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Ember (3rd Draft 11/30/09)
by Bobby Stringini (rstringini@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Danni and her friends just wanted a quiet weekend alone from everyhing, but when Danni's twin, Ember, shows up, things go to hell very quickly.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

EMBER (3RD DRAFT 11/30/09)


DANNI and MOIRA are sitting in their parked car in the
So... this is it?
It's the best I could do on short
notice. I know it's not a spa,
but it's secluded, and it's clean.
I shouldn't have done this. I
shouldn't have dragged you guys
into my bullshit.
Danni, drop it. You needed a
vacation anyways. Jack stalking
you is just a nice excuse to get
you out of the city.
Did you get ahold of my sister?
Moira, she's family.
She's also severely depressing,
and a little creepy. Always
watching with those eyes... Gives
me the willies just thinking about
She's not like that. She's
just... cautious around people.
Fine, call it that.


Just lay off her, okay? She
hasn't exactly had it easy.
How long have you known me?
Pretty much your entire life.
So you know that my sister is
important to me. I hardly get to
see her because...
I get it! I get it! You want
your sister.
You didn't call her. I can't
believe it, you didn't even try to
get ahold of her!
I did, I promise you, I tried to
get ahold of her! She's not an
easy person to reach.
I worry about her some times.
WILLY's car pulls into the driveway. He hops out of the
car, and Moira gets out to great him. Danni just watches.
Sorry 'bout the wait. Have you
been sitting here long?
Nah. Ten minutes?
Willy pulls a key out of his pocket and hands it to Moira.
Well, here's the key. Those other
ones you asked for aren't ready
yet, so I'll have to drop them off


Willy looks over towards Danni, who is still seated in the
She okay?
It's a long story.
Well, I'll take that as my que to
get on out of here. You guys have
a nice vacation, and if you need
anything you have my number.
Thanks... I don't think I ever
caught your name.
Everyone just calls me Willy. You
take care now.
Willy waves to Danni in the car, and Danni gives him a weak
wave back, and then he turns and gets into his car.

Moira watches him back out, and then turns back towards her
Pop the trunk. Lets get this shit
inside, and this show on the road.
The trunk pops open, and Danni gets out of the car. She
starts helping Moira with the bags.
I wasn't rude, was I? I mean, I
just... I'm not really in the mood
to deal with people I don't know
right now.
I think he got that. Don't worry,
I don't think you offended dear
ol' Willy.


Danni grabs her bag, and starts heading towards the house.
She stops, taking one more moment to look the place over.

Moira brushes past her.
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
Move it sweetie. I've been stuck
in a car all day, and the only
thing standing between me and that
shower is you.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Danni follows Moira into the house.
Ember leans out of the trees, and watches Moira enter the
house. Danni is about to, but turns, looking back towards
where Ember is standing. Ember quickly tucks back into the
bushes, but still watches. Danni then enters the house, and
closes the door.
Danni enters the room, gives it the once over, and then
throws her suitcase onto the bed.

She hears the sound of the shower starting in the
background. She walks to the door, leaning out.
Don't use all the hot water.
                       MOIRA (O.C.)
Can't make any promises.
Maybe a cold shower will do me
Danni sits on the edge of the bed, next to her suitcase. She
leans back, looking up at the ceiling.
                       DANNI (CONT.)
It has come to this. I'm in
She sits up, grabbing her purse. She fishes through it and
grabs her cell phone.


She scrolls through her phonebook until she finds Ember's
number. She hits the call button, and the phone starts to
ring. It goes to voice mail.
                       EMBER (V.O)
This is Ember, leave a message.
Hey sis, I was just thinking about
you. Wanted to know that you were
okay. I know things can get a
little... out of hand with mom,
so... call me back? Please. I
love you.
Danni hangs up the phone, and puts it back in her purse. She
lays back and closes her eyes.

There are a few moments, and then her closet door slowly
opens, the inside dark. Danni's eyes snap open, and she
sits up. She stands, taking a tentative step towards the

Slowly she reaches out, touching the door.

Suddenly a hand shoots out from the dark closet, and wraps
around her wrist. He starts to pull her into the closet.
She screams, trying to pull away, but the arm pulling her is
to strong.

She grabs the doorframe, but it doesn't work. She looses
the struggle, and the door slams shut.


Danni sits up in bed, the sound of the door slamming still
ringing in her ears. She is breathing heavy, and is covered
in sweat.

Moira walks past the door, peaks in, and when she sees the
state that Danni is in, rushes into the room, sitting on the
bed, wrapping her arms around Danni.
It's okay sweetie, I'm here.
It was him. Oh God, it was him.
He has no idea where you are. It's
okay. You're safe.


It was so real.
It was just a dream.
Danni's eyes fall on the closet. She closes her eyes,
resting against Moira.
Moira and Danni are sitting at the table, steaming mugs of
coffee in front of them. Neither of them are drinking.
Danni is just looking into her mug.
What the hell was that all about?
I thought you said he never got
He didn't. It was... It was the
last night I saw him. He broke
into my place.
He what? Did you call the cops?
Jesus Danni, you should have told
He didn't hurt me. He scared the
shit out of me. He grabbed me,
tried to pull me out the front
door. Kept going on about he he
needed me.
What he needs, hun, is help. Lot's
of it. Maybe a little shock
treatment. They still attach
electrodes to guy's junk?
Danni looks up.
You should have seen the way he
looked at me. He was actually
scared. He was terrified of
loosing me.


So how'd you get away?
I kneed him in the balls and
pushed him out of my apartment.
Moira stands up, patting Danni on the shoulder. She walks
over to freezer and opens it up.
Well, good for you. And for all
your troubles I think you deserve
ice cream. How's that sound? A
few empty calories?
Danni turns her head towards Moira. As she does she catches
a quick glimpse of someone running away from the kitchen

Moira looks over at her.
You okay?
Yeah... I guess my mind is still
playing tricks on me.
What? Did you see something?
I... I don't know. Just outside
the window, I thought I saw
someone run by.
Moira turns and walks towards the window. She peaks
outside, and glances around.
I don't see anyone. I'll go check
No. Don't worry about it.
After that little story you just
told me? I'll worry.


It was probably a bird or
Danni, I'm going to...
Just... don't leave me alone right
now, okay? I really don't want to
be alone.
Moira sits back down at the kitchen table.
Alright, I won't leave you.
Thanks... now where's that ice
Danni smiles, and takes a sip of her coffee.
EMBER, seen only in shadow is watching the living room
window of the house. Danni and Moira are there, talking.

Ember walks closer to the house, her face still hidden. She
places her hand on the window. She watches for a few more
seconds, then runs off, vanishing back into the woods.
Danni is sitting on the couch, curled up into a ball, trying
to get comfortable. Obviously, it isn't easy.

Moira sits next to her, putting her arm over Danni's
shoulder. Danni rests her head on Moira's chest.
So everyone comes up tomorrow?
Yep. You know, I can still call
and cancel if you want. I mean,
they'd understand.
No. No... I need this. I mean, I
really need this.


Good, then I should warn you.
Ross is bringing his brother.
You have to be kidding me?
Brandon? Why the hell would he...
He is not trying to hook me up,
With Brandon? No. I wouldn't
worry about that. Probably was
just scared to leave him alone
back in Chicago.
Danni sits up, looking Moira straight in the eye. She's
You sure he doesn't know? I mean,
no one told him or anything,
right? Out of pity?
As far as I know, Jack is
completely in the dark. If
someone did tell him, I swear,
I'll kill'em myself.
I'm just worried, you know. I've
already had to change my number,
Before Danni can finish her sentence her cell goes off. She
grabs it off the coffee table, checking the screen. PSYCHO
is written in bold letters across the caller ID.
                       DANNI (CONT.)
Son of a bitch.
Danni gets off the couch. She accepts the call and puts the
phone to her ear. Moira goes to grab it, but Danni steps
back, out of her reach.


Danni covers the mouthpiece on her cell.
This ends right now. What the
hell could he do? He's in another
Danni leaves the living room, heading up towards the stairs
that lead to the bedroom.

Moira watches her, arms crossed.
Danni slams the door shut. The sound of Jack's voice can be
heard on the other end. She takes a deep breath, and her
eyes glance back at the closet.
Listen to me you sick fuck, leave
me alone.
                       JACK (V.O.)
Please, just listen to me. hear
me out.
No, you listen Jack. I don't want
to hear from you again. No more
calls, no more texts. No e-mails,
letters. You're scaring me, you
get that? You're fucking scaring
                       JACK (V.O.)
Please, I...
Don't say it. You don't. You
don't love me. If you did, you
wouldn't be doing this to me. You
wouldn't have broken into my
fucking apartment.
Moira is sitting on the couch. She can hear Danni fighting
with Jack through the walls. She looks around the room,
uncomfortable. Finally she throws her hands up, and stands


I cannot listen to this Lifetime
Movie bullshit.
Moira walks over to the TV. Next to it is a small pile of
DVD's. She crouches down and starts shifting through the
Ember opens the front door, then turns, looking directly
into the living room. She sees Moira, and stops.
Moira turns her head and sees Ember. She almost says
something when Ember reveals the knife in her hand.

Ember's face is still obscured by her grey, knit hoodie, and
her hands are covered by fuzzy blue gloves. She almost
resembles a child.


Moira doesn't say anything. She doesn't even scream. She
knows who Ember is, and she knows what Ember can do. She
gets up and runs, heading towards the entrance leading into
the kitchen.

Ember grabs the back of Moira's hoodie, but Moira unzips,
slipping out, leaving the hoodie in Ember's hands.

The sound of Danni and Jack fighting can still be heard
Moira runs through the kitchen, Ember right behind her.
She grabs the handle of the back door, throws the door open,
but just before she can step outside Ember grabs Moira's
hair, yanking her head back, exposing her neck.

Ember then takes the knife, and cuts open Moira's throat.
Blood spurts out. Ember then tosses Moira out the door,
into the backyard.


Moira lands on all fours, the cut dripping blood. It wasn't
deep enough to kill her. Moira coughs up some blood, and
tries to crawl away, but she is loosing strength quickly.


Ember walks up behind her slowly, twirling the knife in her
hands. She straddles Moira, and then raises the knife,
bringing it down into Moira's back.

Blood sprays every where as Ember continues to stab away at

Finally Moira lays still, her face resting in a pool of her
own blood.

Ember turns back, looking at the upstair's bedroom window,
at Danni. She can see that Danni has just hung up her cell
and had thrown the phone on the bed.
Danni is rubbing her forehead, feeling a headache coming on.
I have to change my number again.
Danni picks her phone up off the bed and chucks it at the
                       DANNI (CONT.)
Fuck! Jack... you asshole!
Danni begins rubbing her eyes.

Her head snaps up when she hears the bedroom door open. She
starts to turn.
                       DANNI (CONT.)
Moira, I need a drink...
Ember slashes out her knife, the blade slicing across
Danni's face.

Danni falls back, catching herself on the bed. She stops
for a second. Warm blood drips down her face from the large
gash that runs across her cheek.


Ember comes at her, but Danni kicks, her foot connecting
with Ember's stomach.

Danni runs for the door, but Ember grabs her, stabbing Danni
in the side. Danni falls to the ground, clutching her

Ember stands over her, looking down. Danni looks back, gets
to her feet, and starts running.
Danni is running, clutching her side, stumbling. She is
trying to stay on her feet, to keep moving, but she can't
help but look back occasionally.

Danni reaches for the bathroom door, but before she can grab
the handle, Ember grabs her, throws her agains the wall, and
then begins stabbing Danni repeatedly.

After about five stabs blood starts to drip from Danni's
mouth. Ember stops, letting Danni go.

Danni's body falls to the ground, slumped into a little

Ember looks down at all the blood on her hands and her
sleaves. She turns, and looks at the bathroom.
Ember enters the bathroom, and throws the bloody knife in
the sink. She then pulls off her gloves, and throws them in
there to. She then pulls back her hoodie, revealing her
face. She looks into the mirror, and wipes a speck of blood
off of her cheek.

Then she turns on the water, and starts washing her hands.
Ember is walking out of the woods, shovle in hand.

Willy is walking towards her, looking back at the house.
Ember ditches the shovle behind a tree, and walks into the
Can I help you?


Miss Clawson? It's me, Willy, I
was the one talking to your friend
Right. Is everything okay?
Ember stops, keeping a distance between her and Willy.

Willy reaches into his pocket and pulls out two keys, he
holds them out towards Ember.
I was just dropping off the keys
you asked for. Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine. I just... it's a
long story. Thanks for dropping
off the keys.
Ember relaxes. She takes the keys from Willy, and starts
heading towards the house. Willy follows her.
I thought you were up here with a
Moira? She had to run back to the
city. Kind of an emergancy. Do
you want some coffee? I mean, I'd
invite you in, but it's your
house, so...
Not for the next five days it
isn't. The place is all yours.
Well, then you're always welcome.
Ember stops at the door, turning towards Willy. This time
it's Willy who keeps his distance.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
So, the coffee?
I'm good. I actually have to run
back into town, but thank you for
the offer.


You're one of those work, work,
work types, aren't you?
Guess I am.
There is a pause in the conversation, and Willy takes a step
back, eyeing the path he took to the front of the house. He
looks back at Ember, and tries to force a smile.
                       WILLY (CONT.)
Well, if you need anything you
have my number. Just in case
though, my business card is in the
drawer under the phone.
I'll keep that in mind.
Willy turns to leave, and as he does he catches sight of the
shovel that Ember had hidden in the woods.

He doesn't say anything, but he picks up the pace of his
steps just the slightest bit.

He looks back at Ember.
You have a good day Miss Clawson.
Danni, please.
Have a good day Danni.
Willy vanishes around the side of the house, Ember watching
him the entire time.

She looks back towards the woods, and can see that the
shovel is exposed.
Willy is walking quickly towards his car.

Ember steps out of the front door of the house, her right
hand hidden behind her back, keeping the knife she's
gripping hidden from Willy's view.


Willy stops, turns, trying to act calm.
Ember steps out of the house, walking towards Willy slowly.
Willy freezes in place.
There is one thing I was wondering
if you could help me with. The
water pressure in the upstair's
shower is kind of weak. Could you
do anything about that?
To be honest, I'm horrible at that
stuff. I'll send the plumber over
though. He should be able to fix
that right up.
Are you sure? You can't do
Ember stops in front of Willy, leaning in close as she
I would probably make it worse.
The plumber is really good though.
You trust him? He's not going
to... try anything, right?
Willy lets out a small laugh. He looks down at his shoes,
then back towards his car.
If he did he'd have hell to pay. I
don't take well to cheaters.
Especially when they're cheating
on me.
The meaning of Willy's words set in, and Ember takes a step
back, trying to regroup.


                       WILLY (CONT.)
Now, I really have to get back
into town. I'll send the plumber
up as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Willy turns, walking down the driveway towards his car. He
stops at the driver's side door, fumbling with his car keys,
his hands shaking.
                       EMBER (O.C.)
Oh... Willy?
Willy turns.

Ember is standing behind him, the shovel from the woods in
her hand. She raises it, and swings, the spade of the
shovel slicing Willy's throat open.

Blood splashes on the ground, and Willy collapses.
She looks at the car and then down to Willy's body.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
I really need to start thinking
these things through.
She puts down the shovel, grabs Willy's keys and starts
dragging Willy's body towards the back seat of the car.
ROSS's car is parked on the side of the road. KELLY is
flipping through pages of printed out directions. Behind
them, passed out in the back seat is BRANDON.
So, where'd we make the wrong
Just hold on, okay? I'm not good
at this.


I was willing to stop and ask
directions back at the gas
station, but no, we had to keep
The place was creepy, okay? I
don't trust any gas station that
still has full service.
Here, let me look at them.
I've got it.
You said that an hour ago. Now
hand 'em over.
Kelly hands Ross the directions. She looks out the car
window, at the empty road.
So, why are we doing this again?
Driving out to the middle of
nowhere. Really great way to spend
our few free days.
Our friend needs our help. You
make it sound like we never have
any free time.
Lately... we don't. You work, I
have school.
It's a weekend. Two days. You
and I both can take more time off.
Danni needs us, so...
Yeah... but why? Why are we
getting in the middle of this?
Listen, we've known Danni for how


Four years.
Right. And she helped us out with
how many fights? And how many
"break ups"? So, we're just
extending the favor.
This is more than a fight or a
break up. This is us stepping
into a shit storm. Do you know
what happens when we step into a
shit storm? It comes flying back
at us.
It will not...
No? What happened last time we
extended a helping hand to Danni
when Jack was getting out of
control? I got stuck taking care
of a drunken Jack for three nights
straight. The man cried more than
you do.
Well, there's no Jack here. Not
unless you told him. So, this
should be nice, peaceful. We're
hear to help Danni heal. That's
So we're going to be sitting
around the campfire holding hands,
singing songs and toasting
marshmellows. I'm in hell.
Shouldn't this whole conversation
be reversed? Shouldn't I be the
one complaining about going out
and helping a friend who just
broke up with her boyfriend?


Well, when your balls finally drop
you can be the man in this
conversation. Until then, I get
to be the voice of reason.
I'm not a man? Then why do you
put up with me?
Maybe I'm secretly a lesbion. Who
Ross glances over to Kelly. There is a moment of silence.
Did we really have to bring him?
Kelly glances at the back seat.
He needs to dry out. This'll do
him good.
You ever see the Shining? No
booze, and no sex will make
Brandon bat shit crazy.
It's for two days! Why is that
such a huge deal? Two days to do
something nice for a friend.
That's all.
Ross looks back at his brother. He shakes his head, and
then starts searching through the center console for a
bottle of asprin.
He hasn't made any noise for a
Do you think he's okay?
Kelly holds up her hand, motioning for Ross to wait a
moment. She then gets out of the car.


                       ROSS (CONT.)
What the hell are you doing?
I'm just going to perform a little
test, okay?
This isn't a science project
Kelly. I'll just shake him and
make sure he's okay. Okay?
Do not deny me my experiment.
Ross finds the bottle of asprin. He opens it, and dry
swallows one.

Kelly gets back into the car, a large stick in hand.
Kelly, really? A stick? What the
Kelly just shrugs, then pokes Brandon in the ribs with the

Brandon sits up suddenly, screaming.
Not the strap on!
It lives.
I didn't need to hear that.
You okay?
Yeah... Where am I?
On the way to rehab.


You tricked me.
You'd have to be conscious for us
to trick you. Basically we
kidnapped you.
That's illegal. I'm calling the
cops... and mom. Ross.
Brandon smacks Ross on the shoulder.
You are not going to rehab. It's
just a vacation, okay? A nice
cabin in the woods, by a lake. You
know, nice and relaxing.
Sounds boring.
My sentiments exactly.
Brandon tucks back into the backseat, and in a few seconds
the sound of his snoring fills the cab of the car.

Kelly looks out the window, trying to ignore Ross, who is
starting to seem a little pissed off.
                       KELLY (CONT.)
Maybe this won't be so bad.
She looks at Ross and smiles.
Thank you.
Now lets figure out these fucking
Kelly grabs the directions from Ross, tosses the stick out
of the car, and starts turning the map in her hand.
It was three miles back. We
missed a left turn on Queens Road.


How the hell did you figure that
I swear, I think you might
secretly have a dick.
Well it must be pretty small if
you haven't found it yet.
Ross starts the car, and pulls back onto the road, driving
                                         CUT TO:
Ember is standing in front of the mirror. She splashes some
water on her face, and shakes her head. Then she grabs a
towel and dries her skin before pulling out her make up bag.

She starts putting on some base.
I am Danni. I am Danni. Thats
what the doctor said. Visualize
it. Repeat it, and you can
achieve it.
She pulls out some lipstick and puts it on. When she's done
she puckers her lips, kisses the mirror, and then gives
herself one last look.
                       EMBER (CONT)
Ember Clawson is no more. I am
She smiles, and with a quick spin she's out the bathroom
Ross's car pulls up the driveway and stops. Everyone piles
out of the car and Ross pops the trunk. Kelly heads to the
the trunk and starts pulling out bags of food and liquor.

Brandon stands, just watching as Kelly tries to manage
several bags. She's failing.


Little help?
I'm enjoying the show.
Well, if I have to drop a bag, the
booze goes first. So either grab
it or spend the weekend sober.
Brandon grabs the bag containing a few glass bottles. He
looks at it and grimaces.
This is all we brought?
Ross walks to the trunk, taking a few bags from Kelly.
Yeah, so ration it.
Both of you play nice, okay? We're
here to help Danni relax, not
witness an all out, drag out
I was thinking more along the
lines of drunken mud wrestling.
No. No mud, jello, salsa or any
other kind of wrestling. This
place is rented, and we are not
paying to have the carpet cleaned.
What about pudding?
No. No pudding.
You're no fun.
Wouldn't matter. I'm the pudding
wrestling queen.
For some reason I don't see that.


I was in a sorority.
Ember walks out of the house and towards Ross's car.
You know, I did bring up food.
Ross manages to hug Ember with all the bags in his hands.
Hey. How you holding up.
I'm good. A little out of it, but
Brandon walks up to Ember and puts his hand on her shoulder.
Sorry about the stalker...
Brandon pushes past Ember and heads towards the house.
                       BRANDON (CONT)
Now where's the bar?
Ember watches Brandon walking away, her eyes narrowing.
Don't mind him. He's having his
first hangover.
His first?
You need to sober up to get one,
and I think the ride up here dried
him out a bit.
Kelly hugs Ember, but the whole time she has her eyes on
Ross, and a big fake smile plastered to her face.
                       KELLY (CONT)
You know we're here for you, and
all that... You know I'm not good
at this touchy feely bullshit. If
you need me to kick Jack's ass,
I'm all for it, but the shoulder
to cry on thing... That's Ross's


                       KELLY (cont'd)
territory. He's a real big pussy.
I'll keep that in mind.
Why do I put up with all the
verbal abuse?
Cuz you enjoy the physical abuse
so much.
The three of them start heading towards the house. Ember
grabs one of the bags from Kelly during the walk.
I may need your help in the ass
kicking department. Jack got my
new number.
What? How?
No clue. But if he has my number,
there is a good chance he knows
I'm up here. So...
Well, you're safe with us here. I
don't know how much good Brandon
will do, but Ross and I have your
Ember opens the front door, and holds it so Ross and Kelly
can pass through. Then she enters the house and closes the
door behind her.
Brandon is sitting on the couch, hugging a bottle to his
chest. The TV is on, and he is doing a good job at ignoring
the three people that just entered.

Ross takes the bags from Kelly and Ember, having an easier
time with the bulk then Kelly did. Ember points towards the
kitchen and Ross heads out of sight.


You worked so hard at making sure
that he couldn't get it. How the
hell... I mean, who had the
You guys, my family... Moira.
That's it. Work doesn't even have
my cell number anymore.
Ross walks back towards his friends. He wraps his arms
around Kelly, resting his chin on her shoulder. He glances
over at Brandon.

Brandon is obviously listening to the conversation, but
trying to pretend he isn't. He's failing.
Well, whoever it was, I'll find
out. But for now, there is no
reason to believe he'll head up
here. And if he does...
Other than being annoying he
really won't pose much of a
threat. He might leave a few tear
stains on the carpet.
Why don't you two start unpacking
the food. I'll come in and help,
but first I have to have a little
talk with my brother.
Kelly turns her head, looking Ross in the eyes.
Seriously, you're sending the
women folk off to the kitchen?
I thought you wanted me to exurt
my masculinity more.
Kelly pulls away from Ross, throwing her hands in the air.
Fine. Fine.


Kelly walks towards the kitchen, and out of sight.
Keep her away from sharp, pointy
objects. I don't feel like
getting stabbed this weekend.
I can't promise you anything.
Ember leaves the room.

The second she's gone Brandon walks over to the couch, and
grabs Brandon's shoulder, yanking him to his feet.
Outside. Now.
What the fuck? I...
Ross doesn't let Brandon finish his sentence. He just
shoves his brother towards the door.
The women place their bags on the kitchen table, and both
start unpacking. During the conversation they both pack
items away in the refridgerator and cabinates.
What was that all about?
No clue. There's always something
going on between those two.
Sibling shit. I know.
I don't. I was blessed enough to
be an only child.
Lucky you.
Speaking of siblings, is your
sister coming up? I was hoping to
finally get to meet her.


God no. Why the hell would I
invite her?
You two get in a fight or
It's just... you never talked
about her like that before. I
mean... ever.
Oh... yeah. It was just...
sibling shit.
Well, I hope you two work it out.
I was kind of hoping to finally
meet nice, sweet Ember. You know,
corrupt her.
One of these days you'll get your
Ember looks out the kitchen window towards the woods. She
turns away.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine. I just need to
lay down for a bit.
Ember rushes out of the kitchen.
                                         CUT TO:
Brandon and Ross stumble out onto the driveway. Brandon
still has a bottle clutched in his hand.

Brandon tries to keep his back to Ross, but Ross grabs his
arm, turning him violently.


It was you! You gave that maniac
Danni's number.
I did not!
Don't lie to me. You gave him
that number. You knew how freaked
out she was getting, and you gave
that asshole her number.
Look at you, all manly like. If
we weren't related I might
actually get a little turned on.
Cut the bullshit Brandon.
Fine! Yeah, I gave Jack her
number... or he might have gotten
it out of my phone. I don't know.
How the hell could he get to
your... You didn't.
We are not talking about that
Ross takes a step back from his brother.
Now you clam up? How the hell did
he get her number?
Just drop it, okay? I fucked up.
What else is new?
Yeah man, you really fucked up.
Big time.
There is a pause, and Ross begins to pace. Brandon is
watching him, trying to speak, but the words just get
mumbled in his mouth.


                       ROSS (CONT.)
You didn't tell him about this
place, did you?
Hell no! I didn't talk to the
guy. I just... listen, I'll tell
you the whole story when the time
is right.
Right now seems like the right
time. Kelly's not here to kick
your ass, and Danni's not here to
know that you betrayed her. You
let that bastard loose on her
I'll make it up to her.
Get a few drinks in her, and then
fuck her brains out. Nothing says
I'm sorry like multiple, mind
blowing orgasms.
Ross turns and walks towards the house. Brandon just
Date rape as an apology. I think
she'd prefer flowers. Maybe a nice
Hey, she'd be conscious... mostly.
Come on! Lighten up!
Maybe we should have dropped your
ass at rehab. Or on the side of
the road.
Ross enters the house, slamming the door.

Brandon just stays in place, laughing to himself.
What a tight ass.


Brandon takes a long swill off his bottle.
Ember hurries into the room, closing the door behind her.
She can't catch her breath.

She leans against the door, eyes closed. Then she turns her
head, and as she opens her eyes she sees her reflection in
the mirror above the dresser.
This is all your fault, Danni.
This is all your fault.
Ember stands, walking towards the mirror.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
You had to be so sweet. So
fucking sweet that I feel bad. You
made me feel bad for what I did to
you! I refuse to feel bad. I
refuse to feel like shit for
claiming the life I wanted.
Ember gets really close to the mirror.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
The life I deserved, but never
got. I never got it because of
you. I bet you didn't tell them.
About the hospitals, and the
doctors, the pills. Did you tell
them about my break down? How I
couldn't leave the house?
Ember steps back and turns away from the mirror.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
No. Of course you didn't. You
made me sound like some sweet, shy
angel. Right? You were to
ashamed to mention the rest. I
was your dirty little secret. I
was your...
                       MOIRA (O.C.)
Wow, you're really fucked in the
head. Fighting with your
reflection is a big ol' warning


Ember turns, and standing right behind her is Moira.

Moira is exactly as Ember had left her. Her neck is
slashed, and dried blood is crusting along her chest.

Moira smiles.
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
Well, so is brutally murdering
three people, but hey, I'm no
What the hell?
Moira pushes past Ember and sits on the bed.
No. Not hell. At least I don't
think it's hell. Purgatory maybe?
Ember starts looking around the room, searching for Danni.

Moira just lays back on the bed, stretching out, arching her
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
You looking for your sister? She's
not here. Well, she is. You're
her now. Or maybe she's you...
Lynchian enough for you?
You mean... You mean I'm really
No. I'm just fucking with your
head. That's what I'm supposed to
do. You know, as your delusion
and all. You're still plain old,
crazy you.
Just stop it, okay? I don't need
this right now.
Moira sits up quickly, making Ember jump back.
And I didn't need a knife across
the throat, but sometimes we have
to put up with shit we don't want.


Don't tell me you're sorry. You're
not. You aren't capable of
feeling remorse. So don't dick me
Then why are you here?
Moira gets up off the bed and starts walking towards Ember.
Ember takes a step back, and finds herself pressed against
the wall.

Moira gets right in Ember's face.
I'm not. I'm here.
Moira taps Ember on the forehead.
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
You know what that means, right?
You're cracking up.
Yes. You couldn't even stay sane
for one whole day. So, how long
Ember? How long is it going to
take before you snap again and
take out those three downstairs?
I wouldn't. They're my friends.
Correction. They're Danni's
friends. You're not Danni.
I am. I am Danni. I am.
You keep telling yourself that,
but you know, and I know, because
I am you, and because I'm you I
know everything you know, that
this whole act you're putting on


                       MOIRA (cont'd)
won't last.
Then... SNAP!
Ember starts sliding down the wall until she lands ass first
on the carpet.

Moira crouches down in front of her.
You'll do to them what you did to
me. What you did to your sister.
One by one you'll kill them. One
Ember's scream is followed by the sound of Ross and Kelly
running up the stairs.

The bedroom door flies open, and Ross and Kelly tumble in.
They find Ember sitting on the floor, her knees to her
chest. She's a crying, shaking mess.

Ross leans down, hugging Ember to his chest. Ember clings
to him. Kelly crouches down next to Ember.
What happened?
I... I must have been dreaming. Oh
God... it was so real... the
It's okay. You're awake now.
You're okay.
Ross starts rocking Ember back and forth.
                                         CUT TO:


Ross is leaning against the kitchen sink, and Kelly is
pacing back and forth in front of him.
I could kill your brother. I
could fucking kill him.
Jack really has her messed up.
Maybe this is worse than we
He knew. He knew! And still he
lets Jack get to his phone. I
could kill him.
Okay, enough with plotting my
brother's death. It was a
mistake. Well, it was a series of
mistakes, the first of which was
giving him Danni's new number.
No, the first mistake was your
brother being concieved.
It was a mistake. A God's honest
mistake! We'll deal with it.
Kelly stops pacing. She looks at Ross, hands on her hips.
So how do we fix this?
We keep an eye on her, maybe sneak
away her cellphone. Just try and
keep things as normal as possible.
You're a good man, you know that?
I give you a lot of shit, but...
Ross kisses her.
Lets save the romantic heart to
heart for on the way home. Right
now we have way to much to deal


                       ROSS (cont'd)
You sound like me.
Guess you're rubbing off on me.
Well, lets start with our first
You are not killing Brandon.
As nice as that sounds I was
actually thinking of something
simpler. Dinner.
Ah. Leave that one up to me.
Ross walks over to the refridgerator and begins pulling out
food and placing it on the table.
You cook. You clean. You're
I don't do windows.
Almost perfect. Wow, if this got
any sweeter I might actually throw
Well, then I'm not giving you that
kiss I was going for.
Why not?
Don't want you to throw up in my
mouth. Once was enough.
Come here.


Kelly grabs Ross and kisses him, then grabs a knife and a
cutting board from next to the sink and starts cutting
                                         CUT TO:
JACK parks his car on the side of the road and starts
walking towards the driveway. He peaks around the corner,
sees Brandon, and stops, staying hidden from sight.

Jack pulls out his cellphone and hits the call button. He
holds the phone to his ear, and watches through the window
as Ember picks up.
Don't hang up. Please, I just
need to hear your voice.
The lights are out, and Ember is sitting on the bed, phone
pressed to her ear. She is mostly just a shadow with only
glimpses of her skin visible.
Jack if you don't leave me alone I
will find you and skin you alive.
I'll enjoy it to. Trust me on
that. Never call me again, never
talk to me again. If you value
your life you'll listen to me.
Ember hangs up and chucks the phone onto the bed.
Jack still has the phone pressed to his ear.
Danni? Danni, what the hell did
you just say? Danni?
Jack pulls the phone away from his ear, and is just about to
redial when a hand lands on his shoulder. He turns his
head, and sees that the hand belongs to Brandon.


You're in big trouble asshole. The
shit you caused me...
Brandon puts Jack into a headlock.
What the fuck is wrong with you
What the fuck is wrong with us?
You got me in deep shit with my
Jack looks down the driveway, towards the road, but Brandon
starts pulling him back towards the house. While they are
walking Brandon starts giving Jack a noogie.
Fine. I'm gone. Jesus man, stop!
So fucking impulsive. Gets you
into a lot of trouble, doesn't it?
Had to go right back to hounding
poor Danni. Couldn't give her any
time to herself. You're right
you're gone, but not till I'm done
with you first.
                       EMBER (O.C.)
Not so fast.
Ember walks out of the front door of the house.
What should I do with him? Beat
the shit out of him? Fuck the
hell out of him? That could be
Bring him inside.
Jack breaks free from the headlock and goes to run, but
Brandon grabs him by the back of the neck, and starts
pulling him towards the front door.
Come on, you heard the nice lady.
She wants you to stay.


Ember walks in first. She turns, watching as Brandon drags
Jack into the living room.

Brandon throws Jack onto the couch.
Jesus man. You trying to kill me?
I thought you stalker types liked
it rough. Cuz ask anyone, I'm the
best at rough.
I came to talk to Danni. That's
all! I'm not stalking her. I
just want talk.
Why would she want to talk to you?
After all the shit you been
I... I...
Just sit there and look pretty for
me, okay?
Ross and Kelly enter from the kitchen.
What the hell is all the noise?
Jack hops up off the couch, hands held up in surrender.
I was just about to go, but
Brandon here decided to drag me
inside. Thats the only reason I'm
standing here right now.
What? I found myself a play toy.
Can I keep him? Can I? Can I?
Knock it off.


Danni, you should go upstairs.
We'll handle this.
You know what? Don't worry about
it. He's here, so... might as
well make the best of it.
Well, he went to all of the
trouble of getting my phone number
and following me up here. He
might as well stay for dinner,
right? Right.
I don't think that's such a good
No. It's fine. He's here. Maybe
we can finally just address this
problem head on. You know...
instead of hiding out. Plus, how
could I rob Brandon of his new
found plaything?
Brandon sits down on the couch, stunned.
A minute ago you said that you
I changed my mind. Now... I must
look like hell. I have to say
Jack, you really know how to wreck
a girl. I should go get ready for
dinner. Kelly...
Kelly keeps her stare fixed on Jack.


Could you help me?
Yeah. Sure.
I'm coming with.
Kelly turns, placing her hand on Ross's chest, both stopping
him and calming him. She smiles.
No. You and Brandon should stay
here. Keep Jack company. Okay?
Sure. Make sure he's nice and
Brandon sits down on the couch next to Jack. He puts his
arm around Jack's shoulder, and pulls him close.
                       BRANDON (CONT.)
Then when you get back I can tell
you all about the last time Jack
and I hung out.
I don't think they need to hear
that story.
Oh yes, yes they do. This weekend
is all about coming clean, moving
on. All that psychobable, love
yourself bullshit, right? Well,
then we have to put all our cards
on the table. And Jack, you and
me got a nice, juicy hand to
Jack just hangs his head, avoiding eye contact with anyone.
Can't wait to hear it.
I can.


I told you there was a time and a
place. Well, the place is here,
and the time is soon. Isn't it
Jack? Real soon.
Kelly and Ember walk upstairs, out of sight.

Ross stands in front of the couch, looking down at the
extremely uncomfortable Jack and the overly happy Brandon.
You made a really stupid decision
coming here, you know that?
I know that now.
And now the fun starts. I can't
Brandon hugs Jack extra tight, just enough so that it is
obvious he is trying to cause pain. Then Brandon leans in
and licks Jack's cheek and gives his ear a quick nibble.
                       BRANDON (CONT.)
And it'll be real fun. I'll make
sure of it.
You brought this on yourself Jack.
Ross looks away as Brandon throws his legs over Jack's lap,
leans back, and bursts out laughing.
Ember enters, grabs her bag and throws it on the bed. She
unzips it quickly and starts rustling through the clothes.

Kelly walks in behind her, and closes the door.
What the hell are you doing?
I'm getting dressed. Well, I plan
to if I can find anything. What
am I? A fucking puritan?


No, what are you doing with Jack?
This is going to end badly, you
know that. You should have just
had Brandon kick his ass, then
throw him out. Instead you invite
him to dinner. Are you insane?
But Brandon looked so happy. How
could I deny him?
Yeah, you just handed him one more
potential fuck. So... that's why
you did it?
Ember turns on Kelly quickly, making Kelly take a step back.
No, well, maybe a little. And
please, Kelly... don't call me
Sorry... are you okay?
I'm fine. I just... I'm thinking.
I need a game plan. I've set
everything up, and I just need to
follow through.
Ember turns back to the bag. She is now tossing clothes
onto the bed. She picks up a pair of grannie panties,
grimaces, and throws them to the floor.
So, you're going into this blind?
No. I have an outline. I just
need to fill in the details.
An outline. Great. What is this
I'm going to get dressed up, look
as hot as possible, tease Jack a
little, have a few drinks, get
drunk enough to sleep with


                       EMBER (cont'd)
Wait... Sleep with Brandon? Are
you... That is just a bad idea.
He's a walking, talking STD. I'm
pretty sure I caught something on
the ride up here, and he was in
the backseat.
I didn't say I was actually going
to sleep with Brandon. I said I
was going to get drunk enough to
sleep with Brandon. If it happens
it happens. I've got protection.
I hope you brought a bio-hazard
Anyways. I get drunk, I flirt
with Brandon, really rub it in
Jack's face. Then I cut his heart
out of his chest with a dull
Ember pulls a short, slinky dress out of the suitcase. She
holds it up, examining it. She holds it against her body,
and turns towards the mirror.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
Whatcha think?
Heart stopping.
Thats what I was going for. I'm
going to try it on.
Ember runs off to the bathroom.

Kelly sits on the bed, moving a shirt from under her butt.


She picks the pair of granny panties off the floor with one
Oh Danni... really?
Ember closes the bathroom door, locks it, and turns to the

She jumps when she sees Moira, just a little more decayed
then before, standing next to her. It appears a rat has
bitten off bits of Moira's neck.
Cut out his heart? A bit
dramatic, don't you think. Not to
mention time consuming.
I didn't mean I would really cut
out his heart.
So, then how are you going to kill
Ember turns to Moira, taking a step back as the smell of
rotting flesh hits her nostrils.
I'm not going to kill him. I'm
not going to kill anyone... else.
God you smell.
Really? Well, your delusions must
be getting stronger then. That or
it could be cuz you left me out in
the middle of the woods, in a
hole, in the summer. Or a bit of
It was a necessary evil, okay?
I'll make this work. I can make
this work.
You keep telling yourself that,
but let me remind you, my presence
means that it more than likely


                       MOIRA (cont'd)
isn't going to work. You get
that, right?
You're worse than my mother! With
all the put downs, and the attack
on my confidence. The doctor said
that if I visualize it, repeat it,
and focus I can make anything
That doctor was trying to plug her
new book. She wasn't paying
attention. Maybe she should have.
If she had then three people
would still be alive, and you'd be
getting the help you need. Instead
she "gave" you a copy, which she
then charged you for, and sent you
on your merry, murderous way, and
here we are now. So don't start
quoting that self-help bullshit to
me. I am not so living proof that
it doesn't work.
Ember ignores Moira and starts to undress. She carefuly
places her clothing on the counter next to the sink.
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
What about this morning, huh? The
landlord? You cut his throat wide
open. With a fucking shovel. How
the hell do you do that? And why?
He didn't know anything, and you
went ahead and nearly took his
head off.
He saw the shovel.
Ember starts to pull her new dress up.
You can stop this, you know that.
You can end this now. Tell them
the truth, and turn yourself in,
and you can end this. They don't
have to die.
Ember looks at herself in the mirror. She tries to zip up
her dress, but can't reach. She looks at Moira.


A little help?
I'm not real. Can't really zip
you up.
Moira steps forward and places her hand on Ember's shoulder.
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
You know how this is going to play
out. You're barely hanging on as
is. Add in Jack, alcohol... You
know what's going to happen, and
you know you can end it before it
has to come to that.
I'll be fine.
God I wish that was true. I like
those people. They aren't
perfect, but God knows they don't
deserve what you have planned for
Moira starts to grip Ember's shoulder. Ember winces in
Stop. You're hurting me.
No, you're hurting yourself.
Ember looks at her shoulder, and her own hand is gripping
it, the nails digging into her skin. She releases her grip,
and looks around. Moira is nowhere to be seen.

Ember takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, tries to calm
down. She turns on the faucet and splashes some cold water
on her face.

She stops, for a brief moment, looking down at the rushing
water, droplets falling from her face. Then she stands up,
dries off her face, and turns, leaving the bathroom.
Outside the sun is starting to set. Dusk is settling in.


Brandon and Jack are sitting on the couch. Ross is sitting
on the coffee table across from them. It is obvious that
there hasn't been much talking going on.
So, what's this big secret?
Be patient. It'll all come out in
due time. Won't it Jack?
Brandon grabs a bottle of beer from the side of the couch.
He takes a swig, and puts it on the coffee table next to
I want to know what you're about
to drop on Danni. I don't want
any nasty surprises.
Brandon, keep your mouth shut.
Jack, shut up. What is it?
Brandon picks up his beer and leans back. He smiles, takes
a swig.
Can't you see this line of
questioning is making our friend
squirm. Really, Ross, drop it.
Not until you tell me your big
Fine. Ross... Jack is secretly my
siamese twin brother, seperated at
Brandon bursts out laughing. Jack just covers his face,
hiding from the two men sitting next to him.
Stop joking Brandon. What the
hell is the big secret?


Lighten up. I'm having some fun,
okay? It's nothing thats going to
crush Danni. Don't worry. It
might crush Jack though. Won't it
I'm out of here.
Jack gets up off the couch, but Brandon grabs his arm and
pulls him back down.
I don't think so. Danni said she
wanted you here, so you're staying
Then stop. Just stop with all the
fucking games, and the jokes. God,
couldn't you have just kicked my
To easy, especially after the
stunt you pulled. No, I'm going
to play my games, have my fun, and
you, my friend, are going to sit
here and deal with it.
Lay off him.
Not a chance.
So I borrowed your phone! So
It's not that you took his phone.
It's what you took off his phone.
                       EMBER (O.C.)
Took what off of who's phone?
Ross turns and watches Ember walk down the stairs.

She stops at the base of the stairs, leaning against the
banister. Kelly walks down behind her.


No, let me.
Brandon stands up and walks towards Ember.
                       BRANDON (CONT.)
You see, Jack here got your number
off of my phone. Now, I didn't
give it to him. He kind of...
Jack jumps off the couch. He's frantic.
Fine! I'll spill the beans. I
slept with him. I found him
drunk, got in bed with him, and
stole his phone. Alright?
Kelly walks down the stairs, mouth hanging open. She bursts
out laughing.

Brandon steps back, motioning his arms, allowing Jack to
take center stage.
Dun dun dun!
This just gets better and better.
Ross gets up and heads towards the front door.
I need some air, okay?
Ross walks outside, Kelly right behind him, but before she
leaves she looks at Jack.
There is desperation, and then
there is desperation. You, sir,
are a desperate man if you
risked... that for her.
Kelly closes the door.


Ember brushes past Jack and sits on the couch. She crosses
her legs, leans back and smiles.
So, you two going to fuck each
other again, or is someone going
to get me a drink? I'll settle
for either.
Brandon bows and leaves, leaving Jack alone with Ember.
I didn't know what to do. I'm
sorry. I didn't want to, I swear,
I just...
Sweetheart, I'm done with you, so
I don't really give a damn where
you stick your dick or who sticks
their dick in you. Although I
have to say, you never struck me
as the bi-type.
I'm not!
To bad. I like a man whose open
to... possibilities.
Brandon walks in, hands Ember a beer, and sits next to her.
Then I guess tonight might be my
lucky night.
Who knows.
Don't even think about touching
Your what? Your nothing, Jack.
Look, relax. We've got this great
house all to ourselves. We've got
drinks, we've got food. Just go
with the flow, okay?


Grab a drink, grab a seat. Who
knows where the night will take
Brandon takes a swig of his beer, and puts his arm around
Ember. He winks at Jack.
Ross walks out onto the front porch. He starts fishing in
his pockets, and finally produces a pack of cigarettes and a

Kelly is behind him, leaning against the front door.
I thought you quit.
Let me have my one vice.
Why does it bother you so much?
The Brandon stuff? I mean... is
it cuz it was Jack... or that it
was a guy...
It's that he doesn't care. He
doesn't think. He just does what
feels good, and everyone else be
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with that is he could
have caused a major problem this
weekend because he wanted to get
off. He didn't think that maybe
it wasn't such a good idea to
sleep with Jack and... whoever
else was involved.
You need to calm down.
Ross takes a long drag off his cigarette. He holds in the
smoke for a second, and then lets it out in a large puff.


I'm trying.
Look, Danni is fine. She's
handling it really well actually.
She even has a plan. Although, I
don't know if that plan is going
to be changing now, but still,
she's handling this better than I
thought she would.
What's with the dress and
It's some Basic Instinct-esque
plot she's cooked up. Which is
why you need to suck it up and
play along.
Great. Should I duck and cover
now, or later?
Just got with the flow, okay? Just
relax, finish your cigarette, come
inside and we'll sit down and
watch the one act play unfold
after dinner. God knows at least
that'll be entertaining.
For you, maybe. I get to hear the
juicy details about how my brother
played hide the salami with one of
my best friend's psychotic
Kelly kisses Ross, wrapping her arms around his waist and
resting her head against his chest.
Who do you think was the top?


Let go of me now.
She kisses him again.
                       KELLY (CONT.)
Yum. Menthol.
She breaks the embrace and heads back into the house. Ross
watches her leave, then turns back towards the driveway,
taking a drag on his cigarette. He looks up at the night's
sky, and sighs.
Ross walks in to the sound of Brandon and Ember laughing. He
peaks his head into the living room.

Ember is sitting on the couch, drapped over Brandon, but her
feet are resting on Jack's lap. Jack is obviously
uncomfortable, but it seems he has finally decided to play
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine. If you
guys need me I'll be in the
I'll help.
Before Ross can protest, Brandon has managed to untangle
himself from Ember and is on his feet.

Brandon pats Ross on the shoulder and heads into the
kitchen. Ross follows, leaving Jack and Ember alone.
Leave with me.
Now why would I do that?
Cuz you're acting strange. This
isn't you Danni. The Danni I know
wouldn't throw herself at some


                       JACK (cont'd)
skeezy guy.
You did, so why can't I?
I had my reasons, no matter how...
insane they were. Come on. Come
back with me to Chicago. We can
order some chinese and just stay
in, like old times.
I don't want to talk about old
times. I can't even remember the
"good" old times. As far as I'm
concerned they never existed. I
never lived them.
I'm sorry. Baby...
Don't call me that, and do not
tell me you're sorry. Listen... I
want to have a good time. Let me.
If you do, then maybe, just
maybe, I'll give you chance to
explain yourself. But if you keep
acting like that... well, remember
our little phone conversation?
Why would you even say something
like that to me?
Moira has appeared behind Ember.
Cuz you ment it. You did, didn't
Ember tenses up, but she tries to forget Moira.
I was angry. You haven't made it
very easy to like you lately.
Just kill him now. Why wait? I
mean, he isn't going to change.
Danni tried, and obviously that
failed. Maybe you did her a


                       MOIRA (cont'd)
Fine. You want me to play along?
Go with the flow? Then I will.
I'll at least try. But promise me
you won't do anything with
Brandon. Don't degrade yourself
like that.
Do you really want Jack's sloppy
seconds any ways? I mean, Brandon
was stupid enough to give up your
number. Hell, reason enough to
off him to, right?
Ember turns, looking Moira in the eye.
We'll deal with that when we get
to it.
There's the Ember I met yesterday
night. I can see it in your eyes.
Jack stands and turns to leave, but before he can even get
out of the room Kelly walks in.

Kelly's clothes are different. She is wearing less, and the
fabric is tighter fighting. Her hair is up, and she has put
make up on.

Moira vanishes.
Where do you think you're going?
To get a drink. If you all are
going to hold me hostage I might
as well enjoy myself, right?
Get me one to. Something with a
bite. No beer.


Jack doesn't even bother responding. He just leaves the
Well don't you clean up nice.
Thought I'd get in on the fun.
Ember turns around, scanning the room. Moira has vanished.
What did you have in mind?
I have no idea. I don't usually
play the tramp, but... why not?
I think it's kind of hard to play
the tramp when you're in a
Well, hopefully Ross appreciates
Oh, he better.
Jack walks in, beer in one hand, a glass half full of an
opaque, brown liquid in the other.
Should I be afraid?
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Jack hands Kelly her drink.
Don't think you're getting a tip.
Kelly takes a sip of her drink and winces. She shakes her
head as the liquor burns her throat.
Something wrong?
Whiskey. Straight whiskey.


You said you wanted a something
with a bit of a bite.
It'll do.
Ember stands up, taking Kelly's drink, and taking a sip. She
winces, but lets out a relaxed sigh when she swallows.
Got to love liquid fire.
Careful, it'll put hair on your
Jack takes a long drink off his beer. After a few beats he
stands and wraps his arms around Ember's waist.
What do you think you're doing?
Trying a different method to get
you back.
Jack moves in to kiss Ember, but she places a single finger
over Jack's lips. She then pushes him back onto the couch.
Kelly moves over as Ember straddles Jack.

She starts to grind into his lap, leaning in close, but
never letting their lips touch.
Slow it down there Danni.
There is only one thing you could
do that would make me even
consider taking you back.
And what would that be?
Jack takes a drink.
Well, I want to watch you.
Watch me do what?


I want to watch you get fucked by
Brandon. I keep hearing about it,
but I want to see it.
No fucking way.
Jack goes to get up, but Ember pushes him down.

Kelly looks at Ember, then at Jack. She scoots on closer,
put her arm around Jack's shoulders. She leans in.
I don't know. I think it could be
Real fucking hot. His hands all
over you. Touching you. His lips
kissing you.
Look how it's getting her going
Jack. Could you really deny me
And you'll try anything to get me
back, right? You already did it
once. Why not give him another
go? Was it really that bad?
Why are you doing this? You're
not Danni. Not the Danni I know.
She would never talk like that.
Oh, I'm Danni. New and improved.
So, you game? You going to give
Brandon another shot at your hot
ass for another shot at me?
Let me... let me think about it.
Ember stands up. She smiles, takes Kelly's drink and downs
You do that. Think long and hard
about it.


Well, while he's debating the pros
and cons of man on man action, I'm
going to check on dinner.
Kelly gets up, and leaves the room.

Jack looks away, examining the label on his beer bottle.
You're hard aren't you?
You were kind of rubbing on me. It
Was it me, or was it you thinking
about what I was asking?
You're not going to let that go,
are you? I told you, I did it so
I could get to you. I'd do
anything for you...
Then prove it.
                                         CUT TO:
Ross checks the oven, then sits at the kitchen table, across
from Brandon.
I'll tone it down, okay?
I know all this stuff bothers you,
so I'll tone it down. Just for
Don't bother. It wouldn't work
into Danni's big plan if you
suddenly clammed up.


Big plan?
I don't know. I just know you,
and all your sleaze need to be in
top form for it to work.
Alright then.
This whole night is just getting
weirder and weirder. I mean,
Danni is acting completely out of
it. Everything just feels like it
is one step away from spinning out
of control.
Just go with the flow.
Why does everyone keep telling me
that? What if I don't like where
the flow is going? What if I can
see far enough ahead to know that
we are not heading towards
something good?
What's the worst that can happen?
I don't know. I just have this
feeling in my gut that someone
needs to put the brakes on this
before it all blows up in our
Ross, I know, you're the
responsible one and all, but...
let go. You can't control this.
Tonight is not in your hands, it's
in Danni's. You can help her if
you want, but to be honest I don't
think she wants, or even needs you
stepping in.
You just don't want me cock
blocking you.


That to.
Well, if nothing happens with
Danni, then you can at least have
another go with Jack.
Did you really just say that?
I'm trying to get into the mood.
It's not easy for me. It's really
difficult actually. I'm the fine
cheese and wine kind of guy. Not
the... the...
Drunken orgy kind of guy?
Exactly! That's your territory,
and you enjoy that. I don't. I
just feel weird about it all.
Well, I don't think it's going to
go that far. At least I hope it
doesn't. That would be a little
to awkward for me.
I don't even want to think about
it. I just want to get this all
over with, get Jack the hell out
of here, and then get back to
Chicago tomorrow.
And you were the one who was all
gung ho about coming out here this
Thats when I thought it was going
to be chick flicks and ice cream.
I can handle that.
You are so boring.


To you the Marque De Sade would be
Good point.
Brandon gets up, goes to the freezer and pulls out a bottle
of Vodka. He grabs two glasses, and puts one in front of
Ross and the other in front of himself.

He begins to pour.
What's this for?
To get you in the right mind set.
When has foggy ever been the right
mind set?
Kelly pops her head in the kitchen. She leans on the
doorframe, giggling.
Ever since Danni just informed
Jack that the only way for him to
get her back was to give his ass
up to Brandon... again... in front
of everyone.
Ross downs his drink in one gulp, then grabs the bottle from
Brandon and pours himself a second.
                       KELLY (CONT.)
Dinner ready?
Ross downs his second drink.
Good, I'll let the others know.
Kelly leaves the kitchen. Ross pours himself another drink,
and downs that one.


Slow down there brother. If you
keep going like that you'll be
well past foggy.
Fuck foggy. I want to be so drunk
I don't remember anything.
That's the spirit! And hey, my
chances of getting laid tonight
just got a whole lot better.
Brandon clinks his glass against Ross's and sips his drink.
The table is already set, and Brandon is already seated,
leaning back, drink in hand. Kelly, Jack and Ember enter.
Ember sits next to Brandon. Jack sits across from her, and
Kelly sits next to Jack, leaving the head of the table open
for Ross.

Ross enters with what appears to be a caserol. He places it
in the center of the table, and sits down.
Dig in.
Brandon doesn't hesitate, and starts scooping food onto his
What is it?
Don't worry. It's not poisoned.
Brandon hands the serving spoon to Ember. She leans
forward, digging the spoon into the food, and watches as
blood begins to pour out, flooding the dish.

Ember drops the spoon, and the blood vanishes. She shakes
her head, clears her mind, and starts putting food on her
It looks really good Ross.
Thank you.


Everyone else takes turns, putting food on their dish. While
this is going on Moira has appeared behind Ember.

Moira leans down, placing her hands on Ember's shoulders.
Is your mind playing tricks on
you? That's not a good sign.
Ember gets a really good look at Moira. She has decayed
further, the skin under her eyes has started to sag a bit.
Her neck wound has gotten wider, with more rodent bites. Her
cheek has also been nibbled on as well. Her skin is grey

Ember puts her hand over her mouth, trying to cover the
smell, but not alert the others at the table.
So, Brandon, tell us about that
fateful night between you and
Jack. Was it lust at first
drunken sight?
I think everything that needed to
be said was said.
No! I want details. The really
juicy stuff. Who stuck what
where. You know, the fun stuff.
Why don't we save that for after
Ross and Kelly make eye contact.
No, it's fine. We're all adults
here, right? We should be able to
talk about this type of thing
openly and honestly. Am I right
Of course.
Moira stands up, and glances around the table. Her hands
are still on Ember's shoulders.


So, which one is going to be
first? Wait, wait, don't tell me,
let me guess.
Moira steps back, her eyes scanning the table. She then
claps her hands excitedly and walks around the table to
stand behind Jack.

She points at him.
I would rather not.
It's him, isn't it? I mean, he is
the ideal first candidate. No one
here really likes him, and he
would be the least missed if he
suddenly vanished. How are you
going to do it? Come on, you can
tell me.
Brandon takes a sip of his drink. He smiles, folding his
hands together and making eye contact with Jack.
You, my friend, don't have a say
in the matter. So you can either
enjoy and join in, or you can sit
there, red faced, like you have
most of the night. Your choice.
Or maybe...
Moira walks around the table towards Brandon. Ember watches
her the entire time, her focus constantly drawn away from
the conversation.
I was at this little... get
together with a few friends. We
were drinking, laughing, having a
good time. A few unmentionable
chemicals were being ingested,
smoked, you know. A small, nice
Brandon... now he would work. I
mean, the man is a pig. You know
that, I know that. You get him
alone upstairs. Maybe you can


                       MOIRA (cont'd)
sneak one of the knives from the
kitchen up with you. You get him
into bed...
We're really going to do this?
You're really going to tell
everyone everything.
Everything I can remember.
Then you get him all hot and
bothered. You know, really turned
on. He thinks he's going to be
sticking it to you real soon. But
you, the eternal cocktease, stick
it to him instead. Right in the
chest. Or maybe the gut. Not as
quick, but a lot less force is
Skip to the fun part. Come on.
It's my story, let me set the
mood, okay?
Listen, Jane Austin, I don't have
all night.
Such a demanding audience! You
want to pitch in anything Jack?
Moira scans the table. Her eyes fall on Kelly. She walks
over, leaning on the table, looking down at her, and then
over to Ember.
Now I get why you'd kill those
two, but her? Why Kelly? I mean,
I know you don't really need a
reason. She's here, right? So...


Well, me and a nice young woman
slipped off to the bedroom. Things
were progressing nicely, but then
tragedy struck.
Nothing serious I hope.
A whole nights worth of drinks
decided to make a return
appearance. Luckily I missed that
entrance. She made it to the
bathroom in time.
It's the dress. When you saw her
all dressed up it sparked some
dark, pent up feeling down in your
naughty bits. You don't know what
to do about it, so you kill the
unlucky object of your sudden,
confusing attraction.
Ross is trying to stay calm. He glances over at Ember,
whose eyes are still focused on Moira. Ross glances to
where Moira is standing, but obviously doesn't see her.
Danni are you alright?
Ross's words bring Ember back to reality, although Moira
still remains present in the room.
I'm fine. Really. I'm just...
creating a mental image in my
mind. I want to picture Jack
playing sit in spin with Brandon.
Although I Jack would make a final
decision, then maybe I'll get to
see it live.
That's so...
You know the terms. So you make
the choice.


Hey, twisted sister, over here.
We're plotting your rampage,
remember? Jesus, you try to help
someone plan ahead, make sure
everything is in order, and what
happens, in one ear and out the...
In the middle of her rant Moira's eye ball pops out
mid-gesture and lands on Ross's plate.

Ember grips the edge of the table as she watches Ross scoop
up the eye ball and place it in his mouth.
Oh God.
Son of a bitch!
What's the matter?
Ember tries to hide her disgust as she watches Ross chew.
Nothing. The anticipation is
killing me. That's all.
I am getting that back. You know,
I had to fight a rat for my left
pinky finger this morning, and I
won. I am not loosing this...
Moira walks out of the dining room, into the kitchen, her
ramblings becoming faint as she vanishes.
So, there I am, hot and bothered
and all alone. Then who walks in?
Jack. Well, I see him messing
around at the foot of the bed. I
didn't know it at the time, but he
was looking for my pants. We all
know Jack's grande mission there,
so lets move on.
Moira re-enters the room, a large butcher knife in her hand.
She trots over to Ross, and gives him the once over.


Nothing personal Ross, but the one
eyed look so does not work for me.
Moira raises the knife and jams it into Ross's mid-section.
She starts cutting, and blood is spurting all over the
table. Ross does not react.

Moira begins scooping Ross's insides out of his mid-section,
and onto the table. She stops when his stomach lands on the

To Ember's complete disgust, Ross continues to eat while
this is going on, chewing on fork fulls of gore while Ember
So, you know me, I never waste an
erection. I crawl down to the
edge of the bed, and I make the
first move.
You used a cheap pick-up line!
And you fell for it, hook line and
I was playing along, that's all.
Hey, it got you into bed with me.
Don't feel bad. Hundreds of men
and women have fallen for those
lines. Maybe even a tree or two.
I just wanted to get your phone
and get the hell out of there.
So why didn't you?
He had his... tongue down my
throat, and he was on top of me. I
was stuck.


So... he raped you?
Ember covers her mouth, trying not to vomit as blood and
gore drip from Ross's lips.

Moira examines the stomach sitting on Ross's plate, then
starts carefully slicing it open. Bile spills out onto the
table cloth.

Moira sticks her hand in the sliced open stomach and starts
fishing around.
Did I rape you Jack?
A little louder, less anyone at
this table might suggest you press
criminal charges. Did I rape you?
You didn't rape me. I... I needed
something, and I knew if I played
along I would be able to get it.
So... I...
Well, you're suddenly so
talkative. Why don't you finish
the story.
Found it!
Moira pulls her half chewed eye ball out of the bile, blood
and guts. She looks it over, and then proceeds to carefuly
pop it back into her eye socket.

When she pulls her hand away, bits of gore are now hanging
from her half destroyed eye ball.
                       MOIRA (CONT.)
It's not perfect, but it'll do.
Ember stands up, slamming her hands on the table.


The second her hands hit the table Moira and the gory scene
she had created vanish. Everything is normal, and Ross is
still fully intact.

She looks at everyone, and everyone is looking right back at
                       EMBER (CONT.)
Stop acting so shy Jack. You did
what you did. Own it. Stop being
such a God damn pussy. Everyone
messes around, okay? God, you are
reminding me more and more why I
dumped you.
I am not talking about this
anymore! Not with you, not with
anyone at this table.
Well, some part of you wanted to.
Kelly looks at Ross, shocked.
Well, you didn't have to sleep
with him. You could have just
left, got him a drink, and slipped
a date rape drug in there. There
were probably a million of those
things floating around the party.
It wouldn't have taken you very
long to find one. Then, while he
was passed out you could have
taken his phone, got the number,
and left with your backdoor
virginity intact.
He makes a valid point.
Ember sits back down, leaning back, relaxing.
More valid than ya think. Ain't it


I couldn't think. It was the heat
of the moment...
So your first instinct was to
sleep with... my brother. So,
some part of you wanted it.
I... I...
Kelly places her hand on Jack's shoulder.
I think you broke him.
Well, after that fun little bit of
storytelling, I need a drink.
You always need a drink.
Yeah, well, he's not the only one.
So drinks in the den then!
This house doesn't have a den.
But we have drinks, right?
Of course, unless you drank it all
Then drinks in the living room!
Everyone stands up, and starts heading towards the living
I'll clean this up later.
Don't worry about it. I'll do it.
You cooked, so it's the least I
could do.


Everyone leaves except for Ember. She stops for a second
and glances back towards the table.

The blood and gore are back, minus Ross's corpse.

Ember gasps and walks back towards the table. She glances
down, reaching out, about to touch the nasty mess when Moira
comes up behind her.

Moira grabs Ember's head and shoves it down into the gore.
When she pulls Ember up, blood and guts are covering her
face. Ember is gasping for air. Moira leans in close.
You're a sick bitch, you know
Of course I am. I'm you. Don't
forget that sweetheart. Everything
you saw, you thought it up. You
made it. I have to admit, you are
very creative.
Just leave me alone. I don't want
you around.
And yet I keep showing up. So,
that means some part of you does.
You better get in there. They'll
wonder where you went. Don't want
to make them suspicious. Takes
away the element of surprise.
Ember pushes Moira off, and turns, but Moira is gone, and
Ember and the dining room are clean again. She leaves the
dining room quickly.
Ember enters, and the party is already in full swing.
Everyone is drinking, laughing. Everyone except for Jack,
who has found a chair in the corner, and is sitting alone,
eyes on the floor, slowly sipping a drink.

Brandon walks over and sits in Jack's lap.


Lighten up Jackie Boy. It's a
party, enjoy yourself. I know you
know how to enjoy yourself.
Get off me.
Fine. Sit here and brood.
Brandon stands up and walks over to Ember.

Ember is still obviously shaken by her little dinner
breakdown. She tries to pretend she's okay, but it isn't
completely working.
Don't you think you should let up
on him a little?
This coming from the woman who
ripped him a new one during
dinner, and told him the only way
to get you back was by sitting on
my dick?
We can't burn him out to fast.
That's all. We need to slow cook
his suffering.
There's that spiteful bitch I've
come to know and love tonight. I
really have no idea where all this
nasty malice came from, but let me
be the first to say, I love it.
Ember takes Brandon's hand and leads him to the couch. She
sits him down, straddles him, and goes in for the kiss.

Jack stands up.
When did you become such a whore?
When did you become the jealous


I just have to wonder who he's
jealous of. Me or you.
I think we had enough of that at
dinner. Everyone just relax.
Let's just try and enjoy the rest
of the night in peace. The
theatrics are giving me a
I have to say, I kind of agree. I
mean, breaking Jack's heart into a
million little pieces, while fun,
is starting to get old. I think
he gets the picture.
Whose side are you on?
We're on yours, sweetie, but this
is getting to be a bit much, even
for me.
Jack puts his glass on the coffee table.
No, I don't think this is going to
be enough, not for the new and
improved Danni. I think it won't
be enough until she makes me
degrade myself, to turn myself
into her little puppet. Fuck
that. I love you Danni, but not
like this.
All I wanted was to talk to you. I
just wanted you to hear me out.
I heard enough.
And I've seen enough.


Jack picks up his glass and downs it. He turns and storms
out of the house.

Brandon gets up, and starts to follow him.
Where are you going?
To make sure our entertainment
tonight doesn't leave to soon.
Just let him go. We got what we
wanted. I don't think he'll be
calling anytime soon. So... just
drop it.
Fine, then I want to make sure
that he doesn't get behind the
wheel of his car loaded. He's a
prick, but he doesn't deserve to
Brandon heads outside.

Ember sits on the couch and crosses her arms over her chest.
Now Jack is cock blocking me.
Great. Probably wants Brandon all
to himself.
He may be doing you a favor.
Sleeping with Brandon would
probably do more harm than good.
She's right. I love my brother,
but he has a habit of destroying
those he sleeps with.
He wouldn't do that to me.
Yes, he would.
Ember stands up and walks to the door, she cracks it open
and looks outside.


Jack and Brandon are arguing. Jack is trying to walk away
and Brandon grabs him, turning him around.
You are not giving up that easily.
Why not? She obviously doesn't
want me anymore.
Think of everything you've put
yourself through to get this far.
Could it get any worse?
As Brandon is talking he moves in closer. He puts his hand
on Jack's shoulder, then slowly it slides down. He grabs
Jack's ass, yanking him against Brandon's body.
Get your hands off me.
You never complained about my
hands before.
We're not talking about that. Not
Brandon puts his lips close to Jack's.
Why not? Who knows, maybe I want
you all for myself tonight. For
old times sake. Danni is cute and
all, but you... you can suck a
mean dick.
You're a fucking pig, you know
And that's what kept you coming
over to my place every time she
broke your heart.
Shut the fuck up.


Jack takes a step back from Brandon, adding some space
between them.
She doesn't know, does she? She
has no fucking clue that you found
comfort in my arms. She ever make
your toes curl the way I do?
Brandon gently lifts Jack's chin, their faces close, lips
nearly touching.

Jack pushes Brandon away.
I said shut the fuck up, or...
Or you'll hit me? Wouldn't the
cops love hearing that. Especially
after I let them in on our little
I was really fucked up. I... I
wasn't thinking straight.
Anything but straight. You were
fucked up the last time. What was
the excuse for our other little...
I don't want to listen to this
Brandon closes the space between himself and Jack. He
gently places his hand on Jack's shoulder. Jack turns away
from the house.

As they are talking Ember steps outside. She watches,
listening intently. Brandon glances over Jack's shoulder,
catching a glimpse of Ember.
Did Danni know you were on the DL?
I love her. I was...


Experimenting? I could see
that... if it was just one or two
times. But you, you've been
around the block. Different
names, different bars, but that
face of yours... who could forget
it. People talk Jack, and I've
heard several men talk all about
you. In detail.
Jack pulls free of Brandon and starts walking towards his
car. Brandon follows him, but keeping enough distance so
that Jack has to yell.
Shut up Brandon.
You strung her along. Why? You
keep saying you love her, so why
do that?
I could have a life with her. I
can build a life... a family. I
can't do that with you. I can't
do that with a man.
Don't give me that bullshit. You
could build a nice, unstable lie
with her. Until you gave her a
disease. At least with me you
knew I would always play it safe,
but what about the others? You
make them wrap it up?
There weren't others. Just you.
Another fucking lie. Keep 'em
coming. You can hide it all you
want, but you're nothing but a big
ol' slut. Just. Like. Me.
I'm nothing like you.
You're right. We're completely
different. I don't lie about who
I am, what I want, and the fact


                       BRANDON (cont'd)
that I have no problem getting it.
You, my dear, are worse.
Fuck you!
Jack turns trying to hide the tears from Brandon. As he
does he sees Ember. He stands in place, stuttering.

Ember steps down from the porch, walking slowly towards
Brandon and Jack.
Jack, I think it's time for you
and I to have that little talk you
wanted so badly.
Jack stops, turns away.

She stops walking when she gets to Brandon, leaning in close
to his ear.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
Go inside and get cleaned up. Wash
that stench of booze off of you.
Then, when I finish here, I'll
come up and... deal with you.
Brandon smiles and heads towards the house.
How much did you hear?
I'm sorry. I'm weak...
Do not use that bullshit line on
me. I don't give a fuck who you
slept with. All that matters is
that you cheated.
Jack turns his back on Ember, looking down the driveway.
It was when we were broken up. It


Jack turns back towards Ember. She smacks him across the
face. He stumbles, his hand going to his cheek.
You lying piece of shit. You go
on and on about how you wanted her
back. Bullshit.
Ember takes a step forward, bends down, and picks up a small
log. She gives it a test smack into the palm of her hand,
then looks at Jack.

Jack puts his hand to his lip. He pulls it back, revealing
blood on his fingers.
I'm bleeding. You made me bleed.
Oh, I'm just getting started.
Ember swings, catching Jack in the side of the head with the

Jack falls back, clutching his hand to the side of his head,
blood dripping down his cheek. He looks up at Ember as she
You tortured my sister for weeks,
months with your whiney bullshit,
and the whole time... the whole
fucking time you were cheating.
You asshole!
What the fuck are you talking
about? Your sister?
Although, I guess I can't be to
hard on you.
I mean, I did kill her.


Ember raises the log over her head, and before Jack can
react, she smashes it down on his skull. He falls back on
to the ground, shaking, blood gushing from the wound.
Ember smashes the log down on Jack's skull again, and then
again. Soon she looses all control. Ember raises the log
again, and this time when it collides with Jack's skull, his
skull implodes. His hand goes limp, and his body twitches a
few more times as a pool of blood forms around him.

Ember steps back, avoiding the blood, trying to not get it
on her shoes. She takes the log and throws it into the near
by woods. Then she runs into the house.
Ross and Kelly are cuddling on the couch. Kelly is lying on
Ross, her head resting on his chest. Ross has his arms
wrapped around her.

Ember runs in, and up the stairs quickly, so as not to let
Ross and Kelly see the blood splattered all over her.
I guess the little talk with Jack
didn't go so well. That or she
can't wait to get her hands on
your brother.
Lets just hope she skips the
Brandon experience and opts for an
early night.
Ember rushes in, slamming the door. She stands in the
middle of the room, unable to keep still.

She looks down at her hands, at the blood smeared on her
skin, then at her dress, which is soaked with Jack's blood.
She muffles a scream, and pulls off her dress. She looks
around the room at the clothes she had earlier thrown
around. She grabs a towel off the floor and begins to wipe
the blood off.

She then grabs a tank top and a pair of sweat pants and
starts putting them on.


While Ember is getting dressed Moira steps out of the closet
slowly. She is exactly as we saw her before, except the rot
has taken an extreme toll on her face. Chunks of flesh are
hanging loose, her teeth are blackened, and it appears a
fairly large animal has been snacking on her neck and chest.
I told you so.
Don't start with me. Just...
don't start.
Ember grabs Danni's suitcase off the ground and throws it on
the bed. She throws the bloody clothing and the bloody
towel into it, zips it up, and pushes past Moira, hiding it
in the closet.
You didn't even hide the body. How
long do you think it's going to
take before someone finds him?
He's lying in the driveway for
fucks sake. You couldn't have
even dragged him off into the...
I said don't start! I can't
handle you right now. I can't
think straight. I... I fucked up.
I fucked up big time, I know. I
can fix it though. I can...
You know what you have to do
No. No, I can't.
You have to. You have no choice.
You've backed yourself into that
proverbial corner.
I can't!
Ember sits on the bed. Moira walks over and crouches down
in front of her, gently running her fingers through Ember's


Yes, you can. You know you can,
and you know you have to. They
may seem nice and all, but what
happens when they learn the truth?
They'll turn on you, just like
everyone else. They don't care
about you. They only care about
Danni. Not Ember. Just Danni.
Moira hands Ember a hunting knife. The same hunting knife
that Ember had used to kill Moira. Blood is still crusted
on the blade.

Ember takes the knife and looks Moira in the eyes.
I have no choice. It's self
preservation, right? I mean...
they'd understand.
Of course. Now, take a deep
breath, and go out there and do
what you have to do.
Self preservation.
Self preservation.
Ember can now hear the sound of the shower running in the
background. She stands and heads towards the bedroom door.
She turns and looks back at the bed, looking for Moira, but
Moira has vanished.
Ember emurges from the bedroom, the knife she used to kill
Moira and Danni in her hand. The hallway is dark. There is
light coming from the stairs.

She takes a quick glance down the stairs to make sure no one
is coming, and then turns towards the bathroom door.

The door is open a crack, a sliver of light guiding Ember.
The sound of Brandon in the shower can be heard.

Ember walks towards the door. When she reaches it, she
takes a deep breath, puts her hand on the door, and peaks
in, making sure to not make any noise.


Ember is watching Brandon, who is in the shower. He is
laughing while washing up.
Whose getting laid? I'm getting
laid. Fuck yeah.
Brandon gargles some water in his mouth, spits it out, then
looks down.
                       BRANDON (CONT.)
Don't you get to excited. Not the
first time we've done a couple
before. God I love break ups.
Nothing spells comfort like a
whole lot of Brandon inside you.
Brandon thrusts his hips a few times, and bursts out
Ember cringes at the display, then grips her knife tighter,
and hides it behind her back. She then pushes the door
open, and steps into the bathroom.
Brandon is in the shower. He runs his head under the spray
of water, getting his hair wet. Then he turns reaching for
a bottle of shampoo on the ledge.

Ember approaches him, walking slowly. Her knife is still
hidden behind her back. She reaches out and taps Brandon on
the shoulder.

He turns his head, keeping his body facing away from Ember.
Thought you forgot about me.
How could I ever forget about you?
I'll be out in a second. Or...
How about I do your back.


Go to town. Although I'd much
rather you do my front.
I'll get there eventually.
Ember reveals the knife. Before Brandon can react she stabs
him, the blade slicing into his bare, wet back. Blood
starts pouring out of the wound, into the tub and down the
drain. She pulls the knife out, then slashes, the blade
slicing across his back and butt.
Ross stands up and stretches out. Kelly stays sitting on
the couch.
I need a cigarette. You wanna
come out with me?
Sure. I can use the fresh air.
I don't know how fresh it's going
to be.
Ross helps Kelly up and they both walk outside.
Ember stabs Brandon again, blood spraying at her.

Brandon turns, pushing Ember away. She falls back, but is
quickly on him again. She stabs him in the stomach, the
chest and the groin area repeatedly. Blood is spraying

Brandon screams, and tries to stop Ember with his hand, but
the blade cuts right through the back of his hand, and out
his palm.

Finally Brandon falls back agains the wall of the shower,
sliding down the tiles, and into the tub. He lays there,
the water beating down on his body as the life quickly leads

Ember steps back, looking at her work. She holds the knife
under the spray of water, washing the blood off of it, and
off her hand in the process.


Ross pulls out a cigarette and lights one up. Kelly pulls
close to him. He takes a long drag, and both of them look
up at the night sky.
It really is beautiful out here.
Maybe, when all this is said and
done, we can come up here again,
just you and me. How's that
That sounds amazing.
There is a brief moment of silence, and then Ross's gaze
falls on the pool of blood glittering in the moonlight. He
takes a step forward.
What is it?
I don't know.
Ross takes as step closer, and now the vague form of Jack's
body comes into view.
                       ROSS (CONT.)
Stay here.
Ross walks closer, then suddenly slips.

Kelly runs over, but before she can get to him she screams.

Ross lifts his hand, and can see that it's coated in blood.
He can finally see Jack's beaten, broken body clearly. He
struggles to get up, slips once, but is finally able to get
on his feet.

He grabs Kelly and runs towards the house.
Who was that?
Jack. It was Jack.
Kelly stops, pulling on Ross's arm, making him stop as well.
You don't think it was... No.


I don't know, and frankly, I don't
care. I just want to get inside,
get my brother and call the
fucking cops.
But she's in there.
Ross looks at the house, and starts running.
                       KELLY (CONT.)
Brandon is alone with her!
Ross vanishes into the house. Kelly stays put for a few
seconds. She turns, looking at Jack's body, at the blood.
She covers her mouth, muffling a scream, looks back at the
house, and then runs, following Ross.
Ross is standing at the top of the stairs. He looks down
the hall towards the bathroom, the door is half open, and he
can hear the sound of water running.

He slowly takes a step forward, keeping his eyes on the
He walks to the door, pushes it open, and covers his mouth
muffling a scream as he looks towards the shower.
Kelly looks up the stairs, then towards the living room, and
sees her purse resting next to the couch. She rushes to it,
pulling it open.

She fishes through the purses contents quickly, finally
pulling out her cellphone. She tries to turn the phone on,
but it won't work. She flips her phone over, undoes the
back, and is shocked to find the battery gone.
Son of a bitch.
She gets up and runs towards the kitchen.


Ross is frozen at the doorway.

Brandon is slumped over the edge of the tub, his arm
dangling out, and resting on the tile floor. His eyes are

Ross walks towards the tub, turns off the water, and gasps
when he sees exactly what Ember had done to his brother.

Brandon's back is ripped to shreds. Blood and gore coat the
bathtub. Ross leans down, lifting his brother up, craddling
him, trying to find some sign of life in the dull, lifeless
Come on man, we gotta get out of
here. She's gone. You can stop
Ross tries to brush some of the blood off of Brandon's face.
                       ROSS (CONT.)
Brandon... come on. She's gone.
I'll protect you. That's what an
older brother does, right? Oh God
man, snap to it.
Ross hugs his brother's dead body, then gently lays him back
in the tub. He looks around the room, and grabs a towel,
drapping it over Brandon's naked body.
Kelly runs to the house phone. She picks up the reciever
and starts to dial.

Before she can hit the final 1 Ember steps into the room,
covered in blood. She is breathing heavy, and she isn't
even bothering to hide the knife.
Danni... what the fuck have you
She was right. You'd turn on me.
You'd all fucking turn on me. All
you cared about was Danni. Not
me. Just Danni.


Danni, what the hell are you...
Not Danni! I don't want to hear
about Danni! Stop calling me by
her name. I'm Ember. Ember!
Then... where's Danni?
Stop talking about her!
Ember swings the knife, knocking the phone out of Kelly's

Kelly turns to run, but Ember grabs her by the hair,
slamming Kelly's head into the counter. She then throws
Kelly onto the ground.

Kelly tries to crawl away, but her vision is blurry and the
room is spinning. She grips the kitchen counter, trying to
pull herself to her feet. Ember smacks Kelly with the back
of her hand, knocking Kelly back onto the ground.
                       EMBER (CONT.)
You finally got to meet Danni's
sister. Was I everything you had
expected? Was I everything she
had told you I was?
Ember raises the knife, getting ready to stab Kelly. Kelly
grabs the cutting board off of the counter and swings,
hitting Ember in the shoulder, knocking Ember off of her

Ember hits the ground hard, but she still has her knife in
her grip. Kelly tries to run past her, but Ember stabs her
in the leg.

Kelly screams, kicks back, her foot colliding with Ember's
head. Then Kelly runs out of the kitchen.
Kelly is running, still dazed from the blow to the head. She
falls, hitting the table, and starts to pull herself towards
the living room.

She looks back towards the kitchen, but she doesn't see


                       ROSS (O.C.)
Kelly looks towards the living room, and sees Ross standing
in the doorway. She reaches out to him, and just as she
does, she sees Ember coming up from behind.
Behind you.
Ross turns just in time to see the knife coming at him. The
blade catches him in the side of the neck. Ember pulls the
knife out, and blood begins to spurt.

Ross stumbles back, leaning against the table. Ember raises
the knife again, but before she can stab Ross, Kelly tackles
her, knocking her back, into the living room.
Kelly and Ember tumble over the couch, and crash land onto
the floor. They struggle, and Ember stabs Kelly in the
You bitch!
Ember slugs Kelly in the face, knocking her out.

Slowly Ember stands, her eyes falling on Ross. His skin has
gone pitch white, and the flow of blood from his wound has
turned into a small trickle. He is still leaning against
the dinning room table.

Ember looks down at Kelly, who is starting to stir. She
then looks back at Ross, and smiles. Ember raises her foot
and starts stomping on Kelly's head. Over and over again
Ember stops, until finally there is the sound of Kelly's
head collapsing, and the sicking sound of Ember's foot
stomping on the shattered bone and brain.

Ross screams, and tries to lunge at Ember, but he stumbles.
He has lost to much blood. He falls to the ground, pulling
himself towards Kelly.
We never did anything to you. We
were your friends for Christ sake.
Not my friends. You were never my
friends. You hardly knew me.


Ember walks over to Ross, kicking him, flipping him over
onto his back so that he is looking up at her.

Ross is getting weaker. He tries to grab Ember's leg, but
he barely has the strength to lift his arm.
We were trying to help you.
You would have turned on me. Just
like everyone else. Just like
Danni, and my mom... the doctors.
You would have turned me in, and
thrown me to the wolves.
Ember kneels down next to Ross, real close. She gently puts
her hand on his chest.
I'm not Danni. I'm Ember, and
it's very nice to meet you.
Ember raises the knife and slams it down it Ross's chest.
Ember is huffing up to the front door, shovel in hand. She
reaches the door, rests the shovel agains the frame, and
starts searching through her pockets for her keys.
                       WILLY (CONT.)
Looking for these?
Ember turns and Willy and Jack are standing behind her, just
as she had left them. Willy is holding up the keys, and Jack
is holding the shovel. Before Ember can react Jack swings
the shovel, aiming for her head.

Ember screams, falls against the door, but Willy is gone.
The shovel is where she left it, and the keys are in her
hand. She turns, quickly opening the door and rushing
Ember is standing in front of the mirror, taking a good long
look at herself. She turns on the sink, and begins to scrub


the blood and dirt from her hands. Then her face, and her
chest. Finally she turns, turning on the shower. She
doesn't wait to test the temperature, she just gets under
the water, clothes and all, and starts to scrub frantically
at the gore that still stains her clothing.

Finally she collapses into a pile, and begins to sob. She
watches the blood red water go down the drain.
This never happened. I never did
this. Danni did this. This was
Danni's fault. Visualize it.
Repeat it, and you can achieve it.
That's what the doctor said.
Ember closes her eyes and lets the water run over her.

Suddenly she hears a groan. She opens her eyes, and Brandon
is crawling across the bathroom floor, only the towel that
Ross had laid over him covering his bloody body. He reaches
for Ember, and she screams and closes her eyes.

When she opens them, Brandon is gone.

Ember breaks into sobs.
Ember is standing at the edge of the bed, a fresh pair of
clothes on. She is clearly shaken. All the dirt and blood
are gone. She has Danni's suitcase open in front of her,
and she has just finished packing the last of Danni's
clothing away. She reaches in and pulls out the bloody
dress, and throws it in a trash bag with the other bloody
clothing. She then throws the bloody clothing into the
closet. Just as she does, Kelly's hand reaches out and
grabs her wrist.

Ember pulls back, and Kelly emurges, her face a bloody mess.
Ember pulls her arm free and falls, landing at the foot of
the bed. Kelly walks out of the closet, and starts

Ember stands, and Ross's hands reach out from under the bed,
grabbing Ember's legs. She twists, trying to break free,
and falls on the bed. She sees her knife on top of all of
Danni's clothes, and grabs it. Ross pulls himself from
under the bed, and he and Kelly are standing there, watching
Ember. Ember sits up, turning, pointing the knife at Kelly
and Ross, but they have vanished.


She gets to her feet, and rushes out of the room, leaving
Danni's bag behind.
Ember runs towards the front door.
                       MOIRA (O.C.)
Leaving already?
Ember turns, and Moira grabs her, throwing her to the
ground. Ember drops the knife, and it slides across the
carpet. She reaches for it, but Moira is quicker, and grabs
Leave me the fuck alone!
You think you can just walk out of
here? You think we'd let that
I'm going to start over. I've
done it before. God knows how
many times before. I can do it.
Let me do it.
A few weeks in a psych ward and
you're good as new, right?
Moira stabs the knife into Ember's shoulder. Ember screams,
and tries to break free.
You can't hurt me. You're not
That blood looks real enough to
Moira stabs Ember again, this time in the torso. Ember
holds up her hand, and Moira knocks it out of the way.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


That doesn't work for me.
Ember looks up at Moira.

Moira lets out a yell, and then stabs Ember again, and then
again. Moira stands, and Ember rolls over, trying to crawl
Oh God. Oh God.
Do you think God would listen to
anything you have to say? I don't
think so. Not after what you've
done sweetheart.
Moira plants her foot on Ember's back. She then kneels
down, grabbing Ember by the hair, pulling her head back,
exposing Ember's neck.
You don't have to do this. I
don't want you to do this. You
can't do what I don't want!
Fuck what you want.
Stop, please stop.
Moira holds the blade to Ember's throat, but stops. She
then rolls Ember over.

Ember is crying, gasping for air. Moira smiles, gently pats
Ember on the cheek, and then jams the knife into Ember's

Ember looks down at the knife buried in her chest, and sees
her own hand clutching blade. She looks up at Moira, but
Moira has vanished.

Ember screams and pulls the blade out. She then stands, and
stumbles to the front door, throwing it open.
Why? I don't want to die. I
don't want to...


Ember stumbles out, makes it a few feet, then falls to the
ground. She looks up at the sky, blood spilling from her
wounds. She coughs, blood splattering from between her
Ember is looking up at the sky. Danni's face suddenly comes
into view.

Danni is rotted, caked with blood. She doesn't look as bad
as Moira, but close. Danni kneels down, and smiles.
Just let go. Then you'll be with
the rest of us, and we have such
plans for you. Such plans.
Danni bursts out laughing.
Ember screams.


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