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Man and a Moose
by Mychal Muro (the_punisher_0322@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review:

A short conflict of a greedy man who makes a bet with the devil and his pet. He loses his soul for his greedy behaviors

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jason, age 30, dark brown hair, pressed brown suit, walks
into the bar smiling. He walks over to the bar and sits at a
barstool next to Tod, middle aged, black hair, black eyes,
expensive, black suit.
Bartender! Everyone needs to bow
down to me! I just landed the deal
of the century.
Well someone seems in a good mood.
Care to explain this so called
I just landed a 2 year contract to
have 20 restaurants built on some
guy's farm.
Tod stands up and moves to the coat rack. The bartender puts
a vodka bottle and six shot glasses on the bar.
Hey! where you going? Come and sit
and celebrate! My 5 million dollar
bonus needs a drink in its honor.
Oh, I don't mean to offend but I
just need to get going. You see I
have a problem. I tend to correct
other's mistakes
Leave your problems at the door,
man. Sit and drink those problems
away. Ain't no one here who's
going to care about mistakes?
Well if you insist, may I offer
you something in offer of your
It would be your honor...
Tod grabs a briefcase from under his stool. He sits down
back on his stool. He opens it and takes out a legal-looking
paper and pen.
I would like to make a small wager
Mr. Alexander.
How did you know...?


I offer to triple your bonus for
an entire year. All you need to do
is tell me my name tomorrow
Well that sounds appealing
already...and what is your name
kind sir...since you seem to know
I have no real name, just take
your pick from that book that
talks about me. However, forget my
name tommorow morning and I take
your soul.
haha, my soul? So does that make
you the devil or what? I think
I'll call you Tod, seems random
enough. But how is this appealing
if I lose my "soul?"
I have given you my offer, take it
or leave it. If your in take this
shot of liquor, if not I shall
Jason takes the small shot glass in his hand. He swirls the
liquor. Holds it up to the light and looks through the
Well, alls well that ends well.
Tod, I shall see you tomorow
Jason throws his head back and takes he shot of liquor. He
slams the glass on the bar. It shatters and Jason falls
backwards. He passes out.
Jason wakes up in a daze. He looks around confused. He is on
a large altar type table, Tod is there waiting for him,
along with his pet, Moose, big, brown and talking.
Good morning my child.
What the hell happened? What did
you do to me!?
Jason, do not be alarmed, you are
perfectly o.k.


Who the hell are you!? Why are you
Jason, please stay focus on the
matter at hand. I believe we had a
Moose takes a large black duffel bag from off his back. He
sets it down and begins taking out its contents. He takes
out a sharp dagger, a long rope, and a velvet bag.
No! I know what your doing! I can
tell you your name!
It's...It's...why can't I
remember!? I know who you are!
If I can read correctly, you have
not held up your end of the
bargain. You cannot remember his
Tod opens a big metal briefcase holding the $15,000 and sets
it on the floor
I believe this is yours. A years
worth of your raise, tripled. All
you have to do now is lie down.
This can't be real. I'm going to
lie down and wake up in my bed,
this is just a crazy dream.
Jason lies down as Moose begins strapping him down to the
altar. Tod uses the ropes to secure the bindings. Moose
grabs the dagger while Tod holds the velvet bag.
This is a dream, this is a dream,
this isn't real!
Welcome to hell Mr. Alexander
Your soul will look perfect
surrounded by fire. HAHA
Moose stabs the dagger into Jason. Jason doesn't flinch, he
simply watches his soul fly out of him and immediately burst
into flames.
Tod releases the rope and Jason off the altar.
No, this can't be happening!


Flames encircle the altar, the garage turns into an
underground cave. Demons circle Jason and laugh hysterically
at his humiliation.


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