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Tokyo Bank Robbery
by David Hofmann (HofmannDav@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A Short Movie about Three Japanese Guys who robb a Bank to extend their WoW Gametime

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


This is a Story about Three young Men in in the Middle of
the Twenties Yoshi Akira and Toshiro they once been IT
System Integrators but then discover the Game World of
Boys i found a new Online Game in
the Internet it's called World of
Warcraft let's join that Game i
crate me a Taurus Witch Master
Cool im with you i create a Orc
That's the best Game ever i create
me a Blood Elve Magician
Soon the Boys get addicted on it they play longer and longer
and finally they play the whole Day and the whole Night and
didn't work anymore they all become E-Mails where their Boss
ask them what's up with them but they don't response to that
so they all become one Day a E-Mail where stands "You are
fired so they loose their Jobs but they doesen't care as
long as they have World of Warcraft
At the Beginning they live from their Savings but because
they so young they don't have much and soon they are out of
Money and one Day their World of Warcraft Game Time is over
and they have not one Yen anymore
Yoshi Akira and Toshiro sit in their Room at the Couch and
all play World of Warcraft Yoshi at his Desktop Gamer PC and
Akira and Toshiro at their Laptops short after another their
Game Limits went to end
they all scream
Oh No my Gametime is at End
Shit my too
You poor Assholes fuck also mine


What do we do now
Let's robb a Bank
Yoshi and Toshiro both laughing
That's not that Bad Idea my Buddy
Dav told me that the Fujiama Bank
is without any Security and the
Money Courier is very lazy and not
much dedicated we robb him when
he is leaving the Bank with the
Weekly Income you fine with this
That's a fucking good Idea
I think so too let's do this
Great that you fine with that
first of all we need Guns, Masks
and a Escape Car
I have 2 Burgonet here one is for
The other is for me
What's with me?
We find something other for you
I got a pair of tights from my
Ex-Girlfriend here
Oh thats a great Idea i didn't
sniff on Lady's Underwear since a
long Time
For Wearing not Sniffing


Come on a little Bit Sniffing
No Sniffing
That makes me Sad
I don't give a Damn
Mine either
Then we need Guns some one of you
have one?
Nope i never been a Weapon Freak
So am I but where we get some
I know this Guy who deals with
Weapons he is a good Friend of
mine maybe i can buy the Guns on
Credit and pay him after the Bank
As this is the only possibility we
have fine try this
Allright im back soon Sayonara
We need a Car too
I call my Cousin and ask for his
Ok a good Idea do that
Yoshi calls his Cousin


Hey Matsuto old Fella what you
doin ah ok thats funny much Fun
for what i actual call is can i
lay your Car oh great allright
thanx bro
then he talk to Akira again
He agreed to lay us his Car
Great now we just must wait for
After a short Time Toshiro comes back with Paintball Guns
He didn't sell me Guns on Credit
but he presented me Paintball Guns
maybe that works
It's not that good Idea but we
didn't have a Choice i think that
can work in that Rush maybe nobody
notice it
And so Yoshi walks to his Cousin and take the Car and drive
back to their Building Akira and Toshiro comes out with the
Paintball Weapons and the Burgonets and get in the Car on
the Way Toshiro smokes some Meth and Akira yell at him
Not now you Idiot why you doin
I have the Need to smoke Meth
while i am play a Gangster so that
i am a Gangster
That's Bullshit but maybe it crush
your Dumbness i hope so
Shortly before they arrive at the Bank they put on their
Burgonets and Toshiro the Tights they get to the Bank Akira
and Yoshi robb the Money Courier while Toshiro run in the


Bank and menace the young attractive Woman behind the
Cashier's Desk
Give me that Money you dirty Slut
from his Paintball Gun a Bit of Red Paint drops down
                       BANK WOMEN
No i can't do that you didn't have
a Real Gun either
Akira screams
Akira got the Money and the all get in the Car Yoshi try to
start the Car but it didn't startup beside the Car stands
the Money Courier and the Bank Clerks the Woman from the
foreago Scene and a small little fat Guy with Thick Glasses
Toshiro you goddamn Idiot what you
doin in the there the Scene is
here outside
Fuck the Car didn't will start
Fuck on the Car we get out and run
they share the Money and ran into different Ways and the
Police are on the Way their hear the Sirens overall
Akira run to the right and one of the Money Packs he have is
one of that with Red Painting who is overall on him he ran
into a Alley where he think he is save he meet to befriended
Petty Criminals Sanjuro and Ken he shake their Hands
Hey Akira we didn't see us for a
Long Time what you doin
I played much World of Warcraft in
the Last Time but now i was chased
by Cops
You have red Color on your Hands
You robbed the Fujiama Bank Right


Right i thought it was a good Idea
It's not that bad but sometimes
you got the Money Bags with the
Red Paint you must robb the
Kilimandscharo Bank the didn't
have that Sort of Bags
In this Moment the Cops show up and arrest everyone Sanjuro
and Ken too because they have Paint on their Hands too
Yoshi ran the Steps of the Bank as hight es it get and climb
than to the Top he is totally adrenalin fueled and euphoric
and scream
Im allmighty no one can get me
in this Moment a Helicopter show up and shot him down
just Toshiro who ran to the left can escape he go back to
their Appartment and play World of Warcraft


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