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Judgement (Second Draft 11/12/09)
by Robert J Stringini (rstringini@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Three people are held hostage by a cult that worships a very odd, and apparently very deadly creature that they believe to be the Seocnd Coming.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The room is dark, and AMY is lying on the bed. She looks
tired, beaten. Her right hand is bandaged.
                       JACKSON (O.C.)
Amy, wake up. You're free.
The door to the room swings open, and the light from the
other room lands on Amy. She sits up slowly, then gets out
of bed. She limps slightly as she walks to the door.
Amy looks out the doorway, but almost seems afraid to cross
the threshold.
                       AMY (CONT.)
Hello? Oh my God...
She laughs, her hand going to her mouth, trying to muffle
the sound. She runs out of the room.
Amy runs into the room, but is careful not to make to much
noise. A door suddenly slams somewhere else in the house,
and she jumps, turning towards the noise.

Slowly she backs into the kitchen area.
Amy starts pulling open drawers, going through cabinates,
looking for a weapon. Finally she finds something. She
grabs a knife off of the counter, and turns, holding the
knife in front of her.
Stay the fuck back you sick son of
a bitch! You are not touching me
again. You hear me?
She stops, looking around the room, waiting for someone to
jump out at her. There is a soft scuffling noise, but Amy
can't see what's making it.


The Savior Bug scurries around the kitchen, watching as Amy
takes a step towards the living room. The Savior Bug
scurries behind her, and then quickly leaps out at Amy's
ankle, biting her. Amy screams, turns, and looks down at
the bug. She screams again, and the Savior Bug hisses.

Amy turns and runs.
Amy is running, her limp more severe now. She is panting.

There is the sound of the Savior Bug coming after her, it's
tiny legs scuttling across the floor. There is a lound his,
and Amy shrieks, falling to the floor.

Amy spots the back door, stands up, runs to the door, and
out of the house.
The sun is just starting to come up in the horizon. Amy
runs onto the porch, and stops, turning, watching for the
bug. She has the knife held out in front of her.

She looks down, and can see that her leg is badly bitten.
Blood is soaking the leg of her pants, and she is having a
hard time keeping pressure on the leg.
What the fuck are you? Oh God.
Just leave me alone! Leave me the
fuck alone.
Amy turns, and JACKSON is standing behind her. He grabs her
wrist, and she drops the knife. Then he pushes her, and she
lands on her back.

He takes a step forward.
Such language. My dear girl, how
do you ever expect to get into
heaven with a mouth like that?
Fuck you!
Oh, Amy dear, I believe it is you
who is fucked.


Amy freezes when she hears the scurrying of little bug legs
behind her. She sits up.
The Savior Bug is watching Amy.

She slowly turns her head towards the bug, and screams. The
Savior Bug hisses loudly and rushes her, aiming for her
Jackson is suddenly sprayed with blood, and Amy's screams
slowly die. Then there is the sound of the little bug legs
scuttling off.

Amy's throat is ripped open, and she is gargling blood. She
coughs, and Jackson looks down at her. He walks over to the
knife she had dropped and picks it up, the then walks back
to Amy, leaning down, close to her face.
Sadly, you have not been chosen.
And I had such high hopes for you,
and what you could bring to the
flock. Well, the Savior's word is
Jackson howls, raises the knife, and slams it down into
Amy's chest.
                                         FADE TO: OPENING
                                         FADE IN
DELIA is standing at the stove, a boiling pot in front of
her. She is humming to herself softly, while dropping eggs
into the pot.

There is a ding, and toast pops out of the toaster. She
walks over, picks it up and plops it on a plate. There is a
muffled thudding in the background, and the sound of someone
yelling through a gag.

Jackson enters, he sniffs the air and smiles.


Well, aren't you up early.
The sun was so bright, the air so
fresh... I just couldn't resist.
And the smell of food was very
You'll have to wait. Our guests
get served first.
Delia. Always such a kind hostess.
Jackson snatches a piece of toast, and takes a bite. He
smiles as Delia gives him a playful slap on the shoulder.
Is Micah still sleeping?
He had a tough night last night.
He's still getting use to things,
to the heavy lifting.
Well no one said doing God's work
wouldn't put a few aches and pains
in your back. He'll adjust.
I hope so.
The muffling is louder, followed by the sound of feet
kicking a wall.

Jackson turns, looking back at the far bedroom.
They are a noisy bunch. Are you
sure? About them I mean.
They need us the most! Those
three are lost, and I found them.
You, me and Micah will help them
find peace.
Jackson, you are a good man. A
good, good man.


Delia removes the hard boiled eggs from the pot and places
them in a basket. She looks at the small meal and frowns,
putting her hands on her hips.
What's wrong?
I just wish I could give them
more. I mean, a little jam or
butter maybe.
You know the rules. They must be
cleansed or... well, it's best not
to think about that.
I know.
Delia takes the plate and the basket with the eggs and heads
towards the far bedroom. She walks through the small dining
area, through the living room, and stops at the door.

She places the food on the ground, and pulls out a key. She
unlocks the bedroom, lets the door swing open, picks up the
food, and heads inside.
The shades are drawn, and the room is rather depressing.

Sitting on the floor, at the foot of the bed are ADAM and
ROSE. On his back, next to the wall is KYLE. They are
bound and gagged with blindfolds over there eyes.

Delia places the food on the bed, walks over and lifts the
blind, letting light flood the room. She smiles, and with a
Leave it to Beaver twirl, turns to her three "guests".
Good morning everyone! May God...
Kyle interrupts Delia's greeting by kicking the wall and
attempting the scream. The gag muffles the sound.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
Well, that just won't do. I'm
sorry young man. I know you don't
want to be here, but try and make
the best of it.


Fuck you cunt.
Delia walks over, grabs Kyle's shoulders, and drags him back
to the foot of the bed. While she appears sweet, she roughs
Kyle up a bit, bumping him into side tables and the bed as
she drags him.

When she has Kyle positioned next to the others she stands
up straight, brushes out her clothes, brushes her hands
together, and eyes her three "guests".
Well, I can't feed you like this.
Delia bends down and removes the blindfolds, and then Rose
and Adam's gag. She goes to remove Kyle's and stops.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
You... I think you could use a
good fast. It'll clean up your
vocabulary right quick.
Delia smiles and pats Kyle on the head.
Why are you doing this to us? I...
I never did anything to you? Did
No sweetie. We didn't do this to
punish you. You've done nothing
wrong... not to us at least. No,
we're going to save you!
Please, just let us go. Please.
I... I don't want to die.
You won't die. Not if you do
everything that we, and God, ask
of you. We are offering you
freedom, all of you.
You're going to let us go?
No silly. Not that kind of
freedom. Spiritual freedom.


Couldn't you just ask us for money
or make us read your newsletter or
We've tried that, and have found
that this method works the best.
Untie me you fucking bitch or I'll
rip your goddamn tits off and make
you wear them as earmuffs.
Delia turns and backhands Kyle. He falls to the side, blood
dripping from his split lip. She then grabs him by his hair
and props him up again.

Her sweet, demure demeanor returns.
The Lord is a blessing, not a
curse. Taking his name in vein
will not be tolerated, is that
Rose and Adam nod. Kyle snaps his head towards Delia.
Go to hell.
Delia gives Kyle a kick, and then resumes smiling.
Jackson is sitting on the couch, Bible in his lap. His eyes
are closed. His head is leaned back. He is smiling. The
scene is almost sexual.

MICAH walks in, still messy from sleep. He rubs his eyes,
and sits across from Jackson.
Good morning...
Shh... Enjoy it. The morning


The sound of Kyle's muffled groan as Delia hits him again
can be heard in the background. Jackson's smile grows. He
runs his hand over his chest, stopping over his heart.

Micah winces, and looks away.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
That, my dear boy, is the sound of
another blessed day.
Sounds more like assault and
battery to me.
Jackson opens his eyes, sits up, and gives Micah a gentle
tap on the side of the head.
Learn to enjoy life. You've made
it. You've been chosen. Rejoice.
I guess I'm still tired, is all. I
didn't sleep very well.
You'll get use to it. It takes a
while, I know, and you're new. New
to us, to the group, to your life
as a saved man. It takes time, I
know. It took even me time to
I just... I don't understand why
we have to be so... rough.
These people are lost. They don't
understand that they need to be
saved. They need their salvation
thrust upon them. A tract here, a
street corner sermon there is not
enough. These people... these
lost souls need to be grabbed by
the hair on the back of their head
and forced to see how wicked their
lives really are.
Jackson looks towards the hostage's bedroom.


What if it doesn't work? What if
they don't pass through the next
We can't think about that now. All
we can think about is saving those
who have been placed in front of
us. A homosexual, a whore and a
drug addict. Three hopeless
cases, many would say.
What if they fail Jackson?
You know what happens. You saw it
with your own eyes. You
experienced it. It is not pretty,
or nice. It is vengeance. If
they fail, they will be punished.
They will be put to death, and the
blood shall be on their own hands.
Micah stands, turning away from Jackson, looking out the
window, at the beautiful morning outside.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
You are thinking about them again.
Micah, what have I told you? Push
them from your mind. They're
gone. They failed.
They are... were my family. My
Jackson stands. He puts his hands on Micah's shoulders.
We are your family now. The group
is all you need. We will care for
you, nurture you, love you. You
were chosen. Be glad.
Delia leaves the hostage's bedroom, letting out a sigh. She
closes the door just as Kyle pitches another fit.
That one is going to be a handful.
Why on earth would you choose
him? He seems like such a waste.


We cannot turn away a challenge.
You know that. And they hunger.
If he fails, which sadly he is
likely to do, they will feast.
I guess, but since you picked him,
he's your responsibility. I will
not be cleaning up after him.
You always say that, and yet you
always give in. You can't help
Well, I can't have things turning
into a mess. I've seen far to
many messes. Do you remember that
biker and his... what did he call
her? His mama! Do you remember
them? What a disaster that was?
Let it go Delia. Kyle won't be
like them. He'll be weak as a
baby in a couple of hours. The
withdrawals will take the fight
out of him.
For your sake I hope so. Oh!
Withdrawals. I forgot about the
withdrawals. Oh, the vomiting and
the sweats. I'll need a bucket
and a wash cloth. Do you think I
have enough time? When was his
last fix?
Right before we chucked him in the
trunk. Jackson shot him up again
when we brought him in.
He speaks!
You did what? Jackson, needles...
really? That's so icky.


I wanted him to stay calm for as
long as possible. Is it so wrong
to want a peaceful morning?
Delia walks over to the couch, picks up the Bible and begins
flipping through it as if she was reading a magazine.
I guess not. I just worry. The
drugs are still in his system
Jackson sits next to Delia, putting his hand on her knee.
I only gave him a little.
Only a little?
Very little. A teenie-tiny little
hit to keep him calm. That's all.
Then I guess it's alright.
Delia puts down the Bible and stands up, heading towards the
                       DELIA (CONT.)
Well, breakfast will be ready
soon. So Micah, go clean up.
Yes ma'am.
Micah walks off towards the bathroom. Jackson watches him.
He waits until Micah is out of sight to speak again.
What? I see it on your face.
Something's wrong.
I worry about him. I don't know
if he was the right choice.
Jackson... are you questioning
God's choices now?


Of course not! I just worry. I
care about him. I want him to do
well, but that sadness that
surrounds him holds him back.
It'll pass. Like a storm cloud
always does.
Micah is standing in front of the mirror. He rubs his hands
over his face, through his hair. He lifts up his shirt,
examining a large bruise on his rib cage from the night

He turns, grabbing a towel and uses it to block the bottom
of the door. Then he reaches under the sink and pulls out a
pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

He starts the shower, waits a few seconds for the water to
get hot, then lights up a cigarette. He takes a long drag,
closes his eyes, savors the nicotine, and then lets the
smoke out. He looks towards the door, back at his
cigarette, takes one more drag, then puts it out in the

He sticks his hand under the water, testing the temperature,
then pulls off his shirt. Before he gets undressed he takes
one last look at himself in the mirror.
I need to get out of here.
Micah puts his hands over his mouth and starts to scream,
the sound muffled. He stops his feet, shakes his head, and
throws a mini-tantrum.

He then leans against the sink, trying to catch his breath.
Finally he turns on the water and grabs his toothbrush.
Kyle is screaming, the gag still in his mouth. He's
thrashing around.

Rose and Adam are watching him. Adam keeps eyeing the door,
waiting for someone to walk in. Adam is closest to Kyle.
Rose is looking around the room for something to cut her
bindings on.


Shut up, or that Leave it to
Beaver bitch'll come back here.
Kyle doesn't listen. He keeps screaming and kicking, his
face turning red.

Adam scoots over to Kyle. He leans, falling over, his
fingers grabbing Kyle's gag. He slides the gag a little,
and Kyle uses his tongue to push it the rest of the way out.
Will you be quiet now?
What the hell did you do that for?
Shut up bitch. I couldn't breath.
My nose ain't that great at
getting air.
To much coke? I've seen it in a
few of my clients. They get this
weird wheezie noise coming from
their noses. I guess the coke
just... Sorry. I ramble when I'm
Bitch should have left you both
What the fuck is your problem?
What's my problem? I'm not the
one thrashing around like I'm
having a fucking seizure during an
I don't do well without my morning
pick me up, okay? Now get off my
fucking back.
Damn. These ropes are cutting
into my wrists.


Adam manages to get himself into a seated position. With a
little wiggling he gets his hands free. Then he reaches
down and unties his legs.
How the fuck you do that?
I use to date a forgetful leather
daddy. Long story, but the short
lesson is I learned how to untie
myself. He once left me hanging
upside down for half an hour. I...
I'm sorry.
Adam walks over and starts to untie Rose's hands.
Never would have pegged you as a
I'm not. Just desperate. Not
much of a demand for accountants
in the club scene. Unless it's
tax season. I'm Adam by the way.
Rose gets her hands free. Adam stands and walks over
towards Kyle while Rose unties her own feet.

He leans down and goes to untie Kyle's hands.
You cop a feel, you owe me fifty
bucks, got it faggot.
Rose stands up, rubbing her wrists. Little red marks are
visable on her skin.
You're a real piece of work, you
know that? He's trying to help
you dumb ass.
Adam quickly starts working on Kyle's hands, and once
they're free he steps away, moving closer to Rose.
And your name?


What's your name? If we're going
to be stuck here, we may as well
know each other's names.
I don't plan on being stuck here
much longer, so what's the point?
Kyle stands up and goes over to the door. He checks the
handle. Locked. He goes to the windows. Sealed shut.
                       KYLE (CONT.)
Yeah, we're locked in. Big
Adam sits on the bed, looking at the red marks on his
wrists. He rubs the back of his head, and winces.
They must have hit me pretty hard.
My skull feels like it's ready to
You and me both sweetheart.
Rose sits down next to Adam. She looks over at Kyle.
You're still stuck here with us,
so give us your name.
Well Kyle, you don't look so good.
I don't feel so good either. I
feel like shit, to be more direct.


Those are fresh.
Adam points to Kyle's arms, the exposed track marks lacing
the inside crook of his elbow.
Everyone has their vices man. You
got your whips and ropes, I got my
chems. What you got?
Kyle sits on the ground, leaning against the wall, keeping
his distance from the others. He points at Rose.
                       KYLE (CONT.)
Well? You gotta have somethin'.
Those Watchtower Wackjobs wouldn't
have dragged you here if you
I got... I got a lot of mistakes I
guess. No drugs. No kinks. Just
plain old stupidity and bad
choices. I'm just wondering which
one of those choices got me stuck
in this little slice of hell.
I... I didn't say I liked the
whips and stuff. You just keep
saying that I'm into kink. I'm
not. I just... like I said, I was
desperate. I really hated it,
actually, but I liked the guy,
So you let him use and abuse you.
Tale as old as time. Lived that
one a few times myself. Never
anything so nasty though. Sounds
like you have to Rosie. Taken a
ride on the abuse train.
It's Rose, never Rosie. Remember
We are a sad little picture,
aren't we.


Yep. And now the fine fuckers
outside want to save us from
ourselves. Well, let 'em try
their motherfucking best. No one
has saved this asshole yet. Not
God, not the Steps, not... shit...
Kyle doubles over. He is starting to sweat.
You okay? You ever come down
before? You know, clean, no help?
Yeah. I'm an old pro.
You aren't that old.
Yeah, well, I sure as hell feel
Just hang in there. Things can
only get better, right?
Kyle bursts out laughing, then Rose, then Adam. The
laughter only lasts a moment though, and is soon replaced by
a cold silence. They look at each other, the fear settling
The room is very neat, very tidy. In the corner is a small
dog crate with a blanket over it.

Jackson is putting on his shirt. His hair is still wet from
the shower he just took. He has several small scratches and
bite marks all over his torso, as well as bruises. He
buttons up the shirt, turns towards the mirror, and smiles

The dog crate starts to shake. There is an odd hissing
noise coming from it.

Jackson turns, looking at the crate.


Be patient my Lord. I cannot
allow you to pass your judgement
to soon. They aren't ready.
Jackson walks to the crate, kneels down, and places his hand
on top of it, stopping it from shaking.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
You can sense their sins. It
upsets you. I apologize, but your
fury just proves to me how much
they need to be saved. How much
they need your judgement, and your
freedom from their evil, sinful
Jackson begins to gently stroke the crate. He closes his
eyes, leaning his head back. The sound changes from a hiss
to a low, almost mechanical purr.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
Soon they will see your beauty,
and your power. Soon, my Lord. I
wish I could set you free among
the world, but our numbers are to
small, but they will grow as you
choose your followers, your army.
We will be strong, and we will
honor you. Those that stand
against us shall fall, drowning in
their own blood. Blood that has
been drawn by your holy hand.
                       DELIA (O.C.)
Jackson opens his eyes and sees Delia standing in the
doorway. She claps rapidly, a big smile on her face.
Delia, what have I told you about
coming into my room while I'm in a
state or holy rapture?
Oh well, I just can't help myself.
It's just the most amazing thing
to watch. It almost makes me feel
dirty. Almost. Anywho, breakfast
is ready.


Delia turns and leaves the room. Jackson starts to stand,
but stops, his hand going to his crotch. He has become

The purring stops, and Jackson feels his body relax. He
stands, straightens his collar, and leaves the bedroom.
Kyle is lying on the bed, shaking and sweating. He isn't
doing well. Adam is sitting next to him, watching, unsure
what to do, what he can do.

Rose is pacing.
What do you think they have
planned for us?
I don't want to think about it. It
could be nothing, it could be... I
just need to clear my head, and he
ain't making it easy.
Kyle screams in pain, rolling on his side, curling into a
ball. He starts to wretch, but nothing comes out. His
stomach is empty.

Adam moves to put his hand on Kyle's back, but stops,
hesitates, and then gently touches Kyle's back. Kyle
doesn't react. He just sobs.
He's soaking wet.
Sweating out the drugs. It's not
pretty. Seen it to many times
Rose sits on the edge of the bed, keeping her back to Adam
and Kyle.
What's it matter?


It's something to talk about. Take
our mind off of... our situation.
Come on Rosie. Little bonding
moment never hurt anyone.
Kyle winces in pain, clutching his stomach.
It's Rose...
Never Rosie, I know. Don't care
SO, where'd you see this before?
My day job. Work as a nurse in a
rehab clinic. Pays the bills, and
most of the people ain't to bad.
At least after they come down. But
while they sweating it out... they
can be some mean motherfuckers.
To be honest I don't think Kyle
here would ever be nice. Would
Kyle just winces again. He isn't paying attention.
Whatcha coming down from? Your
escape of choice. What is it?
Kyle takes a deep breath, the pain passing, he rests his
head on the pillow.
What ever I can get. Never really
had a favorite. Loved all my
babies equally.
You are in for some kind of hell,
you know that?
I think he gets it.


No. I think he needs to hear
this. You, my friend, brought
this on yourself. I bet you had
people offering you help all your
life, and you just spit in their
face, and finally...
Rose stands up, looking directly at Kyle.
                       ROSE (CONT.)
Finally they all wised up and
walked away, leaving you to self
destruct all on your own. Am I
Seems like more than a day job to
you honey. Who you try to dry
out? Who spit in that pretty
little face of yours?
Fuck you.
Come on, open up, show us what
your insides look like.
We don't have to go there. I'd
kind of prefer if we didn't.
Why not? You're the one who
thought up the heart to heart
idea. You should be enjoying
Things are tense enough. We don't
need to add to it, okay? Okay.
Kyle starts to shiver. He pulls the blanket on the bed over
his body. Adam removes his hand.
Put your hand back.
Thought you were worried I'd cop a


Kyle cringes, pulling the blanket tighter.
Adam lightly puts his hand back on Kyle's back. Kyle seems
to relax a little.
It's a comfort thing. Don't take
it the wrong way or anything. I
mean, you know... I... You seem to
be taking this really well.
I'm flipping out on the inside,
trust me. I just... I don't see
the point in falling apart right
now. Wouldn't really help us,
would it.
Guess not. (Pause) You should
rub in a circular motion between
his shoulder blades. Gently
though. He probably feels like
every bone in his body is
Adam follows Rose's instructions.
How long does this usually take?
The whole detox.
Depends. Could take a few hours,
a few days. Could...
Could kill me.
Don't think about that.
Yes mom.
You're not the first person to
call me mom, you know that?


I doubt he'll be the last. You
just have that mom aura. You know
what I mean?
It's called putting everyone else
before myself and repressing my
anger and frustration. Well,
thats what my shrink tells me.
Kyle lets out a loud scream. He curls his body tighter, but
it doesn't seem to be helping. He screams again, his body

The door to the room opens, and Delia stands in the doorway,
hands on her hips, a knife in her right hand.

Rose gets up, ready to rush her, and Delia holds up the
knife, pointing it at Rose.
I wouldn't try anything missy.
I've been known to... what do the
kids say these days? Oh, I've
been known to "cut a bitch".
Delia giggles, and Rose sits back down on the bed.

Delia steps into the room, pointing the knife in Kyle's
                       DELIA (CONT.)
You, get your hand off of him. I
will not have an faggotry in this
He's just trying to help me.
Kyle screams again, and Adam goes to grab him, but Delia has
the knife at Adam's throat.
You heard what I said, now you
best listen to me, you hear? I
will not have you corrupting this
poor man's soul. Just like you...
you... homosexuals. Taking
advantage of a man when he's in
dire need. You make them think
they need you when all they really
need is Jesus.


He needs a doctor.
And you would know this how?
I'm a nurse.
Really? I thought you were a
lounge singer.
I sing at night, but nursing pays
the bills. Now get him to a
doctor, or he could die. You get
that right?
Delia puts her hands on her hips, removing the knife from
Adam's neck, and leans her head back and laughs. Then, in a
split second she has the knife in Rose's face.
Now don't you forget whose in
charge here missy. I'll say what
he needs, not you. And what he
needs... is Jesus.
Kyle screams again. He thrashes on the bed, grabbing Adam's
arm. Adam puts his hand on Kyle's shoulder, trying to hold
him down without Delia noticing.
Jesus Christ, shut this
motherfucking thundercunt up! The
sound of her voice is making this
You watch your mouth. I'll let it
slide this time because you're
coming down, but if it happens
again... I'll cut your balls off.
Delia puts her hand to her mouth, shocked that she would say
something so vile. She giggles.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
And I will to!
Delia bursts out laughing.


Can we at least get him a wet rag
or something? Please.
Delia gains her composure, straightening her dress. She
clears her throat, and folds her hands in front of her.
Well, since you asked politely,
I'll see what I can do.
Delia turns and leaves the bedroom, locking the door behind
her. The second she is gone, Adam goes back to rubbing
Kyle's back. Kyle seems to relax a little at the contact.

Rose stands, stopping just short of the door. She holds
back a frustrated scream, and stomps her foot.
Fucking bitch!
She turns, looking back at Kyle and Adam.
I don't think you're trying to
convert me. You aren't, right?
No. You're not my type. To loud.
Rose puts her ear to the door, and can hear Delia coming
back. She motions for Adam to let go of Kyle.

Adam stands, moving across the room. Rose stands next to

Delia opens the door, and comes in, closing the door behind
her. She still has her knife, but is now also carrying a
bucket, with a wet rag hanging off of it.
Here you go. I brought the bucket
so he wouldn't get his... sick all
over my carpet.
Thank you.
Delia places the bucket on the ground, then turns to leave,
but stops, looking back.


I ment to ask, how in the world
did you get out of those ropes?
Jackson usually ties them so tight
I have to cut the ropes off. He
was an Eagle scout, you know.
I... took some lessons with an
escape artist.
Some reason I highly doubt that.
Delia turns, leaving the room, and locking the door behind
her. Rose looks at Adam and muffles a laugh.
You're on rag duty mom.
Adam picks up the bucket and the rag, and goes back to the
bed. He places the bucket on the floor, and picks up the
rag, wiping down Kyle's forehead.

Kyle sucks in air, and closes his eyes.
I don't know how much this will
A lot of the stuff he's going
through is in his brain. The
comfort stuff helps relax him,
keep him from spazzing out to
So... you're a lounge singer?
Rose points at Adam.
Don't you give me an lip Houdini.
You guys are turning into the
bickering family I never wanted.
She looks angry. I think it's in
your best interest, and mine, if
you keep quiet for a little while.


Rose glares at both of them, then turns her gaze towards the
Jackson and a cleaned up Micah are sitting at the table,
empty plates in front of them.

Delia walks over and places two plates full of food in the
center of the table. Michah goes for the food, but Delia
slaps his hand away.

She then sits down, primly placing her napkin on her lap.
Let us say grace.
Both Jackson and Delia close their eyes and bow their heads.
Micah half ass bows his head, but keeps his eyes open.
Say it loudly dear, so that he can
hear you.
Savior, you have come to us,
graced us with your holy pressence
so that we can help administer
your justice. We consume this
food so that our bodies may be
strong and healthy so that we can
do your holy work. May you help
our numbers grow, and give us the
power to save this wretched earth.
In your mighty, mighty name amen.
In the background the strange hissing sound can be heard, as
well as the sound of the crate banging around in Jackson's
Oh he heard you! He sounds so
He sounds pissed off.


Why do we keep our savior in a
small cage?
How could you ask such a thing?
Jackson begins piling food onto his plate.
The savior is a very unpredictable
being. While he is good to us, he
is quick to judge those around
him. If we just let him run free
he could harm those we have not
had the chance to clense. So, we
keep him contained, for now, to
protect those who have not had the
chance to hear of his holy
Delia takes a small amount of food onto her plate and eats
I have to keep reminding myself
that you are new to all of this.
Sometimes Micah, I just don't see
what the savior saw in you.
There is something there,
something deep inside your heart,
that will serve him well. He saw
it, and I do as well. You just
need to learn to accept, not to
Always question. Probably
something his wicked parents
taught him. Well, you saw how
that turned out. It wasn't
pretty, now was it?
Micah looks at the food, and then the ground.
Delia, dear, show some compassion.
He is still a boy. Soon he will
see us as his family, but for the
time being be gentle.


Delia looks down at her plate, never making eye contact with
Micah or Jackson.
The savior wasn't gentle. He was
viscious and brutal. He saw the
evil in their hearts, and the way
they were corrupting Micah. He
saw, and he punished them for it.
Just like he will punish Adam.
Corruptors... the most vile
creatures I ever did encounter.
May I be excused?
Delia looks up, all smiles.
But you haven't eaten a thing! You
can leave the table after you've
eaten. Not a second before.
You need to build up your
strength. We have much work to do
today. Much work.
Micah takes a small amount of food, and begins to eat

Delia slams her hand on the table. Micah jumps, dropping
his fork.
I will not tolerate disrespect! Do
you know how long I cooked? How
many hours I spent slaving over
that stove, and you're just going
to shovel that food in your mouth,
just to get away from me. You
listen here young man, I will not
tolerate it. The savior may have
spared you, but I am not so
Jackson places his hand over Delia's. He looks at her
directly, although Delia refuses to make eye contact,
instead looking at the floor, then out the window.
Micah, you may go to room for
Bible study. I expect you out
here and ready in an hour. We


                       JACKSON (cont'd)
shall start the cleansing then.
You remember the first step, I
Yes sir.
Micah stands, and leaves the room.
You need to control your temper.
Outbursts like that upset me, and
most importantly they upset the
I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm a
little on edge, thats all. It's
having Adam here. He just...
He reminds you.
If it wasn't for social deviants
like him my husband would still be
with me. And the way he looks at
Kyle, even while the man is in
such a sickly state. I can see it
in his eyes, that burning lust. It
sickens me Jackson, it honestly
sickens me.
Take a deep breath Delia. It
sickens the savior as well. You
know that. You will see first
hand tonight how the savior judges
those who go against his natural
order. This is his first
homosexual you know.
Is it horrible that I hope Adam's
face is torn off?
Of course not! Your hatred of sin
is what drew you to me, and to our
mission. That fire, that anger is
what makes you a warrior like no


Oh Jackson, you always do know how
to calm me down.
It is my gift.
Delia leans in to kiss Jackson, but Jackson leans back.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
One more thing you must learn to
I'm sorry.
They both quietly go back to their meals. Delia steals a
quick glance at Jackson and smiles.
When we are done with the first
stage we'll have to run into town,
grab some supplies. Micah will be
okay here alone as long as the
door to the room is locked.
Oh, that reminds me, they somehow
managed to get out of their
bindings. Adam says...
Enough talk about Adam. I don't
want you getting upset again.
Kyle can be heard screaming in the background.
Please, I know we have to
eventually save them, but could
you wait to pick up anymore
junkies. At least until I sound
proof the room. All that
screaming is going to give me one
horrible, horrible headache.
I'll keep that in mind when we
select our next converts.


The room is small, about the size of a walk-in closet. There
is a sleeping bag on the floor, a small, battery powered
lamp, and a Bible. The lamp is on, but dim.

Micah is sitting, his back pressed against the wall. His
knees are pulled to his chest. He's crying.
That bitch. That fucking bitch.
He slams his fist against the wall.

A few seconds later the door opens. Jackson crouches down,
looking Micah in the eye. He wipes away a tear from Micah's
You've been crying.
I'm sorry. I know, I need to be
strong, it's just...
I understand. Delia's words were
harsh, uncalled for. She... is a
very emotional woman. That is her
strength and her weakness. Sadly,
it was the weakness that showed
this morning when she attacked
you. I apologize for her.
I didn't mean to disrespect her. I
really didn't. I just... I had to
get away.
Well, pull yourself together, and
meet me on the porch in fifteen
Jackson stands. Micah looks up at him, trying to look at
him with admiration, but the fear is obvious.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
We'll try to get you a bigger room
soon. I promise.
Jackson closes the door.


Micah keeps his eyes glued to the door. He lets out a gasp.
He had been holding his breath.
Kyle, Adam and Rose are all lying on the bed. Kyle hasn't
seemed to improve at all, and Adam is trying his best keep
him calm.

Rose alternates between sitting on the bed, and pacing the
room. The small space is starting to get to her.
I fucking hate this. The air is
so stail. It feels like I'm
breathin' in dust.
Just try and focus on something
All I'm focusing on is how sweet
it is going to be when I finally
breath in some fresh,
motherfuckin' air. That's all.
The sound of the door being unlocked can be heard. The door
opens and Jackson enters, Delia behind him. Micah stays
back, trying not to look into the room.
Well, your wish will be granted
soon enough.
Rose goes to rush Jackson, but he pulls a gun on her. She
stops, hands in the air. Adam steps away from the bed,
although Kyle grabs his arm.

Delia glares at Adam, but says nothing.
I take it you've done this before.
A few times. I learned very
quickly never to enter this room
unarmed. You can never trust how
people will react to being held,
even if it is for their own good.


My own good. My own fucking good.
You're fucking killing me man.
Kyle starts to wretch, and Adam grabs the bucket, leaning
Kyle forward so that he can throw up.

Jackson ignores Kyle, and clears his throat. He lowers the
You will not have to wait much
longer. The cleansing process
begins now, and soon, soon you
shall all understand my... our
Somehow I doubt that.
Doubt will cost you Rose. It will
cost you dearly.
Oh, that smell. Jackson, could we
pretty please move this outside?
Jackson makes eye contact with Rose. A slight smile graces
his face.
Yes, there is no point in wasting
time. Micah, help Adam with Kyle.
I don't think thats such a wise
Delia... now is not the time, nor
the place.
Jackson steps out of the way, leaving the doorway exposed.
He points with his free hand, motioning them to leave.

Micah steps in, keeping his head down. He helps Adam get
Kyle to his feet. Kyle howls with pain, his legs barely
able to hold him up.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
Please follow Delia, and
understand that if you run, I will
shoot you. Delia is also armed,


                       JACKSON (cont'd)
and I have to admit, a little to
trigger happy. So, don't test
her. I'm hoping that all of you
will make it through today alive.
Micah and Adam prop Kyle up and start leading him out the
door. When they pass Delia she leans in close to Adam.
If you try anything, I'll make
sure it'll take more than a mop
and bucket to clean you up. Okay?
Delia leads the men out of the room. Jackson looks at Rose.
Please Rose, don't make me prove
how serious I really am.
How do you know my name? All our
I've been following all three of
you for a while. I chose each of
you for very specifc reasons. I
hope you can understand why after
getting to know your roommates.
No, I can't. I can't understand
this. Any of this. It's just all
a little to crazy for me to get a
full grasp of what's going on.
There will be time for questions
later, but right now you must pass
through our first ritual.
Jackson starts to raise the gun, but Rose starts moving. She
glides past Jackson, and as she does he takes a moment to
smell her hair.

He closes the bedroom door.


The large wooden porch is mostly empty except for several
large buckets of water, and a small box containing a pair of
yellow rubber gloves and a three knives.

Delia, gun pressed into Adam's back, leads Micah, Kyle and
Adam to the center of the porch and stops them.
Now Micah, if you would be so kind
to step away.
Micah does as he is told and lets Kyle go, stepping behind
Delia. Kyle starts to fall and Adam grabs him, attempting
to hold him up.

Delia shrieks, and strikes Adam across the face with her
gun. Adam drops Kyle and falls to his knees, clutching the
side of his face. Delia holds the gun to the side of Adam's

Jackson and Rose approach the group, and Rose starts to run
towards Delia, but Jackson stops her.
He embraced him. He took him into
his arms.
Put the gun down.
He'll be judged tonight, and you
know he'll fail. Why should we
wait? Mother always said you
shouldn't hold off on doing what
needs to be done. I could just do
it now. Save us a little time.
Sick bitch. If you hurt him,
You'll what dear? You can barely
stand, let alone hurt me. Why,
you're as harmless as new born


Delia shifts the gun, pointing it now at Kyle. She giggles.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
Or I should shoot you, kill you
before this monster can corrupt
you. He wants to recruit you
Kyle, you know that.
Adam watches for a moment, then grabs Delia's arm, pulling
the gun towards himself, placing it over his heart. Delia
is about to pull the trigger, but Jackson walks over. He
grabs the gun out of her hand, and then slaps her across the

Delia stumbles back, shocked. She looks at Jackson, tears
in her eyes, and her hand held to her cheek.
Are you so prideful that you
believe you are right to pass
judgement? That is not your job
I'm sorry.
Now will you behave?
Jackson hands Delia her gun back, and then turns to Rose,
motioning for her to stand next to Kyle and Adam.

Rose walks over, kneeling next to Adam. His lip is cut from
when Delia hit him, but he seems otherwise okay.
That was real stupid.
Just felt like the right thing to
do. Help Kyle up. God knows what
that psycho would do if I touched
him again.


Focus on saving yourself, okay?
You don't know him, and you don't
know me.
Doesn't mean I should let you die.
Rose puts her hand on Adam's shoulder and gives it a
squeeze. Adam stands slowly, a little wobbly on his feet
from the blow to the head.

Rose helps Kyle to his feet and helps keep him propped up.
Kyle looks at Adam, but doesn't say anything. Adam has his
eyes glued on Delia.
As you can see, we are nothing if
not passionate in our faith and
Delia gently elbows Micah in the side.
Jackson steps in front of Kyle, Rose and Adam. He smiles.
I have chosen you, all three of
you, to be tested so that you can
join our family. I saw something
in you, beneath the layers of sin
and evil that showed promise. Now,
I have been wrong before, but
today I hope I am right. I hope
we can help transform you, with
the power of our savior, to become
the best people you can be.
Micah looks away as Jackson speaks. Delia is to focused to
notice. She beams with every word that Jackson speaks.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
Now we begin the first ritual, to
prepair you for your final
judgement tonight. You are
filthy, covered in the dirty and
grime of living in a corrupt and
immoral society. We are here to
cleanse you of that filth, to make


                       JACKSON (cont'd)
you pure again. While the change
will have to come from within, we
now will symbolically wash away
your sins, through a new baptism.
Jackson steps away, and as he does, Delia chucks one of the
buckets of water at Adam.

Adam stumbles back, gasping at the freezing water. Soon
Adam, Rose and Kyle are being splashed with a constant
barrage of water. Kyle slips, and Rose attempts to catch
him, but ends up falling with him. Adam huddles next to
them, shielding his face from the freezing spray.

When the water finally stops the three hostages are gasping,
clutching at each other, trying to protect each other. They
are shivering, freezing.

Jackson walks over, one of the knives from the box in his
hand. He grabs Rose's hand, and holds it up.

In the background Delia is putting on her rubber gloves,
humming to herself. She pulls the kitchen knife from
earlier from the box, and begins cleaning it with a small
cloth. She then hands Micah a knife.
Let go of me!
Rose tries to pull her hand away, but Jackson holds on
tight, squeezing her wrist.
That filth seeps into your bodies,
and we must begin to let it out.
If you do not purge your sin, then
the savior will not grant you a
new life.
Jackson slashes the blade of the knife down Rose's palm. She
grits her teeth, holding back the scream.

Delia approaches Adam. She giggles, showing off her gloves.
Safety first. Wouldn't want to
catch anything, you know. Why,
you homosexuals are worse than
plague rats!
Delia places the blade under Adam's chin, the tip of the
knife just grazing his throat.


                       DELIA (CONT.)
Hand please.
Adam holds out his hand, and Delia takes it. She never
takes her eyes off of Adam's face. Then, digging the blade
into his palm she slowly slices. She giggles as his face
contorts with pain.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
Be a man Adam. It doesn't hurt
that bad.
Delia digs the knife in a little deeper, then finishes her
slice quickly, and with great flourish. Blood splatters
from Adam's hand.
Micah is standing, looking down at Kyle, then to his knife,
then back at Kyle.
It's for his own good.
Yes, sir.
Micah kneels down next to Kyle, he carefuly lifts Kyle's
hand. For a brief second they both make eye contact.
                       MICAH (CONT.)
I'm really sorry.
Before Micah can cut Kyle, Kyle grabs Micah's wrist, turning
his hand, exposing his palm. Across Micah's palm is a long

Kyle lets Micah's hand go, looking away.
Gotta do whatcha gotta do.
Micah turns Kyle's hand so the palm is exposed, and
hesitates. Kyle watches him, then without warning, grabs
the blade and squeezes.

Micah looks at Kyle, shocked. He stands up.
                       KYLE (CONT.)
You fucking asshole!
Kyle looks at Micah, winks, then starts screaming.


Micah, go back into the house and
prepair their room for them.
They'll need fresh clothing and
Micah doesn't speak, only nods, and rushes back towards the
house, looking back at Kyle occasionally.

Jackson steps back, smiling, he spreads his arms.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
Your cleansing has begun. Rejoice!
Rose lifts her hand, and half assedly waves it around.
Yay. We are so going to die,
aren't we.
Most likely.
Rose has on a pair of loose, grey sweat pants and is
currently pulling on a loose grey sweat shirt. She pushes
up the sleaves, and looks at the bandage around her hand.

Jackson knocks on the door, looking away, and closing his
Are you clothed?
Rose takes a step back as Jackson enters. She does a quick
look around the room, not to thrilled that she's trapped.

Jackson opens his eyes and smiles.
You shouldn't fear me.
I'm not afraid. I'm just
She holds up her bandaged hand.


It was something that had to be
done. You have to understand
that. We take no joy in
inflicting pain on you.
Really? Cuz you seemed to be
having a ball. Especially that
sick bitch. She seemed to love
smashing Adam's face in with that
gun. Couldn't wait to blow a hole
through his chest.
Delia is excitable. Adam is a
person that upsets her a great
deal, brings up a lot of hard
memories. At least, what he
suffers from does.
What he... He's gay. He ain't
sufferin' from anything, other
than people's stupidity. People
like you.
You are a strong willed woman. The
savior will break you, show you
how a woman of God really acts.
I am a woman of God. Just not
your God. I am a woman of a God
of love, not hate, and sure as
hell not of violence.
You have been misled.
And what makes you the expert?
God sent me a new savior. He sent
him right into my backyard. In a
blaze of blue light from the
heavens he dropped our savior into
my care, and I, as his first
apostle, am spreading his new


Remind me to skip the Kool Aid.
Jackson graps Rose's shoulders, looks her in the eye. He
shakes her.
Do not prove me wrong. I have
faith in you. I have faith that
you will be one of the chosen. Yet
you push me away, and you insult
the very salvation I am bringing
to you.
Salvation? You locked me in a
room! You humiliate me, you cut
me... I don't even want to know
what you have planned for me
later. And let go of me...
Rose pushes herself free from Jackson. She looks him dead
in the eye.
                       ROSE (CONT.)
You are a sick man. You know
that. You ain't saving me. You
ain't saving anyone. You're
torturing them, forcing your
bullshit salvation down their
throats. Believe and follow or
die. Fuck that, and fuck you.
Such anger, and such conviction.
It's almost exciting to watch if
every spiteful word didn't spell
out your death. Let it go Rose,
or he will judge you harshly.
Bring it on.
Jackson grabs Rose's throat. She holds her ground. He gets
his face close to hers, he is breathing rapidly. His free
hand runs up her torso.
You light a fire in me. One that
I am having a very hard


Is it true when they say power
hungry men have small pricks?
Rose spits in Jackson's face. He pushes her away, and she
stumbles back a few steps. He looks at her, his face red,
his breath coming in hard, rapid gulps. He wipes the spit
from his face.
You will remain here until the
others are ready, and then you
will join them again in the
bedroom. Until then, might I
recomend some quiet prayer asking
your God to give you some
self-control. Before it gets you
in some real trouble.
Jackson slams the door closed, followed by the sound of him
locking it.

Rose sits on the edge of the bathtub. She can't help
herself. She smiles, laughs. Then she rubs her hands over
her face, leans back, checking if the tub is dry. It is.
She lays down in the tub, and looks up at the ceiling.
Guess I hit a nerve. A little
Micah is helping Kyle into his shirt. He is looking a
little better, but not much. Adam is already dressed,
sitting on the floor across from them. Adam and Kyle are
wearing the exact same outfit as Rose.

Micah stands after Kyle is finished getting dressed. Kyle
sits up. He winces, the pain still present.
Don't you ever do something so
fucking stupid again. Got it?
Jumpin' in front of gun. You got
a death wish?
Why'd you do that anyways?
A gut reaction I guess.


Well, control your gut from now
on. I ain't letting some pull
some hero bullshit on my account.
I think I liked you better when
you were shrieking in pain.
Kind of wish you let her shoot me
now, dontcha.
I didn't say that.
Kyle looks at Micah.
Whatcha doin' here kid?
Jackson told me to watch you
Not here in this room, I mean here
with those fucktards outside.
I was wondering that myself. You
don't really seem to be the
rah-rah follow the leader type.
I... I got taken in. Chosen, as
Jackson would say.
So, what's next? Floggings? Cat
O'Nine Tails? The rack?
Well, it sounds like a good ol'
time for you Adam.
I... um... I really can't...
Jackson would get pretty pissed
off if I...
                       DELIA (O.C.)
Micah, dear!


Delia pops her head into the room. She smiles at Micah.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
I don't want you in here. It
isn't good for you. To many bad
But Jackson said...
I don't care what Jackson said.
Out here, now. I'll lock the
door. They won't be going
Micah leaves the room, looking back at the guys and waving.

Delia smiles as Micah leaves. The second he is through the
door she steps into the room, the smile fading.
I will not have you corrupting
that young boys mind, you hear me?
Stay away from him.
We were just talking.
Anita Bryant warned about men like
If you hate him so much, then why
the hell is he even here? Why
bother tryin' to save him?
I was wondering that same question
myself. You seem like you would
rather put a bullet in my brain
than "save" me.
Well, if I had my way, I would
have already delt with you, with
all of your kind. Lost causes I
say. Lost to the sins of the
flesh. No hope for you. Still,
Jackson doesn't listen. So I will


                       DELIA (cont'd)
put up with your presence for
tonight. I doubt highly you will
be chosen. But I will not allow
you to corrupt that boy. You have
ruined enough of the men in my
life, I will not let you...
Woah! You know her?
Never met her in my life.
Oh but that demon festering inside
of you has. It has stolen from
me, and I will not let it taint my
life anymore!
Delia thrusts her hand into the air, finger pointed towards
the heavens. Her chin is up, her back is straight. She
stops, looks around the room, coughs gently, clears her
throat, then turns on her heal, drops her arm, and leaves
the room, locking it behind her.

A few seconds later the door flies open and Jackson pushes
Rose into the room. The door slams again, and is locked
I don't know about you guys, but I
refuse to make this night easy for
I totally agree. If I'm dying
tonight, and if Delia gets her
way, I am, then I'm going out
That blow to the head make your
balls drop?
You feelin' better Kyle?
A little.


Now we're just left with his
winning personality.
Rose sits on the bed next to Adam. She looks at his face,
at his split lip, and the bruise growing on his cheek.
She got ya good.
Still got my teeth. Thats good,
right? I don't think any are
cracked even.
You were brave out there. Shocked
the hell out of me. When I first
met you, I thought you'd be the
first one to crack.
Why? Because I'm gay?
Out of all the shit thats been
spewed at you, and all the nasty
comments that crazy bitch has come
up with, what I said offended you.
I'm just fucking with you.
Not cool man. Not cool.
Rose stands up, walking away from the bed.
The sun is just starting to set outside. Micah is sitting
on the couch, his eyes drifting back towards the door of the
hostage room. The sound of Delia walking around in the
background, getting ready to go out, can be heard.

Jackson sits down next to Micah, and pats him gently on the
Are you going to be alright here
while we run to the store?


I should be. He stopped
screaming, so that'll make it a
little less creepy.
Enjoy the little bit of peace and
quiet. I have a feeling that will
be on short supply tonight.
                       DELIA (O.C.)
Where or where did I put my keys?
Has anyone seen my keys? I swear,
if my head wasn't attached I'd
loose it.
Jackson begins to laugh, and Micah can't help but join in.
You know the rules right. My
bedroom, and our guest's room are
off limits. You can eat whatever
is in the fridge, but don't be a
You sound like my dad. Well,
except for the whole glutton
thing. I don't think he ever said
that word in his life.
You know, I was a dad.
My son... passed away. It was a
long time ago.
I'm sorry.
Don't be. I've been blessed with
a new family. You know Micah, the
longer you've been with us, the
more I view you as my own child.
And is Delia your wife?


No! Heavens no. I mean no
offense towards Delia, but she...
she was not made to be a wife or a
Is that why you brought Rose? I
mean... I see the way you look at
her. I was just wondering.
You are very perceptive. Yes, if
everything goes as I hope, then
maybe, one day, Rose would be my
wife. She is a strong willed
woman though, and that worries me.
I'm worried to. I... I don't want
to see anyone else get hurt.
Your compasion is a gift... and a
curse. Do not let it blind you to
the true tasks at hand. You cannot
let your emotions get in the way
of your God given work.
Yes sir.
Delia walks into the living room looking flustered. She has
her purse clutched in her white glove clad hands.
I must be loosing my mind. Has
either of you seen my keys?
Micah turns to look up at her, and winces. He lifts himself
off the seat, and pulls Delia's keys from beneath the
cushion. He hands them to her.
These them?
Now how in the world did they get


Deliah takes the keys and throws them in her purse without a
second look.

Jackson stands and places his hand on Micah's shoulder.
We should be back soon.
I expect you to behave. If not...
well mister, you don't want to
know what I have in store for you.
I understand.
Jackson rustles Micah's hair, and looks at Delia. She
smiles, then awkwardly pats Micah on the shoulder. They
both leave the room.

The second they are gone Micah reaches into his pocket and
pulls out a small, gold key. He glances back at the hostage
room and then back at the key.
Rose, Adam and Kyle are all lying on the bed. Adam is in
the middle.

Rose is asleep, turned away from the guys. Adam and Kyle
are awake, both just staring at the wall across from them.
God I wish I could sleep. Just
for a little bit. Head hurts to
much though. What's your excuse?
Jaw. It's been killing me for a
while now.
Bitch fucking cold cocked ya.
Surprised it ain't broken.
I've never been hit like that
before. Never with a gun at


Cop did it to me once. Knocked
out two teeth. Been smacked
around a lot actually. Prolly'
why I look so pretty.
You aren't that ugly.
Yeah, but I make up for it in
I never say this much, but...
thank you. For helpin' me and
No problem. I would say you'd do
the same for me, but I'm actually
not so sure about that.
Prolly' not.
At least you're honest.
Your face is startin' to swell up.
I guess that's normal after
getting smacked around with a gun.
Is this what you thought you'd be
doin' today? Lyin' in bed with a
homeless drug addict and a lounge
singing nurse?
Nope. I actually thought, right
about now, I would be out to
dinner. Met this really great
guy, finally, and we've been
seeing each other for a while now.
We were supposed to go out to
dinner. I was supposed to meet
his parents. You know, just when


                       ADAM (cont'd)
things are going right...
A psychotic cult kidnaps you and
tries to brainwash ya into the
His parents are republicans so
this probably got me out of a real
awkward situation.
And there's that silver lining.
So, were you always a homeless
drug addict? Or did you just kind
of fall into the position?
No. I use to be a trust fund drug
addict. Then mommy and daddy
finally got fed up with my wasting
my money, an' my life, and cut me
off. Tried to drag me on some TV
show and I split.
Opted for freedom over national
exposure. I get why you did what
you did.
And look where it got me.
Rethinking your decision?
Fuck no!
Both men sit up at the sound of the bedroom door opening.
Adam reaches over and shakes Rose awake. She sits up, alert
and yet groggy.
What? What the... you let me fall
Rose's attention suddenly snaps to the door as it slowly


Micah pops his head in.
Don't hurt me. I just thought...
I thought you guys could use some
Micah holds up a small plastic bag. He walks in slowly, his
hands held up, showing that he's unarmed.
Kid, you better get the hell out
of my way, because I'm getting the
fuck out of here.
Hold it Rosie.
Please don't do that. God knows
what they'd do to me if they knew
I let you out.
Prolly' kill ya.
Yeah, I'm guessing you're right.
At least Delia would.
Then you could come with us.
And go where? I got nothing to go
back to.
Micah closes the door, and places the food on the bed. Rose
leans forward, and opens the bag.
You have to have some family.
Nope. Jackson's savior made sure
of that.
Micah sits down at the foot of the bed. Rose starts handing
out the food. Kyle holds up his hands, not accepting


You have to eat something.
I'll just spew it out later.
It'll all be over soon enough
You really can't tell us what's
coming up.
Well, I mean... the final thing is
you're going to be judged. That
part isn't pretty. The rest of
it... the rituals kind of change
every time. Jackson keeps
thinking up new things, new tasks
or tests.
So he's just making it up as he
goes along?
I guess. He's kind of like that.
The rules keep changing, because
he keeps on thinking up new ones.
Keeps ya on your toes.
Like, what are some of the things
he's done?
Made a guy walk over broken glass
to prove his devotion. Made a
woman drink scalding hot water to
purify her tongue. Stuff like
How many of these has he done?
Well, I've been here for three
months now. Probably one every


Holy shit. And you and Delia are
the only ones who made it through?
That really makes me feel great.
What he make you do?
He... Well, before he let his
savior thing judge me, he made me
drink his blood. Some kind of
communion I guess. I didn't
really care. I just wanted to get
out of the whole thing alive.
I get that. Thank you for the
food by the way.
You're welcome.
You want some? You brought more
than enough. It is your food after
I'm good. Already ate. You all
should probably hurry up though.
They don't know I'm in here. Kind
of not allowed.
You should get out of here then.
We'll hide the food.
Headlights can be seen through the window. Micah turns,
looking as teh beams pass across the room.
Micah stands and heads towards the door. He stops, looking
at the three people sitting on the bed, then looks at the
                       MICAH (CONT.)
Good luck.
He closes the door and locks it.


Micah runs into the small room, closing the door, just as
the sound of Delia and Jackson can be heard entering the

He sits down on his sleeping bag, and looks at the scar on
his hand. There is a brief moment of silence, and then the
door to the room flies open. Delia's arm reaches in, grabs
him, and yanks him out.
Delia drags Micah into the living and throws Micah onto the
couch. Jackson stands to the side, watching.
Where is it?
The key you little thief, where is
it? The key to our guest's room
is missing off my ring.
I don't know.
Don't lie to me!
Delia smacks Micah across the face so hard that he's knocked
off the couch onto the floor.
I don't know. I really don't.
As Jackson is watching he notices a small, golden glimmer on
the floor a few feet behind the couch. The key. He walks
over and picks it up.
Delia spins, glaring at Jackson. She sees the key and
claps. She walks over, all smiles, and takes it, pulling
the key ring out of her purse. She slips the key on the
ring, then gives it a little tap.


Micah stands up, his face red from where Delia had hit him.
Tears are streaming down his face.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
Well, I must have dropped. Thank
you Jackson dear.
She gives Jackson a light pat on the chest, and turns to
walk towards the bedrooms.
Where do you think you're going?
She stops, turning, still smiling.
Well, to get ready silly. I
wanted to look special for the
next ritual.
Jackson rushes Delia. He grabs her face, pushing her back
until she slams into a wall. He gets his face inches from
I tell you again and again to
control yourself, control your
anger, but you never listen. I
never thought I would say this
Delia dear, but you may have been
the savior's one mistake.
He throws her to the ground. She lands hard, and hides her
face from him.

Jackson looks at a stunned Micah.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
Are you alright?
Micah can only nod.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
If you so much as raise your voice
to him I will remove you from the
You can't do that! Jackson,
please, I'll control myself. I
will. I promise you.


She crawls to him, grabbing his leg. He pushes her away, and
she lands on her ass. Jackson turns his gaze away, and
leaves the room.
Jackson. Jackson, come back.
Please don't leave me like this.
Delia, are you...
Delia whips her gaze around, focusing on Micah. She stands,
and walks towards him slowly.
You. This is all your fault. Ever
since you came here you've given
me nothing but grief. You
ungreatful bastard child.
She raises her hand to strike him, but stops.
It's not like I had a choice.
You could have sacrificed yourself
to the savior. Let him devour you
like he did those horrid creatures
you called parents. You should
have done us all a favor and died
like they did.
You bitch. You nasty, spiteful,
shriveled up bitch. You didn't
know my parents. You didn't know
anything about them before you
tortured them.
I knew enough. Typical liberal,
pansy weaklings. Jackson thought
he could save you before they
polluted your mind with all their
left wing propeganda. I thought
you were a lost cause. I thought
feeding you to the savior would
have been to honorable. We should
have just stuffed you in a sack
and drown you like the runt you


At least my parents loved me.
Whens the last time a person ever
loved you? Don't think I don't
know. Your ex-husband. That was
probably the only decent thing you
ever did in your life. Your
bitter, nasty mouth pushed him
right out of the closet and into
the arms of his reparative
therapist. I guess they both
figured eternal hellfire was less
painful then another miserable
minute listening to those hateful
words rolling off that forked
tongue of yours.
Delia screams, turns, and storm out of the room.

Micah takes a step back, lets out a breath, and a soft
Jackson is sitting on his bed, his head in his hands. Delia
enters, her eyes down to the floor. He looks up and sighs.
I don't want to speak with you
right now.
Please Jackson, just let say I'm
Why would you apoligize to me? I'm
not the one you struck. I'm not
the one you belittled. You are a
strong woman, but you are angry,
and that anger is proving to make
you very unreliable. Turning
against Micah, against one that
has been chosen.
I try to control Jackson, really
truly I do. It's just that he...
Delia throws herself at Jackson's feet. She clutches the
legs of his pants, and looks up at him.


Don't do this.
Let me confess. Please, at least
allow me that. Let me confess to
you and to the savior. He can
hear, me, I know he can.
The crate in the corner starts to buzz and move a little.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
See, he hears me. If he is
willing to listen, then why can't
Then confess.
I can't help myself. The way you
look at Micah, the way you talk
about him. It makes me jealous.
You care about him, and I want you
to care about me. I want you to
look at me like someone who is a
part of your family, not just a
fellow follower. And I want more.
I want you Jackson.
Jackson stands, gently pulling Delia's hands away from his
legs. He looks her in the eyes.
You and I have talked about this.
I know what you've said, but I
don't believe you. I believe that
you do love me, that you want me.
I have to. It's the only thing
that gives me hope.
I have to get ready for tonight. I
don't have time...
You never have time, not for me.
When our numbers are stronger I
will have more time. Until then
we must push our personal wants


                       JACKSON (cont'd)
and needs aside, and think of the
greater mission.
Delia looks at the floor. Her shoulders go limp. Jackson,
gently pats her on the back, then walks out of the room.

Delia's eyes travel over to the crate.
You love me. I know you do. You
would never reject me.
The crate's door slowly opens.
The SAVIOR BUG slowly exits the crate and looks at Delia.
I'm yours, truly. Every time you
have wanted me I have been there
for you, and I always will be.
The Savior Bug moves towards Delia quickly, chirping wildly.
It aims for the space between her legs.
Delia throws her head back as the Savior Bug vanishes
between her legs. There is the sound of muffled chirping.
She gasps, closing her eyes and leans back against the foot
of the bed. She grips the sheets tightly, and suddenly
arches her back.
Jackson is sitting on the couch, eyes closed. He his
mumbling to himself. The mumbling slowly becomes louder.
How? How can I make them show
their undying devotion? How? Show
me, I beg of you. I plead with
you to give me the guidance to
enact your will. Show me your
plan and I will act it out.
Jackson's eyes suddenly snap open. He sits up straight,
then jumps off the couch.


Rose, Adam and Kyle are sitting on the bed in silence. Rose
is watching the door.
How much longer can this take? If
I'm gonna die I wanna get this
over with now.
Maybe this is a test. Maybe he's
hoping we'll turn against each
other and the last one standing
wins or something.
Nah, not flashy enough. This guy
is all about the flash and the
With him center stage.
The door flies open and Jackson walks in, gun already
pointed at his three guests. Micah and Delia enter after
him. Delia looks a good deal more relaxed. Like her old
self. Micah is fuming.
Delia, take Adam. He's all yours.
Oh joy!
Delia rushes to Adam, pulls out her gun, places it under his
jaw, and gets him to his feet.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
If ya fight me I'll blow your
mother fucking brains out.
(giggle) That was so fun to say!
I'll repent later.
Delia leads Adam out of the room at gun point.

Jackson looks at Micah and motions his gun towards Kyle.


Guess I'm all yours kiddo.
Micah walks over and helps Kyle to his feet. They both
leave the room.

Jackson kicks the door closed the second they're out. He
points the gun towards Rose, and walks towards her, so close
the barrel is pressed against her forehead.
Do you want me to pull the
No. I want you to...
Jackson smiles, the smacks Rose upside the head with the
gun. She sprawls out on the bed.
That means you still have a will
to live. Then prove to me how
much you value your life. Tell me
you want to join me, to join us.
Tell me you want salvation from
the life you lived before.
Go fuck yourself.
That, my dear, would be a sin.
Jackson gets on the bed, and crawls on top of Rose. He
holds the gun to her head, looks her deep into the eyes, and
kisses her.
Delia pushes Adam into the bathroom. He stumbles, but turns
on her. Before he can make a move she has the gun in his
Now play nice. You know I'm not
above disciplining you.
What are you going to do?


I'm going to make you presentable
to the savior, of course. Now you
look just horrible, horrible! I'm
going to make you oh so pretty.
Pretty isn't really my style.
Well all you faggots like getting
dolled up.
You don't know gay men very well,
do you?
I know them well enough. I was
married to one for five years. The
sex wasn't all that good, but by
God our house looked amazing.
I finally get you.
Oh I highly doubt that sweetie.
Now, enough chit chat. Lets get
you pretty.
Micah helps Kyle into a chair at the kitchen table. He then
walks over to the sink, and grabs a glass, filling it up.

He places the glass in front of Kyle, and sits down.
So, whatcha gonna do to me? Attach
jumper cables to my balls or
I don't plan to go anywhere near
your balls. Look, you guys still
want to get out of here?
Kid, do ya really need to ask me


Then lets go. Lets grab Rose and
Adam and get the fuck out of this
What changed your tune boy? With
all the, I got nothing and no one
Had a little run in with Delia.
That bitch will cut my throat in
my sleep if I don't get out of
What about your savior?
What savior? It's a fucking big
ass bug looking thing Jackson
found in the woods.
People worshipin' bugs. My God,
what's next. Zombie worship?
Cut the bullshit and the witty
remarks. You up for getting the
fuck out of here or not?
Jackson is ripping it Rose's clothes, and she's fighting his
every move. She tries to push him off, and he pins her
down, putting the gun right in her face.
Be my wife. Take me as your
husband, and I will spare you the
savior's judgement.
Get the fuck off me.
Say you love me Rose. Say you
want me.


I hate you, you sick son of a
With a scream Jackson brings the butt of the gun down on
Rose's nose. She rolls onto her side, blood pouring out of
her nose.

Jackson stands up, flustered.
Why do you fight me? You know
that we are ment to be together.
From the first moment I saw you,
in the dirty little club I knew
you were the one, the chosen one,
to join me in forming this group
of followers into a family. Why
can you not accept your role in
all of this? Accept the role that
the savior has given you?
You motherfucker. You think I
want to spend another minute here
with you? I would rather die.
Don't say that. Don't you say
Rose sits up. She looks at Jackson, her face covered in

Jackson steps back, frightened at what he sees.
Shoot me.
Rose, don't say that.
Shoot me you fucking coward! Put
me out of my misery.
You're upset. You don't know what
you're saying.


Jackson raises the gun, his finger shaking on the trigger.

Rose doesn't flinch.
No. You're upset, and you're
scared. The evil inside of you
doesn't want to loose. It's
fighting me, the salvation I can
give you.
I am the man, and I must take the
control. I must be the strength
that you lack.
Jackson walks to the bed, he lowers the gun, and looks Rose
in the eye. He punches her, and she falls back on the bed.
                       JACKSON (CONT.)
I will make you see that I am your
only salvation.
Delia grabs Adam's face. She turns his head from side to
Well the God Lord didn't bless you
with much. I just don't know what
I can do with you. But there are
always miracles. Thats what my
mother always said.
She puts her gun down on the counter, but keeps herself in
between the gun and Adam. She then reaches under the sink
and pulls out a makeup bag. She unzips it and starts
searching through it's contents.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
Now what should I do with you. Are
you a summer? No. A winter...
Well, I just don't have anything
for that.
How does this prove my devotion?
How is this a test?


Delia turns, smiling.
Oh, it isn't. I mean, what would
be the point? You're going to be
killed anyways. I'm just going to
have a little fun.
She turns back to the bag.
I'm not the reason your husband
left you Delia. I'm not someone
who would do that. I wouldn't
break up a marriage.
Now I seem to be plum out of my
red lipstick. I guess we'll just
have to improvise.
Delia walks over, grabs Adam's wounded hand, and digs her
nail into the bandaged cut. Blood begins to pool in Adam's
palm as he screams.

She dips her fingers into the blood, and checks the color.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
What a lovely shade.
She grabs Adam's face and starts to smear the blood across
his lips. At first she stays in control, but quickly she
begins to the dig her fingers in deeper, smearing the blood
across his face.
Stop this! I didn't do anything
to you.
Oh, if you had the chance you
would. You would steal any man.
That's what men like you do. You
steal. You convert honest, God
fearing men into slaves addicted
to cock.
Delia grabs Adam's still bleeding hand and digs her nails in
deep. Adam screams.
                       DELIA (CONT.)
You're not human. You're a demon
in the flesh, luring men into
possesion, not thinking about the


                       DELIA (cont'd)
lives you destroy in the process.
The lives of their families. Their
wives. Do you ever think of them?
Delia pushes Adam into the bathtub.

Adam grips his wounded hand, and tries to muffle another
You're sick. You should be locked
up in a padded cell.
Well look at the mess I've made.
Better clean you up and start
She turns on the shower, and turns the water to scalding

When Adam tries to get out of the tub she plants her foot on
his chest and holds him down. She starts laughing as Adam
struggles to avoid the scalding water.

He swings out, his fist connecting with Delia's knee. She
shrieks, and he is able to push her back, and get out of the
water. He grabs her, throwing her into the tub, and then he
grabs her gun.

Delia crawls out of the tub, and is lying on the ground.
Give me your keys Delia.
How could you hit a woman?
Give me your fucking keys. Now.
You will get nothing, and like it.
Adam gets down on his knees, pressing the barrel of the gun
to Delia's temple.
After everything you've done to me
today, I will have no problem
burying a bullet in that sick,
hateful little brain of yours. Now


                       ADAM (cont'd)
give me those God damn keys.
Delia reaches into her cleavage and pulls out her key ring.
She hands it to Adam.

Adam walks out of the room, never taking his eyes off of
Delia until the door is closed, and she's alone.
You will pay for what you did to
me. The savior will make you pay.
Jackson is on top of Rose. He is grinding against her,
kissing her. He is holding her hands over her head. Rose is
saying nothing. She just looks up at the ceiling.
You will see. When I finally take
you and make you my wife you will
Jackson lets Rose go, and starts to undo his pants. Rose
sees an opening and takes it. She slams her fists against
Jackson's temple. She then knees him in the stomach,
knocking him off of the bed.

He drops his gun, and Rose grabs it, holding it on him.
Adam runs in, and Micah stands up, shocked at the soaking,
bloody mess standing in front of him. Kyle turns, a small
smile on his face.
Where is Delia?
She'll be out here soon. We have
A gun shot goes off. Adam turns his head towards the
hostage room quickly.


Jackson is lying on the floor, Rose is standing over him,
gun in hand. She is breathing heavy. Jackson isn't moving.
He has a large bullet hole in his forehead. His eyes are

She kicks his leg, and he doesn't respond.
You mother fucker.
She wipes some of the blood off her face.

She hears the sound of the door being unlocked, and turns
the gun, ready to fire, just as Adam, Kyle and Micah run in.
Don't shoot!
Adam. You're alive! I thought
Delia would have killed you for
Wasn't for lack of trying.
Micah walks over, and looks down at Jackson's body.
Is he dead? I know thats a stupid
question, but...
Looks pretty dead me.
Micah straddles Jackson's body. He gently turns Jackson's
head from the right to the left. Then without warning he
starts wailing on Jackson's face. Blood is flying, and Rose
and Adam grab him, trying to pull him off of Jackson's now
mutilated corpse.
You motherfucking son of a bitch.
You killed my parents! You killed
my parents!
Kyle walks over, grabs Micah. He hugs the kid.
It's okay man. He's dead. Rosie
made real sure of that. Okay?
Just calm down. We gotta get out


                       KYLE (cont'd)
of here.
Delia is sitting on the ground, crying.
I have failed you savior. Give me
the strength to make things right.
The crate starts vibrating, and the hissing noise can be
heard. Then the door suddenly opens, and two antenas
Delia beats her hands on her thighs and wails. Suddenly the
bathroom door creeks open.
The Savior Bug rushes towards Delia, aiming for the space
between her legs.
Rose, Adam, Kyle and Micah emurge from the Hostage Bedroom
and into the living room. Rose walks to the kitchen,
grabbing a rag, and starts to run water over it.

Kyle is getting a little weak, and Adam props him up.
You guys got a car?
Yeah, but Delia has the keys.
Adam holds up Delia's key ring.
And I have Delia's keys. We're
good to go.
While the guys are talking Rose is washing the blood off of
her face.

Micah turns to walk towards Rose, but stops.


Delia enters the living room. She's smiling.
You can't leave.
Adam raises his gun, pointing it at Delia.
You can't stop us.
Green slime begins to drip down Delia's legs. She leans her
head back in ecstasy.
But you haven't met the savior. He
wants to meet you so badly.
Delia, what have you done?
Nothing. He did everything. The
savior has done everything for us.
The least you can do is say
Then where the fuck is he?
He's inside of me.
Oh God, you didn't. It's a bug
Delia. A big bug, that's it.
He's filling me with his power. I
can feel it pulsing through me.
Delia moans, and Rose quickly runs to Adam, Micah and Kyle.
She points her gun on Delia as well.
Just shoot her.
What the fuck is wrong with her?
Just fucking shoot her!


Before either Adam or Rose can pull the trigger Delia lets
out an orgasmic scream, and the Savior Bug falls from
between her legs, followed by heavy amounts of green slime.

Delia leans against the wall, gasping for air, smiling. The
Savior Bug starts to hiss.
Judge them! Make them pay for
what they have done.
The Savior bug squirms forward, and looks at the people
standing before him, then back at Delia. It moves forward a
little, looking up at Rose first, then Micah, then Kyle, and
finally Adam. He keeps his gaze on Adam the longest.

Then he turns, and squirms back towards Delia. She looks
down at him.
Kill them! Kill them, make them
The Savior Bug starts to hiss, then moves forward, biting
Delia's leg.
Delia shrieks, raising her foot, and slaming it down on the
Savior Bug, which erupts in a spray of green goo and pus.
She then stops, taking a step back.
No. What have I done? Oh no. Oh
no, look at the mess I've made.
That thing was the savior?
We nearly died because of that.
Delia kneels down next to the crushed remains of the Savior
Bug. She scoops some up, holding them in her hands.


Rise again, my Lord. Rise again!
You've done it before. In the
Bible you did it. And I knew,
that night I saw your blue light
in the sky, heading towards our
planet, that you were my savior.
You can do it. Rise again! Come
on now, we don't have three days.
Come on.
We really should get out of here.
Delia stands up. She looks at the group.
You're not going anywhere.
She rushes at them, screaming like a mad woman. Micah
punches her in the face, and she falls onto her back,
knocked out cold.
The sun is just starting to come up as Adam, Micah, Rose and
Kyle pile into Jackson's car.
I'm driving.
You go right ahead. After the hits
I took to the head tonight I don't
think it would be wise to put me
behind the wheel.
Where to first?
How about the beach?
The beach? Really kid?
My parents and I were on our way
there when... Well, we never got
there. So, maybe now would be the
perfect time.


The beach it is then.
They get into the car, start it up, and drive off.
Delia wanders out onto the porch, blood drying on her face.
She is still covered in bug guts and slime.

She makes it to the center of the porch and collapses. She
rolls onto her back and begins to cry softly.
Why have you forsaken me?
Micah runs towards the shore, rushing into the water. He
starts splashing around, laughing. He dives under. When he
comes back up he looks up at the morning sky as the sunlight
begins to spread.

Kyle, Rose and Adam walk towards Micha, but stop just short
of going into the water, instead they sit in the sand.
Where's he go to now?
I'd take him in, but I ain't got a
I've got an extra room. I can
keep him until we can get ahold of
some family or something.
You got room for one more?
Sure, after ya get a flea bath,
why not? Rose, you gonna move in
Nah. I got a family of my own, a
home of my own. Hopefuly I still
have a job to.


I think kidnapping makes up for
that no call, no show.
Suddenly the beach begins to glow blue.

Micah looks up into the sky, horror setting in.

Adam, Rose and Kyle stand, eyes glued to the sky.

Soon enough the blue fades, passing them by.
Delia is still crying, and then suddenly she cringes, her
hand going to her stomach. The pain gets worse, and she
begins to howl. Green ooze begins to spill out from between
her legs.

She screams, and with one final push a strange, white object
slides out from between her legs and onto the porch. Delia
sits up, gasping, sweaty.
                       BUG BABY


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