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Lost in Your Eyes (a short film)
by Katina M. Blackwell (katina_ahs@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Stacy is a maid of honor for her best friend Gayle's committment ceremony. The problem Stacy has is that she is in love with Gayle...has been for years. She dreams of telling her friend how she feels but falls short.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


STACY is dressed in a black suit with a red satin blouse.
She is busy opening an expensive bottle of champagne. As the
cork pops, GAYLE comes out of the bathroom area. She is
wearing the most beautiful white wedding gown. STACY looks
long and hard at her best friend.
My God...you're breathtaking.
You think so?
      (pours the
       champagne into
       two fancy glasses)
How can you think any different?
You have always been the most
beautiful girl in any room you
I think you're a little biased,
best friend.
Maybe I am, but I dare anyone to
tell you that you're anything less
than that today.
      (holds out a glass
       of champagne)
Will you have a drink with me?
Of course.
GAYLE picks up her dress and walks over to STACY and takes
the glass. GAYLE smiles and lets out a deep sigh.
What's on your mind?
This doesn't seem real. Is this
really happening to me?


Of course it is, and no one
deserves it more than you do
      (raises her glass
       of champagne)
A toast! To my best friend and the
love of her life, Susan...may you
have nothing but happiness
everyday you're together.
STACY and GAYLE tap glasses and then take a sip of the
From your lips to the Goddess's
      (smiles and sets
       her glass on the
       table by the
Come sit down. I have a gift for
Stace, you didn't have to get me
anything else.
      (she sets her
       glass on the
       table then
       gingerly sits
I thought we agreed that you were
not going to buy anything else, if
I let you pay for the wedding.
Well I lied. You're my best friend
and I want you to have the wedding
of your dreams. I have more money
than I know what to do with, and
this makes me happy. Surely you
won't deny me happiness?
No I don't, but you're doing too
much. I don't need anything else.
It took me a long time to find
      (she pulls a box


                       STACY (cont'd)
       from the inside
       pocket of her
I remembered it was your favorite.
I hope it still is...
STACY holds out the beautifully wrapped box. GAYLE hesitates
a bit then takes it from her. GAYLE carefully unwraps then
opens the box.
      (covers her mouth
       with her hand
       then starts to
       tear up)
Oh my God...
Don't cry sweetie, you'll ruin
your make-up. This wasn't meant to
make you cry.
Where did you find it?
The shot focuses in on the bottle of perfume GAYLE is
holding. It is a bottle of "Electric Youth" perfume by
Debbie Gibson.
I have my sources.
      (she hands GAYLE a
I remember when we first got this
stuff. Your mom surprised us both
that day in your room. We were
listening to that tape for the
nine hundredth time that week.
Yeah, I think my mom bought me at
least four tapes.
      (gives a little
Mine too, and then Dad bought the
CD player.
      (reaches under the
       table and pulls
       out a portable CD
Now they are all over the place.


                       STACY (cont'd)
Want to relive a fond memory?
GAYLE opens the perfume and inhales the fragrance. She
sprays some on herself as STACY turns the music on. STACY
then offers her hand out to GAYLE. The two women begin to
dance to Debbie Gibson's "Lost in Your Eyes."
I remember Mom trying to make the
best of things after Dad had left
us. My sisters were already out of
the house, and Mom was stuck with
a fourteen year old to raise.
      (wipes her eyes
       and looks at
While she was busy working, I had
Two new kids going to a new
school. No one really wanted to
talk to us. Everyone was already
in their little clicks, and had
been best friends forever. No one
wanted to let us in.
I'm glad it was just you and me.
We didn't have to share our
relationship with anyone. I know
none of the other girls would have
stayed friends with me after I
came out senior year.
You were always the brave one. I
couldn't come out until college.
Two rebels, huh?
Yeah...and now the dynamic duo is
done. I don't think a trio will
Well, we need to find you someone
so we can become the "Fantastic


No. There is no one now. Everyone
I date is just interested in my
bank accounts.
What about Dana?
Needed a loan.
Broke up with me after I refused
to give her my credit card for a
shopping spree. She was also
sleeping with my cousin John.
Well I never liked either of them
anyway. You are way too good for
      (thinks for a
       couple of seconds)
Has there ever been anyone special
in your life?
Yes but, I never told her. She
found someone who was brave enough
to speak up.
You should tell her how you feel.
No, she is much happier now where
she is and who she is with. Its
the happiest I've ever seen her. I
could never cause her pain.
Maybe you should tell her anyway,
and give her the choice.
And have her hate me for putting
her in that situation? No, I would
have her in my life as a friend
than not at all.


Tell me what you would tell her,
if you had the chance. You should
get it off of your chest to make
yourself feel better.
      (STACY hesitates)
Come on...its just you and
me..tell your best friend.
      (looks in GAYLE'S
       eyes as they are
"I get weak...in a glance...isn't
this what's called romance. Oh
I'll be found...when I am
lost...in your eyes."
GAYLE smiles at STACY. STACY leans in and gently kisses
Always you.
GAYLE leans in and kisses STACY slowly, sensually, and
passionately all at the same time.
                                         CUT TO:
                       GAYLE (V.O.)
Stace? Earth to Stacy...are you
STACY is standing by the chair alone and GAYLE is standing
by the dressing room door.
Sorry? What?
I asked, "How do I look?"
Elegant and beautiful...as always.
Thank you.
STACY reaches into her jacket pocket.


A knock at the door interrupts STACY and she takes her hand
out of her jacket.
I have someth...
                       GAYLE'S MOM (V.O.)
Girls, are we ready?
Yes Mom.
GAYLE'S MOM opens the door and enters the room.
                       GAYLE'S MOM
      (begins to cry a
Oh Gayle, you look so beautiful. I
can't believe this day has come.
      (walks over to
       GAYLE and gives
       her a hug)
Are you ready to go?
In just a second. Stacy was about
to say something.
Its not important. It can wait.
Let's get you down the aisle.
STACY watches as GAYLE and her mom walk out of the room. She
takes the package out of her pocket and puts it into GAYLE'S
bag. She puts her hands in her pockets and exits the room.
STACY is standing, waiting for the music to cue her to start
walking down the aisle. She turns to GAYLE one last time and
it looks as if she wants to tell her everything.
What is it?
      (kisses GAYLE on
       the cheek)
I love you...you're my best
      (the music begins)
I hope this is all you have ever


                       STACY (cont'd)
wanted and more.
STACY begins the march down the aisle, followed by GAYLE and
her mother. The woman conducting the ceremony smiles and
begins speaking. The sound is muffled as everyone speaks.
                       WOMAN CONDUCTING CEREMONY
Dearly beloved, we are gathered
here today to join this beautiful
couple as they choose to become
life partners. The couple has
written their vows. Susan, please
STACY is staring at GAYLE and SUSAN as they say their vows
and I do. When they say "I do," the sound becomes loud and
Gayle, you are the love of my
life. You've filled a void in my
heart and make me feel like I am
worthy. I promise to do my best to
always make you happy. Until death
do us part.
Susan, I was lucky I found you.
You are kind, loving, considerate,
and honest...everything I was
looking for in a life partner. I
promise to do my best to always
make you happy. Until death do us
                       WOMAN CONDUCTING CEREMONY
Susan, do you take Gayle as your
life partner? Do you promise to be
faithful? Do you promise to be
there for her through good times
and bad times? Do you with all of
your heart, give yourself to her?
I do.
                       WOMAN CONDUCTING CEREMONY
Gayle, do you take Susan as your
life partner? Do you promise to be
faithful? Do you promise to be
there for her through good times
and bad times? Do you with all of


                       WOMAN CONDUCTING CEREMONY (cont'd)
your heart, give yourself to her?
I do.
                       WOMAN CONDUCTING CEREMONY
By the powers vested in me by the
community members and this
congregation, I now pronounce you
life partners. You may kiss each
other as a sign of your
GAYLE and SUSAN kiss then run back up the aisle like a
couple of kids. STACY and SUSAN'S friend go up the aisle
next, followed by the congregation.
All of the guests are seated at their assigned tables. There
are couples on the dance floor dancing to a fast tune.
STACY, GAYLE and the rest of the wedding party are seated at
the head table.
Stace, would you like to dance
with me?
Sure, I'd love to.
STACY AND GAYLE go out onto the dance floor and begin to
dance to a semi-fast paced song. Suddenly, "Lost in Your
Eyes" starts to play. GAYLE keeps STACY on the dance floor.
You know, now that I am settled
down, I think its time we found
you someone so you can too.
      (a tear slips down
       her cheek)
I don't think that's going to
Hey, what's wrong?


      (wipes the tear
Nothing...I'm just happy for my
best friend.
Before GAYLE can say anything, SUSAN taps STACY on the
If you don't mind, I'd like to cut
By all means, she's yours...
STACY takes a step back and SUSAN steps in. SUSAN and GAYLE
dance to the song. STACY steps back into the shadows. She
watches them dance for a few moments, and then walks out the
door just as the last lines of the song are played.


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