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To Love or Die (Original)
by Stephanie Sharp (stephaniecj2@juno.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Students are decorating and preparing for an upcoming
back-to- school dance. A group of five friends are seen
walking around the corner together.
      (talking to Richie)
No, I'm telling you, that is not
the way it works. You have to
have some sense about the subject.
Girls would like to know when
they're being played, just not
exactly how they are being played.
Just make sure, if you do it, to
do it with style.
Daniel holds his hand up as if he is some sort of a god.
You are one sick puppy, you know
that? You can't even find a chic
that would put up with your crap
and with that type of attitude,
you never will.
April (with long, brown hair) and Nicole (with short, blonde
hair), the other two girls of the group, give a chuckle.
John, the fifth one of the group, walks up to Daniel and
puts his arm around his neck.
      (looking at Richie)
Richie, my man does have issues
but let's give him the credit he
deserves. Just because he hasn't
found anyone he wants to date
doesn't mean that he can't. They
just have to fit his style.
The group starts giggling.


      (releasing John's
Yeah, right, John. You always
were the smart one in the group.
Well, with the kind of attitude
that he has, the girl that would
be attracted to it would be a
winner, let me tell ya.
Nicole nudges April as she jokingly flashes a look of hurt.
Yeah, must you talk about your
friends like that?
The group laughs as John leans over to give April a kiss.
      (observing John
       and April)
Come on, must you two act like
that all of the time? Just listen
to me and you'll learn something.
I'm trying to teach you the ways
of the world.
Yes, and I bow to your every word.
You should. Don't forget, I'm the
one that got you your first
Daniel winks at April as the group chuckles. They continue
walking to class.
Sorry, guys. Nicole and I have to
go to class. Maybe y'all should
find your way to class as well.
Baby, they know to wait on us.
Class doesn't begin until we get


As the girls smile, they wave simultaneously and turn off
towards the exit of the gym as the guys continue straight
ahead to the other side.
Do you see something wrong here?
These people get to skip class
while everyone else has to go.
You could have very easily signed
up for it.
Sign up for the preparation
committee for a back-to-school
dance? Are you kidding? I think
I would rather go to class.
However, our senior year is going
to be out of the bag.
Yeah, let's just hope it doesn't
drive us out of our minds.
Daniel and John exchange their secret handshake that begins,
in a flowing motion, with a firm handshake, the interlocking
of thumbs as in a thumb wrestle position, the touching of
end of thumbs to then release with the waving of just the
fingers and ending with the pointing of the index finger at
the opposite individual. They then start laughing as Richie
changes the subject.
      (talking to Daniel)
Well, aren't you going to tell us?
Tell you what?
The three guys stop as Richie and John look at Daniel.
April said that you were sprung on
some chic at the party last night.
What happened, Man? Nicole
really digs you. You should
probably watch your step. You
know she is new here and we
wouldn't want her to get the wrong
impression of you right off the


Richie looks at John as they both begin smiling.
Yeah, he's right. I think you
might have a real chance with
Nicole if you would just watch
your step and just act the way you
Daniel frowns as the boys continue walking.
Look, I don't need two punks
trying to give me advice. However,
I know that you're probably right.
The downside to it is that I
really liked that other girl.
Nothing happened though. We just
kind of had a little spark going.
All we ended up doing was talking.
Man, just a bit of friendly
advice? Nicole just transferred
here so she doesn't really even
know the real you yet. So, if you
straighten it up now, you may have
a chance to catch a real winner.
She really seems to be into you.
Yeah, Man. He does have a point.
I actually know the girl you were
talking to last night in the
biblical sense. And, trust me,
you don't want to go down that
Yeah, and y'all thought I was bad.
I'm not fretting though. Heck,
any girl would be honored to be
with me. It's just a matter of
trial and elimination.
Trial and elimination?


Yeah, trial and elimination. Try
them all and eliminate the waste!
That's what I say, Buddy.
One of these days, someone is
going to make you eat those words.
You know, she has some geek
giving her a hard time. He may
just be the one to eventually
sweep her off of her feet.
Richie and John look at each other as they begin laughing.
Why would I be concerned about
some geek? Besides that, until
somebody actually does make me eat
those words, I'll continue
partying hardy!
Richie smirks and shakes his head in response to Daniel's
remark as he exchanges the private handshake with John and
waves at Daniel as he heads off to class.
See ya later, dudes. I'm going to
be late if I don't head to class.
Ya'll should probably do the same.
Yeah, you make sure you're not
late. We wouldn't want that.
Richie laughs as he walks off.
As Richie departs, Daniel and John head towards the exit of
the gym. As they exit the gym, Daniel takes notice to
Nicole and April who had quickly stopped right outside to
speak with friends before class. Nicole flashes a smile in
his direction as he smiles back and walks on by.
The bell has rang and Nicole (in the midst of several
students) is seen coming up the hall with a handful of
books. As she walks, she is accidentally hit by another
student who crosses in front of her to get to his locker. As
a result, she drops a couple of books and bends down to pick
them up.


As she is gathering her things, she looks up to behold a
shy, red-headed, freckled-face kid with thick glasses who
has bent down in front of her to assist her.
Here, let me help you.
Timmy picks up the books from the floor and hands them to
Nicole as they both stand up together.
Thank you so much.
The two stand in the middle of the hallway as students walk
around them.
You're very welcome. You're in my
chemistry class, aren't you? How
is that working out for you?
It's a challenge but hopefully
I'll get the hang of it. I
remember seeing you in there. I've
mentioned you to my friends
because I saw you staring at me
like you thought you knew me or
      (turning red)
Oh, I am so sorry about that. I
wouldn't want to give you the
wrong impression or anything but I
just thought that you were one of
the most beautiful girls I have
ever seen in person.
Really? Wow. Well, thank you.
That is very nice of you to say.
Well, it's true.
Timmy stares at Nicole and smiles.
      (breaking the
Yeah, a lot of the material is a
little hard for me to grasp. You


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
seem to be catching on pretty
quick, though. Do you like that
kind of stuff?
The two begin walking down the hall.
Yeah, chemistry seems to be pretty
easy for me. I would be more than
happy to assist you anytime, if
you'd like. I'm pretty much free
everyday during the week after
school, if you're so inclined.
      (nodding her head)
Yeah, sure. I may take you up on
Timmy stops as he extends his hand to Nicole.
My name is Timmy. What is your
Nicole extends her hand as she is interrupted by Daniel who
steps in front of her and grabs Timmy's hand.
Her name is Nicole and you're
wasting your time.
Timmy gives off a disgruntled look as he immediately pulls
his hand away.
Can I help you with something?
Yes, you can. You can fish out of
your own sea.
Do what? We were just talking,


I'm aware of that. However, you
need to learn to stay in your own
Daniel starts laughing as Timmy looks at Nicole.
I'm sorry, Nicole. Maybe I can
catch you later.
Timmy turns and takes off walking down the hall.
      (talking to Daniel)
Why did you do that?
Oh, come on. I'm just pulling his
leg. He knows not to take me
seriously. You need to learn to
lighten up too.
Nicole turns from Daniel to head to class.
      (talking over her
How can you get away with treating
people like that anyway?
Daniel smiles and begins to follow. The other students in
the hall are starting to thin out due to them going to
I'm really not a rude person, I
promise. People just need to know
when to relax, when not to take
life so seriously and who they
should and should not converse
with. People just need to stay
within their own kind.
Nicole stops and turns to address Daniel.
And what exactly does that mean?
You know, you can't just joke your
way through life and treat certain
others like they're meaningless.


      (smiling as he
       approaches Nicole)
Why not?
Because you might find yourself in
a situation that calls for a
little bit more than the wittiness
of your humorous side and a call
for help from an unlikely source.
Wow, where did that come from?
The truth. You might try using it
every once in a while mixed in
with a little bit of kindness.
Well, I must say I like your
Yeah, right.
A teacher turns the corner walking down the hall towards
them as the students in the hallway have pretty much
Are you two planning on making it
to class today?
Sorry, Mr. Turner. I noticed
Nicole wandering the halls so I
stopped to assist her. We're
heading to class right now.
Speed it up, Spencer, and stop
fooling around.
Yes, Sir.
Daniel turns to Nicole.


Your class is the 2nd door down on
the right. Can I see you again,
perhaps maybe tonight or
something? I would love to take
you out.
      (tilting her head)
Yeah, maybe. I'll have to give it
some thought. See ya.
Nicole smiles as she turns to head to class. Daniel watches
her until she walks through her classroom door.
As Daniel turns in the opposite direction to head to class,
he is cut off by Timmy who presents himself in a disgruntled
What the hell? What are you
doing? Pulling tricks like that
will likely get you badly injured.
The tardy bell for the next period rings.
      (throwing up his
Great. Now I'm late.
Daniel walks around Timmy.
I was only trying to assist her.
Why do you insist on acting like
you're God and trying to control
      (turning around to
       address Timmy)
Man, what is your problem? Just
leave her alone. She doesn't need
some geek's help. Get off it
already. I don't doubt at all
that you're trying to assist her.
Of course, that's assist her with
the coming down of her jeans.
Daniel starts laughing as he again turns to head to class.


I don't believe this. How vulgar
could you possibly be? Nicole is
a great girl and I would never
dream of treating her like that.
One of these days you are going to
get what's coming to you and I
hope I'm around to see it.
      (stopping to
       address Timmy)
Oh, really? So, given the
opportunity, you're saying that
you wouldn't act on it? What are
you, gay or something? And if
something ever does happen to me,
I hope you are there to see it
because you will be witnessing a
Daniel laughs sheepishly as Timmy responds.
You know, I always wondered what
it was that people saw in you. Now
I know that it's only intimidation
that keeps you in the limelight.
There's nothing remotely likable
about you. What she sees in you,
if anything, I'll never know.
Daniel is stunned by Timmy's remark as turns around to
address Timmy one last time.
Hey, Timmy. You better watch
yourself. You're getting a little
too big for your own pants.
Yeah, right.
Timmy turns to head to class.
      (mumbling to
Man, what is it with these people?
Daniel turns to enter his classroom as Timmy is seen walking
down the hall.


The front exterior of the school is shown as the bell
sounds. Students start exiting from the building. Among
the crowd, Nicole and April are seen exiting with Daniel
running up behind them.
So, what do we have planned?
      (looking over her
What do you mean, we?
Daniel catches up and places his arm around Nicole.
Well, I just figured with it being
Friday we could possibly go out
and have some fun.
Like what? You know we have the
party at John's house tomorrow
Yeah, but we all know it will
never surpass the parties we have
at my house.
Nicole starts laughing as Daniel continues.
No, I was just hoping that Nicole
here would grace me with her
presence tonight at the movies.
There's a great flick coming on at
the cinema. Do you think this
might be a possiblity?
Daniel looks at Nicole as he raises his eyebrows to
emphasize his question.
Sure. Why not?


      (pulling his arm
Great. How about I pick you up at
8:00 tonight?
Sure. Here, let me give you my
phone number and address.
Nicole walks over to the nearest bench on campus as she sits
her books down, grabs a piece of paper and begins to write.
Daniel glances over at April as he smiles. April shakes her
Here's my address. It should be
okay. I don't think my family has
anything planned. You will have
to meet my parents, though. I
hope that's okay.
Daniel frowns jokingly as April begins laughing.
No, that's perfectly okay. I'll
be there at 8:00 straight up. See
ya then.
Daniel kisses the paper and waves it up in the air as he
leaves. Nicole smiles and picks up her books as she and
April resume walking.
Are you sure about that? I don't
think you know what you're getting
Well, how will I ever know if I
don't check it out for myself?
Well, that is true, I guess. Just
remember to keep your distance and
speak your mind as needed. Trust
me. I've known him for years.
You'll have fun though.
Yeah, I hope so.


Nicole and April wave their goodbyes as they both head in
opposite directions.
Have a good weekend, Nicole. I'll
see ya later.
Yeah, thanks. You too.
Both girls are seen walking in opposite directions until
they both walk off screen.
Daniel pulls up to the front of Nicole's house and comes to
a stop. He glances at the house, lets out a big sigh, takes
the keys from the ignition and exits the vehicle. As he
approaches the door, he extends his finger to ring the
doorbell until the door slowly creeps open.
The door opens wider as Nicole steps out with a smile.
Well, one thing I can say is that
you are punctual.
Well, of course I am. Why would I
be late for this?
Who knows? Guys find reasons for
all sorts of things. It's almost
as if the world revolves around
Yeah, not hardly. Are you ready
to go?
Sure, I just have to introduce you
to my parents. That's okay,


Sure. Let's do our formal meet
and greet. I'll please the socks
off of them.
Sure. Come on in.
Daniel follows Nicole into the house. As he enters the
house, he notices a nice aroma of food cooking in the
Wow. That smells good.
Yeah, that's my mom. Would you
like to meet her?
Daniel follows Nicole into the kitchen. As he goes through
the door to enter the kitchen, he beholds an older lady that
resembles more of a grandmother than a mother. Daniel
approaches her as he extends his hand.
Hello. My name is Daniel. It's
nice to meet you.
She turns to address Daniel.
                       NICOLE'S GRANDMOTHER
      (shaking Daniel's
Oh, hello. Sorry about the mess.
You caught me right in the middle
of fixing supper. Are you two
going to stay?
No. Daniel is taking me out. I
wanted him to meet you before we
left. What time would you like
for me to be home?
                       NICOLE'S GRANDMOTHER
Normal time, my dear. Just watch
yourself and be careful. We'll be
here when you get back.


Nicole leans in to give her a hug and kisses her goodbye on
the cheek.
We're going to go talk to Poppy
now but we'll see you later, okay?
      (smiling and
       mumbling to
                       NICOLE'S GRANDMOTHER
Okay, Honey. See you later.
Nicole takes Daniel by the hand as they exit the kitchen to
enter into the living room. As they enter, Daniel notices
an older looking gentleman sitting in the recliner.
      (approaching him)
The man leans up and turns to look at Daniel and Nicole.
Daniel follows Nicole as they go to the couch beside the
recliner and sit down.
I want you to meet Daniel.
                       NICOLE'S GRANDFATHER
Oh, hello, Sonny.
Hello, Sir. How are you doing?
                       NICOLE'S GRANDFATHER
Oh, I can't complain.
Well, that's good.
                       NICOLE'S GRANDFATHER
Where are you kids headed?
Well, I was hoping to take Nicole
out for supper and then to the


                       NICOLE'S GRANDFATHER
Well, okay. Y'all just be careful
and make sure to be back at your
appropriate time.
Yes, Sir. I will.
Nicole leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek as she and
Daniel stand to leave. They walk to the front door and exit
with Nicole opening the door and Daniel closing the door
behind them.
They walk down the sidewalk to the truck. As they approach
the vehicle, Daniel opens the door for Nicole to get in. He
then walks around the truck to enter on the driver's side
and shuts the door. As they sit, he breaks the silence.
Your parents are really nice
Thanks, but they're actually my
grandparents. My parents died
about four years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. It's taken me a
while but I think I've finally
come to terms with it. I had
blamed myself for the longest time
for their deaths because it was me
who led them to their untimely
Do you mind my asking how it
      (looking down and
I had just turned fourteen and my
friends had a surprise party
planned for me. My dad was
scheduled to go out of town for
his job but he wanted to see me


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
before he left.
Daniel calmly listens as Nicole looks up and stares straight
I rode the bus home with my friend
who lived way out in the country
but Dad agreed to drive out to her
house before he left to drop off
my gift and tell me goodbye. He
knew all about the party and
didn't want to inconvenience
anyone by having me go home first
just to see him off.
Daniel continues providing his undivided attention as he
reaches over to grab Nicole's hand.
      (sighing and
       looking up)
So, my dad, along with my mom,
were on their way to see me when
they ran into a huge rain storm.
It was raining so heavily that
they could barely see even a few
feet in front of them.
Daniel reaches over with his other hand and softly caresses
her hair.
However, due to the lack of spare
time, my dad continued on to the
house when he swerved to miss a
huge pothole in the road, started
to hydroplane and then hit a tree
head on. It killed them both
Oh, that is terrible. I am so
sorry. You can't possibly think
for a second, though, that it was
your fault. You know that, right?
      (looking at Daniel)
Yeah. It took a lot of therapy
sessions to come to terms with it,


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
but I think I've gotten over the
hardest part. Sometimes I wish I
could just go back in time and
sacrifice everything, if I have
to, to just prolong their life.
      (nodding his head
       while in deep
Hm, yeah. I know that going back
and redoing a lot of my mistakes
would help a lot but unfortunately
that's not an option for anyone.
Yes, I know. Anyway, shall we go
get something to eat? Let's focus
on the good things we still have
and enjoy the afternoon together.
Daniel smiles in agreement as he starts the truck and heads
down the road.
As Nicole walks into the building, she is confronted by
April who confronts her and walks right alongside her.
      (nudging Nicole)
So, how did the date go the other
It was good. I had a fun time.
Well, that's good. I tried
calling you all weekend. Did you
have your phone turned off or
Oh, sorry. I helped my
grandmother all weekend with
chores and stuff. I left my phone
on my desk in my room. I didn't
think I had any messages.


No, I didn't leave any messages. I
just didn't understand why you
weren't answering. I was going to
give ya a holler, that's all.
Both girls start laughing as they are approached by John.
John walks up to April and places his arm around her as they
continue to walk.
      (talking to Nicole)
Well, how did it go this weekend?
It went good. Would anybody think
any differently?
Well, with Daniel you never really
know what you're gonna get. I'm
glad you had a good time, though.
What exactly does that mean?
You'll learn in time that Daniel
can be a little mischievous while
also, on the other hand, be quite
charming with the ladies.
So, am I supposed to be leery of
Well, I would just advise of being
alert and not falling for any of
his cheesy antics.
And what is that supposed to mean?
Just ask any other girl around
here and they'll fill you in.


April and John both laugh as they continue walking down the
hall. Nicole stops before turning in the opposite
You two need to find more trust in
your friends. He's a nice guy.
Maybe something will come of it.
John shakes his head and April continues laughing as they
walk on down the hall with Nicole walking towards the side,
out of view of the screen.
Nicole is walking out of the school building, books in hand,
as she is approached by Daniel.
Where are ya headed?
Oh, hey. I'm skipping out early.
I've got to go see the doctor
Daniel takes Nicole's books to carry them for her.
Is everything okay?
Oh yeah, it's fine. It's just my
annual checkup. Why aren't you in
Oh, my last period is study hall
so I do what I can to get out of
class as often as I can. It
drives me crazy to just sit there
with nothing to do.
So, why don't you work on homework
or something like that?
Please, me do homework? Yeah,


Daniel and Nicole both start laughing as Daniel stops Nicole
to address her.
Look, I know that my buddies are
giving you a hard time about me.
They mean well, but I also know
that they don't want to give you
the wrong impression of me. I'm
really a nice guy, I promise.
I really don't doubt that at all,
Daniel slowly reaches out for Nicole's hand.
So, in having said that, I would
really like for you to be my
girlfriend. I had a really great
time the other night and I feel
that we may have something pretty
special here.
Wow. You don't waste any time do
you. However, as odd as that may
be, I would really like that.
Really? Great.
Daniel lays Nicole's books down, removes his class ring from
his ring finger, takes Nicole's hand once more and places
his ring on her pointer finger.
I would really love for you to
wear my ring. Obviously it's a
little big but I'm sure you know
how to make it work.
Nicole smiles as she shakes her head. Daniel places his arm
around her as the bell rings and students start exiting the
building. As they take off walking, the view of the camera
focuses in on the front exterior of the school building
where Timmy is seen standing, staring in Nicole's direction,
with a look of a broken heart.


Daniel is seen going through his locker as he searches
desperately for something.
      (throwing up his
I can not believe this. Where in
the world would I have put it?
                       FAMILIAR VOICE
Knowing you, you probably never
had it.
Daniel immediately turns around to see who it is that has
addressed him. As he turns around, he comes face to face
with a girl from his past.
Yes, it's me. How are you?
Oh, my gosh!
Daniel gives Amber a quick hug.
What are you doing back here?
Daniel closes his locker as he and Amber start walking down
the hall.
Well, my dad decides at the last
minute that he wants his old job
back here after they deliver their
last and final pitch to him. He
said that they just offered him a
deal he couldn't refuse. So, with
that, the family packed up and
here I am.
Well, that's good news. It's
always better to get promoted than
to have the alternative happen, I


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
Yeah, you're right. No complaints
Daniel looks up as he is approached by John.
      (doing exclusive
       handshake with
Hey, Man. How's it going?
John immediately takes notice to Amber.
Wow, that's quite an interesting
Yeah, we came up with it in
elementary school and have been
doing it ever since.
Hey, John. How are you?
I'm great. What are you doing
Well, nothing like a welcoming
gesture from my good 'ol buddy.
      (addressing John)
Her dad decides at the last minute
that he wants more money.
Daniel and Amber both start laughing.
Yeah, my dad got his old job back.
So, I guess I'm here until
graduation. It'll be okay. It's


                       AMBER (cont'd)
only three months and I'm back to
the place I really liked anyway.
Daniel smiles and nods his head as John verbally responds.
      (looking at Daniel)
Well, it was nice seeing you two
again. I've got to go to the
office to get my schedule squared
away. Maybe we can all get
together and go do something
Yeah, sure. See ya later.
Amber leaves as John looks directly at Daniel.
So, this was totally unexpected.
Yeah, really. It's nice to see
her again, though.
The two begin walking down the hall.
You, uh, get any of those old
feelings when you look at her?
      (looking at John)
What? Come on, Man. You know I'm
with Nicole.
Yeah, I know but I just wanted to
make sure.
She still looks as good as she did
back then, that's for sure.
Yeah, she did look pretty good.
But you gotta stay strong. Your
with another girl now and it's


                       JOHN (cont'd)
worth your while to make this one
Yeah, I am very aware of that.
Thanks for reminding me.
Daniel and John both smile at each other as they are seen
walking down the hall among the other students.
School has ended and most of the students have already left
the building. Daniel is in the parking lot, among just a
couple of other vacant cars, with the hood of his car up and
him looking under the hood as if there is a problem.
After a jerk of his hand, he pops up and hits his head on
the hood of the car.
Daniel observes his finger.
Wow, this is a sight.
Daniel turns around and sees Amber walking up behind him.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Oh, I had someone assisting me
with my studies, trying to get me
caught up. Where are your
Oh, the girls left together right
after school and John and Richie
had prior arrangements and
couldn't stick around. Nobody is
responding to my phone calls so I
decided to try and fix the problem
myself, knowing I don't know what
the hell I'm doing.


Do you even know what the problem
No, not really.
Amber places her books on the ground and walks up to the car
next to Daniel.
      (looking under the
Well, what is it doing or not
doing? Is it turning over when
you try to start it?
Tell you what, why don't I try to
start it again and you see if
maybe you can figure it out.
Amber starts laughing as Daniel goes around to the driver's
side and gets in to turn the ignition.
The car sputtered for a moment before it just quit.
      (looking around
       the side of the
When is the last time you had the
spark plugs changed?
It's probably been quite a while.
You think that's what it may be?
Well, my guess is either that or
the fuel pump. Hopefully it's
your plugs. That's a lot cheaper
to fix. It could even be the fuel
filter, but I would definitely try
the spark plugs first.
How do you know all of this stuff?


Well, if you grow up with three
brothers who do nothing but talk
cars, you learn a thing or two.
As Daniel and Amber laugh together in response to his
remark, Timmy walks past the commotion and looks on in
confusion. Daniel looks up and their eyes meet. Daniel
gets out of the car.
Hey, Timmy. What are you doing
Well, I guess I could ask you the
same question. I had some after
school tutoring I was tending to.
What exactly are you tending to?
Daniel looks at Amber and then at Timmy.
What? Are you trying to be smart
or something?
No, not at all. Where's Nicole?
Are you kidding me? Since when
did that become any of your
Well, obviously somebody has to
look out for her.
Daniel rares back and takes a couple of steps towards Timmy
as Amber stands in his way to stop him, meanwhile looking at
Timmy like he is crazy.
      (quickly backing
Look, I'm not trying to start
anything. I'm just looking out
for her.
She doesn't need you to look out
for her. Why don't you give up
this need to watch over her, look


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
out for her, be her bodyguard or
whatever in the heck you think you
are to her. You're nothing but a
red-headed geek that can't seem to
stay within his own playing field.
Timmy stares at Daniel for a second and then starts walking
Man, that guy gives me the creeps.
Why does he bother you so much?
I have no idea. It's almost like
he just creeps on you with the
eery way about himself.
What's the deal with him and this
Nicole is actually my girlfriend.
We've only been dating for a short
period but Timmy has had a crush
on her ever since she's moved
Oh, so you're involved?
      (smiling as he
       tilts his head)
Yeah, for the time being. I
really hope this one works out
Oh, okay. Well, congratulations.
I hope it works out for you too.
Daniel and Amber casually smile at each other as they
immediately look away.


Hm. Anyway, do you need a ride to
the parts store? I'd be more than
happy to give you a ride.
Sure. I would really appreciate
Amber grabs her books off of the ground as Daniel shuts the
hood of his car and locks the door. They then start walking
together towards her car.
As they approach the car parked just five spaces down, Amber
gets in the driver side as Daniel gets in on the passenger
Amber backs out of the parking spot, starts heading down the
road and passes Timmy walking down the road as Daniel throws
out a wadded piece of paper and hits him in the face. Timmy
jerks back as the paper hits him and stands still with a
distressed look, watching Daniel and Amber drive away.
John and Richie are at their lockers, putting books away and
talking to each other.
You are crazy, you know that?
Why? You don't think so?
      (looking at John)
No, I don't.
Nicole walks up to address the boys.
Hey, have you two seen Daniel this
morning? I have been looking for
him everywhere.
No, I haven't seen him. I hope he
made it in this morning. He
hasn't been sick has he?


Not that I know of. It's almost
like he's avoiding me.
At that exact moment, John and Nicole's attention is
directed towards the sound of Daniel's voice as he walks
towards them with Amber.
      (looking in their
You have got to be kidding me.
Daniel and Amber approach the group as he continuously
laughs at a remark Amber had just previously made. Nicole
just stands in awe.
Daniel extends his hand to John to do their handshake as
John casually does the handshake and immediately releases.
Hey, gang. How is everybody this
morning? You all know Amber.
Yeah, Daniel. We all know Amber
very well. Where have you been?
I was late getting to school this
morning so I really didn't have a
chance to meet with everybody and
say hi. I'm sorry. My car has
been on the fritz. And thanks, by
the way, for your quick response
yesterday. Anyway, I'll be here
earlier tomorrow, I promise.
Quick response to what?
My cry for help yesterday after
school. My car was dead. However,
thanks to Amber, I'm revived and
back on the streets.
Daniel looks at Amber as they both start laughing.


      (looking at Daniel)
Hm. Look guys, I've got to go. I
can't afford to be late to Oscar's
Yeah, I'll follow you there.
Daniel looks at Nicole to address her.
Nicole, I am really sorry. I was
late leaving school because of car
trouble yesterday afternoon so it
seems that I'm just way off
schedule with everything. Can we
see each other after school today?
Maybe. I'm sure I'll see you
again before the day is up.
Sure thing.
Daniel softly caresses Nicole on her shoulder and then takes
off to catch up with John as Nicole and Richie, who casually
tries to console Nicole by placing his arm around her, walk
off to class in the opposite direction.
Hey? Wait up. What is your
hurry? Do you have a problem or
      (continuing to
Problem? Why would I have a
I have no idea but you're acting
like you do.
John stops on a dime to look straight at Daniel to address


Look, Man, I just think you're
treading thin ice here and you're
about to make one of the biggest
mistakes of your life.
What are you talking about?
With Nicole.
What about Nicole?
John just stands there and stares a hole through Daniel.
Did geek-worm Timmy tell you
something? I promise you I'm
going to kill that guy.
Timmy? Who do you mean, Red? Why
would he be saying anything to me
about you? It's all from my own
observations. You're not
completely over Amber yet and you
don't know how to let her go.
John again turns to head off walking down the hall.
      (following John)
Oh, whatever. Why don't people
just learn to mind their own
John again stops to directly address Daniel.
Because Nicole is my friend too,
Daniel. I don't want her to get
Why are you so convinced that I am
going to hurt her?
John stands there and looks away without giving a response.


      (looking straight
       at Daniel)
Because that's what you do. It's
who you are. You've always been
like that. Nicole is looking for
something that you are not
prepared to provide and your too
selfish to allow her the freedom
to go and truthfully find it with
someone else.
Oh, let me guess. You're hoping
that someone else is you.
John jumps at Daniel as he places his forearm directly under
his chin against his neck, pushing him back against the
lockers. The students within close proximity of the scene
stall as they turn to observe.
      (staring straight
       into Daniel's
You need to choose your words very
carefully around me. You know
exactly what my feelings are. It's
time to grow up, Daniel. I'm only
trying to discuss these issues
with you because I am your friend
and I'm only trying to help you
from losing the best thing that
has ever happened to you.
Daniel pushes John off of him.
No, we used to be friends but not
Daniel takes off walking, hitting a locker with his fist, as
John comments one last time.
Sure, I totally get it. You don't
want her because you know you can
have her anytime you want her. I
promise you though, Daniel, there


                       JOHN (cont'd)
will come a time when you would
die to have her only to find out
that you can't.
With that, John turns in the opposite direction and leaves
without another word as everyone else watching begins their
As students enter the cafeteria, John is seen walking in as
he walks up to a table to sit down. Nicole walks in
immediately after him and follows him to the table.
      (looking up as he
       sits down)
Hey, Nicole. What's up?
      (sitting down)
What's going on?
I don't know. Just having to deal
with attitude this morning.
John, I really need to talk to
you. From what I understand,
Amber and Daniel use to date each
other a couple of years ago before
she moved away. What happened?
A couple of years ago, while he
and Amber were dating, Daniel
broke up with her to have a
weekend fling with a college girl.
He had originally told her that
they were just getting too serious
and that she needed to back off.
However, when he found out that
she pretty much did the same thing
that very same weekend that he
did, he began to play the victim's
What do you mean?


Well, that Sunday afternoon at the
lake with me and Richie, he
started drinking. He drank about
two hours straight until he
decided that he needed to leave.
We tried our best to stop him, but
it was no use. He ended up having
a terrible accident that literally
almost killed him. Ever since
then, he has this attitude about
himself that unless certain girls
meet his particularly high
standards, which are equaled to
that of a beauty queen and a
perfectionist, then they aren't
worth the time of day.
Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, but obviously that says a
lot for you. Something just needs
to bring him down to earth.
So, obviously they stayed apart
after that?
She and her family moved after
that and they never really were
able to make amends. Girls to him
are just like objects. Don't let
that deter you, though. He really
is a good guy and he seems to
really like you. You might just
be the one to change it all.
John looks up as he sees Richie and April heading in their
Nicole, I'm sorry. I really don't
want to talk to anybody else right
now so I'm going to head on out.
Sorry. I'll talk to ya'll soon.
John stands up and casually waves at April as he gives off a
partial smile and turns in the opposite direction to exit
the cafeteria.


The afternoon bell has just rang and students are seen
exiting the building. Richie is desperately trying to make
his way through the crowd in an effort to catch up with John
who was one of the first students out.
John stops and turns as he is approached by Richie.
Yeah, Man. What's up?
John and Richie begin walking.
Yeah, Man, what's up? Is that all
you can come up with? What
happened with you and Daniel? The
whole school seems to be talking
about it.
Nothing. I don't want to talk
about it.
What in the world would happen to
make you two not want to be
friends anymore?
I'm just tired of his crap.
What? Is he already trying to
start crap with Nicole?
You know, it's just never a
serious matter when it comes to
him. He thinks everything is an
amusement park, designed
specifically for him. He is never
going to grow up and I don't want
to see anybody get hurt because of
his immature ways.
You don't think he deserves a fair


      (stopping to look
       at Richie)
A fair chance at what?
To make it all right. Nicole is a
big girl and it's not like they've
been dating forever. She can
handle her self. But as far as
you and Daniel go, you two have
been friends for far too long and
gone through so much that it would
be terrible to lose a friendship
over this. You don't think that
this is just a small
John and Richie continue walking.
Richie, it's okay. It's been
coming for awhile. Remember when
he dated April? Before she and I
got together it was the same old
thing. He needs to be taught a
lesson of how to act cordially and
treat people, especially women,
with respect. It's almost like
it's more of a number's game with
Wow, I can't believe this. Just
give it time. Daniel needs you.
You're just about the only one
that understands him. Be patient.
His life lesson will be learned
in due time. It's not up to us to
teach him that lesson but
something he'll have to figure out
himself. We have our own issues
to deal with. Just give it some
time and call him later. See ya.
John's walking pace tends to slow gradually as Richie walks
ahead of him with John watching as he walks away. As he
shakes and bows his head, he hears April running up behind


I have looked everywhere for you.
What is going on? You totally
dissed me at lunch.
I'm sorry, April. I guess I'm
just needing some time to regroup.
Daniel and I did get into a
little scuffle, that's all. No
big deal.
A little scuffle? From what I
understand, this could have been
the big one that ended your
It's fine.
This is not going to mess up our
plans for prom is it?
What? I don't know. We really
haven't had a chance to discuss
it. I don't even know if he has
asked or is planning on asking
Nicole. He may have already asked
the entire female student body. If
he has, it wouldn't surprise me.
Come on, you know you don't mean
I know. Just please forgive me
because I know not what I say.
John and April begin laughing as they embrace and continue
walking together as it shows them enjoying each others
Nicole is seen walking down a hiking trail at the park. She
looks as if she is looking for someone when at last she
gasps and smiles as Daniel comes on screen sitting on a


Daniel looks as if he is nervously waiting on someone as he
leans forward, looks down and taps the very end of his
fingers together.
Daniel looks up and beholds Nicole walking towards him. He
stands to his feet to confront her.
      (walking towards
Hey. I was afraid you wouldn't
Daniel and Nicole embrace as he leads her to the bench to
take a seat.
Well, of course I would. Why
wouldn't I? Is everything okay?
You seemed pretty desperate on the
phone earlier when you asked to
meet me after school.
Yeah, everything has been kind of
crazy here lately. I just thought
that the best thing for me and you
to do would be to meet outside of
that environment and have a
Daniel takes Nicole by the hand.
Look, I'll just go ahead and cut
to the chase. I know that
everybody has probably been giving
you a hard time about me here
lately and I'm sure you've loosely
heard the story of me and Amber.
However, one thing I don't want
you to do is take their word as
the gospel and not confront me
about any issues or questions
their remarks and comments may
bring about. Amber and I did use
to date but we are no more.


      (in question)
I want to start by apologizing for
my behaviour the past couple of
days. I've had a lot of issues to
work through in the past couple of
months but I think I've gotten to
where I truly want to be.
Nicole sits still as she attentively listens.
When I was younger, I always
enjoyed playing cops and robbers.
The thing was, I always wanted to
be the robber because the
excitement of being the bad guy at
the time aroused me. However,
now, when I look at you, I want to
be the good guy because I know
that being there for you and
protecting you provides all the
arousal that I'll ever need.
As Daniel holds Nicole's hand, he puts his other hand inside
his pocket to retrieve a small, velvet box. As he takes the
box from his pocket, he gets down on his knee and looks up
at Nicole. He then opens the small box to reveal the ring.
Oh, my gosh. Daniel, what are you
Jessica Nicole Longley, would you
do me the honor of becoming my
Nicole glances at the ring in the box and then looks at
      (with eyes tearing
I don't know why I'm so quick to
say this, but yes, I would love to


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
be your wife.
Daniel smiles as he takes the ring from the box and places
it on Nicole's finger.The two embrace for a brief moment and
Daniel slightly pulls away to address her.
I think it would probably be a
good idea if we kept our
engagement quite for awhile. The
last thing we need is more outside
pressure. However, where I
probably should have started is
asking you if you would accompany
me to the prom.
Nicole casually looks at Daniel and smiles.
Yes, I would love to secretly
accompany you to the prom as your
fiance. But what should I do with
this ring? I can't wear it like
this and keep our engagement a
      (looking at her
Yeah, you're right. Why don't you
wear it on your other hand. It
was just a present from your mom
for graduation. That would be a
perfect excuse.
Speaking of, where did you get
this? You can't afford this.
Well, there's actually a story
behind. Maybe one of these days
you'll find out what it is.
The couple laughs as Daniel stands up and takes Nicole's
hand to assist her to her feet.


What's going to happen with you
and John? You two have been best
friends forever. Don't let
something so minimal come between
the two of you. I would never let
a new relationship, especially
with that of the opposite sex,
affect a relationship with a
friend that I've had since birth.
I don't really know. However, for
now, when it comes to me and you,
I want to be someone you can
confide in and easily talk to. I
want you to forget all of our
problems, if just for now, to
truly enjoy the events of today.
We don't need anybody else to
believe in us. We only need to
believe in ourselves.
      (smiling as in
I would really like that, Daniel.
Great. Let's go have the time of
our lives.
Daniel grabs Nicole's hand as they take off towards the
The next few scene snippets are that of Daniel and Nicole
enjoying various evening activities at the park as they
embrace the company of one another. After the snippets have
been shown, the picture fades out.
John, Richie and April stand outside the front of the
So who are you taking, Richie? You
know you only have a couple of
months to figure it out.


I know that. Don't rush me. If I
have to go stag again, that will
be alright with me.
John and April begin laughing. As John looks up and glances
across campus, he notices Daniel and Nicole, arm-in-arm,
walking towards them.
Wow, he never ceases to amaze me.
April and Richie look in that direction to behold Daniel and
Nicole laughing as they walk closely together.
What's so amazing about that?
      (looking at April)
That he can play women the way
that he does.
      (looking at John)
Play women? Is this something you
would like to learn and is just
jealous because you currently
don't know how to do it?
Will you stop?
As Daniel and Nicole approach the group, Nicole casually
slows down as Daniel maintains his pace. He genuinely leans
in to give Nicole a kiss on the cheek, flash a quick glance
over in John's direction and walk up the steps to enter the
      (sighing as he
       looks at Nicole)
So this is it, huh? I can't
believe he is going to allow our
friendship to just simply deminish
as if it never existed.


Just give him some time, John.
He's going through a lot right now
and just needs some time to figure
things out for himself.
      (shaking his head)
Yeah, don't we all. I just hope
that time is on our side.
With that, the group picks up their books and all head,
simultaneously, up the stairs to head to class.
Daniel and Nicole pull in to the school parking lot as they
see students in formal wear approach the entrance to the
Daniel parks the car as he looks at Nicole.
Well, are you ready for this?
Sure. Why wouldn't I be?
Daniel extends his hand.
Great. Let's go do some dancing.
Daniel exits the car and walks around to open Nicole's door
for her. As she takes his hand, she gets out of the car as
they go to the door to enter the gym. As they walk in,
everyone stops to take notice. After a couple of seconds,
people resume their dancing.
      (looking at Nicole)
Wow, I knew you were beautiful but
I didn't know it would cause that
kind of reaction.
      (softly laughing)
Yeah, me neither.


Listen, I need to make a quick run
to the bathroom. I'll be right
back. Are you going to be okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Maybe you can go find us a place
to sit. I'll be right back.
Daniel leans in to give Nicole a kiss on the cheek as he
excuses himself.
Wow, you two look like the king
and queen. If this were the
homecoming dance, you two would
definitely have my vote.
Thank you, April. I really
appreciate that. Where's John?
Oh, he's made his way over to the
DJ to put in some early requests,
so he says. I think he just went
to spike the punch bar.
April and Nicole both nudge each other and bend over with
laughter. Nicole looks up in time to see Timmy approaching
Hello, ladies.
April rolls her eyes and shakes her head as Timmy looks
directly at Nicole.
I'll never know what Daniel did to
deserve you, but you are
definitely the most beautiful
thing I have ever seen.


Well thank you, Timmy.
Well, you're very welcome. It is
definitely my pleasure.
      (looking around)
So, who are you here with?
Myself. Since you were already
taken, I figured I had no other
      (taking Timmy's
       hand as she sighs)
Timmy, you are a wonderful guy. I
know that you will find someone
that will love you the way you
need to be loved. Unfortunately,
it's just not me this go around.
Timmy looks down at Nicole's hand and takes notice to the
So, is that just part of your
costume jewelry or is there
something else we don't know
Nicole immediately withdraws her hand.
I'm sorry. I need to go find
Daniel. I'll talk to you later.
Sure. See ya later.
Timmy watches Nicole as she takes April by the arm and they
both walk away.
Wow, you really should give that
guy a chance.


I can't see that he's that bad.
He's a nice guy. I just prefer
Yeah, right. Who wouldn't?
Both girls start laughing as they head towards the punch
Daniel is seen coming out of the bathroom. As he stands in
front of the bathroom door, he takes in all of the action on
the dance floor right in front of him.
You look amazing.
      (turning to
       address Amber)
Well, look at you. You look
amazing as well. Who are you here
Well, nobody in particular.
Where's your girlfriend?
I don't know. She's around here
somewhere. We haven't been here
Daniel and Amber stand still as they casually look at each
      (interrupting the
Uh, sorry. I guess I better go
find Nicole.
Amber grabs Daniel's arm as he attempts to walk away.


Do you think that maybe we could
share in one last friendly dance
for old time sake?
      (shrubbing his
Yeah, sure. I don't see why not.
I just have to go find Nicole.
I'll catch ya later.
As Daniel turns to leave, he runs into John.
Oh, excuse me.
Daniel begins to walk around John as he is abruptly stopped
when John grabs his arm.
      (looking at Daniel)
Look, Man, I don't want to do this
anymore. We have been friends for
way too long. Can we possibly
call a truce, if not for anything
else but for the girls?
I know you are dealing with a lot
of issues that I don't understand
and I'm willing to stay out of it
and let you handle your own. Okay?
Yeah, I would appreciate that.
      (looking around)
Where's Nicole? You two did come
together, didn't you?
Yes. I guess I need to find her.
Maybe we can catch up later.


Yeah, I'd like that.
Daniel starts walking off. He looks to the crowd on the
dance floor and sees April and Nicole standing off to the
side, swaying gently in front of each other as the soft
music plays. Daniel smiles at his observation and starts
walking towards them.
      (looking up while
Hey. I was wondering where you
      (dancing in as he
I'm right here.
Yeah, I see that.
The three continue dancing as the camera view of the group
extends upward to cover all individuals dancing on the
floor. After a few seconds, the image fades out as the
screen turns to black.
After a couple seconds of viewing a black screen, the
audience hears an unknown voice yelling out the word
'dance-off' as a picture comes on screen of a student, in
his formal wear, jumping out into the middle of the group on
the dance floor and beginning to perform a breakdance
All of the students begin to chant and rave the dancer on as
they all clap in sync with the appropriate 1980's breakdance
music playing in the background.
After a couple of minutes of the current dancer showing off
his stuff, he jumps to his feet and into the group as
another dancer jumps in the middle, right behind him, to
show off his style of dancing.
As the dancing continues, John is seen doing his own style
of breakdancing while standing in the crowd alongside April
and Richie as they both clap, while laughing at John, in a
swaying motion with the sound of the music.
Two or Three more dancers make their way down the middle of
the crowd while showing off their dancing ability. As the
last dancer makes his way down the aisle, the DJ takes the


                       DJ (O.S.)
Can you believe that? How do
those people move like that? Okay,
let's do a complete 360 and
implement a more traditional form
of dancing with a little twist of
West Point.
The divided group of students begin to mesh on the dance
floor as the DJ continues.
                       DJ (O.S.)
Instead of musical chairs, we are
going to play musical partners.
How this is going to work is that
I am going to play a variety of
country songs and as I play the
fast, upbeat ones, move your feet
to the steps of a square dance
involving everyone on the floor.
When the music stops and then
changes to a slow song, quickly
find another partner to slow
things down with. You can not
remain with the same partner or
dance slowly with that same person
again throughout the game. And,
for those of a slightly different
persuasion. dancing with someone
of the same sex counts as well.
The group begins to laugh and a few of the guys even take
their bows in a joking manner as to initiate a traditional
dance with a lady.
                       DJ (O.S.)
Given that there is an uneven
amount of people on the floor, if
you are the last person on the
floor without a partner, you will
be eliminated and must leave the
floor at once and the last couple
standing wins. Remember, we have
captains walking around so all
cheaters will be spotted and
immediately eliminated. Also, for
those of you who know nothing
about square-dancing, just follow
my lead. We will begin with the
arm-in-arm, skipping around,
square dancing now.


As the first song begins to play, the students start
maneuvering themselves in a square-dancing method, while
laughing and yelling yee-haw, per the instruction of the DJ.
                       DJ (O.S.)
      (in a rhyming,
       rhythmic nature)
Swing your partner round and
round, don't look down cause you
will frown. After going round and
round, switch your partner to this
The music stops as students scuffle to find another partner
before the slow song starts up. As Daniel turns around, he
is confronted by Amber who casually smiles and takes him by
the hand. Daniel gently smiles and looks down. April and
Richie are seen matching up as well as John and Nicole who
all die with laughter as they sway slowly to the motion of
the slow country song playing.
As the slow dancing continues, Amber addresses Daniel.
      (whispering in his
Are you sure that you're making
the right decision?
Amber slowly withdraws as she kisses him gently on the
Amber, uh, I'm sorry. I've got to
Daniel quickly turns and exits the floor as Amber remains
still, staring in his direction with a look of hurt. The
music immediately changes speeds (with the help of a new
song) as students are seen maneuvering in laughter in the
background as Amber, remaining still, becomes the main focus
of the scene, if just for a couple more seconds.
Daniel is seen exiting the building as he sighs and places
his hands on his hips. He looks up to the sky, turns around
as if to see if anyone has followed him out and then turns
to walk off as the picture fades.
The picture of the students in the gym, surrounding the
dance floor with 5 individuals left on the floor, come back
on screen.


                       DJ (O.S.)
      (music stopped)
Okay, everybody, we have got five
people left on the floor. In this
case, we will have two winning
couples. I need all remaining
individuals to stand back from
each other and quickly grab your
partner at the word go. Now get
ready, cause here we go. Go!
Nicole and Timmy are two of the five last remaining
individuals who are currently out on the floor. At the word
go, the individuals scramble to another individual. Upon
quickly matching up, Nicole finds herself with Timmy as she
looks up and beholds his smile.
The students start clapping for the two remaining couples as
the DJ again chimes in.
                       DJ (O.S.)
We finally have our winners. Let's
allow our remaining couples to
finish their last dance to our
last, slow country song.
Everyone stands back as the two remaining couples continue
their slow dance. The focus is now placed on Timmy and
Wow. How could I have been so
I'm not sure. Just the luck of
the draw, I guess.
Are you enjoying yourself?
Yeah, I'm having a really good
time. Have you seen Daniel
      (looking up)
No, not within the past several


Hm. Who knows?
Daniel is then seen casually making his way back into the
gym. As he looks around, he immediately catches sight of
what is on the dance floor.
What the hell is this?
John is standing near the entrance to the gym and
immediately walks over to where Daniel stands.
Hey, where have you been?
Daniel immediately looks at John in question as he proceeds
to the dance floor.
      (to himself)
Oh, my gosh. Here we go.
Daniel makes his way onto the dance floor as he approaches
Timmy and Nicole.
      (talking to Timmy)
What do you think you're doing?
You know I don't allow geeks to
dance with my girl. Go find
somebody in your league.
Daniel casually pushes Timmy to the side as he just stands
there, arms to his side, as he seems to find something to
What? Are you going to cry now?
Get a life.
The DJ catches wind and tries to control the situation as he
immediately stops the music.


                       DJ (O.S.)
Whoa, hey, what do we have here?
The contest is over, Dude. You'll
have to make your way off the
Daniel immediately directs his attention to the DJ.
Don't call me dude, alright?
The picture of the DJ, with his headset on standing behind
all of his equipment, comes on screen as he gives off a
disgruntled look and shakes his head with a partial smile.
John walks up behind Daniel.
Daniel, come on, it's just a
contest. You don't want to do
      (turning around to
       address John)
What is it to you?
Daniel takes Nicole by the arm.
Come on, Nicole. We're leaving.
Daniel partially pulls Nicole off of the dance floor as
everyone stares in aw.
As Daniel, while still holding Nicole's arm, approaches the
door to exit, he is confronted by other students who are
standing in front of the door, blocking the entrance.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll get the hell out of my way.
Daniel, while literally pulling Nicole, swiftly moves
through the crowd and out the door. John, followed by
Richie and April, follows them outside. Everyone stands
still as he/she look around at everyone else in question.
                       DJ (O.S.)
Well, somebody needs to loosen up
on the dance floor. Let's resume
this party, shall we? We'll show
'em how to have some fun.


Daniel is seen with Nicole, with his hold now released,
walking outside as John, April and Richie quickly follow
What is up with you, Man? Have
you lost it?
      (turning around to
       address John)
Nobody dances with or touches my
fiance but me.
      (looking at Richie)
Look, Daniel, she's not Amber.
She's not going to do you like
that. You need to relax and learn
to trust again. What is your need
in trying to prove some kind of
point with everbody?
You need to learn to mind your own
Maybe I need to make it my
business to help you. You're
losing it. You need help, Man.
With that, Daniel abruptly approaches John and swings. John
barely misses the punch as they both stand, face to face,
after the fact.
      (breathing heavily)
You're out, Man. I'm done. Don't
ever approach me again.
Daniel turns around and yells at Nicole.
Get in the car!
Teary-eyed Nicole turns around before getting in the car and
softly waves. She then gets in the car and shuts the door.
Daniel backs out in a fury and promptly leaves the premises,
with the image of the car leaving in view.


After a couple of seconds, the image of John, April and
Richie are seen standing in shock, watching Daniel as he
drives away with onlookers standing in the background near
the gym door. All they can do is look at each other and
genuinely shake their heads.
      (turning to
       address the group)
I'm sorry guys. I'm done. Shall
we go back in?
The individuals slowly make their way back inside the gym as
they occasionally look over their shoulder in Daniel and
Nicole's direction as if to imply a possible return. Then
picture then fades.
The front exterior view of the gym, with same view from end
of previous scene yet now being daytime, comes back on
screen. The building now appears to show a little bit of
TITLE OVER: 10 YEAR REUNION - CLASS OF 1984 (10 Years Later)
Inside the gym, people are seen conversing with one another
with looks of enjoyment and laughter. A familiar face is
seen, standing amongst the crowd. It is John, but a little
older looking with a lesser amount of hair, talking to other
male classmates.
April, whose long hair has been cut off, approaches John as
she leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek.
      (talking to John)
Have you made your way around to
Yeah, I think I have.
Do you think they'll show?
I hope so. I tried everything I
could think of to get a message to


If I know anything about Nicole,
it's that she'll either convince
him to come with her or she'll
find a way to get here. The last
letter I received from her implied
just that very thing.
John shakes his head and continues talking with his fellow
classmates. As he lets out a chuckle, he just so happens to
turn towards the entrance of the gym and immediately does a
      (looking towards
       the door)
Oh, my gosh. I can't believe it.
As April directs her attention in that direction, she
beholds Daniel and Nicole, who has slowly walked in,
standing in the entrance area looking around. Everyone near
the couple stops dead in his tracks.
Oh, my gosh. Talk about dejavuh.
Hm. Not much has changed.
Daniel turns to see an individual from his past, yet looking
a bit older, approaching him as he makes his way through the
crowd with April not far behind. Everyone else commences
       Daniel with hand
Well, if it's not our king and
queen of the evening.
Nicole stands still as if to represent a mannequin.
      (shaking Daniel's
How are you guys? It's been a
long time.
Yeah, it has.


April walks up to Nicole, who still looks as young as she
did in high school, and gives her a hug.
      (standing back to
Well, let me look at you.
April looks Nicole up and down.
Wow. You haven't changed a bit.
Yeah, whatever.
I have tried desperately to get in
touch with you. Where have you
been this whole time? I wrote you
several letters and it was only
until six months ago did you
April, please, not now.
Sure, no problem.
Nicole looks at Daniel and John.
Excuse me, I have a lot to catch
up on.
April takes Nicole by the hand as they walk over to join the
other group of girls. Daniel watches her every move as he
is interrupted by John.
So, how long has it been, Man?
It's been a while, that's for
Yes, that it has. Come on, let's
walk over here and get a drink.


John leads Daniel over to the bar as they take a seat.
So, tell me. What's been going on
in your life for the past ten
years? You and Nicole been
getting along okay?
Yeah, everything is fine. It just
seems like all I ever do is work
Yeah, tell me about it. I know
what you mean. It was so easy in
high school. We had less
responsibility and the times
seemed to last forever.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Sorry we didn't get a chance to
attend the wedding. April wanted
so badly to go.
Yeah, same here.
      (laughing while
I guess, maybe, our invitation
just got lost in the mail.
Daniel flashes John a questionable look as he then resumes
looking straight ahead.
Look, I know that everything has
been harder on the girls, but I'm
really ready to clear the air.
It's really terrible the way we
left everything. I just wanted to
say that I was sorry. Maybe I
made a few unlikely assumptions.
Daniel sighs, nods his head and looks at John.


Yeah, I know. It's okay. We'll
get past it. Don't worry about
it, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Daniel takes a drink and then looks back down. After
sitting in silence for a brief moment, John breaks the
So, what do you do for a living?
      (looking up to
       stare straight
Well, for the past two years, I
have worked in construction with a
buddy of mine. He owns his own
business. He recently promoted me
to supervisor so I'm now managing
the crew.
Well, that's good. Sounds like a
pretty good job.
      (looking at John)
Yeah, it pays the bills. How
about you?
Well, after college I took on a
job as a graphic designer for a
company in Texas. I've been there
for four years.
Wow. Pretty exciting work. Have
you designed anything I may be
familiar with?
Well, have you ever heard of the
'Ruff' mix dogfood?


Well, I designed their company
website right before I accepted a
job with April's uncle who owns a
huge manufacturing facility in
Really? I thought you were
wanting to desgin video games.
Well, oddly enough, I opted out of
the video production field and
applied exclusively for a
multimedia graphic design program
due to April's uncle owning a
pretty good size business and
wanting me to be in charge of
their company website. So, with
that in mind, I majored in web
design and the rest is history.
Sounds pretty high-tech.
Yeah, it can be pretty demanding
at times, but I really enjoy it.
Your long lost friend seems to
have it together.
And who would that be?
Remember Timmy Stratton? Well, he
has developed his own networking
company who has already profited
more than 2.5 million dollars
within the past two years. He
couldn't even make it to the
reunion this year due to his
demanding job and all of the
responsibilities that come with
it. However, he is definitely
living the life.
Really? Good for him. Did he
ever get married?


I don't believe so. I haven't
heard any differently.
Yeah, he probably couldn't find
anybody that would take him.
John casually shakes his head as he looks down.
Daniel nods as he turns to check out the crowd who is
dancing around and enjoying each others company.
You, uh, ever see Amber around
town anywhere?
No, she pretty much skipped town
right after graduation just like
you did.
Daniel calmly nods his head with a smirk.
      (looking at Daniel)
Man, are you ever going to let
that go? What is this hold Amber
has on you?
      (looking at John)
Hold? What are you talking about?
All of that is history. I'm just
trying to catch up on old friends.
Really? The only thing I could
think about after you left was how
egotistical and arrogant you were
in thinking that everything has to
go at your pace on your own time.
Nicole is a great friend, and as
I'm sure you know, a loyal person.
She doesn't deserve to be
isolated from her friends and
treated like an object at the
hands of anyone. She doesn't
deserve to be taken for granted
whether it be by the likes of you,
Amber or anybody else. Besides
that, it's not like that whole
ordeal with Amber wasn't mainly


                       JOHN (cont'd)
your fault.
      (chuckling while
       looking at John)
So, you think that's going to
upset me? Man, you have
absolutely no clue as to what
you're talking about. You haven't
even been around for the past ten
years. Maybe I'm just extending
myself as far as I want to. As
long as us men get what we need,
that's all that matters, right?
Trust me, Nicole never has, nor
ever will, want for anything.
Daniel taps John a couple of times in a friendly manner on
the shoulder as he stands up.
So, when is Richie going to show
up? Does he still have to be late
for everything?
      (looking at Daniel)
What? You mean you didn't know?
Didn't know what?
Daniel, Richie was killed about
three years ago in a terrible car
accident. He was hit head on by a
drunk driver.
Daniel's face immediately draws a blank as he slowly sits
back down.
Yeah, Richie's brother tried
tracking you down but it was
almost as if you had quarantined
yourself and was no longer


Daniel is taken aback as he simply stares off into space.
John serenely interrupts him.
Daniel, I'm sorry you had to find
out like this. We honestly tried
to contact you. It was by mere
chance that you found out about
the reunion. You literally cut
yourself off from everybody.
      (as if to come
       back down to
No, it's okay. What happened to
the driver?
Everyone involved in the accident
was killed. Richie's wife, who
was also pregnant, was in the car
with him. It was a very tragic
Daniel looks down and shakes his head as he tries to regain
his composure.
What has happened to you, Man? We
all use to be so close. It's
terrible to let something so small
affect everyone like this. You've
got a beautiful wife who adores
you and you seem to want to close
her off to everything.
      (looking at John)
Man, did you recently become a
therapist or something? You're
not exactly perfect either. I
think you know what I'm talking
April and I have gotten past all
of that and we now share a
beautiful, trusting marriage. We
learned how to let go and let


      (laughing to
Yeah, right.
      (putting his hands
Look, Man, I know. I'm sorry.
It's just that we need to try to
let loose of all of those harbored
feelings. It's time to move past
it and let go. It's really time
for us to just grow up.
      (standing to his
Look, it's been great talking to
you. Maybe I can catch up with
you a little later. I'm going to
go find Nicole.
As Daniel starts walking away, John addresses Daniel one
last time.
One of these days you will see
what it's like to truly love and
be loved if not in the most
unfortunate way.
Daniel turns around and responds to John with a questionable
look as he shakes his head and again turns to walk away.
Nicole and April come on screen. As they reminisce, Nicole
is immediately taken aback by April's comment.
We tried everything we could think
of to find you. What has he done
to you?
I guess he thought he was doing
what he had to do to protect me.
To protect you? Protect you from
what? Living a life? He has
barricaded you from all your
friends and family for ten years.


                       APRIL (cont'd)
How is that protecting you?
April leans over and takes Nicole by the hand to observe her
wedding ring.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
He sure knows how to pick a ring.
Thanks. I don't know. I've asked
myself that very same thing for
years now.
Well, have you ever thought about
Several times, but he wouldn't
hear of it.
Well, it's not really his place to
Yes, but that is always easier
said than done.
April lets out a sigh as if in an attempt to emphasize with
Nicole as she looks over to see Daniel heading their way.
      (looking at Nicole)
Hey, I'm going to go find John and
sit with him for a little while.
Why don't you come and find us
      (nodding her head)
Sure. See ya later.
April stands and flashes a look at Daniel as she begins to
walk away. Daniel returns the favor by flashing a fake
smile as he approaches Nicole.


The exterior of the gym comes on screen as it shows the sun
setting. Back inside the gym, the old classmates are now
going at a slower pace. Daniel is seen still sitting in the
same location as before, while with John, as he turns up his
last drink.
Hey, I thought you were going to
join us at the dart game on the
other side.
      (looking at his
Man, I'm sorry. Nicole and I are
going to have to soon go. I've
get to get back to work early
Maybe you should find someone to
drive you home. You look a little
I'm fine. Do you mind helping me
find Nicole?
No, sure. Come on.
John walks over to Daniel and places his arm around him as
if to assist him in walking.
As they exit the gym, Nicole follows Daniel to the car, as
he sways casually in a slight drunken manner. Daniel
approaches the car and opens the passenger side door for
Nicole to enter and just stands there holding the door
handle, waiting on Nicole to physically respond. John is
not far behind them.
Daniel, are you sure you want to
do this? You know what happened
about twelve years ago, except
this time, you are not by
yourself. You have to consider
Nicole and her safety.


Thanks, John, but I think I have
this under control, okay?
      (standing near the
       passenger side
Daniel, I am not getting in the
car with you like that. You're
Get in the car, Nicole. I am
No, I told you. I'll have John
and April take me home.
      (throwing up his
How? They don't even know where
we live. It's four hours away.
Nicole, I am only telling you this
one last time. Get in the car. I
told you I was fine. There is no
reason to rely on anybody else to
take you home.
Nicole cautiously climbs in the front seat of the car as
Daniel closes it. Nicole slowly fastens her seat belt as
she calmly bows her head. All John and April can do is
stand by and watch.
Daniel walks around to the other side of the car and opens
the door.
      (getting in the
Hell! Women! Can't trust
Daniel gets in the car and closes the door.
It's not that I don't trust you,
Daniel. You may be above a lot
but your not above the influence
of alcohol. I'm only looking out
for myself, given that someone has


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
to. You sure seem to show no
Oh, like I honestly don't have
your best interest at heart?
If you did, you wouldn't want me
to get in this car with you.
Daniel starts the car, backs out of the driveway and spins
out as he takes off down the road. Friends are standing
around watching in awe. April takes hold of John's hand.
If he hurts her in anyway, I'll
personally kill him myself.
John immediately looks at April and then pulls her to him as
he embraces her.
      (softly to himself)
Yeah, me too.
Are you trying to prove a point or
something? Why do you insist on
treating me like this?
I am not treating you like
anything. You don't trust me and
you make that very obvious.
As Daniel speaks, he continues to drive, as in a drunken
fashion, all over the road.
Nicole bows her head as if in prayer. As they come up on
the first curve, a car coming in the opposite direction
barely misses them.
      (sticking his head
       out of the window)
Are you crazy?
Daniel again looks straight ahead.


      (shaking his head)
Oh my, God! Some people are
      (with a shaky
Daniel, please slow down.
      (looking at Nicole)
I told you, I have it under
As Daniel looks at Nicole, she turns straight ahead. The
motion of the picture turns to slow motion and the effect
continues as her expression immediately turns to fright,
causing Daniel to look straight ahead just before ramming
into a car head-on.
The impact causes Daniel's car to flip three times as the
action of the picture remains in slow motion. As the car
comes to a standstill upside down, there is a brief moment
of silence as the exterior of the car is in view.
As the focus remains on the exterior of the car for a brief
moment, the view of the camera immediately moves swiftly to
the other side of the car where Daniel is unconscious,
hanging halfway out of the car and Nicole nowhere to be
found. The picture slowly fades to a black screen.
As the screen remains black, a loud groan is heard. The
picture comes back on screen as Daniel desperately observes
his surroundings and finds that he is stuck. As he attempts
to free himself from the vehicle, he immediately remembers
He looks to the passenger side of the car but can not find
her anywhere.
Nicole! Answer me!


He tries again to free himself but is unable to move. He
slowly begins to jimmie his way out through the window and
crawls on his hands and knees as he endures a piercing ache
in his side. He immediately falls on his back.
      (in agony)
Nicole! Where are you? Please,
answer me!
As he looks towards his right, he notices Nicole's limp body
lying in the ditch. He immediately turns over, pushes
himself up and slowly crawls over to her.
Nicole! Oh my gosh, answer me!
Tears begin to wail up in his eyes as he approaches her. He
lifts up her limp body, holding her tightly in his arms and
begins rocking her slowly in a smooth maternal fashion.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please
don't die on me.
Daniel raises his head to look around and take in the
Help! Can anybody hear me?
As Daniel looks behind him, he notices that the other car
has hit a tree with no bodily movement in sight.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Help! Help!
Daniel's attention is drawn to a bright object, appearing to
be in the shape of a man, standing just off the side of the
Hello? Who are you? Can you help
The object stands motionless.
Daniel continues watching the object as sounds of sirens are
heard coming up the road.


Daniel turns towards the direction of the sirens. As he
turns back to address the object again, it was nowhere to be
found. Daniel continues staring in that direction with a
questionable look.
The ambulance pulls up to the scene as the medical staff
immediately rushes to their aid.
      (talking to Daniel)
Sir, we have to take her now.
There's nothing more you can do
for her.
Daniel turns towards the EMT.
      (trying to speak
       through tears)
You have to save her, please.
Sir, we can promise you that we'll
do our best. She's not currently
breathing so she needs drastic
medical attention.
The EMT is assisted by two other fellow technicians who
slowly pull Nicole from Daniel's arms and place her on a
stretcher. As Nicole is taken away, the first EMT again
addresses Daniel.
Are you hurting anywhere?
Daniel begins sobbing.
She's not going to make it. I saw
her angel, ready to take her home.
      (talking to
We have hallucinations here!
      (as in a daze)
Yes, an angel. I saw a strange
man standing on the side of the
road dressed completely in white.
Although I didn't physically
recognize the man, I felt as if it


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
was someone I may have already
known. He was here to save Nicole.
Daniel looks up and stares the man directly in the eyes.
He was here to save her from me.
Do what?
Yes, he didn't verbally speak to
me but I seemed to have understood
what he was saying. He's going to
see me again, very soon.
The other two members of the team again approach Daniel with
a stretcher in hand.
We need you to relax. Everything
is going to be alright. Don't
worry about your friend. We're
doing everything we can to see to
it that she has the best
possibility for survival. We need
you to focus on your health right
now and leave the rest to us.
Daniel is assisted in laying down on the stretcher as the
technicians proceed in getting him to the ambulance.
As Daniel is lifted up and taken off, he continues staring
in the direction of the object which had now already
dissipated and left the scene.
Daniel is lost in deep contemplation, staring out into
nothing, as he is confronted by a knock on the door. Without
waiting for a response, a policeman enters the room.
      (entering the room)
Hello? Daniel? Hi, my name is
Bob Peterman. I am a police
officer with the West Point police
department. I hope I'm not
disturbing you, but I was hoping
that I could have a few moments


                       POLICEMAN (cont'd)
with you.
Daniel looks up at the policeman.
      (scooting up in
       the bed)
Yes, Sir. Please, come on in.
The policeman walks over to the side of the bed as he pulls
out a pamphlet and a small baggie.
Daniel, I need to ask you a few
questions. Are you sure that now
is a good time?
Sure. It's as good a time as any,
I guess.
The policeman hands Daniel the small baggie.
Daniel takes the baggie and slowly opens it up. As he peers
into the bag, he immediately glances up at the officer as he
reaches in to pull the object out.
As he pulls the object from the bag, he begins to tear up as
the focus is placed on Nicole's wedding ring.
Oh, Nicole.
He tightly closes his hand and clutches the ring. He then
bows his head and begins to sob.
Daniel, I hate to get to the point
so quickly, but per our
investigation, we have to get
accurate information in the way of
any narcotics, alcohol or other
drugs that may have been used that
night that possibly could have
contributed to the accident. Was
there drinking involved at any
point in the night?
Daniel raises his head, wipes his eyes and tries to address
the officer.


      (beginning to
Yes, Sir. I had a few beers at
the reunion but not anything that
would cloud my judgment. Nicole
and I got into a fight that made
me a little irritated, but I
thought I was fine to drive.
How many beers would you consider
to be a few?
I don't know. Maybe four or five?
The policeman proceeds to write in his pamphlet.
What was the fight about?
You know, I really don't know.
Thinking back, I don't know why we
ever fought. It's all because of
me, I see that now.
What happened right before you
left, Daniel?
When we got out to the car to
leave, she started insisting on
some friends taking her home. That
irritated me even more to think
that maybe she didn't trust me or
think that I couldn't handle
myself, so I started yelling and
making a scene.
Why would you yell at her when she
was only trying to protect herself
given that you obviously didn't
even care about your own safety?
I don't know. I guess with the
alcohol, the fight and my arrogant
attitude, I felt I was above


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
everything and didn't feel like
being told what to do by anyone.
Did you possibly think that you
were above the law as well?
      (looking down)
Yeah, I guess it would appear that
Daniel, I will be back with
further questions, but during the
meantime, get you some rest. I'll
see you soon.
The policeman turns to exit the room as Daniel addresses him
one last time.
       policeman's arm)
Please, I have to know what has
happened with my wife.
The policeman looks down at his arm where Daniel is holding
on tight.
      (calmly releasing
       his arm)
I am not at liberty to give out
that information. That is not my
position. My job is to simply
take statements and try to get
down to the truth of the matter.
Trust me, Daniel, you will find
out soon enough.
With that, the policeman turns and exits the room.
Prior to leaving, he turns to address Daniel one last time.
Daniel, in saying this, I do not
mean to scare you but you may want
to consider getting an attorney to
assist you with all of this. You
are going to need some legal help.


The policeman then turns and exits the room.
      (raising his voice)
What the hell does that mean? I
deserve to know how my wife is
doing. Is there a doctor? Please,
send a doctor in here.
In response to Daniel's loud request, a doctor immediately
enters the room.
Sir, you need to lower your voice.
Look, I just want to know how
Nicole Spencer is doing. That's
all. Can you tell me?
The doctor walks over to the side of Daniel's bed and bows
his head.
Daniel, Nicole and the passengers
in the other car you hit head on
did not make it. The impact of the
accident killed them all
instantly. You were the only
survivor and there were no other
witnesses. There is a thorough
investigation going on right now
and we need your full cooperation.
The doctor looks back up at Daniel.
We're not really at liberty to
discuss the events of that night,
but only to make sure that you get
yourself well soon to assist the
authorities with the
Daniel becomes completely frozen as his eyes wail up with
Nicole is gone, Daniel. I'm


How can this be? I've got to be
dreaming this.
I'm sorry. Due to your medical
condition, we didn't want to
burden you with that loss right
now but if you really want to help
the situation, Daniel, you have to
get some rest and be attentive
enough to help out with the
investigation if not for anyone
else but for Nicole.
Daniel stares straight ahead.
You're not exactly in the clear
yet, Daniel. You have two broken
ribs, a broken leg and a strained
wrist. It's a miracle you even
made it.
With that, the doctor bows his head once to Daniel out of
respect for his loss and turns to exit the room. However,
before he leaves, the doctor turns to address Daniel one
last time.
Your friends wanted me to tell you
that they are thinking about you
and that they will all be up here
for the next visiting session.
Unfortunately, it sounded to me as
if there were a lot of unanswered
questions on their part.
Yeah, like I even deserve their
The doctor turns to leave as Daniel begins to quietly pray.
      (looking to the
God, please, this can't be
happening. Please give Nicole a
second chance. I know I can fix
things. I promise to never hurt a
single soul again, especially


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
those that I love. Please just
give Nicole her life back and take
me instead if you have to.
Daniel bows his head as he cries uncontrollably. As he
continues crying, a shadow of a man slowly covers him.
Is that really true, my son?
Daniel raises his head to behold a very attractive
dark-haired stranger, dressed in a white leisure suit with
somewhat of a glowing aura standing before him.
You? It was you I had seen at the
accident. Who are you and what do
you want?
The man stands directly at the foot of the bed as he
addresses Daniel.
My name is Gabrielle and I come as
a messenger from God. You can
refer to me as Gabe.
      (taken aback)
Oh, really?
Daniel looks around the room as if to find someone else
assisting with this joke.
No, Daniel, there is no one else
and this is far from being a joke.
I have heard your cries and I
have been sent here to assist you.
At that moment, a nurse walks in to check Daniel's vital
signs as part of her daily rounds.
      (addressing the
Can you see him?
      (looking at Daniel)
I'm sorry, do what?


      (pointing towards
       end of bed)
Can you see him?
      (looking in that
See who?
Him, standing right there at the
end of my bed.
The nurse continues looking in that direction as she then
looks all around the room until finally placing her full
attention on Daniel.
Sir, I'm sorry but I don't see
anyone here. It's just you and me
in this room right now. Do I need
to get a doctor?
Daniel looks at Gabrielle (Gabe) in question.
      (sighing as he
       looks at Gabe)
No, it's okay. I must be just
seeing things. It's probably just
me being tired and needing some
sleep. Thanks anyway.
Sure. If you need anything, push
this button on the side of your
bed and we'll send someone in
Thanks, I appreciate it.
The nurse turns to leave and exits the room.
      (speaking to
This has got to be a joke.
This is not a joke, Daniel. You
are the only one that can see or
hear me. Therefore, speaking of


                       GABE (cont'd)
this to anyone else is forbidden.
I don't understand why you are
here. Why me? Are you like a
death angel or something?
Gabe walks over to the chair on the opposite side of the
room and takes a seat on the edge of the chair with perfect
posture. He then addresses Daniel while he watches Gabe's
every move.
No, not by far. I am the angel of
life and your soul messenger.
Although God doesn't make deals,
that promise can be granted should
you choose to take on this
What are you talking about?
Well, earlier, amidst your pain,
you promised God that if He would
give Nicole her life back that you
would not ever hurt anyone again.
Daniel sits up directly in his bed.
I was observing you and the
validity of your sincerity.
I'm sorry, but I still don't
You have been chosen to overcome a
big challenge. Should you carry
through with your promise of never
hurting a single soul again,
Nicole will not be taken. However,
if your promise fails, she will
pass away. Daniel, you are being
given a rare opportunity to make
things right with those you love
as well as yourself. You can also


                       GABE (cont'd)
change the course of things and
save Nicole's life.
But what would I have done to be
given this opportunity?
Well, from the way I understand
it, you are the perfect subject to
learn the true meaning of
sacrifice. Thus far, in life, you
have yet to sacrifice anything.
Yes, Daniel, sacrifice. Nicole
will be able to maintain life
through this experience but only
if you allow her to. In order to
do that, though, you will have to
sacrifice something very important
to you for the sake of itself.
And what does that mean?
You will have to sacrifice that
intimate urge for Nicole and get
to know her on a more emotional
and spiritual level.
How crazy do you think I am? They
have already declared her to be
dead. How much more of a
sacrifice could I offer?
Gabe stands to his feet and approaches Daniel. He then
takes a seat on the side of his bed.
Daniel, this is of no laughing
matter and you have yet to truly
sacrifice anything. Should things
be left the way they are, it would
be Nicole who has sacrificed her
life for you because she trusted
you enough to place her own life


                       GABE (cont'd)
in your hands. Now, it is your
turn to place your life in her
hands. If you are interested in
taking on this task, you must
listen very closely to what I am
about to say, for my time here is
very limited.
Daniel slowly pushes his body up against the back of the
Being that intimate part of
Nicole's life will only lead down
the same road of destruction. You
must avoid this. Her perception
of time will be changed and her
memory completely erased should
you choose to proceed. Yours,
however, will not. You will have
complete recall of everything that
has happened up to this point. If
you cannot agree to these terms,
the agreement will be voided,
Nicole's life will be lost and
nothing up to this point will have
been altered. You will pay for
her death and spend the rest of
your life in a hellish prison.
Gabe stands to his feet and faces towards Daniel as he
begins to slowly fade. It's almost as if he is disappearing
from existence.
Please, how do I come to avoid
acting on those feelings for her?
I don't know if I can just be her
      (while fading)
You must figure out what is most
important. Is it going to be
unconditional love or pure
self-involvement? Is it going to
be you or her? It can only be one
or the other. You now have the
same length of time to figure that
out that you did to get to know


Gabe has now completely vanished as Daniel stares out into
space. He can still, however, hear Gabe's voice.
Forbid Nicole's death from
happening. Close your eyes and
count back to your high-school
Wait a minute! What do you mean?
I don't know how to do this or
what to do!
As Daniel waits for Gabe's response, he sits in silence.
Upon receiving no answer, he begins to talk silently to
Okay. I need to close my eyes and
think back to my high school
years. Man, this is crazy.
Anyway, here goes nothing.
Daniel slowly closes his eyes and bows his head. In a bit
of hesitation, he concentrates really hard. In an instance,
all of his mentality (within the blitz of one thought) takes
him back to that specific point in time as a quick review of
past images (he and John fighting, laughing, hugging Nicole,
etc.) flow past him.
The images then completely stop as the screen immediately
goes black.
As the screen remains black, a loud bell rings as Daniel
immediately comes on screen, having been frighteningly
awakened and lifting his head from his desk.
As he takes in his surroundings, he notices a very familiar
face of someone walking up to him.
Hey, Man.


Are you alright? You slept
through the entire class. I'm
surprised Mrs. Sanders didn't call
on you.
Daniel observes Richie as he gets up and stands before him.
Richie? Is that really you?
Daniel approaches Richie as he attempts to hug him.
      (calmly pulling
Whoa, Man, wait a minute. Are you
alright? What has happened to
Daniel pulls back as he looks at Richie.
You look the same way that you did
the last time I saw you.
Of course I would. Why wouldn't
Richie, have I ever told you how
grateful I am to have you as my
Wow, who are you and what have you
done with Daniel?
Daniel immediately pauses as he looks at Richie.
Nicole? Richie, where is Nicole?
Is she okay?
Richie has a very questionable look on his face.
Of course she's okay. I left her
safely in class just this past
period. Unless, of course, the
aliens came and abducted her. With
the things that have been


                       RICHIE (cont'd)
happening around here, I wouldn't
be surprised.
Richie laughs as Daniel darts towards the classroom door.
Richie soon follows as Daniel stops to address him before
walking out of the room.
What year is this?
      (pulling back)
Come on, Richie, don't ask stupid
questions. Just tell me what year
this is.
Okay, chill! It's 1984. It has
been all year long. Why? Did you
really get that wasted last night?
1984? Oh, Man, he did it.
Who did what?
Sorry, Man, I can't talk about it
right now.
Daniel turns to exit the room into the hallway as Richie
follows. As he walks past a room, he pauses (along with
Richie) to glance inside as he takes notice to a younger,
beautiful girl who immediately takes his breath away.
      (after a few
See, there she is. Just as she was
last night. Did something happen
to you two after you left the
party? I know you were mad and all
but you must have made up pretty
quick. She seems to be over it


       looking at Richie)
What did you say?
I said you two must have made
So, you remember us fighting.
Of course I remember. It was just
last night. How could I forget?
How could anyone else forget
either with the show you were
putting on.
So you witnessed Nicole and I
leaving together?
Yeah, you were being a pain about
it. You should have just let her
drive. You're fortunate you made
it home okay. Do you know what
could have happened?
Daniel is taken aback by Richie's response.
Yes, I am very well aware of what
could have happened.
I was looking out for you though.
You were?
Of course I was. What do you
think friends are for? I drove
past Nicole's house first after I
left the party and I saw her
bedroom light on. I just wanted
to make sure she was okay because
you were definitely being a jerk.
I then drove on past your house
and your car was in the driveway,
as pretty as day. You really need
to watch your attitude with her,


                       RICHIE (cont'd)
Man. She really likes you. You
also don't want a repeat of what
happened a couple of years ago.
A couple of years ago?
Yes and I'd rather not talk about
      (almost speechless)
Look, I know. I'm about to make
it up to her, though, in the best
way possible.
How's that?
      (smiling and
       putting his arm
       around Richie)
Come on, walk me to my next class.
That, you'll figure out in time.
Daniel glances in at Nicole one last time, flashes a smile
and heads off with Richie down the hall.
As Daniel walks down the hall, observing all the faces from
his past, he notices Nicole and April talking to a familiar
looking individual. As he gets closer, he realizes who it
is. He is shocked to find that his looks have dramatically
increased from a skinny, scraggly individual with glasses to
somewhat of a nice looking fellow.
      (approaching the
Oh, my goodness. Timmy? I barely
recognized you. What happened to
your glasses?
My glasses? I haven't worn those
in forever. Did last night's
splurge really do that much damage


                       TIMMY (cont'd)
to you?
The girls start laughing as Timmy reaches for Daniel's hand.
As Timmy proceeds in conducting the infamous private
handshake, Daniel immediately withdraws with a look of
confusion on his face as if to imply that he was shocked to
find that Timmy even knew what the handshake was.
Come on, you know I'm just
kidding, right?
Daniel still has a questionable look on his face as he tries
to figure out how that handshake came so naturally to him as
if he has been doing it for years.
Look, I'm sorry that I have to
leave y'all but I really need to
get to the office to take care of
some business before my last
class. Are we still on for this
The girls both answer with a yes synonymously as all three
begin to laugh. Timmy waves his goodbye as he heads down
the hall.
Am I missing something here?
What do you mean?
After hearing Nicole speak for the first time since the
accident, Daniel is taken aback for a second.
      (waving her hand
       in front of
       Daniel's face)
Hello? Is anybody home?
What? I'm sorry, I have a lot on
my mind.
That's okay. I understand. What
do you mean are you missing


Oh. What is it that everybody has
planned tonight?
Boy, you do need some rest. It's
the bonfire. Remember?
A bonfire? And Timmy will be
It's at his house, Daniel.
Since when do we hang out with
What do you mean? I thought you
guys have always been friends.
Always as in when?
April and Nicole look at each other as they turn to head to
class, shaking their heads.
      (following the
Look, I'm being serious.
      (talking with her
       back turned to
Daniel, we've all been friends
since grade school. I wish you
would get off of his back. His
parents are the ones that provide
the funding for extracurricular
school activities, especially
football. Remember the time that
we needed more uniforms and his
dad was there to pick up the


Oh, I see. His family has money
so we all feel obligated in having
to hang out with him. Is that it?
April stops dead in her tracks as she turns to address
Daniel. Nicole turns to watch the ordeal.
What is your hangup with him? You
have always seemed to have a
problem with him. It's almost
like you think you're better than
he is which we all know that
you're not. You'd think that
after he saved your life you would
be more appreicative of him.
April turns to leave as Daniel takes her by the arm to turn
her back towards him.
What do you mean he saved my life?
The accident a couple of years
ago? Let me guess. You forgot
about that too.
Daniel looks at April in question.
He was there?
You know he was there. He gave
you CPR and resuscitated you.
Thank goodness it was only you in
the vehicle. If there were any
passengers in the car, it
definitely would have killed them.
Remember, it all happened the
night you left my house drunk.
Daniel is taken aback.
      (mumbling to
So, this is where it all starts.
My opportunity of changing things
for the better. This is it.


      (staring at Daniel)
Daniel, you really need to seek
help, seriously.
April looks at Nicole as they again turn to leave. Daniel
turns around to head in the opposite direction as he turns
straight into Gabe.
Whoa. Can you not warn me before
you do that? I can't talk to you
like this. People are going to
think I'm crazy.
Daniel walks around Gabe as he continues walking straight
ahead. Gabe stands still, watching Daniel as he walks away.
      (talking over his
You could have at least let me
know you were going to throw me a
few curve balls.
Now how much fun would the game of
life be without curve balls?
Yeah right.
Daniel immediately turns around to grace Gabe with a
friendly goodbye gesture when he sees that Gabe is nowhere
to be found.
      (to himself)
I can't mess this up. I know what
I have to do and it starts now.
Daniel continues walking down the hall in the same direction
as the students begin to clear out.
Daniel arrives at Timmy's house and parks the car. He sits
in silence, watching the other students engage in
conversation and laughter.


What in the world am I doing here?
Anyway, here we go.
Daniel exits the car and heads towards the crowd.
There's my man!
John walks up to Daniel and initiates their handshake.
Hey, man. I'm glad you could make
Yeah, I'm here. I don't know why
Oh, come on. You need to open
yourself up for some fun. Let's
go meet the gang.
Daniel and John walk over to where a small group of people
are standing. As they approach, Daniel notices Nicole
sheepishly smiling at him and then turning away.
Alright, guys. I think we're all
here now. I have some news I'd
like to tell everybody.
The crowd unanimously replies with a groan.
      (putting his hand
No, this is excellent news,
really. I got accepted into the
college of choice. Graduating
high school is going to be a
wonderful thing.
And which college would that be?
I was accepted into the Full Sail


Full Sail University? Oh, that's
right. You want to make video
games for a living.
The group laughs as John responds.
That's right. So, when you start
spending money on games that I
have created for your little ones,
keep in mind that it will be me
who will be making the money and
you who will be spending it.
No, I think you would be better
suited for something more
elaborate. I think you would do
better designing websites for
large corporations. You'll see.
Everyone in the group immediately stops what he/she is doing
and looks directly at Daniel.
Wow, you think so?
Sure. Maybe April's uncle could
give you a job with his company
and put you in charge of their
website design.
John looks at April and starts laughing as he then looks at
Daniel to respond.
Yeah, Daniel. You really do have
a sense of humor.
As the group laughs together, Daniel glances back over in
Nicole's direction and notices that she is looking at him.
As their eyes meet, Nicole immediately turns away smiling.
As Daniel continues looking at Nicole for a brief moment
longer, he turns straight ahead as a thought crosses his
      (to himself)
What am I doing?
Daniel excuses himself from the group.


Sorry, guys. I have to go find
the bathroom. Would you excuse me
for a moment.
Daniel turns to leave as the group commences their
Daniel walks towards the house as he notices a huge tree
just on the other side. He approaches the tree and sits
down behind it so as to be discrete.
I don't know what I am doing here
and I don't know what to do.
You know you can ask for help.
Daniel jumps as Gabe, standing right in front of him,
addresses him.
      (remaining seated)
Where did you come from?
I am always here, watching your
every move.
I don't understand what I am doing
Gabe, dressed in his white leisure suit, stands right in
front of Daniel.
You must find your own way,
Daniel. You know the stipulations
involved with the opportunity that
you have been given. Now it is up
to you to make the choices on how
it is all going to be conducted.
You've been given the second
chance. Now it is up to you to
make good use of it, properly.
      (looking up at
How am I not supposed to involve


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
myself with a girl that I love and
have memories of in the most
sensual way? How do I know this
isn't just some dream, either?
You must carry only those memories
with you. Knowing that should you
involve yourself with Nicole in
that manner this time, it would
literally mean the death of her.
That alone should be a good enough
deterrent in itself, don't you
Daniel looks down as he lets out a huge sigh.
And Daniel, this is no dream. If
it were, could I do this?
Daniel feels a severe pinching on his arm as Gabe just
stands there with no movement.
      (grabbing his arm)
Ow. Okay, I think I get the
      (bowing his head
       again with a sigh)
I know what you're saying and
you're right.
As Daniel keeps his head bowed, Gabe bends down on one knee
in order to see Daniel eye to eye and begins to address him.
Daniel, If you truly love someone,
sometimes you have to let her go.
You have to figure out that
meaning. What exactly is true,
unconditional love versus an
emotion you try to hold onto to
satisfy your own selfish needs?
Remember, her feelings and
ultimate security are what's
important this go-around. Don't
let her down. And, on the same
hand, don't let yourself down.


As Daniel looks at Gabe, Gabe stands back up and begins to
vanish into thin air, again.
      (after Gabe has
Must you come and go in that
Daniel sighs once more as he stands to his feet.
This is going to be difficult but
I know what I have to do.
Daniel steps out from behind the tree and heads to rejoin
the group.
As he approaches the group, he sees Timmy laughing and
joking around with everybody.
      (talking to Daniel)
Dang, we were beginning to think
you fell in.
      (as he approaches
       the group)
Yeah, right. What did I miss?
Not much. Just listening to John
talk about all of the money he's
going to be making.
Yeah. We know that's going to
happen. Y'all don't forget that
we're grilling over by the pool.
Make sure to make your way over
there to get you something to eat.
Timmy looks at Nicole and smiles then makes his way around
to the other groups to deliver the same news. Daniel, John,
Richie and April all look at each other and giggle before
heading towards the pool.
Wow. It seems you've got quite a
few admirers.


Yeah, imagine that.
So, what about you, Daniel?
What do you want to do with the
rest of your life?
I don't really know. I guess just
to find my happiness and secure it
once it's found.
Wow, that's deep.
Yeah, really. I was just
referring to a college you may
have picked out.
I'm not sure about college yet.
Well, I think you should go.
Daniel stops and looks at Nicole while the rest of the group
proceed to the pool.
      (stopping with
You seem like you are a pretty
smart person. It would be a shame
to have all of that potential go
to waste.
Well, thank you. I appreciate
that. Look, I want to apologize
for my attitude this morning. I
was way out of line. I guess I
was just trying to act like I was
king or something. Maybe I was
just trying to be impressive.
However, I now see that I was


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
being a complete asshole.
Oh, it's okay. You were the one
who took me in when I first moved
here. You showed me all of my
classes and even helped carry my
books. You deserve to let go
every once and a while. Just
remember to watch the language.
Nicole points at Daniel as if to say shame on you.
      (taken aback)
Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.
Anyway, that is what I'm here for.
Anytime you need help with
anything or have any questions,
please don't hesitate to ask.
Sure thing. I guess, uh, we
probably better go grab some food
while we have a chance.
Yeah, you're probably right. Shall
Daniel extends his hand in front of them as if to lead the
way. Nicole proceeds as Daniel follows.
As they approach the crowd who is now eating, Daniel and
Nicole walk over to the grill to grab a bite to eat. They
then join the others sitting around the pool. As Daniel
takes a seat, Nicole sits down right beside him. Daniel
shares a smile as he looks down to eat.
      (looking up
       towards the sky)
This is really a nice night. Just
check out the stars in the sky.
Yeah, it is really beautiful.
John looks at Richie as they both begin to laugh.


Have you ever wondered, though,
what all is out there? I mean,
what if we could travel beyond
space and time and have the
ability to see things before they
actually happen.
This grabs the attention of Daniel who looks in John's
Wow, think of the heartache that
could truly be avoided if that was
the case.
Daniel looks at Nicole and then addresses the group.
I'm sorry, guys. I really need to
be going.
Why? You're normally the one to
close the place down.
      (standing up)
Sorry. I just feel a little down
tonight. I would really hate it
if I made someone else sick.
Sure, man. Hope you get to
feeling better.
Nicole stands up.
Can I walk you to your car?
Sure. See you guys later.
Daniel turns to leave as Nicole follows.
What has been up with him lately?


I don't know. Something doesn't
seem right with him. Maybe he
just needs to get laid.
Richie and John both start laughing as the girls respond.
Oh, my gosh. How tacky. You
think you can go one night without
comments like that?
      (placing his arm
       around April)
Yeah, Richie. You need to try
showing a little more respect
around the ladies.
      (laughing as she
       looks at John)
Yeah, right.
Daniel is seen walking to the car with Nicole right behind
him. As he approaches the car, he goes to unlock it.
Is it me?
Daniel immediately stops and turns to address Nicole.
I'm sorry. Do what?
Is it me, the reason that you're
leaving early?
No, no, of course not. Why would
you think that?
Then why are you acting so
I'm sorry if I have come across
that way. That's not my
intention. I've just had a lot on
my mind, that's all. I'll see all
of you guys at school tomorrow.


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
Nicole stands there as Daniel gets into his car, smiles once
more at Nicole, shuts his door and starts his car to leave.
Nicole steps back as Daniel backs out of the driveway, waves
and takes off down the road.
      (softly to herself)
It is me. I can feel it. I just
don't know what it is yet.
As the tail lights from Daniel's car vanishes, Nicole turns
and walks towards the group.
Nicole and April are walking across the football field,
heading towards the bleachers.
Can I ask you something?
Sure, what's up?
Have you ever felt like there was
some strong connection to someone
that you couldn't quite put your
finger on or had the urge to
believe in something that you knew
existed between you and another
individual but just didn't know
exactly what it was?
Like what?
I don't know. It just seems like
we may have known each other in
another life or something but he
seems to want to ignore all of the
signs that are right there in
front of us.
April begins laughing as she jokingly nudges Nicole's arm.


And who might that he be?
I think you know.
Oh, come on. Do you really
believe in past life stuff?
Yeah, I think to a certain extent
there may be some truth to it.
Well, would that not include the
concept of reincarnation?
I don't know. Do I look like some
kind of theologists to you? I'm
just speculating the possibility,
that's all.
April starts laughing as they both step onto the bleachers
and take a seat.
      (opening a book)
Well, if past lives truly exit,
then both of you must still have
quite a bit of learning to do. The
concept of reincarnation is that
in each life a lesson is learned.
The more lives you experience the
more there is for you to learn.
Isn't that what consistent
lifetimes are about should they
Yeah, I think so. But if there is
something to it, what is it you
think we may be here this time to
Who? You and Daniel?


Who knows. Maybe its for him to
learn how to keep a relationship
and put somebody else first for a
change and maybe you're the one
God has chosen as the prize should
he learn it.
Nicole and April both start laughing as they take their
books and start reading before class.
Daniel is seen walking down the hall among the students with
books in hand. He is immediately confronted by John who
taps him on the shoulder.
Hey,Man, what are you doing?
Heading to class. What are you
Same thing, I guess. I think your
future girlfriend has a lot of
admirers but it's obvious she only
has eyes for you. Why that is, I
have no idea.
      (looking at John
       as they continue
What do you mean?
Doing her the way you do. It's
almost as if you don't care for
her but you keep leading her on to
keep her from being with somebody
else. If you don't want her, why
do you care if she's with somebody
else? You don't want her or need
her but you don't want anybody
else to have her either. What's
up with that?


      (stopping to
       address John)
Is that what you think?
      (looking directly
       at Daniel)
Yeah, it is.
Daniel sighs and looks down to the ground.
Look, Man, I for one know that
this stuff can be difficult at
times but it's not like y'all have
an elaborate history that can
withstand the hands of time. Just
make your choice and move on.
Daniel looks at John with a questionable look on his face.
There's a lot of things you don't
Oh, really? Try me.
I wish I could but this is
something I have to do on my own.
What does that mean?
It means that nobody else can help
me. I have to figure it out on my
Daniel begins walking down the hall as John continues
talking to him.
So, your just going to allow her
to sit on a shelf until you decide
what it is you want to do with
      (talking over his
Yeah, you really have it all


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
figured out, don't you?
John is seen throwing his hands up and turning to walk in
the opposite direction.
The bell sounds as Nicole is seen walking out of a classroom
and up to her locker in the hallway. She does her
combination lock and opens her locker as she notices a note
lying on top of her books. She takes the note and opens it.
      (reading softly to
Nicole, I hate to come to you like
this, but there is really no
better way to do it. Don't waste
anymore time on me. Your time is
too precious to throw away. It's
better to give it to someone that
cares. Signed, Daniel.
Nicole looks up with a disgruntled look as she is approached
by Timmy.
Nicole, are you okay?
      (slamming her
       locker shut)
Yeah, just fine. It's just that
some people should be locked up
and then throw away the key.
Nicole turns to walk off as Timmy follows.
Just some people, that's all.
Timmy softly takes Nicole by the hand as she comes to a


You need someone that will love
you the way you need to be loved.
I can be that for you if you will
just let me in.
Timmy, I'm sorry. I've told you
before that we are just two
different people.
Nicole turns once more as she begins walking away.
      (speaking as she
       walks away)
But what does that mean? Different
people or just you thinking that
something is wrong with me?
Nicole stops and turns to address Timmy as she approaches
him once more.
Something wrong with you?
Yes, what is it that you think is
wrong with me? I know I'm not
quite the looker like Daniel or
John, but physical beauty will
never reach beyond the depth of
our own skin. We really aren't
that different. I can prove it to
Nicole gives Timmy a disgruntled look.
      (reaching out to
       Nicole as a tear
       falls from his
Nicole, please. I have feelings
just like Daniel or anyone does. I
cry when I'm sad, I smile when I'm
happy, I shake when I'm nervous
and I pray when I'm scared.
Nicole, I know you do the same
things too. So see, we're really


                       TIMMY (cont'd)
not that different. If you would
just give me one chance, you would
see. You might find that you
could really like me back.
The expression on Nicole's face exemplifies the look of a
heart dropping.
See, if you look beyond all of the
superficial issues that cloud your
judgement, you might just find
someone that reminds you of me.
Nicole slowly pulls away from Timmy as she continues looking
at him until, after taking a few steps back, she turns to
leave and all Timmy can do is watch. He slowly bows his
head and wipes a tear from his face.
As he glances once more towards Nicole's direction, he turns
around and accidentally runs into a classmate, causing a
book to fall from her hands. Nicole hears the commotion and
stops to observe.
      (picking up the
Oh, I am so sorry. Are you okay?
Timmy hands the book to the girl.
Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, Timmy.
You're very welcome. Have a good
Timmy turns and walks off as Nicole is seen having observed
the incident. She softly nods her head as in approval and
then slowly turns to head to class.
Upon turning, she bumps into Daniel and drops a book
Whoa. Hey, what's your hurry? You
need to slow down before somebody
gets hurt. Anyway, catch ya


Daniel casually walks off as Nicole stares in wonderment.
She bends down, picks up her book and turns once more
towards Daniel's direction as she sees him meeting up with a
girl. She puts off a sigh and turns one final time in the
opposite direction to head to class.
Focus is then placed on Daniel and the girl he just ran
Amber? You're here too?
Daniel? Hey, how are you? Yeah,
I'm here. I just moved here. How
are you?
Oh, Amber, it's great to see you.
I'm sorry to cut you short but
maybe we can catch up later. I'm
sorry but I really need to get to
class. See ya.
Daniel puts out a sigh as he looks one last time in Nicole's
direction, flashes a look at Amber who still remains staring
at him and casually turns as he shakes his head and then
looks down. He wipes his eyes as he walks away.
Timmy is seen walking to class as John walks up behind him.
Hey, Man. Where have you been?
You've kind of made yourself
scarse here lately.
Oh, sorry. I've just had a lot on
my mind.