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by Michael Chen, Jayne Ramos, Alex Sadowski (alexx.sad@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
An adaptation of 'The Fog Horn' by Ray Bradbury

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



MCDUNN - Joseph McDunn - Chubby, fisherman scruff,shorter
than average, late 50's, well aged skin, hair is going from
brown to gray.

LESLIE - Leslie McDunn - Early 50's, average height, short
gray hair.

MCDUNN is awoken from his afternoon nap with a kiss from his
wife, LESLIE.
JOHNNY - John Jr. Campbell - Athletic build, clean shaven,
average height, late 20's, short light brown hair.

MACKENZIE - Mackenzie Sullivan - Athletic build, clean
shaven, average height, late 20's, short light brown hair.

JOHNNY is eating dinner with his fiancée, MACKENZIE
MCDUNN receives a well wrapped gift from LESLIE. The gift
contains a new trench coat and a new pair of boots.
JOHNNY and MACKENZIE shamelessly flirt as they continue to
eat dinner.
MCDUNN hugs and kisses LESLIE, as a thanks for the gifts.
MACKENZIE is putting the dishes away as JOHNNY finishes his
bottle of McEwan's while he gazes at MACKENZIE lovingly.
JOHNNY suddenly looks away towards a family portrait that is
hanging on the wall.


MCDUNN gathers his new clothes, and kisses LESLIE tenderly
before he goes to the master bedroom to dress up for work.
LESLIE sighs in discomfort while MCDUNN enters the master
JOHNNY puts down his bottle of McEwan's. He continues to
lovingly gaze MACKENZIE with a smirk on his face. MACKENZIE
grabs a hand towel to dry her hands. Once dried, without
missing a beat, she tosses the hand towel at him.
      (While laughing)
Get dressed love, Uncle Joe will
be here soon.
JOHNNY snaps out of his state.
JOHNNY gets up to kiss LESLIE on the forehead, than runs up
to the bedroom to change. MACKENZIE smiles as picks up the
thrown hand towel. While JOHNNY is in the bedroom, dressing
into a blue-collar looking uniform. JOHNNY's face is
emotionless while he yells to his wife from his the bedroom.
JOHNNY finishes and primps himself as he takes one last look
in the mirror. As JOHNNY walks downstairs, a knock can be
He's here!
JOHNNY hastily puts on a faded green trench coat and old
mucky boots while MACKENZIE opens the door. MCDUNN is at the
      (Charmingly then
Hey Uncle Joe! Long time no see.


MCDUNN dismisses the greeting while he grabs MACKENZIE and
gives her a hug.
So, when's the wedding?
The summer of '88 uncle! You
better be there.
Wouldn't miss it for the world,
MCDUNN hastily starts to talk to JOHNNY.
JOHNNY nods and turns to MACKENZIE. MACKENZIE leans in for a
Be careful, my love.
JOHNNY and MCDUNN leave the house and begin to walk to
harbour, which is only half a block away.
So, you ready for the big day?
Oh you know, we're doing all this
planning for fun. We really like
this kind of thing.
MCDUNN and JOHNNY exchange laughter. A fog horn can be heard
in the distance and JOHNNY quickly looks up.
Thank goodness you're a talker, I
was always scared you were a quiet


Well, why is that? What kind of
picture have I painted for you?
Nothing. You just seem like you
aren't a talker.
Well that would mean that I've
painted some sort of picture for
Now I've come to the realization
that you are too much of a talker.
JOHNNY looks at MCDUNN. MCDUNN laughs and pulls him close
and puts his arm around JOHNNY. JOHNNY forces a smile.
JOHNNY and MCDUNN reach the harbour and they quickly settle
into a '70's motorboat.
MCDUNN starts the motor after two tugs. MCDUNN and JOHNNY
travel towards a lighthouse in the distance.
JOHNNY and MCDUNN are on the motorboat. Both are being
sprayed with the water projected from the motor. They don't
seem concerned about getting wet.
So, where you planning on tying
the knot?


We were thinking the church around
the corner.
That's the smaller one?
      (Yelling slowly)
It is the small one?
Oh. Yeah, we weren't planning on
having a large wedding.
MCDUNN pauses and looks at JOHNNY for the first time
throughout the conversation.
I see. Mackenzie's idea?
Well, she suggested the idea and I
always wanted a small wedding
Ahh, she was always a quiet one.
JOHNNY looks at MCDUNN as if he didn't even know MACKENZIE.
JOHNNY and MCDUNN arrive at the little isle where the
lighthouse stands.
They get off the boat and slowly walk to the entrance of the
lighthouse. The door creaks as it opens while they enter.


Only their footsteps are heard as they climb up. McDunn
looks sad as Johnny looks up in wonder with eyes widened.
As they reach the top, MCDUNN takes out his pocket watch and
squints to see the time. JOHNNY opens the door and they meet
the other lighthouse keepers (who look tired and worn-out).
They sigh.
Aye, you mates have done enough.
                       LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER #1
For once, I'm glad to see you
                       LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER #2
Och aye, same here. Say, who's the
Oh, here's Johnny. You remember
his ol' man, Campbell. Johnny's
here for his first shift.
                       LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER #1
Oh right, Campbell. Good fellow,
it's unfortunate 'bout his parting
and all. Your father was a good
man, he was. Good man.
Yeah… you could say that. Only
heard 'bout him though.
                       LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER #2
You would've enjoyed his company.
He's helped me out in a couple of
rough patches ay. But y'know
you're the spitting image of him.
The resemblance is uncanny, eh?
MCDUNN coughs.


Say, you mates can leave now.
We'll be taking over for you 'til
                       LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER #1
Alrighty then. We best be gettin'
a move on. Nice to meet you,
                       LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER #2
C'mon, you ol' git. Let's get a
move on.
The door closes. Silence surrounds the chamber. It's
interrupted by the screaming cry of the fog horn. JOHNNY
takes a seat on a rusty and patched chair. MCDUNN walks to
the window and gazes to the horizon. The fog horn continues
to blow outside.
Now we're here. We're the keepers
of this here lighthouse. Watching;
waiting; listening; while time
passes by.
Waiting for what?
In case anybody needs help or
they're stranded. We make sure
that the lighthouse is working and
the fog horn is blowing.
Generations of people like us have
done this. Nothing ever changes,
not the lighthouse which has stood
the test of time, only the humans
who guard it.
Like my father.
Exactly. The people whom come to
know this lighthouse and those who
died in its service. You know how
this landmark came to be?
I have no idea.


One day, many years ago, a man
walked along and stood in the
sound of the ocean on a cold
sunless shore and said, 'We need a
voice to call across the water, to
warn ships: I'll make one. I'll
make a voice like all of time and
all of the fog that ever was: A
sound like the birds flying south,
crying and a sound like November
wind and the sea on the hard, cold
shore. I'll make me a sound and an
apparatus and they'll call it a
Fog Horn and whoever hears it will
know the sadness of eternity and
the briefness of life'. This is
how the lighthouse came to be: a
guiding star to those who are
lost, a friend to those out at
sea, and a voice that calls out to
Fog horn blows loudly.
Wow, I never would've guessed.
Yes, you could put it that way.
I'm only grateful that I wasn't
too alone.
How so?
Well, I guess you could say I'm
well off—about to be engaged, a
job by the sea, a house. The only
thing missing was a perfect
family. My mom raised me by
herself. If only my father was
there when I needed him. Perhaps,
I wouldn't feel so abandoned. I
never had a role model growing up,
only left to fend for myself. My
dad died young and I never had a
chance to meet him. All those
missed birthdays, all the times I


                       JOHNNY (cont'd)
needed help.
Well, you know, it couldn't have
been helped.
JOHNNY looks off into the distance
I suppose so.
There's many a lonely souls out
there. Some might even say the sea
creature is lonesome. A creature
so grand and vile, they call him a
monster. A soul who is so feared
by many that people have come to
resent it. This creature lives in
the deepest parts of the Atlantic.
Always in search of his family.
Like you, Johnny, he too spends
his days alone. One day, he woke
up and his father was gone. In
fact, his whole family was wiped
out in a violent storm; never to
be seen again. Every year, he
comes near the shore—a twenty
metre beast walks along the shore
towards this here lighthouse. It
was only one time in which he
approached too close when the
townsfolk decided to scare him
away with our weaponry. Guns,
tanks, airplanes. He made a run
for it back into the depths. A few
lives were lost, including your
My father? But I was told that he
died in a tidal wave...
Your father wiped out in a tidal
wave? That's a half-truth. The sea
creature wiped him away and
several of his mates with a whip
of his tail upon water. Aye, it
was a tragic demise. He was a good


                       MCDUNN (cont'd)
fellow. I'm sorry.
Well, 'sorry' isn't going to bring
him back. Neither is any sympathy
you can give.
I understand son.
      (Raises voice)
No you don't! Everyone feels sorry
and always talk about him and it's
frustrating because I'll never
have the chance to know him for
Violent waves start banging against the rocks on the shore.
Err... ehh...
You have any more words of
Look Johnny, the sea monster is
A black island increases in size as it moves slowly above
sea level. JOHNNY turns in shock and attempts to make sense
of the situation. MCDUNN becomes increasingly interested in
the creature having not seen it in awhile.
                       JOHNNY (points)
I think I see it! There it is!
      (Calmly than in
What a magnificent beast. A
surviving relic of old time's
past. It's an unloved creature
looking for a friend.
Fog horn blows again.


What are you talking about, Joe?
The sea creature roars. The fog horn blows.
Is it talking to us?
      (Even more
Is it?
The sea creature yells with more passion.
I think it is!
It's coming closer! The tides are
getting bigger and stronger.
The fog horn blows. The sea creature cries its cry again.
The sea creature's silhouette can be seen. Upon hearing the
fog horn, MCDUNN realizes that the creature is responding to
the cries of the fog horn.
No, I think it's responding to the
call of the fog horn.
I don't understand. Why would it
do that?
Think about it. The poor thing
wakes and he sees his family gone.
It seems that he thinks the fog
horn is related to him. Although,
in this foggy and murky weather,
any loud-sounding, twenty metre,
free-standing building could be
mistaken for a relative. Last
year, that creature swam round and
round, all night. Not coming too
near, puzzled I'd say. Afraid,
maybe. And a bit angry after
coming all this way. But the next
day, unexpectedly, the fog lifted,
the sun came out fresh, the sky
was blue as a painting. And the


                       MCDUNN (cont'd)
monster swam off away from the
heat and the silence and didn't
come back. I suppose it's been
brooding on it for a year now,
thinking it over from every which
way. That's life for you. Someone
always waiting for someone who
never comes home. Always someone
loving something more than that
thing loves them. And after a
while you want to destroy whatever
that thing is, so it can't hurt
you no more.
JOHNNY begins to walk closer to the control panel. He
reaches for the fog horn's off switch.
      (Yells in concern)
Johnny, what the heck are you
JOHNNY seems unphased and reaches for the switch. He turns
off the fog horn. The fog horn no longer calls.
Johnny! Have you lost your mind?
It isn't fair. He took my father's
life. And left me alone. He took
something from me. I always waited
for him to come home. I always
tried to find the missing part to
my life. It isn't fair, McDunn.
So I did it; I killed the one
thing which he would love.
Something which he wasted all his
efforts on finding and now it's
gone. Life can be taken so easily
which he showed. I too took
something valuable from him.


MCDUNN is shocked, mouth agape, utterly confused at this
point. A creepy silence envelops the entire lighthouse and
its surroundings.

MCDUNN begins to breathe heavily, as he turns towards JOHNNY
with an expression of fear on his face. JOHNNY smirks.

The great lantern eyes of the sea monster blink once, and
then another time. Its mouth opens slightly, and it releases
a great roar that causes the lighthouse to rumble and shake.
The sea monster then dashes straight for the lighthouse.

As JOHNNY freezes in place, MCDUNN snaps out of his state
and begins to breath normally once again.
Switch it on! Switch on the horn!
JOHNNY continues to remain frozen in place with an
astonished expression on his face.

The sea monster roars another time, as it continues to run
straight towards the lighthouse. Its eyes are filled with
angry and torment as it stares into JOHNNY'S eyes who is
still trapped in his state of shock.

As the monster runs faster and faster towards the
lighthouse, MCDUNN finally switches the fog horn back on.
The fog horn blares.

The monster doesn't flinch even as the fog horn blares, nor
does it notice or even cares for its eyes are filled with
malicious intent. Before JOHNNY can even say a word the sea
monster crashes its jaws into the large window that is
before him and MCDUNN.

JOHNNY and MCDUNN cover, and raise their arms in front of
their faces as the glass shatters on top of them. They are
pushed back towards the other side of the room because of
the impact.

JOHNNY and MCDUNN push themselves off the ground. JOHNNY
once again meets eye to eye with the sea monster, which had
appeared to have froze in front of the lighthouse.
JOHNNY nods, and runs towards MCDUNN. JOHNNY pulls out his
hand, and MCDUNN quickly grabs it. JOHNNY pulls MCDUNN up,
and together they run towards the flight of stairs.


The staircase's lights are flickering, for the sea monster
had smashed into the lighthouse's control room, leaving the
electricity in the lighthouse unstable. The fog horn blares
again. The monster cries in response.

JOHNNY and MCDUNN run down the winding stairs, with MCDUNN
in the lead. Both their faces are filled with expressions of
fear as they continue to rush down the stairs.

The tower, along with the staircase, rumbles and begins to
shake violently. Together, both JOHNNY and MCDUNN stumble
down the last few steps of the stairs, and fall onto the
lighthouse's stone ground.

As MCDUNN pushes himself up onto his knees with his hands,
he turns to JOHNNY beside him and points towards a small
stone cellar under that staircase.
      (Exclaims in panic)
Over there!
JOHNNY looks towards the cellar, and nods. JOHNNY quickly
pushes himself up off the ground, and runs towards MCDUNN.

JOHNNY grabs MCDUNN's arm and pulls MCDUNN off his knees.
Let's go old man!
JOHNNY and MCDUNN rush towards the cellar in panic. MCDUNN
runs ahead and reaches for the door handle.
Get in Johnny boy!
The cellar is small and cramped, filled with various
unlabelled crates, and shelves filled with jars of food. A
faint light from a small and dusty looking light bulb shines
from above. The light bulb hangs above them from a single
metal cord which is attached to the ceiling.

JOHNNY rushes inside and MCDUNN follows after him. JOHNNY
turns backwards towards MCDUNN. MCDUNN rushes in and turns
to close the door behind him.


The cellar begins to tremble, and the light flickers. JOHNNY
and MCDUNN are looking at each other in fear.
There is a full moon in the distance, glowing faintly behind
the sea monster's head. The lighthouse's surroundings are
consumed in darkness, for the only light is from the moon's
soft glow.

The monster is outside the lighthouse, searching frantically
for JOHNNY in anger. The monster roars.

The sea monster crashes its head towards the lighthouse. The
lighthouse slightly jerks backwards, as its foundation
begins to crack near the bottom.

The sea monster puts its head up towards the sky and opens
its mouth widely, showcasing its sharp teeth. The monster
cries in pain.
MCDUNN is leaning his back on the cellar's door, while
JOHNNY stands in the center. The room shakes once more and
the lights continue to flicker violently. The monster
Poor thing...
JOHNNY laughs at MCDUNN's remark.
Poor thing? POOR thing?! You have
got to be kidding me old man.
JOHNNY rolls his eyes and lowers his head towards the
ground, while MCDUNN shakes his head in disappointment. The
monster roars.

JOHNNY and MCDUNN look up towards the ceiling, as the light
bulb disconnects from its metal cord and falls to the ground
in between them. JOHNNY steps back to escape the shattered
light bulb as the cellar goes pitch black.


The lighthouse rumbles and cracks.
She's going down Johnny boy! She's
going down!
Get down McDunn!
The tower crumbles above them.
                                         FADE IN - FADE OUT
MACKENZIE appears very anxious, while she is sitting upright
on her and bed, knees up against her chest, with her arms
wrapped around her legs in the fetal position. Her back is
against the wooden back board of the bed.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
I don't remember much of what
happened after the light house
fell. I remember the faint sound
of Uncle Joe's muffled yells as
the contents of the cellar piled
down on top of us. I recall... the
sound of my own heart beat
thudding violently inside my
chest. Beat after beat went by, as
I wondered to myself whether
Mackenzie was safe at home...
MACKENZIE lets go of her knees, and she lies down on the
bed, face up. She closes her eyes, and then immediately
stirs, and turns to her left side. She frowns, and then
turns to her left side. MACKENZIE then opens her eyes.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
...I remember the faint sound of
this sort of... vacuuming of
air...as if, something was sucking
the air around the lighthouse
until there was about nothing
left. And then the lament... the
grief... the bewilderment... the


                       JOHNNY (VO)
...and the simple sadness of the
great monster, suddenly folded
over and upon us, above us, and
all around us. This sickening reek
emerged from its body, and filled
the air that surrounded Uncle Joe
and I to an extent that felt as if
I was being suffocated...
With one hand LESLIE pushes aside the green curtain that is
covering the living room window. LESLIE is looking out the
window with a worried expression on her face.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
... I remember the sound of the
monster crying, and gasping once
again. Its loud cry rung through
my ears fiercely. The tower was
gone, and its light was gone along
with it. I wondered what the old
lighthouse looked like above me. I
wondered what the monster had left
standing... if there was anything
left standing...
LESLIE sighs.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
... The single thing that had
called to it across a million
years was gone. Forever. And the
monster was opening its mouth and
sending out great sounds. The
sounds of a Fog Horn, over and
over again...
LESLIE pulls back the curtain.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
... And the ships! All the ships
who were far at sea. I wondered
what they thought, when they
couldn't find the light. How they
were incapable of seeing anything
in their path, how they were left
without anything to lead them


Nothing is left of the lighthouse, except rubble and its
concrete remains. The sun has finally come up. Different
emergency vehicles surrounded the lighthouse debris, while
numerous rescuers wearing bright yellow clothing and hard
hats frantically dug through the concrete rubble.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
...Though as they passed and heard
the monster's cries late that
night, I knew what the ships were
thinking: There it is, the lonely
sound, the Lonesome Bay horn.
All's well, we've rounded the
JOHNNY's eyes are closed shut. Everything is dark and he
hears the faint sound of someone's voice from above him.
                       RESCUER #1
We got them! They're breathing!
Hurry it up boys; help me dig
these guys outta here!
Much of the cellar had been reduced to rubble, along with
the lighthouse. Many of the jars of preserved food had
shattered and spilled around both JOHNNY and MCDUNN. The
various crates and barrels were also scattered around, and
had mixed in with the rest of the destroyed cellar.
Fortunately JOHNNY and MCDUNN left with barely any injuries.

JOHNNY opens his eyes to meet face to face with a man in
bright yellow clothing.
                       RESCUER #2
You good kid?
JOHNNY blinks once, and then twice. He turns to his side, to
see MCDUNN being helped up by RESCUER #3. MCDUNN smiles back
      (Laughing in pain)
Wait until Mackenzie hears about


RESCUER #1 helps JOHNNY up.
                       RESCUER #2
It's amazing that you two
survived. Whatever it was that hit
you guys, it got the ol'
lighthouse pretty bad.
JOHNNY pulled himself up, as RESCUER #2 put his arm around
him for support. Together, with MCDUNN and RESCUER #3, they
climb out from under the destroyed cellar, and out onto the
land. The sun was warm, and glowing a bright yellow.
It fell apart is all... We had a
few bad knocks from the waves, and
the thing just crumbled beneath
our feet. It was a miracle that we
had enough time to even climb down
the first few steps on the stairs.
MCDUNN pinches JOHNNY's arm. The act was not seen by the
rescuers, for they were too busy looking astonished at the
miss of rubble which was beneath their feet.
                                         FADE OUT - FADE IN
JOHNNY is driving in his car, a small smile on his face.
He's whistling a strange tune.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
They built a new lighthouse a year
later... but by the time that had
happened, I had already found a
job in town. Not to mention, a
wife... finally.
JOHNNY and MACKENZIE kiss outside the little church, as a
crowd of people cheer around them, and on the steps of the
church. MCDUNN claps the loudest, as he put an arm around
LESLIE who is laughing and tearing up beside him.

JOHNNY turns to MACKENZIE and grins widely as MACKENZIE


giggles. JOHNNY grabs MACKENZIE into his arms, and he lifts
her up bridal style as he pulls her in for yet another kiss.
MACKENZIE is in the kitchen sink, wiping away at the counter
with a rag. MACKENZIE is turned around, so only her back is
visible. JOHNNY is gazing at her lovingly, a bottle of
McEwan's in his right hand. MACKENZIE spins around and
crosses her arms. MACKENZIE reveals her stomach, which has
grown to be quite large and round.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
We still lived in our little house
that glowed yellow on cool autumn
nights, with the doors locked, and
the chimney puffing smoke.
MACKENZIE laughs and throws the rag at JOHNNY's face as he
sets his bottle of beer down. JOHNNY snaps out of his gazing
state, and laughs about it. JOHNNY picks up the rag and
quickly jumps out of his chair. JOHNNY runs towards
MACKENZIE, while she runs away into the other room laughing.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
I hope our baby boy loves our home
as much as we do.
JOHNNY docks his boat in front of the lighthouse. JOHNNY
gets out of the boat, and walks towards the lighthouse
slowly. JOHNNY shakes his head and grins.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
As for the old man... err, Uncle
Joe. He is now the master of the
new lighthouse. It was even built
to his own specifications: out of
steel- reinforced concrete. Just
in case, he had said with a
JOHNNY turns his head towards the water. The waves splashed
against the rocks, near the bottom of the lighthouse.
                       JOHNNY (VO)
And the monster? It never returned
to the lighthouse again. MCDUNN
had said that it had gone away.
Back into the Deeps, apparently...


                       JOHNNY (VO)
...it had learned that you can't
love anything too much in this
world. It's gone into the deepest
Deeps to wait another million
years. The poor thing! Waiting out
here, and then waiting out there,
while man comes and goes on this
pitiful planet. Waiting, and
waiting... Just waiting.
JOHNNY sighs, as if he was letting go of all of the hurt
that he had been holding inside of him. JOHNNY turns back
towards the light house. The Fog horn blares once, twice,
three times.


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From Nick Hanks Date 12/18/2009 ****
"Monotonous" is right...

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