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The 13th Floor: Doors to Hell
by John M. Elks (deadmanwalking19792003@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Matthew lives what he considers to be the perfect life. He has a great career he looks forward to working everyday, meets the perfect woman, & even has the perfect apartment. Unknown to Matthew, his entire floor is a portal to the depths of hell! Subtle things begin to happen triggering Matt's defense mode. His mind begins to question everything; his work, new girlfriend, his very life. Matthew recieves several visits from the spirit world & soon finds himself combating the forces of evil. His work comes to life & he takes a ride from hell he won't soon forget! In a desperate attempt to stay alive Matthew must risk his own life as well as those closest to him. Only one question remains for Matthew, will he survive The 13th Floor- Doors To Hell?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A gothic style twenty story high-rise apartment building
towers curiously above the middle of a typical looking
suburban community of mixed one and two story homes.
Lightning strikes in the near distance while thunder softly
RUMBLES indicating a storm is brewing.
We see a dim florescent lit hallway, some of the lights
flicker, and several faulty ballast's HUM. A black cat
crosses the hallway. We see 3113 on a door of the exterior
of the apartment. Lightning flashes through a window at the
end of the hallway, lighting nearly everything.
Inside the apartment Halloween and other assorted props line
up wall to wall. Lightning flashes again illuminating the
room high-lighting each of the props and masks. Thunder
RUMBLES again slightly VIBRATING the large pane glass window
and sliding door.
An off-white 1974 hearse rolls up to the front doors of the
apartment complex. The driver door opens. A tall slender
WHITE MALE wearing a black suit steps out and somewhat
hurried walks around the front of the car to open the
passenger side door. A young, stout, white male in his late
twenties named MATTHEW steps out of the car, dressed in blue
jeans and a graphic T-shirt.
                       MATTHEW (ON PHONE)
      (smiling, excited.
       Stands by car for
       a few beats then
       walks toward
       front door)
I know, that's great! I should be
receiving a new batch of liquid
latex sometime later today or
early tomorrow morning. I've been
working a month solid now on some
new body parts. This scene is
going to be kick-ass!
Driver gets back in car and leaves.


Matthew walks past the check-in desk to his left toward the
elevator, A young woman named STACEY is already standing at
the elevator waiting. She wears a lite gray jogging suit and
holds a water bottle in her left hand. She looks at Matthew
and grins, Matthew nods his head as he grins back. The
elevator CHIMES as it reaches the lobby.
The elevator doors open, Matthew and Stacey step inside.
Stacey pushes a button for her floor, Matthew does the same.
Both stare up at the numbers as the cab begins to climb.
Matthew glances over at Stacey. Classical music plays in the
Heck of a day to be out jogging!
Looked like a big storm is heading
this way.
      (smiles back)
Yeah. I like to jog when the
weather gets like this just before
a storm. The air feels great and I
love the way it smells!
      (looks up at
       number bar again
       then back to
I don't get to enjoy the outdoors
as much as I used to. Seems like
I'm always working and running all
over the place.
      (mumbles softly)
      (looks at Matthew)
I'm sorry, what?
      (speaks up)
Matthew. Sorry, my name's Matthew.
      (he extends his
       hand to shake
       Stacey's, she


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
       does the same)
Hi, I'm Stacey. Nice to meet you.
They retract their hands and again briefly look up at the
number bar.
      (looking back at
So are you new in the building?
Oh no! I've lived here now for the
better part of 6 years.
Oh! It's just that I don't
remembering seeing you around here
before. I've lived here for a good
little while myself.
      (breathes in
       deeply, slowly
Well it's like I said before, I'm
constantly on the move. It's
always Go, Go, Go!
      (getting a little
       antsy, looking up
       at numbers again)
My God, the elevators around this
place take for freakin' ever! I'm
almost on the top floor...it'll be
tomorrow before I get there!
      (points to the
       number pad
       showing Stacey a
       button for 12 &
       14. The button
       for 13 is blank.)
You ever notice there are twenty
floors in this building and the
number thirteen isn't on there.
See? The button for thirteen is


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
blank. Superstition I guess.
Yeah, I see that. That's kinda
spooky or weird I guess.
      (laughs a little
       and smiles)
Well I guess it goes perfectly
with the style of the building
then, huh? Gothic I mean.
      (looks kind of
       weirded out,
       takes one small
       step to her left
       away from Matthew)
Yeah, I guess so.
The elevator reaches the 13th floor, a bell CHIMES once.
      (slightly raising
Well this is my floor...number
It's kinda funny I should mention
the whole deal with thirteen & I
live on the thirteenth floor.
Yeah, I guess.
Matthew looks into Stacey's eyes as the doors start to
Matthew waits until the doors have closed completely before
rolling his eyes into the back of his head.
      (embarrased &
       making fun of
Duh...I think it's funny I should
mention I live on the thirteenth
floor & Blah, Blah, Blah! Jeeze,


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
what an idiot I am!
He walks down the hallway towards his apartment. The
florescent lights above his head and BUZZ as Matthew looks
up at them.
You'd think by now they'd fix
He reaches & UNLOCKS the door to his apartment. Lightning
flashes brightly through a window at the end of the hallway.
      (shields eyes from
       the blinding
Matthew walks into his apartment and flips a switch, lights
turn on.
Ah...home sweet home!
Lightning flashes again, thunder suddenly CRASHES loudly
SHAKING everything in the apartment. The electricity goes
      (smile quickly
So much for home sweet home!
He fishes around in his pockets, producing a lighter. He
FLICKS it a few times before it lights up, candles are then
The rest can be without
power...but not me!
He goes into the next room, flipping a switch on an unseen
generator. He comes out of the room grinning as the lights
come back on.


      (holding hands up
       toward the
       ceiling, palms up)
God said let there be light and
there was and he saw that it was
There's a KNOCK at the door, Matthew answers it, no one
there. He looks down both ends of the hallway as far as he
can from his door, light from his apartment floods into the
hallway. Lightning flashes brightly again temporarily
blinding him. As Matthew regains his vision, from the corner
of his eye he thinks he sees something, an image of some
kind. Matthew strains to look at the image, but no good. His
eyes still not fully recovered, Matthew shrugs his
shoulders, closing the door behind him.

Back in the apartment Matthew pulls out a CD from a case in
his entertainment system, inserting it into a CD player.
Heavy metal POURS from the speakers, Matthew adjusts the
volume about mid-way, trying to be careful not to disturb
his neighbors too much.

There's another KNOCK at the door, Matthew doesn't hear it
at first,as SCREAMING pours from the speakers. There's a
KNOCK at the door again, this time harder and louder.
Matthew finally stops what he's doing and turns the volume
down then answers the door.
      (surprised to see
       Stacey as she
       stands at his
Stacey! Hey! Please, come in!
Sorry to come over here without
calling first. I just wanted to
come by to invite you to a party
I'm having later tonight. You
don't have to bring anything
except yourself...and maybe one or
two girlfriends!
The two make themselves more comfortable on a black leather
      (looking at Stacey
So I'm curious, how'd you find out


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
      (grinning bigger)
Where you lived? I called down to
the admissions desk before the
power went out and got your room
number. I...hope you don't mind.
Nah, not at all.
Stacey begins to really look around the apartment from where
she sits on the couch. Matthew observes her looking all over
the place until her eyes meet with his again.
      (look of surprise
       & confusion)
So what are you? Some kind of
horror junkie or something?
      (laughing aloud)
That's one way to put it!
Actually, I have my own company
that makes props for haunted
houses and different horror
      (slightly confused)
So why aren't you living in
Hollywood or some place like that?
Why a place like this? You must
have some money!
      (grinning slightly)
I do well for myself, and to
answer your question Hollywood is
way too crowded; I find peace
tranquility living here.
      (looking around
       the room)
No one to really bother me so I
can concentrate on my work.


Stacey nods her head in understanding & agreement.
      (looking around
So did you make all these?
The majority of them. Some were
given to me as a gift and other
stuff I got from shoots when we
wrapped filming.
Interesting! I've never met anyone
who's ever done this kind of stuff
before. I also never...
      (looking around
Wait a minute, I just realized
you're the only one with power!
You got a generator or something?
As a matter of fact I do. E-BAY
      (laughing as she
       says this, nudges
       Matthew's arm)
Well maybe we should have my party
here at your place then!
Just then lightning flashes nearly blinding both of them and
thunder CRASHES all around SHAKING everything. Stacey gets
very startled, grabbing onto Matthew's shirt sleeve,
stretching it almost to the point of ripping. She looks away
from the window into Matthew's eyes, then looks down
realizing the death grip she has on Matthew.
      (laughing softly)
Sorry...that storm is getting
really bad out there!
It's ok, hang on just a second.


Matthew gets up to walk to the window, closing the maroon
vertical blinds. Another bright flash of lightning and it
begins RAINING heavily.
Wow! It's really coming down out
      (walks back to the
       couch, sits
       beside Stacey,
       looks at her)
So, what do you want to do? I've
got some movies we can watch or...
Stacey leans forward, planting a kiss on Matthew's lips. She
leans back a little smiling.
      (looking into
       Stacey's eyes)
I kinda figured after our little
elevator ride earlier you might
try to avoid me!
      (troubled look)
Why would I do that?
Well I did kind of embarrase
myself earlier.
      (looking down at
       couch then back
       into Stacey's
I guess you could say sometimes I
get a little intimidated around
beautiful women. I'm not myself.
Awh don't worry yourself about
       stretching out on
       the couch)
I know I look good!
      (smiles at Matthew
       then starts


                       STACEY (cont'd)
Nah, don't worry about it. I kinda
figured as much about you, and now
look, you're doing just fine!
You are very attractive!
      (big smile)
Thank you!
Matthew places his hand on Stacey's cheek, stroking it
gently. He leans in, Stacey meets him halfway and they share
a passionate kiss. Afterwards-
I should probably go now, I've got
some things I need to do before
the party tonight.
Remember to bring a girlfriend or
Uh...yeah, ok. Well allow me to
walk you to the door.
      (laughing softly)
Oh how sweet!
      (leading Stacey to
       the door)
Yeah, I thought so.
      (looking down at
       the floor then
       back into
       Matthew's eyes as
       she grins)
Ok, I guess I'll see you later.
Stacey gives Matthew a quick peck on the lips and begins
walking down the dark hallway toward the stairwell. She


stops about halfway, turning to face Matthew. She grins as
she rolls her eyes back a little.
Matthew? Could I borrow a
flashlight please? It'll make my
trip back a lot easier! I had to
kinda feel my way down here.
Yeah, sure. Just a second.
Matthew disappears briefly to retrieve his light. When he
gets back lightning again flashes brightly, again
temporarily blinding him. Slowly he regains his vision and
unexpectantly finds Stacey standing in the doorway.
      (jumps back a
       little, surprised)
Yah...ere ya go!
      (laughing softly)
Matthew watches Stacey walk back towards the stairwell and
disappear around the corner, He goes back into the
apartment, closing the door behind him.
What a woman!
Matthew pushes play on his CD player & once again heavy
metal POURS from the speakers. Matthew sits back on his
couch relaxing. Just then his phone starts VIBRATING;
Matthew checks the caller id to see Marshall Brown Shipping
on the screen, his latex supplier.
      (opens phone)
                       HENRY (VO)
Hey there Mr. Taylor, this is
Henry with Marshall Brown
Shipping. I've got your latex
order down here. Do you know the
power is out? I've got two five


                       HENRY (cont'd)
gallon buckets here for ya.
Yeah, storm knocked out
everything. Give me a few and I'll
come down there and help ya bring
the stuff up.
                       HENRY (VO)
Oh thank you very much sir! You're
saving my back from a lot of pain!
Don't mention it, just gotta grab
my keys.
Just then power is restored to the building, Matthew looks
around the room.
                       HENRY (VO)
Hey, there we are! Now that's what
I'm talking about! I'll see you in
just a few Mr. Taylor. My ass is
takin' the elevator!
Alright Henry, see ya in a few.
Several minutes later there's a KNOCK at the door, this time
Matthew hears it better.
Hey there Mr. Taylor...
Ok then Matthew, I've got your two
five gallon buckets here.
      (looking down at
       buckets, tapping
       one lightly with
These are some heavy
bastards...even on wheels!


I'll bet!
Anyways, just need your sig here
on the pad and I'll be on my way.
      (looks over
       shoulder into
Man, it's rain'n like a
sonofabitch out there!
Yessir it is. You almost done with
your shift? Can't be the best
driving weather.
Yeah, no kidding! Thankfully I got
only 2 more stops to make before I
head home.
      (looks over
       shoulder again)
Yeah, the wife's making her famous
greens, slaw...
Do you mind if I ask you a
Sure, anything.
      (getting excited)
I was curious if I could see some
of the stuff you work on? I can't
help but notice your Halloween
stuff behind ya.
Yeah, that's fine. I can show ya a
few things.
Matthew begins showing Henry around, meanwhile...


Quick shot of the apartment building. Still RAINING heavily,
the thunder has quieted down to soft RUMBLES, lightning
still flashing, not as extreme. Quick shot of neighboring
homes surrounding this out of place apartment building.
Back inside Matthew finishes the tour with Henry, Henry
thanks him and goes on about his way.
One month later- Shot of a warehouse building, dark green in
color. Two skull facades on each side of the doors guard the
Matthew finishes applying a prosthetic piece to yet another
one of his gruesome creations. He can't help but smile as he
looks at his latest creation.
                       ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
      (raising bullhorn
       to mouth)
Ok, we need all zombies on set in
five minutes!
      (talking loud)
Last call for make-up! See me only
if you need touch-ups!
Matthew looks around, seeing no one coming his direction, he
begins gathering up his things preparing to move to the next

He cleans up his work area and just as he's almost out the
door the director calls out to him.
      (talking loud)
Matthew! Hey Matt! I need to see
ya for a minute.
      (taps watch)
I've got to be on another set


This'll only take a few minutes of
your time! I need you to do the
blood work on zombie 2; the guy I
had is stuck in traffic!
      (taps watch again)
I'm sorry, I really don't have the
      (claps hands
       together in front
       of chest as if
Please Matt, I'm begging you!
Don't let the others see me like
this! I like making a certain few
people think I'm a real hard-ass!
We've got less than a minute
before the camera's roll!
      (shakes head,
       places things on
       worktable beside
All right, where do ya want me?
      (points in the
       direction of
       zombie 2)
Sit under the stage underneathe
zombie 2, when I give the signal,
pump the blood.
      (running hand
       through hair)
I only see zombie 1, where's 2?
      (rolling eyes,
       getting mad,
       looks in the
       direction zombie
       2 is supposed to
Where the hell is zombie 2 at?


                       CREW MEMBER #1
He's out back smokin'.
Tell him to get the fuck back in
here! We shoot in twenty seconds!
Crew Member 1 leans out the door, zombie 2 walks back inside
blowing smoke in Crew Member 1's face.
                       CREW MEMBER #1
      (under breath)
Ass hole!
      (yelling, face
       turning bright
What the fuck do you think you're
doing?! We're rolling in seconds &
you're out back smokin'!
      (pointing towards
Get up there and in your place!
You're supposed to have a broken
fuckin' leg!
                       ZOMBIE 2
Relax man!
Don't tell me to fuckin' relax!
Shut up & get in your spot! We
roll in Three! Two! One!
Matthew quickly connects the bloodline to Zombie 2's inner
thigh, then quickly scrambles back under the set. Just then
a cell phone starts ringing.
Cut! What the fuck!? Stop rolling!
Someone had better turn it off
before I find it and break the
                       ZOMBIE 2
That's mine. My bad!


Turn it the fuck off!
The Director leans back in his chair, the looks behind him
where the Casting Director is sitting.
      (talking loud)
Where'd you find this ass hole?!
Jesus Christ!
                       CASTING DIRECTOR
      (shaking her head,
His agent sent him in, highly
recommended him.
So far I'm not impressed! After we
wrap this scene he's out of here!
The Casting Director slowly nods her head in agreement.
Zombie 2 finally gets back to his spot lying on the floor
sprawled out.
      (on bullhorn)
Everyone quiet! Camera's
rolling...and Action!
Zombies 1 & 2 start crawling towards two white teenage boys,
PATRICK and AIDEN. Greenish-yellow fog starts to roll in,
wind and coyote sound effects begin playing.
Aiden...move! Get out of the way!
      (yelling back)
You fucker! I told you we
shouldn't have come out here
      (quickly scoping
       out surroundings)
Now we've got these fuckin'
zombies all over our asses!
       mimic of Patrick)
Let's go dig up some graves you
said, let's...


Shut your dick sucker & run!
Patrick starts running with Aiden follwing close behind.
Aiden stops short as he spots their shovel.
What the hell are ya doing?! Come
on, let's go!
I'm gonna finish what I started!
That fucker's leg is broke, I'm
gonna finish him off!
Aiden grabs the shovel, raising it high above his head, he
it down as hard as he can. WHACK! The director cues Matthew
to start pumping blood, Matthew tries but the pump is stuck.

Blood squirts uncontrollably from the zombie's left leg.
Matthew looks up in confusion as he hears the zombie cry out
in pain.
                       ZOMBIE 2
      (screaming, almost
Aaaugghhh! Fuck! God Damnit!
Matthew tries again to pump, but it won't budge.
Cut! Matthew, stop the blood!
Zombie 2, that's not in the
script! You just grunt & growl!
Matthew...stop the blood!
It's not me...the pump's jammed! I
couldn't get it to work!
                       ZOMBIE 2
Jesus Christ it fucking hurts!
Well if you're not pumping the
blood...shit! Someone get a medic
in here pronto! I'm not believing


                       DIRECTOR (cont'd)
this shit!
                       ZOMBIE 2
Zombie 2 curls up into a half fetal position holding his
severed leg. The Patrick and Aiden characters look on in
horror and amusement.
                       ZOMBIE 2
You think this is fuckin' funny?
You think this is a fuckin' joke?!
You just fuckin' severed my
fuckin' leg!
      (grinning, yet
       still apologetic)
Honestly...you've got to believe
me, it was an accident! I never
meant to...
      (smart-ass grin on
Jesus dude! When you said you were
gonna finish him off, I didn't
think you meant it literally!
      (flips off Patrick)
Hey fuck you! It was an accident!
That shit was in the script!
                       ZOMBIE 2
Not for you to really cut my leg
off asshole!
      (pointing at
       marker taped to
I was aiming for the yellow mark &
And then what?


I may have closed my eyes...
You retarded shit!
                       ZOMBIE 2
      (calming down some
       but still talking
As soon as I can get up I'm gonna
kill ya for real!
                       DIRECTOR (OS)
Where are the fucking medics at?!
Later that day- Matthew enjoys a cup of coffee while sitting
on a bench just outside the entrance, Stacey approaches.
Hey you!
Hi Stacey. What's goin' on?
Ya know...we never did have that
little party we talked about.
How's tomorrow night?
      (sips coffee, then
       looks up)
Yeah, sure.
      (grinning, points
       finger at her


Bring one or two girlfriends, I
      (laughing softly)
Very good!
Stacey winks at Matthew as she heads inside. Matthew
finishes his coffee, and heads inside as well.
Matthew walks down the hallway to his apartment, stops
short, listening very carefully. He hears a faint, muffled
woman's voice calling his name. It sounds like two or three
voices together. He strains to hear the voice over the BUZZ
of the ballast's.
                       RANDOM GHOST (OS)
Matthew looks all around confused. He hears it again, this
time it's louder.
                       RANDOM GHOST (OS)
Matthew spins around in a full circle, still not seeing
      (freaking out a
Where...where are you?
                       RANDOM GHOST
Up heeeeeeere!
Nervously, Matthew looks above him at the ceiling, nearly
freaking out by what he sees. The florescent bulbs flicker
in a strobing fashion. He continues to stare in disbelief as
he sees an image of a face starring down at him! He can make
out two eyes and what resembles a mouth.
                       RANDOM GHOST
Get ready...we're coooooooming!
The face disappears, the bulbs flicker for a few seconds
more, then return to shining brightly as if nothing were
wrong with them.


                       MATTHEW (MOS)
      (eyes wide)
What the fu...?!
Matthew unlocks the door to his apartment, heading straight
for his bathroom. He turns on the water, and splashes his
face a few times. He stands there for a couple minutes
looking at himself in the mirror, then down at the running
water. The ghostly face he saw in the hallway lights appears
in the water.
                       RANDOM GHOST (OS)
      (jumps back,
      (breathing heavily)
Jesus Christ! All right Matthew,
get ahold of yourself!
Matthew feels a sudden pressure on his groin, he looks down,
and his own hand squeezes tightly. He attempts to jerk his
hand away, no good. As if having a mind of its own, it
finally releases his groin as Matthew hears hysterical

He looks in the mirror, instead of his reflection he sees a
demon's face grinning back at him.
      (jumping backwards
Yaaaaahhh! Jeeeeze!
Matthew looks back in the mirror only this time to see his
own reflection. He quickly turns the water off, dries his
face, and speed-walks to his bedroom. He CRASHES down on the
bed, rubbing his eyes. There's a KNOCK at the door.
      (grumbling out
What in the world! Now what?!
He answers the door and once again, no one there. Just empty
space and the BUZZING and flickering of the lights.


      (annoyed &
Damnit! This shit's gettin' old!
Again, Matthew closes the door and heads back to his
bedroom. He barely walks four steps when there's another
KNOCK at the door.
      (very annoyed,
       almost screaming)
Damnit! Now what?!
Matthew swings the door open, Stacey stands there with a
stunned look on her face. She quickly grabs onto Matthew's
shirt as she begins falling to the floor. Matthew catches
her before she hits, he looks down to see the back of her
shirt badly torn and full of blood.

Matthew gasps at the grizzly sight as he attempts to comfort
Stacey as she begins crying. Matthew looks at her face to
discover it has turned into a corpses face. Shocked, Matthew
drops the corpse on the floor, SCREAMING.
      (shaking Matthew
       by his shoulders)
Matthew! Wake up! Matthew!
Matthew snaps to as if what he just witnessed was all part
of a bad dream.
Are you ok? Is this a bad time?
       Matthew's cheek)
What's wrong? I could come back at
a later time...
       calming down
No...please come in. Something
tells me I could use the company


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
right about now!
Is everything ok? Talk to me, tell
me what's wrong.
I think I'm just having one of
those nights...weird things keep
happening. Half the time I don't
know if I'm imagining things or if
there really is something going
Like what?
Matthew looks at Stacey as if he's not sure if he should
tell her.
You'll think I'm crazy!
      (smart-ass grin)
I'm starting to have my doubts...
Kidding! I'm only kidding!
They take a seat on the couch.
      (slowly inhales,
       slowly exhales)
It all started while I was at work
today...during a shoot I was
supposed to pump blood for a
zombies broken leg. I couldn't get
the pump to work though, somehow
it jammed.
      (starts rubbing
       his own arm)
The guys' leg was cut off
accidently with a real
shovel...the prop shovel couldn't


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
be found.
Damn! Well...accidents do happen.
      (shaking head)
No, not like this...it's too much
of a coincidence. The pump jams
and the guy gets the blood anyway!
I'm tellin' ya, it's freaky!
Is he ok now?
Yeah, he should be okay.
That's good.
I guess the really weird stuff
didn't start happening until I
came inside after drinking my
coffee. I was walking toward my
apartment when I thought I heard
someone calling my name. It was
muffled sounding, very faint.
Did you find out who it was?
I didn't see anyone...not at
first. I heard it louder a second
time. It said "up here" and that's
when I saw it.
It? What did you see?
      (starting to sweat
Up in the lights...I saw the image
of a face looking down at me...
Whoa there Matt! All right, what
was in that coffee?


      (ignoring comment)
Then minutes before you got here I
saw the same image in the water in
my sink!
      (grinning, trying
       not to laugh)
Ok there buddy, I think we need to
lay off the caffeine for a bit!
It's not the caffeine! Something's
going on around here!
      (puts hands up in
       effort to calm
Ok, ok. Just sit, relax, chill.
      (looking dead into
       Stacey's eyes)
Stacey...before you knocked on the
door, did you see anyone in the
      (shaking head)
No...no one.
      (getting angry
That's twice now that's happened!
There's a knock at the door and
when I answer, no one's there.
Probably just some kids messing
      (shakes head)
No, trust me, as long as I've
lived on this floor, I've never
seen one kid up here.


Maybe while you were at work one
day, some moved in. When we first
met you told me it seemed like you
were always on the run.
      (voice raised)
There are no kids on this floor!
Ok, no kids! I believe you.
      (places hand on
       Matthew's inner
       thigh, smiles)
Sounds to me like a certain
someone is just really stressed
out from all this constant,
non-stop work you've been doing.
      (slowly rubs and
       squeezes Matt's
I think maybe you just need to
I don't know...maybe you're right.
Of course I'm right!
      (looking down
       where Stacey's
       hand is, then
       back up at her,
You do know that in most horror
movies that have sex scenes, the
ones having sex usually die,
      (laughing softly)
I think we're safe. This isn't a
movie set and there's no camera's
      (glancing quickly
       around room, then
       looks at Matthew
       with an evil grin)
...unless...you've got some
secretly hidden somewhere in this


                       STACEY (cont'd)
Not a one.
Too bad! We could've had a little
extra fun!
You bad, bad girl...I like!
Stacey giggles, pushing Matthew backward onto the bed, just
then there's a KNOCK at the door.
      (surprised and a
       little confused)
Were you expecting someone else
      (evil grin)
As a matter of fact I am...give me
a second, I think you'll like.
Matthew gets up from the bed to answer the door, Stacey lays
back on it awaiting Matthew's return.
                       MATTHEW (OS)
Hey...you made it! We're back in
the bedroom.
Seconds later Matthew appears at the door, smiling. Stacey
sits up, looking at Matthew curiously.
You mentioned when we got around
to having our little party finally
I should bring one or two
girlfriends...well, here she is!
Matthew steps into the room and a drop dead sexy red-head
named KATHERINE appears at the door, Stacey looks like she
is both mildy shocked but at the same time very pleased.
      (shocked, but
Matthew...you didn't tell me she
was so fucking hot!


      (looking at both
Wait a minute...
      (points finger at
       both girl's)
Do you two already know each
other? Judging by both your
reactions I'd say you do!
      (looks at
       Katherine as she
       caresses her
       inner thigh)
Should we tell him?
Might as well...considering what
we're fixing to do...
      (looks at both
       girl's curiously
       and intrigued)
Tell me what?
      (looking into
       Katherine's eyes)
Katherine is one of my ex-lovers!
We split up a little over two
years ago...
...But it wasn't a bad split, we
just decided we needed to go our
own ways.
Matthew looks both stunned and aroused. The girls can tell
he is getting incredibly horny.
      (looking at
Wait...Matthew, how do you know
      (looks slowly from
       Stacey to


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
Katherine & I were engaged not too
long ago...
      (eyebrows raised
About the same type situation as
the two of you...Katherine and I
decided to go our seperate
ways...under peaceful terms as
Oh how the wheels turn!
      (nodding head)
Yeah...small world...
      (shifting weight)
Well...shall we get down to
business? That is the reason we're
here, right?
What...no foreplay?
      (evil grin as she
       looks at
Katherine always was the dominate
      (Katherine already
       doing a magic
       trick with her
...and she'll break ya if you let
What? I'm just saving us some time
so we can get started faster...
      (pulls bra out
       from sleeve,
       waving it loosely


                       KATHERINE (cont'd)
       in the air)
...Doesn't mean we'll get done any
faster though!
      (drops bra to
       floor, looking at
Oh by the way...I'm also the type
that has multiple and massive
She's also a show off!
Deciding not to be outdone, Stacey does the same with her
bra that Katherine did. Matthew is getting so turned on
watching the girl's he momentarilly forgets to start
stripping himself. Stacey gets up from the bed, stands
beside Katherine.
      (Katherine nods
Both girl's at the same time take their shirts off, dropping
them to the floor.
      (looking at
Well? What are you waiting for?
      (walking towards
       Matthew as she
       leads Katherine
       by the hand)
I've got an idea...let's have a
little fun! We'll strip him
One girl takes Matthew's shirt off, the other starts working
on his pants. With no shirt or pants Matthew stands there as
the girl who un-did his pants stands up and the two girls
begin making out. After what is only a few seconds,
seemingly forever to Matthew, Stacey and Katherine look at
Matthew, both smiling, bring him into their fun. The three
start kissing.


Seconds later Katherine stops and walks over to the bed. She
begins taking her pants off and looks up at Stacey as Stacey
and Matthew kiss.
You gonna help me take my pants
off or ya just gonna deep throat
him all night?
      (smiling, looking
       at Matthew)
Told ya she was the dominate type!
She's already barkin' orders!
Stacey pushes Katherine down on the bed, then pulls
Katherine's pants off. Katherine sits up quickly, pulling
Stacey down on top of her where they again make out and kiss
each others breast's. The girls roll over, Katherine quickly
helps Stacey out of her pants, as Matthew continues to just
stand there like an idiot.
      (clears throat
May I join in?
Come on baby!
Every man's fantasy come true, Matthew inbetween to
beautiful women! The covers on the bed start to be pulled
Quick shot of apartment building, shot of pale yellowish
moon creeping through a partly clouded sky.
Quick shot of apartment.
Matthew wakes up to find himself alone in the bed.


      (rolls eyes)
Figures...too good to be true! I
hate dreams like that!
Matthew notices a bright light coming from the next room, he
gets up, puts his pants back on, and heads for the door.
Stacey is sprawled out on the couch watching TV, (game show
of some kind) with the blinds open. She looks up at Matthew,
smiling, as he enters the room. Matthew is pleasantly
surprised, the look on his face obvious to Stacey of what
he's thinking.
Did you sleep well? I know I did!
      (stretching back
       and arms)
Yeah...like the dead!
      (looks around room)
Ah, Mr. Funny Man!
Matthew leans over the couch to kiss her.
      (pushing Matthew
Nuh-uh mister...brush your teeth
Matthew steals a kiss anyway, planting one on Stacey's
Where'd Katherine go?
She had to up early for work, she
left nearly two hours ago.
At five in the morning?
Can't have fun and games all
night...gotta make the green!
Matthew walks into the bathroom, turning the shower water
on, calls out to Stacey.


                       MATTHEW (OS)
      (talking loudly
       over running
Listen, I've got a lot to do
today. I had a spare key made;
you'll find it in the kitchen on
the counter by the microwave. It's
yours, consider it as sort of a
house warming. Stay as long as ya
want, just lock the door on your
way out.
      (over the water
A few minutes later Matthew is dried off and dressed. He
gives Stacey a quick peck on the lips and heads for the
As Matthew walks down the hallway toward the elevator, he
hears his name being called. Thinking it's Stacey, he turns
around. He sees a nightmarish ghostly image of a woman
wearing a lite green nightgown, her throat slashed open. She
stares at him as she reaches out to him with her right hand.
Surprised a little, Matthew smiles at the figure.
Danny...is that you? What the fuck
are you doing here? Aren't you
supposed to be at the studio?
      (no response from
       the ghostly image)
Ok...Gracie...that's gotta be you
under there then!
      (staring down at
       the floor where
       feet are supposed
       to be but sees
Wait a second...how are you doing
that without wires? Gracie?
The ghostly image starts floating Matthew's way, the ghosts
face sudenly turns into Stacey's face with a slit throat.


      (starting to get
What the fuck?! Ok, this shit
isn't amusing anymore...cut it
The ghosts face turns back into that of the old woman. She
stops within feet of Matthew as she slowly rises to the
                       OLD WOMAN GHOST
      (groggy voice, as
       if she smoked for
Matthew! We're almost here!
Matthew turns quickly, running for the elevator doors, he
frantically pushes the down button.
The elevator doors CHIME and open, Matthew quickly gets on
and pushes the button marked L for lobby. He frantically
pushes the close doors button, the doors finally close and
the cab begins its descent. Classical music plays in the
      (eyes wide)
Jesus! What's going on here?!
The elevator jolts to a sudden stop causing Matthew to grab
onto the railing. Matthew looks up at the number bar; it
shows the cab has stopped at 10.
What the...?
Matthew begins to smell something burning as the lights in
the cab begin to flicker and then dim.The elevator music
drowns out slowly, as if played slowly on a record player.
Matthew braces himself against the wall as tight as he can.
(heavy metal plays now)
Suddenly the cab begins to free fall down the shaft. The
elevator stops suddenly between the first floor and lobby,
nearly giving Matthew whiplash.


Matthew looks at the number bar, slightly dazed and
confused. He gets up from the floor, placing his hands on
the elevator doors. He snatches them away quickly.
Fuck! It's ice cold!
Matthew notices he can see his breath, the temperature falls
rapidly. He rubs his hands and arms together in an attempt
to stay warm.
H...Help! Someone help me! The
elevator is stuck! Help! Can
anyone hear me? Somebody!
                       MAN (OS)
      (yelling back)
Hello? Someone call for help?
Soemone in there?
Yes! Please! The elevator is
stuck; it's freezing in here!
                       MAN (OS)
Ok! I'm getting help for you right
now...stay put!
Well no shit! Where am I gonna
go?! I'm the one stuck in here,
                       MAN (OS)
Hold on!
Matthew hears the running footsteps fade then disappear.
Matthew can still see his breath, as he exhales again, the
face of a ghost appears briefly in his breath.
                       RANDOM GHOST
Maaaaaaatthew...we're heeeeeeere!
      (jumps backward,
Oh shit!


Without warning, the elevator shoots up the shaft, sending
Matthew to his knees. The cold rapidly turns to extreme
Oh God no...not again!
Not much of a religious man, Matthew begins to pray.
(classical music plays in the cab again.) It plays faster
and faster.
      (starting to cry a
Dear Heavenly Father, please help
me to keep safe from this evil...
The cab continues to shoot rapidly towards the top floor,
just then it stops on the 19th floor. Matthew goes airborne
for a second then lands with a heavy THUD as he crashes
down. Matthew is in tears as he struggles to get to his feet
and catch his breath.

The lights come back on to normal brightness, with the
greatest of ease, the cab gently descends one level to 18.
The music in the cab has returned to normal. The doors slide
open, Matthew stumbles, nearly falling out of the cab,
startling an elderly couple with their dog.

Matthew crawls to the wall on the opposite side of the
hallway as he continues to breathe heavily. The elderly
couple watch Matthew in horror and embrace each other. The
doors close and Matthew hears sudden screaming and crying as
the elevator free falls to the lobby, crashing. (We watch as
elevator free falls.)

Matthew closes his eyes tightly while covering his ears.
After a few seconds he gets up, staggering toward the
stairs. He makes his way to the 13th floor, back to his
apartment. He's surprised to see Stacey still there.
I thought you had a lot to do
I did...I mean I still do...what
are you still doing here?


Well one, you said I could stay
here long as I liked, and two, my
client isn't due at my place until
Your client?
I must've forgotten to mention
earlier what I do for a living.
I'm a physical therapist, I help
people recover from car wrecks,
injuries on the job, etc.
      (looking Matthew
       up and down)
Speaking of helping people, no
offense, but you look like hell!
What happened?
Huh? Oh...you probably wouldn't
believe me if I told you.
Look around us Matt...coming from
you I'd believe almost anything!
Ok...how's this for starters, I
just took an elevator ride from
hell and barely survived! Speaking
of which, I gotta call an
ambulance and the police!
What's wrong? You sure you're ok?
I'm fine, there was a older couple
that got on after me...the
elevator crashed down to the
      (raising hand
       toward mouth, but
       not in front of
Oh my God!


      (picking up home
Phone's dead...I'll try my cell.
      (pulls phone from
That's weird, it's dead. It was
fully charged when I left earlier.
Must've broke in the elevator.
      (picks hers up
       from coffee table)
I'll try mine.
      (looks at it,
       pushes a few
       buttons, looks up
       at Matthew)
Mine doesn't work either.
Just then Matthew's home phone begins to ring.
Thought you said it didn't work...
It didn't!
Matthew picks up the reciever, loud STATIC comes from the
ear piece as yellowish colored smoke pours from both ends.
The phone becomes hot.
      (drops phone,
Ow! Fuck!
      (panick in her
What the hell was that?!
Matthew takes Stacey by the hand as they rush out of the
apartment, into the hallway, and head for the stairs.
The BUZZING of the ballast's seem louder to Matthew. Behind
them the florescent lights begin to turn off one by one.
Matthew and Stacey haul ass even faster, the lights catch
and pass them, leaving them in darkness minus the light
shining through the window at the end of the hallway.


The window! Head for the window!
They run towards the window, just then the first few
ballast's EXPLODE in front of them, emitting a large display
of mixed orange and white sparks.
Oh no, not this way!
Those are the only stairs on this
floor...wait, the emergency stairs
out by my balcony!
So let's do that!
They start in the direction of his apartment. They stop dead
in their tracks as they suddenly see ghostly images moving
toward them.
That's not gonna work either! We
have to go the other way!
       pointing towards
Let's at least try...
Bright mixed orange and white sparks suddenly emit from both
in front of and behind them. Matthew and Stacey charge for
the stairs. They almost make it and a bright glowing red fog
starts to creep in from the stairwell. Matthew and Stacey
once again stop dead in their tracks.
I don't think so!
They turn to go the other way, blue-ish white fog begins
seeping from underneath the doors of other apartments. Both
fogs seem to stalk Matthew and Stacey from both sides,
closing in slowly.


      (yelling over
       buzzing noise)
What are we going to do?
I...I don't know!
The BUZZING from the sparking lights becomes increasingly
louder and they all suddenly IGNITE into flames
Oh shit!
Both fogs creep in closer and closer, then just stop.
Matthew and Stacey watch in horror as both fogs start to
climb towards the ceiling.
Uh Matthew...what is that?
      (shaking head)
I don't know!
They look at both fogs surrounding them and begin to see
shapes and images appear within the fogs. Ghostly images
take further shape and begin walking slowly towards Matthew
and Stacey.
Oh God Nooooooo!
Just then an arm reaches down from the ceiling, grabbing
hold of Matthew's shirt, pulling him up into the ceiling.
Matthew! No!
A black man by the name of WHITMOORE appears from the door
in the ceiling.
It's ok! Give me your hand!
Stacey looks all around her at the ghosts beginning to
surround her. She extends her hand up; Whitmoore pulls her
up with ease. Both small armies of ghosts begin stretching,


creeping up toward the ceiling, arms extended. Whitmoore
closes the door in the ceiling, piling sandbags on top.
      (looking at
Yeah, thanks!
Matthew looks at the door as it begins to VIBRATE, all three
of them hear KNOCKING which quickly turns to POUNDING.
That won't hold them back for
long! Come on, let's get out of
Whitmoore leads them to a hole in the concrete wall; they
find themselves on the 14th floor.
      (looking behind
       them, then at
My God, what just happened?
Evil happened!
      (bending over,
       placing hands on
No shit!
Were those ghosts back there? I
thought ghosts had the ability to
float through stuff! How come they
couldn't get through the door?
Those were and they can. Ghosts
have to build up their strength
first before they can do anything.


What are you talking about? Why do
they have do build strength?
Most hauntings start out fairly
weak, you might hear only moans,
crying, footsteps, things like
that. Ghosts feed off of the
Stacey looks at Whitmoore confused.
...They feed off people's fears.
The more you acknowledge them and
get scared, the stronger they get.
No offense to you sir, but that's
a bunch of horse shit!
      (grunts and laughs
       at Matthew)
Oh really?! And you know that how
Mr. Hollywood?
What do ya mean by that?
Oh I know who you are and what you
do...I know everyone living in
this building!
      (looking at Stacey)
I know who you are too!
      (getting angry)
What, you been spying on us?
      (looking at
He probably spies on everyone in
the building!
It's nothing like that...
      (looking at
       Stacey, starting
       to get mad
...look, I was simply just tryin'


                       WHITMOORE (cont'd)
to help your asses out back there!
      (looking back at
       Matthew, calming
Look, I apologize for scaring you
two back there, but I saw you two
needed help.
Not that we're not grateful for
your help, don't get me wrong, but
who are you?
Where are my manners? The name's
Whitmoore Shurgood, I'm the
grounds keeper of this hell hole
apartment building.
      (extends hand to
       shake Whitmoore's)
Thanks again Mr. Shurgood.
Call me Whit, everyone else does.
Well come on you two, we need to
get to safety!
Wait...before we go, how'd you
know we were down there and in
I didn't, not at first. The lights
flickered up here a bit, then I
thought I heard screaming. That's
how I found you two.
      (leading Matthew
       and Stacey to
Ok, now whatever you do don't look
down! Just concentrate on making
it to the roof and do it quickly!
Aren't you coming with us?


I'm behind ya shortly; I gotta
take care of something first.
      (pulling on
       Matthew's arm)
Come on Matthew!
Matthew and Stacey run as fast as they can up the steps.
When they reach the door to the roof, Matthew struggles to
open it.
      (grunting, hits
       door repeatedly
       with right side
       of body)
It's stuck, it won't...budge!
Move back! I got this!
What do ya mean you got this?
Just stand back and watch!
Stacey takes a couple steps back and runs at the door,
delivering a powerful sidekick. Nothing happens.
Wait a minute!
Stacey takes a couple steps back and again runs at the door.
She delivers another powerful blow, this time knocking the
door open.


What in the hell?!
Oh yeah, I'm also a practicing
black belt!
What else don't I know about you?!
Wouldn't you like to know!
They both finally and quickly realize their surroundings and
begin looking for a way to escape.
Ok, now that we're up here...how
do we get down?
      (looks over edge
       of building)
It's starting to rain and if
there's lightning I'm not sticking
around to become a human lightning
      (looking nowhere
       in particular)
Come on, this way!
      (grabbing hold of
       Stacey's hand as
       they begin to run)
Wait! What about Whitmoore?
I'm sure he's fine, anyway he said
he'd be behind us shortly!
      (jerks her hand
No! We can't just leave him
behind! He saved us, we owe him!


What you're talking about doing is
possible suicide! Are you really
willing to risk your life for him?
You...we don't even know him!
Not that long ago you and I didn't
know each other either, look where
we're at now.
Yeah, now look! We're stuck twenty
stories high on a roof getting
soaking wet!
      (yelling, pushing
       Matthew away)
I've risked my life already once
since I've been with you; I'll
take my chances to help one more
person! I'm going back!
Stacey runs toward the stairwell; Matthew rolls his eyes,
finally follwing Stacey.
Stacey! Where are you? I can't see
a damn thing!
      (yelling back)
Just keep moving!
      (calls out to
Mr. Shurgood?
      (flying down the
Hello? Whitmoore?
      (coughing, yelling)
Stacey! ...Stacey!...Whitmoore!
Jesus! I can't see anything!
Matthew slowly makes his way down the stairs and stops short
when he thinks he sees something or maybe someone. He


strains to see what it is. Seemingly from nowhere a dim blue
light shines down on the floor in front of him. A little
girl by the name of SARAH materializes before him, then
proceeds to walk up to Matthew stopping just feet in front
of him. She wears a white T-shirt with small randomly
printed red hearts, and blue overalls, her hair, dirty
      (forgetting for a
       few seconds she
       just materialized
       out of thin air)
What in the world...what are you
doing here in the stairwell?
Sarah remains silent, just looking at Matthew, almost
starring a hole through him.
You shouldn't be up here...it's
not safe.
Matthew reaches for Sarah's hand, his hand passes right
through hers. Matthew nearly falls backwards in surprise. He
withdrawls his hand slowly and rubs it together with his
other one trying to warm it back up.
      (under breath)
Awh not another ghost...she's
                       SARAH'S GHOST
      (image flickers as
       she begins to
Please help...my name is Sarah. I
was asleep in my bed when I was
killed with my mommy and daddy six
years ago after we breathed in
smoke from a fire. We lived on the
thirteenth floor.
What...what do you want me to do?
      (under breath)
What can I do?


                       SARAH'S GHOST
You have to go down to the
thirteenth floor...to where it all
began. You'll find the answer
underneathe the rot of it all.
Underneathe the rot? What...that
doesn't make any sense to me...
Before Matthew can say another word, Sarah and the blue
light fade away.
                       STACEY (OS)
Matthew? Who are you talking to?
      (before Matthew
       can answer)
Hey, I think I may have found
Whitmoore...or at least parts of
Matthew slowly makes his way down the rest of the stairs
until he sees Stacey again, she leads him through a door
onto a brightly-lit 12th floor.
      (leading Matthew
       by the hand)
Over here...this is where I saw
They turn a corner in the hallway to find only a bloody mess
as if a massacre just took place. Bloody hand prints smear
the walls, bloody footprints along side what resemble drag
marks. Upon closer inspection they find what looks like the
wall has actually been somehow sucked or knocked in, this is
where the most blood is.
      (shaking head)
If that was him, there's no way
he's still alive!
Oh my God...look...
      (pointing at wall)
The trail leads to the wall...it
just stops.


      (scratching head)
Just doesn't make any sense.
I think we really need to get out
of here, like now!
I...I can't. There's something I
have to do.
      (raises voice)
Have you lost your mind? We need
to leave now!
      (shakes head)
No Stacey...I'm sorry. I have to
      (watches as Stacey
       buries her head
       into her hands)
As I was coming down the stairs I
came across this little gho...this
little girl named Sarah. She asked
for my help...and now I have to go
back up to the thirteenth floor.
      (quickly raising
       hands towards
You are crazy!
      (hands by side
Matthew, look, we really need to
stick together!
      (crosses arms)
Ok fine, you want to know what's
really going on?
      (nods quickly a
       couple times)
Uh, yeah!


That little girl
Sarah...she...she's another ghost.
      (starting to laugh
       as if she's going
       insane, hand to
Oh...my God!
No, wait! Listen! She's a good
      (glances at the
       bloody mess)
...if there is such a thing. Look,
she asked for my help to end this.
What? How? What are you talking
She said she and her parents died
in a fire on the thirteenth floor
several years ago. She said the
answer to ending all this madness
lies under the rot of it
all...whatever that means.
      (scolding Matthew)
Matt, we were almost killed up
I have to try. All the pain, the
suffering...for what?! I have to
try to help end this!
Stacey looks at Matthew for a moment, brushes her hair back
with her hands, shifting weight from one foot to the other.
Ok...so what do we do?
      (raises eyebrows,
       eyes wide)
Yeah, we. I'm not letting you go


                       STACEY (cont'd)
at this alone...we're in this
Ok, just know and remember one
thing...expect the unexpected.
      (takes Stacey's
You ready?
      (inhaling deeply,
All right, let's do this!
They slowly make their way back up the stairs, the number 13
is painted bold and black on the wall.
Stay behind me. If anything
happens, I want it to happen to me
Yeah, no problem!
The fires have ceased; the two colored fogs are gone.
There's a foul smelling stinch in the air. Stacey waves her
hand in front of her face attempting to fan away the
offending odor.
Matt, look!
Your door...it's wide open!
      (getting angry,
       standing in
Shit! All my stuff's gone! I've


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
been robbed!
They hear a SCRATCHING and then a THUD sound up ahead.
      (whispering loudly)
What was that?
They walk slowly towards where Stacey heard the sound. They
stop walking as they both hear deep GROWLING coming from
behind them.
      (hushed whisper)
Don't move!
The GROWLING continues followed by a slightly higher
GROWLING. Stacey slowly turns her head, her eyes become very
wide. She slowly turns her head back around.
Walk slow, very slow.
They creep along the hallway; they hear soft, padded
footsteps closing in behind them. They stop walking; the
ones behind them stop. GROWLING continues, Stacey sees an
open door just ahead. She signals to Matthew with her eyes
and slight movement of her head.Matthew nods his head

They continue creeping towards the door, without warning
Stacey grabs Matthew's arm just above the elbow, charging
the open door.

The GROWLING turns into angry, malicious BARKING. They hear
the padded feet break into a run behind them. Stacey yanks
Matthew through the door, Matthew glances back for the first
time and sees two wolves; one black, the other dirty white.
Matthew's eyes get wide.

They close the door just in time as the 2 wolves CRASH into
the door, CLAWING and BARKING. It takes nearly all of
Matthew and Stacey's strength to keep the door from bursting
No! It can't be! It can't be!


Those two wolves...those are two
of...they look identical to two
props I built for a movie!
You watch way too much TV and
Look around you. Everything you've
seen, everything we've been
I didn't mean it like...
      (cuts herself
       short, placing
       finger to lips)
I think they're gone.
Stacey slowly opens the door to the apartment; glowing green
fog covers every inch of the hallway.
I'm not going back out there...you
remember what happened last time!
Something tells me this is
Yeah, how?
I'm not sure.
Stacey slowly pokes her head out the door looking down both
ends of the hall.
Come on.
The fog is very thick and covers up almost to their knees as
they make their way toward the stairs, Stacey stops in her


tracks as she cocks her head slightly when she thinks she
hears a noise that sounds like someone gasping for air.
Matthew continues on, unaware Stacey stopped. She calls out
to him.
      (turns head, eyes
       get wide, he
Behind you! Don't move!
Matthew watches horrified and speechless as Stacey is
surrounded from behind by several female zombie like
creatures. Some wear blue nightgowns, white collars, others
wear sliver nightgowns, lite green laced collars. Some
crawl, some walk in a jittery fashion on the floor, walls,
even upside down on the ceiling. Matthew finds himself
paralyzed in place, unable to help his friend, his soon to
be significant other.
                       STACEY (MOS)
      (extreme fear
       shows on face,
       profuse sweating
Matthew attempts to direct her with small nods of his head
and eyes what to do.
      (voice shaking,
Matthew...what's happening? I feel
like I'm on fire...
As Matthew continues to watch in horror the zombie like
creatures continue to creep slowly in their jittery fashion
toward Stacey. To her and Matthew's surprise, Stacey's
entire body begins to rise from the floor, her feet leaving
the floor.

She rises about half way to the ceiling, her sweating stops,
tiny droplets of blood begin to form under her eyes, around
her mouth, it drips from her nose, and finally begins to
flow in tiny streams from her scalp, down the sides and
front of her face.


                       MATTHEW (MOS)
Oh my God... Stacey...
The look on Stacey's face is that of extreme fear and pain,
her body suddenly goes limp as the zombie creatures stop
behind her creating a semi-circle. Stacey's body begins to
slowly lay flat in mid-air as she starts having mini
seizures. Stacey gasps for air, choking, blood gurgles in
her mouth, eventually flooding out in pools of saliva onto
the floor.

The seizures stop as Stacey slowly begins to turn upside
down, the zombie creatures begin moving toward Stacey again.
Before Matthew's eyes, Stacey begins to curl up into a ball,
stopping in the fetal position. Her body begins to contort
and turn Matthew's direction, until she facing Matthew's
direction. The look in Stacey's eyes and face, nearly
undescribable, in the least to say again extreme fear and

Her eyes turn blood-shot red, then suddenly her body
stretches out quickly and she begins to violently shake.
(picture someone strapped down in the electric chair,
cooking, times 10) Stacey abruptly stops, her
overly-exhausted body slowly returning to the floor but
stopping just short of it. Her eyes get wide as she suddenly
lets out an ear shattering scream.

The zombie like creatures suddenly evaporate into nothing,
they too scream, Stacey suddenly collapses to the floor, her
seemingly lifeless body, bloody, beaten, bruised, scarred.
Matthew finally finds himself free to move, rushing to
Stacey's side.
      (crying, picks up
       Stacey's head
       from floor)
Stacey! Oh my God...Stacey! What
did they do to you?
      (looking at
What the fuck did you do to her!?
      (looking down at
       Stacey again,
Sarah's ghost appears before them, Matthew looks at her, the
tears in his eyes make Sarah more of a blur.


                       SARAH'S GHOST
      (raising hands
       over Stacey's
I'll take care of her...she won't
remember a thing.
      (between sobs)
What...happened to...her?
                       SARAH'S GHOST
The closer you get to discovering
the truth about this floor and
this place, the more danger you
and Stacey will have to encounter.
What were those things?
                       SARAH'S GHOST
They're called Lipnoles, they're
nasty things sent straight from
hell. They attack when someone is
at their most vulnerable.
That should've been both of us
then...we've both been through a
      (wiping eyes dry)
Please...just help her.
Sarah lowers her hands just above Stacey's body, an intense
bright blue light begins glowing from her hands, Matthew
shields his eyes some as the glowing intensifies, enveloping
Stacey. Suddenly the light diappears, Sarah is gone.
Stacey's eyes open as she looks up at Matthew, still holding
      (holds hand to
       head, whispers)
Ow...what happened?
      (beginning to cry
It doesn't matter...it's not


All that matters is you're
ok...how do you feel?
Aside a bit of a headache, I feel
      (eyes get wide
Matthew...we've got to get out of
Can you stand?
Yeah...I think so...
Let me help you.
Matthew helps Stacey up, she looks around them, the green
fog still at their feet.
Are you sure everything's ok with
Yes...everything is much better
now. Come on let's try to get
They creep toward the stairs. *DING!* Matthew looks at
Stacey in sheer horror, then they both look at the elevator.
I thought it crashed and burned!
It did!
They watch as the numbers above the door light up one after
the other.
      (muttering to self)
Please God don't let it stop here!
Please don't let it stop here!
Do you smell something burning?


God no! Please don't let it be!
*DING!* The elevator comes to a stop; both the stinch and
heat are almost unbearable. Without thinking Matthew and
Stacey dart in opposite directions.
       whispering loudly)
What are you doing? Get over here!
Before either of them can move, the elevator doors open and
a huge ball of fire EXPLODES from the cab. Matthew and
Stacey attempt to shield the extreme heat from their faces.
Two figures step out of the blazing inferno, ENGULFED in
flames. Matthew recognizes them quickly as the elderly
couple from before.

Stacey slowly moves her hand away from face showing a
terrified and surprised expression. She lets out a yelp of a
SCREAM as a little dog also ENGULFED in flames prances off
the elevator. The dog barks excitedly with tiny little
"YIP's", her tail wagging madly. She stops "YIPPING" as she
turns her head looking right at Stacey, bares her teeth and
Oh God, nooooooo!
Stacey tries to back away in her crouched position, falling
to her back. Matthew has taken into a half fetal position.
                       ELDERLY COUPLE W/DOG
      (starring and
       pointing at
Yoooou let us diiiiie! It's
yooooour turn noooooow!
No! No! No! No! No!
The elevator doors remain open as the flaming cab suddenly
free falls back to the lobby. QUICK SHOT OF FLAMING ELEVATOR
FREE FALLING DOWN SHAFT. Just as quickly the flaming dog and
elderly couple vanish, their flames shooting toward the
ceiling. The only evidence anything just happened are 3
scorch marks on the floor where the figures stood and on the


      (trying to gather
We've got to get out of here!
Ya think!
A green neon ring floats above the building; it resembles
the Milky Way.
A light comes on in an apartment further down the hall,
shining brightly into the hallway. A man's voice calls out
to Stacey.
                       WHITMOORE (OS)
      (looks at Matthew
I know that voice.
She gets up and walks slowly towards the light shining into
the hallway.
Stacey, we need to go now! The
stairs are the other way!
Yeah, we keep saying that...yet
for some reason we stay.
Come on then!
Stacey ignores Matt, reaches the door, stops, goes inside.
Matthew gets up and RUNS to the open door. Just as he
reaches it, it SLAMS shut. He hears SCREAMING and the door
SHAKES violently as if someone or something were being
THROWN against it. More SCREAMING, then silence. Matt places
his ear to the door listening, he hears nothing.
      (voice shaking)


Just then in front of him, Sarah's ghost appears.
                       SARAH'S GHOST
      (pointing at door)
In there...that's where it all
began! The rot of it all!
Sarah vanishes into thin air again, Matt swallows hard. He
places his ear to the door again, his right hand on the
doorknob. He slowly turns the knob; door opens slightly,
then stops. Matt can't budge it any further.
      (voice still
BAM! The door EXPLODES into the hallway; Stacey flies
through the air knocking Matthew backwards. Both land
against the opposite wall with a hard THUD. Stacey lies on
the floor motionless, her face a bloody mess, clothes torn
to shreds. Matt checks his face and head for blood, then
tries to revive Stacey.
      (shaking Stacey
Stacey? Come on baby...wake up!
No response. Matthew gets up holding the back of his head
with his right hand, as he staggers to apartment entrance.
He sees blood covered walls, broken glass, furniture turned
over, clothing all over the floor. To his immediate left, a
kitchen with a small L shaped counter, to his immediate
right, a small utility closet. In front of him 2 bedrooms
and the living room.

Matthew finishes surveying the room, turning to check again
on Stacey. As he leans bent over checking Stacey, Matt sees
a large shadow slowly appear on the wall in front of him.
From the corner of his eye he sees Whitmoore, he's a bloody
mess as well, his clothing also torn to shreds.

Before Matthew can say a single word, Whitmoore kicks Matt
with a powerful blow on his right side, nearly breaking
Ahh! What the?!
Whitmoore kicks him again, this time in the face, knocking
Matt unconscious.


      (wincing in pain)
      (attempts to call
       Stacey's name)
      (coughs again,
Stacey! Aghh!
Matthew tries looking around him, only to find his vision
blurred. He tries moving his hands and feet, he slowly
realizes he's tied to a crucifix.
A very groggy Stacey wakes up; also finding herself tied up.
      (struggles to move)
Wha...what's with all the yelling?
Are you ok? Where are we?
How the hell should I know? I just
woke up!
Matthew again tries to look around the room; his vision
still a little blurred.
Can you move?
No...my hands and feet are tied.
Matthew...what's going on...where
are we?
Wish I knew...
Whitmoore walks into the room as he looks up at Matthew and
Stacey. He lets out an obnoxious grunt.


Whitmoore?! Is that you? You son
of a bitch...I'm gonna kill ya!
      (eil laugh)
Ooooh? Yooooou're gonna kill
meeee? Ha! Ha! I find that rather
amusing! Now, just how do you
propose to do that? You're tied up
pretty tight along with your
girlfriend there!
      (laughs again)
You already know I can overpower
      (getting angry)
What, by kicking me in the side
and face? Those were cheap shots!
Why don't you untie me and I'll
show you what overpowering someone
      (whispering loudly)
Matt...what are you doing?! You're
gonna get yourself killed if you
keep that shit up!
No! I want him to try! Those were
cheap shots while I was down...
      (focusing on
       Whitmoore again,
Come on you imbred yella belly of
a coward! You're not shit to me!
Matthew! Shut...the fuck...up!
He's gonna end up killing both of
Matthew...you really should listen
to what the little lady tells ya!
Hell, she's got more brains than
you apparently...she knows it's
best just to keep her cocksucker


Stacey stares at Whitmoore with an evil stare.
What? Now you got someting to say?
Yeah...just remember...hell hath
no furry than that of a woman
Oh that's real cute!
      (walks to a ladder
       leaned up against
       the wall, climbs
       it, slaps Stacey
       in the face)
You got anything else to say
Stacey remains quiet.
Yeah...I didn't think so!
      (directed at
       Matthew and
Ok you two, now I've got to take
care of some unfinished business.
Don't you two go wanderin' off no
place! Understand?
      (laughs as he
       walks away, then
       begins to whistle
Minutes later Whitmoore returns.
Just to make sure you two don't
try nothin' funny, I got me some
security! Have fun kids!
      (Laughs loudly and
       wicked as he
       leaves the room)
What do you think he meant by


Two wolves walk into the room, each taking a side by the
door, sitting.
Shiiit! I don't motherfucking
believe it! Those are my wolves!
What do we do?
I don't know just yet...let me
If you built those things, you
must know how to turn them off!
It's not that simple anymore!
Those are somehow running on their
own now, I can't control them.
Besides it's not like I have my
remotes with me!
Well one of us had better think of
something...and fast!
Matthew looks around the room, then to his hands and feet.
He tugs on his left hand slightly.
Ow! What are you doing over there?
Tryin' to get my hand free. I
didn't know you were tied up with
Wait a second then...I think I can
get us free a little
faster...maybe only hurting one of
us instead.
I'm hurting enough...
Quit being a baby!
      (turning attention
       to the ropes)


                       STACEY (cont'd)
Now...if I could just...
Whitmoore walks back into the room, pets both hell hounds
and looks up at Stacey.
What the fuck are you looking at?
Whitmoore just grins and grunts before leaving the room
I'm going to try again. I haven't
done this since grade school, but
I'm gonna try to dislocate my
Sounds painful.
      (ignoring comment)
It'll make my hand smaller and
maybe I can squeeze it through
these ropes.
Stacey wraps her fingers around her thumb, pulling downward
as hard as she can. *POP*
      (gritting teeth,
Shit! I think I broke it...the
price of freedom I guess.
She pulls her hand out with ease, which in turn loosens the
ropes for Matt. Just as Matt is trying to loosen the rope
around his other hand, Sarah appears before them.
                       SARAH'S GHOST
      (pointing at
Don't worry about these two...
      (raises right hand)
I'll take care of them, and I'll
help you.
All the ropes loosen, Matt and Stacey drop to the floor a
good five feet. The wolves stand up GROWLING, SNARLING, and
BARKING. Matt and Stacey slowly stand up. The wolves
suddenly charge at them.


      (shielding face
       with hand)
I thought she was going to help
                       SARAH'S GHOST (OS)
I am!
The two wolves seem to stop in mid-air, the lights in each
of their eyes goes out. They fall to the floor with a loud
Let's go.
Matt looks behind them and sees Sarah take shape again. She
smiles at him, then vanishes.
                       SARAH'S GHOST
Good luck!
They exit the room, finding themselves in a long, narrow
hallway, lit only by hanging lanterns from the ceiling.
Where do we go from here?
A hidden door beneath them flies open, sending them sliding
down a spiraling slide. They land at the bottom on a
mattress, Matt finds himself on top of Stacey.
I guess it's my turn now...
       pushing Matt off)
Oooh, I like it when you play
                       WHITMOORE (OS)
      (from upstairs,
What in the fuck!?


I guess he got a clue we're
*DING* Matthew looks up in horror, an elevator stands before
them, the doors open. It appears empty, Matthew & Stacey
stand up, looking at the elevator and each other.
I'm sure as hell not getting on
that thing!
Looks like it's the only way up...
Right before their very eyes a ripple effect happens (like
in a swimming pool), dark figures appear from the empty
elevator. They come out in two's, until Matt and Stacey are
nearly surrounded.
This doesn't look good...now what
Einstein? Every idea you've had so
far has put us through even more
shit than the last time!
Pray? Somehow I don't think these
things are gonna give us a chance.
Our only other option is to try to
break through and get on that
Thought you said there was no way
in hell you'd get on there?
Looks like our options are being
severly limited.
How do we get through?
Baseball slide between their


You're kidding right?
If you can come up with something
else, I'm all ears.
Fuck...ok, let's do it!
They run at the dark figures as fast as they can, then slide
under them. They scramble to their feet and get on the
That seemed almost too easy!
Shut up! Don't make it any harder
than it already is!
Matthew looks around for the button controls to make the cab
start, he sees nothing but blank walls.
I think we have a problem
here...no button to push...
      (looks at Matt
       worried as doors
There's gotta be a button
      (searches the
       walls high and
The cab begins to VIBRATE, startling Stacey into Matt's
We seem to keep metting like
Stacey looks at Matt in extreme sarcasm. The cab SHAKES more
violently, lights dim off and on.


Do something!
      (screaming back)
Like what?!
I don't know...anything!
Just hold on...tight!
The elevator suddenly ROCKETS up the shaft, sending the pair
to the floor.
Not again!
Matt closes his eyes tightly; the cab begins making a
SCREECHING sound as it climbs, growing louder and louder.
      (screaming over
Is this what happened last time?
      (screaming back)
No! This is different!
What's different this time?
The noise...last time it was a
massive temperature change...
The cab abruptly stops sending Matt and Stacey airborne,
landing with a heavy THUD.
      (same time as
That part was basically the same!


Glad I could share the experience
with ya this time!
The doors open, the pair get to their feet, half STUMBLING
off the elevator. Looking at their surroundings they quickly
realize they're back on the 13th floor.
But how...is there no way out of
this fucking building?!
Stacey stands in pure shock as she realizes the elevator
they just got off is the very one that crashed earlier.
      (grabs Stacey's
I don't know, and I don't wanna
know...let's just go!
They run to the stairs, Stacey making it first. She abruptly
stops as she SLAMS into Whitmoore. She falls backwards,
OF HOUSE OF THE DEAD) He steps into the hallway. Matthew
stands frozen in place, too scared to move.
      (on the verge of
Please! Leave us alone!
It's only begun for you bitch!
Whitmoore grabs Stacey by the hair and starts DRAGGING her
towards Matthew's former apartment. Matthew remains
temporarily frozen in place. Stacey CRIES out to him to help

Finally Matthew unfreezes and RUNS to the door, jumps on
Whitmoore's back pounding away at the back of his skull.
Whitmoore drops Stacey and RUNS toward a wall with Matthew
on his back, turning at the last second, pinning Matthew
between the wall and himself. Matthew falls to the floor, as
he falls, a huge dent is seen left behind.


Whitmoore picks Matthew up, DRAGGING him into the apartment.
He grabs onto the back of Matthew's shirt and pants, and
like a rag doll flings him across the room. Matthew sails
through the air, over the counter top, CRASH landing into
the refrigerator.
You two just couldn't keep your
Goddamn noses out of things that
don't concern you! You had to go
snoopinng around...now you're
forcing me to do this!
Whitmoore walks out onto Matthew's balcony, grabs a gas can
and starts pouring it throughout the room.
You know too much, and you've
definitely seen too much! I can't
let you leave here knowing what
you know.
      (coughing a few
You son of a bitch! I'm gonna kill
Yeah, I've heard that one before!
Stacey finally comes to again, Matthew looks at her, his
anger growing.
He's the one Stacey! He killed
Sarah and her parent's years ago!
He set their apartment on fire,
and that's how he's gonna try to
kill us!
What? How do you know about that?
Who told you?


Sarah told me herself. Now I
understand what she meant by the
"rot of it all"! You're the rot
So, how is the little cunt?
      (big grin spreads
       across his face)
Ah that's right, she's dead! Same
as you in a second!
      (picking herself
       up from the floor)
All right Whitmoore! I've had
about all the shit I can stand to
take from you! Time to end this
here once and for all!
Come on!
Stacey positions herself in a fight stance, Whitmoore looks
at her.
I couldn't agree more! Let's end
Come on then! Let's go!
Whatcha gonna do little girl? Hit
me with little girly punches?
Whitmoore takes a few steps toward Stacey; she swings her
left fist into Whitmoore's gut with a powerful blow, nearly
knocking him backwards.
You almost knocked the wind out of
me! I may have under estimated
      (shakes the blow


                       WHITMOORE (cont'd)
       off, pops neck
       left, then right)
This aughta be fun! Ok, my turn!
Remember Matt? I got this!
Out of nowhere, lightning flashes and it begins RAINING
heavily outside, thunder CRASHES, SHAKING the building.
Stacey takes a few steps backwards, fists raised. Whitmoore
charges at her, she moves out of the way, planting her right
knee in Whitmoore's gut. She grabs hold of his shirt and to
both Matthew and Whitmoore's surprise hurls him across the
room CRASHING through the TV.
      (getting up,
       dusting himself
I'm impressed...that all you got?
Whitmoore charges at Stacey again, Stacey glances backwards
for a split second. This time Whitmoore connects,
CLOTHES-LINING Stacey across her chest. Lightning flashes
again, thunder CRASHES. She falls backwards a little bumping
hard into the kitchen counter, KNOCKING over some pots and
pans. She grabs onto her right side.
      (wicked laughter)
Aww what's the matter...did I hurt
your pretty little self?
      (with intensity)
Not even fucking close!
      (picks herself up
       off the floor,
       gets into fight
       stance again)
Guess I'm gonna have to teach ya
the hard way!
Whitmoore THROWS several punches at Stacey, she BLOCKS them
all and KNEES him in the groin. He stops moving for a minute
as he looks at her, glazed look in his eyes. Again lightning
flashes, and thunder CRASHES Stacey quickly delivers a


powerful jab to his chest, then a sidekick. Whitmoore falls
backwards to the floor.
Come on fucker! Get up!
Whitmoore STAGGERS to his feet, and starts SWINGING wildly.
Stacey takes a few steps backwards, TRIPS over pieces of
broken TV, then FALLS to the floor.Whitmoore towers over
her. Stacey KICKS him in the face, he STUMBLES back some.

Matthew gets back up again, jumping again onto Whitmoore's
back, this time trying to choke him out. Whitmoore reaches
back grabbing onto Matthew's head pulling it forward as he
leans over. He grabs onto a bit of shirt, then flings
Matthew again over his head, out into the hallway. Matthew's
head KNOCKS into the door frame on the way out, temporarily
knocking him out.

From the corner of Whitmoore's eye he sees an axe resting on
the floor beside the kitchen counter. He quickly picks it
up, turns around, and is surprised to see Stacey standing in
front of him. Lightning flashes and thunder CRASHES
seemingly in sync as she begins PUNCHING as hard and as fast
as she can into Whitmoore's stomach, chest, and occasionally
face. Whitmoore STUMBLES backwards trying to defend himself,
Stacey delvers one final blow with another side kick.

Whitmoore CRASHES through the sliding door, and FLIPS over
the railing.
Stacey RUNS to the balcony, peers over the railing as
Whitmoore falls 13 stories into a tree limb shredder and is
shredded to pieces. Workers, very startled, look up. Stacey
retreats back into the apartment.
Matthew! It's done! It's all over
with! Whitmoore is dead! He's
      (looking around
Where are you?
      (hears groaning
       coming from


      (motioning with
       hand to speak
Ok...good. I've got a terrible
headache...can we please leave
Before Stacey can say a word, Sarah's ghost appears before
                       SARAH'S GHOST
Thank you! You've done it...you
beat Whitmoore! Now my mommy,
daddy, and I can finally rest in
peace. Thank you both of you!
Sarah's parents appear behind her; she looks up to them
                       SARAH'S GHOST
It's all over...we can go now.
Sarah and her parents slowly evaporate into thin air.
Matthew and Stacey sit on a bench just outside the apartment
building, hours after surviving upstairs.
      (looking at Matt)
The firemarshall said faulty
wiring was to blame for the
elevator malfunction, as well as
the lights up on your floor.
Faulty wiring my ass! You were on
there with me! Do you really
believe his shitty explanation?
No, of course not.


You hear anything from anyone
No...everyone else is tight
lipped, they're afraid to say
      (looking at watch)
They do realize he's dead now,
They're afraid stuff might start
happening again anyways.
I don't believe he's gonna be
haunting the place...he's right
where he belongs...burning in
4 months later- Matthew is at work, working on some
bloodlines for some new zombies, for a movie called Zombie
VS. Wolfman. Stacey has teamed up with him, she's 3 1/2
months pregnant with their first child.
This is definitely some cool
stuff! I could get used to this
kind of work...
Yeah, it's not bad, I enjoy it.
      (looking around)
It's nice when things are
controlled, I think we're safe
At least I know for sure
everything's fake!
      (focusing on
Uh...yeah. Speaking of which,


                       MATTHEW (cont'd)
would you mind climbing the ladder
to get me that skillsaw off the
top shelf? I don't know who the
retard was who put it up there.
      (continuing to
       focus on line)
Supposed to be on the bottom. So
many accidents happen cause people
are careless...I need it though.
Got some wood needs trimming.
      (looking up at the
       towering shelves)
Uh...yeah. Sure.
Use the safety rails.
Stacey climbs to the top and grabs the saw. She begins to
climb down; unaware her shoelace is untied. She steps on it
causing her to loose her balance, and fall backwards. Matt
isn't able to react quickly enough to catch her. Stacey
falls onto a pile of metal poles, some of which are propped
up against Matt's workbench. She lands on the poles, one
impales the back of her head, exiting through her left eye,
and two through her stomach.
Stacey! Nooooooooooooo! God


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