead of
the usual program we bring you the
MOM groans and walks to the kitchen.
Hello. Here is today's top story.
Investigations into the police
department Wednesday revealed that
the station is not up to standard.
The station is under staffed and
as a result the officers are often
overworked, sometimes working for
up to 18 hours straight. The cars
often need work and...
The MOM opens the fridge and a lotto ticket can be seen
taped to the door. The MOM gets out some grape jelly. She
walks to the table and sets the jelly next to the bread
basket. She opens the pantry and fetches the peanut butter.
She sets to work making her PB&J. When she's finished she
sits down at the table with her sandwich, the scratch and
win, and a glass of milk she just poured. The card reads
'Luck O' the Irish'.
Penny in hand she carefully surveys the card, picks a
clover, and scratches it off. A pot of gold. Looks,
scratches, second pot of gold. A glimmer appears in her
eyes. Picks third one. Scratch. Scratch, Scratch. Sad
leprechaun. That is the most unholy little leprechaun. The


MOM sets down her card and bites her sandwich. She takes a
swig of her milk.
Todays winning numbers are 7, 15,
27, 42.
The MOM gets a look. She glances to the lotto ticket on the
fridge. She runs over to the fridge and tears it off the
fridge. She darts to the living room and rewinds the tape.
Todays winning numbers are 7, 15,
27, 42.
The MOM explodes!
I won! I won! I won, I'm rich!
She scoops up her son and lowers her voice to a whisper.
Our troubles are over. No more
problems. You can finish your
schooling and you can go to
college. It'll be okay. It'll be
okay. I love you so much.
I love you too, mommy.
Switch focus to the T.V.
Excuse me, we're getting breaking
news that there is a group of
vigilantes with "Super Powers".
That can't be right. Well I'm
being told it is and so we go now
to Tina.
Last week we talked about the
super fast chef. Now from the same
area are five super powered


I couldn't even make this up if I
tried. Honest to god. Five super
heroes running around in masks and
tights. Dick Chaney just called he
wants his tights back. I'm sorry
that's just not right.
3) Attack of the Show
There are actual super heroes!!
Isn't that awesome! This is real!
They can do stuff like shoot
lightling, cast fire, one is super
strong, one can lift stuff with
her mind, and one can turn
freaking invisible!
And they're fighting crime which
makes them, not just freaking
cool, but also nice people.
I'm here on scene where just
earlier today, the super hero team
thwarted a bank robbery.
5) Same anchor
...where just earlier today the
super hero team caught an arsonist
in the act of comiting arson.
6) Same
...saved a bus full of children.
...put out a wild fire.
...rescued a kitten from a tree.


                       STAN LEE
Where's my money? I'm Stan
freaking Lee. I created comic
books. I've been doing comic books
since before these bums existed!
I'm Stan Lee. I AM comic books!
So Dr. Muntz, what do you think
could have caused this?
Well, any number of things.
Evolution, genetic
                       STAN LEE
                       STAN LEE
Absolutely. I know radiation when
I see it and this is radiation.
Wouldn't that just give them
cancer or radiation poisoning?
                       STAN LEE
Absolutely not. I know super
heroes and these guys reek of
10) Local news.
Show clips of protestors with signs like, 'Powers are a sin
against god!' and 'Only one god!'
Not everyone is happy or excited
about the super hero phenomenon.
Some are calling for the Super
Heroes to give up and repent. So
far no reponse from the Heroes.


Three guys sit at a table, all in their 30's.
Hey guys! Did you here that?
The guy on T.V. just said that a
bunch of religious nuts are trying
to get the heroes to repent for
there sins.
Fucking, crazy religious people.
One of those vigilante assholes
smashed my car.
Your Nissan? I liked that car.
Yeah, me too but mostly I hate car
shopping. You have to consider the
gas mileage, the safety, the
salesman is breathing down your
neck, now he's gotta talk to his
supervisor, and on and on...
That sucks. I like the heroes but
they need someone watching them. I
don't like the idea that one group
could have so much unchecked
power. Everything in this country
needs to be supervised, that's why
our government works. Limited
Not to mention that they still
seem very untrained. They're wild
and reckless and it's very very


They all drink.
The MOM walks in through the sliding glass door with a
jacket on one arm and a check in her hand. She walks up to
the form desk. She fills out a deposit slip and takes it to
the TELLER (23), long black hair, at the counter.
You want to make a deposit?
For...$300,000! (lowers voice) Are
you the lady who won the lottery?
What are you going to do with all
that cash? Like buy a boat or
Um, I have a little boy so I'm
going to pay for his education.
Oh, that sucks.
Not really.
You know what I would get if I won
the lottery?
I have no clue.
The TELLER leans in.
A boob job. Like, a really nice
boob job.
Have a nice day.


The LEAD RADICAL (30's), messy hair, suit and tie, tie is
loose, top shirt button is unbuttoned, stands in front of a
group. The room is dark and the audience is all in shadows.
The man in front is illuminated by a battery powered lamp.
We are facing an enemy! An enemy
among us! These people have power!
Power enough to kill you without
any effort at all! They seem
harmless enough but what do you
think they would do when their
backs are against the wall! These
people are vigilantes! Criminals!
And what are the police doing!
They support it! No nation can
exist that gives even an ounce of
law for an pound of security! Are
you with me?
Everyone cheers.
You with me?!
Everyone cheers.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
Screen remains black. Sounds can be heard. Sounds of a
massive fight in the street. Gunshots, people scream, and
What is revealed is a street that is torn and in ruins. Cars
are flipped and on fire. Debris is all over the ground. The
pavement in craked and torn. People lay dead.
RYAN, ERIC, ELLIE, and CHRIS are stationed at their favorite
table. ERIC scribbles on a pad of paper.
I think I got an idea for a super
hero name. Do you want to hear it?


Okay, fine; I'll tell you. (pause)
Nowhere man.
Oh, you mean like the Beatles
Wait, that's a Beatles song? Damn
it. Well, that's it. I'm out of
How about Captain Invisible?
Hollow man?
That's not bad.
Movie tittle.
Damn it!
Just then CANDICE (20), thin, mildly attractive, walks up to
Eric? Eric I thought that was you!
ERIC summons false sincerity.
Candice, it's so...good to see
you. Guys, this is Candice. She's
my ex.
More than just that.


No, it pretty much just stops
She thinks he's joking and laughs loudly.
I think I saw you on TV. Where did
I see you?
I think I just have a familiar
face. You know, I get that I look
like Hugh Jackman, a lot.
Just younger.
And less muscular.
And without a cute Australian
      (To Ellie)
I hate you! I hope you know that!
She laughs again.
God you guys are a riot. No,
that's not it. Oh well, it'll come
to me later. God, it's been so
Again, a laugh.
Come here and give me a hug.
They hug and ERIC mouthes 'Help' to the others.
Well, I need to go.


Oh man, that's a shame.
Oh no, are you sure you can't
ERIC give ELLIE a look of disbelief. CANDICE looks at ERIC
and ERIC quickly smiles back.
No, we wouldn't want to make you
No, it's okay, I have time.
CANDICE turns around and ERIC mimicks stabbing her. ERIC
sits on the outside.
So, what do you do?
Oh cool, Jazz, Ballet...
ERIC points out the window.
Look! It's that thing you like!
She looks.
Oh, you got me I looked.
ERIC is gone.
Where'd he go?


I think he went to the bathroom.
It's probably going to take a
Oh okay, well, I gotta go but tell
him I said bye.
She leaves. ERIC reappears.
Thanks. I'm done with these.
Anybody want my fries?
JEFF charges through the crowd. He drops a stack of papers
on the table.
Here it is. I went online. This is
everything I could turn up on the
extremist group. They call them
selves the Seven Gates. They're
wanted for many things, not the
least of which is what they've
done because of us. Are these for
He pops some fries in his mouth.
Their leader is Jonathan Slate
he's the creepy looking guy right
here. This picture is old though.
He's wanted by the FBI for many
things including hijacking a ship
that was shipping a lot of rare
animals from Africa. There's also
a lot of cases of terroristic
activities, vandalism, and
inciting a riot. These guys have a
lot of experience and they've
gotten good at not getting caught.
This is the good news. They never
stay anywhere more than a few
weeks so this whole thing will fix
And until they leave they just get
to keep killing? And then once
they leave what?


Then we're really fucked because
then we can't even stop them.
What do you mean stop them? If the
FBI can't catch these guys then
there's no way in hell we can.
We need to find them somehow.
No, Jeff's right. I wanna catch
these guys as much as you do but
they have more experience with
avoiding capture them we have at
capturing anybody. Face it.
There's just no way.
You don't know what you're talking
about. Quit being such a dick.
CHRIS storms off.
The young couple walks into a little dress shop where they
have lots of wedding dresses.
Yes, can I help you?
Yes, I need a wedding dress.
Alright, well, that's what we
have. Why don't you just look
around and if anything catches
your eye just call me?
Thank you.
They wander around. The WOMAN looks around at dresses that
interest her and the MAN looks completely uninterested. She
looks back and sees that he doesn't care.


Honey if you don't want to be here
you don't have to.
No, I want to be here. Well, I
don't want to be HERE, but I want
to be with you. I want to be
involved in the wedding proccess.
I love that about you.
They kiss.
Plus, I'm sorry, but I don't like
your friends.
Ugh, don't apologize. I hate my
friends, they all drink martinis
and think they're in sex and the
city. It's sad really. They're all
married to rich husbands and don't
do anything but sit around the
The MAN looks at her.
Yes, I have a rich boyfriend but I
have my decorating business.
Yup, you're a big, grown up girl
The MAN applauds.
Yeah, whatever. Oh, here I love
this one. Excuse me miss!
The lunch rush is over and most everyone has cleared out.
Ryan, I'm sorry I lost it.


It's okay.
I always think that everything
will work out. I just got mad when
you tried to tell me the truth. It
wasn't your fault.
You know what this needs? Some
drinks. Hey, Sam! Five beers!
Yeah, sure! I'll get those right
out to you.
SAM goes to get some beers. ORDERS walks up.
What's up?
What do you mean?
I mean, why are you still friends
with them?
Because we're friends. I don't
know. We've been friends for a
long time. (To FOOD) Jim, I need
five beers, please!
But, they're freeloaders.
No they're not.
Yes they are. They don't even talk
to you anymore.
You don't know that.
Okay, so tell me. Do they talk to


Well, no.
Do they come here often?
Do they ever pay?
No, they're my friends. I told
them they didn't have to pay.
So, they must say "Thank you"
Not, in so many words.
Not in any words. That's exactly
my point.
Sam! Where's our drinks?
Here are your drinks. On me as
A heavy set man walks down a downtown sidewalk with a cup of
coffee in hand. He munches on a pastry. He finishes off the
pastry and rounds a corner. The man bumps into somebody and
spills coffee on himself.
                       LARGE MAN
Aaaaaah! Shoot! Dang it! Man!


He uses the napkin he was holding the pastry with to soak up
the coffee. He throws away the napkin and when he looks up
he has a horrified look. He approaches his Comic Book Store.
The windows and door have been smashed, the stands are
knocked over, and graffiti covers the wall. The graffiti is
things like 'Heroes Go Home' and 'This Is Life Not A Comic
Book'. The man looks stunned and deeply sad. He enters the
mess and sifts through the rubble.
                       TV (V.O.)
All seven Comic Book stores in the
area were attacked in the dead of
night. Shelves were knocked over
and anti-hero graffiti marked the
walls. This was the first act of
violence by the group calling
themselves 'Organization 7' but
more than likely not the last.
RYAN steps out of a store and walks down the sidewalk. Two
men with rubber gloves grab him. A third man gags him and a
fourth man tosses a black bag over his head. They push him
into a black van.
                                         CUT TO
RYAN tied to a chair as a large goon pummels him bloody.

A man pushes RYAN's face under water. He pulls RYAN's head
up. RYAN gasps for air and just then the man pushes RYAN's
head down again. RYAN struggles to be free as he is nearly
drowned. He is pulled out again.
What do you want?! I'll tell you
whatever you want!
RYAN gets dunked again.
Please stop!


RYAN is thrown into a pitch black room. The only light comes
through the door. The room is flooded with water. A RADICAL
kicks RYAN on his back and pours water on his face. RYAN
chokes on the water. The RADICAL takes the bag off RYAN'S
Welcome to hell, fuck face!
The RADICAL tosses more water on RYAN. RYAN tries to shock
him but electrocutes himself. RYAN screams.
Hurts doesn't it?
What do you want with me? I'll
tell you anything?
You really are a giant fucking
idiot, aren't you?
The RADICAL leaves and slams the door shut. RYAN screams and
punches the door. He runs around the room, screams, and
pounds the walls. RYAN shoot electricity all over the room.
He shock himself but keeps on anyway. RYAN shoves his hand
on the wall and burns a hand print in the wall. He pants and
collapses to the floor.
RYAN wakes up. SLATE is sitting in a chair in the corner,
We are about to embark on a
journey of self discovery between
you and myself. Before long I will
have this city eating itself. It's
easier than you might think. Have
you ever heard of mob mentality?
It's a temporary loss of sense
that comes from being part of a an
angry group. You see, this world
is full of animals. All you have
to do is work them into a blood
thirsty frenzy and then logic
simply won't matter. People will
think what I want them to think
and then your only saving grace
will be honesty. However, since
all of you are incapable of


                       SLATE (cont'd)
honesty you will be eaten and you
will only have yourselves to
Why are you telling me this?
Because, all you'll be able to do
is sit and watch it all happen.
Tell me Mr. Cross, having all that
power, it feels good doesn't it?
You have all that power and yet
there's no way to stop being
human. Tell me Mr. Cross, what
good is having all that power if
you can't stop pain. What good is
having all that power if you can't
stop death. What good is having
all that power if you can't stop
fate. That's it. You can't stop
your fate. It will invade your
every thought and it will destroy
you. Goodnight, Mr. Cross.
The lunch rush is over. The TV is on in the corner. ELLIE
walks in, frightened.
Has anybody heard from Ryan?
Everyone shakes their head. The TV goes black for a moment
then SLATE comes on.
Hello, I have something you might
want. He's waiting at 3rd and
Jefferson. Goodbye.
Everyone scrambles out.
Everyone runs into the empty street. ERIC wields an aluminum
bat. RYAN lies on the ground while his ankles are tied to
the truck. The heroes are immediately surrounded by goons.
SLATE stands on the roof of a nearby building.


Good evening Gentlemen. Lady.
Come down here Slate.
You should pay less attention to
me and more to your friend or the
cars I've rigged to explode on
Jefferson Bridge. I've marked the
car-bombs with big red "x"s.
Time's ticking.
The car with RYAN tied to it squeals off.
I'm gonna help Ryan.
She flies off.
I'm the only other one who can
lift the cars.
JEFF runs off. The goons start attacking CHRIS and ERIC.

JEFF takes huge leaps down the street while dodging traffic.

RYAN is dragged behind the truck. As the truck rounds sharp
corners RYAN smashes into things.
JEFF looks out over the bridge. The bridge is littered with
cars. Some cars are marked with a big red "X". JEFF starts
with a small car. He digs his hands in, picks it up, walks
over to the edge of the bridge, and tosses it off.

CHRIS and ERIC continue to fight off waves of goons. ERIC
kicks a guy back and hits him in the head with his bat.

ELLIE tries to cut the rope but over shoots it and cuts a
gash into the truck. She tries again but slices RYANS chest.
She raises her hand again.
ELLIE lifts RYAN off the ground and sustains him from
dragging on the ground. She holds him like this while trying
to keep up with the car and dodge traffic. SHE struggles.


I can't hold you up!
JEFF drops another car off the bridge. He walks over to a
bus, grabs the back bumper, and pulls hard. The bus brake is
engaged and wheels are locked. He pulls hard.

ERIC and CHRIS continue to smash and blast their way through
waves of enemies. ERIC smashes one guy in the face and
shatters another's knee. The last guy backs up slowly. ERIC
runs after him. The man turns around to run and ERIC hits
the guy in the back of the legs. The goon falls to the
ground. ERIC, puts the bat over his windpipe and begins
choking him.
Looks like some man is threatening
those people. That looks like the
First State Bank a few blocks
I'll get that. Can you hold them
off on your own?
Yeah, you go!
ERIC runs off.

ELLIE can't hold it anymore and lets RYAN drop to the
ground. ELLIE hits the ground and runs into an alley. She
wall jumps up the walls up to the roof. She jumps from roof
to roof to cut off the truck. She leaps off the roof and
onto the car.

JEFF hurls a motorcycle off the bridge. He turns around and
there is a bull dozer.
Damn it.
JEFF smashes against the bull dozer. It budges little by
little. He continues smashing. Inching it closer and closer.

CHRIS blast enemies away all alone which is more than a hand

In the bank a man has a bomb strapped to his chest which
counts down the seconds and holds an assault rifle. The
rifle is ripped from his hands and smacks him in the face.
ERIC appears holding it.


Everyone runs. While ERIC is looking the other way the
terrorist grabs the rifle. They wrestle with the rifle. It
shoots ERIC in the leg. ERIC holds on, turns it back on the
man, and shoots him in the gut. The man lets go and ERIC
pulls so hard he throws it across the room.

ELLIE is on top of the truck. She inches back to the back of
the truck. She gets close to the rope and cuts it. She jumps
out the back and rolls on the ground. She stands up and
focuses on the car. The driver tries to turn but the
steering is locked up. He tries to brake but the truck
continues to accelerate. He smashes, high speed, into a
brick wall.

ERIC and the terrorist both look at the gun. The terrorist
runs for it. ERIC tackles him to the ground and holds on to

JEFF smashes several times into the bulldozer until it
reaches the edge. He stops and takes a few breathes. He gets
a nice wide stance, plants his feet, slams his palms flat
against it, and starts to shove hard. It moves several feet
until tipping off the bridge.

ERIC holds on to the man as hard as he can.

JEFF, ELLIE, and CHRIS gather outside of the bank.
The man continues to struggle and still ERIC holds him down.
I lived the dream.
The bank explodes.
The explosion knocks them off their feet. They stand up.
JEFF runs toward the fire. ELLIE and CHRIS hold him back.
Tears stream down his face. RYAN just walks over and slides
down the wall. He is unable to speak. JEFF falls over.
                       TV (V.O.)
It is still unclear, but at this
time it is believed that a member
of the vigilante group was killed
when a bomb blew up the First


                       TV (cont'd)
State Bank. This was after an
attack by the "Organization 7"
extremist group which resulted in
massive damage at 3 O' Clock
today. Again, it is still
unconfirmed but we believe that
one of the Super Heroes was killed
in a terrorist bombing earlier
today. I'm being told it's been
confirmed. Ladies and Gentleman
watching at home, this day will
forever be remembered as the day
hope died. A true Hero has fallen.
I'm Richard White. Goodnight and
good luck to us all.
Through the windows is the protest rally. The speaker can be
heard yelling very inspiring things and with each passing
second the protestors get more rowdy and more violent. The
rally goers yell and pound on the store windows. The MOM
walks in with her son, the little BOY. The little BOY still
has his toy gun.
Man, this is pretty bad, isn't it?
Don't get me started. These little
wieners won't leave my store
alone! What can I do for you today
Um, one scratch off please.
What'll you have? Cash Cow, Lucky
7, Gold digger?
Um, Lucky O' the Irish please.
Here you go. That'll be 20
The MOM pulls out the twenty dollars and hands it to him.


Can I see it?
She hands it to the BOY and the man finishes up the
Do you want a reipt?
No thank you.
Alright, have a good night.
Thank you. Come on honey lets go.
The BOY takes off out the door with the scratch off and the
gun. The BOY disappears into the crowd but the MOM is unable
to penetrate the crowd of people. She looks through the
people like bars of a prison, unable to get her son.
ELLIE, CHRIS, RYAN, and JEFF sit in chairs in a circle.
Everything goes dark until it's just them sitting alone. A
T.V. sits in the middle of the room and shows them clips of
Focus on CHRIS.
                       TV (V.O.)
A downtown library was set on fire
earlier today. Firefighters are
working tirelessly to extinguish
the flames. The culprit? None
other than a member of the super
powered vigilante team...
Focus on ELLIE.
                       TV (V.O.)
We have footage of earlier today
when an upset female member of the
super powered vigilante team
unleashed what seems to be a


                       TV (cont'd)
devastating shock wave of psychic
Focus on RYAN.
                       TV (V.O.)
A member of the vigilante team
unleashed an EMP today which
knocked out power to a whole city
block. With all the power and as a
result the alarms down stealing
and chaos ensued. After about an
hour the police regained control
and power was returned to the
area. After all the this time it
is still true that the police are
the real heroes...
Focus on JEFF.
Three year old Lindsey Cole was
killed today in a conflict between
the vigilante team and the
"Organization 7" group. Many
people are calling for the
vigilante groups immediate arrest,
pointing to this recent death as
one link in a long chain of
incidents that have made the so
called "heroes" into a dangerous
liability. In response to citizens
outcries the S.W.A.T. teams have
been called in to deal...
The sun is setting over the horizon painting the sky fiery
orange. CHRIS and RYAN are walking through the park. RYAN
notices a basket ball is laying in a court. He looks around
for an owner then picks it up and starts dribbling.
It's been a long time since we
last played hasn't it?
No kidding.
RYAN shoves it into CHRIS' stomach.


Check it.
CHRIS and RYAN line up and CHRIS bounces it back to RYAN.
RYAN runs to the left, jukes right, and does a lay up. It's
good. RYAN runs around, dribbles, fakes a shot, then shoots.
It's good. RYAN goes back. He fakes one way then the other.
RYAN runs, stops quick, and shoots. Rim. CHRIS grabs it and
takes it back. CHRIS runs around then gives a fade away
shot. Good. CHRIS runs it back then quickly goes for a lay
up but RYAN steals it and puts it in. RYAN takes it back,
runs around, then stops and dribbles. RYAN fakes a shot then
shoots. Miss. The two stop and take a break. They shake
hands and walk off.
Squirrel dick.
Cock knocker.
Everyone is here standing or sitting. SAM closes and locks
the door behind her. Then goes behind the counter to count
receipts. Long silence.
Suddenly there is the sound of breaking glass and a whiz.
ELLIE collapses at the table she was sitting and convulses.
They all duck behind something. JEFF pushes a table over and
uses it as cover. The sniper fires off two rounds. RYAN
scampers across the floor. One shot misses and the other
hits RYAN in the leg. RYAN's leg begins to flail
involuntarily and he cringes in pain but continues to crawl.
RYAN makes it to a table and pulls the taser out of his leg.
He inspects it.
CHRIS pushes the table on it's side for better cover. He
sits there for a moment. There is a long silence.
Ryan! Kill the lights!
RYAN looks up. The lights flicker then blow out.
You got a plan Chris?


Yes, I have a plan. It's a good
plan. It's a good plan. A good
Good, can we hear it?
Sam! You there?
You and Ryan start pushing over
I'm pretty nice and...not in
danger back here!
Sam please, god!
Fuck! Alright. Think. Think...
Ryan stands up.
Hey, I think he's gone.
He's just trying to draw you out!
No, really, I think he's gone.


They stand cautiously. RYAN walks to ELLIE and checks her
She's alive.
JEFF picks up the bullet and inspects it.
It looks like a taser.
Suddenly, the S.W.A.T. team bursts in through the door. One
SWAT guy shoots at RYAN but RYAN jumps behind a table. SAM
stands up from behind the counter.
No sooner does he say this than he takes off running.
That fucking bitch!
Ryan! Pick up Ellie and run!
Then CHRIS throws two fire balls one hits one guy in the
chest the other hits one in the face. The two guys catch on
fire and scream in pain. Other S.W.A.T.s run to put them
In the confusion RYAN picks up ELLIE and makes a break for
it. JEFF picks up a chair and cracks a few SWAT guys on the
head with it. JEFF tosses the chair at another guy. JEFF and
CHRIS run away.
The streets are wet from rain. The streets are empty.
There's not a car in site. RYAN stumbles through the streets
with ELLIE in his arms. He stops and figures he's far enough
away from the resturaunt to shift positions. He picks up
ELLIE and throws her over his shoulder then keeps running.
ELLIE starts to wake.
What's going on?
You're awake!
He sets her down.


Come on baby. We need to keep
He pulls her up to her feet and they keep running. Just
then, a squad of S.W.A.T.'s pop out from an alley and cut
them off. ELLIE jumps into action. She uses her mind to hurl
one away and shove one against the wall. She takes the
others guns and points their guns at them. All the guns fire
and put their owners on the ground.
Out of my way bitch!
The two that she pushed away groan and moan. RYAN walks up
to them and gives each a dose of electricity to knock them
out for a while.
On another street. JEFF and CHRIS are in a circle of
S.W.A.T.'s. JEFF is holding a car door. A few shots thump
off the door. CHRIS's hands are on fire. None of the
S.W.A.T.'s dare to make a move. CHRIS steps forward and they
step back.
DON'T FUCK WITH ME!!! Back the
They back up. CHRIS picks the scaredest one and approaches
him with his firey hands held where the guy can see them.
The guy backs away from him but CHRIS keeps coming. Behind
the S.W.A.T.'s mask the man is panting hard. Suddenly CHRIS
lunges and takes the guys taser gun. CHRIS shoots him then
turns and shoots the others.
All of them turn and look at the shooter. JEFF siezes this
moment to strike the rest of the S.W.A.T.'s down.
The time is right after the run in with the S.W.A.T. team.
Everyone is exhausted and there is shattered glass on the
floor. Once again the resturaunt is draped in silence.
Well, somebody say something.
Nobody speaks.
Huh?! SAY SOMETHING!!! Well? No
one? Alright, I'll say something.
I'll say what everyone's thinking.


                       RYAN (cont'd)
What happened? What happened?
What?! Happened?! What happened to
us? To them? What happened to
everything? We're the GOOD guys.
They should be thanking us but
instead they call in the S.W.A.T.
teams? How do you like that shit?
The S.W.A.T. teams. This isn't
like the saturday morning cartoons
at all. Do you know why? Because
if they put this in the saturday
morning cartoons, it would scare
the piss out of the little kids.
But hey, God will save us right?
We shall overcome? Oh yeah, even
after all this I still believe in
God. Other people say, 'No supreme
being would do this to us', but I
think it's just the opposite. Only
a supreme, omnipotent being could
concoct this sort of torture and
agony. God is jealous and do you
know what I have to say? FUCK YOU
BITCH!!! And these people! These
people are ruled by their own
fears! Infact they crave fear.
They feed off it. And here we come
cleaning up the fear. Taking it
away and so the people blame us
for all their problems. We're why
the gas is so high. We're why
their commute is so long, and
before long all their hate festers
and turns to fear, and they lash
out at us? Well I say fuck 'em!
They attack us? When we're just
sitting around? Doing nothing? And
you! (points to SAM) You son of a
RYAN jumps over the table and everyone jumps up to restrain
Stop! Have you completly lost it?!
You're insane!
RYAN stops.
I'm getting tired of serving these


You act like you're not one of
Maybe I'm not. Maybe I don't want
to be.