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Mission Millionaire
by Willem Jansen (willemjansen1992@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ****
This is my first script that i wrote. A wrote a few things with 2 friends of mine. I'am Dutch and my English is not very good. Just so you know. And one thing, the script is very very inspired by Reservoir Dogs. Am sorry for that.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The screen is black, BOOKER T. & THE MG'S - GREEN ONIONS is
playing in the background. After a few seconds the screen
opens and we see a guy walking down the street, smoking a
cigarette. After a while he crosses the street and walks
into a bar. It begins.
Two guys are sitting in a restaurant, drinking coffee and
having a conversation. It's 10:00 in the morning. The man on
the left is dressed in normal clothes, the man on the right
is dressed in a nice suite.
They're enyoing their coffee and are having an conversation.
A close-up from Mr. Cola
                       MR. COLA
So, what do you think of it?
                       DR. PEPPER
I don't know.
                       MR. COLA
You don't know?
                       DR. PEPPER
No i don't know, it's not a normal
job. Like it's not a normal
conversation we having here.
                       MR. COLA
Nothing is normal these days, get
used to it. Now tell me, you're in
or not?
Mr. Cola is the guy on the right in the suite, Dr. Pepper is
the guy on the left dressed in normal clothes.
                       DR. PEPPER
Pff...Alright, i'll do it.
                       MR. COLA
Good! Okay, i have to go. I give
you this letter, it says
everything you need to know about
what were going to do, or better
said, what we 'think' were going
to do.


                       DR. PEPPER
Mr. Cola hands over a few white letters to Dr. Pepper.
                       MR. COLA
      (Points his
       fingers to the
Read these pages carefully.
Otherwise you get hurt.
                       DR. PEPPER
Is it that bad?
                       MR. COLA
My tasty Pepper, It just started.
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. COLA
Oh! I forgot, we are using
You're name is Dr. Pepper. And the
rest you'll found out later.
Mr. Cola stands up and walks to the door.
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. COLA
Enough questions, everything you
need to know is written right in
front of you.
I'll see you friday, don't be
                       DR. PEPPER
                       DR. PEPPER
Ok, well i'll see you then.
When Mr. Cola has left the coffee shop, he takes his mobile
and types in a phone number and calls.
                       MR. COLA
He's in.


The screen frade's out, the screen get's dark and the scéne
has ended.
A few days later
It's the Friday. Four men are standing outside in front of
an old building. The four men, who excally never met each
other before, are looking at each other and asking
themselves if they aren't at the wrong adress.
                       MR. SPRITE
What kind of place is this?
                       MR. COLA
No fucking clue man, this is the
right adress. According to the
letter from Millionaire.
                       DR. PEPPER
The lights are on inside, i think
we should better go inside and
have a couple of drinks.
They go inside, the camera follows them from behind till
they are in the building. They open the door, look around
and take a seat on the table infront of them.
                       MR. ORANGE
This place looks old, but i like
the atmosphere here.
                       DR. PEPPER
Yeah, let's order a couple of
drinks,I am thirsty.
                       MR. SPRITE
Bartender, five beers please.
Oh wait, there is no bartender
behind the bar!
                       DR. PEPPER
Haha, you are funny!
Maybe he's back there, am gonna
take a look.


Dr. Pepper stands up and walks to the bar,
                       DR. PEPPER
Hello, there are people who are
thirsty here!
No reaction, Dr. Pepper walks to the back of the bar and is
still calling for the bartender.
                       DR. PEPPER
Hello, is there someboby? Hello?
                       DR. PEPPER
Fuck man, i just wanna have
something to drink.
                       MR. SPRITE
You can drink the shit that comes
out of my dick!
(all laughs).
Dr. Pepper walks around, and stops behind the bar infront of
the camera and walks out the screen. The camera is still
standing on the same point.
Than suddenly Dr. Pepper walks back into the screen.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (with a shotgun,
       he's pointing at
       Dr. Pepper)
One step and i blow you'r face
                       DR. PEPPER
      (looks shocked)
Holy Fuck!
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Are you a cop?
                       MR. COLA
If we where cops, you should
better put away that gun.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
So you're not a cop? What the Fuck
are you guys doing here then?!
                       MR. SPRITE
This is a bar...we just wanna
order some drinks? Or is it like a
mexican situatian here? You know?
You point a gun at me, i point a


                       MR. SPRITE (cont'd)
gun at you. And who shoots first,
gets the drinks.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (Looks like he
       doesn't really
No, not really.
                       MR. SPRITE
Hmm, to bad.
                       MR. ICE TEA
      (he sticks up 2
       fingers of each
No we are waiting for the
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
The Millionaire?....oh, you'r are
the guys who have to meet him!
                       MR. ICE TEA
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Ok, well have a drink, it's on the
                       MR. ICE TEA
You'r sure? You'r not blowing our
faces away when we take our
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (looks at his gun)
No, this thing is just for safety.
All the guys are standing up, and take a seet by the bar.
                       DR. PEPPER
Finally, it's about time!
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
So, what do you wanna drink?
All the guys take a beer, except for Dr. Pepper.
                       DR. PEPPER
I will have a Chocomel.


All the guys are looking weird to Dr. Pepper.
                       MR. ORANGE
Why the Fuck do you want a
                       DR. PEPPER
Because it taste's fucking good,
my friend.
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, Coca Cola taste's fucking
good too, but i don't order a
fucking Cola, do i?
                       DR. PEPPER
No, you order a beer, and i let
you order a beer. I don't say a
fucking thing about that.
                       MR. COLA
A couple days back, when we hat
breakfirst at that restaurant, you
did't order a Chocomel then.
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. COLA
Why not?
                       DR. PEPPER
It was breakfirst, in the morning
a Chocomel doesn't taste as good
as in the afternoon or in the
                       MR. ICE TEA
How do you mean?
                       DR. PEPPER
You'r mouth must get used to the
taste. If i drink coffee in the
morning, my mouth get's a better
used to it and so the taste is
If i drink beer in the morning-
                       MR. SPRITE
      (looks amazed)
-So you do drink beer?


                       DR. PEPPER
Yes, i drink beer. But not now, i
wanna be clear when we begin to
talk about our first mission.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (Points at Mr.
You, you'r name is?
                       MR. COLA
Mr. Cola
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Wait, Mr Cola? you order a beer,
while you'r name is Mr. Cola?
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, what's the problem?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
I just expected that you would
order a Cola, because it's you're
                       MR. COLA
You are talking shit!
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Hé man, if i think it's weird.
                       MR. COLA
Well, you are weird.
The phone is ringing.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
The phone is ringing.
Quentin the Bartender is walking to the back of the bar to
take the phone.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
                       MR. COLA
I don't like him.
                       MR. ICE TEA
he's just fooling with you.


                       MR. COLA
That's bullshit!
                       MR. ICE TEA
Don't act like a little girl.
                       MR. COLA
Am not, am not.
Mr. Cola walks to the toilet.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Ok, bye.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
I just got a call from the
Millionaire, he's gonna be late.
So you guys will have to wait a
little longer.
                       MR. ORANGE
Damn that's fucked up, what can we
do here in the mean time?
                       MR. ICE TEA
-Do you have a Shots drinking
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Uhmm, i think i have one yes, but
i don't know where it is. I'll
take a look in the back.
                       MR. SPRITE
I'll get myself another beer.
Mr. Sprite stands up, and gets a new beer, he opens it and
walks back to his seet.
Mr. Ice Tea get's something out of his pocket, he opens it
and a thing that looks like a cigarette slides out. It's a
He put in his mouth lights it and start puffing away.
                       MR. COLA
That looks good, my friend.
                       MR. ICE TEA
It tastes good.


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Hmm, i didn't find the shots game.
I'll take a look later, so tell
me, how do you know the
                       MR. SPRITE
Me and my brother Cola here, have
been in jail with him.
                       DR. PEPPER
Did you guys get gay over there?
                       MR. COLA
Shut up.
Mr. Ice Tea take one last hoist of the joint and put it on
the ash-tray, he stands up and walk away to the toilet.
                       MR. SPRITE
We were sittin in jail and the
Millionaire was the only guy who
we liked-
                       DR. PEPPER
-And who you fucked.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (little angry)
Shut the fuck up, i wanna hear his
story, or should i put my gun
against you'r head and shoot a
bullet through it?
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, the Millionaire was the only
guy who we liked. He promised us
things that we would kill for.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
But how did you guys got into
                       MR. SPRITE
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Just you two?


                       MR. SPRITE
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
That's a hard job, man.
                       MR. COLA
Tell me about it, it didn't work.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Did you have a plan?
                       MR. COLA
Ofcourse we had a plan. If you do
not have a plan, you'r screwed.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah, but you two have been in
jail, even when you had a plan.
                       MR. SPRITE
Ok, that's true. But our plan was
fucking great my friend.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
What was you'r plan?
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, one of us was already in the
bank, to check things like: how
many guards are there and how many
people are waiting for they're
In this case was Joey the one who
had to check this.
But something went wrong.
                       MR. ORANGE
what went wrong?
                       MR. COLA
I'll tell you.
                       MR. COLA
In the morning of that day, i went
to my dealer, i was very nervous
for the robbery later that week,
every time we met, we met each
other in a park and made a deal.
But i, maybe it was because i was
very nervous or something, but i
saw a car and somebody was sittin


                       MR. COLA (cont'd)
in it and looking at me. I did't
saw who it was, i only see his
But i know they looked at me.
                       FRANK THE DEALER
Dude, you'r okay? you'r shaking
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, am fine.
                       FRANK THE DEALER
      (He gives him a
       little bag of
Maybe this will relax you.
                       MR. COLA
      (pointing at the
Thanks, do you know who's car that
                       FRANK THE DEALER
      (looks at the car)
Hmm, no never seen it.
                       MR. COLA
Okay, so are you still fucking
                       FRANK THE DEALER
No man, do you know what that
bitch did?
                       MR. COLA
                       FRANK THE DEALER
She fucked with my neighbor!
                       MR. COLA
You'r neighbor? that's very fucked
up man!
                       FRANK THE DEALER
Yeah, you know the worst thing of
all is?, i saw them doing it.
                       MR. COLA


                       FRANK THE DEALER
I woke up, walked to the window
and there they were, fucking and
doing things you don't wanna see
you'r girlfriend do!
                       MR. COLA
What did you do to her?
                       FRANK THE DEALER
To her nothing, the
neighbor...well, let's just say he
is not able to fuck my girlfriend
                       MR. COLA
You'r little fucking freak! You'r
cut his dick off?
                       FRANK THE DEALER
Yeah, and then i made him eat it.
                       MR. COLA
Fuck man!
                       FRANK THE DEALER
What? He should'nt put his dick in
my girlfriends pussy. It was his
own fucking fould.
                       FRANK THE DEALER
And...a little nervous for the
                       MR. COLA
A little, am just thinking about
the things that can go wrong.
                       THE STRANGE GUY
                       MR. COLA
I mean, those little things. These
little details that you forget
because...you're fucking nervous.
What if John has forgot to load
his gun. Or the women behinds the
counter is fucking hot and i there
is nothing than shit coming out of
my mouth.


                       FRANK THE DEALER
Don't worry, it will be easy.
Dude, i have to go, somebody else
is waiting for his stuff.
                       MR. COLA
                       FRANK THE DEALER
Ey uhm...do you know any snackbar
here in this town? I need some
                       MR. COLA
      (looking weird)
Are you stoned right now?
                       FRANK THE DEALER
Uhm...a little. Why you ask?
                       MR. COLA
You live across a snackbar, Frank!
Your neighbours a Chinese, they
are living here at least five
                       FRANK THE DEALER
Oh right, i love Chinese people!
                       MR. COLA
Goodbye Frank!
                       FRANK THE DEALER
      (is walking away)
Mr Cola walks to his car, it's filmed from the car of the
strange guy who looked at Mr. Cola the whole time.
When Mr. Cola drive's away, the strange guy follows him.
And the camera films it, from the backseet of the car.
We only see the shoulder and the shape of the strange guy.
                       MR. COLA
On the way from the park to
Sprite's house, i had the feeling
that somebody was following me.
I only saw a car that followd me.
It was the same car i saw at the
                       MR. COLA
When i arrived at John's house, i
went inside. I looked through the
window and saw the car of the


                       MR. COLA (cont'd)
strange guy, but there was nobody
in the car.
                       DR. PEPPER
Do you have any idea who that
'strange guy' could be?
                       MR. COLA
No, i didn't see his face. And i
don't know who else it could be.
                       MR. ORANGE
Maybe it was Mr. Sprite's
                       MR. SPRITE
No, he doesn't have a car that
looks like that.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Hé guys, look what i found.
Mr. Ice tea has found the shots game.
Mr. Sprite puts the joint out.
The guys and Quentin the Bartender are playing the shots
game, that Mr. Ice Tea found.
Now the story of the 'Strange Guy' from the park to John's
the stranged guy is sittin in his car looking at Mr. Cola.
He has a phone is he's hand, he's talking to someone.
On the background you here 'Apache' from The Shadows.
                       PHONE GUY
What's he doing?
                       THE STRANGE GUY
He's just sittin on a bank, with a
junk. There talking and laughing.
                       PHONE GUY
Can you hear what they are talking
                       THE STRANGE GUY
No, am standing to far away. I
think he saw me, he just looked
this way.


                       PHONE GUY
Don't look at him, it makes you
                       THE STRANGE GUY
You think sittin in a car, with a
phone looking all the time at the
same person, not making me
                       PHONE GUY
When he looks at you, don't look
at him okay?
                       THE STRANGE GUY
                       PHONE GUY
What he's doing now?
                       THE STRANGE GUY
He just got a little plastic bag,
i think it's drugs or something.
The Junk walks away, Mr. Cola puts
his little bag of drugs in his
pocket. I have to hang up, he's
getting in his car.
                       PHONE GUY
Okay, keep a close eye on him!
Mr. Cola get's in his car. The whole 'following' scéne is
filmed from the backseet of the 'Strange Guy's' car.
When we arrived at Sprite's house, we see Mr. Cola get out
of his car and walks to the frontdoor of Sprite's house.
Still everything is filmed from the car of the 'Strange
When Mr. Cola gets in Mr. Sprite's house.
the 'Strange Guy' gets out of his car and walks to a open
window. Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite are inside talking about the
plan for the bankrobbery, the 'Strange Guy' is standing by
the window and hear what they talk about.
                       MR. COLA
So what's our plan?
                       MR. SPRITE
One of us is inside the bank,
looking how many guards and people
there are.
The one who's in the bank is
telling the other, who is outside
the bank, how many guards there
are and stuff. When the guards are


                       MR. SPRITE (cont'd)
going for lunch, the one who's
outside is going in and take he's
gun and treat the-
                       MR. COLA
-Wait, is it only us?
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
You and me?
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
Fuck man, that's never gonna work.
                       MR. SPRITE
What the fuck do you mean?
                       MR. COLA
2 guys, that's....not enough.
Why are we not with more?
                       MR. SPRITE
Why more? it is only going to make
it harder.
                       MR. COLA
No man, 2 guys only make's it
harder. With more man, we can make
a better plan. A plan that's gonna
                       MR. SPRITE
This plan is good enough, it's
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, but the banks aren't
classic, they have very good
security systems for this kinda
shit! And you think it's going to
                       MR. SPRITE


                       MR. COLA
Hhmm...am still not convinced but
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, i told you already about
that, someone is already in the
bank thing, right?
                       MR. COLA
                       MR. SPRITE
then i come in, take my gun. And
take all the money there is.
                       MR. COLA
-Wait, so you are the guy who's
got to take his gun and shoot some
people and take the money?
                       MR. SPRITE
Yeah, except for the shoot thing,
I am not gonna shoot anyone.
                       MR. COLA
Fuck man, that's much more cooler
than sittin outside and do
nothing. Why are you the one who's
got the point with his gun?
                       MR. SPRITE
I made the plan.
                       MR. COLA
-Fuck you man, you did'nt make
this plan, every man that ever
robbed a bank used this plan. It's
very old, it's a classic.
                       MR. SPRITE
Yeah, that's what i told you, it's
a classic plan.
                       MR. COLA
Yeah and i told you, that the
banks are not classic anymore. And
that's why i think this plan
                       MR. SPRITE
But what do you wanna do? make a
new plan that's better than mine?
We don't fucking know what kinda


                       MR. SPRITE (cont'd)
'Moneydefensemachines' they have
there. It can be that, if we make
a new plan, a better plan, that it
will suck to.
And that's not what i want, i just
wanna have the goddamn money!
                       MR. COLA
I know, ok maybe you'r right.
When are we going to rob the bank?
                       MR. SPRITE
This saturday.
                       MR. COLA
Ok, ey, do you know that car?
                       MR. SPRITE
Which one?
                       MR. COLA
      (points with his
       finger to the car
That one, that car over there.
                       MR. SPRITE
No, why you ask?
                       MR. COLA
Well, i was in the park with Frank
                       MR. SPRITE
-with Frank? how is he doing? i
have'nt spoken to him in a long
                       MR. COLA
He's fine, He has got a few
problems with his girlfriend, but
beside's that. He's ok. But i was
in the park with Frank, and a saw
that car and somebody was in there
looking at me.
                       MR. SPRITE
Do you know who it was.
                       MR. COLA
No, i did'nt saw who it was, i
only saw his eyes and


                       MR. SPRITE
-Did he follow you?
                       MR. COLA
I think he did, all the way to
your house he has followed me. But
i don't know who it can be.
I don't recognize the car.
                       MR. SPRITE
I think it's someone we don't
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, I am going home. Maybe he
will follows me again....what the
fuck, who's that?!
The 'Strange Guy' has heard what Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite
talked about.
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
By that window!
                       MR. SPRITE
Is that the guy from the car?
                       MR. COLA
                       THE STRANGE GUY
                       MR. COLA
Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite are running to outside, the 'Strange
Guy' is getting in his car. Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite
following him. Now the two cars are racing trough the
The guys are still playing the Shots game, in Quentin's bar.
The Millionaire is still not there.
Some of the guys are not feeling well.


                       MR. ORANGE
Oh man, am gonna quit.
Am not feeling good.
                       DR. PEPPER
Orange my friend, none of us are
feeling good. That's part of the
                       MR. ORANGE
I think i have to throw up!
Mr. Orange stands up, and runs to the toilet.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
No no no, not in my toilet, do
that outside!
Quentin the Bartender stands up, and runs to the toilet to
stop Mr. Orange.
                       MR. SPRITE
I'am going watch him throw up.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Am coming with you!
                       DR. PEPPER
Me too!
They all running to the toilet, there lucky. Mr. Orange has
forget to lock the door. All the guys are watching him throw
                       DR. PEPPER
Orange man, what did you eat?!
                       MR. ORANGE
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
He's going to clean the whole
toilet by himself, What the fuck
man, look at it.
                       MR. SPRITE
      (laughing, drunk)
Fuck man, this is awesome!


                       MR. COLA
      (drunk, nauseous)
The smell is not good, am..am not
feeling good. Fuck man!
Mr.Cola turns backwards and throws up.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (looking at
What the fuck! You too? you'r
gonna clean that up with Orange!
Were're never gonna play that
Shots game again.
                       MR. ICE TEA
I am going back there, before i
throw up too.
Mr. Ice Tea walks out of screen, the only person who's
stands watching Mr. Orange throw up is Dr. Pepper. He laughs
and walks back to the bar.
When every one is back at their seat, except for Mr. Orange
and Mr. Cola, Mr. Sprite explains the rest of the 'Strange
Guy' story.
                       MR. SPRITE
That was fun.
                       DR. PEPPER
Yeah, i almost laught my head off.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
You know guys, how is that woman
called in PULP FICTION?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Which one? There are two.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah,....Uhmm, the one with the
black hair.
                       DR. PEPPER
Are you stupid? They both have
black hair.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Oh, the one that also plays in
KILL BILL. Not the one who fucked
Bruce Willis.


Mr. Cola walks in and takes a seet.
                       MR. SPRITE
Hé man, how was it?
                       MR. COLA
What do you think, it was awful.
My mought taste's like monkeyshit.
                       DR. PEPPER
      (looks amazed)
Do you know how monkeyshit
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
- Hé, i was not done yet. I still
wanna know what the name of that
women is, in PULP FICTION.
                       MR. SPRITE
I don't know what the names are of
all the actors, i do not care.
The only one that i know is Samuel
L. Jackson. But, no doubt, he
ownes the movie!
                       MR. ICE TEA
You don't wanna know the names of
all the actors?
                       MR. SPRITE
No, why do i wanna know they're
real names? The only thing i care
is the story and the movie.
                       MR. COLA
Quentin, did she make other movies
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah, i know a few of them.
                       MR. COLA
Hit it.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
THE AVENGERS and...Oh the
television show of ROBIN HOOD.
That are the one's i know.


                       MR. COLA
I do not know them,...Wait. Did
she played in KILL BILL?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
                       MR. COLA
      (flips with his
Uma Thurman.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yes! Uma Thurman. that's her name.
                       DR. PEPPER
I think she's hot.
                       MR. SPRITE
Was that all you wanted to know?
What here name is?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
No, no. I wanted to know, why she
does that square in PULP FICTION
when she sits in that car with
John Travolta. I have seen that
movie a thousand times and still,
i don't know why she signs that
                       MR. COLA
Does it matter?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
-When you are watching a movie and
there is something in it what you
don't understand. Doesn't that
take's you'r attention off the
                       MR. COLA
Not really, why?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
You don't care?


                       MR. COLA
I don't give a shit about that
stuff, that are just the little
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah but, the little details
make's it a movie.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
-Alright, i'll shall give you an
example...You'r at home and
watching a movie. In the movie
some guys are having a drink in a
bar. But...suddenly you see that
the glass of one of the actors is
empty, while it was full a few
seconds ago. That are just little
details but they make it a movie.
A fucking movie! And you are
telling me, it doesn't?
                       MR. COLA
You'r right. But i still don't
care about the little details. I
don't recognize them. But....what
the fuck, does it matter?
                       MR. ICE TEA
You'r crazy.
                       MR. COLA
Fuck off.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
How the fuck do you watch a movie?
                       MR. COLA
By watching it.
                       DR. PEPPER
And not give any attention to the
little details?
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, what the fuck is the
                       MR. ICE TEA
It means you are crazy.


                       MR. COLA
No, you are crazy and you too. I
just don't give a fuck about
He points to Ice Tea and Quentin.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
                       MR. COLA
      (looks mad to
One word away for a punch that's
gonna make you cry, asshole!
                       MR. SPRITE
Ho,ho. Calm down girls. If you
wanna dance, go on stage, we will
enjoy it!
Then, Mr. Orange is back, he takes a seet between Pepper and
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Did you clean it?
                       MR. ORANGE
Clean what?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
The toilet.
                       MR. ORANGE
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
-Why not?
                       MR. ORANGE
Because am not a fucking
shitdigger Quentin.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Thanks to you the toilet is a
fucking sewer line. I told you to
clean it up. Cola will give you a
                       MR. COLA


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (give them soap
       and towels)
Here. Some soap and a towel. I
want everything so clean, that i
can see myself in the wall while i
take a squirt.
Orange and Cola are looking at each other.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
So, tell me more about the story.
                       MR. SPRITE
Which one? I have thousands of the
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
The one about you and Mr. Cola.
                       MR. SPRITE
Again, i have thousands of those.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
About the bankrobbery.
                       MR. SPRITE
Oh.Allright, we were following the
'Strange Guy' because we wanna
know what he's going to do, and we
also wanted to shoot his fucking
head off.
flashback scéne
                       MR. COLA
I am gonna shoot this son of a
bitch's head off!
                       MR. SPRITE
Calm down, why the fuck did he
followed you?
                       MR. COLA
I don't know! Maybe because of the
                       MR. SPRITE
How the fuck he knows that we
gonna rob a bank? Did you tell
someone that we gonna rob a bank?
Huh? Did you?


                       MR. COLA
No ofcourse not! i did't spoke to
anyone today except Frank, but
that guy is to stupid to do
something like this. And besides i
was with him in the park, so it
could not be Frank.
                       MR. SPRITE
Aahh fuck man! that bitch is
running fast! Wait, I am gonna
shoot at him.
                       MR. COLA
Shoot him in the head!
                       MR. SPRITE
      (angry, sarcastic)
Yeah okay, just give me my sniper
and i'll fix it for you!
Mr.Sprite take's his gun out of his jacket. He shoot's a
couple of time's. But all the shots have missed there
                       MR. SPRITE
Fuck man, for how long are we
running now?
                       MR. COLA
Long, He doesn't know where to go.
                       MR. SPRITE
I think he's not familiar in this
                       MR. COLA
Are we sure he is a guy? Maybe
it's a women? Left, this a shorter
Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite are going left, thinking that they
took a shorter way. But the 'Strange Guy' notice it, He's
not stupid and walks into an alley. Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite
are walking out of the street were they thought that they
would meet the 'Strange Guy', but he's gone.
                       MR. COLA
Where the fuck is he?
                       MR. SPRITE
Fuck! he noticed that we took
another way.


                       MR. COLA
                       MR. SPRITE
He's gone. Well done Joey.
                       MR. COLA
Hé, it's not my fould!
                       MR. SPRITE
Oh really? Hmm that's weird, a few
minutes ago i heard an asshole
saying 'Let's go left, this is a
SHORTER ROUTE. Well, i don't see a
fucking car infront of us, so i
think it didn't work.
                       MR. COLA
Because we stopped. Jezus Christ,
sometimes John, you're being a
real dick!
                       MR. SPRITE
Well sometimes you're a real
asshole! Look, this is no joke. If
he knows, what we don't know for
sure, and he tells someone. A cop
or something, we're fucked, maybe
he is a cop too. We don't know
shit about this guy, maybe he is a
she. We don't know nothing, what
means we have to found out who he,
or she, is and for who he or she
                       MR. COLA
What about the bankrobbery?
                       MR. SPRITE
That's our first priority. Who he,
or she, is comes next. But we
cannot cancel the robbery, we just
                       MR. COLA
You're right.
                       MR. COLA
Sure he knows it, all the time he
was standing by the window. He
has heard all the details, all the
little things about the robbery.
There is nothing more we can do,


                       MR. COLA (cont'd)
let's go back to you're house.
                       MR. SPRITE
Okay. Well, let's forget this and
move on to the robbery.
After a few minutes, Mr. Cola and Mr. Sprite have arrived at
Mr. Sprite's house.
                       MR. COLA
Well, i'll see you saturday, were
still gonna do this, right?
                       MR. SPRITE
Sure thing, were gonna do this!
Mr. Cola opens his jacket and take's out a pack of
cigarette's. Take's one of those sticks out and lights him
up. Then he walks away. The screen fade's out.
Back at Quentin's bar.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
So, someone heard what your idea
was and that you were going to rob
a bank?
                       MR. SPRITE
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Wow, pff that sucks. And when you
robbed the bank?
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, we were going to rob the
bank that saturday. And everything
was going as plan but look, you
knew what we did in the bank that
Mr. Cola over here was sittin
outside and shit?-
                       MR. ORANGE
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, when i walked into the bank,
took my gun out of my jacket. I
looked forwards and there standing
7 cops with there fucking gun
pointing at me. And that's it, end
of the 'bankrobbing story'.


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
That, really sucks man!
Then, all of the sudden. The door opens.
                       MR. WHISKY
Sorry am late! You guys did'nt
started without me i hope?
Mr. Cola comes back from the toilet.
We see a total shot of all the guys sittin around the table,
looking suprised. Mr. Cola gets on his seet.
                       MR. ICE TEA
      (looks amazed)
Who the hell are you?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (stands up)
Who wants something to drink?
                       DR. PEPPER
I will have a beer.
                       MR. SPRITE
-Me too.
                       MR. ORANGE
      (comes walking
       into the room)
I will have a cold water. The
taste in my mouth is
just....(doing a strange look on
his face.)
                       MR. COLA
Give me a Whisky.
                       MR. WHISKY
      (points at Mr.
You, what is you'r name?
                       MR. COLA
Mr. Cola. Who the hell are you?
                       MR. WHISKY
Am the guy who says you're net
getting you're Whisky.
                       MR. COLA
Why not?


                       MR. WHISKY
Because you just don't get one.
                       MR. COLA
Why not? -Who the fuck is this
                       MR. WHISKY
Am Mr. Whisky and i'am the only
person here who orders Whisky.
Becaue my name is Mr. Whisky,
                       MR. COLA
Is this a joke?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Well, if this is a joke, it is a
good one.
                       MR. COLA
Look asshole, Do not turn into a
fool and let me just order what i
want. What the hell are you doing
here anyway?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
He's also one of the guys who
works for the Millionaire.
                       MR. COLA
You fucking kidding me?
                       MR. WHISKY
Quentin, give him a Cola.
                       MR. COLA
                       MR. SPRITE
Did you heard about the guy that
has been murderd?
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. ORANGE
-I heard that he has been killed
by a clown.


                       MR. COLA
A clown? No, no, no. He got into a
fight with a junk.
                       DR. PEPPER
A clown? How the fuck you came up
with that?
                       MR. ORANGE
I don't know, someone told me
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, that someone is a stupid
motherfucker in my opinion.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Cola, are saying that junkie's are
                       MR. COLA
No, but
                       MR. ICE TEA
-You are formiliar that people,
normal people, are junkie's too.
They drinking coffee, eat
                       MR. WHISKY
What's you'r point, Ice Tea?
                       MR. ICE TEA
      (sticks up, two
       fingers from his
       right hand)
Well, when you are drinking
coffee, you're drinking cafeine.
When you'r eating chocolate,
you're eating endorfine. And these
'two things', are also drugs.
                       DR. PEPPER
So, you mean we are junkie's?
                       MR. ICE TEA
No not in the same way, but..
                       MR. WHISKY
Hé Quentin, are there bands coming
playing here soon?


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah, and i hope there is coming
some people.
                       MR. WHISKY
-Are the business going bad?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Well, let just say i need some
Mr. Ice Tea lights up a cigarette.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
I hope these bands are good, and
bring alot of people.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Did you know am on the harddrugs?
                       MR. SPRITE
Look, that's what i call a junk.
                       MR. ICE TEA
No, i mean a cigarette contains
nicotine. Because of the nicotine,
the cigarette is addictive. And
because cigarette's are addictive,
the cigarette is a harddrug.
                       MR. ORANGE
When it becomes on drugs, Mr. Ice
tea here is a smart mouth.
                       MR. WHISKY
A cigarette is not a harddrug.
                       MR. ICE TEA
No, that's right. But
                       MR. WHISKY
-Then why are you saying that
cigarette's are harddrugs?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Yeah ok, it's not harddrugs. But
because there's nicotine in it,
the cigarette is addictive.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Here are you're drinks ,


                       MR. WHISKY
And when am smoking a joint, is a
joint a harddrug?
                       MR. ICE TEA
No, because weed is softdrugs.
Hasj is also a softdrug. And then
you have Hasjoil and Hasjoil is
harddrugs. And it is illegal.
                       MR. SPRITE
Weed is illegal too.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Yes and that's why we have
Everyone laughs.
Then they hear a car, they stop laughing and stand up.
Pepper and Orange are looking through the mirror. A car has
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
That was getting about time.
They all go outside, music begins to play: MELVINS-KICKING
MACHINE. the drums and guitar starts at the same time
Millionaire gets out of the car. He wears a suite, a hat and
some nice boots. He ignores the guys and walks straight
                       MR. ORANGE
Who is that guy?
Everyone looks amazed at Mr. Orange.
                       MR. COLA
The honor is all yours Pepper.
                       DR. PEPPER
That ''guy'' fucks you're mom!
Mr. Orange looks amazed, like's he is getting a hart attack.
                       DR. PEPPER
That guy is fucking Millionaire,
you IDIOT! What have you been
doing, huh?


                       MR. ORANGE
What? How did i supposed to know
he's Millionaire? Maybe he was a
                       DR. PEPPER
Pepper walks away, Orange follows him.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Sorry gentlemen, i had a little
problem with some guy.
                       DR. PEPPER
And i know how that ended.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Oké gentlemen, let's go to
business. Today you'r all get
you'r first mission.
Here is a photo where you see a
house, i want you all to get
something out of that house.
Something valuable.
The Millionaire puts out a paper, he shows it to every one.
It's a photo of a house.
                       DR. PEPPER
Valuable? What then?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
A briefcase.
                       MR. WHISKY
What's in that briefcase? Money?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
                       MR. WHISKY
                       DR. PEPPER
How much?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Am not gonna say how much, but
it's alot of money.


                       MR. SPRITE
When do we have to pickup that
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
                       MR. COLA
Why not tomorrow? It's Sunday
then, they will not be at home.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
You don't know. On Sunday nobody
works. It's the only free day in
the week. Monday everybody have to
work, it's the perfect day.
                       MR. ORANGE
How late we have to be there?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Around 12:00. Around that time,
everyone who lives there should be
                       MR. ICE TEA
Wait, do we all have to do that
mission? Don't you think that's a
little stupid? 6 man that have to
get a fucking briefcase?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Do you think am stupid? Jesus
Christ. Ok, 3 man are going to get
that briefcase, the other 3 they
have another mission.
                       DR. PEPPER
Why did'nt you tell us we have 2
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Technically there are no two
missions. Everyone does 1 mission,
this is the first one for each.
                       MR. ORANGE
What is the other mission?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Art robbery.


                       MR. WHISKY
Art robbery? That's a little
different then go to a house and
steel a briefcase.
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, i think we are lucky.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Lucky? I'am looking forward to see
you'r face when you'r done with
this mission.
                       MR. ICE TEA
So it is just stealing art?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
-No, i have a brother and he's not
100% if you know what i mean?
                       MR. SPRITE
What? He's a freak?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Yes, a couple of years ago. He
killed my parents, he has been in
jail for that and they say he is
But i think he's just a freak, a
killing machine nothing more.
So besides stealing art. You have
to kill him. About 14:00 he's
getting some food, beside's that
he's home all the time and alone.
                       MR. ICE TEA
This mission get's more
                       MR. WHISKY
You fucking kidding, you wanna let
us kill you'r own brother. That's
just fucking sick!
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
So you don't wanna do the mission?
                       MR. WHISKY
Oh no, am looking forward to this
mission.I'm just saying it's sick
that you want to have you're
brother killed.


                       THE MILLIONAIRE
I thought you were a strong man,
                       MR. WHISKY
But i am.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Well show it to me than.
                       MR. ORANGE
How do we have to call you? Just
Millionaire or...?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Just Millionaire, to keep it all
                       MR. ORANGE
                       MR. ICE TEA
All nice and sweet, but how do we
find that house and you're psycho
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Sorry i almost forgot. Ok, here is
an envelope with a picture of him,
his adress and a picture of the
painting ofcourse.
He gives the envelope to Mr. Ice Tea, stands up.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Oh, before i go. I already have a
fence who take's care with the
painting. So that's not a problem.
I will see you all next friday.
Goodbye gentlemen!
The Millionaire opens the door and walks away, again you
here Champagne from the band Millionaire.
                       MR. ORANGE
I hope we get alot of money for
these missions.
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, but am going home. Am tired,
see you guys Monday.


                       MR. SPRITE
Yeah am also going home.
                       MR. ORANGE
-Me too.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
See ya!
Everyone is going home, when all the guys are away. The
screen fade's out.
From black we fade in and see 3 guns, laying on a table.
Then we see Mr. Ice Tea and Quentin the Bartender standing
by the table.
                       MR. ICE TEA
      (points to the
       left gun)
How much mm is this one?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
                       MR. ICE TEA
And the other two?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
10 and 9.
                       MR. ICE TEA
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
You can't read or what? They are
Calico's. For what do you need
them excally?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Protection, i hope.
Pick's up one of the guns and hold it right infront of him.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Ok, i think it will be succesfull,
these things are bruto. How much
do you guys get for this mission?


                       MR. ICE TEA
I don't know, He did'nt say that.
Let's just hope we get something.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah well, if you guys take good
care of the mission. You will get
something, his name is Millionaire
for a reason.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Our mission is not easy compared
to the mission of those other
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
It may sound easy, but i think
that briefcase gives them alot of
trouble, Millionaire does not say
too much and he didn't tell you
everything. Because you all wanna
back down. Like Whiskey, he almost
                       MR. ICE TEA
Who is that guy anyway?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Who? Mr. Whiskey?
                       MR. ICE TEA
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Dunno, Millionaire got him.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Are you sure these guns are good?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah ofcourse.
                       MR. ICE TEA
You'r sure? When it turns out that
these guns not working right, i
will kill ya.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Well okay, we once had a little
accident. But it was'nt very bad
or something.


                       MR. ICE TEA
What happened?
And then we see a short flashback, we see two guys standing
with guns in their hands. 'How are these fucking things
Poef! the guy accitentally shot the other guy with his gun.
Now we were going back to Mr. Ice Tea and Quentin.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
N-not much.
                       MR. ICE TEA
      (lays down some
Oke, well here is the money, when
it turns out that these guns are
not working, i want my money back.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Yeah, yeah.
The scene has ended, we fade out till the whole screen is
The day has arrived, it's time to get to business.
We see the two missions, we begin with the mission of the
briefcase, than we begin with the mission of the painting
and then we continue with the briefcase mission, the two
missions are crossing each other. We begin at the house of
Dr. Pepper.
Dr.Pepper is at home, getting ready. Today is the big day.
You hear the toilet flushing, the door opens and Pepper
walks out. He closes the door and walks to the front door,
he picks up the newspaper, look at it and walks to the
He get's a little bottle of chocomel and opens it. When
Pepper opens the bottle, you see a close-up shot from the
bottle. And then sits down at the table. He opens the
newspaper and starts to reading it. But then the phone
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. SPRITE
Are you ready?


                       DR. PEPPER
Yeah, i just have to get some
                       MR. SPRITE
Oke hurry up, were are there in
about 10 minutes.
Pepper hangs up the phone.
                       DR. PEPPER
Dr. Pepper take's a sip from his chocomel, stands up and
walks to the living room. He opens a closet and takes out a
gun. He put's the gun in his jacket, crabs his wallet and
walks away. The Camera stays still for a while and then you
hear a car. You hear Dr. Pepper get's in the car, you hear a
few voices and then the car ride's away.
We see a shot of the building where the criminals always
A few seconds later we see Quentin cleans up the bar and
                       DR. PEPPER
      (when he walks
       true the door)
I wanna have a Chocomel, Quentin!
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
I'am suprised, i thought you
should drink something else for a
                       DR. PEPPER
No, i think my stomach die's if i
do that.
                       MR. COLA
Quentin, can you get me a
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (hearing from the
Sure! and you Sprite?
                       MR. SPRITE
A Cola!


                       DR. PEPPER
No, Cola and Sprite? what is wrong
with you two?
                       MR. COLA
      (lights up a
We are normal, i just order what i
wanna drink. Not what my fucking
name is.
                       DR. PEPPER
Pff. Asshole
                       MR. COLA
      (stands up)
                       MR. SPRITE
Oh, here we go
                       MR. COLA
What did you call me?
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. COLA
Why asshole? Maybe you are
insulting me.
                       DR. PEPPER
Oh come on man! I was just joking
                       MR. COLA
      (points with his
       finger to the car
Well, don't do that!
                       MR. SPRITE
Come on Cola, let it die.
                       DR. PEPPER
Yeah, Cola. Cool down a bit
                       MR. COLA
Oh, now you really gonna shut up
or i'll put my cigarette in you'r


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Are you girls done?! You guys are
going to do a mission together, i
think Millionaire is not so happy
when he see you girls fighting.
Here are you'r drinks.
                       MR. SPRITE
Did you guys hear it about Marvin?
                       DR. PEPPER
Who's Marvin?
                       MR. SPRITE
A Negro.
                       DR. PEPPER
Ah okay.
                       MR. COLA
Well, the son of a bitch is
getting married, how he's going to
do that? He's dumb, poor and
really really ugly. And not in the
way of just ugly, but he also
smells really bad. He has to take
hudreds of showers and even then
he's not clean.
                       DR. PEPPER
I think he's gonna married to a
big nigger, Ten times the size of
                       MR. SPRITE
Ooh, poor Marvin.
Quentin puts the drinks on the bar.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
So what you guys gonna do today?
                       DR. PEPPER
We gonna visit some psycho guy, we
have to get a briefcase over
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
What? Are these missions today?


                       MR. ORANGE
Yeah, that's why we are dressed up
like this
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
About what time you gonna go visit
                       MR. WHISKY
At 3
                       MR. SPRITE
Do you have the guns? Without them
were not getting far
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, they are in the car
A half hour later
Someone turned on the music, there is some country or
surfrock playing.
                       MR. SPRITE
Okay, it's time to go!
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Well, good luck!
                       DR. PEPPER
Then Quentin walks to the back of the bar (the camera
follows him). He opens the back door and there is a guy
                       THE STRANGE GUY
So tell me.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
They are having a mission from
Millionaire. If you are fast you
can follow them
                       THE STRANGE GUY
What kinda mission?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
I don't know they-
                       THE STRANGE GUY
-Don't fuck with me, Quentin! I
know they told you


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Alright! They are going to a
house. To pickup a briefcase, i
guess there's money in it or
something. That's all i know!
                       THE STRANGE GUY
      (gives him a
       little slap in
       the face)
Okay, thank you Quentin. You are a
good guy.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Fuck off
We see a close-up shot of Quentin when he say 'fuck off' and
then the scene has ended. It fade's out.
There are standing 3 man in a alley, dressed in suits,
looking over a street. There are standing a few cars in the
street, trees and on both sides are houses. The street is
clearly occupied, but, except for our 3 man, there is nobody
walking down the street.

Mr. Ice Tea takes out the envelope and opens it. He pulls
out two photo's and a paper.
                       MR. ICE TEA
This is the right address guys,
This is the place we have to be.
Mr. Orange looks at Mr. Ice tea and nods. He looks at his
                       MR. ICE TEA
How late is it?
                       MR. ORANGE
                       MR. ICE TEA
Hmm, oke. If am right, 'Weinand'
is home alone now.
                       MR. WHISKY
That's right, but we do not know
for sure. I suggest we got to the
backdoor and check some things for
we go into the house.


                       MR. ORANGE
Good idea. Let's go.
Mr. Orange looks from the wall of the alley to see of there
is anybody there. The camera moves with him. Next, the 3
gentlemen walks to the other side of the street and make a
turn to the left. They are ending in a alley behind the
garden of 'Weinand's' home. There is a wall, the 3 gentlemen
are staning still. Nobody is speaking a word. Mr. Whisky
lays down his finger on his lips and signs that eveybody has
to be quiet. He leans with his back to the wall, thereafter
he grips his hands together and makes a footrest. First he
nods to Mr. Orange and therafter and then up, to the wall.
Mr. Orange moves 1 foot in the hands of Whiskey, pulls
himself up and looks carefully over the wall.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Do you see anything Orange? What
do you see?
                       MR. ORANGE
Well, the curtains are open, but
the living room is empty. Besides
that it seems nobody is home...the
house looks cleaned up. I'am
coming down Mr. Whiskey!
Mr. Orange is back on the floor and the 3 man are standing
in a circle, all lighting up a cigarette.
                       MR. WHISKY
      (blows out some
       cigarette smoke)
Yeah, this is shit! What if it
turns out he's not home? Then that
5 hour fucking driving was for
nothing! What do we have to do?
                       MR. ORANGE
Quiet, you idiot! Slow down.
He looks around and takes another hose from his cigarette.
                       MR. ORANGE
Let's break in. If he's not home,
then we have all the time to
search for the painting. Then we
wait for him. Smashing down the
accompanist. And taking 'Weinand'
with us.


                       MR. ICE TEA
That's a risky plan. But better
than having no plan, i don't feel
like it to driving home right now.
Besides, the mission has to be
completed today.
                       MR. ORANGE
We climb over the wall and break
the backdoor. Don't do anything
                       MR. ORANGE
      (he sticks up his
       finger and points
       it to Mr. Whisky)
And everybody shuts his fucking
The gentlemen climming over the wall into the backyard. The
yard looks good. The 3 men are walking fast to the backdoor
of the house. They are sitting under the kitchen window, on
there knees. Mr. Whiskey looks into the house.
                       MR. WHISKY
Again, nothing to see.
                       MR. ORANGE
Why don't we go inside then?
Mr. Orange walks to the backdoor and lays his hand on the
handle. Slow-motion of the hand that grabs the handle and
pulls it down.
                       MR. ORANGE
                       MR. ICE TEA
What? What is it?
                       MR. ORANGE
      (looks amazed)
The backdoor, it...it's open
The 3 men are looking at each other. Mr. ice Tea looks
around, to the bedrooms of the house and pulls out his gun.
Mr. Orange and Mr. Whisky also pulls out there guns.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Well, let's go inside.


                       MR. WHISKY
Yeah, only communication with
signs and whispering.
Communication with any resident
comes with the gun, got it?
Everyone nuds. Mr. Orange opens slowly the door and the 3
gentlemen walking inside, there guns are ready. The backdoor
is connected to the livingroom. There is nobody, the radio
is on and there are standing two cups of coffee on the
table. Mr. Ice Tea grabs one of the cups.
                       MR. ICE TEA
The coffee is cold, but it seems
to be somebody is home. First we
search through this floor.
Mr. Whisky and Mr. Orange nud and in one shot you see the 3
gentlemen walking true every room. There is nobody. Soon
they are at the stairs and Mr. Whisky nuds to the stairs
while he looks at Mr. Orange and Mr. Ice Tea with a
questioning look.
Mr. Orange pulls up his shoulders, Mr. Ice Tea go's
upstairs. Mr. Orange and Mr. Whisky follows him.
They hear strange sounds. Groan and crackle and it's coming
from behind the door where the gentlemen are standing. Mr.
Orange puts his ear against the door and lays his hand on
the handle. Mr. Whisky gives him a stump, looks mad and nuds
no. Then he points with his finger to downstairs and signs
that Mr. Orange and Mr. Ice Tea have to follows him. All the
3 men are walking down the stairs and are ending in the
livingroom. There they go standing in a circle.
Mr. Orange looks mad, to Mr. Whisky.
                       MR. ORANGE
Why did you stop me? Why the fuck
did you stop me, it was the
perfect moment to go in and to
shoot a couple of bullets through
his head! Because of the
distraction he didn't even notice
it and probably he was unarmed!
                       MR. ICE TEA
About the armament, i think you
can not be very sure. I think he
has a BIG ONE down there, that
right now is gonna be cleaned.


                       MR. WHISKY
Let 'Weinand' has his funtime.
This is probably the last
fuckadventure he's gonna have,
that state of euphoria i'll give
him. Besides i don't want to see
him fucking and i don't want to
shoot someone who's busy having
sex. And besides the blood we
shall have to clean up the sperm
and the vaginal fluid remains. And
the plan was that the women should
keep alive. If i don't have to
murder someone, i don't do it.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Good spoken.....but can we turn of
that fucking annoying radio? I
can't listen to this
indoctrination. Top 40...at least
5 songs in a week, they are
turning these song days after
days. And am not even talking
about the commercials and the
crappy women talk between the
                       MR. ORANGE
I think it's very relaxing, the
talking. And with the music is
nothing wrong.
                       MR. WHISKY
Music? I like music too, but not
from that crappy fucking
commercial, praised in heaven
shit! Top 40 is a product, which
have to must satisfy to
guidelines. The sickest-thing is
the exploiter because of the
record compagnies...Top 40 is the
oilwinning in the music business.
You got it? And all the....
                       MR. ICE TEA
Oke ladies, shut the fuck up now!
We are here to complete a mission
not to discuss about good music or
bad music!......Although i'll go
with the opinion of Whisky, so
i'll turn on a CD out 'Weinand's'


Mr. Ice Tea walks to the CD collection, but when he's 2
meter further he stands still. He grabs out the envelope and
take's out the photo of the painting. Than he looks straight
ahead and the painting of the photo hangs on the wall.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Gentlemen, We got him! Our mission
is completed, the painting hangs
here and 'Weinand' is upstairs.
Weird that i didn't saw the
painting before...Can you take it
off the wall then i turn on a CD.
*Next shot is only image and dialogue between Mr. Orange and
Mr. Whisky* Mr. Orange en Mr. Whisky are walking to the
painting and take it carefully off the wall.
                       MR. WHISKY
What a ugly painting... I like
art, but his is just crap!
                       MR. ORANGE
Yeah, it's not magnificent i have
to say. But Millionaire has a
fence, so it's not a big deal.
Besides it's not our problem,
unless i don't get my money.
                       MR. WHISKY
That fence has to be disabled,
tss. But don't worry about the
money, Millionaire is to be
trusted. I don't think he has the
courage to mislead us for his own
sake. What do you think?
                       MR. ORANGE
He knows that will get some
problem...But maybe there is a
conspiracy between Millionaire and
a couple criminals. Maybe i can't
trust you, because you'r saying
that the Millionaire is to be
                       MR. WHISKY
What, do you want a bullet through
you'r head?!
                       MR. ORANGE
No man, no! Fuck off! Why so
aggressive all suddenly, i didn't
want to get you mad.


                       MR. WHISKY
Yeah, oke sorry...sorry. I reacted
to hard.
                       MR. ORANGE
To hard...?
                       MR. WHISKY
Shut the fuck up,
asshole!....Let's forget this and
focus on the mission. Can you find
a cloth so we can put the painting
in it?
                       MR. ORANGE
Why the cloth?
                       MR. WHISKY
To prevent some damage and
irritating questions from
neighbors. Besides i don't want to
be seen with this ugly painting.
                       MR. ORANGE
Allright, give me a moment.
Mr. Orange walks to the garage, in the meanwhile the radio
suddenly stops and a few seconds later you hear Beirut. Mr.
Whisky puts the painting to the wall.
                       MR. WHISKY
      (looks amazed)
What is this for music?
                       MR. ICE TEA
                       MR. WHISKY
Okay, good.
Mr. Orange comes back with a cloth.
                       MR. ORANGE
This was the largest one i could
At that time they hear a door get's slam and there are
footsteps on the stairs. Mr. Orange, Mr. Whisky and Mr. Ice
Tea are looking at each other. Mr. Orange drops the cloth
and everyone takes out there guns. *filmed from the living
room, we see feets coming down the stairs and a moment there
comes a person walking down the stairs* The 3 gentlemen


points there guns directly to the person. The person is
looking amazed to the 3 men. Nobody says something.
Who are you?
It's quiet for a while, the music fills the space.
                       MR. WHISKY
We are you'r friends. Come down
slowly and take a seet on the
bench. Now!
Oke, oke...Who send you?
He walks down the stairs and takes a seet at the bench. Mr.
Ice Tea takes out the envelope and pulls out a photo of
Weinand. In about 2 seconds he recognized the photo with
                       MR. ICE TEA
It's him.
                       MR. WHISKY
By a friendly and good relation of
you who has te best intentions.
Well, am i right when i'am
guessing there is a women
upstairs? Is there anyone else he
in this house, except us. Speak!
I...no, there is nobody. I didn't
want her...I only thought..She was
a whore, you know...For fun,
Nothing More!
                       MR. WHISKY
Orange and Ice Tea, can you guys
check the situation upstairs? I
hold an eye on our friend
                       MR. ICE TEA
Okay, follow me Orange. Give me
                       MR. WHISKY
Weinand, if you make one little
move, i blow you'r fucking head
off. You understand?


Mr. Ice Tea walks on front, with his gun in his hands. Mr.
Orange walks behind him, with his gun pointing to the ground
but ready to shoot some motherfuckers down. Carefully they
walking up to the stairs. When they are upstairs they go to
the door where they were a couple of minutes ago. But now,
the door is open. Mr. Ice Tea signs he go's in, the curtains
are closed. On the bed are laying sheets that reach the
ground, under that is laying a strange shape. Mr. Ice Tea
and Mr. Orange are walking to it, with there guns pointing
at it.
It's becoming clear, there is laying a women under the
sheets with a pillow on her face. She's laying on her back,
her upperbody is nude. Her breasts are vissible.
Mr Ice Tea and Mr. Orange are standing next to each other.
Mr. Orange throws the pillow of the womens face, the eye's
of the women are closed, but here facial expression is
                       MR. ICE TEA
I think she's dead. it looks like
she has been strangled.
                       MR. ORANGE
Great...now what? Were stuck with
a dead bad smelling, whore. What
can we do?
                       MR. ICE TEA
We could leave her here.
                       MR. ORANGE
      (the camera zooms
       in on Orange's
Or...we could fuck her! I always
wanna do necrophilia.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Is 'Weinand' the psychopath, or
you? No, we take her with us. I
really see you coming back to this
house on the end of the day, to
fuck her. Despite that she is a
whore, she shall be missed,
somewhere in the deepest and
filthy's circles of society. We
can't leave any mark.
On the that moment, there is a very hard crack. Clearly a
gunshot. Mr. Ice Tea and Mr. Orange are running downstairs,


guns ready to see what has happent. In the living room
stands Whisky cleaning up his gun, infront of him lays
'Weinand'. Dead, with a loche blood that's becoming bigger.
                       MR. ORANGE
Wow, fuck! Motherfucker! What the
fuck happent?
                       MR. WHISKY
He didn't listen to me, i got him
under shot. Suddenly the
motherfucker stands up. I told him
twice to sit down but instead he
came to me. The look in he's eyes
were...inhuman. I shot
him......How did it go? What was
there upstairs?
                       MR. ICE TEA
A dead whore. Orange liked her,
the bad smelling, dead, whore. So
the thing that psychopath is
inhuman is right.
                       MR. WHISKY
Who? 'Weinand' or Orange?
                       MR. ICE TEA
                       MR. ORANGE
Weinand...I was sarcastic.
                       MR. WHISKY
How do you mean?
                       MR. ORANGE
I made a silly joke about
necrophilia. But nevermind, it's
not important. What is important
is that we have a dead 'Weinand'
and a dead whore. There are people
who heard the shot, we have to
clean it up, take the painting and
                       MR. WHISKY
You'r right. And because it's my
car we have to put some blankets
around the body's. I don't want
seropositive blood in my car.


                       MR. ORANGE
The whore is not blooding, she's
been strankled.
                       MR. WHISKY
Women and also whores, are
bleeding with regularly.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Stop,stop! Let's clear it all up.
Mr. Orange, you take care of the
whore and the marks. Mr. Whisky,
you take care of 'Weinand'and more
importanly, the loche of blood. I
will take the painting and fat
everything in with ammonia. Than
the cops can't find any usable
samples. Okay, come on guys! We
got some fucking work to do!
Mr. Orange climbs over the wall in the backyard. In the
alley he looks around. Two blankets were throw over the
wall, both blankets are falling on the ground.
Than a big square comes over the wall. Mr. Orange takes it,
wrapped in a blanket, with care and puts it down. Next, Mr.
Ice Tea and Mr. Whisky climbing over te wall. Mr. Ice Tea
dissapears and a second later you hear a car. The car stops
and than Mr. Ice Tea comes walking in screen. Mr. Orange and
Mr. Whisky are taking the body to the car and next, the
painting. With the 3 of them they get in the car.
First we see some images of the nature. Warm images, with
alot of yellow and orange. Water, tree's and animals. A
panorama shot> the camera moves from right to left. Slowly
appear the 3 men from the left. They have shovels with them.
The camera stays far away but close enough to see that they
dump two white, heavy 'things' in a ditch. After that they
throw some sand over it. The shot changed, the camera stands
closer. The faces of Mr. Orange, Mr. Ice Tea and Mr. Whisky
are visible.
                       MR. WHISKY
                       MR. ICE TEA
Or not...There comes some company.
In the same shot dissapear from afar a dozen men. They are
standing still for a while and than take out there guns.


                       MR. ICE TEA
Fuck! Run! Now, run into the
forrest! To the car!
The camera follows the 3 gentlemen into the forest. You hear
shots and at the time somebody turns around to shoot. The
camera shakes to give it some more action. Under this whole
scene we hear 'Talking Horse' from 'The Melvins'
                       MR. ORANGE
They are with 3 men! I just killed
2!, but...
Mr. Orange falls on his stomach, the blood flows out of his
head and lower. He has been shot. At the moment Mr. Orange
get's shot, the song stops.
                       MR. ICE TEA
No! Mr. Orange!
                       MR. WHISKY
Mr. Ice Tea, he's dead! Instantly,
fortunately. Let him, we have to
go to the car! Now!
The camera stands still and you see how Mr. Ice Tea and Mr.
Whisky are running. When they are almost away, the camera
go's down and filmed the Mr. Orange. The camera zoomed in, a
close-up of his head...Then everything gets black.
                       MR. SPRITE
How did you get that?
From black we see Mr. Sprite and Mr. Cola standing at a
table in a stall.
They have guns in there hands.
                       MR. COLA
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
I asked.
                       MR. SPRITE
Fuck, i want that one to.


                       MR. COLA
Yeah, but it's to late now.
                       MR. SPRITE
Pff, give me your's.
                       MR. COLA
No way!
Mr. Sprite tried's to get it.
                       MR. COLA
      (points his gun at
Fuck off, i got a gun and it's
                       MR. SPRITE
Pussy, where is Pepper?
                       MR. COLA
I don't no, maybe he forgot
                       MR. SPRITE
How late we have to go to that
                       MR. COLA
Around three.
                       MR. SPRITE
Oke. Do you have munitions?
                       MR. COLA
                       MR. SPRITE
Oke, hopefully Dr. Pepper is here
soon, so we can go.
                       MR. COLA
Shall we go through the plan?
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
We go to the house, when we get
there we look of there is nobody
home. If there is nobody home we
go inside-...


                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
With a key?
                       MR. SPRITE
No asshole, i mean how we open the
door? I mean, yeah we can open the
door with a key, but where the
fuck do you wanna get one? If
nobody is home and the door is
                       MR. COLA
Millionaire told me where the key
                       MR. SPRITE
Okay and then? We go in.
                       MR. COLA
Yes, search for the briefcase and.
Hopefully nobody is home, beacuse
if somebody is home, then we have
a problem.
                       MR. SPRITE
Really? That's all? Than why we
bring guns with us?
                       MR. COLA
To be sure. Like i said, if
somebody's home we have a
problem...A big fucking problem!
Now we see a flashforward. We see a resident of the house
walks into the living room and see's dead body's lie on the
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, let's hope that's not gonna
                       DR. PEPPER
Hee guys!
                       MR. SPRITE
Hee Pepper...Why do you have
normal clothes on? We have to go


                       DR. PEPPER
Yeah, i know.
                       MR. SPRITE
Fuck man, are you going to Hawaii?
                       DR. PEPPER
                       MR. COLA
Yeah so, where is you'r suit?
                       DR. PEPPER
At the dryer. I'll pick it up on
the way to the house.
                       MR. SPRITE
      (Looks on his
Okay, it's time to go!
                       DR. PEPPER
Do you guys have you'r guns?
                       MR. COLA
Yes, right here by my dick.
                       DR. PEPPER
Okay, let's go!
They leave, you see them walkin out of the stall and mute
the lights.
It's later, the 3 man are standing infront of the house,
looking at it.
                       MR. SPRITE
Wow, it's big. I know for sure,
the backyard is small.
They are walking through the door into the backyard.
                       MR. SPRITE
You gonna be fucking kidding me.
                       DR. PEPPER
Come on, we gonna look for that
Mr. Cola puts the handle of the door down, but it's locked.


                       MR. COLA
Am not suprised. let's look for
the key.
                       MR. SPRITE
You know where it is, don't you?
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, it is right over here.
He walks into the yard, digs in some sand and pulls out a
                       MR. COLA
Here it is.
                       DR. PEPPER
Wait, shall we not look around?
Maybe somebody is home.
                       MR. SPRITE
You'r right, i'll will look in
that little house over there. You
two go in inside and look around.
Be carefull!
Mr. Cola and Dr. Pepper ar going inside, the camera follows
Mr. Sprite from behind to the little house. When he's there
he opens the door and go's in. He walks around a few minutes
and than walks out. He walks a little further into the yard
and looks around. After a few minutes he walks back to the
house and go's inside.
The camera follows Sprite from behind. He walks through the
kitchen, the livingroom and ends in the hall.
                       MR. COLA
And? Nobody?
                       MR. SPRITE
No, and here?
                       MR. COLA
Till now, nobody.
                       MR. SPRITE
Where is Pepper?
                       MR. COLA
Looking upstairs.


                       MR. SPRITE
Okay, i will looking for him. I
think it's better if we look
together. Meet me here about 10
                       MR. COLA
Okay, i see there is a basement
down there. I will have a look
down there.
Cola is walking to the stairs that will lead him to the
basement and Sprite walks to the stairs upstairs. The camera
moves up, than we see Sprite walking upstairs. A few
seconds, the camera stands upstairs and see Sprite walking
He walks around through the hallway and looks around, opens
some doors and looks into the rooms.
Than, he opens a door. It looks really nice and he decide's
to go in.
He walks around and looks to the wall. It looks like a
But than...he walks to the desk and see's something he never
could imagine.
                       MR. SPRITE
What the fuck is this?
He picks up some letters, *the camera moves to one of the
letters. It says: 'He Melvin, i have an interesting offer
for you, i know you are in desperate times right now and
this is gonna help you up'....Now the camera makes a
close-up of Mr. Sprite's face while he's reading the
letter*. *After a while the camera moves back again to the
letter. 'You have to follow two guys who i work with, i
wanna know what they are doing and what they are saying. So
you have to get as close as you can. Call me if you are
interest.* There is no name, Sprite doesn't know who wrote
the letter.
                       MR. SPRITE
You got to be fucking kidding me.
Than the door opens, it's Mr. Cola.
                       MR. COLA
John, come with me! i heard some


                       MR. SPRITE
      (while he's
       running through
       the door)
You think it's Pepper?
                       MR. COLA
I know for sure it's Pepper!
Come on!
They running down the stairs and run through the livingroom
and kitchen, than they stop and see's Dr. Pepper shooting
and running outside.
They go outside and runs to Pepper, who has been shot. *The
camera follows Cola and Sprite*.
Mr. Sprite follows the guy and shoots at him, but all his
bullets missed there target.
                       MR. COLA
Are you okay men?!
                       DR. PEPPER
That son of a bitch just shoot me!
                       MR. SPRITE
Who is that guy?
                       DR. PEPPER
I donno, i was walking through the
house and suddenly i saw him
there. I followed him to outside
and we started shooting. I can't
believe that motherfucker shooted
me! Oh fuck! it hurts.
                       MR. COLA
This is weird. Why the fuck did
the guy shoot?
                       MR. SPRITE
Maybe, he thought we were thieves.
                       MR. COLA
No, he doesn't live here. He had a
gun, he know we were here.
                       MR. SPRITE
So, what we are going to do?
                       MR. COLA
Take Pepper to a Hospital.


                       MR. SPRITE
And what are you going to say when
they asked, what happent?
                       MR. COLA
I...i don't know! We will see when
we get there. There's no time to
think about that, right now. Help
me get him up!
Sprite and Cola pickup Pepper, he's very wounded. They take
him to a hospital.
After taking Pepper to the hospital, Cola and Sprite are
going to Sprite's home to talk about they're mission.
Cola is sitting on a couch, Sprite walks through the room.
                       MR. SPRITE
So...what the fuck happent?
                       MR. COLA
I don't know man, it was weird. We
were just walking through the
house and than, boom! Pepper get's
shot. Who was that guy?
                       MR. SPRITE
I have no idea, he had a fucking
gun. He was there to kill. But the
question is...was he there for us,
of for the guy that lives in the
                       MR. COLA
Maybe he came there for the guy
that lives in the house, but he
saw us, got panicked and shot
                       MR. SPRITE
Hmmm...i think he came for
something else, there is something
weird about this.
                       MR. COLA
The guy had a fucking gun, Sprite!
What do you think?
                       MR. SPRITE
Well, when we were searching for
the briefcase i walked into a
room, it looked like a office and
there were letters everywhere. I


                       MR. SPRITE (cont'd)
looked around and saw a letter
that was supossed to a guy named
Melvin...i think the letter came
from Millionaire.
                       MR. COLA
What?! Why do you think that?
                       MR. SPRITE
Because...wait, i took it with me.
He it is.
Sprite take's a letter out of his pocket and gives it to
We see a close-up of the letter, after a while we moving
back to a close-up of Cola.
                       MR. COLA
This will explain allot! But how
can this letter be in that house?
A few seconds later, Sprite and Cola look at each other.
Than they realize something and say 'Fuck!' at the same
The screen turns black, we go back to Mr. Ice Tea and Mr.
Whisky. They lost the guys who followed them, but they also
lost Mr. Orange. They are still in the forrest, standing
still against a tree.
Nobody says something, we only see Mr. Ice Tea and Mr.
Whisky sitting and staring at the ground. This scene
consists mainly of the camera shots and the music. After a
while, you hear GOMER PYLE on the background. Ice Tea and
Whisky are standing up, and load there guns. They clear the
blood out there suits and walk away. The shot were they are
walking is a slowly shot, the camera stands infront of them.
The screen turns black and the sequil begins.
When the sequil is ended the music slowly stops and we see a
glass Whisky, behind it, is sitting a guy. It's Millionaire
who is drinking some Whisky. Still, we don't see the face of
Millionaire only his back and his body. On the background we
hear some music. Than, Mr. Ice Tea, Mr. Whisky, Mr. Sprite
and Mr. Cola enter the building, it's the place were they
already were, at the time they meet Millionaire to discuss
the Missions.


This stage takes place back in Jonosh, On the podium Quintin
and Millionaire are facing eachother at both ends of a table
and playing a game of Go. Quintin is drinking cheap beer,
and the Millionaire is drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar.
The air is lightly obscured by cigar smoke and this is all
filmed from a first person perspective from the Millionare.
Quintin looks very smug because he has most of the
battlefield in control. Then Mr. Cola, Sprite, Whiskey and
Ice Tea enter.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Help yourselves boys, we're kinda
in the middle of something.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
As I was saying, unlike in the
Ancient world, Hubris is not the
greatest sin and most common
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
You are so full of shit, just
hurry up and make your move, so I
can win this game.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Also, Wisdom and Courage are not
the greatest virtues, no...
The game is slowly but steadely turning around in the
Millionaires favour.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
No, I believe, life is very much
like this game. Where patience and
prudence ultimatly win the day...
qualities you seem to lack.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (Quentin is
       getting nervous)
What are you saying?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
      (The millionaire
       continues his
       monologue like he
       didn't hear the
Greed however, is the ultimate
downfall. On one point, I
dissagree with this philosephy.


                       THE MILLIONAIRE (cont'd)
Strike without warning, when the
opponent least excpects it, where
the opponent least expects it. No,
I find it much more satisfying to
give hints of the adversaries
inescapable deathtrap, and then
watch him struggle in vain, to
preserve his wealth, power, or
even life. Because to challenge
one's wealth, is to make a mockery
of the opponent, especially a
greedy opponent.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
      (Even more
       nervous, and he
       is now losing the
       game completly)
wha... what are you saying?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
      (Suddenly there is
       an anger in his
       voice that was
       not there before)
I am saying, you tried to
challenge my wealth, and thus made
a mockery of me. I will not stand
for it.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
I... I don't know what you are
talking about.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
I imagine you don't know a lot of
things, but i'm positive you do in
fact know what I'm talking about.
As you can see, your greed
overstreched your lines here,
triggering your defeat. Doesn't
that seem familiar in anyway?
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
It was a rhetorical question,
ofcourse it seems familiar to you.
Now, let us end this game, let us
end this.


                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
Wait, no... what are you doing? I
can pay you back, I swear, please,
please... I beg you... no no no
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
      (Takes out his gun)
you have paid hommage to Mammon
for the last fucking time.
The Millionaire shoots Quintin in his face, and he falls on
the table of ther the board of Go, with all the now bloody
pieces scattering across the room. All this time the four
other guys have been staring in awe to the match and now in
horror as they see Quintin gunned down.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
      (while he cleans
       his gun)
Hello gentlemen, let's go to
There is no reaction from somebody, they are quiet.
We see a camera shot of the four guys standing and looking
at the Millionaire while they are drinking.
Millionaire walks to the bar.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Well, because there is no
bartender i have to make my own
drinks. Anyone else?
The four guys have already something to drink and show there
bottles to Millionaire.
The Millionaire get's a glass off the bar and takes out a
bottle of Whisky. Opens it and pours in.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
I hope you gentlemen are not
shocked about what just happend?
                       MR. SPRITE
No, we have already seen this
kinda shit today. So...it's not a
shocking fact to me.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Okay, that's nice. Well tell me,
how did the missions go?


He takes a seet at the bar.
                       MR. COLA
Pretty good.
Mr. Cola walks behind the bar and puts his empty bottle on
the bar. He take's out his cigarettes and light one up.
He stands right before the Millionaire, he takes a hoist of
his cigarette and blows it right in his face. Millionaire
                       MR. COLA
Except for the fact that you are a
lazy ass motherfucker.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
What are you talking about?
                       MR. ICE TEA
For the suprise acts that you had
in mind, but you not didn't told
Mr. Ice tea has take a seet next to Millionaire.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Gentlemen, please tell me. What
are you saying?
                       MR. WHISKY
Didn't you learn how to count, or
                       MR. SPRITE
Can't you see we are with 4
instead of 6?
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Yes, but where are they than?
                       MR. COLA
They are dead, asshole!
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
How? Did they don't know how to
handle a gun?
                       MR. WHISKY
Get that filthy smile of you'r
face! It's you fould, you'r
fucking fould that they are dead!


                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Okay, okay. But tell me, what did
i do? You all accuse me that i
killed Pepper and Orange?
                       MR. SPRITE
Yes, while we were finishing the
missions, you send some people to
kill us. You can't talk you out of
this, i found you'r letters in
you'r office. You'r busted,
                       MR. WHISKY
So now it's time to kill YOU.
                       THE MILLIONAIRE
Did'nt you guys know, that i only
have to flip my fingers. And you
all be dead.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Yeah, but i think a gun is much
faster than you friends,
He puts his gun against the head of the Millionaire.
The camera zooms in on the face of Millionaire. After a few
seconds, the screen fade's black and we hear a gun shot.
The screen fade's back, we see the four guys standing. But
Millionaire is gone.
                       MR. SPRITE
Holy fuck, did you shot him?
                       MR. ICE TEA
No, my gun was onloaded.
                       MR. WHISKY
Why did you have to load you'r gun
first?! Why didn't you load it
                       MR. ICE TEA
I..i don't know, it was a matter
of time. I didn't realize. Okay?
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, but the motherfucker is
dead. How?


                       MR. ICE TEA
How the fuck should i know?!
The four guys are looking amazed.
                       MR. WHISKY
Well, it is nobody in this room,
because than we had see who did
                       PHONE GUY
Yeah, you'r right. But we can't
leave him here. We have to clean
this up.
                       MR. COLA
Okay, i look for a thing to wash
the blood from the floor.
Cola walks to the back of the bar and looks into the kitchen
to find a towel.
                       MR. WHISKY
Come guys, let's take him outside
so the rats can eat him.
A few seconds later, the body of Millionaire lays outside.
Sprite, Ice Tea and Whiksy are standing outside, getting
some fresh air. Whisky and Ice Tea are smoking a cigarette.
                       MR. ICE TEA
What are we gonna do with the
Than we see the four guys standing outside around a
campfire. But the campfire is not a normal fire, it's the
Millionaire. This shot is a frog perspective.
Than Cola comes along, he's done cleaning the floor and
lights up a cigarette.
                       MR. SPRITE
I have to say, he burns pretty
                       MR. ICE TEA
Yeah, but he smells really bad.
                       MR. COLA
Didn't you guys bring Millionaire


                       MR. ICE TEA
                       MR. COLA
      (looks around,
Where is it then?
                       MR. SPRITE
Let's just say we hide him very
                       MR. COLA
No serieus, where is he? In the
garbage can orwhat?
The four guys are sitting in a circle by the burning
                       MR. WHISKY
Look at the fire, it is beautifull
is'nt it?
                       MR. COLA
Yeah, but what has it to do
with....fucking hell, you kidding
me! Is it Millionaire on that
                       MR. ICE TEA
No, the fire is Millionaire.
                       MR. COLA
Why are you burning him?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Why not? After a half hour, he is
nothing but ash. It is the easiest
way. Did you clean the floor?
                       MR. COLA
Yes ofcourse.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Okay. Well, let's discusse that
weird situation. Who shot
Millionaire and how?
                       MR. WHISKY
How do you know that for sure?
Maybe there was someone there,
with a gun, on the right time, at
the right place, who wanted to


                       MR. WHISKY (cont'd)
kill Millionaire.
                       MR. SPRITE
So, he's still there?
The four guys are looking at each other, and than running
inside to search for the guy who shot Millionaire.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Do you guys found anything?
                       MR. SPRITE
No nothing here.
                       MR. COLA
Same thing here.
                       MR. WHISKY
Yeah, nothing here.....oh wait. A
                       MR. SPRITE
Okay, nice. I think the guy has
sitting here then.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Maybe, but could'nt not be the
bullet of Millionaire's gun?
                       MR. COLA
Millionaire's bullet?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Yeah, he shot Quentin right over
here (go's standing at the place
where Millionaire shot Quentin),
the bullet came out of the gun and
falled over here on the ground.
                       MR. WHISKY
No,no. Millionaire was standing
here, not there.
                       MR. SPRITE
This is taken me to long, i have
take a squirt.
                       MR. SPRITE
Ah fuck!
Sprite was walking to the toilet when he suddenly falls on
the ground.


                       MR. ICE TEA
Oh, Sprite...Go fuck the floor
another time.
                       MR. SPRITE
We've forgot Quentin.
                       MR. WHISKY
What are we gonna do with him?
                       MR. COLA
I know one thing and that is am
                       MR. WHISKY
Yeah me too, let's get something
to eat and deal with Quentin
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. ICE TEA
Wow hé guys. We can't leave him
                       MR. SPRITE
Why not?
                       MR. ICE TEA
What if someone walks in and see's
a death body?
                       MR. COLA
Well, maybe he will clean him up
and do it for us.
                       MR. WHISKY
And why would someone walk in
here, when the door is locked?
                       MR. ICE TEA
Do you see a key here somewhere?
                       MR. WHISKY
No, but it must lie here
somewhere. And you know what? I
will go search for it.
                       MR. COLA
No, come on. Let's get something
to eat.


                       MR. ICE TEA
No! Fuck man, we are not leaving
without Quentin!
                       MR. COLA
Look, am really hungry right now.
And when am hungry you don't want
to make me pissed.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Okay, but we are not leaving him
                       MR. COLA
Fuck man, where do you wanna hide
                       MR. ICE TEA
In the car.
                       MR. COLA
                       MR. ICE TEA
In the trunk.
                       MR. COLA
Sorry, no.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Wha...Why not?!
                       MR. COLA
It just can't.
                       MR. ICE TEA
You are making it really hard for
me, you know that!
                       MR. COLA
Yeah i know, but i kinda like
                       MR. ICE TEA
Ooh, you son of a bitch!
Ice Tea walks over to Cola and smash him right in the face.
                       MR. COLA
Get off me!
They give each other a few hits, and than Sprite and Whisky
are getting them of each other.


                       MR. WHISKY
Get off each other, idiots!
                       MR. SPRITE
Fighting doesn't solve anything,
we have to use our brain.
                       MR. COLA
Well, not his because they are
gonna be smacked.
Cola and Ice Tea are walking to each other again.
                       MR. WHISKY
Cola fuck off, fuck off!
                       MR. SPRITE
Okay, Ice Tea you are gonna sit
over here and you all the way over
there. In the meanwhile we are
going to search for the key.
The camera follows Sprite and Whisky through Jonosh while
they are searching for the key. They say nothing, only
'fuck' or 'shit' at the time. In the meanwhile Ice Tea and
Cola are sitting and looking at each other. The camera
stands behind Ice Tea. First, we see Ice Tea sticking up his
middle finger, and than focus on Cola who's also sticking up
his finger.
                       MR. WHISKY
Okay, we didn't find the key. So
we have a problem, again.
Sprite is hanging over to Quentin. The eyes of Quentin are
the camera.
                       MR. SPRITE
Where did he let him?
                       MR. WHISKY
We searched every where. Maybe in
his pockets.......No nothing
                       MR. SPRITE
Quentin, you bastard.
                       MR. WHISKY
Maybe, the key is in his stomach?
                       MR. SPRITE


We see a flashback. Quentin and Millionaire are standing at
the stage with the game GO. Quentin is holding a key.
                       QUENTIN THE BARTENDER
You won't get my bar, you won't
get it!
He puts the key in his mouth and swallows.
                       MR. WHISKY
It doesn't matter how, let's just
take a look.
                       MR. SPRITE
Allright, get a knife.
                       MR. COLA
What the fuck, are you going to
                       MR. SPRITE
Taking a look in Quentin's
                       MR. ICE TEA
Whisky crabs a knife and gives it to Sprite.
                       MR. WHISKY
No, more down there.
                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. WHISKY
The camera films the faces of the four guys.
After a few minutes, Sprite smiles and gets his hand out of
Quentin's stomach. It's full of blood bit between his thumb
and finger is something silver. It's the key.
                       MR. SPRITE
Here it is.
                       MR. COLA
Finally, am starving let's go.


                       MR. SPRITE
Wait, first i have to clean the
The other three are standing at the bar, waiting for Sprite.
                       MR. SPRITE
I just realized something. Why
didn't we throw Quentin on the
A shot of the three guys at the bar. They are looking
Ice Tea lays his arms and head on the bar.
Mr. Cola, Mr. Ice Tea, Mr. Whisky and Mr. Sprite are having
lunch. This is the same restaurant as where Cola and Pepper
had a meeting.
                       MR. SPRITE
So...What are we gonna do now?
                       MR. WHISKY
Search for the one who killed
Millionaire and maybe Quentin.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Wait, Millionaire killed Quentin,
that's for sure i saw it.
                       MR. WHISKY
Oh man, am really confused. I need
something that can clear up my
mind. I'am gonna get a beer.
                       MR. ICE TEA
Me too.
                       MR. SPRITE
I found out who it was, but, i
dunno his name or where he lives.
Only thing that i know is that
it's the same guy that followed
you to my house. After you had
that conversation with Frank.
                       MR. COLA
Fuck no, are you serious?


                       MR. SPRITE
                       MR. COLA
Fuck...Well, we'll see how it
ends. How do you know it's the
same guy?
                       MR. SPRITE
I recognized the number plate on
his car.
                       MR. COLA
Than we have the question: Is it
his car? But that, we wil save for
later. Let's get drunk.
Cola and Sprite are standing up, walks to the bar and get's
themselves a beer. Joining Whisky and Ice Tea.


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From Adam Grinwald Date 7/10/2010 ****
so far so good. Tarantinoesque.

From Jake Williams Date 6/10/2010 ***1/2
I really like the dialogue you have in this. You have real talent. i'd watch this movie.

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